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Story of a Man: Episode 19
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It was hard picking a good screencap today because all of them are such huge spoilers to the plot. (Seriously? OMG WUT THE HELL, EPISODE 19?? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I’d been spoiled as to one huge thing (well, several), but not one in particular, so this episode still managed to pull out a big surprise. Some really strong acting, too.)

Even though I used this image kinda by default, I rather like it now, even though it pits one of the ladies I like with one for whom I barely have any patience. One guess who’s who. Still, two strong and admirable ladies in a drama versus one unsympathetic and annoying one is a pretty decent ratio.


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Just as K lifts the gun to Shin’s head, Eun-soo enters the warehouse area and calls out hesitantly for Shin. Both men freeze. Shin takes advantage of the pause to grapple with K to disarm him, and yells at Eun-soo to run away.

Shin runs for cover, while K recovers and takes up his gun again, slowly approaching Shin’s hiding spot. From his crouched-down spot, Shin motions for Eun-soo to stay silent. He rises slowly, looking for K, but freezes when he realizes he’s in K’s sights, who is aiming his gun at the back of his head.

Eun-soo sees K appear behind Shin. Realizing Shin is in danger, she makes a split-second decision: She runs out into the open toward him, and Shin runs toward her to stop her.

And just as Jae-myung and Detective Kim arrive outside, a gunshot sounds.

It takes a moment for Shin and K to realize what has happened: Shin stands holding Eun-soo, who slowly collapses from the bullet in her back, which she’d taken instead of him. Shin cradles her in disbelief, and when Detective Kim arrives on the scene, he’s sobbing and shouting for a doctor.

Jae-myung hears the shot and sees K fleeing the scene, and immediately chases. K keeps hidden in the large warehouse, and Jae-myung angrily challenges K to come out and face him.

Jae-myung doesn’t know who was shot, and his reaction here is fury mixed with uncertainty as he demands to know whether it was Shin.

Detective Kim shoves Jae-myung to safety, out of the open, and tells him it was Eun-soo who got shot. Jae-myung is racked with guilt because this was done with the gun he bought.

The detective takes out her own gun as she says, “Yeah, that’s what guns are like. That’s why they’re bad.”

For his part, K knows he has fucked up royally. (Frankly, I think this is probably the worst K could feel, not that it’s any consolation, because he not only failed his mission but destroyed the one thing his beloved Do-woo actually cares about.) He runs off, and Jae-myung watches him go in frustration.

Other police officers arrive to provide backup, which provides just enough distraction for Jae-myung to snatch Detective Kim’s gun and run after K, taking cover behind an old van.

K shoots the van repeatedly, methodically (almost like he’s wasting his shots).

When Jae-myung raises his gun and cautiously moves to get a shot, K stands there in the open, his gun lowered. This is Jae-myung’s last chance to kill K, and time is ticking. The other cops race toward the scene with their guns out and take cover behind pillars; Jae-myung calls out, “Don’t come closer. This guy’s mine!”

Jae-myung bites out, “You’re out of bullets, aren’t you? You killed my father, didn’t you?” K nods. Jae-myung asks, “Did you kill Mayor Yang, too?”

Again, K nods and says with a smirk, “I killed him.” Jae-myung demands, “Why?!” to which K replies, “Just because.”

Det. Kim tries to stop Jae-myung from committing murder, and warns Jae-myung to put the gun down, or they’ll shoot him first. It’s a mighty struggle with himself as he fights the urge to shoot, then finally drops his weapon.

Then K raises his, putting it to his own temple. Bang!

It’s almost satisfying to see Do-woo receiving word of Eun-soo’s situation. At first he lowers the phone slowly, emotionlessly. Soon, he has difficulty breathing, and he stumbles dumbly out of the room, clutching at his chest, making his way to the hospital.

Shin’s already there, anxiously waiting while the doctors try to revive Eun-soo. Unfortunately, they’re running low on her blood type (O negative, which can only receive O negative blood).

Do-woo storms blindly into the hospital, demanding to know where his sister is, pushing random people out of his way. His anger reignited at the sight of him, Shin launches himself at Do-woo’s throat, and the two men grapple furiously for a short scuffle.

They’re stopped when a doctor calls out for Eun-soo’s guarantor; they’re running low on her blood. Do-woo gasps, “I’m her brother. We have the same blood.”

Shin has to be forcibly restrained from stopping Do-woo, shouting in anguish that Eun-soo can’t take his (evil, tainted) blood, that it will kill her. Perhaps he means this in a symbolic sense, but the irony is that the opposite is true in a physical sense. He stops when Detective Kim tells him forcibly that if she needs surgery, and if she doesn’t have enough blood, she may die.

Eun-soo is rushed into surgery, although the doctor tells a devastated Shin that even if surgery is successful, things don’t look good.

Shin tells Det. Kim, “She took the shot instead of me.”

Kyung-ah arrives at the hospital, and I find it a little (cruelly) ironic that Shin is desperate to see Eun-soo and receive word of her condition, but Kyung-ah is the one who is allowed more access because she’s Eun-soo’s guarantor as her sister-in-law.

Meanwhile, Chairman Chae is home alone, drinking himself into a crazy, babbling stupor. He laughs and blurts out, “Who am I? I’m Chae Dong-soo.” He shouts in his empty house, “Is anybody there?”

Do-woo gives blood and wants to stay behind while his sister is in surgery, but Detective Kim takes him in for police questioning. He proves to be an uncooperative suspect, giving dull “yes” or “no” responses and denying that he purposely drew Shin out to be murdered. He’s only concerned with his sister, ignoring the officers’ questions to ask whether they’ve received any news from the hospital.

Without any (legal) way to get back to Eun-soo, Do-woo has to sneak out. This he accomplishes by going on a bathroom break accompanied by one male cop, faking collapse, then beating the police officer up.

Do-woo runs out, hijacks a car, then ditches it a distance away. He buys a nondescript disguise for himself, trading the business suit for a cap and dark jacket.

With both the chairman and Do-woo out of commission, Kyung-ah is the one left handling business matters. She arrives at another MOK meeting with the power- and money-hungry old men, who see this as a grand opportunity. Looking over the Myungdoshi plans, they announce quite a few changes — like getting rid of a golf course for more lucrative apartments.

Kyung-ah protests; their plan may easily turn into a slum in 10 to 20 years. They wave off the concern, saying they can redevelop at that point. It seems like a cavalier, short-sighted approach, and Kyung-ah looks like she’s about to argue — but they interrupt. They remind her that they’ve busily worked on behalf of Myungdoshi and invested in it, so now it’s time for them to reap their rewards.

Jae-myung picks up Kyung-tae upon his release from jail, and has to break the news to him gently. Kyung-tae’s expression goes from happy to shocked, and Jae-myung delivers him to the hospital to meet Shin. He then returns to the café, where he looks through his father’s belongings, including the old photos of him with his father.

I suppose this is the moment where Jae-myung has to face giving up his revenge on an emotional level, because he’s already given up his last chance to have it on a physical level. With K dead by his own hand, Jae-myung’s victory is pretty compromised, and now he has to reconcile himself with that. He picks up his father’s old watch and wears it.

I love Kyung-tae’s way of saying things, because there are often gems of wisdom in his odd, jerky statements. At first he thinks she’s just sleeping, but then realizes, “She’s not sleeping, she’s in a coma.” Shin is lost in his own emotions, and he doesn’t react to Kyung-tae’s attempts to talk. He’s so out of sorts that he hadn’t even reacted when Myung-sun said tentatively that she wanted to visit the chairman to check on him.

Kyung-tae says, “2924 usually speaks very well, and speaks a lot. But you aren’t speaking.” Thinking to be helpful, he adds, “You don’t say anything like ‘I’m hurting, I’m sad.’ If you want to speak, I can lend you my headset.” Kyung-tae offers his headphones, which makes Shin smile, although it twists into a grimace just moments later.

Shin: “I keep thinking of that scene, a hundred, thousand times.”
Kyung-tae: “That scene?”
Shin: “When she collapsed. How she was standing when I heard the gunshot. How before she arrived, I would have been shot. Wondering why I ran and fought. I shouldn’t have done that — no. If I hadn’t gone there at all — no. From the very beginning, when she came to see me in prison, if I had turned around and not met her, if I had lived not knowing her, Eun-soo would have been fine. I think of that a hundred, thousand times. It was strange from the start, that just looking at her made me think she’d get hurt, so I felt uneasy. I thought she shouldn’t be with a guy like me, so I kept her from coming close and tried to push her away. But when I turned around, she’d be following behind, smiling, feeling sorry. I caused Eun-soo to be hurt.”
Kyung-tae: “You are wrong. 2924, you made her cry but you did not injure her. So when Eun-soo wakes, I hope you can not make her cry or push her away, but smile together with her.”
Shin: “Yes, I’ll do that.”

But Shin talks without conviction.

Kyung-ah is presented with a search warrant for the office and her home, and I like that the detective is tough on Kyung-ah in this scene. She’s no-nonsense and unsympathetic.

Kyung-ah remains alert and a bit defensive as Detective Kim says that Do-woo ordered a man to kill someone, and that man ended up shooting his sister. He (K) killed himself in front of the cops after making a full confession. Kyung-ah bristles and replies, “Then it’s just speculation.”

Detective Kim counters that if Do-woo remains on the run, she’ll conclude that he’s guilty of instigating murder. Furthermore, Kyung-ah sure is handling this news well.

Kyung-ah retorts, should she let the company falter while she cries? Should she chase after them and insist her husband is innocent? It’s only after they leave that Kyung-ah allows herself to react a little to the shock.

A Myungdoshi resident and farming group member arrives to talk to Shin. He tries to be very gentle with his wording, knowing that Shin is too preoccupied right now to think of business matters, but the farming group is up against a difficult situation and could really use his help. They have to move out soon, but haven’t found a new place to relocate to — land prices have shot up and nobody’s selling. He’d really appreciate if Shin could drop by the farm soon to figure out a solution.

Do-woo uses a decoy to divert the attention of a police officer watching Eun-soo’s room, and slips inside to speak to her. Kyung-tae is the only person outside the room and fidgets nervously at Do-woo’s approach, then scuttles off for help. The nurse tries to speak up, but seeing Do-woo’s intense look, she runs out in fear, also looking for help.

Do-woo speaks as though expecting her to respond, as though he doesn’t believe she’s actually unconscious:

Do-woo: “Oppa’s here, Eun-soo. I came by to see how you were. You’re okay, right? It’s so cramped in here. You must feel uncomfortable. You don’t like it here either, do you? Answer me, Eun-soo.”

Kyung-tae finds Shin and gasps out frantically that Do-woo is here, but by the time they make it to her room, he’s gone.

Do-woo next heads to his father’s house to confront him. Afraid of his son, Chae tries to get rid of him, saying, “I have nothing to discuss with you.”

Do-woo tells him, “I’m not angry. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” But Chae backs away nervously anyway.

Do-woo: “Why did you do it?”
Chae: “You’re a murderer. What can I say to the man who shot his sister?”
Do-woo: “Do you know how hard I worked to protect Eun-soo from you? I stayed in this putrid house to watch over her.”
Chae: “You shot Eun-soo! If she dies, you will have killed her.”

Do-woo’s tone becomes almost indignant, like a wounded, uncomprehending little boy:

Do-woo: “But you told me to do it. It was like when Mother died. You told me that there was medicine underneath Mom’s bed. You told me it was medicine to make her comfortable.”

Do-woo starts to break down and Chae looks uneasy, although he sticks to his belief that he’s innocent of wrongdoing and scoffs, “You’re crazy.” Do-woo asks, in a tone that grows increasingly pained and confused:

Do-woo: “You have a lot of crazy men around you, too. You should have just fooled around with them, and not messed with me or Eun-soo. We could have lived fine separately, the two of us. We could have stayed out of your sights. Why did you do that?!”

Now Do-woo’s angry.

He approaches his father menacingly, but this is when Myung-sun arrives, calling out for the chairman and breaking the spell. Chae urges her to call the police, and now Do-woo reverts back to his icy, slow calm.

Do-woo looks around the house and thinks back to happier moments here with Eun-soo. He leans over the table to stare at his father, then retreats into himself. He leaves silently.

Kyung-ah is now the person controlling more than 50% of the company’s stocks, so she can make decisions without gaining anyone’s permission, announcing herself in charge until Do-woo’s matters are settled. But Bum-hwan makes an unannounced appearance and intrudes on her meeting.

Bum-hwan had an agreement for supplying materials (for construction) with Do-woo, and signed a memorandum of understanding. Kyung-ah doesn’t know about the deal, and says that she cannot honor the memo, which is not legally binding. She encourages him to bid on the contract properly and offers to give him particular consideration, which both understand as a blow-off gesture.

Neither is happy about the other’s strong stance, but Bum-hwan lets it go for the moment. (I’m not sure whether Do-woo meant to honor the deal — he had made the deal to get Bum-hwan to give up the farming investment — in which case Kyung-ah just made a needless enemy. Then again, Do-woo knows these memos aren’t legally binding, so……)

Kyung-ah finds some time alone in Do-woo’s circular office, and calls his phone to leave a message:

Kyung-ah: “Do-woo, I don’t think you’ll use this phone but I have nowhere to talk to you. Running away isn’t like you. Are you doing something on your own again? If you need somebody, call me, because I’m your wife. A wife is a person who stays on your side no matter what the world says. I want to do that. Do you know this? When I saw you, my heart beat faster. I think I loved you. So I knew it would be scary and sorrowful, but I stayed with you. Did you know that I was there with you? I know you’re a frightening and bad person, but I must have loved you anyway. So calculating everything, I came out with a profit. Didn’t I?”

Do-woo may be heartbroken over his sister’s accident, but he’s still in full possession of his scheming brain, and calls reporters from a pay phone. They haven’t heard about any of this — that Do-woo is wanted by police, that his sister was shot — so he leaks the information to them.

Shin, meanwhile, has pretty much been living outside Eun-soo’s door along with Kyung-tae. He sighs that Eun-soo’s condition isn’t changing: “She isn’t regaining consciousness. Maybe she doesn’t want to.”

The nurse sees that Shin and Kyung-tae continue to wait, and feels sympathy for them. Although they aren’t relatives, she lets them inside to see her.

Kyung-tae is first to speak, and asks her to wake up. “I’m really worried about you. If I worry a lot, my head really hurts. So please wake up. I will be waiting.” Having assured her that he’ll watch over Shin, Kyung-tae leaves to give Shin privacy.

Shin: “Do you hear me? I heard somewhere that even if a person is in a coma, they can hear their surroundings. Is that right? If you wake up, I have something to tell you. If you allow it, I want to start again with you. And also…”

Shin breaks off and tears well up in his eyes. He continues, voice breaking:

Shin: “Look here, Eun-soo. If you go like this, you’ll be doing a truly awful thing to me. If you leave me behind like this, what am I supposed to do? So save me.”

Do-woo returns to the hospital, this time disguised as a paramedic. He passes by the reporters he has notified, but doesn’t acknowledge that he’s the one who called them there, promising a press conference. While they clamor for information, Do-woo grabs Eun-soo’s doctor and takes him hostage, asking for her condition.

It’s not looking good. Even though she came out of surgery, she has suffered severe internal damage. Do-woo wants the straight answer: “Can you save her, or not?”

The doctor doesn’t want to answer yes or no, and explains that they’re doing everything, but her possibility of recovery is extremely low. Do-woo concludes, “So you’re saying you can’t.”

Meanwhile, the reporters are raising such a ruckus that the police can’t shut them up. Shin steps up and shushes them, and recognizes one as the reporter who sparked the false report involving his brother. (This time, Shin smirks in amusement: “You’re just the same. Has your salary gone up?” The reporter is unnerved and eyes him warily.)

Shin leads them away to a separate waiting room for their promised briefing, but they grumble when he starts by scolding them for being so disruptive. As they complain, suddenly an image strikes Shin belatedly — he recalls a shady figure dressed as a paramedic passing by, and realizes Do-woo is in the building.

How freaking creepy is it to see Kyung-tae peering into Eun-soo’s window, and Do-woo slowly coming into focus behind him?

Do-woo asks for Kyung-tae’s help, but it’s not really a request, it’s a threat — he holds him at knifepoint and orders him and the nurse to move the patient. By the time Shin races back to Eun-soo’s room, it’s completely empty. Eun-soo’s gone.

Kyung-tae (poor Kyung-tae!) tries to stop Do-woo along the way, bursting out nervously: “You can’t do this! This is too dangerous for Eun-soo. You must go back!”

Do-woo’s clenched-jaw response is angry and a little desperate: “I want to go quietly, but I’m in a bit of a rush.”

The nurse has been jumpy and nervous as well, and takes the opportunity to run off. Do-woo follows, and it looks like Do-woo’s about to stab her, but Kyung-tae steps in front and stops him. He agrees to go quietly, as Do-woo wishes.

Only… by the time Shin races outside to try to spot Do-woo, Kyung-tae lies in the parking lot with the nurse holding his bleeding stomach. He’s been stabbed by Do-woo.

Shin looks around frantically while Do-woo makes his getaway in an ambulance with the kidnapped doctor and Eun-soo in the back.


Nooooooo! GODDAMN IT ALL TO HELL YOU CANNOT KEEP KILLING OFF MY LOVELY CHARACTERS! Yes they are mine and yes I know that neither Kyung-tae nor Eun-soo is actually dead (yet?) but DUDE you have got to stop this. Why couldn’t you kill off Kyung-ah instead, or maybe the chairman? Fine, fine, if we’re going for characters whose deaths I would actually care about, how about Joong-ho or Bum-hwan? Mun-ho? How bout all five of them to save our Eun-soo and Kyung-tae? Oh, so sad. *Wails* Sigh.

(And there you go, the stages of grief, in condensed paragraph form.)

Also, the last scene does a fantastic job providing a startling moment as the ambulance slowly pulls away to reveal Kyung-tae lying on the ground. I’d known Eun-soo was shot (and I greatly fear that Do-woo will be taking her for some sort of twisted “mercy killing”), but Kyung-tae’s stabbing came as a surprise.

Meanwhile, I continue to be impressed by Eun-soo and Detective Kim. Less so by Kyung-ah. I love that the first two women developed into rather unlikely heroes, although neither is touted as a major character, nor are they traditional pretty-girl or sexy-woman types. I suppose Kyung-ah is supposed to be strong as well, and maybe she is strong in the sense of not buckling under extreme pressure, but I still find her character/role in the story a misfire. Is it a casting issue, or bad character development? Or perhaps we’re supposed to feel mild contempt for her, since she has aligned herself completely with Do-woo in the name of wifely love?

(I almost wonder if writer Song had perhaps intended to make her a more central character, but found Eun-soo a much more convincing center. Another possibility is that Eun-soo was always built in as the focal point of all this conflict — the eye of the storm — but was meant to sneak up on us viewers.)

In any case, Eun-soo literally exchanges her life for Shin’s, which is hugely significant. Eun-soo being caught in the crossfire is important regardless of her intent, because she’s a character whose life/death has tremendous influence over our main characters. But her agency in this development — her decision to throw herself in front of Shin — carries even more weight. I had known this was coming, but I had thought it might occur by accident, particularly after seeing how she arrives at the warehouse as Shin is being tracked by K. It’s a lot more meaningful to see that her sacrifice was willing and intentional. Knowing who K is to her brother, Eun-soo must know that Do-woo is behind this fight, and she makes her decision to side with Shin. And she does it in the most extreme way possible, but giving up her own safety to secure his. (*tear*)

In a lesser drama, such a gesture might be played as a romantic sacrifice (she loves Shin, therefore saves him), but I appreciate that in this drama it’s never just about that. She does care for Shin, but her action has to be seen in context of the picture as a whole; we have seen that Eun-soo does love her brother, but has to draw a line when he crosses into evil. Therefore her decision is about her belief in what’s right, not just what she wants.

On the other hand, I thought it was noteworthy how Kyung-ah says in her phone call that she knows Do-woo’s a bad person but can’t help loving him; she wraps her explanation in financial terms, saying she still came out “with a profit.” How like her to speak of love in terms of money, isn’t it?

Ah, whatever. Kyung-ah can go suck it.


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  1. mishane


    I haven’t been watching (stopped at episode 7) but I told myself to keep reading your recaps and I’m happy I did because I’m loving it!

    I’ll definitely be watching this but not for a while. For now, I’m loving your recaps and thank you!

  2. mishane

    Oh and Shin and Eun Soo are the main couple?!

    When I first started watching, I wanted those two to end up together. They were my original OTP (even though from your recaps it almost seemed as though Kyung Tae and Eun Soo were hitting it off) but I was still rooting for Shin inside.

    The only thing that confused me was the fact that on all the cover posters, the only female was Kyung Ah (sp?) and I already wasn’t a fan of her. In the first episodes, they built up her and Shin’s relationship as more of a ‘normal’ relationship, as in, they were together but while they loved each other, it wasn’t that passionate, all consuming lurve that most dramas seem to love.

    So my question is, since I haven’t seen any episode past 7-8, did the Eun Soo/Shin thing come straight out of the blue? Or was there a nice slow build up for it?

    Either way, I’m all GLEE for Eun Soo, I really liked her in the beginning and knew she would be a great character.

  3. jdb

    wow that was fast….

  4. hh

    ahhh!!!! Eun Soo!!! Nooo!!!!! I wonder where he’s going to bring Eun Soo to?

    Man.. it’s a shame that Do Woo didn’t really appreciate that Kyung Ah stood by his side.. Shame Shame…

    Btw JB, thanks for the re-cap! one more to go!!!!! (^^)/

  5. langdon813

    Oh my God…I WAILED when I saw Kyung-tae lying on the ground! As if listening to Shin plead with Eun-soo in her hospital room didn’t rip my heart to shreds, but to have to see my sweet little Kyung-tae injured at the hands of Do-woo? Inconceivable! A person can only take so much, I mean….DAMN. I get a big lump in my throat just typing this out. Do-woo is truly the face of evil if he could look into that innocent face and then stick a knife into him. Oh my God…

    It’s ridiculous how much these characters mean to me, I just can’t let them go. I don’t want it to be over. 🙁

    Okay…took a moment to compose myself. 😉 More thoughts:

    The scene that scared the crap out of me? When Kyung-tae is lying on the bench outside Eun-soo’s room and sees Do-woo approaching. I couldn’t even laugh at how he rolled off the bench onto the floor because my heart was pounding in terror. I thought THAT was the moment when Do-woo could have easily hurt Kyung-tae, and because he didn’t, I was lulled into a false sense of security.

    Also, I’m trying to understand Do-woo’s speech to his father. Obviously Chae manipulated Do-woo into killing his mother, but are we meant to infer that he may have molested them as well? But then I think not, because Eun-soo was so completely devoted to him. I’m confused by this, anyone else?

    • 5.1 Gasenadi

      I definitely got that impression, at first. Then, like you, I realized that ES’ devotion to Dad would’ve canceled sexual abuse out (unless she “blocked it out”).

      Even so, abuse is abuse. And Evil Spawn Senior was emotionally abusing since episode ONE when he traipses thru the house w/Floozy while Mom’s agonizing upstairs. And, according to DW, his crazy, manipulative business dealings would’ve kept Dad busy enough, without involving his kids. (All the times Dad tried to “sell” ES for business reasons, exhibiting her before his business partners like so much merchandise as she disassociates into watching butterflies…)

      This scene is one of the few times I’ve felt anything like pity for DW. As the older brother, I’d imagine he witnessed his Dad’s evil longer and was more aware of its implications than ES, even if as a child, he wouldn’t be able to necessarily express himself clearly. Also, I recall that early scene where Mom’s softly talking to ES, all snuggled in bed, charging ES with amending the family’s corporate sins. This while DW watches from the hallway, isolated from all that warmth. Yeah, the only time I felt sympathy….

  6. doris p NgPinas

    one more episode to go but still the excitement is there….never found a boring episode….have actually watch the last episode though partly subbed….some don’t like the ending, some like it, but for me I like it, excitement till the end….but I will be waiting for your recaps to know your wonderful insights on this…..hope you’ll like the ending too….

  7. hbhjjb

    “Ah, whatever. Kyung-ah can go suck it.”
    ….WORD….i really do not like her……

    and OMG NOOOOOOOOOO!!! not eunsoo!!! not kyungtae!!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!
    omg if Eunsoo dies….im gonna SJHdkdjhfkrshgiueiehgurhurg….NOOOOOOO!!!


    thanks for the recap 🙂

    so im confused….has DW always been a psycho or did his father turned him into one? the part where he says that his father told him the medicine under his mom’s bed would make her feel better took me off guard….so he killed her thinking he was making her feel better because his father told him it would???? that is so f*cked up!!! O_O
    and when he said the only reason he stayed in that house was to protect Eunsoo made me feel sympathy for him…OMG…im actually feeling sorry for DW o_O

  8. bbm

    TT i’m bawling here!!!
    please don’t let them die…

    @langdon813, i think their father is the main reason dowoo turn out to be who he is, but eunsoo is still devoted to both of them, she’s such a nice girl…

    “Still, two strong and admirable ladies in a drama versus one unsympathetic and annoying one is a pretty decent ratio.”
    “Ah, whatever. Kyung-ah can go suck it. ”
    amen to that, i really can’t stand kyungah just a bit…

    K, why didn’t you just shot Kyungah, instead!!

    thank you for the recaps JB!! One more to go!! TT

  9. Nom_Kitteh

    I enjoyed this episode but something felt hollow and empty. The whole point of watching a Revenge Story as opposed to a Tragedy is that there is justice in the end and the bad guys are punished. Instead this drama is turning out to be a Tragedy with just about every good guy getting hurt and continuing to hurt. I have noticed that with K-dramas and movies that there is a strong nihilistic tendency and a staunch refusal to let any hope or satisfaction to seep in. It’s like a long exercise in flagellation with no release.

    I am bitter that a) ES is at death’s bed with little hope of recovery (according to the doctor), b) K dies by his own hands, c) KA gets her freaking wealth d) the Chairman — pederast that he is, from what I can tell from DW’s comments, doesn’t pay for HIS crimes but the idiotic sister-in-law still comes calling by to check on him (note to the sister-in-law, keep the girls away from him).

    DW does not deserve this fate. ES doesn’t deserve this fate. Shin doesn’t deserve this fate. KA doesn’t deserve this fate.

    I am impressed with KA for loving DW despite it all. It is a pity that DW doesn’t understand just how much she does care for him.

  10. 10 G

    I agree, great episode and great recap. I can’t wait to see your analysis of the final episode because I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. I was also intrigued by the conversation between Do Woo and his father…there seems to be something implied in it. What dirty thing was Do woo trying to protect his little sister from…his father’s generally souless approach to life (ie. bringing women to house when his sick wife was upstairs, making marriage arrangements for his daughter to further the company) or …childhood abuse. Do woo implied his father feed him the idea of the mother’s death. Sigh…what a fascinating drama.

  11. 11 Amy

    HAHA that last line in the commentary pretty much just made this entire thing. Aces.

  12. 12 JO

    I already finished this drama but am keeping up with your recap. All I have to say is, this drama was sooo worth my time.

  13. 13 maxon888

    O M G…….what a moving, so intense drama…………Kyung Tae!!!!! OH NO!!!! I’m awaiting the end (wherever it may be with subtitles)…following your recaps too….as 12 JO said “this drama was sooo worth my time……….”one of the best dramas ever…..Thanks for the recaps….I await your final recap of this great drama…Kyung Ah yes if you fall in love no matter what he does, how evil…how misleading he can be, that was one challenging role… Great…

  14. 14 Snikki

    If Eun Soo does die, one may think that that’s the ultimate revenge against Do Woo for indirectly causing Shin’s brother’s death. But not in this case, Eun Soo is such a warm character everybody has grown attached with, and Shin has begun to love, it’ll be so unfair to let her die. And besides, I want to know what Shin has to tell her, even if I think I know what it is. 🙁

    This drama has shown us different facets of love: Kyung Ah’s love for money; Do Woo’s creepy brotherly love; Chae’s self-love; Shin and Eun Soo’s developing and hopefully uninterrupted love *crosses fingers*; Jae Myung’s better-late-than-never-love; and K’s secret love for DW.

  15. 15 popcorn

    TT__TT I can’t help but shed a tear when reading the single conversation between shin and the unconscious Eun-Soo…. hic… unfair to him if she really does die.

    I can’t seem to watch this patiently but I’m reading your recaps very patiently. 😀


  16. 16 Gia

    So many heartbreaking moments this episode. Really great acting all around- Kyung-tae’s moments with Do-woo were all pretty amazing.

    What a great drama, even until the end episodes–it definitely merits lots of freaking out in all caps, so I was glad to see that, haha!

  17. 17 chll51

    I have to say, I hated DW but seeing this episode made me sympathize with his character a bit more though that does not make it okay for the things that he had done. I will however say understand his obsession and controlling character toward eunsoo because he only wants to protect her from his father. Ironic how the more he tries, the farther she drifts from him.

    This drama is so freaking exciting and like you said, the only character that I don’t really give a rat’s ass about is KA, no offense to her. I can’t wait to see your synopsis of the last episode. It might just break my heart TT_TT

  18. 18 Annie101

    lmao. amen.

  19. 19 budsdiana

    Off topic

    I read in one of the comments of the movie trailer for Marine Boy in youtube (starring the actors playing DW and KA) that they are a couple in real life, is this true? They have a nice bed scene in the trailer.

    I really chuckle/snigger everytime i read the comment “K’s secret love for DW” EWWWWWWWWWWW! But funny EWWWWWWWWW. ‘laughing again’

  20. 20 Carolynn

    Holy crap I think this was my favorite episode. I found myself gasping and jumping out of my chair and overwhelmed by all of these emotions (mostly shock)

  21. 21 sliver

    All the actors and actresses acted well. The writer and director did a great job in delivering the characters and storyline but the ratings is bad.. Up till now i still don’t understand. 🙁 Anyway thanks for the recap.
    My personal comment on this drama is that Kim Shin and Eun soo is compatible but they do look more like brother and sister. 🙂
    My predictions are right afterall.
    1) Shin love eun soo but is afriad of hurting her so he push her away. He is moved by her kind and sincere heart. Who doesn’t like her? Even Kuang Tae like her.
    2) Kuang Ah love Do Woo as much as she love money as a whole. It is Blinded love and she gradually fall into the trap.
    3) Do Woo treat Kuang Ah coldly as she is just a tool to her although she is crowned as queen but she is just a machine who produces his baby.
    4) Chairman Chae is crazy and he nurtured Do Woo in his crazy ways and he never realized/admit his mistake.
    5) With the life and death of Eun Soo hanging in the air, it became exciting as what you have said eariler on that both main characters is so concerned about Eun Soo. Do Woo feels guilty for hurting his sister accidently, Kim Shin feels pained that Eun Soo took the shot on his behalf.
    Do Woo brotherly love vs Khim shin pure love..:) Eun Soo would be so blessed if only things did not go downwards ( Kim Shin revenge and Do Woo psychotic behaviour,)
    6) Jae Mung is actually a kind soul beneath his heck care attitude. We knew about it all along.
    7) Kuang Tae!! No! You are too cute to die… perhaps it is just to make us feel intense.

  22. 22 asianromance

    noooooo! Kyungtae got stabbed- though I’m pretty sure he’d survive it. But Eunsoo! I hope she survives, but I get the feeling even if she does survive, she’d probably be in like a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Did her father visit her at all? Chae didn’t seem too perturbed by the fact that she’s been seriously wounded. and the conversation between Do-woo and his father- got me wondering what really happened when his mother died. It seemed like Do-woo believed that his father was the crazy one who used him to overdose his mother. Or maybe Do-woo killed her by accident- taking what his father said about the medicine too seriously- and was crazed by a subconscious guilt.

    it’s amazing how much Do-woo’s face can change! He looked totally different when confronting his father- would have thought he was a different actor. And he looks so creepy with that baseball cap on!

  23. 23 jandoe

    i can’t wait for ep 20!!!!!!!!

  24. 24 Lui Sneakers

    Can’t stand the wait…. I sooooooooooo want to watch the last episode… Please don’t Eun Soo and Kyung taeeeeeeeeeeee… please, please, pleeeeeeeeease! And I want to see Shin and Eun Soo end up together!!!

    I know that Do Woo is bad, bad I wanted to hug him during he broke down during his confrontation with his dad. He gave his mother the medicine as he believed that it would ease her pain… And I think the guilt of killing his mom drove him mad.

  25. 25 Sue

    ahhhhhhhh i can’t wait until you finish the last episode!!!! the last scene is @)(#*$)@(*#$*)!(&#)!&@!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26 penny

    man, i can’t believe it is coming to an end…NNNNOOOOOOOO!!! i have to say this was one of the most intense, edge of my seat drama i have ever seen and it was really REFRESHING!!! who knew there was other categories of kdrama hahah..i thought ‘The Devil’ was dark well this was darker and better..i’m sad it’s ending =(

  27. 27 MEIKO**** ^-^

    am late!….

    ok…., first and foremost…., i got a little bit irritated with the careless acting of the ER SCENES… the doctor didnt know how to use the laryngoscope (what was that?!), the CPR was a mess and the defibrillator scene was hilarious (not to mention the wrong medical terms)….the whole ER scene was a mess!

    BUT, my obsessive-compulsive tendencies with medical scenes didnt discouraged me a bit and i quickly got over that irritation…. coz i was waiting for CHAE DOO WOO!

    aahh…. i guess, the “gates” finally opened….there goes the ” BREAKDOWN”!!!!
    aawww… and i was hoping Chae Doo Woo will get better and becomes nice. ^-^

    Second, I am soooo happy with Mrs. Queen’s declaration of love!!!! Thank goodness she’s not that kind of character who goes running back to the lead actor after much drama.

    Third, mmm…., i wasnt really expecting Shin would fall for Eun Soo….

    NEXT EP~~!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

  28. 28 giddygirl108

    Amen! Kyung-Ah can go and suck some big ones! (not meant to be pervy…just really hate her as well)

  29. 29 Maricon

    I have decided to break my silence and share my thoughts on this drama.
    I watched it at first for Park Yong ha and Park Shi Yeon, but by episode 2 i couldn’t care less if their characters ended up together, the drama was so good it didn’t need romance to keep it going. However when Eun Soo was given more light and significance to Shin i was intrigued and delighted. But to be honest i wouldn’t be surprised if Eun Soo dies it just gives this drama a stronger story which we’ve seen from start and possibly finish. There is no cliche.

  30. 30 lonelysoul

    i knew ES was gonna by shot in the cross fire but man that sucks i love her character so much and wow poor Shin i feel bad for him. and i CANT wait for the next ep either!!!!

  31. 31 vis

    First of all, thanks for another great recap ^^ I always enjoy to read your analysis, especially for this drama! I had a different interpretation of the following scene though:

    “He rises slowly, looking for K, but freezes when he realizes he’s in K’s sights, who is aiming his gun at the back of his head. Eun-soo sees K appear behind Shin. Realizing Shin is in danger, she makes a split-second decision: She runs out into the open toward him, and Shin runs toward her to stop her.”

    I don’t think KS realized that he was in K’s shooting range, because there was absolutely no sound from K that would alarm KS (wouldn’t he try to duck his head if he knew? He had a pretty good protection there if he’d stayed crouched). ES was naturally able to see the danger KS was in, and she tried to warn him but any shouted warning would most likely have made K pull the trigger which is why she decided to dash out into the open. This in turn made KS react as stated… anyway I think the realization (of why she’d dashed out like that) added to his horror when she was shot instead of him.

    “(I almost wonder if writer Song had perhaps intended to make her a more central character, but found Eun-soo a much more convincing center. Another possibility is that Eun-soo was always built in as the focal point of all this conflict — the eye of the storm — but was meant to sneak up on us viewers.)”

    Yeah, I’ve been wondering that as well! I hope there’s some interview out there that might shed some light on the writer and her thoughts on the drama ^^ There’s a 15 minute clip containing inverviews (with the main cast) and the making of the last episode that shirley at soompi posted! Javabeans, maybe you’d be interested in checking it out after you’ve finised watching and analysing the final episode? ^_______^ *crosses fingers for that* Heh, I’m so curious… especially as to what Han Yeo-woon had to say in her interview~

    @14: This drama has shown us different facets of love: Kyung Ah’s love for money; Do Woo’s creepy brotherly love; Chae’s self-love; Shin and Eun Soo’s developing and hopefully uninterrupted love *crosses fingers*; Jae Myung’s better-late-than-never-love; and K’s secret love for DW.

    Hmm, true. I never thought of that~ Always interesting to read all the comments and read something to ponder over ^^

    Ahhh, Episode 19 was just mind-blowingly good with all the angst and intense (explosive?) emotions!!! I’ve been watching it raw for a number of times already XD Looking forward to read your recap on the last episode!

  32. 32 Snikki

    @19 budsdiana

    I saw that bed scene too, it was so hot I was almost convinced they are together irl, but like I’ve posted on the last episode recap, KKW is engaged to Han Hye Jin’s sister.

    Here’s the link again:

  33. 33 yuu

    this picture is too precious. So precious, the end of this episode just stabs you, literally.

    And I missed episode 9 on KBS darn it >_<…this just simply made my night worse.
    (& the chairman. Ah yes. He’s tots on my top list of hatred as in, forever. And ever.) anyway, thank you so much JBeans for the recap~ ^^

  34. 34 jae

    Huwaa~ 19th episodes are always <3 <3 <3!!

    If you go like this, you’ll be doing a truly awful thing to me. If you leave me behind like this, what am I supposed to do? So save me.
    ^This has got to be the sweetest yet most painful confession I’ve ever read. Gah~

    EunSoo being shot is a really nice twist to building this series’ climax. I really <3 this series!

    Thanks for the recaps Javabeans! ^^

  35. 35 Alvina

    for some reason, I absolutely love this picture http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/iyagi/iyagi2/iyagi19-199.jpg

    The shock in his face… honestly, Park Ki Woong is doing an AMAZING job as an actor.

    Yea, I cried when I watched this episode without subs. I’ll probably cry even more when I watch it with subs. Thanks for the recap javabeans.

  36. 36 S


    — That about sums it all up for me as well.

  37. 37 Biscuit

    I’m stuck with Do-Woo. I cant hate him completely, even though he’s pretty evil. Every time I try to stop liking him, I feel bad for him. The conversation with his father made me think of what kind of creepy past that went on. Maybe Eun-Soo, being the youngest did not know what was happening and therefore she is close to her father?

    But Kyungtae was stabbed!? So my sympathy points for Do-Woo goes down… alot. But not completely so to hate him.

    As for Kyung Ah… You picked the guy, you stay with the guy -_-
    I have a soft spot for evil Do-Woo and his lonely past. If you leave Do-Woo, I’ll forever torture you >:O
    Whether it’s for greed and money, at least you stayed. If you left him I’d hate you more for your selfishness.

    I wont be able to sleep until the next episode comes out. What will happen to Kyung Tae and Eun Soo!? Will the chairman get his punishment? In this drama where money has a large impact, Will Shin realize that revenge has it’s price and doesn’t come free @__________@

    Than again, it’s pretty impossible (for me) to see everything end up nicely. I doubt everything would go nice for both parties and get along with each other. There is indeed no happy ending in this drama… *sigh*

  38. 38 Anatisha

    Wow one more and its a rap for a series of great recpas… and of course a great Drama

    Eun Soo and Shin… I didnt realize that until I read your article, indeed its like a romances drama were wer can see the develop of love of two characters, how they met, how they interact, the third party issue (this cases Kyung Ah) and finally the express of love, but the difference here is that all the romantic issues doesnt exit in here.


    Thanks for the recpas and keep avoiding spoilers as much as you can. hehe

  39. 39 JAM

    Thanks again for another wonderful recap. I haven’t manage to watch the actual ep yet – can’t find one with mandarin subs! since i can’t wait, i watch the first half without subs (hoping that miraculously, i’ll understand korean all of a sudden).

    Without the subs to distract me, impressed with how K’s facial expression changes when he realised that he has shot his boss’ little sister. From then on, its like you can see him giving up mentally, knowing there’s no way out for him, not from the police, but from Doo-woo. At first, I thought he was going to pretend to shoot JM so the police can shoot him first to stop him. Any way it goes, he’s not going to be taken alive knowing Doo-woo would never forgive him.

    I still don’t think Doo-woo’s brotherly love is creepy but sad. The conversation with his dad seems to indicate his father has a huge part to play in what Doo-woo has become. That makes it tragic. The dialogue also opens up a new view of his relationship with Eun-soo and I’m reviewing their relationship in past eps with a different light. If he grows up, anxiously protecting his sister and clinging onto her (as the only sane person in the household), he truly deserves the devotion and love the Eun-soo shows to him. Maybe I’m in the minority but I had wished the ending would have him – probably having a mental breakdown – but with his sister taking care of him. At least he gets some semblance of happiness in his life but I think things have gone far enough (bad) that its not going to happen.

  40. 40 dot

    i love the end!!! so very sly!!

  41. 41 Sogba

    dramabeans i now know why you love this drama
    i think its my fav of the year WOW

  42. 42 serendipity

    Devil is still my all-time favourite K-drama. It’s interesting to compare it with SoaM, and why I still prefer it, much as I admire SoaM. I think Devil’s soundtrack is the better one, just about. The suspense and tension is tighter (I actually felt scared as the series ratched things up; more so than I do with SoaM). Devil had cool literary and cultural references. But most of all, I think I still prefer Devil because it is more morally ambiguous and hence more interesting. When it starts we have the hero and villain in their correct positions. But as we go along, you start to see the ill in one and sympathise with the other. And by the end you are not at all sure who is the hero and who is the villain, but you desperately want both to be redeemed and live happily ever after, but you’re afraid that things have gone too far for that, but you hope nonetheless… It’s more interesting that the schemer in Devil is not a madman (madness is not very deep, or interesting (to me at least)), but a man who has suffered too much. Its themes of forgiveness and redemption are compelling.

    Having said that, I AM enjoying SoaM. I think it does some things better. Like varying the tone so that it’s not all dark all the time (though Devil did all-dark very well). And having lovely little comic moments. And is shaping up to be nice and twisty (haven’t watched last episode yet; shan’t read other comments in case of spoilers!)

    • 42.1 Gasenadi

      “…The schemer in Devil is not a madman (madness is not very deep, or interesting (to me at least)), but a man who has suffered too much. Its themes of forgiveness and redemption are compelling.”

      Agree w/you. Saw Devil and also thought that “villain” was especially compelling and the whole premise very morally challenging for the viewer.

      Am enjoying SoaM for the same reasons as you. But having the villains be “madmen” does seem like an easy out and manufactured sympathy for their murderous deeds.

  43. 43 salt

    first of all…

    thanks for a great recap of each episode. i enjoy this drama purely from your reviews. haven’t got the time to spare to actually watch the show.

    anyways… did i miss something or is the review for the final ep 20 not out yet? been hounding this site since last week waiting for the recap…
    hmmm….. hoping to see it soon…

  44. 44 Stephen

    OMG…This episode was intense! I would hate to be in Kim Shin’s shoes right now. Everything is just going the wrong way for our protagonist. Then again, I’m starting to feel pity for certain characters now and less so for other characters such as the father. The ending was priceless. I didn’t expect Kyung-tae to experience any physical action; that last scene really caught me off guard. Ahhh….last episode here I come!

  45. 45 demonwolfie

    i actually like kyung ah.
    i understand the frustration ppl had for her in previous episodes but I really don’t think, as a character, she requires all the hate. i thought w/ the newer episodes that the bad opinions would change a tiny bit . .

    kyung ah is def not one of my Favorite characters but reading the harsh comments just made me want to speak up.
    as a character kyung ah does have alot of strong points but she’s also slightly pathetic, but . . hello . . she’s human. humans are not constant i dont know why characters always have to be.

    and yeah she’s a gold digger too but how many much more evil EVIL gold diggers exist in the fiction world?
    it just doesnt make sense to me how kyung ah’s receiving this much hate when alot worse have received less.

  46. 46 Gasenadi

    Thanks for coming to my rescue, again, JB. Could not have understood some of the dialogue just by reading the subs, sorry to say.

    First, about KA. I actually think it is fitting that she would be in charge of the corporation and all its wheeling and dealing. After all, she’s learned from the “best” and will therefore, I think, do a good job, as befits a “social climber”, to put it euphemistically. 😛

    Awesome to the nth degree that confrontation between DW and Senior. It was one of the very few times I had any sympathy at all for that ruthless, murdering DW.

    “It’s almost satisfying to see Do-woo receiving word of Eun-soo’s situation.” My sentiments exactly when I saw her arrive on the scene and sensed she was going to get shot (why else would PD put her at a shooting scene?) Her getting hurt would be the ONLY thing that would stop DW, the only thing that would grab his attention or drive him further off the edge. So, yeah, altho her shooting sucks big time for those of us who love her to pieces, it brings relief for those of us who want DW’s killing rampage to stop.

    LMAO @ your condensed stages of grief!

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