Beanies, I just finished watching the 2019 Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day and it is excellent. So, SO good. If you haven’t watched it yet, RUN – don’t walk!

I feel bereft now that it’s over, and so few shows consume me and truly take up residence in my consciousness in this way. I’d say that romance is secondary to the overall world and the people who inhabit it because the complexities of relationships aren’t explored beyond what lengths people would go to for love, and to be loved. It’s really a set piece used to challenge our characters. I also don’t believe in fated love, but if you do, you’ll love this show even more. The consequences of time travel are addressed head on, and it is handled intelligently.

Oh, and don’t read spoilers! This was advice from @thefangirlverdict that’s well worth following, even if you’re like me and prefer to know what happens in advance. And once you’re done, you can read @leetennant’s excellent blog post about it!