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Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun potentially together again
by | April 4, 2013 | 164 Comments

Yeo Jin-gu in a new drama where he plays the main character? Rejoice! And here I thought we’d have to wait years and years for this budding superstar to headline a drama, held back by his youth if not by his magnetic screen presence and oodles of charisma.

The new drama is called Could We Love?, and reports state that Yeo Jin-gu is “favorably considering” it. What’s even funnier/odder/potentially better(?) is that if he takes it, his potential leading lady is none other than Kim So-hyun. I know, it sounds like something straight out of fanfic-fueled fantasies, right? Can you believe this’ll be their third time romancing each other and he’s still only fifteen? (To make you feel even older, she’s only thirteen, though she’s just a few months shy of her fourteenth birthday.)

It’s both great (since they’re adorable together) and perplexing (since surely, surely there are more than two viable actors in dramaland to pick from, without throwing the same pairs together all the time?). My first thought was to wonder whether their Moon/Sun co-star Kim Yoo-jung was too busy — the least the ladies could do is trade off starring with him, right? Although hilariously, that would make a third time for the Jin-gu & Yoo-jung pairing too (they were adorable little tykes together in 2008’s Iljimae), so maybe it all evens out.

Casting and chemistry aside, my favorite part of the news is that this drama, which is being developed by SBS as a Wednesday-Thursday show, is NOT just throwing them together for a couple episodes as the child actors for an adult romance. Nope, it’s a high school romance, where they’ll be the main characters the whole way through. Awwww. There have been a few shows centering around younger stars, but they haven’t typically been the big dramas — usually they’re smaller cable shows or Drama Specials or low-budget non-prime-time productions.

The character Yeo Jin-gu would play is a rebellious teenage delinquent, which should be a great change of pace for him (after playing wise young princes or warm-hearted nice guys). Kim So-hyun’s potential role would be the girl with a one-sided crush on our hero. Maybe this time they can make it work in a simple sweet story devoid of murders, amnesia, rape, and bigamy. Is that too much to ask for, dramaland?

Could We Love? is another collaboration between the PD and writer of Dr. Champ and Scent of a Woman, which means it’s bound to look gorgeous with that amazing hi-def camera. It’s set to air following the new Wednesday-Thursday drama All About My Romance, for a June premiere.

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164 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    I would actually watch this. As old as I am. Love her!

    • 1.1 laila

      Okay so this drama is 100% coming out June or are they considering it because i really want them to male this drama so is it for sure happening or not please answer Thank you

  2. babyboo

    he was her first i can’t sdfjkljgdgfjkljhgfgjk i feel like a teen with them.

    • 2.1 Merrily

      First what? lol πŸ˜‰

      • 2.1.1 babyboo

        Kiss* oh my ….. KISS

  3. ck1Oz

    Goodness, all you get are incoherent coo-ing from this noona/Unni at the adorable pairing.

    Gosh are they too young for us to ship them? Teenage love or unrequited crush is even cuter.

    Do they even study? Like for school?

    • 3.1 readlead

      me too, I like to ship them but they are too young, LOL.

      I love them so much especially kim soo hyun, even more than kim yoo jung, so, please God, make it TRUE!!!

      • 3.1.1 Rovi

        Haha, it’s Kim SO-hyeon, not Kim SOO-hyeon (AKA the adult version of Yeo Jin-goo in TMTETS). XD

  4. kdwkyah

    omgggg so cute haha
    and wow main leads at their age-
    these kids are amazing!

  5. Jen

    This is a perfect match!!

  6. Lilian

    Ooh…don’t let age stop you Mr Producer! Don’t despise his youth. haha….Sounds interesting.

  7. wanne

    I love Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Soo Hyun is a great actress too. But I was hoping to see him pair up with Kim Yoo Jung again after Moonsun.

    • 7.1 geesdoubleyou

      Same Here!!!! xD Yeo jin goo looks good with both em’ ladies but i REALLY REALLY wanna see him pair up with Kim Yoo Jung again πŸ˜€

    • 7.2 akikisetsu

      Though I would also want see Yeo Jin Goo with Yoo Jung again…. but then if it’s set in high school, wouldn’t Yoo Jung look awkward? I know both she and So Hyun are the same age, but So Hyun can pass for a high school student but Yoo Jung still has the babyish feeling. Or is it just me who sees and feels that way?^^

      • 7.2.1 bd

        That’s b/c Yoo Jung has more of a rounded face, giving her a younger look (the same goes for Seo Shin-ae).

        A bit older, the same applies to Sulli and even older, YEH.

    • 7.3 lara

      now i must say i need lee min ho ’93 & kim yoo jung to be in a drama together too..hehe

    • 7.4 Mia

      Agreed. Kim So-hyun might actually turn out to be a more nuanced, versatile actress in the long run, but I think Kim Yoo-jung would have been better in this type of role: I couldn’t see them writing her as a blushing, meek wallflower or an overly cutesy character, since she has a spunkier, tougher, and more self-confident/assured image and aura about her. I think that type of female character would lead to a more interesting dynamic between the two leads (especially with him being a delinquent and all), so I can only hope that they’ll avoid the stereotypes when writing Kim So-hyun’s role and we don’t get some kind-hearted Pollyanna that softens his cold, hard heart…because that is so played out.

      • 7.4.1 bd

        I can’t see how KYJ could have given a more nuanced performance than what she gave in TMTETS.

        • Mia

          Hm. I’d disagree. I though her performance was good/winning but still pretty surface-level until her dying scene, which was really effectively done. The role as a whole didn’t require much range from her, though; while she acquitted herself well, she also didn’t add much extra spark or shades to her character. I love KYJ and certainly think she’s a good actress, but IMO people tend to overrate her acting abilities just because she was so much more preferable to her adult counterpart, Han Ga-in.

          Yeo Jin-goo was the only performer from TMTETS that really did anything special or nuanced with the material he was given. And Kim So-hyun almost showed him up in I Miss You, so I’m expecting great things from her as well. As I said, though, I love KYJ’s acting persona the best and hopefully with her next role we’ll see more growth and variety from her. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. πŸ™‚

  8. nakai

    Two great young actors.

  9. Rin

    Say whatever you want about i miss you, it’s definitely a breakout drama for its actors(except yoouchun and yoon eun hye ofc). Seeing that Kim So Hyun beeing around a lot these days. That doesnt happen before even after her roles in moonsun,rooftop prince and ma boy

    • 9.1 Unnursvana

      I kinda agree, but I kinda feel like Moon did that for Yeo Jin Goo.

      • 9.1.1 akikisetsu

        Though I would also want see Yeo Jin Goo with Yoo Jung again…. but then if it’s set in high school, wouldn’t Yoo Jung look awkward? I know both she and So Hyun are the same age, but So Hyun can pass for a high school student but Yoo Jung still has the babyish feeling. Or is it just me who sees and feels that way?^^

        • lara

          ikr.. actually jin goo suit so hyun more, there’s something between these two, that i can’t picture out,,since yoo jung is more likely suit with lee min ho ’93.. even before moonsun i can see their chemistry (set aside the 6 years gap) haha..

          • Mia

            Really? I felt nothing between them during their scenes in Moon/Sun. She should be paired with guys around her age. πŸ™‚

    • 9.2 Kiara

      I disagree. That was not the breakout drama for Yeo Jin Goo. He was well known for his acting abilities even before Moon/Sun.

  10. 10 snow_white

    awwww….that’s so sweet πŸ™‚

    And I love high school romances and “one sided crush” stories…..really looking forward to this show..

  11. 11 Waiting

    They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G in I Miss You – if you want to see heart wrenching expression what the warehouse scenes. His face was a perfect mirror to the horrific sight in front of him. The two are on my list to watch whatever they are in, especially him as they are just that good.

    Ahem….idols, you may want to take note and study them…just saying…lol

    • 11.1 pogo

      His face during that scene…..you could FEEL every bit of his horror and anguish, I’m shivering just remembering it (and remembering is all I can do, I am not going back and watching that scene a second time)

      • 11.1.1 Waiting

        Exactly Pogo! **shudders**

        You know, I asked everyone about Lee Min Ho’s acting ability versus the ‘crappy” directing in Faith because I could not see clearly the divide between his ability and the directing. For these two young actors, the ability is not in question at all for me.

        • pogo

          I’m the lone holdout who never got fully on board the Lee Min Ho train (he does well when his characters are well-written, not so much when they aren’t – which is normal for an actor). I just hope his new show is better than Sword and Flower, otherwise I am going to be annoyed about Park Shin-hye passing up what sounded like a potentially intense love story for something less awesome.

          And ita on the skills of YJG and KSH, especially latter – I could hardly believe it was the same girl from Moon/Sun in I Miss You, and no that wasn’t just down to different hairstyles and clothing!

          • canxi

            What did PSH pass up? Agree about Lee Min Ho, though. I like him, but I realize not enough to watch all his dramas, lol.

          • pogo

            The KBS sageuk Sword and Flower, her agency actually said she was considering it favourably.

            And rumour had it that they wanted Song Joong Ki for the male lead but he just said he’s either going to do a movie next or enlist for MS so I don’t think a longer project is a possibility for him right now. Still, it’s hard not to shed a tear for what could have been :/

          • Kiara

            You are so not alone. I haven’t been impressed at all with his acting and I’m not a fan of his looks either.

          • dominique

            boy, everyone is being honest lately. I agree Lee Minho’s acting is not that great and I haven’t been awed by any of his performances. I also don’t think he is as good looking as people proclaim him to be.

          • Waiting

            I don’t mean to come across as trashing Lee Min Ho in any way. He was just an example as folks were commenting on the crappy directing on Faith and the potential impact it had on his performance. I am new to really looking at performances in this manner so I was curious what folks were seeing. I am a newbie and am at the point where I can’t really distinguish (clearly) what/who may be responsible for aspects of a performance – is it the actor’s ability or is it the director’s lack of direction. I am sure there are other similar examples of actors we can discuss, but i just chose Lee Min Ho. By the way…I kind of adore the guy (heis photogenic and I liked City Hunter).

          • Waiting

            I don’t mean to come across as trashing Lee Min Ho in any way. He was just an example as folks were commenting on the crappy directing on Faith and the potential impact it had on his performance. I am new to really looking at performances in this manner so I was curious what folks were seeing. I am a newbie and am at the point where I can’t really distinguish (clearly) what/who may be responsible for aspects of a performance – is it the actor’s ability or is it the director’s lack of direction. I am sure there are other similar examples of actors we can discuss, but i just chose Lee Min Ho. By the way…I kind of adore the guy (he is photogenic and I liked City Hunter).

          • bd

            Having a good script and a good PD can make a world of difference.

            Kim Yoo-jung overacted in “Dong Yi” but then again, most of the actors (w/ the exception of a few) did in DY – and I place that blame on the PD mostly as well as the writer.

            Not that the writing or direction was great for the “adult years” in TMTETS, but it was much better for the childhood years and KYJ blew me away with her acting (already knew Yeo Jin-gu was a good actor based on his performance as a little tyke in the film “Sad Movie”).

  12. 12 KDrama Fan


    I totally miss the younger acts when they are switched out for adult actors.

    Thanks for the heads up JB!

  13. 13 Noemi

    This sounds potentially awesome!

  14. 14 Rashell

    Awwww, I would totally watch this! How cool will it be to have a high school romance with actual high schoolers? And these two are fabulous in every role they’re given. I would love to see them for at least 16 episodes rather then the 4 or 5 we usually get to enjoy them for. If they’re in, I’ll watch.

    • 14.1 Gala

      These two would be perfect if Korea decides to do a remake of the Japanese manga/anime/movie Kimi ni Todoke.

      • 14.1.1 Caitlyn

        Oh wow! You are so right, i can totally see them both in those roles! Yeo Jin Gu would just need to be himself, and So Hyun would do a great job with Sawako.

  15. 15 laraffinee

    Yeo Jin-gu is really a gifted actor! I am so glad that he has an opportunity for a lead role, and a teen drama is a perfect venue for it. I would like to see him with another lead actress, although Kim So-hyun is really excellent in her own right, and much better than some really dumb “idol” attempting to be an actress- something we see TOO often in Kdramas. It think it would be good for both of their careers if they worked with other leads than being cast so frequently together. It may be harder for them later if they are always associated together.

  16. 16 Abbie

    Awwww. They’re so cute together. I hope they both star in it. I like dramas that deal with younger stars all the way through a show’s run. This should be good.

  17. 17 funkypicklez

    Turns out Yeo Jin Gu is part of Janus Ent. but he is their only star? Seems very young to be supporting a whole entertainment by himself.

    On the other hand, Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Kyung are both in Sidus HQ.

    I wonder if the CEOs are friends or something πŸ™‚

    No matters. I hope this is a lifelong friendship/business partners cause the two couplings make me extremely happy ^^

  18. 18 Kiara

    Love them both but being paired for the 3rd time is not that exciting to me especially so soon after their last project. I was looking forward to a future pairing when they’re both a little older and more mature.

  19. 19 SistAr

    I would sooo watch this! They look great together πŸ˜€

  20. 20 matinsoleil

    I knew there was a reason for me to update this page every 2 hours!!!!! Wouwouwowow
    i just love Yeo Jin goo! His charisma and acting are just so strong considering the fact that hes 15! Like you JB I thought i would have to wait years to see him being the lead in a drama but thx I won’t be need. And either Kim so hyun or kim yoo-jung, i don’t care cause those kids can act!

  21. 21 Tazzo

    This girl looks soo much like Son Ye Jin!!! My God it’s eerie!

    • 21.1 canxi

      Right?? I said the same during the time the I Miss You stills came out.

    • 21.2 bd

      Yep, KSH looks like a young SYJ.

  22. 22 Katie

    NOOOOOOOO. I mean… Yes! But NOOOO. I like them together but I want him and Kim Yoo Jung in another drama haha. Is she really that busy? I haven’t seen her in anything but the J.estina ads.

    • 22.1 Meghan

      She finished filming that movie with Big Bang’s TOP last month, so she’s probably on a little break while selecting her next project.

      • 22.1.1 Katie

        I thought that finished ages ago lol. But now that it’s done…she should take this on with Yeo Jin Goo haha.

  23. 23 honeywell

    I was hoping yeo gin gu would get paired up again with Kim Yoo Jung. So ill probably be skipping this one.

  24. 24 chichi

    Please please please! This would be awesome, i love the two of them together β™₯

  25. 25 mary

    I luff them. BOTH. πŸ™‚

  26. 26 rose

    This match is made in drama heaven. you look at them and you feel like cooing and squealing when they romance on screen. SO CUTE!!!!!

  27. 27 scircus

    Sounds adorable :3
    Airs in the summer? asdflkajkl, maybe I’ll actually have time to watch it ^^

  28. 28 meanrice

    Come on guys, its a kdrama, we need a third leg of the triangle! There is still hope that kim yoo jung will be in the mix.

    Also im all about this drama, i luvs me sone high school drama. The only place where the wackadoodle stuff coyld actually happen and the wackadoodler (thats a word) reactions would make sense.

  29. 29 biankoy

    !!! a teen drama with no makjang-y stuff? hell yes please! I miss you was too traumatizing to watch and those were so adorable on it. Let them be happy and sweet all throughout the drama please!

  30. 30 Annie

    If you go to the production house’s website, the synopsis says that his character is a 17 year old delinquent who starts to live with an unemployed 27 year old woman and that it is a story of first love.

    I sincerely hope that YJG and KSH are the OTP because otherwise…. eeeeeewwwww.

    • 30.1 ck1Oz

      * whispers *

      Isn’t this like Cha Seung Won who married at 18 and had a child when he was 19? His wife was 4 years older.

      17 is practically an adult. πŸ™‚

      • 30.1.1 Annie

        But not quite. I’m not really down with ‘romances’ between adults and minors. Just because the male happens to be the minor in this instance does not make this ok in my book.

        Also, I can understand 5 years or less but 10 years is a huge difference.

        • (permanent) visitor

          I don’t think 10 years is such a huge deal if they’re 27 and 37, for example, whichever person is older. But when one is underage…NO, JUST NO. Especially when Korean 17 equals western 16. Yuck.

          • Annie

            Sorry, I meant 10 years when one is a minor. Otherwise, no problem.

          • Mia

            Agreed. Age differences matter less and less once both parties are at least 25+, but when one person is a still a teenager, even a few years can matter a huge deal.

            It’s not only from an experience and emotional maturity standpoint, teenagers’ brains are literally still developing and their decision-making/mental capacity is more limited than an adult’s.

        • canxi

          Well, it could be the story of HIS first love, so I wouldn’t worry just yet until we get more details. A story can be romantic without romance ^^ if that makes sense….lol

          It could be that this is one of them unrequited-first-love stories…

  31. 31 Unnursvana

    This made my day. I have been waiting for a drama where Yeo Jin Goo plays the main guy since Warrior Baek Dong Soo er something. Ok, maybe Moon. Please let this be true.

    Could we also have Park Gun Tae and Kim Yoo Jung? because that would be so cute.

    • 31.1 observantzani

      I was thinking the same thing! It would be so cute to have four equal leads with all the amazing child actors in it.

    • 31.2 crazedlu

      park guntae! and kim yoojung! they were ooohh sooo sweeet! in may queen. but man did that drama suh-UCK after their portion ended. >:\ unforgivable, show. i also think park and kim yoojung have a little more talent. or they’re at least more refined.

      • 31.2.1 lara

        can we just have lee min ho ’93 and kim yoo jung? and not park gun tae..hehe

    • 31.3 Meghan

      YES! The amazing 4-some of the child actors. That would be an amazing drama. Lol.

  32. 32 maldita

    Kyaaaaaa! So cute!

    But you know, I wouldn’t mind if they put in a few more teen actors in the mix. πŸ˜€

  33. 33 MicolaM

    Yaaaaay I am so happy for these two. They are a lot better than some of the adult actors so they shouldn’t be barred from lead roles bcuz of their age.

    Ha if they keep putting these two together by the time their twenty they will be like an old married couple. I hope they don’t do that though. I want to see how convincing they are with other people.

    Jin-gu and So-hyun fighting!

  34. 34 observantzani

    OMG FIRST DRAMA IN AWHILE TO MAKE SQUEEEEEEEL! Why are there so many interesting dramas for the June line-up? Where do I find the time?

  35. 35 annebelievable

    Dr Chaps cinematography was bomb! Now im really excited.

  36. 36 Anna

    They were the BEST part of I Miss You. I can’t wait to see them headline in their own drama. They have sizzling chemistry. And they’re already really great actors at their age. πŸ™‚

  37. 37 altair

    OMG!!! Yes! They are both cute and talented! Where do I sign?

  38. 38 pogo

    I hope the drama gods make this happen, this is exactly what I wished for, i.e. a full story arc with the two of them playing their characters throughout.

    I’ll be honest, they are the reason I rooted for the couple in I Miss You as much as I did (love Yoochun and YEH but just like in Moon/Sun the real magic here was in the child casting, only thankfully at least here the adult actors didn’t suck/lack chemistry) and I am THRILLED to possibly see them together again in something that’s age-appropriate and less wrenching.

    • 38.1 Annie

      Alas, I’m not sure that this will be age appropriate.

      • 38.1.1 pogo

        They’re teenagers and it’ll be set in high school? Sounds age-appropriate to me as long as whatever happened to them in IMY doesn’t happen to them here.

        (I can deal with a little older-woman crushing as long as it doesn’t veer into squick territory, a bit like the boy version of Hermione Granger and Professor Lockhart or something)

        • Annie

          It’s not going to be set in high school – YJG’s character will be a dropout and living with his older half-brother. The female lead is an unemployed 27 year old who somehow comes to live with them.

          I’m ok with the 27 year old inspiring a crush that causes YJG’s character to improve his attitude, etc. but I’m not sure how I’d feel if the crush is actually requited.

          I guess the writer is trying to write something as titillating as possible.

        • Annie

          Oops, forgot this:

          The female lead will probably be cast only a few years older – which, imo, defeats the purpose. If you don’t feel comfortable casting actors who are the ages you’re indicating in the scenario, maybe you should write a different story.

          • ida

            I forgot.about that news!
            Hmm, i’m not too sure about it. They seem to like doing those kind of film/drama noona dongsaeng. Which personally… I guess I’ve never cared too much about but feel weird about it this time lol.
            I agree with your comment, it does kinda defeat the purpose if they cast someone who is only a few years older than yeo. doesnt exactly help the drama seem realistic if they’re gonna bail out on going there in terms of cast members. Or y’know as realistic as possible within the limitations of the script writing.

          • pogo

            I don’t think the delinquent angle alone will be enough to make it not-age-appropriate – I mean, School 2013 had its share of those but I wouldn’t ban my young teenage cousins from watching.

            The noona-romancing, though…..I hope they handle that right (no squicky underage-adult situations, please) and for the most part I think they will. And I hope they cast right for that, at least get someone who actually looks like an adult then.

          • Meghan

            Not necessarily. Kim So Hyun’s mini drama last year “Ma Boy” had a big age difference between herself and her male lead actor. She was 13, he was in his 20’s. So, they don’t always care about that. Although, that was a kid friendly drama, so there wasn’t anything squicky about their love line, as they didn’t do anything past holding hands and hugging. Lol.

  39. 39 DAEBAK!

    *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* must watch! must watch! must watch! they make such a cute couple! Love them both ^.^

  40. 40 canxi

    I’ve always wondered why they’re weren’t more dramas with actual teenagers. I like this and will certainly watch it. Ahaha, all this working together, they must be BFFs by now.

  41. 41 crazedlu

    I kind of wish I enjoyed him more, but I like other kid male actors over him. Nevertheless, I’m tuning in! Haha. Kim Sohyun has a little ways to go, but I really like her.

    • 41.1 Mia

      Oooh, what male child actors do you enjoy more? πŸ™‚

  42. 42 JoAnne

    I saw their picture and I thought – wouldn’t it be nice to have a drama that STARTS in adult hood,stays there for a few episodes, and then goes BACK to childhood for the duration of the drama?

    I’m not sure what the plot would be…or how you’d get to an ‘ending’ by going back to the beginning and having the ending THERE…but then again, I don’t write dramas. Someone could make it work, though.

    Now I have to go off and think about this. But yay, looking forward to these two in a drama that they STAR in. They are fantastic, and even better than fantastic together.

    • 42.1 canxi

      I would love that. They really should do something like that one day.

  43. 43 Carmensitta

    They have a PERFECT batch of child/teenage actors in South Korea at the moment! What better way to use them other than a high-school drama with actors that are ACTUALLY in high school.

  44. 44 deasy

    this is it…!!!!! teens drama with teens actor. actually there are lots of k-drama about high school but played not by the high schoolar actor but much older actor who should be the collage students. especially with BBF, if they change the setting to collage student it will be perfect I think.. lol

  45. 45 Starstruck.

    Throw in park geun tae and Kim Yoo Jung and I will be 110% in! I mean, if its in a high school setting then they will have to have classmates right…?

    • 45.1 Mia

      Just a slightly OT question: is Park Ji-bin not considered part of this crop of buzzed-about child actors? Because I thought he was, but he doesn’t seem to be mentioned with Park Geun-tae even though he starred alongside him and Kim Yoo-jung in May Queen….(although I haven’t seen him anything so I don’t know whether he’s considered a talented or not).

      • 45.1.1 Meghan

        Park Ji Bin is slightly older (by a year or two) than the other crop of teen actors, and he hasn’t been in major major hit dramas, like the others have been. May Queen was probably the start of buzz for him, whereas Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Bin, and Kim Soo Hyun all had their big breakthrough in TMTETS. Park Gun Tae got quite a lot of attention because of May Queen, Kim Yoo Jung had a hand in that because the two of them had really good chemistry.

        I think Ji Bin will get a lot more buzz when he starts taking on adult roles instead of playing the child counterpart.

        • Mysuna

          I think he actually won a Best Actor award for Hello Brother in the New Montreal Film Festifal in 2005. He is also the youngest Korean actor to win any international award.

      • 45.1.2 bd

        Definitely Seo Shin-ae and I’d throw in the young Ji Jin-hee, another TMTETS alum, as well (while her character of the spoiled princess in TMTETS got annoying at times w/ all the whining, her character was at times hilarious and based on JJH’s awesome facial expressions for the film “Aging Family” as the wise-crackin’ niece, think she would be perfect as a wise-crakin’ student).

  46. 46 anna

    People playing high school students are actually HIGH SCHOOL students?! Shock and awe. This will be cute. Please just leave the melo alone.

    • 46.1 Mia

      I know right?

      I’d like to introduce this concept to American TV dramas as well.

  47. 47 ida

    Aw, I like the actors (correction: love the actors) but I’m nervous about the writer. As much as I did enjoy Dr champ, it wasnt without its faults and scent was…NOt their best attempt at a drama either storywise. Who else remembers those many “accidental” “coincidences” where ALL the important convos were overheard, the persistent rich woman and rich dad persisting over something to such a degree that I just remember them being the source of angst for about 5 episodes or something.
    Yeh… Not the best. However, if the script is serviceable, I reckon these two could elevate the quality of the writing… Because y’know, they’re just that good…

  48. 48 earthna

    So waiting for this! I haven’t watched any dramas since January and this one interests me. But gosh, I feel old.

  49. 49 Addylovesbwood

    this drama year just keeps getting better. I know alot ppl like the yeo/yoo couple but I prefer him with Kim So Hyun.

    I look forward to shipping these two again…arrghhh im too old for these highschool shows…lol

  50. 50 hapacalgirl

    Yes this would be their third time starring together but this would be the first time they get to be an OTP that ends up together. At least Yoo-Jung always got the happy relationships with Jin Gu during the childhood portion of their dramas. I would watch this if it pans out.

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