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Answer Me 1997’s cast drops by 1994 for cameos

I’d heard mention of Answer Me 1994 bringing in cameo appearances from one or two members of last year’s Answer Me 1997, but hadn’t expect a whole cast drop-in, which is what we’ll be getting in the upcoming episodes. Fun!

In the preview for Episode 16 (below), we get a glimpse of Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook dressed as high school students once again. The scene is apparently short but connects to the previous drama, so it should be a treat for fans of both shows. (The timeline in the current series is up to 1996, so in the clip our 1997 kids will be 17.)

In addition to those two, we’ll also get to see Shin So-yool (who played best friend Yoo-jung), Hoya (sensitive Joon-hee), and Lee Shi-un) (chatterbox Sung-jae) appearing at some point, although their bits haven’t been described yet. Sadly, Eun Ji-won is the sole 1997-er who won’t be cameoing.

The Answer Me franchise is a cameo-friendly production on the whole, and has always gotten a kick out of peppering the episodes with fun drop-ins. And we’ve already had a little bit of crossover fun (Tae-woong’s uber-fangirl wife, for instance, was featured as one of Garbage’s hospital co-workers), so I’m always game to see how the two worlds collide. Episode 16 will air this Friday with the Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-gook appearances, while the rest of the cameos will follow in future episodes.

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You know what was funny.. when the department store explosion scene occurred, i knew it was the mall before it was even mentioned.

I knew this because one time i was house sitting for someone and was watching the discovery channel ( when it was still documentary heavy ), it explaining about that mall collapsing.

Apparently the mall was badly designed. Restaurants were built on top floors and because of bad foundation and stuff like that, the building could not hold up the equipment and it collapsed in on its self.


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