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Romance via sprinklers for Heirs
by | September 24, 2013 | 139 Comments

There’s nothing like a perfectly timed set of sprinklers to send you and your honey frolicking through an orchard. Because you know, that’s so natural and all. Here’s another peek at SBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Heirs, where Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye recently shot a picturesque date at a California almond farm. Why, don’t YOU take all your dates there?

The scene looks an awful lot like the cherry blossom scene in A Gentleman’s Dignity (and also in every drama ever — it’s not like Kim Eun-sook has a monopoly on the springtime romance imagery, of course). I guess fall’s version is a little less flowery and a little more wet? I can get onboard with that. The suits are tripping me up, truth be told, because I was already having a hard enough time believing Lee Min-ho as a high-schooler in the t-shirts and jeans, but now all I see is their normal twentysomething selves. I’m fine with him playing one, but can we help a girl along?

Below their stills are shots of Choi Jin-hyuk as Lee Min-ho’s perfect, successful half-brother. They have quite the cold relationship, as chaebol heirs tend to do, further strained when Dad’s health takes a dip and Choi Jin-hyuk maneuvers to push Lee Min-ho out of the running to run the company. Uh, was the high-schooler really going to be competition for that job? Lee Min-ho’s character is described as fond of his hyung despite that, so maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for bromance down the line. Now I know which couple I’m shipping. (Gross, not like that! They’re brothers!)

Heirs premieres October 9 on SBS.

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139 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nazessi

    Lee Min Ho needs to take the hair out of his face, it would look beter in him. But PSH has beautiful shots on the farm.

    Waiting for this show!!

    • 1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I have a different opinion – hair good. Picture that shorn look of KHJ to imagine how unattractive a short haircut can be. I miss the longer hair of KHJ in his BoF days, and I would hate to see LMH decided to shave his locks. It is already stretching the imagination to still cast LMH as a high schooler, so leave him longer hair like young men have.

      • 1.1.1 lin

        you kidding me? khj looks so much better with short hair than that horrendous hairstyle in bof. that was hi-de-ous. now he looks hotttt

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      I do feel that most Korean actors look better with their hair out of their faces, LMH included. I have liked every shot (I have seen of him so far) where his hair was out of his face. I feel the same about CJH. I looked at the stills below, and I would like to see him without his hair in his face, I think he might look better that way.
      I think that in this instance, LMH’s hair cut does make him look younger or at least young. And I might be in the minority, but I did like his hair in BOF.
      And yes, I also feel that I will have to suspend belief, to buy into LMH being in HS in this drama. I will just have to roll with it and see what Show has to offer us.

      I am really looking forward to seeing CJH again, even though I know he might not have as much screen time as LMH. I also do hope that there will be some serious bromance (at some point) between the brothers (and the other guys, at some point) because that is one of the things I am also looking forward to. I (like many viewers), welcome the pretty in this drama. It will help me deal with the upcoming changes in my life.

    • 1.3 canxi

      I’m actually more of a hair in face kinda girl. I guess I don’t mind either way but I am fond of the relaxed look.

      • 1.3.1 damianna

        me too. i think hair in the face look works well on korean male. well japanese too and chinese too. hee. i’m a malaysian (malay) and i think that kind of hair doesn’t work on malay guys (most of them). there are some guys who could rock any kind of hair tho. lucky them.

  2. fangirl98

    It’s nice to see actors who are supposed to be brothers actually resemble each other. Good job with casting!

    And yes, I will suspend my disbelief that LMH is a highschooler…… Fangirls are loyal like that. 😉

    • 2.1 Nheony

      I totally agree… and I just tell myself that if I was able to suspend disbelief while watching the first few seasons of Gossip Girl then I can get on-board with LMH being a high schooler in a suit. I’m thinking Chuck Bass the korean version??

      • 2.1.1 ilikemangos

        That’ll be so much juicier if we had a chuck bass-like hero. But i don’t think anyone else can play a chuck bass or a blair waldorf with the amount of depth that Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester did without veering into caricature territory.

    • 2.2 Jaz

      I thought so too…they kinda look alike…maybe because of the hair. Well they’re both good-looking so it’s just rightful for them to play brothers unlike other dramas I’ve seen whose actors playing siblings doesn’t look like one…totally! 😀

  3. redfox

    I wish I could show you how I am grinning at the Choi Jin-Hyuk pictures. seriously, my smile is wider than than V´s masks´.

    • 3.1 kumi

      The jeweler woman seems to be happily staring at him too. 🙂

    • 3.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I am looking forward to Choi Jin-Hyuk even more than LMH.

      • 3.2.1 TS

        Me too.

        • A.Allen

          Me too! CJH is so handsome and he does look like he could really be LMH’s older brother. I love it.

          • Silver

            Me too! I swooned every-time he came in ‘Gu Family Book’. He was the reason I watched that drama till the ‘end’.

    • 3.3 Jaz

      same here…I was just all smiles while staring at him! LOL 😀

  4. mawiie

    Oh noo! I see foreign people! Cringe-worthy Engrish alert!!!

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      Well, they are filming in cali, instead of in korea where they grab any known european descent in proximity. I’m sure you’ll find a typical american in cali. Like, totally.

      • 4.1.1 mawiie

        Oh I totally forgot that detail *slaps forehead* but still, you gotta admit that even when the English sounds find, the actual dialogue is most often than not really embarrassing or nonsensical 😉

        • canxi

          I remember there was a post on here where a commenter was talking about the English-speaking extras in Korean dramas from experience. It’s usually so awkward because they don’t get actual actors for the parts, it’s really just whoever will take the job, I believe, lol. I always keep that in mind when watching parts like that so I cringe less, haha.

          • ilikemangos

            Yeah. That topic became more clear to me when we discussing it in K2H (which btw, foreign extras galore) and one of the guys who played the foreign officer actually posted on the K2H thread explaining that often times they don’t have the time or money to look for an actual english-speaking actor. The south korean audience don’t even notice the difference so it didn’t matter.

      • 4.1.2 Windsun33

        You would think so, but a recent (2007?) Japanese series about Japanese immigrants to America used very few actual Americans – even the supposed 3rd and 4th generation Japanese-Americans had a Japanese accent at best, some Engrish was really bad.

      • 4.1.3 nomad

        Hahaha at the “like, totally” 🙂 Just loveee beanies sense of humor!

    • 4.2 redfox

      unless they do use some cringe worthy enkliss for the puns sakes. you know, mocking the actual all-serious kdrama use of “orribl enkliss”. I wish they did that

      whichever reason it gets used, I just know we get to laugh a lot, it it is anything like “It´s alright, baby!”

    • 4.3 Windsun33

      Who would EVER wear a suit to an almond orchard in California?

    • 4.4 Carole McDonnell


  5. Nheony

    There’s a lot of hotness in this series… SERIOUSLY! I just hope it will be a good twist on the all too familiar storyline. I am looking forward to this nonetheless and I’m keeping my fingers cross that it will be good. You will be good right SHOW?

  6. ilikemangos

    Aww, i miss the casual wear already.
    Atleast it’s not gu jun pyo crazy = permed hair, fur jackets, shiny shoes

    • 6.1 pogo

      did you see the pattern on that suit though?!

      (and thank all the gods above that Park Shin-hye isn’t forced to spend this one with a bowl cut to indicate that she’s poor)

      • 6.1.1 jhu

        that suit is a ploy to distract me from making any intelligent sense out of the show.

        i have a feeling it’s going to be the ‘it’ thing this fall. already i am paying more attention to it than to the man in it.

      • 6.1.2 canxi

        I like the pattern on the suit, though. 😀 Since it’s black on black it doesn’t seem too crazy. I think it’s nice.

    • 6.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      BoF was my first KDrama. I never gave the curly hair a second glance. I figured the clothes were just different fashion in Korea (I followed up with Full House, which confirmed my belief that Korean fashion was different). I was more surprised by the modes of locomotion (helicopter, car, horse) and display of wealth.

      I also didn’t get the English names were strange with that trio either (can’t remember, was it something like Ginger, Buffy, and Tiffany?)

      I miss those days when KDrama was all new and shiny, like falling down the rabbit hole with Alice to discover a new world.

      • 6.2.1 redfox

        kdrama fashion is seriously weird. ball dresses in day time and mini skirts in the office, and shiny brand new track suits for dirty work???
        I am surprised that guys dont wear mini skirts. would like to see a drama some day where a girl wears a suit and a guy wears something feminine like very short jeans and a boat neck sweater.
        In BOF I thought they all dressed like Tom Jones in a pub at Las Vegas.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          “like Tom Jones in a pub at Las Vegas” LOL
          You nailed it redfox!

        • nomad

          U know, been wondering about that…would it be actually acceptable to wear such short skirts in professional settings in SK? It’s really funny how “the west” is seen as more liberal than SK, but it would totally be unacceptable to wear skirts and shorts to work, at least here in America.

      • 6.2.2 jhu

        ‘I miss those days when KDrama was all new and shiny, like falling down the rabbit hole with Alice to discover a new world.’

        What a lovely way to put it. 🙂

      • 6.2.3 Windsun33

        I miss those days also, now that you mention it. Now that I have seen so many, I tend to be overly critical, especially when it comes to things like Candy Girls and Amnesia 😀

        Been quite a while since I was actually in Korea, but I highly suspect that the fashions you see in k-dramas are not the norm. But I think the most glaring example is how so very often these folks manage to have spotless white gloves while sorting garbage.

        • pogo

          I used to look at seoul streetstyle blogs, and while those people are indeed VERY stylish, I think it’s pretty obvious that average Koreans do not dress like drama characters 🙂

          • canxi

            I think it actually might be product placement in a way. I remember someone said that after Baby-Faced Beauty everything Jang Nara wore was like sold out in stores, ahaha. So, I guess they get all these brands and put their characters in it and it works out for everyone.

  7. Mystisith

    Funny how people can see things differently: That scene at the almond orchard doesn’t scream romantic at all to me… More like he is stalking her and she tells him to stop already (she looks pissed off, not with hearts in her eyes).
    As for the sprinklers, it’s the equivalent of the cold shower: Maybe someone jealous turned them on to shorten the meeting?
    About the 2 brothers relationship, I agree that probably we will see them becoming “friends” at the end: You help me getting the girl, I help you getting the chairman’s seat.

    • 7.1 pogo

      It doesn’t scream romance to me either, but that may be because I just don’t feel any chemistry between LMH and PSH.

      (maybe it’ll look better in motion?)

      • 7.1.1 Mystisith

        That scene must take place in the early stages of their relationship: Guy falls first, girl is not interested. Typical “meet cute-NOT” scenario from our SeGa writer. Those who don’t like the concept will run away, those who dig that (like me) will rub their hands in glee. Lol.

        • pogo

          …that’s most kdrama OTPs, isn’t it? (the not-into-each-other-at-first thing)

          But ones with chemistry will have it, whether their characters are supposed to be into each other yet, or not. I love the concept, it’s the execution I worry about here.

      • 7.1.2 favoree

        Yes, me neither- I honestly don’t see any chemistry between the leads, not even in the BTS. Let’s wait and see, of course, but my opinion from the very beginning was that LMH and PSH do not suit each other as actors.
        What I see is that both actors try to stick to the screenplay as much as possible, but there is no genuine spark between them, not even in terms of acting partners.
        PSH is not the kind of an actress LMH needs to shine. he was perfect in BOF and Personal taste, because the heroines were played by so called “character” actresses, they lead the play.
        While PSH is just a “girl next door” type of an actress, she needs a “character” actor herself to act well.
        The most probable reason why PSH and LMH had been chosen for this drama is the fact that the producers and investors desperately need to sell it. They want to make a standartized product : a korean youth drama , premium segment, for sale at as many markets as possible, similar to IRIS – a korean action drama, or Daejangeum- a korean period drama.

        • skelly

          Excellent point – I hadn’t really thought about it in those terms, but PSH and LMH tend to play the “straight man” roles in their dramas, the point of reference for the audience that the character actors riff off of.
          I think this is more a reflection of their personalities and acting style, though, than the way the part was written. In another actor’s hands the lead roles in BOF or FBND could have been wildly off-the-wall, a character actor’s dream…
          PSH’s work in FBND was not nearly edgy enough to suit me. I wanted to see some Ally Sheedy-style borderline insanity in there, and it didn’t happen. And Gu Jun Pyo…not nearly as manic as he needed to be. I thought Matsu Jun did a lot better at portraying a rich guy really on the edge.

          • favoree

            I agree with you,
            nevertheless both PSH and LMH are extremely popular, although I personally don’t get why PSH is this popular? She is so NEUTRAL to me, so colorless, so very standard, so simple.
            On the opposite, I totally understand the popularity of LMH- he seemed unique to me ( although starting from City Hunter less and less, he seems to get more commercial).
            As for his performance in BOF- yes, Matsu Jun is definitely a greater actor, but LMH was too charming, probably because of his looks or/and because his acting partner did a great job.
            Now, when his looks are fading ( forgive me , guys, don’t beat me, but all this BB cream , bleaching lotions and other cosmetic skin texturizers which his stylist puts on his face, plus this hideous red hair color make him look plastic and less manly, plus he is smoker, plus he is getting older) , he needs to come up with a brighter acting. I believe he is quite capable. There used to be moments in his earlier roles, when his acting gave me chills.
            Actors of such popularuty need to take roles in some serious art films from time to time, just to practice, maybe.

    • 7.2 kumi

      Sprinklers are still very pleasant these days in LA area. We’ve had quite a heat recently.

  8. pogo

    I’m 30% excited for this (that cast! Woobie My Wuv!!) and 70% in mourning for the end of Master’s Sun, which will end without even half the OTP-making-out scenes it should have (i.e. ALL OF THEM).

    • 8.1 jhu

      i turn green with envy every time you call Woobie your ‘wuv’.

      can we at least share him, please?

      • 8.1.1 pogo

        I’m already sharing him with JoAnne, whose wuv he is too – you should join the party! 😀

        • jhu

          awww… then a wuv square it shall be. 🙂

  9. Athena

    All the young men in this show. Lee Min Ho, Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Ha Neul, Minhyuk, So much talent. So much potential. Although 20 episodes is not really my thing, I don’t think it is quite enough for all the character developments to take place. Not to forget the girls! I hope this is a drama that turns out to be a hit because of their acting chops (and not solely based on its star value!)

    • 9.1 Athena

      Kang Ha Neul. Jeezo! Just pulled a korean stereotype there. Sovvy!

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    I expect them, very soon, to announce “Just kidding! This isn’t about high school, it’s about Harvard and Stanford MBA graduates pondering whether to use their connections in Korea or start their own companies in the States!”

    “Really, we were pushing that bizarre, cliched meme about high school just to suck you in. This show is about wealthy young adults pushing 30 pondering important career and family decisions.”

    • 10.1 Yep

      Please – just body-swap with the writer right now! D:

      • 10.1.1 mawiie

        But how will they swap back? Does Quiet Thought has a magic daddy who can undo the switch in their dreams?

        • Shadow-chan

          I’m sure magic sprinklers work instead of magic rain as well!

    • 10.2 londonjen

      Funny you should say this ’cause i completely forgot that this was supposed to be a gossip-girl-high-school drama until i read this post. I thought they were all in college.

    • 10.3 thelady

      I keep hoping they will at least upgrade it to a college drama which would be a little more believable with this cast

      • 10.3.1 Ivoire

        Or maybe have a year or two years jump at some point in the drama (mid-way into the drama, preferably?) So that they might start in HS, but then they graduate by the middle of the drama and they are in college for the rest of the drama.

  11. 11 Alyyy

    *checks first pics* Boooooooooring *scrolls down* hmmmm Choi Jin Hyuk… yes yes, perfect. More Choi Jin Hyuk please.

    • 11.1 missDVM


  12. 12 tayo

    Choi Jin-hyuk is gorgeous ! Other than that not really interested in this drama. Sad because I’ve watched all of Writer Kim’s dramas since Lovers in Paris.

    • 12.1 Kiara

      He’s got that dang smexy voice to go with it.

      • 12.1.1 missDVM

        Ooo la la!! Yeeesss! He could read me the phone book, twice, and I would STILL pay attention. He has a LOVELY voice, and I think that it is part of his overall charm. I hope and pray that they give him a great role in this drama. CJH is actually one of the only reasons that I am going to tune in for the first few episodes…. that and the outstanding Engrish that we all anticipate! Whoop whoop! Let’s go, Heirs! Best wishes, CJH!!

        Loved your comment, had to let you know! lol :0)

        • Jaz

          The phonebook??? That’s funny! But I guess if CJH would do that…then can I join you??? LOL 😀

          His voice is HOT! I do hope his role in this drama is worth it! Does he have a love interest here too?

          • missDVM

            Oh, yes! I will share! lol!

            Hmm… I think that CJH’s character is going to have interest in possibly a teacher..? Just from reading about the suspected plotlines in “Heirs.” She is supposedly very book smart, but maybe lacks experience with people/common sense… We shall see!

            But believe me, if she doesn’t turn his head, there is always us, eh? lol

            I hope that you have a WONDERFUL day!

          • Cheryl

            Hot face, hot voice, good actor. What’s not to love and tune in to drool over? *VBG*

        • redfox

          voice is really important and I think that is one major flaw for me in american actors cause they dont work with their voice very much. in my country I recognize actors mostly by their voices. they can say one word and I know who it is.

          in Korea, well maybe I can tell apart some voices. not sure though

          • skelly

            My daughter recognized Sung Joon immediately in Gu Family Book. She wasn’t even looking at the screen, and we don’t speak Korean – it was just that voice, and she said, “Is that…HIM?” LOL

          • redfox

            Sung Joon is Very recognizable. his actual speaking voice seems like a young bear woken from sleep too early. I could most likely recognize Joo Won and maybe Park ki Woong (by speaking voice, but not singing)

  13. 13 jhu

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    I am sorry, Cliche, that they put a gun to your head and forced you to run in the direction of Overkill. It’s not your fault.

  14. 14 aaannie

    i don’t understand why they couldn’t make up a fictional college for the uber rich instead. i had a hard time believing LMH as a hs student back in his BOF days.

    • 14.1 jhu

      didn’t he become a college student halfway through BOF? my mind gets all hazy every time i think of that show, though.

      what i do remember is gu jun-pyo’s hair, which pretty much takes the cake when it comes to being unforgettable.

    • 14.2 pogo

      haha, yeah – he didn’t look like a teenager even when he was barely out of his teens, and he looks even less like one now!

    • 14.3 Robin

      That was my exact reaction too — why CAN’T this be set in college? A) He’d be a more likely contender for a chaebol throne, perhaps having had at least a couple of semesters of Finance and Accounting classes under the belt (potentially) and, this being by far the most important point, B) all parties involved would be of the legal age of consent so that we can have some glorious skinship, kisses that involve some real kissing, and none of that squickiness that goes along with high school romance that (potentially) inflames the Korean netizens.

  15. 15 Eien

    I know I’m in the minority, but PSH’s expressions are hard to read to me. I’m unable to know when this actress expresses something with just expression on her face. Is she angry or wondering? Does she want to express sadness or someting else?

    She’s sooo pretty, and I loved other dramas she played in, but every single time, there’s something that “lacked” in her acting. Expect maybe in flower boy next door, because she was playing a shy introverted girl who was not afraid to speak her mind when needed.

    I don’t doubt her ability to act, but I think she can improve much much more 🙂

    As for this drama, I’m a bit afraid to watch this. My expectations are super low so that they can surprise me if it turns out better/awesome and with something new, and not the predictable stuff that I’m thinking this story will be.

    • 15.1 jhu

      i found her so refreshing in cyrano agency. there’s that scene in the wine cellar (is it?) where she pretends to be Uhm Tae-woong’s girlfriend and throws a tantrum. she had me in a fit of laughter.

      i want to see her in more scheming, naughty, badass roles. i think she can totally pull those off. how to get the message through to the almighty drama gods?

      • 15.1.1 pogo

        yeah, Cyrano Agency was her as we’ve never seen her on tv, and I loved her there – so cold and matter-of-fact. She should try that more.

  16. 16 picklesvp

    Is it Grease? Like, My-summer-fling-just-showed-up-in-real-life-and-does-not-fit-in-with-my-friends/family-at-all vibe? Because that would at least be a little different than the ‘rich boy chases poor girl who hates him while overbearing parents disapprove’ trope. I could get slightly interested in something like that.

    • 16.1 Patch

      Grease, Some Kind of Wonderful, Sabrina…

      Really anything than the BOF rip off it looks like right now.

      • 16.1.1 Annie

        Can we get a Kdrama adaptation of Sabrina, drama gods?

        • D

          yes, please tho the 1995 version was not a favourite (no offense to Julia Ormond but she’s not Audrey Hepburn)

          • redfox

            but who would be a match to Humphs´ charisma? …is there such an actor…

      • 16.1.2 thelady

        Some Kind of Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17 ht

    Sorry, I haven’t been following this drama except watching its trailer once, so I just wanna know if Choi Jinhyuk’s the second male lead in this drama or Kim Woobin is..?

    • 17.1 pogo

      Second lead is Kim Woo-bin, according to character charts and publicity so far.

  18. 18 sae

    y’know what I’m kinda scared to hear? their English.
    I’ll probably get over it real quick if it’s watchable, otherwise I am going to have that pricking at my eyes everytime they speak in English.
    Then again.. I could just not watch it. That’s always a healthy option.

    • 18.1 pogo

      I can let the English slide as an unavoidable side effect of casting actors who’ve mostly been raised in Korea, to speak English in a drama that is mainly targeted at – let’s not forget this – domestic viewers, who won’t care so much about the accents.

      Because I’ve heard worse by way of ‘fluent’ foreign languages from Hollywood, where in some cases the actors are so bad you can barely tell what language they’re speaking.

    • 18.2 jhu

      i wouldn’t be as worried sae. judging by the ‘it’s okay, baby!’, the English used is going to be a quality source of entertainment all the way.

    • 18.3 Windsun33

      I don’t mind bad accents when the characters are supposedly raised in Korea. What grates on me is the ones that supposedly spent years or decades in America or wherever and are barely understandable. I blame this mostly on the writers – especially since there actually ARE a few “Korean” actors that were actually native to the US and Canada, and quite a few k-pop stars.

      • 18.3.1 PPasun

        Except the problem is the script is usually 99% Korean and 1% English. “Korean” actors who are native English speakers do very well with the 1% English lines but not so well with the rest 99%.

    • 18.4 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

      Well, you can just do what I do when I know some crazy engrish is coming on, watch on mute.

  19. 19 kDkiddo

    U know why I love u ! Cuz u post things for ppl to judge not your judgment of them ehmm ehmm koala ! Lol !
    Much appreciated !

    • 19.1 skelly

      I am sure the Dramabeans people are just thrilled that you love them because you dislike koala. Sheesh.

  20. 20 Nanaotua

    Hearing K-actors speaking French is more horrifying than hearing them speak French. It gets to a point where you don’t recognize your own language. For example Moon Geun Young in Alice is in Cheondamdong, where it took me a good minute to realize she’s speaking French. To be honest my expectations are quite low this drama. I just hope that it will not be a train wreck

    • 20.1 Nanaotua

      I mean more horrifying than hearing them speak English

      • 20.1.1 Windsun33

        Either way, it is still pretty horrifying 🙂

    • 20.2 Eien

      C’est clair haha^^

  21. 21 cali

    so. many. white people.

    • 21.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Criticizing a Korean show for having a Korean cast is sort of looking at the world from your own preconceptions.

      Would it be nice to see more variety? Sure. Are there a lot of multinationals in Korea who are actors that could meet the need of making the dramas look more “international”? I’m not sure.

      Are the Koreans watching these dramas thinking “so many white people”? With the strong sense of Nationalism, I bet they think casting Koreans in Korean dramas is a good idea.

      This is just my opinion, no offense intended.

      I am sure as international popularity leads to greater budgets and demand for a more international cast, we will see more people from other nations cast.

      Cali, if you have ideas of actors who speak Korean that you’d like to see in dramas, why not take the initiative bring their names to the attention of casting agents. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring about the change you want to see?

      • 21.1.1 cali

        that’s not what i meant at all. the fact that much of it takes place in california/ several foreigners in the background of some of the stills means there will be a large cast of foreign extras. and probably lots of white people, hence my comment. i didn’t charge it with any other racial intent.

        i’m sorry for offending you, but i’m not sure how you read that much into a post that was only four words long.

        • ilikemangos

          I don’t think you meant any harm from that statement, cali. 🙂 Yeah. there’s gonna be tons of foreign people atleast for the first few episodes of this show. As someone else said before. Prepare for the dreaded engrish!

      • 21.1.2 windsun33

        How did you get all of that to respond to out of 2 words about white people?

    • 21.2 Momoi

      There were black nurses in the hospital. And a black cop too.

      • 21.2.1 missDVM


        So. many. black. people!

        • Ivoire

          Right, missDVM???!!!! Seriously Laughing out loud at your comment, which was well said, by the way :-)…

          • missDVM

            lol! Thanks!


  22. 22 Mia

    Choi Jin hyuk!

  23. 23 Carole McDonnell

    Dang! My resolve against watching this keeps being slowly chipped away. Heck, i might watch this. A) because it looks as if everyone else in the world will be watching….and lordy knows I DO SO not like being out of any loop. B) I’ll have to give it a chance because contrived as the character charts seem to be I might get caught up in something cracktastic and who doesn’t like being caught up?

    Besides, I really like the cast.

    Still, there are just so many dramas one can watch. I’m looking forward to Mirae’s choice and to Face Reader..plus am watching Wang Family. So if this drama starts annoying the heck outta me, I’ll find it convenient to let it just fall by the drama wayside.

    Thanks for the pics.

    • 23.1 A.Allen

      I’ve been dying to watch Wang family! can’t find it. not giving up. Is it really good so far? If so, I’m definitely going to find it.

      • 23.1.1 nomad

        not sure whether u can see it in your country, have you checked G00ddrama? (u know, with correct spelling)

      • 23.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        it’s on dramaholics and it is sooo good. I think it’s the rare drama where I — the great lover of fidelity–am actually wanting two married couples to divorce.

        It’s good though, although the contrivances and the extreme relatedness of those outside the family is getting to me. I wonder if the reason k-dramas have so much coincidental relationships is because paying for more actors would be too costly.

  24. 24 Windsun33

    I will probably end up watching this, at least at first. Not because it sounds particularly good, but because there is not much this coming season that makes me even a little bit excited. I will probably end up cringing and WTF’ing a lot, as the whole premise (high school??) seems flawed from the start.

  25. 25 sun

    i like park shin hye, but why she is a poor girl in every drama she does? i want to see her in other kind of roles because she´s really talented. semetimes i really hate park shin hye´s face, when she does a mong face or the silly girl, i can´t explain it but it´s true. i want to see her in a woman´s role, a famme fatale or something like that…

    • 25.1 K

      Well than watch her Taiwanese drama or her movie Cyrano Agency
      I hate that people keep complaining about her but they really never check all her works out
      She has played villain in Goong S before too
      She is a fan of this writer so she accepted the role even before she had the script…. So everything is on KES’s hand right now

      • 25.1.1 skelly

        Anyone know where you can stream Cyrano with Eng subs? I am having a hard time locating it, and I really want to see good PSH, LOL.

  26. 26 BlueStars

    I hope the U.S. scenes don’t make me cringe as much as I did when I watched Fashion King.

  27. 27 Momoi

    Really pretty orchard. Reminds me of one near me.

    Looking at Choi Jin-hyuk’s outfit, what is it with people putting a pocket handkerchief in EVERYTHING? Personally I’ve always hated them, probably always will, but I understand that some love them. It just seems weird to put them in every pocket. For instance, on Melissa & Joey, Jo wore one in his vest pocket despite wearing a suit the whole time.

    Lol, no one can comprehend my disdain for that tiny piece of cloth…or silk or what have you.

  28. 28 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

    More Heirs never hurt nobody…yet. I’m sad for Master’s Sun ending but on the upside, Heirs and LMH and CJH. That is all.

  29. 29 deb

    I’m yawning at the couple pics. ill be watching for the engrish and kdrama world meltdown.

  30. 30 owl.

    Nothing says turn me on like a faucet – just don’t let it drip. Counting on you, drama!

  31. 31 Net-chan

    Choi Jin-hyuk was more handsome as Gu Wol-ryung x).

    But I hope this drama will be a hit as well (I don’t doubt it though)!

  32. 32 niKai

    I can believe them as brothers. With the same styling, they actually resemble each other quite a bit. Even when you tell us there are stills of CJH in the bunch, my first reaction to the side profile, looking thru the small screen of my mobile, was, “still LMH? Where is CJH’s”. I’m excited for the bromance.

  33. 33 Juliesean

    This is so wrong. Lee Min Ho has the face and built of a man. Him bring a high school student, together with Kim Woo Bin is ridiculous.

    With all the hype about this drama I’m so afraid it will be a epic fail. Plus I don’t feel any chemistry between the leads. She always plays with a wide eyed on-note acting…..let’s hope it’s better on film rather than stills.

  34. 34 kiongna

    CJH, CJH, CJH – Yippee *Ting* I’m in 🙂

    LMH – ok la

    More importantly, tonight Master’s Son – ! OLE!

    @ A.Allen – Wang Family is up in many websites ep 1 – 3 is subbed – don’t give up googling them *winks* don’t think can put up links here – it’s on KBSWorld too in countries that have them

  35. 35 PPasun

    I don’t know why they had to go all the way to Cali to begin with. Because an almond farm in Cali or surfing at the beach means they’re filthy rich? Now the actors will have to speak some engrish and pretend that they are actually good at it. Why torture the poor actors and viewers? Iss not okay, baby.

    • 35.1 YY

      Iss okay, baby. They could substitute speaking Engrish with a lot of “Hi”s, hugs, kissing on the cheeks, and the occasional “Y-o, y-o, y-o, w-h-a-t-ser u-p, b-r-o” and repeated interjections of “Cool!” like what they did in BoF. Or the guys can stroll mutely around with arms around their hot (though strangely silent) Caucasian dates. It’s going to be hilarious.

  36. 36 rheina07






  37. 37 H

    I wonder if this drama is really going to be the Korean version of Gossip Girl! From the photos it looks more like “Boys over Flowers”.

  38. 38 soprection

    The first two shots are beautiful. Jury’s still out on the plot but from these stills, it at least looks like the cinematography will be on point. That’s a plus in my book.

    Choi Jin Hyuk’s such a beautiful man but his styling has been blah so far. That hair is doing him no favours and this suit (and the one in his official promo picture) are so boring and uninspired. For shame. At least play up the man’s wonderful features.

    I don’t understand the suit in the almond farm (he’s running away from some important event?) but I suppose it will all make sense when the show airs.

    • 38.1 missDVM

      Agreed. All points. Well, said.

  39. 39 missDVM

    I really hope that they don’t make Choi Jin-Hyuk a sleaze-bag for the sake of making LMH appealing… It would be a LOT more complex (and thus, interesting, IMHO) if BOTH guys were great heirs, and we have more at work here than just your typical misunderstood OTP and male leads. Also, make the females not so…candy, weak, or needy for the “rich cheabol heir.” That storyline is getting used up ALL over K-dramaland. *shrugs shoulders* Oh, wells. I guess will have to find out, I suppose. *winks* Here’s to hoping that they will flesh out all of these (good gracious at the cast! WOW.) great actors! Yay! I am ready for this October to get here! Can’t wait! :0) Yay!!

  40. 40 missDVM

    On another and rather unrelated note… Do all American women have blonde hair and look like they work at a casino?… *looks down at self* I guess… so….


    P.S. I can’t wait for this drama and the exciting new revelations on L.A. American/Korean Engrish (I am being serious. It is almost as exciting as the plot for me, and I eagerly listen to it all. I am not even making fun. K-drama Engrish just makes me smile like a little school girl. In my casino skirt and vest….)

    Heirs team, FIGHTING! Eagerly awaiting this drama! See you there, folks! lol

  41. 41 andreea

    wth..i want to have someone as hot as lee min ho in my school..:)))imposible.WHY?Because he doesn’t look like a high schooler..what a joke.

  42. 42 vereelimee

    I am agreeing with girlfriday. They don’t not look like they are in high school. I don’t know why they didn’t have them just be college students instead of high school students.

    It’s not as if all the talent they have couldn’t have played that age range. I see no reason why high school romance is better than young adults a few years older.

    • 42.1 vereelimee

      Sigh typos. They don’t look like high school students.

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