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My Fair Lady: Episode 5
by | September 2, 2009 | 59 Comments

I think My Fair Lady is starting to ease into its stride. There are still rough patches, but on the whole the plot moves briskly and there are a good number of laughs in this episode.

(Side note: I’m surprised so many people seem to hate Yoon Eun-hye’s hair. I LOVE the bright red and feel like going out straightaway to do it myself, only I know how much of a pain that red is to upkeep. I don’t love the long hairstyle, but it’s very cute when she ties it up for the short look.)


My Fair Lady OST – “Hot Stuff” by Davichi. This is like the quintessential trendy kdrama theme song, isn’t it? For some reason it makes me think of My Girl. [ Download ]

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When Dong-chan grabs Hae-na for a kiss, it turns out he doesn’t actually make contact. While Hae-na stands frozen, he stops just inches short and tells her, “This is how you do it. In an unexpected moment like this, suddenly.”

He lets her go, leaving Hae-na flustered at first, and then inexplicably upset. When she retires to her room alone, she thinks back to the almost-kiss, disturbed and not quite sure why.

As for Dong-chan, he wonders, “Why did I do that? I didn’t need to go that far.” The end of the last episode seemed to hint that he’d finally realized he has feelings for Hae-na, but I guess he’s still in denial.

That night, he dreams that Hae-na visits his room and makes a pass at him — she approaches with suggestive words, admitting that she was upset when he made his move, but then warmed up to the idea. Just as Dream Hae-na rips open his shirt and launches herself at him, Dong-chan falls out of bed, waking up in a nervous sweat. After a moment, the initial panic passes and he starts to chuckle, since the possibility of her falling for him is actually good for his plan.

Yet when Hae-na drops by his room, the real-life scenario is miles away from his dream: She’s disgruntled from losing sleep and comes at him with her kumdo sword.

Su-ah learns about Hae-na running away because of Tae-yoon, and scolds Eui-joo for getting her information wrong — she had said nothing was going on between them. To defuse the situation, Eui-joo flatters Su-ah, saying that Tae-yoon doesn’t seem very interested in Hae-na, and that Su-ah is far more attractive. Su-ah is duly appeased, and hardens her resolve to not allow Hae-na to “steal” Tae-yoon from her.

Pleased with her relationship progress, Hae-na announces that she isn’t going to follow Dong-chan’s instructions anymore. She happily accepts a lunch invitation from Tae-yoon, who is belatedly informed that Hae-na has donated 100 million won to the children’s cause. He’s thankful, but stunned at the huge amount.

Likewise, Dong-chan scolds her for the excessive donation. She says it’s her money to do with as she pleases, so he challenges, “Then would you give me that money too?” It’s half said to make a point, and half said to fish for her reaction.

Hae-na: “Do you love me? Would you do anything for me? Can you devote yourself to me for the rest of your life? Can you risk your life for me? That’s what my grandfather said — giving money is like entrusting your life to someone. I can’t entrust my life to you, can I?”

Yet her happy lunch date is crashed by Su-ah and Eui-joo, who intercept Tae-yoon on his way to lunch and basically worm their way into the meeting. Since everyone knows each other, Tae-yoon invites them to sit down together, although he soon becomes aware of the tension between the two cousins. (I love his uneasy expression below.)

Su-ah, for instance, mentions that Hae-na doesn’t actually do any work for the company, causing Tae-yoon to wonder how she can receive a salary without working. Hae-na hurriedly assures him that she does work, so Su-ah presses for details. This puts Hae-na on the spot, and she fumbles for a response.

Dong-chan swoops in to the rescue, interrupting Hae-na’s mumbling with a disapproving look: “How can you discuss that here?” He turns to the others and explains that she’s working on a top-secret project regarding a new vision for Kang San Group. Even if this is an informal lunch, she shouldn’t be discussing this in the presence of someone so closely tied to Yoo Sang Group.

Hae-na plays along and tells Tae-yoon that she’ll let him know when the project is publicly revealed. Su-ah is not happy to be thus thwarted.

On their way out, Hae-na thanks Dong-chan in a backhanded way, saying, “You were pretty useful back there.” Dong-chan replies, “Couldn’t you just say thanks?” She’s flippant, saying she doesn’t need to since she’s Kang Hae-na: “I’ve never said cheesy words like ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you.'”

At that, Dong-chan gives her a good, long look and says, “Now that I look at you, you’re pitiable. Those are the words that make people the most happy. ‘I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.’ How can you become happy without saying those words?”

Hae-na pretends she doesn’t care, but his words seem to strike a chord.

Immediately after lunch, Hae-na is called in to a directors’ meeting. Damn, that Su-ah works fast. Uncle Chul-gu brings up Hae-na’s brand-new project while her grandfather, proud of her initiative, urges her to tell them what she’s working on. Hae-na fishes for excuses to delay.

Sensing weakness, Chul-gu goads her, saying perhaps she’s not ready, or the project doesn’t actually exist. Not about to back down, Hae-na ends up saying that the project is too difficult for them to understand at this point, and she’ll give them a week to prepare for her presentation.

Caught in this bind, Hae-na blames Dong-chan for getting her into the mess and tells him to find a way out.

Dong-chan appeals to Eui-joo to help him think of ideas, but she’s not willing — she’s angry that Hae-na is hitting Dong-chan, supposedly on a regular basis. Dong-chan defends her, saying that she’s not a bad person, and is in fact rather sad — she has no parents, no friends.

Eui-joo isn’t sympathetic, saying everyone has problems, and storms out. But the conversation triggers an idea, and Dong-chan rushes to tell Hae-na about it.

When he finds her, she’s frustrated with her own lack of ideas. He presents a plan that makes use of Hae-na’s particular skill set: beating people up. Tweaking that, he devises a plan for a women’s self-defense course, taught by Hae-na herself.

The project remains secret as all the women employees are called to a special meeting, attended by a suspicious Su-ah. Dong-chan preps Hae-na for her presentation and acts as her assistant.

Hae-na frames her course as a way of protecting the future of the company by caring for the safety and happiness of its employees. In particular, its female employees. Using Dong-chan as a punching bag, she demonstrates various sparring maneuvers. Dong-chan gets a beating, not just from Hae-na but from all the other women as they practice their new moves on him. The employees participate with enthusiasm, with the exception of two unhappy ladies: Su-ah, who hates seeing Hae-na succeed, and Eui-joo, who feels sorry for Dong-chan.

Dong-chan uploads video clips and posts it on the internet, spreading the word and helping Hae-na’s popularity soar. Even Tae-yoon and Su-ho watch the clips and are suitably impressed.

The next time they speak on the phone, Tae-yoon compliments Hae-na on her work, and she takes the opportunity to ask him for his assistance as well. He’s hesitant, explaining that his constant presence around Kang San might be a bad idea. She takes a risk by prodding, “It’s for a good cause, can’t you help as a friend?” The word “friend” does the trick — it has a novel, interesting ring to Tae-yoon’s ear — and he agrees to participate.

(Dong-chan is annoyed at her giddiness and complains of her using work as an excuse to see Tae-yoon.)

The next day, Hae-na is put out to hear that Dong-chan feels ill, and that another butler (“Jung Woo-sung,” heh) is ready to take over Dong-chan’s duties. Grumbling that Dong-chan is faking, Hae-na sulkily dismisses Woo-sung and heads to work alone.

Dong-chan is in fact in bed with a fever and told to rest. Hearing that Hae-na drove herself to work, he worries whether she’ll be okay on her own.

It’s Tae-yoon’s turn to lend a hand, although his is a much less painful experience. He gives a talk to the same audience of ladies and provides general legal advice.

He talks with Hae-na afterward and notices Dong-chan’s absence, which Hae-na waves off as a faked illness. Tae-yoon thinks it’s much more likely that the illness is real, given how she pounded on him the day before. He wonders if those methods are actually effective, so she offers a demonstration — and flips him to the ground.

Perhaps she used more force than she intended, because she is immediately worried to see Tae-yoon grunt in pain. (I’m more inclined to believe that Dong-chan holds in his pain more so that — perversely enough — Hae-na won’t feel so bad about hurting him.)

Tae-yoon teases that she’d better take care of Dong-chan because he’s probably in a lot of pain. It’s only now that she frowns, wondering, “Is he injured for real?”

I thought this next part was HILARIOUS:

Eui-joo is tired of Su-ah continually contriving ways to run into Tae-yoon rather than being forthright. Su-ah snaps at her, and therefore Eui-joo is already irritated when she runs into Tae-yoon in the lobby. Deciding to speed things up, she asks, without preamble, “Mr. Lee, do you have a girlfriend or not?”

Naturally he’s taken aback at her bluntness, but answers no. So she asks, “Then what do you think of Kang Su-ah? As you know, she comes from a good family, she’s pretty, and good at her work. Rather than looking for a girlfriend far away, why don’t you choose Ms. Kang?” With that, she leaves him wondering what that was all about. (But also, I think, a little impressed at her frankness.)

At home, Grandpa Kang speaks with Dong-chan, pleased at how Hae-na is improving. He hadn’t believed Dong-chan when he’d first said he would fix Hae-na’s bad habits, but now he requests, “Take good care of her in the future.”

The rainfall has Dong-chan worrying that there’s no umbrella in Hae-na’s car, and he ends up waiting outside for her. When she arrives, he’s attentive and solicitous, so she looks at him curiously. This is a change from yesterday, when he’d been ranting and raving. But Hae-na is willing to let it slide, and surprises him by asking, “Are you feeling better now?”

He answers yes, and she replies, “I’m warning you. Don’t make me worry about things like this in the future. I’m telling you not to get sick and make things uncomfortable for me.”

She’s never cared about his welfare before, so Dong-chan asks, “Were you worried about me?” Suddenly on guard, Hae-na stutters, “W-worry? Why would I do that? I did not worry, so dream on.”

Su-ah’s family comes to the mansion for a family dinner, where Su-ah’s mother (Mi-ok) makes a dig at Hae-na for running away so she could insist on dating Tae-yoon. That’s information she wasn’t supposed to know (and that Chul-gu got from his secret source), so Chul-gu tries to shut her up — but Grandpa Kang is already suspicious. Very few people know that information, so he later instructs Mr. Jang to find out who could be the source.

Meanwhile, I just love these two together. Su-min is so adorable, particularly as he tries to use Hae-na’s self-defense moves on Dong-chan, replete with frustrated “Ehn! Ehn!” grunts. He complains in exasperation, “Why did you fall right over when Hae-na noonim did this to you, but not when I do it?”

Dong-chan humors the boy, and this time he allows himself to be flipped to the ground, feigning pain.

It’s pretty clear that Su-min likes (and nearly idolizes) Hae-na, and sympathizes with her more than with his own silly family. He has heard his mother and father gossiping about Hae-na and now asks whether Dong-chan has ever met this lawyer Lee Tae-yoon. He wants to know, “Is he a good enough person to entrust with our Hae-na noonim?”

Again, Dong-chan is reminded that time is running out for his debt when the debt collectors show up at the mansion. With watchful eyes all around, Dong-chan approaches them enthusiastically, pretending they’re brother-like figures. Once alone, he warns them to keep out of sight of Su-ah, because they had accidentally harassed her in the parking lot (instead of Hae-na) and if Su-ah sees them, they’ll be in trouble.

He introduces the guys to Hae-na as church buddies who came to wish him a happy birthday, and they play along. Meanwhile, she asks him to think up an alibi for her so she can slip away and meet Tae-yoon tomorrow. Tae-yoon had mentioned doing volunteer work on a farm for a friend, and she has planned to join him.

Hae-na is prepared to sneak away in the dead of night, but Dong-chan actually circumvents her plan by going to her grandfather and securing his permission. She’s surprised but pleased at the outcome, whose only stipulation is that Dong-chan has to stick with her. Thus they embark on the three-hour drive down to Jangsu, in southern Korea.

On a rest stop along the way, Hae-na presents him with a surprise — a red envelope. She made the gift in the spirit of Tae-yoon’s comment that there are ways to show feelings without money, and he opens it to find a “birthday coupon.”

He smiles as he reads the cute letter, which promises him a birthday wish (he can have whatever he wants to eat, wear, whatever) — but it’s only valid for three months, so he’d better use it by then. Dong-chan is touched by the gesture, but his smile fades and he feels guilty, particularly as he reads the last part: “And don’t be ill without my permission, or go anywhere, or abandon me. It seemed like you really wanted to hear me say thank you, so I’ll say it this one time as a special birthday occasion. Thanks.”

(Back at home, Mr. Jang hears that it’s supposedly Dong-chan’s birthday, but when he checks the information, he discovers that it isn’t. Uh-oh…)

Dong-chan and Hae-na arrive before Tae-yoon, who is running late. Tae-yoon’s friend/colleague greets them just as they’re about to head out to begin working, inviting the newcomers to join them. Work is NOT a prospect that Hae-na loves, but Dong-chan reminds her that Tae-yoon will hear if she goofed off the whole time.

Dong-chan jumps into the task of picking apples, but Hae-na doesn’t — she walks around snapping photos and not doing any work, which attracts some curious gazes. Therefore Dong-chan wrests the camera away and pushes her to join the apple-picking. (Of course, there’s always time for a water fight!)

Tae-yoon had been looking forward to the trip, so much so that Su-ho teases him about being interested in Hae-na. However, a last-minute call waylays their plans — a protest is being organized against Yoo Sang Group’s layoffs, and as authors of the protest petition, he and Su-ho must handle matters in Seoul.

When Dong-chan calls Tae-yoon to check in (at Hae-na’s prodding), he’s upset to hear Tae-yoon say that he won’t be able to make it after all. Dong-chan’s tone is disapproving — how could he break a promise so easily? Tae-yoon, feeling genuinely sorry, apologizes.

Upset, Hae-na drinks. In an effort to make her feel better, Dong-chan tells her not to be too upset, because Tae-yoon seemed really sorry. Hae-na asks sadly, “Why do you think he doesn’t like me? If he did like me, no matter how busy he was, wouldn’t he come to see me?”

Dong-chan is already feeling awful to see her so disappointed, and it’s even worse when she adds, “If it were you, you would definitely have come for me. Wouldn’t you?”

Dong-chan prepares Hae-na’s room (he’s in the room next door) for bed, and as she feels vulnerable and alone, Hae-na makes him promise to stay with her until she falls asleep. Dong-chan promises, and she climbs tipsily under the covers and falls asleep fairly quickly.

Dong-chan looks down to see a tear trickle out of her eye, and says, “Don’t be upset. It’s because Lee Tae-yoon doesn’t know. You are beautiful — you’re a beautiful person.”

True to his word, Dong-chan stays by Hae-na’s side.

I’m thinking Dong-chan’s call must have spurred Tae-yoon into action, because in the morning he shows up with Su-ho, even though he had told his colleague he wouldn’t be coming. Eager to see Hae-na, he asks about her first, and heads over to her room.

Surprisingly, a few minutes later, another car pulls up behind Tae-yoon’s — it’s Su-ah, accompanied by Eui-joo.

Inside, Hae-na awakens to find a hand sprawled across her face. Looking up, she shrieks in alarm — Dong-chan is sleeping next to her, bare-chested.

Her scream wakes him up, and in a daze, he scrambles to cover himself with his shirt as she demands to know what he’s doing. He defends himself, saying he must have fallen asleep inadvertently and taken off the shirt in his sleep because it was so hot.

But before she has a chance to beat him, a knock sounds at the door — it’s Tae-yoon! Dun dun dun!


A couple things: First, I like the comfortable vibe Dong-chan and Hae-na have established, although I will agree with some of the comments that it doesn’t quite feel romantic yet. I don’t think it’s like a sibling relationship, however, just comfortable. Maybe more like an old married couple than a couple in the first flush of courtship. I like that Dong-chan can tell her (as he does in the scene pictured above) not to act obnoxious or cocky because people won’t like it — and that she cheerfully accepts his advice.

We’re starting to see signs of attraction on both sides now, and that’s always the fun part — when they’re not quite sure what’s going on but still in denial. For instance, I thought Hae-na looked pretty bored during Tae-yoon’s talk, and she was pretty disappointed at Dong-chan’s absence, having grown so used to having him around. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t genuinely like Tae-yoon — he makes her giddy and excited, definitely. And Tae-yoon is the one who taught her not to place monetary value on everything — but the fact is, Dong-chan is the one for whom she actually spent time making a handmade gift.

Also, I had a thought in the scene where Hae-na flips Tae-yoon over. She helps him up from the ground, but when she realizes this is their first physical contact, she drops his hand nervously and blurts out that she wasn’t holding his hand in that way. He’s amused at her reaction, and she asks why he’s laughing (“I always feel like you’re mocking me”). He assures her that he has no intention of doing so, but her response is so reflexively defensive that it seems telling of her character. She’s not obnoxious because she doesn’t care; she’s obnoxious as a defense mechanism. She uses offense as defense, lashing out first to prevent someone from hurting her.


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    Tae-yoon makes me giggly and giddy too. Dong-chan still annoys me with his voice, but I’m starting to warm up to him more. And Hae-na, well. I idolize her just like Su-min does.

    The birthday coupon made me gasp. I felt so guilty as a viewer. 🙁

    WATER FIGHT! It seems that most dramas have one of these as a bonding moment. (City Hall for one…)

    Thanks again!

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    I also like YEH’s hair when it’s tied up in back (giving her the appearance of a bob); it’s totally cute and suits her face well. The color really only bothers me in outdoor scenes, because it looks like it could glow in the dark! On second thought, that might be kind of cool. Anyway, I love her no matter what color hair she has. I’ve been listening to “Dash Girl” to get me going in the mornings!

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    I think the hair color is suppose to correspond with Hye Na’s fierce personality on the show.
    It just doesn’t suit YEH, because we still think of her as cute, down to earth Eun Chan from Coffee Prince.
    Think that performance kind of branded her forever. Tough to breakout of the role, when it’s so beloved by so many.

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    I realized what I love most about the show. Almost every episode ends with DRUNK TALK. Hae-na and Dong-chan are, at heart, drinking buddies. They may not stand each other; they may find each other a little repulsive. But when the (love) work is done for the day, they can’t deny that basically they’re mutually, rotten scoundrels and they have fun at their mischief. They’re good company with each other.

    For some reason, the apple orchard seasons gave me CP flashbacks. Plus, it was funny to see Our Young Girl Warrior throw down both boys.

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    For me, the red in her hair really pairs well with her fair skin tone and especially when she wears cream-colored ensembles.

  22. 22 Biscuit

    This seems like it was a fun episode!

    Earlier there was much discussion who changed Haena’s (Haena whose feirce like a Hyena :O *I kid*) character the most, etc.

    I think that perhaps both have had a good part in changing Haena a bit. Haena’s little tid bits that are changing were not solely because of Tae-Yoon, nor was it only because of Dong-Chan. I don’t think she would have made much slight progress if anyone of them were to be gone.

    In my opinion, Tae-Yoon is like a fancy restaurant. You dress up, having your dining manners, eat at a luxurious restaurant… everything is so perfect that there could be nothing wrong.

    But when you come home, you kick off the heels and breathe in as you welcome the comfortableness of your home. And nothing tastes better than home-cooked food, even if expensive dining is great. That’s Dong-Chan. Sure he has his flaws, but I guess I’m drawn to him because I have this thing where… perfect people make me uncomfortable -_-

    Tae-Yoon is the perfect, but Dong-Chan is the one that you don’t have to dress up for; everything is just normal, relaxed, and comfortable. While Tae-Yoon has made great impacts which was shown in the previous episode, I think it’s pretty clear in this episode that Dong-Chan is the guy who she can be her punky, natural self. She has no holding back in physical contact either *smirk*

    But forget the Dong-Chan/Haena/Tae-Yoon pairing, OMG SUMIN. The little boy is A-DOR-A-BLE. Heheh. I think I might have to join his fanclub or something, he’s like mini Goo Jun Pyo. *oh.. Goo Jun Pyo will always last forever.*

    In fact, Lee Min Ho must make an entrance in this show as a cameo of a chaebol who is invited into the house.

    Sumin meets Lee Min Ho who meets Haena = The Goo Jun Pyo Trio :O

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  24. 24 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @ Biscuit

    you are right… no matter how his character seemingly depicts a down to earth, I-dont-care-about-money, oh-shoot(worry)-i-have-to-pay-the-office bills kind of guy, TaeYoon still looks all classy and fancy….^-^

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    …am just wondering if that “castle” is a private residence?…
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  26. 26 belleza


    “the hair gets a tad “flat” on some scenes, like it just all “red”…”

    Yeah, I noticed that a bit whenever you see YEH’s head from the back. A little red adds complexity to black Asian hair, but they’ve opted for a full-on treatment and that’s pretty high maintenance. Also, with the way her hair is set up, she’s showing a lot of scalp and kinda gives the impression that she’s damaging her hair.

    I actually thought YEH pulled off the green (very unflattering for Asian IMO) gown. The red hair helped, of course.

    Honestly, for me, her whole look is just so well done that it carries half of the acting. She looks fierce and volatile. But, on another level, she also looks “transitional.” That her red hair, her Like a Virgin clothes, her angry catwalk . . . all these things reflect a post-post-teenager phase that the character is going through. On paper, Hae-na is written as princess from WASP hell. However, YEH is really playing her as a punk without a cause, a person who’s already reaching the end of her privileged rebellion, and whose feelings for Tae-yoon speak to her lingering anger and lack of reflection. The look is 3/4 youthful and 1/4 burnout. It says “this may be the last party before I grow up.”

  27. 27 MinT

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    Sumin meets Lee Min Ho who meets Haena = The Goo Jun Pyo Trio :O”

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  28. 28 javabeans

    In fact, Lee Min Ho must make an entrance in this show as a cameo of a chaebol who is invited into the house.

    Sumin meets Lee Min Ho who meets Haena = The Goo Jun Pyo Trio :O

    If Lee Min-ho were to cameo (wheeee!), the kdrama universe may very well implode. Actually, we’d have not merely a Gu Jun-pyo trio but a quartet, as Yoon Sang-hyun was often called the 중년 구준표! Hae-na + Su-min + Tae-yoon + Lee Min-ho + YSH/Tae-bong = Five-way chaebol intersection of awesomeness.

  29. 29 belleza

    “Sumin meets Lee Min Ho who meets Haena = The Goo Jun Pyo Trio :O””

    I love to see that scene . . .

    Haena + Jun Pyo: Your hair is ridiculous!!! What did you say?!? Argh!!!!!
    Sumin: Hi Jun Pyo. My mom Park Bo Young told me that you were my real dad and were to blame for my pama!
    Jung Pyo: Oh cra . . .
    Eui Joo: Oppa!!! You said Bo Young was just a friend!! You said she was just a friend!!
    Jung Pyo: She’s here too?!? Dood I gotta go . . .
    Tae Yoon: Jung Pyo, let’s get out of here. Bros before hos.

  30. 30 jj

    I LOVED taeyoon’s expressions (rolling his eyes side to side lol) at the restaurant btwn the two cousins, his expression when his friend teased him about possibly liking haena, and when he seemed excited to see haena as soon as he got to the farm.
    JUNG IL WOO is sooo cute.

    sumin “OH MY GOD” LOL he is so adorable.
    hm. I wonder why he likes haena so much…more than his own family.

    I think dong chan and haena should end up together and taeyoon and euijoo together. those two kinda have chemistry.

  31. 31 Anonymous

    any possibility that su-ah and su-ho will end up together?

  32. 32 DeCaf

    I’m still not getting the romantic vibe from DC & HyeNa although they are like you said JB, comfortable w/ each other & so pleasant to watch 🙂
    seems like TaeYoon isn’t aware of his feelings for HyeNa or he’s just in denial…can’t wait for next ep. loving the flow of the story.
    the scene w/ the thugs are funny
    & Sumin is soooo adorable..OMG heehee

    @belleza….love the GJP scene you cooked up LOL 🙂

  33. 33 jae!

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    Awesome stuff the drama is starting to pick up momentum and really drawing out the attention span! Loving the feel good vibes…

    And Mad Props to the hopeful* Lee-Min-Ho cameo, that would totally make the rest of my year if that happened… But, “Hey, ain’t nothin’ wrong with a bit o’ Wishfull Thinkin'”

    Cheer Cheer

  34. 34 lei

    In some of the scenes, I see YEH’s hair looked too dry and over processed. Guess that’s why I’m not a fan of the hair. I know she has great hair and it looks like they’ve ruined it 🙁 it looked alright in the photos though

    That might be my only complaint about my fair lady. I’m glad YEH’s comeback drama looks like a success.

  35. 35 bjharm

    My feel on the holding hands and her snatching it away was more from when Tae-yoon attacked her for liking him and following him around..the time Dong-chan punched him out for getting out of hand, she did not want a repeat.
    I still do not like Tae-yoon all that much he very smug with himself with his anti rich crusade. I also think Hae-na feeling for him is a simple crush, he reminded her of her first love..he was the first not to like her..or at lest said he didn’t, he challenged her on her life style {though I think he was over the top and in fact very rude in doing so} But he has no chance really, the Hae-na he knows is a sham, she shows her real face and feeling only to Dong-chan.
    Did anyone else think her birthday present wish could be cashed in for the 100,000 he needs? Of course the head butler found out he was lying so maybe next episode that gets nullified….

  36. 36 Arivle

    OMG Go Jun Pyu cameo w/Jandi will be helarious and the ratings will go all the way up…….I wil so watch that episode……Shinwa President meets Kang group heries………..we should start a campaigh…….

  37. 37 christine

    JB as always thanks for your wonderful recaps. i still haven’t watched it but from the stills it really looks liked a fun epi.
    love the idea of lee min ho’s cameo… and love the little cousin sumin… i first saw him in speedy scandal and i love his acting there… so CUTE!!! that i want one for myself!!! ^__^

  38. 38 loveydovey

    gaahh i love it more and more every episode. i just can’t wait ’til don chul and hea na become a real couple =D i love how things are progressing between them not too fast and not too slow. omg and su min is the cutest thing ever ahh!!

  39. 39 yhang

    waiting for the next episode!
    keep it up and thanks!

  40. 40 s hee

    thnx for the recap as always javabeans! i was just watching ep 5 on viikii & much to my surprise pt 6 altho it indicates 100% eng subbed didn’t have any in the beginning so i just stopped & though of checking your recap which thankfully you got it already! i agree w/you javabeans, i kinda like the colour of eun’s reddish hair which really looks good on her. It looks more subtle in colour in my opinion than if it’s colored lighter brown or blondish if you will! I actually have similar hair colour which at first I wasn’t so pleased when my hairdresser did my hair but as i got used to it i’m liking it more & more! anyway, yes ep 5 seems to be very funny and it seems that hye na is showing more affection to dong chan, fixing his hair & all that but poor dong chan who suffered so many beatings from her! I really admire Yoon sang hyun’s acting here & he never disappointed me & my friends who are among his fans since liking his Taebong character! There’s a scene where he was reading the birthday coupon & he was teary-eyed….this actor is so versatile…just forget about his age but look more into his acting potential and soon you’ll forget he’s 36 yrs old.
    thnx again for the recap!

  41. 41 asianromance

    I like YEH’s hair- yes it’s distracting but i thought it fits her character really well!

    was a Taeyoon x Haena shipper last week…now i’m a Dong-chan x Haena and a Taeyoon x EuiJoo shipper this week . Gosh i’m so fickle!

    does anyone know how to do Euijoo’s braid???

  42. 42 Sonam

    Don’t like the red hair because it looks so obviously fake and ages her. It looks brassy and makes her look hard. Also dark eyes doesn’t contrast well with flaming red hair. You need hazel /green eyes . Natural black hair would highlight her amazing ivory skin and beautiful dark eyes. I find her eyes really sexy
    I wish she had done red highlights instead of all red.
    Only teenagers can get away with doing full dye jobs.
    The red hair on the leading guy is highlighting his wrinkles. Makes him look like a middle aged man trying to look like a teenager. With natural dark hair he would have looked like an attractive middle aged man.

  43. 43 cranky

    I wanted to like this so much that it hurts but it’s getting very difficult for me to get involved with the plot. Sure it’s fun entertainment without the emotional baggage but some scenes just makes me want to rewrite the whole thing. Guess I just take my dramas wayyy too seriously than I should.
    I still love Eun Hye, I think her Hye Na character is more comfortable in her skin without having to be a 100% bitch.
    While scenes with Dong Chan are getting better, and I know everyone loved YSH, but his character is still rubbing me the wrong way.
    Eui Joo’s character… there are glimpses of feistiness that makes her appearances shine but I’m not seeing a romantic vibe between her and Tae Yoon. But then again I’m still shipping TY-HN due to me being shallow (the two do look good together).

  44. 44 linz

    thanks as always for recapping!!

    for me, this was the first episode where i really got into the story and wasn’t worrying about YEH/other characters’ acting problems. it was believable, cute, and really funny! i love the comfortable relationship between YEH and YSH (butler)….i guess i’m just waiting for it to turn more romantic. still lovin jung il-woo as the lawyer, and after what happened at the end of this episode…i’m way excited to see how he reacts to all of that hahaa. i’m also hoping (along with alot of other people) that the tae-yoon ends up with eui-joo…i think they could be really cute together!! excited for the next episode 🙂

    ohh and i agree with javabeans…the red hair = fierce!

  45. 45 noggin

    I swear “Hot Stuff” is one of the ending songs used for Story of a Man..only with words put to it. lol.

  46. 46 belleza


    “Sure it’s fun entertainment without the emotional baggage but some scenes just makes me want to rewrite the whole thing. Guess I just take my dramas wayyy too seriously than I should.”

    Lady Castle kinda suffers from the burden of a big budget. There’s a lot of location shots, and so it kinda feels like the characters are being moved around and around simply to show off the money and set up the next gag. There hasn’t been a lot of real face time between Hye-na and Tae-yoon, and there hasn’t been a lot of quiet time between Hye-na and Dong-chan. Why? Cos they’re all over the city.

    I bring that up, because these writers also did “When At Night”, and I felt with that show the energy was being sucked out in order to make it funny. Lady Castle doesn’t have that problem, but the show needs more moments like Dong-chan tearing up over her card or Hye-na brooding over Tae-yoon. Or Tae-yoon riding horses, preferably without a shirt. These are also the same writers who brought you Snow Queen, and when this show does tug at the heart, it works.

  47. 47 yumi-chan

    Yoon eun hye is doing a whole lot better, it’s prolly cause the drama has reached the “OH SO CUTE” stage. I can’t help but think Coffee Prince (because that was AWESOME SAUCE) but that scene where they are having a water reminded me of the “Hyung” scene where Han Kyul chases Eun Chan around his apartment, it was cute and yet a bit bittersweet.

  48. 48 jkl

    This episode is my favorite so far. Everything seemed to flow and kept the story in tract.

    Now as mentioned.. Lee Minho as a cameo would be an amazing addition to this drama. Here’s how I would’ve imagined it….

    GJP: Ya! Hyena! Quit laughing and get outta my house!
    KHN: How can I not laugh? Too bad for you. My family bought this mansion while you wasted 4 years in the US trying to straighten out your hair for that laundry girl!
    GJP: You think money can buy anything?
    KHN: Why, haven’t you learned your lesson? Your money isn’t even worth Jandi’s answer to your failed proposal.


    I wonder whose side should win..
    [off to my wishful thinking..]

  49. 49 belleza

    LOL @ jkl

    Kim Hae-Na vs. Jan Di? There’s only one way to solve that. X-MAN 2009 REUNION Special, with special appearances by Eric, Kim Jong-Kook and Chae Yeon.

  50. 50 Molly

    Oh wow, 48 jkl! I love it!

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