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Another car accident, a broken neck
by | August 26, 2008 | 13 Comments

Gah! As if the recent spate of celebrity accidents and deaths (RIP) weren’t enough, we have another.

Model-turned-actor Im Joo-hwan (M, Arang) was in a car accident on the morning of August 26 on the way to work. He was riding with his manager, heading to the set location of his upcoming movie Ssanghwajeom [쌍화점] when their car had a collision with a truck. The manager is said to be very injured, while Im Joo-hwan suffered a bruised body, a neck fracture, and chest pains. He is expected, however, to make a full recovery in twelve weeks.

A rep from management company Yedang Entertainment expressed relief: “The entire car was totaled, but thankfully they came out alive.”

The manager was driving the car, and apparently the truck in front of them made a sudden lane change, causing their vehicle to hit the back of the truck. (Not one to pour salt in the wound, but sounds like it was kinda-maybe their fault.)

As Im will be out of commission for the next three months, the film is planning to make do and film around their missing actor, in which Im plays bodyguard to star Jo In-sung; the movie also stars Joo Jin-mo (200 Pound Beauty) and Goong‘s Song Ji-hyo.

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13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. michi

    Goodness! Another celebrity accident!
    It’s a good thing that he didn’t lose his life…

  2. yetti

    this guy played a chicken looking doctor in a drama…forget which one.

  3. bird

    ^ snow queen? or single papa in love? hahaha he always gets cast as the doctor

  4. jj

    vehicular accidents are the real life equivalent to cancer of the rarest kind in dramas

  5. Avience

    What to say, Year 2008 is really bad year for Korean Stars

  6. mimi

    i wanna corect it im joo hwan management wasn’t YG entertainment but YEdang entertainment , he is in same management with kim sun ah, kim jung eun, kim ah joong

  7. javabeans

    Thanks mimi. And to think, I knew that.

  8. Philippa

    Another one,,,
    Get well soon!!!

  9. lele

    people need to be more careful. i hate it when drivers make lane changes without signaling or giving a good amount of time or space to get in. but i’m glad he will be fine. i remember him from Snow Queen.

  10. 10 ed

    eek, hoping for their speedy recovery – esp the manager. ever notice how it’s the lesser paid “stars” getting into vehicular trouble…i mean what’d happen to the GNP if…ok let’s not jinx it 😛

  11. 11 asianromance

    Im Joo Hwan and his manager are lucky to make it out alive. At least this isn’t a case of overworked-star-too-tired-to-drive-carefully.

  12. 12 Mari

    Ah, scared me. I am glad he will be fine. I am getting tired of people getting in accidents though.

  13. 13 LadySin

    seriously. can’t they all practice road safety measures? some accidents can be avoided, y’know. this is getting frustrating.

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