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Ji Hyun-woo considers Trot Lovers as army comeback project
by | May 1, 2014 | 82 Comments

It’s always good news when another actor comes back from army duty, but even better when he returns with drama offers at the ready. Ji Hyun-woo (Queen Inhyun’s Man) is due to be discharged from active duty on May 6, and has received the offer to star in the KBS summer rom-com Trot Lovers. Eric was courted for the role but ultimately turned it down, and Ji Hyun-woo is now considering.

Trot Lovers is KBS’s next Monday-Tuesday drama about a geeeenius musician who turns the leading lady into a trot singer. Ji Hyun-woo is up for the role of the genius songwriter and top star (so, singer too?) who turns up his nose at lowbrow stuff like trot music. He then meets the heroine who’s obsessed with trot, and ends up helping her realize her talent.

The female lead has yet to be cast, but we should be getting news on that front pretty soon, since stories say that if he signs on, Ji Hyun-woo will go straight into shoots for his new drama once he’s back to civilian life. I hope he takes it because he’d be adorable in a light rom-com; it also doesn’t hurt that it would be the fastest turnaround post-army, and put him back on the small screen just a month after he returns. What, waiting two years makes a girl impatient, okay?

Trot Lovers follows Big Man in June.

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82 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. exile18

    Wow! please sign on.. Would like to see him in dramaland soon ^^

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      I think he should sign on too. That sounds like a good role for him.

  2. Alicia

    Ok… so I know this is just celebrity gossip and I know it only partly relates to the post. Trust me, I’m excited to see Ji Hyun Woo in another drama (my first crush to go to the army!!)

    But, are he and Yoo In Ah still a thing? I hope so!

  3. snow

    This is great news….loved him in Queen In Hyun’s Man…hopefully he confirms!!

  4. azy

    Please be as awesome as Kim Boong Doo sshi, the imperfect perfect man..I can rewatch QIHM again and again without fff any scene..

  5. Chandler

    Yes! I just watched QIHM again (literally completing it 5 minutes ago lol) in preparation for his return! And then here he is! Ahhhh. I missed him so much. I can’t believe he’s finally coming back. This would be fun to see him in! Aw yeah 🙂 This summer is gonna be good.

  6. mel

    Please please take it id love to see him back that fast

  7. Exquisitemelody

    Wow I really can’t believe he’s back already. The again, I probably read or watch queen inhyun at least every other month, so he’s been pretty fresh. I just watched it two weeks ago without realizing he’d be back soon!!!

    I can’t wait to see him return, but I’ll be honest…Kim boong do is a hard character to beat. That drama is probably one of the most unique dramas ever in that he wasn’t a jerk at the beginning and both leads were unapologetically adorable from start to finish. QIHM is def in my top 3!!

  8. Amberscube

    Yay! Please. Please. This makes me excited.

  9. MeLiYasha

    Quite sad Eric turned this one down but wow if we can get Ji Hyun-woo as soon as he gets discharged from the army I ain’t complaining 😀

    • 9.1 Chandler

      I know. I do hope we see Eric taking a role soon, preferably in a comedy 🙂 I’ve missed him in drama land.

    • 9.2 fan

      I know Ji Hyun-woo is better singer than Eric at least. JHW will be great.

  10. 10 lemondoodle

    I had no interest in this whatsoever, but now I must watch it. He’s pretty perfect for it. He has a great voice. I really hope he takes it. It’s been 2 very long years.

    • 10.1 skelly

      Same here, I was going to totally ignore this, no interest in trot, but with JHW and his lovely voice I would have to watch.

  11. 11 dalia

    okay so once Eric dropped out, i was like”well, i ain’t gonna watch anymore” but Ji Hyun Woo!!! oh i might HAVE to watch it!

    so excited he’s back! <3

  12. 12 Ssie

    Kim Boong Do!!

    Im not really sure how I feel about this. I wasn’t expecting Ji Hyun Woo to headline this drama, especially since the first choice was Eric. Don’t get me wrong. I love Kim Boong Do as a character, but personally, the difference in acting bet Ji Hyun Woo and Eric is really great (Eric in Que Sera Sera is soooo awesome). I’m still reserving my judgement, though. Hopefully, the material showcase Ji Hyun Woo as an actor.

    However, I’m curious, and hope someone can answer this. Why did Eric turn down the show (and consequently turn down what would be his comeback?) Is he busy? Are there other shows that are courting him? I start to worry if the script for Trot Lovers is not good that’s why he turned this down…

    • 12.1 Chandler

      I actually disagree about the acting. I’d say their skills are at around the same level and even if there is a difference, I don’t think it’s a great one. Yes, Kim Boong Do was a well-written character, but I think Ji Hyun-woo’s portrayal went a long way in terms of making the character shine.

      I actually adore these two equally, in fact, so if Eric had to turn it down (and there could be many reasons for that, other than a bad script) than I’m just grateful that someone I miss just as much has stepped in (hopefully).

      • 12.1.1 Kiara

        Amen. I don’t think one is better than the other.

    • 12.2 Xenaya

      I think Eric turned back the script because the character that he’ll play is quite similar with Kang Woo in Spy Myong Wol. Eric is known as the actor who’ll try to take different roles in dramas. So, I don’t think it’s because Trot Lovers script is that bad. And maybe he’s quite busy with CEO activities too. I hope Eric will have chance to back on the screen too. With Yoon Eun Hye, will be a great bonus. Their chemistry on xman was no joke. And it seems YEH really had feeling for Eric at that time.

      Anyway, good luck to Trot Lovers, whoever the leads in it..

  13. 13 canxi

    NOOOOO Eric D’:
    YAAAAAY Ji Hyun Woo! 😀

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry but does this mean Eric can hop-skip on over to that drama with Jung Yumi that’s in the works???? Let me have my dreams!!!

    • 13.1 Chandler

      Um yes please. I love them.

    • 13.2 momosa

      There has been a lot of mention about Eric, Jung YM & Que Sera Sera that I went back to re-watch QSS (which I stopped half mark). And you know what, I couldn’t finish it again/lost interest at exactly the same episode just like previous time. Me think it’s a combination of difficult & antagonistic love coupled with exhaustion of watching them fight that I can’t carry on.

      And I’m so surprised to realize that I haven’t changed much & so predictable at times….

      Ok, I digressed. Welcome back Kim Boong Do!

      • 13.2.1 canxi

        I don’t think it’s a drama for everyone, lol, it’s fine. That drama is the epitome of the dark side to catching feelings. A cautionary tale, even LOL.

    • 13.3 marie

      they offered the lead to rain/bi, he is considering.

      • 13.3.1 canxi

        Oh, really? Hmmmm. This is an odd couple to me, lol.

  14. 14 Kiara

    He will always be Kim Boong Do to me. Ji Hyun-woo, looking forward to your return <3.

  15. 15 dewaanifordrama

    Ji Hyun Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure if I can say anything more.

  16. 16 Ally

    YAY! So glad he’s coming back! My Boong Do!!!! <3

    When the news about the casting was out a few weeks ago i was kind of hoping that IU could be casted as the female lead, but now that Eric has turned down the offer and they're considering to cast Ji Hyun Woo instead, I think i'll take back my wish LOL it would be so weird for IU to act alongside her own BFF's boyfriend XD

    • 16.1 rosy

      Yeah I also take back. It will be awkward for IU. I love IU’s and yooina’s friendship

    • 16.2 Shadow-chan

      Ha, I didn’t think about that (and was also hoping for IU to take the role), but yeah, that would be really awkward 😀

    • 16.3 pogo

      oh, I love IU and I don’t think it’ll be awkward, it’s acting after all.

      I mean, Gong Hyo-jin confirmed a drama with her own bestie’s bf for this year, so it’s not a taboo or anything.

    • 16.4 Chandler

      OH NO. I was actually really hoping for that because I love her and if we need a singer, she’d be one of best bets to uphold the acting side of things. But, it would definitely be WAY too weird to do that with your best friend’s boyfriend! And I love her and Yoo Inna’s relationship 🙂

    • 16.5 Amastris

      I completely disagree. IU would just be asking. She’s close to Yoo In Na & respects Ji Hyun Woo. They were at her concert once & she brought them both on stage to sing & dance with her.

      Coming right out of the military after 2 years & going right into a romantic TV series, if I was Yoo In Na, I would want the girl to be someone who respects me & also respects my love relationship. Who better to protect her? He’s gotta make a living. He can do it & not worry about all the dang *shipping* by the fans. That way we can keep on *shipping* him with Yoo In Na. =) It’s a win/win from my perspective.

  17. 17 Ally

    YAY! So glad he’s coming back! My Boong Do!!!! <3

    When the news about the casting was out a few weeks ago i was kind of hoping that IU could be casted as the female lead, but now that Eric has turned down the offer and they're considering to cast Ji Hyun Woo instead, I think i'll take back my wish LOL it would be so weird for IU to act alongside her own BFF's boyfriend XD

  18. 18 sweet12


    • 18.1 korfan


      Gosh, can you imagine these two together in the same drama?

    • 18.2 Chandler

      WAIT Yoo Seung Ho comes back this year right? I think we have another year to wait for Song Joong Ki 🙁

  19. 19 fun-lugha-swahili

    Guess not everyone has the star power of Hyun Bin-3 years off screen and people still talked about him! Welcome back YIA’s Man 😉

    • 19.1 KDaddict

      Ya, but Binnie is on tv doing CFs for insurance, cars, outdoor gear in prime time every 3 mins!

      Now, why couldn’t Binnie be back in a drama a month after discharge?

  20. 20 petmink

    I was not planning to watch Trot Lovers but now I will. Yay, he’s back (almost).

  21. 21 korfan

    This would be fantastic if it happens! ……. Looking forward to seeing Ji Hyun-woo in dramaland again!

  22. 22 Jennie

    Omg. That is so quick I didn’t realize he was coming back so soon. I miss him.

    and please sign this on, although I’m a bit nervous about the female lead. I haven’t seen him with anyone except yoo in na, so I can’t get that ship out of my head.

    • 22.1 gg

      I know right?! Can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since QIHM aired!!

  23. 23 D

    sometimes still can’t believe how time files so quickly. but when you read news about actors being enlist, 2 years seems like forever! still remember watching queen in hyun when i was in my first year of uni, and now i’m in my final year (and having my final exam in about an hour!)

    hope he signs in! it always amuses me when an actor jumps straight into a project right after army (like lee dong wook!)

  24. 24 browncoat_78

    Yeah!!!!!!! I can’t believe he’s back already! So happy. I hope he does this because anytime I get to see him act AND sing is such a bonus! I Love LHW!!!!

    • 24.1 browncoat_78

      Ha. I meant JHW! Also so glad he and Yoo In Na are still together as they are so adorable!

      • 24.1.1 Chandler

        I know. I really want them to turn out like Eugene and Ki Tae-young from Creating Destiny, married with kids! If they don’t, I’ll actually be so sad!

  25. 25 Sara

    Yay!!! Oppa is back.

    He can play musical instrument very well, and yes, he can pass to be a composer here.

    I’m interested in the female role more, instead of becoming an Idol, she want to become a trot singer!

    I want IU but I also hoping for IU with Joo-won in Nodame Cantible. Hee hee.

    Anyone watch Melody of Love, daily drama that starring SISTAR’s Dasom, I think she is suitable too.

    • 25.1 gyabo

      But to be honest dasom can’t sing.

  26. 26 lea

    please oppa!!! sign in that contract!! we are soooo excited to see you!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27 laraffinee

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

    That’s my man, and I am eagerly awaiting his next project!

    It would be wonderful if I didn’t have to wait so long, although I would hope he could have a nice vacation with his cutie after leaving service and before starting work!

  28. 28 Papillon

    It always amazes me how quickly some celebrities return to work after they get discharged. I mean, I know 2 years out of the limelight is a long time in pop culture and fame is pretty fickle but don’t they want a break? They just got out of the army. Aren’t they exhausted? Don’t they want some down time? It just seems crazy to me that they don’t take a break before they start working again, especially given how hectic many celebrities’ work schedules are. But idk, maybe it’s a cultural thing.

    • 28.1 Annie

      They have a limited shelf life for lead drama roles. So I can see why they hurry back.

  29. 29 Hiro

    my favorite male actor, (im a man), i hope he accepts the role, i don’t want an idol in this role.

  30. 30 parny

    Yeaaaaah!!!! Wow! Time really does fly! But I’m glad cos I cant wait to see JHW again on screen….He’s going to be Kim Boong Do forever in my mind though….

  31. 31 jahzteen_08

    can’t wait to see my Ji Hyun Woo. 🙂

  32. 32 moondust

    Can’t wait for him to be back!

  33. 33 pogo

    awwww, ’84ers already returning from military service! It felt like just yesterday it was all the oppas going away, then it became the people who’d be my dong-gaps, now they’re back! So glad Ji Hyun-woo will be back to acting soon. (and all the best to him and Yoo In Ina)

  34. 34 AdAl


    Best News Ever! You just made my weekend with this news.

    Thanks Javabeans!

    • 34.1 AdAl

      Sorry! I meant GF!

  35. 35 Msb

    Good news!! No, Great News! Glad to have him back! Yes, took me weeks to stop watch ep of QIHM! So glad to hear that him and YIA are still together!!

  36. 36 boholanna

    Love Ji Hyun Woo even before QIHM. He just has that presence that makes the drama/movie better than it usually is (writing or directing wise).

    • 36.1 jomo

      I agree, JHW was quietly wonderful is many roles before QIHM. Adorable, touching, an AWESOME screen kisser – the best – and very very very very very very manly, OK, one more: VERY.

      It is super that everyone loves QIHM. Watch his earlier stuff, too!!

  37. 37 myra

    could you please, ladies, write a post about the actors coming out of the army this year?

  38. 38 Elena

    I hope he can keep the pace. it is grueling and he’s been out of practice putting in those long hours.

    also, sounds a lot like Musical which to me was a flop.

  39. 39 Vanessa

    Omg wow he is back already! I still remember how sad I was that he was gone xD I don’t like the sound of the plot though…it seems a bit boring :/

  40. 40 sophie

    Can’t wait for JHW to be back. Time flies but yet passed so slowly.

  41. 41 A

    omfg has it been two years already? Ugh I’m so happy he’s finally back.

    yasssss my InHyun ship is backkkk :’D

  42. 42 dan

    ABS-olutely 😀

    I can’t wait for the shower scene.

  43. 43 damai

    Kim Bong-do is back sooner! Yay!!

  44. 44 watchumlots

    Has it been 2 years???? Time flies when you are watching dramas.

    Another series about a ‘genius?’ I’m beginning to think Korea has only geniuses, gangsters, rich people, and poor people w/shrill voices that constantly yell and want to marry rich people in spite of having to live with evil mother-in-laws who you hope will see your sincerity and love you in the end.

    Have I omitted any types of Kdrama characters?

  45. 45 mika-chan

    iu was offered the role and i really hope she doesnt take it i dont need think they would suit each other and it would be so awks yoo in ah being her super close friend

  46. 46 sunlit

    are you saying its been 2 years already?!

  47. 47 flibbet

    there is NO WAY it’s already been two years since queen in hyun’s man. NO FREAKIN WAY

  48. 48 Sadie

    this could be even better than Eric…kinda reminds me of the movie Ji HyunWoo was in – Mr.Idol.

  49. 50 duchess

    im happy to hear this cos ji hyun woo brings out d act in acting in d dramas he has done.queen inhyun man is an example and for him to get d role jus afta service shows his talent. i hope d lead actress will be superb. was thinking of han ji min or han hyo joo or even moon chae won.

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