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Eugene takes on new drama role
by | August 11, 2009 | 20 Comments

Eugene has announced her next acting project, a drama tentatively titled Creating Bonds or Making Fate [인연만들기]. The series is an MBC weekend drama and will follow the just-premiered comic fusion drama Tamra the Island. (That means it airs at an earlier hour and will likely be more family-friendly than the later prime-time shows.)

Based on books written by Hyun Go-woon, the drama combines the novels Finding Fate and Making a Love Destiny, and will be directed by Jang Geun-soo of Chunja’s Happy Events.

Eugene plays the female lead, who moved to Canada when she was ten and has now completed her law studies in the States while caring for her father and grandfather. She decides to marry her Western boyfriend, whom she met in the States, but her father puts his foot down and opposes the match. As she comes to Korea, what arises is a series of comic events. (I dunno, that doesn’t sound all that fun to me. I know this is a drama, but aren’t we beyond the point of opposing matches with Americans, particularly when the girl in question has lived most of her life in America?)

In any case, at least Eugene is an apt choice to play a character who has grown up in English-speaking parts, since she’s one of very few Korean actresses who are completely fluent in English. Her latest movie is the summer horror film Yoga School; before that, she appeared in the romantic comedy Romantic Island, while her last drama series was Three Dads, One Mom. Her new drama will air later this summer.



20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. michi

    hmm…not really digging the plot.
    but since i am a eugene fan, i’ll give this a try 😉

  2. Kobe

    Good to see someone’s finally decided to put Eugene’s excellent English speaking ability to good use! I guess the plot doesn’t sound too exciting, but hey, it’s Eugene, that’s all I need to add this to my list 🙂

  3. onie80

    i want to see who will be the husband in question…it looks like korea is hiring foreigners for “leading” roles…i want to see that…sounds interesting tho.

  4. robbo4

    One of the irresistable talents (and my original reason for becoming a drama addict) that I’d gladly follow down any road! And, we’ll also get an occasional break from having to read the subtitles.

    Welcome back, once again, beautiful Kim Eugene!!!

  5. linly

    Yes… I’m so glad that she’s coming back… she is one of the very few that can act coming from being a singer to being a actress… can’t wait till this drama comes out… Eugene always come thru and give it her all… I really enjoy her last drama “Three dads, one mom”

  6. le

    nice to see Eugene back in a drama. the only other English fluent actresses, i think, are Park Shi Yeon, Sung Yuri and Uhm Jung Hwa. is that right, & are there more?

    • 6.1 miley

      lee da hae too speaks english fluently.

  7. minoo

    Please DREAM….

  8. jinkzz

    thanks for the article.

    Eugene looks very pretty in that picture…. looking forward to seeing her in the small screen again…i wonder whothe lead actor is going to be…

  9. ockoala

    @6 le

    Jung Ryu Won (MNIKSS, What Star are You From, Jamyunggo) is also fluent in English, and she speaks with an adorable Australian accent to boot!

    For some reason, Sung Yi Ri in Swallow the Sun reminds me so much of Eugene, perhaps it’s because I keep flashing back to the Eugene-Ji Sung pairing from Save the Last Dance for Me. I also think Eugene would have been better in the role, though I love Sung Yu Ri, but she’s totally a wall flower up til now in the show.

    Anyways, I like Eugene, she’s always very easy to watch, she doesn’t overact or go OTT in any character, and she always seems to have chemistry with her co-star(s). Looking forward to more news about this comeback to small screen.

  10. 10 Reese

    …I’m kind of sick of how almost all Korean dramas are comedies. So I probably won’t watch this one if ends up being a comedy…or if it ends up being one of those dramas with the main female overreacting at everything.

  11. 11 langdon813

    Eugene is SO pretty! I like her, even though she’s smooched a few too many times on my Lee Min-ki.

  12. 12 pabo ceo reom

    The plot isn’t awesome sounding but I do like Eugene so I’ll have to check this out.

  13. 13 yunjung0518

    seems the plot is indeed not catchy.. but who knows guys.. 😀
    let’s just wait for it.. >_<

  14. 14 anastasia

    Well, yes the plots seems plain but I will try to watch it later.

    Han Ye Sul english is very fluent so does Han Chae Young since both of them was practically raised in America and like Korean american. I even has once watched an interview’s of HCY said that she dislike some of Korean’s cultures that mistreat her and her Korean even was so-so when she started acting, so she said.

    Lee Da Hee impressed me with her fluent English and JRW of course. I think the four of them those few that I amazed/love their language skills.

  15. 15 Yoo Jin

    not crazy about the plot but i absolutely LOVE her! Her drama I Really Really Like You was AMAZING and so cute, especially Lee Min Ki who i adore =]
    Can’t wait till the drama comes out =D

  16. 16 sue

    eugene, sung yuri, uhm junghwa, and park shiyeon fluent in english?


    had noo idea.

    especially.. park shiyeon as in story of a man/new family outing member? relaly?

  17. 17 bluefire

    Another Eugene drama! Yes! Why is it I love her anyway..haha! I don’t care..I just love her! ;D Thanks for the news!!

  18. 18 lei

    i have watched creating destiny…i loved it…..

  19. 19 miley

    i’m watching it now. love it.also excited to hear that eugene and her leading man in this drama are getting married for real.i’m so happy for you guys.you look good together.

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