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Prime Minister and I: Episode 8
by | January 7, 2014 | 76 Comments

A new year means a fresh start for all, making new goals for the future. Our optimistic heroine chooses to live in the present while those around her continue to cling onto the past. Long-buried feelings of bitterness and resentment come to light, which brings with them painful memories.

Yet I could watch these two dance around their feelings all day, especially since their loving and affectionate actions betray their words of denial.


Yul pulls Da-jung out of harm’s way but sustains an injury. Hye-joo abruptly ends the press conference to relay the news that the prime minister was involved in the car accident. Reporter Byun eavesdrops on the Scandal News team’s conversation and picks up the tidbit that the prime minister once branded Da-jung as a stalker.

At the hospital In-ho frowns to see Da-jung fret over the prime minister’s well-being. Thankfully Yul is perfectly fine apart from his fingers (he says they were crushed under a 50 kg weight, and Da-jung defends that she doesn’t weigh THAT much, heh), but Hye-joo narrows her eyes at the idea that Da-jung is the reason why Yul is injured at all.

Once they’re alone, Yul is relieved to hear that Da-jung is okay, and when she asks why he ran out to save her after his big speech about how she isn’t his real wife, he reminds her that he had promised to be a good husband to her no matter what.

He presumes that Da-jung was just trying to be a good wife too, to which Da-jung smiles and says that’s not the only reason. They’re interrupted before she can elaborate, and Yul gapes at the huge hospital bill—all medical tests Da-jung had done as, y’know, her health as a married woman. Ha.

They exit the hospital room smiling for the cameras. Da-jung offers herself as a crutch, which Yul grumbles that she’s a pretty uncomfortable one. She says that’s because he’s not leaning against her properly, so Yul wraps an arm around her, not noticing that the move affects her.

They get through the the crowd of reporters looking more affectionate than before, and Editor Go complains at how Da-jung barely gave them a second glance. His growing resentment makes me little uneasy, but that’s nothing compared to Reporter Byun, who heads to the police station.

Omg, little Man-se has his own mini-door. That’s just adorable. He tells big bro Woo-ri that Dad is home, but gets turned away with one stern look. Aw.

Da-jung, meanwhile, insists on helping Yul with his jacket and tie, feeling guilty that he’s hurt because of her. She even goes as far as to try unbuttoning his shirt for him (rawr?), to which Yul says that he can do it himself.

But the button accidentally falls off in the midst of their back-and-forth and Da-jung quickly turns away in embarrassment. Yul splutters and asks if she isn’t a pervert, to which she counters that he was probably the one harboring lewd thoughts.

Appalled, Yul barks at her to get out (and covers himself up, hee), and Da-jung mumbles that she was just trying to help.

In-ho declines Hye-joo’s invitation to join her for a drink. That’s because he’s in the middle of a meeting with Joon-ki, who still doesn’t trust him and demands that he bring proof that Yul’s marriage to Da-jung is fake.

Lest we think that In-ho is under Joon-ki’s employment, he makes it clear that he has his own motivations for targeting Yul. He refuses the aforementioned demand, saying that his objective is Yul, not Da-jung.

Pointing out that Joon-ki is also in a loveless marriage, In-ho argues that that can’t be the only basis for calling it a fake marriage. He’ll take care of covering Yul’s eyes and leave it to Joon-ki to render Yul immobile like a human vegetable. Eeek.

Madam Na reads up on alluring ways to appeal to her husband at home. Too bad they don’t work, and she leaves, defeated. Aw, points for trying to sweet-talk him though.

Yul ponders over a picture of his children, especially Woo-ri, and then contemplates some more by the window. Da-jung walks in, and the mere sight of him sends her heart thumping wildly.

In fact, Yul has a literal aura about him in her eyes, and she accidentally pricks herself with the needle. So Da-jung practices kendo in the yard to get a hold of herself, which is when comes up behind her to correct her posture.

Yul holds onto her as he teaches, and is impressed by her willingness to learn. He instructs her to join them for morning kendo practice starting tomorrow, adding that cold weather doesn’t prevent them from exercising.

He’s headed off to the Blue House today, where the president disapproves of his logical and principled approach to revisit the international harbor center project and redistribute the funds elsewhere.

But Yul remains firm on the idea that they have to do what’s best for the people and fix the issue at hand. He trusts that the president will make the right decision, though, the president shifts uncomfortably.

On their way out, Hye-joo asks what Yul will do if the president vetoes his proposal, and he jokes that he’ll pack his bags and leave. He declines her offer to take him out for lunch since he plans to spend time with his children.

Hye-joo’s face darkens at the mention of Da-jung, and reminds Yul that she’s gone to see her father at the hospital.

Da-jung isn’t alone however, as she explains to Dad that she hitched a ride here with In-ho, who’s here to visit his brother. Both In-ho and Da-jung freeze when Dad cheerily recounts that a fan dropped by earlier asking about the story of how Yul and his daughter met.

In-ho warns Dad that he could have been a reporter in disguise, and Da-jung instructs her father not to talk about her relationship with Yul. Dad has taken a liking to In-ho and suggests that he date Da-jung if he’s single, and belatedly realizes that she’s already married.

But In-ho confesses that there is someone he likes, which sparks some playful teasing, unaware that Editor Go is spying on them from around the corner. He’s eager to dig up a juicy story, and I don’t like that gleam in his eye as he wonders curiously at their friendly rapport.

Yul sighs deeply at Da-jung’s empty seat, and then tries to make conversation with his children in turn. I especially love how he stops short every time he discovers that his strict parenting approach have been replaced by Da-jung’s words that children should enjoy their childhood.

He tries to regain control by telling them to chew their food properly, which triggers an imaginary Da-jung telling him that people need to enjoy their meals. He smiles, but that earns him strange looks from his children, who are probably wondering if Dad’s lost it. Heh.

So he proposes that they spend the afternoon together as a family, but each of the kids politely decline until poor Yul is left at the table alone. It’s both a hilarious but sad sight, and he spends the afternoon reading—well, sorta reading because he keeps wondering what’s keeping Da-jung.

Da-jung is delighted to hear that Dad is responding to his chemo treatment. She feels bad about not visiting her father enough, to which she’s told that Yul comes by to see Dad often. Aw, that’s sweet.

In-ho catches the Scandal News team snooping around and confronts them about trying to write up gossip stories about their former co-worker. He offers to either to turn a blind eye or let them take it up with Da-jung herself, and they leave. Heh.

In-ho then meets up with Da-jung outside, and the two engage in a playful snowball fight. Unbeknownst to them, Reporter Byun excitedly snaps photos of the two at a distance. Eep, was he the reporter who talked to Dad?

Meanwhile at home, Yul waits up for Da-jung, constantly checking his phone and even sewing more dolls to pass the time. Night falls by the time Yul gets annoyed enough to step outside where he finds his youngest waiting outside for Da-jung.

Man-se asks his father if he’s waiting for Da-jung too, and Yul answers that he stepped outside for a bit of fresh air. That’s when Da-jung arrives with In-ho, and the latter confesses that his hyung is currently hospitalized at the same facility at Da-jung’s father.

Da-jung asks why Yul is standing outside in the cold, of which he answers that he wanted some fresh air, and not of course, because he was waiting for her or anything, nope. Hee.

Once inside, Yul wonders why In-ho didn’t mention his hyung until now, which Da-jung answers breezily that it was probably a sensitive topic. She’s more than happy to help today, completing all of Yul’s requests with a smile, which he finds particularly odd.

She simply smiles that she’s in a good mood today and offers to tuck Yul into bed and read to him tonight. Yul gruffly replies that she doesn’t have to, and she narrows her eyes: “Do you want to lie down or shall I do it for you?”

He climbs into bed obediently, still dressed in his day clothes. Haha. Da-jung reaches across for the copy of One Thousand and One Nights and starts reading aloud, about how Scheherazade left off her story unfinished and the sultan vowed to do away with her once she would.

Yul falls asleep to the sound of her voice, and Da-jung smiles to realize that this method actually works. She scribbles a note on his bandage and whispers a word of thanks for looking after her father before she bids him good night.

Then she sneaks outside so as not to wake him, and it’s only after she leaves that Yul opens his eyes, still very much awake. He laughs at the get-well-soon note on his bandage.

Da-jung has the younger kids line up to see their father off to work the next morning. Yul gives Man-se a hug, which Na-ra acts as if she doesn’t care, though her bitter remarks says otherwise.

Yul swings by a marketplace to speak with the shopkeepers as the media documents a visit. He buys a gift for Na-ra and another bow hairclip (for Da-jung perhaps). Anyone else is getting You’re Beautiful flashbacks?

Then he’s informed with good news that the president has agreed to put the international harbor center project back on the table.

Needless to say, Joon-ki isn’t happy at this turn of events, and he gets a visitor in the form of Reporter Byun, who has deduced for himself from his various interviews that there’s something strange between the prime minister and Da-jung.

Little Man-se bawls his eyes out when his father returns sans a present for him while Nara is pleased with hers. She spots the hairclip, which Yul hastily stuffs in his pocket.

Da-jung walks in just then and comments on Yul’s thoughtfulness. She suggests that he reduce the children’s assignments, which prompts Yul to ask whether she’s kept up with her daily logs.

She stammers that she has, and he has her bring it to him for review. It’s really just an excuse for Yul to try and present Da-jung with the hairclip in his study, as his initial attempts to do so get clouded by her excitement about celebrating together with his staffers.

The way he tries to drop hints is rather adorable, as he awkwardly comments about her long hair and how she should er, do something about it. He says a hairclip will do, and just as he’s about to take it out of his pocket, Da-jung says she hates such childish things at her age.

Tucking it away again, Yul gets pissy about her response and criticizes her journal too, which leaves Da-jung pouting and she storms out in annoyance.

Yul takes out the hairclip again after she leaves, wondering to himself what he’s doing.

Joon-ki recall his earlier meeting with Reporter Byun, who had offered to provide evidence that the prime minister’s re-marriage is an act. He gets called in to see the president.

Yul and Da-jung share a celebratory drink with Hye-joo and In-ho, praising them on their efforts. He asks if In-ho isn’t tired from working so hard, and In-ho sneaks a glance at Da-jung before answering that he’s quite happy lately.

Da-jung cheerfully asks for a drink too, and Yul refuses, the memory of her drunken antics still fresh on his mind. She adorably pouts that she won’t then, and Yul laughs in amusement before giving in.

Both staffers notice how smiley the couple are with each other, and Hye-joo pulls Da-jung out for a chat. She asks how it is spending time with Yul, and when Da-jung answers that he’s a good person but can be difficult at times, she replies that that’s true in the twenty years she’s known him.

Da-jung is surprised that their history goes that far and listens to how Hye-joo describes Yul as someone she highly respects. Hye-joo says that’s likely how Da-jung feels about Yul as well, adding gently that Da-jung isn’t to cross beyond that line with him.

In-ho tenses when Yul asks about his brother, but In-ho answers that his hyung was in a car accident with the woman he loved. Yul asks what happened to the woman, and In-ho says, “She died.”

In-ho admits that he still regrets not preventing his brother from meeting that woman, and then asks pointedly if there’s anything Yul regrets in his past. Yul answers that he does, and when pressed to specify, he says everyone has “one secret they don’t want to tell anyone else.”

Da-jung returns to enliven the tense mood in the room. Her thoughts trickle back to Hye-joo’s advice not to harbor attraction for the prime minister. Hye-joo swallowed her tears before telling Da-jung that Yul won’t ever forget his first wife, no matter how much time passes.

Joon-ki takes in the president’s apologies about the international port center in stride, and then says there’s something else that worries him—is the president all right with how Yul is garnering more popularity than him?

Da-jung is cheerily tipsy by the time she shares her new year’s wish (to do away with the daily logs, ha). She asks after Hye-joo’s wish, which Hye-joo replies that she hopes this contract marriage will end well and both parties will part ways.

Da-jung asks what happens if it doesn’t, an question Hye-joo wonders if Da-jung is relying on this marriage as a kind of insurance. In-ho comes to her defense at that, and Yul cuts them off before another spat arises.

Then he says that whenever this contract marriage does end, he’ll help and look after Da-jung, no matter what she does. He turns to Da-jung and tells her to take her time to think it through.

Da-jung mumbles that she’ll focus on the present and worry about the future as it comes. In an effort to brighten the mood, she gives the floor to In-ho to share his wish (or “Tell Me Your Wish,” for the Girls Generation song meta joke).

In-ho: “I’m going to confess my feelings towards the women I like.” As they leave, Hye-joo asks if that woman is Da-jung, and adds that it seems that she likes someone else. Oof.

Da-jung reflects upon In-ho’s romantic wish outside, and then decides for herself that she won’t confess her feelings for Yul. That’s when Yul instructs her to come inside.

She says there’s something she wants to tell him, and Yul snaps back that her daily journal assignment stands. But he stops when Da-jung asks, “Do you still love your late wife?”

Slurring her words, she asks if that’s the reason why he locked the piano room and hated the idea of Woo-ri pursuing music. “Those times you look lonely, that’s because you’re reminded of her, right?”

But Yul doesn’t answer and walks away.

Da-jung sniffs back her tears just before In-ho joins her. As they stretch together, Da-jung wonders how lucky his crush must be if someone as great as In-ho likes her.

He asks Da-jung if she’d like to know, and she nods eagerly. When he describes the woman as “strange and fun,” Da-jung exclaims, “Why, that’s me!”

In-ho goes on saying that there wasn’t a reason for him to smile after his hyung’s accident, but that person made him laugh. “I laughed a lot and enjoyed myself because of her, but strangely enough, I’m not happy when I see her anymore. My heart hurts.”

He starts, “That person… the one I like—” but Da-jung cuts him off to excuse herself, having figured out the answer for herself.

She steps away but In-ho stops her with a backhug to finish his confession: “The person I like… is you.” Shocked, Da-jung rushes inside and pours herself another drink.

Yul enters the piano room thinking back to Da-jung’s question of whether he still loves his late wife. As he looks at the keys, we flash back to when Yul had discovered photos of his then wife taken with another man (omo, is that In-ho’s brother?) next to a car.

He finds Da-jung passed out on the dining room table with an empty liquor bottle nearby. He tries to gently shake her awake, but she doesn’t stir. Then Yul takes a seat across from her.

As Da-jung mumbles in her drunken stupor, Yul thinks to himself: “Nam Da-jung, what should I do with you? My assignment… is you.”


Aw, how like Yul to also frame his growing fondness for Da-jung in a logical way. I often find his principled nature sweet whenever he wants (and chooses) to take care of Da-jung and swoon-worthy when he sticks to his promise to be a good husband. Who knew that keeping principles and promises could be so smexy? We’re seeing some nice strides in his character development as well, and I loved how he put in some real effort to try and connect with his kids. Those attempts didn’t always work out so well in this hour, but he’s putting Da-jung’s words into practice, and I smiled whenever they did, like how he hugged little Man-se and picked up a present for Na-ra.

It’s nice to get a bit more information about the car accident, and I think we’ve gotten enough hints to say that In-ho’s brother harbored romantic feelings for Na-young aka Yul’s late wife. It’s hard to say whether she returned those feelings, so it still feels early to assume an extra-marital affair (though, really, who knows?). Finding out why or how those photos ended up in Yul’s hands might help us answer some questions (Was it blackmail? Did he keep tabs on his wife?), and makes me wonder if history will repeat itself in that In-ho likes Da-jung, who is technically-sorta-kinda married to Yul.

I admit that I still have a tough time with In-ho’s one-sided crush on Da-jung sometimes. They’re sweet and adorable together, but In-ho’s vengeance mission throws up that invisible barrier and all I can see is the constant pain his eyes in every episode. His confession adds in some more angst which is to be expected at this midway point, so I’m sure we’ll be in for awkward interactions between In-ho and Da-jung, and perhaps another scandalous headline if Reporter Byun gets his way. The contract marriage setup is always in a pressure cooker, and only matter of time until the sham comes out into the open.

Speaking of unrequited loves, Hye-joo’s warning to not nurse a crush for Yul made me sad for her character. Those words are well-intentioned (and not vindictive, as I had feared) and we can see that Hye-joo is the result of someone who’s kept those feelings towards Yul bottled up for two decades, waiting for the day Yul might return those feelings. This is where she differs from Da-jung, who will address the issue, albeit drunk, versus tiptoeing around it. Da-jung is the one who challenges Yul to be a better father, husband, and person (and he in turn for Da-jung) because while good things come to those who wait, sometimes you have to go after those good things yourself.


76 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tebz10

    Aww. Kwon Yul is starting to realize his feelings for Da Jung. He’s even imagining her at the dinner table. <3

    • 1.1 docster6

      I was actually in pain watching him wait for Da-Jung while In-Ho and Da-Jung were having their snowball fight. That was one time I was actually on Kwon Yul’s side. He has now done enough good toward Da-Jung that I am rooting for him, finally.

  2. angel101

    definitely drama crack!

    can not wait for episode 9!

    • 2.1 timeturner

      Agree! It’s been a long time since I have been this excited to watch a k-drama.

      My wish is for this drama to have more episodes. I think that 17 episodes is too short. I just can’t get enough of the ever lovely Nam Da Jung and the smexy Prime Minister. 😉

      • 2.1.1 angel101

        My wish for this drama is to finish airing now so that I can watch all the episodes at once!

        Waiting for new episodes of Prime Minister and I is heartbreaking!

      • 2.1.2 tebz10

        My wish is that Nam Da Jung would take off more buttons from the PM’s shirt. 😉

        • Jaeng

          I love this wish ha ha ha.

  3. KDaddict

    KY needs 2 women:
    1 faithful lieutenant at work to watch his back;
    1 devoted lover at home to take care of his kids, his heart and body, er, I mean, health.
    Seo obviously has taken up the duty in the office. It was her mistaken for thinking that it’d lead her into his bed, I mean, home.
    He needs sb sweeter, zanier, with more heart than rationality.
    If only Seo understands all that, she won’t have to resort to such low tactics as to try to scare DJ away.
    Seo assumes KY’s heart is closed cos he still misses his wife; turns out that she is just the wrong person to gain her way in.

    • 3.1 Orion

      I think she has told herself that lie so long, that she now believes it. It is easier turning the blame on him and his own unwillingness to be with someone than to face the fact that she has created her own misery by being too scared and too caught up in her own want to see him as a person and try to have him.

      But Da Jeong is threatening to burst that delusional bubble and it is making Hye Joo aggressive. Having to confront our own faults makes anyone aggressive, let alone a weak and already aggressive woman like her.

      • 3.1.1 angel101

        Do you think Seo Hye Joo is really warning Nam Da Jung out of aggressiveness?

        Because if she truly believed that Kwon Yul would never get over his first wife, then Seo Hye Joo warning Nam Da Jung may simply be out of concern?

        Sure, she may notice some changes in Kwon Yul lately… but she probably just refuses to see those as warning signs. If Seo Hye Joo would really have the realization that Nam Da Jung is a threat, she will probably be a lot more hostile and such… going with the logic of “Why her? And not ME?!!”

        That could still happen later on. But right now, Seo Hye Joo is not aggressive yet. IMO.

        • Orion

          I don’t buy her “motherly concern”, no. She has been aggressive towards Da Jeong and if she did have feelings of nurturing anyone, she would have directed them towards Yool or the kids, not a stranger she has been dismissing so far.

          I think she senses that Da Jeong might accomplish what she hasn’t and tried to underhandedly stop her. You could tell from her behavior that she was being insincere and malicious.

          I do think she is still fooling herself and probably even convinced herself that her reaction was just to help Da Jeong, but the lie is crumbling and she is doing everything she can to stop it.

          • angel101

            But if Seo Hye Joo sees herself in Nam Da Jung (in terms of liking Kwon Yul when thinking that he will never get over his first wife), then she is not caring for some stranger but in some manifestation/extension of her self.

          • Orion

            I just don’t see it that way, so our mindset about it is different. To me, she clearly sees a rival and someone she needs to stop. She feels entitled to have him, because it has been 20 years. Which she did make sure she threw in Da Jeong’s face.

            I felt that speech was saying “Back off, I’ve been with him longer, he won’t fall for someone like you. He mustn’t, because then it means I was wrong”. And her own guilt over her own weaknesses will manifest as hate towards Da Jeong. I get this from everything I have seen from the character, as well as Chae Jung Ahn’s acting, with which she delivered exactly that in this scene.

        • KDaddict

          Seo is so jealous of DJ she is eating her heart out. She can’t be entirely mad at DJ bcos it started as a political move to pull wools over the eyes of the public, a favor to KY, Except now DJ has KY’s attn that Seo desires so badly but has never had.
          ‘Motherly concern’? I don’t think so. It is the most face-saving move Seo can come up with to scare DJ from taking more steps towards the PM.

    • 3.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      KDaddict – reading your comments, I just realized that Seo is PM’s work wife.

  4. KDaddict

    KY’s attempts too connect w his kids didn’t work so well in this hour, cos DJ wasn’t there to help him when he didn’t know how to complete his attempts. He is new to this, so he still sucks at it.

    DJ, having been a reporter for Scandal News should really know better than to behave so mindlessly free with In Hyo. She of all ppl should know what a photo can do to ruin someone’s life and career.

    • 4.1 angel101

      Except Nam Da Jung has morals, and she probably thinks (naively at that) that all people have basic morals.

      A lot of people expect Nam Da Jug to be more ‘wordly’ because of the fact that she is a tabloid reporter. But her character is prevented to be truly that.

      Remember the idol that she was stalking in Episode 1? Nam Da Jung was taking photos of the idol and her boyfriend kissing, and that is when Kwon Yul found Nam Da Jung. Scandal News probably never reported that scandal. The idol Ru Ri and Nam Da Jung had enough interactions in succeeding episodes to support that: 1) Ru Ri Let Nam Da Jung borrow the black outfit for the PM inauguration ceremony, 2) Ru Ri invited Nam Da Jung as the only press to cover her charity work with the other politician wives, and 3) Ru Ri went with Nam Da Jung while she was wedding ring shopping.

      If Nam Da Jung published the photos, and Ru Ri had that ‘scandal’ – they would never be able to have such a good relationship.

      Reporter Byun seems to be more cutthroat.

      • 4.1.1 KDaddict

        I don’t believe being ‘worldly’ or having morals need even enter the equation.

        It’s just that if she has worked in a particular business and know how it works, she wouldn’t behave as if there are no scandal reporters in the world. She knows how a scandal is created, even if she never participates in creating one herself, she’d be more Cautious.

        • docster6

          I agree 100% with you that Da-Jung should be super careful. But that is actually her charm to be so trusting. I hope everything will work out for her at the end because I am rooting like mad for this good person.

        • Patch

          She [b]should[/b] already have that awareness because it’s the type stuff she herself would been on the look out for but as she apparently doesn’t I’m hoping a scandal that’s all of her own doing will smarten her up.

          If she stops leaning on IH so much that would be good too.

    • 4.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      In the movie “The Prince & Me”, an intelligent young woman gets caught in political mess just by sitting with children in a day care. Simple actions that in former life would have been fine can suddenly be misread when you become a celebrity figure. I think Da-jung is well intentioned and moral, but could get caught in a scandal by simply being too innocent to realize throwing a snowball could turn into something sordid.

  5. Chi

    Are you still continuing the “miss korea” recaps?

  6. topper

    Hye Joo is projecting her disappointment at not being able to take the place of Yul’s wife in his heart despite standing by him for 2 decades onto Da Jung.

    The relationship progress still feels organic, minus that truck of doom last episode.

  7. Lily_pepper

    Could we have more Miss Korea recaps? (if at all possible)

  8. PlumWine

    Thanks for the recaps and commentary Gummimochi.

    I’m really enjoying this show. The slow realization of real feelings between the main couple is lovely and more believable than love at first sight.

    I feel so sorry for the brother-in-law’s wife. No wonder she’s so catty, she has all these pent up ’emotions’ she can’t share with her husband.

    Hey Joo makes me feel sorry for her and grates on my nerves. You can’t claim someone just because you’ve known and liked someone longer. If that were true, I’d be married to my second grade crush! Basically, he’s just not into her and so she hides behind the dead wife.

    In Ho, ah you twisted sweety. I doubt he truly knows what led to and how that accident happened. I’ve even thought his brother might have been trying to ‘rescue/kidnap’ the late wife for her own good and they got into that accident because she didn’t want to leave. The fact that he seems to be following in his brother’s footsteps is sad. While I find his reasoning for liking Da Jung flimsy, at least he doesn’t want to see her hurt in anyway. It’s like a white knight syndrome effect.

    Anyway, I really do like this show. 🙂

    • 8.1 tebz10

      Maybe Madame Na will cozy up to Da Jung to learn tips on how to seduce a husband 🙂

      • 8.1.1 docster6

        Unfortunately, Madame Na’s jealousy of Da Jung will continue. At the hospital, where Kwon Yul put his right arm around Da Jung’s shoulder in front of the press….I bet that never happened even once in Minister Na’s marriage. Face it, Da Jung will have a great marriage because she deserves it.

    • 8.2 KDaddict

      HJ has painted herself into a corner. By being such a good lieutenant at work means KY only sees and needs her as such. The guy needs a polar opposite to balance his all too serious life. That DJ is also young and lovely is icing on the cake.

      I’m hopeful that In Hyo following in his brother’s footsteps would finally lead him to understand that the PM was not at fault for the auto-accident, better than any explanation ever can.

      • 8.2.1 docster6

        If you look at the Drama Series’ promotional poster you can see that HJ (the actress) can be just as attractive as Da Jung (the actress). HJ just needs to improve her personality and dress less like a business woman. She may have also chose the wrong guy to love because Financial Minister Na proposed to her before. Despite Minister Na’s bad intentions in the drama, he is one hot dude (even today).

        • Patch

          In 20 years together I imagine Yul has seen HJ dressed up, dressed down and everything in between bar naked. He’s not attracted to her end of it doesn’t matter what she wears.

          • megumi

            i think you are misunderstanding his/her comment, he/she is saying that HJ is just as pretty as Da Jung, which i don’t think is a wrong statement, only difference between Da jung and her is personality. Da jung’s personality is very lovable while hers are just gloomy. I don’t about others but the actress playing HJ is pretty too, little aged than da jung but still pretty…

  9. Alyyy

    I’m really loving this drama. Right now it’s my favorite among all the currently airing ones.

    I love the lack of melodrama and the cute and thoughtful character moments. The dialogue is really good!

    But I’m so sad that it’s getting low ratings! From what I’ve seen, it’s been scoring 5 to 8%.

    I’m afraid the network will cancel it or cut it short. 🙁

    • 9.1 tebz10

      I don’t think they’ll cancel it or cut it short. It just announced that they’ll be adding 1 more episode to it, bringing it to a total of 17 epis.

      Also, there have been a lot more dramas that had worse ratings than PM&I that still ran its course, so I highly doubt this is going to happen.

    • 9.2 docster6

      Empress Ki will have 50 episodes, therefore, PM&I will have to compete with that throughout its run at the same time slot. I would say PM&I could max out at 8.5% last week because of the new year preemption of Empress Ki. But we all know we love PM&I internationally even though Koreans prefer historic dramas and family melodramas.

    • 9.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Right now we have PM&I, Miss Korea, and Love From Another Star. All rom/coms, but people seem to have a favorite that they are completely devoted to.

      I wonder if it is just that certain main characters “click” as being like the viewer watching. There is some kind of connection being made that makes people passionate about a particular drama.

      For me, PM&I is the best. I’m just glad they keep finding new ways to give us romance. I can not fall in love enough.

  10. 10 True2u

    Dang, PM you can’t get a break huh? Both brothers wants your wives!!! LOL!! He needs a break. Aside from that, It’s going pretty good. I’m loving the chemistry between the leads. But home girl gotta get over PM. She had 20 years to sing her love for him. Lets keep the story as it is. It’s nailing everything for me so far.

  11. 11 jessie

    Thanks for the recap! I love this drama so much, especially the OTP developments.

    I fear for any potential scandal that Reporter Byun will come up with… but I’m all for anything that will makes our OTP get even closer. Because in this show each conflicts actually makes them understand and respect and ~love~ each other more which makes the relationship feels so organic. The unexpectedly amazing chemistry helps a whole lot, too, of course.

    Ha, tipsy Dajung totally alluding to SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish chorus! Also, I can relate whenever Dajung swoons over the PM… how come he can be more and more charming?

    Aww, and I feel sorry for Madam Na. She tried.

    • 11.1 KDaddict

      Madam Na trying is about as useful as the Queen trying in Empress Ki. Both wives have husbands who hate their FILs more than anything else in the world. They take out that hatred on their wives, whom they took in a political marriage, whom they never loved to begin with.

    • 11.2 docster6

      I am dying to have Da-Jung start singing. We caught a glimpse of her playing a piano. I am hoping that Da Jung could actually work with Woo-Ri in singing, giving him some KPOP moves? Am I expecting too much?

    • 11.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Reporter Byun scares me. Love that they call him Reporter Poo.

  12. 12 docster6

    OMO, I am so addicted to this drama it is not even funny. I read that the Nation’s favorite actor, Lee Seung Gi, is now dating Yoona (big news last week). If Yoona’s personality is anything close to that of Nam Da Jung, then I could see why Lee Seung Gi said several times that Yoona is his ideal type. A few episodes back, I commented that Da-Jung is too good to be true. Now it is getting even more ridiculous how great she is. Her love for everyone around her is so incredible and that is why she constantly got into trouble. I am hoping she would spend some time with her former colleagues at Scandal News; for some reason, I think of them as her family. After all, they were the ones to sit on the front row of the bride’s side at the wedding. They also brought her father to the wedding. They are adorable and I hope they could get a big story rather than Report Byun.

    • 12.1 jessie

      This will be OOT but it’s been said by Yoona herself and her fans that out of all the characters she played, DaJung is the closest to her real personality (- which is probably why she played the role so well – except YoonA is more of a prankster than DaJung will ever be!)

      I squealed with glee when I found out about the relationship! Not only puppy SeungGi finally gets his dream girl… but I do think they’d match each other well. Both are such sweethearts and also, I guess quick-witted YoonA will complements heodang SeungGi very well 😀 I hope they have a happy, long lasting relationship.

  13. 13 Jennipoh

    I’m dying for them to realize their love for each other already haha. And is it just me, or was it weirdly abrupt for In-ho to just suddenly confess like? They hardly had any intimate interaction, so that was kinda out of the blue..

    And of COURSE, it’s always the reporters who spur on these secret marriages conflict.. truly, I have been reminded of You’re Beautiful on several occasions now

    • 13.1 docster6

      There were plenty of interactions between In-Ho and Da-Jung for In-Ho to fall for her and confess. He hugged her right in front of her husband and that snowball fight is very intimate by Korean Drama standards (not like a Western show). When Da-Jung showed up with a black dress at the PM banquet, In-Ho nearly had a heart attack (as did Kwon Yul). In-Ho was also pushing to have Da-Jung invited to the banquet and he recognized Da-Jung as the one who got Kwon Yul pass the nomination process. If you ask Secretary Seo, she would be able to tell you how much affection In-Ho has for Da-Jung, on event after another.

    • 13.2 Thursdaynexxt

      Yep, it’s precisely because he’s Mr Nice Guy to her, she finds him comfortable to be around (translation: so he gets friendzoned, and she doesn’t view him in a romantic way).

      Poor In-ho!

      But just to see YSY stretch his acting wings a bit more, I wanna see how dark his character can get while still being redeemable!

  14. 14 sara

    Speaking of meta jokes, if they’re going to continue playing up the scandal between Madam Na and KHD, they should make one up about Lee Seung Gi and the Prime Minister’s Wife, hehehehehe.

    • 14.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Oh that would be AWESOME! Cameo of LSG would be welcome.

      • 14.1.1 Orion

        I think they won’t go there. Thankfully. Too much breaking the 4th wall. While Kang is famous, we do not see him in person and he is not immediately related to the actress playing Madame Na. Having Lee show up would completely ruin immersion. It’s lovely that two young people found love, but let’s keep their private life private.

  15. 15 mitty

    I feel bad for HyeJoo because she’s been with Yul’s side long enough to make a move and make herself worthy of Yul’s heart but she thought it’s enough as long as she’s by his side. Not until DaJung’s presence, she realized that being by his side won’t guarantee his heart so now she’s turned into threatening DaJung to not get attached to Yul which is impossible because, hello?, it’s Kwon Yul, the smexy, single, Prime Minister of South Korea and with all the positivity and personality that radiates with DaJung, it’s impossible for anyone to not fall in to her. Hell, even InHo is swooned.

    • 15.1 KDaddict

      You are right about the state HJ is in.

      I feel sympathetic towards her for 1 reason:
      With DJ’s arrival in the PM’s household, Seo finally has a wake up call–it is not impossible for him to love again. Only problem is, the wakeup call is also the death toll of her 20 year one-sided crush on KY! He is in love with sb else, sb who only recently entered his life, sb whom Seo looks down on as a nobody, a dimwit, even. That has got to hurt, soooo bad!

  16. 16 angel101

    I think it is amazing that Yoon Ah has chemistry with both Lee Beum Soo and Yoon Shi Yoon. Even with Yoon Ah’s character visibly not liking Yoon Shi Yoon’s character in a romantic way, the chemistry is still evident. My sister does not like Kang In Ho’s character, but she still said that she can not deny that the chemistry exists. And a lot of people were worried initially that the Lee Beum Soo and Yoon Ah pairing would not work BUT now it is evident that the casting director knew what he was doing!

    Hopefully more dramas would be more concerned in casting people with chemistry in the same project rather than focusing on casting so-and-so names without checking if said people have chemistry at all. If they are marketing romance, better make sure that it is believable… I have watched a lot of dramas were certain pairings do not make sense simply because of the lack of chemistry.

    • 16.1 Orion

      They think matching looks and popularity is what makes a couple wanted. It’s not, unless we’re talking shallow viewers who can’t see beyond some pretty oppa.

      No matter how pretty and fancy they look together, if the chemistry is not there, it just won’t work. However good the writing or even acting may be.

      And I’m glad they made sure that at least chemistry wise, both pairings work here. Even if there is a clear main couple. Since the two other characters interact, they need that chemistry. Chemistry is not just useful in romance, but also awkwardness, hate, alertness and other such dynamics.

      • 16.1.1 angel101

        I can forgive and forget a lot of things in a drama if I think the pairing works… LOL Even if there is no story at all. Although having a believable story Is STILL preferable.

        Chemistry is a very tricky thing.

        There is this one actress and most people recognize her for her skills, I have watched a few of her works but she did not have chemistry with any of her leading men. When I think of each drama separately, I remember the guys liking her character. But I do not have any impression of any of her characters ‘feeling’ anything towards the guys even if she verbally says and physically acts that she likes them. What is even more impressive is that one of her leading men is said to be someone who can not act at all. Is this a case of one way chemistry? Sadly, this case occurs way too often.

        There are a lot of Kdramas, but the pairings that have two way believable chemistry is very few… And some pairings that work could even be something unexpected – such as in the case of Yoon Ah and Lee Beum Soo here in Prime Minister and I.

        • megumi

          is the actress you’re talking about han hye jin?, i like her acting but i never feel anything between her and her partner in dramas, the chemistry in dramas i liked so far are
          So ji sub + Gong hyo jin in TMS, Eugene + Ki Tae Young in Creating Destiny, Seung gi + Shin Min Ah in MGIAG, So ji sub + Im soo jung in MISA, and there are lot of others too, maybe because i focus more on the story and characters of the couple than the chemistry i seem to enjoy most of the KDrama couples, i think it depends on who the actors are too like everything i’ve seen Gong Hyo Jin in I can feel her sizzling chemistry with her co stars…

          • angel101

            I focus on the story and characters too, and I enjoy most of drama couples too.

            But sometimes even with an engaging story and characters, the lack of chemistry between the leads is so evident that it is jarring. So in dramas where there is no story and forgettable characters (these exists!), the leads having chemistry is the next best thing.

            And when I said there is a lot of Kdramas but the pairings with two way believable chemistry is very few – I meant it in a ‘relative’ way because there are around 70 dramas a year in Korea, and I do not watch all.

    • 16.2 tebz10

      Chemistry is something that’s hard to see right away when casting. There are some that you’d think that would, on paper, be great, but fail on-screen. This drama was the opposite case. I was scratching my head on this when I read the news about the pairing. Boy, was I wrong!

      • 16.2.1 angel101

        But casting should not be based ‘on paper’ actually. There should be auditions and such. And chemistry should be something that they check, even if chemistry is not explosive then it should at least be something that is workable.

        The public may be confused about the casting for a project, but the production should not be.

        • Orion

          The Korean drama casting and filming system comes with many problems. While the makers and artists might know what works, the decisions are down to the productions that want to profit from it. And businessmen are clueless about artistic qualities or concepts like compatibility, chemistry, good writing etc.

          So they don’t look for chemistry. They cast by looks and even more so, marketability. Their actors are the shoulders on which the money will be made, domestically and abroad. Yes, sometimes casting works and some productions do try their best to meet all the criteria, but not all do and not all succeed.

  17. 17 alcoholicbubbletea

    i love this drama so much but i cant (i tried so hard really) stop myself from imagining seunggi as the prime minister. sigh. i should get over my excitement and watch this drama later.

    love yoona’s acting in this drama. she improved a lot!

    • 17.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Oh, Yoona and LSG should do a little YouTube paradoy of the PM&I with Seunggi as PM. Would be so funny!

  18. 18 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I really lol at the bedroom scene with Da-Jung on the bed, looking at Yul who had all the ‘glow’ around him (BOF, anyone?) while she had the imaginary pink hearts popping from her eyes, projecting all of her love thoughts! That’s one of the reasons I love this Kdrama – they can interject these magna type of animations during a real scene and do it so well that I don’t want to throw a shoe at the screen. Ordinarily, I hate those devices (Jdrama seems flooded with animated inclusions).

    • 18.1 angel101

      But ‘animated inclusions’ seem to be more of a twdrama than a jdrama thing, like Smiling Pasta. Or maybe because i have watched a variety of jdrama genres – jdramas are tricky, if the project is based on manga or anime then it will have a manga-like feel. You should try the genres of family drama, human drama and the likes.

    • 18.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I feel all glowy when I see Lee Beom Soo, so to have it on screen was a hoot. Yeah, PM. You are my hero.

  19. 19 dfwkimchi

    Thanks for the recap!

    Still enjoying the show. Lots of family cuteness and romance is now in the air.

    Those sound effects are a hoot!

    Everytime I see little Kown Man Se – he reminds me of a miniature Oh Man-Seok who is in the current weekend drama Wang/King’s Family – which I have been enjoying since the start!

  20. 20 Carole McDonnell

    Love this drama and loving that although she is young and he is older that she is teaching him as well… so we have a true hubby wife compatible situation.

    Am wondering what’ll happen if chief of staff discovers the truth of the dead-sister/dead hyung event….or if joon-ki discovers the truth. Guilt issues, etc? Would their partnership of revenge be safe? Won’t the chief of staff balk to complete his plan?

    Am still shipping Madam Na with her husband. If it’s wrong for secretary to nurse a hopeless crush for long, it’s just as wrong for joon-ki to nurse a hopeless crush. Not wanting joon-ki and secretary together.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 20.1 Laica

      I agree, I feel so bad for Joon-ki’s wife. I wish he would reciprocate her feelings. He does seem to at least find her amusing, judging from his smile in this episode.

  21. 21 elle

    i love this part:

    “while good things come to those who wait, sometimes you have to go after those good things yourself.”

    i agree!!!

  22. 22 miracleloveuknowfireinlove

    yoona your cast so good 🙂

  23. 23 Noelle

    If the wife was having an affair that would explain Yul way better. Probably afraid to let anyone in out of fear of betrayal and pain.

  24. 24 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Love that PM&I giving me the chance to learn new Korean words.


  25. 25 whilethemusiclasts

    I just love this show and can’t wait to pounce on the next episode. I love love love Lee Beom-soo.

  26. 26 Laica

    Totally agree with you comments – thanks for the recap. 🙂

    I just love how slowly and sweetly these two are waking up to their feelings for each other. It feels so natural and every little moment is so enjoyable.

  27. 27 aimer08

    It really alarms me when she reacted about the 50kg weight… The writers did not set good example because 50kg is a healthy weight. For her height that should be her weight at least. 50kg is the weight you need to be able to donate blood. Muscles has weight… If he says 55 kg or up then her reaction would be okay…

  28. 28 gabbysteffany

    In Ho’s expression shows how hurt he is when know Da Jung rejects him..
    ahhhh i feel pity for him

    i just want to give a lot of compliments for Yoon Si Yoon
    he changed a lot!! actually, at first his image is a cute boy
    but in this drama he looks more mature than before..
    and i like his new hairstyle!! ^^

    i think i will be in In Ho’s side..
    i think that he will not take a revenge on Kwon Yul bcs he doesn’t want to make Da Jung sad
    whatever he will do, i think he will be wise and consider what will happen to Da Jung in the future..

  29. 29 Ibu

    I know it’s a bit late to comment for this episode as everyone is still squeeeing for the cuteness in episode 9 (especially myself), but I can’t help but to express what I feel.

    I’m talking about the scene where KY stands by the window after looking at his kids’ picture. I’m already in love with the PM, but that scene where he turns to look at Da Jung made me fall for him again…. 😉

    He is just glowing with charisma, which makes him so attractive… anybody feel the same?

  30. 30 Shinubi Wang

    Stupid! Cuckold! What a dumb ass, that In-ho. It was obvious that Da-jung is not into him and he could not see that and had to confess his feelings for her. Now, she will feel uncomfortable in his presence.

    I hate these kind of men, shameless, no pride, coveting another man’s wife, contracted marriage or otherwise. It seemed that his brother had the same problem, chasing after the Prime Minister’s wife and yet he blamed the PM for his brother’s death. Pair of sickos!

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