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Gu Family Book: Episode 10
by | May 7, 2013 | 247 Comments

It’s time for the big heist and the big reveal, but what I didn’t expect was the big laugh. Between Yeo-wool getting outed and Kang-chi playing Ocean’s Eleven, the episode goes by pretty quickly, especially when the good guys’ plan goes sideways about seventeen different ways. That probably has something to do with the fact that there are about four good-guy plans being enacted at the same time, because good guys don’t like to communicate.


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While hiding in Lord Park’s secret storage room, Kang-chi cops an accidental feel. Yeo-wool just stands there, frozen, until they finally come to their senses and break free in an explosion of awkward.

There’s no time for you’re-not-a-real-boy explanations though, because Evil Minion is shouting at Gon to move aside so he can remove the painting that Jo Gwan-woong likes so much… the painting that also hides the door to the secret compartment.

It slides back like a false wall, with another plain wall behind it. It doesn’t look overtly suspicious, but the minion knocks against it and gives it a shove, but since Kang-chi and Yeo-wool are just on the other side pushing back, it doesn’t budge.

He still finds it suspicious enough to go report to his boss, and orders his men to guard the area for now, and tells the contractor to stop all work on the flooring. Ah, to trap our leads inside? Clunky, but I guess it does the job.

It definitely makes their awkwardness even more awkward, since they have nowhere to run away from each other. Kang-chi just keeps looking down at his hand like it’s got ‘xplainin’ to do.

Master Dam and Tae-seo get word about the hiccup in their plans, and get to work on a contingency plan.

Meanwhile, Chung-jo is made to sit in front of Jo Gwan-woong as he leers to his heart’s content, and she asks if what he wants to see is her biting her own tongue before his eyes. She grits her teeth and says that she won’t waste her life pathetically that way.

Soo-ryun comes to rescue her with the same defense (that she’s just a trainee and not a gisaeng yet) but Jo Gwan-woong counters that he won’t lay a hand on her until she’s officially a gisaeng… so in exchange she should allow him to look at her all he wants. Ewwww.

Chung-jo follows Soo-ryun to her room, where she begs not to be made to sit in front of the bastard that killed her father, but Soo-ryun tells her that if this is her lot in life, she has to deal with it.

Chung-jo would rather die, but Soo-ryun tells her that all of this is her opportunity to do something about the injustices she’s suffered. She cries that she’ll hate Soo-ryun for this, and the wise madam counters that if that keeps her going, she’ll be the object of her hate anytime.

Soo-ryun receives an urgent letter, and upon reading it, she orders her people to swap out Jo Gwan-woong’s liquor—they must do whatever it takes to keep him here for the next four days. They wonder what it’s about, and she shows them Dam Pyung-joon’s symbol on the envelope. Aw yeah.

They succeed in serving him the extra special liquor, and keep him distracted enough to intercept his minion’s message, and they tell the minion he was ordered to wait outside. I don’t know if this’ll last four days, but let’s hope it works long enough to get them out.

Kang-chi and Yeo-wool sit in silence, and then it’s a round of simultaneous “Hey…” and “No, you first…” and back to silence. Kang-chi can’t stand it anymore and starts needlessly counting the chests of silver just to say something.

But he notices that Yeo-wool is looking worse, and takes off his outer layer to keep her warm. She cringes when he brushes against her arm, so he rips her sleeve (for all the clothing removal that’s going on, it’s not as sexy as it sounds) and discovers her infected wound.

He asks how she got hurt, which she doesn’t answer. But then he remembers that it was because of him, when he wolfed out and knocked her back the other night. He says they have to get out of here before it gets worse, but she argues that they’ll lose everything if they leave now.

Kang-chi doesn’t see how a human life is worth more than all this money, but she sees it as more than money—it’s ships, and naval defense, and winning wars. She says she can’t live with herself if they lose that because of her.

So then it’s a waiting game on both sides. Jo Gwan-woong gets really tipsy and stumbles over to Chung-jo. As he caresses her face, he says, “I’ve never once forgotten you, Seo-hwa…”

And then he leans in to kiss her. Augh, make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop. She turns away just in time, and thank goodness he’s too drunk to do anything about it, and passes out in her lap.

His head minion storms in and demands that he be woken up, but he’s too far gone, and Soo-ryun tells him to come back in the morning. Phew, one crisis averted.

Chung-jo can barely stand as she walks back to her room. She stops in the courtyard at the shower of flower petals coming down that remind her of kissing Kang-chi, and she sheds a tear.

Tae-seo gets up and grabs a sword, and marches out purposefully. Uh… can we maybe put him on a leash until he stops trying to kill people?

Kang-chi starts to worry that “young master Dam” isn’t looking so well, and she answers, “Yeo-wool. That’s my name. Dam Yeo-wool.”

It instantly triggers his memory, and now he puts it all together—the little girl he saved from the dog, her knowing about his fear of spiders, her question about whether or not he remembered her. He even recalls her rescue that night, when they met under the crescent moon.

She starts to pass out and he runs over to catch her, as all the memories sink in and he realizes who she is. She faints and falls back in his arms, and her topknot comes out (which pffffft—that thing doesn’t come undone when she’s fighting an army of ninjas, but it does now). But it’s her feverish forehead that Kang-chi notices, and he starts to panic.

Master Dam notices that Tae-seo is missing, but by the time they discover it, he’s already standing outside the Hundred Year Inn. He just walks right inside, which seems like a really bad idea, and tells a servant to give Gon a message that he’ll keep the guards distracted while he rescues the people trapped inside.

Oh phew, at least he’s not complicating matters with murderous thoughts, but couldn’t someone less high-profile have been the distraction guy? Say, someone who didn’t escape jail recently?

But it’s too late to go back now, and Tae-seo draws out every last guard, buying Gon the time to get Kang-chi and Yeo-wool out. He comes in to find Yeo-wool passed out in Kang-chi’s arms, and cuts him off angrily before he can say anything.

He runs in calling her Yeo-wool agasshi because he’s so worried, but it does feel like suddenly no one’s keeping her secret. He carries her away, as Kang-chi says he took care of the immediate threat, and then looks down at his hand, which now has a cut in it. Hm.

Gon gets Yeo-wool to a cart so she can be taken back first, and then joins Tae-seo in the fight. Meanwhile, Kang-chi finds his old friend Ok-man and asks for his help with something in the vault.

Tae-seo tells Gon to go ahead without him because he has unfinished business here, and even though that seems like a terrible idea, Gon listens and leaves him to fight all those men alone. Whaaa?

But as soon as the head minion arrives, Tae-seo falls to his knees with a splitting headache. The spell comes on stronger than ever, and he remembers what Master Dam told him—the only way to break it is if the person who cast it un-casts it, or he dies. I vote Option 2.

Tae-seo announces that it’s why he came here, and runs at the guy full-force with his sword raised. But it stops right at his throat, like there’s an invisible wall protecting him. Tae-seo struggles against it with all his strength, but it won’t move, and the minion scoffs that he can’t kill him.

What’s more is that Tae-seo seems unable to act against this guy’s commands, and when he demands to know the real reason he’s here, Tae-seo can’t believe it as he raises his own finger to point towards the vault. Head Minion finally cracks open the hidden door and discovers the mountain of treasure inside, and poor Tae-seo crumbles to the ground in tears.

Master Dam gets the pitiful report from Gon, that they lost the treasure AND Tae-seo, and that now Jo Gwan-woong’s men are guarding the vault like a fortress. But one man pipes up that it’s not truly over yet, because they do still have one man inside.

Cut to Kang-chi, peering out from behind a crate with a mischievous grin.

Teacher Gong tends to Yeo-wool, and says that she’ll be better in no time. Master Dam asks if he’s the one who sent Kang-chi to the Hundred Year Inn, and Teacher Gong remains cryptic and cheeky: “All I did was make a bet with him…”

Inside the vault, Kang-chi stretches, cracks a few knuckles, and says aloud, “Shall we begin, you old fogey?”

At the crack of dawn, Head Minion demands to see Jo Gwan-woong, and reports that he found Park Mu-sol’s secret storage room. As they arrive at the inn, the servants are loading up two big carts with sacks of grain, saying that they give food to feed the navy every year. Ha, nice.

The carts set off on their journey and Jo Gwan-woong heads inside, giddy like a little kid at Christmas. He insists on going into the vault alone, but as soon as he steps inside, he screams for his minion.

He rushes in to find the room cleaned out of every last piece of silver that was in there. Awesome. The bad news is they catch on to the food delivery bait-n-switch right away, and though the servants don’t break, the guards are ordered to go straight to the naval base.

Lee Soon-shin comes out to face Jo Gwan-woong, who says that something of his got delivered by accident along with the grain, and insists on having his men inspect the carts themselves. The officers protest, but Lee Soon-shin allows it.

They tear into the sacks… and they’re filled with grains, as advertised.

Back in the vault, servant Choi heads down and calls for Kang-chi, who pops out and removes the giant tarp he took from the construction site… and behind it is the massive fortune, hidden right under their noses all this time. Lol.

Lee Soon-shin sighs at the loss of grain that could’ve fed his men, and Jo Gwan-woong retorts arrogantly that he’ll send the same amount to replace it, scoffing at the need to feed an army when the country isn’t at war.

Lee Soon-shin growls at his men to pick up every last grain from the ground because it comes from the sweat and hard work of the people of Joseon, and tells Jo Gwan-woong that from this day forward the navy will not accept a single drop from the Hundred Year Inn. He orders his men to escort them out.

Jo Gwan-woong turns to go when a familiar voice calls out to them. It’s Kang-chi, who greets them happily and tsk-tsks at wasting precious food like that. He’s got three giant carts behind him, and says with a smile that he’s here on an errand from the late Lord Park.

And then he just waltzes the giant carts of silver right past them, because he can. Ha. I love it.

They can do nothing but stand there and watch the money wheeled by, because they have no claim to it, and they can’t even take it by force. The head minion lurches at Kang-chi, but an officer has a sword at his throat in no time.

He says he had that vault surrounded so that no one could go in or out, so how did Kang-chi do it? Kang-chi leans in: “Didn’t you know? I’m not a person.” He leaves Jo Gwan-woong fuming, and it’s pretty damn satisfying.

Lee Soon-shin thanks Kang-chi for keeping his promise, and Kang-chi says fulfilling Lord Park’s last will is naturally his duty. And then he asks hesitantly, “About that proof I asked for…”

Cut to Teacher Gong, admiring Lee Soon-shin’s hat in wonder. Kang-chi swells up proudly, “See, this is how close we are!” It cracks me up that Kang-chi really was motivated by this bet. Kitchen fogey is officially a genius.

Teacher Gong fondles the hat lovingly and puts it on like a little fanboy and asks how it looks. Kang-chi: “Can I just buy you a different hat?” He asks the teacher to be careful with it, since he has to return it tomorrow.

The old man asks what Kang-chi wants for his wish, since he did win the bet, and Kang-chi rubs his hands together gleefully as the lid to a pot opens…

Samgetang? Hahahahaha. He moved 5000 nyang of silver for Lee Soon-shin to build his turtle ships… so he could get samgetang? Hahaha. I’m dying. In his defense, it looks like one tasty chicken.

He tears into it, calling to the chicken lovingly, and there they sit, Kang-chi gnawing on a chicken leg and Teacher Gong flaunting his Lee Soon-shin hat, like a pair of idiots… who maybe just saved a country.

Master Dam and Gon watch them from afar, and wonder if maybe Lee Soon-shin was right about Kang-chi all along, or if he’s molding him that way.

Jo Gwan-woong brings Tae-seo out and sets him free, but orders him to return with news of what Lee Soon-shin is doing with the silver.

Tae-seo says he’d rather die than be their dog, but Jo Gwan-woong says if he doesn’t do as he’s told, it’s his sister Chung-jo who was sold as a gisaeng, who will pay the consequences.

Wait, is this the first he’s learning of this? That seems like a gross oversight. It must be, because Tae-seo goes to the gisaeng house and cries to see his sister carrying a tray of liquor and apologizing to guests after a spill.

Yeo-wool wakes up and wonders how she got home, and runs out to greet Kang-chi, and then stops short, remembering the awkward touching. She covers her chest and turns around, but he spots her and runs over to feel her forehead.

He seems completely unruffled, still calling her Dam-gun and feeling her forehead like it’s no big deal. She whirls around and asks about the silver, worrying that it all went wrong because of her.

He suddenly leans in close like he’s going to kiss her, and quips, “See, this is why I was so completely fooled. Other women wouldn’t be worried about the silver before everything else, no?” She thinks about it for a second and continues her line of questioning anyway.

He assures her that he delivered it all safely, and she beams, petting him on the head like a puppy. I love that when they’re distracted it’s like nothing has changed, but now they have that belated realization every few seconds after they touch. She pulls away quickly.

Kang-chi thinks back to their conversation, when she had said that their first meeting would have no meaning if he didn’t remember it, and he had asked, “And if I do remember it? Does it have meaning then?” He doesn’t say anything about remembering yet.

She notices the cut in his hand and asks how he got hurt. Was it because of her? Flashback to inside the vault, after she had passed out. Kang-chi notices a few blue lights float into her wound, and gets an idea.

He takes out a dagger and cuts his hand, and squeezes a few drops of his blood into her wound… and the blue lights follow, and multiply, and heal her arm completely, as he watches in wonder. Nifty.

Yeo-wool guesses that he did get hurt because of her, but he tells her not to worry about it, and doesn’t give her details. She tells him not to do it again: “I don’t want you to get hurt because of me either.”

They share a lingering gaze and then Tae-seo comes looking for Kang-chi, blindfolded to keep him from getting stabby.

At the gisaeng house, Jo Gwan-woong tells Soo-ryun that he changed his mind, and he wants to sleep with Chung-jo, tonight. Ugh with the skin crawls, this guy. What’s worse is that Chung-jo is there to hear it. Her knees give out and she falls to the floor.

Back at the school, Tae-seo says he has a favor to ask of Kang-chi, and pleads with him to rescue Chung-jo. He gets down on his knees: “I beg of you, Kang-chi-ya, please save her!”

Kang-chi stands there, stunned, not knowing what to do. And behind a pillar, Yeo-wool whirls around, having overheard.


I sort of love that there’s no big to-do about Yeo-wool being a girl. He doesn’t get all angsty about it because they’re just friends, so he’s just the idiot who didn’t know, which is pretty much how we felt about it as viewers. All the crossdressing hijinks with none of the angst? I’ll take it. I don’t care much about the fact that they knew each other as children, but I am glad that he figured out that Yeo-wool was the one who saved him that first night under the peach blossom tree. It’s nice to see that they have a friendship that grows out of mutual concern, and isn’t greatly altered by the fact that she’s not a boy. Though I suppose in the grand scheme of things, if she accepted his gumiho-ness, him being cool about her girl parts doesn’t really compare.

It’s a bit frustrating to go back and forth with Chung-jo’s arc because once she made her decision to stay at the gisaeng house, I liked where we were going with her character and Soo-ryun, as figures outside the confines of strict noble society. Her searching for a way to survive, maybe even dreaming of a different life for a woman that isn’t defined by nobility—all such good stuff. But it goes out the window every time Jo Gwan-woong comes around and leers at her, because I just want her to drive a fork in his eye and say to hell with it. I just hope we don’t go back to square one with Tae-seo wanting Kang-chi to rescue her, even though I obviously want her to get away from Creeps McGee.

This show tends to falter when it tries to be too serious or too dark, but it has a nice sweet spot in the cheeky comedy and the whimsical supernatural element—it does well with the magic, and it’d be nice to have more of it. The being trapped together is always an eye-roller of a trope (It’s really hard to meet a drama that does that well) but at least we earn something out of it in this episode. Kang-chi’s healing blood is a biggie, and I much prefer this kind of discovery, where he figures things out as he goes, instead of being told by the Exposition Monk what he can and cannot do.

The heist moved things along swiftly, and I really enjoyed Kang-chi’s big hero moment in this episode, where he finally gets to do something right for the good guys and gain some trust. But my favorite thing is that it’s then undercut with the bet and the utter ridiculousness of the pair of knuckleheads enjoying their spoils of battle, with zero concern for all the pomp and circumstance that’s going on around them. I just love that stuff. It was this great Zeppo moment—behind the scenes Lee Soon-shin is building turtle ships and making history, and in the foreground a half-gumiho and an old fogey are having a grand ol’ time with a chicken and a hat. Now that’s comedy.


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  1. nannu

    finally !

  2. Ivoire


    • 2.1 Ivoire

      Another long commentary… Show, what are you doing to me?

      Thank you GF for the recap! I loved this episode, which made me pump my fist in the air, squee and awww. It also kept , me on the edge of my seat during certain scenes, and my blood pressure went up, from being so anxious. This episode felt very satisfying (except for the ending), and I found myself pondering many things after I watched it. I will get my questions out of the way first:

      A—What is a Zeppo moment? I googled it, and it seems to be a reference to epi. 13 of season 3 of Buffy, the TV show. Is that what GF was referring to? Any explanation about it would be appreciated (and I know, I am not up on all the pop culture analogies and references. Just as a thought, not everyone grew up in the US or has watched all or most of the shows and movies pertaining to the American pop culture, so please be understanding when I ask questions about the US or western pop culture. I also do read and google the references made on this blog, however, I have found that quite often, I understand better the explanations given by the beanies, so thank you for taking the time to explain).

      B—After watching this episode, I am not only puzzled at how the bracelet works and what rules apply to it, but also the extent of KC’s powers, since he has gumiho’s DNA. It was interesting to see how he came to heal YW. He didn’t know what to do, and the blue lights just showed up, and acted like they were leading him to do something, and he got an idea, and that was how he healed her, with his blood. Why did the blue lights show up then, and how does it work? Was it because he cares about YW and was concerned about her? If that was the case, why didn’t they show up when MS was stabbed? KC loved him too, and MS had been stabbed (and later on, died). I know and understand that MS would be gone, however, I am just curious as to how the blue lights can show up for one person, and not for another, even though KC cares (deeply) for both. I also wonder if the blue lights did not show up for MS because KC was not aware of his gumiho side yet, or if maybe, because he is fated to be with YW, his blood can heal her, and only her? Also, the blue lights show up when he has the bracelet on, really? (So far, we had been shown and had been led to believe that his bracelet had to be taken out for the blue lights to show up). I am a little confused…

      C—The other question going on in my head is why KC has scars. I simply do not understand that. When he was stabbed by TS and by GW’s men (in the forest), his skin healed, and the skin on his chest looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. There were no scars there. I would assume that when those blue lights show up and do their blue light s magic on his skin, his whole skin would become as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was glad that YW could see the scars (both times, and so that she would know what he did for her)), however those healing sessions seem to be arbitrary or have a few exceptions. It is obvious by now, that I would like (very much) to get my hands on the manual about the blue lights and on the extent of KC’s powers, except I won’t/can’t, :-(

      Now, on to some of my thoughts:

      I loved LSG/KC in this episode. To know that KC can be boisterous, likes to bicker and argue (and sometimes fight), and how playful he had been with YW, to then seeing him so shy, so self conscious, and so awkward was so adorable!!! I love it when KC is at a loss for words in YW’s presence and how flustered they are around each other now. I loved seeing that side of KC with YW, and I love how protective he is of her and how much he cares about her (though he is not in love with her yet). Those two keep saving each other’s lives, and I can’t help but wonder how many more times that will happen, before the drama is over. I am probably going to over use the verb love, however there were so many scenes I really loved in this episode.

      My blood pressure literally rose during the fight with TS, and I wanted him to win so badly. Then I thought, we have 14 more episodes to go, and the writer is upping the ante, and that is good. As much as I hate bad minion and GW, I will admit that I see their roles/purposes in the drama, and that they are doing a great job at being despicable. I have seen pictures of GW (Lee Sung-Jae), and he is quite attractive, though GW is not. Great job, LSJ. That scene when GW tried to kiss CJ, very creepy…

      When GW was told about the money, I kept wanting LSS to show up, and pull something from his sleeves, like when he saved KC from being executed (I think). I had never missed a 2ndary character that much. I kept saying, “where are you LSS, you need to show up.” I was so nervous. When they finally showed him, I was sooooo happy (and his voice, oh my! He should totally do radio, read documentaries and do theater. Maybe he does… I totally love his voice :-) ).

      The way the heist worked out made me want to do a fist pump and a little dance!!!! Was I the only one who wanted to say, “In. Your. Face, GW!!!!!!!!” when KC marched in, with the money? I clapped for writernim (sp?) and I thought, “seriously, KC and the good guys in this drama were awesome in this episode. T hey were simply gold :-).“ I love it every time GW and LSS have a showdown, and LSS wins or gets the upper hand, so satisfying…

      The whole verbal exchange between KC and GW and GW’s minion was sweeter than my favorite dessert, (and I like sweets). When KC told the minion, “don’t you know? I am not human,” and he turned and smiled at GW, and walked away, that moment was precious. For one thing, KC knew that GW and his minion suspect there is something different about him (supernatural powers), and 2—GW and his minions had just been put in their place, check mate!

      KC in that scene had the same walk that Jae-ha had in ep. 20, when he was leaving the prison, after he had gone to visit Bong-gu. I was reminded of the last sentence GF wrote in her commentary (in ep. 20 of TK2Hs), she wanted Jae-ha to say “I am king (to Bong-gu) as he left. It felt the same to me, when KC got closer to the head minion and said, “don’t you know, I am not human.” Very satisfying.

      The success of the prison heist brought back to my mind the words of Lady Park, as she was dying, that GW might have the 100 Year Inn, but he would never be its owner. The heist would not have worked/succeeded, had the servants not stayed loyal to MS and to KC. They have been loyal all along, since MS died, and they made a difference during the heist (I so love Choi and OK-man, by the way). Even in .his death/after he is dead, MS is still reaping the benefits of taking KC in (when he was a baby) and of treating (his) people well, in general. His wish, to help LSS build the ships was fulfilled.

      I have said this in another recap, however, I am really loving the development in the relationship between LSS and KC, which mirrors the relationship KC had with MS. MS protected KC by giving him a home when he was a baby, and a family. MS also stood up for KC and help him have some self confidence, when KC was ridiculed, as a child. In return, KC brought good fortune to MS (and to his family) and KC protected his adopted family and the Inn. The same thing is happening with LSS: he has protected KC and put his name (and his job) on the line for him, he has saved him (from being executed and from giving up), and in return, KC is bringing him good fortune. Also, both men challenge KC to use more than his fists, to use his brain, to better himself in all aspects, to understand what it means to be a human (being) and behave like one. Both men are helping shape KC into what he will be as a human. I love the line DPJ told Gon, about LSS leading KC into being a man (or something along those lines). In that respect, KC reminds me of Jae-ha, who was shaped into a king by the people around him.

      Finally, I was a little surprise to find out that KC does not forget what happens when he is in his gumiho state. When he is out of it (the gumiho state), he remembers the events, it is not a split personality thing, which I thought it would be. I am also glad to see that SR is still helping DPJ, like she helped him 20 years earlier, with SH. They have a good relationship, still. And last (but not least), I am really hoping that GW won’t be able to sleep with CJ, at all. And when TS begged KC to help CJ, I wondered if he was being sincere, or if he was tricking KC…

      • 2.1.1 ayen03

        Hi Ivoire~

        This is my first time posting here on DB but I’m always reading comments. :)

        I think the blue lights only works for KC and YW because they’re fated to be together. Just like how it was with WR and SW. Wasn’t it when SW was about to kill herself with a pin blue lights surrounded her and SR was also there before she passed out on his arms. I also think it’s because YW and SW had the power to tame the gumihos unlike any other person. So in a way they’d also get control over their powers (?)

        Also, I think KC only has scars left from when he’s had the bracelet on. Like when he was little with the dog when he was saving YW. He had the bracelet on but his wounds healed but it left a scar. Same thing with what happened now, he cut himself to save YW he had the bracelet on as well. It’s different from when YW took out the bracelet and helped heal him when he was stabbed by TS.

        I only watched this episode so far and I’ve been relying mostly on the Recaps by GF. If I made a mistake, I apologize. I was really hesitant to watch it due to JGW’s creepiness and sometimes the dramatic scenes are a little too much for me. But I like the scenes that are light hearted :) and this episode was pretty watchable. I might really watch the whole series later but just skip the dramatic scenes I don’t like. hehe

        • sorrysarah

          Ivoire- I’m pretty sure “Zeppo” was referring to that episode of Buffy. I think the term comes from an older show but I think it’s more well known through Buffy. In the Buffy episode they focus on a character who normally sits on the sidelines of all the action and have the more typical, epic stuff going on in the background. It’s a hilarious episode and I think the reference is really fitting.

        • Ivoire

          Hello ayen03, and welcome!

          I am so glad you decided to delurk and join in the conversation. Thank you for reading my (long) comment. I also feel extra tickled because your first time posting on DB coincides with responding to one of my comments, Kyaaaaaa!!!!! :-)

          Regarding your 1st paragraph, you make a good point, which makes sense. I wonder if the writer will address how the blue lights work or if we are going to have to figure that out for ourselves, as we watch the drama (and that would leave the door open to a lot of interpretations, since different viewers would have different readings on how the blue lights work). I definitely think it is an aspect the writer should address.

          You are right about the blue lights showing up when SH wanted to kill herself, and she fainted in WR’s arms, I had forgotten about that. So SW was definitely fated to be with WR, problem was, she didn’t believe that he truly loved her (she only realized it too late) and she could not get past her fears of him as a gumiho, which made their story tragic, as we know.

          YW as you mentioned (and as we know, based on the posters, and characters’ descriptions) is fated to be with KC (and the whole being together by/under the peach tree on a certain night [something to do with the moon] confirmed it, I guess). We also know that she has been reacting differently from SH when she found out about KC’s gumiho’s side, and that she is falling in love with him. I like your whole point about YW and SH having some control over their love interests’ powers, because it is true. We didn’t really see it with SH (she didn’t really try), however we saw it with YW, twice. The 1st time in the Moonlight Garden, when KC was processing the new info about himself as a gumiho (and the color of his eyes changed briefly), and the 2nd time this week, when she talked him into letting her place the bracelet back on his wrist (such a cool scene. YW can be a cool cucumber at times).
          I like that the women they love can get to them in that way, it allows the women to protect them, to an extent and somewhat makes the women more equal to the guys in the equation.

          You know, you just helped me understand how the bracelet works (I think): when KC has it on, his gumiho side is dormant and his human side is dominant. That means that if KC gets wounded, he will heal like humans do, slowly and wounds will leave scars, which makes sense. As a child, he always had the bracelet on, hence the scars from the dog’s bites, from when he saved YW from being stabbed (during the fight with the ninjas, when he stopped the sword with his arm), and the scar from his recent wound in this episode, in his hand.
          When his bracelet is removed or falls, he self heals, like the incident when he was a baby and the bracelet was temporarily off of him (it fell I think) and the wound on his head healed, by itself. Same when he was in the forest with GW’s men and when YW removed his bracelet. His gumiho side was dominant then and the blue lights showed up and he healed. Very good point, ayen03, I am so glad I asked those questions :-).

          Now for when the bracelet would become red, I am going to speculate that when KC becomes very angry or agitated, the bracelet can barely contain his gumiho side (which is also stronger than his human side), and the bracelet then glows, which was what GW’s head minion had noticed. As I said, I am just speculating, so anyone, please feel free to chime in and share your thoughts as well.

          You said this, “If I made a mistake, I apologize.” Thanks, however, I don’t think you made any, and 2nd, you were just sharing your thoughts, nothing wrong there :-). You are fine.

          I am curious about the dramatic scenes that seem to have overwhelmed you. Could you give me a few examples, please? I wish you could watch the whole drama now, and join us in our discussions, because as I have said earlier, you make some really good points. I loved reading what you had to say. I also respect that you have to do what works for you and watch what you can handle. I do hope to read more of your comments during the airing of this drama :-)…

          • ayen03

            Yay! I’m glad that you understood what I meant :) hahaha… sometimes, it’s hard for me to put my thoughts into paragraphs that’s why I’ve been used to just reading other people’s POV’s until someone actually notices what I’ve noticed all along. Hahaha…

            Oh and the bracelet turning red. I agree with you because that doesn’t only happen to KC it also happened with WR before. When WR got really angry or agitated, it turned red. It’s sort of a warning in a way that they’ll turn into a gumiho.
            I also believe that the lights will turn into green when they confirm their feelings or if they’ll do romantic scenes. Again, this is like how it was with SW and WR – it turned green when WR proposed to SW and also when they were on their honeymoon making baby KC. LOL!
            So I guess, we’ll know if KC is already in love with YW when the lights turn green. As of now, it’s still blue so I guess, it’s just a confirmation that KC is a gumiho and that YW and him are fated.

            Regarding the healing powers of the blue lights, I think it can be used to heal other people too but KC has yet to find out how to do that and how to control it without cutting himself all the time. But I also think that the lights recognizes the people the gumihos are fated with thus the lights itself showed up and came to help KC when YW needed it. That’s just my speculation.

            Well, the scenes I couldn’t handle are not all totally dramatic per se. It’s just that I can’t handle pure evilness like what JGW’s character is doing. Also, his character is very creepy and that’s very uncomfortable for me, personally. I also don’t like CJ being such a typical damsel in distress. I have this feeling that later on I will not like her character for some reason.

            And I’m really curious how WR will come back to the show. Wasn’t that posted here on DB that he’ll be back for another cameo? Would it be like how Mufasa showed up to Simba in The Lion King? Will he just show up to show KC what his true powers and ability can do when KC is very vulnerable and at a loss? Like maybe when KC is torn between giving up his gumiho side for YW? I mean, I can already see that YW-KC will take a different route that the SW-WR one. But of course, they have to suffer the same consequences somehow. And I’m wondering if that’s when WR will come back.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Ayen03, I meant to respond last night (loved your comments again), but I fell asleep, sorry :-(. Please check back later tonight or tomorrow. I will respond, promise. Same goes for Pogo and Sorrysarah…

            Ayen03, I am on DB’s time, so when I say morning or evening or night, I mean the time you see posted here, FYI. Thanks!

          • crazyajummafan

            Interesting comment about the green lights! i didn’t notice that they changed colour when WR is in love. Always thought that they were blue! Good observation!

          • Ivoire

            Hello ayen03,

            I hope you will be checking this page and that you will see my response. Thank you for your long comment. On to responding then…

            I would like to start with the blue lights again, and as I thought about them, I realized why I wondered why they didn’t heal KC’s whole body. When he was in the forest (with GW’s men), the blue lights showed up, and they seemed to be hovering all over his body, which made me think that they would heal any wound he had over his body, AND smooth over any scar he might have had, even if those scars were old. With your explanations, rethinking what I/we saw in ep. 9 and rethinking the ep. in the forest, I can see how the blue lights only heal the current wound, and do not smooth over any past scars he might have had. I do have to say that it feels confusing though (because again, in the forest, the blue lights did seem to be all over his body), and I wish the viewer was not left to him/herself as far as figuring out how the blue lights and the bracelet and the magic (for the bad guys) work. I hope I am making sense in this paragraph, because I know what I am trying to say, and I hope it is coming across clearly.

            Re: your 1st paragraph (I am going to list your paragraphs in my response), I totally understood what you meant (all of it) and I am glad you decided to respond. I also think that you should continue to respond or/and write your own post. You are very observant, you notice details (which I LOVE), and you think through the drama and you make sense of what is happening in the drama. What’s not to love about your responses? Nothing, if you ask me. So please, keep on contributing your thoughts about this drama and the episodes to come.

            2nd #: I don’t think WR wore the bracelet. I don’t remember him wearing one. I do remember SJ (the monk) throwing it at his wrist when he flew to go and save SH (when she was tied to the tree), and that stopped WR’s powers and he fell. I don’t remember him wearing it in the 1st 2 ep. It seems as if WR didn’t need to, since he was mostly in the forest and he didn’t meddle in human affairs, only when SH showed up. Check those 1st 2 ep. and please let me know what you think.

            Thank you for letting me know about the lights turning green, I am planning on rewatching e. 1-8 (with subs this time) and I will be paying attention. About the making of baby KC, I watched that ep. raw the 1st time, and then read a recap about that ep. that had come out early. When WR and SH consummated their wedding, that recapper wrote, ” thus commenced baby KC making” :-). Now, every time I see a video of the GFB OST with that scene in it, I always think about the baby making time (and sentence) and I smile, I can’t help it. It was a lovely scene, I must say. They didn’t show too much, yet it was very gentle, tender and sensual without being tawdry (with WR kissing SH’s slave tattoo, as if to say, “I saved you, you are no longer a slave.” It was as if WR was kissing SH’s heartbreaks away. I loved that scene).

            I am very curious about this theory on the blue lights turning green, and I will be paying attention, from now on. I do hope that you are right, however. Thank you for mentioning that.

            Re: the healing powers of the blue lights (and how they recognize the fated love girl/woman), I love your speculation, and I hope that you are right. Again, I wish the writer would somehow let us know how things work in this drama. Maybe she herself doesn’t know it all and she is making it up as she is going along. Help us understand, please, writernim!!!!!

            Re: JGW, if you can’t handle his evilness, it means he is doing a really good job (which he actually is). It helps me to know that this is just a drama, and most villains in dramas and movies are usually nothing like their characters. This also helped me: http://asianwiki.com/Lee_Sung-Jae
            You should look at it, and read it and see that the actor sounds quite awesome and he is actually cute. Read the comments as well. Apparently, he was in another drama (or a movie?) and he was very different in it, than he is here. Even commenters here have said so. I really do hope that you will watch the drama, because then you get to really see every scene and read every line and I would really LOVE to continue reading your POVs on the drama. (Have I convinced you yet? :-) ).

            Re: CJ, she is not a damsel in distress, she just acts like one. She actually has an ally in SR who has been giving her great pieces of advice. Now, if she would only take them and apply them, she could help bring the bad guys down, as one commenter suggested. CJ is supposed to turn against KC and use the feelings he has for her (I don’t know that she is supposed to turn against him, but the synopsis or character description said that she will use KC, which hasn’t happened yet). I am still waiting to see if she will join the bad guys, and if she does, why.

            Yes, WR will be back, in ep. 12 (so next week probably). I don’t believe he is dead, I don’t think he died. Remember that the blue lights showed up when he went up in the air, and that the grass covered him when he was on the ground. Nature is his friend, he has protected it for 1000s of years. Those grass leaves showed up when WR needed them (protecting him and SH) and protected KC and YW as well. The show had already said he will be back, I am just waiting to see how that will happen (what scene). Also, ***SPOILER*** but not really because it was also posted and commenters have been talking about it, he will be back as a demon, which makes sense, since that was the sentence for failing to become human, remember? He is supposed to be against KC, his own son and do something else, for KC. Let me know if you mind/don’t mind being spoiled and want to know more…

            I saw the Lion King a loooooong time ago. Could you please remind me of how this “Would it be like how Mufasa showed up to Simba in The Lion King? ” happened again? (Was it in a dream?)

            This, “Will he just show up to show KC what his true powers and ability can do when KC is very vulnerable and at a loss?” I don’t think will happen, at least not right away.

            About this, “I mean, I can already see that YW-KC will take a different route that the SW-WR one. But of course, they have to suffer the same consequences somehow. And I’m wondering if that’s when WR will come back.”
            I agree with you, I do think that YW and KC already have a different arc. I also do feel that YW and KC will have their angst and sad moments. I don’t know if they might be separated at some point (it is a Kdrama after all), and I don’t envision a nice walk in the park with pretty flowers for the next 14 ep. They are going to hurt at some point, and we will hurt with them.

            I have a question for you: in ep. 2, when WR dug his hand and nails in SH’s shoulder and hurt/wounded her (before he was struck with DPJ’s sword), do you think he meant to hurt her? We find out later that he didn’t intent to kill her, though it looked that way for a few mns, and I still feel puzzled about that scene when he dug his nails in her shoulder (that hurt and she was wounded). So I am thinking, “what was the reason/point here? What am I supposed to make/think of that scene?” What is your take on it?

            I hope you will see this comment and I hope to hear from you :-)…

          • Ivoire

            Hello ayen03,
            I just posted a response, and my comment is awaiting moderation (I think JB or GF need to look at it and make sure it is OK. I have a link in it, maybe that ‘s why), so you might not be able to read it right now. Please check back here a few times, to see when it does get posted. I think you will like my response, and it is quite long :-)

          • capri

            sorry for butt in just like this guys.. but still.. i dont get it..lol.. love? ..idea ?..flashback ? i don t see any connection how he knw his blood can cure her.. ? he know nothing about his past and what the hell is gumiho ? lol.. what am saying is this drama is good enjoyable to watch but lack info from script writers about this creature.. :) reason that vampires and werewolf so famous because the idea how bring up this creature image so beautiful and powerful who living among human kind even is just a storyfolks and some called it legend and myths right ?.. can korean people bring up about gumiho with logic thinking and bring up how great gumiho are?.. sorry my english awful ! anyway this drama is great but for me a bit sad cuz i dont see any great about gumiho creature.. sorry just saying ..no heart feeling okay? just wishing this drama with good ending.. out of 12 korean drama i watch only 3 good ending.. have a great day guys! thanks for recap and thanks for sharing idea for Gu family book

      • 2.1.2 pogo

        Hey Ivoire!

        I’m pretty sure the Zeppo reference is about that Buffy episode, where Xander feels useless (like a Zeppo) but then actually saves the day, ha. I loved that show, you should definitely watch it sometime if you can (and if you like fantasy sageuks, you’ll like this too – Buffy is kind of like a better-executed Yeo-wool, and played by a far more competent actress)

        re: B and C – I found the blue lights interesting too, but the rules of this world don’t seem to be very clear. Do the lights heal your love interest then? And do they only work on immediate scars, and leave old ones alone? I hate when I have to wonder about little things like this, it pulls me out of the story.

        For all the attention this story pays to Park Mu-seol and LSS as Kang-chi’s surrogate fathers, it’s been kind of ignoring/sidelining poor Choi, who is legally Kang-chi’s ACTUAL father – I was glad to see more of him this ep, and liked his part in the heist. (and the heist was kick-ass, too, as was the final wheeling in of the silver). I guess PMS was more the ‘father figure’ to KC and Choi just took care of him, but still. Not fair, story.

        I like Yeo-wool a lot better this episode (the romantic-ish scenes meant to show off chemistry still miss the mark, Suzy is a lot better but the doe-eyed expression is not her friend). Like I said before, she’s an awesome character and I’d ship them hard if this was a book, but there’s still something lacking about her – and it’s good the drama is sticking to cute/friendly with them right now instead of making it charged. Gon may be one-note, but she actually has chemistry with Sung Joon, which will of course be wasted because of Second Lead Syndrome.

        As for CJ…..she is not a damsel in distress, despite filling the role of one. Poor girl had nothing to do except suffer in (mostly) silence this ep, I even preferred the bullying storyline of ep 9 because it showed her dealing with the realities of her new life alone. And she’s better than this, she’s definitely not weak.

      • 2.1.3 kaigou

        The reference to “Zeppo” in Buffy was actually a reference to the Marx Brothers. When Cordelia tells Xander he’s “the Zeppo”, she’s saying he’s the useless one that no one notices or remembers. The three eldest Marx Brothers — Harpo, Groucho, Chicho — are remembered best; Gummo was kind of in there. Zeppo was just the oddball. He was the straight man plus he was classically handsome compared to his goofy brothers. (He was also the youngest.) He ended up kind of being the ‘spare’ brother to some degree, without much substance of a role, and mostly he gets to be the butt of his brother’s jokes about being the best-looking one.

        The twist in the Buffy take — and the source of a ‘Zeppo Moment’ — is that Xander is good for only one thing, and that one thing’s not worth much. If the original Zeppo was eye-candy, Xander is humor-candy. Except at the same time (in that particular episode), he also saves everyone’s lives, and no one knows or notices because it’s just assumed he’s, well, useless. Zeppo — despite being the butt of his brother’s jokes and seen as only eye-candy — was not just valuable, but absolutely *crucial* to the brothers’ success. Without him, they would not have been so successful. It’s the same with Xander and the Scoobies; if not for him, the rest would actually be dead, yet he gets no accolades nor does he seek them.

        So a Zeppo Moment is when someone — almost always someone written off by others (and often the person as well) as useless, and/or contributing only one minor thing (looks, humor, brawn, etc) — then turns around and saves everyone’s bacon. But specifically does it in such a way that the person not only gets no acclaim, but most often isn’t even realized to have been what saved the day — if anyone even realizes the day was in need of saving. (The Buffy riff added the element of the Zeppo’s win also requiring great potential risk for the Zeppo himself, if things went wrong.) And more importantly, the Zeppo never tells anyone, either, continuing to accept that superficial appearance of being good for just one thing.

        I’m not entirely certain this was a Zeppo Moment for Kang Chi, since he did get to waltz in with the silver, and he got the hat. There was recognition he saved the day, even if not everyone knows the exact details. Plus, Kang Chi has magic, which renders him noticeable to several other characters, so he can’t fade into the background the way the Zeppo does. It’s really hard to pull off a Zeppo Moment, since it requires a character who’s devalued both by the entire rest of the cast AND the audience. It seems to me that K-drama writers don’t quite have the luxury to do that, b/c they’re filming live so the audience’s impatience with a useless character would force them to either step up and give the character purpose/use, or just write the character out. You kind of need a longer exposure to really see the full Zeppo effect in a sidekick.

      • 2.1.4 Ivoire

        Hello kaigou,

        And thank you so much for your detailed and thorough explanation of what a Zeppo is. I really honestly appreciate your time and effort in explaining that to me and to anyone who will happen to read this page. As you know, many people read DB and yet do not necessarily comment, so we never fully know how much people learn in the process of visiting/reading this blog. I know I do and I feel grateful for it.

        Your explanation was perfect for someone like me who LOVES details. By the time I was done reading, I knew exactly what you meant and I TOTALLY understood what you meant as well. Thank you again!!!! I know of the Marx Brothers, however, I am not familiar with their work, so I learned about them as well while reading your response.

        Based on what you said, I also question if what happened with KC was a Zeppo moment/experience, because, as a commenter said, KC/LSG is the drama, so he is made to be important already. Even in the drama, many people relied on KC, lord Park, his wife (before she died), TS, CJ, the town people, the Inn people, LSS (after he got to know him/his heart), the teacher (Gon Dal [sp?]) and DPJ (to an extent) and YW (who also trusts him, wholeheartedly). And the expectations they had of KC makes him important, in the drama. Even GW wants him, if he could have him.

        Also, as you mentioned, KC did get to waltz in in front of SB (the head minion of GW) and in front of GW. So, there was recognition from GW and his head minion (even if it was not stated), from LSS, from the teacher, YW, DPJ, Gon, the Inn people, the people at the Institute (DPJ’s school) and even TS, who knew what happened.

        I also agree with the point you made about Korean writers (of Kdramas) not being able to pull a Zeppo effect, due to how they shoot dramas in SK. Besides, KC is definitely not a sidekick, which is also what a Zeppo is, right?

        I also wanted to disagree with GF who indicated that KC was motivated by the bet he made with the teacher for the heist. While I think it played a role, I personally believe that it was bigger and more than that. The bet might have played a role, however when KC brought the silver to LSS, he said that any wish of the late lord Park was his duty to fulfill. That was important to KC and I saw it and felt it at that moment. That to me felt like an important scene and an indication as well of why KC had pushed through and worked on making the heist happen and succeed (with the help of others, mind you). He would do anything for his “dad,” and he knew that LSS getting the money was extremely important (as a whole, and to lord Park).
        Getting the meal was a small recompense, one he was happy to receive and one he looked forward to, mind you. I think the teacher is one of those people who know how to direct KC, and get him to do things, just like lord Park knew how to get to KC (the way he stood up for KC when he was teased moved KC tremendously), and so does LSS. YW seems to have the ability to do so to an extent, I hope and think that hers will grow as time goes by.

        I know I say “thank you” a lot, however, I do appreciate you being a part of this conversation and understanding of the drama. Please, continue to do so.

    • 2.2 Ivoire

      @ Sorrysarah and Pogo, I will be back later to respond to your comments. Thank you for leaving them…

  3. Alexio

    I dont really dig Gon’s mane of glory

    • 3.1 Penny

      You’re not alone. And I don’t think anyone thinks otherwise either. Sigh. Now I’m left wondering, “Did they run out of good wigs for just Sung Joon? Because even the extras are better-looking.”

      • 3.1.1 Alexio

        I think his face will look better if he has his hair tied up, no? What’s wrong with the stylish being hateful to our lonely boy…booo

        • someone

          his whole arc is hating KC and his annoying jealousy, lol but he wants to look like him.

          • milkteanlsg

            look like KC? how does his new hairstyle makes him look like KC?

    • 3.2 Kitzeekat

      He looks like a Joseon flower boy/idol hahaha

      • 3.2.1 cheekbones

        Or an 80s rocker ……..

        His hair reminds me of Joan Jett and Ric Ocasek. Anyone here old enough to remember them ? 😀

        • mia


        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Rick Springfield hair

        • Gidget

          I was thinking: Carol Brady shag of glory

          Here’s the story
          of a crabby warrior
          who was bodyguard,
          to a boy
          who was really a girl.

          He loved her
          but she loved the
          That’s the reason he got a new hair cut.

          A new hair cut
          A new hair cut
          Because he liked her he got a brand new shag hair cut

          *ooof…way too much time on my hands*

          • cheekbones


            That’s a good lyric actually. 😀

          • KDaddict

            Really good. Thx for the laugh.

          • Lizzy4e

            omo omo omo! you had me laughing out loud at work! Well done you :-)

          • skelly

            Poor Sung Joon; you know something has really gone wrong when a new Brady song fits you. Sigh. Good thing he has enough Coolosity in reserve to overcome this momentary loss in dignity.

          • capri


        • Waiting


    • 3.3 milkteanlsg

      I don’t hate his new hairstyle…
      I think it is better than the previous one as I feel that the previous one makes him look old, dark and very brooding…

      • 3.3.1 Penny

        But at least that hairstyle MADE him exude character and attitude, you know, as oppose to this sloppy mess. I’d take that hair over this one anytime. I feel like that what they’re going for is unruly, unkempt hair, a-la Geohro in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but fell short, literally and figuratively. Now, if they could just add some extensions here and there…

    • 3.4 Carmensitta

      that shall be called “mane of shame”

    • 3.5 rainerust

      They’re really trying super hard to hide his hotness. His new wig sits funny on his head like its not meant to be there. Sigh.

      • 3.5.1 MariD

        Yes. This is what I thought too!! Kinda like in the old days when the star of the show demanded that no one on the set be better dressed, or skinner, or had better lines. I’m not saying LSG did this but maybe the stylist are trying to uglyfy Gon so we pay more attention to the rest of cast instead of just how hot SJ is..

        • lemondoodle

          Okay. He’s a good looking guy, but not so good looking they have to ruin his looks for fear for everyone being too mesmerized to pay attention to anything else. They just barely figured LSG’s hair was terrible and fixed it. I think SJ’s new wig is an attempt to do the same. Didn’t work too well.

          They are doing a good job at nobody paying attention to him by making his character so one-note and friendzoned without added ugly hair intentionally.

          • milkteanlsg

            I so agree with you~

            I don’t people would still do such thing and Gon is not soooo good looking that such measure have to be taken…

            To me, I only find LSG attractive among all idols and stars!!! 😛

          • pogo

            I don’t think it’s about Sung Joon’s attratctiveness so much as Sung Joon’s attractiveness compared to LSG.

            Still, ugly hair or not, I don’t care – Gon and Kang-chi have fantastic chemistry and the actors play off each other really well even if Gon is stuck in a single register, all I pray for is that they get more scenes together.

          • lemondoodle


            Attractiveness is subjective though. LSG isn’t suffering from lack of people finding him attractive. It’s not like SJ is Won Bin level or something either.

            I seriously just don’t think they are purposely making him look bad. Other than making him appear shorter than he actually is so he doesn’t tower over the whole cast. But yes, they do have good chemistry. I hope they do more with Gon than they have so far.

          • pogo

            @lemondoodle – I wasn’t saying he was Won Bin levels either, but he and LSG are kind of similar on the attractiveness scale for me so I can see how someone else might think so too. But like I said, it doesn’t matter.

      • 3.5.2 PM

        Erm, ya. I don’t think he is THAT good looking or hot for the stylists to mess with his hair. And it’s too modern-looking for my liking. Not diggin’ it.

      • 3.5.3 latteholic

        Whether it’s to hide his hotness or not, one thing for sure though, there goes his chance at winning YW’s heart

    • 3.6 bambledd

      They should explain it since it’s so drastic. He was Cher one minute, then Shaggy dog the next. Did they think viewers wouldn’t notice??

  4. Dream

    yeah… thanks for the fast recap

  5. snow_white

    thanks for the recap….

  6. Kitzeekat

    Thank you so much :-)

  7. Penny

    Thank you!

  8. hpn88

    when did tae-seo develop those sword skills? i thought he was supposed the nerdy, afraid of girls character but he was doing pretty well against like 8 guys.
    anyway, this ep was super zippy because of the heist sequence. i hope they keep up this level of energy to the show, but i feel like next week might get slow cause of the whole CJ rescuing part

    also i repeat Yeo-wool for president

    • 8.1 milkteanlsg

      No? Tae Seo ‘s display of swordskills was not very good… fumbling and tumbling around~

      • 8.1.1 kdramapedia

        It was only bumbling because this show isn’t about the fight scenes; they’re all pretty lame to be honest. If he doesn’t die fighting 8 guys, that equals good. I was wondering where he got the sword “skills,” too, as it may be believable that he picked up a sword here in there as a noble’s son, but it was clear that Kang-chi was the protector of the house. Just another thing to wave off for the sake of the overarching story.

      • 8.1.2 KDaddict

        Tae Seo! Just as KC was mad-frustrated w him for being under a hypnotic spell, and yelled for him to come to grips, that they didn’t risk their lives to save him so that he could be a stabby fool, I feel the same way. Knowing full well that he’s been hypnotized, he goes off to kill his hypnotic master! Good thinking, boy!
        When faced w Evil Lord, he sure talks big, but one mention of his sister n he crumbles. As GF said, did he not know that his sis has been sent to a brothel all along?
        And does he have to be the one who points the way to the treasures? Oh, now he wants KC to take his sis away. Where to? What is KC supposed to do w her after that? He didn’t say.
        I’ve totally lost respect for him, n thus interest.
        Pls don’t let him do any more damage to the plans of the good guys!

    • 8.2 rainerust

      If only they could rescue CJ like they did the heist I might enjoy it. I wish they would stop with the moping every time CJ and TS come on. I want to like them better but they are just so tragic I feel depressed when I see them on screen.

      Second that YW is awesome (dunno if I want her for President. I think LSS is actually better fitted for that role since he’s actually, yunno, strategic HAHA) and I want more YW KC moments! He really is like a big puppy around her!

      • 8.2.1 KDaddict

        Impotent and tragic! TS and CJ, a pair of ‘damsels’ in distress, waiting to be rescued by the 3 musketeers – KC, YW, and Gon!
        Waiting for CJ to grow up, stop feeling sorry for herself, do as Head gisaeng said, to grab the opportunity to step up to the plate, and use Evil Lord’s attraction to her to do her part in helping the good guys bring him down!

        • lemondoodle

          TS and CJ are both kind of like SH. Everyone suffering and helping them while they don’t stand up and do much for themselves. I thought CJ was well on her way to doing that, but she’s not there yet. And yes, CJ should definitely use his feelings against him. They really need to do their part in this whole thing…

          • milkteanlsg

            Maybe she will just do that “using his feelings for SH against him” next episode since she the creep calling her SH…

          • skelly

            I had hopes that CJ would start to take control over her own life – I hate the whole damsel in distress thing, and to rescue her really begs the question – what would she do then? She has no home, she has no skills, she has no family. TS really annoys me, because hypnotised or not his thinking is juvenile and unhelpful.

          • pogo

            Well, CJ did choose to stay behind at the gisaeng house so KC wouldn’t be turned into a fugitive for taking her out/be killed (and also so he could clear her father’s name and get her out legitimately), and I thought she was doing pretty well last ep with standing up to the bullying/trying to cope with life as a gisaeng servant and not complaining, but ep 10 gives her nothing to do except sit and be leched at by Resident Evil.

            Which doesn’t really make her passive, imo, but it’s easy to feel what she’s feeling. I hope ep 11 gives her more to do, because the gisaeng house arc before this episode was actually giving her some small degree of agency – which promptly gets taken away every time JGW arrives on the scene. I get that it’s a natural dichotomy for a gisaeng, but it is no fun to watch her scared and repulsed, when what I really want to see is her giving Wol-sun some cheeky retorts.

      • 8.2.2 zfih

        Hopefully we will, as there’s more than 10 ep to go 😛
        And might I add that I now I can say confidently that I like the YW KC pairing more than the CJ KC pairing. I wonder whether other people still think the first pairing was better.
        I personally wanted to wait until Kang chi actually finds out that Yeo wool was a girl before judging and now I have LOL.

        Another week :(

  9. Hipployta

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    • 9.1 far

      ikr? this is quite a good drama. the acting is quite decent too, with some being surprisingly good. especially the torture scenes. it’s very realistic.

      suzy’s and seunggi’s acting improved with each episode. i guess the more time they spent together, the more chemistry they exert together. I CANT WAIT FOR KISS SCENES!!!!

      i have a feeling that suzy will become a female gumiho. he uses some of his blood to heal her, right? she might convert into a gumiho when their blood mix together. twilight-like~

  10. 10 sheila380

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  11. 11 lemondoodle

    Not sure where they are going with CJ since I don’t think she can actually leave where she is, but I don’t see how she can stay either. There needs to be something to tone down GW creepiness a few notches. The end seems like an obvious trap to catch KC and/or to hurt LSS since he’s responsible for him. TS turning one everyone would actually be pretty interesting.

    YW and KC are seriously great together. Love their dynamic and love that Kangchi didn’t treat her any differently other than being slightly awkward around her. I can totally see where this is going though. He’s going to be caught between his loyalty to CJ/TS and his upcoming love for YW. I hope the siblings don’t use him too much… I want to keep the bromance alive man.

    Also love the old man and Kangchi together. They are both lovable idiots, but I’m glad Kangchi finally got his moment to use his brain (and his gumiho powers came in handy) for once. GW is maaad now though which won’t be pretty.

    • 11.1 Lord of the Things

      Just a thought, since CJ obviously won’t be with KC, maybe they’ll make it so that once its all over and they’ve got the Hundred Years Inn back, CJ will choose to stay as a gisaeng in order to train up and become a madame like Soo-Ryun? It seems like a weird thing for a highborn lady to do, but it would kind of give her character an arc, going from this girl who was content to be married off for her family (even if it meant abandoning her first love), to someone who chooses to live more freely.

    • 11.2 momosa

      GW is creeeepy. I fast forwarded his scenes coz they made him ridiculously creepy & annoyingly powerful.

      Glad there are light moments this episode. For a while it has too much blood & mopey moments, too sad to my liking, even KC & Gon bickering can’t light-up the show. More funny scenes please!

      • 11.2.1 latteholic

        Gosh, me too! I really get skin crawls whenever he shows up, especially the way he’s eyeing CJ

    • 11.3 KDaddict

      GW sure is ugly creepy despicable in this drama. I’m sure glad I watched Rascal Sons before this drama started. The same actor played a sweet gentle yielding person in RS. He is like a totally diff person here. Really appreciate his excellent acting. Check out Rascal Sons for an ep or two to see the sharp contrast. Hardly seems like he’s the same person.

    • 11.4 Amanda

      Who else is starting to think that Soo Ryun is Yeo Wool’s Momma…just saying her path did cross with Yeo Wool’s father, and she did keep Seo Hwa through her pregnancy as a favor to him…

      • 11.4.1 pogo

        ha, I’m not the only one then!

    • 11.5 pogo

      Yeah, I thought they were moving towards the possibility of giving CJ a role of her own within the gisaeng house but that’s difficult considering the reason she was sold there in the first place. They need to make up their minds about which direction they’ll go – I don’t think this makes her a passive character, but I do hope she doesn’t stay as stuck as she was this ep.

      Because CJ, as she started out, might have had the role of a damsel in distress but didn’t really behave like one – she’s strong in her own way, and I don’t want her to end up weakened, we need to go back to seeing her do things other than cry.

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      • 12.2.2 anaro


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    • 12.4 justjen

      Do you mean you’re warming up the drama despite LSG being in it? I wasn’t sure what you meant either.

    • 12.5 KDaddict

      I think LSG is fantastic here playing up the teenage, guileless, mischievous misunderstood outcast with a heart of gold. Can’t imagine anyone else in this role. As @someone says in 12.2, he is the drama.

      • 12.5.1 crazyajummafan


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    Oh yeah I’m sure after this episode more seungzy moments <33 Can't wait for next episode! and can't wait for wol ryung!! 😀

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  16. 16 orenji

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    I can’t get enough of KC and YW. They’re so cute together. I love their dynamics as a friend and i can’t wait for KC to fall for her. I want to see them being lovey dovey..kyaaa~~

    It’s good to see KC using his brain instead of strength to fight the bad guy. Love JGW’s reactions when he’s discovered he’s being fooled by KC. :)

  17. 17 Lord of the Things

    I guess they won’t be able to dispatch Jo Gwan-woong until the end of the drama, because then where does the plot go? But maybe they could maneuver it so that Chung-jo starts using her position as a gisaeng that he both lusts after and totally disregards as a way to learn information/ help bring him down, like how Soo-Ryun used her gisaengs to delay him getting information. If she tries to seize control of the situation that way, it’d make for a more satisfying watch.

    • 17.1 KDaddict


  18. 18 Fruitplus

    Thanks GF =)

    I love KC and the old fogey part. 5000 nyangs for a pot of chicken and borrow a hat for a day. haha

    • 18.1 crazyajummafan

      “But my favorite thing is that it’s then undercut with the bet and the utter ridiculousness of the pair of knuckleheads enjoying their spoils of battle, with zero concern for all the pomp and circumstance that’s going on around them. I just love that stuff. It was this great Zeppo moment—behind the scenes Lee Soon-shin is building turtle ships and making history, and in the foreground a half-gumiho and an old fogey are having a grand ol’ time with a chicken and a hat. Now that’s comedy.”

      Well put, GF.
      They were so cute together. Such great chemistry too. It was so cute seeing the two of them enjoying their ‘rewards’! One eating with relish his chicken soup, and the other admiring the hat! Idiotic, yes, but sooo loveable! It’s like they carried their chemistry from K2H to GFB!

      • 18.1.1 pogo

        I’ve noticed that LSG has great chemistry with so many of the male characters in this drama – as in you actually want to watch them together, because the actors play it so well

        (first was Gon, and now the old fogey, ha)

    • 18.2 KDaddict

      I nominate KC n old fogey teach for the Best Couple Award.
      Can’t wait to see the two of them start a master/disciple relationship, for they are both pure in spirit and have hearts of gold! LOVE them!

  19. 19 hanabi

    It took me a while to get into this show, but now I’m impatiently waiting for subs. I finally gave up and watched it 60% completed.

    When Kang Chi started eating that chicken, I immediately thought of the 1N2D episode where the boys had to make dinner and Ji Won cooked a very tough chicken, which Seung Gi attempted to chew. haha

    • 19.1 Kitzeekat

      Lol I was thinking about the time he cooked the standing beer chicken :-)

      • 19.1.1 rainerust

        Haha yeah the chicken beer moment came to my mind too. And the fact that they all thought it was good – its really cos 2D1N starves them so almost anything becomes edible! I miss LSG and the old gang of 2D1N! They were insane! Including Na PD!

        • Kitzeekat

          Same here :-) it’s not the same without them. I usually watch the reruns whenever i need a good laugh.

  20. 20 nova611

    pardon me for saying this
    i feel that its kinda slow, not much progress
    just my opinion

    • 20.1 Catherine

      The story is going on slow and steady all these while but it should pick up pace from next episode onwards. After all, this is already the 10th episode, only 14 eps left for Kang Chi to find the Gu Family Book and become human along with all the other tragedy romantic stuff between him and Yeo Wool.

      I feel sad for Tae Seo, also sad for the villain because the former is being controlled by his enemy while the latter is fooled by the good guy. The villain thought too highly of himself, allowing kang Chi to pull the wool over his eyes. But then he’ll be more careful of Kang Chi, which spells bad news for the latter, I guess?

      Chung Jo is sooo pathetic but glad that Soo-ryun is forcing her to stay stronger and get through her humiliation, which I think is what Soo-ryun went through to get to where she is today…

      But there’s certainly one strange bit in this ep – i.e. suddenly Gon’s not keeping Yeo Wool’s secret as a girl anymore, as if he knew KC has found out about that…

      I simply all the interaction Kang Chi had with Master Gong, Yeo Wool and even Gon. With Master Gong, a mentor-student relationship. With Yeo Wool, a romantic relationship and last of all; with Gon, a quarreling relationship with both acting as children *rolls my eyes*

      • 20.1.1 Anonymous

        “But there’s certainly one strange bit in this ep – i.e. suddenly Gon’s not keeping Yeo Wool’s secret as a girl anymore, as if he knew KC has found out about that…” <– I think he already knew that KC knows since YW's hair was undone by the time he arrives in the secret room.

  21. 21 rainerust

    I have been desperately waiting and waiting for this recap to come outso I could gush over it!! I love it when KC just waltzed the silver RIGHT PAST THEM and they couldn’t do ANYTHING ABOUT IT! It was brilliant! And I LOVED the fact that it was all motivated…by Lee Soon Shin’s hat and samgyetang HAHA I seriously died laughing at that scene. It was all sorts of hilarious and genius.

    I’m glad that KC and YW didn’t make a big hoo ha about his discovery that she’s a girl, albeit those awkward moments of hesitation now whenever they are touching each other – its cute! TS though…frankly, I wish his character could be given some moments of lightness. I get it that he’s KC’s opposite but his doom and gloom character seriously grates on me after a while. Sigh. And I do wish he would stay out of the bad guys’ hands! Poor CJ. I feel for her!

    • 21.1 milkteanlsg

      I love that scene too~ The waltzing right pass them with all the treasures~~~ That was so genius!!!

      The creep can’t do anything at all and nobody need to be blamed for the lost treasures! I was so worried for the workers and KC’s “dad” that they would be severely punished and tortured by creep again…

      LOVE the reason behind the whole fiasco:
      Samgetang & Hat~~~ <3

    • 21.2 crazyajummafan

      What impresses me about the whole heist, was that KC is probably for the first time using his brains to overcome an adversity. Previously, he was always using brute strength to win. I think this his step towards becoming a human – Animals don’t strategise and plan. Humans do.

      Whaddaya all think?

      • 21.2.1 crazyajummafan

        I also hope KC gets to realise that this way, there will less casualties and a sweeter victory. I wonder how he’ll try to rescue CJ.

      • 21.2.2 rainerust

        He’s probably always been that smart (street smart not book smart) but if he could he’d use his brawn. Here he particularly impresses cos he uses both brawn (moving all the chests behind the tarp) and brains! It was such an epic moment! I don’t think he’s any less human than he’s always been. Hopefully the drama will make him come to that conclusion too. What LSS said earlier about how people can be human but live like animals – what’s important is that heart/desire of wanting to be human.

        • crazyajummafan

          You’re right. He’s no less human (in his heart and behaviour) despite being born half gumiho.

      • 21.2.3 momosa

        He used his brain accidentally…. :)

      • 21.2.4 hazelrachel

        Just goes to show, he’s not as dumb and useless as people think, and when you’re in a pinch, he’s reliable. It makes me so annoyed when people look at him and underestimate him. Loving LSS, though. I think he’s the only one who has an inking of KC’s potential – humanly speaking.

  22. 22 Fidelity

    Lol, poor Tae-Seo… no one seems particularly bothered about what happened to him after Gon left him behind. Also, did no one told him about his sister’s whereabouts? I mean, Yeo-Wol is well aware since she told Kang-Chi. What of his mother’s news?

    • 22.1 Fidelity

      tell him**

    • 22.2 milkteanlsg

      He knew about his sister’s plight since the jailing, didn’t he?
      He was so sad about the news and he fainted right after…

      I think he just forgot about his sister due to his many problems…

      I am also not sure whether he knows of his mother’s news…

    • 22.3 crazyajummafan

      It didn’t seem to me that he didn’t know that CJ is at the gisaeng house. It seemed like he had gone there to check on her, since GW mentioned her. Idk, but maybe he may have been under the illusion that she was ‘safe’ there and with things happening since his torture, she may have slipped his mind.

    • 22.4 Amanda

      Bah! He’s so uninteresting to me. I hope the writers decide to focus more on Gon as the second lead. TS can just be background harem fodder.

  23. 23 Naruto

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    Yewool and Kangchi, ok I admit they’re cute

  24. 24 Jolienoel

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    [SPOILER: I wonder how would papa gu fit into this villain category, would he be just an underling of GW or is he more than that, I hope it’s the latter.]
    I seriously get creeps every time creepy villain stares at CJ like that. TS however has a potential to be a really good villain. It seems like he was a secret badass all along! I too loved KC’s big hero moment this episode. Seunggi’s smirks are too adorable! YW’s face when she thinks that KC still truly loves CJ pains me as I sense lots of noble idiocy coming up.

  26. 26 Star

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    I agree what you said about the drama faltering during the dark stuff.

    I kinda wish that Exposition Monk had been written more like an ObiWan Kenobi mentor character who comically butts heads with Teacher Gong/old Fogey so that, instead of a pair of knuckleheads (KC+old fogey), they form a jolly trio. Ah well, hopefully we’ll see more of the 2 (KC+old fogey) throughout the rest of the drama.

    • 31.1 milkteanlsg

      ooh… triple would be good too~~

      Wonder how Monk and old fogey will be like against each other… :)

  32. 32 gg

    Tae Seo’s character feels really awkward. I know he’s supposed to be under a spell that makes him act all crazy and stabby most of the time, but I just don’t see him as anything more than a plot filler, a tool to move the plot along, and sometimes this is done in a really awkward manner. His character just behaves in whatever way is required to fit the story, and even if it seems irrational sometimes (like barging right into the inn even though he’s a wanted criminal), the writer just makes him do it anyway and blame everything on the spell. Moreover the spell thing is confusing like GF said yesterday in her recap – he knows he’s under a spell but still acts according to it anyway? Can’t figure that out.

    • 32.1 kdramapedia

      agreed. He could be so much more than a plot device.

    • 32.2 Catherine

      And I don’t really like his character. He is acting so whiney like how he looked so ashamed when YW retorted that it is unfair to treat her as a girl so he had tried to prevent her from participating in the mission to get those golds, then crying when he realised he was controlled by the enemy and forced to point the ‘truth’… absolutely no confidence in himself. So how could he be the second main actor behind Kang Chi? The writers should writer his character a little stronger instead of t$his whiney…. lol.

      • 32.2.1 lemondoodle

        I don’t like him either. I nominate WR for 2nd lead when he returns since 2nd lead still isn’t clear yet. TS is just kind of pathetic and I don’t think that’s going to change. Both TS and Gon also have no shot of making me believe they have a chance with YW too. So, let’s just end that part of the love square since it’s just kind of silly and focus on gumiho daddy and baby.

  33. 33 milkteanlsg

    Love the awkwardness between KC and YW~~~~
    Its funnily cute how KC is staring at his hand as if asking his hand if his hand is somehow wrong~

    • 33.1 Catherine

      Or he might be thinking to himself as he looked at his hand, ‘I should have held on longer……..’

      • 33.1.1 crazyajummafan

        Haha! Good one!
        “Hand, why did you let go so fast?”

  34. 34 Mhie

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    The hat and the chicken made my day and when i saw you loved it, too, that made it even better!

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  40. 40 MIKAN

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  41. 41 kyl

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    Anyway, hopefully the ratings will rise next week! Fighting ♥ LSG and Suzy!

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  45. 45 ricz_kho

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  46. 46 ma

    I have a feeling it might be a trap since TS is under a spell and all but i cant see what GW will gain from that soo its most likely not.

    • 46.1 ma

      btw how come when KC was stabbed the blue lights thing didnt heal him because he was wearing the bracelet but they appeared when he cut his hand when he was still wearing the bracelet

      • 46.1.1 nomoyepo

        needed to watch next episode to know the answer..

      • 46.1.2 KDaddict

        I wondered the same. Maybe becos he was blacked out when he was stabbed? He has to be awake for it to work??? There is much abt the magic of the bracelet and the gumiho-dom that we don’t know.

    • 46.2 lemondoodle

      honestly I don’t see how it’s NOT a trap. GW gains something because he’s evil and gets off on it. Plus LSS gets screwed over if KC gets caught and GW has a chance to kill KC. TS going specifically to KC as if he’s the only person in the world who could save CJ just seems suspicious to me. If he actually just wanted to save CJ he would probably go to YW’s father since he has connections and the skills to pull it off or at least to get someone who can pull it off.

      TS didn’t even want KC to be part of the mission to steal the money and now KC is the only person he can ask to save his beloved sister. Something doesn’t add up.

      • 46.2.1 crazyajummafan

        Interesting thought Lemondoodle! I hope KC will use his brains in this ‘task’ too! And turn the whole thing round, but this time with YW’s help!

  47. 47 Tony Starks

    I give up!! Kangchi pls take care of my Suzy or i will send one of my toys to blow up your fangs! :))

  48. 48 bambledd

    I wonder if KangChi giving some of his blood to YW to help heal her wound has any ramifications later….

    • 48.1 KDaddict

      Let they are now “united”? Hee.

    • 48.2 crazyajummafan

      The thought did occur to me too. Would she now have some gumiho-ness in her now?

    • 48.3 KDaddict

      I watched it again and saw it the blue lights actually started to fly towards her wound BEFORE he dripped blood on it. Do the gumiho spirits know sth that he doesn’t?
      And then they left the cut in his palm ‘as is’. LOL.

      • 48.3.1 milkteanlsg

        I think for KC, as long as he does not remove his bracelet, his higher level gumiho magic such as healing powder would not work on himself but can work on others not in contact to his bracelet?

      • 48.3.2 crazyajummafan

        It’s seems like his wounds will heal miraculously only when he is not wearing the bracelet. Otherwise, they’ll heal like a normal wound. That’s why it’s puzzling that his blood could heal her wound.

      • 48.3.3 Catherine

        I do think Kang Chi’s blood has healing properties but it won’t work on himself if he has the bracelet on. I kept on thinking how come the blue lights were flying towards her wound and the first thoughts was on the identity of her mum…

        Could her mum be some other mythical beast? Then it can explain why Yeo Wool’s dad, LSS and Gon were not that surprised at kang Chi’s beast form… these are mysteries that I expect the writer to address them or the story is not complete.

        • someone

          LSS knows his dad-he killed him, he also saved his mom, he knows KC is the son

          • Ivoire

            Hi, it was Dam Pyeong-Joon (YW’s dad) who killed WR, saved SH and knows KC’s true identity. LSS is the admiral/naval commander who saved KC from being killed and I think he promised papa/lord Park to keep an eye on KC. LSS never met WR, the dad, I don’t think…

  49. 49 k-soup

    Gon’s new hair is reaaaallly distracting.. thanks for the recap!

    • 49.1 owl

      It’s a no era hair – what dat?

      The blood transfusion – Yeah, i do think there must be ramifications. Do we know anything about Suzy’s mother?

      Where is the Gu Family Book (The book, the one Papa Gu and Gu Junior mentioned, but we haven’t seen yet. What family history, genealogy and secrets will be revealed?)

  50. 50 Quinze

    Okay I have to say it. Gon’s hair makes me think of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
    I wasn’t wild about his first do either but now I prefer the weird wavy helmet of hair to this weird look.

    I’m already feeling like that last scene basically was set up to trap Kang Chi since the pervy villain’s behind it. I just cringe every time he’s on my screen in the vicinity of Chung jo.
    Can we have more of her learning how to play the drums or even just navigating the gisaeng house ranks and less of her anywhere near Gwan-woong??

    • 50.1 milkteanlsg

      Me too~~~

      It is sooooo disgusting when he leers after CJ and tries to touch her… urgh!

      When TS was begging KC to save CJ, I was thinking, “Yeah! No matter what, just get her out of there and away from GW first!”

      • 50.1.1 Quinze

        Ugh yes, I just feel so uncomfortable with him near her. I just wish she’d have mini dagger like Yeo wool she could use to just stab him and be done with it. I mean we’d have no plot but at least the rapist would be dead!

  51. 51 Jade Butterfly

    Grrr, I’m so stressed by the fact that epi after epi , CJ is still in Gisaeng House!Ravishable & Rape-able anytime by GW!!It should be a given, that everyone believes that Lord Park is framed & wrongly accused & that,he is only ‘guilty’ cos of evil GW’s feeble say-so.
    Why should Chung Jo feel the need to have his name cleared BEFORE she leaves the giseang house?

    I think its vital for her to be in safety , away from GW’s daily threat of rape & ravish ! I find it odd that,these gentlemen , who know & respect Lord Park AND might I add ,took all of Park’s money for their national cause , not swop in , to grab Chung Jo out of that awful trap , get her out of that danger zone , sit her down & tell her how noble but how idiotic & how unnecessary her being in that precarious situation is. Collectively , LSS and Dam & Co and KC and even , the monk( I think he too, should be involved since he made lord Park , kC’s benefactor) are enough people to clear lord Park’s name & clear out GW.
    NO need for CJ’s sacrifice ! REALLY .
    Based on that simple logic ,they should just go pluck her outta there , to hell with her noble idiocy!
    They should know that lord Park would never allow his daughter to be in a situation where she could be defiled by any men , not to mention , the evil rat , GW . URGHHH>

    • 51.1 crazyajummafan

      Come to think of it, if there was already doubt of Lord Park’s treachery, they could always challenge CJ’s place at the gisaeng house.

    • 51.2 crazyajummafan

      This just occured to me.
      Even though ppl in general didn’t believe that Lord Park was a traitor, the records probably say he was. So CJ, TS and KC need to prove that he wasn’t, in a concrete way, with evidence beyond the shadow of doubt, to that fool of a magistrate/head of police guy and clear Lord Park’s name officially. I think that’s what CJ is aiming for, but how she’s gonna do that while being trapped in the gisaeng house, I don’t know. On the other hand, being a fugitive, may not help the case either.

      • 51.2.1 Jade Butterfly

        Thats what I mean. She doesnt have to be on the run & hunted down.She could live in a cave under the reverend’s guidance ..or..or..learn to perfect her fighting skills on LSS’s ship or at the Dam stronghold. She cd learn a whole lot more to avenge her dad , there !
        What could she be achieving ,more effectively , in the gisaeng house ? She’s just learning the skills to be a gisaeng & learning how to survive in a sordid world of bitchy jaded gisaengs .And helplessly waiting to be ravished by that salivating crazed wolf. Unless ,of course , she means to drive a knife thru his back while he is…ahmm…having his way with her?! Then, feeling so dirty thereafter, she HAS to commit suicide.
        I dunno..unless , the writer has another twist ,I feel , they’re headed that way, especially with the up & coming love between KC & YW .A love that can happen only if CJ’s out of the way. what you think?

        • crazyajummafan

          Need to chew on what you’ve written. Will get back to u asap.

          • crazyajummafan

            If CJ stays that the gibang, then I guess that your idea seems the best thing she should do. But how to prove that her father is not guilty of treason? She would get her revenge though, but not the restoration of her family status, and that’s what the synopsis say that she wants so badly. And that in the pursuit of that, she pulls away from KC, who will then be drawn to YW.

          • reglest

            @crazyajummafan @Jade Butterfly:
            Eooni, actually I realized this after rewatch episode 9. At that scene, Soo Ryun said this to Chung Jo:
            “A woman’s life doesn’t necessarily have to be living as a daughter of noble family and behaving as custom dictates. Woman too can have their own dreams, and succeed at them with enough effort”
            I don’t know what is the purpose of keeping Chung-Jo in the gibang if it’s to clear up his father’s name. But I believe Seo ryun’s sentence above reflects what’s going on in that era, where women’s occupation lingering in the line of marriage. Do you remember? sometimes in earlier episode (I’m sorry I can’t remember clearly which), Chung-Jo was hinting about her duty as rightful daughter is protecting his family, and by that means marry someone ‘powerful’.
            I do remember someone comment in previous episode ( oh yes, I’m still lingering over the comment thread) that being a gisaeng is like a door (or kinda like that -nned to find the real comment later) of opportunity (?). Those Seo-ryun’s word struck me so hard that I thought this is actually the frame prepared by the writers, to make Chung-Jo rebel against her bondage (and bad fate). If it’s so, the writer should be feminist!^^

        • Jade Butterfly

          @ Reglest, Hi ! I think , its only applicable if some of the gisaengs walk in by choice to be gisaengs but Im sure a good number were sold into it by sad family situations or sold as slaves cos of family ie dads’ crime.
          I think head gisaeng is talking about making lemonade outta whatever lemons life throw a woman at that time , rather than her standing on a pro-feminist standpoint.
          But you’re right , the writer does sound like a feminist .
          Frankly , I think she, the head G, shd reserve her speech for a girl who asked to be taken in as a gisaeng , rather than to CJ, who has no intentions to be a gisaeng but is buying time there before her own ulterior motives get fulfilled. Head G shd just try to help keep CJ outta harm rather than glorifying the vocation of a woman’s role on the workforce through the compromising job of a gisaeng.

          • reglest

            @Jade Butterfly:
            I dunno, maybe I’m overthink it (or honestly, wish it) Actually In Baker King, the role played by Eugene share the same ‘fate’, she was mistreated, suffering and all, but only here with Chung Jo does the writer give some enlightment abaout what route she should take

  52. 52 Noelle

    They need to decide what they are going to do with the Chung Jo story. Like right now. The story will keep taking steps back if they keep up the whole “Please save Chung Jo right now” every other episode.

    • 52.1 Catherine

      I was wondering when Kang Chi would realise Yeo Wool’s real gender and then it happened in ep 10. My guess that the writers seem to be writing plots unconnected to each other is to set the scenes and they should be connecting the dots soon in the next few episodes or this drama will risk becoming too slow and uninteresting and not worth a dime to watch :(

      On a positive note, I absolutely love the lighthearted moments though they can work harder on the serious, darker story elements.

      In the next ep, I think we’ll all expect the “Save Chung Jo” arc to be underway and hopefully break the spell controlling Tae Seo (he reminds me of Kohaku from Inuyasha who was controlled by the shards while Tae Seo is controlled by hypoticism…).

  53. 53 crazyajummafan

    The other thing that bugged me was when TS went to the inn to fight the bad guys so that KC and YW could escape. Firstly, wasn’t he putting himself in danger? He’s supposed to be an escaped prisoner, a wanted man. Couldn’t he have told Master am about his plan? As Girlfriday puts it, everyone has their own plans, and no one tells the other. Guys, you need to talk to eack other!

    Moreover, couldn’t Master Dam and LSS have thought of a plan to rescue them?

    • 53.1 milkteanlsg

      …Is Master Dam’s martial arts institute considered illegal?

      The inn owner was killed and named traitor because of association with the institute, right? And YW and Gon have always not acted or done anything to protect the inn owner due to possible implications to the institute and further destruction of LSS plan to save the country…

      So I guess that’s why Master Dam and LSS did not do anything to save CJ?

      • 53.1.1 crazyajummafan

        Yup. Just finished watching the eps with subs. Realised that TS told Gon to leave cos he didn’t want them to find out that Gon was with the ‘Dam Academy’ and expose them. Perhaps that’s why he went on his own too. Didn’t want to involve the academy too much. But it was for naught, as they managed to find out when they questioned him.

        What I don’t get is that TS seems not to know why LSS wants the 5000 nyangs. (If he did, why couldn’t they get this info out from him as they did the rest?) Wasn’t TS in the room when Lord Park showed LSS and DPJ the money?

  54. 54 haha!

    Oh, girlfriday! Thank you for mentioning this.

    > It’s a bit frustrating to go back and forth with Chung-jo’s arc

    It is, indeed! I really don’t understand why the writer focus so much on CJ story. I sometime feel they show CJ’s emotion/suffering more than KC’s one as half-gumiho. I mean, this is story of KC and his adventure, right?

    Meanwhile…am I only one who feel KC shows more tender/sweet face to YW than CJ? I like that.^^

    • 54.1 Catherine

      CJ is one of the main characters of the story and whatever happens to her influences KC so the writers might be thinking of giving more reasons for KC to get back to the pervert ahjusshi villain for her sake? And perhaps after this, her number of scenes in this drama will be decreased quite drastically…

      You are also not the only one to feel that KC tend to show a softer side of himself to YW…. it feels to me as if he treats CJ as a younger sister and YW as someone more than a friend (he cares for YW in his own way) but without realising that himself (as the monk once said, he is an idiot who mistook sympathy for love).

      • 54.1.1 someone

        he loved her from the start why would he feel sorry for her, before all this happened.

  55. 55 alefuzzifu

    Still laughing out loud for the ” Kang-chi playing Ocean’s Eleven” line. Awesome, Gf AWESOME.

  56. 56 Abbie

    So much love for this episode! Seriously. SO good!

    One thing about this show is that I get really strong Naruto-vibes from Kang-chi. The minute he said “Shall we begin, you old fogey?” I thought, he sounds like Naruto. That’s not a bad thing, either, it actually makes the show even funnier when I think about the similarities in character between Kang-chi and Naruto. But Kang-chi is, in many ways, more mature than Naruto is. And Naruto really would do all that Kang-chi did, just to eat some chicken. Heh. That was so awesome!

    But then, all the funny is undercut by the seriousness of Chung-jo’s situation, Tae-seo’s curse, and Lee Soon-shin’s turtle ships. (Are they really shaped like turtles? Or are they made from turtle shells?) Which makes the funny and lighthearted moments even more precious. I hated every second between Jo Gwan-woong and Chung-jo. I felt sick just reading the recap.

    I really like the fact that, to Kang-chi, Yeo-wool’s girl-ness is No Big Deal. I mean, compared to him being half-gumiho, it’s small beans. I love the way their friendship is going. So sweet.

    My new favorite secondary character is the Kitchen Ahjusshi. The guy is hilarious.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say I hate Gon’s new hairstyle. In all honesty, he makes me think of Min-ho from SHINee in their music video Ring Ding Dong. I hated his hair in that! And on Gon, it’s just criminal. Please, Show, change it! I liked his first ‘do better.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    • 56.1 crazyajummafan

      Haha! KC’s defence for not knowing that she’s a girl is that she doesn’t behave like one! KC ah, you’re so traditional and blur!

  57. 57 george

    Yeah!What’s up with SJ’s character?I was just cheering her on when she finally had this moment to become a person of her own that doesn’t have to come from nobility and then there comes,again, this disgusting ajhussi ready to prey on her.Oh well…I’m still happy i had those funny moments or else i would have hated this whole episode.

    Thanks for the recap!

  58. 58 Ivaa

    Gon are going to be ‘Joseon Idol wannabe trainee’…
    under ‘Old Fogey’ as Teacher leader…
    no wonder he’s got those haircut…
    the hairstylist in training must be TS, while blindfolded…
    I bet he will debut as a bamboo stick dancer to Chung Jo drum debut performance….
    he he he….

    my curiousity is really high with the Gisaeng Leader…
    is she YW mom ?
    that’s why YW have to be dress up as a warrior ?
    and train as a warrior ?
    to protect herself in very Unfair Joseon Era…
    makes me glad that I born in this era, not those dark times….

  59. 59 Peridot

    As I wrote in an earlier post, I think that this show has a lot of heart but that it suffers when it comes to technical details. I also find it quite silly that people in the background just stand awkwardly for long moments as they watch characters get skewered. Nevertheless, I am still very curious to see how this show progresses and I want to see how the relationship between Yeowool and Kangchi develops.

    I would like for Chungjo to be the one to kill Gwanwoong. I think it would be great for him to die at the hands of someone he underestimates and views as his plaything. Honestly, it would have been great if Kangchi’s mother had become a gisaeng; then, as soon as Creepy Baddie held her in his arms, she could have stabbed him in the neck with one of her hair ornaments! That would have been a great scene :) More seriously, I do not think that Gwanwoong is the type of villain to carry the show through its remaining episodes. I already feel that we’ve exhausted everything with him and many plot elements are simply being repeated. For this reason, I am going to speculate that the big baddie will be Daddy Gu himself, or Wollyang. Perhaps Kangchi will take it upon himself to try to break the curse that has overtaken his father’s life.

    I am also thinking that Kangchi’s healing blood will play an important role at the end of the show.

    Regarding Taeseo…I seriously wish that he would break free of his spell soon. I want him to be the agent of his own actions and I want to see him develop as a character. As other Beanies have noted, right now he is simply a tragic figure. I expect more from his character, especially since he is supposed to be the second lead male in the show.

    • 59.1 alexisk

      Yes, and yes. I felt that the writer has a lot of things in her mind, tries to put in everything and loses the writing’s focus as a result. We have Kang Chi trying to be human, Tae Seo trying to avenge his family, LSS trying to build his turtle ship, Jo Gwan Woong ulterior motives, Chung Jo and her journey as a gisaeng, and Yeo Wool’s relationship with Kang Chi and Gon and Tae Seo (?). It would have been awesome if the writer inserts JGW’s intent to try overtaking Joseon with his ninja assassins, little by little as the story progresses, then LSS’s turtle ships would play a pivotal part in thwarting his attempts and Kang Chi will somehow be a part of it.

      My major problem with the writing is that these side stories are somehow not connecting to each other, hence viewers may not connect to the character’s journey and feelings, because it feels disconnected. It doesn’t help when the story pace is slow either. I am most invested in Kang Chi’s struggle to become human and how his gumiho side may play a pivotal part in LSS’s grand plan. I am enjoying the lighthearted scenes however, and wishing that the writer could bring the stakes up higher instead of going around in the Rescue Chung Jo Plan and basically showing everyone’s misery. Directing is not helping either, when it just enhances the writing and some acting flaws.

      Having said all these, I blame the live-shoot system. I’m still invested in this story, somehow so I’m STILL wishing that the pacing will be quicker, and the writing stronger.

      • 59.1.1 Peridot

        I agree with your observation on the live shoot taking its toll on the show. I really wish that the live-shoot system would become a thing of the past, but that wish seems to be hopeless. Everyone and everything (such as the quality of writing) suffers under such a system. I am also interested in Kangchi’s quest, but I am secretly hoping that he never becomes fully human. I want him to accept his gumiho side as just one part of who he is. I wish his quest would turn out not to be about his becoming human but him realizing that, with all of his complexities, he already is.

      • 59.1.2 skelly

        I’m enjoying all of the side plots, for the most part. This is a good ensemble cast, and I think they have figured out that the best way to showcase Suzy is to keep her story arc light and cute and leave the heavy lifting to other plot lines with better actors. When she’s around there is a lot of other things to focus on, which is good for a person like me who is allergic to cute/sweet.

        • Catherine

          I do think the writers will start to connect the dots starting from next ep on. I would be terribly disappointed if I am wrong. Next ep is the 11th episode and only 13 left to go so not much eps left to tie up those loose ends if it doesn’t start soonest.

          I also enjoy all the side plots though am quite annoyed with some of them as most of us do…

          Anyhow, i wouldn’t be too surprised if Gon starts to disappear in the story from next ep on…. once the four way relationship starts (KC, YW, TS and CJ), his character might become redundant (seems like his only role is as YW’s bodyguard and continue bickering with KC like a pair of schoolboys?)…

  60. 60 Ellie

    The plot kinda lacks build up but not too shabby so far. and I love LSG and Suzy ♥

  61. 61 fuzzymogwai

    Thank you for the recap!

    and i love love love love LOVE that we got our oceans eleven ish moment with the bank vault and the shenanigans =)

    and i really hope we get some awesome chungjo action in the next ep….and she can somehow join the rest of them at the martial arts school….

    • 61.1 Catherine

      Yeah, I also hope CJ can play a more active role, rather than continue to be the damsel in distress…… like her brother, Tae Seo… I just hope the writers don’t suddenly give her fighting skills like what they did for Tae Seo (like I thought he is just a scholar and so should be weak and all?) but suddenly he fought so valiantly against those red robed soldiers to distract them and rescue Yeo Wool…

  62. 62 bella

    Probably the best episode so far. I love ep 1 and 2 but the rest just… Meh. I stuck on it for seunggi though huhu finally, this episode has the right things. I have no trouble with the acting, storyline, the transition between scenes.. I mean the flashbacks makes sense now. Cant wait till next week. Fighting!

  63. 63 running_wild

    it seems like everyone over here has no problem whatsoever with CJ sleeping with JGW. (being raped to be exact). *looking at KC & YW shippers* yucks!!!

    • 63.1 someone

      I really do not think she will have to sleep with him.

    • 63.2 lemondoodle

      I don’t see anyone saying it’s okay she’s raped though. She either needs to be saved or somehow be able to ward off Mr. Creeper in some way. Her character and the story can’t move forward if she’s under constant threat of being raped by the evil guy. They need to figure out what the heck her story is supposed to be and soon. Same with TS.

      • 63.2.1 fuitamin

        i think chung jo somehow she’ll success as artist gisaeng and she will be good student for head of gisaeng, i can see her look so care with chung jo and for that mr. creepy.. geez !!i just hope that our antagonis will as soon as die..

        i love bond between yoe wool and kang chi,, yes both of them is fated to each other. i hope gon end up with chung jo somehow and director please find someone for out tae so :)

    • 63.3 Jade Butterfly

      @running wild -It seems you havent read comment 51

    • 63.4 running_soft

      *looking at running_wild’s comment* yucks!!!

  64. 64 skelly

    I do not think that staying in the gibang = being raped. There’s a lot that could happen, even in that location. So far, the headmistress (my favorite character!) is managing to avoid it, one way or the other, and I think she will continue to do so because we now know she is actually playing for the other team and would like to see JGW brought down. I would not be surprised if in the end she murdered him.

    • 64.1 Jade Butterfly

      Hi Skelly ,
      I agree with you that staying at Gisaeng house dsnt necessarily =being raped but being there definitely means that if GW comes ANYTIME wt his men, CJ can easily be taken by force . I remember that Gisaeng Head wouldnt or couldnt really help KC’s mum from going down that same route too, & it was a case of just stalling the dreaded event.
      It sure looks like she cant prevent it ,despite any good intentions, cos her security manpower cant equal GW’s.
      This head is also into tough life lessons i.e allowing CJ to be bullied by that bitchy lead gisaeng & also telling her that she needs to learn ‘other gisaeng’ skills like flower drum skills.
      It seems she’s grooming her to be in Gisaeng house , for quite a long while more.
      I dont know how can help her NOT to be in GW’s irksome clutches though. But its Kdrama , so its not meant to work according to our world view, thankfully, so i too hope yr equation comes through.

  65. 65 madqueen

    This drama would have been much better with a director like TK2H’ at the helm. Thr action is not fluid enough and the pacing is uneven. Too many and too long reaction shots. Like when TS drove the sword through KC, after like 3 seconds I’m thinking why in the world YW, Gon are standing motionless and not rushing to KC. I don’t think the viewers need 10 seconds of shocked faces.

    The writing is so-so. I do think there are too many side stories. The drama should focus on why and how does KC becomes human and what kind of human being he wants to or has become. Hopefully the setup will be done soon so that the story will have more cohesiveness and purpose. At this point, the most perplexing thing for me is why in the world CJ insists on staying in the gisaeng house. That she wants KC to clear up her dad’s name before coming for her just seemed like a weak reason. I want to think that she stayed because she thinks that she has a better chance to seek revenge against the creep but yet she does not want the creep near her when he visits. Totally understandable, but then I ask again, CJ, why did you not leave with KC?

    On the bright side, the light moments are really nice. Chemistry between Suzy and Seunggi is cute now that their love story is finally starting. I see Master Dong Dal possibly becomg KC’s mentor, which will be great!

  66. 66 lala

    suzy~ you have such a lovely voice! this song is on permanent repeat

  67. 67 crazyajummafan

    I’m thinking, what link/power does Papa Dam have with the gumiho world? Remember in ep 1, GW specifically asked for him, cos he was known as someone who would be able to handle a gumiho. How is this so? Like someone mentioned, could YW’s mum have been a gumiho? But an evil one who seduced Papa Dam?

  68. 68 sisterlulu

    This episode was so great. It was awesome to see Kang Chi pull off the heist, and all the twists and turns that entailed. I’m still not on team Yeo Wool tho. Idk if it’s Suzy’s acting or just the way her character is written, but aside from hey here’s this girl that fights and likes Kang Chi…there’s nothing special about her. She’s just a girl…that fights and likes Kang Chi. No angst, no drama, no reason to see her on screen. Even the biggest point, that she accepts the fact that he’s a gumiho, essentially doesn’t mean anything. Why does she accept it? Is it just her personality? What about her personality? It’s like we just assume, oh okay she’s just a girl who doesn’t care about that. Is it because he saved her? Well, Wol Ryung saved Seo Hwa and we saw how much that meant… The WHYS of her character are neither mentioned nor explored. She’s just some girl, and I for one am starting to care less and less whether she’s on screen.

    • 68.1 leelee

      Suzy’s character is supposed to be destined for Kang-chi.I don’t think she’s dismissible at all as she seems to be quite essential in the hero’s quest to become human. Remember, she’s the one who’s always there when KC needs some help, he to her. I love the way KC said her (his as he doesn’t know yet that he’s a she at that time) name and looked at her in ep 9, when TS stabbed him, before he fell on YW’s arms. He was helpless, hurt and utterly lost, like he can only find refuge and answers from YW. It’s like he can be completely vulnerable in front of her as she has already see him at his worst.

      I’m sure that KC will only be stronger and better than his daddy could ever be because there will be someone like YW on his side.

      • 68.1.1 leelee

        *sorry, and he to her

        • supernova

          im agree with you leelee,, you are an example poeple who can enjoy a good drama and make appraisal, and for you sisterlulu, im feel bad for you coz you are sound so kind of hater and for me you are kind poeple who not deserve to watch this drama. lol^^

          • skelly

            supernova, just because someone does not agree with your estimation does not make them a “hater.” sisterlulu was asking questions, was commenting on things she felt was missing and wanted to know more about. How is that hating? Is it hating because she is just not getting the character motivation for YW, beyond being a driver of the plot and one-half the OTP? Then there are lots of haters out there.
            There are lots of different types of analysis; you like leelee’s because if focuses on the key importance of YW in a major plotline. I like sisterlulu’s because it delves into character analysis. BOTH are valid; you just don’t like one because it highlights the acting deficiencies in Suzy.

          • leelee

            I think everything boils down to one’s perspective. I certainly don’t get the questions at all regarding the character as everything’s plainly at the surface, if you would just take a moment to care and see it through.

            “Idk if it’s Suzy’s acting or just the way her character is written, but aside from hey here’s this girl that fights and likes Kang Chi…there’s nothing special about her. She’s just a girl…that fights and likes Kang Chi. No angst, no drama, no reason to see her on screen”

            – In a time where women are supposed to be meek and stay at home and get married for political and financial gains, isn’t it awesome that there’s one who actually joins the good guys in fighting for their country? By the end of ep 10, we can clearly see that they are on the side of LSS. I don’t see any reason why it has to be explained why she’s badass, cross-dressing and all. There are women who don’t want to be looked down as some mere displays and burden. The moment the news came out that the female lead is a martial arts instructor and not just some damsel in distress, the character has already won my interest.

            “Even the biggest point, that she accepts the fact that he’s a gumiho, essentially doesn’t mean anything. Why does she accept it? Is it just her personality? What about her personality? It’s like we just assume, oh okay she’s just a girl who doesn’t care about that. Is it because he saved her? ”

            – Maybe I’m missing out on something, but I totally don’t get this. Different people react to different situations. And the fact that her reaction has been first, frightened to bits (which is just normal) and then acceptance and understanding just shows how strong, open-minded and compassionate the character is. Do we really need an explanation for that?

            I’m sure we’ll get to see more of her and her father’s story on the coming episodes. I’m not a fan of Suzy and she may still be lacking in a lot of aspects in acting, but she doesn’t bother me. I love her character, and I’m sure the chemistry will be there when the moment of realization for KC comes. He just turned that long, hard look on to YW and I’m already sold, how much more when I get to see him turning those puppy eyes, I am so so in love with you now look on just for YW?

            @sisterlulu-just to clarify, I’m not hating on you dear. Just giving my different views here.

          • crazyajummafan

            This crazyahjumma is waiting for him to turn those ‘puppy eyes – I’m so in love with you eyes’ to YW! Seunggi does it so well. It’s as if he only has eyes for that girl!!! Swoon!

      • 68.1.2 Anonymous

        “He was helpless, hurt and utterly lost, like he can only find refuge and answers from YW. It’s like he can be completely vulnerable in front of her as she has already see him at his worst.
        I’m sure that KC will only be stronger and better than his daddy could ever be because there will be someone like YW on his side. ”

        I am loving what you wrote here.

  69. 69 cheriTeleri

    Just really quick note about Zeppo moments – yes its lately from Buffy (ie Zander) but it comes from Zeppo MARX – the straight man 5th Marx brother (really) 😀
    Really do wish KC would just rip GW’s head off or better yet have CJ stab him in the eye w/a fork as someone suggested…
    I’m starting to wonder if CJ turns out to somehow be related to KC’s mom – I mean why not its a KDrama…

  70. 70 reglest

    A bit rambling, *and by the time we have the chance to see his tone abs, they decide to cover it with tons of clothes with red blood* anyone else want to join me in this? 😉 GF?

    • 70.1 Jade Butterfly

      YES !! I agree ! TOOOOO little of a good thing! What a teaser

    • 70.2 crazyajummafan

      Yes. certainly not enough abs!!!
      Btw, I think Suzy’s so lucky! Not only does she get Lee Seunggi to fall on top of her, he does it with his shirt opened! i know that it’s only a leedle bit opened, but hey, no other actress had it this good so far!

  71. 71 springwind

    this drama is awesome!!! kang chi yah~ Daebak!!!

    sunggi-suzy love you guyss :)

  72. 72 le_wanderer

    oh my gah
    i loved this episode
    everything’s so serious and there’s all that inspiring stuff and then you realize that that was all for some chicken and a hat HAHAHAH
    clearly, Kang chi has his priorities.

    i could barely get myself to watch those scenes with chungjo and that creeper though. seriously made me want to reach into my laptop and smack him. seriously, creepy ajusshi, she’s way too young for you and out of your league.

  73. 73 Mandy

    I’m really enjoying everyone’s views! Just had to share mine in support of Kang Chi and Yeo Wool. I seriously find YW’s character to be the key to KC’s humanity. It isn’t really about the fact that she has accepted him as half-guhimo more than it is the fact she has some sort of power over him. She’s the only one who can get through him even when he’s lost himself in the monster. She can reach out, and he hears her – maybe because she is his fated love.

    Kang Chi depends on her in many ways; and they’ve saved each other many many times. I think he trusts her as a friend and can really tell her everything. That’s the best part about their relationship. I like his dynamic with Chung Jo as well – but see them more as siblings. Especially for Kang chi. I think in his innocent mind – loving a woman can only spell romantic. I see it more like he protects/cares and loves her as the younger sister he grew up with.

    I can’t wait to see KC slowly realizing the difference between those two feelings and let YW in. I feel she can save him from the monster he fears. If he decides he truly wants to be human, she’s gonna be his biggest motivation. But unlike his father who had no support from his mom, YW would be by his side and maybe that’s what he’d need to be able to fulfill the dream his father never managed to.

    • 73.1 crazyajummafan

      I think his feelings for CJ is more like an infatuation. He’s on more equal ground with YW, and he seems more comfortable with her than she is with him. Perhaps, it’s because she is attracted to him, but he doesnt see her in the same light yet. But he definitely cares for her.

  74. 74 Luk

    I really like the connection to the Hideyoshi failed invasion of Korea due to the turtle ships that they are hinting at. Korea’s history is so underlooked that it’s nice to see something like this once in a while. Otherwise I really like Jo Kwan Woong the character as an evil Villain. He seems to be on par with King Kang Hwi from Hong Gil Dong with the vibe they play out character-wise, though Kang Hwi was actually pitiful after we learn of his turn to evil and Jo Kwan Woong is just plain evil, though I would love to see his past before he betrayed Seo Hwa’s father. Also his affection towards Seo Hwa seems interesting as well save for the fact that he he wanted to rape her after killing her father in front of her to see. The contrast from friend to The Evil One would be interesting nonetheless. I’m still not convinced with Kang Chi and Yeo Wool’s romance just yet since it still seems really akward with the whole first love time jump thing. His affection with Cheong Jo is much more understandable, but I can see that it’s waning now. Let’s just hope the KC and YW train starts to get more interesting, but that’s just me since it may have started with others already. I’m actually interested in Tae Seo & Yeo Wool relationship as I can probably and safely assume the “it” girl for Tae Seo is most definitely Yeo Wool seeing his reaction to seeing her and she so far is the only woman to interact with him aside from Cheong Jo and his mother. Finally, as a guy, in all honesty I would love to see more brutality in KC’s “ripping to shreds” scenarios as hulk gumiho. Right now, he seems a little too gentle and not as intimidating as his father Wol Ryung gumiho, but I guess with time he will develop more powers and ferocity that’ll put him on par with his father.

    • 74.1 Peridot

      I do agree that it would be interesting to look into Gwanwoong’s past. He rationalized much of his actions toward Seohwa and her family as the result (according to his belief) of having been disregarded (or looked down upon) by Seohwa’s father. Seohwa’s father, in turn, seemed perturbed by this revelation before he was killed. Unless they go into this back story, I do not think that Gwanwoong should be the main villain for the rest of the series. As I wrote in my post above, I am thinking that Wollyung will end up being the big bad. Maybe I’m wrong.

      As a girl, I also would like to see more gumiho ferocity. I am not all about romance and fluff. I really want to see more darkness. I am also a lover of fantasy and want to see more of these elements developed. It would be good to see Kangchi in all of his complexities: his sweetness and good-naturedness, in addition to his anger and ferocity.

    • 74.2 reglest

      The real reason of gentler one: live shooting kkk. But for the justice of the story, I’d say because kang Chi is half human – half beast/gumiho/mountain spirit (?) so his appearance isn’t that sharp nor as intimidating as his father (though we’ve showed proof that non-human has heart more than human). I. think. so.

    • 74.3 leelee

      “Right now, he seems a little too gentle and not as intimidating as his father Wol Ryung gumiho, but I guess with time he will develop more powers and ferocity that’ll put him on par with his father.”

      – I think we’ll start to appreciate the differences once daddy gu gets to come back to the scene. What I would like to see more are his magical abilities. He already started to discover one by himself-the ability to heal. I suppose he would be forced to unleash these powers eventually to fight daddy in the end.

    • 74.4 lemondoodle

      KC is just a baby gumiho so I can see why he’s not that intimidating. And half human. It doesn’t help they skipped his big killing scene. I guess they didn’t want to show the hero killing so brutally. Who knows. I’ll be disappointed if son and daddy gumiho don’t get into a few awesome fights though.

  75. 75 Lotus

    Really curious, how old is the creepy pervert actually ?
    When Kang Chi mom happened, it suppose to be in the same age as her dad right ?40 ? 45 ? so,another 20 years ….like what ? 60 going to be 70 ? and he always have fun got mad with all those gisaeng, not lead a healthy life, not to mention drinking all the time plus they always carry him around.
    Well, Chung Joo Yaa…
    he’s only an old grandpa man, just kick his groin and smack his head plus stab his eye with hair pin, since he only old pervert waiting for his heart attack.
    phew….sometimes it makes me mad if they always makes all women helpless.
    Love YW so much, since she’s ROCK !!!! She can just shoot you with an arrow, slices you into a sashimi and kick your ass….She even can tame Kang Chi.
    Really really like this pair. You cannot mess up with them.

  76. 76 reglest

    After rewatching episode 8, 9 and 10, I think I get the main idea and frame of the story…

    This is a story about believe, faith and loyalty.

    This is also a story about human being, their status, and an attempt to straightening the common idea.

    The idea has lingered ever since the beginning, Seo-Hwa and Wolryung, the faith between them isn’t a reciprocal one, Wol Ryung believe Seo Hwa with all of his heart but Seo Hwa… Is just what we see. At the end, Seo Hwa displays us that nothing hurts more than betrayING someone who believe in you, you hurt yourself and you hurt other.

    The faith, the believe and the loyalty are the synonyms that gearing all the events in this drama. Without faith towards lord Park, Lee Soon Shin won’t rescue Kang Chi, this decision play a role to Yeo Wool dad’s decision allowing Kang Chi to be his student. The loyalty is what makes the villager helps Tae Seo, the floor-man helping Lee Soon Shin, the inn worker protecting Kang Chi. The wheel is just running and running, the seed of kindness has been fruitful now, eventhough the man no longer in this world *sob*

    GF, I really love your sentence, as I quoted here:
    “I just love that stuff. It was this great Zeppo moment—behind the scenes Lee Soon-shin is building turtle ships and making history, and in the foreground a half-gumiho and an old fogey are having a grand ol’ time with a chicken and a hat. ”

    Yes, who knows? Maybe I’m over thinking it, but. behind all those big acts, there always some little acts that save the day (for the big roles). This is what I mean about the status, without that lowly uneducated floor-man, who’ll make chance to entering Lord Park’s room? Easy Plot, easy plot, but counted.

    Chung Jo, I’m kinda believe the writer want to build the gisaeng reputation. CMIIW, but I always think Gisaeng is like Japanese Geisha. The holder of skilled art, but oftenly miss translated as only selling their body. This reminds me with Memoirs of Geisha.

    Last, Our big idea is Kang Chi, the non-human one, but there is Yeo Wool, the non-man sword helder. And by episode 9, we learn there’ll be an ‘Art Gisaeng’ in Chung Jo. A betrayal of their own ‘born fate’ isn’t it? But you know, fate is chosen, not something you born with

    • 76.1 crazyajummafan

      And I LOVE what you’ve written! Believe, faith, loyalty!
      These too are things we choose, not born with!

      It’s late, and I need to sleep. I’ll re-read your comment again tomorrow and stew over it!

  77. 77 Jade Butterfly

    I’m wondering about the flying blue lights.
    When KC was half-dead from TS’s skewering stab , the blue lights didnt appear till YW took off his bracelet , then the healing power of the lights did its work.
    Q1)So why or what triggered it to appear when YW fainted in the vault ? Lets remember that , they appeared before KC slashed his palm so they didnt come cos of him..yet.
    AND he didnt take off his bracelet either.
    Q2)Why didnt the lights heal his wound on his palm which is the primary wound but gravitated to the wound that has his drops of blood only ?
    Ahh , writer-nim….What gives?

    • 77.1 ellaminnowpea

      I have a theory – the lights can’t heal him while he’s wearing the bracelet, so that’s why the cut on his palm remained, and scarred later. But the blood he shed on YW’s wound left his body, so the lights could follow it and work where it landed. Right? Wounds on his body have to heal the normal human way, but apart from his body, the lights can still do their thing.

      I’m also wondering what the rules are (oh please let there be rules! there’s no lack of arbitrary plot devices as it is) for the lights appearing. When KC knows all his powers he can probably summon them at will, but for now, aside from his birth, and healing him sans bracelet, they’ve only shown up in significant moments with YW – when he collapsed in her arms by the peach tree under the moon, and in the vault (as far as I can remember). Is it because the lights know about their fated-to-be-together-ness and therefore won’t act if she’s not involved?

      • 77.1.1 Jade Butterfly

        @ellaminnowpea –
        ” the lights can’t heal him while he’s wearing the bracelet ….” – That makes alot of sense ! You’re probably right !
        ” lights….wont act if she’s not involved” – Thats on the premise that she’s the primary reason for their appearance so I feel it can’t be , cos the lights are a unique feature of KC’s mythological spiritual lineage .
        ( Wherever & Whenever something that involved his dad it appears,he who was the original Spirit of d forest. And it appeared in the cave, upon KC’s birth. )
        Hahahaha..just wondering if the writer is banging some table cos we’re dissecting the meaning of this & that ,too much.

    • 77.2 crazyajummafan

      Hi Jade. there were some earlier comments on this. To summarize, lights only heal him when bracelet is off. But wounds gained when bracelet is on, leave scars – they heal normal way.

      As for the lights appearing, (I’ve added in my own thoughts too) – seems like they appear only when gumiho self needs to assert itself? Like when WR was trying to chase away the guards who came to look for SH, when he became angry; when KC became angry (without bracelet); or when they are fated to meet their love one – like the peach tree- moonlight scene and now in the chamber, kind of like guiding KC to do something only that his gumiho self can do. Do I make sense?

      • 77.2.1 Jade Butterfly

        Yes. Make sense. Thanks for dissecting it with me.

      • 77.2.2 Ivoire

        Hi crazyajummafan,
        What moonlight scene are you referring to? (in your 2nd #)?

        • crazyajummafan

          When KC killed the guard and collapsed onto YW’s arms, at the end of ep 4, I think. When YW saw the peach blossom tree with the crescent moon.

        • Ivoire

          Hello crazyajummafan,

          And thank you for your response. I love that you are one of the few people who reads and checks the comments on the recaps down to the very last day, and you respond if needed. I do the same (or I try to, at least). Do you sometimes go back and reread comments on previous posts? I do, they help me appreciate the drama better, and how much people are thinking through the drama and contributing to our understanding of it.

          Please do not be offended. I see the scene you referred to and I went and checked. It is at the end of ep. 3 that it happens (close enough). I actually ended up reading the recap again, and some of the comments and it made thankful again for DB. The writing is witty and the commenters pay attention to a lot of things. I really love watching dramas this way, with the opportunity to discuss it afterwards.

  78. 78 rainbow

    Read a comment in tryp blog that WR like inari kitsune. He is Jiri mountain protector, a spiritual being, kitsune is white fox spirit and Inari is like Zeus to his gods n goddess. This fox spirit is micheavous, smart and curious.
    Since KC is demigod,, I can see his fathers spirit in his human being. His human mom gave him warm heart, remember that She treat her maid like her sister, unfortunately he also inherited his mom weak low esteem, when he found out his gumiho side, he got so depressed.
    For blue lights maybe its like a spiritual magic beacon or hints that show spiritual lineage, directly from his Inari/ lets say big boss up there.
    Inari or Hwang Noong who granted all the god n goddess who wish to become a human. In this case who makes the Gu book.
    Remember Sujong said in ep 1, WR cannot intervene. With human. Since only monk who can have direct access to all the guardians god. They have rules, if they break the rules they will be punished and become demon. Actually its in our legend and belief, the old ones.

  79. 79 Cheryl

    Teacher Gong and KC are freakin’ hilarious! One of the best parts of the show, no question. They have excellent comic chemistry together and I always love their scenes. Teacher Gong plays KC like Yo Yo Ma plays the cello, always knowing exactly which buttons to push.

    I like that they didn’t make a big deal when YW was outed. They’re in the middle of a very important operation. He can worry about the fact she has girly bits later. Right now, they have their asses to save and silver to smuggle out and deliver. 😉

    I want to see more of CJ learning to play the drums. I get why they have the perving scenes in there, but, seriously, we need more non-perving scenes. I want to see more of her learning to grow and develop and become strong and a new person in her new life.

    I love SR. I can’t think of the actress who plays her, but she does a great job playing SR with depth and layers and subtlety. I hate the fact she runs a giseang, but I know the world she lived in was very different from the one I live in and she’s shown she’s not without mercy, compassion, and sympathy. I wonder how high on the corporate ladder SR would climb if she lived in contemporary Korea.

  80. 80 Hugepuffball

    Of all the things that I loved about this recap and the episode, is it ridiculous that my favorite is that Kang-chi and girlfriday all refer to the old kitchen master as a fogey.
    Anywho, I find myself getting bored with the whole gisaeng thing. I loved how they were going to have her become an artist (drum player), but all the Jo Gwan Woong and the looks of horror and the crying silently, well I just prefer Kang-chi and Yeo-weol time

  81. 81 Tooosie

    I’ve been thinking the blue lights. So the theory thus far is that the lights won’t heal the wounds KC has while he has his bracelet on. So how does that explain why the lights were able to heal him when TS stabbed him, and he had his bracelet on. Was it because it was a life threatening one whereas the previous ones weren’t?

    • 81.1 crazyajummafan

      The lights were able to heal KC because YW took off the bracelet.

  82. 82 Jan

    I might be late for the party because I just started watching the show yesterday and now finally caught up with the latest episode.

    This drama is so perfect. Cast, strong plot lines, dialogues, everything. I became interested in the show because of Suzy but now everyone on the show keeps me hooked.

    • 82.1 Ivoire

      Hello Jan and welcome!!!!

      I for one am glad you joined this party and I hope you will have a great time. I love what you said about the drama being so perfect, because I too think it is, with its imperfections even. I wanted to check this out because of LSG (I loved him in TK2Hs and I wanted to see him something else) and I was curious about the plot/premise. I stayed, like you, because of everybody else, LSG and Suzy included.

      I hope you will continue to be a part of the conversations/discussions :-).

  83. 83 tiffy

    OMG!!!!!! This drama is amazing. Both main leads are tremendous. They act with emotion and they are such a cute couple! This, i know for a fact will turn out one of the best dramas of 2013…right behind that winter the wind blows which is a must watch!!!! i really recommend. Yeo wool’s acting skills is awesome!!!! (unlike stiff and boring Mi Do in when a man loves) She really shows that she likes Kang chi who for a fact is A VERY GOOD ACTOR (UNLIKE MI DO) ! i love this drama it is too amazing. Yeo wool is confused whether to avoid her fate with kang chi but she likes him too much to listen to that monk and i can’t blame her. he is irresistable!!!!!!! Kang Chi…I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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