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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 364
by | December 16, 2011 | 33 Comments

EPISODE 364. Broadcast on December 11, 2011.

javabeans: We come back to this mission with our five guys battling the clock to make it back to basecamp in time after thirty snacks, ten cups of coffee, ten live ocean specimens, a re-enectment of the 5000 won bill, and one love affair with Edison.

girlfriday: Ji-won, Tae-woong, and Su-geun make it to the rendezvous in time, but Jong-min is trailing behind, and Seung-gi… is sipping coffee leisurely by the ocean? What is he doing? He finally remembers to ask what time it is, and by then he’s already missed his deadline. Isn’t coffee supposed to make you more alert?

javabeans: And speedier?

girlfriday: The hyungs grow impatient, calling out his name, and he finally comes trailing in, yet another coffee in hand.

javabeans: Ha, before they can even do anything, he’s off to the bathroom. All that coffee running through his veins. And other places.

girlfriday: They’ve failed the mission, so they’re all sleeping outside tonight.

javabeans: Too bad, because the guesthouse basecamp looks especially nice and cozy this time around.

girlfriday: They sit down for dinner games, and marvel at how long the day feels, since they began at 3am, and it’s just barely dinnertime. Ji-won: “I feel like I’ve been in Gangneung for nine days!” Na PD tells them they’ll be playing quiz games to earn money to buy ingredients, and they gripe at how long it’ll be before they actually get to eat. Su-geun says that he thought long and hard about what would be the movie equivalent of 1N2D? His answer: Saw. HA.

javabeans: Pshhh. And yet, not wrong.

girlfriday: Cut to Na PD radioing them earlier: “The clue is in the car!”

javabeans: Su-geun riffs: “The key is in your EYE!”

girlfriday: Na PD tells them they have the opportunity to win up to a hundred dollars or so, and the guys are like, screw cooking! Let’s just eat out and play a round of Starcraft! Pfft, boys.

javabeans: The first round is themed “actresses.” Na PD holds up photos, and they have to name the stars, in turn. They only get one right and therefore earn about a dollar (they complain that Na PD held up the photo bent over, but he’s not budging). The category is “items” and the guys hurriedly refer to each other — what’s that thing you stick cords into? (Power strip.) Na PD laughs: “Are you guys cramming?”

girlfriday: Su-geun gets another one wrong, calling tweezers tongs, but then he argues that there’s no size reference in the photo. Haha. Well, I guess that’s true.

javabeans: I love that when he protests, he literally shouts, “Director! All you viewers!” as though the audience is there, judging along.

girlfriday: Na PD relents and gives half the money for that one.

javabeans: Next is English quiz. Why am I nervous for this one?

girlfriday: Tae-woong and Seung-gi name their items, but then Su-geun gets stuck AGAIN, this time on “train.”

javabeans: Okay, now he’s just grabbing at straws. He argues that he was going to say “forest,” and Na PD’s all, “Anyone can tell this is a train.” Su-geun: “The forest is bigger!” Yes, but the train is front and center. And all the guys argue for him despite the fact that you KNOW they agree with Na PD.

girlfriday: It was totally Na PD’s mistake for giving in the first time, ‘cause now Su-geun’s just going to argue his way through the entire game.

javabeans: They’re like, “Okay, we’ll accept 500 won” like they’re being so generous, even though Na PD hasn’t even conceded. They breeze through manhwa characters and animals and rack up the money, but they’re suspicious of this largesse. Tae-woong: “They’re giving us a lot so they can upset us later.” Because if they lose in the final round, bye bye money.

girlfriday: And then Su-geun moves to the front of the line for the fruit quiz, and totally flubs. Now they’re back to zero, after all that.

javabeans: Su-geun admits, “Even thinking of the entertainment value, I’m so sorry, guys. My heart aches!”

girlfriday: Seung-gi gets all serious, “The lesson here is: Don’t gamble.”

javabeans: The quiz gets extended by more rounds so the guys can get extra chances to earn back some money. Ji-won loses on the fish round, and then grasps at his defense: “You said this was fish! A sea squirt is not a fish!” Captions identify “Ji-won: Plaintiff. Case No. 1. Attorney: Lee Su-geun.” And they go at it.

girlfriday: This cracks me up. Tae-woong comes forth as a witness, and argues that he purposely didn’t buy sea squirts at the fish market today because it’s not a fish.

javabeans: So Na PD concedes that they can continue the fish round, then, and Seung-gi adds that this isn’t enough of a concession, because now feelings have been hurt. Ji-won argues emotional distress for being made to believe he was momentarily stupid, thanks to this invalid quiz. HAHA.

girlfriday: LOL. I’m pretty sure they’ve made more money in this game by arguing than by actually getting things right.

javabeans: Jong-min argues for compensatory damages, and Na PD’s looking on like, What the hell is up with everyone today? He argues, “What damage?!” Ji-won looks sorrowful and touches his head as though in pain, while Su-geun pats Ji-won like a mother hen and Tae-woong sympathizes, “It must’ve been a shock — you were expecting a fish, and you didn’t get one.”

girlfriday: Something IS up with them today, but I like it. So then it’s Tae-woong’s turn, still in the fish round, and then he gets a picture of… Nemo? Oh now you’re just ASKING for it, Na PD. The quiz comes to a screeching halt yet again, and this time they pile into the other room, and go on strike! Hahahaha. Tae-woong: “Now you’re just making fun of me!”

javabeans: They literally get behind a blanket and start chanting, “If it’s a fish, it should act like a fish!” “If you ask for a Nemo at a market, will they give you one?”

girlfriday: Omg, their impromptu labor union strike is priceless.

javabeans: And now, to get the game back on track, winning the original money is a given, but now they’re automatically tacking on compensatory damages and emotional distress fees on top of that. Case No. 2 emerges, with Tae-woong the Plaintiff arguing that he’s been insulted.

girlfriday: Despite the lawsuits and negotiations, they get the game going again, and rack up some money.

javabeans: They finally reach a point where they’ve got a good amount of money and most of the guys are in favor of quitting. Ji-won wants to go for the full 100,000 won though, and Seung-gi points out the whole downside-of-gambling thing. Ji-won: “You only get one shot in life!” Yes….which is the gambler’s mantra.

girlfriday: Keh. This little debate says so much about them.

javabeans: Ji-won’s all, “Either we feast or starve!” And I’m thinking, orrrrrr you could just eat moderately and have a nice night! Which is why I don’t gamble well. I’m the one sitting at the blackjack table all night, playing with the same hundred bucks, betting minimum.

girlfriday: Ji-won convinces them to go all or nothing, and I’m cringing at the thought that they could lose it all, after all the lawyering, and labor strikes, and emotional damage…

javabeans: Su-geun guesses first after a brief moment to clear the air (hehe) after he farts…and his character is Bbong-bbongi, known for farting. Ha!

girlfriday: Rewind to just before Na PD shows the card, and Seung-gi actually says to Su-geun, “You’re not even Bbong-bbongi the King of Farts…”

javabeans: Na PD jokes that Su-geun had a premonition, on an instinctual level.

girlfriday: What’re the odds?

javabeans: Then again, it seems like Su-geun farts a lot, so maybe pretty good? In the bus ride to town, the boys talk about all the things they want to buy with their thirty bucks, which makes me drool in hunger, I swear. Then Seung-gi asks, “Are we going to use it all on food?” It hadn’t occurred to them to use the allowance on other things, but now that the question has been brought up…

girlfriday: Fun. Ha, they decide on bowling and starcraft, and decide to save on dinner by eating instant ramyun at the convenience store.

javabeans: SUCH BOYS.

girlfriday: I know, right? And I love that when Na PD is being stingy, it’s all about how lavishly then can eat, but the second they’re in charge of their own spending money, it’s like, noodles and video games!

javabeans: On to the bowling portion, and Na PD proposes another prize: The winning team (of 2) gets to sleep indoors. Seung-gi and Jong-min team up, and Ji-won quips, “The thing that gives us hope is: Seung-gi’s all talk.” They give out each player’s stats, like how Seung-gi’s average is 120, and Jong-min’s experience is “one time in junior high school.” Then on the other team it’s Jiwon with 280, with the caveat that this score is “self-declared,” while Su-geun’s average is 150, with the note, “Has his own ball at home.” Except… as with so many things, Tae-woong may be the black hole: “Bowling experience: none.”

girlfriday: Does Tae-woong have experience with ANYTHING? It’s adorable how excited they are — you get the sense that it’s ceased to be work for them, like the cameras happen to be there, but they’re just having fun as a group of friends. Everyone mostly gets off to a shaky start, but Su-geun does considerably better than the rest.

javabeans: I’m more impressed that he gets his spare on the second try, than the initial go that scored 9. Cue sad music for Team Big Talkers…although they’re doing pretty well — a little more luck than skill, but hey, they’ll take it.

girlfriday: They get so excited and huggy that the captions start pretending to be worried by how friendly they’re getting with each other.

javabeans: I’m impressed that there are no gutterballs, really. My first time playing, I bowled a 45. HAHA.

girlfriday: It turns out to be a really close game anyway, so they’re pretty evenly matched as far as luck/skill goes. Seung-gi gets to his last frame, tripping like the Huh-dang that he is, but then manages to pick up a spare for a dramatic finish. Jong-min follows suit with another spare, and they celebrate with another round of slow-motion hugs.

javabeans: Seung-gi and Jong-min win and score indoor sleeping rights. Seung-gi addresses the audience, correcting their self-professed averages of 120 and 150: “We apologize, it’s actually 78 and 96.”

girlfriday: Hee. So Su-geun’s team offers up another deal: A round of Starcraft to challenge the bowling results. Are they for real?

javabeans: With a morning dousing on the line, to boot. I can’t believe we’re actually watching guys play Starcraft on TV.

girlfriday: Aaaaand, this is why we don’t normally watch people play Starcraft on television. Because it’s boring. And really really geeky.

javabeans: Not even clever editing can make this exciting. Everyone but Tae-woong has some familiarity with the game, but it’s Jong-min who’s crazy-fingers, building up his camp with alarming speed while a pan over to the neighboring screen shows… nothing. Na PD laughs, “He looks crazed. He’s not normal!”

girlfriday: Seung-gi is terrible, Jong-min and Su-geun are pretty evenly matched, and… Ji-won is in a class of his own. I don’t know whether to be impressed or really sad for his wife.

javabeans: Wasn’t there a Korean couple a couple years ago who let their baby die while playing Starcraft all night?

girlfriday: Oh god. That’s terrible.

javabeans: It’s a disease. I swear, all my friends who have at one point been into Starcraft look back on those times like it was a period of drug junkiedom.

girlfriday: Yeah most people speak of it like it was the dark time in their lives, before rehab set them straight.

javabeans: They head back to basecamp, and Seung-gi points out that the teams are now square at 1 win apiece. How to break the tie with a third, final game? But everyone’s exhausted from the long day, and even Na PD says that the crew’s tired and should they continue, both sides are “just causing disturbance for each other.” Ha, I love that he acknowledges this.

girlfriday: It’s awesome when you get to see behind the curtain on this show. Like when the boys complain about being up X number of hours, you know that the crew’s been up even longer. It’s no wonder Na PD is such a cranky dad; he probably has a hundred people asking him in turn, “Are we there yet?”

javabeans: ….and then, I can’t believe I’m watching five guys just playing Jenga.

girlfriday: And feeling suspense over it?

javabeans: Seung-gi picks the wrong block and sends the blocks crashing, which means he and Jong-min are back outside for the night. Aw, he feels so bad for losing the game, even though Jong-min assures him he did well, that Seung-gi tucks his hyung into bed and fusses over him.

girlfriday: I love this budding bromance.

javabeans: As it turns out, it starts raining in the middle of the night, so the boys head indoors anyway.

girlfriday: The morning mission is a set of dishes to eat or sights to see, with four easy missions and one hard one — a trek up a mountain, of course. This time it’s the luck of the draw, as Na PD hands out destinations to the PDs, and then tells them to wear their poker faces so the boys don’t know who’s got what. The boys choose which PD they want to go with, and once they take them by the hand, it’s set in stone.

javabeans: That’s why Ji-won picks Na PD, right? ‘Cause he always picks the easier destinations?

girlfriday: Which totally backfires on him this time.

javabeans: Hee. Na PD totally took one for the team!

girlfriday: Ji-won whines, “Why?” Na PD says with a straight face: “You know that I’m a leader who sets an example!” Pffft. Ji-won finds solace in the fact that it can’t possibly be a rough hike, if Na PD is going.

javabeans: Seung-gi proposes joining up with Jong-min, since they’re both slated for an end-of-trip dousing anyway, and Jong-min agrees. He admits it’s “a little bit of a burden,” and a caption tells us: “Dating rule #1: If the other party shows too much interest, it feels burdensome.” Heh.

girlfriday: Aw, Seung-gi’s sudden love for Jong-min is just about the cutest thing ever.

javabeans: Tae-woong arrives at his destination, marked by a feast, and he sits in front of the spread with stars in his eyes. His PD comments on his happy-face, and Tae-woong marvels, “I’m always sitting by in the games, watching everyone else and never getting to eat! I can’t believe I get to eat this! I feel like I’m about to cry.” Awww.

girlfriday: Heh, another testament to the so-called inhumanity, to be this awed by a meal.

javabeans: Omg, Tae-woong and his impressions. It’s uncanny. The PDs ask for more of them, so he does his Seung-gi face (quietly awed, like this is the most amazing thing ever), then his Jong-min face (shoulders up near his ears, a big hammy reaction, with a onomatopoeic description).

girlfriday: Hahaha, his Jong-min impression, complete with funny sounds, cracks me up. Seung-gi and Jong-min demonstrate the real deal over lunch, with a stew full of whole fishies that would make Ji-won squirm. It must be pretty squishy though, ‘cause even Seung-gi makes a yucky face, which he almost never does.

javabeans: Ji-won makes his big hike up the mountain, while Su-geun drives along a coastal road.

girlfriday: Seung-gi and Jong-min take their losers’ dip in the ocean, holding hands.

javabeans: How cute. They make-believe this is just their normal daily ablutions, saying the sea is like their bathroom at home. Jong-min: “Your house is a bit chilly, though.” Seung-gi: “Our boiler went out…”

girlfriday: I love that they’re besties now. Nothing like a night of bowling and video games to ignite a bromance.


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  1. MJP

    Thanks! I eagerly anticipating the besties recap!

  2. jakebot

    thanks for the recaps. love these conversational commentaries! i had some big laughs with this one. can’t wait to actually see the episode in a couple weeks when the translations air.

    • 2.1 DMKO

      Where do you get to see the program with eng sub?

      • 2.1.1 PuppyLove

        You can watch both older episodes with subs and new raw one’s on this youtube channel:

        and some older episodes on here:

      • 2.1.2 misa

        sharing is caring

      • 2.1.3 otchosais

        you can also go at

        they have plenty of variety shows there
        and 1n2d is one of they upload…

        they have the old ones until the new ones..
        all episodes are english subbed..
        you just have to make an account 🙂


        • DMKO

          Thank you all for the information!

  3. DMKO

    Way too cute! I love this show and your recap! Thanks JB.

  4. julianna

    AWWWW~ The bromance!!! XP

  5. seungmi!

    where do you guys watch the latest 1n2d episodes online?? i can’t seem to find it anywhere :'(

  6. momogi

    I LOVE to see Seung-gi and Jong-min budding romance.

  7. Ani

    Oh my word, I seriously busted out laughing at the “key in my eye” comment from Suguen. And then add in Jiwon’s “emotional distress” and “stupid” comment and I was gone. And I’m not surprised the Choding is good at video games. Hahahaha. He should’ve guessed Na PD was going to do a turnaround and choose to take the hard route this time around. I love how Jongmin was totally in the spotlight today. I just aaaaw’d at how he’s getting his moment, and I’m glad Seunggi is helping him along with their bromance. Jongmin Fighting! Oh Taewoong, I felt sorry for you after you said you were glad you finally get to eat something when you’re always sitting back.

  8. Arhazivory

    What an awesome recap. 😀 I loved the games and the labour strike and I was touched at the new bromance. Poor Taewoong. He’s really always being starved so this was a nice break. He should eat a lot because chances are, he’ll miss out on eating next trip. Hehehehe.

  9. Shu

    I wonder whose jong min’s bestie. Now seung gi?

  10. 10 sup_super_supper

    Aww, Jong-min and Seung-gi’s brohood, it warms the cockles of my heart.

  11. 11 song pong

    Jongmin is just so sweet and earnest, I’ll miss him the most.

  12. 12 PuppyLove

    I am so happy Jongmin got his shining moment in this episode, he was hilarious in the quiz game. Love that he seems genuinely happy about his budding bromance with Seunggi too.

  13. 13 otchosais

    we have a bromance budding again at 1n2d. 🙂

    now a days, I feel that All of them are really all doing or making an effort to have a great episode..

    even I am missing HoDong, I still enjoy the show 🙂

  14. 14 wanne

    LOVE this episode! thanks for the recap!

    the boys learn well from hodong, their strike was priceless!
    i dont think it ever happened on 1n2d before, awesome!

    Seunggi and Jongmin being huggy during the bowling game made me a bit uncomfortable haha. but they becoming closer after that is just so sweet. Mongie used to really like hugging seunggi, its always so cute.

    i read that the court has dismissed Hodong’s case. i hope he can return before 1n2d ends..

    • 14.1 wanne

      recalling it, i think the affection came more from Seunggi LOL. its like he grew more comfortable with Jongmin after the game while Jongmin remained the same haha.

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Love Seung Gi and Jong Min in this episode! So cute together and gonna miss them so much when the show ends. Thanks for the recap ladies.

  16. 16 iila

    it’s sweeter than candy to see Seunggi and Jongmin haha. on the earlier days of his return, it was Seunggi who Jongmin really felt comfortable with, I guess. or maybe because Seunggi is younger that he doesn’t really have to fight for screen time haha.
    Jongmin, fighting!!!
    And I’m more than happy that they decided to go play some bowling and online games rather than just have some lavish dinner and go to bed. It reminds me of their Gapado trip, when the boat they supposed to take was held back due to weather issue and they were playing dinner bokbulbok instead. Sugeun said that it was time for them to just go out and play hahahaha.
    thanks for the recap, and can’t wait for the rainbow mission~~~

  17. 17 olsen

    thank u
    This made my day 🙂

  18. 18 Gaeina Lee

    …Am wondering if anyone know the song title (+singer) of the one played in the background while LSG driving along the coast and pretend to be a DJ. That song is good, so catchy…

    To me, this is the Best episode (post KHD). Thanks for the recap JB+GF!

  19. 19 kashisaiko

    Oh Jongmin, how I love you so…

    This episode totally cracked me up especially the quiz game when Jongmin was trying to name the bird & MoshiMaru… Need more Jongmin & Seung-gi bromance…

  20. 20 farta

    o0o0o~even just reading bout it is enough for me~love reading your report on 1n2d~can’t wait for the episode to be out~malaysia airing time for 1n2d is like a month late

  21. 21 Keiko

    I genuinely laughed when the captions for the boys during Starcraft called Taewoong “the neighborhood friend”. And Seunggi as always is a black hole. It makes me laugh.

  22. 22 mississiy

    towards the end, did anyone else see how lee seung-gi’s outfit kinda looks like freddie krueger’s ???

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