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Equator Man: Episode 17
by | May 19, 2012 | 84 Comments

This is one of the greatest episodes of television I’ve ever seen, hands down. Intensity has always been the name of the game in Equator Man, but this was blow-your-mind, commit-this-to-memory, I-want-my-mommy kind of intense. My heart was in my throat by the opening sequence, and it all but jumped out of my chest in the final minutes. Simply put, this episode was a masterpiece. A deeply disturbing, incredibly thrilling masterpiece.

As for ratings, Equator Man has kept its first place lead so far (no surprise there, we won’t be getting an upset this late in the game) and rose to 15.1% this episode from 14.6% last week.


A twist from the Sun-woo/Jang-il partnership is revealed, in that Sun-woo never hung up the phone from calling Prosecutor Joon-ho, allowing him to secretly listen in on Jang-il’s “your father was killed by Jin No-sik” speech. Nice.

It’s back to the Law Firm Live show, where Sun-woo almost outed Jang-il. We find the two sitting in the empty audience after the show, with Jang-il asking what sort of game Sun-woo just tried to pull. “Oh that…” Sun-woo says with a smile, “It was just a warning for you, so that you don’t stab me in the back again.” Ha.

The two go back and forth on their shared past, with Sun-woo surmising correctly that Jang-il didn’t try to kill him for his father, but for his own future. Sun-woo shows mercy in that he doesn’t want Jang-il to become a murderer’s son (so he’ll keep their little secret)… But strangely enough, when Jang-il turns back to talk to Sun-woo, he’s gone. Were we in a dream or a flashback? Did Sun-woo turn superhuman?

Chairman Jin finally confronts Yong-bae about Kyung-pil being alive before he hanged him. For the first time Yong-bae fights back – if Chairman Jin is trying to peg this whole thing on him, he won’t go down alone. It turns into a contest of Who’s More Morally Bankrupt, with Yong-bae answering Jin’s taunts by exclaiming: “You’re the devil. Aren’t you even afraid of divine retribution?”

Short answer: Nope. Yong-bae is forced to flee the room once his wife and stepdaughter enter.

Not Dad Tae-joo finds his Not Son Sun-woo practicing kendo, and questions his motives in wanting the statute of limitations to expire so he could take matters into his own hands. Sun-woo plans to keep putting pressure on Jang-il until he loses it, because there will be no forgiveness for him, Chairman Jin, Soo-mi, or her father.

The question of parentage finally comes up, though Tae-joo avoids answering directly on whether he’s Sun-woo’s biological father or not. He admits that he loved Sun-woo’s mother, only she already had a fiancée – Chairman Jin. They don’t really reach a consensus, though Tae-joo offers to take a paternity test if it will ease Sun-woo’s mind. The question remains: Will it?

Soo-mi calls Jang-il in a panic to ask if he took the Wall of Crazy paintings… because they’re gone. At first he thinks she’s trying to trick him, but soon seems just as worried that they might have been taken. Good, you two need to stew a bit.

Joon-ho wonders if the caller for Law Firm Live was the Kim Sun-woo that they know, which prompts Jang-il to lie and say that it was just some crazy person. Chairman Jin is set to come for questioning later, even with the statute expired, and Jang-il tells his colleague that they need to talk about a certain Lee Yong-bae first…

So the betrayal of Chairman Jin begins, since he’s mighty surprised that Jang-il has called him to the prosecutor’s office only to have Joon-ho do the questioning. Things heat up fast as Joon-ho produces paper evidence of Jin’s under-the-table dealings. Starting to sweat, Chairman Jin asks for another prosecutor (I’m sure he means Jang-il, who he thinks he can manipulate).

He insists, much to Joon-ho’s dismay, and Jang-il finally takes over. Chairman Jin thinks that manipulating the law is that easy – that he can leave just because Jang-il has taken over. That couldn’t be much further from the truth as Jang-il produces the picture of Jin, Tae-joo, and Kyung-pil together.

Oh man. Jang-il mentions that Kyung-pil was at Chairman Jin’s house the day before he was found hanging, and asks if Chairman Jin killed him. Just like that? Wow.

With a smile, Chairman Jin asks, “Why would I?” Jang-il presents the evidence: the chief detective’s testimony that Jin tried to get the police chief to drop the case, the picture, and a witness that heard the two of them arguing – Lee Yong-bae. At the mention of the name, Chairman Jin’s self-assured smile swiftly disappears.

No time is wasted and Yong-bae is brought into the same interrogation room for cross-examination while Chairman Jin is still there. Though Chairman Jin is being investigated for fraud and the statute of limitations for Sun-woo’s case has passed, Jang-il is using the murder investigation under the umbrella of it being related to Jin’s corruption in order to make it relevant. He can’t be punished even if he’s convicted, just like Sun-woo said, but the public won’t be as forgiving.

Jang-il interrogates his father on why he’s only choosing to tell the truth now, which he claims is a result of Chairman Jin trying to peg the murder on him. Chairman Jin: “Why are you lying? You said that you would kill that person for your son’s scholarship. You watched me argue with him, and you killed him for that.”

But he’s very aware of what’s going on – that both father and son have turned against him, and says as much when he gets home. He tells Secretary Cha that there will be a “change of plans.” Uh oh.

As Sun-woo gets ready for the gallery opening (of the Wall of Crazy paintings), Ji-won looks more and more ill at ease. She knows better than anyone what Sun-woo had to go through when he was blind, but she doesn’t want him to go any further than this. She doesn’t want him to get blood on his hands, or for him to get hurt.

Sun-woo: “You’re the one who broke Jin’s windshield. What made you so weak now?” Thank you. It’s nice that someone noticed.

So she comes clean with him on why she wants him to let it go: “I may become the bigger devil than you if I were to take matters into my own hands.” I hear much thunder but I see no rain, Ji-won.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jin calls Sun-woo to ask about the person who sent the letter (Kwang-choon). Sun-woo claims he hasn’t heard from him in days, but will call when he does.

As for Soo-mi, she finds out where her paintings are when the gallery opens, introduced by Chairman Jin’s wife and stepdaughter, Yoon-joo. Soo-mi comes storming in, causing a scene when she grabs Yoon-joo by the arm.

The two girls have it out with Yoon-joo refusing to take down the paintings and Soo-mi in near-hysterics. But it’s Sun-woo who intervenes by saying that he wants to buy the paintings, and Soo-mi immediately quiets down. You can see the thought running through her head: Does he know?

Sun-woo’s blasé attitude has Soo-mi on edge as he tells her that even if she sues him, the paintings must stay up. “If you take the paintings down, I will tell the reporters what the paintings truly mean,” he threatens. She tries to grab him and plead for him to listen, but he takes her wrist and pushes her against the wall. “What’s your excuse?” he asks, as she ineffectually tries to stutter out that it was all for his own good. He uses the hold on her wrist to pull her, hard. Whoa. This is getting intense.

Sun-woo: “If you say one more word, I will snap this wrist. You won’t ever hold a brush again. I will dig out your eyes too, so that you can’t paint ever. All you have is painting. You watched me getting beaten like that, and you didn’t do anything? Your father watched my father die, and didn’t do anything. You watched me dying and didn’t do anything. Why? Was it for Jang-il? But does he even look at you now?”

Whoa. Sun-woo has turned the Intense-o-Meter up about ten notches, because he is genuinely frightening. His whole body exudes menace as he throws her to the floor the second she tries to free herself from his grasp. Yikes.

He kneels in front of her, at eye level now. He wants to know what made her come take care of him every day that he was blind. Was it a sense of guilt? Was it fun?

“I don’t care about anything other than you destroying Jang-il,” Soo-mi manages to eke out. He sneers, “You think you can have him if he’s destroyed? Even if Jang-il gets to the bottom, he won’t see you. You kept Jang-il’s secret. Was it fun for the last thirteen years? Were you happy to see me come back alive? ‘Should I sell the secret to you, or to Jang-il?’”

She tells him it’s true, that’s what she thought. “Choi Soo-mi,” Sun-woo tells her. “You’re out of your mind.”

And from that violent scene Sun-woo emerges smiling into the cameras of the press swarming the gallery, explaining that he was one of the models in the paintings. Chairman Jin’s wife fills in that the other model is none other than Seoul’s favorite prosecutor, Lee Jang-il.

He tells the press that he, Jang-il, and Soo-mi made an oath then the paintings were created that they’d all achieve their dreams and see each other fifteen years later to paint the same thing again… Only with the story changed to where Sun-woo is hitting Jang-il. He says all of this with a smile, like it’s all pretend, but it sends shivers down my spine. He even invites the press to see the scene this weekend. Good gracious.

We cut to a tense dinner between Kwang-choon and Sun-woo, with the older man apologizing for his inability to keep his word. He volunteers to go to the prosecution again, but Sun-woo tells him it’s of no use – the statute of limitations has expired. Kwang-choon seems faintly relieved.

He gets a very unwelcome surprise in the form of Chairman Jin, who’s shown up at Sun-woo’s behest to hear what Kwang-choon saw on that night. Oh. Damn. I see what Sun-woo is doing here – but by outing Kwang-choon to Chairman Jin, isn’t that as good as leaving him for dead?

And Kwang-choon has the nerve to ask Sun-woo why he’s doing this to him. (Really, Kwang-choon? Really.) Sun-woo makes up an excuse to leave the two of them alone, which is just like leaving the fox to guard the henhouse. Sun-woo smiles to himself once he’s outside – he knows what he’s doing.

Kwang-choon, to his credit, tells Chairman Jin everything he saw on the night of the murder. But when Jin asks him if he blackmailed Yong-bae (which means he’s the one who blackmailed him), Kwang-choon goes quiet. Caught.

In another corner of the restaurant, Sun-woo sits with Yong-bae and asks for the truth about that fateful night. “Was my father alive back then? Did you kill someone that could have been saved?”

Yong-bae’s eyes go wide as he stutters out that it’s all a lie. In his version of the story, Chairman Jin killed Kyung-pil and he just hung him on the mountain at Jin’s request. He denies to the end that Kyung-pil was alive when he did it, and when Sun-woo brings up Jang-il’s scholarship as a result, Yong-bae jumps to his son’s defense.

But Sun-woo reminds him that, just like Jang-il is to him, he was once a precious son to Kim Kyung-pil. Yong-bae lowers his head: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Sun-woo.”

So Sun-woo acts like he believes Yong-bae and is taking his side – he’s a victim too, after all. Only that means they’ll have to find a way to shut Chairman Jin up… Ahh, and there’s our angle. Sun-woo is planting the seed to pit Yong-bae up against Chairman Jin, using Yong-bae’s cockroach-like tendency to do anything to survive.

And Sun-woo, the smart avenger that he is, has recorded the entire conversation.

While Chairman Jin reads headlines connecting his name with murder, Jang-il finds his dad staring at a TV screen with Jin’s face on it… Oh jeez, did Sun-woo send him the recording of Kwang-choon telling the story with Kyung-pil being alive?

Turns out he also gave him the poster for the Wall of Crazy art exhibit, and it’s the first time Yong-bae has seen the paintings. Jang-il fills him in that Kwang-choon is Soo-mi’s father, which sets Yong-bae into a panic, saying that he should have killed Sun-woo when he could.

Jang-il can’t think his way out of this one, and urges his father to be quiet. “How far are you going to take me down? Why are you doing this to me?!”

But Yong-bae seems to be on the edge of his sanity as he explains that he only wanted to raise Jang-il well – he had a smart son, but no money. Anyone who has raised a child would understand. Jang-il tells his father that they could have done without the money.

Jang-il: “Father, you destroyed my life.”

Yong-bae tearily asks his son if he wants him to kill himself in repentance and leave a will that absolves Jang-il of any involvement. Jang-il: “Go ahead.” Christ.

Jang-il goes to the gallery to get to the bottom of the paintings. He asks Soo-mi if she’s happy now that he’s cornered, though she wants him to acknowledge her efforts in evading the statute of limitations.

Jang-il: “If you want me that badly, I guess I can force myself to spend a night with you.” Okay, Jang-il. I know she’s terrible and you’re terrible, but you are one cruel bastard. He reminds Soo-mi that his father knows everything now – and that they’ll never work together. Ever.

Meanwhile, Sun-woo & Co. Discuss a mining opportunity they know Jin won’t pass up, while Joon-ho confronts Jang-il about his number showing up in Chairman Jin’s phone record. He’s alerted their superior, and the jig seems to be up. Jang-il knows it too, since he takes his nameplate and looks at it with tears in his eyes.

Chairman Jin arranges a meeting with Ji-won to dangle her father’s company in front of her if she’ll only stop Sun-woo. She’s nonplussed – she won’t be victim to the same trickery he used on her father. She gets up to leave, which prompts Chairman Jin to ask derisively whether a man is more important to her than honoring her family.

And Ji-won throws a glass of water in his face. She warns him, “Don’t you ever talk down on my family or my man, Jin No-sik.” (Dayum! Respect.) It sends her spinning down memory lane, and to the school for the visually impaired that Sun-woo is also at.

Sun-woo laments what’s happened to him and Jang-il. To him, Jang-il “had a friend’s eyes. He hit me because he was cold and lonely.” Ji-won: “Not everyone does that to his friend just because he’s cold and lonely.” True story.

She thinks to herself that she wants Sun-woo to achieve all that he wants, because she loves him. But she wonders if she should go down that same dark path and fight for him.

Sun-woo listens to all the recordings he has of those around him (Jang-il, Soo-mi, Kwang-choon, Yong-bae, etc.) simultaneously lying and listing their crimes. It’s overwhelming.

It’s time for the shoot Sun-woo all but planned for Soo-mi, where he and Jang-il are to act as models for the Murder 2.0 scene. This time they’ve attracted a small crowd of press and Soo-mi directs them while holding the camera… Is this really happening? This is a frickin’ circus.

Only this time, she directs Jang-il to show his back to Sun-woo, with the tree branch put between them. Sun-woo grins darkly – he looks as though he really wants to hit Jang-il.

Chairman Jin’s wife asks Ji-won why she didn’t go see the show, and Ji-won plants the seed of doubt in her that what’s in the paintings may not just be Soo-mi’s imagination.

Back to the photoshoot/show/circus. Sun-woo acts the part of Jang-il, even kneeling down to plead the same way Jang-il once did. Then he takes the branch and stalks up behind Jang-il and raises it as if to truly hit him…

And Soo-mi’s voice cuts in right in time to stop them. Yoon-joo arrives on scene to tell Soo-mi that the rooftop is over capacity and they’ll have to call it a wrap here. (How much do you want to bet that this was Sun-woo’s doing?) When everyone but Sun-woo and Jang-il leaves the rooftop, Sun-woo locks the door to keep anyone else from coming.

He reenacts the scene again, kneeling and parroting what Jang-il once said, pleading with him not to go to the police. “What was after that?” he wonders, and Jang-il seems too bored to care and turns his back.

Then Sun-woo remembers what came after, and stalks up behind Jang-il with the club…and hits him on the back, hard. Whoooaaa okay.

The blow is enough to send Jang-il to his knees. But we know, just as Sun-woo knows, that one hit wasn’t all it took. Breathing heavily, Sun-woo goes through the same motions Jang-il did so many years ago. “And the next was…” he practically says it like an announcement, before he hits Jang-il again.

Good. Gracious.

And then he grabs Jang-il by the collar and runs with him to the edge of the rooftop in a mirror of the cliff scene, with Sun-woo holding Jang-il over the edge. What happened next, he asks his old friend. He’ll drop him from here, and then Jang-il will have to go blind and come to him. Sun-woo: “You want me to push you? Or are you going to jump?”

Jang-il is trembling and frightened. His eyes are wide. “Sun-woo…” he starts. Is he finally going to apologize? Is this it?! “I should have hit you harder, and killed you back then.”

Oh. My. God.

Sun-woo, enraged, hauls Jang-il up to hold him over the railing so that his grasp is the only thing keeping Jang-il from falling to his death below. Jang-il’s face breaks into a strained smile as Sun-woo grapples with his conscience, trying to let Jang-il go… But is seemingly unable to.


I’ve said it in the opening but it’s worth repeating: This is one of the greatest episodes of television I’ve ever seen. I’ve never cried because something was just so intense before, and I’m admitting it because I’m still floored. I’m in complete awe of what was accomplished here. (I’m in a glass case of emotion!)

It’s interesting because this is the Sun-woo I always hoped for – the dark, vengeful Sun-woo – and I was beginning to think we’d never get it. The show just wasn’t building him that way, and his vengeance seemed like it would be a quieter, more legal affair. Do I think there’s a slight disconnect with the Sun-woo of previous episodes and the Sun-woo of this one? Yes. Do I care? Not really. His change into this darker version of himself wasn’t mapped out as well as it could have been, but it’s not like it doesn’t make sense. And it was executed so well that I can’t bring myself to dislike it.

Equator Man hasn’t always been the most even of shows, and suffered its own lulls and lags in storytelling (I wonder what harm the four episode extension would have done), but it’s always been very assured. And when it wanted to be, suspenseful and nail-biting. I’ve been loving that undercurrent all throughout the series, where conversations could have such weight and leave me on the edge of my seat because of the million other things not being said. But an episode like this is a masterpiece, a culmination of all that came before it, with a director who knows how to compose shots for maximum effect. He created the first iconic scene of Jang-il and Sun-woo at the cliff, and because it was so iconic he could recreate it here and flip it so that the power was in Sun-woo’s hands. I was watching the whole rooftop scene through my fingers, it was THAT good.

I also find it a bit of a cosmic joke that what I once said was the worst thing about this series – the music – became one of the best. I don’t know what happened, or who was fired or hired since that first episode blunder, but the orchestral score here managed to elevate scenes that were already teeming with such dark and violent energy into something poetic and amazing.

With such a fantastic climactic scene, I’m concerned as to whether the show can top it as we head into the final stretch. If it does, I’ll try to keep my raving to a minimum. No promises, though.


84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. CD

    This is one of the best drama this year. But, I still have problem with its over dramatic background music 🙂

  2. JIW_sobangnim

    I dont know what to say but UHM FORCE! DAEBAK. I watched this episode already and there’s meaning to why it managed to snag the ratings away….

    BUT HEY! Still LEE JAE HA KIM HANG AH Fan <3 <3
    But Uhm-ssi, OPPA daebak! 🙂

    • 2.1 yui

      king team!!!

      btw i follow this drama too… but i feel a lil ‘disappointed’ with the lead actor… i know he’s a good actor..not only good, he’s daebak, but… i need the younger one, no offense.. seriously… but the storyline is great tho

      • 2.1.1 ahha

        the lead actor never impresses me …don’t worry, you are not alone..!!

  3. Do-ra-ma

    The most vindictively satisfying episode I’ve seen of anything probably…ever. And easily the best episode of the series thus far. I’ve watched the entire episode three times. You don’t know how much I was cheering throughout this. Sun Woo is the great chess master moving ever so carefully, pitting his foes against each other, while keeping his person close to the ones that he used to call friends.

    Sun-woo’s confrontation of Soo-mi? OH MY GOD ONE OF THE MOST PLEASURABLE EXPERIENCES THIS DRAMA HAS GIVEN ME. How dare she even attempt to stutter that it was “for his own good”. I was so happy at him giving it to her and tossing her to the ground like the low life she is. And to tell it straight to her face: she’s lost her mind.

    And, of course, when Sun-woo looks himself and Jang-il on the roof, she only calls out for her obsession.

    And that rooftop scene…just wow. Sun-woo was doing Jang-il a service by not accurately repeating the events from 15 years ago and only hitting Jang-il on his back. I wanted him to hit him harder. Especially when Jang-il still revealed his cowardly self by wishing he’d killed Sun-woo back then. God, he’s given you so many chances, Jang-il. But. You. Lack. Human compassion.

    May the Uhmforce be with him.

    • 3.1 Do-ra-ma

      I do wanna add my own thoughts on Sun-woo’s revenge: This is something the series has been building to episode by episode. For, you see, unlike his enemies, Sun-woo actually has a conscience. Even in that final scene of this episode, he’s still grappling with it: as much as he (and many of the viewers, too 🙂 ) wants to, he cannot seem to deliver that final blow to Jang-il. Jang-il was his best friend at one time. Sun-woo still cherishes that friendship, I believe. That’s why he tried to go about it legally, even though a part of him KNEW he wouldn’t be able to get it through the justice system. He gave Jang-il so many opportunities, but the man has shown his real self to Sun-woo.

      I don’t feel a disconnect between Sun-woo in this episode and in the previous ones. That rage, intensity, and fury has been there all along; it just finally reached the surface in this episode.

      • 3.1.1 dedicated

        i think likewise, and to add to that: Sun Woo knew from the beginning what kind of people he was dealing with, liars and schemer, especially the Jang Il-Yong Bae duo and the Chairman. At first he didn’t suspect Soo Mi and her father but later on as her father didn’t keep her promise, as the statue of limitations was overdue, while Jang Il was orchestrating the prosecution to his own profit making use of his connections and position, Sun Woo was cornered. He also had difficulty in believeing the system would do him justice, because as he said in the Law TV Show, if that friend could be brought up to the court for the attemped murder even if he works for te juridial system.

        likewise HeadsNo2 i felt a kind of disconnection to Sun Woo in this ep compared to the other ones, but in the previous episode when he was talking to Jang Il and was aksing if he should take revenge or not, that there are two voiced in him, representatives of the good and the dark side, urging him to act and he cannot decide which voice to follow, that was an overshadowing of his current self. Plus him not sseing the things clearly anymore, going blind, as he can’t reach for the liquer bottle and JW pours the drink for him, accelaretes the plot, because SW may now know that he hasn’t much time left to execute his plan before he becomes blind again.

    • 3.2 notoriousnoona


      I really wasn’t going to come back to another recap or comment section of this drama but I’m glad I did just for this statement.
      My sentiments exactly! I can stop reading now, THANK YOU!

      • 3.2.1 Nida

        Why not noona? I miss you! Reading the comments without yours in it made it feel so incomplete. Is it because of our discussion a couple of episodes ago. I didn’t mean to offend you or hurt in any way. So please come back!

  4. jiajia

    uhmforce was so on point this episode.

  5. doyannonton

    I don’t think there will be extension? in the end of this episode there’s commercial for the next drama (Bridal’s Mask) and the date said it will start on May 30th.

    So hopefully the remaining 2 episodes can wrap up the story nicely.. I wonder how they will connect the dot to the first scene in the first episode where Jang Il tried to shoot Jin No Sik.

  6. Birdie

    The 2 male leads are amazing and the whole episode is pretty intense. Kudos to the director, otherwise it is just a regular revenge story. The only flaw is the over doing of the background music, that it is almost jarring and annoying. More subtlety and slow progression of the intensity of the music will have a better effect.

  7. luvs

    This episode made up for the frustrations of previous episodes… if only the writing is tighter…

    This is a spine-tingling, reminiscent of Hitchcock type of drama execution.


    I was waiting for JangIl to repent and he did not – has he crossed the abyss really?
    Where has the cute boy gone? I could not trace back where his heart turned cold, has it been that way?
    It looks like death is the only way to redemption….how does one untangle his twisted heart?

    I am trying to understand Jang Ils character-
    sure he wanted to protect his social status and his father’s crime- but he should know better – he is a prosecutor ..
    I do not get it — sorry.

    And I do get it that Sung Woo want his revenge – he is going to let everyone go crazy and implode from inside – to what end????

    I am a little bit frustrated – all the characters all seem to be heading towards self-destruction and there is no help coming…
    there is no redeeming factor in this story at all — if there is i do not find it..

    can someone enlighten me?

    I have no problem with the acting – it is the story line and the purpose of the story that i am trying to understand. At the end of the day – what am i getting from watching this?

    sorry- i am ranting…

    • 7.1 mtoh

      You shouldn’t hit people, let them die and expect mercy, it doesn’t work that way…hhahhhaa 😉

      • 7.1.1 Lise

        my thoughts exactly! what redemption?!!

    • 7.2 houstontwin

      Honestly, I was shocked when Jang Il said “I should have hit you harder.” Was it sincere or was it bravado? I just don’t know.

      • 7.2.1 mtoh

        Doubt, me too? In one moment I thought he is asking him to trow him and end all this, but then…maybe his just wanted to piss him off.

  8. NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

    “Intensity has always been the name of the game in Equator Man, but this was blow-your-mind, commit-this-to-memory, I-want-my-mommy kind of intense”- talk about an intense episode! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this! It was great to see Sun Woo come unto the dark side which I always felt was what he planned to do! Jang Il and Soo Mi continued to be unrepented. I love how Sun Woo has been slowly manipulating all behind the scenes. And how did I miss the fact that Joon Ho heard the conversation?!! I cannot believe I missed that! Now I have to watch it, again! It was nice to see a little spunk from Ji Won. I was shocked when she threw the water in Jin’s face! Almost a full glass at that, not the customary trickle of water. The music was on point; the cinematography, phenomenal; the acting blew me away! Why Equator Man is still #1 became totally apparent in this episode! Yes, I like RTP and TK2H but this is my #1 obsession! Go UhmForce!

  9. faraz3500

    hello headsNo2
    well, I love love this ep it was so intense and strong
    actingwise and everything about it such a great PD, it was just great and the ending!!!!
    this is how you should end an episode
    they are the Best and they deserve all the credits!!
    This drama shows that we are all human regardless of wut we do or wut occupations do we have . we at one point or another think about ourselves and our success only and forget about everybody else even if we are aware of the fact that our doings are wrong!!
    thank you so much

  10. 10 mtoh

    Finally Jang Il…
    I needed to wait 17 ep for you to tell your father YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE! And after that everything comes easy, even if he kill himself anger can take it.
    When your life is falling apart noone isn’t good noone isn’t important anymore.
    Rooftop scene….awesome…JI, I should hit you harder…
    in one moment I thought he’s saying that to made SW really trow him so he can finish with everything, his life, dad, Jin…. But on the other hand, it was line to piss SW and nothing more. Every time when SW find reason in bottom of heart to understand you, you add oil on fire.
    SW have all the right reason to destroy you.

    SW is playing dangerous game, making them destroying them self…it’s really risky. But for now SW is covering all right spots…he knows them to well and he pushes the right buttons. But
    As SooMi…girl get help…your love is your curse. Man will never come to you…even if he falls like SW said.

  11. 11 Ani

    “this was blow-your-mind, commit-this-to-memory, I-want-my-mommy kind of intense. ”

    HeadsNo2, can I just personally thank you for being the hi-fucking-larious recapper that you are? Because you are my dear. You are. XD

  12. 12 Noelle

    Wow just wow. I am blown away by Tae Woong’s intensity. UHMFORCE turned to eleven!

  13. 13 sequestial

    Man, every time I see Soomi, I get this one line stuck in my from this random song whose title I don’t remember, like the song goes something something “You made me into a monster, so I made you into art, and I gave it to the world to rip and tear apart.”

  14. 14 MORE

    I was worried that SUN WOO would seriously let JIN take all the blame but this episode changed that of me.


  15. 15 Jan


    Just a curious question though, are you all on Sunwoo’s side? I’m on JangilxSoomi’s side haha I ship this two soooo hard.

    I know Jangil attempted murder and his attitude sucks towards everyone but I just think Sunwoo is taking things waaaaaaay too far. I’m further convinced that I hate Sunwoo in the next episode(18th).

    I just rewatched the first part of the first episode, that scene: Jangil, Sunwoo, Jin Nosik were together in the balcony(?) of a villa and Sunwoo pleaded Jangil to stop everything. THAT makes me wonder where is this drama going………
    This drama has become way too dense and complex that it has reached its saturation point I guess. Parallel that to the characters, I feel like they will soon reach a point where everyone regrets what they did.

    I can’t wait for the final 2 episodes!!

    • 15.1 SKH

      This episode was perfect the way it was. Why Sun Woo ‘take sit too far’ from your perspective strike s me as being slightly off when one looks what both JI as well as SM have accumulated in pure vile ugly behaviour towards him. That you don’t get that is your problem and is coloured by your inclination to root for two serious psychopaths.

      The real psychopath is Yong Bae, JI’s old man. Crazy is the only word that fits – he truly has a screw loose. And, as I said in an earlier (I think it was the first episode) comment, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Jang Il is Yong Bae’s son down to his evil self-righteous, self-centred core. That you think this is too dense may have something to do with your lack of understanding complex psychological make-ups?

      There is no ‘black & white’ only the depths of depravity people will fall to to get what they want and to what degree this will carry on, which makes this series interesting and compelling to watch and maybe, just that tad too ‘dense’ for you.

      • 15.1.1 JAN

        Sorry I’ve been reading comments on my mobile phone, can’t see you actually replied to me until you wrote my name.

        The fact that there are no limits to the state where someone feels deprived, that’s why I have no idea how far SW will go. It’s bearably dense though since I still watching this. Just probably because I think too much of the various possibilities SW can act out his revenge.

        Or maybe it’s just that I’m like this, I love bad characters.

    • 15.2 mtoh

      ?Sunwoo is taking things waaaaaaay too far’..SW is only having human feeling, ask your self what would you do?!
      Ordinary people seek for justice and revenge thru justice system… But people with money can take justice in their hands…

    • 15.3 사라

      I shipped jangilxsoomi too at first.I thought they looked so good together and their chemistry outshines the main couple,but there’s no way he’s going to love her so i gave up on them,plus what he did to soomi’s dad at the hospital was so low.I don’t know how she can still love him after that.As for the whole revenge aspect I have no idea how you root for them(jangil and soomi).I am 100% on sunwoo’s side on this matter.How can you root for a selfish and obsessed girl who covered up an attempted murder for the sake of a man who doesn’t even care about her and an unrepentant attempted murderer who only cares about himself.I think you’re just blinded by lee jun hyuk’s hotness haha.I seriously hate his character here though.I don’t have an ounce of pity or sympathy towards him.

  16. 16 missjb

    I don’t know what jangil think to say that?

    How can u make someone piss off when someone’s desire is almost attempted to kill you? Is he really didn’t worry about the possibility that Sun woo could have killed him? Since sun woo’s eyes is so scary and he might lost his sanity and kill jang il. He is human after all. From JangIl’s face, it seems he doesn’t care anymore. I don’t get Jang Il’s reaction on the rooftop. even if he has no heart, he could be pretend he is sorry.

    • 16.1 SKH

      “it seems he doesn’t care anymore”

      THAT’S IT! He doesn’t want to because he knows that if SW looses it, he’ll win in the end. See? SW will have lost all over again. That’s why he taunts him to “just do it”. It’s all about power games.

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    This is the most intense episode so far.Jang Il has crossed over to the crazies.Why does he make the father take all the blame?.He did a despicable thing by murdering Sun Woo’s father.Jang Il then tries to kill Sun Woo to coverup the deed.
    Sun Woo should have drop Jang Il off the roof.The actors and the writers of this drama are fanastic.

    I absolutely hate both women’ haircuts. They look every simple and basic like from beginning hair cut school dos.So UGLY, UGLY .

    • 17.1 Nida

      I’m with you on that one. I think soo Mi’s haircut is worse than ji won’s. Honey, what’s the use of all that money if you can’t even get a proper haircut? Seriously its like someone took half of her hair from each side and used a huge pair of scissors to cut it all in one go.

  18. 18 Lise

    u know when JI picked up the nameplate all i could think of was ‘he’s at it again’ and just willed the other prosecutor to gtfo the room b4 dude gave in to his backstabbing (or is that back hitting) ways…

    • 18.1 bishbash

      i was wondering why Joon Ho told him his suspicions. come on, he’s a murderer wannabe! he tried to muder his best friend!

    • 18.2 houstontwin

      OOps. I missed your comment before. I didn’t mean to parrot your thoughts below. Sorry!

    • 18.3 Nida

      You know I feel anxious as soon as someone pisses JI off and then turns his back to him. The way JI stares at that person’s back of the head is so bloodthirsty-looking, with a hint of insanity to them. I’m but shouting at the other person to turn around but then I’m like
      Don’t cuz thent they’ll get a branch to their face!

  19. 19 Jules

    God, it was such a good episode.

    I spent most of it with my heart in my throat and my hands covering my eyes (well, half-covering; I had to read the sub-titles, after all ;)).

    One of the above commenters asked what the point of the drama was and, for me, it’s all about choice. The show seems to be saying that we all have that kernel of darkness within us; whether or not we choose to nurture it, is up to us.

    Ji-won realised that the path she could’ve taken – the path Sun-woo is taking – is self-destructive and perhaps wasn’t worth the emotional and psychological repercussions. But for Sun-woo, she might step into the shadows and risk it all…

    Sun-woo tried taking that other, lighter path, gave Jang-il, Soo-mi et al chance after chance to do the right thing, or simply to apologise… and time after time, they turned their backs and walked away.

    They deserve whatever punishment Sun-woo decides to mete out and we, as loyal viewers, deserve to watch it happen. /bloodthirsty

    • 19.1 houstontwin

      It’s interesting that in so many movies, we root for revenge, and are completely satisfied when the hero smashes his victim. But in kdrama there is always the hope of repentance, forgiveness, and redemption. I actually like this a lot. But I wonder if there are historical or sociological reasons why kdramas take this path.

  20. 20 사라

    I don’t think I’ve hated a character so much in my life
    that Fucking Jang-il!
    I really wish sun-woo would’ve pushed him off the rooftop,he’s just so uuugh.I don’t even want to see any kind of redemption for him.Hopefully he ends up like his dad and not able to live with himself.I don’t have an ounce of sympathy or pity towards him.DIE YOU SCUM DIE DIE DIE!!

    • 20.1 mtoh

      Hahaheee…that’s called hate.

  21. 21 Fraulein

    I know Uhmforce has earned a lot of praise for acting and deservedly so but I think it is Lee Jun Hyuk’s acting that has surpassed expectations. Such a cold hearted , vile being with such a fair appearance

    If they ever replicate any production close to a Voldemort or Edward Cullen role, my vote goes to Lee Jun Hyuk.

    I wish he doesn’t have to enlist, what will I do for 18 months while waiting for him to return?

    • 21.1 SKH

      Maybe …get a life…? (Chuckle)

    • 21.2 missjb

      Honestly, I still wonder why Jun Hyuk take this project before he enlist.. lol
      The possibility of he will gets alot of haters before he enlist .. I know many people can sense the different between acting and real life… but still

      He is awsome in epi 18…

      • 21.2.1 ahha

        i do not hate him here at all, i think he has done an excellent job!!!

      • 21.2.2 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

        Hate him?! Love him more! This should encourage ppl to see him in his other roles! It will be a long wait for his next role! But wait I will!

        • ahha

          yes yes yes, me too..wait for him..what a great actor!!!

      • 21.2.3 sabohee

        i think it’s the opposit, with this project he made sure we don’t forget him while he’s in army. and seriously how could we after the ralent he showed here.

    • 21.3 houstontwin

      It is amazing that he can make that pretty face look so scary! I’m so glad that he is willing to let go of his inhibitions or vanity to reach this level. Maybe Tae Woong is bringing out the best in him as an actor.

      • 21.3.1 houstontwin

        Sorry. I am talking, of course about Lee Jung Hyuk.

    • 21.4 ahha

      second you, jun hyuk can take up sth like twilight vampire character..i can imagine he is able to do it well..

      • 21.4.1 ahha

        imagine some cold blood, pale yet passionate with deep feelings vampire, how attractive…!!!

  22. 22 bishbash

    i think Sun Woo wanted to try the legal way first before doing it HIS way. ya know, being educated and whatnot. n probably it’s also a way to see how Jang Il will react while it was all being done the legal way.

    this drama totally ups the other two in the same time slot. TOTALLY.

  23. 23 SKH

    Very good episode. I saw this coming and I agree with you HeadsNo2, the scene between Soo Mi and Sun Woo was what I’d been waiting for. There was some real juice added to the mix and it’s only going to get better leading to a nice (hopefully satisfying) climax.

    I’ve already watched episode 18 and it confirmed what I intuited re Yong Bae’s end.

    This has become more engaging as the episodes evolved but what really runs like a red thread through most of the characters are that none of them want to take responsibility for their heinous actions or even motivations behind their actions – they all try to pass the bucket of their own vile and despicable actions (or lack thereof when they should have) with absolutely no backbone and a “I don’t give diddly squat about what this will do to someone else’s life” attitude – THAT is what is so striking and I feel, an underlying theme as to what the ‘moral tale’ and message of what this series is about. That it ends up not just destroying other people’s lives, but it ends up eventually biting you in the bum, pulling you into the abyss and hell of your own misdeeds even if you think you can escape your past.

    Sun Woo is everybody’s nemesis and ‘karma-in-action’, including his real dad, Chairman Jin, forcing everyone to LOOK (i.e., ‘see’) at themselves which they all – not surprisingly – try to avoid doing. As much as Sun Woo was unable to see BECAUSE of all the involved characters’ actions, he forces people to OPEN THEIR EYES to their own depravity and pitch dark ugly selfishness, which is fascinating to watch as the masks come off and the true ugly inner cores of these people are unveiled, episode by episode.

    Even Ji Won, the apparently ‘lame duck’ of the series beginning to show the darker side of herself and hinting that she might be even worse than Sun Woo if she lets go of her reserve, speaks VOLUMES, IMO. The water-in-the-face scene was brilliant and made up for Ji Won’s apparently ‘self-composed, dull, boring as dishwater’ previous acting. I think she’ll rev it up a little still – she certainly has plenty of scope to “get even” in the last two episodes.

    Soo Mi has lost the plot entirely, completely gone off the rails with her trying to talk herself out of why she betrayed Sun Woo on that fateful day by not helping him or coming to his rescue – she is complicit in Jang Il’s attempt to murder Sun Woo because she did not call for help when he was dropped into the ocean by Jang Il – the sole reason to have Jang Il ‘notice’ her in the best possible fashion – which has royally (and rightfully) backfired.

    Her father is no better either – a weakling only trying to save his own skin when Chairman Jin enters the room, unwilling to look beyond his own selfish need for self-preservation and why Sun Woo would “do this to him” (!). One has to be as thick as a brick to not ‘get’ why Sun Woo is acting the way he does… It’s coming nicely together and is pretty much going where I thought it would.

    Uhm Tae Wong is great in his main lead role and Lee Jun Hyuk is doing a very good job, too. This is one of the series where all the male characters are extremely well acted. Ji Won needs to bring in a bit more ‘oomph’ – it’s been a bit too soft – maybe it has to do with the writers not giving her much to do, which is a shame because she could have more to act on if her part were written more eloquently and would be more fleshed out.
    But nice job overall.

    The initial opening scene is Jang Il still refusing to take responsibility for his own F-ups and instead put it over on Chairman Jin by trying to kill him – not that doing so would therefore bring him any genuine relief…and Sun Woo, being who he is, knows it. That revenge, when taken to that extreme will only fall back on yourself which is why he’s trying to stop Jang Il from going the whole hog by shooting Chairman Jin, who happens to also be Sun Woos’ father.

    It’s Sun Woo who is the most mature character in every sense of the word – yes, he gets even with them but unlike Yong Bae, Soo Mi and and Jang Il, he has, what would be referred to as ‘the ultimate barrier of consciousness’ that keeps him from crossing the threshold from fury and rage to get even to actually killing (or helping to kill, as in Soo Mi’s case) a person and which keeps him from forever having to be haunted by the ghosts of his past deeds as the three afore-mentioned characters have undoubtedly been forced to because once that inhibition (to kill) has been ‘overcome’, there is no turning back. All of the characters mentioned above, have done so in varying degrees with Yon Bae and Chairman Jin ‘leading’ the pack.

    Sun Woo ‘sees’ in more ways than one – literally as well as metaphorically but the difference is, that he also ACTS on it – he is consistent with what he ‘sees’ because he understands that it only destroys one’s own life and everything one might have achieved and worked so hard for only to have it all fall apart or go up in flames and turn into ashes.

    • 23.1 houstontwin

      Excellent insights! I hadn’t thought about the blindness motiv, which, now that you mention it, is critical to the narrative.

  24. 24 houstontwin

    HeadsNo2, just as you said, that scene on the cliff has resonated throughout all the subsequent episodes. There are many shots of the back of the head – which seems to symbolize vulnerabily. And Jang Il’s nameplate doesn’t only reflect his ambition, but also the club that he used to strike down Sun Woo (or perhaps anyone else who gets in his way!).

  25. 25 dee

    thanx for recaping… this episode so intense and full of surprise…

  26. 26 SKH

    I find it interesting that everybody in this series is ‘blind’ to their own part of why they end up where they do whereas Sun Woo, who WAS literally blind, can ‘see’ through everybody’s BS.

    They all have their respective blind spot and Sun Woo can ‘see’ right through it.

    • 26.1 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      Excellent way to surmise their character flaws; blindness! Wow! They certainly are!

    • 26.2 mtoh


    • 26.3 Do-ra-ma

      Very astute!

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    okay, i gotta get to this. Avoided it because Rooftop was my focus. But…..well….curiosity looms. So yeah, gotta commit to this…+ start from episode 1.


    • 27.1 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      Be warned, nothing like Rooftop! There are some seriously intense moments! Moments you might be squeamish about (I still close my eyes during some parts!)

  28. 28 Sarah A.

    HeadsNo2, I just sped through the last 16 episodes of Equator Man’s recaps, and I’m super impressed by how well you write these. So, thank you! I’m usually not into revenge stories. Usually too gory for me, but after reading your recaps, I tuned into episodes 17 and 18, and while I think the drama is awesome, I think your recaps are really amazing too. Especially for someone who doesn’t like the main premise of revenge in the first place.

    This episode though was super intense for me. You mention watching that last scene through your fingers, and while I didn’t quite do that, I was still on the edge of my bed the entire time going “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.” It’s really telling that I was so into it given that I haven’t spent 16 hours watching and getting attached to these characters. So, thank you for writing these so well, and also, thank you for letting me watch something I normally wouldn’t watch.

  29. 29 JAN

    Mmm yes I agree that Sunwoo has feelings and all but I am so so annoyed by the fact that all these happened because of the super duper weird/tangled relationships among Sunwoo’s mom, Jin Nosik, Moon Taejoo and Kim Kyungpil.
    Without them, there will be no story though. Probably… I think Sunwoo takes things too far because he doesn’t know much about the tangled relationship while we omniscient audiences know. Hypothetically, if Sunwoo knew all these info, he probably wouldn’t be as harsh as he is now in the drama.

    I couldnt reconcile with the fact Sunwoo used force on Soomi. Just a big no-no. (Sorry for the very feminist thinking)

    While Sunwoo has went through the deepest shit in life, he forgot about the good things in life. Soomi and father visited him everyday at the hospital while he was in comatose. Soomi’s father admitted what he saw the night during Kyungpil’s death. Yongbae finally reveals he actually did see Jin Nosik fighting with Kyungpil. Most importantly, the help from Moon Taejoo. Some things might not be necessarily good but somehow it makes the situation better(things are much more clearer for Sunwoo to comprehend). Yet, Sunwoo just go straight on with his plans on revenge. How far can revenge go? What does he gain from all these revenge? Satisfaction? Not like all the bad people send him into the deepest shit in life and gave him no chance to come back fine. He is back fine. He can see(he isn’t blind anymore), he is capable. Yet it seems as if he wants to send everyone to their deaths. Just what’s the use? ‘An eye for an eye makes the world go blind’

    I believe when he knows Jin Nosik is his dad, Sunwoo will realize how he also crossed the line when executing his revenge.

    It’s not that I side Jangil(well… he is soooooooo attractive ah!) it’s just that everyone did wrong somehow along the course of the drama. I just can’t side anyone tbh but I feel like I hate Sunwoo so much lol I detest his dark side.

    About JangilxSoomi, yes I ship them so hard, knowing they will never be together… makes it so painful yet so fun to watch them not on good terms. Ha, call me sadist if you want!

    And I guess I wrote enough~ looking forward to read other people’s comments!

    • 29.1 mtoh

      This drama is good way to ask yourself; What would you do?! But be honest…
      Would you forget just like that…or better, would you forgive?.
      Knowing that you can destroy them.., you have money, means, reason and power…
      It’s hard!

      • 29.1.1 mtoh

        P.S. Everything what’s happening to others is forgettable, everything what’s happening to you is memorable.

    • 29.2 sarah

      I can understand him wanting revenge on jang-il and yong-bae,but not soo-mi and her dad.They were not involved in this,they just happened to be bystanders and why is it a big deal that soo-mi is taking jangil’s side on this matter?she’s been in love with him since they were kids so why would she put him in jail?If I was her I would do the same thing.I think that she wanted to destroy him at first but then she started to feel sorry for him when she saw how broken and messed up he has become because of what happened.I can totally understand her position and as for sun-woo using violence on her that was not okay I completely agree.I am siding with soomi and her dad because while they shouldn’t have lied they didn’t try to kill anyone.

    • 29.3 maeri

      I would be more understanding and sympathetic towards soo-mi if she at least cared about sun-woo.
      I understand why she took jang-il’s side she has seen his regret and remorse like in the scene where he knelt down in front of her in her gallery.She can see through jang-il’s exterior and plus the fact that she has crazily loved/been obsessed with him with him for years,it’s not a surprise she so easily sided with him,but sun-woo had been kind to her when no one else was and she just used him and didn’t even care about him when has was blind,that is low and unforgivable.

  30. 30 SKH

    Jan, I can tell you did not read mine. It explains a lot of the ‘questions’ you have as to what drives Sun Woo.

  31. 31 Arhazivory

    Finally got to watch the episode and wow…it was intense. His confrontation with Su-Mi was so awesome and the way he’s pitting everybody against each other is epic. I almost had hope that Jang-Il would apologize but not even the threat of death can make him into a nice guy.

    Excellent. Thanks for the recap Heads. lol…because of you I was anticipating greatness and I certainly got it with this episode.

  32. 32 JAN

    Briefly read through SKH’s comment…

    I agree Sunwoo will not kill anyone in the drama, I just hate his excessive amount of confidence and determination to execute his revenge.

    I have a little more to say but I gotta go for now

    • 32.1 Aliah

      SW revenge is going a bit too far. TOO FAR.

      Yes, JI has done something wrong, but it feels like he’s bearing the brunt of everything. Damn, if I were him I would have gone to the asylum. But maybe SW’s revenge is to drive JI crazy?

      Chairman JIN is one hell of a villian. He’s like a reincarnation of a devil. (But with the big reveal at the endof ep 18, I don’t see that SW will be able to exact his revenge on him).

      I think SW might drive himself back to blindless and also straight to madness.

      • 32.1.1 SKH

        “I think SW might drive himself back to blindless and also straight to madness.”

        No he won’t. He’s the one who will keep Jang Il from shooting Chairman Jin. Watch the first episode and you’ll see SW stopping JI at the last minute.

  33. 33 malta

    Great episode…incredibly intense. The rooftop scene was so intense, but the ending was the first time I was screaming, NO SUN WOO, DON’T DO IT!” Before I was always rooting him on…I’m scared for the dark places he is going to. I want him to get revenge, but not by becoming a killer himself. Now that we are getting to the end I’m wondering how the initial scene in the drama fits into all this. The one where Jang Il has a gun held up to Jin No Sik…

    Also I think my wish that Ji Won would become more of a fleshed out character won’t actually happen. Everyone around her is doing something, but she is just there doing…nothing. I know she’s Sun Woo’s support system, but her story arc and character arc have been kinda lacking…That is probably my only criticism of this show. And a small one at that.

    Stellar episode though. Can’t wait till I have time to watch 18. Unfortunately, can’t do it tonight.

  34. 34 MEalways

    Maybe, Ji Won actually lives up to her part. Whereas, there already so many twisted characters here in the drama, she emphasize a strong, right, subdue, silent character whom you can hold on to or lean when things go crazy.

    To make a really stark contrast with Soo Mi.
    And it’s not that easy to act like that, where you get to the back of the picture and disappear easily. People tend to forget you.

    In the real life, I will always can really rely to someone like her. The one who keeps sane and knows when to speak or when just to listen to us. The one who won’t act drastically but when she/he speaks or acts it almost always put the thing on the right perspective.

    You rarely find that someone in real life.

    To HeadsNo2, thank you.

    • 34.1 Nida

      Tha’s exactly the feeling I get from Her. She seems like the only person who can keep sun-woo grounded. You know how in stories when the hero lets himself go and his evil side takes over him to The point that he acts like a differet person but there’s this one person whose voice can reach him And bring him out of the darkness. To me, that’s ji won. But an added layer to ji won’s character is that she is even more capAble to let HER evil side take over her conscience which is something you don’t necessarily find in stories.

  35. 35 Nida

    Three words: mind blown away!

  36. 36 HallyuFan32

    is it weird to say that i hate the fact that i don’t love this show as much as you do? i mean, you write VERY well and it’s so convincing………but i can’t love this show at all, and it makes me sad for some reason. but i will say that i love your recaps. they’re very honest and in the moment. i’m glad you had a moment with a show you enjoy. those are always the best!


    • 36.1 NewKDramaAddict

      That’s quite alright. No need to apologize. There are a lot of shows that people loved that I did not (Dream High, and part deux comes to mind). So its not expected that everyone loves the same thing. But glad you like the recaps! I do too!

  37. 37 jessly

    I finally got round to watching this episode and now reading your recap, and wow was this episode smashing. Man duels ftw. I kinda of was in limbo with the previous episodes, and now feels sorta rewarded at least with this episode. Thanks for the recap!

  38. 38 okiejune

    Thank you so much for the recaps HeadsNo2, and thanks for all the comments too. I’m watching the last 4 episodes tonight, and can’t explain to my family why I’m gasping so much while I’m watching this episode. I really appreciate knowing there are many people going through the same thing!

  39. 39 마리나

    I maybe alone here but I feel sorry for soo-mi,her younger self was very likeable and it just seems like the writer is forcing us to hate her character now so that we like the main girl more whom I have never warmed up to since she is useless and does not affect the plot in anyway.Regarding soo-mi I don’t understand why she is getting treated so horribly by jang-il.Let’s see he stood her up on their date when they were younger after he found out that she wasn’t the rich daughter and he has been treating her horribly ever since.OK well if he is supposed to be a classist bastard then can someone please tell why jiwon gets better treatment from him when all her family fortune is long gone?He even went through the trouble of paying for her mom’s hospital bills.That to me is beyond cruel and unreasonable.He has been treating her like trash long before she has threatened him with her paintings she didn’t do anything bad to him prior to that,Just WTF this is so not fair!!!!As for sunwoo I don’t like him at all(I mean the adult one)and I know that soomi betrayed him but him grabbing her wrist and throwing her like that was uncalled for.Violence against women is never justified. I don’t see why he is mad at her for not helping him when jangil tried to murder him,well most people would not intervene if they witnessed something like that(not saying it’s right)but besides during the flashback of her being there she wasn’t that close to them and it all happened so fast how could she have stopped it from happening?And we are supposed to believe that the only thing she thought about that moment is not getting jangil in to trouble and painting the whole murder scene as a method to keep him when all he did for her was hold an umbrella once?Not realistic or believable in the slightest.But anyway the only bad thing she did in my opinion is painting the murder scene but her not getting involved or contacting the police when she saw him getting hit does not make her deserve revenge truthfully if I was young and seen something like that happen so suddenly I might react the same way.
    *Sighs* It’s a shame that such a potentially great character is reduced to A bitchy secondary girl who we are forced to dislike because the writer is too lazy to go deeper into her story.I really did like her in the beginning but I don’t even feel like i’m looking at the same character anymore.I blame the bad writing and the actress they chose for the role,they should’ve stuck with park si yeon she would’ve been great for this role,and she looks more like the younger soomi too.All in all this drama is so not worth watching the beginning is good but too many plot inconsistencies like soomi saying she started painting after the day she witnessed jangil’s attempted murder when we saw that she liked painting before that,and her running around looking for sunwoo after she saw what happened.
    All I can say is that I’m very disappointed with the many unexplored areas we could’ve gone to in this drama.

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