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Answer Me 1997’s cast drops by 1994 for cameos
by | December 11, 2013 | 127 Comments

I’d heard mention of Answer Me 1994 bringing in cameo appearances from one or two members of last year’s Answer Me 1997, but hadn’t expect a whole cast drop-in, which is what we’ll be getting in the upcoming episodes. Fun!

In the preview for Episode 16 (below), we get a glimpse of Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook dressed as high school students once again. The scene is apparently short but connects to the previous drama, so it should be a treat for fans of both shows. (The timeline in the current series is up to 1996, so in the clip our 1997 kids will be 17.)

In addition to those two, we’ll also get to see Shin So-yool (who played best friend Yoo-jung), Hoya (sensitive Joon-hee), and Lee Shi-un) (chatterbox Sung-jae) appearing at some point, although their bits haven’t been described yet. Sadly, Eun Ji-won is the sole 1997-er who won’t be cameoing.

The Answer Me franchise is a cameo-friendly production on the whole, and has always gotten a kick out of peppering the episodes with fun drop-ins. And we’ve already had a little bit of crossover fun (Tae-woong’s uber-fangirl wife, for instance, was featured as one of Garbage’s hospital co-workers), so I’m always game to see how the two worlds collide. Episode 16 will air this Friday with the Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook appearances, while the rest of the cameos will follow in future episodes.

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127 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kate

    OMG. Now I’m excited πŸ˜€

    • 1.1 im_eve

      when they got to 1996…i just knew they’d get the 197 connections! heehee

      • 1.1.1 im_eve

        oops 1997 that is

      • 1.1.2 Odet

        Wow… A like button.. yey!

    • 1.2 a_diva

      Me too! I think this is wonderful. Can’t wait to see what they do with it.

  2. CupidinLove

    Guess this means I will be watching this week’s episodes after a 6-episode hiatus. Answer Me 1997, I missed you guys!

    • 2.1 geese

      me too i just have to see the cast again why minus eun ji won…supposed he is stil not in the friendship that time…aish…grumble grumble grumble….lol

      • 2.1.1 Kimiejim

        Ahh that’s true, makes more sense that way.

    • 2.2 Marie21

      I also miss them a lot!
      I’ve watched the episodes of 1994 so far but I’m not very into it unlike for Reply 1997. The episodes are too long in Reply 1994 and the cast is less charismatic as the one in 1997. Plus, I feel so sad for Chilbongie, because the heroine ignores him completely. So it’s clear for me that she’s not even remotely interested in him, so why does he bother and why doesn’t he give up already?
      At least in “Reply 1997”, although Si Won took her own time to admit that she really loved Yoon Yoon Jae, she was still aware of him physically. Here, the heroine doesn’t even ask about Chilbongie …

  3. happybyul


    • 3.1 sam

      I am thrilled beyond words. 1997 has been one of my favourites! Seo-in-guk LOVE LOVE LOVE ya…miss this guy. He is such a sweet heart. I am waiting for his next drama after Master Sun.

  4. ty

    ive just been wondering something about this franchise…i havent watched 1997 but am currently watching (and adoring) 1994… can someone explicitly point out the similarities and differences in the series and also give their opinion on whats different? because im planning on watching 1997 sometime in the future, and i just wanted to know πŸ™‚

    • 4.1 ty

      *opinion on which is better, sorry

      • 4.1.1 DarknessEyes

        Answer Me 1997 has a much better story. Idk, while I was watching 1994, I could never fully get into the story, even though the characters were likable……..

        plus overall, 1997 doesn’t have a lot of the problems that 1994 is having. 1994 seems to lose focus sometimes, whereas I never felt that the romance took away from the show in anyway in 1997……

        just overall, 1997 was definitely better.

        • DarknessEyes

          Also, the lead couple in 1997 has such good chemistry, omg.

        • bd

          Disagree – 1997 had way too much of the whole crazy-fan girl thing (which thankfully has been toned down for 1994).

          As for the whole romance thing, it was much more clear cut who the husband was for 1997 and the whole older brother/fiancee to the dead sister was just ick and felt totally forced.

          • Porcelain

            I guess the difference is 1997 kids are teens, you have the right to be crazy before the legal age of drinking and fandoms and fangirling/fanboying is the only avenue for them to let loose of that.

            While 1994 kids are young adult, in college, approaching an unknown future, but are working towards it, regardless good or bad but into the real world… And we all know the journey into adulthood is not an easy one, we stumble, we fall, we get up, we might soar… but we get around it… seeing how they all turn out pretty alright in 2013.

            I would say enjoy each franchise on its own, each has its own strong and weak points.

            But what is never lost is that, nostalgia… these franchise aim to let you travel back in time where pager rules, smartphones yet to exist… you are using dialup rather than broadband or what have you and heart… a lot of heart, family kinship, friendship even fandom-ship.

          • bd

            Tho being a college kid, one has a lot more free-time (can skip class) and no parental supervision and the 1994 characters are in Seoul so the celebs they are crazy about are right there.

            Regardless, there was just too much of that in 1997 when the strength of 1997 (just like for 1994) was in the family/friends/romance moments.

            Granted, 1994 really started to play up Yoon-jin’s obsession recently but there was a reason to emphasize that (not only noting how big the surprise Seo Taiji and Boys’ retirement was at the time, but being a trouble spot and catalyst in taking the yoon-jin and Samcheonpo relationship to the next level).

            Oddly enough for 1994, there actually isn’t enough of Na-jung’s supposedly obsession for the Yonsei BB team and that one player in particular.

            Not that I would have wanted much of that, but it is odd that we haven’t seen Na-jung really do anything regarding with regard to what was supposed to be her obsession (nevermind her obsession over Trash).

            The one thing 1997 did have over 1994 is that the real emotional family moments were that much stronger in 1997 – in how they revealed that the dead fiancee of the older brother was the older daughter/sister and the scene where the daughter gets the phone call about Dad having cancer – but it’s kinda hard for 1997 to have the same emotional impact w/o retreading the same waters (actually glad that there is no disease inflicting the family and that the worst was suspected menopause which turned out to be a “surprise” pregnancy; there was the death of one of Dad’s best friends, but it doesn’t quite have the same emotional impact).

            Otoh, the friends and esp. Na-jung thinking that Chilbong was in the collapsed dept. store was really well done and emotional even tho we all knew that Chilbong was alive and well.

      • 4.1.2 Daisy

        Romance wise Answer Me 1997 seems better and way less frustrating and we were able to figure out who the husband is by episode 11/12 opposed to 1994 where we are still wondering who it is.. Answer Me 1997 will always be my favorite! The chemistry between the casts are amazing! though friendship wise 1994 does seem a bit better.

        It would be awesome if Hoya and Binggrae got together πŸ˜‰

      • 4.1.3 Nina

        Answer me 1997 has better overall execution, and a good plot. It also has this feeling of completeness 1994 doesn’t have.Plus the couple r soo cute together!

      • 4.1.4 jaded14yaoi

        Which one is better definitely is a preference. It seems most people like 1997 better, but I prefer 1994. I wasn’t that into 97 to be honest, but I love 94. I love all the characters a whole lot more.

        Yes it’s longer, drags sometimes, and the husband mystery is starting to get a little frustrating, but I love it regardless and always anticipate the next episodes.

        • kstalls

          I actually never finished watching 1997. It was still airing and held my attention but then I had to wait and I lost interest. But 1994 keeps me hooked because I really don’t know who is the husband! And oppa was such a shock (as a potential husband) and then that shock turned to interest, love, commitment, obsession…. You get my drift. Personally this show appeals to me more than 97.

      • 4.1.5 geese

        AM 1994- coz the series was so good without fans dissing the whole characters…and am feelling too nostalgic with am1997 it makes me wanna go back to old friends…first love and everything…hi hi hi hi hi…

      • 4.1.6 nina

        1997 was way better. The friendship was believable, the characters were realistic (including the over the top parents), the romance grows slowly but strong. I think 1997 is my personal choice.
        Some how I fail to connect with 1994 like I did with 1997.
        Too much unnecessary husband suspense hanging in here..there it was pretty obvious.

    • 4.2 michelle

      97 has a good story.

      • 4.2.1 kate

        Similarities: (1) The parents, same actors, same personality. (2) First love theme/childhood sweethearts. (3) Secondary couples that are sweeeettt! (4) Unlady-like female leads. (5) Puppy love (Yoon Jae & Chilbong). (6) Haitai and Sungjae are similar (I love Haitai more). (7) Joonhee and Binggrae are similar, they are nice and adorable! (8) AM1997 also has the hubby mystery, but theirs is really obvious. (9) Time moves around sometimes. (10) Every character is lovable!

        Differences: (1) AM97 characters are in HS. (2) AM97 is only 16 eps. (3) AM97 character’s have separate homes. (4) The main girl (SW) didn’t have a crush on anyone, instead the guy did (YJ). (5) The eps passed by faster. (6) The main girl (SW) loves Tony not basketball. (7) 97’s plot didn’t focus on the love triangle as much as 94. (8) The girl in 97 gave the 2nd guy a chance. (9) The 2nd lead in am97 wasn’t as awesome as oppa, but he was cute and likable. (10) 1997 features a lot of music in their time.

        I like the characters and setup in 1994 better, but I liked 1997’s story better because it isn’t draggy or long. I also like 1997’s lead Eunji’s character better than NJ. Anyways, give 1997 a chance. It wasn’t one of my top dramas, but I enjoyed it.

        • liz

          but oppa isn’t second lead, CB is.

          • kate

            I never said who was the lead character. Regardless, CB and YJ both give puppy love πŸ˜‰

          • verte

            Nooooo DDDDDD:
            TEAM CHILBONG!!!

          • shf

            lol, i REALLY REALY REALLY REALLLLLLLYYYYY hope Oppa is the lead even though all posters or wiki pages list Oppa(trash) as the second lead…i hope not.

    • 4.3 JD

      It depends how you define as ‘better’. The storyline and focus is different, but both are equally enjoyable. I think 1994 has more polished actors playing the main characters, while 1997 has crossover actors. That being said, I loved that aspect of 1997’s actors, because they’re really natural in portraying their characters.

      While both dramas are good, I still prefer Reply 1997 over 1994. The main reason is Sung Shiwon. I just love her character, and how she was written and acted. Jung Eunji portrayed her so well. Her character was feisty, lovable and relatable. Go Ara portrays Najung well too, but sometimes I feel like her character isn’t given enough focus by the writers. The writers also lost the whole fangirl focus in 1994 imo. Najung loved Basketball for like two episodes, and then we dont really hear much of it anymore. In 1997, even though Shiwon got married, she’s still a die hard fan of H.O.T. Once a fangirl, always a fangirl, you know. I personally think that it’s hard to top Shiwon & Yoonjae’s chemistry. The plot for 1997 moves quickly, it’s fast paced, and fun. I find the last few episodes of 1994 a tad draggy at times. But, hey, that’s probably just me.

      • 4.3.1 liz

        Huh? I think Go ara and JW have crazy chemistry and I ship them more than Eunji and SIG.

        Also, SW was in school and young, of course her fangirling would take more episodes, however Go ara is a college student with 24 years now with 26… fangirling in such age?

        • lizzie

          uh, when netizens comment that na jung and trash’ love story is boring, there has got to be a problem especially when they praise kim tan and cha eun sang’s love story in heirs even though park shin hye cannot have any romantic chemistry with her partner to save her life and her kissing scenes are just awful because she looks like she’s being violated and not enjoying the kisses.

          • JD

            Ahhh and on the topic of The Heirs. I also would have to disagree. I have watched Park Shinhye’s works (dramas/movies) since she was in Stairway To Heaven in 2003. Whilst I am not on the Tan x Eunsang ship (#teamyoungdoftw) but saying she has no chemistry with her partners is arguable. Subjective opinion of her aside, she’s a talented actress through and through.

          • em

            if your comment is based on the latest netizenbuzz article on how netizens are tired of the husband hunt, then let me just point out that almost all of those comments said they are bored with the husband mystery and the tiresome love triangle, not najung and trash’s relationship. their relationship is not singled out in any way as being the thing that is killing the viewers’ fun. good job reading that article with your eyes half closed.

            what i’m going to say next obviously does not apply to all chilbong fans, especially not on db, but i swear to god there is this very active, very persistent bunch of chilbong fans that like to take everything that is related to the show and twist it around to discredit trash in every possible way. like what are you actually accomplishing by writing comments like these? chilbong is a great guy already (barring some questionable baseball analogies he’s made recently) and clearly the fan favorite in the international community, but you know you can love a character without putting a different character down, right? going around and insinuating shit about trash is not helping chilbong in any way at all, trust me.

        • JD

          I never said Najung and Trash Oppa have no chemistry. I agree, they have crazy chemistry! The thing is, so does Najung and Chilbongie. As a viewer, I’m always torn on which guy I would prefer as the husband. In 1997, I’m set on Yoonjae because their chemistry is greater than Taewoon & Shiwon’s. One can ship one pairing than the other, it’s all our subjective opinion. I personally loved Shiwon and Yoonjae’s chemistry because of these reasons.

          Oh also, I think you missed my point. The whole fangirl focus has nothing to do with age. Like I said, after Shiwon got married, she’s still a Tony-oppa fangirl. It never leaves her. The most important thing is not the fangirl arc itself, but sticking to the focus that was painted in the beginning of drama. Whether we like it or not, that focus is blurred in the later episodes. Oh and, why can’t people be fangirls after college? There’s so many Girls’ Generation and IU uncle fans. Age is just a number imo πŸ™‚

          • lazy

            but I think NJ is still fangirling over basketball (Sang Min oppa more specifically) as seen in episode 15 and in episode 2 where she said her husband will let her watch the games once in a while. I just think that she toned down her Sang Min craze as she realizes there are other important things, which I think YJ is experiencing the same thing at the end of ep 15

          • JD

            Sung Shiwon also realised that there are other important things in life. She also toned down her fanatic behaviour. After realising her feelings for Yoonjae, she doesn’t camp outside of Tony’s house anymore, she doesn’t hang hundreds of posters on her apartment. Nevertheless, she’s still a huge fan of Tony. Like I said, it goes beyond being a fangirl itself. It’s about sticking to the focus of the drama.

          • Mashimomo

            If there is one main thing AM1994 did better than AM1997 is to make the 2 lead men equally good husband contenders, which also led us to this not-so-good effect of rabid ship wars going on between SOME fans of Trash and Chilbong. Thank you for raising that point about the 2 lead guys having great chemistry with Na-Jung.

      • 4.3.2 zombie

        I completely agree…What I liked the most was the friendship and later the love between Shiwon and Yoon Jae…smoky hot and really cute.

    • 4.4 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      97 was just a really really good show and did have a really good storyline u WILL fall in love with all of the characters 😍

    • 4.5 mel

      – 97 the eps are 25 to 45 mins and only 16 eps
      – they are both slice of life dramas with lots of focus on friendship
      – the relationships for both leads are the same, family friends forver always fight like cats and dogs, one is secretly in love with the other, both male leads have close relationships with female leads parents
      – in both the female lead lost a sibling . In 97 its an older sister that the second male lead was in love with
      – 97 has way more focus on the fangirl aspect imagine 94 times about 1000.
      – both do time jumps and cover many years
      – both male leads are geniuses
      – both have a gay male friend in love with male lead (at least 94 is implying so far)
      – both have the warm fuzzy feeling with comedy and sad parts mixed in
      there are actually tons of little things also

    • 4.6 ilikemangos

      If we were to base it on popularity and overall execution, AM1997 would probably have the edge.
      Tighter story, fantastic chemistry, instantly charming, young, fresh characters, witty. Probably the one i would recommend most people to watch.

      That said, AM1994 probably stole my heart and ran away with it. I’ve had way more frustrations with AM1994 but also because i love it so much more. AM1994 wins in set up (for me) because of the living together hijinks in boardinghouse — they’re all country bumpkins from all sorts of the country coming together and laughing, crying, yelling, kissing. The character relationships are much better imo (not necessarily the romance) but the ones with our secondary characters. They’re unforgettable. AM1997 had its fair share of unique secondary characters, but it’s not like they were forced to live together and see all things ugly and pretty about each other.
      Also, one big thing that someone mentioned above. Much better acting from the cast (although it’s understandable that it was jung eun ji and seo in guk’s debut), so it’s easy to connect with the characters as individuals. Tone gets a bit more serious than AM1997, but comedic timing is just as good if not better (although i’ve got to admit it’s not been as funny as it used to be, only cause we’re getting to the reveals).
      AM1994 takes a while to get into its groove (whereas AM1997 just pretty much screamed crack from the beginning).
      AM1994 may disappoint you with the mystery so it may be hard for some to enjoy the story, but AM1997 is definitely the easier, breezier watch. The husband is pretty obvious from the onset, so all you had to do was sit back and enjoy.

      But of course these are all just my subjective opinions, and it only matters that you try them both out for yourself to see which one floats your boat. I’ve had some people say they loved AM1994 more, and many that said they loved AM1997. It’s all in which story captivates you more, but both are unforgettable shows. πŸ™‚

    • 4.7 earthna

      1997’s setting is in Busan among high school students. 1994 is in Seoul among college students. I’d say that the execution is better in 1997. it’s more focused and carries a theme each episode. The guessing game in 94 is better though.

      Overall, I like 1997 better.

    • 4.8 pogo

      1994 does better with its secondary relationships/character connections, but 1997 isn’t bad at it either. 1997 is also, as many people have mentioned, tighter in terms of writing.

      And despite my 1994 love, I have to admit it – the female lead of 1997 wins over Na-jung for sheer charm and how real Jung Eun-ji makes her seem – I was astounded to learn 1997 was actually JEJ’s acting debut.

    • 4.9 Ebay

      Both dramas (1997 & 1994) tackle fandom, first love, family, friendship and the never ending guessing of who is the husband. Both have its own strengths and weaknesses, but what I admire the most is that the actors are all in character. There is no under-acting and over-acting that sometimes you wouldn’t mind if the story has some flaws because you’re with them in their character. 1997 and 1994 discovered and created stars in an instant, just by playing in these two dramas brought their faces in headlines).

      You better watch 1997, so you’ll know!

    • 4.10 dpm

      I laughed more with 1997 and I cried more too. But the ultimate reason I’m more emotionally attached to AM1997 is that we get to see the whole gang of friends grow and mature through the years together, going through hardship and through joy staying a tight-knit group of friends.
      I saw so much of myself in every one of these characters, and so much of my own high school friends. I even recognized myself in SW’s tensed but love-filled relation with her parents.
      And that’s why it was such a nostalgia watch for me, even if I went to high school ten years later after those characters, living in a country on the opposite of the world and being an arrogant prick only listening to indie music.

    • 4.11 hoho

      in conclusion :
      simple but sweet storyline > 1997
      more complicated storyline but you will keep watching> 1994

      both of them have positive and negative sides πŸ™‚

  5. twentyonebuds

    Aww yeahhhh! Jung Eun Ji <3 Also is it just me or are those pics of oppa being all oppa with Eun ji freaking adorable! Can't wait to see this!

    • 5.1 Mashimomo

      I love that Eun-Ji is total fangirl mode at Jung Woo – meta over meta!

      • 5.1.1 omona

        they were so cute on MAMA, Eunji was so happy to see JW and shook hands with them lol

        • najungie

          Hoya shook hands with them too!

  6. dianna jun

    looks interesting!!!!

  7. shwewen

    so wait, in this alternate world who’s sung shi won’s parents then?!

    • 7.1 ravens_nest

      1. Doppelgangers.

      2. Long Lost Twins…Twice.

      3. Evil Clones.

      Hopefully it is one of those. lol

      • 7.1.1 Peeps

        OMG, a sudden thought occurred to me.

        Since both fathers are baseball coaches, they must have gone head to head some time some where. I want to see their faces then. heheheh.

    • 7.2 sweetcloud

      Lol it reminds when Delightful Girl Chun Hyang’s Mong Ryong and Chun Hyang cameo’d as the long lost cousin in My Girl, they met rich aunt Choi Ran and gardener husband Ahn Seok Hwan who were already Mong Ryong’s parents πŸ˜€

  8. John

    Jung Eun-ji !

  9. shy

    I couldn’t contain myself when I saw their appearance. πŸ™ I missed Answer Me 1997 so much, their friendship, their story, their characters, etc. Seeing all them again being fun and laughing remind me why this group of friends means something to me. I love everyone of them. And my guess why Hakchan isn’t there, it is because he haven’t move to Busan yet. Yoojung’ hair is still long. I think the timeline is before or between the events in episode 1 and 2 of AM97

    • 9.1 Minamee

      I think so too,probably Hakchan was still in Seoul πŸ™‚

      I missed them so much! I can’t wait for the weekend. Kekeke!

  10. 10 Alyyy

    “Answer me 1997” will always hold a special place in my heart! πŸ˜› Sorry 1994, place taken!

    Also, I feel like “Answer me 1994” has been going on since foreeeeeeeeever. Seriously, I just want it to be over already… unless they start spending more time on Haitai and the other secondary characters.

    • 10.1 AuroraB

      I agree…Answer Me 1994 is not as consistent, in terms of humor and pace, as Answer Me 1997. It started out hilarious, but I feel like it’s slowing down a bit. I still love it

      • 10.1.1 coffeenlucia

        Yes! I totally agree! I thought the first few episodes were hilarious but now I think most of the story is dragging with alot of focus on the conflict between Trash and Chilbong for Najung.

    • 10.2 azurduyy

      Until episode 10, I thought R94 would replace R97 in my heart. Since then the plot has been going nowhere, and it’s lost a lot of steam.

      Seeing this small teaser made me realize that those characters will never lose the place they won, and that R94 pales in comparison.

    • 10.3 pogo

      Same here, 1994 may do a better job with the secondary characters and the who’s-the-husband question is genuinely puzzling, but 1997 was tighter and much better on the lead couple front.

      Also seeing that pic made me realise how much I miss Jung Eun-ji, someone give that girl another lead role in something stat! (and eventually move Seo In-gook to lead roles too while you’re at it)

    • 10.4 liz

      funny how many people say that they should show Secondary characters more when in Answer 1997 the secondary characters didn’t have many scenes also.

      In A1994 secondary characters had much more spot light and last episodes had many HT scenes and last one YJ and her SeoTaiji scenes.

      Sometimes I wonder if you guys are watching the drama or not. Tbh I think you are too focused on the husband game and don’t pay attention

      • 10.4.1 pogo

        The drama itself is dragging out the husband game, don’t blame the viewers for noticing that.

        Even 1997 did that, well after it was obvious just who was endgame in the present day – I wish they wouldn’t, because both dramas have much more to offer than who’s-the-OTP.

  11. 11 JD

    Reply 1997 will always be my sentimental favourite. Loved it, from the first episode to the last :’)

  12. 12 damai

    Eunji wattaaaaaaaaa!! Triple yay!!

  13. 13 bluesky

    kyaahhhh…I missed reply 1997’s cast so much! thisgonna be fun! excited to see them^^

  14. 14 AuroraB

    Oooh Exciting. Now I’m imagining a world where Answer Me 1997 and 1994 are one drama. A 200+ episode drama that airs everyday…Totally willing to look over the same parents thing…A girl can dream

  15. 15 AJ

    I am still hoping Baro is the guy in the red car that picked Hoya up.

    • 15.1 b020

      I was thinking the same thing!! I’m hoping it is too!!!

  16. 16 Anna

    I bet Hoya will be Binggeure’s partner in 2013. They would be both doctors in 2013..

    • 16.1 TG

      That would be awesome. And it would be really awesome if they showed that the guy picking up Hoya from the restaurant at the end of the last episode of 97 was actually Binggeure.

    • 16.2 pogo

      ooooh now i want this SO BADLY, it’s not even funny.

  17. 17 meanrice

    Wait…what is Binggure saying in that preview???

    • 17.1 Z

      Right? It sounded to me a lot like “I like Sunbeanim.”

      • 17.1.1 maldita

        Yeah. My super basic Korean (from years of listening to kpop songs and watching dramas) picked up that, too.

        • Abbie

          Me too! I know very little Korean, but I was positive he said that!

      • 17.1.2 adette

        sounds like it but isnt; he says “μ„ λ°°λ‹˜ μžˆμ–΄μ„œ μ°Έ μ’‹μ•„μš”” which uses similar words but means “it’s really nice that/i really like that sunbaenim is here.”

  18. 18 CL

    I’m interested in how the writers weaved in the 1997 cast members with the 1994 storyline. Looking forward to this Friday/Saturday’s episodes πŸ™‚

  19. 19 barbara black fox

    So, are they going to do a split screen and have the parents visit the parents??

  20. 20 Z

    Aw, Jiwon would be perfect for a cameo since Hak-chan was still living in Seoul during this time frame. Sad face. I loved him. I would love a scene of Yoon-Jin threatening his life or something to explain why he is so afraid of girls.

  21. 21 VanillaSalt


  22. 22 Mashimomo

    Yay this is too awesome!

  23. 23 pogo


    I adore the 1994 supporting cast and all the characters really, but somehow Na-jung and Oppa/Chilbongie never got me by the heart as thoroughly as Shi-won and Yoon-jae did, both individually and (eventually) as a couple.

    • 23.1 liz

      ? YJ seemed to have no life – it was all about SW and he also treated her bad when he found out she was dating his brother when it was his fault he didn’t confess first.

      SW just had HOT on her head and nothing more.

      As a couple they are pretty same NJ and Oppa.

      I prefer Oppa more than YJ, and prefer SW over NJ, but this is just because I’m eunji bias.

      But as a couple, I never got that crazy chemistry between SIG and Eunji. They had good chemistry but not that crazy like people said, I think it was more because SIG did well showing his love.

      But I think Go ara and Jung woo has more chemistry. I started to ship them even before knowing they weren’t siblings…

      • 23.1.1 pogo

        ….but they both did have other friends and genuine connections with those friends, and there was his hyung – the main sticking point behind why he held back on the confession at first.

        Na-jung and oppa are adorable (I’m team Oppa, though I won’t cry if it’s Chilbongie at the end), but I actually do think the characters of Shi-won and Yoon-jae made for a more memorable couple – the best-friends-to-lovers trope is a great one, and it was really well-executed by the writers and actors.

        • liz

          I have to say I loved YJ and TW relationship. Warmed my heart.

    • 23.2 ilikemangos

      Shi-won was like a fiery spitfire gal from busan who was a revelation to us all. Jung.Eun.Ji! Which is why she’ll forever remain in our hearts.
      I think AM1997 has the upper hand in staying with people. Everything about that show just worked, and the fact that it had a different vibe than k-dramas is why it was so magical when we first came upon it. Which is why although AM1994 is borrowing much of the formula that worked, it can’t quite replicate the same magical feels — kinda like a first love that this show loves talking about.
      Granted, it has it’s own stuff to offer that i give alot of credit to, but I can see why AM1997 is generally the one with the bigger splash.

      • 23.2.1 pogo

        yeah, if I’d discovered 1994 first I might have loved it more, but 1997 not only got there first, it did some important things better (1994 is WAY too long!).

        And Na-jung is totally built along the template of Shi-won, but despite how much I’m enjoying Go Ara’s performance, Eun-ji just brought that special something to 1997 – I wouldn’t have held on through the last few episodes without her.

  24. 24 Abbie

    I really like Answer Me 1994, but I’ve fallen behind on it. Mostly because the “who’s the husband?” thing was getting annoying, and because my life has been crazy the past few months.

    That being said, Answer Me 1997 is my favorite of the two. So far. It introduced me to Seo In-guk, and had a lot of cultural references I’d never heard of before, since I’m relatively new to K-dramas/K-pop/K-culture, which I liked a great deal. (I discovered them in 2009.) So I’m glad some of the old cast is appearing in this. But isn’t weird since the parents in AM1994 were the parents in AM1997?

  25. 25 omona

    Unpopular opinion: I’m loving A1994 more than A1997

    I really liked A1997, but I’m loving A1994. I even watch episodes raw, I didn’t with A1997.

    I admit the time, execution and editing was better in A1997.

    But the thing is with A1997 I just cared about the main couple in A1997 (I used to FF in some scenes that weren’t main couple – never liked silly guy much – I prefer CP tbh – and I never liked second couple much because all they did was breaking up and fighting and got old fast. JH though was my fav character from Answer 1997 – I think Hoya did a better job than Baro is going. )

    About fangirling: Everyone complained at first that basketball wasn’t an exciting plot and they hoped they didn’t focus on it too much, now that they aren’t they are asking Bassketball back.

    Najung is 24 old an adult already, now that story is in 1996 – she is 26 old, of course the fangirling should be toned down, because it would be strange no? She still has her fangirl moments but not like SW, that was still a teenager.

    In 1994 I care for everyone. Second guy is better in Answer 1994, look the fanwars, people are going crazy about it. On answer 1997, it was easy because the OTP was clear. And the writer made things hard to ship TW, because he dated SW sister.

    The parents are just awesome as they were on A1997.

    • 25.1 ilikemangos

      yeah, i definitely find myself rooting/caring more for the characters in AM1994. that’s why i find it holds my HEART more than 1997.
      there were just higher stakes in general, and this show is populated with characters that have a passion that the characters in 1997 lacked. Shi Won is still a favorite of mine, and although she got more mature as the story progressed, i’ll still forever remember her as crazy sasaeng fan camping outside of oppa’s house in cardboard box lookin’ like a hobo, crying like it was the end of the world when appa ripped apart her H.O.T posters.
      Yoon jae was adorable, but he didn’t nearly make as big of an impression on me as trash or chilbong. Even chilbong, who is now (sadly) relegated to typical male second lead, is more compelling than yoon jae as a character.
      I like Shi Won as a character better (probably because i find her very amusing) compared to na jung, but i appreciate Go Ara’s performance more. She’s just able to portray SO well all the feels that come along with dating and love. I cringe, i cry, and i feel for her. I probably connect more with her if anything. Granted, she’s at a bit of a standstill in terms of character development, but i have faith that there’ll be some payoffs at the end, y’know, after they reveal the dam husband.

    • 25.2 Porcelain

      I thought in 1994 Najung is 20, hence in 1996, she would just be 22? Oppa is 4 years older than her, no?

      This is confusing me… lol.

      • 25.2.1 adette

        youre right, maybe that person got na-jungs age confused with oppa’s? idkkk

      • 25.2.2 liz

        lol you guys are right, I got confused.

        NJ in 1994 was 20/21 in 1996 she will be 22/23
        Trash was 24/25, in 1996 26/27

        But already old enough to fangirl and an adult already.

        • liz

          I also got confused**

    • 25.3 L

      I also love 1994 more. I’m so glad this one didn’t focus on the fangirling as much.

      I think the problem is that 1994 is just too long. If 1994 had been the length of 1997, it could’ve been so much tighter story wise.

  26. 26 Sab

    I love both. 1997 because of the romance, 1994 because of everything else besides the romance. πŸ˜›

    although one can argue both shows have similarities, they are still pretty different in terms of focus and tonal quality. 1994 has a more sedate pacing, giving us more focus on the other characters besides the main leads. 1997 focal point is on the mains. everyone else is a small side story that supports that movement of the main characters.

    Drawback is 1997 side characters are paler, 1994 side characters are more fleshed out…but it also means 1994 mains can doesn’t get enough meat on their character buildups.

    but what both shows did well is the running sense of nostalgia…maybe the younger viewers may not get ALL the jokes..but someone in their 30s/40s now will identify with the era where we communicate by fixed line phones, beepers or looking at each face-to-face. and of cos we write letters..instead of emails.

  27. 27 Alysson

    What if, what if Binggeure’s character is the future love interest of Hoya’s… Omona

  28. 28 moley

    OMG can’t wait. I loved 1997 a lot more than 1994.

  29. 29 Porcelain

    So excited!!!!

    I like to see both stories cross path, but hope it is executed in a natural way not just to have them meet…

    Read comments that Appa and Omma are now parents of Sung Shiwon and Sung Najung… such alternate universe setting.

    Ah I miss them kids… hope the cameo is full of cute and win!

  30. 30 fiesta

    Sigh, can people please stop comparing the two. Everyone’s taste is different, this would be a boring world if everyone’s taste is the same. So which is better than the others, it is very subjective. You can’t be objective for something like that. But I think AM1994 is more popular and more successful than AM1997, right? There you go. However my love will always belong to AM1997. And I’m happy that the crews in AM series didn’t forget them, because they give us AM1997 cameos even after they got bigger success. And everyone else I know are pretty much excited about the cameos.

    • 30.1 najungie

      “everyones taste is different, this would be a boring world if everyones taste is the same”

      That’s why we’re offering up our varying opinions! πŸ˜€ When it comes to opinions/someone’s take on the show, there’s no doubt its impossible to be 100% objective — entertainment, more specifically k-dramas are supposed to tug at the heartstrings. else, why do we watch em? πŸ™‚
      Pros and cons to both shows, i think it’s worth the discussion!

  31. 31 cimori

    i hope there will be Answer Me 1997 Season 2 in future.

    personally i like 1997 better than 1994. probably because the rom-com in 1997 was very good and i like their chemistry.

    1994 is good too, i am enjoying watching it .

    comparing those 2 dramas , well i can say that it will never stop, because those 2 drama having similiar name/title, with same pd and same tv station. its just the nature thing when someone do the comparing thing.

  32. 32 jel

    OMG, that’s just awesome! I’m only on to ep 3 now, but I might spoil myself and watch ep 16 first!

  33. 33 sleepywoods

    I wanted to quit this show. I really do, because it is doing horrible things to my sanity. But now the casts from AM1997 are cameo-ing? Ah, show, why are you doing this to me…
    *sigh* Am torn now.

  34. 34 Chaeki

    Reply 97 is better i shipped otp all the way. Reply 94 getting upsetting cause its not ng and cb. I gave up cause it was unbearable to see yys so sad and miserable while trash and ng snuggle all the way. I still get the sibling vibe. And the dragging…

  35. 35 shf

    ’94 also lost their nostalgia of the basketball theme somewhere along, but i’m still loving it.

    I love 94 for Trash oppa, but ’97 was WAY more nostalgic for me. It SO brought me back to my youth!! ’94 is nostalgic, but I don’t identify with that era; granted, it’s only a few years apart, but the theme of kpop starting its boom and the characters just make a better drama for me.

    I still love both, but I love ’97 a LITTLE bit more.

    The guessing of the husband has become annoying to me for ’94 and Chilbong just doesn’t do it for me. He’s got no oomph like Oppa does.

  36. 36 ran

    Well, even though many people prefer 1994 than 1997, the fact that the 1997 cameos brought back many feelings to people and make everyone excited means that this cast is memorable. Even allkpop stated “Reply 1997 Unforgettable Cast”.

  37. 37 makoto

    I watch both drama and love them evenly. Can’t wait to see AM94 casts in AM94… πŸ™‚

  38. 38 Kristy

    I was so happy to read whole cast cameo…
    then read that no Eun Ji Won…. sad…
    but i guess if it was in 1996 he was back in seoul…

  39. 39 Aounet

    I love both am97 and am94 . This is the first time I feel that both series are good out of any drama prequel/sequel thing

  40. 40 linh

    GOSH! I waited for this day too long. The only reason for me to watch 94 is the 97 casts’ appearances πŸ™‚

  41. 41 haruka

    D’aww, makes me want to have another round of rewatch for ’97. Oh, self. Times, you don’t have them enough already.

  42. 42 Uhnny

    I love Answer Me 1997!
    Oh how I missed those two~!!!

  43. 43 dropthebass

    To be honest, I feel like 94 could have been better in every single way had it not been for the bloody length. If it was down to 45 minutes everything would have been so much sharper and better paced. Plus it really didn’t need 21 episodes.

    In regards to the love triangle thing, I don’t know… Like I know everyone complains about it, and I agree that it does receive way too much spotlight. But 1997 dragged on their “love triangle” until the very end as well. The only difference there is that everyone knew Yoonjae was gonna be the husband and WANTED Yoonjae to be the husband. The romance with them revived way more spotlight, which is why the secondary characters weren’t as fleshed out. Also like, I don’t know what people mean about romance being NJ’s life and this somehow being different to 97, because although Siwon was gr8, Yoonjae hardly had anything else going on with him in the later part of the series other than pining over Siwon.

    In regards to 1994, the fact both are serious contenders and there are passionate fans for both sides, seems to be what’s frustrating people. In Reply 1997 you just went along for the ride because you knew it’d work out in the end, with 1994 everyone antsy and stressed over the possibility that their OTP won’t be endgame. (Althooouuugh, I’d argue that the writers never really thought of Chilbong’s relationship with Najung to be anything but an obstacle for NJ/Trash and to serve as an obligatory second lead, but yeah).

    I think Reply 1994 can seriously benefit from some of the same emphasis on being fish out of waters and putting the group in ridiculous hijinks like the first few episodes — and mostly it could benefit from everyone being under the same roof again. But watching it sequentially I can see how it makes sense in terms of narrative progression. It’s like watching a natural process of a group of people slowly going their separate ways.

    Also, this is just a personal thing, although I like YJ/Siwon, and they had good chemistry, it was predictable for me and I wasn’t as invested because you knew how it was going. I genuinely feel like both Najung/Trash and Najung/Chilbong have a way sweeter narrative going for them. The fact that both sides have such avid shippers should tell you as much. I don’t know if it’s just me, but every moment between NJ Trash and NJ/Chilbong felt so good to watch, because it felt like there was much more emotional pay-off to it?

    Also as a series as a whole, I guess I prefer the mood of 94. It’s a lot more mature with the right amount if crack but seriousness.

  44. 44 heavenistheolace

    Heh. I like the romance in 94 WAY more. I mean I like Siwon/Yoonjae, but I didn’t really root for them because it was a given. And I honestly think they got more attention than NJ’s husband game is getting now. Back with 97 no one was nitpicking over the husband stuff and picking apart clues because no one really cared as much. So obviously the 94 husband mystery seems a lot heavier because it’s an actual mystery.

    I agree that the series has been getting more draggy, but I don’t think it’s solely the husband stuff. Frankly, I find Haitai’s army time boring too, I don’t find him as entertaining on his own than when he’s with the rest of the crew. I just want everyone to interact with everyone again. I miss Oppa hating SCP’s existence, I miss Haitai and Najung’s relationship, I miss Najung and Yoon Jin girling out, I miss Binggeruae being accused of plagiarism. I want bits like when they were playing the “who would you choose” game, and the Trash/NJ and NJ/Chilbong moments woven into that.

    It’s probably because I’ve always been 10000% sure Trash was going to be the husband just going by K-Drama formula, and that I don’t mind since I prefer them, but I don’t feel the constant distress over the husband reveal.

    Also Chilbong and Trash >>>>>> Yoonjae and Taewoong imo. They’re altogether more nuanced, funnier, sweeter, and much easier to want the best for imo.

  45. 45 dpm

    Just hearing HOT’s Candy makes me emotional. Answer Me 1997 definitely owns my heart, I can’t barely contain my excitement since their cameos have been announced.

  46. 46 Laura

    I think the clip will be set in 1997. I think it makes more sense that way.

  47. 47 grace

    i really love this a thumbs up thing…hahaha

  48. 48 cinthy

    loooooveee eun ji and seo in gook, can’t wait to see this episode!!

  49. 49 qwerty

    Am I the only one that is excited for some character development in regards to Binggure? He is definitely the most “on the side” side character in AM1994 and so seeing that the preview shows more of him, I feel as though we will finally dive in (with only <4 eps. left?!) with him and his possible attraction towards Garbage/Sunbaenim.

    There were a lot of speculations that he was in the closet, and the hospital scene in episode 13 was probably the most we got to understanding his feelings. Maybe he'll confess? We'll have to see.

    In regards to this whole AM1997 vs. AM1994 debacle, I find both series equally entertaining, though both have their faults.

    I am a bit sad that this show is coming to a close. I was saddened when AM1997 was coming to a close as well.

  50. 50 Chica

    but won’t na-jung and shiwon have the same dad and mom?

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