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I Am Legend: Episode 10
by | September 5, 2010 | 40 Comments

And we’re back to the plot heavy episodes. There is less movement on the band front, and more on the drama front. I knew I was getting spoiled with the moments in episode 9! Episode 10 marks the appearance of Jun Seol Hee – the Korean Erin Brockovich.

Face off time – Tae Hyun tells Ji Wook off for coming to see Seol Hee when she’s just trying to take back control of her life. He wants Ji Wook to back off, but the tables are turned on him: isn’t he being by Seol Hee’s side only because of Ji Wook and Seung Hye’s relationship. Seriously – why do these two lawyers think that it’s all about them, them, them!?

While Ji Wook’s taunt isn’t too threatening, Tae Hyun replies, “I’m simply speaking as someone who values Jun Seol Hee.” In your face – ha! Tae Hyun returns to Seol Hee’s side, and she’s relieved to see that he’s still there. He honestly tells her that Ji Wook had come by, which immediately springs her up on her bed. Why would he visit?!

Tae Hyun reasons that Ji Wook may have been there to see someone else, but felt guilty for mistreating Seol Hee when he saw her lying on the hospital bed. Seol Hee scoffs – Ji Wook is too cruel for that.

Actually…not really. Ji Wook returns to his apartment and is surprised to find Seung Hye there waiting for him. Her excuse is that she wanted to give him some papers, but her real reason for being there is she’s worried that Ji Wook may be a little too concerned over Seol Hee. How right you are! Seung Hye goes in for the back hug, which is never really a good sign because it only means one thing: one-sided love! She has felt uneasy ever since watching the wedding video in court, and was afraid that Ji Wook may be wavering as well. How about a trip together? After all, nothing settles uneasy hearts than a special getaway. Ji Wook: “We’ll see.”

Soo In visits the broadcasting station and bumps into one of the producers. He’s seen the girls’ new video and invites Soo In to bring the band over for an audition to appear in his show. Kwang Yul is also fielding requests for performances, so it’s now really possible that these girls can turn pro. Even Ah Reum is getting noticed by customers at the restaurant she’s working at. Min Kyu introduces Ah Reum to a manager at Daum Entertainment. Her band is in need of a guitarist, and Ah Reum is the perfect fit. But Ah Reum waffles a bit. She asks for more time to think about it (while Min Kyu is pushing her to take the job).

Soo In calls a meeting at the studio, and Hwa Ja comes up with an excuse (buying groceries) to leave the house. Duk Soo thinks that she’s going off to practice with the band, but Hwa Ja is all, “Of course not!” When she finally arrives, Soo In announces that they might be able to get on TV if they audition for a producer’s show. It’s really exciting and all that, but they need to plan their steps well…which is why Soo In is offering to be the band’s manager. Seol Hee: “All right!” Hwa Ja: “Wait, we’re going pro?! What do I tell my husband!?” Ah Reum remains silent, busy ruminating over whether or not she should leave the band.

Seol Hee points out that it’s best to have original songs, and Soo In announces she already has a plan! She’s going to see Tae Hyun about that. (Ummm – you’re a little late on that train for originality dear. Seol Hee’s beaten you to that already.)

Soo In thinks it’ll be hard work to convince Tae Hyun, but he readily agrees. In fact, he’s already working on a new song, so he’ll have it out in a few days. When Kwang Yul hears about this, his suspicions are raised again. Tae Hyun, the infamous difficult composer, said yes right away to Soo In? He DEFINITELY likes her! Soo In blushes and laughs it off in front of Kwang Yul…but meditates on the possibility alone. GAH! The angst!

Tae Hyun starts testing out some tunes, and we start to hear the makings of the theme song “We Will Comeback.” He calls up Seol Hee (who picks up the cellphone with her feet) and she hears the first few lines to the song. Seol Hee’s excited – she likes it! Yay – Tae Hyun is glad she likes it! They hang up, and Tae Hyun lets out a nervous breath, out of relief. Aw – you’re so cute.

The next day, Seol Hee rushes to work, late. Again. She overhears the new case that Jin Bae is taking on. A kid named Lee Dong Won was accused of trying to snatch a purse while on his motorcycle. The bag only fell, but the victim is accusing him of theft. Based on his conversation with Dong Won, Jin Bae gets the feeling that one of Dong Won’s friends did it, and that all the friends are just blaming it on him.

The secretary is all about giving up the case. There is no way they can win this one, and it’s too frustrating to sort out. But Jin Bae feels bad; he says the winning combination that sparks Seol Hee’s interest: “The boy has no parents,” and “It’d be unfair for him to be accused of doing something he didn’t do.”

Seol Hee is off! She goes to an internet cafe where one of Dong Won’s friends is, and she follows him around, not too discreetly I might add. The friend gets into some nasty business with bullies who want his money, and Seol Hee barges in. Who do these punks think they are? Well, who does this ahjumma think she is?!

“This ahjumma” is a “legend” – and she kicks one of them in the legs and then breaks his fingers. He’s under her mercy now, and she drags him around by those fingers. The other bullies run away like scaredy-cats. Seol Hee turns to the friend with a huge smile on her face and says she’s just a friend! The kid is mighty terrified she may beat him up too, but she reassures him that all she wants is for him to answer a few questions.

The next morning Seol Hee is in the office first – but she’s asleep on the couches. Mean Secretary tsk-tsks her disapproval, assuming that Seol Hee was drinking all night. But Jin Bae looks on his desk – there’s a voice recorder that has the friend testifying that Dong Won was with him at an internet cafe during the time of the robbery. There’s even a typed up report of the whole matter; Seol Hee had spent all night working on the case. IN YOUR FACE MEAN SECRETARY!

Then, Ji Wook meets his mother and uncle at a restaurant. The uncle has a special request (which we do not learn about), and we only know that Ji Wook is only taking the case because he’s family. His mother also informs him that the uncle will find a new wife for him. Because he’s now single, rumors will spread, so he needs a new woman now. (Wait – last episode you said don’t have any “lady issues”, and now you’re telling your son to get hitched ASAP?) The “new wife” in interest is a Juilliard graduate with the proper family background and looks – someone that MoaE won’t be embarrassed to have as a daughter-in-law.

Hwa Ja is making her sales rounds when she decides to visit the marketplace where they had their first performance. There, she witnesses some of the old grandmothers begging the director (Hwa Ja’s friend) to not kick them out. The director is in a pickle himself; the marketplace is getting demolished to make room for a new shopping mall. Hwa Ja thinks it’s OK – renovation can improve the neighborhood, which can then help the old residents. However, the financial compensation that the old stall owners are getting does not include the premiums that they paid for the space, and it is pretty much their entire savings. Basically – the stall owners are getting gypped, and they were tricked into signing by some lovely ladies.

Hwa Ja takes the case to Seol Hee, who then decides to do some investigating on her own. But when she whips out her notebook, she gets splashed in the face with cold water by the Fruit Stall Grandmother. Who is she to ask a bunch of nosy questions? Is she from the company out to trick them into signing away more money? Seol Hee tells the ladies that she’s a secretary for a lawyer, but they don’t believe her. She doesn’t even dress like she works at a law firm. (Really Seol Hee – the whole world is telling you to CHANGE YOUR WARDROBE!)

Luckily the director recognizes her as the vocalist for the Madonna band, so he invites her for a chat at his office. He really needs a law firm to take the case; no one wants to touch it because all the contracts have been signed. The market is going to stage a protest though, and Seol Hee brings up the idea of another performance at the market to the band. It will help boost the people’s morale, and she feels particularly bad since these people were one of their first audiences.

The girls, Kwang Yul, and Tae Hyun arrive at the market, where the protest is in full swing. They’re a little unsure as to whether they’d be welcome, but the director spots them and sets them up onstage. Kwang Yul mutters that the Comeback Madonna Band is going to be too good for a stage like this, but Tae Hyun wisely says that doing something low-key like this will be good for the band.

The Comeback Madonna Band start their performance, and sing their rock version of “Genie.” It’s actually kind of funny, but also fitting for the situation. The lyrics are all about asking someone to tell the girls his/her wish, and that they will fulfill it. While it’s supposed to be meant for a guy, it can also be sort of read as the band asking the protesters to tell them their wish, and they will be the market’s spokesperson. But then again – “Genie” is also their latest single.

Just as the concert goes into full swing, a bunch of beige-uniformed hooligans enter the plaza and start throwing water on everyone. They beat up all the protesters – old grandmothers and young men alike – and start pushing them around. It’s a violent, sad scene, and the girls stare at the melee around them. Kwang Yul is sent to call the cops, and the hooligans storm the stage. One of them grabs Seol Hee’s guitar, and Tae Hyun goes running up the stage and socks the guy in the face. Hwa Ja grabs a huge vat and throws it over a hooligan’s head, while Ah Reum and Soo In fight back another with the mic stand and drum sticks. Tae Hyun checks on Seol Hee if she’s OK, and he continues to protect her.

The girls return to the studio, sore and bruised, and beg Seol Hee to do something. At that moment, Min Kyu calls Ah Reum out. He’s shocked at her appearance, but also asks her to respond to the manager at Daum Entertainment. Ah Reum dawdles a bit more, and she’s so conflicted that it’s clear she won’t take the job offer.

Seol Hee brings the case to Jin Bae, who’s not too keen on it. It’s a very tricky case, with the contracts all signed and loopholes abounding. He asks about the company ousting the marketplace; it’s called ‘Mu Jung Gae Bal’ (I don’t know if that’s the real name or what..). Jin Bae lets out a thoughtful “HMMM” and says he’ll think about it more.

Back in Ji Wook’s office, Seung Hye isn’t too keen on getting involved with the case between the company and the marketplace. (Do we see the sides getting drawn here or what?) Ji Wook says that they have to get involved – it’s a family matter. His uncle owns the construction company that will build the mall, and his mother has shares in that company. They need to resolve it so that the rich get everything and the poor stall owners get less than they deserve. Seung Hye suggests a court order to evict the stall owners, but Ji Wook doesn’t want something as high-profile as that.

Seol Hee returns to the marketplace and sees everyone back at work despite the bruises. She hears from Fruit Stall Grandmother that the company’s lawyer will come visit them today, but that the market still doesn’t have a lawyer. Seol Hee calls up Jin Bae – she’s going to do whatever it takes to sue the company and get the money that is rightfully owed. Jin Bae finally takes the case, even though his secretary still thinks it’s too much of a hassle to get involved. Why bother taking a case he won’t win? He replies: “But the market hasn’t even been handed over yet.” And off he goes.

Gosh – if I had that lazy of a secretary, I’d fire her in an instant. All she cares about is her morning coffee being ready made for her when she arrives.

Seol Hee arranges for all the stall owners to sign a form so that she will have a proper list of all the people involved in this handover. The grandmothers all start taking a liking to her, feeding her snacks and drinking rice wine with her. When Jin Bae finally arrives, Seol Hee presents the complete list of all the owners. Up they go to the director’s office!

Ji Wook and Seung Hye arrive at the same office, and present themselves as the legal representatives for the company that will build the mall. Ji Wook says that he is willing to offer anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 for moving expenses, provided that the marketplace clears out within a month. The director asks about the premiums, but Ji Wook says that they are not responsible for paying that.

Director: Well then, my 98 workers will just sue your ass in court.
Ji Wook: Excuuuuse me?

Jin Bae and Seol Hee come rushing in with the papers in hand. And you get the following expressions:

Jin Bae: Do my eyes deceive me or… is that SEUNG HYE AND JI WOOK!?!?!?!
Seung Hye: Oh shit! GO JIN BAEEEEE!
Ji Wook: Whut? SEOL HEE?! What are you doing here?!
Seol Hee: JI WOOK?! SEUNG HYE?! *Not again…


Oh yeah – this was bound to happen. I knew that Ji Wook and Seung Hye would have to come face to face against Seol Hee again in a situation that didn’t involve the love square. That’s the only way to keep these two fantastic actors around. I am positive this case will last us until the end of the series, or near end, as each side will keep finding ways to foil the other. I’m afraid that the case may take up a lot of the time in each episode, as, again, I am more interested in the band. But a good case won’t drive me away…

I don’t approve of Ji Wook taking the case because it has to do with his family. The whole Cha family is so darn selfish and just trying to keep money in the family. I almost wished that he was just taking on the case because it involved a huge corporation, and his law firm was best at dealing with those kinds of cases. We’ve already seen Seung Hye and Ji Wook successfully close a case and get millions of dollars for their client, a large company. To add the “family factor” makes it needlessly personal. It’s already got SEOL HEE – how personal is THAT?

I might have made it seem like I thought a Soo In and Tae Hyun pairing would be a more favorable pairing, despite the obvious connection between Seol Hee and Tae Hyun (out of story’s sake). However, I am REALLY DISLIKING how it is getting played out. It is so one-sided, because Tae Hyun shows no interest in her, and he has never affirmed Kwang Yul’s suspicions. And yet, Kwang Yul keeps suggesting that Tae Hyun must like Soo In. I know that if you are with your girlfriends and you are talking about the cute guy giving your friend glances from across the room, you might say, “He’s sooooooo into you, go for it!” But here? No – totally disapprove of Kwang Yul. I was so annoyed with him because he was essentially saying, “He’s sooooooo into you, but don’t go for it!” What the hell!? You’re putting ideas into the poor girl’s mind! She’s single and hasn’t been in a relationship – don’tcha think she’s gonna want to consider Tae Hyun as a prospect?! He’s cute, available, and in the same field as she is. He’s PER-FECT-O.

OK – that’s my rant for the episode. Hee. Here’s to episode 11!


40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shia

    Loved the episode! Hate the Soo-In/Tae Hyun/Seol Hee future angst but also like that the love story isn’t going to be an easy one.

    Bring on the court le bum bum kicking of Ji Wook!

  2. Opal

    yay!! thanks so much for the recap kaedejun !! 🙂 gahh i LOVE Tae Hyun!! i absolutely love reading about all the dramas on this site 😀

  3. javabeans

    Yeah, I also had a bit of a *groan* moment when it started shaping up to be a Divorce Battle Round 2 with the market case… but ultimately I let it slide since I figured they needed some sort of manufactured conflict to keep the tensions up between the foursome. I’d rather have this twofold battle — legal and personal — so that we have opportunities to thematically link the case to the emotional conflicts behind the scenes, instead of a flat jealousy-driven love quadrangle.

    Though I DID think the market case is an awful lot like Bad Family, just with more angst and less humor.

    And, the one upside of this latest plot development is that it actually makes some use of Seol-hee’s legal studies. Since I sorta rolled my eyes at the whole storyline where she was determined to represent herself — against a killer divorce lawyer and her husband, the partner of the top law firm, like, in the whole country — I’m mollified that it ties in somehow.

    All that aside, I Am Legend continues to be very watchable, and I think they did a great job on all of their songs. I can’t wait for “Comeback Madonna” (the song) to finally make its appearance in the storyline, since it’s my favorite track.

    • 3.1 Ani

      *WOOTs at the Mention of Bad Family* That was my drama comparison for this episode. Loved Bad Family. X)

  4. Ani

    I didn’t like how this episode made Seol-hee seem weak (in fighting) compared to how she got into fights in bars in the beginning. I know she was winding up to fight the thug, but I would have liked her to really get mad like how she got mad for Ran-hee in the beginning. Instead, holding up her fists made the scared look on her face seem even more like she’s a mouse getting cornered. I would have liked to see anger on her face, and then her putting up her fists and goading on the guy to come get what’s coming to him. But of course, she had to seem like a weak female so Tae-hyun can swoop in and be her knight. Well, at least we did get to see her throw a couple of punches, even if Tae-hyun (the hottie that he is) was there.

    Also, anyone else loved how Faja, I mean Hwa-ja, was going all King Kong/Donkey Kong on those thugs? She was stomping them like a woman on a rampage…. or a bull too. XD

    • 4.1 anon

      these were professional thugs
      its good that seol hee knows how to pick her fights
      those men were definitely too physically strong for her to handle
      its different from beating up a couple of wimpy teenagers/half drunk leeches

    • 4.2 Kyu

      Oh man, Fa-ja was hilarious in that scene! I mean, I know it was serious and all but Fa-ja doing that was gold. lol She sat on his head and started jumping and beating him. Amazing. haha

      • 4.2.1 daisytwenties

        I knoww!

        It was such a SAD scene but I burst out laughing when I saw her sit on the thing that was on his head and bounce up and down wildly.

  5. Pully

    I’m disliking where this show is going as I lost interest to finish ep9 and jumped to ep10 and I’m lost again in middle.

    I feel like I’m watching a lawyer-theme drama. I decided to jump off the boat at ep10.

  6. wits

    I am all for the Seol Hee-Tae Hyun OTP. I was hoping we would get more interaction from them played out through the band. I know that many had earlier noticed the lack of chemistry between the two, but now it has become more palpable… Tae-Hyun’s expressions when he gazes at Seol Hee singing or when he won her approval of his compostion; and the way he protected her during the market melee – soooo cute, and it’s obvious he is falling for her.

    I agree with you that we are needlessly setting up Soo-In for a heartbreak. It’s a pity because I like Soo-In and she deserves to be happy.

    I am not complaining that Ji-Wook has once again become a big part of the story, because I do want to see more of him. I love the way the character is being played out by the actor (really, where can I see more of him – any other drama he’s been?).

    Be that as it may, I do hope that in the Show, we will get to see Ji Wook and Seung Hye’s a**es being kicked (figuratively) by the good guys – Seol Hee and Jin Bae. And then Ji Wook realizes in the end just how beautiful and courageous and cool is this lady he let go, because of his ego. I want to see his big REGRET and Seol-Hee’s triumph.

  7. cheonsa

    Thank you for the recap, kaedejun! I love the developing romance between Seol Hee and Tae Hyun, with Noo Ri being the icing on the cake. I hope Soo-In’s misunderstanding part will get cleared up soon. Hate to see BFFs agonizing over the same guy, esp when it is clear who the guy likes.

    Somehow I do not like how the whole Seol Hee getting involved with the marketplace arc played out. I know how she is all about standing up for the oppressed. I get that, but it all felt very contrived and cringe-worthy. Even if it’s just to get her to face off with the shameless adulterers.

  8. Hannah

    It’s not like I have a problem with her flashing all that leg but I kinda wish dressing for Girl!Power didn’t come across so tacky. Maybe less leopard print?

  9. danni

    (Really Seol Hee – the whole world is telling you to CHANGE YOUR WARDROBE!)
    -Seriously, we know that this is supposed to be about Seol Hee being true to herself and what not, but this woman has got to find something else to wear.

    I’m a little disappointed that the band is getting pushed aside AGAIN for another law-smackdown between Seol Hee, Ji Wook, and Seung Hye, but I guess we have to keep those two in the loop somehow and this is probably the best way to do it without resorting to accidental meetings and misunderstandings, so I can deal with it. Besides, the case is interesting so if they do drag it out all the way to the end (which I’m sure they will) it should be entertaining.

    I can see where you’re coming from with the Soo In and Tae Hyun relationship. It’s starting to feel contrived, especially since they have about zero interaction together.

    Seol Hee beating those bullies and Hwa Ja fighting the goons at the protest pretty much made this episode for me. These women are not to be messed with.

    Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

  10. 10 müge

    more Ji Wook, more Ji Wook!!!
    he’s the most interesting and charming thing in that drama for me!
    I keep praying for JW-SH couple again desperately even if I know it’ll not happen.
    Soo İn will get in a weird situation in the next eps which I don’t want to see.
    as I have free time for the drama days, I watch it but still can’t say it’s very good, only some good details not as a whole, sorry..

  11. 11 dordorMM

    kaedejun, thanks for your recap, your little remarks are really fun..great job!

    Market court case, not again please! I want more ahjumas, Noo Ri, SH-TH-SI triangle…

    The lawyer is sth “urhhh”!, when he is with his wife, he turns to his mistress, now he is not with his wife, and he wants her back, and turns away from his mistress….he is really a “mxn”…

  12. 12 sora


  13. 13 Melanie

    I love this show and I am anticipating what happens next. Her ex is probably regrettig his moves and wants her back making him the second guy. And I think I am gumiho crazy. During the scene with her friend, I was so excited when I saw the poster of mgiag 🙂

  14. 14 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, kaedejun!!!
    Kdramas really do take place in a small world! Seol Hee and Ji Wook being involved in the same case! My favorite part of the drama is the part that focuses on the Madonna Band- sort of wish we can drop Ji Wook and Seung-Hye.

    ‘“He’s sooooooo into you, but don’t go for it!” What the hell!? You’re putting ideas into the poor girl’s mind!’ — I totally agree! Soo in is pretty nice and I feel pretty bad for her that she’s all alone. And it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when you have two friends like the same guy.

  15. 15 Infiniti512

    When she started at the office, wearing the tiny clothes and trying to be a martyr, I thought immediately of EB! haha

    • 15.1 dordorMM

      So do I, i thought about EB right after reading the drama plot at the very beginning!

  16. 16 Rubysing

    Would love to see Ji-Wook agonised and trying to win his ex back. He’s such a good actor!
    @ Wits – you can see him in Radish Kimcheed Cubes.

    • 16.1 wits

      Thanks! Will definitely check that out!

  17. 17 Dele

    Seung Hye goes in for the back hug, which is never really a good sign because it only means one thing: one-sided love!

    One-sided love? Really?!?!? I think back hugs are sweet (not in this case though). But now that you planted this into my head I feel like I need to go back to all the dramas with back hugs and see if it was always one-sided.

    I feel really bad for Soo-in and I’m not looking forward to the painful realization that he’s just not into her, but is really into her best friend. I do believe Soo in will be the bigger person, and in the end will get her guy, the right one for her!!!

  18. 18 jusash

    I like Soo-in.
    Really don’t want to see her getting hurt, or in any equation involving Tae-hyun + Seol-hee.

    Her father be damned.
    Yep, stoopid how he keeps harping there’s no way in hell Soo-in should accept Tae-hyun, yet keeps jumping to conclusions about every little incident that the dude must like Soo-in … implanting seeds in her head.

    Loved ep 9 and 10. Seol-hee and Tae-hyun interactions …. yea!

    THANKS for recaps kaedejun!

  19. 19 LolliDoAlittle

    Love love love this show! Love love love love the music!

    Thanks for the recap.

  20. 20 dulcedeleche

    Is it just me or did the market place issue seem very similar to one in Bad Family? Or maybe i’m just thinking that because the director of the marketplace was also in bad family?

  21. 21 Haina

    I like where this story is headed, but I just want them to get there faster. I feel like this would be so much better if the storytelling was tighter.

  22. 22 bling2

    First of all, thank you for the recap Girlfriday.

    “Seung Hye goes in for the back hug, which is never really a good sign because it only means one thing: one-sided love!”

    Really??? When I watch Smile, You I remember thinking that it’s so sweet and lovely. Now I need to go back and complain to my hubby since I did the back hug more than him and that’s mean he loves me less :((

    • 22.1 kaedejun

      LOL – @bling2 and dele

      for me, whenever i see a back hug performed by the second female lead, it will never get anywhere. if it’s by the main leads, it is sweet.

      and in this case – for seung hye to do it to ji wook, she totally wants him, but he’s starting to forget her… so sad…

      also bling2 – i’m not girlfriday… O_O

  23. 23 jojo

    Thanks for the recap Kaedejun…In the scene with the bully, I don’t think he was grabbing his leg when he ran off…the girl knows how to fight!

    I have a question. What does Seung Hye have on Tae Hyun that she keeps threatening to take Noo Ri? Does she have legal custody? Is he NOT the biological father? Is Ji Wook the father?

    Alao agree the thing with Soo In looks contrived. Also want to see the band perform more…

    • 23.1 h311ybean

      Just my thoughts on it, but I think that Seung-hye can threaten to take Noo-ri away because as a lawyer, she probably has a steadier and larger income than a songwriter who does not seem to be doing well. She could easily argue in court that she is far more capable of supporting a child.

      I get the feeling, though, that these are just empty threats. Seung-hye knows that Tae-hyun loves Noo-ri and is taking advantage of this knowledge (i.e., using Noo-ri!) to hurt her ex and make herself forget her insecurities for a while.

    • 23.2 wits

      I don’t know what the law is in Korea, but here in North America, the mother automatically gets custody of younger children unless she agrees to give them up or to share custody, or the father has always had the child from the beginning. In this case, I think Sueng Hye has agreed that Tae Hyun gets custody of Noo Ri just because she’s too busy to take care of him herself. But if she can prove in court (and since she’s a clever lawyer, I am sure she can) that Tae Hyun is an unfit father, she can easily regain custody. “Unfit” being a subjective term can mean he is immoral, (read: has affairs), a bad example, has vices (e.g., drugs, alcohol, gambling), or neglectful, etc.

      That is why whenever Seung Hye utters that threat to Tae Hyun, he gets really scared, because he knows she can very well get Noo Ri from him. Plot wise, I think this will cause Tae Hyun to have second thoughts about pursuing a relationship with Seol Hee, not because it is wrong, but because it is a sore point with Seung Hye.

  24. 24 jodasg

    oh boy, my first thought on the last scene was actually on the evil mother in law.

    She is gonna get so mad that Soel hee is fighting against her son once more in court.

  25. 25 MsRetta

    hmm so the mystery guy with the deadly cd just disappears now? the cd’s are just forgotten and these two are back to acting like it doesnt exist and they are ‘safe’?

    Just a thought. I am still enjoying I am Legend…I certainly want to see the lawyer chick get her comeuppance….and I do hope they cool it with Soo In, it’s almost clear that SH and TH are attracted to each other and a relationship is being built..
    I wonder how she will discover the ex mother in law and the uncle are the cheats. Ji Wook doesnt look to happy about taking the case either.

  26. 26 Sukispop

    Thanks, kaedejun, for the excellent recaps!

    I do like this drama, and am enjoying it quite a bit. I especially like how Tae-hyun’s feelings for Seol-hee are developing…how he looks at her and can’t help smiling. I also like the Soo-in angle and look forward to seeing how that plays out(though I don’t want to see her heart get crushed). I’m also loving the band and their songs and wish this part of the story had much more emphasis.

    I kind of groaned a bit, too, when I realized that the marketplace story was going to become a huge court case and probably a big story platform for much of the rest of this drama’s run. I know that it’s an ideal way to focus on Seol-hee, Ji-wook, and Seung-hye, and the dynamics of their interactions. And I certainly won’t mind seeing Seol-hee and Jin-bae wipe the smile off of Seung-hye’s smug face. I’m hoping that the court case will be done in an interesting and engaging way…but I’m dreading a bit that it’s going to give the drama a heavier feel, which is counter to the high energy and fun band jam scenes which I really love.

    I hope that this court case will not take up so much of the drama’s time that the band story is reduced to just bits and pieces that suddenly culminate into a triumphant last episode gig. That would really be disappointing for me.

    • 26.1 jusash

      Ditto. Just peeked at ep 11, and had the same feel as you.

      Another reason I am behind this guy is not only “how he looks at her and can’t help smiling” ….
      I am really liking how TH is NOT intimidated by her hot-shot successful top-lawyer (who’s so much less of a man in my bks, sorry :X … because JW has no balls to stand up to mommy. even with Seung-hye).

      No yelling or show of testosterone necessary either.
      An unassuming male with quiet strength standing his own ground = very cool, in my books

      • 26.1.1 dordorMM

        Wow! very well said, jusash i do like your comment on this!

  27. 27 Shelley

    Thank you for the recap. Very interesting comments….Good job.

  28. 28 cheonsa

    kaedejun – sorry if this is jumping the gun but I can’t wait to share this before the high subsides. Just finished Ep 11 and am still replaying the last three mins for the umpteenth time as I am typing this..I’m now officially a comeback madonna fan!! Esp that last min in-your-face moment! Bravo!!

  29. 29 charitee

    i know that you don’t like how ji wook is forced to take up the case for a family favor but i feel like it makes him seem more human and further pushes the idea that he is a product of his own family’s horribleness and that it’s because of them that he’s become so heartless. it’s like he has no choice [well, he obviously does] but to turn cold and live up to his family’s expectations. and for some reason, that is truly beyond me because ji wook is a total jerkoff, whenever i see him show any ounce of human emotion, my anger for him abates and i kind of hope he ends up with seol hee again (irrational, i KNOW). the one person i have very little sympathy for, though, is seung hye. she is delusional and obsessive and creeepy. me no like her at all.

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