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Etude House’s new face Lee Min-ho
by | March 22, 2009 | 99 Comments

Lee Min-ho takes on yet another endorsement deal to join the others on his ever-growing list: brand model for cosmetics line Etude House. (He adds this to all the jeans, apparel, food, beverage, and cell phone advertisement deals he’s racked up since the start of Boys Before Flowers a mere two months ago.)

As a brand targeting the youth market, Etude House formerly featured young stars like Jang Geun-seok (Beethoven Virus) and Go Ara (Who Are You); here in these newly shot ads, Lee Min-ho promotes the line alongside 20-year-old actress Park Shin-hye (Radish Kimchee, Goong S) — who, by the way, was a strong contender for the role of Jan-di before it went to eventual pick Gu Hye-sun.

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99 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rin

    When I first glanced at the first pic, I was like “Wait, Kim Bum?” but then it turned out to be Lee Min Ho 😛 lol. That’s what Kim Bum would wear in BBF so yeah.

    Hmm.. Park Shin-hye looks different.. just like the last time you posted something about her. & is it me or the girl is getting skinnier by days! She doesn’t have the cute bubblely face of hers any more.. now it’s.. kinda bonier?
    She’s still pretty so no one’s complaining yet. & lucky her, got to be with LMH.

    • 1.1 christelle

      yeah you’re right!!!!!


      <3 <3 <3

  2. Lisa

    Oh lord, those clothes are terrible! Our boy looks good in everything. <3

  3. dogstar

    was yoon eun hye ever signed to etude house? what does it seem to me that park shin hye alays does everything eun hye has done? like goong 2, kjk’s mv, she even cut her hair right after eun hye…what’s that clothing brand eun hye endorses with park tae hwan? i just find it interesting that she seems to follow eun hye’s foosteps…

    but yeah, she looks different….so are we going to be seeing Lee Minho everywhere? aissshhhh,

  4. hmmmm

    he looks so much better with her than short dari Goo Hyesun

  5. Maddy

    It kind of looks like he’s about to fall over on top of her…the way he’s standing/leaning in the second picture haha.

  6. anonymous

    I did not recognize the girl at first…I thought she was just some random model…Park Shin Hye looks totally different now! If I am not mistaken, she was actually one of the contenders to play Geum Jan Di…

    The outfits were hideous, but somehow LMH was able to pull it of!

  7. Amy

    I’m…afraid Lee Minho really is going down the Jang Geun Seok route — what with the digital single and Etude endorsing D:

  8. more

    wow is that Park Shin-hye she looks different ????????????

  9. abc

    haha he does look good in everything!

  10. 10 tlina069

    I am not sure I like this type of stuff on LMH. He is handsome, not cute like JGS. But heck, what the hell do I know? Hehehehe…Whatever rocks their boats, I suppose.

  11. 11 @hmmmm

    Park Shin Hye looking better with Lee Min Ho is a matter of personal opinion, but bashing on Goo Hye Sun is just pathetic. But then again, antis are pretty sad ppl to begin with.

    @Rin: I do miss Park Shin Hye’s former look. I loved her bubbly and vivacious, baby-face (her chipmunk cheeks were so cute!) in Goong S and Tree of Heaven. But like you said, she’s still gorgeous, so whatever, lol.

  12. 12 ed

    satin pink and black…lordy. is it a vegas wedding or vegas funeral 😛
    (ka-ching….yet another one. good going minho!)

  13. 13 asianromance

    i know i’m sounding like a party pooper-but i’m starting to feel overexposed to Lee MinHo. He’s like hawking EVERYTHING these days.

  14. 14 panshel

    Everywhere you turn, there’s another Lee Min Ho CF. I think he has so many endorsements, he can’t even keep track.

  15. 15 Clarice

    He replaced jo insung as trugen model too. He totally rich now

  16. 16 ndegeocello

    Gah! Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho are those self-indulgent type of product pushers. In other words, the most annoying kind of CF stars.

  17. 17 Carrie

    I am really happy that he’s getting all these deals… it is wise to try and get in while you can.

    However, that is a whole lotta pink satin up in my face. On the chick? Sure. But come on guys… Put Lee Min-ho in something more Brad Pitt/George Clooney, not Tom Jones/Wayne Newton. Pleasemmkaythankyou.

  18. 18 charitee

    oh no. lee min ho looks a little slimyyy in the second picture. just a little sketchy; just a little…but i still think he’s good looking. lolz.

  19. 19 Jill

    such ugly clothes for a man. LMH looks ridiculous.

  20. 20 aya

    20-year-old actress Park Shin-hye (Radish Kimchee, Goong S) — who, by the way, was a strong contender for the role of Jan-di

    I would have preferred that Shin-hye got the role of Jan-di, I’m sure I’d enjoy the drama more.

    I don’t understand why the producers decided not to cast her simply because she looks sophisticated and rich. She does but given the right clothes and props, she can look average I think.

    Besides, it’s kinda stupid to insist that the Jan-di role is a poor girl and then make her wear Colonize hoodies and Marc Jacobs clothes and accessories. Stupid stupid stupid people.

    But, oh well, that ship has sailed….

  21. 21 Olive

    man, lee min ho is everywhere. i mean, i like him in BOF and it’s great that he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves, but i think i’ve finally reached my min ho saturation point. i’m kind of getting tired of seeing him everywhere…*ducks* from hordes of screaming LMH fans, lol.

    i do wish the rest of the cast, especially ku hye sun and kim joon would get the recognition they’re due…i mean BOF wouldn’t be BOF w/o hye sun. i can’t imagine anyone else as jandi…no matter how ‘pretty’ park shin hye is, girl still can’t emote well and i have a feeling i’d be watching inoue mao’s makino version 2.0 if she were cast…and kim joon, he’s just darling – he’s definitely the most ‘charismatic’ and charming out of all the F4 boys and is such a natural actor even though he has zero experience in the acting department

  22. 22 N

    lolz…LMH and Jang Geun Suk, from BOF to Etude House battle….and Park Shin Hye vs Go Hye Sun…Park Shin Hye didnt get the Jandi role, but she get LMH in Etude…isnt it irony how things happened??? ^^

  23. 23 Asmaa

    I don’t know just what to say [but I’ll give it a shot]

    this isn’t going to last for long now.. *just a hunch*

  24. 24 jojo

    i think Lee’s good looking, but oh man isnt he smiling too much? and the posture in the second photo looks unnatural. i def see more kim bum than lee min ho.

  25. 25 xxx

    im just glad she didnt casted as jandi though i like her. weird.. maybe because i think BBF will never be the BBF i like right now if she is jandi.

  26. 26 lidge_fan

    big thanks to javabeans for posting LMH’s pics *YAY*….lol…..what a great thing to see first thing in the morning (checking your blog a few minutes before ep. 22 of BOF airs)

    PSH looks sooo different from her “Stairway to Heaven” days…the question that popped into my head was “who’s the girl with LMH?” then saw your description….*smacks self on the head* I like her old look better, but that’s just me

    agreed with #21 Olive that GHS rocks as Jandi (and I wasn’t a fan of her before BOF)….GHS seems to be really talented and nice from what I’ve read….seeing her onscreen, you’d never know she’s only sleeping 1-2 hours a day…lol

  27. 27 magz

    Park shin hye looks diff now but thats prob ‘coz she outgrew the baby fat. but still hot, and standing next to LMH they look good together <3

  28. 28 chajjye

    uhm. is it just me or they lack chemistry?

    on a less related note:
    y is it there a BOF spoiler everywhere else??? I used to like spoilers but not this!

  29. 29 vrosemarie

    He looks cute in the first picture if you overlook the dorky clothes…. Park Shin Hye actually has a butt! Kinda rare for young Korean actresses these days… She’s looking prettier these days…. Is he wearing any make-up? Can’t really tell, at least he hasn’t tried the guyliner fad……yet….

  30. 30 pitza

    Just this!

  31. 31 Biscuit

    “y is it there a BOF spoiler everywhere else??? I used to like spoilers but not this!”

    I know >.< Doesn’t it take away the anticipation for each episode and excitement?

    And forgive me for saying this, but I’m slowly not caring much for LMH. I think he’s a great actor, but suddenly appearing everywhere makes me more tired of him quickly :/

  32. 32 CyNurse

    I am a big LMH fan but these pics are the most unnatural-looking I’ve seen him in.

  33. 33 ichigopan

    That’s some seriously pink threads. Like a bad groomsman outfit.

  34. 34 sorry

    I have reached my Lee Minho and BOF limits period.
    I think this will be the last thing that I’ll read about him or any BOF casts for a very LOOONG time.

    I remember years ago, I was getting annoyed by the frequent Goong posts and endorsements during the Goong mania as well, but when you compare the exposure that the Goong casts were getting, compared to the BOF casts, espescially Lee Minho, theirs was mild compared to the latter.

    BOF and it’s casts are getting so overrated it’s getting absolutely ridiculous.
    Too much publicity is not a good thing. I am getting sick and tired of them.

  35. 35 YGfangirl

    out of all this Lee Min Ho mania going on….i just wish Hye Sun would get some more recognition…not to saturation point or anything, but atleast be in more CF’s….heck even So Eun is in a CF with Yoona…..Hye Sun is just an awesome girl, great actress (its not her fault the writers gave her such terrible lines – if any)……poo. Lee Min Ho is definately eye candy, but Hye Sun deserves some applause too….

  36. 36 Isabella

    I like Lee MinHo and all that…but he is getting way too overexposed.

    It worries me that due to this overexposure, his fame will also fade just as quickly.

    Anywhere you click, his face is there, it is getting excessive and I agree with what some posters have said above. it makes me like him less.

  37. 37 whatever

    Another day…another day for Lee MinHo and his mug getting another endorsement.
    Yawn! So what else is new about him? Haven’t the media run out of reports about him yet?

  38. 38 sweetanna

    I think it’s interesting some of you are getting tired of seeing LMH everywhere….
    I think LMH is just tired…as in exhausted and overworked.

    I understand they want to strike while the iron is hot and get his face out there
    before BOF ends, but the dear boy looks half asleep. Those puffy eyes make me
    want to send him a pillow and a warm blanket so he can catch a little shut eye
    between takes on set.

  39. 39 annieee

    everyone’s banking on bbf’s popularity, arent they? im happy for lee minho, but this is getting out of hand…
    how come park shin hye always gets to work with the hot guys? i am so jealous.

  40. 40 not PSH as Jandi

    Agreed #25 – I loved her in STH and Tree of Heaven BUT Shin-Hye as Jandi? She’s not cute like Makino. She would be too pretty for the role.

  41. 41 Anonymous

    I don’t think PSH is appropriate for Etude House.
    She’s too much like an ajumma. Are they targeting older women? LOL

  42. 42 belleza

    “She’s too much like an ajumma. Are they targeting older women? LOL”

    Park Shin Hye is 18 years old . . .

  43. 43 Liv

    Just from the comments above, is it safe to say the Lee Min Ho backlash has begun? I read a lot of “saturation” and “over-exposed” in the comments….

    (For what it’s worth, I don’t feel that yet, but then again this is the only blog related to the Korean entertainment industry that I read regularly, so I haven’t seen his face plastered everywhere…yet…)

  44. 44 Too much of a good thing can harm you.

    I totally agree with too much spoilers, highly commercialized BBF & overly exposed casts really turn me off. I used to follow this drama religiously but it’s cooling off for me, which was a surprise!

    In fairness if I were the production company or the artists, I would take full advantage of the opportunity. Milk the cash cow as much as they can while it’s still hot.

    I was curious with the comments here and took another peek. Dramabean is BBF galore!
    A whooping 16 headers (22%) for BOF alone and the drama is not even finished yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining and I love blog as always. It’s just interesting to see how it mushrooms every where you look. 😉

  45. 45 Anonymous

    i think park shin hye wouldve made a good geum jandi

  46. 46 belleza

    “I was curious with the comments here and took another peek. Dramabean is BBF galore!”

    Let’s just say that BBF has been GREAT for business, be it KBS, commercials, or recap blogs. 😉

    And in about 2 weeks, KBS will be handed back to the adults with early Drama of the Year candidate, Son Ji Na’s “Story of a Man”


    “Just from the comments above, is it safe to say the Lee Min Ho backlash has begun? I read a lot of “saturation” and “over-exposed” in the comments….”

    Extreme overexposure. There’s not only paraodies, there’s unintentional parodies. For example, Kwon Sang Woo will be featuring a pama/perm for his new drama. WTH?!?? I guess we’re all hos for Lee Min Ho. 😉

    Most of us haven’t seen such singular hysteria before. I mean, it’s close to Seo Taji-levels of insanity. He probably can’t leave his house without sparking a riot. And he may be afraid of straightening his hair out ever again. 😀

  47. 47 noname

    I don’t think tht, park shin hye would’ve made a better jan di.
    i think hye sun is perfect for the role.

    Ohh, and the clothes are U-G-L-Y!! But he still looks HOT!!
    And he looks tired ohh..

  48. 48 Anonymous

    Wow, he looks as uncomfortable and embarrassed as me in that goofy outfit. Don’t these guys understand that pink bowtie and sparkly pseudo-suspenders are NOT him?

  49. 49 belleza

    “Wow, he looks as uncomfortable and embarrassed as me in that goofy outfit”

    At this point, he’s probably too exhausted from the show and commercials to care.

    Lee Min Ho: “Clothes? Chocolates? Feminine hygiene products? Adopt a baby? Let’s get this done already so I can get some sleep!”

    Park Shin Hye: “Min Ho, let me just say I absolutely love you in BBF.”

    Lee Min Ho: “Stop shouting!! Why Shin Hye, I didn’t know there were five of you!!!”

    Park Shin Hye: “Uhhh . . . .”

    Lee Min Ho: “I haven’t slept in 4 days!! I am the walrus!! Matsumoto Jun, I challenge you to a duel!! Gee! Gee! Gee!! ”

    Park Shin Hye: “OMG he’s worse than when Se7en tried to act!!”

    Lee Min Ho: “Alas poor Yorick!! Sorry sorry sorry . . . “

  50. 50 cosmopolite

    This BEGS the question…

    Would Park Shin Hye been a better Geum Jan Di?

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