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Running Man: Episode 164
by | September 27, 2013 | 46 Comments

Let’s be honest—family reunions can be stressful, especially if you have two hyungs nagging you as the maknae. Or maybe you’re the middle child who’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or maybe you’re the mat-hyung whose dongsaengs just stick you in the hotseat. But the thing about family is that even with the endless ribbing, the high expectations, and the temptation of gold, you’ll take on any challenge as a team even if it means flying out of a chair together.

EPISODE 164. Broadcast on September 22, 2013.

It’s time for another family reunion as Madame Maknae FD’s lineage gathers together for the Chuseok holiday. Jae-suk is happy to hear that he’s distantly related by marriage to Haha, whose younger brother Kwang-soo accuses Jae-suk as their “parents’ enemy.”

To that, Lawyer Kim Hwan interjects, “They’re still alive and well!” Pfft.

Madame Maknae FD has two daughters, and the eldest’s sons—which consequently makes them brothers—are Suk-jin, Jae-suk, and Jong-kook, respectively. Then younger daughter Ji-hyo is married to Gary, natch. Good to see their “divorce” didn’t last too long.

Time to introduce the family maknae aka Ji-hyo’s youngest (I know; it’s confusing and weird along with Haha’s earlier mention of being a breastfed baby): meet actor Yoo Ah-in (Wandeuki, Jang Ok-jung) who’s greeted with open arms by his relatives.

The Monday Couple claim him as their own despite Jae-suk’s attempts to argue that he’s more closely related to the star (since they share the same surname “Yoo”). Heh, it’s just funny that older hyung Haha speaks to Ah-in in jondaemal.

The older cousins wonder who their mother is, since she’d have to be older than mat-hyung Suk-jin. Ahh, it’s Korea’s Mom aka veteran actress Kim Hae-sook (The Suspicious Housekeeper, I Hear Your Voice)!!

Now’s a good a time as any to formally introduce our families/teams: Eldest (Hae-sook, Suk-jin, Jae-suk, and Jong-kook) and Younger (Gary, Ji-hyo, Haha, Kwang-soo, and Ah-in).

Already the tense family dynamics kick in when Hae-sook says her nephews didn’t greet her. Haha bites back: “[We will] when you repay your debt to us!” Hae-sook: “WHAT?!” Ha, I love her feistiness.

Lawyer Kim is here to read out the madam’s will and testament in her stead, where she will hand over her amassed wealth to the family who masters the “ultimate recipe.”

Hae-sook is confident in her cooking skills, but Jae-suk stops short when he reads off that their first mission location takes place at a swimming pool. Haha: “We finished the summer specials two weeks ago!”

But Hae-sook says there’s nothing they can’t do in the face of such a grand prize. Now that’s the spirit!

Oh no—it’s the return of the flying chairs. But… it’s autumn! Here, the men will go flying if their “mothers” choose the kkwang (dud) card out of five cards. The family to win two rounds wins it.

At least this means the ladies will stay dry, but then Jong-kook says that the ladies should have a chance in the chairs as well. He gets a slap on the back for that remark, keh.

I do love watching the actor guests’ flabbergasted expressions when they realize how “real” variety is. As in, you don’t get the diva treatment with staff waiting on you hand and foot. Like how Ah-in asks how they’ll get to the chairs in the middle of the pool. Answer: “You’ll walk of course.” Cue jawdrop!

So the boys traverse the chilly pool, and engage in a round of My Mom is Better than Yours. Hae-sook says she chewed on a razor blade (a reference to her character in the movie Open City), and then her sons realize that Daddy is none other than Simon Yam from The Thieves. LOL.

Then Hae-sook exclaims: “All of [my sons] look different, which means they have different fathers!” Puhahaha. Omg, I’m dying.

Tension run high as soon as they start, and thankfully both daughters choose correctly, to their sons’ delig ht. They’re literally shaking in their chairs in anticipation, and it’s a fifty-fifty chance when it’s Hae-sook’s turn to choose again.

And whaddaya know—Ji-hyo ends up with the kkwang card. Both Haha and Kwang-soo go flying. HEE.

Hae-sook doesn’t hesitate to induce fear into Ji-hyo as her sunbae. It’s down to another fifty-fifty chance the second time around… and Ji-hyo’s sons take another dip in the pool. Hahaha, the slo-mo reaction shots are hilarious.

Hae-sook’s lucky streak ends when she picks the kkwang card on her next turn. But it’s Ah-in’s unfortunate picks that leads to his hyungs getting wet yet again.

We get this hilariously dramatic moment before the second round when the cast discovers a grasshopper floating in the pool. Resident Grasshopper Jae-suk delicately scoops up the insect, but it looks like it’s not going to make it.

Hee, Hae-sook’s boys go flying on her first turn, and no one is as excited and relieved as Ah-in is. After another anxiety-inducing minute, Hae-sook’s boys go for another dip in the pool, and Jae-suk encourages her to throw in the towel and end his brothers’ suffering. Which she does. HA.

The score is tied at 1:1, and Hae-sook hasn’t lost a rock-paper-scissors match yet. Ji-hyo is determined to send her maknae son flying, an idea that Ah-in isn’t looking forward to. Yes, yes, but WE are.

And so when it indeed happens… only Kwang-soo flies into the pool? Huh, did the chairs malfunction? But no worries because the staff sends both of them as soon as Kwang-soo returns to his chair. Muhahaha.

Ah-in tries to play off his first dunk as nothing, saying the others complain too much. To that, Jae-suk retorts: “You screamed the loudest!”

Ah-in’s face of frozen anxiety cracks me up. He tries to shrug it off again, but the panic is his eyes is hilarious. Then comes the moment of truth when the mothers reach for one more card… and Jong-kook and Jae-suk fly into the air.

Wet and cold, Jae-suk rallies everyone to bid farewell to all their summer games: “Bye pool games!” “Bye mudfield!” Then Jae-suk predicts, “Will we say ‘goodbye’ to Ah-in as well?”

After Ji-hyo says goodbye to Ah-in, she picks her first card… and sure enough it’s a dud. HAHAHA—you can’t make this stuff up.

The score’s all tied up with this final set, and the mothers give their sons some last few words. When Kwang-soo gets passed over, he shouts that he’s being ignored as the middle child by both his mother AND the cameras. Aww.

Hae-sook leads her son to rally for a win, and then Ah-in asks, “Do we not want to win?”

Ji-hyo waves to the camera, “Bye Ah-in-ie!” …and then picks up a kkwang card. Muhahaha.

Everyone heads out to grab some grub, and in the car, Ji-hyo’s family laugh over the small age gap between generations. Gary: “I was eight [when I had you, Ah-in]!”

Gary then suggests that Ji-hyo take the kids abroad so he can live it up in the nightclubs. Haha and Kwang-soo play up the joke: “Stop going to Room 34!” “I grabbed a disco ball on my first birthday!”

The families arrive at the restaurant where they’ll be tested on their five senses via a cooking quiz. Hae-sook is surprised that they have to earn their food, but there ain’t no free meals in Running Man Land!

The first test requires them to listen and correctly identify the sound of the ingredient. There’s some chopping and frying noises, and Haha rolls forward to answer… and blanks. Needless to say he gets it wrong.

Hahaha, Hae-sook is freakin’ hilarious. She rolls forward to spit out three possible answers, hoping one of them is right. She’s super earnest, but can only pick one. Nope, that’s wrong too.

The cast is given a hint, but they’re still as clueless as ever. They line up anyway, since they don’t have anything to lose. Haha gets the answer (kimbap).

The next round is a taste test, and Kwang-soo practically burns his tongue when he’s fed the fried squid(?). It’s like his indiscernible screams are saying It buurrrrnnnss!

He makes a guess (fried clementine), and I for one am happy that it’s incorrect. Then Jong-kook slides ahead, and Ji-hyo warns the health fanatic that it’s fried food. But Jong-kook takes one for the team while the others heckle him in the back. Jae-suk: “He only eats chicken breast, so he doesn’t know what other things taste like!”

Then Kwang-soo calls out: “The more you eat it, the more it tastes like clementines!” Pair that with Jong-kook’s guess of grapefruit, I begin to wonder if it is something citrus-y.

Ahahaha, they’re fried gummy worms?! Oh gosh, this is going to take foreverrr! Ah-in manages to pull ahead of everyone else, and the weird consistency gives him pause.

But when it comes down for him to answer, Ah-in pleads for more time. Ha, so much for being the rebel poster boy. The extra few seconds, however, gives him time to arrive at the right answer, to everyone’s astonishment.

Jong-kook: “You fed me something fried AND gelatinous?!” Everyone else takes a bite and says it’s tasty, but I’m thinking that’s the hunger talking.

Both Ah-in and Haha taunt the others from the sidelines, reeling from the next item. It’s a touch test, and the inability to see what you’re touching just makes the experience that much more harrowing.

But Hae-sook reaches in the box (of mackerel) and stubbornly refuses to take her hand out so that she can feel around properly. She even sneaks a peek before settling for the generic answer: “Fish!” Ha, technically it’s not wrong.

She continues to stick by the box, milking her opportunity to play on Lawyer Kim’s sympathy for all it’s worth. It totally works.

Lawyer Kim is a little less patient with Jong-kook in their smell test. Then when Haha starts to pester the others, Jae-suk eerily rolls up to him, blindfolded, to give him a warning. Lol.

Kwang-soo sticks his tongue out to taste-test just like his fellow giraffes, but he indeed gets it right. Then everyone gathers around like a flock of vultures to grab a bite.

Ji-hyo’s family wins the second game, and both teams choose another box before heading out to their next location—a town village.

The mission here is to be the first team to collect ten songpyeon (a traditional rice cake commonly eaten at Chuseok) hidden around town. Aw, innocent variety newbie Ah-in thinks that their collected dduk will be safe if they bring it back, only to learn that that’s not true in the slightest.

Both teams acknowledge that Kwang-soo’s betrayal image comes in pretty handy for games like these. But Hae-sook doesn’t seem too worried: “He hasn’t seen how scary I can get.” Eek, drop the branch!

Ah-in discovers three songpyeon right away. And if you ever wondered what a pregnant Ah-in would look like, well… this is it. Hehehe.

Haha runs into Jae-suk, who has two songpyeon in his arms. His attempts to steal them away are futile, and they end up using their words to bicker in the road. Heh.

Meanwhile, Ah-in crosses paths with Hae-sook, and the two circle around each other. Unbeknownst to Hae-sook, Kwang-soo sneaks up on her to take the songpyeon hidden under her shirt.

She screams for help, and soon, there’s a chaotic tussle going on as everyone lunges toward each other’s songpyeon. Ah-in makes off with one, and Hae-sook momentarily holds Kwang-soo hostage.

When Jong-kook arrives moments afterwards and guards one, Haha calls out: “There’s one [songpyeon] we won’t be able to steal!”

The hyungs torture him (via ear-grabbing) to talk, and then they literally flip Kwang-soo over to remove a songpyeon hidden in his pants. Haha pleads his defense, but Kwang-soo points out that they took off his pants in public. It wouldn’t be the first time we saw your underwear?

While the boys are busy stealing their loot from each other, Hae-sook goes searching for the hidden songpyeon and finds them. When Ji-hyo realizes that they’re gone, Hae-sook’s sons thank Kwang-soo for helping them out, a lie that his team immediately believe.

Disappointed in their “problem child” Gary remarks, “We should never have had you! Go study abroad!” Then Jae-suk jokes that the entire village has agreed. Aww.

Ah-in and Haha discover the last two songpyeon they need to win it. All they have to do is return to base safely, only that Hae-sook makes off with one hidden with Gary’s VJ. Whoa.

That gives Hae-sook’s family a total of nine along with one stuffed in another VJ’s backpack. Ji-hyo’s family does their best to stop them, but Hae-sook’s team wins it.

It turns out the difference between the boxes is different-sized plastic bags, and both teams have 100 seconds to buy as many groceries as they can.

You can describe the next couple minutes as pure chaos as the teams run around, stuffing their bags with ingredients and screaming at each other. Is that bibim-myun I see in one bag?

At the end of it, Hae-sook points out they don’t have any seasoning. Well, if you don’t count the seven packages of kimchi, that is.

Then they head to their final mission location where their epic cooking battle will take place where they’ll have one hour to complete their dishes.

Given how Ah-in made sure to buy seasoning earlier and gives preparation instructions to his teammates now, I get the feeling that the boy knows his way around the kitchen. Whereas I get worried in Hae-sook’s corner with that potful of kimchi.

Eee, Gary lends a helping hand to make it easier for Ji-hyo to cut a pumpkin. Haha jokes that they may very well see another sibling soon, and Gary replies, “Don’t come home tonight!”

Then Haha says it’s Daddy Gary’s dream to be a kirogi father (directly translated to “wild goose,” it also refers to fathers whose families are abroad while they work in Korea). Ha, so he can go clubbing?

Hae-sook takes a peek at Ji-hyo’s family’s menu (galbi jjim or braised short ribs), and Haha explains that it’s surf, turf, and air. Mmm, whatever it is, it does look delicious.

Then we cut to Kwang-soo, who’s cutting a pear with scissors. Daddy Gary reminds his son what a constant disappointment he is, especially when Kwang-soo evolves into Giraffe Scissorhands, wielding a pair in each hand.

At least we’ll be able to meet Kwang-soo’s real father next week(?), and get those daddy issues resolved. I hope.

With twenty minutes to go, the boys worry about Hae-sook’s cooking skills. They immediately call her out for the mysterious powder hanging on the soup spoon. MSG, is it? Hae-sook: “It’s a special powder I brought from home!”

I love how her solutions to all things is: “Add more kimchi!” Jae-suk points out that their maknae Jong-kook isn’t doing anything, to which Jong-kook says he’s busy supervising the entire operation. Lol.

At the ten-minute warning, Ji-hyo’s family’s dish looks about ready to go, and the massive kimchi-dduk soup doesn’t look too shabby.

When it’s all said and done, Madame Maknae FD arrives to preside over the judging process. As for the judging itself, 100 townsfolk will taste-test their dishes.

So one by one, they eat and cast their votes as the families wait anxiously. Afterward, the madam shows off today’s prize—a golden Ultimate Spoon—that will make any dish delicious. Pfft.

And with 71% of the votes, the winning family is… Ji-hyo’s. With a huge smile, Ah-in cheers, “Bye Ah-in-ie!”


46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. CL

    Kim Hae Sook and Yoo Ah In were too cute in this episode. I laughed throughout, from the flying chair to the songpyeon stealing game 🙂 Great episode!

    • 1.1 celloangelninja

      Ah… I love ah in, ever since sks. He was SO CUTE in this. So innocent keke… he was kinda like Shinhwa when they didn’t realize they could betray people. I’m glad running man got funnier again ^^

    • 1.2 bd

      Yoo Ah-in brought more personality and charm than most of the younger celebs.

      As for Kim Hae-sook, she seemed like she was a regular RM cast member, pulling out all the “bag of tricks” when it came to trying to get an advantage (well, cheating).

      For an actress referred to as “Korea’s Mom” – I had never seen her in a K-drama despite her rather extensive videography.

      Always thought of Kim Ja-ok (played Han-gyul’s mother in “Coffee Prince”) as being the representative Korean Mom.

      Very enjoyable ep due to the great interaction btwn the RM cast and guests.

  2. Babs

    I loved saying “Ah In-ie Anyeong!” It was hilarious…. But as always felt super bad for Kwang Soo being used as the scape goat or being ignored. Thanks for the recap gummimochi!!!

  3. akira

    such another great episode from RM…. love it! <3

  4. LK

    This episode was cute but they seriously need to bring back the nametag ripping game… RM is still good and hilarious without it, but the nametag ripping makes the whole show more exciting. I feel like the show ends in such a lackluster way without it.

    • 4.1 Babs

      I have to say I do miss the name tag ripping but I also understand that if they ONLY rip nametags thing would get boring… But it’s been time enough where we could have a few GOOD name tag ripping episodes. Let’s see what this week brings.

  5. rinka

    Thanks for the recap!

    This is another hilarious episode from Running Man! I love Ah-in’s many expressions and Kim Hae-seok being a fierce ahjumma, but my favorite thing is the whole family skit, lol. They should do that often.

    P.S. Ah-in-oppa, please marry me!!

  6. Yeonjae Hong

    Yoo Ah In <33

  7. pigtookie

    lovely episode! yoo ah in and kim hae sook were great guests and fit into the RM family well.

    i’d expected yoo ah in to be more reserved since he didn’t speak much at first (and since many of RM’s hot young actors turn out to be more reserved on variety than their onscreen roles), but he was great, enthusiastic and playful. the RM’s support also helped, the way they kept chanting ‘ah in anyeong!’

  8. Melissa

    Ooh, innocently naive Ah-in. I like. 😉
    As always, Hae-sook is awesome 😀

  9. roo

    Another great and hilarious episode in the books.

    I don’t know about you but every time I see the flying chairs, I know I’m in for a good laugh! It’s definitely one of the games I enjoy watching the most. You just can’t beat their reactions as they’re flying backwards into the water!

    Also, RM gives great exposure to Korean cuisine and I love watching episodes where food is involved. Everything always look so mouth-watering delicious!

  10. 10 jel

    Boring episode. Flying chairs have been used so often. One of the worst 5 episodes ever.

    Bring back name tag ripping. Seriously.

    • 10.1 WhyWhy(Not)Me

      Great episode. Flying chairs are not used enough. One of the best 5 episodes ever.

      Don’t always keep bringing back name tag ripping (I like variety). Seriously.

    • 10.2 bd

      The name tag game w/o an unusual twist got boring.

      This ep was fun for the banter, good-natured ribbing and attempts at cheating.

  11. 11 Catz

    Anyone know the song that played around the time when the green team were joking (about room 34)? It’s an old dance track I heard in my younger years 🙁

    • 11.1 Catz

      haha just found it!

      Gabry Ponte – Time To Rock

  12. 12 sae

    What a fun little episode, thanks gummi.

  13. 13 maymay

    Such a funny episode. I rewinded so many times. The games, though not new, are hilarious because of the guests. Just like those we love name-ripping, it’s not a new game either…but I don’t mind the episodes without too, because the RM casts always bring on the funny.

  14. 14 Sabah

    Funny episode! I loved the guests and RM on fine form with silly banter!

    However I loved, JUST LOVED that moment *extra spoilers from main post* just after Yoo Jae Suk pushes Ha Ha into the pool, and Yoo Ah In grabs Lee Kwang Soo’s hand and manoeuvres them both towards their seats. I forget how comfortable Korean men being touchy feely, less so where I live though I know it’s not just limited to Korean men…still it made me lit up because I miss having that around me.

    Also when Kim Jong Kook couldn’t work out the eating mystery and Lee kwang Soo says something like, ‘it’s something rare and requisite to be sure’ with that so sincere, most heart melting expression…aw

    *spoiler* Can’t wait for next week and meeting LKS’s dad! yay!

    • 14.1 Sabah

      OK so many typos…and yeah I checked too
      *I forget how comfortable Korean men ARE in being touchy feely…
      *still it made me light up
      *it’s something rare and exquisite
      I most sincerely apologize. Sorry, I shall take more care in the future.

  15. 15 elvira

    YOO AH IN.
    Love him since Sungkyungkwan, as always 2nd lead syndrome.
    Good episode, I agree Running Man should have the name tag ripping games or just bring back the spy.


  16. 16 bjharm

    I am very much not a Yoo Ah In fan like most that commented, I still remember his actions in regard to Sky and Ocean, so found this episode a little on the boring side, it didnt help to have a guest like Kim Hae-sook as the RM cast always bend over backwards with a senior like her is on the show..a Korean thing I guess but I find it throws off the balance of the show too much for me.

    • 16.1 Shaista

      LOL you don’t even know what happened for real just because you read news somewhere. And it’s soooo yesterday. Move on. People change. But then again, it’s your right to dislikes someone. Thanks bye!

  17. 17 zakin89

    Hae-Sook and Ah-In were adorable! And Hae-Sook was also quite fierce which I loved!

    The expressions on everyone’s faces when flying through the air…hilarious 😀
    And I cracked up so much at the “Ah In-ie Anyeong!” xD

    I also LOLed at the fried jelly worms 😀 Who was the genius that came up with this?

    The cooking mission… How much kimchi did Hae-Sook put in? I doubt that there was any other taste than the one of the kimchi^^

    Loved the episode and I am very looking forward to this week’s with Kwang Soo’s dad =)
    But it really is about time for some name tag ripping!

  18. 18 Hari

    Enjoyable banter and jokes in this episode. I wonder if that is really LKS’s dad in the next episode?

    • 18.1 bd

      That’s the hallmark of a good RM ep.

  19. 19 Jam

    Love this episode!

  20. 20 Cynthia

    Another good RM episode! I like the rhythm that the production team is using for these last few months. Blockbuster, idol-heavy shows followed by quieter, mostly RM member-centric eps.

    I, too, miss the name-ripping end games but only those using the tell-tail shoelace bells. Just last night I was watching RM Idol Olympics 2012 and the final name rip used bells with a 10 minute reversal and a freeze action. That was totally genius and hysterical – I wish they’d use that again.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  21. 21 Running Man Fan

    I like the guests for this episode. Hae Sook is a well respected sunbae in the industry and she is funny and uses her status without being ‘too much’. She is game for jokes and even when bend the rules, she knows how to go about doing it in a variety sense. She is surprisingly good in scissors, paper stone too..

    Ah-In is a cute guy who basically lack of experience but is game for anything. He does put in effort and tries his best. Instead of been awkward, he follow the leads of the RM members and play along his role as the youngest child.

    Classic moments:

    1) HaHa and Jae suk bickering and fighting over the songpyeong.. Like kids fighting.

    2) Jae Suk able to find HaHa and threaten him although he is blindfolded.

    3) Jong Kook pushed Ji Suk Jin into the water and Haha pushed Jae Suk into the water. (POOR HYUNGS!!)

    4) The family tree and Monday Couple! Gary always throws out jokes and show his humorous side once in a while which brings lots of laughter.

    5) Kwang Soo the poor Maknae who was flipped upside down, search his pants and been bullied/ ignored by his parents.. even the camera.. LOL

    6) Kwang Soo and his scissors hand.. how he cuts the pear!! He surely grabs alot of attention from the camera because he is funny. In the variety world that is what we needed.. everyone plays different roles.. do not take things too seriously.

    7) Jae Suk saved the glasshopper in the pool… oh..

    8) The flying chairs and their expressions.. i like this game.

    9) Jae Suk question why Jong Kook does nothing in the last game, only to get the reply… I am supervising the operation.. (Like a big boss)… that is funny..

    10) Jong kook gets slapped on the back for egging the ladies to try the flying chair.. then the mum said i breastfed to give u muscle..and how she said all her sons look different because their fathers are different. lol..

    * Ji Hyo has been the more reserved and less entertaining in Running Man.. But her role as ‘Mong Ji Hyo’ and ‘ Ace’ make up for her lack of variety sense.. i have read some comments (In other website) that said that she made the least improvement throughout these years.

    I think just like her for who she is and we cannot deny that she fit into the Running Man. She plays a part in the sucess of Running Man too. Anyway, thinks for review.

    • 21.1 jj_20

      Thanks for the recap gummimochi.
      Really love SJH. She’s adorable in so many ways. Though admittedly she lacks MC skills but her being so sport and competitive makes up for it…

      Really love her. Daebak.
      I guess her being indifference, shy and awkward makes her more lovable and cute.

      • 21.1.1 mycarablues

        Actually I like Song Ji Hyo for who she is, pretty, cute, blank, tomboyish and competitive. She used to be Inkigayo MC but I guessed in reality she is not that talkative and reserved.

        To me Running man is quite boring with Monday Couple images where we can’t see Ji Hyo with more handsome and attractive famous actors/singers or Gary with another pretty and attractive famous actress/singers which can be refreshing for the show. Monday couple is so yesterday, I would love them to be free from the image and start flirting with others too because they are so busy with works and no time for themselves to mingle around so much so let them match up.

        I like Song Ji Hyo with Yoo Ah In so much; they look cute and nice together. When Ji Hyo met such a charismatic and better pair than Gary in Running man why let Monday couple interfere?I can see Gary sideways when YAI is around JiHyo, it means that he recognize YAI is better than him to Jihyo.

  22. 22 Running Man Fan

    thanks for review.

  23. 23 Running Man Fan

    Eating game is funny too.. Jae Suk is spot on when he said that Jong kook only know the taste of Chicken breast.. Oh and they fed him fried food!! OMG.. Kwang Soo acting like a girrafe with his tongue sticking out.. hahaha..

  24. 24 Lilian

    I loved how the camera caught Ah-In’s genuinely shocked expressions! Bwahaha…

    and the quote of the day has gotta be: “All of [my sons] look different, which means they have different fathers!””
    Loved her loads in dramas, she should appear in variety more often too.

  25. 25 Caitlyn

    I loved Kwangsoo when they made him fly into the water a second time because Ah In’s chair malfunctioned. You could actually hear the PD apologising to him! Poor Kwangsoo, lol

  26. 26 yhang

    if there are any possibility of adding an 8th permanent running man member, I hope that they’ll get Ah-in. Though he is a rookie, i can clearly see that he goes well with the rest of the cast. And let’s admit it, a new maknae wouldn’t be bad right? :3

    • 26.1 mycarablues

      why don’t you write to the producer, may be it may comes true..I think its good to have young, handsome and competitive members in there too..

  27. 27 Chloe

    Ah in definitely knows his stuff in the kitchen 😀 loved the two of them in this episode. It’s one thing to see them acting in shows and another playing in variety 😛 it makes it hard to believe they are the same person 🙂 I love the two of them. It was a great show! Thanks for the recap!

  28. 28 lalala

    This is one of my favourite episode..Actually if talking bout the games it basically just recycled from the previous episodes which is for me not so intense and excitement but why I found it fun is because of their dialogues! cracks me up till the end!

    For eg when:
    Gary says to LGS because of his troublesome: Next week, go study abroad.. korean drama!

    or when :

    Haha says to MC during cooking task: Today is mom n dad’s anniversary..and today we might even have another brother..


  29. 29 jae

    Up to this time there really is no episode better than the Park JiSung eps.. Only that time did the guests did not feel like baggage for the RM cast, it’s like they are really part of the show, and not merely guests waiting for the hosts to ask the right questions, for me it feels more dynamic and alive that way. My point being that when the guests have real personality and don’t just have persona Running Man is at its best. But I still like this episode, funnier than several others and here I am thinking that ShiKyung was the best variety chef but Ah In comes and now I am confused. hahahaha

  30. 30 Nur

    Hello there,

    Please help. Who knows the song played during the introduction of the family? Basically it plays from the sta

  31. 31 Raptor

    All these JI Hyo naysayers just watch 165 to see what she brings onto the RM table. Seriously she is an Ace. Tsk!

    Love this ep even without the name tag ripping. Think the team is trying out new games with varying success, but the cast and guests need to pull them off well. Really touching ep for 165.

  32. 32 Shaista

    My fave episode! I laughed so hard in “Aini Annyeong!” LMAO!

  33. 33 1608

    I really loved this episode. Kim Hae Sook was so hilarious that at some points I was laughing so hard I thought my head would explode, to the point of almost wailing. In fact my, head and face still hurt. I understand why some people are annoyed with the repetitiveness of the games and lack of tag ripping, but when Kim Hae Sook pulled those songpyeon out of the washing machine it was so funny I almost died.

  34. 34 180909

    Anyone know what’s the name of the song when gary is helping song jihyo to cut the squash and haha and lee kwang soo is joking about their mom and dad having another baby brother??? The piano song any one ?

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