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Full House 2 finally confirms cast
by | October 24, 2011 | 114 Comments

No, really. For reals this time. Really, really. Upcoming remake Full House 2, aka The Drama That Cried Wolf (…if by wolf you mean cast), has FINALLY confirmed its leads, after skirting not one, not two, but three rounds of casting rumors for the two leading roles. Actors Hwang Jung-eum and Noh Min-woo are back on… for at least another press cycle. What? This is what you get when you confirm-deny-confirm. Basically, I’ll believe it when I see it, Show.

They’ve also confirmed supporting cast member Lee Seung-hyo (Queen Seon-deok) to play Noh Min-woo’s manager. So yeah, they’re following Full House to the letter, if Noh plays the Hallyu star. Full House 2 already has a March timeslot on Japanese network TBS, while it has yet to find a broadcaster at home.

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114 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rianna

    i don’t like it

    can it be song joongki and park bo young or song joongki and song ji hyo instead?

    • 1.1 ilikehim

      Song Jong Ki plus Park Bo Young, please. I dont even care if it’s not FH 2, just get them on a rom-com….maybe the new Hong Sisters drama? O.M.G. I just got myself excited for nothing…

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        Epic Idea! I think the Hong sisters should take those two into casting consideration.

        As for this drama? Dude, I really disliked the first one and a second time around would just be meh. I hope Noh Minwoo still sticks with Vampire Idol.

      • 1.1.2 rianna

        yesss please.. they’re too adorable… omg! hong sisters.. please??

      • 1.1.3 Cynthia

        SJK and PBY are currently filming “Wolf Boy”, aren’t they?
        DB had a post on it last month.

        • Ani

          I think that’s why everyone is so hung up on their partnering up, because that news was just perfect. Everytime I think about that post I just feel we should get more of them, especially in a drama that lasts 16 episodes instead of a movie that’s only two hours long. They’d be cute together like they were in the photos from the Wolf Boy post.

      • 1.1.4 neener

        this will be EPIC!!!

        I love SJK and I love PBY!! both of them together! more love!!!

      • 1.1.5 am

        that would be so beautiful! ugh!

    • 1.2 danna

      I want Song Joong Ki as lead in something too and if it with Park Bo Young that would be a dream come true…but I’m actually glad it’s not this drama..I feel like hehad been getting stereotyped playing the same roles (cute, adorable)…and if his awesomeness of TWDR is any indication, he needs to do more serious fare

      • 1.2.1 rianna

        twdr is a serious drama ang he was osm there.. i hope he gets a lead role some time soooooooon

    • 1.3 b1

      yes please — i sooo like to see song ji hyo in another drama — and if with joong ki — id die — lol

      heavens let it happen pleaaaase =)

      • 1.3.1 am

        I remember her from Goong that no matter how evil her character was, I was secretly hoping she’d end up with Shin.

  2. Lydia

    Yessssss I prefer this couple way more than the other pair. Noh Min Woo is so fine (; I’m typically not really a big fan of “series” dramas (aka blah blah 2, blah blah 3, etc) because you can never recreate the first season unless you utilized the same exact cast and it was simply a continuation of where it had left off. But, I mean, I really did enjoy Full House so I want to watch it anyways. I just hope they don’t ruin the whole series for me!

  3. daging masak merah

    i’m totally not excited about this line up.

  4. paperhearts

    wait, what’s the point of recreating the exact same drama only a couple years later?
    Usually remakes are done so a “new generation” can experience them like the new footloose that’s coming out in theaters.

    I wish they would at least put a new twist on it like have the girl be the hallyu star.

    I’ll still watch this though since full house was my first korean drama ever 🙂

    • 4.1 lambayyx

      it’s been more than “a couple of years” lol probably like nearly a decade.

      • 4.1.1 snow

        hah? full house aired in mid-2004, so it’s only been 7 years. i’d be happy for it to be buried 6 ft under for the next 7 decades.

        • red

          Its not as rediculous as the japanese remake of the japanese remake of hanakim which was just 4 years earlier. And with the exact same music, scene layout name it but with a new cast

          • Markie

            I had no idea what you were talking about, then I looked it up. It’s a sad day…The 2007 Hana Kimi was my first drama…

  5. ALLEN

    hell noooo…. for hwang jung eun!!

    my impression about her wasnt’ very good.. n my first drama get me into kdrama was full house, just spoil everything!!
    y not let min hyo rin be the lead! she’s younger i could stand her doing all those cutey act but not hwang jung eun…

    • 5.1 K

      Min hyo rin is only younger by a year.

      • 5.1.1 achooxhelen

        well at least she looks younger.

  6. jenny

    aww i love lee seung hyo…its alchenon from QSD!! yay!
    but on the other hand….not that excited about the drama it self…..full house was amazing, because it was one of the first dramas of its kind; but after so many years, a drama like that would just be boring…


    What about Vampire Idol?!

    • 7.1 Raine

      Amen! When I saw this that’s the first thing I thought. But you know these actors, piling on the projects and sleeping little to none. But, I’m concerned about the chemistry between these two.

      Javabeans – I forever and always adore your sarcasm. It fuels this site even more than the K-dramas and news. I laugh out loud over almost every single thing you write.

  8. rockout

    Finally…phew…after all the rumors, No min woo will be the lead..I want to see a lot from him..after Gumiho, Rock3x and Midas..i really want him to be the lead actor. I’m looking forward for the drama..Can he beat up Rain, less or more..not sure..I’m just waited..No min woo..please don’t let me down..faitoh!!

  9. dal

    OMG so its really them this time. I so hope so. I was sad that lastly news I read said they drop out but reading this news have my hope up again. Love this pair.

  10. 10 Ace

    What’s up with this? Just read it at AKP. Unbelievable. I liked the news about Min Hyo-rin better. Thought NMW dropped this for Idol Vampire?

    …not watching.

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    0__0 Uh okay. Should we believe it?

    • 11.1 Raine


  12. 12 ashnia

    AL CHEON!!!! hahaha its cause i am watching QSD right now (yes i know im like 2 yrs late but late than never)

    actually pretty excited…..i wonder how NMW will fair in a comedic role. Hes done the emo, rocker and melo not for his funny side.
    I really hope their is some twist instead of following the original to the t.

    • 12.1 Haydn

      ALCHEON-RANG aka YELLOW POWER RANGER! 😀 hahaha (if you go to the soompi thread for QSD that’s what we all called him XD hahah)

      oh man i want to rewatch QSD now 🙁 see UhmTaeWoong again & my Yejin Ahssi 🙂

      and yeah! its never too late to watch QSD. as long as you just watch it! 😀

      • 12.1.1 ashnia

        ohh haha i see im staying away from the soompi thread for now i want to finish it first to avoid any spoilers lol but after i finish ill prob end up going through the whole thread. lol

        although, i know my favorite character Bidam dies 🙁

        im up to ep 54. i loveeeee it. Bidam is my favorite and i love mishil as well! haha im like on sageuk high and i heard everyone loves this one so i gave it a shot and its really good!

      • 12.1.2 bbm

        YAY… i’m more excited for Yellow ranger than the main pairing XD

    • 12.2 kbap

      Haha it’s never too late! I watched it earlier this year (Yep yep still two years late) and adored Alcheon. Like seriously. And Bidam. Anyways it’s been a while since he’s done a drama, huh? Glad to see him back…? *squees*

    • 12.3 bishbash

      yes yes yes!!! this noona misses him loads!!!

      lee seung hyo!!! omo omo!! *hyperventilates*

      if i watch FH2, it’ll be coz of the guys. the gals are meh. even though hwang jung eum was pretty funny in high kick 2. meh.

    • 12.4 Steamy Bun

      AlCHEON!!!! haha that’s exactly what I said. I wonder how big a role this manager character has?

  13. 13 VanillaSalt

    I thought no min woo was supposed to go vampire idol? Man! and he fit the role just right too. Oh well 🙁

  14. 14 VanillaSalt

    I thought no min woo was supposed to go vampire idol? Man! and he fit the role just right too. Oh well 🙁

    • 14.1 Noelle

      Same here. But I don’t care what he does as long as he does something because it would be a sin not to have that man on screen.

    • 14.2 kay

      i don’t understand what they’re saying, but i think this video shows the cast for the vampire idol, and yea, the guy is def. not no min woo but on the upside, he looks like a vamp.

      • 14.2.1 Alvina

        ahh, thanks for the link! It was hard to make out who that was though he looks interesting haha.
        That whole news segment made me smile.
        What’s Up, Vampire Idol, and another Gasoo competition? fun stuff

        • Cynthia

          I’m fairly certain that that’s Kim Jae Wook for Vampire Idol. 🙂

          • kay

            kim jae wook? isn’t he in the army? haha that would be pretty awesome though. seriously, this cable channel has some pretty great offerings come december.

          • Ani

            Nope, I’m fairly certain it is Noh Min Woo: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/10/noh-min-woo-to-headline-vampire-idol/

            Although every once in a while they do seem to look like twins. Uh, what genes they have.

          • Cynthia

            Now I’m even more confused. I saw the link that Kay provided and there’s a close-up of the star of VI with his name. Can’t read Korean (much), so if you can, take a look and report back?

  15. 15 pohonphee

    This drama and The Brain win the craziest casting news of the year. Talk about The drama before Drama.

    • 15.1 Anvesha

      Me Too, Flower! should be added to the list as well

  16. 16 tubunny

    the leads both are great at acting individually
    hope they don’t clash
    hwaiting! ^^

  17. 17 sPark*

    Lee Seung Hyo! I like Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo, but I am one of the few that was ehh about Full House. I watched it when it was airing. I liked it in the beginning, but quickly got bored and I don’t remember finishing it. I hope it’s not EXACTLY like Full House because then I probably won’t like it. Why don’t they just make a different drama with this cast instead of a FH2? I don’t understand the point of a FH2. I hope they at least change up the characters and are using the same house. Otherwise, no need to call it FH2.

  18. 18 Daisy

    I am SO disappointed. I love and adore No Min Woo but I can’t stand Hwang Jung-eum. Also, the fact that this is Full House the sequel is already a bad sign. Ugh, why?

    NMW was perfect for ‘Vampire Idol.’ At least that sounds more interesting.

  19. 19 danna

    Actually I like this cast…i’ve only seen No Min Woo do emo boy and conflicted rocker dude so far and it will be kinda fun seeing him in be funny…I also thought HJE was decent in Can You Hear My Heart this year despite not having expected much from her…. though TBH I would have been even more excited had it been Min Hyo Rin….I can totally see her doing the SonHye Kyo-esque character perfectly….its only the plot that sounds meh to me but FH was all about the OTP to me anyways, and Idk if contract marriages can get worse than that or Lie To Me…anyways excited!!!

  20. 20 kbap

    Alcheon?! Wow didn’t recognize him at all! Well, I have really nothing to say about the casting, it’s just a big mess. Oh well. Though are they really following Full House, even the storyline? Like exactly? No, right? *crosses fingers and hope the writer will make it wacky*

    • 20.1 kbap

      But seriously, Noh Min-woo really needs his own drama. So that’s the good thing?

  21. 21 Alvina

    Noo, where’s my Park Ki Woong?!
    Is he playing the vampire now?


    I think I am actually glad he’s not in this anymore haha.

    • 21.1 Alvina

      aww, I was hoping they’d switch it up in this drama, with the cliches.

      You know, regular cold boy with plucky happy actress.
      Or maybe, happy go-lucky actor with cold regular girl

      But, if it’s HJE and NMW, you KNOW it’s going to be the cliched k-drama outline of cheerful regular girl with cold city guy actor 🙁

      What’s the point? I’ll just go back and watch the original… which I didnt even ~love~ the first time around.

    • 21.2 Judy

      Park Ki Woong still in the drama. He plays second lead

      • 21.2.1 danna

        again?! sigh…he better not be some cold, rich chaebol though

  22. 22 bluelime

    i loved lee seung-hyo’s portrayal of alcheon in QSD. =) i’m not interested in Full House 2, but will check it out because of lee seung-hyo.

    thanks for posting this.

    lee seung-hyo <3

  23. 23 Yoori

    Noo Min-woo & Min Hyo-rin would’ve been PERFECT! I wouldn’t even care if it was the same plot as the first but now I’m disappointed. I guess I’ll only watch for NMW.

    • 23.1 just me

      Totally agree!!! That’s what I hope for when I saw the news saying min hyorin will be the female lead..
      Me too.. will be watching it only for No Min Woo!

    • 23.2 am

      I set my hopes high for Min Hyo Rin…argh…

  24. 24 laya

    Okay, I now want it to push through, but only because of Lee Seung Hyo– guy really has to have another drama. 😀

  25. 25 Bluemoon

    Am I the only one loving these two casts. I think they’re perfect for this.

    • 25.1 yamapisukii

      I second that!! whoo~ can’t wait to see if these two have chemistry or not. :]

  26. 26 Kaleido

    I am actually happy that NMW will be the lead.. i like him and think that he has a lot of potential… but I am confused about the plot… is it a FH re-make? if they are going to re-make FH.. but call it FH2…? I am confused???

  27. 27 Htagged

    I was thinking about Lee Seung-Hyo and how he needs to be in a drama again today and then I see this:-o

    Happy see to him!! but meh about Full House 2….

  28. 28 Angskeet

    i don’t even care about the casting…they shouldn’t even come up with a second season! the first one was a major hit and i totally enjoyed it, i don’t want my love for full house to be ruin by a so called second season lol…they shouldn’t even label it as a second season

  29. 29 kaedejun


    someone make HIM the hallyu star instead!!! He can be the hallyu star disguised as a manager on the run from the press – when he ends up in a weird marriage contract with the main girl. but because HE is in hiding, he has his real manager (no min woo) be the “star” instead and get married to her! little does he know, they BOTH fall in love with the girl! and because he’s such an adorable second lead (or first?) he will pull a Park Shi Hoo and get the girl in the end!


    • 29.1 Raine

      Heehee, its a plan! Send it in right away! Print and press!

      (Pull a Park Shi-hoo. Love it. Love PSH. Pull away. *snerk*)

  30. 30 Kim Yoonmi (Surname first)

    I hope they don’t do that stupid pregnancy thing again. How many months pregnant are you best friend that got the girl in this mess? 9 months? What? Is your baby imaginary or did you kidnap someone’s baby at the end.

    OMG, I’m going into labor with a flat stomach…

    They could have at least done some stuffing…

  31. 31 Carinne

    Meh~ ooo, pretty vampire prince… uhm~ still meh~

  32. 32 JD

    No more Min Hyo Rin??? Now I’m sad. Bye bye Full house

  33. 33 AuntieMame

    Lee Seung-hyo?! He’s been absolutely adorable in the current daily drama, “”Indomitable Daughters-in-law”.

  34. 34 Isabella

    Oh man! If it’s Min Hyo Rin and Noh Min Woo I would soo watch it…

    but Hwang Jung-Eum just does not hold my interest. I think it’s because she looks waaay older than NMW. (No problem with Noona-dongsaeng relationship but they just don’t match!).

    Anyways, is it bad that I am hoping for a re-cast YET AGAIN!.

    I was actually thinking of re-watching it (it’s probably going to be the S-A-M-E story) if MHR was in it but HJE?? No way, jose.

  35. 35 huama

    yeah, i hope they recast the female lead !!! not that i don’t like her… its just that they should get someone younger.

  36. 36 Callie

    Noooo!!! I wish this pair won’t ever happen!! I was darn glad when I saw that Doojoon and Min Hyo Rin were in the talks for the leads, but now they’re busting us with the whole No Min Woo-Hwang Jung Eum pairing.

    Honestly, both are wonderful actors. But seriously?! Considering my love and affection for Full House, played by cute and playful Rain along with sassy and pretty Song Hye Kyo, this pairing is just such a sore.. to my eyes (in its least!).

    I’m praying hard for any changes to happen. The shows needs a younger, prettier and much more cute yet sassy looking actress to match No Min Woo. He is perfect. But his partner… mehh~ Still keeping my fingers crossed.

    But I can’t wait to see Lee Seung Hyo in action again. He was so good in Queen Seon Duk and was so charming in Hair Show with Jin Hee.

  37. 37 peachys2sleep

    I’m not believing anything about this drama until it airs.

    • 37.1 Katherine

      I’m with you.

  38. 38 Jaykah

    I was actually looking forward to Min Hyo Rin as the lead 🙁 well at least it’s confirmed so here’s hoping the drama lives up to its name.

  39. 39 Dalene

    finally!!!!No Min Wo to be the lead actor!!!!!

  40. 40 jbs2mblaq

    i don’t get why everyone seems to say they want a younger actress shes only 1 year older than no min woo i don’t know if this pairing will work but i love both HJE and NMW

    excited to see it 😀

  41. 41 jlink

    so this is kinda like a remake of Fullhouse 1 .. I think if that will happens although this will boosts the career of two leads the people will still try to compare them to Rain and Song as Rain really do a great job in being a top star with temperament like that.
    But I think No min Woo will also do a great job in this. I jusy dont know about their chemistry. As rain and song’s chemistry in fullhouse really shines.
    Hope the characters and the plot will be different from the first one just use the house that will be fine for me 😀

  42. 42 Judy

    i love HJE and i think they look promising.Seriously, HJE had awesome chemistry with her partners in Giant, High Kick, CUHMH.

  43. 43 Leslie


  44. 44 tara

    noh min woo..yes! lee seung hyo aka hwarang alcheon..double yes..yes! to be honest i don’t like full house back in 2004 but i’m so exiting about this new full house drama especialy the casts. can’t wait. i’m so tired about the whole vampire story..for me one edward just enough..so i am glad NMW accept this drama instead of vampire idol

  45. 45 chichaloca

    don’t like the match…maybe better if noh min woo pairs with the other actress…not so interested

  46. 46 iamTyrantPotsie13

    I’m excited for this drama. hope this will push through ASAP. Okay I wanna see NOH MIN WO, as the main lead this time, I think I’m quite satisfied about him being the ‘second male lead’ for the series of show and it’s about time for him to shine and show everyone what he’s truly got! But aside from Noh Min Wo, which is a given, I’M SURREAL excited to see LEE SEUNG HYO back in the drama world. I hope every body will see his acting potential. I really loved him in playing the character of Alcheon in Queen Seon Deok. I just wish he’s get the recognition he really deserves! IMO, he’s utterly brilliant. =)

  47. 47 adnin

    im okay with noh min woo,very happy but not for hwang jung eum,her face very familiar ,she should’t accept this project,if she know how many people disappointed .full house need a cute girl..min hyo rin ok..

  48. 48 vic

    they should film this for 4:3 display to give the vibe of full house 1 ^_^

  49. 49 sara

    theeeeeheeeeeeeeeee xD
    oppa, no min woo is back :p
    I don’t care about the actress I know No Min woo will make her play!

  50. 50 vbs

    i dont care what he plays as long as he does something and as for whom ever plays against him i dont care either ,i never bother to learn the names or anything as im not interested in female actors

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