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I Am Legend: Episode 9
by | September 3, 2010 | 60 Comments

Episode 9 marks the return of… NOO RI! Yes – the most important character of this drama. No? OK – well, it is also the turning point of the drama – soo, just how do you follow up an epic courtroom scene and the end of a divorce?

Jin Bae offers Seol Hee a job as a part time assistant. She can come in a couple days a week and help out if he has cases. It’s not a steady income, so Seol Hee has her reservations.

Hwa Ja to the rescue! (Or not…) She sets up a meeting between Seol Hee and her business-friend President Im at a sushi restaurant. He takes a liking to Seol Hee (because she’s pretty) and advises her to find cases for the law office. That way, she can get more work. How to find cases? Well, he’ll find them for her! Seol Hee frowns. She drags Hwa Ja outside for a private chat and tells her she’s not interested in working with a broker. He basically gets lawyers cases with huge, private companies to keep them occupied so that they won’t have time nor interest in helping poorer people who really need the help. Seol Hee’s sense of justice prevails, and she goes back to Jin Bae to accept the job.

Jin Bae’s secretary isn’t quite too pleased that she is no longer Jin Bae’s one-and-only, so she asserts her authority over Seol Hee almost immediately. Seol Hee only has to be in twice a week, and every morning must prepare the coffee for her, tea for Jin Bae. She also eyes Seol Hee’s dress: it’s a tad too short. (HA!) But Seol Hee thinks its fine. Besides – Seol Hee probably doesn’t have any other decent clothing; they’ve all been left behind at the Cha House of Doom.

But! Something just has to go wrong. Min Kyu discovers that the video of the Comeback Madonna Band dancing in the elevator has been leaked online. Ah Reum, Hwa Ja, and Soo In are flabbergasted and embarrassed, especially when they see that the comments are mostly negative. Ah Reum particularly doesn’t like being called an “ahjumma,” and the ladies are insulted when the comments say they should stay at home doing chores, and the men in their lives must be suffering to have a woman like them. (Min Kyu snorts with laughter, while I scream at how Korean society can be so very patriarchal and sexist.)

When Hwa Ja gets home, her husband Duk Soo is already fielding calls from his family in regards to Hwa Ja’s “improper” behavior. Feeling like he’s losing control as man of the house, he orders her to quit the band. Hwa Ja’s son Tae Sung even yells at her for being so embarrassing that he can’t face his classmates in school. (Geez kid – the proper comeback line to the teasing is, “At least my momma can dance better than your momma!”)

Seol Hee – being single and free now – has other worries. She haunts the police station in search of a case to bring to Jin Bae, and witnesses a fight brewing between a car owner and the motorcyclist who cut in front of him for the parking space. She interrupts them and begins making notations, all of which paint the motorcyclist in a negative light. She gives them Go Jin Bae’s card so that they can contact her if they need a lawyer. But lo and behold – Ji Wook is also at the police station, and he just saw the whole thing.

Ji Wook tells her she should avoid being seen like this, desperately searching for a case to work on. Seol Hee counters him with, “You shouldn’t be worried about whatever I do now.” He once again offers money to her so that she can live comfortably, and she says, “Sorry, but I’ve been feeling really great. My body is so light I feel like I can fly away!” And on that whimsical note, she leaves with a smile.

But it’s all an act. Once she’s a safe distance away, her face falls. Clearly, she’s still in the process of fully removing him from her life.

Noo Ri calls his mom up at work and asks if she could show up to his birthday party at school. Everyone else’s parents are coming. Seung Hye quickly says she has an important meeting on that day, and then rushes to hang up the phone. Ugh.

MoaE is in her son’s room for a chat about “lady issues.” She is aware that he and Seung Hye have gotten close, (sharp woman), but advises him not to get too close to her. After all, he couldn’t possibly be thinking of moving in with a divorced single mother? (OOOOH – SHE KNOWS…) For his future, he can’t risk anything. Ji Wook reassures his mother that he’s only going to focus on his work.

And guess who overhears the conversation!? No, it’s not Tae Hyun. Seung Hye stands right outside his office door, and brushes away a tear. (That’s right you spiteful woman – go ahead and cry. I have no sympathies for a woman who hangs up on her son.)

The video leak has definitely soured everyone’s mood at practice, and tensions are running high. Hwa Ja and Ah Reum start off by complaining about the other’s guitar playing. Ah Reum mutters that she shouldn’t have ever played with ahjummas, and Hwa Ja spits out that Gun is actually Ah Reum’s child. Soo In and Seol Hee’s eyes grow wide. Ah Reum thinks that Soo In spilled, but Hwa Ja keeps yelling that Ah Reum shouldn’t think she’s so great – she was wild and young from the start, so it’s not surprising she’s made so many mistakes in her life.

Ah Reum stalks off. Seol Hee tries to tell Hwa Ja to apologize, but already feeling the pressure from her husband and son, Hwa Ja decides to quit instead. And then there were two.

Soo In reveals to Seol Hee that Min Kyu and Ah Reum were both trainees. They had a little “accident” but instead of succumbing to family pressures and aborting the kid, they decided to have it, move out, and make it on their own. In the end, they’ve actually done a lot despite their young age.

Later that day, Seol Hee meets with Tae Hyun at their usual cafe. She asks if Tae Hyun saw the video (Duh) and then lets him know that the band might break up because of it. Tae Hyun finds the situation funny instead of sympathizing with her, and so Seol Hee offers her idea for a solution to the problem. Can he remake a song? (And we all know what song THAT is!)

Tae Hyun readily agrees. Seol Hee says she’ll pay him for it…later. Tae Hyun would rather collect the payment – with interest – when they make it big. Just then, he gets a very important phone call – from Noo Ri, who is sobbing outside his classroom. Mommy can’t make it to his party – what to do!?!?!?!

Understanding that it’s a crisis, Tae Hyun promises he’ll be right over. He then gets an idea – can Seol Hee come too? If she goes, he’ll take it as payment for the song.

Meanwhile, Seung Hye is feeling guilty and cancels her important meeting to go to Noo Ri’s school. (Why – ’cause you finally got your priorities straightened out now that MoaE has rejected you?) Ji Wook catches her as she heads out, and she tells him that they should be more open about their relationship – why don’t they set up a dinner together with Noo Ri? Seung Hye is testing him, and Ji Wook replies (unsatisfactorily) with, “Let’s slowly think about it.”

By the time Tae Hyun and Seol Hee see Noo Ri, he’s sitting alone in the classroom and the party is over. His voice is choked with tears as he tells dad that only his mom didn’t show up. Tae Hyun tells him that mom is very busy – and he’s a boy, so he should stop crying. Noo Ri finally registers Seol Hee’s presence, and she presents him with a gift. It’s an acoustic guitar. Noo Ri doesn’t like it – mommy had hated it when daddy played the guitar, so he won’t play it either.

Tae Hyun orders his son to apologize to Seol Hee for being so disrespectful, but Noo Ri pouts. He wanted mom – not an ahjumma who is also dad’s fan. The two Jang men face off eye-to-eye, and suddenly they hear a chord strummed on the guitar. Seol Hee has put on a birthday hat and is using a plastic flower as her mic: “The dad who acts like his son…and the son who acts like the dad… let’s please not fight today!”

Tae Hyun settles Noo Ri on his lap, and Noo Ri’s birthday concert begins! She sings him a sweet birthday song, which he enjoys very much. And guess who sees this!? Seung Hye – pissed that Seol Hee is charming her way into Noo Ri’s heart.

In the car, Noo Ri strums the guitar excitedly. And suddenly I have my favorite coupling of the series:

Tae Hyun: You said you hated it before.
Noo Ri: I should consider the gift giver’s sincerity. But what is that ahjumma’s name?
Tae Hyun: Jun Seol Hee.
Noo Ri: She’s a lot better than I expected. Her personality is cool too.
Tae Hyun: *thinking* Ah, my son has such good taste. Like me…
Noo Ri: (with suspicion) Dad! She’s your girlfriend right?! Right!?
Tae Hyun: Ah…you rascal. No! That’s not it!
Noo Ri: Aiiii – it looks like it though~!
Tae Hyun: No it’s not!
Noo Ri: Don’t lieeeee! It looks like you areeee!

Dude – how much cuter of a kid can you get?

Seol Hee is not in a too pleasant mood though – after leaving the school, she met a suspicious Seung Hye who thought that Seol Hee was getting close to Noo Ri as revenge towards her. Seol Hee retorts with the best comeback ever: “I don’t think your existence is meaningful enough for me to warrant any vengeance.” She goes on to advise Seung Hye to not miss Noo Ri’s future birthdays. Seung Hye tells her not to worry – when she marries Ji Wook, she’ll take Noo Ri away from Tae Hyun. Say whut?

A phone call from Tae Hyun interrupts her thoughts and it’s nothing more than Tae Hyun expressing his thanks. Seol Hee asks about Noo Ri – the boy is sleeping with the guitar. Tae Hyun then sweetly tells her to go to sleep. Calling just for that? You must reaaaally like her.

Hwa Ja and Ah Reum are MIA for practice – both are refusing to pick up their phones, and their respective husbands can’t ignore the ringing telephone. Min Kyu even informs Ah Reum that Soo In has been calling him instead.

Both ladies get an ominous message from Seol Hee – today is going to be their last practice. Ever. They rush over to the studio.

Seol Hee tells them that if they can’t compromise, they will never survive as a band. If the two girls don’t apologize immediately, they are splitting up forever. Hwa Ja and Ah Reum don’t really want that to happen, and after Seol Hee gives the ultimatum a second time, Hwa Ja immediately apologizes. She was being childish when she should have supported Ah Reum for suffering other people’s scorn at such a young age. Ah Reum is sorry for losing patience with them – other people her age are more successful than she, and she was feeling frustrated.

With all that said and done, Seol Hee presents a new project: a reply video! Cue Kwang Yul on the camera and Min Kyu for special effects (via pointing a fan at the girls for the wind effect, and blowing bubbles)! And the girls rock out to their version of “Genie.” Even Tae Hyun enjoys their version infinitely more, his eyes only on Seol Hee. [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Off to the internet it goes – and immediately it’s a hit! The comments become supportive, saying that they are much better than SNSD, and Hwa Ja is so glam-rock she’s addicting. (Her husband wrote that.) But Seol Hee’s little nosebleed dampens the mood, and the girls realize that she hasn’t had proper rest for a while.

Kwang Yul bursts in with good news: the video has become so popular that an agency called him, asking if the Comeback Madonna Band could participate at the Hongdae Street Festival. Apparently, it’s hard to book a gig there, so the girls cheer. They’ve made it!

On the street, Seol Hee excitedly tells Tae Hyun over the phone the good news. He’s happy for her, but tells her to stay humble – it’s not good to get a big ego too quickly. After she hangs up, she starts to get dizzy, and faints.

Seung Hye arrives at Tae Hyun’s place with Noo Ri’s gift. Tae Hyun reprimands her for disappointing Noo Ri so much, and she remarks that Tae Hyun seemed happy that she wasn’t there. Yep – she did go to the school, and saw Seol Hee there. She tells him that she will become an official couple with Ji Wook soon, and warns him to protect what is his. After all – does he want to explain to Noo Ri how the four of them are all connected?

Just then, Tae Hyun gets a call from the hospital, and off he goes. Seung Hye takes note of the concern he has for Seol Hee.

By the time he arrives at the hospital, Seol Hee is already conscious and answering the doctor’s questions. Tae Hyun is furious with her – how could she not take better care of herself? Even the doctor tells Tae Hyun that as her guardian, he shouldn’t have let her skip meals. There’s still a battery of tests to be done, so when it’s over Tae Hyun can take her out for a hearty meal. Seol Hee insists she’s fine, but Tae Hyun won’t have any of it.

And just who happens to be thinking of her? Ji Wook, brooding in his office, gives Seol Hee a call. But her cell phone is with the nurse, and he immediately rushes over to the hospital that she’s staying at.

Tae Hyun watches over Seol Hee as she sleeps (and his song starts playing in the background…). Secure that she’s ok, he steps away for a moment of fresh air and some deep thinking. Ji Wook arrives at the hospital and approaches Seol Hee’s bedside. He places her hand in a more comfortable position and gently holds it. But then – someone is standing next to him…

Tae Hyun: What brings you here?

Uh-oh. And Seol Hee opens her eyes…


Honestly – Noo Ri stole every single scene he was in. I love that kid! (I did not miss Ran Hee at all, and didn’t realize she was gone until I reviewed the episode again.) He’s one smart cookie, and a charismatic actor whether he’s crying or laughing. Seol Hee proved in this episode that she could be a really great addition to the Jang family – she could settle the fights between father and son in an instant. Min Kyu was also quite a surprise in this episode. He’s appearing more often now (which is good because I like seeing more of the ladies’ other lives). He too has the funniest expressions – kind of like the grown up version of Noo Ri.

There were a lot of little things that I loved (and loved to hate): for example, I’m glad that the dancing in the elevator was in the drama – it provided good comic relief. But what was better was the writers used it and made it into a plot point for this episode. It took something that could have been a stand-alone gag, and made it far more significant. Ji Wook’s expressions towards Seol Hee were curiously benevolent, and it’s funny to watch Seol Hee be more outgoing in her dialogue with him. She was usually so demure that, now that she’s divorced she can go back to being more carefree – which is probably what he loved about her in the first place. The whole fainting issue with Seol Hee felt a little contrived. Even though it’s somewhat possible considering all the stress she went through, it’s just a lazy way of pitting Ji Wook and Tae Hyun against each other. (That’s what it seems like so far…) And my opinions towards Seung Hye – well, I think they were pretty obvious. I’m amazed that she was going around proclaiming her relationship with Ji Wook quite confidently, when she didn’t even have the confirmation or approval from the people who mattered most: Ji Wook and his mother.


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  1. cecee

    love their version of Genie! lols. I wish they concentrated on the lives of the ladies more. I am kinda disappointed that they have another court arc a few episodes left and we need to see the trials and tribulations of them trying to get on top. Plus there is drama with the couples so I am not how they will resolve everyone here! Nevertheless, I am enjoying the drama for what it is.

    Thanks for recaps Kae!!!!

  2. Rheanie

    I love your comments. ^_^

  3. 99

    I love their remake of gennie. So far so good, I’m enjoying this drama immensly.

    Thank you for the recaps. As always, it was fun.

  4. müge

    in every new episode, it’s getting better and enjoyable!
    still, I love JW more than TH. I find him more attractive and his character is more interesting for me. after the court, it was obvious that he started to feel regret. and I’m sure his love begins to wake again.
    my instincts say that SH/TH will be together in the end but my heart wants the other. SH and JW’s chemistry seems to me more believable (I really want them to be together again). still I can’t see any good thing between SH/TH even though TH already started to like her.
    still, I find kim jung eun’s acting a bit disturbing in some parts, I don’t know why. but that’s not a big deal as a whole..
    anyway, thanks for the recaps ^^

    • 4.1 jusash

      THANKS for recaps! LOVED this episode, and the next.
      There’re too many convenient coincidences written into this drama, but what the heck … it’s still sucking me in bigtime each wk.

      Am with this comment: “I find kim jung eun’s acting a bit disturbing in some parts, I don’t know why. but that’s not a big deal as a whole”

      To me, KJE got some of the same LIParis awkward twitching thing going on here sometimes, but it’s not any deal-breaker for me as well. And she also sometimes walks in that same gangly gait sometimes as her role in LIP .. to the pt it can sometimes come across quite incongruent with her dressing. Yet, I have never noticed this in AAE and her earlier movies before.

      But that aside …. KJE doing a great job! I LOVE her heartfelt singing. And somehow in her private moments when she’s reminiscing or singing about some closed chapters of her life … I get the feel that part of her own personal experiences are leeching through.

      I am firmly in the Tae-hyun camp. These two warm souls deserve each other! It is sweet how TH intently watches Seol-hee sing every time, even at Noo-ri’s bday thingy. And how he looks out for her (and only her! LOL).

      Am with the other person said it would be a disgrace and disrespect to females if Seol-hee accepted Ji-wook back after all the crap he passively allowed his mom dole out.

      In this all, I still don’t see Ji-wook growing much respect for her, even as he’s now feeling pity and remorse. The dude needs to grow a backbone. It’s now Seung-hee on the griller next with his mother and he’s still going along.

      JW can go regret, repent and rekindle all he wants …. I am not buying into it. It was cruel and inconsiderate how he treated Seol-hee (as he’s gradually withdrawing cold shouldering Seung-hee now).
      On top of lying and cheating behind Seol-hee back; he ignored and did not see/treat her as a person for so long. Where would say Seol-hee’s backbone be if she just took JW back because he was feeling pangs of remorse??

    • 4.2 yen_nguyen

      I like JW – SH pairing, too.
      One vote for them here!

  5. hh176

    Hi Kaedejun! Thank you so much for the recaps! They have lightened my day – especially just after having a thought that I have to wait for another week to read another drama recaps – as JB and GF have written recaps for both episodes of MGIAG.

    Btw, I just can’t wait how I Am Legend gonna twist Ji Wook’s part. It seems he is eating his own dirt back. Hehe. 😀 Love this setting a lot and I am so welcoming the Drama! lol 🙂

    Thanks a mill in advance for future recaps and also previous recaps! 😀

  6. paperdolls

    Thanks for the recaps. Have been checking for it to be posted every now and then. Love it as always. Again, many thanks.

  7. jojo

    Thanks for the recap and your comments. I am really enjoying IAL. Comeback Madonna’s playing has improved and I love KJE’s performance…But I’m beginning to smell an extension. (sigh)

    • 7.1 anon

      i think we have enough material for an extension
      i for one would like to see in slow minute detail seung hye

    • 7.2 danni

      The only reason I would want an extension is because I don’t think we have enough episodes left to see them make it to the top, flesh out the love stories, and see the other ahjummas’ lives outside the band. I don’t want anything like a ten-episode extension, maybe like 2 or 4.

  8. Kelela

    Great recap. Noo Ri is ADORABLE. Sharp as a tack, that kid.

  9. h311ybean

    This is my favorite episode so far because it was chock full of friendship/girl power, comedy and shippy goodness!

    1. Re: the band, I agree about loving the peeks into the members’ lives. I think the Hwa-ja/Ah-reum conflict gave us real insight into their personalities and issues, and am I the only one who got teary-eyed during the reconciliation scene and Seol-hee’s “leader” speech?

    2. OMG NOO-RI IS PRECIOUS. He is an awesome kid. The scene in the car (he was so giggly and cute) and him sleeping with the guitar were my favorite parts.

    3. I’m glad Tae-hyun is becoming more open about reaching out to Seol-hee, at least. It’s also great that she’s less self-conscious around him – you rightly point out that being herself is (re-)working its charms on Ji-wook, and I think it’s doing the trick on Tae-hyun, too.

    Looking forward to the next recap!

    • 9.1 h311ybean

      Forgot to say that I totally loved how low-budget the Genie video was, with the guys just pitching in 🙂

      And that is it just me, or is Seung-hye dressing more stylishly now? I wonder whether it has anything to do with the divorce becoming final? Hmmm…

  10. 10 faye

    Just wanted to say that I also love their version of “genie”. Love this drama. Hope the strike thing gets resolved soon and doesn’t affect airing of this and the other dramas.

  11. 11 mellowyel

    Noori and Taehyun in the car – BEST SCENE OF THIS SHOW. I laughed so hard at the son teasing the father. I think it shows that he’s more like his dad than his mom (a good thing, in my opinion).

    I really like Kim Jung Eun in this role. I’m just wondering though – is she OBLIVIOUS to the fact that Taehyun has a huge crush on her, or is she just too busy with all the other things in her life to notice? If a dude calls you just to say “sleep well”, you should start to be suspicious – at least a little.

    And I agree with müge: she and Jiwook have great chemistry. I also think that her carefree self was what attracted him to her in the first place, hence why when she was dominated by MoaE their relationship fell apart. But, Jiwook’s own deference to his mother in so many situations probably contributed to the breakup as well. Had he stood up to her and allowed Seolhee to be herself, or even just not allowed his ambition (and Seunghye and MoaE’s influence) to affect his feelings for her, maybe they’d still be together. I like that their relationship and the reasons for divorcing are complex, though: it makes Jiwook’s continued presence in the drama interesting as opposed to annoying.

    It looks like this issue with him and his mom will affect his relationship with Seunghye, too. It seems a little unfair though – in the rulebook of k-dramas, the female second lead will always lose out in her romantic efforts, because her efforts compete with that of the lead couple. I’m still hoping for a little originality though – I’d love to see Sooin become the competitor for Taehyun’s affections, and Seunghye actually end up with Jiwook as he grows balls and stands up to his mother so he can be with her. Or Taehyun and Sooin, and Seolhee and Jiwook again. Or even Seolhee deciding to remain single. But, most likely, Sooin’s affections will simply be a reason for angst within the band in later episodes, and Seunghye will end up alone because she’s such a bad person (sarcasm here: she’s flawed, but not evil, like other second leads. she deserves some happiness, at least). Not to spoil anything, but from episode 10 it looks like the writers are not averse to using contrived plotlines to create reasons for conflict. They can still take things in a new direction though, which is what I’m crossing my fingers for.

  12. 12 luraaa

    Been reading your recaps and because of these, I started watching the show. Love your comments btw.

    For this ep, what do we expect? It’s a kdrama, and nosebleeds are a staple to every heroine to show us that they’re still the damsel in distress.

    A hospital scene is required too, so the two men who are after our female lead would clash and give dagger looks at each other… and to let us know that Seol Hee is one heck of a woman who’s worth fighting for.

    Having said these, I still enjoy this series, and I’ll continue watching it, because I’m an addict. Thanks again.

  13. 13 Kkstar88

    Just one thing- I know jw and sh have great chemistry and all, and maybe it’s plausible she could forgive how he treated her… but he cheated on her! He had an affair with another woman. That means he enjoyed dates with her, meaningful (maybe) conversations, kissed her and even slept with her! That should never be acceptable or forgotten, especially since they are divorced. So all the jw-sh shippers, I understand but I would never ever approve and would hate this show forever for sending such a degrading message to women.

    • 13.1 jubilantia

      Agreed! So agreed. I highly doubt that would happen. However, it is difficult to just erase someone from your life, so I think Ji Wook’s reactions are a little realistic. A little tailored for wish-fulfillment (now you see what you lost but you can’t have me! hah!) but I’m sure that happens in real life all the time.

  14. 14 jubilantia

    This episode was awesome. Thanks for the recaps, kaedejun! Of all the amazing things that you covered in this episode (adorable Noo Ri, crazy Seung Hye, smitten Tae Hyun, re-smitten Ji Wook), I’m elaborating on Seol Hee’s clothes. I think it’s partially a manifestation of her personality and new-found freedom, and partially to cater to the whole ahjumma wish-fulfillment thing they’ve got going on here. I mean, who doesn’t want to sashay around in fantastic clothes? Or lead a rock band? And of course, as soon as you divorce the ex-husband, he immediately starts seeing you in a whole new light.

    Also, everyone in this drama is so excellently cast. I mean, I know it’s their job, but damn. The guy who plays Ji Wook is really excellent at playing the hot jerk you love to hate.

  15. 15 Leigh

    I love KJE in this role… I think she has depth of character from her personal life, and being a great actress, can portray it on screen…Can’t help but prefer her with TH just because he’s sees her value and relate to the older women bit….

  16. 16 lain

    Thank you so much for your recap.
    I agree with everybody that Seol Hee and Ji Wook have great chemistry. However, it’s best for Seol Hee if she ends up with Tae Hyun. Being with Ji Wook would surely create obstacles for her in order to achieve her dream. Though there’s still love, they would probably spend their days arguing with each other. Their two different worlds is a source of clash. Whereas Tae Hyun is able and willing to support her 200%. I could imagine them having a fun and peaceful marriage life, although Seol Hee perhaps wouldn’t love him–or any other man–as much as she loves Ji Wook.

  17. 17 Julie

    i wish seung hye would take a flying leap…..she is annoying.

  18. 18 Helena

    Love this drama! Thank you Kaedejun for your fantastic recaps!

  19. 19 Faye

    OOOH, this episode was great! I also keep replaying the genie song lol. Thanks for the wonderful recap!

  20. 20 asianromance

    thank you for the recap!!

    “Tae Hyun: You said you hated it before.
    Noo Ri: I should consider the gift giver’s sincerity.”—> hahahahaha what a kid!!!

    I love how Ji Wook’s mom is onto them. Did Seung-Hye really think Ji Wook’s mom will accept her or let Ji Wook marry her? she should get over herself!

  21. 21 AuntieMame

    Regardless of how much Tae Hyun likes her, I don’t think Seol Hee will rush into another permanent relationship again. After all, the girl just got her ‘groove’ back. So, the drama may end with all four characters in their current status and situation.

    Thank you so much for the recap. Dramabeans has been fast and furious getting the recaps out. You’re totally amazing!

    • 21.1 jusash

      While I agree Seol-hee’s just ” got her own groove back”, (after identity crisis living with Ji-wook + dysfunctional suffocating family) and should be exploring~celebrating her own independence; I also see Tae-hyun as very easy-going supportive, and a non-conformist.

      He’s an asset, rather than stifling hindrance to her new lifestyle.

  22. 22 sarah

    i actually loved the scene with ji wook and seol hee. they seemed so friendly with each other even though they had just had a divorce.

  23. 23 sarah

    oh yeah i definitely LOVED seol hee’s birthday song to noori. and i also can’t stop playing genie on replay

  24. 24 trixicopper

    Thank you for the terrific recap kaedejun!

    I have to admit that I’m a Team Rat Bastard member. 🙂 Of course JW will have to crawl over broken glass and do a LOT of groveling in the future to make up for his rat bastard ways.

    Oh, and did I mention put his mother on that rocket to the sun?

    Since this is Kdrama land I don’t see any of that happening any time soon. But it seems a shame to waste all that chemistry.

    Looking forward to Mondays episode. GO GIRLS! 🙂

  25. 25 Rubysing

    The birthday song was a lovely song… any download for that, please, JB?

  26. 26 yen_nguyen

    This drama’s music is awesome!

  27. 27 ockoala

    Go Team Rat Bastard, we should sing the 99 bottles of beer song on the bus. 🙂

    Thanks for a great recap!

  28. 28 wulanastasiaz

    the end is like.. “o.. ooww…!”

    thanks jb..

  29. 29 sunshine

    I find the SeungHye and SeolHee conflict so interesting, because when Seung Hye sees SeolHee with her ex-husband and child, it’s not only a new woman with her ex-husband; it’s also seeing that Seol Hee has divorced and presumably gotten further along into a real relationship than she has with Ji Wook. She had basically just realized that her relationship with Ji Wook is coming to nothing, and here is her current boy’s ex-wife doing well with her ex-husband.

  30. 30 wits

    I love that this episode gave us more Tae Hyun!!! He is now beginning to show his attraction and concern towards Seol Hee, which, to my mind, has been a long time coming. I just wish their scenes are longer and more drawn out. His role as the band’s music trainer/coach should be more emphasized and should be the source of more interaction between our lovely pair.

    But at least, Seol Hee has proven to Tae Hyun that she can be a great mother to Noo-Ri, and that Noo-ri can accept her, if not as a mom, at least, as a “cool ahjumma”. Love the birthday song scene and the way Tae Hyun looked at her while she sang… oooh, melt.

    Thanks for the recap, as always.

  31. 31 lovlyndra

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  32. 32 cheanne

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  33. 33 Haj

    I love your comparison of Minkyu and Noo Ri, so cute! I thought that he was ugly and mean looking in CInderella’s sister but here hes so cute. I think its partly the acting and partly the glasses.

  34. 34 fungus

    thank you for posting the recap. love the new format which you’ve taken.

  35. 35 Ani

    When Hwa-Ja set up the meeting with her President friend, for the first time I wanted to smack her. Through out this drama I have never once thought her annoying (okay, when she used Ran Hee’s name to get them the market gig, that also pissed me off) but she’s more along the lines of endearing. But you don’t put your friends up for market like that, that’s goes against Friendship 101 Unspoken Rules. Okay, I just made that up. Other than that, I loved how Tae-hyun was like “Dude, I shoot lightning from my eyes and balls of fire from my arse. So what do you suppose you’re doin’ hea huh?”

    • 35.1 anon

      The bro code (how i met your mother)
      or in this case the girl code

      and i’ve been borderline hating hwaja since episode one
      kinda obnoxious

      • 35.1.1 Ani

        Or Transformers Bro Code: “Bros Before Hoes”…. Except, what the Sis Code? Sisters Before Misters? Sisters Before Lizards? Gizzards?

  36. 36 paria

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  37. 37 dordorMM

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  38. 38 mish

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    Definitely love NOO RI!!! adorable kid! and that’s my fave scene of the episode too!! son and father in the car.

    🙂 love their rock version of the snsd song.

    • 38.1 Ani

      HAHAHA! When she mentioned Ran Hee, I actually had to try to remember who that was. Either I’m forgetful, or she’s just the un-memorable.

  39. 39 George

    Min Kyu made my day when he rolled his eyes, I think I watched that scene (that second actually) more than it is allowed.
    I hope we get to see him more, he deserves it.

    It annoys me that Hwa Ja’s husband became a quit-the-band supporter, it was great to see a couple with a dynamic like theirs. A husband supportive of his exuberant personaly and life-choices wife.
    Let him switch back to the do-what-you-want and let’s-get-busy-everywhere-honey.

    And finally, I really hope that the situation where Soo In really thinks that TH has a crush on her won’t grow and won’t destroy her psychologically in a war in which TH already only sees Seol Hee.

    • 39.1 h311ybean

      The issue with Hwa-ja’s husband makes me wonder if it *was* him who posted the “glamorous/addicting” comment online. If it was, then I’m not too happy with the writers for resolving Hwa-ja’s main plotline off-screen.

  40. 40 Brandi

    I re-watched the scene with Noori and his appa in the car WAY more times than necessary. The kid is SO adorable!

  41. 41 danni

    I totally forgot about Ran-hee, I kind of hope she never comes back and if she does, she’ll just be in a 10 second scene where she sees the Comeback Madonna band jamming out to a huge crowd and then she gets jealous. She really doesn’t add anything and I think the drama is better without her.

    Geez kid – the proper comeback line to the teasing is, “At least my momma can dance better than your momma!”
    -This is so true.

    I also liked the development of the dancing in the elevator becoming a scandal, and then being used to get them some fame. The remake of SNSD’s Genie was awesome! Besides, it’s nice that Ah Reum finally gets her own screen time. For the last 8 episodes I’ve almost forgotten she was there.

    The whole “Seol Hee-is-working-so-hard-that-she-ends-up-in-the-hospital” thing was definitely contrived, mostly because we haven’t really seen her doing anything. If this had happened back when the divorce was still going on, then I could have bought it because she was definitely going through a lot of stuff, but this time around, I didn’t really believe it and I agree, it was probably just a way to make Ji Wook and Tae Hyun confront each other again.

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I feel a little, teensy-weensy bit of sympathy for Seung Hye. I knows she’s a bitch and everything (when she started threatening to take Noo Ri away from Tae Hyun is when my sympathy evaporated) but I felt sort of bad when she came to Noo Ri’s school and saw Seol Hee, Tae Hyun, and Noo Ri together. I mean, it’s kind of sad to think that you’ve been displaced as a parent, especially by the ex-wife of your boyfriend. I know, I know, Seung Hye brought it upon herself, but I did feel something for her during that scene.

    I’m so frustrated that I still can’t root for SH and TH to be together. There was more scenes of them together and they definitely seem more chummy, but that’s about how good their relationship seems to me, just good friends. Maybe if there was less Ji Wook then it wouldn’t bother me. I definitely don’t think she should end up with him again, especially after seeing how different they are, but gosh darn it, I’m (almost) rooting for him.(Can’t forget the fact that he cheated on her and pretty much treated her like gum stuck to the heel of his shoe for almost their entire marriage).

    That comparison of Noo Ri and Min Kyu is too cute. I was glad to see a lot more of these too, especially Noo Ri, who is a lot more likeable here than he was in Cinderella’s Sister. The scene between him and Tae Hyun in the car made my day.

    Hmm, I really need to write shorter comments. Thanks for the recap kaedejun!

  42. 42 korean_panda

    i have a question. Is it the two characters you want to get together, or the actors. Cause I personally hate what JW did because it’s despicable although he’s starting to feel guilty. But the actor is what makes him so sympathetic, he’s such a good actor. I feel like if it was another actor playing JW people wouldn’t like the SH-JW couple so much.

    • 42.1 danni

      Yeah, I’m starting to think it’s the actor because when he was being a cold-hearted bastard I really REALLY hated him, but now that he’s all sympathetic and what not I feel really bad for him, especially after watching the home video in court. Maybe it’s because Tae hyun’s character doesn’t have enough pull for me. I know he likes Seol Hee, but I don’t know WHY he likes her. They seem to get along well, but their chemistry is so darn low (to me) that it’s frustrating and that’s why I can’t see them together. But like I said, I don’t want to see Seol Hee back with Ji Wook because I think that would not only totally undermine Seol Hee, but the entire show. In fact, Seol Hee ending up with nobody would probably be the only satisfactory way for this to end for me.

  43. 43 hbfrack

    Thanks kaedejun for the recap!

    I love the genie song, Noo-Ri and of course Tae Hyun undeniable crush on Seol Hee.

    I also hope Soo In will soon realize (before it’s too late) that Tae Hyun has only his eyes on Seol Hee. Come on, if he likes you, he should be spending some time with you, right?

  44. 44 tm

    Would like to ask if the genie rock version is in the ost soundtrack list? or kadejun you had extracted out in the drama?

    Genie rock version was good!

    • 44.1 kaedejun

      Heh – I tried to find the “ost” version but there were none. So I edited a version of it from a youtube video that had the full song.

  45. 45 sylvia

    I thought that the lead actress for this drama was the one who played in City Hall. I was so disappointed that they casted this actress. Is she a big name in Korea? With her looks she is just qualified to play the role of a maid or just a supporting role.

  46. 46 mskololia

    Hi kaedejun. Thanks for the recaps! You’re doing a wonderful job…

    I’m following along debating as to whether or not to pick this one up as it is on my to-watch list. It sounds as entertaining as I thought it would be. Perhaps when it ends, but I am enjoying your recapping.

    I’m rooting for the husband by the way. He may have been an ass before, but I think he really does love his wife just that other things began to fill the void after the loss of their child. She was pregnant, right?

    Anyway, I can see him begging her to come back and SHee doing so with some eye-popping stipulations or demands….hehehehe. Perhaps this will cause the other couple to reconsider their vows….Then again, maybe this is not that kind of drama…. 🙂

  47. 47 Judy

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