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Running Man: Episode 165
by | October 4, 2013 | 81 Comments

For one lucky fangirl, this episode is the ultimate dream. With just a few photos from a scrapbook, the cast searches the town for clues to help make one girl’s wish come true. Not only that, we get to learn a bit more about our resident giraffe Kwang-soo, who earns some new stripes in this hour to show us that there’s a lovable character beneath that betrayal icon persona.

EPISODE 165. Broadcast on September 29, 2013.

We start off with a mini-intro of a mysterious fangirl who drops off a letter to Jo PD. As for our cast, they’re bombarded with an autograph challenge mission first thing in the morning. The task: sit hidden behind a sticker booth as random passersby choose one member for an autograph. The first one to get thirty wins.

Dumbfounded, Haha gapes, “What [is the staff] going to come up with next?” He then points out the Betrayal Trio, saying they’ll likely take the longest. And then, of course, Kwang-soo claims he’s got this mission in the bag. Hahaha.

Ji-hyo jokingly tries to enlist the help of her own staff, but that’s a no-go.

Ha, I forgot that the staff usually sticks the cast in the middle of nowhere, which means there’s a lot of downtime. Jong-kook sighs that he should be at an elementary school with his devoted kiddo fans. Awww.

It turns out we’re in Kwang-soo’s hometown of Namyangju today as our giraffe tries to rally his townspeople to support him, only to sigh in defeat. Even with such random locations, all it takes it one person to get the ball rolling… right? Or maybe they’ll just be stuck there all morning.
And then, someone turns up at Jong-kook’s booth, takes a gander, and… leaves. Ack, so close! Poor Spartakooks ends up falling asleep at his station.

Elsewhere, Gary is busy jotting down a few lines about his unrequited love (Ji-hyo, naturally) when someone arrives. Unfortunately, the stranger chooses Ji-hyo and walks away too early, letting the “Out of Stock” card fall to the ground.

Haha jumps up when he hears voices, only to scowl silently when the passersby selects another cast member instead. Thrice. Lol. That’s got to be a hit to his pride.

The staff eventually brings the count down to five, perhaps having realized what an awful idea this turned out to be in practice. And it’s true, since both parties end up quickly frustrated after their second or third try.

So five it is, not that it really helps any as Kwang-soo grows desperate in his booth, yelling, “Is that Running Man?!” “Where?!” to a completely deserted country road. Caption: … you’re okay, right?

Kwang-soo moves his booth next to a mart, where he totally asks the shop ajumma to help him out, all, “Don’t mind me! Pretend that NO ONE is in here!!” Ha, then she takes him at his word and chooses Ji-hyo instead, much to his dismay.

When Kwon-ryul VJ asks Jae-suk to clap for the end of the tape, Jae-suk asks, “What footage have you got [to change tapes]?” That’s when a male student walks up… to select Ji-hyo’s name. D’oh!

The Ace is popular by a landslide, though, everybody we’ve seen swing by thus far have been men. One man is puzzled to find her autograph out of stock, to which Gary jokingly whispers, “Because she’s mine!” Hahaha.

I love how everyone has thought of the same idea to draw on the other cast members’ faces in order to manipulate strangers into choosing them. Ji-hyo is in luck as a group of excited teen girls select her name, and she squees in glee.

Then we check in with the others who light up with the same animated expression as if they’re giving out autographs for the first time. It’s plain adorable.

It’s down to either Ji-hyo or Jae-suk with four autographs each as one more visitor drops by their booths. They both reach five at about the same time, and hop into a taxi to head to their first mission location.

Jae-suk can’t help but pull Suk-jin’s leg when he spots the mat-hyung’s booth. Suk-jin has no idea of course as he drops off (what he thinks is) his first autograph, surprised when it gets returned. Jae-suk sneaks up from behind to reveal himself, to Suk-jin’s annoyance. Heh.

Thanks to his little detour, Jae-suk arrives at the furniture factory to see Ji-hyo already there waiting for him. They’re confused when they’re told to figure out today’s mission on their own instead of the usual rundown with just an address as their first clue.

So they roam the premises, asking the workers for a hint. Unfortunately, they haven’t the slightest idea, either.

Jae-suk jokes that the Monday Couple should go shopping, so the two run with the joke. When Ji-hyo picks something out, Gary says it’s no good: “You can just sit on my lap!”

In the taxi, Kwang-soo calls up Jae-suk, who replies, “I can’t talk! I’m filming right now!” But then Kwang-soo’s mouth drops when he arrives at the mission location: “I… know this place…”

In awe, he asks the others if they know where they are right now. They don’t and scrunch their faces in confusion as Kwang-soo asks the staff, “Am I on candid camera right now?”

Then he tells them: “We’re at my father’s company!” Ji-hyo can hardly believe it, and she hits Kwang-soo upside the head. They soon realize that he’s telling the search, which prompts a mad search for Kwang-soo’s father, the owner.

Kwang-soo belatedly realizes who they’re looking for, and he puts in a panicked call to his father NOT to let anyone but himself in. Hahaha.

But Jae-suk is two steps ahead of him and runs into Kwang-soo’s father just as he exclaims, “[My son] told me to close the door!”

Awww, they’ve got the same smile! And like any father, Dad shows off his son’s baby picture. Omg, so cute!

The cast greets Dad as they arrive (and Gary takes off his hat), and when Jong-kook walks in, Kwang-soo runs behind his father, yelling, “Dad! He’s the hyung who picks on me all the time! He hits me when the cameras aren’t rolling!”

Omg, I’m dying; Kwang-soo tattletaling on Spartakooks is doubly hilarious since the two have such an awesome hyung-dongsaeng relationship off-screen. Even Dad gets in on the fun, saying he saw his son get hit a few times in a recent episode.

Jae-suk starts to tease Kwang-soo about his bachelor pad life, which gets him all flustered: “Don’t say stuff like that! [This man] isn’t an actor. He’s my real dad!” Hahaha.

A minute later, Dad receives a call and then relays the mission to the cast, who immediately runs downstairs. Ack, give your dad a hug before you go, Kwang-soo! But Dad sends his son off in good spirits. They’re just adorable.

They search the floor, and Ji-hyo discovers the scrapbook first. She tries to run off with it, but the boys flag her down soon enough and grab a seat on the couch to read the mission.

Our mysterious fangirl writes that she’s been a longtime viewer. After she found out Namyangju is also Kwang-soo’s hometown, she’d like to introduce the place to the cast. It’s a scavenger hunt across the city, and the person to place a photo taken with said fangirl first in the scrapbook, wins.

Aww, it turns out this fan compiled the scrapbook herself, researched all the places on her own, and brought it to the broadcast station. Touched, the staff had decided to make her dream come true. That’s… just so awesome.

Then Jae-suk quips, “So even though we met Kwang-soo’s father, we can assume that Kwang-soo won’t win, right?” Ha, way to bring it back to reality. At that moment, Haha whispers that Dad is watching, and Jae-suk does a 180: “So what I meant was, he’s the hero today!” LOL.

The cast pick up their necessary supplies for what might be the greatest surprise ever since the fangirl has no idea the staff has gone ahead with this plan. Kwang-soo wonders, “Can we use my dad’s car then?” Hehe.

In the car, Haha sings Kwang-soo’s praises to Dad, saying that his son has been rolling in the dough lately. In fact, he’s even bought Dad a new car and luxury brand bags for Mom. Ha, you can’t back out now ’cause it’s on camera!

Kwang-soo gets on that bandwagon, and addresses Haha’s wife: “Haha hyung just signed for a house! You’re moving next month!”

Meanwhile, the Monday Couple arrives at a park by the Han River where they see a plethora of kites floating in the sky. They wonder if the necessary photo they need is on one of the flying kites.

The mat hyungs search the library for R-stickered books, only to be told to study up on them since they’ll be quizzed on the content. Jae-suk complains that Suk-jin’s is much shorter than his (The Little Prince, hee), and they both start muttering their stories under their breaths.

Suk-jin seems pretty confident about his picture book when time is up. Then Mr. PD asks how many butterflies were depicted on the cover. Hahahaha, it’s a nonsense quiz! Love. It.

Not that Jae-suk’s is any better, as his question is about how many stars were drawn on a random page. Jae-suk gets close, but it’s still wrong. I honestly don’t know why I’m so amused, but… I’m so amused.

Kwang-soo, Jong-kook, and Haha face off a “stapler master,” and to true betrayal character, Kwang-soo switches the master’s stapler with an empty one. But that doesn’t stop her from stealing Jong-kook’s on the sly. Pfft.

Then at the library, the mat hyungs slowly peruse their book. At one point, they note one character’s short hair, and Suk-jin comments, “It doesn’t say what salon she got it cut, right?” Puhahaha.

They spend so much time studying the pictures that I wouldn’t be surprised if the staff asked them about the actual story this time. ‘Cause you know that would be evil… and more entertaining for us.

And whaddayaknow, Mr. PD does just that and asks for the name of the heroine’s friend. They both spout back in disbelief: “You have to ask us about the flowers! There are four of them!”

Mr. PD: “There are only six characters in the book!” Why yes, that makes me feel so much better! Hahaha.

Round and round they go, until Jae-suk finally gets the correct answer. He obtains the picture for their next mission location just as the others try to figure out their clue as well.

The photo takes them to an outdoor rock climbing wall, and Ji-hyo sighs that Kwang-soo sure has the advantage seeing as this is his hometown. Little does she know that he’s busy trying to wrestle himself out of Jong-kook’s grasp half-naked.

Here, the cast will have to literally climb their way up the wall to procure their next hint; the higher up they go, the better the clue.

Suffice it to say, it’s a daunting task and all I can say is: Don’t look down! They climb the wall, and Jae-suk is the first to grab his hint. But then the scaredycat is told to let go which only amps up his fear of heights.

As expected, Ji-hyo floats to the ground with a big smile on her face whereas Suk-jin has now entered Panic Mode. Down below, Jae-suk asks, “Why did you choose the highest one then?!”

Aw, Ji-hyo offers up her mid-level hint in exchange for a go at the highest one. Problem is, Suk-jin is too afraid to just let go. Suk-jin: “Are you nuts?!”

So Ji-hyo braces herself before climbing up the wall again as Haha whines a few feet below her. She does it, to everyone’s amazement. Unable to figure out the location with his clue, Jae-suk instructs his driver to follow Gary’s taxi. Smart!

Only Kwang-soo and Jong-kook remain to climb the wall. Is Kwang-soo… spitting on Jong-kook from above? Then karma comes back to bite him as his hint falls in front of him and then to the ground where Jong-kook scoops it. Hahaha.

While Suk-jin and Jae-suk follow the Monday Couple to the fangirl’s neighborhood, Jong-kook heads… towards Seoul? Ha, he’s never going to make it back in time.

Both Gary and Ji-hyo run to find the right apartment building, completely unaware that the mat hyungs have followed them here. At the topmost floor, they ring apartment after apartment to find their fan.

They finally gain entry to their fangirl’s apartment, whose little sister says her unni is at school. When they ask which school, she’s like, “Middle school!” over and over again. Heh.

Aw, it turns out that our fangirl (Hye-mi) is Kwang-soo’s fan, and her room is adorned in giraffes. Jae-suk and Kwang-soo arrive shortly afterwards despite Gary’s attempts to shoo them away.

Kwang-soo’s jaw drops, speechless, when he sees Hye-mi’s room, touched by how dedicated of a fan she is. It is nice to see him swell up with pride to know how loved he is.

The cast hurries over to the middle school to search for Hye-mi’s real scrapbook. Gary slips in and out with the book in hand, and sets off to find Hye-mi. A little later, Kwang-soo realizes that Gary is missing and tracks his hyung down, claiming that he knows what Hye-mi looks like.

Now it’s just a matter of finding Hye-mi herself… and it’s Kwang-soo who spots her first. Eee, it’s the ultimate fangirl dream!

Jae-suk and Jong-kook (hey, when did you get here?) follow close behind and are just about to leave when they recognize her too. Kwang-soo yells, “Hye-mi, run!”

At Oppa’s word, Hye-mi runs like the wind past several cast members. Then she stops short when she runs right into Jong-kook. Gulp.

She loses him, but then it’s pure chaos as the others run towards her with their cameras, all trying to get a selca with her. Then Gary runs after he takes a picture, and Hye-mi asks the cameras how Kwang-soo might win. Aw, said like a true fangirl.

At the same time, Kwang-soo tries to wrestle the scrapbook from Gary, but it ends up in Haha’s hands. Gary scoops it up when Haha drops it, but then Suk-jin grabs part of the book and slaps his picture on the last page, securing his first solo win in the show’s run.

The cast asks Hye-mi (who looks like she’s about to cry, aw) why she likes Kwang-soo so much. Her answer: “I saw him at a movie premiere and when he appeared, it looked like there were flower petals swirling around him.” Awwww.

They joke that she’s free to like someone else later on down the road, and Kwang-soo warns her: “You’re deadmeat if you do!” Never let your love for Oppa die!


81 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Cheliwel

    I was really touched by this episode. Awesome for the PDs to make the girl’s dream come true. I hope they do another like this next year. Hurray for impala for finally getting a solo win. Too bad for gary though. He should have honestly ran faster. Like when kwang soo was chasing him and after he for the book again.

  2. poisontail

    The charm of Running man is slowly, but surely being eroded by consistently lackluster episodes. I used to love you RM, not so much off-late.

    • 2.1 Seriously?!?!

      If you’re hating on RM just cause it’s not as “exciting” as it used to be then stop complaining and stop watching it. Honestly this episode was so fantastic because it wasn’t like any other episode.

      • 2.1.1 LKC

        I agree. This episode was so sweet 😀 Hahaha

      • 2.1.2 Raptor

        IKR??? This ep was awesome and JSJ finally has a solo win, despite him just fleecing his way through lol

  3. galy2

    thanks for recap..this is one of my best episode..this episode is very touching and i think hyemi is lucky to see her idol giraffe..and finally ji suk jin win.hahaha..daebaak…

  4. LK

    Awww this episode was so sweet and touching.
    Amazing what they did for Hyemi, she’s one lucky girl! Too bad Kwangsoo didn’t win!

  5. queen bee

    I really love it whenever an episode has no guests—more cast interaction and hijinks, of course, haha. I really wanted Kwang-soo to win this round but since Impala won instead… OK then. 😉

  6. Dita

    Love this episode so much. Somehow, I feel like RM is getting better and better these recent weeks. And MC moment is one of the most anticipated scenes. I never not love their moments. 😀

  7. hoaa

    sweet and touching. so much envy. lucky girl 🙂

  8. jel

    Awesome episode (but still no nametag tearing!). It was great for little Hye Mi. The cast interactions were great. Jong Kook driving off in the direction of Seoul was hilarious considering how he always figures everything out.

    Autograph signing in the middle of nowhere never gets old (and it isnt reused so often, unlike some other games).

    Can I please get my nametag tearing back?

    • 8.1 queen bee

      I agree with the name tag ripping! It would have been great if they had to stick the name tag of the last surviving member AND a selca with Hye-mi on the last page but that setup would be quite confusing, not to mention disadvantageous for Suk-jin. Hehe.

  9. rinka

    Running Man is on a roll lately. So many good episodes aired back to back. My most favorite moments among many:
    – Kwangsoo’s self conversation in the middle of nowhere,
    – YJS phone call with KS,
    – All of the scenes involving Kwangsoo’s Dad,
    – Two hyung’s elementary school level quarrel on library,
    – All of the scaredy cats in wall climbing,
    – KJK completely clueless,
    – Gwangsoo is the first one to find Hyemi and Hyemi tries to hide in the closet,
    – The closing interview with Hyemi,
    – The credits at the end of the show,
    – The whole episode.

  10. 10 Sajen

    Ji Hyo didn’t win, which makes it hard for me to car about the episode. But it was still cute and awesome what the did for little Hye Mi.

    • 10.1 Annoyed

      Seriously??? In order for you to appreciate a RM episode Ji Hyo has to win?!?!? I mean I love her and she’s an awesome role model but the reason why this episode was so awesome was because she didn’t win; Suk Jin did.

      • 10.1.1 megumi

        true that, i like the ace but i don’t want her or any of the cast members to be winning all the time, it gets boring too quickly, i love it when every character is given the chance to shine through, and ji suk jin here won fair and square, kwang soo in this episode truly showed that if he is serious and thinks he can play smart too, also most fans don’t realize that all the cast members are playing characters in some ways, ji hyo the ace and running man directors have helped her a lot to make her the ace, like constantly praising her through captions if she finds something even if she found later than other members, even though ji hyo is smart in my opinion KJK is more smarter than her when it comes to solving conspiracy theories and puzzles, KJK as Spartakooks but like Jae Suk said to Ye jin in one of the episodes, he’s only Spartakooks in Running Man, outside the show he’s just a guy who exercises, Haha you can see is deliberately playing that player kind of role and also comedy relief, kwang soo as the clumsy guy and you can see that if he’s really serious he is capable of ripping other people tags, he just plays his character who is easily manipulated and dumb, i felt so sorry for him in one of the episodes when the little kids were calling him the stupid ajjushi, but kids are kids and i’m more shocked with the adults here believing he’s the same in real life, it’s just a character he’s playing people not his real self, ji suk jin hyung as old man who can’t fight back, i think only jae suk is his real self in this show and doesn’t play any characters, any words coming out of his mouth is pure gold befitting of the Nation’s MC, Gary i can’t figure out what he is, if he is playing the character or he’s like that in real life.

  11. 11 Perrie

    Kwang Soo looks like a carbon copy of his dad!
    Congrats to Ji Suk Jin! Proud of you!

    • 11.1 bd

      Has he same cheeks and chin but the rest of him doesn’t really look like his pops.

      • 11.1.1 Quiet Thought

        That’s mostly because of Kwang Soo’s height, I expect. That “giraffe” look is a specific kind of genetic divergence that causes otherwise middling parents, size-wise, to give birth to basketball players. Check out some family shots of NBA players for examples.

        • bd

          Kwang-soo has a thinner face while his pops has a more squarish face and the eyes (and how deeply set they are) are also a bit diff.

          I can see why the RM members were commenting on how good-looking KS’s dad was.

          Really don’t think height has any bearing on head shape – Yao Ming is about as tall as a human can get and he has a real square head.

          • megumi

            yao ming’s dad and mom were both national basketball players, they are really tall in real life, both of them are about 6’4”, in kwang soo’s case maybe someone in his family was tall, maybe his uncle or grandfather etc, about his face maybe he’s more towards his mother’s side or maybe his face resembles his grandparents…

      • 11.1.2 Quiet Thought

        “Nurture” also has quite a bit of influence in parent and child having a common “look.” My father was a small farmer with a 7th grade education, while I eventually got an advanced degree and have only worked in business offices, but I still share facial expressions, gestures, and speech habits with him.

        We have a classic family picture taken when my sixteen-year old sister was working with her fifty-six year old father at our outdoor sawmill on a cold autumn day. My mother walked out there with a camera to take a candid shot and they both glared fiercely at her over the roar and spray of the saw cutting through a log. They could have been twins, or the same person visiting his or her past self.

  12. 12 ladyhahn

    hyemi is one lucky girl! kudos to production team to make her dreams come true.awww..
    what a twist at the end when sukjin won! so proud of impala.hahahaha..
    so kwangso’s dad owns a furniture factory.does that mean kwangsoo a chaebol at his hometown? :p

    • 12.1 chanelboy

      LOL, yeah! Why wouldn’t i think that way? haha. Anyway I’m suprised too so little ppl talking abt kwangsoo and his dad’s factory fact, I mean from the shoot I see the factory is kinda a big deal right? He IS rich! Truly what his character in Nice Guy, the chaebol son!

  13. 13 bd

    Really enjoyed this ep.

    No guests so saw plenty of banter and hijinks btwn the RM cast.

    The Giraffe tattling to his father about Kookie picking on/hitting him was simply hilarious, esp. Kookie’s facial expression (and in light of their tight relationship off camera).

    Basically everyone picks on Kwang-soo due to him being the maknae and his beta personality (ncluiding Ji-hyo who went “bad Ji-hyo” on Kwang-soo and hit him on the head), but really they all love and really care for their junior.

    YJS and Suk-jin at the children’s library trying to answer those inane questions was classic, and just perfect, as those 2 totally acted as if they were back in grade-school (my nieces actually have the Korean book with the illustration of a woman and bird on the cover).

    As for the rock climbing, seems like Haha and Suk-jin fear of heights is worse than YJS’s or Kwang-soo’s (have to give props to YJS and Kwang-soo for pushing thru their fear).

    Wonder how Kookie ended up back at Hye-mi’s school after he had gone the wrong way (lucky for Kwang-soo not to think like the others and just have his ride follow the people w/ the better clues) and why that wasn’t shown? (Think the staff helped Kookie.)

    And as much fun as the banter and hijinks were, this ep also had heart, in seeing Hye-mi’s massive fangirldom for Kwang-soo (she and her little sister were cute) and how she tried to help Kwang-soo win by running away from the other RM cast.

    • 13.1 onyxx

      LKS is more like the “omega” guy actually — occasionally, everybody picks on him (as what usually happens in wolf packs). this does not necessarily mean that he’s physically the weakest. i guess being the “maknae” of the group can’t be all that good when everybody is being fiercely competitive lol!

      Hye-mi is one lucky (fan)girl 🙂

      • 13.1.1 bd

        Yeah, LKS is definitely not the weakest; at times he puts up a good fight against the Tiger and usually has his way with Haha and Big Nose hyung.

        But being the maknae, he gets picked on (but all in good fun) by everyone, including the real weaklings.

  14. 14 jae

    this episode is so cute! as for kwang soo and his father also hyemi “the fangirl” ^^
    and as usual jihyo is so brave!!
    last for sukjin, congratulation for your first win..yey!

  15. 15 anita

    Yeay finally Ji suk jin won.hahaha..hye mi is very cute and she is kwangsoo fanatic fan.if you see in youtube, she post a video she dance giraffe style..more Monday Couple moment..fighting gary..:-D

  16. 16 miss unknown

    It would be so awesome if they can have the fans submit in their own version of a Running man episode like the fangirl did. Have people vote for which one to do and then film that one. I think that’ll be epic!! Running man doesn’t get the viewers involved like 1N2D used to do, but this is one way they should look into doing…XD

  17. 17 Luzie

    Awww. This is adorable!

  18. 18 PollyRose

    I really enjoyed this episode. It’s always fun to see the cast just interact with each other every once in a while. Though there was lots of teasing between them all, it was still clear that they know and care about each other.

    Though I’ll admit Kwang Soo sometimes goes a little too far for me, I still like him and was really happy to see how much he is loved by a fan. His reaction as he saw her room was so great, this mix of being both flattered and humbled by the admiration. I was totally rooting for him to win…

    That being said, I am REALLY happy for Ji Suk Jin nonetheless! He’s been a favorite of mine (along with Ji Hyo and Jong Kook) since I started watching Running Man…he’s just this great underdog, who, though he merits respect as the mathyung, still gets his share of being picked on as our resident race starter. He always seems to have a great attitude about it though and seems to be game for whatever the show asks of him regardless of age. Way to go on your first solo win, Ji Suk Jin! I’d say he’s earned it.

  19. 19 Andy

    An entertaining episode! It always best when the show just lets the cast be the cast. The concept is there but not in a heavy handed way. Good stuff.

  20. 20 soprection

    aw, I loved this episode. I thought it was so sweet of them to do this for a fan and without her knowledge at that. What an awesome surprise! I also think it’s lovely that she was a Gwangsoo fan just because he gets bullied a lot on the show (although he’s also often a pain back, lol). I always love episodes that are cast only – I didn’t even miss the guests.

    Kwangsoo looks just like his dad! He just has a smaller face honestly but otherwise it’s the same. Also him tattling on Jong Kook was hilarious. Jong Kook did look a little embarrassed about it as well.

    I love how fearless Jihyo is. I love that she went back for the higher hint in part because she was just enjoying the rock climbing. She is just tremendously awesome. It was really nice of her to offer SukJin her hint too.

    Congrats to Suk Jin though. I wanted Kwangsoo to win but since it’s so rare for Big Nose Hyung to do so, I’m really happy for him.

    • 20.1 soprection

      Also it was really cute when Jihyo asked Hyemi’s little sister who her favourite RM cast member was and she said it was Jihyo, aaaw. And then Jihyo gave her a big hug. You’re my favourite cast member too, Jihyo! Where’s my hug?! LOL.

      • 20.1.1 nomad

        That was when I heard Gary said “Me too!” in reply to Hyemi’s favorite RM cast as Ji Hyo, but didn’t get translated, right? I loveee that moment!

    • 20.2 jel

      While I thought what they did for Hye Mi was awesome, I dont believe she had no clue at all. Her family just opened the door and the RM just entered her room like that, she had to pass her notebook to the staff room for hiding purposes. All these tells me she knew RM was coming. Still awesome for her though to have all these experiences to tell her friends

      • 20.2.1 jamie

        if i remember correctly there was a note before the end of the show where they thank Hye Mi’s family as well as Kwang soo’s family for their cooperation for the shoot.

      • 20.2.2 ybhsmg

        I don’t believe that her family truly did not know anything. RM team would surely asked for permission, but she herself might know nothing about RM coming to her place.

        As for me, it is one of the sweetest episode. A child made a sincere wish and it is granted. So nice.

      • 20.2.3 donkeyd

        she didn’t pass it .. the staff did. and they don’t need 10 staff to hide a book. they can just send one staff to brief headmaster, teachers and hid it.

        use your brain next time

      • 20.2.4 soprection

        I think it’s quite possible that they contacted her family and school and got them to agree to it without her knowledge. That being said, imo, the most telling thing is that she didn’t seem all that shocked when the RM cast started showing up. Still they said she didn’t know so I’m willing to go along with it.

        Also I believe that her notebook was originally received as a fan present for the crew+members and it was upon going through it that the staff were suitably impressed and came up with the concept of this week’s show.

  21. 21 Alinka

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww *squeeling like a fangirl. This episode is truly a fangirl dream comes true. There are uncountable amount of fangirls out there who would love to be in Hye-Mi’s shoes, am I right? *I myself not excluded ;D

  22. 22 joycekang

    I think they need to bring back the episodes with the punishment! I want to see some punishment!!!

  23. 23 b1

    Why do those girls have that identical bangs? Haha

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    Jihyo is totally awesome. From winning the autograph session, to finding the scrapbook at LKS’s father’s factory, to discovering the picture amidst so many flying kites, to the rock climbing wall, to discovering Hyemi’s home together with Gary. There was just no stopping that woman.

    I feel that KJK really slowed himself down a lot, either due to his physical form, or letting others have a chance at winning, or just being totally off form for this ep.

    I don’t think JSJ deserved to win this ep, though his victory was a long time coming for 165 eps. He hardly did anything worthy this ep (having to depend on SJH to get the clue from the rock wall), and it was just pure luck that he managed to get to the last page of the scrap book in time to stick his photo due to Gary’s carelessness.

    Really touched by the overall premise of this ep. LKS deserves this fan’s adulation. Thumbs up 🙂

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    As someone said in a comment, this episode wasn’t only for the fangirl but for the fans all around the world.

    I’ve gotta say that despite hilarious interactions between the casts, I was more touched by Kwang Soo’s family moments. It was just freakin’ adorable and from what I saw, his dad seems to have some good variety skills LMAO.

    RM, don’t ever be cancelled or I will go to Seoul to complain to SBS, huh ! I freakin freakin’ love you <3
    And thanks for the recap as usual 🙂 I really love your little comments like "hahahaha" or "pff" XD.

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    This was a really good and touching episode! I actually cried a little when it showed the girl’s room because it showed how dedicated she really was (can’t believe I watched all the eps over the years!!)

    It had some really funny moments like the library scenes ( I knew the PDs were going to ask them those kind of questions lol) & Kwangsoo’s dad’s company scenes. Ji Hyo is cool as usual 🙂

    Thanks for the recap!!

  27. 27 Running Man Fan

    Kim Jong Kook has soften his image? I think after his leg injuries, he had taken things very easy. In the past he is the most fearsome character and is smart Commander Kook. This episode,he is clueless about the mission is very hilarious. Nothing wrong with that, just think that it is funny and I did not expect Jong kook to be lost in a mission. Lol.. 🙂

    Classic moment:
    1) the running man hiding behind the booth, giving out their autograph. I like to see those expressions.. How I wish I was those who get their autograph.. Lol.. 😉
    2) Kwang Soo and his dad looks alike. Kwang Soo is a chaebol. 🙂
    3) Yoo Jae Suk the respectable hyung is so well mannered to Kwang Soo dad. He quickly changes his words when haha point out that Kwang Soo dad is watching this show.
    4) Kwang Soo accuse Jong kook hyung for bullying and Spartakook flustered facial expressions.
    5) Kwang Soo and Jong kook wrestling with each other.
    6) Haha and Ji suk Jin mission at the library.. Those questions were funny!! 🙂
    7) Ji Suk Jin and Haha scare of height
    8) Ji Hyo the fearless ace!! I am honestly scare of the height
    9) Kwang Soo drop the balloon only to have Jong kook pick it up for himself.
    10) Gary almost win but glad that Ji suk Jin won since this is his first win. 🙂

    I guess the staffs informed Jong kook and Jae suk about the locations for them to join in the fliming. Anyway, I envy Hyemin that the RM visited her family, school and herself.. 🙂 thank you for the review.

  28. 28 Quiet Thought

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    • 28.1 the68monkey

      More like 15, since they said she was born in July 1998.

  29. 29 Quiet Thought

    Good show on the rock climb by everyone, especially Ji Hyo. It seems a simple task, but, if you aren’t athletic, lifting and holding a goodly share of your body weight with hand and toe grips is extremely difficult. Doing it for several minutes would exhaust most people and leave them with pain in their hands and feet. And Ji Hyo did it twice just for the work out.

  30. 30 Quiet Thought

    When I make my pitch for the drama “Second Spawn”, about a Candy serial killer who knocks off 2nd Generation Chabol Sons, I will suggest Kwang Soo as the guy who gets her to doubt the logic of her murderous ritual.

  31. 31 Hari

    Yes, a sweet episode for all RM fans and LKS. It was fun to see his dad and that CUTE picture of him and how touched his was seeing the giraffe filled room. It was a chance to see a glimpse of his real personality, instead of the exaggerated RM persona. Hyemi even got a taste of what its like to run with the cast and find oneself face to face with KJK! I really liked this episode; thanks for the recap.

  32. 32 PL

    Hyun Woo’s favorite episode!!

  33. 33 Quiet Thought

    The opening game was a little tedious, but I liked the unintentional running gag of Song Ji Hyo being the first choice for an autograph everywhere they went. The PD needs to collect those marked-up evil photos and incorporate them into a episode.

  34. 34 Running Man Fan

    Wah, come face to face with Kim Jong Kook!!! I will be very shocked too.. So nice that Hye Min get to experience playing game with RM!!! They all took picture with her.. Hahaha.. A well thought up game.. Lol

  35. 35 ssc

    ” Ack, give your dad a hug before you go, Kwang-soo! But Dad sends his son off in good spirits. They’re just adorable.”

    To be fair to Kwangsoo, he yelled at everyone for not saying goodbye to his father and then stayed behind. His father kicked him out so he can catch up to them lol.

    This episode was really fun, the kwangsoo fangirl was adorable.

  36. 36 MooFu Baby

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    eventhough i watched this ep 2 times and read the review i still cant help but laugh and adored this ep.. I am biased in liking running man ep.

    I am much more ecstatic if lee kwang soo cute giraffe wins :D, but this episode brought me tears and goosebumps.i really do appreaciate this ep.
    much happier that there is no bullying going on .It really annoys me and makes me to stop watching it than be sick to the show.

    i was soooo touched for hye mi’s effort. If only i can be in her situation also that she able to play with running man members and especially meet and HUG gwang soo.

    i almost crack out of jealousy 😀

    He is totally an awesome and adorable guy.Sooo full of charm.

    As always Ji hyo’s abilities makes me say wow is she superwoman ,But at the end i just want her and KJK to show off there skills but i dont like them winning (heheh give the weakling a chance)

    Too bad i was really hoping lee kwang soo would win this ep. to sum up

    But i am still happy though since the chance was given to hyung suk jin.he deserves it
    i so love this ep that i dont want it to would be nice if there would be part 2 staying overnight at gwang soo’s place..ohh

    i hope running man would keep rolling for decades.:)

  38. 38 Swee

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    Thanks for recapping..

  39. 39 Hxnis

    I love this episode.

    The best part for me is when Kwang Soo entered Hyemi’s room. Upon realizing that Hyemi is his fan, I Hear Your Voice song appear. Wah.

  40. 40 crazy

    Lovely episode! Lovely recap …thanks !

  41. 41 nomad

    This epi is ALL about heart! I didn’t laugh nearly as much as I do with other epis, but I loveee this one. I love the fact that Kwangsoo still calls his dad “appa” instead of “aboji” (spell?), I love that it’s based on a fan’s hard work, I love MC moments, I love how JH gave her mid hint to Suk Jin, and I love how devoted Kwang Soo’s fan is 🙂

  42. 42 chaloner

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  43. 43 Carinne

    The very last line to this post is totally epic. Haha!!!!!

  44. 44 Lilian

    I loved this episode! Very funny….they always dump them in the middle of nowhere to get autographs XD And so nice to see Kwang Soo not being in betrayal mode for once =)

    Can we please get Jong Kook’s family on the show too, or even better Eun Hye XDXD

  45. 45 Aisha

    does anyone know the bgm used when they were giving out their autographs?
    it sounds kinda like it belongs in a spy film
    + it reminds me B.E.G’s Sixth Sense

    • 45.1 Mira

      Actually, I havent watch this ep yet. But since you mentioned that it reminded you to BEG’s sixth sense, I think this is the song: Allez Neu by Peter Fox

      Because I thought the same thing when I heard this song for the first time. Let me know if im wrong 🙂

      • 45.1.1 Mira

        sorry typo: Alles Neu by Peter Fox

        • MediaConsumer

          If you’re referring to the jazz-like tune with fast beats, it’s a remix of the opening to the anime Cowboy Bebop, i.e. Tank! by Yoko Kanno feat. The Seatbelts.

          This particular version is a remix by Luke Vibert. 🙂

          Took me 3+ days of searching , on different occasions. (Y)

  46. 46 lennah

    Can someone please tell me the title of the song when Kwangsoo finally saw Hyemi in the classroom? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • 46.1 it just me

      Chau Chau (or spelled as Chow Chow) by Deli Spice

      • 46.1.1 lennah

        thank you so much! 😀

  47. 47 passerby

    I am personally so flabbergasted when landing at this page for the first time. there is someone out there devoting his time for writing every single episode of this running man series (with great pictures as well)!

    So much thanks! Thanks x 1000

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