Odds and Ends: All hail the power of the squee
by | January 17, 2015 | 347 Comments

girlfriday: So, what’s up?

javabeans: The comment count, that’s for sure. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but since I get emailed every time a comment is posted, let’s just say my inbox is exploding over Healer comments.

girlfriday: Oh, I’ve noticed. It’s hard to miss. Kinda like someone having a block party in your front yard. It’s fun to see Healer bringing people out of the woodwork. De-lurkers everywhere!

javabeans: Yes, I find that a nice side effect. Even if Healer recaps are bringing in ten times the comments on average recaps, I don’t think there are necessarily ten times the readers — it’s more that the existing readers are suuuuper excited and motivated to comment.

girlfriday: Yeah, just ten times the fervor.

javabeans: Okay, maybe there’s a little more than the average readership, since it IS an exciting show and all. But it’s interesting how it compares to a show with actually ten times the readership. Say like with You From Another Star, which had a much broader audience and also high comments on a regular basis — but it was in the high-and-popular range, not the wtf-is-going-on-here outlier range for Healer.

girlfriday: There are just some shows that are disproportionately popular on Dramabeans, like The King 2 Hearts and City Hunter. Who knows why. No really, do you know why?

javabeans: I think shows like that have a certain cult factor, something that inspires a really violent emotional reaction — which may be related to but isn’t synonymous with production value or quality or acting. I’m thinking the way you got excited about Buffy and Veronica Mars, and while there were other really good shows out there that I liked, I wasn’t going to spend my week obsessing about The West Wing, you know?

girlfriday: OMG, I STILL think about what happens to Buffy after the finale, and how Angel and Spike run off into the sunset together. And it hurts my heart to even think about Veronica not being with Logan at all times.

javabeans: See, I feel like she needs to maybe not be with him all the time, because they bring out the best-worst in each other, and that’s just not safe for society.


javabeans: Why am I the crazy one for wanting Veronica to have a stable, happy life? But ahem. Back to Healer.

girlfriday: Okay fine, it also hurts my heart to even think about Healer not being with Young-shin at all times.

javabeans: Aieeeeeee I knoooooow. I’m not one for codependent relationships, but I really think you could make an argument for why these two should always be in touching range.

girlfriday: Actually, I think I squee more when she has moments with Bongsookie. And when Bongsookie gets jealous of Healer, because it’s hilarious and messes with my mind.

javabeans: I can see why the fans are totally going nutso, because this drama hits that balance of forward plot momentum, tension-filled romance, fast-paced writing, and characters you wish were real. I do think the Korean fans feel this as well, that it has a special pull even though the ratings are just okay. It was super hilarious to me how I read Korean fans talking about us on DC Inside, and translating Dramabeans comments into Korean, and their foremost realization was “Wow, they [international fans] react just like we do!”

girlfriday: They’re super excited about DB excitement about Healer, and like true drama addicts, they were all, “Awesome, something else to read while I wait for the next Healer episode!”

javabeans: It was amusing to read them posting updates on our steadily increasing comment count, like the Dramabeans ticker-watch, while over here on DB the commenters were saying the same thing about the numbers. And when I tweeted about it, the gallery caught on and commented that I’d noticed them noticing us, and I almost commented on that, but stopped before we got stuck in an infinite time-space loop.

girlfriday: It’s like a bizarre funhouse of mirrors. Though after a while you realize that both sides are just commenting on the number of comments.

javabeans: Then you get 100 comments saying things like “Only 100 more comments, guys!” Maybe it’s a good time to suggest (gently!) that while a super-high comment count is fun, maybe we could dial back the number of postings that are solely there to increase comment counts.

girlfriday: But still have fun and do all the squeeing you want!

javabeans: Yes, squeeing is welcome! I don’t want to be the hall monitor, because any show that gets everyone having this much fun should be enjoyed. It’s just that we’ve broken the record now, so maybe we can keep the discussion to how we feel about the show? Because goodness knows, there’s enough to talk about!

girlfriday: I could certainly write 3000 comments about how much that last cliffhanger sucked.

javabeans: Because WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. OMG. How could you leave us like that.

girlfriday: Well I guess it worked then.

javabeans: Clearly, since it’s Saturday and you and I are still talking about Healer.


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  1. alpha

    First one to comment!

    • 1.1 alpha

      Now that I have grabbed my space, can I just say how much I love this drama!!! This drama has so many breath taking scenes, my poor heart can’t handle all the awesomeness aigoo

      • 1.1.1 Ella

        Why do people feel the need to be the first to comment and voice their need to grab space? I just don’t get it. Say what you gotta say without trying to stake your place.

        And thank you JB and GF for this post. The Healer comments are crazy and I’m glad you guys are reeling it back to quality and not necessarily quantity. πŸ™‚

        • k lava

          Just let it be,you may not get it,but the one who comments first may feel some sense of accomplishment.
          Don’t throw shade to their moment in the sun,after all its no big deal.

        • alpha

          I can only apologise. But this was my first time commenting on dramabeans so I got very excited, and even more so, because its a Healer post. Sorry if my few words irritated you.

          • KDaddict

            Don’t worry. It’s done in the spirit of good clean fun. I think most ppl understand. It’s like a running gag.

          • risa

            I think most of us can understand your excitement. However, there used to be so many “first” comments that it got tiresome, and JB and GF have since instituted a commenting policy that includes no firsts. A lot of people probably aren’t aware of this, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.

          • Elle

            Yes there was a DB policy implemented but I am one of the (few?) readers who kinda disagreed. I always thought the 1st comments were funny and all done in the spirit of fun. I especially loved the multiple “first” comments that were actually numbers 2, 3 or 4. Then they’d realize their mistake and be bummed, lol.

            I could never understand why it bothered ppl so much when it was often quite funnyy. I remember the first time I was the first commenter on a post I was mildly excited and then it was no big deal after that. It’s like looking at cute puppies man . . . let the ppl who can still bask in the cuteness enjoy it. If you’re over it, just let it go. But I seem to be in the minority with this sentiment and there are other things to discuss so I guess I’ll let it go.

            Either way, @alpha: I feel ya!

          • Park Bong Soo

            it’s okay, Alpha, no big deal!
            Now, here’s the thing- I get jealous of the healer coz what did he do, really? scared her the first time, cut some fingernails for his client (but to the average person, that is pretty psycho not knowing the reason). So he saved her in the elevator, then just to say that he didn’t do it for the money, he kissed her, coz no words can express how much he likes her,duh! he got paid anyway, handsomely,of course. so she’s in love with him now?coz she owes her life to him? so you let him kiss you anyway coz he saved your life? what if he is as ugly as a toad yet you like him, your argument being what? I’m saying she is too trusting with the Healer? So they went out on a date? grabbed her before she could leave and held her hand like that speaks volumes of words unsaid but of which only the heart can hear and understand. whatever! so that was the Healer.

            And this is me.
            Park Bong Soo in the flesh, I stutter,yes, but I look good only she doesn’t seem to notice like she hangs out with a lot of korean male celebs all day that I probably pale in comparison.(I think I’m handsomer than Lee Min Ho anyway). She calls me up on the phone anytime she likes and I don’t think she ever does have anyone who listens to her like I do. We got a make over for that press con and damn, I look like Ji Chang Wook hot off the cover of Korean Vogue, but I just got a whistle. But when that Healer comes close to her she gets hot and bothered, what’s up with that?!
            I gave her a confession that she knows is my truth but dumps me anyway, coz she said there’s no place in her heart right now. I know I have to admire her loyalty, but I am here in front of her, beside her always.
            ok, so maybe she got turned off coz I have to play the cowardly Lion but I had to.
            At the cafe, when I hugged her coz I really missed her, didn’t she closed her eyes and got lost in the moment? then she wipes an imaginary cream on my lips just coz?! I can’t stop staring tho,but she gets affected and we all know it but still I’m just an non-entity to her. then she remembers the feel of my hand when we both reached for the fallen pj on the floor. I froze coz I don’t know what to do really, and just brushed it off. Then she just goes like the idea is too impossible! ouch!
            How do you compete with your greater self? Though I am the more good looking one coz he remains faceless. You wonder if she is really cut out to be a reporter coz a good reporter is always curious.He doesn’t even talk for pete’s sake! this is so insane, it’s ridiculous.

            now, i just hope that she won’t be able to find the Healer on the rooftop just coz Ahjumma sent her to look for me. that’s too easy for her to find out that the Healer and the guy she dumped are one in the same.

            I’d like her to fall for me, Park Bong Soo, coz I’m real except for the name.

          • Ivoire

            @ Park Bong Soo, Hello!

            I really loved what you said, because well, it is true… And it gave me a different perspective. I too love you, I have been rewatching the 1st episodes of Healer on KBS World, and realizing how great you actually are.

            A commenter said in one of the recaps’ comments that CYS would not pay attention to you, because you are not nice to her (kind of saying, you were nothing to her). “Not nice to her?” 1–You have protected her multiple times: a)-when she sent and posted the article about the actress and the politician, she came to work and was hiding under the table, in the coffee room. I didn’t see it the 1st time, but on rewatch, I saw that, as you were wondering what to do (out loud), you kept pushing the chairs under the table, so that she would stay hidden, and feel safe (was what it felt like to me). b)-You hurt your hand, when the SS goons pushed her (ep.4) head, and it landed against the wall. You shielded her head from that impact. You had good reflexes (make that great ones). c)-You let her grab your arm, so she could fall asleep peacefully in ep.4, and you ended up sleeping, sitting on the floor, in an uncomfortable position.

            d)-You helped her with her medication, in that coffee room, after she met KMH, and taken by the moment, you brushed her cheek tenderly (though that was very brief and quick). e)-You let grab your arm (again) in that same scene, in the coffee room, when she couldn’t breathe. f)-You shielded her from seeing how violent Dir. Hwang was, in ep.5, and you hugged her (which was a comforting gesture. It looked that way to me), at least twice. One of those times, it was to alert DY to send her friends and start the distraction, but it was still a hug, so that counts in my book. g)-You were also the one who analyzed the room in that green room, and started the domino effect that stopped Dir. Hwang from verbally abusing CYS more. h)-You were really worried about her at that time, and you did all you could to help her.

            i)-You usually always take her calls, and you talk to her. j)-You let her wrist-grab you (many times), except for that time when you took her to the rooftop, and that made sense why. K)-Your confession to her was beautiful: it was honest, it was direct, it was genuine and heartfelt. Many of us loved you so much during that scene. You also took her rejecting you in stride (and she was disappointed. Really?) And then, she did what most girls do, which had to hurt a liiiiittle: “so when did you start liking me?” Like really, you want to talk about that now? And also, you looked so handsome that day, just so you know. You usually look good, don’t get me wrong, but that evening, you looked particularly handsome.

          • Ivoire

            @ Park Bong Soo, Part 2:

            I agree with you, you did hug her at the cafe, and she got lost in the moment, even I saw that. And then she wiped something from your lips. OK, was she tempting you? Poor puppy. And I know she doesn’t mean any ill when she does things like that, like when she hugged you in front of her dad, and pickpoket (sp?) ajussi. Are you comfortable with that? You have done, and continue do so much for her, it is kind of sad that she doesn’t notice you (yet?) in that way. Remember when you brought her her boots, so she would stop tripping on her high heels? That was so thoughtful.

            Oh well, I guess you got to spend a lot of time with her, since to her, you are Bong SooKie. I am pulling for you, I too think that she should give you a chance, she might be surprised. I think you are strong, and as capable, and as smart as Healer is. Thing is, YOU might not know it yet. I am rewatching the 1st episodes of Healer, and I am loving you as much as I did the 1st time. And I appreciate who you are, and what you do for her, even more. How many guys (kind of) spend the night on a bench (in the Winter), because they are concerned about their girl? πŸ™‚ It was nice to read your post. You made some really good points.

            I do think Healer is great, and that yes he and CYS do have a lot in common (some of their issues, in the way they grew up). And in how she is different from him, she has drawn him out, however as you said, she doesn’t know him, and she can get to know you (better), since well…, she can see you any time she wants.

            Also correction: Healer doesn’t speak a lot, but he did speak to her twice.

          • Omomo

            ROFL at Park Bong Soo’s rant above. Gave me such a good laugh. Bong Sookie, you win the comments section!

          • yimmi

            I only want to say that it makes me highly uncomfortable when we single each other out by name. I feel like that is too much criticism not critique. I don’t really want to get involved since I’m a lurker too that is often daunted by long posts but I simply skip them and go onto the next comment. What has me doing double takes and cross-eyed is the post count haha! I spent like three hours last night trying to read posts in the Healer thread but I LOVED it! It’s that sense of community here I’ve really enjoyed so I have to say thanks JB and GF for all the hard work they’vedo! (And as a side note- I’ve stated before I was always a bookworm so I don’t know too much computer stuff except the basics, or how difficult this would be but would it be too hard to do the expanding/collapsible post-y things? Wouldn’t that solve the problem and everyone can have their cake and eat it too?)

          • yimmi

            *they’ve done
            I don’t know how it is that auto correct manages to make me look illiterate almost everytime! Haha!

        • uma

          I think, the need to be first came in the light of having Ivoire staking the claim like all of the time with her super long essay a.k.a. ‘review’ on most of Healer recaps since episode 1, you can check it yourself. / it’s ok, she got there first what can you do but the long scroll down to get yourself to type a few lines just to express your own thoughts on the episode is kinda lost while scrolling down the long scene by scene,deep analyzation so you get the idea,right. so to be first , is just to be first, the smugness, the accomplishment no matter how irrelevant.

          • Fyri

            This is incredibly cruel. Ivoire spends a good portion of her time typing out long and detailed responses while you complain that you “lose” your own thoughts about the drama. Ultimately your feelings and your resultant actions are your own. Ivoire has no part to play in your actions.

          • James


          • Saema

            Whoa, you’re so mean. You probably feel inferior to Ivoire’ amazing writing skills. It’s not even some deep analyzing, its a sweet response to what Park bong soo wrote above. I love reading Ivoire’ thoughts and comments and what she wrote above was so touching. All the Healer fans have come together to talk and discuss. All of us have written long comments, does that mean we all want attention? I loved the comments section and all the commenters but now I see comments from jealous commenters like you :/

          • JoAnne

            And you three are being cruel and rude, but who will call you out on that? Yes, you, Fyri, James, Saema. You can defend Ivoire without attacking someone, you know.

            The truth is that there are people who like those certain few posters who co-opt this space as their personal blogs, and there are people who do not, and neither group should be vilified for HAVING AN OPINION.

            Fine for those who look forward to it, but there are people who do not wish to read them, and scrolling past comments (and then sub-comments, since they ignore posting limits, which is very rude to the owners of the site) to get to anything anyone else might have to say is irritating at best, and at worst, prevents others from being heard. The longer it takes to reach a comment, the less likely it is that it will be read. You can search for a particular author in that case, of course.

            I know that many avoid the comments of posts and even Open Thread because they dislike this turn, but the reality is that ‘comments culture’ and ‘regulars’ change over time on any site, not just this one. People come and go. That’s life on the internet.

            Until and unless JB and GF come right out and say that this behavior is unwanted, it’s free to continue. But it is also free for the occasional brave soul to speak up and say ‘hey, I don’t really think this is cool.’ YOU who have the bigness of heart to praise the first group should also have some understanding of the second. This space is supposed to be for everyone.

          • KDaddict

            Every time Ivoire’s name comes up, argument follows. Her long and first posts are divisive in that, like JoAnne says, some like them and some resent having to scroll n scroll down over them.

            Uma happens to be in the group who don’t appreciate those long posts. That doesn’t necessarily mean she is cruel, or mean or feel inferior.

            My 2015 wish is that we don’t insult each other over Ivoire’s posts again on DB.

          • Shukmeister

            JoAnne –

            [deep bow to you]

            My opinion:

            1) The character limit is there for a reason, and deference should be given to it. The wishes of the owners of any blog who does this is to reduce the “takeover” tendencies of individuals who want to overwhelm a post, and allow all individuals an equal chance to have their observations read.

            2) Using derogatory comments or wording doesn’t reflect well on either side, and shows a remarkable lack of courtesy to others who, while they may not share your assessment, still have the right to present their own.

            3) Most people come to this site to be entertained and to share their love of dramas. If all you want to do is sneer at others who don’t share your views, I would respectfully suggest this is not the place to do it.

          • MariD

            I’m one of the readers who just disappears whenever I see a long post. Not just Ivoire’s. I understand that some readers like these long post, I don’t so I’ll just be skipping the comment sections in several blog not just DB becauseof it.
            However I don’t see how attacking a person giving their opinion helps, That’s for Fryi, James & Saema.

            Now I’ll stop before my comment also becomes a giant block of letters.

          • Mar

            I will agree with JoAnne, Shuk, and MariD. People have a right to their opinions, doesn’t make them wrong just makes it different. Some beanies like (sometimes multiple ) long posts that are habitual for some people, and just as many people don’t like them.

            I also like what Jomo said in a totally different unrelated context further down in comments which I found apropos to this situation. I will paraphrase and borrow with a nod of thanks to Jomo for unwittingly assisting me in putting together my thoughts—when one finds that one (in this case, frequently) has a lot to say, maybe it’s time to start a blog.

            The firsts and the long posts seem to be a reoccurring conflict. Javabeans tried to address previously and said no firsts please. Sometimes new people have to be reminded of that, it happens. The post word count was limited to help address the long post issue but people seem to get around that by making replies to their own posts or making multiple long posts in the thread. If I am incorrect in my recollection of this please correct me. I personally find disregarding the rules of the blog owner disrespectful to the blog owners and also to fellow Beanies.

            I rarely visit threads anymore except to lurk. Part of the reason is because of the long blog like posts and replies that dominate the threads to the point that unless one participates in those conversations, one feels a bit disconnected.

            Just my two cents. Stopping now as this is becoming a case in point, the long post! 😬 As this is an infrequent occurrence for me, please forgive me. Happy viewing, Beanies!

          • Mary of Bethany

            “I don’t know howto run away….”
            esp loved ep 12.. after watch few times.. think i can confirmed and know why… why i esp loved ep 12 above all other ep, even above ep 8’s snow kissing scene….
            “so i’m prepared. it doesn’t matter if i am hurt…i still want to be at her side, Don’t tell me to run away, i don’t know how to run away.” so said JungHoo.
            must say, to me personally, this is by far the most saddening, heart wrenching, soul shattering confession i heard in a drama …. (not even from my past favourites like Winter Sonata,Ballad of the Prince SuDong, Ijimae, Bridal Mask, …. etc. do i find such raw, honest, sacrifice … found no words to describe it… )
            honestly, am not an avid fan of JCW… just this sentence is so shattering me…
            may need a long break after this show.. guess my emotions far spent……
            amazing the “friends” we met at this shrine….
            besides the “mercies” of JB and GF….Ivoire and PBS comments are our daily supplements/vitamins while waiting for mean course on Mon/Tues. without DB and the shrines we all create gatecrashing here… we be dying of starvation while awaiting Mondays…. think we all really “don’t know how to run away”… and we all refuse to run away.

          • p_di

            I’m very late to this post and know I should probably just let it go, but I feel compelled to add my two cents.

            Most of the sentiments JoAnne expressed where quite on point. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and should be able to express their views w/o being attacked. However, the commenter who called someone out by name was in fact beiing insensitive, at best, and mean, at worse. Alpha committed a minor faux pas and there could have been a discussion about the commenting policy without delving into specifics about who may, or may not, have prompted this site to implement it.

            I think this is a great community and I have always loved that it is pretty friendly overall. However, with so many Beanies (and thus so many personalities and different ideas about what is appropriate online behavior) we could all practice a little more forbearance when we encounter someone who does things a little differently than we would do. If we overlook their flaws and they overlook our flaws, and most importantly focus on their good intentions instead of the execution of their sentiments, it’d be even more awesome around here.

          • MissD

            I think that uma has a point. Yes, one of the most wonderful aspects of DB is how friendships and communities are formed through the comments. But honestly, I’ve been following the website since 2011 and there are always the over-the-top people who post essays about their thoughts in the first comments. They stay for a while and then they get a life. It’s not that big of a deal because it’ll pass.

        • Viki

          Why is there always a post complaining about the first comment post?

    • 1.2 alpha

      On the side note, have you stopped recapping Kill Me, Heal Me? πŸ™ That drama is no joke either.

      • 1.2.1 Lilly

        I am already totally in love with that show.
        JI SUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Don Juan in a red cape baby.
        You are sooo good when you are sooo bad, lol.

      • 1.2.2 lemon84

        Yeah.. agreee here.. i keep refreshing this site just to read the writer to write their point of view which is that is why i like dramabeans even i already watch the drama.. my friends ask me why i read the recaps when i watch it already.. i don’t know how to answer.. but for me personally i like the writer point of view.. and to healer.. demn ji chang wook looks gorg! And can’t wait for the next 8 episode..~
        Neway thanx for this entey GF and JB..πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

        • Mialee

          Yes me too. The next day i will watch the raw ep, then keeping my eye, keep on refreshing DB to read the recaps, then the next things i will keep over watching the comments. Ohammgee, healer are so badass.

        • Whatever

          Beats the hell out of my siblings, too. They really find it weird that I am still reading the recaps even though I’ve already watched the drama. But reading the recaps always gives me further insight to the Korean culture and makes me understand the drama more. For example, there might be jokes that have been thrown in the drama that I didn’t get because it’s a Korean joke, thus, I was not able to laugh. But through reading the recaps, I can mentally go back to a particular scene and finally understand what the whole thing is all about.

          • Mamallama

            I agree with being able to appreciate the jokes only because dramabeans is nice enough to point them out to us in the recaps. Also, I’m finding translations vary quite a bit from site to site. I’m really happy to have their version of events because I know they’re really paying close attention recapping from Korean. I like the multiple exposure, not too mention they are all damn funny.

          • Whatever


            I think I would not survive watching subbed Korean dramas without Dramabeans.

            And you’re so right. Whenever I’m watching Korean dramas, I’m switching back and forth between Dramafever and Youtube (sometimes, the videos on Dramafever do not load properly) and I can see glaring differences that I’m worried that I am not getting the whole substance of a particular scene. Recaps do help a lot whenever that happens.

      • 1.2.3 Emi757

        Just watched the first two episodes and Ji Sung is killing it! I don’t think we the audience need the change in eye colors to tell which personality he is portraying because he can act!

        • AJK

          I think pretty much everyone is killing it on that show — it’s a great set of actors who are willing to take a back seat and give full support to what is obviously a totally committed, it’s all out there performance. It’s allowing Ji Sung to do everything he needs to do here and more. I never think about having favorite actors because I’ve always been more into the writing/story, but really — this story would be going nowhere for me if he wasn’t playing it.

          • Blue winter rose

            I was not sold on the idea of the show even after the first two episode but with episode 3, everything changed. Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon are all doing a great job and their collective chemistry works effortlessly. I have said it before and will say it again, the writing no matter how great without proper cast will bite the dust and vice versa. In this show, so far the writing and cast are in perfect harmony.

          • capricorn

            I’ve watched 2.5 episodes and am having a hard time getting into it… maybe because it’s hard to really love any 1 of his personalities since they keep changing… but the acting is good…but the storyline right now is meh for me…will probably watch until episode 4 to make a decision on Kill Me Heal Me

        • Lilly

          I knew he could do it. He is one of the best actors that Korea has. It is magical watching him change characters.

      • 1.2.4 Blue winter rose

        Oh! God, I am not the only who has been wondering about that?? Kill Me, Heal me is going solid and it has solid comedy and dramatic moments, come on! They need to recap episode 3 and 4.

        • sona

          well, all your KMHM fans’ prayers have been answered. Looks like the E3 recap will be the next recap to be posted (as can be seen at the bottom of the page)!^^

      • 1.2.5 John

        alpha ~

        Just a quick question about Kill Me, Heal Me. The subbers have used the term “booking” when referring to Do-Hyun’s and Ri-Jin’s relationship. What exactly is meant by “booking” ? Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

        • Sarah

          That word ‘booking’ was used by the hospital staff in the show. I guess it means Ri-Jin kind of hired or booked Do-Hyun to act as her date or partner/companion.

          I wasn’t planning on watching more than one episode of KMHM, but it sure is interesting … if not at the same level as Healer, still worth watching. Looking forward to the recaps of both!

        • Shaynanigans

          I know this one!! (Thank You Yoo Na’s Street)
          Some establishments have a service who will match up single people. This person will look for two people who are willing to meet each other and then make the introductions. The rest is up to you.

          Imagine a paid wing-man – who’s working for both sides.

          In the case of Yoo Na’s Street, the booking happened at a seniors’ dance caberet and helped customers find a dance partner for a couple of songs.

          • museofmanymasks

            Woot woot! Yoo-na’s Street taught me that too!

          • james94131

            Ahhh, squeecaps for Yoo Na’s Street are slowly coming on line. Every time I read a new squeecap, I’m reminded what a wonderful and beautiful show it was. So criminally unknown and underrated outside of Korea.

      • 1.2.6 Wildfly

        I agree. Both healer and ‘kill me, heal me’ are extraordinary. In the former, the lead actress, (city hunter and healer’s girl) is absolutely stunning, i didnt know she had it in her. In the later, those transformations from the smexy werewolf to our reliable repressed hero who has the world’s problems on his shoulders then to the crazy bomb-maker are absolutely addictive. Thank you DB guys for recommending & recapping.

        • Lilly

          Perry Park, just a wild and crazy guy, lol.
          He is so funny.

        • AJK

          I loved her in City Hunter. She has whatever that thing is that the camera’s eye loves. She’s immediately likeable. City Hunter was the first or second k-drama I watched and I remember telling my husband that I didn’t what it was, but you just root for her to get whatever it is she wants from the first time she comes on screen. Whatever “it” is, she has it.

          • Wildfly

            Sure, she was cute in city hunter, but I dont renember her having much of a personality there besides being a good girl and the LE of the hero.

    • 1.3 birdscout

      @alpha, being first is exciting, but frowned upon by the dramabeans crew.

      • 1.3.1 alpha

        Aigoo so there was a policy. I feel so stupid now γ… γ… γ…  It was my first time commenting today, so, didn’t know πŸ˜›

        • birdscout

          It’s OK. We’ve all done it (or wished we had!) πŸ˜‰

    • 1.4 TurkishRose

      I’m so in love with this show that just like you jb and gf, there is some unspoken special draw about Healer that has us being obsessed. It’s only Saturday, but my heart rate is so fast just thinking about next episode.

      Go Healer . . .The count down begins πŸ™‚

  2. Jackeline

    OMG I would love to be able to read and understand Korean, so that I can read up on how K-fans are excited that we’re excited about the same things. xD That just seems super hilarious to me for some reason, though it’s really not, when you think about it. Because what’s awesome is just awesome, period.

    • 2.1 Saema

      Me too! I would love to talk to fangirls my age and read their comments. It’s their language and their culture. I’d love to know more about them. I did try to learn alphabets( I never understand what they post on instagram, the curiosity kills me) but I couldn’t get anywhere.
      “so that I can read up on how K-fans are excited that we’re excited about the same things. ”
      Does this remind any one of the movie ‘ Planet 51’? Aliens having the same fears as humans and all that.

    • 2.2 thetofurkey

      I think that is one of my favorite things about this “Healer craze”! It’s amazing how one little show can connect people all over the world. And I’m so happy people in Korean are taking notice fanaticism. I hope the cast does too.

  3. evedeea


  4. oh! that! chick!

    Haha at first I dint believe my eyes I was like what 1000 comments are you freaking kidding me??? No show ever has attracted that many on Db!!! Clearly we believe in the power of healers ever lasting love!!!!~~~~~

    • 4.1 oh! that! chick!

      Also I do so wish chang wook and min young hook up in real life…..they are darn adorable together!!! what chemistry!! DB I dont care even if she gets labeled as a serial co-star dater… when its co-stars like jcw or lmh who can blame the girl :p

    • 4.2 pogo

      The King 2 Hearts had 2000+ comments too, back in the day.

      But yeah, that many comments is rare on db.

      • 4.2.1 oh! that! chick!

        Haha I didn’t watch that drama as it was airing in korea but marathoned it much later so dint follow the recaps….but yeah I can understand the frenzy around it… was another damn good drama!!!!

  5. cmak

    I am thoroughly surprised by how much attention Healer is getting, but not to say it’s a bad thing! I do wish though that the comments on the recaps were a little more focused on what happened in the episode because I love reading what other people thought to bounce my ideas off of, but not much of that has happened as of late because 1300 comments is daunting to wade through. But I’m glad to know there are others squeeing nonstop like me because there is just too many squee-worthy moments that no words can accurately describe! Monday come faaaaaster~~~

    • 5.1 Julia

      I have to wait for Tuesday to download, or at least midnight-ish. But will probably scour tumblr and twitter for spoilers. I love spoilers. I don’t mind for spoilers.


    • 5.2 Karmynet

      I agree with you 100%. πŸ™‚

  6. ywcnois

    You get a mail for every comment!?!? o.o

    Actually, I’m able to handle the wait for monday’s episode pretty well, since I just wait until the weekend before watching the episodes from that week with subs. Waiting while knowing there is still something to watch, is easier than waiting for something that isn’t broadcasted yet. Well, to me that is.

    • 6.1 Growingbeautifully

      Yes that got me!!! JB, you get a mail for every comment!!! But that’s crazy. My mind would glaze over, not just my eyes! πŸ˜€

    • 6.2 Thursdaynexxt

      I suspected it, but … really truly? You poor things – my commiserations!

      Maybe it’s time to bring back that “Like” button after all (unless you get notifications for those too!). But then, “Likes” don’t count as comments, so the Healer thread wouldn’t have reached record-breaking levels … it’s a dilemma.

      Suffice to say, THANK YOU yet again, DB, for providing an outlet for the uncontainable love of kdrama fans all over the world! πŸ™‚

      • 6.2.1 Muenchabench

        Yeah why did the beloved like button go away?

        • JoyBells

 you know why some usernames are in orange and others in blue?

          • jomo

            People who have entered website addresses are orange.

    • 6.3 Meeker

      I admire your restraint! I have been able to be patient like that with other shows, but with Healer I go trolling for raw, trailers, anything.

      • 6.3.1 Meeker

        Sorry. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. I didn’t mean trolling in the tech sense of the word, but rather 8 meant searching for crumbs of anything about the show.
        Love reading the recaps, reviews and Park Bong Soo’s rant above–hilarious.

      • 6.3.2 ywcnois

        Well, I did watch it raw and read the recap. So the first 3 days of the week are filled by watching the raw versions and reading the recap. Then wait two days and watch with subs for more details ^^

  7. Nana

    I like Healer but i do my squee in RL. Love the screencaps…

  8. kanz

    Healer, Healer everywhere!!

  9. shenli


  10. 10 alpha

    Actually the hype that healer is getting is not only here, its in netizenbuzz too. Although I do agree that us, beanies are a tad more excited than the rest πŸ˜›

    • 10.1 Lilly

      We are very weak when it comes to a great smile it seems, very weak……….possibly demented, but I look at it as enjoying life

      • 10.1.1 k lava

        Don’t forget the jaw.
        But I’m just honestly happy JCW is getting the attention he deserves with Empress ki and this after all these years of being just another actor.

        • Growingbeautifully

          And don’t forget the eyes that say so much in a twinkling, we cannot afford to blink in case we miss it!

    • 10.2 Mey

      Not really. Hype seems to be only in here. And also whether its here or there, Majority are squeeing only about JCW but not the drama.

  11. 11 namedx

    Lol, why so funny, ladies!? Ah, I was getting waaaay too sucked in into the world of Healer (like unhealthy levels) so much so that I had to force myself to take a step back and just get on with Real Life. The unfairness of it all. And though I still think about the show every. single. moment. that I can afford to spare, I’m rather conscious of just how much dramaland takes over my life. Alas, it’s such a happy place to be in, just not practical, you know. Damn you Real World.

    Speaking of the Real World, isn’t there an occupation out there which calls for night-time errand boys (men?) who are skilled in free running!? There should be.

    • 11.1 sona

      I think I squeeed way too hard when E9-10 aired that like you I’ve sort of stepped back. I followed the live recap over at Soompi for E9 at work and my nerves were frayed. I casually follow Soompi for BTS/preview/JCW(yum!) updates now.

    • 11.2 Elena

      Well, you can become a skilled hacker like ahjumma and open your own night-time errands agency. Then you can have not one but maybe several healers πŸ™‚

      • 11.2.1 namedx

        That’s actually not a bad idea. In fact, I may as well go all out and crimp my hair, and learn how to knit in the process! Aint’ nobody gonna mess with ajhumma! Hee.

    • 11.3 merry

      And speaking of real life, is what Healer wearing Google glass? Cause if it is, google executives should know about DB and its comments section, watch Healer so they’ll know they have hit jackpot — if only it could be more affordable and if their adverts include guys with such jawdropping eyes and jaw.

      • 11.3.1 kanz

        The glasses he wear is not the real Google Glass. It’s actually just usual glasses/sunglasses with sophisticated design. But some features, like communicating, take pics and videos are like Google Glass.

      • 11.3.2 JJK

        Google should seriously consider having JCW advertising Google Glass for them. I actually saw people wearing it a while ago.

  12. 12 Whatever

    I was really hesitant to watch this drama because I thought that it’s going to be a City Hunter rip-off (I know… my bad). Not to mention that I’ve never heard of Ji Chang Wook before and I’m usually wary when it comes to watching dramas whose main leading man isn’t Lee Min Ho. But thank the gods because once I saw the comment count for each episode recap of Healer, I know that I have to cave and see what the excitement is all about.

    And right now, I still have a hangover for Ep. 12. Dramas like Healer and City Hunter really makes me want to learn Korean so badly because I want to understand the whole thing without relying on subs. Sigh.

    Can’t wait for Monday to come so I can have my Healer fix. I love the premise. I love Ji Chang Wook. I love the OSTs. I love Ahjumma. And most of all, I love you, guys, for expanding my knowledge about K-dramas.

    • 12.1 Saema

      Yeah, I have to watch the episode two or three times to understand when there are no subtitles. I completely missed that scene where jung hoo tells Moon ho that some one he knows would say – what ever he speaks is bull shit. He was totally referring to the ahjumma, which I found hilarious.

      • 12.1.1 Whatever

        I know, right? I want to savor every moment of Healer but how can I if some dialogues lack subs? Sometimes, I just look at the characters’ facial expressions and just make up a dialogue in my head. It’s really frustrating. T_T

        Is there any way to learn Korean as fast as possible?

        • mellina

          when u get a fast method on how to learn korean,pls share. I’m Still Tryna learn it but it’s so classes r worse. πŸ™

          • Whatever

            No worries. I’m going to share it to the whole Dramabeanssphere. I thought learning English was hard but trying to decipher the Korean words proved to be harder. πŸ™

        • Saema

          Sometimes, I just look at the characters’ facial expressions and just make up a dialogue in my head. It’s really frustrating. T_T

          πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha. I completely understand your frustration. I only understand what’s happening from seeing what the characters are actually doing. I understood that young shin tricked him into cleaning his eyes with his hands ( and I was very annoyed at her, I cut onions almost every day and it HURTS a lot. Our poor Bong sookie) but i did not understand when he almost threw up ( or so I thought) he was just pretending.

          • Whatever

            Hahahaha. I pitied him in that scene but at the same time, I also giggled a lot. It was such a cute moment and for some reason, made my heart ache. It might have been the first time for Bong Soo to peel onions seeing that he’s always eating fast food or instant noodles (correct me if I’m wrong). And I just thought that Young Shin asking him to peel onions made him less lonely. Waaa. Sorry if I sound so crazy. XD

        • ywcnois

          Fast way to learn Korean..
          Well if you’re diligent, you can try learning words on memrise and listening to all of TTMIK’s podcasts. If you pay attention and learn/listen to all of it, your Korean will be at quite a high level already. I assume, didn’t try it yet.

          • Whatever

            Woot~ Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to take your word for it. πŸ˜€

          • moana

            TTMIK? i’m checking out memrise but what is that podcast?

            love Healer! i’ve decided that good writing + good directing + excellent actors is the magic formula of Healer. otherwise i become just a pervy old ajumma . . . .

          • Whatever

            @ moana

            TTMIK= Talk To Me In Korean. com

            Here’s the LINK for first lesson.

            I 100% agree with you. And Healer hit all the right spots. <3

    • 12.2 ss

      hahhah … same here .. I think twice before watching dramas which dont have LMH, KSH or some other well known good looking male lead :p JCW was unknown to me *sigh* .. bt there is a good thing about it … i can watch other dramas of JCW once healer ends πŸ™‚

      • 12.2.1 Whatever

        How about watching Empress Ki after Healer or you know, on days when Healer’s not airing? Lalalalala.

        I really strive to be a monogamist when it comes to worshiping Korean actors but man, it’s just so hard. I hope LMH would not feel so bad about me fangirling over other actors. T_T

        • ss

          hahha ikr !! my friend warned me not to go back to LMH again seeing i go gaga over JCW these days *_* i hope oppa wont mind πŸ˜‰

      • 12.2.2 shelly

        can you believe it i didn’t watch YFAS til this december, because i didn’t know who the heck KSH was? and there was so much going on about how great a story it was, and getting all that recognition etc – but i didn’t know KSH and in all the pics he looks way too young. i knew JJH because i watched windstruck – loved it – but he was an unknown.

        and when i caved and watched the drama, it was hilarious and heartbreaking in parts, and i did get the whys and wherefores of it being such a hit… despite the weak points, i loved some of the charas and wanted a happy ending and all. but i didn’t get addicted, or moon-eyed over KSH lol and i still think he looks way too baby-faced for my tastes. he had good chemistry with JJH and they totally did a great job on that drama but by the second half i could see the story slipping into fan-service cute moments, with less serious moments, and i didn’t feel good about it all. it remained a great drama, memorable charas, but i won’t turn in to watch the actors’ next drama just because of it.

        whereas, i have a huge crush on JCW (i liked him in a few earlier dramas and was very pleased with him being casted in empress ki, if only for a change to get even more recognition and praise for the acting chops i KNEW he had, cause i’d seen him before.)
        healer turned it from a normal liking to this actor into a rabid fan crush, lol. i think it’s because his character is so conflicted, so it’s not necessarily a JCW-crush but a JH/healer/PBS-crush… which also shows the actor is embodying the characted so well you can’t separate the two. that’s acting, according to my book.

        and i have a girl-crush on PMY too, lol, they’re perfectly matched. i longed to see something really special happen on screen of some dramas for so long, and now it’s happening, i can’t help myself from being addicted lol. i’m even starting to like YJT’s characted, despite or even because of his flaws. good acting all around.

        and i’d love to have YS’s dad in the picture more, park sang-myun touches all my protective-dad tender spots.

        • Whatever

          I’ve never heard of KSH, too, until You Who Came From The Stars caught my attention. When I first heard of the drama, I was skeptical to try it because I don’t know who the hell KSH is. But luckily, I’m a fan of Jun Ji Hyun so that’s enough reason to jump into the YFAS hype train and watch the whole drama.

          YFAS is good in terms of casting, acting, and chemistry-creation between the main leads. Plotwise though, it was really terrible. I’m a big sci-fi junkie and YFAS really failed me in the sci-fi aspect. The plot holes were really glaring that my watching time was really ruined.

          And yeah, I agree, KSH is just too baby faced for my liking, too. I have to admit that I’ve never find him attractive. Never found myself crazily searching Google for all the dramas where he played a main role.

          Currently, my heart belongs to Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, and Jang Geun Suk. I’m on the process of falling hard for Ji Chang Wook so I hope that he’ll be more awesome in the succeeding Healer episodes.

          I think I’m a black sheep when it comes to Park Min Young. Yes, she’s a very beautiful girl but she didn’t catch my fancy. Well, let’s see if I’m going to have a change of heart once I see the remaining 8 episodes of Healer. My girl crushes as of now are: Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Eun Yoon Hye, Lee Da Hae, Han Chae Young, Sandara Park (I know she has no drama yet but I feel that I need to include her) and Park Shin Hye.

          • fantasy

            totally agree … You Who Came From The Stars and Boys over Flowers are two hyped and popular dramas which I did not like. You are talking about sci-fi but I did not find even the romance indulging in YWCFS, I felt the romance was too much pushed and forced….

        • Rigby

          Yeah ikr the first time i read the news about JCW and PMY teaming for healer i know right then that its gonna click. I got excited immediately because i know they’ll gonna nail it they are such adorable gorgeous actors. I have a crush on JCW since his smile donghae tine and i love all of PMYs drama. And now i am surprised the fervor, the excitement the interest from local and esp international fan exceeded my expectations. Wow i never imagined that this show will really drive me crazy LOL!

    • 12.3 picalilli

      Where is Lee Min Ho these days anyway? ? Too many cfs not enough dramas!

      • 12.3.1 Whatever

        Hahahaha. He had no drama last year because he got busy filming Gangnam 1970/Blues which will hit the big screens this coming Jan 21.

        I’m excited to know what his plans for 2015, after promoting Gangnam Blues that is.

        If he’s going to do another drama this year, I hope it would be on the same vein as City Hunter. XD The Heirs and Faith were really painful to watch… Huhuhuh.

  13. 13 Omomo

    Do forgive us for being so overly giddy, but we just have to let it out, you know? Or else we might explode. Oh no, now I feel embarrassed (JB must have it extra hard, having to deal with all those comments). Haha.

    This is coming from a hardcore fan, but I myself sometimes get flummoxed by the mega hype for Healer in DB. It’s certainly *not* the epitome of utter perfection. (I lurk over at the OTs. There have been naysayers out and about, and I can’t say that I completely disagree with some of their misgivings. The logical ones, at least.)

    I guess we all saw or felt something in this show that just ‘grabbed’ us, and refuses to let go. I don’t even know what is THAT factor that drives us all crazy (is it the cast? *cough* JCW *cough*, the plot?, the romance?) Either way, it’s frustratingly hard to tone down our excitement.

    That being said, the community we have formed at the Healer recaps is one of my best online experiences. I sincerely have fun interacting with all the wonderful Beanies.

    Agree with @Jackeline that how I wish I’m fluent in Korean right now just to understand the comments in DC. (Yeah, at this point I know I’m just feeding my addiction even further but I’m already too far gone anyway, so why the heck not?)

    • 13.1 Appelsin

      I don’t know about others, but for me Ji Chang Wook is the key. I already fell head over heels for him in Empress Ki and did tons of fangirling at that time…not sure I will surpass the number of posts in tumblr with this one, haha!!
      And the superman-type of story is totally squee-worthy if you find the right guy to impersonate him…so I am not surprised that people are going all out with healer. πŸ˜€
      Also, the plot, characters like Ahjuma, the moments of comedy, etc, they made it a really enjoyable watch.

      • 13.1.1 Rigby

        I totally agree with you, the key here is JCW. His acting, his emotions, his eyes, the looks and the stares all contributes to his total performance. His ability to capture our senses and our hearts…it’s magical!

    • 13.2 azfih

      “That being said, the community we have formed at the Healer recaps is one of my best online experiences”

      Well said @Omomo!

      Yeah, while DB and GF are shocked at all the hype that Healer is getting, I’m not. I was initially but as someone said in a previous post, it is because we have been parched of a good crack drama for a while.

      Unfortunately while 2013-2014 put out quite a few GOOD shows (think You From Another Star, Master’s Sun, Answer Me 1994, etc….)they were not crack dramas where we fell in love with the swoon-worthy hero, the cute heroine and a good plotline.

      I mean I loved you from another star but I was not dying to watch it. Same goes with Master’s Sun. So when we got action, intrigue, romance and heart mixed in a package we all went gaga.

      To tell you the truth I myself had completely stopped watching k-dramas but I would occasionly surk through Db to see if there was a worthy drama or any news. Glad I did.

      2 more days till HEALER!!!!!

      • 13.2.1 azfih

        Oh yeah credits to Divyrus for the parched comment πŸ™‚

        • Divyrus

          Aw Azfih, you are kind to refer me πŸ™‚

          And yes I agree with you on every single thing and I would want to type a intelligent response except that I have one thing in my brain

          Around 8-9 hours to ago before the episode is up online !!!! And all am doing is hoping healer continues its magic for 4th week in running !!!!!!


          • azfih


            Thank you. I should give credit where credit is due πŸ™‚

            Bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha It’s Monday, it’s monday, It’s monday, IT’S MONDAY BABES!

            And all I can say is Oh God, Please let every fan go about their daily lives and come hope to peacefully watch their drama before their heads explode. Thank you.

      • 13.2.2 Omomo

        Those shows that you mentioned were highly acclaimed, but yes I agree that they just weren’t crack level for me. I tend to be very character-driven more than anything. I want a hero that I can root for, a heroine that I adore, and an OTP that sends me over the edge with feels. And Healer has given all of that to me. Can’t say the same for YFAS, since I could never seem to invest myself to KSH’s character. I ended up dropping that show before the halfway point. It’s not the show or the actor’s fault (cause it’s undeniable that YFAS IS a great drama). I guess it was just more of a personal issue.

        • Omomo

          ^ @azfih

          @Appelsin – Same as you, I decided to watch Healer mainly because of JCW (fell for him in EK too). I was prepared to endure the entire run of the show just in case it tanks (all for the love), so I couldn’t be any happier that Healer shaped up to be an awesome drama after all.

        • azfih

          @ Omomo

          Yeah I did watch YFAS until the last few episodes because they were funny and well acted out. It was fun to watch their romance etc…. but at the end of the day I DIDN’T CARE what happened to the OTP in it. So I did not have the drive to see whether they rode off into the sunset or not. However, I might yank my hair out if I don’t find out what happened to CYS and JH. LOL

          Also to address some of your earlier comments

          “It’s certainly *not* the epitome of utter perfection. (I lurk over at the OTs. There have been naysayers out and about, and I can’t say that I completely disagree with some of their misgivings. The logical ones, at least.)”

          YES! This drama does have plot holes. I was watching the first episode of healer and noticed that Ahjumma stopped the first train but they had this whole issue where the chubby SS guard fell on top of him and the second train was coming. Why couldn’t Ahjumma just stop the 2nd train. It didn’t make sense. So yes there is def plot holes.

          However, there are many things that grab me in the show that ARE really good. I like the noona who looked out for Moon Ho, I love the lawyer father and how they took time to show how YS trusted him, I love the fact that his lawyer father got people out of jail who then formed YS’s family and I could go on and on and on.

          @Appelsin I should really watch EK but I know the ending and it’s 50 episodes so it is kind of horrifying for me LOL

          • Appelsin

            @Omomo Same here, I am so happy that the show turned out to be so good. And my love for JCW keeps growing πŸ˜‰

            @azfih Hahaha! Too bad you know the end… I was a bit scared when I took EK, mostly because the beginning was good and I was worried it would loose its appeal at some point during 50 eps. But it never did. In fact, it gets better and better.
            You could still give it a try, there are more mysteries and suspense that will keep you on your toes…just watch it until he meets Ha Ji Won and see if you are hooked by then πŸ˜€

          • azfih

            @Applesin, since it comes highly recommended I will watch it. But I almost feel like I’m committing a sin when I am not watching something that is Healer. LOL. Addicts, I tell you. *shakes head*

  14. 14 Sumee

    Oh I am so excited.. JB and GF are fangirling just like the rest of you ..we absolutely cannot stop talking about healer esp Ji Chang Wook .. It seriously got me out of hiding after 3 years .. Omg I am totally going to loose it..sorry Lost it !

    • 14.1 koreandramalover/kay

      @Sumee dear! πŸ˜‰

      Healer got you our of hiding for 3 years? Wow!! That’s amazing! πŸ˜‰

      You know what, it never ceases to amaze me

      that there are people who say

      they don’t like Healer,

      cannot understand the love and interest it has attracted
      (with all the squeeing)

      and cannot stand all the squeeing
      (by even saying they put headphones on)

      and yet bother to take time out of their precious time

      to come here to type out all that they don’t like about it

      as if anybody cares or asks about what they think or feel!!

      If they don’t like so much, why even bother commenting?

      They should just skip reading anything about Healer and stay away from commenting because nobody asked them for their opinions in the first place, or care about what they think.

      Is it a mental defect that they possess that propel them to post their comments thinking that anybody cares about what they think?

      I read the comments here to find out what constructive things that people can say about Healer and to come across comments that are simply meant to say :

      “I hate Healer, I can’t stand all the squeeing (I need to put headphones on) and I just don’t understand why there are people who like it.”

      makes me wonder if these people need a real psychological assessment.

      Maybe they have get so little attention in real life and so any attention they can get is better than nothing?

      Such people are sad, pitiful and pathetic. Poor poor things.

      I just hope they don’t continue to waste their time saying things nobody cares to read or know about.

      *shakes head*

      • 14.1.1 azfih

        Hey koreandramalover

        I don’t think it is wrong for people to voice their opinion of a drama. Everyone has a deferring opinion. I actually like to hear about them because it makes me think in a more rational way and take into account other people’s perspectives πŸ™‚

        • koreandramalover/kay


          If you read my comment carefully, you will see that nowhere did I say people cannot voice their opinion, differing or otherwise.

          What I said was for people who only come here to say that they don’t like Healer and cannot stand people who do love Healer and to go as far as to say they “put headphones on” to drown out the squeeing of people who love Healer, then I find these people are just wasting their time.

          Nobody cares about what they think PRECISELY because they do not contribute to comments in a constructive way, but rather just rant because they want to rant and because they bother typing their rants here, perhaps they are hoping SOMEBODY will give them the attention that they seek.

          Why even bother coming here to rant and the things they said at all? Why not just stay away and stay with the dramas that they like?

          There are many dramas that I dislike but I have never gone into the recap-threads to rant and say negative things about the people who DO like or love the dramas.

          That is why I say some people’s minds are just warped.

    • 14.2 koreandramalover/kay

      There are people who derive a great deal of joy by throwing stones at people, literally and figuratively.

      Some of those people are right here.

      They threw their words of hate/dislike just because they don’t like what they don’t like and want at least some people to know :

      “Attention people, I hate Healer…yadayadayada…”

      Why come to a thread just to express their dislike, as if anybody cares about what they think or feel?

      Is the thread set up for people to just say all the negative things they want to say?

      *shakes head*

      Some people are seriously warped in the mind.

  15. 15 Sayno

    I was a silent reader… Until healer came along. I’m actually happy there’s another healer related post that I can kill time on until the new episode is out!

    I also killed time watching running man 211 and 212. Love him in those episodes, lol, but doesn’t help keep the healer image in my head. Haha he’s a definite flower boy.

    • 15.1 RooPoo143

      I’m now watching Running Man too! We have all lost it!

      • 15.1.1 MoniRosa

        You all inspired me and I also watched Running Man 212 today. I felt so bad for him having to ride that coaster. He was so scared and calling out Um ma.

        • deezle

          I can almost bet that hez never going bak to RM again

    • 15.2 KDramaLuvr

      @Sayno – I just had to laugh when I read this comment about watching Rm 211 & 212. I had watched those episodes before Healer started & re-watched them last night. Boy, what a difference JCW is in real/variety life compared to Healer! OMG! But he’s so cute and adorable in that episode of RM. (This coming from an ajumma who has really gotten sucked into Healer for reasons unknown…)

      I also have never posted here on DB, even though I read it every day. Thanks so much to DB and the DB community for providing a great place to share in the fun and excitement of dramas! Even tho’ I never post, I appreciate all of the dialogue and (mostly) friendly banter – and again, the opportunity for a place to share our mutual love of Kdramas. I too need to learn Korean – my goal is to someday be able to watch dramas without subs. Haha! Yeoreobun Kamsahamnida!

  16. 16 kim mi young

    This show definitely is no joke either despite not on the top rank of how the plot and characters are executed well in each episodes making us squeeing over the show.
    What a splendid start of 2015 having kinda non-typical one. Wondering when the show really comes to end,,how big the explosion of inbox email will u get..
    Keep squeeing peeps..Healerities are real.

  17. 17 hipployta

    So…I take it you guys haven’t seen the Veronica Mars movie that came out last year

    • 17.1 mwg

      I was thinking, OF COURSE the mods are VMars fans. It’s one of the more Kdrama-like American shows. And awesome, of course.

  18. 18 drama_nerd

    Thank goodness for this post cos i was running out of Healer related articals on the internet to read! The addiction is sooo real it hurts.

  19. 19 whimsicalnet

    Just so you know that after reading this, I’m going back to the Healer recap to enjoy the love fest there. πŸ˜€

    • 19.1 Saema

      Haha, I just did that. ☺

  20. 20 Emmy

    Ahaha… Everyone is completely and hopelessly addicted to Healer. The next episode can’t come fast enough!

  21. 21 redfox

    *sigh* I am not even going to try to understand it any more. Immune to this drug I guess.
    but go ahead and squee, yΒ΄all. *puts earphones on*.

  22. 22 ck1Oz

    I haven’t watched Healer and why is it popular? And I mean it plot wise etc.

    There are too many episodes and it must be worth not fast forwarding for me to even start it.

    Thank you.

    • 22.1 Saema

      Ivoire has a given a long reply to the same question. I’ll just paste it here. Hello there! I don’t know if you will see my response, however I will write it and post it anyway.
      About this, β€œthat’s exactly what I’ve been thinking! The fan craze that I’m seeing on Dramabeans has left me bewildered! Lol.” I am glad that you are seeing what I am seeing. This drama is getting so much love on DB, I really wish we would be able to let everyone involved with the making of the drama, how much it is being loved on this blog (hence loved internationally), and how much we appreciate their hard work. I understand the fervor however: I feel the same way. I don’t want to scream all the time, yet I have to say that this drama does move me A LOT. I attribute a LOT of it to the writing, which has been consistent and tight in how the plot keeps unfolding.
      # 2-is how well the writer manages to balance the different genres pertaining to this drama: the humor and comedy, the romance, the unraveling of the mystery (and its social, economical and political importance, both in the past and in the present), and the action. None of the genres seem to overtake the others, and there is a fluidity in the way we transition from the present to the past, and back to the present again. Don’t you think?
      3-I really LOVE the actors and actresses in this drama, all of them. The good guys and the bad guys. I find that they were well cast for their characters, and that their physical attributes (and hair style even), contribute to giving us a visual of what their characters are. I think of Yo-Yo guy with his particular hair cut, I think of Dir. Hwang and his curly (medium) high hair, I think of Sec. Oh and his face that kind of looks like that of a cat (and I love what he does with his face, the way he told SS that he would have to sell his soul. That was so devious). I think of Ajumma and the different ways in which she looks like (in her β€œoffice” or when she is all dressed up), etc… I think of the 5 friends, who look so much like they belong to that era in the past (besides being handsome), and I appreciate that this production team pays attention to details.
      I have said it in my post below, however I really LOVE the OST for this drama. I watch the drama on the computer with headphones on, and one gets all the beats and the nuances in the pieces and songs that are played. I have loved every single one of them, so far.

  23. 23 DayDreamer

    Yeah, the comment count is just scary. Especially when half the posts are huge blocks of text…my eyes glaze over and I lose interest. So I avoid the comments section and just read the recap.

    • 23.1 Emmy

      yeah, it’s the same for me. In the earlier weeks I’d still post and read comments, but now it’s just too much to read through. So I just read the recap as well. And squee along with javabeans.

      • 23.1.1 azfih

        LOL Usually for almost all dramas I read the first few comments and then glaze over the rest. But since I have so much time to kill before each Healer ep I like reading the comments.

        And surprisingly they are sooo funny and so much fun πŸ™‚

        There are super witty/ sarcastically funny commenters out there! Cheers to all of them πŸ™‚

        • azack77

          I tried to read ALL the comments there! but it’s getting crazier that I need a LOT of time to read them (but I don’t have enough time coz RL kept calling for my attention!!).

          I love all the comments there and the beanies! Super-supportive to Healer Ruined Us Support Group members!

          Please, guys! Keep doing what you’re doing! I will read them all, no worries!

          • azfih


  24. 24 Veronica

    The Healer story just gets better and better!
    It’s AWESOME!!
    I love Ji Chang Wook aka Healer. Once again you did a fantastic job for us.
    I didn’t expect the show to keep me hanging for another week.
    Ottoke until next Monday?

  25. 25 diri66

    Readers count for Healer caught me off guard but it is such a great drama that I am not surprised to see the number of people it drew in.
    I am having exams so did not have time to enjoy this comment feast, whyyyyyy. Life is so unfair.
    The ending of ep 12… how do you expect me to study like this???? AH. I am most interested in whose back we saw when the double S guys came to the rooftop. PBS and CYS’s interaction in ep12 was soooo sweet. *swoon* I was drooling over them. It would be nice to have as many JCW as the number of IDs Healer has. Is that too hard to ask?
    I saw the preview of ep13 and it seemed to answer/gave hints about many questions hanging in the air… so if you guys cant wait till Monday I’m sure it’s already on youtube. Oh, and I hope that domestic viewers rating will increase because it was around 10% I think? It should be higheeeer.

  26. 26 pogo

    I tried, but couldn’t get into Healer – but I love that there are so many people so excited about it here, it’s really like a party in those comments!

    But the more interesting news is that Korean fans know about and translate our comments – I applaud whoever has the patience to translate so many wordy, long comments without even an upvote count to see which ones are popular!

    (and part of me is also thinking, oops we’re being watched! Not that that should hold anyone back from expressing themselves honestly, but I wonder if they check on stuff we say about other dramas/actors too)

    • 26.1 sona

      6 episodes had aired when I started watching this show (after reading JB squee about it in the recaps). I just didn’t get it… it got better for me when PBS starts working alongside CYS. I REALLY got into the show in E5 when CYS “rescues” PBS with the latter throwing a half-smirk/half-smile at her.

      I will have to admit it’s been a pleasure discovering Ji Chang-wook through this show. He’s absolutely enchanting… great talent all around! He and the OTP makes this show a LOT better than it actually is. The plot has gotten a lot tighter since E9 so things are coming together.

      • 26.1.1 cloud9

        Same for me. The first few episodes were kinda boring for me tbh but I’m glad I sticked through it because the plot really kicked off and the OTP just pulls me in and makes me squee endlessly.

    • 26.2 redfox

      join the club.
      I find the guy playing Moon-Ho a much better actor than the leads.
      theyΒ΄re sort of a little dead fish in their expressions. dont be offended, fans.

      • 26.2.1 BedeliaJane

        @redfox: i think so too ( yeah, don’t be offended fans πŸ˜‰ ) probably coz the actor, Yoo Ji Tae is more experienced? But i also think JCW & PMY have improved too, probably after having worked with Ha Jiwon & Kim Myung Min (respectively) previously.

        @ sona : same for me here. It’s that smile at the end of ep 5 that made me want to see more of the show

        • R

          Of course YJT is the best actor among the three leads !!
          but CJW and PMY are also very good IMO.
          Overall I really love the cast in this drama πŸ™‚

      • 26.2.2 Omomo

        Well, no duh. Yoo Ji Tae is a veteran. He’s been in the industry for how long already? He didn’t get to be hailed as a pro movie star without dem supreme acting chops.

        Personally, I find Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young (huge improvement for her!) as excellent actors in their own right, despite being fairly young. And I have a feeling that JCW still hasn’t given his 101% in this show yet. This guy has proven himself to me in Empress Ki (dayum! many of his scenes in there made me want to do a standing ovation), so I’m still waiting for that OOMPH scene of his that will fully utilize his skills.

        • Omomo

          As an addition: There’s always room for improvement, as they say (I’m pertaining this to both JCW and PMY).

          And no offense taken. πŸ˜‰

      • 26.2.3 azfih

        @redfox. Not an offended fan because I always respect opinions πŸ™‚

        I do like the guy playing Moon-Ho but I feel like his expressions are sort of stiffer and his tears for example when we see the apparition of Healer’s dad next to him and MH wipes his tears – I don’t know, felt sort of fake. I do think he is great in scenes with his brother because we can see how much he hates him, his repressed emotions in being sort-of involved with the mess of the family being divided. He is reeeeaaaally good there.

        I have read a lot of comments saying they sort-of like PMY but not really but now they do, but I have always like PMY as a actress. I think she does facial expressions quite well to suit the circumstances and she plays the sweet heroine without being overly annoying. For example, Park Shin Hye I could never warm towards because her facial expressions never convinced me she was not acting.

        and finally for me all I can say is thank you God for an actor Ji Chang Wook.

        But I respect your opinion πŸ™‚ YJT is a good actor πŸ™‚

      • 26.2.4 Alienkay

        I also believe that YJT is a great actor but I wouldn’t say that JCW and PMY aren’t great actors as well. Not every great actor is able to play a variety of roles and that’s where JCW blows me away. He can play the funny, the serious, the bad guy, etc. I wouldn’t doubt YJT either but JCW is among one of the best actors I have seen. Yes, surpassing Lee Min Ho and many other actors because of the way he portrays his characters. And I think what makes it really great knowing how great of an actor he is, he becomes irreplaceable (just like in Empress Ki and in Healer).

        • redfox

          suuuure they both are not BAD but even with different emotions, to me, their eyes look a little “dead” I do NOT see the sparkle yΒ΄all see in them. it should all be so deep so deep soaked with emotion, but I just see a few drops on the surface

          • Omomo

            I dunno, their eyes seem plenty soaked with emotion to me. I can drown in *those* eyes forever.

            But whatever you say. Not your cup of tea? That’s okay. πŸ˜‰

          • azfih


            I have watched loadz of dramas soo. Let me tell you when an actor can show emotion, they can show it. If so many people love the show there has to be a reason right?

            But hey to each her own πŸ˜€

          • fantasy


            well respectfully but completely disagree with you… to me
            JCW is the 1st kdrama actor whom I have seen to use his eyes so brilliantly. you are talking about emotion??? I have seen every form of emotions through his eyes πŸ™‚

            I dont know korean at all and healer is the 1st drama I watched raw, ofcourse its a reason that I cant resist and healer is known for cliffhangers but also got confidence to watch raw because JCW’s eye expressions break the barrier of languages πŸ™‚

            It’s just my thought of course I understand opinion differs person to person πŸ™‚

      • 26.2.5 azack77

        JCW is an outstanding actor. He’s better than other popular actors (I won’t say names but I think you guys can think a few). His different expressions, emotions, characters that he played in this drama proves it. I don’t think the other popular actors can accomplish what he has accomplish in this drama. I’ve watched many kdramas and he has struck THAT chord in me that other actors/dramas rarely have. In Empress Ki, wow!! he was good, better than good! In Healer, he’s even better! He should have won that KBS 2014 Best Actor Award, I was disappointed. Oh, I dropped that drama whose actor won that award, I was like what?!

        Sorry.. my opinion..

    • 26.3 museofmanymasks

      Yup, the bandwagon forgot me too. Eventually I will finish for Yoo Ji Tae though.

  27. 27 Fab

    Another HEALER thread, my fangirl heart can’t take this any more!
    Somehow this drama hits all the right spots. It’s heart fluttering! Drool/swoonworthy, suspensive and whatnot really. Love how the writing is consistent. Yeah it’s for a lot of us the perfect drama-crack! πŸ˜€
    Thank you for allowing us to come together and sqeeee at our heart’s content! We’ll try to keep the posts related to the drama as mush as we can…because hell I could talk about Bong-sook❀Young-shin all day long. πŸ˜‰

    • 27.1 Saema

      Ikr, if it were not for dramabeans I wouldn’t have met such amazing commenters like you guys. I love how all any one ever talks about is the Healer.

  28. 28 sona

    oh, how I LOVE this show!! ❀❀❀

    Ji Chang-wook – ❀❀❀❀

    I’m glad that K-fans are realizing that international fans adore this show! Also, read somewhere that this show is very popular with the Chinese fans as well… so, YAY to spreading the Healer and OTP love across the globe.

  29. 29 Emi757

    I meant to thank Dramabeans earlier but thank you for listing the cable dramas along with the mainstream channels. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and I’m glad you did that.

  30. 30 Fab

    Some of my comments with links take about an hour awaiting moderation, I am patient, but I hereby just want you to know they’re all Healer/Ji-chang-wook related pictures and videos. πŸ™‚

  31. 31 kobrakiddo

    I’m so addicted to this show I don’t even know what to do with my life anymore. HAH.

    Happy to be one of the de-lurkers! This show needs all the ❀❀❀❀ in the world. Ahhhh Monday has to come faster πŸ˜€

    • 31.1 Saema

      I almost got caught daydreaming by my teacher during class . I can’t help it, all I keep thinking about is the preview and the different situations that could happen. I’m so nervous, so excited and so, so tired of waiting for Monday. 😊

      • 31.1.1 azfih


        I was printing out brochures for my volunteer position and printed them upside down XD Usually I am so perfect at the job that my supervisor asked if I was sick XD

  32. 32 ju

    HAHAHA when I saw the number of comment I was like “It must be wrong, right?”. Then I checked it and saw it for myself. But then I shouldn’t be so surprised, I mean I am also pretty hooked by this show. And I am also waiting desperatly for the next episode…

    When I think that I almost passed by it because the posters didn’t catch my eyes… I understand now how true it is when they say to not judge a book by its cover!

  33. 33 Chloe

    you get an email every time a comment is posted? that’s a LOT of emails to deal with!
    do you open the email and the comment ends to be something like, “FIRST!” or “Thank you for the recap!” that’s going to be tiresome.

  34. 34 ju

    oh guys, there is a movie Veronica Mars which ends the show… πŸ˜‰

  35. 35 Tara

    I am totally ridiculousand such a JCW fan. After the first episode I was overly proud, I am like JCW finally in the lead role of an awesome drama, I knew this day would come. Dry sobs. I love the Healer precisely because it’s the perfect balance JB and GF described. A lot of dramas have the potential to be awesome but just dont get the equation right. I have been harassing non korean drama watchers to watch this show like every day. Thanks so much for recapping the show and providing a place for drama lovers to squee when we may be alone in our social circle when it comes to Korean drama loving. Big thanks to the community for all of your awesome comments, they let me squeeze more Healer into my week.

  36. 36 mellina

    This show is janggg. lol
    I had a sleepover with ma friend 2days ago and was re-watching d whole episodes. ma friend kept rolling her eyes at me cuz most of our convos always divert to d show. yep,it’s annoying but I can’t help it lol.
    we bid goodnight to each other and boy was I surprised wen I woke up in d middle of d nyt to see ma friend squee-ing.
    I think she’s worse than I am right now wen it comes to d show. yep,we ve gone nuts

  37. 37 Divyrus

    Not fair JB! You are just creating one more post JUST to let us SQUEEEEEEE more !

    The comment count is scary in every way but I still find myself going over them at end of the day to see if there is someone i can SQUEEE with. That Healer brings out the inner unreasonable fan girl in all of us would be understatment!

    The thing that surprises me most is we still find new stuff to talk about ! Am sure with 2000 comments everything must have been said and yet here you are saying how they both must always be in touching distance! And NOW THAT MAKES ME GO ‘ALL THE TIME, YES ALL THE TIME PLEASE’.
    Am not big on co dependent relationships either, am strong believer on each to have a individual world outside their world for a relationship to be sane and healthy, but here I am chuck it, just go to island and never come back !

    True that, don’t underestimate the power of squeeeeeeeeeee

  38. 38 Giegie

    “Wow, they [international fans] react just like we do!”
    This made me laugh. ^^

    I love the screencaps.

  39. 39 Growingbeautifully

    Comment Count: It’s about the squee, … the squee in community to be more precise. It’s about the, “I’m so glad I’m not alone!”, and the, “I found something fantastic and I want the world to know about it!”. It’s such great fun and comfort and so human to know that what we like is ratified. That basically many people around the world are so much alike.

    Healer: This show ….
    It gives layers to characters and the story arc that makes the tale compellingly poignant and stirring in its pathos. It gives us β€˜broken’ adults who once were children, traumatized through no fault of their own and shows us the possibility of their healing (someone suggested re-birth). We are invested to journey with them to witness the triumph of the human spirit.

    All this … plus with a fascinating mystery of friendship gone awry and the common enough battle between good and evil to set us up for another kind of tension.

    It gives us a lonely, dashing, β€˜wounded’, socially inept hero, without super-human powers, who is yet able to succeed against terrible odds and who looks superbly cool while doing it πŸ˜€ Plus he dons a slew of adorable disguises and takes on personae, which complicates his love life, much to our amusement.

    It has a sweet romance, full of naΓ―ve awakenings, humorous confusions, heart wrenching longing, even the most innocent and most potent sexual tension ever …. and so far no idiocy, noble or otherwise. Instead we are given the bonus of straight talking truthful β€˜lovers’ – so refreshing.

    We are given or made to have an endless stream of feels, …. More and deeper feels …. Over and over again. πŸ˜€ Sigh. The only way we can prevent self-implosion or explosion or spontaneous combustion is to LET IT OUT!

    Thus the comments explosion!!!!! But really, besides the squeeing, it is the fun, the warmth and the friendships new and old in the commenting community, that have added to the commenting fever.

    Thanks JB and GF for adding to the squee. Way to go Healer!! 2 commenting threads, much mentioned in OT, inspired 3 drawings by Fanderay and picture of Ahjumma chosen for the podcast with more mention there as well!!! Not bad for a not bad, great, Show! πŸ™‚

    • 39.1 merry

      Well said Gb. I also love those auction prices your raised to bid for the different body parts in the ep 12 thread. Couldn’t wade through the comments to comment on it. Hah! One thing i can just add, from Gb’s post, INspired! All the squeeing just gets all that is beautiful and honest in each one that we are truly thankful for this community because it has to be shared. You may observe that i may not be making sense here anymore, but that is how it is — all the goodness just gushes forth.

      • 39.1.1 Growingbeautifully

        @ merry

        You’re making INspired sense! πŸ˜€ We’re just a fabu-tas-tupendous-tically great, sharing, full-of-goodness community!!!

  40. 40 shelly

    my 2 cents: i love healer because JCW is killing this multiple-facets, angry-at-the-world-BUT-finding-love character. and not only is he doing it with mostly his eyes and with actually showing the character’s emotion instead of telling about it, but he gets stellar support in PMY’s acting. they feel like they’re REAL people doing REAL stuff. the chemistry is off the charts, i wouldn’t be surprised if they end up very good friends after the show is over, if any of them are even in the least similar in personalities as the charas they’re portraying here.
    most of the support charas are doing a good job, but the attraction if the main pair, and yeah, somehow they DID get out of the lois+clark/superman umbrella they could have played it safe under.

    of course, JCW looking like he does doesn’t hurt lol. i think he’s one of the most handsome actors of the day. how could he even go in the army soon? that’s so unfair but i guess he has to do what he has to do.
    but his best (physical) features, imho, are his eyes. i can’t remember any other actor lately, korean or not, emoting so well with just a look or a raised eyebrow. makes me want to jump through the screen and get there to see it in person lol.

    ji chang-wook FTW!

    • 40.1 shelly

      p. s. and i got addicted by the parkour trailer lol. i didn’t even need to watch the first episode πŸ˜€

      and when dad and YS burst out in singing and dancing on that oldies “”give me water” song, i felt i was seriously, madly, unreasonably, desperately in love with a kdrama for the first time since i can’t remember. that one is one of the best kdrama scenes i ever saw, and JCW was undercover looking sooooo strangely dorky there, just so you know i wasn’t there looking at his abs *coughs not that i don’t appreciate fan-service when it happens *cough* πŸ˜€

      • 40.1.1 Saema

        ❀ that dorky disguise. I love ahjumma’s incredulous look when they sing. It’s so funny how jcw chokes while drinking water while they are singing “give me water”. And the dad said he would play a “soft” song. Haha. I watched this scene yesterday, I want to go back. and watch it again. And again. 😊

        • yimmi

          That is also one of my most favorite scenes! I have pictures on my tablet of Healer in disguiSe with that incredulous look on his face. I luff it so much! I even went looking for the song…

          • shelly

            omg can you believe it’s even more hilarious in the uncut version??? you even get to see bongsookie laughing (wich he didn’t in the actual drama cut :D)


            PMY calls him a self-named dancing machine lol. they must’ve had a lot of fun filming that scene πŸ˜€

          • yimmi

            Awww! Thanks for the link, shelly!

          • jomo

            Thanks for that BTS!

            I like how it shows how far out of her comfort zone PMY goes in this role. Even though she covered her face for a moment in embarrassment, she went all out.

    • 40.2 Saema

      I agree. I love the way he emotes with his eyes. And when he raised his eyebrows during the press conference, I found it so cute too. Like javabeans said, the way he looks at young shin feels so real when she confesses she’s waiting for some one or when she says she has been dumped by both her crushes.

    • 40.3 hinnochan

      Love ur comment β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • 40.4 capricorn

      100% agree… JCW has very expressive eyes, and he looks like he’s in tip-top condition…

      • 40.4.1 capricorn

        …which helps with the believability of his character…he is really agile looking and actually looks like he could do acrobatics

    • 40.5 Mary of Bethany

      exactly… JCW best asset is his eyes.. guess he can do well a dumb deaf role perfectly without any lines… his eyes speak volumes, sad, lost, empty … at times … you name it, he has it… just don’t ask him to act blind … very wasted. guess he is by far one of the finest actor, that needs NOT “touching lines” NOR “big actions” NOR super OST “angmo” MUSIC… to melt hearts.. he just look in silent, or even close his eyes…. enough “harm” done.

  41. 41 Divyrus

    JB and GF , one favor ! On top of all you doing for us πŸ˜›

    Can you translate bits of reactions from korean by fans DC inside ??? πŸ˜€
    You can make your next odds and ends post that πŸ˜›

  42. 42 Sour Grapes

    Sorry to be a complete party-pooper, but I personally don’t understand the point of turning a comment secton into a make-shift fan forum (to put it mildly). I’ve been reading Dramabeans for years and I always appreciated how detailed and thoughful the recaps are, as well as the discussions below each post . Even as a teenager, I’ve never been into fan-girling and for me Dramabeans has always served as a nice contrast to oppa-shrines at Soompi, Allkpop, etc.

    Liking something is not a crime, but it is depressing to see the comments section turn into some sort of comment-fishing game with zero substance. I love Healer myself but can’t add anything to the comments below since 90% of them have nothing to do with the actual drama. Dear fans, I know you don’t mean anything bad and are happy to share your exitement with the world, but with your behaviour you are alienating some other Dramabeans readers.

    All IMHO. Rant finished.

    • 42.1 Courtney

      I completely agree with you!

      I love Healer – definitely my fave drama in the past year/ half year and I usually really enjoy reading comments (particularly the comments at the end of a recap + comments from other users) but the ‘100 more comments until we break a record’ type comments do detract from the reading experience! And personally the ‘threads’ in the comments sections aren’t adding much either..

      But I understand that if some readers like to express their love for this drama then that’s their choice! πŸ™‚

      • 42.1.1 Courtney

        Wow, just realised I de-lurked just to post this comment! πŸ˜›

      • 42.1.2 koreandramalover/kay


        Which is why you are NOT the owner of this blog.

        You are not as magnanimous, generous and patient as Javabeans and Girlfriday.

        • Curious

          Bravo, and what an awesome person you are, insulting those who don’t share your interests.

    • 42.2 latewatch

      I am actually one of the delurkers for years and never once commented on anything until Healer and the community here, and actually appreciate the wonderful comments and opinion people were making with Healer, so decided to add.

      It is nice forming a community because that is what in general why we are in dramabean because we are all a fan of kdrama overall, so probably confused about your comment on fan forum, when arent we all in one overall?

      Not sure if you read the comments because it is more the case that 90% of it is meaningful discussion of the drama and showing appreciation about the drama.

      Also, people helping each other out, which is so wonderful. I noticed there are various types of fans and they need help sometimes, and it is nice we can help each other together. The Healer community figured stuff out for me about the drama or where to find more information about the drama (like various options to view it and read more).

      Really want to thank everyone in the comment section for all the wonderful links, views, and general help like mobile version vs desktop version (I was always trying to figure that out!! life server!!).

      In general, it really has enhance my experience in viewing the show and would like to thank dramabeans for giving me an outlit with wonderful people around the world, and feeling like you are not the only one.

    • 42.3 jomo

      Some famous astronomer, Rheticus, said in so many words, “What gets counted gets done.” So by having a number to shoot for, rather than simply a topic to discuss, is going to change the natural progression of things.

      Let’s take JB rather gentle reminder here to heart.

      This is the best place on the internet to rant and rave. It’s pretty, comfortable and so easy to use. It’s awesome that a community has been formed because of a drama. These friendships will last a long long time.

      It’s important, too, to be considerate of the host.
      If you find that you have and unlimited amount to say about a thing, it’s a indication that it’s time to start your own blog. So many wonderful blogs have been created by like-minded folks who share a passion for a specific actor or drama. If it is real, and the love is strong within everyone, the new place will thrive. It’s a little daunting, but it certainly can be done.

      Let’s keep DB a place where ALL fans feel like commenting. Where everyone feels like their two cents will be read and considered. Right now, like the others who want to share, I don’t think my words could possibly be heard. It’s like I would be shouting in a thunderstorm.

      At one point, DB had a device to stop one commenter from posting too often. I think IMDB has that, too. It may be something to consider if the users don’t feel like editing themselves. Or this whole craze will blow over and leave happy memories behind, rather than razing the place to the ground.

      • 42.3.1 jomo

        That last line was supposed to be with a wink, not serious, btw!!

      • 42.3.2 Beanfan


        Your voice has been heard, not lost. Great points, esp. for me, since I only started commenting last year, and infrequently at that.

        I also started reading only this blog regularly, and have only visited other blogs when given specific links, so I’m not sure what goes on in other forums, what is deemed proper posting etiquette (though I can guess)…for instance, I just learned about the “issues” around “first posts” in this thread. I’ve noticed some frequent first-posters, but aren’t particularly bothered by their urge to be first. But I now know that posts about the Gorgonzola-covered almonds I recently discovered might not be appropriate here, LOL. It’s fun to fangirl–if it is what I think it is–but since i might be beginning my apprenticeship in fangirling for a particular show I recently finished (last mention: Secret Love Affair), I will restrain my open admiration for it until relevant threads. I hope this will always be a place for free commenting though, and that the community stays friendly and open to differing opinions.

      • 42.3.3 koreandramalover/kay


        Kindly refer to my comment at comment no. 42.4.

        I wanted to reply to your comment but since the content is identical to the comment I posted to another commentor, I thought of just directing you to the comment.

    • 42.4 koreandramalover/kay

      @Sour Grapes

      To each his own.

      If you don’t like to fangirl, it is your right.

      But you don’t have the right to say others should not fangirl.

      Especially when the owner of this blog does not object to the fangirling by Healer fans.

      Granted, some fangirling can be tedious to be read by people who don’t like it but then nobody is forcing you to read.

      You can just skip the fangirling out of respect for the need of others to fangirl, once again especially when the owner does not object to the fangirling.

      The owner of this blog has kindly and gently reminded all of us to focus on our thoughts and feelings on the drama, not so much on ramping up the comment-count with fangirling and we all have taken note of it and strive to do the proper thing.

      If you feel alienated, then it is no fault of ours because none of the commenters who fangirl seek to alienate anyone. We are just interested in spreading and sharing our mutual love and interest in Healer with like-minded individuals.

      If you are not like us, that’s fine. We never asked you to be.
      If you don’t want to join us, then don’t.
      If you don’t agree with what we do, then just stay away.
      If you cannot understand us, we don’t expect or need you to understand.

  43. 43 kram

    The Healer fever is really intense here in DB…
    I’m so happy that people are really starting to give more attention to Ji Chang Wook!!

  44. 44 tada

    Everybody Loves Healer =)

  45. 45 koreandramalover/kay

    Oh dear! JB, you receive an email for every post?! Oh no!!

    My sincerest apologies for having contributed to your exploding inbox.

    Thank you so much for putting up with all our squeeing. πŸ˜‰

    I will try to tamp down on the squeeing and focus more on talking about the drama.

    Thanks again JB! πŸ˜‰

  46. 46 Aigoooo

    I am a bit worried that the show might be over-hyped and it turns into an overrated drama. Usually when something is praised too much during the moment, after some time has passed and all the fangirling and frenzy has died down, people will analyze the show and find that it’s not all that so you get the opposite effect of people scoffing at the show for getting such high praise that it did not deserve. I like Healer and I am enjoying all the attention it is getting. It’s not as deep and relatable as Misaeng but it’s great entertainment and the FEELS the OTP bring to the table is unbeatable right now.

    • 46.1 Omomo

      Not gonna lie, I’m worried too. But Healer hasn’t even ended yet. Rather, it’s only starting to become reeaaaally good. Who knows? The ending might be so amazing, it’ll blow every complaint out of the water. *wishful thinking*

      So what I’m saying is, let’s not jinx the greatness of the show and enjoy it for what it is now. πŸ˜€ I mean, I’ve become too emotionally attached that just the prospect of Healer turning sour in the future terrifies the living daylights out of me. But I’m not about to hold myself back just because of that.

  47. 47 R

    Thanks JB and GF for this post and for this amazing blog ! Yes I’m so addicted to Healer… since Shut up Flower Boy Band and Gaksital, I’m happy to squeee again for a great drama, thanks to the OTP and the amazing cast !

    I became Ji Chang-wook fan and ‘m watching all his past drama and interviews to survive until next monday !!
    Tonight is the his last performance for his musical “The Day”, here is a short greeting video they sent us today, it’s funny how he is like a mix of Jung-hoo & Bong-sookie in real life :p

    • 47.1 Lunatic4KD

      OH – thank you for posting this! It’s amazing to think that JCW has been filming Healer every day and then goes to perform in a musical. He also has to have time to work out to preserve those muscles and stay healthy. Then there’s sleep and eating and his normal life. How is he doing all this? A few episodes ago in Healer even makeup didn’t hide the dark circles under his eyes. What a cutie he is!

    • 47.2 capricorn

      Much thanks

  48. 48 lily

    Seeing how popular this drama I thought they maybe have a really high rating but why the ratings average not even half you who come the star? But then why drama this days so difficult having double digits rating? Or maybe I miss something?

    • 48.1 Aigoooo

      I know. Gone are the days where dramas hit the 20+ percent mark. If it is true that Korean fans are actually translating this site so they can read our comments, then I have a message for them. PLEASE get your friends and neighbors watching Healer as it airs on TV so that it registers on the ratings. International fans like us have little to no effect on the dramas ratings but you guys can make a difference. 8)

      • 48.1.1 capricorn

        Actually, the korean fans who are watching the show don’t understand why the ratings aren’t higher either because the acting, story, directing are strong. But what I’ve read is that the Mon/Tues slot isn’t as strong as the Wed/Thurs slot in general, Healer came on the heels of a lower rated drama so there was no carry-over, it’s the holidays, and Rae Won in Punch is really popular… so it’s really not so bad they are neck to neck. But I hope Healer can hit at least 10% ^^

        • KDramaNewbie

          What international fans like and what local Koreans like might be two completely different things. Judging by current ratings leaders like Pride and Prejudice, Pinocchio and Punch (still too early to decide that one but its climbing) the audience wants storylines where its one hero against the corrupt world.
          PP was the Hitchcock version of it, Pinocchio was the Disney version of it and Punch is the lone gunslinger version of it.

          Healer could have gone down that road with Yoo Ji Tae’s character (Can I say his talents have been criminally wasted up to this point), but the show spent its first half focussed on puppy love. Nevertheless, this drama has been an excellent showcase for JCW and PMY.

          PS: The numbers might change if online ratings are factored in. I would guess Healer appeals to the young crowd who watches shows online. Punch appeals to older crowds.

          • yimmi

            Or maybe there’s a secret love of alliteration in Korea that we were unaware of: Pride and Prejudice, Punch, and Pinocchio…. oh, if only Healer had been called Peeler! (I think we all know what scene I’m thinking of) no doubt it’s popularity would pulsate through the populace!!

    • 48.2 shelly

      the ratings are based on korean public figures, and don’t take into account the international fan base. the drama is released mon-tue, and it started at a strange point in time, when viewership to all dramas is not naturally high – i bet you too had important things to do in december, all with the holidays etc. and despite JCW and PMY being such good actors, the good storyline and the high production value of the drama, there needs to be some hype before people turn in.

      there are probably other reasons too – i can’t forget this was continuously compared to city hunter and pinocchio (still released at the time) so maybe korean people were left under the impression this would be a copy-cat of those two and didn’t bother.

      but the ones who do watch it know something good when they see it, and i imagine eventually the hype, even now, will attract more viewers domestically.

      i don’t actually care, other than wishing the drama was a ratings success too, for the actors’ and the production team’s sake – they’re doing a terrific job and should get recognition. this is a story – and filled with such characters – right up my alley, and i’m enjoying every second of it. it’s been so long since i had something on TV to love like i love this kdrama, it’s not even funny.

      so good ratings are great, but not everything. compared to other mon-tue dramas, and even middle of the week shows, double digit ratings are becoming scarce. maybe RL is keeping koreans out from in front of the TV, or maybe rating agencies should break out and find a way to count internet fans too. i think all dramas would benefit from internet-counting, rating-wise, not sure what that tells the publicity buyers, though since ratings are used to pick popular dramas in order to have more commercial impact…

      • 48.2.1 Aigoooo

        I think the overall downturn in rating doesn’t translate to people not watching anymore but a combination of viewership getting divided more due to more dramas being put out by more stations like cable, also, due to technology, people are consuming dramas differently like through the internet via computers, tablets and phones or thru dvrs. I think whoever does the ratings should find a way to include those.

      • 48.2.2 Annie

        Ratings do matter because they determine advertising revenue. There’s some cutoff after which advertisers have to be compensated by the station because there aren’t enough viewers seeing the products. Ratings beyond 15% esp in the Seoul area means that the station can charge even more money. My thought on why the emphasis is still on TV ratings is that the older people who have the power of the purse in households are still going to be tuning in on TV… in the minds of advertisers, who cares if all the 15 year olds are streaming content on their phones? They’re not your target demographic. In any case, the ratings pie will always be split whenever dramas of fairly equal quality compete against each other. Just because international viewers think that there’s a clear winner doesn’t mean that your average Korean ajhumma does.

  49. 49 SH

    I have so many feelings about the last cliffhanger… I can’t even get an overall view of my feels.

  50. 50 shewenzy

    Monday come faster before i lose my mind.squeeeeeeeeee

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