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The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 17
by | February 29, 2012 | 142 Comments

These brothers, they kill me. Half the time they make me cry, and half the time I just want to lock them in their rooms for a timeout. There are some major developments in this episode in the romance department, which means that it’s time for princes and kings to work out their issues. Let’s just say it doesn’t go well, ’cause tears get shed, and not just mine.


After dropping off medical supplies and confirming some suspicions of his own, Yang-myung bids Wol a goodnight. Suddenly he turns to her, “You’re not going to disappear suddenly tomorrow, are you?” Hey, legitimate question where you’re concerned.

But she reminds him that she’s a criminal (meaning she can’t go elsewhere if she wanted to). He smiles, remembering himself, “That’s right. You’re a criminal. A shaman. You’re Wol.” It kills me how much he doesn’t want her to be Yeon-woo.

But something in that relief-and-recognition gives Wol pause as she watches him go.

Yang-myung makes his way down the road, empty save for three men walking by, dressed plainly but carrying swords. As they pass, Yang-myung whirls around and stops in his tracks, feeling death in the air. (It’s not supernatural, his feeling – just that niggling intuition that screams: assassins!)

Wol stands alone in the courtyard, and from the shadows someone calls out, “Yeon-woo-ya.” Eep! It’s Hwon!

He slowly emerges from the shadows, calling her name. Not believing it at first, she asks if he’s a hallucination, but he promises that he isn’t. “I’m sorry that I only recognized you now. Yeon-woo-ya,” calling himself an idiot. It would be wrong to argue with the king. Idiot it is.

She breaks down in tears and he pulls her into an embrace.

A few yards away, Yang-myung watches, crushed. Aw, Puppyyyyyyyyy!

He turns to go and comes upon Woon standing guard on the bridge just outside. But there’s no time for angry reunions just now, because Woon motions at him to shush, as the three assassins arrive behind him. That must’ve been some shortcut you took, Yang-myung.

The men draw swords and attack, and Woon handles them without breaking a sweat. But it means the king is unguarded… He takes off running, and Yang-myung grabs one of the men’s swords and follows.

Sure enough, Hwon and Yeon-woo are backing away slowly from a group of black-clad assassins. One lunges forward… as Woon swoops in to fight him off. They surround him, and then Yang-myung runs in to join the fight, which worries me because you’re not Iljimae anymore.

He kills one, but then gets stabbed by another. Hwon: “Hyungnim!” He quickly trades places with Yang-myung, taking his sword. They stop to look at each other, nodding silently. At that, Yang-myung grabs Yeon-woo’s hand and they take off running.

A fresh crop of assassins comes at them, and they fight to buy Yang-myung and Yeon-woo time. Woon suggests they find her and go into hiding, but she’s nowhere to be found.

An assassin reports to Minister Yoon that they were unsuccessful in their mission because Hwon, Woon, and even Yang-myung were there. So she was the target after all. He orders them to find her, and to also kill Nok-young quietly.

But Hwon is already one step ahead where Nok-young is concerned, having ordered her to go into hiding until the time came to reveal the truth. As she, Jan-shil, and Seol run away from the palace that night, Seol breaks off on her own, and Nok-young notes that it’s obvious where she’s headed, but that she’ll return like she always does.

Hwon scours Yang-myung’s house, finding it empty. Even you would have to agree that he’d be dumb to bring her here. But Hwon returns to the palace furious and wondering if his brother is to be trusted. Really?

By the time they reach their destination, Yang-myung can barely stand. It’s the temple where his mom lives, and she runs up, shocked to see him this way. He calls out to her, “Mother…” and collapses.

As Yeon-woo helps her carry an unconscious Yang-myung inside, Mom recognizes her on sight. As they dress his wounds, she asks directly if she is Minister Heo’s daughter. She answers truthfully. At that, Mom cries, asking Yang-myung why he’s chosen such a painful love. You and me both, Mom. You and me both.

Outside Mom tells her that Yang-myung came to her once and said that he could lay down everything—his name, his position—but he could not lay down his love for one girl. She guesses that he must’ve wanted her to see the woman he loved.

In the distance, Woon appears. So he found them after all. Only… when he returns to the palace, he LIES and tells Hwon he didn’t find them. Huh. Curiouser and curiouser. But didn’t we already establish that Hwon knows if you’re lying?

At request, Woon follows the king to his bath, where Hwon orders everyone outside except for Woon and Hyung-sun. He asks for Woon’s sword. He draws it, and suddenly holds it up to Woon’s throat. Whoa.

The room goes silent. Hwon: “Take off your clothes.” Uhhhh… Hyung-sun crosses his hands over his chest. Pffft.

Hwon says it’s no fun to play pranks on Woon when he doesn’t even flinch at a sword, putting Hyung-sun’s mind at ease. He then orders Woon to take a bath, because he’s prepared it for him. Woon says he can’t, but Hwon won’t let him defy orders.

“Defying the king’s orders is disloyalty… And shaking the relationship between the king and his brother… is treason.” Damn. Woon closes his eyes, knowing he’s been caught red-handed.

Hwon orders him to take a bath, and tells Hyung-sun to cut him with his own sword if he comes out any sooner than ordered. Ha.

Hwon says that though he can’t give Woon any higher honors, he cherishes him more than any other (aw) but adds for him not to be in pain, because Hwon can feel it too.

Yang-myung wakes up the next morning and rushes out, breathing a huge sigh of relief when he sees Yeon-woo sitting with his mother. He admits thinking she’d be gone, but she says she waited.

As they walk, she asks how long he’s known—was it because of the haewooseok? He says it’d be weirder if that didn’t tip him off, since he’s the one who named the worry-listening rock, and told no one else its name. She asks why he pretended not to know then.

Yang-myung: Because I didn’t want to know. If I could, I wanted to pretend till the end. You, coming back from the dead—at times it made me so happy I couldn’t stand it. But then on the other side, I knew that the moment I acknowledged it, everything would float away like a mirage.

Errrrf. Why do you break my heaaaaart? He tells her that waking up every morning with purpose, having a place to go, people who needed him, and seeing her… “It made me so happy.”

She says she was happy too, that he was her light when she couldn’t face the world. She calls him “Yang-myung-gun,” like she used to when they were kids, and tells him that he made it so she could lay down her burdens for a while and smile and laugh.

“When I was Wol, and when I was Heo Yeon-woo, I was always grateful. And… always sorry. But I can’t give you the answer you seek.” *Craaa~ack* There goes that final piece of his heart. She tells him to be free and happy, and turns to go.

He stops her, and without turning around to face her, he asks, “In the last life, I was that child’s person. In this life… can you not stay by my side?” Waaaah.

She turns to face him, but Hwon’s voice calls out to answer for her, “No, it cannot be.” He steps in to pull her away and tells Woon to escort her. He turns to Yang-myung: “Do you know what you’ve just done? Running away with the king’s woman is treason.”

Aw, really? Why do you always default to orders and laws? This is why your relationship with your brother sucks! She already CHOSE you.

Hwon tosses him a sword. Oh crap. Oh no. No no no no no!

Yang-myung asks what he’s doing, and Hwon says his crime is one he could present to the assembly. Or, Yang-myung could use this opportunity right now to slit the king’s throat and take the throne. He draws his sword.

Yang-myung’s eyes sting with tears, but he draws his sword as well. Hwon charges. Bollocks.


They fight, as we flash back to their youth, play-fighting with wooden swords. And just like back then, Yang-myung wins the present fight, as we cut back to him holding his sword at Hwon’s throat.

Hwon yells at him to do it. “Do you think rising to the throne means you can hold everything in your hand?” Yang-myung: “At least sitting on the throne means I won’t be charged with treason.”

Hwon: “Then do it!” He’s either got balls of steel or he knows his brother won’t do it, because he doesn’t even blink. Yang-myung, on the other hand, trembles as his eyes fill with tears.

Hwon screams, “Why are you hesitating? Slit my throat!” But he can’t do it, of course, and swings the sword away, turning his back.

Hwon: “You are the one who wasted the opportunity today. Don’t seek another.” Yang-myung turns back angrily. Goddamn, you guys are killing me.

Hwon returns to the palace and enters his room, speaking to Yeon-woo who is hidden from view. He asks worriedly if he brought her here against her will. She in turn asks if he plans to let her go then.

“My heart already belongs to your majesty. What has you so nervous?” He asks if he can open the door, and she tells him to do as he pleases. The screen gets pulled back and a hidden door opens to reveal Yeon-woo dressed in beautiful clothes. Aw, I love that Hwon just basically reverts to being a teenager around her. It’s so cute.

He asks her to come closer, and closer, and finally he can’t take it and grabs her in a hug. Everyone averts their eyes, and she reminds him they’re not alone. He looks back awkwardly at Hyung-sun, who gives them the cutest smile, as he orders everyone out and shuffles out behind them.

He hugs her tight, saying her name over and over to make sure it’s true. I’m happy for your reunion but I sure hope you know what you’re doing, exposing her to danger inside the palace and all.

The next morning he can barely hide his beaming smile, though he balks at Hyung-sun for doing the same. Heh. Must keep up appearances.

He runs into Minister Yoon, who coos in fake concern over the king’s recent brush with death. Hwon says it’s a curious thing that he even knows about it, since the only people who knew were him, and the assassins. Ha. Yoon says it’s his job to concern himself with the king’s well-being.

Hwon mentions that the next military training session is coming up, and asks Minister Yoon to teach him his famed sword skills. Minister Yoon says it’s not really a secret skill, so much as the refusal to stop what he’s started, if he’s raised his sword with the intention to kill. Hwon thanks him for the helpful tip.

He tries to concentrate on his work, but he can’t contain himself, with Yeon-woo so close in the next room. Suddenly we’re in a roommate rom-com up in here.

He asks what she’s doing. Reading of course, and he whines that she was reading earlier too. “Is that book really that interesting?” She answers absent-mindedly, “Yes, it is.” He sighs in exasperation, tossing his scrolls aside. Hee.

Suddenly he lights up with an idea. Yeon-woo looks up from her book to find Hwon standing in her room, desk in hand. HAHAHAHA. Why so cute?

He awkwardly sits down right across from her, and tries to look nonchalant as he goes about his business. He grumps that she thinks more of that book than of him, asking if she knows how difficult it was for him to “protect his innocence” for eight years—what effort and physical strength it took. Pffft.

She asks if it takes strength to guard purity and he snaps that she doesn’t know how much exercise it takes to fight a young man’s boiling blood. Rawr. She counters that it’s actually a lie, since he clearly had the hots for Wol. HA.

He guffaws that it is SO not true. Are you two seriously fighting over this? It cracks me up. Hwon: “That was… wait… but that was you.” I take it back what I ever said about you two being smart.

He breaks into laughter at the idea that she’s jealous of herself, and she pouts and tells him to go back to his work, covering her face with a book. But he just moves his desk aside (why is that hot?) and pulls her book down.

He leans in close, “You being jealous of yourself is pretty funny, but me falling for you twice is not exactly normal either.” Yeah, THAT we’ve firmly established hun.

And then he startles her with a kiss.

I don’t know what’s cuter, the kiss or the fact that he goes right back to work like it didn’t happen.

Bad news though: Queen Grandma finds out that Yeon-woo is alive. Minister Yoon guesses that Hwon has hidden both Nok-young and Yeon-woo, because they’ve disappeared since the night Hwon discovered the truth.

Grandma wonders if that means he’ll bury what he knows, but Minister Yoon thinks it’s more likely he hasn’t found out the full truth, or that he’s waiting for the right time to strike. Either way, they have to find Yeon-woo and Nok-young first, and get rid of them.

They figure with the only two witnesses to the crime dead, the truth will stay buried forever. And then we get a pair of weird-ass zooms into their faces, like we need help to know that these are the baddies, circa 1930.

Grandma decides to pay a surprise visit to the king, and thinking quickly, Hyung-sun calls out to him to announce her presence extra loud and extra long. But she bursts in before he’s done, and Hwon freezes, standing in the middle of his room with his desk in his arms.

She looks at him strangely, so he starts lifting the desk like a weight, as he tells her it’s exercise. HA.

Grandma cuts right to the chase and reminds Hwon that she did him a favor in sparing Wol’s life, and now she’s come to collect on that. She asks him to give her Nok-young and Wol. Both sides play dumb as to why, but all he can do is agree to do as she asks. He simply asks for some time to find them, assuring her that they will meet. To himself he thinks that it will be a meeting of victims, witnesses, and the guilty.

She also tells him to stop digging around concerning the “incident” eight years ago, warning him that the reason they covered it up was to protect the king and his people. He asks which people, and she just tells him to ask himself who is most precious to him.

Yeon-woo overhears all this, and understands an implication that Hwon doesn’t—Princes Min-hwa’s involvement, which puts her brother Yeom at risk.

Yeom reads late into the night, remembering Hong Kyu-tae’s investigation and thinking of Yeon-woo. He looks up at the night sky and hears a noise, so he calls out and rounds the corner to find Seol spying on him.

She tells him who she is, still calling him “young master,” and he tells her she needn’t call him that anymore. To herself she thinks, “But you’re still the master of my heart. Like the day you gave me my name: Seol.”

He asks how she’s doing and she says she found a new master who treats her well, but when Mom appears, she slips away undetected. Mom tells him that it’s been days since they went to Father’s grave and Min-hwa’s been sick ever since. She plans to take her into the palace to see the doctor.

Both Hwon and Yeon-woo stay up late each lost in thought, and he apologizes that she had to spend the day locked up in a secret closet. Yeon-woo: “But it’s next to you. If it’s by your side, even if it were hell rather than a closet, I wouldn’t refuse.”

They go for a walk and he asks why she didn’t tell him she had recovered her memory the last time they met here at the Hidden Moon Building. She says she couldn’t because he now has the queen by his side, a fact they both seem to have conveniently forgotten until now.

Bo-kyung stirs awake screaming hysterically after another nightmare, convinced that the crying from the Hidden Moon has stopped because Yeon-woo is somewhere in the palace.

She cries that her father get rid of her at once, but then stops herself, remembering that she can’t show weakness in front of Daddy. Trembling in fits, she finally decides to call for the spy she used once before.

Yeon-woo knows what coming back from the dead means in upsetting the king’s world, so how could she just return? Hwon blames himself for what happened to her, and they go back and forth blaming themselves.

The fact that he didn’t forget her for eight years is enough for her, and she adds that even if he forgets her for the rest of his years, she vowed that she’d go on remembering and missing him enough for the both of them.

He tells her he’ll never forget, and vows to punish every person who ever caused her pain, and put everything back in its rightful place. But she surprises him: “Bury the past with the past.”

She urges him to let it go, not because she doesn’t trust him, but because she’s afraid that the truth will hurt him more. She says that it’s enough for her to have been near him, and she doesn’t seek any more than that.

Hwon: You like being in that place where the light of the sun doesn’t reach?
Yeon-woo: The sun is nearby. I don’t need another light.

Smiling, he takes her by the hand into the royal assembly room, to show her the king’s throne. He tells her that she taught him what was wrong with politics the first day they met, and she sheepishly says she was just a child.

He quotes his teacher, her brother’s words, about seeing with a child’s eyes, and tells her that he often stopped to wonder what his teacher or Yeon-woo would advise. He points out the artwork behind the throne, picturing the moon and the sun.

He says as a young prince he requested that a hairpiece be made of the moon embracing the sun, “So that it would represent my proposal, when I asked if you would be my moon.”

He takes it out of his sleeve as he tells her that he had two made—one he gave to her, and the other, he had planned to give on the day she became his queen, here in this place.

He takes the other out, saying that he asked her things to be brought here from Hwalinseo, and puts the pair in her hands. She starts to cry.

Hwon: “Only now, the two become one.”

He wipes the tears from her eyes, and kisses her.


I like that Hwon is more proactive now, because leaving Yeon-woo to go be a noble idiot AGAIN would just about make me give up on them altogether. Not that she’s not going to try, obviously. I just hope that he’ll give her a fight, and not give up in his quest to right the wrongs. It annoys me that she’s trusting Grandma’s words at face value. I know it’s because of Min-hwa, but you don’t think that maybe, just maybe the evil lady used her to cover her own tracks? I know Min-hwa’s not innocent, but there’s got to be a way around that failsafe.

At this point I’m honestly more concerned about the brother relationship and whether it’ll ever get back on track, because what the hell with the swordfighting over a girl? GAH. I just wanted to knock their heads together and ground them for a week. And I don’t even know who’s stupider. It annoys me that they can each be so loving to Yeon-woo and then be such asshats to each other. I say this with love, of course, because they both break my heart, but seriously, the fighting and misunderstanding of brotherly concern needs to stop.

The episodes themselves have been getting better and this one had great drama and romance, but overall the series is headed to a really predictable place, which has been its problem from the get-go. That is, we’re operating on the very obvious trajectory of Big Lie to… wait for it… Big Lie Gets Revealed. That’s pretty much it. It’s kind of confounding how little this plot is based on, on a large scale. The micro movements are of course where the drama has its strengths, but I find that when I step back and look at the big picture, it leaves a lot to be desired. It’s like the opposite of a Monet. Pretty up close; just don’t stand too far back.

We’re at a good place since the last episode (especially since I thought we’d spend more time putting obstacles in the way rather than letting the lovers be together). But the problem for me is that Yeon-woo’s just traded one prison for another—she just doesn’t see it. That closet room is no different from the prison she was in before, maybe worse. I’m happy for the cute romantic moments, but what she gives up to have them hurts more. It’s why I have a hard time being fully on Hwon’s side, because yes he loves her, but that love has cost her everything. Please, do something big to make her faith in you worth something, because if she just continues to suffer for loving you, I’m going to kick you in the royal nuts.


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  1. sootyxsnowpetal

    Happy and sad bits; poor Yang Myung! and FINALLY things get heated up! Hwon was utterly cute in this episode…

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  9. Sunmi

    Is it just me or is the editing in this episode, especially the beginning randomly paced and choppy? The first few minutes literally had me wondering if I’d missed the last episode; the scene felt off somehow.

    On a good note, finally the brothers go head to head. I know Hwon is more of a talk imposingly/deliver commands/slam my fists in anger kind of guy but I’m so glad he got to “fight” and actually do something this episode. I honestly prefer the brother-vs-brother plot to the evil scheming council of DOOM! and their evil scheming frenemy, bad granny. There’s just something innately appealing about watching two brothers who, you know love each other, fight over equally valid but opposing beliefs. Yes, Hwon can’t really protect Yeon-woo since he’s the king but then again it’s not fair for Yang Myung to lay claim to someone who doesn’t return his feelings.

    Overall good episode; I was giggling during all of the Yeon-woo/Hwon scenes like a mad woman. Kim Soo Hyun should be outlawed for being sexy and cute–in the same scene to boot.

    • 9.1 Ace

      I had the same reaction when I was reading the live transcaps! I had to go look at the last recaps to make sure I didn’t miss the last episode.

      • 9.1.1 leena

        dude me too!! i was expecting it to be hwon still crying and getting in action and going after yeon woo except i was had to do a double take and go, this is the right episode right?

        But i do agree that she’s gone from one prison to another. although she’s happy to be with him, i’m sure she’ll tire of it eventually, unless hwon takes action and gets rid of the current queen (which will not be easy)
        On another note, I LOVED THE HAIRPIECE SCENEEEE!! kyaa i totally squealed when he pulled out the two and explained his intentions.

    • 9.2 modestgoddess

      I went back to check if I was on the right episode

    • 9.3 Dara

      Yep, weird editing, I too noticed, must be the hectic shooting schedule as always.

      • 9.3.1 kbap

        I heard they were doing a shooting schedule that’s pretty much shoot-same-day-as-airing-date. Now that’s scary. Hopefully, besides the editing, it doesn’t lower the quality of this drama.

    • 9.4 Fidelity

      Haha, I didn’t expect Hwon to be so blunt about not getting his, em, healthy dosage of … physical pleasure… especially in the palace where there is no shortage of court ladies. Hwon & Yeon-Woo! So cute.

      I actually don’t get the sense that Yeon-Woo’s hideout is a “prison” at this moment; her having been in constant danger for the past 6 episodes or so have really made me appreciate her little safe haven at the moment… albeit the fact that it’s dragon’s den.

      I think it’s kind of clever of Hwon too, keeping Yeon-Woo as soon as possible, but also placung her in the eye of the storm where they don’t expect her to be. I do think it’s dangerous that he’s letting few court ladies witness her living there though.

  10. 10 Fiercediva

    “…and then Yang-myung runs in to join the fight, which worries me because you’re not Iljimae anymore.”


    “It annoys me that they can each be so loving to Yeon-woo and then be such asshats to each other. I say this with love, of course, because they both break my heart, but seriously, the fighting and misunderstanding of brotherly concern needs to stop.”

    THIS SO MUCH! Bros before… well, ya know. I didn’t get the timing of the fight. YM was one tick away from accepting YW/W’s final answer when Hwon chose to butt in and rub YM’s nose in total defeat. Hwon could at least be gracious in victory, especially since he is so secure in YM’s hyung-love.

    • 10.1 78446

      “YM was one tick away from accepting YW/W’s final answer when Hwon chose to butt in and rub YM’s nose in total defeat.”

      I was thinking about this when I was watching this at how messed up it was. Dude, your brother just got dumped and now you’re accusing him treason? YOU GOT THE GIRL, YOUR MAJESTY. Why you gotta rub his nose in it? (To be fair, Hwon was still feeling insecure about Yeonwoo that he had to ask her if she came at her own free will afterwards. But, semantic shmemantics. I want me some bromance!)

    • 10.2 Jomo

      I’m with youse guys on this.
      YM has NEVER wanted the crown EVER.
      He never wanted to be part of the palace intrigue. He went out of his way to avoid creating a following.
      He has shown nothing buy loyalty to his father, and then, brother King.
      Why would a smart man like H suddenly think that because YM likes Wol that he wants EVERYTHING?
      Not logical writing.

      It is not like the King can say, “Do you know what I have sacrificed for this woman? Do you know the risks I have taken for her? If you want her, you also have to be willing to take the consequences as I have done.” because up to this point, he has done NOTHING.

    • 10.3 Combray

      I think Hwon is just insecure because even if he has the girl, he knows she could be happier and safer with YM. Clearly love in his position is not simple, and sooner or later having to hide YW away from his crazy grandmother is going to get to him

    • 10.4 Mocha

      I think the reason why Hwon invoked his brother and challenged him to a duel is out of his brotherly love for YM, rather than his childish selfishness.

      YM harbors some resentment (slash anger slash inferiority complex) toward his brother, who had everything that YM was not allowed to claim–his father’s love, Yeon-woo, Woon, and even his own mother’s prayers–simply because of his status. (All of which YM was willing to accept and let go, until the king tood him to give up Wol also. The two brothers were on pretty good terms until Wol came along.)

      Since Hwon has always cared for YM and hates to have their relationship further destroyed by this situation, he is giving YM a “fair chance”–and thus relieving him of that anguish.

  11. 11 wen

    lol.. it’s so wierd seeing them kiss… like they just stay still and lip touches lip…

    anyway, thank you for the recaps, girlfriday!! 😀

    • 11.1 Amberscube

      Let’s remember that Hwon is a virgin king, so the kiss is a little tame for now. Hehe.

      • 11.1.1 b1

        i love you my dear — hahaha — all the effort to preserve his purity = bwahahaha!

    • 11.2 momosa

      I have a rather stupid question – do they kiss in the olden days? I means Confusius society, rigidity of palace rules (ok it was done in closed doors), etc but do they actually do it?

      I don’t remember seeing my grandpa touching my grandma or any intimacy of any sort, so it’s difficult to imagine any generations before knowing how to kiss or the action of touching mouth and mouth even exist.

      • 11.2.1 Fiercediva

        There are cave paintings showing primitive peoples displaying intimate behavior, so to speak – so we can assume all these things go back to the dawn of time, but PDAs and their acceptability vary with the times and in different cultures. I assume that your grandparents are of an era where such things were only done in private. As for knowing/learning how to kiss etc., in patriarchies the men always find ways to learn about what to do before and outside of marriage while putting prohibitions, judgments and punishments on women for expressing natural physical desire to this day, but that’s another lengthy subject for another blog!

      • 11.2.2 Mystisith

        Kissing is instinctive, but the “intensity” and the “is it correct to do it this way ?” is cultural. Doing it right is another matter : Either you’re gifted, or you learn by practicing.

        • momosa

          You’re right, there are 2 different things altogether.

          It’s pretty gross to note (**whispering**) that there were no toothbrush and colgate back then!

        • Jomo

          I really think that the kissing depends on the PD’s skills more than anything, and the time slot, of course.

          I mean, we saw LMH do both bad and good kissing.

          YSY didn’t write our favorite M2F kiss, he just listened to what the guy told him to do.

          Except maybe Hyun Bin. He seems like a natural!

  12. 12 pn

    “And then we get a pair of weird-ass zooms into their faces, like we need help to know that these are the baddies, circa 1930”

    Ok, that made me LOL. I thought the same thing, but worse! my computer froze right on minister yoon’s close up

    • 12.1 Jaykah

      Exactly what i was about to write hahaha love the comments Girlfriday, you girls always know how to make me laugh out loud haha

      I’m glad we finally got some romance although I wish it were sooner cos now it feels like everything is going to rushed..

      I hope Minhwa gets punished.. I really dislike her character. She is such a selfish scared little idiot and I can’t sympathize with her anymore. I just wish Seol got to be with Yeom.. makes me so angry! Wish they had gave this relationship a bit more attention!

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    Sigh; I’ll I’m hoping for now is that the bromance returns and that Yang-myung will either 1) die (MEAN, I know! But it’s the epic heroic exit he needs! Kinda.) 2) or get Jang-shil and be happy.
    Ooooh sigh, while my heart breaks for Yang-myung, really? Swordfighting? You are young and there are still many fishies in the ocean…

  15. 15 Amberscube

    Im suddenly scared what will happen in the next episodes…

    I love to see Hwon in love and beaming.. Glad to see the kiss in this episode..

  16. 16 78446

    Hyung-sun is fast becoming my favorite character. Tears of laughter at that loud “Dowager Queeeeeeen is comiiiiiiiiiing!”.

    Thanks for the recap, GF. Love the Monet analogy! So true. It has been a flawed series so far and will probably not rank in my Top 10 ever, but isn’t it so much FUN to watch? 😀

    • 16.1 78446

      I normally don’t reply to my own comment but after reading your recap for the 3rd time, I have to say this is the funniest you’ve done for Moon/Sun, GF! It’s even funnier than the one you did for Episode 13 (aka 3 Noble Idiots) . I’m still laughing. Thanks for the great pick-me-up on a boring day!:D

  17. 17 Ace

    Thank you for the recaps. I’m at that point where I’m not watching the episodes anymore, just waiting for the recaps to know how they’ll resolve things (even if it’s so predictable now). I’ll wait for some time before I’ll (re)watch the show from start to finish. I don’t want to stamp this show as overrated by year’s end so I hope it finishes in a satisfactory way.

    • 17.1 Roggy

      Yea, same. Istopped watching around the time Wol found out about the princess’ involvement and went back to doing nothing.

      Seriously, if i were her, I’d first tell all the people I trust that I’m alive and conspire to reveal the truth together. Especially if i had a extremely smart bro or a king for a bf.

      About the bro, warning him of the princess’ dirty deeds, should also be first. I love my bro too, but if he’s wife did something along those lines, I’d snap her head off her neck. I mean… you tried to kill me (along with the other hoes) so i dont care what will happen to you, way of thinking is fine. Its a fictional drama rite? Not law and order.

      As for my bro, I’d hook him up with my trustworthy and pretty protector/maid and have them go into hiding until things are resolved.

      Thats what I’d do. Not hide out in my bf’s closet, while he walks around a married man!

      Okay, ive finished now. LOL

    • 17.2 niKai

      haha. Me do the same thing. When the quality of the story is inconsistent and you have to wait one whole week to find it disappointing, I decided to just read recaps and wait until this thing finish and after a while, start watching it again from episode 1. Of course by then, the WITHs2 subtitle should be complete already.

      • 17.2.1 yuyunzzz

        me3… I stopped watching after ep 8 and I found the recap is more interested can watch the rest of episodes. it’s too complicated with too much conflicts and honestly this type of drama is not my cup of tea. maybe I’ll watch after this drama is completed.

      • 17.2.2 yuyunzzz

        me3… I stopped watching after ep 8 and I found the recap is more interesting than watching the rest of episodes by my own. it’s too complicated with too much conflicts and honestly this type of drama is not my cup of tea. maybe I’ll watch after this drama is completed.

  18. 18 stars4u

    Yang-myung needs a hug!
    How could you ask him to slit your throat when he even asked permission to even hate you when you were younger? Yang-myung’s denial about Wol’s true identity was so heartbreaking and I hate how the relationship of the brothers are heading to… I miss the bromance!!!!!!!
    Hwon acts like he’s dating… Like teenage Hwon, it’s just so cute!!!! and hot (when he pulled the book to kiss Yeon-woo!

  19. 19 21

    I was smiling like an idiot in the latter part of the episode but I really want some action towards the baddies. They have been on top way too long and its time to bring them down! Thanks for the recap!!!

  20. 20 Rong Er

    Sooo cute… but I wish that YW would show her wisdom more here.

  21. 21 Suzi Q

    Finally, the two can become one!!! About time.. It was getting too late and the drama was ending soon.
    Queen Bo Kyung can go to hell in a hand basket with the evil Queen Dowager.
    I hope Yeon Woo can come out of closet. SMILE…

  22. 22 Moo

    GirlFriday! You are brilliant. I love it. Thanks for having a way to write the recap creatively. I enjoy it very much.

  23. 23 Mei

    Thank God they didn’t look like Noona-dongseng. Han Ga In looks as young as Kim Soo Hyun so the romance is indeed…romantic.

  24. 24 al

    wow, that was so nice and so romantic…though i felt sorry for yang-myung…i can’t wait for the next episode…i’m so thrilled….thank you very much for the wonderful recap…as always, you made our day complete…

  25. 25 ___

    So I just had a thought… Song Joong Ki had some nice words to say to Kim Soo Hyun during his interview on Section TV and earlier on the show, Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo were talking about how much closer they were now. Can you imagine the bromance overload (and fangirls fainting everywhere) if they had all of the boys in one room? Kim Soo Hyun would bring Song Joong Ki, who, in turn, would bring Yoo Ah In. Jung Il Woo would bring Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. I think my head just exploded. xD

    Thanks for the recap. My heart broke for YM in this episode. T_T

    • 25.1 misachan

      man oh man do I want to be in that room…..


      • 25.1.1 ___

        You and me both. >_<

    • 25.2 lena

      Joong Ki and Soo Hyun were in Will It Snow for Christmas, right? I didn’t realize that they are close. Waaaaah!!! *dies*

      • 25.2.1 Roggy

        holy crap! i had no idea he was the brother in “will it snow for christmas?”!
        All i remembered was how cute that bro was, and how sweet it was he loved his sis so much. and how sad i was such a cute character died. Makes sense. Makes soo much sense.

    • 25.3 topper

      But they do not make Yaoi dramas. LOL

      • 25.3.1 ___

        LOL, I wasn’t trying to go for a yaoi drama. xD

    • 25.4 jane

      OMG even imagining it could kill me from excitement

  26. 26 Kannitha

    I knoe…. The closet-living shouldn’t be as comfortable and happy as she’d thought, let’s hope the king’d do sth surprisingly smart next episode

  27. 27 shepo

    i thnik i’m the only one who feels sorry to Bo Kyung

    • 27.1 jenny

      nah me too…she is just so insecure; and her strongest influence is her sorry excuse for a dad…she is kind of a product of her environment which brought out the worst in her, and fed her greed and maliciousness.
      Perhaps if she was brought up by someone else or grew up with different people…and maybe not indoctrinated with such zealous thirst for power.
      But i think the fact that she is suffering shows that at least, she, unlike her father, has a conscience

  28. 28 Lolly

    Sigh, i like the reference to trading prisons, i feel like yeon woo’s character is so sensible that she prefers not to stir trouble and rather stab herself instead. Yes, she would like to know the truth, but i’m not what she will do when she learns its her in laws that hates her, everyone she was supposed to be close with. Though with her so sensible i thought it would be great for her to be royally crushed and be a noble idiot to show us how hwon will pull the bigger gestures to win her back and put her on the throne, i think girl is pitiful. Love doesn’t have to be explosive snd destructive to get what you want, i feel that it is congruent with yeon woo’s character to have noble idiot tendency.

  29. 29 Joo

    Our teenage Hwon is back!! Loving the cute in this episode!

    But I have to agree with GF that there’s really not much plot in this entire drama. I initially thought it would be like Sungkyunkwan Scandal since both dramas are adapted from novels written by the same writer. Sungkyunkwan Scandal revolves around finding some book/treasure (I really can’t remember what it’s called, sorry!) but there was great character development and interesting stories along the way, which made it a more colourful and fun drama to watch. However MoonSun is just repeatedly talking about the same plot with limited development of any of the characters, so MoonSun can get boring sometimes. BUT this doesn’t stop me from watching and liking MoonSun. I guess I was already very invested in the Hwon-Yeonwoo relationship from the start so I feel motivated to watch till the end just to see the happily-ever-after ending. Three more episodes to go, hope MoonSun doesn’t disappoint!

    • 29.1 techvet

      Ditto on the lackluster writing . . . I guess this is where deviating from the novel’s plot and character progression (e.g. OTP’s love blossoming through letter writing, Wol’s memory remaining intact, Woon – not YM – being the third leg of the love triangle for Wol) highlighted the deficiencies in the TV adaptation. Nevertheless, I am rooting for METS to finish the race well.

  30. 30 Serena

    Gaah! after stalking for hours….finally a lot of issues are unpacking today.
    For one thing, they sure needed a lot of people including backup to assassinate a girl. LOL.
    The bro fight was just totally uncalled for, but I guess necessary to the story. I hope they’ll patch up their relationship nicely.
    I’m glad the hair piece resurfaced. It was symbolically present to show their relationship, which they have never failed to remind us again and again.

  31. 31 goddessoftaray

    i wonder if what the grandmother’s warning is true… that he “ask himself who is most precious to him” & that that is what they are protecting… coz i have this nagging feeling that the most precious to him according to grandma is “himself” therefore maybe he is actually NOT the rightful king… (OMG not another birth secret!!!)
    … coz if my feeling is true, why else would she share power w/ minister yoon… who maybe knows the truth… that is why he is smug around king hwon…

    • 31.1 goddessoftaray

      also… i watched this @ viki & i’m so annoyed w/ some people saying “but he’s married”… & “isn’t he cheating on his wife”… while yes in paper he is married to that crazy queen who i think should be a shaman… technically he’s real wife is still yeon woo because she would have been the queen had she not been “killed”….

      i’m hoping that the ending of this will be good & everything goes well for the good ones… & dire consequences for the baddies… seriously i want heads to roll… they deserve a beheading…
      typical ending i know, but at least a happy one… if the ending is tragic… i would seriously throw a fit!!!

  32. 32 kiki

    “Please, do something big to make her faith in you worth something, because if she just continues to suffer for loving you, I’m going to kick you in the royal nuts.”

    LOL!! at the royal nuts. Totally agree with you, girlfriday. She gave up everything because of her love for him, including her life.

  33. 33 modestgoddess

    Just bed her already Hwon, 8 years is along time to wait
    I’m comfort Yang Myung myself.

    • 33.1 goddessoftaray

      while i comfort woon!!! lol

    • 33.2 kbap

      Haha, no honey, we got to SHARE! I call dibs on him lol!

      • 33.2.1 goddessoftaray

        yang myung or woon?

        • kbap

          BOTH, jk. Yang-myung that poor puppy 😉

  34. 34 anotheraddict

    I think my favorite thing about this episode was Hyung Sun’s facial expressions. (I love him!) That’s too bad, considering that this was episode contained the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the Moon finally embraced the Sun! I was expecting Hwon and Yeon Woo’s reunion to have more of an emotional impact on me– instead, it felt anti-climactic. I’m disappointed. 🙁

    After Yeon Woo regained her memories, she seemed more empowered for a while, but now I feel like she’s namby-pamby Wol again. I dunno, maybe I’m just out of sorts.

  35. 35 fangirl98

    One word – FINALLY!!!!!

    OK, a few more words – ALL the relationships are moving forward…..FINALLY.

  36. 36 b1

    you’re not iljimae anymore .. lols .crack .laugh

    but i still love him much though

  37. 37 michelle

    “Please, do something big to make her faith in you worth something, because if she just continues to suffer for loving you, I’m going to kick you in the royal nuts.”

    i love this comment of yours…. true, very true..

  38. 38 kristie

    Yeah… I have never thought that a Korean historical drama can be so romantic and sweet and lovely like this before… I have never thought about there would be one day I were attracted so much by a Korean historical drama like The Moon Embracing The Sun… I absolutely changed my mind from this film… Keep smiling to dream… ^_^… Moon Sun… happy! :))

  39. 39 sora

    thank you sooo muchhhhhhhh

  40. 40 Hye Won (@JocyluvsJYC)

    “And then we get a pair of weird-ass zooms into their faces, like we need help to know that these are the baddies, circa 1930″

    That comment just made me laughed out loud! I totally get what you mean coz i was thinking that was really weird close up! Almost could hear the “zeng zeng zeng!” as the back ground music!hahaha…and they had to do it for two people!

  41. 41 Dara

    Weeeeee! The kisses! KSH was a teenage in Dream High but now he is emurging as a young man, and quite smexy too. This episode made me realize that Hwon is just a loving young man who has the burden of being a king. I’ve noticed Prince YM was doing well acting wise, but it’s Hwon who embraced my heart with his longing for YW, and his struggling not to fall for Wol because that would mean he forgotten YW.

    When Kdrama gave you two kisses in a role, that would mean tragic is around the corner, please show, don’t break the young king’s heart anymore.

    Thanks, GF

  42. 42 crazyjnx

    Thanks for this! this is the first episode where i went to watch a clip (the cutesy scene with the quick peck). i have to say, the colors in the scenes stood out beautifully. I am very impressed by the cinematography of this episode(or the minute or so i saw of it). – not impress by the drama itself though.

    the color coordination was just right and the editing must be amazing as well as the set designs because the colors all were just really bold and stood out so clearly. well done in that aspect at least – vibrant and lively scene, even if the acting and actions didn’t match.

  43. 43 ALLEN

    the last picture of yeon woo in the small room in the palace is kinda sad~~~
    this is drama sure had a interesting storyline but too bad they ddint’ fully develop it

    seol, woon, yeom character seem to have cut out a big part

  44. 44 Carinne

    Weeeeeeeee~ Now I need to go watch this swoonlicious episode.

    Bear hugs GF!

  45. 45 dhp907

    The drama is so different from the book that it leaves me wondering how the two brothers are going to reconcile. In the book, Yang-myung is actually given the role of Hong Kyu-tae in the sense that he investigates the death of Yeon-woo. So, not really sure how this is all going to go down…

  46. 46 jagminho

    thanks a million!

  47. 47 Marlene

    Thanks for the recap. Love this drama! Can’t complain it’s so entertaining and everyones pleasant in the eyes. KSH is just uber awesome!! He’smy new Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won rolled into one .

  48. 48 sita


  49. 49 Brenda

    Loved this episode, and thanks so much for the recaps Girlfriday!!! <3

    I love how we actually got some romance in this episode, if they waited until episode 18 just to give us one kiss I think I might've torn someone's hair out =P
    Plus it was great to see Hwon smile again and see Hyung Soon smile in reaction in Hwon's happiness.
    Then there's was his little "it was hard for me to protect my purity" rant that just cracked up.

    I think that fight wasn't so much Hwon versus Yang Myung for Yeon Woo, as it was Hwon testing to see how lost their relationship is. When he said "you lost your chance so don't look for another" it felt like he was warning Yang Myung yet pleading with him at the same time since he knows a bigger fight is coming up and that he has enough enemies and he didn't want Yang Myung to be another one . . . or maybe I'm completely wrong and just giving Hwon's character too much credit =P

    That fight felt like it was foreshadowing an event in the future, except it was showing the exact opposite. I get an ominous feeling that Yang Myung might end up dying to protect Hwon and Yeon Woo. . . which I really hope I'm wrong since I'd hate for his character to be killed off.

    When I saw Hwon talking to Yeon Woo behind the closed doors two thoughts came into my head:
    1. Is it really safe for all those ladies-in-waiting to see and know that Yeon Woo is being hidden inside your room? I mean, one of them used to be Bo Kyung's spy . . then of course, as the episode goes on, it showed that Bo Kyung will once again be employing that very spy. I was hoping only Hwon, Woon, and Hyung Soon would know she's there. So that was probably flaw #1.
    2. Why are you guys so happy? The only time you'll be together is behind closed doors in secret. Her status right now is less than a concubine. If you really love her, then expose the truth and let her walk proudly by your side instead of hiding in your closet.

    I'll enjoy this episode since it probably will be the only "romantic" episode we'll get because all the wheels are already turning within the evil axis.

  50. 50 Fanboi

    Realizing that Han Ga In is Soo Hyun’s noona(though she looks young).. He must have felt like kissing her older sister.. a little weird..

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