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Oh My Lady: Episode 14
by | May 10, 2010 | 47 Comments

This was the first episode that made me want to reach immediately for the next episode, and then feel bummed that it wasn’t available yet. (Although it will have aired by the time this recap is up.)

Let’s be honest, Oh! My Lady isn’t really a great drama and it doesn’t succeed on several levels like plot and characterization. So when dramatic tension arrives, though late, I’ll gladly take it.


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Yura sees Min-woo with his daughter and reacts in shock, quickly running out of the hotel. Min-woo gives chase her but doesn’t get to her in time, and returns home feeling bothered. He texts Kae-hwa not to worry about it, but of course she can’t help but feel anxious after the awkward encounter.

Jung-ah has decided that with the divorce in progress, it’s time for her to move out. While she has known that her marriage is over for a while, Shi-joon has taken it for granted and assumed they would continue living as they’ve been. Thus all these changes are coming at him fast, and it’s taking more of a toll than he lets on outwardly. Which, of course, is the entire problem — he never lets on what’s on the inside, which drives them apart even farther.

Shi-joon asks where she’s going and if she’s going with her man Ho-seok, and while we can surmise that she’s not, Jung-ah answers that this isn’t something that concerns him. (I don’t see her refusal to answer as spiteful; it’s a hurt response born of his constant indifference to her life.)

With the money she has saved from her day job and playing maid to Min-woo, Kae-hwa has enough to start looking into getting her own place. She still has to take out a small loan from Bok-nim for a deposit and is looking at the cheap end of the spectrum, but she’s happy to be moving forward and to be able to bring Min-ji back home.

She schedules a meeting with a realtor while at lunch, where Shi-joon also enters while talking on the phone. That means they’ve overheard each other’s conversations, so Shi-joon asks if Min-woo knows she’s moving out. She explains that she hasn’t told him yet, but will once she finds a place.

Knowing that rental deposits are pretty hefty, Shi-joon offers to help. Kae-hwa turns him down, as she wants to bring Min-ji home on her own abilities.

She admits that she overheard his conversation as well — it was about legal paperwork — and Shi-joon confirms that he received divorce papers. His wife moved out, and he couldn’t insist that she tell him where she was going or with whom: “Because I’ve always been indifferent, I wondered if I had that right.” To be honest, he also felt it would have made him too pathetic to ask, although he was curious.

Shi-joon offers Kae-hwa a ride after lunch, and accompanies her to see new apartments. Kae-hwa’s eager to see the good points about them, but pragmatic Shi-joon notices the little things that may be important later. After taking a look at several options, Kae-hwa finds a small but clean apartment that suits her, and they sign the contract.

Min-woo is on his way out of the studio after practicing his solo (the big one, which Shi-joon advised him to pay particular attention to) when Kae-hwa calls. He drives to the park where she’s waiting, and laughs to see her all wrapped up in a scarf to deflect attention (which he points out just draws attention).

She asks him to pack up the rest of her and Ye-eun’s belongings from his place. He suggests that they continue staying at the hotel for a month, but Kae-hwa finds hotel living to be uncomfortable (not to mention costly), and proposes that it’s time for her to get her own place. Crafty Kae-hwa knows that offering up the idea first is more likely to get Min-woo to agree — this is really just a formality to get his approval — and Min-woo finds the idea favorable. However, as soon as he offers to find a place for her, she adds, “I already found a place.”

Immediately, Min-woo is miffed. I’m not even sure if he knows the full reason for his pissy reaction (and it IS pissy, which is hilarious) other than the obvious one that she acted without telling him. Kae-hwa tries to smooth things over, saying she is eager to bring Min-ji home — is he reacting this way because he sad she’s leaving so quickly?

Min-woo tells himself that this is a good thing, and he’ll be happy to return to happy bachelorhood. He almost even sounds like he means it.

When Kae-hwa picks up Ye-eun from her day care/school to go shopping for household items, she remains unaware that she is being watched by Yoon-seok. Parked at a distance, he has been observing Ye-eun’s daily routine, trying to figure out how to snatch the girl without the pesky ajumma interfering.

After the shopping trip, Kae-hwa goes to her new apartment where she finds Shi-joon arriving with tools and a cake to welcome her to her new home. He has come to help her move in, and installs basic things like blinds and nails things into walls for her. (Which is sweet of him and all, but one can’t help but think that if he put just a fraction of that attentiveness into his own marriage, which should really be more important to him, he’d be a lot better off. But you also get the sense that Shi-joon sorta-maybe likes being the martyr. I don’t mean he enjoys being cuckolded, but you’d almost think he wants to wallow in being the victim rather than doing anything proactive about the situation.)

Shi-joon is so good with Ye-eun that Kae-hwa is surprised, and tells him so. He confides that he’d once almost been a father, but lost the chance. It’s a story of the miscarriage that she has already heard from Jung-ah, and now she hears it from Shi-joon’s perspective. He’d felt very sorry to his wife, who lost the baby after overworking herself on his project, which was their first big production. He had felt ashamed for not being able to protect his wife.

Kae-hwa admits that she has heard this story before, but that Jung-ah described it differently. She had blamed herself for the loss and felt — and still feels — sorry to Shi-joon. Judging from his words, he must not have known this.

Byung-hak drops Min-ji off and tells her to be good to her mom. Just when I think he’s being a nice guy, he adds that if there are any strange men hanging around, be sure to tell Dad! Min-ji finds this double standard odd, and asks why it’s wrong for Mom to meet men. Byung-hak tries to explain that Mom and Dad are in different situations, but Min-ji doesn’t see it, and Dad has trouble making sense (because it doesn’t make sense, natch). Ha! Smart girl.

Byung-hak tries to prod Kae-hwa for gossip, and scoffs that she must not be dating Min-woo. If she were, he wouldn’t let her move to such a tiny place — he’d have gotten her a much nicer one, right? Now that Byung-hak has convinced himself he’s right, he’s got his air of superiority back and Kae-hwa doesn’t even bother arguing with him. Let him think whatever he wants.

As Byung-hak drives away, another car heads toward the apartment building, and the narrow street doesn’t permit both cars to pass at the same time. In a generous mood, Byung-hak backs up to let the other car go first, and raises a polite hand to the driver… whom he recognizes to be Min-woo. Surely… he’s not here… to see Kae-hwa?!

I love Min-woo’s reaction upon arriving at Kae-hwa’s new apartment. He has to hide his displeasure at seeing Shi-joon there, and makes a point to call Ye-eun over to himself (as she is currently sitting on Shi-joon’s lap, being fed cake).

Shi-joon gets up to leave, and Kae-hwa sees him out, leaving Min-woo inside with the girls. He says hi to Min-ji and asks what she thinks of him in person, expecting some admiration. Min-ji doesn’t quite disdain him, but she answers, “You look better in pictures.” (The courtesy compliment is supposed to be, “You look even better in real life.”)

As Min-woo steps out to retrieve Ye-eun’s teddy bears from his car, he sees Kae-hwa saying goodbye to Shi-joon warmly, which makes him grumble that the man’s got nothing better to do with his time.

Min-woo’s attitude in this scene is a mix of disgruntlement (provoked by Shi-joon’s presence) and pity/sorriness for Kae-hwa’s stark new apartment. (It’s not a shabby place, but it’s very plain and humble, especially in contrast to his place.) He tells her again that if she’d told him her plans ahead of time, he would have found her a better place — but he smiles at Kae-hwa’s pluck when she tells him that he still has to pay her half her salary because she’s still taking care of Ye-eun.

After eating dinner, Min-woo complains at the lack of beverages and tells Kae-hwa to get him some. (He’s not really complaining because he wants the drink, but he has learned that complaining is the easiest way — and least damaging to his pride — of initiating conversation with Kae-hwa. Of course, she doesn’t see this and just takes him at his word.) So Kae-hwa offers to step out to buy the drinks, but Min-ji shoots a sharp look at Min-woo, who mumbles a retraction. Big Star just got outmaneuvered by a 9-year-old! Even Kae-hwa has to smile at this.

It’s getting late so Kae-hwa asks if he’s going to go home. Instead, Min-woo offers to help get her settled in. Too bad the excuse doesn’t work, since Shi-joon has already helped and left there’s nothing left for him to do.

Lacking a good excuse to stay, Min-woo gets up to leave, grumbling at Kae-hwa’s perfunctory goodbye and how she was so much more solicitous to Shi-joon. Heh.

Arriving home, Min-woo sits back in his spacious apartment, saying, “It’s big… and quiet… and nice.” But his expression says otherwise, and he takes a look at the paper origami animals on his shelf, the only sign that Kae-hwa and Ye-eun were ever here.

In contrast, Kae-hwa settles in to sleep with a smile, nestled between the two girls.

In the morning, Min-woo comes out of his room yawning and asking for coffee per his usual routine before remembering that he lives alone now. Bored, he calls Kae-hwa, but she’s busy getting her day going and hangs up quickly. He gripes that it sounds like they’re all having fun without him.

A bit later, Min-woo calls again to ask where his new white shirt is, all the while holding it in his hand. She answers in a polite tone — she’s taking the call at work and pretending he’s a business contact — and brushes him off yet again.

Byung-hak, insecure about Kae-hwa dating Min-woo after all, strolls in to the office intent on more posturing. Again he uses the investment as a bargaining chip while admonishing Shi-joon for being so lax about his star dating his employee and blah blah blah.

However, Shi-joon has been busy shoring up new contacts, so he tells Byung-hak to go ahead. Perhaps the concerned investor had better put his money to projects with less problematic employees? Byung-hak hadn’t expected for anyone to call his bluff, but now he’s forced to agree.

Shi-joon comes up to Kae-hwa while she’s sighing in satisfaction — she admits that childish as it was, she’d wished for this kind of revenge.

What’s nice about this relationship is that although they could have pushed the romantic angle, they’ve chosen not to. It’s more enjoyable seeing these two as confidants and colleagues. Shi-joon solidifies this angle by suggesting that he and Kae-hwa officially be friends. (This is reminiscent of one of my favorite aspects about Dal Ja’s Spring, even if this an extremely watered-down version of that.)

Shi-joon watches Min-woo in rehearsal, and while he praises him for being much improved, he also says he’s still got a long way to go. Considering that a lot of things have happened in Min-woo’s life recently, Shi-joon advises him to use them to help his acting.

Min-woo accepts the advice, albeit grudgingly, but has a question of his own to ask — isn’t Shi-joon crossing the line with Kae-hwa? He’s married, and even if Shi-joon is right about just wanting friendship, Kae-hwa is naive enough to misunderstand his friendly impulse for something else.

Shi-joon wonders why this is a matter of concern to him, which prompts Min-woo to think fast to come up with the excuse that it’s because of Ye-eun — he has to make sure that Kae-hwa isn’t distracted with other things while caring for his kid.

Shi-joon finds Min-woo’s behavior amusing, but his mood takes a nosedive when he comes face to face with Jung-ah’s man Ho-seok, who tells him he’s leaving for the U.S. Ho-seok admits that he’d asked Jung-ah to go with him, but she said no, and says that she still cares for Shi-joon.

Shi-joon bristles; he finds Ho-seok’s approach inappropriate and a bit rude. Ho-seok answers that he wanted to say this before he left, but that Jung-ah isn’t accepting his calls.

To Kae-hwa’s surprise, Yura says she won’t ask for an explanation about the child (since she already knows it). But she does have a request — she wants to become friendly with Ye-eun. Kae-hwa had expected Yura to be shocked, but Yura (wanting to earn points with Min-woo) answers that she likes kids. Therefore she offers to take Ye-eun tonight for a fun day together, all on her own. Kae-hwa’s a little skeptical over whether she can handle this alone, but Yura brims with confidence, annoyed at Kae-hwa’s constant stream of nervous advice.

When she picks up Ye-eun from school, little does she know that Yoon-seok is putting his plan into motion today — he instructs one goon to take care of the ajumma, and the other to grab the kid. He’s surprised to see Yura instead of Kae-hwa, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Min-woo receives an international delivery and opens the box to find baby things inside, sent from Yeon-hee. Included is a note saying that she hopes Ye-eun has better fortune with her father than she had with her mother.

Min-woo smiles as he rifles through the items — baby toys, photos, sonograms. It’s obvious that despite Yeon-hee dumping the child off with Min-woo, she did love her. However, her decision is final, and the letter signs off with a request for Min-woo to stop trying to find her.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Yura takes Ye-eun shopping at a department store as her idea of fun bonding. She dresses the girl up in different outfits and gives her a Pretty Woman montage, while Yoon-seok and his two thugs keep an eye on them from a distance.

Ye-eun tugs on Yura’s hand, trying to signal that she needs something — the bathroom — but Yura doesn’t get the hint and is distracted by her own desire to shop. Declaring that it’s time for her to try on clothes, she slips into the fitting room assuming that the girl will wait. However, Ye-eun can’t hold it and wanders off in search of the bathroom.

Even after discovering that the girl has gotten lost, Yura isn’t terribly worried and has the store relay the message over the P.A. Yoon-seok hears the announcement about the lost girl and races to Yura to demand how she lost track of Ye-eun. He orders his men to find her asap.

At the end of her workday, Kae-hwa calls Yura to check in and hears the bad news. Shi-joon sees her frantic response and gives her a ride to the department store.

Her hurried departure goes noted by Reporter Han, who has been keeping an eye on the office from his car. Smelling a story, he follows Shi-joon’s car to the store, where Kae-hwa and Shi-joon split up to make a sweep of the store. Not finding her, they reconvene at the information booth, where a now-worried Yura (took her long enough to care!) meets them.

Kae-hwa also calls to inform Min-woo, who races to meet them at the store. His response is particularly emotional given that he has just spent the afternoon flipping through Ye-eun’s baby items, his heart softening toward her even more.

Once he arrives, he’s too intent on his concerns to care about the curious looks his presence garners from the shoppers.

Min-woo asks the clerk at the information desk for the search status, and the man politely replies that they’re looking. Mi-woo’s frustration boils over and he yells at the employee, insisting that they find her immediately.

Yura tries to suggest gently that he wait in the car, but he shoves her arm aside sharply, then tries to get his temper under control. More calmly, he turns back to the employee and tells the man that the child cannot speak and requests that he try harder to find her. The employee is trained well enough to agree politely, but he’s a little miffed at being yelled at and asks what Min-woo’s relation is.

Not caring about the crowd watching curiously, Min-woo answers, “She’s my daughter.”


I haven’t been too critical about this drama because it was apparent from the start what it was, and I’ve generally been from the Ebert school of thought of valuing something for what it is rather than comparing it unfavorably to something of a different character and different intent. So that means that as an unchallenging, cute, and amusing drama that doesn’t try to be ambitious, it’s managed to hold my interest.

But let’s get a bit critical for a moment, especially since this episode brought out a few issues that have been niggling at me. Perhaps this drama is trying to purposely not do what we think it will by going against our expectations for the plot, but it seems to me that it is consistently letting prime opportunities for conflict slip between its fingers. And note that I’m not equating conflict with angst; I mean conflict as a storytelling tool, the thing that drives a narrative.

For instance, as I mentioned in the previous episode, Yura finds Min-woo in the hotel room AFTER she finds out about Ye-eun. That means that her momentary shock actually has no lasting effect, and she accepts the idea of Min-woo having a child very quickly. Then there’s the fact that Min-woo has never even developed feelings for Yura, which makes the romantic angle to this drama fall really flat (and that doesn’t even include the non-romance with Kae-hwa, which is its own issue). There’s no dramatic tension about Min-woo’s relationship with Yura, and therefore there’s no fallout from the Ye-eun reveal because we don’t care if Yura doesn’t accept her. Now, if they actually had a decent connection, immediately we get an extra layer of meaning underlying everything that adds to the suspense.

Then Yoon-seok plans this sinister kidnapping, which is problematic on a few levels. First of all, Min-woo’s already told him to go screw himself and that he won’t be renewing the contract, even though Yoon-seok threatened him with the DNA results. So using Ye-eun as leverage has already lost its punch. He spies on Ye-eun’s school for several days and then he follows Yura to the department store, which would have been a prime opportunity to actually steal her away. But no, he doesn’t do that, either.

Reporter Han is a constant hovering presence, but he actually poses little threat. (You’re Beautiful‘s version was a little more successful, even though the reporter was just as annoying.) There have been numerous ways for him to have gotten in there and caused trouble for our characters, but in the end he’s pretty inept. And even in this episode, what’s the purpose of him being at the department store to score a big scoop when Min-woo makes his announcement IN PUBLIC?

It’s like every chance this drama gets to increase the suspense, it actually goes and LOWERS its own stakes. I don’t mean that in all these instances the drama should have gone for the obvious plot twist, but these are examples where the drama has virtually undone all its own plot coils and solved them before they even had a chance to pose problems. It’s so good-natured that there are no real bad results to anything, nobody really gets hurt, and nobody’s ever in danger of anything. As a result, we get very little drama.

Which is why it’s a good thing that the three main characters (Min-woo, Ye-eun, Kae-hwa) are fun to watch, because otherwise there’s nothing to actually care about.


47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. oh! tht! chick!

    ep was so-so….but loool at min ji!!! u go girl!! min woo is gonna get his ass handed to him on a plate by this girl in the future ( if there is one?) methinks!

  2. blue...

    yeah this ep was so so but at least the ending was a cliffhanger. its sasd that there is barely any development btwn the two main characters and only two eps left. =(

  3. Kelela

    LOVE that you mention Ebert. He’s so right when it comes to being critical on something. Don’t make it out bigger than it is.

    Love this series. It doesn’t try too hard and it has those cute moments by people we enjoy.

    Thanks for the recap.

  4. lili

    Thanks for the recap JB! My favorite scenes are Min-ji putting Min-woo in his place, and Ye-eun’s “Pretty Woman montage”. Go girls!

  5. HoNeY*B

    yeah…I kind of agree with you

    some scenes didn’t get done but just gone away

    but yeah…it doesn’t drive me to hold my breathe like other highly dramatic dramas

    and yes…that’s good for me as I don’t need any serious drama for now

    this is just a realxing drama though

    and I do enjoy it for the a simply drama

  6. jojo

    Javabeans… Thanks for the recap. I agree with all your criticisms. It seems to me that the writers threw all these things in the mix in case they wanted to extend the series. When it wasn’t extended, have to tie up all loose ends fast!

  7. heejung

    i actually kind of enjoy the lack of dramatic! scenes, since i never liked the tension anyway, haha. and i think the drama wouldn’t have enough time to play them out in the last week. but i really would have liked to see the minwoo-kaehwa romance play out more. it seems like nothing has really happened aside from that drunken kiss from way back when. sadface…

  8. mimi

    It was so cute how Min-Woo called Ye-Eun over to him when he arrived at Kae-Hwa’s new place.
    … Now I’m just waiting for 3 things: 1) For Ye-Eun (or Min-woo) to call him “appa” (Daddy) 2.) For Ye-Eun to speak! 3.) Lastly, for that kiss between the leads from the romance that kind of was… sort of?

  9. Emi

    Even with all its failings, I really like this series. The leads do carry it. However, I wonder what is going on with this non-romance with Kae-hwa. It’s obvious that he has developed feelings for her (and his daughter) but so far, other than a little bit of confusion back when he kissed her many episodes ago, there has been no indication at all on her part that she sees him as a romantic interest. I really wonder where tehy are going to go with this. Will the series end with them as good friends? dating? married? separated-but-better-for-having-known-each-other? I really have no idea.

  10. 10 animedork101

    YAY! I enjoyed the recap. I think what makes this drama enjoyable for me is that there’s not much “drama” there, as you say it is lacking. I think I’ve seen too much dramas with too much “drama” that I find it refreshing to take it slow with OML. But, we all know come Wednesday and Thursday, Eun-jo and the gang are just going to give us enough of an emotional ride to last us until next week…

    My only issue with this drama is that I really want to know what emotional trauma Ye-eun went through that caused her to lose her speech. I know her mom left her, and I get that she understands this (or understands that her mother is no longer around). But in this instance, I WANT TO KNOW, even if we do get a bit more of a “drama” out of it. I hope they give us an answer come the end of the last two episodes, or I’ll have to take issue with the writers…. Yeah, talk about dramatic!

  11. 11 umalily

    I love jealous Min-woo! or Lonely Min-woo!

  12. 12 JAM

    appreciate your comments at the end, JB, you’ve hit the nail on the head again! 😀

  13. 13 reluctantbutaddicted

    Thank you! You’re right (and Ebert is) this is what it is and no more than that, and thank goodness for the angst relief… but it isn’t all it could be and that is a shame. Sloppy writing and some poor casting in the supporting cast… Still, it’s fun and I’m enjoying it (although until a few days ago I was under the impression it would run 20 episodes, so I wasn’t very worried about the lack of romance between the leads, now I’m a little concerned).

  14. 14 giddygirl108

    Love your analysis of the drama at the very end. It makes me really think about how something can be constructed as “suspenseful” and full of “drama”. In the end, it’s the commitment of the viewers to the characters as well as meaningful relationships, which I really dig b/c those aspects are what define reality too.

  15. 15 momosa

    Love this light drama. My favorite scene is when Minwoo met with Kaehwa in the park. He was swinging his legs like a little guy meeting up with his first date, ooh, so cute. Second favorite scene was when Minji gave the glare. These two scenes had me smiling all day.

  16. 16 aX

    Sad to hear that you’ve said that this Kdrama isn’t so great because it was in my NEXT on the list to watch. Of course I am also eagerly awaiting PERSONAL TASTE & CINDERELLA SISTER but I was actually wanting to start watching this now rather than later.

    Now, I’m contemplating whether or not I should watch it… I may just as well anyway but I’m still wondering how many episodes this Kdrama will end up having. Is it 16 episodes or more?

  17. 17 chajjye

    i agree. this epi felt like a disconnect actually from epi13. i mean, in epi 13 he was like so tender towards kaehwa and then suddenly he’s back to his shallow obnoxious self…but maybe because he’s just pissy.


    and for that, i’ll stuff that dissatisfaction down.

    it’s a flawed drama, but if it weren’t for the trio, i’d wouldn’t have started. siwon and yubin are just darlings. 😀

    now i really dont know how are they gonna develop that romance in the last 2 epis. it just feels like oh my lady is how kaehwa influenced everyone and changed the world or some sort instead of a proper…oh my lady.

    i almost wanted to say that they should change this drama name to oh my minwoo-ssi or oh my top star. LOL.

    i see drama in ep15. oh my. are we gonna have a reconciliation and stuff. now..please work on the romance! 😛

  18. 18 marni

    Okay, no spoilers from me but wait till you see how he finds the little girl in the department store, made me cry instantly. The thing that really annoys me about this drama is that Chae Rim is too cute to be ajumma. I know she’s trying to look tacky and the way speaks is supposed to be ajumma like but she is just too cute. All she needs is a make over and I’m hoping that she’ll get a makeover in the last episode.

  19. 19 dannaluk

    i loved this episode…this drama isnt the best…bt ive decided to focus on the things i like..like choi si won…

  20. 20 Emi

    BTW, who is that guy who plays the security guard at Min-woo’s building? He is really cute 😀 I’d like to see him in his own show…

  21. 21 babysnatcher

    Thanks for the great recap! I’ve enjoyed this drama despite its failings and I’m really glad to see you sticking with it to its rapidly encroaching end. The chemistry between the leads is not quite believable, but I’ve started to think of this series as more the story of Min Woo’s growth than as a standard romance. The interactions between Kae Hwa, Ye Eun, and Min Woo are so enjoyable. I know they’re going to try to cram in a happy conclusion for our couple (possibly by means of that kdrama staple, the epilogue), but I’d be perfectly content to have the series end with just the promising start to a new relationship.

  22. 22 estel

    I actually kind of like the lack of romantic feelings on Kae-hwa’s part. We’ve seen it in Min-woo (and it’s so cute! especially since he has doesn’t really understand why he’s so upset), but there’s a noticeable lack of jealousy on Kae-hwa’s part. I present as evidence all the events of this episode and the last one: I mean, Kae-hwa even gives Yura advice about Min-woo, and her main concern when Yura sees them in the hotel room is that the Min-woo/Yura relationship might end. I think it’s pretty true to her character, because up to the events in this episode, Min-woo has been acting like a spoiled little boy, and what awesome ahjumma like Kae-hwa is going to find that attractive? When he starts to really grow up and mature, then she’ll fall for him. The only problem I have with that is that there’s only two episodes for things to develop on her part; I was under the impression there would be twenty, and that would have worked out great, but now I’m a little worried about how they’re going to bring her around so fast.

  23. 23 ILOVEYOU

    haha. agree.

  24. 24 CW

    “Which is why it’s a good thing that the three main characters (Min-woo, Ye-eun, Kae-hwa) are fun to watch, because otherwise there’s nothing to actually care about.”

    You speak the truth.

  25. 25 Sukispop

    JB, thanks for the great recap! I agree with all of your critical points, and I also agree that this drama was apparently never meant to present great conflicts or heavily angst filled moments. It’s kind of a lite romcom drama…just a fun and breezy lightweight romantic comedy to make us laugh a bit and feel good. What angst it does serve us is so mild that it doesn’t stir any anxious feelings within us. If I was having a really rough week at work, I would especially appreciate the bitter-free nature of this series.

    But…with all that said…if they don’t somehow get Min-woo and Kae-hwa coupled off in romantic bliss in these final episodes to come…I’m going to be profoundly disappointed!

    In contrast to this ultra lite romcom, which I am still enjoying quite a bit, I’m thrilled at how solidly good the storyline of Prosecutor Princess has been…especially with the recent developments. Plenty to bite into, with a great element of fun…and Kim So-yeon has been superb imho. Personal Taste has been a super fun ride as well, with a top notch main cast.

  26. 26 Anonymous

    Thanks! We’re almost there. It was a slow, undemanding yet fun ride. Credit to Minwoo, Kaehwa and Yeeun!

  27. 27 koreanpsyche

    i almost died laughing when Min Ji gave Min Woo THAT look!
    what i love about this series is the fact that it is a feel-good series through and through…no pressure on the viewers, just pure joy and entertainment…

    i love the whole cast…and hey, i still hope to see my happy-ever-after!

  28. 28 epyc

    JB, fully agree with your assessment of OML. It has been quite an ongoing frustration that they bring each episode to some sort of climax/cliffhanger but then the next episode begins with something else. It is this building and then collapsing over and over again. Nonetheless….

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this drama. After 5 years of kdrama watching, I guess I’m tired of dramatics which, unless exquisitely done, can be testing. PT is a case in point. Of course, this goes down to what dramas mean to you and you may have different ratings for different type of dramas. This is why I like JB’s “How you like it” vs “How you rate it’ rating. A best piece of work may not be as enjoyable as a mundane one.

    OML is easy and fun to watch, and owes its charm to the two leads plus the little girl playing YE. On my ‘How you like it’ scale, it is my top favorite for 2010 so far, and I can’t get enough of the scenes of the three of them.

    Lastly, Ep 15 last night was sensational. I am glad that this drama at least has one episode that it can be proud of. All the plot points are now pulled together quite naturally and magically – even for that long-awaited romance we’ve been edging to see happen from Ep 1. Really exceed my expectation. I guess this drama at least succeeds at one level in that the characers groundwork is solidly done and the development in Ep 15 then does not come off as rushed. And Choi Si-won’s acting is a revelation especially in this episode. Just love, love it. How sad it is that we have only one more episode?!

  29. 29 marbleloaf

    i feel like this episode really set the pace…i watched today’s episode and im sad that there’s only one epi left! choi shiwon really held his own!

  30. 30 MEL888

    Anticipation…..for your recaps and of course the last 2 episodes of this drama led my whole weekend, this addiction just is heck on my face (huge eyebags) and health (big headache from no sleep am so sluggish today!!!)…. At work last night, I kept going back and forth from here to Soompi for any spoilers, updates, recaps…etc. and it was worth the wait…!!!

    OK, OML is safe, with little angst…minor conflicts yes, but I think that’s where the attraction to this kdrama is. There’s so much “awfulness and uncertainty” in the world out there that having this safe haven of a drama to escape to is so wonderful. It’s kind of like that old, worn out, full of holes house robe that you still wear because it’s so comfortable–you just can’t let it go. This is one drama I will never tire of…. I will re-watch and re-watch it forever, yes, because I’m a huge Chae Rim fan and also of gorgeous Si Won–what a god and his acting is getting so much better.

    This episode still did not give what everyone wanted, more on the MW and GH/KH relationship. The arrival of the international package cemented MW’s affection for his daughter and also opened the door wide for the potential MW-GW relationship. The children gave the drive-impetus for our two main leads in their developing relationship and provision of a better future. These two children were just wonderful weren’t they?

    Like you said JB, this was Choi Si Won’s show, he’s quite brave to take on the secret father in love with an ajumma role in this his first lead. Yeah, that body just does not hurt this safe haven of a drama. All that eye candy in the first few episodes was the bait–we took it hook, line and sinker!!! We missed not having it shown in the later episodes, but it’s okey.. just watching that handsome face was enough including the gestures and Shi-brows. Hope he’ll have more roles, hopefully more substantial in future dramas and Chae Rim also. I’ve really enjoyed watching them and though this show was slow to develop their relationship, it was quite worth the wait.

    Okey, I’ll stop with the redundant talk….. Thanks again JB for recapping all the episodes… A big prize for us who follow you and have enjoyed OML more because of your take on all the episodes. Which drama will you recap next?

  31. 31 Porcelain

    Thanks for the recap… despite the lack of “dramatic” in the drama ( I dun make heck sense!)… I am loving this for all its simpleness and cuteness… It doesnt reinvent anything but I just love how the story flow and yeah biggest draw of the drama is the 2 adorable leads – Siwon and Chae Rim and 2 bb girls…

    I agree some part concerning Yura is lopsided, that I sometimes even wonder if her character was necessary but I guess she is a necessary tool to “catalyst’ events to move forward.

    Like Min Woo chase her to the lobby that its?
    I wonder if Min Woo actually really bothers enough to want to actually explain to her or seeing is believing and Min Woo all like “ok, since she saw it anyway… ”
    She is not angry and is able to accept he have a child so easily?

    Siwon is working his goofiness this episode like he was in Hyang Dan… the part where he finds Gae Hwa at the pavillion and remove her scarf was hilarious and his funny sageuk swordfighting running style…

    And his giant plastic bib and toothpick in mouth look after eating jajangmyun is hilarious… and to be given disapproving look by Minji… ooh I love gutsy Gae Hwa mini-me!

    Also Yura frustrated me a lot when she loses Ye Eun and being so nonchalant like “oh its broadcasted!” WHAT WOMAN?! You wanna win over a guy and u loses his bb girl? And when she act all “nervous”… my goodness… that is so calling for a slap… While the manager’s true intention… hmm… I have no idea if he really want to kidnap Ye Eun, but dun think he have anything againts Min Woo since he announce in public that is his bb!

    That said I am so excited for the last 2 eps!

  32. 32 sleeplessinwgtn

    Min-woos admission of Ye-un being his daughter really made this episode stand! Even better that the MW-GW kiss that everyone’s been waiting for.

    I guess the motherly instinct in all the female viewers surpass their romantic cravings that we fell in love even more with MW even if he declared his love for his daughter (by his admission) before he did of his love for GW.

    We just love men who love their kids because us, women, are mothers first before lovers to our partners.

    I also like the fact that it does not introduce too much angst, have enough of that in PP, which I just started watching. Love that, too, for the mystery and the angst between the 2 leads. Anyway, that’s for another forum.

    Thanks jb.

  33. 33 hahaha

    i wish we also saw more of kae hwa’s progress in really falling for min woo,. because the romantic development and depth of investment is mostly seen from min woo’s angle…

    also, i agree, “you’re beautiful”‘s version of reporter han was better, more succesful in his plots and way more annoying, but he’s currently occupied being the annoying secretary to scarface/chang ryul on Personal Tase. lololol!

  34. 34 lina

    To be honest, I don’t really see Kae-hwa has any romantic feelings towards Min-woo and it’s already episode 14 (only 2 more to go), so I’m not even sure Kae-hwa and Min-woo will end up together romantically. I know that it’s obvious from the start that the two would end up together, but as things are right now, I can’t imagine Kae-hwa liking Min-woo in a romantic way.

  35. 35 firsttimenewbie

    To add on to others what others have said, in that I really like the lightness of this drama, I just have to say:

    All the other possible twists the storyline could’ve taken, I’m all for. But I am damn glad MinWoo was never really invested in Yoora.

    You have no idea how much it pleased me that since the beginning, it was almost always (or is it always) Yoora making first contact. And except for his recommendation that they go to the musical together, all their activities have been facilitated by her as well. He suggested shopping, but that was in response to her suggestion of the trip.

    And then how ever since episode 11, his loss of puppy dog eyes, his slow lack of interest, just sitting there and listening but not really all that excited, etc. That was a thing of beauty.

    And even her finding him with Ye Eun. He’s not all that worried about her and their possible relationship to call her. Not that he had called her any of the other times he did something that needed an explanation. I think his chasing her was more of reflex, and more about possible consequences in other ways–than the affect it would have on their relationship, which he had already broken off.

    So Yoora finding out being irrelevant? Yeah, cause she is pretty much irrelevant. Hee! I don’t think I could’ve loved this drama if he were seriously invested in her.

  36. 36 firsttimenewbie


    Yoora in ep 15 made me soften a little bit towards her. It was done in a nice way. I didn’t hate her and want to laugh at her and slap her as much. But I still did laugh (at her, not with her) in two instances, and she still displayed her Yoora-like qualities.

    Nice job, show.

  37. 37 tamu

    thanks JB…

    definitely if not for chae rim – choi siwon – kim yoo bin… this drama is no fun to watch..

    thanks JB for recapping the whole episodes….

  38. 38 Sobia

    Rationally, I know this show is not perfect, but for some reason, to me, it FELT perfect. I was always so wrapped up emotionally in what was going on that I couldn’t even think about things from a critical perspective. =-) I am not really sure why I had this emotional engagement so early on, but I think a big reason was that I totally fell for the Minwoo character from the beginning and thought he was so interesting, very different from the usual kdrama hero. Most kdrama guys are cool, and cold, but have some deep trauma that explains away their bad personalities, and deep down have hearts of gold just waiting to be melted by the warm-hearted heroine. But Minwoo, while displaying some signs of being a nice guy, was also legitimately, honestly flawed. Like, so flawed, at times you were worried that he would do something as horrible as abandon a small child out of selfishness and the desire for self-preservation…

    Imo, this drama has been truly impressive in developing the Minwoo character from spoiled brat to loving father in a way that rings true at every step. Ep 14 shows how far he has come — finally, he is willing to sacrifice all for the love of his daughter– but at the same time, we saw the long journey that brought him to this huge moment, so this turn of events doesn’t feel rushed or unrealistic at all. Minwoo has really, honestly grown. Unlike most kdrama heroes, who only need to be defrosted, he has had to make huge changes before he could even become worthy of being with the women he love. But, after 14 episodes of this show, Minwoo has rose to the challenge– I can’t think of a single kdrama hero I’ve encountered who has changed so much and who has had so much life and soul to him.

    I think part of the frustrating aspect of the show is that we all expected a typical romance, but instead got a simpler story focused on one character’s development. Elements that are usually important in a romance-oriented drama were less important here (like the role of the second leads as romantic rivals, etc), and moments that would otherwise be big and momentous — like Minwoo telling the reporters that he and KH were in a relationship — felt flat, or lacked a certain tension. Really, they distracted us from the fact that the main conflict– whether Minwoo would ever develop the courage to acknowledge his daughter and really mature into a person capable of selfless action — was all interior. in a weird way, Ye-eun has been a more important antagonist than the prying journalist, the scheming manager, or Shijoon (to the extent that he is a romantic rival) because at any moment, the revelation of her identity threatens to topple Minwoo’s career and self-centered existence. It’s only when he really begins to love her that this “threat” is removed — because Minwoo decides he would rather be a good parent to her than a selfish playboy who lives only for himself. In the end, it all comes down to Minwoo’s choices and what kind of a life he wants to lead. Thanks to KH and Ye-eun, Minwoo realizes that he doesn’t really want the self-centered existence he had thought he wanted.

    I love the themes at work in OML, and I loved the characters, and I really feel it was all executed well (at least up to the most recent episode I’ve seen, # 15). I remember watching the first few episodes thinking, for a romantic comedy, this is neither romantic nor comedic! But the show has really gotten into a groove by the end where it’s both, and I think that’s because it did a fantastic job in laying the groundwork for its ending.

  39. 39 yhunchan

    thx for da recap…….so thx…coz cant find da dvd this tym at my place….i like this drama and cant wait until da final episode… rili love especially when da little girls act…..so cute…^^

  40. 40 Helena

    Thank you so much for the recaps! Even if the drama hasn’t much about it concerning plot, dramatic development or intricate characters, it’s funny and light- kind of perfect summertime comedy. I can’t see Kae Hwa changing suddenly her atitude and falling for Min woo. I’m really curious about the end. And last but not least, Min ji is a doll!

  41. 41 diadda

    I think I hold this drama in a higher regard because it doesn’t pander to drama for drama’s sake. Yes it could add more intense situations. but the character change of Minwoo is the plot and the point. He is shallow and so are all of his relationships until he forced to have a daughter. That is really all there is. If anything else is given importance or weight besides that new bond, I think the show would loose direction. It could have been written tighter, the reporter is completely pointless in every scene. And the manager and the faux girlfriend could have been one character instead of two. Aside from that, I would say this is very enjoyable. I want it to continue so we can get the to love relationship next. which would be a second season really. Unfortunately it looks like they are going to force that relationship entirely into the last episode.

  42. 42 Marres

    I find that i am very much enjoying the cruising pace of this show, no major tear jerkers or OMG moments, no really baddy bad bad bad characters or secret of all secrets kept secrets……so i’m very much enjoying the change of pace. And your right, the main characters are pretty darn good!

    Thanks for the recap!

  43. 43 a_fan

    I have fun watching this drama. Like the others here, I find it refreshing to watch a Korean drama free from hysterics and unbelievable plots. That’s why I am steering away from Cinderella’s Sister. I would have liked to watch CJ Myung!

    Although Chae Rim is dressed weirdly (I have no idea how ajuhmmas now look in Korea), she still looked adorable. Also, Choi Siwon is much better dressed and looks hotter than Lee Min Ho. I say Personal Taste is another sylist’s victim, just like My Girl and Secret Lovers.

  44. 44 sajor

    “valuing things for what they are”
    true, with that, in retrospect, i did enjoy this drama,

  45. 45 babysnatcher

    @ 38 Sobia- agreed!

    On a side note, it strikes me that Min Woo is the one of the few kdrama heroes whose family background (his mother, his father, his upbringing) have not been mentioned at all! I find this very refreshing!

  46. 46 mmmaggie

    I totally agree with you, javabeans, but at the same time, I’m sort of glad all those other possible plot lines fell flat because it would have taken screen time away from Kae-hwa and Min-woo.

    By the way, I love that you screencapped Min-woo’s thumbs up to Byung-hak. LMAO, who does that??? So funny and adorable!

  47. 47 Basuha

    Let’s be honesty, Oh My Lady is not a great drama but it a good drama, it stable and charming. It don’t play with you emotions like Cinderella Sister or Don’t Hesitate. I wonder why they didn’t put more into Kae-hwa feeling for Min Woo but then it hit me, do they really need too? Please, if that Lady don’t jump on that then she a fool, love may be just starting but you can’t tell me it wasn’t instant LUST! Min Woo have all the characteristic that Lust is build on, confidence,sexiness, caring, smart, weak, strong did I say sexy!!!!!!!!!! and dammit those dimples that have you praying to GOD that in your next live come back as his cheeks…….Nope I don’t need to see Kae-hwa feeling for Min Woo that a giving, but kae-hwa fashion sense and her older then old personality I had to see her charm through Min Woo eyes and after that flower blouse she had on in the last episode made me think Min Woo close your EYES!!!!!!!LOLLOLLOLLOL stylist, hairdresser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it!

    side note: I have to say that Cham rim once again disappointment me in her kiss scene, they should have walk over to the set of Personal Taste and got a clue on how it done properly!!

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