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Kim Nam-gil leads his band of Joseon pirates
by | December 12, 2013 | 53 Comments

I really hope the upcoming action film Pirate turns out to be as fun as it looks, because it’s being promoted as a high-budget historical adventure blockbuster and the stills make it look like a roarin’ good time. Sort of Pirates of the Caribbean meets Joseon action sageuk, which cannot possibly go wrong, can it? (Don’t answer that. Just in case.)

Here are new stills from the movie, which stars Kim Nam-gil as the main character who goes from mountain brigand to sea pirate; he’s on a hunt to find the royal seal that got swallowed by a whale, because it comes with a hefty reward. The movie has also added a subtitle to clarify the plot (not that it needed it, because c’mon, you had me at pirate), so the full title is now Pirate: Mountain Bandit At Sea.

Sohn Ye-jin plays one of the pirates who’ll accompany Kim Nam-gil on his ship—how badass does she look playing a bandit? I didn’t love their ill-fated romance in their drama Shark earlier this year, but let’s hope this change of venue revs them both back up. Other members of the cast include Yoo Hae-jin in a comic role, alongside Ahn Nae-sang, Oh Dal-soo, Park Chul-min, Kim Tae-woo, and Sulli. It’s a big cast, but then again, it’s a big adventure.

Directing is Lee Seok-hoon of last year’s hit comedy Dancing Queen, and he wasn’t so shabby with 2007’s romantic comedy Two Faces of My Girlfriend. With a resumé loaded with comedies, I’m crossing my fingers that Pirate is loaded with zippy, humorous antics—this is not a movie that should take itself too seriously! It is planning to release in theaters in the summer of 2014.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. redfox

    if it is NOT awesome then I can´t spell “submarine.”

    • 1.1 redfox

      Nope, you know what: I hope it is BETTER than PotC by miles.

  2. Faye

    Do we want to take bets on whether KNG gets to live in this one?

    SYJ looks amazing here. I’m looking forward to this one.

    • 2.1 Kiara

      He might live for a part 2 and 3 if this is going to be a hit but then he will die on the 3rd movie lol.

    • 2.2 redfox

      like PotC showed already, the main character doesnt need to exactly be alive in a pirate movie.

      • 2.2.1 redfox

        in fact most characters can be dead and the show will still continue.

  3. kate

    Kim Nam Gil why so sexy?

  4. emiie

    if the story is as good as these pictures looks, swoon!

  5. crashbabe

    Show had me at the first pic…..drowned…..

  6. Alyyy

    Son Ye Jin! <3 I hope this movie will be good. *crosses fingers*

  7. Miky

    Well i hope he doesn’t die on this one as well because the movie looks good

  8. Quiet Thought

    Sohn Ye-jin! Sohn Ye-jin! Sohn Ye-jin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 8.1 Windsun33

      I am a sucker for badass lady pirates.

  9. Piny

    Everytime I read about this drama I think ‘why would you wanna get a dead, decomposing seal out of a whale – eww gross’ then I realise its not that kind of seal…

    • 9.1 anniemo

      To some degree that would make more sense, wouldn’t it?

    • 9.2 Windsun33

      I read your post about 3x before I finally read the full description and wondered … seal.. dead.. WTF? 😀

  10. 10 Yammy

    hahhaa POTC is one my favorite movie series out there, and with Kim nam gil ! totally excited

  11. 11 PlumWine

    Sooo want to see this!

  12. 12 rham

    the wardrobe reminds me of PoTC the 3rd, Chow Yun Fat and Co. *sigh*

  13. 13 kfangurl

    Wow. This looks potentially awesome! And yes, SYJ does look badass. This is the best look I’ve seen on her to date, hands down. And then, of course, there’s Kim Nam Gil. Who ALWAYS looks badass. 😀

    • 13.1 anniemo

      I don’t know if you could call his Shark look “badass”, but when he does, ooo boy!

  14. 14 tokio

    this looks fun, I loved two faces of my girlfriend, so hope it does well. The sense of adventure on the high seas.

  15. 15 Niki

    OMG……Yoo Hae Jin! lol. This is going to be so fun.

    Kim Nam Gil was born in the wrong era. He would be the fairest in the land should he be Joseon-born.

    Although i did not like Shark, i thought Sohn Ye-Jin and Kim Nam Gil had raw chemistry. It always seemed to me that they were 1-step away from ripping each others clothes off or 1 kiss away from a full-blown PG rated makeout session. lol

  16. 16 canxi


  17. 17 ooO

    His character better lives at end of the movie! Happy that he is doing comedy

    • 17.1 im_eve

      yeah he’s best at the carefree-funny-but-badass roles hastag BIDAM!

  18. 18 junjae

    Kim Nam Gil might be living in the wrong era, but how thankful I am we get to see his fine ass in this century.
    Ye Jin looks so pretty here, a pirate suits her very well.
    And yes KNG and SYJ really do have that raw chemistry, that’s why I cannot wait for this movie even more!

    • 18.1 ponderwoman

      I know right. His pornstache only looks good in sageuk.

  19. 19 sean

    Yoo hae jin ♥

    I miss him ever since 1n2d s2 ended, can’t wait for this.

    • 19.1 jensredshoes

      Me too, me too. I love him! I would hike all those long mountain trails with him from 1n2d. He seems so sweet!

  20. 20 kanz

    What? It’ll released in summer 2014? Why so long!! I’m dying to see Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin resume their not-happy romance in Shark

  21. 21 Elfie

    dat first pic though….reminds me of the QSD days /swoons
    Oh Bidam! 🙂

  22. 22 MrsD

    Son Ye Jin looks incredible. I think she may just be my girl crush 🙂

  23. 23 peace88

    LOL I’ve being busy with work and my new obsession in soap couple JaSam, I haven’t visit dramabeans for a what seems for a while and I got a little confused with the comments section because of the thumbs up options, where did that come from.

    Anyhow Kim Nam-Gil looks amazing, he real does fit well with historic drama/films, but I’m still not over my heart been broken to pieces in QSD, it took me four weeks to get over that ending and sometimes I would have nightmares of it because of Bidam tragedy ending grrrr!!!

  24. 24 Yi Soo

    Mph. Don’t get me wrong, Kim Nam Gil is one of my first and only Korean man-crushes, but I hope that he (or the director) knows that in the first picture, with the angle that KNG is holding the arrows, the two arrows are going to go off in a slanted trajectory and very likely not hit the target that he was aiming at (one arrow might hit the victim, doubtful that both will).

    • 24.1 beggar1015

      Don’t worry: CGI and editing will take care of that.

  25. 25 sweetcloud

    I’m already cracking up at those Yoo Hae Jin stills 😀

  26. 26 mirela

    KNG his characters ALWAYS die..please stay alive in this one! i can’t wait! i love this couple KNG and SYJ but just like she said i didn’t like their ill-fated romance in “Shark” but i hope this one here it’s goona be awsome..i already said many times KNG is like Jhonny Depp of korea so it was a matter of time till he recived the role of a pirate! Yay I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  27. 27 nn

    I am curious about one topic.

    I’ve read on this site and some other sites that most people didn’t like Shark.
    The writer-PD duo’s first two revenge dramas, Resurrection and Devil are both considered as masterpieces (although the rating were bad especially for Devil).
    I am wondering if you think it’s just coincidence that Shark was a disappointment and it just turned out that way or the reason why Resurrection and Devil are masterpieces wasn’t the writer-PD’s doing but Uhm Force’s force.

    I’m not a troller. I’m really curious about this.

    • 27.1 eny

      really,…..i watch shark n i like it,but mostly when i read comment about shark they like the story but doesn’t like the ending because he die in the end.
      I haven’t watch ressurection but watch devil until ep 4 but i haven’t have any intention to continue it, but i heard that 2 drama is wonderfull. I think if people already love this 2 drama may be there’s some repetition in shark that some people already boring, even the smart writer could lose a new idea, writing revenge theme again n again
      I believe it’s not because of the actor, because they both good actor that could portray deep charracter

    • 27.2 korfan

      I’ve heard the same criticisms about Shark, over and over. I suppose it is because of the ending.

      The thing is, the producers made it clear this drama was a re-telling of the Legend of Orpheus, a Greek tragedy. Given this premise, this drama clearly couldn’t have ended any other way.

  28. 28 Marwa Ben Mabrouk

    Woah, Kim Nam Gil and Sohn Ye Jin again ~
    Even Sulli is there
    So excited ^^

  29. 29 Megumi

    @alex – I think it’s not kim nam Gil but you who like to suck arse depending on your boring comments on almost every db page. You do look like a big fan of korean movies and dramas but jealousy looks like your middle name. Also Kim Nam Gil and other korean male actors have plenty of fans who love them anyway so your hate for them don’t matter to them anyway. So take your childish comments and shove it up your arse you twat…

    • 29.1 dramabuff

      Wow so negative and rude, May I reveal a little secret? The person that you are so vehemently insulting someone for could care less about you and would pass you on the street and not even give you a second glance. Get another cause to focus on.

  30. 30 Abbie

    Looks freaking cool. Can’t wait!

  31. 31 Sabelita

    Kim Nan Gil is a good actor,but I must admit that sometimes tends to overact,but with a firm hand he can do good performances for me He has had better roles in cinema excepting Queen SD.
    Ah relax and merry christmas ALEX

  32. 32 Kimchi

    Right Alex, relax! Have you seen his films? He did more than sigh, he also stripped (in some of them, at least). With so many fangirls of KNG here, you won’t win this one. Love yah, Bidam!

  33. 33 alex

    There are fangirls and fanboys. I did n’t think much about him end of Bad guy but Shark i find his role clueless after 12th episode. I only saw one expression SIGH in everything he did.

    One thing upset me more than anything wrong expression for the situation.

    Anyway thats my opinion.

    Fans will look only positive stuff. So thats is ok.

    I look at critical look of if an actor do decent job. That said with firm director he can do better job. He has ability but slack off because director slack off.

    • 33.1 Sabelita

      Well Alex,is your opinion and Kim Nan gil isnt the best actor of his generation its true, but I think He can do it better,still he is young…

  34. 34 alex

    I might say i hate male actors …its nothing to do with anything. That statement made to make you people react and tell your favorite actor better. Thats all.

    I like warrior way movie actor. Each actor excel in different role.

    For example i find lee min ho does well when there is fight. His emotions are picture perfect in fighting scenes. But when it comes to romance he gets rushed to hide lack of emotion. 🙂

    Never liked secret garden actor Hyun Bin, Bi rain, Lee Byung-hun.

    They have more fans but i find them not good.

    May be they make look better because rest of them worse ?.

    Anyways we all find actor who resembles someof our own traits.

    Thats all

  35. 35 alex

    Son Ye-jin is true actress.

    KIM NAM GIL – bad actor. he is tall and handsome but rest of his acting blows. His romance skill is go for kiss. Two occasion instead of showing expression of pain , he got horny went for quick kiss. May be its director but he was same in Bad guy too. He was walking zombie in bad guy.

    Samething lee min ho, aggressive in romance means you trying to hide lack of ability showing emotion.

  36. 36 liz

    kim nam gil is a main character in the movie in posters his name is first but in main trailer and last trailer that is beginning of movie his name is the second . why ?

  37. 37 tia

    the movie has interesting story , go to see it .it should have a great box office .

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