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Two Mi-raes, two suitors, one Mi-rae’s Choice
by | October 10, 2013 | 84 Comments

Here we go, the last(?) push for promo before next week’s premiere of Mi-rae’s Choice, which may also get translated as its punny reading Future Choice or called by its alternate English title (as the posters tell us) Marry Him If You Dare. We’ve been calling it Mi-rae’s Choice and will continue to do so because, well, that’s the drama’s title. And while KBS likes to come up with its own alternate English titles (many of them terrible—remember Bread Love and Dreams for Baker King Kim Tak-gu?), I mostly wish they’d just stick to ONE. Any one. Just one.

The set of three posters was released this week and features its four lead actors (Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Dong-gun, Jung Yong-hwa, Han Chae-ah), though it doesn’t make much mention of the drama’s time-traveling premise. Which you would think might be sort of the point of the show. The third poster hints a bit at it with the clock motifs, with Future Mi-rae (Choi Myung-gil) seated next to Present Day Mi-rae. I do hope the show puts her in some crazy fashions, because goodness knows 25 years is a long time for trends to change. *thinks back to hot trends of 25 years ago* *shudders*

Here’s one more teaser, showing us the main couple’s meet-cute (meet-angry?), and Mi-rae’s reaction to her future self telling her that she’s from the future:

Future Mi-rae tells Current Mi-rae that she and her husband (anchorman Lee Dong-gun with the shellacked hairdo to go with the job) are ill-suited for each other, and that she’ll find her a better match. Enter Jung Yong-hwa, whom Future Mi-rae says is no mere lowly VJ but actually a chaebol.

(Hm, so is Future Mi-rae’s mission motivated by materialism? I’m picturing a resentful old lady in the future grumbling that she let the rich young guy go. Is this a case of Grass Is Always Greener? I’m not ruling out the possibility that the show will explore the idea that Future Mi-rae’s mission is the misguided one, but in the meantime we’ll get to watch Yoon Eun-hye romancing both men. Such a difficult job, that.)

Mi-rae’s Choice will take up Good Doctor’s recently vacated Monday-Tuesday slot and premieres on October 14.

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84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. LangitBiru

    What happened to YEH hair again? At one glimpse, Yonghwa looks like LDG. At one glimpse only.

    So random but from the poster looks like YEH and Yonghwa never ‘fixed’ their teeth.

    • 1.1 sayuri

      They don’t have a dental problem, they look just fine.

    • 1.2 lily

      I like their snaggletooths. it gives them a quirk. korean celebs are so obsessed with image and looking perfect that it’s kind of refreshing to see someone not give a fuck.

      • 1.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        I looooooooove interesting teeth.

      • 1.2.2 Dusty

        AGREED. My father is a dentist and when he was practicing, he used to really encourage people NOT to get their teeth fixed perfectly. He would always make one tooth a tiny bit crooked, it looked so much more natural than the “white Chiclets” look people think looks good. It really just looks fake. I hope Yong Hwa NEVER fixes his teeth, I love them the way they are, crooked and all!

    • 1.3 Meigh

      I love both of their teeth. I hope they never change them. I hear Korea is not as concerned about teeth.

    • 1.4 Quiet Thought

      YEH has one of the most charming smiles around. And she’s a pretty good wrestler. I look forward to her going one on one against Han Chae-ah’s kick-boxing skills.

      Wait, it isn’t that kind of series, is it?

      • 1.4.1 skelly

        I’d watch that.

    • 1.5 Sweet Potato Days

      I actually agree and think Yonghwa looks like a younger version of Lee Dong Gun!

      • 1.5.1 Mystisith

        I call it now: It’s the same guy in the story. Me and mini-me.

        • Sweet Potato Days

          I thought that was the case as well but apparently they play two different characters. But ahh especially their eyes with aegyo sal and over features. LONG LOST HYUNG!

    • 1.6 Lord Byron

      I see what you mean about their teeth – I looked at the photos again after reading your comment. Great power of observation!

      Can we allow LangitBiru to write her (or his) neutral observation without repackaging it as a value judgment? Nothing in the observation says the teeth are good or bad – just not fixed.

      Most dentists would recommend teeth alignment treatment as a health issue …

      • 1.6.1 Dusty

        Not necessarily. I grew up in a dental office and worked in one until I was 39, my father did general dentistry and orthodontics, and if you can bite and chew fine, you don’t need to have perfectly straight teeth. It’s only when it affects your bite/jaw alignment that they need fixing, otherwise it’s just cosmetic. And many of us think that perfectly straight teeth isn’t as attractive as teeth that look natural! We can ALL state our opinions, nobody said YOU’RE WRONG, everyone is just stating their own preferences 🙂

        • rin

          well, it also depends on the brushing. If the teeth are crooked, it makes certain areas more difficult to brush. The bottom of my tooth got pushed in a bit because there was lack of space so I could never brush in it properly. Over time it got dirty. Same issue with some of the other teeth I didn’t reach unless I concentrated and brushed each one separately, assuming I could see them well.

    • 1.7 JiHwan

      I think teeth are very important and I love nice teeth as much as the next person, but I would much rather JYH and YEH have their normal/imperfect teeth than the fake/horse like dentures that a lot celebrities have.

    • 1.8 Molly

      You’re right about their teeth. That’s why I love YEH, she doesn’t ‘fix’ her features. What’s funny is the infamous eyebags she had from baby now have become a plastic-fix trend.

      This is what I think about their smiles on the posters:
      – the ladies have natural, cheerful and wide smiles
      – they men have restrained (by botox?) smile

    • 1.9 Yuhotarubi

      I love Yong Hwa’s teeth just the way they are, it makes his smile much more charming.

    • 1.10 Les

      He has not and I hope he never does. His teeth are fine and they really match his boyish personality, same with YEH I love her smile. I’m not sure about YEH but Yonghwa has never had plastic surgery so his look is very natural and his smile adds to that.

  2. redfox

    totally not relevant to the drama but I love the fabrics for most outfits (I am originally a textile designer and I am nuts about good material when the world is full of wear-it-a-day and throw away rags) the best seems to be the pink dress fabric. oh I want that. Id make a jacket. …

    • 2.1 Rachel

      Love Han Chae Ah’s dress too, but Mi-rae needs a wardrobe change. That plaid outfit is just URGH.

      • 2.1.1 redfox

        Yoon Eun Hye´s clothes are all horrible, but the pink and the red dress with flowers are nice. these fabrics can take some rock´n´roll and still not tear

      • 2.1.2 canxi

        WHAT. I love the plaid outfit so much, lol. I would wear that.

        • P_d

          Eek! That plaid outfit was the worse. Fabric hideous. Pleated shorts . . . So bad I can’t even comment.

          • canxi

            Haha, aww different strokes for different folks. I like plaid a lot in colors like those. I think the shorts are cute, too. I think pleats work better for shorts and skirts as opposed to pants, though. I would wear it for sure. Not with that shirt but I’m still all over it. I’m not very curvy so it would suit me :D! And you don’t even have to wear the two pieces together! The possibilities! *___* *grabby hands*

          • p_d

            “The possibilities!” You’re too funny, lol!

            Reading your response has made me a believer. You seem so excited so I will close one eye & squint out of the other and admire it . . . from afar . . . as long as the two pieces are not worn together. Please just don’t wear them together!!

        • redfox

          it wouldt be bad, but it doesnt go together with the appearance of the character or the hair. really intense make-up, sort of punk girl image and a bit ripped outfit, I can see it working but not here.

        • Manin

          I don’t mind the plaid outfit either! Though I’d wear the jacket and the shorts on different occasions, and not together.

      • 2.1.3 Dusty

        Pretty sure her clothes are SUPPOSED to be bad. Along with the hair. It’s all part of her character.

      • 2.1.4 Bengbeng

        i love the red flowery dress of Chae-ah. I wish to have one, unfortunately, we don’t have the same body =(

  3. b00tycakes

    so excited

  4. snow_white

    The show looks a light feel-good rom-com….looking forward to it….

  5. Momo

    I prefer ”marry him if you dare” title, it is fun and I like it.

  6. Andy

    It’s been a while since YEH has had a real hit. Wishing her luck with this one

  7. Miky

    Totally hokked with the 10 min trailer,looks so much fun and i sure need a new drama to laugh after Master’s Sun ended and this one is sooooooooooo perfcet for the place,looks like a promising romantic comedy…love all the characters already

  8. sayuri

    Oh It took me awhile to recognize future Mirae is the mom from Man Of Honor. She looks great.

    I have been planning time just to watch this drama, I hope it delivers.

  9. lily

    I just saw the longer 10 minute teaser and I love the tone of this drama. I’m actually not that interested in the whole ‘which guy will she choose’ because I think there’s a lot they can explore with this premise (trying to change your past) that doesn’t involve romance. I really hope the drama will explore those things.

    I also enjoy the heavy female presence in this production. This drama has a female director, female scriptwriter, the story seems focused on the female lead, AND the CEO character in the drama is even played by a female. nice.

  10. 10 PlumWine

    I think this looks fun.

  11. 11 Carole McDonnell

    oooh, so so so so wanting to see this.

  12. 12 baek gyung

    I still hated how KBS made the alternate title “Don’t look back: The legend of orpheus” for shark ans used it in kbs world….
    Anyways, Han Chae Ah looks GORGEOUS!

    • 12.1 blnmom

      Oh man, I wish each drama was assigned an official English title that EVERYONE used. The varying titles make internet searches annoying…

      • 12.1.1 netbird

        *ugh* tell me about it, sometimes the alternate titles are so ridiculous that it makes dislike the drama.

      • 12.1.2 Anonymous

        My mother told me she watched a K-drama called “Bread Love and Dreams” and I had no idea what she was talking about for weeks…until I googled it and found out it was just Baker King all along.

        So yes, I wish people just stuck to one, concise, title.

  13. 13 pogo

    oooh this looks good…(and fingers crossed that YEH’s streak of great kiss scenes continues)

  14. 14 Tata

    Can’t wait for next week. This looks fun to watch

  15. 15 jennie

    sucks YEH hair looks so bad since she can be so pretty. and i still don’t like looking at yonghwa’s face. his photo in all the stills, poster looks the same. he’s looks really uncomfortable.
    This is an interesting premise, but if she’s only telling her past self to not marry Dong Gun so she can marry another guy who will make her happier then shouldn’t she have to live through this bad relationship to realize the other good thing? why is she doing this in the first place?
    i do wonder.

    • 15.1 skelly

      Yonghwa’s earrings are starting to bug me; I know it is his thang, and he’s always got them, but big honking earrings just don’t scream “chaebol” to me – maybe it’s supposed to be part of his undercover costume, but the fact is he wears those earrings – or some like it – all the time so I just end up thinking of him as playing himself.

      • 15.1.1 lola

        i think it’s cool that he has them on
        it’s kinda shows that he’s not your typical cookie-cutter chaebol kid
        and he’s in media/entertainment industry and not some serious corporate business

      • 15.1.2 Lord Byron

        I get your point about playing himself. I should agree that being in character, rather than being himself (or playing himself), should come first to an actor on the job, as professionalism demands. On the other hand, this maybe a simple case of misguided chic on the part of his codi (coordinator).

        I have no opinion about his earrings, but I do notice heavy use of jewelry (such as bracelets, rings, etc.) and decorative fashion items (most notably scarves) by Korean men on screen. Would I follow suit? No way. I am the type of person who believes that the best smell is no smell and the best jewelry is no jewelry. I am all for looking stunning in the most understated outfit. But hey, if you think you will look great in a Panda hat, go for it.

      • 15.1.3 Kelly

        They’re not just simple earrings and he’s not wearing them just to “play himself”. He had large piercings before he thought he would get into acting, and has since been trying to make them smaller. They look like they’re much smaller now but you know it’s not easy. I’m not too bothered by them as it fits his role, a young person in the entertainment business who had some study abroad experience.

      • 15.1.4 Les

        He is not wearing them to “play himself” or because is his “thang” they are gauges, if he takes them off then it’ll just be a hole on his earlobe. He has gotten them since high school, way before he debuted with FNC and hasn’t gotten any other piercings since his debut. Recently in an interview he said that he did like tattoos and piercings but out of respect for the public and his career he wouldn’t get them, so he is not being careless or inconsiderate of his work.

        Anyway, I actually like them (I have gauges myself).

  16. 16 Juby

    I just saw the 10 minutes trailer this morning and I’m now totally excited to watch this show. The scene with Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun (in the Star Wars costume) was so funny with him saying ”I’m your father” and with her responding ”I’m your mother” 😀

    I saw the pictures from the press conference too and the cast looked really good together ^^

  17. 17 Kit

    What I hope it means is that younger mirae changes throughout the course of the show so she’s not so disgruntled in the future. I mean, it kind of sucks when you hate your husband, for both people involved.

  18. 18 dtdt

    I only pick to watch TV series with good match pairs and good cast even the cast doesn’t need to have all beauties, since the story can’t never be unique and new anymore.
    I think this TV series can be interesting to watch

  19. 19 Lc

    Yoon Eun Hye’s fashion sense seems to be the worse among the leads, but I find myself liking her character the most.

    And I’m loving the hair already! Hope it stays through the show!

    • 19.1 geese

      probably because of the setting it was supposed to be way back on her 20″s and you’d guess what was the fashion then….

  20. 20 Mia

    Just saw the ten minute trailer. That trailer plus the BTS of their poster shoot is making me feel really good about this drama. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Definitely wanted a drama to fill the Master’s Sun void and this looks like it.

  21. 21 Quiet Thought

    That’s a very pretty hair do Yoon Eun Hye is sporting. I hope she wears it all through the series and in every series she does hereafter. With a little luck, every leading lady in Korea and Japan will be sporting it in a couple of years.

    • 21.1 Meahri

      @Quiet Thought

      I LOVE your humor. Your simple comments had me rolling…especially when you said “With a little luck, every leading lady in Korea and Japan will be sporting it in a couple of years.”

  22. 22 Quiet Thought

    Looking at that adorable last foursome shot, is it true that Korean actresses wear spike heels so much that many of them go all knock-kneed wearing sneakers?

  23. 23 damianna

    oh no…after some stills and trailers, yoon eun hye’s hair doesn’t really glaringly bothering me anymore. *gasp* but still the bangs had to go though. why can’t she have curls a-la dal ja’s then? that would rock.

    gonna watch this could it looks to be a light fun one. anything with kim sun ah, ha ji won, gong hyo jin, yoon eun hye, park shin hye is a must-watch for me. such pull.

  24. 24 Ace

    Maybe this is guessing a little far ahead…

    But why do I get the feeling that the reason why future Mi-rae wants to switch husbands is because Yong Hwa outlives Dong gun? And thus switching husbands will save her from future heartache?

    …. I get this feeling (I forgot which drama made a twist like that)… but still to early to tell.

    Oh well. only time will tell…. >___<

    • 24.1 lhay

      if you will understand what they’re saying in the trailer, future mirae said that someone she loves died coz she marry kim shin which is Lee Dong Gun 🙂

  25. 25 P_d

    loved the pic of Yoon Eun Hye and Choi Myung Gil sitting on bench with same pose. V. cute. In fact, I really like most of the posters!

    Hated YEH’s hair and clothes. When will I dramas stop making its perfectly lovely actresses look like total messes just because they’re lead female? It’s like punishment. You’re lead but you’ll be fugly for 95% of the drama.

    Not the biggest fan of Han Chae Ah but perhaps this will be the drama when she moves away from my solidly mediocre rating of her acting. She had me hopeful for her first few scenes in Bridal Mask then it fizzled. She hasn’t been convincing to me in anything I’ve seen her in but perhaps I need to look for other dramas.

    She could be like YEH and really just need the right role to shine. I know w/YEH she’s one of my favs even though she only turned in one truly great performance (CP!) and since then I’ve loved her in spite of her acting & drama choices.

    • 25.1 P_d

      That was supposed to be when will kdramas not I dramas. *D@$& you auto correct*

  26. 26 Suzi Q

    Hate YEH’s clothes. Why does her fruit skirt look like a brown stain on it in the last photo?
    The skirt is cute if it was paired with a nice blouse. The sweater is totally shapeless and an ugly color. Did she get dressed in the dark?

    • 26.1 Anonymous

      I feel like they designed past Mirae’s wardrobe to severely contrast the prim, fierce future Mirae’s wardrobe. Clearly the wardrobe designers aren’t blind, because they did decently well with Han Chae-ah’s look.

  27. 27 M

    I’m totally looking forward to this but that last photo looks like a family portrait…as in Yoon Eun-hye and Lee Dong-gun are the other two’s parents…

  28. 28 Lilly

    Ummm, yeah…..the clothes. : P

    • 28.1 jhu

      that banana skirt just made my day!


  29. 29 soprection

    I love Marry Him If You Dare as a title – it’s so saucy. I would definitely check out a show for that title alone. Speaking of saucy, I’m loving Future Mirae’s attitude. She seems awesome.

    I really hope this show is as funny and cute as the promos seem. More humour and warmth in rom-com-land is never a bad thing! The teaser has a lot of car accidents in it though so I hope it doesn’t have the drama to go along with it.

  30. 30 lhay

    Hahaha, The Hallyu RomCom Queen is back!!! The trailer looks promising and funny! YEH never fails to make me laugh! She’s so witty! l’ll definitely watch this next week! I’m so excited, and the kiss! OMG! faint*

  31. 31 Luzie

    I appreciate that yoon eun hye permed her hair to have my hair lol

    • 31.1 Molly

      LOL at this one… I thought I was the only one. On the previous posts I kept on saying I love her hair because that’s just how my hair looks like LOL..

  32. 32 Monda

    The teaser has pretty feels.. love it. I miss this feel of rom-com.

  33. 33 geese

    excited about this drama….whew….

  34. 34 Bunnie

    Yeh is really funny from the trailer especially when she is singing while at work… Yup this drama has good feel!

  35. 35 Bengbeng

    Is this in the past, i mean the old Mirae is the present and YEH is the 25 years past? If that is so, then it explains her very unruly curly hair that looks in the 80s. I remember having curly or sometimes frizzy big long hair during the 80s hahahah.

    Still i hate it. Hope she will change it eventually.

    • 35.1 Anonymous

      As per my understanding, Mirae is in 2013 and the future Mirae is 20 or so years into the future (2038?)

  36. 36 Gom

    Just watched the 10-minute trailer. I love the feel of this show. Maybe it’s the instrumental music that they keep playing? Or the camera works? I’m not really sure. But I like it so far.

    And YEH’s character seems to fit her so well. And I already love the chemistry between the leads! I didn’t even cringe at JYH… strangely so.

    I’m pretty excited. 🙂

  37. 37 Gia W

    Mirae needs a full make over…wow hideous hair and clothes…but I love the feeling i get from this show…I am looking forward to it…plus Lee Dong Gun looks sexy as ever 🙂

  38. 38 rearwindow

    Those plaid shorts make me die a little inside.

    Can’t wait for the show, though!

  39. 39 fr

    cant wait! omg

  40. 40 Yeti

    JB,please please please am beggin u please we need u 2 recap secret love please please!

  41. 41 f2r24ne

    I LOVE …

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