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Han Chae-ah completes love square in Mi-rae’s Choice
by | September 2, 2013 | 52 Comments

This is shaping up to be a pretty good love square. Han Chae-ah (All About My Romance, Oohlala Spouses) will be joining the cast of KBS’s fall time-slip drama Mi-rae’s Choice, starring opposite Yoon Eun-hye as her rival for both men’s affections. That’d be Lee Dong-gun and Jung Yong-hwa, of course, and it looks like lovelines will go all four ways in this drama. Should be fun.

The new project from writer Hong Jin-ah of The King 2 Hearts and the PD of Crime Squad is set in the world of television broadcasting, with Yoon Eun-hye playing a writer, Lee Dong-gun an anchor, and Jung Yong-hwa a VJ (but really the grandson of the network CEO, playing undercover boss). Han Chae-ah will play a reporter on a morning show, described as cute and lovable, but also smart and cunning. She’s popular with the boys, and will have a love connection with both Lee Dong-gun and Jung Yong-hwa.

Also joining the cast is Choi Myung-gil (I Summon You, Gold, Miss Ripley), as Future Yoon Eun-hye. She’ll actually be the one to travel back in time to her former 32-year old self, to try and change the outcome of her life. OH. This was a surprise to me, mostly because I was totally assuming that we’d just have two Yoon Eun-hyes running around, only separated by a few years a la Operation Proposal. Instead, the heroine will suddenly start being followed around by a strange ajumma who starts nagging her about her life choices, and it’s really her future 37-years-later self. I… don’t know how I feel about this. It suddenly feels less dramatic with an ajumma chasing her down and being mom-like to her past self.

The kicker: she’s traveled back in time in order to stop herself from marrying Lee Dong-gun’s character. What? WHY? Clearly she’s crazy. I guess it’s a twist on your average romance from the get-go — a heroine who’s traveled back in time to STOP herself from being with the hero is certainly not your average bear. But what if he’s amazing and we want her to marry him anyway? Also, who do you get mad at if the main obstacle to romance is your future self? I mean, with all the roadblocks to dramaland romance as it is, now we have to worry about self-cockblocking too?

Mi-rae’s Choice follows Good Doctor and premieres in October on KBS.

Via Star News, TV Daily


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. djes

    Now this sounds interesting!

    I don’t particularly like any casts here, but the story seems “different” with other time travel dramas..

    • 1.1 ilikemangos

      Yeah right? I was just saying the plot they gave us before was so bland, but with the added twists, things could get interesting…

      • 1.1.1 Lilian

        I was just gonna say that Yonghwa seems too young for Eunhye. Then I realised that Yoo Seung Ho looked good as a pair with her. So I guess I shouldn’t say anything too quickly. Hope it turns out funny…instead of draggy!

  2. Hagar

    I think it would be her saying choose the money girl…

    • 2.1 Lila

      i guess younger YEH will run around trying to tackle Yonghwa but finally realized that her destiny is with LDG

      • 2.1.1 Hagar

        yeah I think that’s gonna be our drama

      • 2.1.2 kumi

        I prefer that finally she loses both 😛

  3. mia

    so ahjumma YEH will go back in time to prevent her younger self from marrying LDG
    seems like ahjumma had a terrible marriage life with haraboji ver. of LDG
    that’s interesting

    • 3.1 Waiting

      You know, part of me really wants the show to cast the “…haraboji ver. of LDG” and I am already wondering who the cameo may be.

      So let’s think, who would folks like to see in this role? Oh and while we are at it, who would be a good choice to play future JYH? That would be a trip to see!

  4. avidneri

    Mia, that made me laugh … LOL ~ “seems like ahjumma had a terrible marriage life with haraboji”

    ahhh~ very excited~~~ interesing ~~~ kyaaa ~~ i want to see my Princess YEH asap~~ and the princess YEH ahjumma~ and the rest of the cast xD

  5. july

    I read in soompi the story similiar with japanese drama, is that true? If that’s true, mirae’s choice will compete with another remake japanese drama suspicion housekeeper

  6. Perrie

    Sound really endearing! Must be a really bad 5 year marriage if her 37 year old self has to tell her 32 year old self not to do it.

    • 6.1 Waiting


      Not a five year marriage but much longer. It seems there is a 37-year difference between present and future selves.

    • 6.2 KDaddict

      The heroine is 32. The ajumma is her 37 years later, which would make her 69! Choi MG is playing sb 69??

      It must be a terrible marriage alright. But why suffer it for 37 years? Should have dumped the bastxxd much earlier.

      • 6.2.1 anniemo

        See, now that has me wondering. If she stayed with him for 37 years, presumably she was happy with him for some/most of it. Makes me wonder if he dies 37 years from now and ajumma Mi Rae has gone back to either a) stop her younger self from marrying a guy who will die on her in order to spare her from the pain or b) Mi Rae is the reason he died and she needs to stop that from happening by never getting close to him. Even if I’m way off base, for someone who loves a happily ever after, this all just makes me go “uh oh”. No matter the scenario, “don’t marry the guy younger me!” doesn’t sound like a fairytale ending waiting to happen.

    • 6.3 Perrie

      Sorry for the confusion guys and thanks for correcting me!

  7. Waiting

    Best line of the day…”…self-cockblocking.” LOL

    I was surprised to read that the future was to be played by another actress. Hmmmm, I like the older actress (I am watching ISYG right now) but it does seem to deflate the story a bit.

    I have been so wrong in the past thinking something sounded terrible (IHYV) and then been really into it (IHYV was drama crack for sure!). This is going to be a very interesting October.

  8. Sabah

    “The kicker…: who’s traveled back in time to STOP herself from being with the hero is certainly not your average bear.”

    Hmm, maybe something along the lines of Kathleen Turner’s character in Peggy Sue Got Married, who tries to stop herself from ending with her husband Nicolas Cage, not because she doesn’t love him, but more hates the person she becomes because of naive life choices he made including marrying the first person she fell in love with…hmm What ever the reason(s) I’m in because I love these types of story lines because it’s a fantasy of my own: to be able to return to youth BUT with the wisdom of experience. Peggy Sue is an ideal in that respect but wasn’t perfect so I really looking forward to seeing what Mi Rae’s choice will do with the concept.

  9. pearl3101

    I liked this girl in all about my romance. But sounds like she’s going to be playing the exact same role that she played in that drama. Hmm.. Not very interesting.. I am kind of wanting her to move on to the first lead territory..

  10. 10 Rachael

    I’m predicting he did something that made Mirae decide to have called off the wedding. However, while she’s giving her past self advice she’ll see it was all a Big Misunderstanding and then have to figure out a way to get them back together.

  11. 11 Mia

    Looks like future Mi-rae is going to want present Mi-rae to choose Yonghwa’s character instead of Lee Dong Gun’s because she knows he’s the CEO’s grandson which present Mi-rae doesn’t know. Future Mi-rae probably won’t be able to tell her either. If it’s not to avoid a bad marriage, or a lack of money, maybe it’s to avoid something tragic. I just hope they make it a good love square. “Protect The Boss” was one of the best ones. Master’s Sun is looking to be another one. Seriously, if the second leads can’t get anywhere with the leads it’s better that they get paired with each other.

  12. 12 rinka

    Plot twist: older YEH is actually older HCA in disguise who want to snatch LDG from her.
    Just kidding. I just feel that Choi Myung-gil looks more like HCA than YEH.

    Anyway, I’m so excited with this drama. Totally gonna check it out.

    • 12.1 ~Feather~

      LOL! That would be hilarious! I’d watch that if they went full comedy with that. 😀

  13. 13 snow_white

    Now that is one interesting twist in time travel theme…..

  14. 14 Quiet Thought

    So . . . this is strange. Not wanting to be the one to bring up physical appearances, but this actress doesn’t look enough like Yoon Eun-hye or look old enough to play her screen grandmother, let alone the same person at age sixty-nine. Along with all the other quibbles, Yoon Eun-hye has the most unique teeth in all Kdrama.

    Although, I suppose, if Yoon Eun-hye were not already one of the distinctive beauties of the Hallyu age, 21st Century technology could re-arrange her smile. Which would be a terrible shame.

  15. 15 lemon84

    I like yoon eun hye since goong follow by coffee prince and lie to me.. I mean I like as clumsy lead actress.. so I think I want to watch plus its not her who chase her but ahjumma who claim to future her.. sounds different..so I’ll watch I think..

  16. 16 rearwindow

    This sounds MUCH more interesting to me now. I can’t wait.

  17. 17 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Excited to see Lee, Dong-gun. I really liked him (his acting) in Lovers in Paris. Even though I wanted to drop his character at times. This looks like fun.

  18. 18 Quiet Thought

    Strictly speaking, Choi Myung-gil looks a lot more like older Han Chae-ah than older Yoon Eun-hye. Perhaps it is the “other woman” who is trying to change the past, and either we’ve got a bad bit of studio leak or this is future Han Chae-ah trying to con past Yoon Euh-hye into letting her get the guy.

    “You don’t look like me in the future.”

    “Well, you were an car accident with another female anchor, and she died, and you got a face transplant.”

    “Yeah, I believe that one like I’d believe a sageuk scholar could stop a razor-sharp sword from plunging through his chest by blocking it with an open book!”

  19. 19 Isabel

    I think the ’37 future self’ will first nag the current self about life choices, which may include not choosing the hero. She may be able to change some in the first half of the drama, but in the end the future self will realize why she still made certain choices like choosing the hero.

    Its like female version of Operation Proposal. YEH should just time cross travel and go straight into Yoo Seung Ho’s arm. HAhs.

  20. 20 The Real CZ

    Still waiting for Han Chae Ah to get a leading role. I may end up passing since YEH has a propensity for picking terrible dramas ever since Coffee Prince.

  21. 21 nheony

    Omo! Things just got very interesting. I wasn’t so excited about this new drama and I was just looking forward to it because of YEH (I would watch anything she’s in). Now I totally wanna see how this story would play out. Please be good…please be good. *cross fingers*

  22. 22 crazedlu

    What if she’s being a noble idiot, trying to stop herself from marrying the hero? Wah. Hope not. I am a lottle curious about the show now.

    • 22.1 crazedlu


  23. 23 Sophia

    Time to give Han Chae-Ah a lead role, tired of her always playing second lead

    • 23.1 liz

      right? she has been better than the leading girls on the dramas she is in… she needs her main leading role too.

  24. 24 Mari

    Thanks girlfriday! I was drinking when I was reading this article and when I got to the last sentence I choked on my water!
    I also am looking forward to Mi Rae’s Choice even more now. 🙂

  25. 25 unea

    or by God, I can not wait to be in October, please please come fast.

  26. 26 lily

    why must there always been a love triangle/square/hexagon/etc? why can’t they just have two pairings.. not falling in love with each other lol

    I hope the 2nd leads aren’t all evil and conniving.

  27. 27 lol

    but Jung Yong-hwa? duh.. they should have cast another actor a real actor not a singer turned horrible actor.. -_-

  28. 28 Stuart

    Wow, this sounds VERY interesting now – really can’t wait!

  29. 29 Luzie

    I actually like the premise. It sounds cute with older mi rae chastising younger mi Rae lol

  30. 30 emma

    yep i think yong hwa shd hv been e choice.way to go yong hwa!

  31. 31 Uca

    Why in the worlds my girl crushes have been hardly getting the proper first leading roles? Kim So Eun, and now Han Chae Ah. They deserved more tbh.
    Still waiting for the time they get what they deserve!

  32. 32 Evelia

    Cool. Now I am interested even more in seeing the drama this October.

  33. 33 serena

    Have not seen Han Chae Ah in any k-dramas, this would be my first. Getting excited … The plot sounds interesting. I hope YEH would put her best in this project. Looking forward….

  34. 34 Cee

    Wow, now I AM interested!

    This sounds intriguing, I just hope the directing and writing will be solid so we won’t be disappointed!

  35. 35 Jenny

    This sounds like the book Christpher Pike wrote called “See You Later.” Only the book was kinda from the Horror/Suspense genre. More Suspense than horror, since it is about the future wife coming back with a friend to stop her past self from marrying the future husband. The husband becomes a tyrant in the future and ignites a nuclear bomb so that is why the future wife comes back to the past to try to stop the future husband, and of course stop her past self from marrying the husband. The kicker is when the husband comes back to the past also and tries to stop the future wife and the future wifes. I wonder if it will be the same plot, sounds like the same plot since I haven’t read or know of any other books where the future self and the past self co-exist. Except that other drama “Nine.”

  36. 36 msim

    I’ve completely misread the title:
    I thought YEH’ character would have to choose between Lee Dong-gun, Jung Yong-hwa, AND Han Chae-ah.

    This new “old-self-meets-new-self” sounds a bit convoluted.

    …I think I like my version better.

    • 36.1 The Real CZ

      Yoon Eun Hye and Han Chae Ah? I’d totally ship that.

  37. 37 Sara

    OMG..this a ripoff of Hulu show.
    The premise is exactly the time traveling &stopping yourself from marry the guy. Kinda dissapointed b/c I was realy looking foward to it.

  38. 38 anitrak

    Excited to see Lee Dong Gun!

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