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Best Love: Episode 9
by | June 1, 2011 | 338 Comments

Did they switch the cameras all of a sudden? Because this episode is GORGEOUS. As if I didn’t love this drama enough already.

Angst can sometimes be frustrating, sometimes satisfying. This is my favorite kind, when it moves the plot — and the emotions, and the character development — swiftly along and gives rise to lots of satisfying moments. Plus! For once a Hong sisters cameo is hilarious AND adds to the drama. I love that they continue to improve their skills and keep surprising viewers, even when we’ve watched all of their work and know all their old tricks.


Best Love OST – “나를 잊지 말아요” (Don’t Forget Me) [ Download ]

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Jin announces that he’s totally over Ae-jung, proud to have conquered what he calls aftereffects from the surgery: “The moment I realized it was because of that song, my heart came out of its hypnosis.”

Disbelieving, Ae-jung has to check for herself, pressing her ear to his chest: “See, it’s beating!” Jin: “If it doesn’t beat, I die.” Ha, true. He adds, “It’s beating kong-dak-kong-dak like normal, it’s not pounding all woo-lung-woo-lung~♥~! like before.” HAHAHA.

Then the realization hits him: “Are you…disappointed?” He gloats at this delicious reversal, and she mutters that she was worried about his “sickly azalea.” Since it’s back to normal, well, bully for him.

Ae-jung points out that it’s odd that his heart would act up ten years after surgery, but he declares that it’s not weird, but unjust. (The word he uses doesn’t have a direct translation, but is used when you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly. Shortchanged by somebody, or fate.) In Jin’s case, he feels the injustice of mistaking his heart’s pounding for love and shaving off his cow mustache.

Looks like both Ae-jung and the cardiologist are smarter than Jin (not surprising, if his IQ is on par with his EQ), as the doctor also notes the oddity of a heart acting up ten years later because of a song. He wonders if the song, used initially to revive a dying heart, has now become necessary to that heart. Okay, maybe not so smart then. (Unless…OH HONG SISTERS. Are you gonna give us gumiho bead v.2.0, except nonsensical-er?)

Ae-jung asks Pil-joo for his medical opinion on a hypothetical scenario: If a person’s heart pounds while the person happens to be looking at a certain other person, could he fool oneself into thinking it’s love when it’s not? She’s eager for him to agree that it’s silly, but Pil-joo supposes it’s possible, and refers to studies about roller coasters causing speeding heart rates that translate into spikes of emotional attachment. If the stimulus repeats, it may be possible for someone to confuse the physical feeling with love.

Just then, Ae-jung’s cell phone rings, and the sound of her ringtone clicks the theory into place — that every time it rang, Jin connected it with her. Now she’s the one to think bitterly, “I feel really wronged.”

Jin meets with Se-ri to declare the CF back on, assuring her that there’ll be no need for more “injustice” to arise, as he is now free of the “weakness” Ae-jung had been holding onto. Se-ri asks if this means it’s untrue that he likes Ae-jung, and immediately he asks, “Who’s saying that? I’ll sue.”

He overhears Jae-seok telling President Moon that Jin was dumped by Ae-jung and is pleased that she says she’ll sue any rumormongers, until she admits she’s a leetle bit satisfied to see Jin brought low. Jae-seok agrees, since they’ve both been on the receiving end of his difficult behavior. President Moon claps: “Gu Ae-jung — good job!”

Pouring salt on that wound, Jae-seok confides that even Ae-jung’s family isn’t that keen on Jin. So what does he do? Bribes Hyung-kyu with ice cream, of course! He assures Ding-Dong that he can speak frankly about what his family says about him.

But the moment the boy says, “Dokko Jin is a butthole—” he shuts him up with a firm, “That’s enough!”

Hyung-kyu holds up a strip of magnetic toys and asks, “Do you want to be stuck together like this with my aunt?” Jin replies, “I thought I did, but I don’t now.” Separating the two blocks, he explains, “I thought I was drawn to her by some incredible force, but that’s disappeared.” Flipping the magnet so the poles repel each other, he demonstrates, “See, it doesn’t stick!” I love that his mode of communication with a 7-year-old is via toy metaphors. How appropriate.

Hyung-kyu takes his magnet and holds it up to Jin’s necklace, which reacts to it, and says, “It sticks!” Jin jerks his neck back and says he won’t be pulled along anymore.

When Ae-jung comes to pick up her nephew, Jin pulls her aside for a chat. Showing her the magnets, he demonstrates his point: “According to rumors, I was chasing you, who didn’t like me, and you ran away.” The magnet with the stick figure of a girl whirls around and “rejects” his boy magnet. Turning the boy magnet around, he continues, “My situation has reversed. I’m going to go on my way.” Click! Now the girl magnet sticks to the boy magnet. “But look, Gu Ae-jung is pulled along.”

He asks if she’s drawn to him, and guesses from her reaction that she is. She protests that she’s not the magnet, and Jin pulls off his heart monitor, eager to see for himself if she’s telling the truth. She refuses, and he gloats that this means she is totally attracted to him.

What they don’t see is that the heart-rate counter, bereft of a wrist to monitor, starts to blink oddly. When Hyung-kyu takes the magnets away, the blinking stops.

Pil-joo’s mother withdraws her objections to his plans to study in China, because it’s the lesser of two evils, and tells him to quit the broadcast. He tells her he’ll stay, which makes her burst out that she hasn’t been able to show her face around after his grand TV gesture with Ae-jung.

I love Pil-joo’s responses, which are kind but firm — he says, “Since you’re so sincere in your opposition, my feelings must have come across sincere, too.” And when she moans about being turned into a loner, he offers, “Then I’ll hang out with you.” Such a good boy, but smart too — ’cause what can Mom say to that?

So Mom goes to Ae-jung’s house, intending to find “proof” of her real situation to kill Pil-joo’s liking for Ae-jung. She puzzles over the address: “A yakuza’s girlfriend is supposed to live in a palace.” (Ha, Ae-jung lives on Dandelion Road. Hee! What new flower metaphors will that bring?)

Here she runs into Dad, who confirms that Ae-jung lives here with her family, not in some separate (more lavish) residence. She turns around, worrying, “This isn’t right. It’s much easier to get rid of a girl with secrets. The hardest is the shabby kind.”

Jin tells his managers that his behavior was spurred by his heart surgery, and President Moon welcomes his return. He tells her to hand off the sneaker donation project to Ae-jung — may as well compensate for hassling her, and improve her negative image while he’s at it.

Jin generously adds the use of his van to the deal, and Jae-seok eyes him suspiciously, testing him: “She’ll ride that van to go film herself on dates with that doctor.” Jin nods approvingly: “If needed, tell them to drive it around together.”

Ae-hwan confirms Ae-jung’s acceptance of the reality show with producers, so thankful for this opportunity that he cries. He explains that she’d suffered people’s curses for ten years and finally has landed her first solo show: “As her manager, this is important to me, but as her brother, our Ae-jung is such a good person, please help her do a good job.” Aw, it’s sweet. It almost makes up for his babbling foolishness at other times.

Jenny has come with him and offers to accompany Ae-jung on events from now on — it’ll give her a chance to keep Se-ri in line. Ooh, I like this idea. Ae-jung’s too sweet to put Se-ri down, but I love Jenny’s sassiness, so this could make for some entertaining clashes.

Ae-hwan says eagerly, “Then after we’re married, will we trade places and I’ll watch the cafe?” At which point an indignant Jae-seok bursts out, “No! I’M going to watch noona’s store!”

Jenny enjoys this attention, and cheers Ae-jung’s good fortune: “She’s putting out an album, and doing a variety show. All she needs is to act, and she’ll be a triple crown!” Ae-hwan: “Who do you think she is, Lee Seung-gi?” HAHA.

Cue: Lee Seung-gi!

Jenny rushes over with stars in her eyes and asks for a handshake. Seung-gi receives her praise graciously, but then Ae-hwan notices that they’re both wearing the same scarf. Jenny beams (just as Ae-jung once had), while Seung-gi laughs awkwardly and pulls his sweater over the scarf self-consciously (as Jin once had). HAHA!

Jenny, Ae-hwan, and Jae-seok watch Seung-gi walk off, marveling at how polite and well-mannered he is — just like his image! Jae-seok sighs that he’s the complete opposite of Jin; choking on a sob, he cries, “To think, when I first met hyungnim, I thought he was just like [Seung-gi]!”

Little do they know that as soon as Seung-gi is safely out of sight, he yanks off the scarf with a grimace and thrusts it at his stylist. His voice even changes into that drunk grandpa drawl: “Is this something any old dog or fish could wear?”

Heehee. This may be my favoritest Hong sisters cameo ever. Lee Seung-gi playing Lee Seung-gi, whose real-life image is just like Dokko Jin’s golden boy image, whose supposed “true” backstage personality is just like Dokko Jin’s… Plus, there’s the fact that Seung-gi was originally cast in this role, and now affects a Cha Seung-won-esque nasally growl. AHHH I’m in meta heaven.

It gets even better when Jin steps out of the elevator, and Seung-gi whips his good-boy persona back into place, bowing respectfully to his “sunbae-nim.” Jin mentions the program Seung-gi is MC-ing these days, Steel Heart. (Pwahaha! Kang Chul Shim Jang = Steel Heart. Kang Shim Jang = Strong Heart, Seung-gi’s real-life show.) He suggests that Seung-gi invite Ae-jung to the show, which Seung-gi smoothly deflects, saying it’s up to the writers and producers.

Jin is not to be outdone at his own game, and says that stars like them have pull — “Or are you not at that level yet?” Seung-gi agrees to broach the topic but adds, “Is that so important that it needs my efforts?” Jin counters that if Seung-gi does this, he won’t steal away his refrigerator CF.

That raises Seung-gi’s hackles, and he declares, “I’m Lee Seung-gi! Even you’re not somebody who can just steal my CF so easily!” In that sneer, he orders Jin, “Don’t enter my safety zone!”

Just as they’re going back and forth with the “You’ll do it”s and “No I won’t”s, a crowd gathers to gush over their two favorite stars together. Jin gives the 1-2-3 count, and the men turn on the charm in a flash.

OMG I love this. I can hear a pouty girlfriday stomping her feet from miles away, cursing the manager who scheduled Seung-gi for an odd-numbered episode.

At the bookstore, Pil-joo’s eye is caught by instructional titles like How To Win Her Heart and Dating Techniques. Oh, you adorable nerd, you. He hunkers down to read tips like “Show her an activity you want to do together using a gift.” He thinks of possible activities to do together, a little surprised to catch himself looking at a red bra. Hee! The innocent doc isn’t that innocent.

But no, he opts for a camera instead, thinking they can take pictures together.

Team Ae-jung has received the Steel Heart invite, plus other promo activities and Jin’s van offer. They surmise that Jin must still be clinging to Ae-jung, and she sighs (hiding her smile) that this is soooo annoying, but she’ll have to meet him in person to deal with this.

Too bad Pororo knows when she’s lying, and declares her annoyed act a fake.

The doctor calls Jin in over worries that his heart isn’t working properly, only to have Jin announce that he’s perfectly fine. Smart Doctor counters, “Rather than liking her because heart pounded, isn’t it possible your heart pounded because you like her?” Or to rephrase: Is he sure the chicken came before the egg?

At home, Jin takes a refreshing drink of Vitamin Water and rubs his face against the cool bottle…upon which he imagines Ae-jung’s face. He jumps in shock, but a quick glance at his monitor shows he’s still at a safe 87 heart rate.

He sits down for some “mind control time,” and hums a meditative tune, which soon turns into the lyrics for Ae-jung’s “Thumping Heartbeat.”

Ae-jung comes to confront him about his motives for helping her — is he being capricious with his affections again? He says no: “I felt awkward, thankful, and sorry. Awkward for making advances to you, thankful that you turned me down, and sorry for you for liking me after the fact. The things Loser Ddong-ko [butthole] Jin did, the Proper Dokko Jin is straightening out.”

Ae-jung turns to go in disappointment, but changes her mind, frankly telling him that her disappointment and attraction keep her from leaving: “You were right — now that the Loser Ddong-ko Jin who liked me is gone, I’m disappointed, and now that I see the Proper Dokko Jin, I admit I’m attracted.” She asks for ten seconds to confirm that he’ll remain in his safety zone, and clings to his chest.

Going along with it, he holds her tightly. Then he turns her around to back-hug her, while directing her steps toward the stairs that lead to his bedroom.

Panicking, Ae-jung puts a foot out to halt them — so he turns her around and pushes her toward the door, telling her that she can’t even throw herself at him properly.

She asks, “When you were clinging to me, were you intending to stay with me properly? Did you mean to stick with me through the end, without leaving?” He considers this, and she deduces that his heart turned away of its own accord, “without the need for those complicated, realistic thoughts.”

She goes…and his heart thumps. He thinks to himself that he was so busy he didn’t have time for those complicated thoughts.

Jenny hears from Jae-seok about Jin’s change of heart (har), and decides she’ll help Pil-joo in earnest, inviting him to the cafe that night.

Se-ri comes in for an appointment looking tired, dropping hints about the reason for her depression. She reminds Pil-joo that Ae-jung has a bad image and likes somebody else, to which Pil-joo says, “I’m thinking that if I like her even more, it may work out.”

All together now: Awwwww. You are in for a world of hurt.

Se-ri says dispiritedly that it hurts seeing him liking somebody else, which I suppose may be true, but sounds suspiciously false coming from her. That’s the problem with being the manipulating brat who cried wolf; it’s hard to know when you’re not being that.

As Se-ri leaves, she recognizes another patient — Mina, whose smile turns sour the instant she recognizes Se-ri. From Se-ri’s own half-fearful, half-curious response, it’s apparent that she feels lingering guilt, and she slowly approaches Mina. But Mina turns her back, and Se-ri falters.

Even Jin is surprised at how unresponsive his heart is to Ae-jung, and taps it curiously, wondering why he’s not reacting. Perplexed, he asks, “Why do I feel ashamed that it’s behaving so properly?” He decides he has to restore everything to its original state, and takes out the wine bribe returned by Peter Jason, calling it the origin of all this trouble.

He arrives at the cafe, where Ae-jung sits with Jenny and Jae-seok, awaiting Pil-joo. Still stung from earlier, Ae-jung regards him with crossed arms, asking if he’s here to offer more compensation.

He says that he forgot one thing, and announces, “Sorry.” He repeats it loudly and the word echoes in the air — she pointedly ignores it — and he tells her that he hopes she can recover from her hypnosis, as he did. He snaps his fingers, saying he can end it with a count to 25. I’m guessing Jin never played a doctor in a movie. Or a hypnotist.

Instead, Ae-jung pulls the stopper out of the wine bottle and chugs it defiantly. She finishes off the whole bottle in one go, announcing, “I’m all recovered now.”

He worries that she’ll spew it right back out, but she says, “I won’t throw it up. I’ll eat up everything that happened with you, digest it all, and turn it into crap.”

Stumbling, she leaves his table while Jin gapes in concern. Jenny tells him with disdain that he’d better leave, since Pil-joo is on his way: “He’s a truly good man who cares for Ae-jung. Even though Ae-jung lost something precious to him, he was afraid she’d feel upset and bought a new one, lying that he found it. That’s how much he cares for her.”

Now he realizes, “She didn’t buy the pen and lie about finding it?” Jenny informs him that that assumption was all his own.

Pil-joo is still at his clinic, tending to Se-ri, and mentions her comment about watching somebody like someone else. She thinks he finally understands her hint, but deflates when he guesses she’s having a hard time watching Jin liking another woman.

He says that her wan appearance suggests her feelings are genuine, and she sighs, “Yes, they are. I didn’t know they were to this extent, but if I keep looking at him, I keep liking him.” He encourages her to cheer up, and says he’s in the same position.

Jenny loses track of Ae-jung at the cafe, worrying that she’s wandered off in a drunken state. Jin overhears and recognizes the telltale ringtone when Jenny calls Ae-jung, following it to a bench, where he finds her swaying unsteadily. He asks if she’s okay, only to have her repeat his words back at him like a taunting child.

Jenny frets that Ae-jung’s drinking habit will emerge, which would be a Very Bad Thing. Her old scandal about a drunken fight occurred when she had the bad luck to get stuck repeating the words of an easily offended ajumma, who’d spoken rudely to Ae-jung — and when Ae-jung repeated the words back (without malice), the ajumma had created a huge scene.

Thankfully, Jin understands this is just her drunken habit, and asks, “Why didn’t you explain about the pen?” Her drunken garble spouts back, “…didn’t explain.”

Jin: “You didn’t trust me, did you?”
Ae-jung: “Di’n’t trust you.”
Jin: “Then those words about not liking me back — you were really going to cancel them.”
Ae-jung: “…wassss gonna cancel it.”
Jin: “And you brought those potatoes to give to me.”
Ae-jung: “Brought to give you.”
Jin: “And you came to feed the fish.”
Ae-jung: “I came.”
Jin: “I’m sorry.”

Oh, this is so sweet it hurts a little. He knows she’s just parroting after him, but at the same time he also understands that it’s the truth. He’s purposely wording his questions so she’ll confirm his suspicions, but he can recognize the truth of the words, which only serve to emphasize that he was an ass.

He holds her to him, and checks his monitor again — which stays firmly in the safe zone.

When Pil-joo arrives at the cafe, Jenny tells him that they’ve lost a drunk Ae-jung. Pil-joo steps out to join the search, and finds Ae-jung hunched over on the front stoop.

Jin keeps out of sight as Pil-joo attends to her, and quietly walks away looking miserable.

She falls asleep on Pil-joo’s shoulder, and he asks her, “Tomorrow, you’ll take hold of my hand, won’t you?” He sees her hand resting in her lap, and links his pinky with hers to seal their pinky-promise. Awwwww. How can I want so much for one guy to get the girl, and then a second later want so much for his rival to get the girl instead? My heart, SO TORN. Between two fictional men.

Jin goes home to his fish, realizing Ae-jung had fed them after all, and says, “I should’ve raised pets who can talk.” Haha. He says that a dog would’ve barked a response, but accuses them of not making a peep, actually sounding wounded at their betrayal.

Se-ri asks Manager Jang why, ten years ago, he’d readily agreed to Ae-jung’s decision to break up KBSN. Manager Jang is convinced Ae-jung had been backed by somebody, who’d bribed the production company president to agree without a fight. Se-ri’s surprised to hear this, but not even Manager Jang knows who it is.

Se-ri tests out a new budding suspicion, asking whether Mina would know. Manager Jang says that he has a lot of things he’d like to ask her, and that if Se-ri can find her, he wants to be in the loop, promising to make sure that Se-ri’s protected.

Jenny brings a hungover Ae-jung medicine in the morning, left by Pil-joo. She says that she knows why Ae-jung’s feeling conflicted, but she wants to see her happy from now on, and will therefore pretend not to know about that source of conflict. Which…seems woefully backwards to me, but whatever. Jenny’s adorable and loyal, but maybe not the sharpest tack.

Ae-jung sees the Vitamin Water at her bedside and picks it up, holding the bottle to her cheek. She notes, “It’s cold,” and then picks up the packet of medicine, saying, “It’s warm.” OH THE METAPHORS, they are endless.

Her Couple Making shoot is today, and as she’s leaving the house, she stops short to see that Jin has arrived. Concluding that he’s here because he feels uncomfortable after her drunkenness yesterday, she decides that she’ll have to put a clean end to everything. She tells her brother to go without her, and he tells her anxiously that he trusts her to show up for the filming. She nods.

Ae-jung tells Jin that she’s still hungover from his wine, and asks him to help cure it. That’s done with hangover soup, and Ae-jung says that with this meal, she’ll treat all of her physical and mental pains.

He muses that they’ve never just sat together like this before, and she reminds him that it’s because he’s always chased her out. She tells him it was good that he did; if he’d stuck with her, they’d have ended up in the gossip rags. He agrees, saying that the popularity drop wouldn’t have been so bad for her — not like it would for him.

Ae-jung: “If you knew that so well, why didn’t you hold back and not let on that you liked me?”
Jin: “I liked you so much that it didn’t work.”
Ae-jung: “Did you even really like me?”
Jin: “Yes. You saw me, being Ddong-ko Jin in my pathetic one-sided love. I can say this honestly because that’s not the case anymore, but if I hadn’t come to my senses, I would’ve really hit rock bottom and broken my heart.”

She chuckles, and assures him she’s not laughing at him: “It’s just — you turned away not because I was pathetic, and you did like me that much. That feels good.”

He shows her his wrist monitor, saying, “Even if you smile like that, it doesn’t affect me at all.” After all, he’s a master of mind control. Amused, she says jokingly that his heart’s so very proper that she hates it a little, and playfully bites his hand — “I’m just checking to see how good your mind control is. I’ve confirmed that you’re not affected at all.”

With that, she turns her attention to breakfast, saying, “I should eat this and get all better so I’m not affected at all, either.”

Gah, I simultaneously love Jin for the way he looks at her with tenderness, and want to hit him over the head for always checking his monitor, like that hunk of metal has more power than what he suspects his heart is actually feeling. Oh, you stupid, silly man-child-robot.

The romantic scene is set for today’s shoot, wherein Ae-jung is to give Pil-joo her answer. Se-ri tells Pil-joo she doesn’t think Ae-jung will show, and he tells her that he’s nervous enough already without her making jokes.

She says, “You were flustered at first, and now you’re feeling angry, aren’t you? Don’t forget that — be sure to remember how it feels, to make the explanation easy later.”

Jin drops Ae-jung off near the set, and she hesitates before saying:

Ae-jung: “Just as you spoke honestly to me before, I’ll be honest with you now. To be honest, you made me feel aflutter. After meeting you, cherry blossoms bloomed in my heart, and camellias, and even azaleas. But whenever flowers bloom, they also fall at some point. So even though I was excited and happy, I was afraid to hold out my hand. I could only approach you one step at a time, but fortunately the flowers fell on their own. For showing me some really beautiful flowers on a nice spring night, I thank you.”

Throughout this speech, Jin looks completely gobsmacked, and steals several glances at his stubbornly static heart monitor. He can’t understand it: “It’s strange — my heart’s palpitating…”

She turns to leave, but he grabs her wrist and says urgently, “I think something went wrong. I have to confirm it for myself, too.”

He surprises her — and even himself, I think — with the kiss. Yet when he pulls back, his monitor is still stuck at 88.

He can’t believe it, and says disbelievingly, “It didn’t have any effect.” He disagrees with that assessment, but to Ae-jung’s vulnerable heart, those words hurt. She tells him with an edge to her voice, “Thank you for confirming that you don’t feel anything.”

She walks away. Jin can’t accept it, and takes off the monitor — finally, like a sane person. Running the stopwatch, he starts a manual count of his pulse.

And by the time his minute beeps its end, he’s at 130 heartbeats.

Filming commences, and Se-ri introduces the question of the day: whether Ae-jung will show. Then she turns to Pil-joo, addressing him without her words being caught on the microphone.

Se-ri: “You’re feeling nervous and excited at starting a relationship with Ae-jung unni, aren’t you? But I don’t want to stand by and watch, so I’ll have to tell you. The feeling I told you to remember — that’s how I feel right now. Because I like you.”

Shocker! But that’s the moment when Ae-jung appears at the end of the bridge, kicking off the show. Se-ri resumes her MC duties, posing the question of whether Ae-jung is here to accept, or reject.

Ae-jung walks slowly toward Pil-joo, but at the last minute stops, turning around to look back…

She doesn’t see Jin, who’s on his way, and turns back to face Pil-joo. While she stands there in place, he looks at her with a serious, tense expression. Finally, she resumes her steps and meets him in the middle of the stage. He steps forward and holds out his hand to her, as Se-ri narrates, “Gu Ae-jung, please make your decision.”

Ae-jung takes his hand tentatively, almost reluctantly, and joins him inside the heart-shaped wreath, the moment commemorated with a bright burst of fireworks.

Se-ri watches unhappily, MC-ing in a flat voice, while Pil-joo breaks into a smile.

Jin arrives at the edge of the bridge, just about to call out Ae-jung’s name when the fireworks explode. He clutches his chest painfully just as the background song (posted at top) narrates, “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.”

He gasps out, “Gu Ae-jung, it hurts so much. It feels like I’m dying.”


Muahahaha! I LOVE angst like this. The kind where you feel for the hero, especially when he emotes his pain so well, but also find it satisfying because he deserves to stew after his punkass behavior. When you’ve got a cocky bastard treating our awesome heroine so poorly on so many occasions, you can’t just have her forgive everything in the blink of an eye, and it’s gratifying to make him experience a little self-inflicted misery.

Especially when he was so dumb as to believe his stupid monitor, of all things, instead of his actual feelings! Heh. It’s like he’s so out of touch with human emotions that he’d rather trust science than himself — it’s a wee bit absurd that he’s so firmly in denial that he’d override his feelings based on some numbers spouted by a machine. But I guess it’s fittingly backward, for the man who thought pounding heart leads to love, rather than the other way around.

In fact, I’d have thought the heartrate-denial eye-rollingly fantastical, except for the fact that it gave us the chance to see Jin entertain growing suspicions that his scientific method, so to speak, is deeply flawed. What starts as puzzled speculation (Why is my heart not responding?) turns to increasing doubt, and Cha Seung-won plays those moments so well that you feel like you’re actually watching someone experience an epiphany in slow motion. A sharper tool — hehe — might not have been so slow about that motion, but this is our sexy dim bastard we’re talking about.

Can’t WAIT to watch him suffer in Episode 10. Does that make me sadistic? Wait, don’t answer that.


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      • 1.2.1 Jomo

        I think they addressed that facet of the doc’s development when he and AJ talked about whether he had visited nightclubs before. He responded that he never did because he enjoys studying more than anything.

        So, yes, he knows a lot about anatomy of the body.
        He doesn’t, however, have the actual experience of feeling the feelings he read about in the books.

        And, yes, as all the Team PJ hopes, when it comes down to applying what he has learned about the body and wants to practice on AJ, he will do better than FINE!

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      I can’t get over my PilJoo LOVE. such an innocent, gosh I wish there were men still like that. I am loveing PilJoo more than anything in this drama, i feel like its wrong cause this drama is written so beautifully that I should love the elas pairing the writing and directing wish equal gusto but wuri Piljoo is just PERFECT.
      I just know I will cry tanks and tanks of tears when this ends.
      Dont worry my Piljoo if AeJung doesnt want you I am here for you…

      • 4.1.1 MJP

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          Don’t Cry PIJOO organization
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          • MJP

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            there was never a time that I had this desire to make a movement…
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            I hope this role will bring YKS more popularity, and he will be choosing lighter roles in the future instead of super-heavy dramas!

          • czak

            but YKS always has rom-coms and light roles, okay maybe except for 2 (crazy for yo & road no.1)…

            Anyway I want him in another melodrama…

            But first, are you guys interested…
            to be a member of Happy ending for PILJOO movement?

          • bd

            In “Coffee Prince”, the 2nd leads (both male and female) are written extremely well.

            In fact, in “CP”, pretty much all the characters are written well.

            But while well written, I think the character of Pil-joo is a bit too saccharin, but serves as a good counter to the wackiness that is DJ (if this rom-com had been mostly about the doc, it would have made for a much duller drama).

            Thought the character of the prof. in “My Princess” was as well written and he was a bit more interesting.


            Can’t say that LSG would have been good for this role; he’s simply not believable as an alpha-male celeb who drives the women crazy.

            While I bought the hapless part of his character in MGIAG, didn’t really buy into the whole “action hero” things w/ girls swooning over him.

        • yumi

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          Love the “Save the Pil Joo” definately on board with that 🙂

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    I love the plot of this drama. After all this, from what I read the stake is gonna get higher, another necessary conflict to get our OTP realize what they have for each other. *Sigh* I just love Best Love. Good writing, solid acting, good directing and the background-music is fun. I wish we get a lot of drama like this.

    Last thing, LOL at Dokko Jin of The Discovery of Affection, Seungi-ya why so cute, but I still take the Dokko Jin who generate his own gravity anytime..

    Thanks for the speedy recap JB. Off to read.

    • 15.1 Jomo

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      Didn’t you also think the scene where they wrestled back and forth in his house, with almost no dialog also very breath-taking?
      I’m still not sure what he was “saying” to her…I will if you will, but I know you won’t so I am asking so you know that I know you won’t…?

      • 15.1.1 Sethe

        Oh, yes. I think that scene in his house with all the hugging was my favorite scene. Was he really suggesting that they just go up and jump in his bed right then? WHY did she not agree? (Just kidding… I thought their conversation there about thinking beyond the attraction to what it might mean if they acted on it was really important.)

        Also loved the scene on the bench… so sweet, and some important understanding/revelations for DJ.

        And I can’t not comment on their kiss, with his large hand (and such a beautiful skin color!) almost covering her entire face. So… wonderful. Too bad the kiss was a little PG-rated, but I think it was appropriate for the scene and its purpose.

        • Jomo

          Sethe, Everyone,
          Please do me this favor. If I am ever alone in a room with CSW, and he propositions me with his eyes and a back hug, and I refuse, I want to to SHOOT me – fast. Cause that means I have been bitten by a rabid dog, gone crazy and would prolly die of the stupids anyway.

          Jeesh these leading ladies with their nos, and their refusals and their what? Pride? Honor?

          • Mia


            Jomo you’re the best, you’re simply the best!

            If CSW proposes such a plan, back hugs you, and then tries to lead you (suggestively forceful) into his bed (and you survive all the attack to your mental person by fan girls around the world).

            I will personally denounce you as clinically insane (upon your request of course) and swiftly pray for my reasoning in placing you in your new asylum home (a comfy one I assure you) will be as just and morally sound as you would be in the request.

            ….Perhaps I would have to do some repentance….

          • Sethe

            Haha. I’d shoot you and then jump in bed with him myself 😉

            Seriously, what are pride and honor and reputation and self-respect and all that, balanced against the unimaginable bliss that it could be to spend the night with CSW?

          • antonia

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        • Mia

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          I personally was FAR more hot and bothered over that scene then the kiss – though the kiss was rightfully chaste in it’s purpose (more importantly – I can wait for the unchaste one with baited breathe!)

          But the bedroom scene…..how he nodded his head towards the bed, started to lead her (I imagined a bit like the “usual” position in which he leads girls to his bed but met with the unusual resistance) and then…*GASSSPP* it’s all too much, you know?

          And then of course my doctor becomes absolutely perfect in his attentions to the red bra – he needed a dash of pervy (as much as someone who is perfect does I suppose)

          And before I hear a cry of jumping ship (Sethe, I speak to you) I love them both. The instant one of them leaves my frame of vision the other steals all the love that has so precariously been accumulated.

          Oh it’s going to hurt so nice.

          • 78446

            sooo glad i wasn’t the only one whose mind was in the gutter for that part. when he started to lead her to the bedroom, i was screaming “oh jesus, alleluiah, are they about to get it on?!”

          • swui

            Am glad I wasn’t the one on the edge of my seat when they went this way and that way in the bedroom….there was no dialogue but his look says it all….*fanning herself.

            Gah why was his bed on the second floor…

          • Sethe

            Oh, Mia, Mia… how can you betray our Dokko Jin?

            Apparently I truly am the only one who doesn’t feel the PJ love. The man just leaves me cold. (Yeah, I know his hangover remedy was warm and DJ’s vitamin water was cold…). Can’t really say why… I get why everyone else is raving about him… but he does nothing for me.

            But I really don’t think the Hong sisters would go to such trouble to show DJ’s character development and progression if he’s not going to end up with the girl in the end. I mean, PJ has remained a completely static character — nice, and all that, but totally flat. Am I being too simplistic, or idealistic, or foolish, or whatever (or engaging in wish-fulfillment), in thinking that his character growth must be there to make him deserve the reward (a mature love with AJ) in the end?

          • Mia

            Oh Sethe, Sethe, my love, Sethe,

            You like to pity and rescue them, don’t you? Don’t get me wrong, I love the “I need you so much I’m dying of a heart attack” argument – besides it’s suggestion of assisted man slaughter (or worse, prince syndrome) it is a romantic image indeed.

            But why must the poor second lead suffer for no other reason then his lack of flaws?

            I know I’m doomed for failure (and I want to be doomed for failure every time I see CSW) but I can’t help but think how nice it would be to be caught truly unawares and have our doctor get the girl – rewarding his lack of threats and commodity based sexual propositions – as recovered (recovering) from all that as our main, male, lead is.

          • Sethe

            Oh, I totally agree with you, Mia. In real life, the nice doctor should be the one who ends up happy with the woman he loves, and the emotionally immature guy who (inadvertently?) treats women like crap should be left alone to meditate on the error of his ways (not that such a man probably would).

            But don’t all the romance novels say that reformed rakes make the best husbands? More wish-fulfillment, I suppose, right?

            And yeah, I am a sucker for the wounded types 😉

          • Mia


            If it is an argument over fiction or (dare I utter it?) “reality” then I would choose to live in yours – reality (*annoying air quotes*) that is. Because at least in mine most of the Dokko Jins succeed quite well. Most of the girls like them too. But a cute doctor who takes a beating and hopefully wonders if he likes her more then the tides will turn? (My puppy!) That is a sight I see nearly not enough.

            But I like the messed up ones too! The slightly insane metaphors, the unintentional possessive ways, the jealousy! (*siiighhh*)

            It’s like choosing between owning a hamster or eating whipped cream – there’s no logicality in having to only pick one……I want them all.

          • Mia


            But in point of fact you are quite right – the rules of Harlequin simply don’t allow for my doctor to stand a fighting chance.

            Who has ever had too suffer so much for not having any faults? Thank goodness he’s fiction (*sob*) and will only have to suffer from psychological whiplash, if at all.

        • MJP

          Ae-jung is a “National Treasure” and is priceless. She couldn’t possibly just GO FOR IT!

          • Mia


            Then what does that make all of us who are about to walk ourselves into the shooting line for refusing such a request? (By such a man – rawr)

            National trash?

            (I joke I joke I joke!)

          • MJP


            I would NEVER think such a thing! 🙂

            Simply quoting Ae-jung…

            (LOL! Mia, you are hilarious!!!!!)

          • Mia


            I’m glad we share the same sense of humor!

            Though being a self titled “National Trash” wouldn’t make me lose sleep if I could trade it for a certain bed partner (in which case I would very much hope to lose quite a bit of sleep – naturally)

      • 15.1.2 tari

        Yes, it was a test, but she threw it back at him, serve him right. And I love when Ae jung bites his hand, that’s cute, they were trying to be friendly and normal to each other..oh my the denial. So many good stuffs in this epi, I even like his flip flop..

      • 15.1.3 Daniela

        Breath-taking, yes. the hugs said it all. I was paralyzed in that part. He spoke with his eyes and his movements and so did she.

        • Jomo

          The thing that is so fascinating with the pair is how ridiculously attracted they are to each other.
          He’s done with her? So why does he keep showing up, holding her, touching her, as you pointed out.
          I like that he lets his guard down AFTER deciding he was over her, and AJ gets to see the nice DJ instead of the one fighting the attraction.

          • MJP

            Exactly! They actually are able to converse normally when he “calms down” in a sense.

          • Jomo

            I like how happy he is when he finds out she’s attracted to him (after all.)
            It’s like when your big brother’s friend finds out you like him, and teases you endlessly, but maybe only because he likes you back, and wants your attention any way he can get it.

          • MJP

            What a good analogy! That is spot on!!!

          • antonia

            Jomo you’re right. i didn’t scream out loud cause it was very late while watching the episode. but i was like you dummies you like each other… please be together!!!!
            AJ please take that hateful watch away!!!!!!!!!! just kiss and hug!!!!!
            almost all my screams were to Heartbreaker Jin to be honest

    • 15.2 swui

      you didn’t hear the “pop” sound when DJ pulled back from the kiss!???!I swear I heard it. AND confirmed it on rewind…it may be chaste but he was kissing her HARD!

      • 15.2.1 tari

        Ya you’re right, heard it now 🙂

      • 15.2.2 Mia

        Now I’ll just have to watch the WHOOLLLLLEE episode over again. Thanks a bunch Swui (no really, THANK YOU. I was in danger of getting work done.)

    • 15.3 antonia

      i think the kiss was just perfect. i love it. other kind of kiss wouldn’t have fit the moment. and as you say the way he held her face in his hands…. i’m fainting again.
      love how confused and aching CSW looked.
      and LOVE that he realizes his heart was racing. i want the watch buried!!!!

  16. 16 Julianna

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    • 16.1 Mia

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      • 16.1.1 78446

        Funny enough my favorite Hong sisters cameo before this was the one with Yoo Seung Ho in YAB. Just because it was so random. And therefore really funny.

        But yeah, I prefer Dokko Jin v.2.0 more.

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    DJ stopped caring about the numbers when he finally listened to his heart.

    I think my favorite scene was drunk AJ on the bench with regretful DJ. She was so sweet, and vulnerable, and somehow, DJ was, too.

    The kiss was great, of course…CSW is so, just, hmm, lovely, sexy, manly, sweet…man oh man…

    Here is my latest fanvid on megavideo, which acts up once in a while, so please be patient.


    (I finally used The Partridge Family’s I Can Feel Your Heartbeat.)

    • 18.1 Celest

      Jomo! Epic song!! haha It’s perfect and I love that even though you only used today’s episode there were sooo many worthy scenes!

      Awesome job of capturing our favorite eccentric actor Dokko Jin and his love for Ae Jung!

      • 18.1.1 Jomo

        Merci buckets!

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      I loved how you sync’d up Dokko Jin’s silly actions with the chorus. PERFECT!!!!!

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    And the exchange [well, not exactly] between Jin and drunk Ae-jung…

    Pil-joo’s drunk pinky promise… that just breaks my heart…

  24. 24 78446

    Lee Seung-gi playing Lee Seung-gi, whose real-life image is just like Dokko Jin’s golden boy image, whose supposed “true” backstage personality is just like Dokko Jin’s… Plus, there’s the fact that Seung-gi was originally cast in this role, and now affects a Cha Seung-won-esque nasally growl. AHHH I’m in meta heaven.

    Please please can they do this with ALL cameos? Imagine what havoc they could reek if they bring back Hwang Tae Kyung!

    • 24.1 78446

      i mean “wreak”. damn, i miss my spellcheck. LOL

    • 24.2 MJP

      I am wishing they would bring him back for a couple more cameos just on this show. The scene that Lee Seung-gi and Cha Seung-won did together was simply awesome.

      You know, they sort of remind me of the father and son, Big Enos and Little Enos from the movie Smokey And The Bandit (1977). I know that for most of you, you may have never seen or even heard of the movie, but if you get a chance watch it and see if there aren’t some similarities.

      It would have been great if Lee Seung-gi could have had more interaction with ALL of the main leads. Imagine, two Jin’s conversing with Ae-jung

      • 24.2.1 78446

        *mental picture of two Jins* ooooooh . . . me likee

        but . . . but there already aren’t enough Ae Jungs to go around. can i get the spare? 😉

        • MJP

          But… You could be an Ae-jung! I could be an Ae-jung! Wouldn’t you like to be an Ae-jung too?

      • 24.2.2 swui

        yes …already a headache cos only 1 AJ vs two adorable guys…if we put Seungi in the mix…we really need to clone her…heartbreak X TWO????

  25. 25 ahjummabunny

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    • 25.1 tari

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    Loved this episode!!

    Confessions! Revelations! Lee Seung Gi! Backhug! Fronthugs! Drunk Scene! Kisses!!! Angst? All that’s missing is the “piggy back ride”. I surely thought we would get one this episode

    My brain hurts from the drama/cute overload. And especially Lee Seung Gi playing Lee Seung Gi playing Lil’ Jin.

    For me, the chemistry between Ae Jung and Jin kicked up a notch in this episode, but I LOVE the scene where Pil Joo makes Ae Jung pinky promise to accept him. Heck, at this point I think I’ve convinced myself that a guy like Pil Joo is my IDEAL guy. What has this show done to me?

    • 26.1 antonia

      yes about the chemistry. it was amazing!!! i just couldn’t believe it. OMO just thinking about it left me shaking
      buttttttt my ideal guy: CSW no doubt. lucky, cause we don’t need to fight about them 😉

  27. 27 karened

    I found his reliance on his heart monitor quite believable, for someone who lived his life in hospital with limited interactions and relationships with others during his formative years… The ten years of seeing his emotions and heart monitor reading going in tandem has made him assume a correlation between the two, so the two reasons make it quite understandable for him to trust the objective heart monitor reading instead of the feelings he can barely make sense of. Furthermore, he’s been in denial of why he could fall for Gu Ae Jeong, so maybe he was actually actively seeking proof that he doesn’t actually likes her!

    • 27.1 karened

      Oh, and I liked how Lee Seung Gi’s cameo dialogue mirrored Dok Go Jin’s conversation with Gu Ae Jeong a few episodes earlier. LSG saying how he was protecting his ‘territory of CFs’, how he had been protecting it and how he will continue to do so in the future. It’s like Dok Go Jin telling Gu Ae Jeong that he has protected his heart all the while, and will continue to do so in the future (and she totally disarmed his heart/security system a few seconds later HAH!).

      What a satisfying cameo! It also made me happy that Cha Seung Won is the one doing this role, because…Lee Seung Gi would have been an entirely different Dok Go Jin. Not that I don’t like him. =P

      • 27.1.1 Jomo

        And, really, what a good sport, LSG is about it, too.

        But, yeah, different age and flavor of actor, totally different script.

        I guess that means LSG will be first choice for the HS next one, right?

        • Sethe

          No, obviously they should just keep CSW as the lead in all their dramas 🙂

          • Jomo

            OMG What was I thinking?!
            Slap my mouth like Dokko Jin!

          • Mia


            I am sure we (and he) could figure out much better ways to punish that slip of tongue.

          • Jomo

            Does it involve me, CSW and a restraining order?
            Then I am IN!

          • Mia

            As long as it’s him restraining you (personally – rawwwrr).

          • tari

            Best comment.

            Just look at him..*sigh*


          • MJP


            Yum, Yum, YUM!

          • Mia


            And I will get sleep tonight how? I feel like going into a bout of pre-teen creative genius and cutting out creative shapes of CSW (pictures!) and plastering on all the walls in the world, lest we forget his dangerous appeal (oh, but who could forget)

          • Sethe

            Love your comments, Mia and Jomo, about the restraining order. I think I’ll make it my new goal in life to get close enough to CSW to require a restraining order.

            And him restraining me? Oh… the fantabulous thoughts that puts into my head!!! (Thanks, Mia 🙂 )

        • dee

          I hope so. And I keep wishing that Lee Seung Gi will be paired with Yoon Eun Hye. Why? Because in this drama Lee Seung Gi personality is ‘ruined’ and so does Yoon Eun Hye.

          In BL, Lee Seung Gi is described just like Dokko Jin and Se Ri is portraying Yoon Eun Hye. Though we all know that both actors are not like that.

          So, maybe Hong Sister will make them as their next lead stars? 🙂

          • Ace

            Noooh! Not YEH. And how in the world is Seri portraying YEH? Where did that come from? Do you mean from Baby VOX? Just no. Really. **shudders**

    • 27.2 Sethe

      I agree with everything you said. It seems that for 10 years he’s put all his trust in this heart monitor to let him know when he’s safe and when he’s not safe… so much so that, apparently, he believes it over the racing heart he should certainly be able to feel. It was frustrating to watch him discount all other evidence in favor of what the monitor said, but I don’t think it is so strange, based on his medical history.

      BTW, did the doctor say in this episode that DJ has a pacemaker?

    • 27.3 celest1al

      I totally agree with you on the believability of his reliance on his heart monitor.

      Oh man… this was such a great episode in every way possible! I can’t wait for episode 10!!!

    • 27.4 Mia

      Completely agree. I was a bit astounded at the “shock” and “disbelief” I was reading (not just here, of course) about Dokko Jin’s lack of understanding his emotions.

      But I never once questioned it, it all made perfect sense that a man that has been self Pavlo-dogging himself for ten years would suddenly not be able to perceive anything but the heart monitor and his obsessive maintenance of 60-90 range.

      So much so that I believe it became a bit of a placebo when it was broken. He thinks he is supposed to be calm, therefore he is calm. Of course through the episode we see this crack more and more, but I believe (especially in the beginning) this was portrayed very well by the writing and (naturally) the acting.

      • 27.4.1 MJP

        It makes sense to me. When I was pregnant, I had never been pregnant before and had no idea what was happening with my body. I was having pre-term labor and was completely clueless to the fact. Why, because I had never gone through such a thing.

        The same for Jin. He has no idea what the emotions he is experiencing mean. He has no idea what is happening to his body. He is completely clueless to the facts. Why, because he has never gone through such a thing.

        Another round of kudos for the Hong sisters, to include this nuance of reality into their story.

        • Mia


          Thank you for sharing! I never actually experienced that particular thought process (or at least so consciously and, perhaps by necessity, quickly) so it’s nice to hear “real life” evidence to support our fan-girl-ing ardor.

    • 27.5 antonia

      you’re so right. i think he’s so afraid of his feelings for AJ cause they’re so strong and he never felt something like that. so it’s safer for him to give credit to the heart monitor over his own racing heart. anyway i’m just happy he has come to face his true feelings

    • 27.6 th em

      Even if we brand Jin as stupid for buying into the heart monitor excuse, it’s not as if he didn’t have an equal partner in stupidity.

      Honestly, Ae Jung, I know your feelings were hurt when his test “confirmed” he didn’t feel anything… But why would he have needed a test to begin with?

      Those two go so well together. <3

  28. 28 Raitei

    This episode is really awesome. Really touching at some points. (I’m feeling so bad for Pil Joo, knowing he’ll be heart-broken; although, at least it looks he’ll find love with Se Ri.)

  29. 29 anna

    lol i thought for sure girlfriday was going to fight you for this recap! lee seung gi is adorable <3 he and jin should play brother.

  30. 30 magz

    omg THANKYOU so much for the fast recap!! best love is amazingly addictive and bwuahahah i LOVE LEE SEUNG GI LIKE THIS!!! oh man it was such an awesome ep…such a man child this dokko jin

  31. 31 Ani

    AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW! So much to love about this episode. You know, I really hope Seri turns over a new leaf before the second to the last episode. Start walking down the path where we begin to like you, because otherwise I won’t be so fast to like you in the last minute. Ae-jung FTW!

  32. 32 tomboy26

    This was amazing … LSG was hilarious and completely adorable 🙂

    Oh man, Pil Joo or Jin .. Pil Joo or Jin .. I can’t choose!! I don’t know if I want to hit the Hong sisters or hug them for making such an amazing story with two sexy/funny/sweet guys.

  33. 33 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks so much for the recaps Javabeans.

    I don’t know how many times I watched the part with LSG and CSW…and when they were laughing…I was laughing too….that was just so funny.

    Who can’t help but fall in-love with Pil-jo? I mean…he is just soooo purrrfect. I guess even if his heart will be broken at the end….all of us in here will be there for him….:)))

    Can’t wait for the next episode. I want to see DJ suffer ( a little bit)…:)))

  34. 34 Arhazivory

    I hate spoilers so I never read recaps (except 1N2D cause its variety) but I had to scroll through and read the part with Seung-gi’s cameo. LMAO. I love it. Absolutely brilliant. XD

    • 34.1 gulsan

      haha I did the same. Just read Seunggi’s part 😀

  35. 35 uden

    Yep, javabeans, that makes you sadistic. And I’m totally with you on this! Muahahaha!

  36. 36 eevee

    I thought Dokkojin was having a heart attack at the end!! Kind of wish he does because then Aejung would go back in his arms. It’s kind of ominous that the doc said that his heart may not work properly once again.

    I also love the look Seri gave at the end, it’s strong but pained. if Yoo Inna isnt so cute I would really hate her character. haha

    And of couse, it’s so sad for our LOVE triangle because it’s very obvious now that Aejung has no feelings for piljoo whatsoever! poor baby!!!!! Us devoted fans can take him into our arms!

    Best drama in a long time! Thanks so much for the awesome recaps!

    • 36.1 recent k-addict

      i hope they wont turn this into a melo halfway through or near the end where dokko jin will have a heart attack, die or something … ugh

      • 36.1.1 Anvesha

        i don’t think that will happen.. but I am almost sure they will have the customary separation (that I don’t think is always necessary)..

        But it does look like he is having a genuine heart attack.. so heartbreaking. Actually its sad for both guys.. she doesn’t like Pil Joo but went to him, and Jin let her go when she she went to him.

        • antonia

          why a separation??? they’ve never been together!!!!
          i just want AJ and Jin to kiss and hug and be happy

          • Sethe

            Ding Dong! You’re right, they’ve never been together. It’s not so much a separation they need, to realize their true feelings for each other, but honest time spent together, right? (And with a lot of kissing and skinship, to confirm the attraction, of course.)

          • antonia

            of course sethe it must have a lot of skinship. we deserved it!!!
            seriously the honest times they spent together like when they’re signing pics, when AJ was drunk (even if AJ was drunk) and when they’re eating together are priceless. so heart touching!!!

      • 36.1.2 jyyjc

        If you really are a recent k-addict then I’d like to tell you not to worry, this is a Hong sisters drama, that will never happen in this drama 🙂

        • notkoreankim

          haha, ive been watching k-dramas for years but only got addicted to this one (as in my first time to watch a series that is currently airing in korea,im from manila, i usually watch it after english-subbed DVDs are out), and cant help but notice how most of these like to play that sudden depressing twist in the end but

          as for Hong sisters , ive seen My Girl, Fantasy Couple, You’re Beautiful – you’re right nothing too melo at least for those three.

          i rly do hope they wont take the “cliche” route or else that will ruin it for me.

        • Kristal

          Yes but look at what happened at the end of Hong Gil Dong…

          Those Hong Sisters could always pull a fast one on us unsuspecting fans! I don’t think they would go that way on THIS show but just sayin it’s happened before with them and left some pissed off viewers.

    • 36.2 Mia

      If they do, do a heart attack they BETTER put a good twist on it. That was the ONLY thing I didn’t like about this heart beat theme….was the red flag for a heart attack.

      That would be just FAR too cliche and I (and I’m not the Hong sisters (damn) so perhaps they can find a way to save it) but I couldn’t find a way to get out of a hear attack, cliche, melodrama, situation.

      I hope they avoid anything to do with heart failures (medically – emotionally is FREE game!)

      • 36.2.1 celest1al

        I’m afraid that they might go that route though. Not 100% sure but I see bits of foreshadowing to a future heart failure. 🙁 I hope I am wrong, but the thing about the Hong Sisters is that at times their dramas tend to get a bit melodramatic before the end. There is always an angsty and depressing section before the end.

      • 36.2.2 th em

        Don’t worry. Even if he has heart trouble, Jin will be fine.


        Because the other leads are a doctor and Ae Jung: the Human Defibrillator.

  37. 37 Anvesha

    OK, last time I said I wanted to clone Ah-Jung so both the guys can have her.. I still think that’s such an awesome idea (if only it was possible). I want a spin-off.. alternate ending.. whatever.. with Pil-Joo as lead. I am afraid Hong Sisters will screw his character in the end (I hope not).

    This obviously means that I like Dokko Jin as well.. he has a fifth-grader mentality at times.. which is hilarious and he does need Ah-Jung as well.

    • 37.1 recent k-addict

      I am hoping the Hong sisters will make a new drama with Pil Joo/YKS as the lead.. pretty please!!!!!!!

  38. 38 Daniela

    This episode was AWESOME. MAGNIFIC. I think i can use daebak (Hehe I dont know, correct me if Im wrong.)
    I was screaming in joy at the cameo. Was so good. the scarf thing and Jin threatening Lee Seung-gi. The” one, two,three…smile!” made me laugh like a crazy. I watched the cameo twice.
    Seriously, the last minutes were crazy. One moment I was screaming (Im not kidding, i was literally screaming. I was alone so I screamed harder) “Run after her, Jin. Run, now!” and the next SECONDS I was saying: “Take his hand, take it. Enter to the (corny) heart of roses!” I saw that part twice.
    In that point, if she had stayed with either of them I would be a happy viewer.
    The hugs, the kiss. I loved the kiss. I saw the kiss and the hugs twice.
    This episode was all love.
    Thank you for the recap!

    • 38.1 78446

      Haha! During those last minutes, I literally wanted Gu Ae Jung to break into two! One to run back to the bridge and the other toward the really cheesy rose heart. Yes, this show makes me want the impossible.

      • 38.1.1 Mia



        I felt the same way. The whole last two minutes I was in astounded silence and was like “she should do this! NO! THIS! AH! THIS!” and in the end I wanted Jin to suffer a bit so I am quite glad that we got to see the fireworks of unrequited love that are doomed to fizzle.

        Because let’s be honest – he does need to suffer – and I do NEED to watch him suffer a bit more….oh sadism and Best Love – what have you done?

    • 38.2 tari

      Haha..me too, biting my nails and saying to the screen “Run Jin, run!” at 1 am. This drama so good it’s driving me nuts

    • 38.3 MJP

      I had to keep pausing the screen because I was getting too excited. Then I would switch between the recap and the actual video and read what I just watched. I hand to get up and walk around I was so excited.

      When I saw Se-ri talking with Pil-joo I kept doing the “Walk Into This” hand smacking motion.

      Then when Ae-jung stopped at the end of the bridge I was yelling “No!!! No!!!” I was telling Jin “Hurry!!! Catch her!!!” I thought for sure he was going to walk onto the bridge and blow his cover. But they didn’t do it.

      I wonder if they will address the issue of Jin loosing popularity for Ae-jung. They seem to mirror life in a funny way in other instances.

      • 38.3.1 Jomo

        I have to say I am relieved that AJ stepped into the heart with PJ, and DJ did not make a public declaration by stopping her.
        Not just because it would have been a PR nightmare, but AJ NEEDS to date PJ. She needs to make an informed decision about which man she would marry.

        I have been hoping from the second they cast YKS that this drama would deliver a 2nd lead who could bring it. Why not a kiss with the doc? He already hugged her, comforted her and drunk-pinkie swore with her.

        He could be a contender!

        • 78446

          Y’know, a reversal couldn’t be far off if they keep throwing this many curveballs at us. Wouldn’t it make for a spectacular plot twist if the OTP did turn out to be Ae Jung and Pil Joo? *ducks to avoid bricks from Dokko fangirls*

          • Mia

            …..I wouldn’t actually mind that…..


          • bourbon

            Ooohh!!! I wouldn’t mind that either… We can all share Jin and help him get over his “Heart. Breaaaak!” 😀

        • tari

          That’s a good one. And Ae jung somehow will make the kiss as a test for herself, “okay I don’t really into him right now, but if he’s a good kisser, let’s see”. And the doc turns out to be a damn good kisser, but Ae jung still want to run to Jin who though realize that he really really like her but still worry about his reputation. Love it.

          • bourbon

            And the doc turns out to be a damn good kisser

            Yeah, i’m going to need some evidence… a few kisses here and there would suffice! It doesn’t even have to be Ae-jung; for the sake of scientific integrity, i am 100% ready to be the one on the receiving end of ’em kisses.

            Purely for science, you see! *grins*

          • Jomo

            Of course he’s a good kisser, and good other do-er.

            He has been trained to know exactly what buttons to push on every spot on the human body, one of which AJ has. A body, that is.

          • Sethe

            Hee hee. Wow, Jomo, for the first time I’m seeing the potential attraction of Pil-joo. “Every button to press,” indeed!

          • Mia


            Jomo, Jomo, Jomo,

            We need warning signs before comments such as these!


            I’m glad you see the error of your ways. Lest we forget, he is a doctor of oriental medicine, his ardor, passion and….stamina….would never be lacking.

          • Sethe

            Oh, I’m still ALL ABOUT Dokko Jin… I just might not push Pil-joo out of my bed, is all I’m sayin’.

          • Mia

            Napun Yoja aka Sethe,

            If I could get one IN my bed no amount of pushing (….stop being so dirty minded S.) will get them out.

            I’d bite both those rice cakes.

        • MJP

          Hey!!! That is a really good idea. Get Pil-soo to kiss her! Then you could make a video of dueling kiss scenes!!!! YEAH!!! And you would play some really cool music. I am getting a vision!!! Go Jomo, GO!!!!!

          Wait, I must calm down. I will get excited when it happens, that’s it… Remain calm…

          • tari

            130? no? 145?

        • ahjummabunny

          so you’re with me on the “philadelphia story/james stewart/kate hep. drunk date?”

          • Jomo

            We haven’t seen PJ drunk yet, have we?
            After her embarrassing bottle incident, she will prolly stay away from alchohol for a while. He, otoh, may need to drink a little something to calm himself down.
            Which leads to him accessing his liquid courage, and pulling a Jimmy Stewart on our AJ.

            I am with you, AhjummaB!

        • RWJQ

          I couldn’t agree more.

          I’m totally shipping DJ+AJ, but I do wanna see AJ and PJ together for just … um, max, the next 2 episodes? Partly because I want Jin to suffer abit (yes, I’m a sadist) and partly for Pil Joo to have some fond memories of the short-lived relationship (well, I did say I was a sadist, didn’t I?) after the OTP finally get together. :p

          Not sure if it has been posted here before, but I just love this MV:

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the song first appeared in ep. 8. An absolutely apt theme song for Pil Joo. “Don’t Forget Me”. Wistfully sad.

          • antonia

            yes the song first appreared in episode 8 when AJ and Jin were signing pics as she left. i like the song but to me the video has too much PJ

    • 38.4 swui

      Me too…I was squealing and shouting for Jin to HURRY UP and run after her….and when he was counting his heart rate for 1 minute I was ready to strangle him….You don’t have to really measure for 1 min you know…you can do 30s and then multiply by 2 or even 15s X4……

      Point is there’s NO TIME!!!

      And then I saw how PilJoo was smiling and I go….Otoke????

      BL is driving me nuts…I’m shouting and talking to my laptop…

  39. 39 sleepaddict

    oh my gawwwdddddd!!!! >_<


    can't wait to see what would Jin do with his new Discovery of Afection Towards Ae Jung 😀

    Hong Sisters ROCXXXXXXXXXXX!

  40. 40 Ace

    I think I’ve replayed Seung-gi’s scene 10 times. I fastforwarded it to that scene before starting this episode hehe. I’m sort of fascinated/horrified if Seung-gi and other stars are really like that behind-the-scenes…

    Dokko Jin’s (evil) laugh really kills me everytime.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that the second female lead is not going after the male lead this time around but for the second male lead! Amazing!

    Gong Hyo-jin really is so natural. I first saw her when I watched Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School but I was young then and was more superficial in my drama watching. But I loved her in Crush and Blush with Seo Woo.

    • 40.1 flibbet

      seung gi seems like a genuine sweetheart to me. you can’t fake that level of charm.

      • 40.1.1 Ace

        That’s why I’m horrified at the thought if it was otherwise. His polite, boy-next-door charm comes through in 1N2D & Strong Heart. But with that scene it kinda makes you really wonder what our fave stars/idol are like when the cameras are not turned on. Remember in YB, Korea’s Fairy played by UEE? Maybe some of them really can fake it.

        • Arhazivory

          But LSG’s sweetness has been tried and proven. Even on this blog it was mentioned that a station (or whoever) secretly tailed him and all he did was every-day normal stuff and helped out people too.

          LSG is a darling through and through <3

          • Ace

            I know that! I love LSG (but he’s still yours GF!) and has been a big fan since MGIAG. However, for just a minute there during that scene I was like “LSG & CSW are just acting, right? Yeah, they’re just acting.” *sigh of big relief*

      • 40.1.2 acidimp

        Well there was that one episode of 1N2D where he lost his temper and had a minor hissy fit on camera, it was kind of hot (I think it was the friend special) Sometimes when they are chatting KHD hints that Seun gi might have a bit of temperament.

        • rumba lumba

          i remember in Happy Together when Mong and Sugeun said that when Seunggi is mad, they just run away. rofl. and Jiwon even said in an interview that when Seunggi is mad, even Hodong gets scared.

          but during this trip all of them said they’re terrified when Hodong is upset. ahahaha that’s sooo true. XD

    • 40.2 Ace

      Oh yeah! How could I forget to mention that kiss? See that’s how you do a first kiss on a drama. It’s actually connected to the plot and not out of the blue or something. No spoiler pics beforehand so it has more impact. 😉

      • 40.2.1 tari


      • 40.2.2 swui

        So true..I wasn’t expecting a kiss because there was no news whatever of one forthcoming…and this kiss is as connected to a plot as a kiss can get…lol

        BTW, loved your observation on how for the FIRST TIME that I can recall in my limited k-dramas watching years anyway, the second lead girl go for the second lead guy…AWESOME!

        • RWJQ

          I wasn’t expecting that kiss either. Went crazy and squealed out loud when it happened. 🙂

  41. 41 lilsu

    Lee Seung Gi’s cameo was the best I’ve ever seen so far!!!! But it just wasn’t enough, can’t they make a LeeSeungGi’s Best Love or sth? I so want to watch a Best Love with LSG as the protagonist !!
    Can’t they just add a few episodes with LSG as DGJ? PLEASEEEEEEEEE

    btw, I love CSW as DGJ, but LSGs DokGoJin was not bad either, right?

    Love Best Love and Hong Sisters! This is their best work so far, imo

    thx JB and GF for recapping this^^ (and ever other drama xD) Love You both!! <3

    • 41.1 lilsu

      Oh! A Lee Seung Gi header!! Great! xD

      DokkoJin Junior ! XD

      • 41.1.1 lilsu

        And now a CSW header? Hurray! Banzai!! XD

        CSW and LSG should play father-son in a drama, they did the DGJ senior+junior great!

  42. 42 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap javabeans!!

    Your comments on why you love the angst in this episode — totally how i felt too! It’s so satisfying that after he rejected her because of his revelation about the song being played during his heart surgery, he came back around to realize he really was in love with her after all! I’ve been waiting for this since the end of ep 8!

    The drunken Ae-jung scene really tugged at my heart. I wanted to scream at Dokko Jin, “you’re really in love with her, you silly moron!!!”

    LOVED Lee Seung-gi’s cameo as Dokko Jin 2.0!

    I’m glad that it seems like Pil-joo and Seri may one day become a pair. I really like how Seri is falling for normal guy Pil-joo. Hong sisters secondary females tend to cling to the main guy.

  43. 43 Helena

    Jin brings out the sadistic streak in me, I definitely enjoy seeing him suffer! He deserves every moment of pain!
    Thank you so much for these recaps, you’re making my day!

    • 43.1 Kiara

      Lol you are not alone. I’m loving it too.

    • 43.2 antonia

      noooooo he’s suffered enough. he’s aching from episode 2!!!!! am i the only one who wants him to be happy???

      • 43.2.1 Sethe

        Looks like it’s just you and me, antonia 😉

        • antonia

          the upside is we can have CSW for ourselves 😉
          as you’re so good supporting him i don’t mind to share with you (kidding i won’t share him if could get my hands on him)

        • Mia

          You guys would totally wrist grab the hell out of CSW wouldn’t you?

          • Sethe

            Think I’d go right to the back hug… it might be harder for him to get away from me then.

            (Of course, I like to think he’d come willingly, but if, for whatever reason, he didn’t see the appeal of my charms — or thought I was a little insane [no comments on that, please] — a wrist grab just might not be sufficient.

          • Mia

            I’ll just assume you’re not 6’7 and capable of wrestling down a very muscular (*drool*) man. So yes, wrist grab out!

            If the back-hug backup fails you can always start creating metaphors and meaning-filled objects (“See this radish? It will now be the symbol of our sexual passion.”) and hope he get’s lost in a dazzling tangent.

          • antonia

            lol. you’re either funny or crazy?? or both??? and so i am.
            i’m not strong enough for a wrist grab, and don’t think i’m the kind of wrist grabing girl. so if i can’t control him with a back hug (wich seem a good idea) i would totally grab one of his long legs (or embrace the 2, why not?). maybe like mirae in City Hall???
            you know at the end she got the man 😉

  44. 44 recent k-addict

    hi guys,

    thundie has an ongoing poll at her site for the best of May’s drama in all categories (script, acting, directing, otp, ost, etc)..i think Best LOve is leading so far in almost all categories.. 🙂

    im glad everyone is taking notice 🙂

    here’s the link check it out and vote :


    • 44.1 srkambbs

      LMAO I voted “best love” for all. Its the awesomest drama this month!! We need to wait a few more eps for city hunter and miss ripley to decide though!!

      • 44.1.1 gustave154

        voted for best love too because best love is the best!!! and that kiss was seriously hot… why didn’t dokko jin feel anything -_-

        • antonia

          he did feel. that’s why he was surprised his watch didn’t registered it and he took off the watch and measuress himself

          • gustave154

            hmm i hope now dokko stops ignoring his true feelings and try to get goo ae jung once and for all… breaks my heart seeing him not getting the girl at the end of every episode..

    • 44.2 danni

      I did the same, except for best OTP, I think KJW and YEH are kind of unbeatable in that category.

  45. 45 rumba lumba

    Dok Go Jin’s and Lee Seunggi’s fake laughs were hiiiilaaariousss! LOL.

  46. 46 Sethe

    How great is it that, after DJ said he doesn’t like AJ, the two of them didn’t just go off into their own angsty corners and brood separately, but actually continued to interact and continued to develop their relationship, being actually honest with each other, and really communicating?

    • 46.1 Mia

      Your shock is due to the over whelming quality of angst done bad….so badly it’s become the hegemony for angsty romance.

      It seems bizarre to me any time two lead characters are upset yet there is still logical and relevant progress going on around them.

  47. 47 flibbet

    oh lord how does this drama top itself with every episode? i cannot WAIT to see this!

  48. 48 xiaoSxin

    Great episode! and i so love the cameo by Lee Seung Gi!! He’s a baby Dokko Jin! LOL!

  49. 49 danni

    How is it possible that this drama gets better and better? Hong Sisters are definitely getting better, their dramas are usually a little dull around the halfway mark, but this was yet again, a good episode. Jin is really growing on me now, maybe because I’ve gotten used to the crazy and there was less Pil-joo. Dokko, you’ve got a lot of work to do to catch up with Pil-joo.

    I actually expected that girlfriday would recap this episode since Lee Seung-gi was in it. I’m pretty sure she’s off raging somewhere since it turned out to be awesome.

    The only scenes I’ve ever liked Se-ri in is the one’s with Pil-joo, probably more because of dorky Pil-joo, but I did think sometimes, “Aww, they could be cute together.” I know she’s partly fueled by her dislike of Ae-jung, but I think she genuinely likes him and since we already know that Pil-joo’s in for some heartbreak, I’d like to see more of these two together.

    Thanks for the recap, jb!

  50. 50 Chris

    Oh dear GOD!! I don’t even know what to do! This angst. Is. Perfect!!!

    AHHHHHH!!! I don’t even know where to put myself!! This show had a moment (not THE moment mind you…that will involve a few more steps…a-hem) EVERYONE was WAITING for!! Only to have it followed by heart DESTROYING ANGST!!!!

    This show is killing me! Killing me!!!! I am shattered and put back together again, and what I love is that I know stuff will be resolved in an episode…or four…and not HORRIBLY dragged on like some cases.

    But Oh. My. God! His FACE!! Jin’s FREAKING FACE!!!! It OBLITERATES ME!!! He was this wonderful ability to look completely wrecked, without shedding a tear, and I can’t contain myself!

    And no Javabeans, you are NOT a sadomasicist…or at least not the only one. Because Pil Joo…PIL JOO!!! I can’t wait for your sweet, suffering demise. Your pout will be beautiful, and angst so sickeningly sweet that I will become ill, and then you will have to treat me. Especially because you are SO positive you will win…and I’m sure you would, if not for the fact that it would probably KILL, Jin. Your fall will hurt us, and make us love you that much more. Ah, the painful, and wonderful life of the second male lead….*sigh*

    Though to be honest, if we get THE moment, Jin may die anyway…so perhaps it was be best for this show to have a twist ending where the second lead gets the girl for once, cause I wouldn’t want our delightfully sexy and hilarious male lead to die…so yea, Pil-Joo winning? I’ll be down with that. (I said I’d pick a side when Jin came to his senses, didn’t I? Guess I lied. *blushes*)

    Oh, boy. This show is FANTASTIC!

    • 50.1 Jomo

      Chris, the show may be killing us, but what a nice way to go!

      I am going now to dream-of-CSW-land.

      • 50.1.1 MJP

        Night Night Jomo!!! I should go too.

        But wait, Sweet Pitipat is calling me…. “Come watch me before you go to bed. It’s already late, what’s another 35 minutes?”

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