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2010 SBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2010 | 188 Comments

There are lots of awards handed out, for sure, but at least SBS has some strong shows this year, with great performances all around in the competition. Go Hyun-jung stacks up another Daesang for her turn as the first Korean female president in Daemul, which if I’m to go based on all the parodies, involved lots of shouting in the rain. There’s a performance by Noh Min-woo, a THREE-way tie for Best Couple, and of course, some red carpet hits and misses.


Daesang: Go Hyun-jung (Daemul)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actor: Kwon Sang-woo (Daemul), Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Actress: Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Supporting Actor: Lee Jae-yong (Daemul)
Top Excellence Award, Drama Special, Supporting Actress: Lee Soo-kyung (Daemul)

Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actor: Lee Beom-soo (Giant)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Actress: Kim Jung-eun (I Am Legend)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Supporting Actor: Lee Duk-hwa (Giant)
Top Excellence Award, Special Production, Supporting Actress: Hong Ji-min (I Am Legend)

Top Excellence Award, Daily Drama, Actor: Sohn Hyun-joo
Top Excellence Award, Daily Drama, Actress: Yoo Ho-jung (Neighbor Enemies)
Top Excellence Award, Daily Drama, Supporting Actor: Shin Sung-rok (Neighbor Enemies)
Top Excellence Award, Daily Drama, Supporting Actress: Im Ji-eun (Three Sisters)

Drama Special, Actor Award: Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho)
Drama Special, Actress Award: Shin Mina (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho)
Special Production, Actor Award: Jung Bo-seok (Giant)
Special Production, Actress Award: Park Jin-hee (Giant)
Daily Drama, Actor Award: Song Chang-eui (Life Is Beautiful)
Daily Drama, Actress Award: Kang Sung-yeon (My Wife Has Returned)

Top Excellence Award, Drama: Giant
Human Drama Award: Neighbor Enemies
Frontier Drama Award: Dr. Champ
Lifetime Achievement Award: Park Geun-hyun

Netizen Popularity Award: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden)
Netizen Popularity Award, Drama: Secret Garden
Producers’ Award: Cha In-pyo (Daemul), Park Sang-min (Giant), Han Hye-jin (Jejoongwon)

Top 10 Stars: Lee Beom-soo, Jung Bo-seok (Giant), Go Hyun-jung, Kwon Sang-woo (Daemul), Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden), Lee Seung-gi, Shin Mina (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho), Kim So-yeon (Prosecutor Princess, Dr. Champ)

Best Couple: Lee Seung-gi, Shin Mina (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho), Joo Sang-wook, Hwang Jung-eum (Giant), Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden)

New Star Awards: Joo Sang-wook, Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Soo-hyun (Giant), Han Chae-ah (Neighbor Enemies), Ham Eun-jung (Coffee House), Choi Siwon (Oh! My Lady), Nam Gyuri (Life Is Beautiful), Noh Min-woo (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho)

Go Hyun-jung looks fabulous in the whole upswept-hair-and-dress concept. I wish the dress were a little tighter, but the statuesque look makes her look sophisticated, while the minimal makeup makes her look ten years younger. Kwon Sang-woo looks good, but mostly due to the fact that he has Go Hyun-jung on his arm.

How come the cast of Giant looks like an acapella group with a manager and a stylist? Or…waitstaff, with hostess and restaurateur?

Hwang Jung-eum picked up a New Star Award, and she looks every bit the beautiful young starlet. It’s not the most refreshing look since we’ve seen bejeweled necklines at every awards ceremony this past week, but at least it’s a flattering, understated version. And the color is gorgeous.

Joo Sang-wook also picked up a Newbie Award for Giant. His tux screams Lounge Singer, not Hot New Star, but I suppose the guy who’s wearing it can do wonders for a wayward tailor. I never noticed how crazy chiseled his face is, like he walked straight out of a comic book.

Kim Soo-hyun could not look more like a robot if he tried. Aw, newbies. The tux actually fits him really well, but that super high collar makes his very tiny head seem even tinier. I think they should’ve actually tried to un-lengthen him, which seems counter-red-carpet behavior, but he’s so lanky that he could use some broadening, and less elongating. I know, it sounds weird, but a suit can do a lot.

Kim Seo-hyung‘s dress is like a french maid’s outfit dyed hot pink. So, so wrong. Is it the shoulder-pads-as-sleeves? The oh-so-square-ness of everything? The almost-belt? The pleats? Let’s just say all of the above. And scrub our memories before the new year.

Oh, Jung Bo-seok. I adore the crazy professor hair, complete with silver streaks and all, but the suit is nine kinds of wrong. It’s…double-breasted pinstripes…with pinstripe leggings? Don’t even get me started on the shoes. From the neck-up, you make me smile. From the neck-down, I want a formal apology from your stylist.

The hosts for the evening, Park Jin-hee, Lee Beom-soo, and Lee Soo-kyung. Lee Soo-kyung looks pretty, but totally safe and boring. Lee Beom-soo looks good….but sadly really short next to the two ladies. It may have been a good time to break out those shoe pads that idol stars wear. Park Jin-hee…I seriously, seriously love you, Park Jin-hee. But that black paper sack you’re wearing for a dress is horribly frumpy and your Bob’s Big Boy hair is just not doing it for me. Your makeup looks fabulous, though. I just don’t see why you’d wear something so matronly when you can rock this.

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won are their beautiful, beautiful selves. Listen, normally a velvet jacket is a big no-no, but it’s blue, and it has a matching blue SPARKLY bowtie! OMG why so cute, Binnie? Also his Wolverine hair is doing wonders for him. I think he wins the Riskiest Look But Pulls It Off With Flair Award. Ha Ji-won is sporting the same ‘do from the last episode of Secret Garden…which was as weird the first time around. But her sleek and simple look is flattering; it’s just not memorable, what with her co-star outshining her in the fashion department…literally.

Phil, the skunk that died and crawled up onto your collar rang me up…he says he was meant to be a carpet; not worn on the red carpet.

Kim Sung-oh looks perfectly attired…for an ice cream date and a day at the amusement park. Oh, Secretary Kim. What would Kim Joo-won say about you if he saw you now?

Lee Jong-seok looks like Jung Il-woo and Robert Pattinson had a baby, and dressed him together for his first red carpet appearance. Aw, they must be proud papas.

Kim So-yeon looks AMAZING. God, I really love her badass look more than any other, by twenty-fold. Her hair and makeup are a cut above everyone else’s, and that dress fits her like a glove. I can’t say I love it, as it does strange swooping things around her neckline, but man, does she rock it anyway. It’s the perfect example of a star wearing the clothes, and not the other way around. Envy.

I actually like this look on Jung Seok-won. It’s not the snazziest thing for a red carpet, and it looks more appropriate for meeting a girlfriend’s parents for dinner, but he looks good in it, whereas a lot of these other guys need to meet a good tailor. He looks awkward, the stuntman-turned-actor, but I’m sure he’ll get used to the limelight in no time.

Han Hye-jin looks amazing in this color. This color makes me involuntarily smile. But the cut of the dress is terrible. It’s tri-sected, like somebody only had enough material to make the dress horizontally rather than vertically, making for some really weird lines. It fits her beautifully, but no dress should ever have three horizontal lines.

Seung-gi-ya!!! Aw, puppy looks cute today. Better than the up-sweepy ‘do he sported for the Variety Awards. His velvety lapels aren’t doin’ it for me, but other than that, he’s his usual confident, smiley self. Which is why we love you. Shin Mina is wearing something very very confusing…it’s like a Christmas ornament got recycled into a dress. But seriously, if anyone on earth can make a crazy dress somehow seem like it’s actually fashionable and I must’ve just missed the boat, it’s Shin Mina. I really hate the dress, but she looks fabulous anyway, if that’s any indication of her supernatural powers.

Noh Min-woo, you rock the stage, but your suit is killing me. Is it…patterned AND shiny? Oh, dear. You look spiffy, but I went ahead and fired your tailor. You’ll thank me later.

I love Moon Chae-won! And I love her breezy ponytail and natural makeup. But…I don’t love that dress. I want to, because I love her, but I can’t. I dislike everything about that black sheer sheath. I know what it’s trying to do – lingerie-meets-formal gown, but it’s got too much going on: tiers, layers, gathers, jewels, and lines that cut her up strangely. I’d dearly love to see her in something daring and spunky, and less pink-safe-bejeweled.

And her Daddy’s Girl co-star didn’t fare much better. Choi Jin-hyuk is a cutie pie, but that tux is too shiny and it fits him all wrong. He totally gets a pass for being a newbie though, as does his hair, which probably took him three hours to get just so…and looks like he just crawled out of bed. Sigh. I do love how awkward he looks though. Something about it is endearing.

In comparison, this Daddy’s Girl couple, Kang Sung and Lee Hee-jin, looks amazing together…for a date night at the movies. Okay, maybe a rock star’s wedding. Or even a movie premiere for their friend Moon Chae-won. But for an awards show? Really, you could be dressed down one step and be going to the grocery store, and no one would think that was weird. Just sayin’.

In contrast, Hong Ji-min knows how to rock a red carpet. I love this glamorpuss through and through. The cut, the color, the sparkliness – it’s just so her, and she looks fabulous. The dress does have one major misstep in those silver blobs from her waist down, which makes me sad because this would’ve been a perfect look without them. My favorite thing is her confidence: when a woman’s like, “I’m sexy in this dress and I rock it!” you can’t help but go, “Hell yeah, sister! Work it!”

Kim Jung-eun wins for most flattering overall look, despite her dress not being anything to write home about. I love her hair and makeup, and the way she looks in that dress. I just wish it were a different color, or did something a little outside the normal wheelhouse.

Ham Eun-jung…grandma’s curtains-meet-bedazzler? You’re so young and pretty – why aren’t you wearing a dress that matches your youth? I mean, it’s not even Scarlett O’Hara curtains. If you’re gonna go with drapery, go all the way.

You know, I dislike Min Hyo-rin‘s dress because of the poofy front business, but I do like the overall look on her, because she’s been sporting some uncharacteristically older-skewing dresses lately. I like seeing her like this, minimal makeup and sleek ponytail, with a flirty little dress. It suit her, and she looks more comfortable than when she’s overpowered by a giant dress. Also, I’d kill somebody for those shoes.

Shin Sung-rok‘s three-piece suit is perfect, but with that bowtie plus little flower, it’s whimsical and adorable.

Tsk, tsk, Song Chang-eui. I mean, do I even need to say words?

Nam Gyuri‘s dress is normally something I’d say was boooring, but she’s young and every girl deserves her princess-ballerina moment in the spotlight. I just wish it was a different color, or punked up in some way. But that’s just me. I bet her mom is squealing in delight.

Yoo Min‘s dress is an interesting pattern up close, but overall the dress is suitable for a summer date in the park; on the red carpet it’s washed out and dressed down.

Han Chae-ah: your hair is perfection. I hope you catch the bouquet at your best friend’s wedding.

Yoo Ho-jung‘s dress looks like it was cobbled together out of four potato sacks. And then she went ahead and put a mink football-player-size thing on her shoulders, to make her outfit the winner for Most Unflattering, I’m Sorry Dear Award.

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188 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Addicted

    LOVVEEE Hong Ji-min!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • 1.1 lili

      i second that

    • 1.2 Ani

      Hong Ji-min is the embodiment of a full figured woman who has the confidence to rock her curves. Add to it that she’s talented? Dude, she is a beaut beyond words. AWESOME! (P.S. I wish I had an ounce of her confidence. It could take me places.)

    • 1.3 Ms Guccibabie

      FaaaaaJaaaaa! Awesome!!! I think she is the best dressed by far!!!!…..

      It’s a good thing that Shin Min Ah has those dimples cause that was the only thing that saved her. It looks like she used those suppa-natural powers to go back in time to steal an 80’s singers Grammy dress.

  2. bkea

    SG couple looks the best!!

    • 2.1 Laica

      I agree! They look like they coordinated their outfits. Best couple of the year.

      Lol at your comment about Secretary Kim’s clothes, GF. πŸ™‚

    • 2.2 maria

      well, i think SOMEONE is just a teeeeeny bit biased about how well hyun bin pulls off that blue velvet look………. and i think that someone is ME. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  3. SL


  4. zozo_oppa_fan

    wowwwwwwwwwww hyun bin, han ji won, lee seung ki ,shin min ah i am tottally so happy for them

  5. Agnes

    Han Chae Ah looks so pretty!

  6. zozo_oppa_fan

    wowwwwwwwwwww hyun bin, han ji won, lee seung ki ,shin min ah i am totally so happy for them

  7. Biscuit

    GHJ and KSY look FLAWLESS here!

    Sadly, everyone else seemed just OK IMO. Or maybe it’s because GHJ and KSY brought up the standards of amazing that everyone else just don’t seem to look their best.

    That said, the last picture of GHJ and KSW look like a poster for a drama.

    • 7.1 Biscuit

      Oh, btw. For anyone who’se interested, this is Noh’s performance:


      (MUST. FIND. HQ!)

      So happy he won newcomer award. Though technically, every newcomer seems to easily pick up the award since they hand it out so freely.

      Still, it’s a job well done for Noh!
      Now please come back with more dramas and release an album ;D

    • 7.2 a-a-a

      I would have to agree with you on KSY and GHJ taking the cake on this show. Oddly enough, Goddess Ha Ji Won, who blows me away and kicks everyone’s ass in every award JB has posted commentaries on, has been over shadowed by neurotic Hyun Bin lol! Gotta love Binnie, but yeah HJW was lovely but not exactly “memorable” (as GF mentioned).

      Also I loveeee the beautiful fuschia-purple on HJH, she could have been awesome if not for the horrible cut of the dress.

  8. lambayyx

    i’m a huge Giant fan so i’m really happy that they got so many awards, especially the best couple award for JSW & HJE (even if it’s shared) <3 squeeeeeal

  9. happy

    Congratulations to Go Hyun Jung unnie for yet again bagging her third Daesang Award!!! We love you so much!! Daemul Team Fighting! πŸ˜€

  10. 10 stars4u

    Hoi-Hoi!!! I missed watching Lee Seungi and Shin Mina!!!

    The more I see Lee Jong-seok the ore he looks like Jung Il-woo!!!

    Secretary Kim, see you tomorrow!

    Hyun Bin rocks his outfit!!

  11. 11 leonardswench

    Once again, I disagree with nearly everything you said about the fashions (and as a costume mistress with a stylist sister, I think I’m allowed to disagree), though I almost never say that you’re way off base (hey, you get enough bashing, right, JB??).

    What I wish nearly every star would be taught is how to walk that red carpet … so many are caught in unflattering poses that make their clothes seem more unflattering. One day in a model’s class with an overbearing ballet mistress shouting about “core to the ceiling” in the background and they’d all photograph much better as well as wear the clothes like they were meant to be worn.

    Seriously, move slowly, and gracefully, and SMILE like you’re Miss Texas and you’ve got Vaseline on your lips and you can’t help yourself. Especially if you’re a man.

    • 11.1 javabeans

      psst, girlfriday was the fashion guru on this one.

      • 11.1.1 leonardswench

        I just came back to say so ….. my daughter came on to read it and caught me, as did you!!!!! I need sleep, but sadly, I’m re-making a 70 year old wedding dress, so this lady is off to the sewing machine and catching up on Secret Garden.

  12. 12 missjb

    I’m abit sad Prosecutor Princess couple didn’t win, hahahha

    they are a couple who moved me the most in SBS this year…. Their bickering always fun to watch and make me smiled like a fool… their timing to react to each other were perfect and addicting, It blow me away..

    I’m more sad cause PSH didn’t come πŸ™

    But I’m happy one of my favorite couple a.k.a Giant couple (min woo- Mij Juu pairing <3) won best couple award…. One of the reason I watched Giant because of them… <3

    congrats to the winner … you are guys deserves that πŸ˜‰

    • 12.1 gi

      Yeah, I would have loved to see a pic of those two together (KSY and PSH). She looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m kinda gay for her right now.

    • 12.2 Lazy Goose

      Me, too. I’m sad that Park Shi Hoo didn’t receive any award for this drama.

  13. 13 MEIKO**** ^-^

    funny comments Girlfriday!!!

    Love Min Hyo-Rin’s mini dress and shoes!!! Suits her too.

    Nam Gyuri’s dress is pretty too but, yes, it might look more striking if it has a bit of color…

  14. 14 Cher

    Go Hyun Jung is stunning!! Wow!! So flawless!
    Congratulations!!! πŸ™‚

  15. 15 teacake

    Hurray for Kim So-yeon’s Top 10 Star award! She looked smokin’ hot too!

    • 15.1 Amg1

      Amen To Dat!!!!
      She was the best part of 2010 Kim So-yeon FTW!

    • 15.2 danna

      hell yea….that woman can even rock a potato sack!!…not that you’d ever catch her in one

    • 15.3 TT

      KSY is the most beautiful actress of the night!

      • 15.3.1 dinna

        I’m definitely agree… KSY rocks!!! Congrats to her for winning top 10 stars. Really can’t wait for her next project.

    • 15.4 teapot

      I so have a girl crush on her.

    • 15.5 perking

      me too, KSY s’ stunning sexy. She rocks the red carpet, sad that she didn’t win any important award, next year KSY sshi,

  16. 16 kaedejun

    “Lee Jong-seok looks like Jung Il-woo and Robert Pattinson had a baby, and dressed him together for his first red carpet appearance. Aw, they must be proud papas.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAH – so true. so so true.

    KIM SO YEON!! HOTTIE! i want her body. she’s my girl crush of the year (knocking Keira Knightley and Emma Watson off the pedestal)

  17. 17 elle loves kdrama

    Hyun Bin looks so cute! I just want to hug him!

    Happy new year Javabeans and Girlfriday! I just LOVE dramabeans!

  18. 18 Vicky

    Wow, 2010 was quite a year for SBS.
    Binnie was hot hot hot, he and Ha Ji- Won look great together. I wonder how is his relationship with SHK???

    I love Kim So Yeon badass look here. She was fabulous!
    Now, waiting for the KBS!!!

  19. 19 Autumn

    WOW! Kim Soyeon! i had to do a double take. totally rocking the bad-ass look.

    Hong Ji-min is radiating so much happiness and confidence, looking fabulous. but the silver blob makes her look like she’s running for Miss Korea lol.

    • 19.1 Anonymous

      I love kim so yeon dress, too… She looks amazing!
      although her face look gaunt… I always love when she is not ties her hair…

  20. 20 lili

    “I want a formal apology from your stylist” LMFAO

  21. 21 lol

    hyun bin wore exactly what his character on Secret Garden would have worn. I love him for it haha

    • 21.1 Ji-Oh

      I hope one of the reporters asked Hyun Bin if his bowtie is what was left of the sparkly tracksuit (that would not die).

      Love the nod to his character.

  22. 22 lili

    “Oh, Secretary Kim. What would Kim Joo-won say about you if he saw you now?” KJW: you’re fired!!!!!
    his shoes are just WOO!!! i can’t find a word to explain what he is wearing!!!!!!!

  23. 23 SGcrazed

    secret garden couple yahoooooooo

  24. 24 lili

    Moon Chae Won cloths? is that really a dress??????

  25. 25 Jennifer

    Seriously?!?! Go Hyun Jung won the Daesang?!?! She is too overrated. Chung Bo Seok totally deserved the top award. He didn’t even get the Top Excellence Award, what were these people thinking?!?! This just proves that this is just a popularity contest!! Stupid…..

    • 25.1 Jacky

      Bitter! πŸ˜›

  26. 26 gingganggolli

    Yes I am being biased! I love SBS because of HB and HJW won an award…yepeeeeee love Secret Garden and I can’t wait for the recap.

    • 26.1 Bengal

      Can someone explain to me why Secret Garden is nominated when the show hasn’t finished yet? thanks

  27. 27 danna

    “Lee Jong-seok looks like Jung Il-woo and Robert Pattinson had a baby, and dressed him together for his first red carpet appearance. Aw, they must be proud papas.”
    oh boy Kim So Yeon has one hellava figure….also love all the best couple winners!

  28. 28 gala

    one more drama awards recap right? KBS? or did i miss it? [i’ll try to backtrack, but will do so next year, heh.]

    happy new year, everyone!

  29. 29 Kazuho

    Yay for Go Hyun-jung bagging another well-deserved Daesang! [i]Daemul[/i] was one of my favorite dramas this year. The Seo Hye-rim, Ha Do-ya pairing was quite memorable.

  30. 30 Brittany

    Yay! Lots of wins for Giant! πŸ˜€

  31. 31 celest1al

    I think you meant Park Geun-hyung* not hyun for the Lifetime Achievement Award? Sorry, I just really love that old man, which is why I noticed the small typo. Hahah

  32. 32 supah

    Happy for Park Geun-hyung, Go Hyun-jung and Lee Jae-yong, YAY!

    But more importantly; GIANT!
    Throwing Yoo In-shik in the air, Jung Bo-seok hugging Kim Soo-hyun, Park Sang-min!! Lee Beom-soo…
    Too much goodness in one room.
    Jung Bo-seok deserved a Daesang, at the very least, but ohwells. Standing ovation, Giant, standing ovation. *wipes away tear*

    About Joo Sang-wook: ”I never noticed how crazy chiseled his face is, like he walked straight out of a comic book.” Did you get that from the Yoo in-shik interview? ‘Cos he spoke those exact words about why he picked him to play ‘the spawn of the devil’ in Giant.

    • 32.1 supah

      Oh and I may be alone in this but I LOVED Park Jin-hee’s dress, hair and makeup on her, she looked breathtaking — as always. I’m so jealo. <3

      And yes, Kim So-yeon, Go Hyun-jung foolproof.
      Agree about the three panels on Han Hye-jin's dress but bye jove, was she the classiest looking species there or what?

      From the guys: Park Sang-min and Kim Soo-hyun. Seong-mo 4evah. <3

  33. 33 fmv

    Wow Kim So Yeon look so stunning here. I love it. Congratulations on being one of the top 10 stars. Wow KSY rock….

  34. 34 grasya

    hoi hoi couple, congratulations! : )

  35. 35 lala

    hyun bin, I love ur hairstyle to death!

    Like always, Kim So Yeon is fabulous!

    Though secret garden got the most prizes, I would love to see hyun bin to win the biggest…

  36. 36 beth

    Happy New Year to Joo sang Wook !!!Congratulation!!! you are the best! I love you and M& M Couple very much !!
    you are so cute and handsome. I wish you have a great success in your career!
    I am your GIANT fan forever!! Good luck and God bless you!

  37. 37 Ida

    I totally think they didn’t award Jung Bo-seok (Jo Pil Yeon) and Park Sangmi (Sangmo) according to their talent and great performance on Giant.

    I haven’t watched Daemul so I can’t say anything about how much GHY deserved it– but Jo Pil Yeon rocked as the villain of the year. Amazing performance.

    Regardless of everything else though, I’m super glad Giant won best drama/script. And our Wooju couple also deserved it. Hwang Jung Eum looked very simple but beautiful, at least to me.

    Anyways- Giant was one of the best dramas of this year for me. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the Giant cast this new year. πŸ™‚

    • 37.1 supah

      Jo Pil-yeon was ICONIC!
      Never, ever going to forget Major Jo, KCIA Chief Jo, Congressman Jo and y’know Prime Minister Jo Pil-yeon. πŸ˜‰

      Go Hyun-jung was a phenomenal actress in a pretty tame show and I’m a huge fan of hers, but she was still nowhere near as epic as Jung Bo-seok or even Park Sang-min, so I am gutted, yeah.

    • 37.2 missjb

      I agree with u… LOVE ALL THE AWARDS has given for Giant <3

      PArk Sang Min and Jung Bo-Seok Deserves more recognized for their acting talents …

      But nevertheless…… congrats for all the winners… πŸ˜‰

    • 37.3 c

      I agree. Many people who’ve watched both in Korea as well were up in arms about the SBS Drama Awards this year, & how they thought Jung Bo Seok would have won daesang. Hmm.

  38. 38 maez

    KIM SOYEON WAS THE BEST!!! I want her to get another bad ass role in a drama. She was AMAZING in her IRIS role.

    SUPER HAPPY that Secret Garden & MGIAG got best couple. YAY!!!!

  39. 39 Aqua

    I’m literally laughing my pants off because of your comments!! LOL!!!!!!
    Amazing, some dresses were like no way!
    And Secretary Kim really looks like he’s going on an ice-cream date, and Binnie looks all blue but as usual looks amazing with Ha Ji- Won when she laughs like she was…
    Thanks for updating!!!

  40. 40 gia

    one night only performance rock the night

  41. 41 Roma

    Best Dressed Actress of the Night- KIM SO YEON

    Best Dressed Actors of the Night- LEE SEUNG GI and HYUN

  42. 42 Kate

    love your comments so funny and to the point. SG couple looks the best…hands down!

  43. 43 Sweet

    CAnt wait for KBS now!:)

  44. 44 bottled water

    AHH! Hyun Bin + Ha Ji Won = SO CUTE. I can’t wait for the next episode of Secret Garden. And the KBS Drama Awards, just to see SJK and YAI hopefully win Best Couple πŸ˜€

    • 44.1 A

      SJK and YAI did win the Best Couple award LOL
      along as PMY and PYC, it was a hilarious moment!

  45. 45 jo

    AMAZING! SHE looked the best out of all of them. SEXY.
    too bad she got another pity award and PP got nothing. so sad. I wish she and park shi hoo got best couple instead!!

  46. 46 dramaperson

    OMG i just watched the red carpet of actors/actresses for the KBS awards!

    i love you, lee min ho!


    • 46.1 Kristal

      Damn, some of those stars didn’t even attempt to shake any fans’ hands (Jang Hyuk I’m staring at you, buddy, and you know I love you anyways!).

      Jang Geun Seok look genuinely excited about those flowers though and even stopped to look at the card. Cute!

  47. 47 Love

    Yay! secret garden!

    hyun bin<3

  48. 48 LOL

    Kim So Yeon is so bad-ass and pretty. She totally killed everyone else in the style department. ^^
    And my Eunjung won a New Star Award! Yay! (Though, every other newbie actor/actress practically shared the award with her, but nonetheless, I’m happy for he. =D)

    • 48.1 LOL

      I meant her** LOL. Typo.

  49. 49 snow

    hyun bin & ha ji won look amazing, hope to see some real fireworks from them XD

    hong ji min rocks that dress, +1 for self-confidence!

  50. 50 loveflake187


    • 50.1 anonymous

      2010 KBS Drama Awards: Mickey Yoochun won for Best Newcomer.

      • 50.1.1 Olu

        He won against Yoo Ah In and Yoon Si Yoon, that just shows you how stupid and biased and b.s. KBS is!

        • snow

          yoon si yoon and yoo ah in are hardly “new” actors.

          • lambayyx

            actually yoon si yoon is pretty new. his debut was in 2009’s high kick through the roof (which finished airing this year)

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