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Running Man: Episode 60
by | September 18, 2011 | 60 Comments

You know what they say – be careful of what you wish for. We’re in for a treat for Chuseok and Gary’s wish to become a spy has finally come true. But all is not what it seems however in Running Man land. Welcome to the “Tru-Gary Show” folks – will the cast be able to deceive Gary or are they the ones who are being fooled?

EPISODE 60. Broadcast September 4, 2011.

The day has finally come for Gary to star as the hero of Running Man. The beginning montage has me in a fit of giggles as the staff plays up today like a historical turning point in his life thus far. An hour before the opening, we see Gary enter the SBS building acting completely unaware but with the undertone in his voice implying, “Oh I wonder why I’m here early…”

Mr. PD invites him in and presents today’s objective – Gary is the spy today. He’s totally excited about his moment to shine and flips over the mission card: Eliminate all the Running Man without being caught. If you succeed to the end, you win! The rest of the cast is under the impression there’s a guest today but it’s up to you to fulfill this mission.

Shuffling through the list of cast members, Gary worries about being able to trick Jae-suk and Jong-kook, both quick on the uptake. Mr. PD presses about the other members and Gary dismisses him, confident in his abilities, “Even Ji-hyo is head over heels for me!” He vows that he’ll win…

…While the rest of the cast is observing him via hidden camera. HAHAHA! But what’s going on here?

The clocks roll back to reveal the others arrive early and notice that Gary is missing. Their mission is to deceive Gary into thinking that they’re the ones being fooled until the final “Cut!” is called in order to win. Heh, and just when I thought you couldn’t surprise me anymore, Running Man.

The cast revels in this interesting twist: Gary would learn about their involvement when the episode airs. Sneaky! They begin to strategize their gameplay and in particular, warn Big Nose Hyung to keep his awkward acting to a minimum.

Because it’s a Chuseok Special, the first mini mission is a wrestling match – tournament style and the winner receives the smallest name tag. Mr. PD asks who Gary thinks is the most difficult to beat. The easy and obvious answer is Jong-kook, and he asserts that this is something that even elementary schools know. A bit unsure, he asks if ‘tournament-style’ is similar to how they arrange teams at the World Cup. Jong-kook laughs that Gary doesn’t know what ‘tournament’ means, and as if Gary could hear him bellows, “I do know what it is!”

Gary draws up his predictions: Jong-kook beats Jae-suk, Ji-hyo overpowers Suk-jin, and Haha beats Kwang-soo. He draws up the rest of the rounds, adding a match for the Monday Couple, and the final match between himself and Jong-kook. Kim Jong-kook (obviously) wins and Gary starts to get nervous about the overwhelming task ahead of him.

Before the rest of the cast heads out, Jae-suk wonders about those who haven’t been a spy yet. Suk-jin and Kwang-soo both vehemently express their desire to be one. Suk-jin threatens that he’ll sue if he doesn’t become one and Kwang-soo mutters that he’d be good at it, to which Ji-hyo adds, “Suing?”

Time for the actual opening and today’s landmark is D Shopping Mall in Shindolrim. Oh boy, I can practically sense Gary’s tense nervousness from this side of my monitor, and the others act as if nothing is wrong. They ask about today’s guest and Jae-suk hopes that it’s not Choi Min-soo. Gary pipes, “Isn’t it an idol special?” The slip-of-the-tongue peaks everyone’s curiosity … is he going to do all right today?

The cast warmly greets the crowd and enter the wrestling ring one by one (which indicates their pairing order, much like Thailand. It’s also important to note here that the cast matched their order based upon Gary’s predictions). They’re told that it’s a tournament-style wrestling match and the guys worry about fighting Ji-hyo. But Haha isn’t worried – she’ll probably place third anyway, as Ace. Ji-hyo is asked who she thinks she could beat and she honestly answers Suk-jin.

The match board is revealed and the cast deliberately overreacts at the pairings, inciting how unfair it is. The crowd’s presence has Jong-kook in an angel-like mood – a man’s got to maintain his image. Even a swift kick to the calf doesn’t ruffle his feathers.

First up is Jong-kook and Jae-suk and it’s no contest – Jong-kook picks him up, toys around with him and defeats him easily. An image boost for Jong-kook is an image-crusher for Jae-suk, who insists that they don’t replay his moment of utter humiliation. The staff takes note of this and replays the moment again and again and again. Heh. This is variety Jae-suk!

The next match between Haha and Kwang-soo looks more like a test of pettiness rather than a test of strength. It’s like two kids in the schoolyard, kicking each other and giving each other wedgies. Either Kwang-soo is really tall or Haroro is pretty short because Kwang-soo’s feet still touch the ground despite lifting him in the air. As scheduled, Haha wins.

With Ji-hyo’s swift victory against Suk-jin, it’s time for the Monday Couple to face off. But who can think about fighting when there’s love in the air as Gary reaches in for a hug. Teehee. He’s quickly reminded that it would be better off if he wrestles Jong-kook instead of Ji-hyo and he reluctantly consents, moving onto the final round.

There really isn’t much to hoot about the final round. Gary tries to overcome the wall that is Jong-kook and fails miserably – an easy win for Jong-kook. The cast apologizes for such an unexciting wrestling match and assures that it will be more entertaining on air. Oh yes, the power of editing can do wonders.

So everyone receives their respective nametags and Jae-suk vows that he’ll show the viewers how to win with a placard plastered across his back. That is, until Suk-jin rips it off mid-sentence. Yes Jae-suk, I’d also like to see the day when win with that thing on your back.

Everyone gathers in the shopping mall and receives the mission: Gather all the hidden puzzle pieces to win! The pieces add up to a picture of Gary’s face and he asks Mr. PD why there are so many things he needs to keep track of (eliminate the Running Man, preventing them from collecting the pieces, being a spy).

The picture above basically sums up his transparent nervousness – close-lipped and awkward as the others guess today’s set-up of guests.

Everyone splits off to search for the puzzle pieces and the others take note Gary’s nervousness, smiling at his reactions. He’s not joking around or making eye contact and evading their questions. The true battle of wits has begun!

To make matters worse, Gary claims that he saw the guest running by a little while ago. When pressed for more info, he changes his story that he saw their VJ instead. Oh, poor Gary – you’re so cute! “Strreesss!!”

Spartakooks offers his help to a panicked Gary who replies, “No I don’t need you! Stay there!” and asks for Kwang-soo instead. Kwang-soo is slightly offended to be thrown in so early in the game, but they send him off. Hmm, Gary senses that something is off: why is everyone hanging around together?

Meanwhile, Haroro lazily tours around the building, sending a kiss to a poster of Han Hyo-joo and discovers his North Pole: Pororo Land. He gives a tour like the master of the house and lays down to take a nap citing that he reads books in bed, and reaches over…to grab a puzzle piece. He’s baffled and amazed at the coinkidink find.

Turns out the pieces are easier to find than anyone could have thought as each piece is discovered one after another. The news puts Gary on high alert- they’ll find out the image is of him! So he takes Kwang-soo out, who acts surprised and Gary smiles at his first successful elimination.

The rest of the cast come up with a new nickname: Panic Gary as he continues to act strangely, throwing out random statements, “___ looks/acts/feels weird today.” To ease Gary’s state of mind, Jong-kook tosses that the broken pieces tell little about the solution. When they split off again, they laugh about Gary’s go-to line: that he saw the guest running around the completely deserted mall.

I love how each member tries to strategize their own elimination without rousing Gary’s suspicion by deliberating luring Gary into a hidden corner. Jae-suk opts to take the elevator and Gary takes him out, apologizing frantically before slipping away.

Spartakooks and the Ace observe this entertaining show from a few floors above, poking some fun by talking into the walkie-talkies. Come on, Gary – you’re trying to fool the best of the best here!

With three left to go, Haha suggests that he team up with Gary. They walk into the fitting rooms, making Haha easy prey. As Gary stuffs Haha into a dressing room and slips away, he whispers, “This [being a spy] was my dream! Don’t step on my dream!” LOL.

In jail, the Jail Regulars Trio and Haha share their dramatic elimination stories to each other, especially noting how apologetic Gary was (apart from Suk-jin, who didn’t receive an apology). Kwang-soo wonders if Gary is fooling them into thinking that he’s being deceived by them and they reject the idea – it’s way too confusing. Plus, how can such an innocent guy who’s been so easily deceived in the past try to fool them now?

Jong-kook discovers another puzzle piece and it puts Gary on edge – he’s got to make a move before they figure it out! After whisking Ji-hyo away to a more private area, he pulls out a chair for her and eliminates her from the game. In order to keep Jong-kook in the dark (or so he thinks), Gary asks that they don’t broadcast her elimination.

Even with a few puzzle pieces, it’s obvious that they add up to Gary, who tries to rearrange the pieces. Meanwhile, Jong-kook is busy honing the perfect reaction to his own elimination. They meet up and Jong-kook deliberately turns his back on Gary. He jumps at the chance and Jong-kook is eliminated.

Everyone gathers to do the closing, blaming each other for not picking up on Gary’s sly spy skills earlier. Gary is presented a prize for winning the final “Cut!” is called, which also makes the cast winners of (bigger) prime-cut meat sets. They thank him through the camera, after he leaves, and apologizing for fooling him.

But we see Gary exit the building with a limp that turns into a straight walk, a homage to “The Usual Suspects.” Wait Gar… were we just Punk’d?!


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bloom

    Hi!! I just watched the show yesterday, it was so funny watching the others trying hard not to laugh in front of Gary for the sake of the mission!!
    I was wondering why he was walking so weirdly at the end heh, but a “deceive in deceive in deceive” mission would be sooo epic!!!

    • 1.1 Shin mi rAe

      Where do you watch the eng sub version?

      • 1.1.1 Cynthia

      • 1.1.2 Lordj

        Go to the original subbers site…

        They are the original Running Man subbing team!!! 🙂

        • kelly

          isubs isn’t really original i mean anybody can provide fansubs plus isubs isnt up to episode 60 yet. i watch all kvariety shows at

          • soiia

            isubs’ subs are original as in, they translate themselves and hardsub the videos themselves. They are slower than kshownow, definitely, but the latter gains money from taking subs from other subbing teams while isubs is free. Heh, sometimes kshownow doesn’t even retranslate into english the vietsub they take. I just don’t see how that’s original.

    • 1.2 KAYLA B

      Its is epic lol. Gary did get it at the end. From the site I just read it said that at the end gary said that chuseok is like for sharing maybe he won all of it so he would take all the prize but its chuseok thats why he just gave it to the running man!

      • 1.2.1 Boohoo

        Dear Kayla, I dont know what’s wrong with me to take this long to watch this episode. It’s freaking fun a:D

        After watching it, I immediately went to read this post and just before I could put a comment asking whether/not Gary DID know it all, I read your comment.

        So, it’s true? He knew and chose to finish the mission so he could share with the other members? How sweet.
        Thanks for the info 🙂

        (off to watch The Usual Suspect now :D)

  2. chance

    I watched this episode twice and I still think Gary wasn’t in on the joke and just thought that he had successfully deceived everyone. Lol, I’ve watched RM since the first episode, and if there’s anything I’ve come to know about Gary, it’s that he’s more simple-minded than the rest. He’s so laid-back that he mostly takes everything at face value. And obviously, this man just can’t lie. He sucks at it. Unlike Ji Hyo who can pass it off as just being blank, Jong Kook who can shout his way out of lie, or even Haha who can throw around jokes and subliminal suggestions in just one sentence, Gary just doesn’t have that inner anarchist within him. 🙂

    • 2.1 Jazzlyn_runner

      but still in the last part of that episode it just makes people wonder why would he walk like the way in the show/movie usual suspects? i mean it makes no sense, unless they are trying to say that he knows everything actually. it is possible. i myself have watched running man from the first episode until now and whenever i rewatch that certain episode it just makes me wonder what they meant at the last part…..

      • 2.1.1 Chandler

        Yeah, he wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t know honestly.

      • 2.1.2 yewgurt

        remember, running man is not heavily scripted but still scripted. so my best guess is that the ending is scripted to make the viewers feel better for gary. well, it certainly did make me feel a lot better lol.

    • 2.2 Toulue Vang

      But don’t forget that Gary is one of the most humble person in Running Man. He could of pretended to not have figure it out so the other members will get a prize too.
      It’s just another point of view.
      I’m not saying I’m correct.

  3. purplesheesh

    OMOOOO, RM is soooo AMAZING! Love them all so much. I miss Joong Ki though. 🙂

    • 3.1 yani69

      me too. sob..sob..

  4. djinni

    i love gary! really looking foreward to week!

  5. ...

    this episode is soooo funny!!! thanks for the recap!

  6. xorumaox

    Oh so that’s where the wierd limp was from, I was wondering what on earth he was doing lol 😛
    Yeah I miss Jong Ki too, but his not being a part of running man actually hasn’t made a huge impact, he was just eye candy to me, whilst making Gary jealous 😛

    We might find out the truth in the next episode, I hope Gary was tricking them into thinking he didn’t know! That would be awsome. Running man staff are truly amazing and never fail to entertain me! Running Man Mansae <3

  7. mariolawpanda

    I love Running Man.

    This episode was awesome. I was really sold by the whole thing. At first I was “what the hell is this episode, its so boring” but knowing the cast (since I’ve been watching since episode 1 with Lee Hyori ^^) its so funny how they all think.

    That ending with Gary is a bit too good to be true though. I still think Gary was the one being fooled. Not once have I seen Gary been that “smart” and act the way he acted if he was the one doing the fooling. Its so far fetched that I really can’t imagine him being a “real” spy

    • 7.1 megumi

      i think he might have really fooled the cast because he didn’t have to act at all, even if he acted nervous the cast was told already that gary is a spy and he will be nervous, it was a very good setup by the directors, the cast were literally helping Gary eliminate each other because they thought he was the spy, i don’t think they would have suspected otherwise, if you really think like that then this episode is awesome, but if the directors really wanted to fool him then i feel sad for him, gary, suk jin and lee gwang soo are always given this stupid type of roles by the directors that don’t help them at all, even if they are told to be the spy they are always tricked and totally fooled…

  8. Mia

    though i think that Gary was really just happy that he became a spy for the day, the idea that he might have fooled everyone by thinking he they are fooling him is just so much more interesting and awesome! well i really can’t wait for today’s episode! maybe they’ll reveal the truth today? the china episode will be GREAT!

    thank you dramabeans <3

  9. Alvina

    Lol, I love the open-ended ending. This was the career that I envisioned for Kim Jong Min but Gary plays the part perfectly.

    The role of easy going ‘fool’ that’s also a hidden genius is really hard 😀
    I love these sort of specials though. It was a good episode…

  10. 10 Cynthia

    “But we see Gary exit the building with a limp that turns into a straight walk, a homage to “The Usual Suspects.” Wait Gar… were we just Punk’d?!”

    So, THAT’S why he was doing that! Never saw the movie and had no idea of the “tell”.
    It’s funny – at one point the rest of the RM actually discussed that Gary might be onto them, but it was dismissed out-of-hand as Gary not being bright enough to handle the duplicity of a double-cross.
    I am SO hoping that Gary did know and played them all!

    How funny was it when Gary went in for the double hug on his Ace during wrestling?! The look of sheer bliss on his face was priceless – and the by-stander’s reactions were so thrilled!

    It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a part 2 to this Gary Show – the adverts are showing the China RM to be up next.

    Thanks for the recap – this show was a hoot!

  11. 11 Y

    Totally out of topic, but anyone know where to dl english subbed qualifications of men?

    Thanks 🙂

  12. 12 Ani

    Gary is such a dork. But seriously, who punked who? HAHAHAHA. Oh Running Man, only you. Only you.

  13. 13 zodd

    Heh everyone was trying to hold their laughter in.

  14. 14 pauper

    Whoa. Wait whut? Is Gary playing Keyser Soze here?

    Can’t wait to watch the next episode if they are going to reveal what went on.

  15. 15 pucca

    actually looked at next episode- china episode- a little .. but they didnt even mentioned True Gary show T_T

    Idk if they did after but at least not in the part 1.. :/

    • 15.1 via

      haha we checked at the same time. and lol at all the ‘bodyguards’ the cast had escorting them at the chinese airport!

  16. 16 via

    RAWs for Episode 61 is out. I haven’t seen the whole thing, only the opening, but they don’t seem to mention anything about the Tru-Gary episode so far :/

  17. 17 ajikanpanda

    this was true garyception /rmceptoin LOL. thanks for the recap! Love RM! <3 FIGHTING!!

  18. 18 mikimotoable

    can someone explain to me whats the meaning of the last sentence?
    But we see Gary exit the building with a limp that turns into a straight walk, a homage to “The Usual Suspects.” Wait Gar… were we just Punk’d?!

    I dont get it..did he know about the whole scenario and pretending as a fool person for the sake of others?

    thanks for the recap!!

    • 18.1 john

      I think you’ve got it, spot on.

  19. 19 torrtis

    Found this episode too scripted that I do not find it as fun as the usual dose of running man.

  20. 20 Syl

    In my opinion, Jae-suk still makes the funniest & most thrilling spy with his water gun!

    But a good episode nevertheless – plenty of laughs but not as much tension moments as the other episodes.

    • 20.1 Y

      I loved that episode! Jae-suk was awesome.

  21. 21 min

    the next episode better give the answer!

  22. 22 Tassea

    The funniest part is when the man shouted
    “Gary is Mine!” Gary: “I refuse a man” bwahahah

  23. 23 candycow

    I just watched this, and Gary knew about it. When he first stepped out of the car, he already had his mic on. The others put on their mic only when they were in the tv room.

  24. 24 KZ

    What bothers me is when he said that he wasn’t a fool anymore during the middle of the episode. Plus how he just leaves first without really saying anything or doing anything at the end.

  25. 25 Adeline

    I dun’t understand for the last part…
    Gary-oppa limp into the straight walk..
    What is it meaning???

    • 25.1 jashin

      It means Gary was playing along with them..
      The pressure on Gary is how to make a good show for the viewers since it’s a variety program..

  26. 26 Lin

    Gary knew all along and played along with them.
    By how the production name this episode, Gary won the race.

    This is adapted from the movie, The Truman show, Truman knew what went on and ultimately made his escape from the controlled world of the rest.

  27. 27 Lin

    Gary knew all along and played along with them.
    By how the production name this episode, Gary won the race.

    This is adapted from the movie, The Truman show, Truman knew what went on and ultimately made his escape from the controlled world of the rest, gaining the real freedom.

  28. 28 JS

    I FINALLY UNDERSTAND! i knew it all along and played along with them and i believe that his mission was to walk with a limp lag without them noticing

  29. 29 Ellen

    Can you explain more on the ending about his foot steps at the end please?

  30. 30 ephia

    hi… i know it’s a long time but i think i solved the mystery??? nyahaha as if! well, in my opinion at frist was maybe gary was just too innocent to not noticed the people around him but when i saw the last scene where he was limping and the said translation where it kept me hanging after the episode i got curious and keep on searching online on whether there was an interview about the episode but there was none.. so maybe they just put it that way where RM members knows they were deceived by kang gary.. but its just too non challenging for me because i thought there are some big twist will happen but none.. then i leave it that way.. BTW it’s kinda funny coz i was wathing running man episodes in BACKWARDS.. so i did not watched the early episodes that time yet.. then i watch the episode 38 were it was JAE SUK’s first YOOMES BOND mission its funny to see jaesuk’s so nervous while doing the mission when i keep seeing him being sooo confident in the future yoomes bond mission(i watched RM epi backwards).. thinking he is overly confident in the future episodes.. hihi UNTIL!! i saw the last scene where i saw jaesuk said that he was like the MALE LEAD VILLAIN in THE USUAL SUSPECTS!! everyone check it out! so i think they (the running man crew or PD’s) knew what was the movie about.. and came up with an idea of putting GARY(the innocent one) on tricking everyone because the idea was that everyone knows that gary cant lie so the RM crew let them(RM mems) know that gary will have a spy mission but the thing that gary cant lie.. is his advantage to put another trick on themso he can show his awkward lying skill to tell them i trick them but they know what they ddnt know is that they were TRICK again… what kwangsoo said maybe true… to deceived the deceiver but still were deceived.. the mission i think that was given to gary is to let the RM mem know and believed they were deceived by gary until the end. you guys get what i mean? hehe im sorry i can be a know-it-all sometimes just like my KOOKIE~ hihi! but i cant just keep it to myself.. i want an answer from the PD’s T_T

  31. 31 GIZIPP! Running Man Geeks

    The ending is based in ‘Usual Suspects’ 8))

    So dispointing in ep 61 and until no, they (rm cast) never talk/ about it again.

    • 31.1 songlee15

      i think it’s just because they watched the whole episode and saw that gary fooled them twice so they noticed that they were a fool one… and seeing gary wore an idol-looked outfit!

  32. 32 jen

    i think gary knew all from the start
    he already used mic when he came out from the car in the begining
    i think the staff gave him mission at the last game. he must walked limp while he’s with someone and must made someone to pay attention to his shoes (which he did to jong kook at the shoe store)
    if you observed it, all the member of running man wore a shirt that had a picture of a shoe. i think it’s a hint that the staff gave them so they could pay attention to Gary’s shoes so they would know that Gary walked limp.

  33. 33 GFY

    I think there’s no way Gary knew about the set up.

    He isn’t that good of an actor to be giving his comments when alone with the VJ that make it seem like he thinks he’s the spy. He’s acting exactly like you’d expect him to act when carrying out the mission they gave him in the episode.

    And unlike what people are suggesting, he isn’t limping whenever he’s walking with someone else either so that wasn’t some hidden mission he had to carry out.

  34. 34 songlee15

    I’m still confused until now.. Why? Because they said that Gary knew all of it and he successfully tricked the Running Man Members and the others said that Gary oppa didn’t know and he was a fool in this episode… But in my opinion, oppa knew that RM members’ mission was to fool the deceiver (Gary oppa) when he told that “It’s strange… I’m not a fool anymore..” then in the closing scene, when he was limping, his expression was serious but when he walked normally, he smiled… THIS WAS THE REASON WHY HE SMILED BECAUSE HE SUCCEEDED IN HIS REAL MISSION….. That’s why in my opinion, oppa knew all about it….

  35. 35 runningman

    ohhhh i already figured out… I think the concept was to know about each other’s mission… Then Gary-oppa was acting like a fool person/awful spy (?) to let RM members think that he was acting like a fool… He also figured out that RM members were gathering together so why would he not know about the RM members’ identity/mission… About the shoes scene with Kookie, I figured out that his action in that scene was their clue to find out about Gary-oppa’s real mission that he will limp when he off home and walk normally… I also think that Kwang Soo-oppa was right that deceive, deceive, DECEIVE!! If Gary-oppa succeeded in fooling them, I think RM Members has to be thankful because Gary-oppa let them to get a bigger prize than his.. In the closing scene, he started to do his real mission (?), I figured out that Gary-oppa was serious when he walked limp but when he stopped limping and walked normally, he finally smiled… Standing ovation for Kang Gary for succeeding in fooling them in his panic acting….

  36. 36 songlee15

    the last caption was “could it be….?” or “did he happen to…..? and the korean caption was seolma (seolma means NO WAY in english and the background sound was “Kill The Target”… that background sound scares me…. and most of the viewers believed that oppa knew about RM Members’ secret because oppa noticed that they were group together… so in this episode, RM members were idiot, fool, and stupid because they were careless that’s why oppa noticed about their secret… yoo jae suk was right, he said that “will it be us that look weird when we watched it?” , suk jin “he is not fooling us, isn’t he”, haha: “can’t be another twist”, kwang soo “fooling, fooling, fooling”… they were close to know gary oppa’s real mission but they still thinked that oppa was a fool person…. at first, i thought gary oppa was naive, but watching the whole episode, i noticed that RM Members were naive because of oppa’s real mission… jae suk oppa, gary oppa, and ji hyo unni wore the t-shirt and designed with shoe picture but how about gwang soo oppa, suk jin oppa, haha oppa and jong kook oppa’s t-shirt design…

  37. 37 Kutumbaba

    Yeah he knew, the moment he saw RM member gather together in individual name tag elimination, he already realized that they were up to something. Also he already thought that noone fool enough to not get a hint from a clear clue of his picture puzzle, so he already suspected that they know, but pretending not knowing at all.

    Since this is chuseok episodes and chuseok is all about sharing, he decided to let them win and got the prizes. He also need to keep the show interesting, that’s why he is just playing along and not end the show early by revealing that he already know about the whole thing.

  38. 38 😢😧😨😯

    Hahaha so funny fooling and foolinh.wth👻👻. BUT RUNNINGMAN IS THE BEST PARODY SHOW IN WORLD FOR ME

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