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Two Weeks: Episode 9
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Ahh, more goodness. On the whole, this show knows how to pace itself, dropping Tae-san (and ourselves) into nerve-racking situations that keep our stomachs in knots, then giving just enough of reprieve for us all to catch our breaths. Yes, I’m talking like it’s our joint fugitive endeavor, because I do feel like I’m on the run with him much of the time, except that he’s turning out to have quite a number of tricks up his sleeves that I’d never have thought of. Probably for the best that this is his story, then.


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Congresswoman Jo flat-out accuses Jae-kyung of being in league with the fugitive, showing her that clip of the two of them in the getaway car. Jae-kyung recognizes that the video has been altered—for one, she’s not gagged in it.

She tells the chief prosecutor that she and Tae-san were kidnapped and almost killed by Boss Moon. Unfortunately, this sounds fishy given that she never reported such a huge incident. Arg, I knew keeping quiet was gonna bite her in the ass. Jae-kyung also says she didn’t arrest Tae-san during the escape because she was waiting to also take down Congresswoman Jo, but she sounds more desperate than persuasive.

…and then we return to the present, realizing that Jae-kyung is just thinking this. I hate when dramas do that. Though I suppose I’m relieved she kept her head after all.

Maintaining her cool, Jae-kyung advises Congressman Jo not to believe every anonymous tip that gets sent her way, and points out that obvious doctoring has occurred. The congresswoman feigns concern—oh, she was just alerting them, in case the anonymous tipper sends the video to the news. It won’t do for them to assume the prosecutor was working with the criminal, would it? And by the way, does she have an alibi?

They both know that Jae-kyung doesn’t, while our baddies are already covering up their tracks. True, the real CCTV footage will absolve Jae-kyung by showing her as the victim, but it also makes it look like Tae-san was her abductor.

The cops get word of Jae-kyung being in danger of being fired, thanks to the footage. Seung-woo dashes out to address the matter, just seconds before a call comes in—from Tae-san himself.

Calling from a pay phone, he poses as a citizen reporting a Jang Tae-san sighting. He describes himself with enough detail to convince the detectives it’s a legit tip, and the info sends them looking into the jjimjilbang he was allegedly seen entering.

Seung-woo, meanwhile, bursts into the chief prosecutor’s office as Jae-kyung and her boss argue in her defense. The chief orders them off the case and an investigation into the claims, and Jae-kyung realizes that they’ve been maneuvered out of position.

But Seung-woo presents the chief with an alibi and an explanation covering Jae-kyung’s ass: She was with Seung-woo pursuing the fugitive, and he had gotten the tip about the stowaway attempt and asked Jae-kyung to help. Then when a third party jumped in to free Tae-san from their custody, they’d gone off together after them. Thus it appears somebody is trying to set her up.

Jae-kyung is relieved at his help, but not exactly falling over herself to thank him. She knows he just wants her to share what she knows, and warns that she isn’t just going to offer it all up. But he’s put together enough to guess that Congresswoman Jo is the target of her secret investigation, and that Tae-san is wrapped up in this somehow.

She figures that he doesn’t want news to leak of In-hye’s link to Tae-san, and tells him that she won’t mention it to anyone. But neither does she have nay intention of giving up her turf for his personal reasons.

Fine, he accepts that she won’t trust him with her info. He declares his plans to reinvestigate from the beginning and find out for himself whether Tae-san was framed.

Thanks to Tae-san’s tip, police officers are mobilized to join the search. That calls away the cop standing guard outside Tae-san’s house, now a crime scene, and Tae-san uses that opportunity to slip inside and grab some supplies. I do suppose this is the safest place for him to power up, safer than any public place or stranger’s home.

The sight of Man-seok’s bloodstain still on the floor stops him in his tracks, though, and he stops to clean it up. Then he showers and medicates, and even though I’m on edge every time he stops and want him to move the hell along, that anxiety conflicts with the relief I feel anytime he gets to do mundane things like eat and nap. And change his underwear, thank goodness.

There’s also a stash of cash hidden in a pillowcase, and it sends Tae-san into a flashback of Man-seok adding to the pile every time Tae-san gave him spending money. He’d started a stash for Tae-san, too, urging him to save up and get married.

Tae-san packs food, clothes, and a ring he finds in his drawer—aw, he’d held onto it for eight years?—as well as a wrapped wad of paper used to prop up a table, whose purpose we’ll have to wait to see. The sight of frozen ham brings to mind another memory of Man-seok, who’d loved the stuff.

So Tae-san lays out a spread on the table with sliced ham and soju in an offering to his friend, apologizing to the only person he’d thought of as family other than In-hye and his dead mother. He’d never properly thanked him, either, which is a deep regret.

Su-jin appears next to him to prod him to thank him now, which he does: “Man-seok-ah, I was grateful to you, and I loved you.” Su-jin corrects his use of past tense and chides that love doesn’t end when you die (foreshadowing? Nooooo), so Tae-san continues, “I love you. I’m sorry.” He promises to catch those responsible for murdering him, and hopes that in their next life they can be born as brothers: “I’ll be a decent hyung to you then.”

Su-jin asks what’s next on the agenda and why he didn’t go along with the prosecutor lady. He says he was going to find her when Boss Moon was arrested, but there’s been nothing in the news of it. Ack, because she shoved that incident aside to search for Tae-san! This is why they tell you to stay put when you’re lost in the forest, isn’t it? Otherwise you’re just running circles around each other, missing connections.

Jae-kyung is waiting at the police station when the officers trudge in on their false errand, chalking up the tip to a prank call. They even reviewed the jjimjilbang security footage and found no sign of Tae-san in the area. But the details were so spot-on, they sigh.

That sparks a suspicion in Jae-kyung’s brain, which may be the only brain firing on all cylinders (aside from Tae-san’s, that is), and she reviews the call recording. She recognizes the voice and beelines for his house, recognizing right away that they were diverted while he dropped by. Her partner Sang-hoon points out that he may have gotten scared off when Boss Moon wasn’t arrested.

That leaves In-hye as their sole lead, and Jae-kyung resolves to keep a sharp eye (or ear) out for Tae-san to make contact.

In-hye is clinging to the same hope, so distracted that Su-jin says God will get angry at her for praying so much. After all, Mommy told her that she was getting her bone marrow transplant because God had a conscience, so to continue praying would be second-guessing his decision. Ha, you really can’t say anything lightly around kids. But it gives In-hye the tiniest assurance to be reminded that if you promised to trust somebody, you should just trust them.

And then, he calls. He’d dropped by the nail shop where Man-seok’s grieving girlfriend works, but deemed it too risky and now has a favor to ask of In-hye. She guesses it has to do with that evidence, and he makes plans to meet with her tomorrow at a department store, warning her to make sure she’s not followed. Gah, this show makes me so hopeful and anxious at the same time.

Meanwhile, Teacher Kim follows the trail to Boss Han’s secluded home, here to take care of Tae-san’s helper with the help of his trusty pen-knife. Nobody’s home, so for now he puts the knife away.

Tae-san calls Boss Han next, and hears with relief that ajusshi managed to run away in time. Boss Han is grumpy about Tae-san forcing his escape by bringing scrutiny to his village (which is news to Tae-san), and orders him not to call again.

Jae-kyung is alerted to the phone call and listens to the recording with her partner, which confirms that Tae-san can’t have the camera, nor did he entrust it to an accomplice. Sang-hoon’s amazed at Tae-san’s ballsiness in bluffing with Boss Moon, and Jae-kyung sympathizes for a brief moment that he must’ve been terrified, judging from his shaking hand. She decides not to contact In-hye lest she scare her off, and starts formulating her plan.

Teacher Kim reports to Boss Moon that Tae-san’s helper friend escaped. Halfwit Henchman supposes that the helper, known only as Mr. Han, must’ve taken the camera with him, but Boss Moon decides that he’s been tricked. That really gets his goat, and he fumes to have been taken in.

Then Brainy Smurf reports on Congresswoman Jo’s failed attempt to get the prosecutor fired with that video footage. They head out to meet her, and Tae-san watches them leave the parking garage from around the corner. And it’s now that Tae-san connects some long-forgotten dots, recalling once seeing Mi-sook with Boss Moon—so she was his girlfriend?

Boss Moon confronts the congresswoman for going behind his back with the video, suspicious that she’s going to throw him to the wolves while covering her own ass. That kidnapping footage can be used as evidence against Boss Moon while Congresswoman Jo slips away scot-free, he argues. She counters that she can’t complete the deal without him (he literally has to be there, in person, on the day of the auction for the deal to go through), and they snipe at each other. Yes, yes, fight amongst yourselves. Tear each other down and spare us the trouble.

Congresswoman Jo backs off and apologizes (not ’cause she means it, of course, just to placate him), saying that she had almost succeeded in getting the prosecutor thrown off the case when that pesky police detective stepped in and vouched for her. And now Boss Moon recognizes Seung-woo’s name—as In-hye’s fiancé. She instructs him to find out why the cop would help the prosecutor.

Seung-woo tries to make sense of the case with his new perspective, struggling to see how Tae-san fits into everything. If he was framed, why? Recalling that Tae-san had insisted he’d had an alibi, Seung-woo finds that warehouse—the one Tae-san said he was at, which the gangsters had said was emptied a month before.

Jae-kyung briefs the task force on tomorrow’s plans to crash Tae-san’s meeting with In-hye. The cops are understandably suspicious of her constant stream of tips, which she declines to identify.

Seung-woo calls In-hye to check in that night. Jae-kyung overhears and tells Seung-woo there are a lot of things she’s sorry about, but when he presses her to explain her case after they catch Tae-san tomorrow, she hedges again. This time Seung-woo offers to explain why he’s so curious about Tae-san, which takes us to flashback:

This is his first encounter with In-hye (so further back in time than her squatting encounters), whom he witnesses being mugged in the streets. Seung-woo is close enough to snatch her bag back from the mugger, who gets away. He’s taken aback when she’s incredibly relieved to have her cash back (all of thirty dollars) and retrieves her bruised apples, answering that she’s going to eat them. Not an easy life for her, then.

The second time they meet, Seung-woo sees her walking along in the dead of night, alone, for long enough that he stops the car to chide her for not taking a taxi. She admits she has no money for one, and he offers a ride.

He explains now to Jae-kyung that the reason for her difficulties is Tae-san—he’s why she had to work multiple jobs and raise a child alone. Whatever his reasons were, Seung-woo hates him for it, and for reappearing now. If Tae-san was framed, Seung-woo will clear his name—and send him away out of their lives.

Tae-san makes another stop that night, using his old pawnshop as his base while checking out CCTV tapes of certain roads and intersections.

We get another flashback to the old days in Busan, when In-hye finds Tae-san sometime after his shrimp allergy incident. He’s his usual curt self, and she admits she was going to pretend to bump into him accidentally, but that won’t do. She asks playfully why he doesn’t plan his bike rides to coincide with the end of her shift anymore, which rattles him since he totally thought she hadn’t noticed.

She guesses at the reason for his conflicting actions—it’s because he thinks she’s too good for him, isn’t it? She’s a college student with a nice family, and he’s an orphaned delivery boy. He just tells her to be thankful that he stopped coming ’round, but In-hye isn’t so easily shaken and explains that she did consider how different they are, “But more than those thoughts, I think of you.” Then she asks him out to eat, this time for something he likes.

Tae-san tries once more to warn her off, and she asks if he won’t regret that. And that was that, the start of a beautiful relationship that ended with a catastrophic crash and burn.

Tae-san has a delivery made to the shop, which turns out to be disguises—glasses, mustaches, and the like.

The prosecutors meet in the early hours to plan their operation today, disguising officers as shoppers. Jae-kyung is prepared for the mobsters to find out about the plan the moment once the police get involved, but figures that this is still their best shot at nabbing Tae-san. An added concern is Teacher Kim, whom they suspect will crash the party; they know he interfered before, but know nothing about his identity.

The plan calls for officers at every exit and in the parking lot, with decoy cars prepared in case the baddies try to intercept transport again.

But I don’t know how much help that’ll be, since Teacher Kim is aware of every last detail. Boss Moon insists that they really have to get Tae-san this time (just like every other time, ha), and advises Teacher Kim to be particularly careful—don’t kill anybody, don’t let anyone see him, and above all, don’t get captured. Asked if all is in place, Teacher Kim says yes, just as we see a batch of C4 rigged up and blinking, awaiting detonation. Ack!

With an hour left till the contact time, all of the authorities are in place at the shopping center, disguised as janitors and shoppers and even big teddy bears. Jae-kyung directs from the control center and spots In-hye on the cameras, who’s been instructed to wander until Tae-san finds her.

The teddy bear cop (with whom In-hye is familiar) stops her to offer up the helpful warning to stay away from this area, because it’ll become chaotic soon. Wait, are you an idiot, or are you an idiot? Okay, I suppose the cops only know that they’re here to catch Tae-san, proving once again that it really is better when your left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

In-hye immediately understands that Tae-san is in danger and starts running for the exit—just as Tae-san is spotted waiting for an elevator. Jae-kyung issues orders over the comm to get him, and the officers start running in the direction she instructs.

But as it turns out, the guy they’ve pegged isn’t Tae-san after all, just a really good doppelganger, and the real deal has adopted a clean-cut dandy look for today.

The officers rope off the building to prevent exits, which is observed from a distance by Teacher Kim, who has his people on standby in the parking lot. We get a close-up of that explosive again, though I still don’t quite know how it’ll figure in.

Tae-san, thankfully, isn’t inside the mall yet and watches the melee through binoculars. He starts running, and the commotion draws the attention of Teacher Kim from the adjacent building. Ah, crap.

In-hye makes it outside and receives a call. Tae-san instructs her to go to the hospital immediately, then hangs up.

The decoy Tae-san walks through the mall, picking up cops on his tail. Jae-kyung orders the capture, and the masked man is taken down by a whole contingent of cops… and revealed to be an unfamiliar face. Jae-kyung barks at her team to immediately look outside.

Tae-san is trying to hurry away from the area as quickly but unobtrusively as possible, sweating bullets at a red light. Teacher Kim approaches from behind with his freakish Terminator walk… and just before he reaches his quarry, Tae-san spies his reflection in the window of a passing car. Oh thank god.

The light turns green, the pedestrians begin crossing, and Tae-san… turns to Teacher Kim? He cuts to the chase—who is he and where did he come from? Is he here to get the camera? Then kill him?

Tae-san stalls with questions (“How long have you been in Korea”) and bides his time, explaining that he doesn’t recall ever seeing Teacher Kim amongst the mobsters, and the reason he’s curious is because—fling! He knocks Teacher Kim aside and makes a break for it.

Tae-san runs through traffic, and while dodging cars Teacher Kim loses sight of him. Teacher Kim stops a bus to check its passengers, then spots a pair of feet peeking out from around the bus stop corner. He charges ’round… and finds two shoes. HA! I love that this is the third time Tae-san has used his shoes to distract, and they fall for it every time.

So then Teacher Kim gets on the bus, just as Tae-san leaps out of the window. Muahaha. Teacher Kim yells at the ajusshi to stop the bus—after stopping it twice to get on—then remembers the warning to not get noticed. He stays put, fuming.

Turns out that Tae-san hired his decoy through an errand service—ah, he wasn’t merely dropping off disguises, but also picking up Tae-san’s clothing to wear. Hee. Hee. Hee.

Jae-kyung is beyond frustrated, and mutters that Tae-san must’ve caught on to her phone tap. This does not escape Seung-woo’s notice, which, oooooh. Jae-kyung’s gonna be kicking herself over that slip something fierce.

In-hye returns to the hospital, and Tae-san grabs her. I’m going to just pause for a moment to enjoy the clinch, because c’mon, this guy has had a really bad week. He deserves a moment of warmth, right?

In-hye notes his cuts and scrapes and pulls him aside, eyeing him worriedly. He assures her that he’s made sure not to get an infection, though he can’t hide that he’s pretty beat up all over. She asks why he didn’t stow away, and he says there was an info leak, likely with her phone being bugged. Ahhh, he says he called her out to the mall today to confirm this suspicion, which means he never intended to contact her. Phew. I mean, he didn’t get caught anyway, but it’s a retroactive phew just the same.

Tae-san apologizes for the trouble, but has nobody to ask for help but In-hye. We don’t hear his request.

Seung-woo drives back mulling over his twofold discovery—that Jae-kyung tapped In-hye’s phone, and that In-hye lied to him about her whereabouts today. He tries calling, then heads over to the hospital, finding her thankfully alone.

He asks point-blank if she went to the shopping center today, and whether she’s in contact with Tae-san. She’s stunned but doesn’t hide it, asking how long he’s known. He asks frustratedly why she didn’t tell him, and why she kept meeting Tae-san even though he’s a fugitive. So finally she confesses the truth of Tae-san being the bone marrow donor.

Tae-san leaves the hospital and remembers the hair clip he’d bought at the mall for Su-jin. No! Don’t you dare go back there! Do you hear me? Auuuuuugh, he turns around and heads back, foolishly grinning at the trinket.

He arrives in the lobby in time to overhear Seung-woo asking whether In-hye distrusts him, insisting, “Su-jin is a daughter to me, too!” Over his shoulder, In-hye spots Tae-san… and Seung-woo does too.

And Su-jin crosses off another day on her calendar.


I do love this stretch in man-on-the-run stories, where the hero really steps it up in the outsmarting game. There’s a certain familiarity to the rhythm of fugitive plots, which isn’t a putdown but a matter of fact that the show itself gives a nod to with its periodic film references. The beginning is the hardest on all of us, with the hero being blackmailed/backstabbed/blindsided into taking a fall wrongfully, and then he scrambles along thinking as quickly as his synapses will fire to make use of any gap to escape, then catches a few breaks as he scrabbles to stay alive and find a spare moment to breathe. And then he starts thinking, and plotting, and getting into strategy mode, and that’s when things get way more fun.

I love that through these familiar pathways the show still manages to pull out fresh moments. I’m definitely not surprised every time he comes out alive, because that’s the whole point of the show, so it’s up to the writing to keep us on our toes. I think it does that nicely, even when all it takes is a few smartly implemented lo-fi techniques like calling in his own sighting tip. And going back to the scene of the crime to catch a breather. And cluing in to the phone tap and rigging a decoy scenario that keeps everybody busy while he observes from afar.

For a while it wasn’t clear whether Seung-woo would go the way of the jealous and controlling second lead—you know, a nice guy only until things stop going his way—or return to his decent roots. I appreciate that he tiptoed along that ledge for a while, which feels human and realistic, before being told to basically suck it up and do his job. Plus I just enjoy it whenever Jae-kyung puts him in his place. Not that she’s got a stellar track record, since it’s almost comical how badly these authorities are faring on the Catch That One Desperate Injured Guy, Seriously It’s Your One Job front, but she’s at least admirable for her single-minded focus.

Now if we could only get our hands on that goddamned digital camera. Well, he’s survived his first week from hell; what’s one more, right?


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  1. JK

    Thanks, Javabean! Rush to read recaps!!

    • 1.1 JK

      Painful moments come one after another in this latest episode but the most jarring of all came right at the beginning. Tae San finally got to give Man Seok a proper farewell which brought up recollection of some happier times shared between the two pseudo brothers. There’s something about the genuine joy and relief in Tae San’s eyes that absolutely destroys when he recalled and found the hidden stash of cash in Man Seok’s pillow. There’s a heartbreak-inducing quality in the flashback where Man Seok ‘lovingly’ kept away Tae San Hyung-nim’s allowance for him in the pillow and like a concerned little brother nagged back at Tae San to get married so that he has use for the money.

      So much about Tae San’s character is hidden underneath his behaviour and actions that I struggle to keep myself together when I realised just how the same actions can draw up such misconceived perceptions. It also explains why the bad guys and cops alike are finding so hard to decipher and catch what seemed like a common crook. Most people start out thinking what’s in it for ME but Tae San has never had a reason to start thinking for himself or has anyone in his life worth living for. For someone who knows to keep aside allowance for an unrelated dong-saeng isn’t a gambling wastrel good-for-nothing. His actions are always about ‘YOU’ so much so that it contradicts common personal beliefs about motives, wants and desires and it is this peculiarity that makes the dissonance so irreconcilable that it breaks the people who contemplates it.

      Tae San has gone to great lengths to live his life for others (In Hye, Moon, Man Seok). The irony is that he is probably again living his life for another but this time an extension of himself, Soo Jin. Which is why he doesn’t mind dying, because giving is his nature. But whereas he has failed before (In Hye’s suffering, Moon’s betrayal and Man Seok’s death), he is determined not to fail again. There is no room for failure this time.

      • 1.1.1 1worlddreamer

        O I so see this. Tae San has never lived for himself….you see this in all the flashbacks and even when he is on the run. Even in the times he has held people “hostage” he has worried about how they were faring and helped them as well. So many layers to this character and nothing I expected based on the initial portrayal of Tae San.

      • 1.1.2 anais

        Oh, I love this analysis. So thoughtful.

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      I gotta share this right away… LJG on the red carpet for his recent win at the Seoul International Drama Awards! Looking great!!


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        he won??
        what kind of award?

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        ooooh, you gave me such a big smile this morning.

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        Lols at the fan screaming “oppaaaa…!” the whole time!

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        I really, really love his voice.

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      Another link for the Seoul Drama Awards, LJG’s receiving the prize in this one.


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      LLJG won the Hallyu best actor and excellent k drama for AATM. 🙂 The awards ceremony was today (in fact was airing live on youtube over the past couple of hours.

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        glad to hear he won something that he deserve too
        i/o winning for popularity awards

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    And, gosh, even uglified, Jun Ki is so beautiful!

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      Yeah agree, he is damn hot, all the time! Even with the disguise, wound make up & all

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    Thanks for the recap…I am really enjoying reading this. I also feel all the emotions of the characters in the story…:)

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    Those death references makes me nervous. Like how there’s always a flashback of Tae San saying as long as he makes it to Soojin’s surgery, it’s okay to die after that. I can feel the tragedy already. I wish it wouldn’t come to that but it just gives me the same feel as 49 Days which So Hyeon Kyeong wrote, same one who made Two Weeks…

    Thanks for the recaps javabeans~!

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    (Also, I feel bad about this, but Teacher Kim is the hotness. Like that Pyung assassin in Tree With Deep Roots.)

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      assassins are usually hot so you start to stare and Bang! you´re dead. Oh our vain and lusty world….LOL

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      He does have a fair bit of resemblance to Lee Soo-hyuk, looks like I’m not the only one who sees it 🙂

  8. JK

    Painful moments come one after another in this latest episode but the most jarring of all came right at the beginning. Tae San finally got to give Man Seok a proper farewell which brought up recollection of some happier times shared between the two pseudo brothers. There’s something about the genuine joy and relief in Tae San’s eyes that absolutely destroys when he recalled and found the hidden stash of cash in Man Seok’s pillow. There’s a heartbreak-inducing quality in the flashback where Man Seok ‘lovingly’ kept away Tae San Hyung-nim’s allowance for him in the pillow and like a concerned little brother nagged back at Tae San to get married so that he has use for the money.

    So much about Tae San’s character is hidden underneath his behaviour and actions that I struggle to keep myself together when I realised just how the same actions can draw up such misconceived perceptions. It also explains why the bad guys and cops alike are finding so hard to decipher and catch what seemed like a common crook. Most people start out thinking what’s in it for ME but Tae San has never had a reason to start thinking for himself or has anyone in his life worth living for. For someone who knows to keep aside allowance for an unrelated dong-saeng isn’t a gambling wastrel good-for-nothing. His actions are always about ‘YOU’ so much so that it contradicts common personal beliefs about motives, wants and desires and it is this peculiarity that makes the dissonance so irreconcilable that it breaks the people who contemplates it.

    Tae San has gone to great lengths to live his life for others (In Hye, Moon, Man Seok). The irony is that he is probably again living his life for another but this time an extension of himself, Soo Jin. Which is why he doesn’t mind dying, because giving is his nature. But whereas he has failed before (In Hye’s suffering, Moon’s betrayal and Man Seok’s death), he is determined not to fail again. There is no room for failure this time.

    • 8.1 JK

      oops sorry for the double post. Something’s wrong with my pc. damn. Hope the admin can remove the extra post. Thanks!

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      JK, I remember your incredibly insightful comments on the Arang recaps, and I’m delighted that you’re back with us for Jun-ki’s next series, because you have it spot-on.

      Tae-san is a flawed person all right, and certainly made a lot of crap choices, but the commenter who kept calling him names for being ‘selfish’ a few episodes ago had it so off base – if anything, Tae-san was weak in a difficult situation, but he certainly wasn’t selfish or motivated primarily by his own interest. He loathed himself so much, he didn’t even seem to think his interests were worth anything – until Su-jin came along.

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    Love this show! Thank you for the great recap. And I so agree the show manages to keep the familiar fugitive story and give it some interesting twists.

    Have to admit that at the end of every episode I feel just as worn out as Tae San must feel from constantly being on the run and alert to getting caught.

    Can’t wait for the next episode…..LOVE this show!

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    DUN DUN DUN. Well, at least Seung-woo knows that he shouldn’t shoot Tae-san anymore. I can’t remember, does he actually know Su-jin is Tae-san’s daughter? Will he just see Su-jin as a connection from In-hye to Tae-san to be severed?

    Also, that had better not be foreshadowing that one of them will die! Crap, but this is the writer of 49 Days, so it’s totally plausible that Su-jin will get the transplant, and then die anyway. God, I hope not.

    Yeesh, Congresswoman Jo gives me the chills. That faux-politeness thing that villains do in k-dramas is my favorite thing to hate about them. And I agree- yeeees, fight amongst yourselves, evil ones!

    I love that he’s gotten wily! That bit with Teacher Kim was pretty awesome. Plus, I can imagine if Kim gets through all this scot-free and Moon tries to get him to inherit, hopefully Tae-san will be able to testify against him.

    Also, how much do I love that he never forgets to do little things, like lay out the funeral feast for Man-seok? It’s all those little bread crumbs he’s been leaving that will eventually back up his claim that he’s been framed.

    Also, oh heavens- another whole week? Tae-san will survive at least that long, but I sure won’t. Still rooting for an Everybody Lives ending.

    • 15.1 DarknessEyes

      Yeah, I agree, I thought Seung-woo already knew that Tae-san was the donor….. so he didn’t know before this episode that Soo-jin is Tae-san’s daughter??? I thought he knew before…

      • 15.1.1 Newbie

        He highly suspected that Tae San was the dad, but stubbornly refused to believe his In Hye was somehow connected to this scum. Now he got the confirmation he dreaded.

        I really hope, the writer is not of the kind to repeat once successful recipes. I vote for a family reunion and a living Seung-woo, though I am not so sure about the latter.

    • 15.2 Carole McDonnell

      Am trying to figure out if Teacher Kim is the real or the adopted son of Boss Moon? He rarely calls him “father” but there is this closenes between them.

      • 15.2.1 KDaddict

        I doubt that Killer is Moon’s biological son. I don’t see the paternal concern when they r together, but then it could just be that Moon has no paternal instinct, since he doesn’t have much human instinct that we can see so far.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I wonder…I thought i saw something of a human caring when he was advising Teacher Kim. It seemed to be there. As much a he allows himself to have a heart, there is something there in his heart for Teacher Kim and Congresswoman Jo.

          I keep thinking about the way he went raving mad about “his feelings” when he killed his girlfriend. Does he have a heart in his own cold-hearted way?

          • anais

            I do think he has a heart in some way, but the survival instinct seems very strong with this one.

            I do think that he cares about Teacher Kim. There’s a tenderness in the way he treats him.

      • 15.2.2 Anduril

        I am wondering if he is the son of Boss Moon and Congresswoman. That would be one explanation for their ties. And there would be her missing son.

        • Carole McDonnell

          her disabled son pops up in the next episode i think. AAargh, subs are taking so long. I don’t know think she has another son. But wow..this guy is really a mystery.

          • Linda

            I’m also wondering about Teacher Kim’s origins. Did anyone notice the “Errare humanum est” (literally, “to err is human”) tattoo on his finger, or when Not-Brainy minion referred to him as a “first class French Foreign Legionnaire” (at least according to the Viki translation) back in episode 5? (I believe the line was “how did Tae-San shake off a first class French Foreign Legionnaire and go crazy?” when Kim reports his failure to catch Tae-San to Moon). Seems like Kim has indeed spent time abroad? Training, perhaps?

        • jubilantia

          I thought her son was only missing to the good guys. There was that camera showing a bedroom that one night when she was in her house (can’t remember the ep). Maybe he’s getting some kind of medical procedure in the US that you can’t in South Korea. Since this is a k-drama, he’s probably related to Tae-san in some way.

          If this were a supernatural drama, I’d say he was a mutant or a failed experimental superhuman. OR AN ALCHEMICAL HUMAN TRANSMUTATION GONE WRONG (Can you tell I just started watching Fullmetal Alchemist?)

          He could definitely be Moon’s, though. That would explain why it ~has~ to be him putting on the auction.

      • 15.2.3 mskololia

        I don’t know either but hope they tell us. When Moon told him “no more killing” and called him a brat for not cleaning up his place as ordered…Kim smiled. It was a sweet moment….Next up is Congr. Jo.

      • 15.2.4 jubilantia

        I wonder. Maybe he was adopted, or saved from the streets in some way, except that Moon’s been sort of indoctrinating him into a life of crime. Moon seems to have respect for him (until Tae-san started evading him, anyway). I thought he was saying not to let himself be identified in case he inherits the company, but maybe Moon plans to off him and let him take the fall.

  16. 16 tiff ng

    as much as i love the suspense and dreaded stress this drama gives me, i soooo wish i could have a whole other drama just with IH and TS haha they’re relationship is so cute and hawt~!! lol

  17. 17 Chloe

    This has been one of the more exciting shows ive watched so far.

    Kinda sad to think about it, but I do think the writer will kill off Tae-san or In-hye at the end.

    • 17.1 KDaddict

      Thank you all, for this reminder. I must remember not to ship either pair too hard, for I know for sure that the writer is Not going to let them all have their happily ever after! I tend to forget in the ‘heat of the moment’ while watching!

  18. 18 DarknessEyes

    Thanks so much for the recap!!! 😀

    • 18.1 DarknessEyes

      Gah, I don’t think this will really happen, but I’m so on that Tae-san x In-hye ship TT_TT

      But just a question, why did Tae-san exactly behave like an asshole towards In-hye? Was it just that after Boss Moon told him to take the fall, he treated her like crap so that she would stop liking him, and go away?

      • 18.1.1 ManDu

        If he didn’t take the fall for Boss Moon, Boss Moon would have killed In-hye I believe. Tae-san loved and cared for In-hye, so of course he would take the fall if it meant saving her. He was probably an asshole to her so she could get over him quickly and so she doesn’t killed hurt/killed by Boss Moon. At least, this is what I’ve been able to gather.

      • 18.1.2 Requiem

        He acts like an asshole towards In-hye, because he know he has to take the fall for Boss Moon.

        Because he has to take the fall, there multiple problems that are solved if he “forces” In-Hye to have an abortion and says that he doesn’t want to marry her.

        1) She moves on with her life not knowing about his going to prison. This is good in that she doesn’t wait for him to come back out of prison.

        2) She does not become a single mother. In South Korea, single parenthood is HIGHLY looked down upon. She would be a pariah if she kept the child, not to mention all the hardships that come with being a single mother.

        3) She can go back to her family in America with no one the wiser that she was pregnant thus saving her future so she can be married without any additional baggage. I know, it’s not the best thought process, but I believe it’s actually a pretty big bias in South Korean culture (at least from the dramas I’ve watched).

        For example, in A Gentleman’s Dignity, the male lead is thought of as a real catch until it’s found out that he had a child out of wedlock. It’s doubly worse since he didn’t take care of him, so much so, that in the beginning, everyone considered the female lead well beneath him in standing, but when that truth came out, everyone considered HIM well beneath her in standing, and he did the noble idiot thing and tried to push her away since he’s damaged goods.

        The main issue I guess I have, is even though she keeps the child, she COULD have moved to America with the child (assuming the parents were accepting), and actually had better support than she had in Korea. But maybe the writer doesn’t know the difference in the culture of single motherhood in America?

        I dunno, slight plothole, but I guess they need it, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a story :).

        • Betty

          This is just a minor detail but I thought/read that her parents went to China. So is it China or America? It’s not a big deal tho, it’s just for the sake of talking accurately from my side lol.

          Also I agree with all the reasons you gave for him to be a jerk, not that that was a smart move but you know, sometimes you make really stupid decisions thinking they are good decisions and it’s not until later that you can see how bad they were…

        • Newbie

          But she still would be part of a Korean family and an existing Korean community in America. The chances to find a Korean marriage partner in the US would be zilch, too. Tae San knew this and tried to change her destiny.

          Kudos to In Hye for raising the child under those circumstances.

  19. 19 hanie

    Thanks for the recap.
    Dang it, things getting better and I’m restraining myself right now to watch it. To wait or to watch, that the biggest dilemma~

    • 19.1 anais

      Watch it!!!! But, I admit, this is a perfect drama for marathoning. Several people have told me that, once I convinced them to watch, they definitely marathoned and that their “racoon eyes” were worth it. Not my words, someone else’s.

      • 19.1.1 nova611

        i felt the same
        the gap feels so long that i forgot what had happen on last ep last week

        i feel that if i watch this straight from ep 1 to the last one
        will get me panda eyes and i will have short of breath
        i will become too nervous to do anything (eg : eat, go to toilet or even take a breath)

  20. 20 dany

    This show has only good stuff, the music is great. And our killer Teacher Kim is pretty sexy.

  21. 21 miszdi

    Thank you so much for this recap. I’m watching it now without English sub pausing for a while to read the recap on another window. Yeah, it’s kinda hard but for the love of this show and the only series that I’m hooked now, why the hell not…. I just can’t wait for another day for the availability of Eng-subbed clips. I’ll be watching it again XD

    I’m so loving the OST also. Kim Bo Kyung’s Heart Hit is good as well

  22. 22 DDee

    Man Seok’s farewell offering scene really, really got to me, and it was played beautifully with restraint by Lee Jun Ki. Another great episode in a series that has been so consistently good each week.

    • 22.1 KDaddict

      The scene that really gets to me is the one where SW tells Prosecutor how he met IH, got to know how she suffered, and how he feels that TS is responsible for her suffering, and tells her that’s why he hates TS.

      Seeing SW get all emotional over IH’s suffering owing to TS’s abandonment is just moving.

      • 22.1.1 anais

        But you know, SW’s treatment of IH’s suffering verges on victimization. IH suffered, yes. But it was also her choice to continue with the pregnancy. Harsh, especially coming from a woman who considers herself a feminist? Yes, but I’m speaking not of what should be but what is.

        And, given that she made the choice and she faced the consequent reality with dignity, it bothers me to see Seung Woo constantly treat her like some delicate, abandoned butterfly. The woman is obviously more a steel magnolia.

  23. 23 qwert

    This ep so boring. Especially flashback which come all lately ep. So dull!!!

    • 23.1 KDaddict

      I LOVE all the flashbacks. They give us some warm moments of respite in a show that is consistently tense and nerve-wrecking. They also give us the backstory to these chars, on how they feel in love, IH with TS, SW w IH, and tell us what they were like before all this shit happened. W/o the flashbacks, we wouldn’t have known them as they really were.

      • 23.1.1 winnew

        Totally agree

        • qwert

          I think actions thriller being main theme of this show. Many thriller movies and drama that interesting with out no loveline. Anyway loveline still OK but no need to be add in too often like this. It’s ruin intense of chasing game and excite moment.

          • KDaddict

            I’m perfectly OK with intense thrillers that have no love-lines. You then enjoy it for the adrenaline rush and joy-ride.

            I’m Not advocating for a love-line. But here, the love-line is embedded within the very story:
            Without the love-line there’d be no love-child to save, nor would TS care so much that he’d go thru hell to make sure he could be there to give her the bone-marrow transplant.
            That’s the story intended by the writer. So she is giving us the backstory to flesh out the motivation of TS and the emotional turmoil that IH and SW will face later.

            I consider some of the flashbacks to be necessary foreshadowing that will help us understand what the chars will do in the next eps.

      • 23.1.2 Betty

        Yes the flashbacks are so cute and heartwarming, and also shows us the sides of TS we couldn’t be able to see or would be difficult to see if it was only for the ‘run for your life’ story. Plus it helps us to understand who he really is and why he did what he did and to show us that he wasn’t always a jerk to IH. Like that we can understand why she fell in love with him in the first place.

    • 23.2 noughty

      Same Here. Flash back also trouble me

    • 23.3 Carole McDonnell

      Wow! I thought this was the best episode yet! This episode layered in so much, gave us the relationships and motivations, and added more texture to the fugitive story. It makes everything and everyone more fleshed out

      • 23.3.1 Betty

        I know right?!!! So. good!!!

      • 23.3.2 Newbie

        Yep, I’m all for the flashbacks, too.

        We need them to really get and bond with the characters. It is impossible for a drama (it is not a 90-120 min. movie!) to keep up a fugitive tension over 16 episodes. Or you’d have a second 24, which the makers obviously didn’t want to copy.

        The audience, the actors and the budget need a breather.

  24. 24 Thandie

    Dammit, Show. I keep thinking and hoping that the show will end with a happy ending, with In-hye giving in to her feelings of Tae-sun, and the cop and the prosecutor together, but I feel that something might horribly go wrong. What if our darling HWOT hero dies after the transplant? *sob* Don’t crush our hopes please show. . . I am totally LOVING this show along with ‘Masters Sun’ and ‘Good Doctor’. Plus can somebody tell me how I can watch MS with eng subs? I’m not Korean, sniff. Also, that warm hug between my OTP had me punching the air with a YESSSSSSSSS! Tae-sun is in SO MUCH need of a warm hug. And Show, are you trying to kill me with the happy flashbacks knowing what might happen to our blissfully unaware couple? *sob*

  25. 25 KDaddict

    It looks like nobody has sold out the Prosecutor, at least not when they show us that the strategy room in their police station is bugged, right?

    It also looks like IH is warming up to TS, fr her knowledge of him in her memory, fr the accounts of those who encountered him lately, and also fr his behavior to escape fr the police in order to be around to save SJ. Her demeanor while she meets out at the hosp is marked different from when she approached him for a blood test.

    Spoiler or Spoiler-ish:
    Preview shows that Prosecutor tells IH about TS going to jail 8 years ago, likely to protect sb close to him, from Moon’s threat. IH should find out abt that in tonight’s ep. Yay!

    • 25.1 qwert

      I think actions thriller being main theme of this show. Many thriller movies and drama that interesting with out no loveline. Anyway loveline still OK but no need to be add in too often like this. It’s ruin intense of chasing game and excite moment.

      • 25.1.1 qwert

        *wrong posted. sorry

    • 25.2 nova611

      i didn’t think strategy room in their police station is bugged
      there is a scene where JK, her boss, and another guy
      planning what to do in shopping mall
      next we see Tech Kim planning something on the same location/area
      there must be a mole
      those 3 are prosecutors, why must they do planning in police station

  26. 26 KDaddict

    I’d really hate to be in In-Hye’s shoes when she finally finds out that TS went to jail in order to prevent her from being killed by Moon.

    How do you choose between 2 guys:
    1 is your first love, the father of your love-child, who threw away his life in order for you to have yours; the other is the knight in shining armor, who loves you and your child w/o reservation or questions, and protects you when you are in a desperate situation. How would you choose if you were her?

    8 years is a long time to be apart, esp. after you’ve (IH) hated sb all that time. As the sayings go: Can a broken mirror be mended? Can spilt water be re-collected? Those are rhetorical Qns, cos conventional wisdom has it that the ans would be No.
    Me, IDK, I really don’t know!

    • 26.1 kumi

      When you don’t know what to chose, ask a child.
      “Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth”.

    • 26.2 winnew

      I would choose the one I love.

    • 26.3 Carole McDonnell

      Interestingly, though, we never see In Hye’s view of the relationship with Seung Woo.

      There is a French saying: “Often, there is one who kisses and one who offers the cheek.” Loose translation: in many relationships, one person loves more than the other.

      In the past relationship, we saw how In Hye was the chaser. She went after Tae-San. Perhaps because she loved him more than she loves Seung Woo. Perhaps because the “richer” person pursues the poorer and by the time Seung Woo met In Hye, our heroine was poor and shamed and in the same position as Tae-San was when she first met him.

      But even so, there is no super look of longing and deep joy when she sees or meets Seung Woo. She likes him because he likes her but she might just be grateful or needy. I won’t believe she’s in love with Sweet Cop until I see a flashback with her lovingly exitedly waiting for him. I’m not sure the Tae-San ship has ever sailed.

      And Soo-jin doesn’t think it has sailed either.

      • 26.3.1 Requiem

        Yup. You described the relationships exactly.

        I just worry that Seung-Woo’s being set up perfectly to pick up the broken pieces of Soo-Jin and/or In-Hye after Tae-San gives the bone marrow and dies….

      • 26.3.2 KDaddict

        Yeah, from the lack of flashbacks that show her relationship w SW fr her pt of view, I gather that he means less to her than she does to him; it could be a hint that she’s going to choose TS.

        And like Requiem says below: SW is being set up to pick up the pieces after TS dies (the writer kills off TS).

        I’m glad I’m forewarned. I’d be soooo soooo soooo heartbroken if they kill off TS and I had no warning beforehand. This way, if he lives, I’ll feel like I win a small prize on the lottery.

        • Carole McDonnell

          If Tae-San dies, I will be royally-pissed. Of course he could “die happy” in the sense of his life and death meaning something. But I’m not sure if the writers would do that to Soo-Jin.

          The relationship between heroine and cop was always in a kind of limbo because of the unresolved past issues, probably all caused by cop’s dad. So yeah, maybe heroine’s heart needs to be resolved and cleared of Tae-San for the new love to find a place. It could be that because I don’t want Tae-San to die, I’ll refuse to “see” anything foreshadowing it but it’d be a cheap kind of love to get your true love just because your daddy messed up their life in the past.

          And even so, could both heroine and cop truly fall in love after everything is played out? Would he not know that she truly did not love him? Would he not know his father was to blame and so he should pay the penance of losing his woman to the “destined one whose life was unfairly messed up by Head Police Daddy?” Would In Hye be able to fall in love with cop just because TS is outta the picture? She likes the bad guys. Cop simply is not her type. Maybe she will realize that.

          Don’t get me wrong. I like Seung Woo but I’d rather see In Hye without anyone if she’s not gonna have Tae-San. It just feels right somehow.

          • KDaddict

            Is that what you mean when u say that Head Police Daddy had messed up TW’s life?
            SW’s dad was the one ordered the case of the cute girl’s murder be transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office, at the urging of Evil Jo.

            Or do you mean sth that happened a long time/8 years ago?

          • Newbie

            Same here. If the writer kills Tae San in the end it is just another lame series finale, with a writer wanting to milk every possible emotion out of the audience and shock the viewers instead of telling a consistent story with a message. Shark anyone?

            If Tae San / Soo Jin / In Hye die, this show will become the biggest letdown of this season.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’m thinking from 8 years ago. From the beginning.

        • Betty

          I am warned that TS could die at the end but I think I will still be devasted. Sometimes you can never be prepared enough for bad news 🙁

          • anais

            I think this story is somewhat different from 49 Days, the writer’s other well-known work. In 49 Days, the heroine already had one foot in the after-world. Tae San doesn’t. And while the viewers may have wished well for 49 Days’ heroine, I think Tae San’s is different. Tae San is being given an opportunity to live his life meaningfully and being awakened to the fact that he has the wherewithal not to give up on himself. That wasn’t the core message in 49 Days, was it?

  27. 27 dfwkimchi

    Did anyone else besides me who yelled ‘RUN!’ at the last scene when the 3 of them were in the hospital lobby?

    Am loving this series – clever n nicely paced n great characters/acting. Good story-telling so far!

    P/S – can writer -nim take Boss Moon’s words into consideration – ‘Do not kill any more. Do not add to body count.’ Aaaackk – no body dies unless they belong to Boss Moon n Congresswoman Jo.

  28. 28 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh! Is this show the best show or what?

    What a hero and kick-ass oour erstwhie loser has become!

    And I loooooooooved the exploration of the relationships in this drama. I am really missing Man Soek now. But all the relationships and connections. Soooo good.

    Honestly, if Seung Woo “got” In Hye because his dad “intruded on” the life of Tae-San, the writers are gonna rectify that. There is some family guilt there.

    And it looks like next episode we’re gonna see Congresswoman’s autistic disabled son. I’ve been waiting for this because it will humanize her when we see her as a mom.

    And now second mystery: Teacher Kim, who the heck ARE YOU?? What are you? I love Boss Moon’s paternal advice: “No more killing from now on.” This actor deserves an award. Such wonderfully weird advice given in such a gentle paternal manner. OOh, and when Boss Moon said to the Congresswoman: “Your words are so harsh.” Oh my! He has such a little boy kinda worshipful crush on the Congresswoman. She is his In Hye in some ways, i think. In the same way Tae-San couldn’t believe In Hye a good girl was his friend, the Bossman feels so out of his element with the congresswoman. Not that he’s in love with her but there is something about her he feels personally and it’s so cute the way he wants to please her.

    Off to read your recap.!

    • 28.1 sweetcloud

      I’m missing Man Seok too! I thought nooooo when he died, although we’d only seen his character for a short while, he is such a warm bumbly teddy bear. And he was the only one firmly on Tae San’s side from the beginning, all the flashbacks were heart tugging.

  29. 29 Carole McDonnell


    QUESTION: Is Teacher Kim supposed to feel like a foreigner? Like “not from Seoul” or “not from Busan” or “Not from Korea?” Wondered why Tae-San talked to him as if he was a stranger.


    Off to read the recap

    • 29.1 Requiem

      Tae-San thinks Teacher Kim is a foreigner from the simple fact that he’s never seen him before even though he worked for Boss Moon all those years.

      At least, that’s the reasoning he gives to Teacher Kim.

      • 29.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        oh. I wondered if there was an accent thing going on. Thanks!

    • 29.2 KDaddict

      I get the sense that TS is asking him from where he hails since TS hasn’t ever seen him in all the years that he has been w Moon. TS may be just stalling for time making small talk, waiting for an opportunity to get away.

  30. 30 Amazing

    I will choose the father of my child.

    • 30.1 Carole McDonnell

      me too. Tae-San is working hard penance here.

      • 30.1.1 anais


    • 30.2 kumi

      God bless you.

    • 30.3 Betty

      I would choose the one who is best suited for me and my child.

      • 30.3.1 Betty

        … meaning the one I LOVE and who love me AND my child!

  31. 31 san

    thanks for the recaps..
    i love in hye-tae san couple alot..
    hehe… they are cute when they still together…

  32. 32 Chloe

    i think I’m falling hard for Teacher Kim’s looks. I even think he would do great in Tae San’s role, however much I love Lee Joon-gi.

    I also think Park Ha-sun is totally gorgeous 🙂

  33. 33 laeah

    I’m sorry to Seung Woo, but once she knows what Tae san did for her…… he’s out of the picture.

    I think he will die protecting Tae San and Soo Jin.

    I think Tae San will live.

    lalalalala I’ll ignore any other ending!!!! haha

    • 33.1 ojoijo

      Tbh it’s kinda hard for me to like the main character when there is character like SW because he is so kind to IH and SJ and has been there for them. I do think he deserve them. For me all this run is kind of punishment to TS for what he did in the past(whether he has a choice or not, he still allowed moon il seok’s crime). Not only to IH and SJ but to JK as well. And doesnt mean he went through all this he should get the girl.
      and IH also starting being unfair to SW, meh idk if I could continue to watch this if I didnt feel for main character

      • 33.1.1 laeah

        Jang Tae San left to save her though. He was doing the best he could. I think he is just as caring and protective, he just doesn’t show it on the surface.

        But she loved him deeply. That doesn’t just erase itself because someone steady comes into the picture. She might admire SeungWoo and appreciate him, but I don’t think she loves him in the same way.

        Also, SeungWoo is super judgmental. He’s not perfect. I like his character though, but I love Jang Tae San….

      • 33.1.2 Newbie

        Gratefulness is never the sound basis for a relationship.

        The way In Hye is shown here I highly doubt she really loves Seung-woo. Despite of what Tae San did to her it took her many, many years to overcome her love for him and to finally be willing to settle with another man. She is a rational woman and knows, that a kid needs a dad. She genuinely likes Seung-woo and could live with him, but she doesn’t love him. We saw her true self in the flashbacks, how she pursued Tae San and broke down his resistance. She is a gutsy lady and she will return to Tae San once given the chance.

    • 33.2 Carole McDonnell

      If Chief Daddy was the cause of the trouble for Tae-San, then Seung Woo’s sacrifice would be righting the wrong that his father had done.

      • 33.2.1 ojoijo

        you kidding me

        • Carole McDonnell

          no i’m not..I’m just thinking the way dramawriters think.

      • 33.2.2 cara

        his father should go to jail then…

      • 33.2.3 mskololia

        Whoa. When did the father cause all of this trouble for TS?

        • Carole McDonnell

          Not sure. His father had something to do with the quick prosecution of Tae-San. But am not sure if it was one of the prior times Tae-San ran afoul of the law. Eight years ago. Or if it is this latest problem. If it’s just now, then dad is clear, i think. But if Dad was somehow over-zealous (in his pure-hearted way) back in the day, then Tae-San’s future was messed up by Seung Woo’s dad.

          There are a few k-dramas where the good son doesn’t pay for what his dad did. We will see.

          • mskololia

            Thanks for the reply Carole….I was about to go and revisit some scenes with dear old dad thinking I missed something….. 🙂

  34. 34 maymay

    Really loved this show…I think I’ll be following this writer for some time. Loved the moment imaginary Sujin prodded Taesan to convey his feelings to the departed Manseuk….These two really make a nice combo.

  35. 35 opi

    I dont why but I dont feel the chemistry btwn Lee jun ki and park ha sun and their love story is the typical love story in korean drama that i’m not fond of. I guess korean love them

    • 35.1 mskololia

      I don’t feel it either….The romance told in fbs is a nice touch though.

  36. 36 Cocoboo

    Thank you for sharing the song by Nell and introducing me to this group. Loving a lot of their songs lately. ^^

    Totally shed tears during the scene when Tae San had those flashbacks about Man Seok. ;~;

    Yesss, Boss Han got away before Teacher Kim could get him and Tae San learned that Boss Han is okay. /relieved

    Even though Seung Woo was listing all the reasons why he hates Tae San, I’m glad that Jae Kyung spoke up on his behalf, telling Seung Woo that Tae San may have a big reason for having to abandon In Hye.

    In Hye: “But more than those thoughts, I think of you.” I gushed. This line was sweet, hehe.

    Looking back, the way Tae San abruptly turned to Teacher Kim and stalled him was funny. Unexpected.

    I was waiting for the explosives to go off in this EP…. but nothing. o.O

    The whole mall meet scene was cool, but it wasn’t super intense as I thought beforehand.
    3 plans (Tae San’s, Jae Kyung’s, and Baddies) were involved where several players and factors could easily mess things up.
    In Hye arrived too early! Tae San meant to test the police/baddies before she got there. Thankfully, she didn’t get hurt and Tae San didn’t get caught.

    In Hye. Who is she going to choose???

    I really like Seung Woo when he’s with Soo Jin. He’s incredibly sweet and thoughtful to her.
    I can see how much he cares about In Hye and Soojin, but I haven’t seen In Hye reciprocate in the same manner.
    So far, I’ve only seen In Hye showing affection to Tae San. I think she would choose him in the end. They have a much deeper bond.

    I hope Seung Woo doesn’t become some crazy, jealous, evil guy.

    I didn’t even catch all the ‘death foreshadowing’ until it was mentioned here. Please, can we not have Tae San die in the end?!! ㅜㅜ

  37. 37 Anduril

    SW is better. As much as I adore TS, SW is better and has been a part of their lives so long. If SW and IH don’t end up together, my heart is going to break.

  38. 38 Mia

    Yeah, that’s right. Without the flashbacks you wouldn’t be able to understand the characters of this drama and how related they are to each other. This is not a movie where you just sit for 2 hours to enjoy the thrill of the action. That’s why I prefer watching drama series now instead of a movie as I get to see the overall aspect of the story. With this episode, we see TS getting smarter and smarter and I’m anticipating the time where he would be able to outsmart all those people coming after him. I hope he finds the evidence soon so that he can clear his name as there’s only about 7 hours left before this show ends. Time flies by so fast.
    PS: I heard that fan shouting oppa nonstop too, hehehe.

  39. 39 Lindy12

    I am loving this drama and am so impressed by the acting, writing, production values etc. And thanks for your wonderful recaps as well.

    The thing about all the best innocent-person-on-the-run scenarios is that both the pursued and the pursuer end up learning valuable lessons both about themselves and the world around them. Tae San, because of his background and the choices he has been forced to make, suffers from such low self-esteem that he sees himself as useless, stupid and not worthy of love. He thinks he doesn’t deserve to live like a man. Seung Woo, to use a cliche, was born on third base and thinks he’s hit a triple. Meeting and falling in love with In Hye has started to open his eyes to the hard choices some people have to make to survive. When he finds out about the sacrifice Tae San made to save her life, it’s going to be a massive awakening for him.

    I like both male characters a lot. I would personally prefer that Tae San will realize that he and In Hye have together created and saved an amazing little person but that their romance belongs in the past. He’ll see that Seung Woo is a good man, loves In Hye and his daughter completely and will give them the kind of life he can’t. Even if he survives this, his journey to full adulthood is still just beginning.

    The character whose death is pretty inevitable, in my opinion, is Jae Kyung. All this starts because of her obsessive, personal vendetta against Senator Jo and Boss Moon. Not that they don’t deserve to be brought down, they are both evil, evil people. But she places an inexperienced and somewhat naive young woman in great peril in order to conduct her off-the-books investigation. She knows how dangerous these people are and how volatile Boss Moon’s temper is but she lets Mi Sook become his lover in the hopes she will get the goods on him. She then heads off to Chicago leaving the poor girl without any back-up at all.

    It’s also refreshing to see a woman playing a straight up nasty crime boss instead of some standard evil mother-in-law character.

    • 39.1 Newbie

      Seung-woo said in the beginning of the show, that some men are just born bad. Back then I knew, he’d be in for some surpises. I am curious, how he’ll behave now. Will he himself stay good or will his jealousy make him do bad things?

      About who is the right man. I cincerly hope you agree, that In Hye got something to say in this matter. It is her choice after all and not the two guys’, who have to decide for her and have to agree over who gets the girl. 😉

    • 39.2 anais

      Ditto on so many points!

      1. Woman as a straight up villain, not a female archetype.
      2. JK’s use of MS – yeah, that was unwise, to put it mildly.
      3. Your take on SW – Although many, many K-dramas explore the class-divide, this one seems to do it in a really thought-provoking manner. A very humbling manner. I can’t wait for SW to eat humble pie.

  40. 40 anais

    Oh my, I can’t believe it’s been only one week for Jang Tae San. I feel as if I’ve aged years watching him on the run. My poor heart.

    But this week delivered some seriously awesome twists. I LUUUURVED the moment when Tae San jumped so nimbly out of the bus window. I want to believe Lee Jun Ki did it himself. Just so smooooooth.

    I really hope more people hop on board with this one. It’s good. Slowly, a few more people here and there are professing how they just caught up with it and love it unexpectedly. So… here’s hoping.

  41. 41 nova611

    How did Teacher Kim knows about the operation at the shopping mall..my guess is he had been inform
    So the Q is who is the mole?
    Is he from Police dept or Prosecutor dept~~

    • 41.1 mskololia

      Teacher Kim may just be that good at what he does.

  42. 42 Lilian

    Oh Wow…has it just been one week? One more week to go for Tae San then. Gotta say this drama is my fav of the dramas airing now =D Due to the plot, editing, and the actors. That was a great ending too

  43. 43 Cheryl

    I’m a bit frustrated with the incompetence of the cops and President Moon & Co. and their collective inability to catch (and keep) Tae San, but everything else is done so well, I just shrug. I’m loving Su-jin. The way she’s written is fabulous and the actress they cast is so cute and charming.

  44. 44 g14

    Please vote two weeks on


  45. 45 Abbie

    After a long break (for various reasons) I’ve come back to this show. And I’m not disappointed. It still keeps me on the edge of my seat unlike any other drama I’ve watched (except maybe City Hunter). I love it so much!

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

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