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Jeon Do-yeon to play a drug-smuggling housewife
by | August 17, 2011 | 28 Comments

From housemaid to housewife? Jeon Do-yeon (The Housemaid) currently has a film waiting to hit theaters, but she’s already looking at her next project. Jeon is set to return in her next film as an ordinary housewife-turned-drug-mule in The Road Home.

The film is based on a true story, and Jeon will play a woman who goes to Europe on a trip, and somehow mistakenly drops off a bag of drugs, thinking that it’s full of gemstones. Why is she even making the drop in the first place? Interesting question. Either way, she ends up being an inadvertent drug mule, and gets incarcerated for the crime. The film follows her rough journey to get back home.

I actually wish it were more like Weeds the movie — she could go from soccer mom to druglord, which would only be awesome because Jeon Do-yeon can do that massive transition believably in the course of a movie. Gah, now I’ve got it in my head that that’s the movie I want to see. Can’t you just picture her sweetly packing her kid’s lunch and then loading her shotgun to make a drug deal? Somebody make this movie, please.

Jeon has worked with the director before, PD Lee Yoon-ki, who also wrote and directed Love Me, Love Me Not, starring Hyun Bin and Im Soo-jung, and My Dear Enemy aka One Fine Day starring Jeon Do-yeon and Ha Jung-woo.

They’re currently casting for the role of her husband… is there any leading man she hasn’t been in a film with? I’m still partial to Lee Jung-jae, but I suppose there are lots of fish in that A-list sea.

Via Hankook Ilbo


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. oddworld

    is there death penalty for drug trafficking in south korea?

    • 1.1 mud

      I don’t think there is…. I don’t think drug trafficking, in general, deserves death penalty. When I think of death penalty I think of someone who just can’t be rehabilitated to normal social life and whose crime is so large it’s unforgiveable (eg. the recent judgment on serial rapist-murderer Anthony Sowell). But that’s just my opinion, there’s probably some other stuff involved sine the Korean legal system is different from Western ones.

      From what I remember of the punishment that was dished out for the celebrity drug trafficking scandals a few years back it’s just time and a tarnished rep. But of course, the duration may vary depending on the methods used & the type of drugs.

      • 1.1.1 oddworld

        amount would also play a factor. those celebs probably had a gram in their pockets only

  2. obivia

    It’s like “Broke Down Palace” but with a legitimate actor (sorry, Claire). And yes, I think girlfriday’s plot would be much more fun than this one–still it’s JDY and she’s a goddess.

  3. capscorp

    now even korean dramas r copied from american ones… this one is copy of weeds… wtf… its even more annoying when they bring famous american characters like dr. house in dramas with different premise like dr. champ… uhm tae wong’s character n the plot surrounding tat character….

    • 3.1 Josina

      If I understand girlfriday’s post correctly it’s to be a movie, not a kdrama.

      And the premise is not based on Weeds, but a real story.

    • 3.2 asianromance

      This isn’t a drama and it’s based off a true story. From what i understand, JDY’s character is an unfortunate housewife turned drug mule against her will – which is not like weeds and which is why sassychef was saying she wishes it was like weeds.

      I don’t mind a little bit of cultural exchange. Americans buy the rights to adapting whole korean screenplays with their own actors.

  4. ed

    Lee Yoon-ki loves his road movies, so we have to wait for that ‘Jeon Do-yeon goes Korean Psycho’ from another PD:P
    Actually this sounds ripe for some Michael Winterbottom movie: crossing borders, human rights issues blablah. But it’ll be all bottled up emotions erupting in spurts, across endless strangers met daily- than a Claire Danes message movie.

    • 4.1 belleza

      “But it’ll be all bottled up emotions erupting in spurts, across endless strangers met daily- than a Claire Danes message movie.”

      Yup, that’s the Lee Yoon-ki style.

      Plot’s besides the point in Lee Yoon-ki movies. It’s more accurate to describe them as slow-moving situations, where he can explore the tension between the social bric-brac and personal climate of his (usually female) protagonists in a sort of verite style. If you need “plot”, this isn’t for you.

  5. shu

    that movie oughta be cool. now i have in my mind lee so yeon’s family in iris didnt die, and her husband accepts her. after sending hr kid to school, she goes on saving the day… =]

  6. Madola

    Ahhhh, i woke up extra ealy today when i forgot today was collab day , like i could of have my 10 mintue sleep still. So i am at school with like 30 minutes before the bells going to ring, ahhhh. And librarys not opened. And my schedule got changed around…. I can already tell today is going to be a bad day for me….. 🙁 wish me a good day.

    • 6.1 altins

      Good day to you.. Madola…

  7. Jomo

    I actually like when writers take stories and do their version. Every culture has a different way of life, humor, mythologies to tap into for a good viewing experience.

    I think Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest people in the english speaking world, but the British Office didn’t make me laugh as hard as the US one. I didn’t get the culture-related humor.

    There are only so many parts to our faces,
    Still pictures of them fill up museum spaces.
    There are only so many stories to be told;
    The details and telling make new out of old.

  8. gingeranna

    Europe WHERE? I need to know if they’re filming near me!!! 😀

    • 8.1 Selli

      Me too ^^ It’d be cool if they came to Vienna, but somehow I doubt it XD

      That title makes me think of a Ziyi Zhang movie @_@~e The world needs new movie titles XD

  9. Ora

    It’s funny, because I was also thinking of Weeds when I read the story.

  10. 10 Anon

    Oh, I thought she’s gonna swallow the drugs in a capsule because of the description as a “drug mule”.

    Hmmm… there were executed in China just a few months ago for drug trafficking.

  11. 11 leonardswench

    I love everything she’s ever done … at least, her role. Can’t wait!

  12. 12 nk

    Awww, when I read the title I thought the premise was gonna be Weeds-like too. Sadness. Give me some Weeds/Breaking Bad. Or would they consider those 2 shows to be harmful to show to the public?

  13. 13 Lahlita

    Ah, Weeds. Damned good show and Mary-Louise Parker is a goddess of talent and gorgeousity (yes, I made that word up). I left off at episode 1 of season 4. I need to get back on that, if only because I have a crush on Hunter Parrish (Silas Botwin). Does the ICOMYM Club have a North America chapter?

    I’m still partial to Lee Jung-jae, but I suppose there are lots of fish in that A-list sea.
    *snort* Of COURSE you’re partial to Lee Jung-jae. Your consistency is comforting, Girlfriday-unni.

  14. 14 MeeisLee

    So more like Locked Up Abroad: The Movie instead of Weeds the Movie.

  15. 15 Josina

    I guess I must be getting old, because I was thinking Bangkok Hilton with Nicole Kidman when I read the plot outline. Another excellent film with the same premise is Midnight Express.

    It will be interesting for my European eyes to see how a European jail will be depicted. Hope they manage to narrow it down to one country though, because there’s quite a lot of difference between penal systems…

  16. 16 sunshine

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the title of the post, I thought she would be playing a housewife-turned-drug-trafficker a la housewife in the movie Traffic, which would have been awesome.

  17. 17 czak

    ahhh new film for my number one K actress!!!!
    was missing her so much..
    Loved her since Loves in Prague…
    I wish she does a kdrama after this projects cause nowadays she only does movies….

  18. 18 charlotte1987

    i miss Jeon Do-yeon…

    loved her in Loves in Prague. how about a reunion w/ Kim Joo-hyuk?

  19. 19 spark67

    How about Jang Dong Gun in the husband role? I’d fly to Seoul just to see the movie in THAT pairing!

  20. 20 SherYah

    Lee jung-jae please.. Just watched him in An Affair… Hot! Need to see ‘more’ of him stat!!!

    • 20.1 czak

      I second that. Want their tandem from housemaid again.
      that movie literally scorched me HOT even with only the trailers..
      and when i watched the whole show, I am all hands up going to ship them as married in my book cause in housemaid, JDY was only the mistress….

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