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ATHENA: Episode 6
by | January 9, 2011 | 63 Comments

If you keep on crying, I have a Polonium injection for you too.

Although this episode is nothing to write home about, we start seeing some cracks in Hye In, Jung Woo keeps on being gullible and generally apt for nothing more than being cute, Son Hyuk and Jae Hee are inexpressively bickering over who’s in charge. And for those of you who were wishing for Dr. Kim’s demise, your wish is granted!

Or is it?

Episode 6 recap

When confronted by the guards, Hye In at first shows her ID trying to dissuade him by saying that she’s here because she simply inputted the wrong password and therefore blocked her computer. His concern is one of mere security, she shouldn’t be able to be there, and there she is. So, how did she do it? Her excuse is Director Kwon, whom she affirms gave her the authorization.

Relieved by her words, the guard puts down his gun and offers his help. After kindly thanking him, she leaves. It’s not over between them, though, because, as she leaves, he checks the recent activity at the computer where she was working and finds that her means weren’t so innocent after all. He won’t have much time to consider how this cute girl deceived him, Hye In has returned armed with a lethal injection, which she promptly uses to get rid of this loose end. She accesses the vigilance system and deletes her trace completely.

I love it when my girls are this kind of efficient, cold-blooded HBICs.

Meanwhile, at the field agents’ party, everyone’s either bored or drunk when Hye In finally arrives. Her arrival lightens up the mood, when she’s proven to be an excellent drinker by gulping her drinks down rather easily. Since the karaoke part seems not to be of her liking, she takes this as her signal to leave the party, unnoticed by the guys who are having a great time…

…at least almost all of the guys, Jung Won has noticed her, and, as always, runs after her (under the Jae Hee’s vigilant eye). He’s curious regarding her reason to disappear back in Vicenza, but she only gives killer smiles and refers to his “if it’s fate, we’ll meet again” phrase. Her approach is much more sweeter and flirt-y, so he takes it as if they were, indeed, meant to be together. She bursts his bubble by giving a big dose of reality check – their line of work means lots of gunshots but no love, that’s the curse of the Intelligence Agent.

At home, Hye In finally downloads her illegally obtained intel on Dr. Kim, and tells her boss that the NTS is planning to move him to a new house. The details are yet unconfirmed, but the everything she gathered will be transferred to Randy (Sean Richard, is that YOU?). Aside from this, there’s another little tiny detail – the guy she killed while extracting the data. Son Hyuk gives her the most simple of orders, to act as if nothing had happened.

After hanging up, Son Hyuk, who was at a club, engages in an interesting conversation with the singer there. Apparently, she gives him information, and this time she heard a chat between Kwon and Director Han – at first they talked about the latter’s daughter, but then, they asked to be left alone in order to deal with more private matters.

Before long, that same night, the dead guard is found. The possibility of having an informant within the NTS is considered a reality by Kwon. This new situation has pushed them to redraw Dr. Kim’s relocation plan – they don’t really know how compromised his security is now.

Both Jung Woo and Jae Hee are chosen for the investigation regarding the mole. They receive the autopsy’s result – this seemed natural, but the mark in his neck suggests murder. Adding to this mystery, the disappearance of the logs and security cameras is a big setback. Their last hope is the programming of NTS’ files, which includes an Easter Egg that can be tracked when the file is unlocked.

Out of all this mess, the only thing that’s keeping Sung Chul from sleeping, is the possibility of an Internal Audit. Jung Woo finds it pathetic – how is he so worried about his own safety when an NTS guard has been killed there – and Ki Soo refuses to remove their translation records.

Ki Soo is engaged in more urgent matters, as in catching the cheater guy who took all his money while he was away. Fact is, this guy has returned to his place and Ki Soo’s not so happy about that, so he calls him to his office and offers him a Casino War challenge. There’s no price – other than the winner’s right to slap the one who loses.

When Ki Soo starts winning hand after hand, the cheater starts to panic after being slapped so many times, so he changes the rules (first lower cards win, then the other way round) to no avail: he’s the worst case of Cronic Bad Luck ever. Eventually, he admits his defeat and begs for Ki Soo’s forgiveness.

At the NTS, the investigation is being held by interrogations to all the personnel. At the same time, Chief Oh has finally identified the poison used: a vicious, radioactive toxin called Polonium 210, which is extremely difficult to obtain. The catch here – the ones who use it the most are the Black agents (why hello Hye In!).

Jae Hee quickly sums up all the clues, coming to the conclusion that Hye In must be their traitor, especially considering that she’s the only one with no alibi. Jung Woo can’t believe what he’s being told, but the toxin results (and their relation to Black agents) are pretty telling.

In conclusion, Hye In is arrested.

During the interrogation, performed by Jung Woo, Hye In obviously denies having anything to do with the murder, claiming that she was finishing a report she had to submit. Her alibi can’t be confirmed by the CCTV, since where she said she was working is the only blind spot in the system. So, knowing that, she could’ve used it purposely as her alibi. Considering she’s been there for just a week, she denies any knowledge of that blind spot.

Up until now, she had been calmed, but the sole mention of Polonium as the murder weapon visibly shakes her – her eyes doubtful, her composition suddenly nervous, she has no option but to admit having used it in her missions.

Son Hyuk, after 20 hours with no contact, is informed of Hye In’s sudden unknown status. He heads off to his NTS office, where Jae Hee presents herself as the liaison between the DIS and the NTS (a position she tried to refuse, but ultimately had to accept). He picks on her obvious disgust before clearly asking about the murder case. She’s not willing to share any details, and storms off visibly upset.

Jung Woo, meanwhile, is trying to find a loophole in Hye In’s accusation, asking about Polonium and re-interrogating the security staff. Jae Hee, still upset over her new assignment, can’t believe his attitude and decides that enough is enough. She can see how his personal feelings are getting in the way of a thorough, unbiased investigation, but he’s feeling the same way about her – her jealousy is making her give up on a fellow agent rather easily.

And I got to call a huge no way on this. I mean, the proofs are pretty conclusive, right? I’m not saying they should throw Hye In into a firing pit shouting “Burn the witch”, but hey, the girl is at least a bit suspicious.

Well, at least until now. The tricky bit is about to come – apparently the Easter Egg was activated at the guy-who-found-the-body’s house. Jung Woo plus team head off immediately, and find all the incriminating clues – syringe, CDs and a general mess. While the NTS heads are at a meeting noting that they can’t point out which information was taken, the security guard is being killed by Son Hyuk (he raises the “if you want things satisfyingly done, you must do it yourself” to new heights, hey).

After all the hell she’s been through (and well deserved, bitch!), Jung Woo takes Hye In home. When they arrive, she invites him for a cup of tea. From afar, Son Hyuk witnesses the scene, and looks at a bouquet of roses with sad eyes.

The guys, though, are having a great time. Hye In can go further with her Operation Seduce Agent Dimwit, while he talks about corny stuff like fate and her having entered his heart (eh, okay, whatever).

The next day, Kwon takes the happy lovebirds to the security guard’s funeral service. A heartbreaking moment takes place, as an obviously distressed daughter of the poor victim cries for his dad to come back in front of Hye In (this would make for the classic revenge plot – the little girl who asked for help from her dad’s murderer, grows up training to kill her in the most obscure ways).

I don’t know if Hye In was supposed to be moved by the scene, because she isn’t at first. Later, she’s seen pining for her, and quite shocked at the office (she even refuses to go for a drink with da guys). So maybe she has no problem with killing eight guys in a row, or gallons of blood splattered in her face, but little girls crying always do the trick.

But wait! There’s some explanation for her sudden tenderness over human suffering, and we get to know it as she tells Son Hyuk. That little girl remembered of herself when her parents died, so she felt some kind of weird connection between them. Son Hyuk rolls his eyes, and reminds her that compassion is their worst enemy. She should cut the crap and be back to her hot, kick-ass persona asap.

At the NTS, Sung Chul tries to help Jung Woo by telling Hye In how he fought for her when she was being accused of murder. Deeply embarrassed, Jung Woo shushes him. They go for a private conversation where Sung Chul begs him to apologize to Ki Soo for his little prank – he’s not receiving money anymore and he’s beginning to worry. Proving how good a pal he is, he goes to Ki Soo’s underground hideout and tells him two simple words “I’m sorry”. Ki Soo, still grumpy, doesn’t accept his apology, to Jung Woo’s amusement.

Kwon is going through a confidence crisis, so, in order to overcome it, he assigns Jung Woo to a crucial mission.

Meanwhile, Jae Hee (riding with Dr. Kim), Joon Ho (supported by SRT, he has to ride near vehicles) and Jin Seok (riding the leading car), have to relocate Dr. Kim to a new place with tightened security. The operation seems to be successful… until the house where Dr. Kim was taken suddenly explodes.


Neither was Son Hyuk, who just can’t believe this report. Dr. Kim? DEAD? Talk about a surprise.

The explosion was caused by napalm improvised explosive devices, showing that it was carefully planned, according to NTS analysis. Meanwhile, NTS agents are worried because, if they stop nuclear research due to Dr. Kim’s death, the need for a NTS is virtually non-existent (as their main mission was to protect South Korea’s nuclear development). Jung Woo, upon hearing this, drinks his coffee without uttering a single word.

Son Hyuk, after the initial shock, becomes suspicious. He asks Jae Hee about all this, but has no positive answer – she was there, she couldn’t do anything to prevent the tragedy. Seeing that her cranky attitude persists, he tells her to stop it with the daily report thing.

Moving onto greener pastures, he asks Hye In if there’s been any changes after Dr. Kim’s demise. She’s puzzled by his suggestion, so he elaborates: this death should’ve stopped Korea’s nuclear plan, but it’s still running… That, added to Korean government’s mutis and that no one was held responsible, point only in one direction: there must be something fishy around this. Hye In is a bit unwilling to consider his doubts as something real, however she’ll have to find any clues that prove them right or wrong.

Hye In’s first move is to go and have a casual chat with Chief Oh. She’s drinking a glass of wine, completely unworried over past or future events at the NTS. Okay, maybe Son Hyuk’s right – something is off around here – it’s time for Hye In to dig deeper, so she asks Chief Oh to go for a drink. Her suspicions are confirmed when Chief Oh tells her the truth: Dr. Kim is not dead.

Damn. And LOL, actually. The super mega top secret operation was blown up less than 24 hours after staging it.

Director Kwon also tells everything behind this fake death to the president: after Jae Hee and Joon Ho left Dr. Kim at his house, a partially masked Jung Woo picked him up secretly and took him to his final destination: a transportation to Osaka, Japan. After that, he detonated the explosives.

Such a perfectly planned deception, now completely useless: via Hye In, now Son Hyuk is aware of it.

Personal comments

Fairly interesting episode, even when I still have this uncomfortable sensation that something is missing in Athena. When you aim for a product like this, the route of “action-romance” is a risky one to take, since you’re always on the verge of extremely cheesy and ridiculous.

Jung Woo, I love you, but I wonder how you passed “Elemental Espionage 101”. You’re too much of a mushy teddy bear to be working there, and you absolutely can’t separate work from personal affairs. Please, wise up or I’ll consider your survival in that line of work as something miraculous that makes no sense at all.

However, no matter how strangely timed and worded Jung Woo’s declaration was (honestly, I didn’t like it), Hye In’s ambivalence is what’s keeping me intrigued. One can’t deny that she’s still super loyal to Son Hyuk/Athena, and that makes me wonder if we’ll ever see her hesitating as to which path she should follow. As for now, she’s simply playing with Jung Woo, and don’t call me a baddie junkie, but I love it.

She’s cold-hearted, blood thirsty and doesn’t waver – you’re an obstacle, you’re dead; I need you to confess, I’ll make you drink till you don’t know which year this is. That’s why I find the inclusion of the crying girl interesting: she had to show she had feelings or some sort of compassion, when she’s a monster. Apart from being a neat way to see Son Hyuk’s tutoring over the intricate matters of compassion in their line of work, it revealed how complex her mind is. When she expresses sadness over the scene, she refers at it not as regret for having killed a father and husband, but because she was reminded of her own tragedy. In the end, it’s still all about her, not the people. She cares, only isn’t completely aware of her empathy.

So we could say that thanks to the superliminal kid crying (blergh), Hye In was introduced as the first, non-unidimensional character in Athena.

…And that makes me happy, there’s room for growth, for internal conflicts, for more betrayal and crazy sudden awareness of those hidden feelings that had been there all along, only buried under loads of bones and dry blood.

(Hey, if she stayed as a killing machine with no heart at all, just playing with everyone around her, I wouldn’t complain really, but the lack of depth would be boring by episode 10, so I’m praying for some sort of change)


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  1. geebaby!

    EPIC!!! Love it, actually.. (:

    • 1.1 geebaby!

      whoa.. first.. 0.o

    • 1.2 nanu

      me too.. love JWS

  2. fumasa

    like this!! love it!!! i can’t wait for the next recap…
    tengkyu… gomawo!!!!!

  3. Birdie

    I just wish they do not show us everything.There are not much intrigue to keep you anxiously waiting for the next episode. These NTS agents are pretty loose tongue. Are they supposed to be secretive and the chosen best? This drama has so much potential, but the plot seem to revolve keeping Dr. Kim alive, which even for a simple task ,is proving difficult for the whole NTS organisation.

    • 3.1 Wicked Ahjumma

      That has been my complaint about this writers since IRIS. They never hold anything back. Don’t tell us anything, hint and slowly reveal until the very end where you pull a huge surprise twist that is a complete different reality than what the viewer had assumed the entire time. That is how you create suspense, tension and a great climatic drama.
      Instead, we all know what is going on and assume nothing is what it seems, so the reveal at the end of this episode that he wasn’t kill was no surprise to me and was pretty cliche/boring to me.

  4. hpn88

    Right now, Hye-in and Ki-soo are my favorite characters.

    She’s just plain awesome, but I liked seeing her other side in this episode. Just like in ep 1 or 2 when Son Hyuk gives her the necklace and she staches in her closet.

    And what to say about Ki-soo. He just cracks me up, but I think we saw a more cold-blooded, ruthless side to him too in this ep. I want to know what exactly his role is aside from comic relief.

  5. maez

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but I want some more Son Hyuk and Jae Hee interaction. I absolutely want there to be something between them. :O

    • 5.1 Laica

      Me too! I’m definitely seeing some potential there. They hate each other, and it’s hot.

    • 5.2 Revy

      Me three. I always look forward to their scenes together. I love the way he looks at her every time he goes to NTS..

      • 5.2.1 Reina

        Me too, Son Hyuk x Jae Hee FTW!

      • 5.2.2 maez

        I sometimes skim through the entire episode just looking for scenes in which they’re both together. :p

        • Abby

          I’m with you guys, I FF everything to get to them.

    • 5.3 dramafan88

      me 5!

  6. Laica

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    I feel like Jung Woo’s character is written inconsistently. I mean, we’re supposed to think he’s actually a really good agent (remember him telling Dir. Kwon that he led 21 missions when he was at NIS) who hasn’t been working on the field because of Jae Hee’s dad’s interference. But as you pointed out, aberdeen, he’s kind of bad at figuing stuff out. Plus he has this bumbling, naive, puppylike personality in the office which supposedly turns deadly when he’s fighting, but it doesn’t work for me. It just feels schizophrenic. (Spike Spiegel, now that’s a good example of a deadly transformation. Such a great character.) I don’t buy Jung Woo’s character – especially in this episode when he accuses Jae Hee of being biased against Hye In – um, hello?

    Still, JWS’s acting is not in any way lacking. I wish they would improve the way the character is written because he would nail it. The way Su Ae is nailing her awesomely badass character.

    All that said, I’m loving Athena. Cha Seung Won is deliciously bad. I want to see more of Siwon and less of Lee Jia though….

    • 6.1 belleza

      “he’s actually a really good agent”

      That’s the thing. Is he a really good agent? I actually think he was relatively small potatoes, and he seemed dissatisfied with his work. in fact, the situation between him and the President’s daughter was probably his big ticket into important missions. In fact, my guess is that his ex-gf Jae Hee has more authority than he does.

      That’s what I love about the show’s setup. The lead character is a SHLUB. He’s basically “CHUCK” with combat skills. If this show was The Office, he’d be played by Steve Carrell. When was the last time that you watched a spy show where the lead character ISN’T a superspy? This dude DAYDREAMS about being a superspy, and the punchline of this show is that he is in fact dating a true superspy who OWNS him romantically, logistically, pychologically, professionally, etc.

      He is SO in over his head with Hye In, that it takes a Joo Woo Seung to make this disparity believable to the viewer.

      • 6.1.1 Laica

        Maybe I was reading it wrong… I thought the reason he wasn’t leading any missions at the start of the show was because the former Director had told him he could either be a field agent or be with Jae Hee (I’m assuming he refused and that’s why they broke up). But if what you say is right, that makes more sense.

        I do actually like the whole slacker-as-hero thing he’s got going on – way better than the hero who’s too cool for everyone around him. That’s one of the reasons I’m really enjoying Athena even though I don’t usually go for spy-action-thriller type shows. I couldn’t even get through one episode of IRIS – it was too in love with itself.

        And I like his dynamic with Hye In too… it’s hilarious to watch their interactions knowing what we know about her.

  7. Lilian

    I’m glad we have kick arse females, but can we have kick arse males too?

  8. xkneodfs

    loving it so far! though i really am starting to get annoyed with jung-woo…but hey, hye-in’s good at what she does!

    speaking of hye-in–i want to hate her, but i just can’t. she’s amazing. i guess if i were jung-woo, i’d fall for her too. haha.

    thanks for the recap!

  9. Revy

    Did anyone else saw the way Director Kwon was looking at HI during the funeral. I kinda feel that he suspects something & don’t believe that the security guard was the one who did the crime.

    JW is actually the character i like the least. I still can’t believe he told JH that she was putting her personal feelings into the investigation….Seriously dude. I would laugh when he finds out the truth

    • 9.1 Non

      Yeah, I saw Director Kwon’s look. The man’s not naive!

      • 9.1.1 Revy

        Ooh good. I thought that i was the only one

  10. 10 LaLa

    LOL at your opening comment aberdeen_angus!

    Really liked this episode. I think we finally got to see some emotion from Hye In, even if it was minimal.

    And what is this? Do I feel sexual tension beginning to surface between Son Hyuk and Jae Hee? Or is it simply one-sided? For now at least, ;). LOVE IT!

    • 10.1 LaLa

      Correction your caption!

      • 10.1.1 dramafan88

        yes you are right – they are gonna have something later! i can’t wait for that! 😀

  11. 11 Dramamia

    Seriously, I was going to give up after epi 2 but continued because there was nothing better to see. I finished epi 6, and the more I watched the more I’m rooted for Lee Ji Ah. It’s the first time I see her and think she’s totally cool and fit for the character. If I don’t have anything good to say about the rest of the cast so I shouldn’t say at all. Lee Buyng Hun & Kim Seong-Woo had set the bar too high in Iris.

  12. 12 IamB

    I’m watching Athena because of Soo Ae. It seems like she’s the main protagonist of this drama and not Jung Woo.

  13. 13 dramafan88

    I want to see more Son Hyuk and Jae Hee- their intensity and tension! Woo, I find their relationship much more interesting to watch – a power struggle, pent up anger and frustration turning into sexual tension!

    OK my mind got carried away but after watching the MV of Athena of their passionate kiss – I can’t help it. 😛

    • 13.1 LaLa

      MV? WHAT MV?
      TELL ME!
      please 😀

      • 13.1.1 dramafan88


        Here you go! It is the Athena OST by Jang Jae In of Superstar K2 fame.

        • maez

          When will we get to see this? I rewatched it MANY times already. I love the two of them.

        • LaLa

          thank you

        • LaLa

          Okay just saw it, and oh my god, I seriously gasped when I saw it. HOT

        • asianromance

          thanks for the link! my brain exploded with their kiss!

          • LaLa

            me too!

          • dramafan88

            i know, right? like the famous saying by gf and jb – it got my panties all tied up into a knot while watching the MV.

            wahahha. awesome sexy scenes.

  14. 14 Asa

    Hmm, I think I got it. I know why I’m not enjoying this show as much as I should, considering it’s about spies, espionage, terrorists, and stuff. It’s the mushy love stuff that I know will considerably get more screen time as Hye In cracks and she and Joo Won get it on. Don’t get me wrong, when you sign up for a kdrama, you should expect that, but you know, Athena (and Iris) being really the first of their kinds, I was hoping for some subtlety. Silly me.

    Still enjoying it though! Go get Dr Kim! Or kill him! I’m sick of him! Hehe

  15. 15 panda

    i love Jung Woo Sung but today i’m desperately waiting for Secret Garden Ep 18’s review… hiks…

  16. 16 Antonia

    Thanks aberdeen_angus,

    We have got a lame nts agent who go gu ! gu ! ga! ga! over the black rose and what is so amazing about Hye In, killing people all the time !.

    She is not using her brain – for thinking or planning something different to opposed her enemy, just keep on following son hyuk instructions to do the dirty work for him , come on girl !! where is your useful brain – upside down.

    Eventhough Jung Woo is tired of Jae Hee , no more his lover – discarding “old clothes” and buying a new one !
    at least Jae Hee is using her thinking cap to dig out info. about the killing, she did not let it go easily and she is still in love with Jung Woo.

    I wish the director of nts is president park kyu
    in seong chori !, he will definitely keep jung woo’s butt and toes on the move all the time instead of him chasing a tight skirt all the time, Jung Woo just doesn’t have the curiosity instinct for an nts agent, can’t believe it !.

    Jae Hee will have a hard time with son hyuk while Jung Woo will have a comfortable bed with Hye In.

    • 16.1 Revy

      Oomg yes Pres. Park Kyu would have JW on his toes..pali…pali

  17. 17 dany

    Thanks for the recap!

  18. 18 Jennie

    Thank you aberdeen_angus.

    During the interogation, I thought these would happen like any other kdrama :-

    1 drag a chair
    2 the chair rest facing the suspect
    3 Throw the file and the pen on the table
    4 Show the evidence in front of her – the needle that
    killed the guard.
    5 Hit the lamp, door or wall to shake her emotions
    6 Kick or throw the chair if her answer is not satisfying

    In episode 1 how did Jung Woo interogate the cheater gambler?, ended with a bloody maybe broken nose.

    • 18.1 LaLa

      I think Director picked JW to interrogate her because he thinks something fishy !

      • 18.1.1 Polly

        Didn’t even ransack her home to look for evidence since she didn’t have an alibi but instead the security guard home ?, WTHIT !!! NTS !!! Nuts !!!

  19. 19 grouchygrinch

    To be honest, athena hasn’t been living up to its hype. The main leads don’t do it for me and there’s too many comic characters. The only reason I’m watching is because of Cha Seung Won and the budding relationship between him and Lee Ji Ah’s character. I wonder if both of the characters are going to be emotionally invested or just manipulate each other.

  20. 20 Momotaro

    Thank You Aberdeen Angus !

    Hm .. “Elemental Espionage 101”.. ahh.. he helped an old man across the road by jumping in front of a speeding car to stop it ..and earned his final merit badge ‘assisting the elderly’ … wait..sorry, wrong agency/club..

    anyway, I agree with IamB, SooAe’s character’s the really intriguing of the two ‘leads’ here; hard to read and compelling to watch.
    Surreal, however, is the best description i can think of for JWS’ character .. @-@ …. Oh Be-ha-ve !..!

  21. 21 Fatima

    Although I like the drama the whole Jung Woo and Hye In story is annoying. With each episode I dislike Jung Woo more and more.

    I am super excited about Son Hyuk and Jae Hee though!!

    • 21.1 Revy

      Yes i feel the same way too. JW/HI are grating on my nerves. Their storyline is getting out of hand.

      Give me more SH/JH

  22. 22 f1yh1gh10

    i just finished EP 9 today, and i really think that this drama is worth it! i was really getting a bit confused and all, but it’s coool!
    i really like action/thriller dramas!

    and in ep 9. btw. you will see another side of hye-in where you find her disgustingly cruel, but then she changes the gun on you, and then you find her human-like side again! 🙂

    hye-in is my favorite..she’s so bad but so cool. and i love kisoo, in ep 9, he totally saves the day (in my opinion), and i’m digging cha seung won’s evil but impossible-to-not-stare-at character.. as always, jung woo sung is great, but i’m still looking for more siwon.

    *ep 8 is all SIWON (:D)
    *ep 9 is all JUNG WOO SUNG and (SOO-AE)

    • 22.1 f1yh1gh10

      sorry instead of soo-ae, i meant kisoo 🙂 but soo-ae’s pretty awesome too!

  23. 23 Antonia

    Oh yeah ! park kyu will definitely kick jung woo’s butt hard for not doing his job as an nts agent.

    I am wondering when jung woo will realised that he is being used by the black rose, that he is nothing to her, and by the time he pali! pali ! pali ! his colleagues will all perish in the many blast eplosions that is coming soon.

    • 23.1 f1yh1gh10

      if you’re talking about su-ae when you said “he means nothing to her”.. i think you will be surprised.. 🙂 because hye-in actually does care for him, but unlike jung woo (hehe), she puts work in front of love!

      • 23.1.1 Antonia

        You don’t know what you are writing.
        I am talking about the characters and not the actors.

    • 23.2 Margie

      a “blind” smitten boy !, he needs to wear sunglasses like his big boss to realised the whole big picture clearer !

  24. 24 Biscuit

    I liked the episode, but I wish they would have extended the plot around with the Dr. Kim being dead for a bit longer and played with the audience. I mean, they could have revealed how the stage was set up the next episode.

  25. 25 asianromance

    thank you aberdeen_angus for the recap! I am right there with you rooting for Hye-In. “She’s cold-hearted, blood thirsty and doesn’t waver”—> totally agree and that’s why I love her. I’ve read a lot of bad-ass heroines, but not many have what it takes to make the kill.

    • 25.1 Beatrice

      I think hye in and son hyuk will have a duel to protect her lover lee jung woo.

  26. 26 Cagose

    I love Athena but I can’t stand Jung Woo and Hye In’s story line. don’t like JW.. Give me more SH and JH… they’s are much hotter. This couple should have more screen time, then Athena may have higher ratings

  27. 27 ANGEL

    LOVE IT!!

  28. 28 silky

    I love JWS!!

  29. 29 CH0C0CAK3

    we all know Chief Oh is a bit “soft and un-confidential”, why did they involve her on the super-top-secret-mission?

  30. 30 mint

    Just finish episode 10. Finally, JW is not telling Hye In everything he knows … did the events made him more careful about what he says to her?

  31. 31 Jennifer

    so agree with the JW/HI story line. from the start when it was revealed that JH and JW had a past relationship…i was rooting for the two of them. I’m sorry but I don’t see any chemistry between JW and HI.

    But now that there’s a budding romance (hopefully) between JH and SH…i’m all for it. CSW is freaking hot.

    I also want more Ki Soo scenes! i just love him and i find KMJ cute too. 😀 ♥

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