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Yoon Shi-yoon’s golf movie finally hits theaters
by | April 5, 2014 | 34 Comments

It took a while, but Baek Pro (aka One Hundred Percent or Professional Mr. Baek), the golf movie made back in 2011, finally arrived in theaters this week. That’s normally not a good sign that it took so long to see the light of day, but the trailer promises a heartwarming and uplifting story. Let’s hope Yoon Shi-yoon (Prime Minister and I, Baker King Kim Tak-gu) can deliver, as this might be one of the last works we’ll see him in before he enlists in the army. It’s unconfirmed when, but he’s due to enlist sometime this year.

Baek Pro is the story of former pro golfer Baek Se-jin (Yoon Shi-yoon), whose career ends after a sudden accident. After a two-year slump, he heads to an island village to recuperate. He encounters a school that is in danger of being shut down, and in an effort to save the school, the townspeople engage Baek Pro in a scheme to groom the village kids into golfers, including the town’s biggest rebel, jailbait hottie Yeo Jin-gu (Potato Star 2013QR3, Hwa-yi).

What does golf have to do with saving the school, you ask? Well naturally, there is a provincial junior golf tournament, and if the village students just make it past the preliminaries, the school can continue to operate. Baek Pro gets roped into tutoring the entire student body (of six). An older gentleman in town tells him that he doesn’t really need to teach the students anything; to these kids, having someone around who cares about them is more important. While Baek Pro dislikes kids and is originally determined to leave, you can see his heart begin to thaw when the faces of the adoring children look up at him.

When the townsfolk discover that Baek Pro’s drunk driving incident resulted in the death of his sunbae, the tide turns and they no longer want him around the kids. His students rally around him, however, and refuse to let him go.

The movie was shown to foreign distributors last week, and they responded favorably – eight Asian countries picked up the rights. We’ll soon find out if this sweet and hopeful story was worth the wait.

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34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. StupidCupidinLove

    Oh, yes! Bring on the pretty!

  2. damianna

    Teacher baby face with manly voice, not so baby faced student with manly voice. At some point they look like buddies. Looks cute and let’s hope it’ll get subbed later on. Wish u all the best Yoon shi yoon

  3. KDaddict

    2011. It was filmed 3 years ago. Their looks have changed quite a bit since then, esp Yeo Jin Goo. K fashion n styles change so fast. The way they are styled looks somewhat dated maybe.

    • 3.1 aicaramba

      You’re right. The movie does look a bit old…

    • 3.2 iced

      Totally agree!! Especially the hair styles!!

    • 3.3 jomo

      I know, it’s like stepping into a time capsule and looking around for a couple hours.

  4. Eli

    Yoon Shi-yoon and Yeo Jin-gu together on the same screen? Yeah, I’m definitely going to watch this.

    • 4.1 JoAnne

      Even if it weren’t them – I love these kinds of movies!

  5. Elvira

    Yoon Shi yoon looks very young!!!
    He’s 11 years older than Yeo Jin gu….


  6. Elvira

    Yoon Shi yoon looks very young!!!!
    He’s 11 years older than Yeo Jin gu…


  7. rosy

    They kinda look like buddies not student teacher

  8. Ennayra

    Aw, I really like Yoon Shi-yoon! I didn’t realize it was time for him to enlist already. This movie looks entertaining – I hope it does well.

  9. Abbie

    Yoon Shi-yoon-ah! Love him! He’s adorable! Looking forward to seeing this somewhere with English subs.

    And I saw Lee Won-jong and Lee Kyung-young both from Vampire Prosecutor in it too! BTW, VP season 2 is now on Netflix!

  10. 10 lea

    *gasp!* Prince Lee Gak red tracksuit!!!

    i’m looking forward to see more of Yoon Shiyoon and Yeon Jingu on screen! the perm though…

  11. 11 AJ

    Oh noooo..not enlistment yet plsss…I want to see YSY do another hit drama before the military service…going to miss him so much!!!! am crossing my finger that Baek Pro do super well in box office!

    • 11.1 Eve

      Looks like a box office flop, sadly.

  12. 12 kanz

    Yoon Shi Yoon and Yeo Jin Gu look more like friends than teacher student. At least when YSY do his MS, I could watch this movie. I love sport movies, cute people is a bonus! ha

  13. 13 risa

    Thanks, awcoconuts. I love both YSY and YJG, so I’m in baek pro!

  14. 14 nomnomnom

    i was wondering before because i kept seeing this in YSY’s filmography but didnt hear anything about it.

    i dont usually watch these kinds of movies lol but i def want to see it because i like YSY and I really want to see Yeo jin goo right now in anything that is not potato star.

    i kinda feel bad for YSY tho because he’s like the “it” actor that never happened. i mean baker king (and high kick?kinda?) was a huge hit, which he could have used to his advantage (i think) but i guess it’s just really not meant for him (or could be in the choice of projects??) well i dont really follow him and im pretty new to the k-actor world so i dont really know but yeah im going too far from the topic i need to stop 🙂

  15. 15 yasmin satria

    Its crazy how Yoon Shi-yoon looking more like Yeo Jin-gu’s friend than teacher. My head hurt…

  16. 16 Arhazivory

    My heart was warmed just watching the trailer. I’d love to watch this.

  17. 17 Betty

    In the group picture with the kids, Yoon Shin Yoon looks more like he is one of the students than he is a teacher lol

    I like all the actors that are shown on the pictures so I hope it will be a well played and heartwarming movie.

  18. 18 Stephanie

    3 years ago he was definitely in the kids category but… This YJG just looks like a shorter version of the current YJG except his age was without question, jailbait.

  19. 19 jomo

    YSY makes me all fluttery.

    I don’t see anyone up there next to him, nor do I get any sort of flutterings if I were to see him/it. That way there is no reason to suspect me of crimes. I literally do not look at him.

    OMG I can do it. I can do it.

  20. 20 Gabby

    LOL It looks more like 3-5 year age difference between them rather than one of more than a decade. But Yeo Jin-goo definitely still looks like a kid/teenager here (compared to how he looks now). They’re both really cute.

    It does look a little dated, but hopefully it’s hits the right heartwarming beats and manages to keep it relatively understated instead of mawkish.

  21. 21 goldeng

    yaaaay! you can tell this was filmed agesss ago since he still had EnLique’s hair!! I loved that hair *sighs* when i see them sideby side im not sure if one looks too young or the other looks mature enough to almost look like they have the same age! no enlistment yet please! Dont say the “E” word!! i get all violent when that word is mentioned lol

  22. 22 jensredshoes

    I love the picture where he’s eating ramen out of a golf trophy. So cute – I love it when guy leads are all depressed and funky. It makes for a lot of comedy and cute.

  23. 23 earthna30

    “Jailbait hottie” It took me a while to stop laughing.

  24. 24 Sintia

    This movie got only 21.000 viewers for the first three days. That’s a really bad result. I’m not sure it will survive in theaters until the next weekend.
    It’s quite surprising, actually, I thought Yeo Jin-gu is more popular right now than this.

    • 24.1 Eve

      The movie didn’t get a big distributor, so no wide release, hardly any promo. Add the lukewarm reviews and you get a movie barely noticed.

  25. 25 pogo

    This probably won’t be a hit, but YSY+YJG are enough to make me watch, plus it looks like a nice story.

  26. 26 Carinne

    Happy Gilmore?

  27. 27 Sadie

    yeo jingu is soo stealing hearts. why does he have to be younger though??! >_< but he looks like yoon shiyoon's brother in this..adorable ^^

  28. 28 Anthony

    Hi! Is this movie available on dvd? Thank you!

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