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Han Chae-ah completes love square in Mi-rae’s Choice

This is shaping up to be a pretty good love square. Han Chae-ah (All About My Romance, Oohlala Spouses) will be joining the cast of KBS’s fall time-slip drama Mi-rae’s Choice, starring opposite Yoon Eun-hye as her rival for both men’s affections. That’d be Lee Dong-gun and Jung Yong-hwa, of course, and it looks like lovelines will go all four ways in this drama. Should be fun.

The new project from writer Hong Jin-ah of The King 2 Hearts and the PD of Crime Squad is set in the world of television broadcasting, with Yoon Eun-hye playing a writer, Lee Dong-gun an anchor, and Jung Yong-hwa a VJ (but really the grandson of the network CEO, playing undercover boss). Han Chae-ah will play a reporter on a morning show, described as cute and lovable, but also smart and cunning. She’s popular with the boys, and will have a love connection with both Lee Dong-gun and Jung Yong-hwa.

Also joining the cast is Choi Myung-gil (I Summon You, Gold, Miss Ripley), as Future Yoon Eun-hye. She’ll actually be the one to travel back in time to her former 32-year old self, to try and change the outcome of her life. OH. This was a surprise to me, mostly because I was totally assuming that we’d just have two Yoon Eun-hyes running around, only separated by a few years a la Operation Proposal. Instead, the heroine will suddenly start being followed around by a strange ajumma who starts nagging her about her life choices, and it’s really her future 37-years-later self. I… don’t know how I feel about this. It suddenly feels less dramatic with an ajumma chasing her down and being mom-like to her past self.

The kicker: she’s traveled back in time in order to stop herself from marrying Lee Dong-gun’s character. What? WHY? Clearly she’s crazy. I guess it’s a twist on your average romance from the get-go — a heroine who’s traveled back in time to STOP herself from being with the hero is certainly not your average bear. But what if he’s amazing and we want her to marry him anyway? Also, who do you get mad at if the main obstacle to romance is your future self? I mean, with all the roadblocks to dramaland romance as it is, now we have to worry about self-cockblocking too?

Mi-rae’s Choice follows Good Doctor and premieres in October on KBS.

Via Star News, TV Daily


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