‘I Am Legend’

Drama Casting & News
SBS nixes its Monday-Tuesday drama experiment
by | February 13, 2011 | 32 Comments
After a year and a half, SBS is ending its early Monday-Tuesday drama hour, which means that Paradise Ranch will be the last drama to air in that 9pm timeslot. Can’t say I’m surprised, and I think this has been coming for a while. After a few early dramas put in solid runs, the rest... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear [Year in Review, Part 4]
by | December 25, 2010 | 155 Comments
I have to say, 2010 was a downright awesome year. It was the year of bromance, the year that Santa came in August, the year when guys had perms and noonas ruled, the year of the sparkly tracksuit and hoi-hoi, the year that makgulli made a comeback. But most importantly for me, it was the... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
A year of surprises and disappointments [Year in Review, Part 1]
by | December 22, 2010 | 186 Comments
It’s that time of year again, when we look back and size up the past twelve months of dramas. This is my fourth year (this is my fourth year?!) doing this, and it’s always one of my favorite posts to write, because while I love to analyze and parse dramas to within an inch of... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
2010 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the year
by | December 9, 2010 | 682 Comments
It’s December, and you know what that means around these parts: Time to reflect on the past year and see how the dramas stacked up! And boy, were there a lot of them. As in previous years, I am planning a multi-part series (with special guest bloggers, natch!) to wrap up the year, which we’re... More »

Dramabeans Podcast #3
by | October 16, 2010 | 137 Comments
Time for another podcast! In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss: Our recent trip to NY Comic Con; thoughts on dramas we didn’t personally recap, such as I Am Legend; and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which we love; and Dr. Champ, which we like; Runaway, which we like a little less; and Daemul (meh).... More »

Drama Recaps
I Am Legend: Episode 16 (Final)
by | September 28, 2010 | 116 Comments
Thanks so much to javabeans and girlfriday for letting me write up the recaps to I Am Legend. It was a fun ride – and I hope you all enjoyed it too! I apologize for the lateness of this recap, so, on to the final episode! [And a big thanks to you, kaedejun, for stepping... More »

Drama Recaps
I Am Legend: Episode 15
by | September 25, 2010 | 34 Comments
WHEEEE! This series reminds me of Stars Falling From the Sky, where the cute and happy parts were winning, the melodrama kind of odd, the story meandering, and the drama overall a fun roller coaster ride. I know there’s still one more episode left, so for now I’ll just keep my judgments to: WHEEEE!!!! SONG... More »

Drama Recaps
I Am Legend: Episode 14
by | September 20, 2010 | 36 Comments
Ah – much better. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this episode was like a breath of fresh air for me, just as music was a place for the girls to “breathe” outside of their socially-accepted-other lives. Maybe my standards for “good” is a little low (and it has been in the... More »

Drama Casting & News
Heechul cameos on I Am Legend
by | September 19, 2010 | 52 Comments
For all you Super Junior fans out there: Monday’s episode of I Am Legend will feature a special appearance by idol star and sometimes actor Kim Heechul. In the episode (the 15th), the ladies of the drama’s Comeback Madonna Band visit a radio station, as guests on Lee Sook-young’s “Power FM” program. Hwa-ja (played by... More »

Drama Recaps
I Am Legend: Episode 13
by | September 18, 2010 | 33 Comments
I would name this episode ‘The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of Jun Seol Hee.’ More push-and-pull between Seol Hee and her ex-Ji Wook. As others have mentioned in the comments, I do think that I Am Legend is trying to do a lot of things at once. But more on that later.... More »