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Running Man: Episode 92
by | May 6, 2012 | 42 Comments

If you don’t mind your jjajangmyun bowl taking all day to be delivered, you can put in an order at the Running Man Restaurant. Careful it doesn’t come with a side dish of betrayal and make sure to wash that down with a tall glass of hijinks.

EPISODE 92. Broadcast on April 29, 2012.

Five seconds in and already Kwang-soo gets a beatdown about getting overly enthusiastic. Haha reminds him that it’s been nearly 2 years with the undertone that he should get how RM runs now.

Rubbing salt into the wound, Jae-suk recalls the Hyungnim Race and blames him for the abbreviated air time because they were teamed up together. Jong-kook jumps in that he’ll put him to use. Or put him in a time-out corner for half a day if you ask me.

Big Nose Hyung mines Kwang-soo too, but in so doing, makes Ji-hyo spill her coffee on her bosom. Kwang-soo immediately turns to help with good intentions, but the hyungs flare up at the inappropriate gesture. Rough start for the Giraffe. Kwang-soo: “[I only helped] ‘Cause she’s like family…”

The cast start tossing out ideas about who today’s guests might be, using their attire and current location at Chinatown as clues. Haha deduces that given recent weeks, they’re bound to have girl idols grace them with their presence.

Figuring that it’s not likely the RM staff would be THAT generous (a safe assumption I’d say), they lazily trudge towards the doors they’re instructed to wait outside of. Suk-jin: “I liked the hyungs!”

SpartAce and Haroro get a dud (Hi maknae FD!) while Jae-suk and Gary suspect they’ll end up with a gorgeous guest, like Suzy from idol group MissA. So they’re completely baffled to see a man greet them from the other side: actor Chun Jung-myung (Man of Honor, Cinderella’s Sister).

Gary blusters that Jung-myung’s actually pretty as Jae-suk butters the staff up that he’s best buddies with Jung-myung.

In the next room, however, another mystery guest whispers, “Call Suzy over here quick!” Flustered, he proposes whether he should dress up like a woman. What? So you can fulfill their desires for a female guest?

Outside, the Easy Brothers ready themselves to greet their guest. Once the doors open, both parties are equally frozen in shock and disappointment at the sight of the other. If you haven’t figured it out yet, say hello to Park Jin-young, or JYP.

He’s so wonderfully earnest from what we’ve previously seen, admitting that he was quaking in his shoes, afraid that they’d be disheartened by seeing him: “You wanted a female guest and at least Jung-myung is pretty!” Kwang-soo adds that he even blurted out an apology as soon as they saw each other. Super pop mogul afraid of what the Running Man think?

The cast asks JYP to sing a few bars of his new single. Then Haha basically rips him a new one when JYP’s voice cracks (not enough almonds in the morning?) telling him, “It’s half-singing and half-breathing,” a common criticism he dishes out on K-Pop Star.

And they run that clip between the two shows – it’s both hilarious and humiliating when your own criticism is slapped back in your face like that.

Woah, I had no idea that Jung-myung appeared on X-Man either. Jae-suk refers to his days as Mr. Kkong ’cause he used to hold lots of grudges back then. You’d think that it’d be a nickname he’d like to forget, but then he recalls the exact year. Dude, you miss it.

Anyway, today’s race is a Jjajangmyun Race where the winner is the first team who delivers their customer’s order. The prize? Gold chopsticks.

Everyone chows down rather happily and Jae-suk is at unease, thinking it odd the staff would just let them eat. But an order comes in and they race to grab the phone.

JYP picks up the call and has a hard time hearing the garbled voice on the line. He repeats just to clarify (to his teammates Sssh!s) and make sure to pick up a jjajangmyun before they head out.

Jong-kook confirms the location all like, Okay got it. Let me write it down on my fancy schmancy LG Optimus Vu! Helllloo product placement!

The restaurant’s phone rings nearby and Gary picks up, ready to take the order, when Jung-myung shows him the LG phone that’s actually for them.

Haha playfully pretends to rip off Jung-myung’s name tag, which nearly scares the bejesus out of him. He simply smiles, “Oh, so this is what it’s like! You can’t be careless!” No, no you can’t.

I love it when RM gets guests who are unfamiliar with the show’s format as the Easy Brothers try to convince JYP that their “Feel! Touch! Cross!” catchphrase is super popular. Pffffftt.

JYP adds his own little spin and the guys laugh over how his voice squeaks again: “sPEed!”

Jung-myung shares that he’s still very much Mr. Kkong, citing that his competitive nature is so strong that he’d even refuse to shake hands with his opponent after a jujitsu match. And then he’s like, “I realized the importance of shaking hands!” as if it was some great revelation.

Jae-suk points out he sure didn’t act so merciful earlier to Haha, mimicking an elbowing gesture.

SpartAce and Haroro belatedly realize they’ve got the real noodles (whereas the other team are currently delivering fakes) but their happy faces grow dim when Mr. PD informs them that they’ve forgotten the wooden chopsticks. Uh-oh.

No worries, though – they can pick ’em up at the next mini-mission. ‘Cause God forbid that you just swing by a convenience store. Heh.

They arrive at their wooden chopsticks detour stop which is right by the ocean. The mission here is to identify an object inside the metal delivery box. Problem is, it’s too far to correctly discern the item. However many ‘steps’ or ‘moves’ they make equate to that number in mm. Suk-jin: “100 steps = 100 mm?” and JYP chirps, “That’s 10 cm!”

Myuk PD slides open the lid for less than 2 seconds and closes it. He’s like, you saw it right? Dumbfounded faces greet him back. He’s having wwwayy too much fun at their expense.

After all the teams shout out wrong answers (JYP’s crew gets shut down for failure to answer quick enough), Kwang-soo thrusts his team flag in frustration. It breaks and they scramble to stick the broken pieces back into the sand. HA.

In any case, it’s dancing time to JYP’s former hit “Elevator.” They all look like they’re legitimately having fun. SpartAce’s team churns out some impressive numbers (it only gets them about a meter) as well as Jung-myung’s team.

HA – JYP starts whining about how you’re supposed to dance with the beat. He points out his 130 and declares, “Any number higher than this meant they were off-beat!” But it’s not as sad as Kwang-soo’s pathetic 36.

Is utilizing Kwang-soo’s tall stature to your advantage a display of your need of efficiency? After another dance time filled with blocking others’ dance moves and a shot of Kwang-soo’s solo to a seagull, they weigh in.

Gary’s team guesses the item (ramyun) correctly, even grabbing the real chopsticks to boot. Then Mr. PD calls in again – this time, the customer wants lots of danmuji. So it’s off to a boat ride to acquire yet another item.

Back on the beach, JYP’s team’s faces fall after choosing fake chopsticks. I love how instead of yelling at each other, they just sigh, “JYP don’t pick anymore.”

What’s impressive, however, is that JYP makes up a short theme song for the Easy Brothers: “We’re Easy, but we’re not easy. We’re going to win today.”

The fog settles in at Muuido and Gary asks the questions I’ve been wondering as well: “Why is it so tiring to deliver one measly bowl of jjajangmyun?!” The mini-mission here is pretty absurd as well: Find 2 matching items while one team member submerges their head underwater.

The more I watch, the more I realize that Jung-myung’s been paired up pretty well with Jae-suk. The nation’s MC does a great job of making whatever his guest said interesting and uses their unique qualities as entertainment.

Case in point: Jung-myung simply laughs at the mission, taking it all in at face value and Jae-suk reminds him that he can’t be that innocent when it comes to Running Man. Staff be ruthless fo sho.

HAHAHA – the “Under the Sea” soundtrack is so appropriate here. Jae-suk doesn’t last very long and JYP’s team comes waltzing in bragging about their new single “Easy Brothers” Gary admits it’s cool but it basically falls apart when JYP isn’t singing it.

The others tease JYP from the sidelines and Jung-myung just bristles his feathers by calling him, “Yangjangpi” which uses the letters of his name and refers to a cold vegetable salad. He lasts nearly 2 minutes (!!) before coming back up for air.

Kwang-soo jokes that he didn’t last THAT long and JYP squeaks again, “Then YOU do it!”

Heh. When Jong-kook goes under, his face is so ridiculous the captions read: “Jjang-gu?” like the famous cartoon character. But a little prod from Kwang-soo is enough for the tiger to surface again and snap at the giraffe.

*sigh* Oh Easy Brothers, when will you ever learn? They spend most of their time swinging around and around because they didn’t link themselves properly. Lesson? JYP can hold his breath for a while.

Jae-suk interprets Jong-kook’s respect not to distract each other anymore as exclusively towards him which means he has the full freedom to annoy his other teammates and chases after them. But the Ace doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior and whacks him away.

Despite the other team’s best efforts, the SpartAce team finishes first anyway. They pick the real danmuji and Mr. PD informs them of an added caveat to their delivery – they need 3 Running Man stickers in order to get paid. Jeez, like it wasn’t hard enough as it is.

Oh, Jung-myung you were soooo close!!! Jae-suk and Gary crumple to the ground, shouting that it was like a scene straight from a movie. Jung-myung responds, “How’d I do? Did I bring the scene to life?” You can say that.

To make matters worse, it happens AGAIN, victory snubbed at the last moment because Jung-myung bursts into laughter. In a happy-go-lucky voice full of pride, he says, “I lasted 10 more seconds! I laughed because I imagined you two running towards me!”

Jae-suk reminds him that they were the first ones who got here, remember? Yeah, but you also screamed out, “We’re HERE!!!” like 200 feet away. Third time’s the charm (I held my breath when Jung-myung almost came up for air again) and they snort at the danmuji-like sliced lemon.

The teams travel across the bridge to hide their real food items and acquire their needed stickers. The SpartAce and JYP teams run into each other and establish an alliance. Haha makes it a point to inform JYP of RM’s Betrayal Mascot: Kwang-soo.

Jung-myung points him out right away and they pounce on him like the easy prey he is. But Suk-jin and JYP hold poor Gary hostage. They have good reason to be nervous, since Gary holds their sticker. Thankfully, they do a fair and safe exchange for their respective hostages.

Meanwhile, SpartAce and Haroro keep watch.

JYP’s team decides that they need a fake alliance to take out the stronger team (Jong-kook’s) and ever the betrayer, Kwang-soo adds that it’s the perfect time to eliminate Spartakooks.

But Jung-myung and his hyungs come racing down the hill, being chased by Jong-kook and his team. Jung-myung instinctively crouches to a jujitsu stance that everyone mocks.

Jung-myung jumps down and faces off against Jong-kook. It quickly escalates to this confusing brawl where JYP hovers over Jong-kook… and Suk-jin gets eliminated. But Big Nose Hyung accepts the anti-climactic elimination in leisure and announces the real start to the game.

Just because he’s out, however, doesn’t mean he can’t dole out advice to his teammates. Jong-kook relates it to the team’s guardian angel (in jail?) or like that annoying kid who keeps talking after he’s killed off in Mafia.

Looks like those jujitsu moves come in handy, wrapping his foot around Jong-kook’s. Too bad things are so jumbled in the mob that it’s ineffective.

Aww, Jung-myung is so adorably excited about the game that he keeps asking, when are we gonna go against them? I wanna go fight ’em! Hahaha.

It’s damn near impossible to fool Jong-kook, however, because as they try to lure him in, he asks from a distance: “The guy behind the wall – is that Jung-myung or Gary?” Well, sort of, because it’s Kwang-soo’s shadow (he’d been trying to sneak up on Jae-suk this entire time).

Even all of that, down to Kwang-soo’s feigned surprise is an elaborate plan to catch Jae-suk. But Gary goes after Kwang-soo while Haha aims for Jae-suk and in the aftermath, SpartAce and Haha make a break for it.

AHAHAHA – Poor Jung-myung attempts to sneak attack the other teams, but the door’s firmly locked and when he finally jumps across to the other side, his other team members are already eliminated.

So he’s got no choice but to ally with JYP. Their target? Jong-kook.

The new alliance gets their target cornered and attacks. Ji-hyo jumps in against JYP, but loses, handing over their sticker.

This leaves Jong-kook in a more vulnerable state as all three zero in on him. Then suddenly Kwang-soo’s hand firmly grasps onto Jung-myung’s back…and he’s out.

There’s got to be a reason for his betrayal right? Haha baited him with a message that if he betrayed his alliance, he in turn would take out Jong-kook. And you believed that?! Silly traitor.

And JYP just throws up his hands in disbelief, “Why’d he do it?! I don’t get it!” Jung-myung sits in his chair in jail, sighing that there were a plethora of ways the situation could have been more entertaining. HA – are you an amateur variety producer on the side?

JYP has a heart-to-heart with Kwang-soo not to betray his own and he simply just nods along. I dunno… Incriminating Kwang-soo can get pretty ruthless with the right kind of bait.

Well I think that threat of, “You see that tiger hide over there? You don’t want to end up like that, right?” should keep you safe.

They lure Jong-kook and Haha out to the beach and JYP proposes that they pit Haha vs. Kwang-soo. Wait, is this going to be like last time?

It takes a few taunts, but Haroro steps to meet his match. Kwang-soo starts off, feigning concern that there’s broken glass… PUAHAHAHA. It’s so much better than they’re last match ’cause they basically twirl around and around, neither stronger than the other.

After what seems like forever and a day, Kwang-soo rips off Haha’s name tag.

But that leaves him open for Spartakooks to hunt. So JYP bolts to save his teammate and rips off Jong-kook’s name tag which secures the victory for his team.

On the other end of the beach, Haha cries, “I lost! To the Giraffe!”


42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. oi

    thanks for your recap 🙂
    was fun
    haven’t had time to watch RM for a while now
    hope to catch up soon

  2. jossy

    wooo~ double JYP goodness, thanks for the recap gummimochi! now I have a new found respect for jyp, well more than I did before anyway lol.
    but I can never erase him and his plastic pants, from my mind, EVER.

  3. sjkwifey

    JYP was epic in this episode, he is so cool and I’m glad that he won because he tried so hard in the games.

  4. foxs

    Betrayer KwangSoo

  5. dls

    thanks for the recap!!!
    JYP is visiting all variety show?
    Anyway, all the games to deliver jjajangmyun here are so funny.

  6. danielkim90

    yeah surprised how strong JYP is!
    Also really thought the yellow team blew their chance to win when Gwang Soo betrayed and took off the name tag off of Jung Myung, but glad to see the yellow team pull off the victory.

  7. Anao

    I was so annoyed with Kwang Soo this episode, I though the yellow team was going to lose due to his betrayal.

    • 7.1 rainbow

      Me too. I usually sympathize with him but this episode had me nodding on why all the running men get annoyed with kwangsoo. Even JYP threw his hands up. Which is probably why he offered Kwangsoo for the 1 on 1 with HaHa.

    • 7.2 aramint

      I was like, “what the….???!!!” when Jung Myung was out because of Kwang Soo, as I was expecting another epic match between Jung Myung and Jong Kook. Sigh…

      • 7.2.1 gg

        yea, kwangsoo was really annoying by interrupting a potentially good match between Jung Myung and Jong Kook!!!

        • lyra

          he deserved that “I think he’s stupid” remark from CJM lol

        • Daisy

          I still don’t really understand Why he did that! He should’ve not done it since he is the guest he should’ve atleast let him have another match with Jong Kook for more air time!

    • 7.3 whatis

      right on! He has gotten increasingly annoying lately… I totally sympathized with him before… but just these past few episodes. Argggh.

    • 7.4 gummimochi

      I hear you! I love Kwang-soo because he’s such a cutie, but it’s apparent that he’s milking his character to be a pushover with an undercurrent of betrayal for all that it’s worth. So I don’t enjoy it as much when it’s obvious. I rather much enjoy his “What?!” when he’s caught in an unfair situation. 🙂

      • 7.4.1 xiaoSxin

        I think we can just call it his “Variety Role/Character”. Actors are very different on varieties bec although there is no actual script, there is a format and structure each one follows. And each member of a variety knows they need to be entertaining and play a role in order to keep enough footage to tell a story of their missions.

        But I think variety shows tend to draw out the real personalities of actors too. Now that for me is interesting, bec it becomes the real thing, even for a few moments.

        • Cynthia

          Have to agree, here.

          This is a long-running show, and I’m sure the individual members really want their personalities to stand out, one way or another. Jae-suk developed his Grasshopper persona, SpartaKooks, his – well, SpartaKooks stuff, Kwang Soo glommed onto the traitor aspect (which must be more manly for him than the craven coward act he was wearing until recently) and HaHa is the team Romeo. Ji-ho isn’t going to change, but I’ll be looking for Gary to find a new way to attract attention. As for BigNose Hyung, I never did get why he was a team member to begin with.

          The problem with these newly developed personality traits is that now we’ll find them used ad nauseum – kind of like when SpartaKooks was always winning. It gets irritating and boring because it’s so predictable.

  8. Naddie

    Hee, this ep was OK. I’m looking forward to the next one, judging by the previews. I still think RM is strongest when it’s just the cast, but given the right guests, they could be downright hilarious.

  9. momogi

    Yay, multidose of JYP! thanks dramabeans!

  10. 10 Swye

    I really can’t figure Soo-mi out. What goes on in that girl’s head?

    • 10.1 Swye

      Whoops. Wrong window. LOL

  11. 11 Unnursvana

    I liked JYP and Jung Myung a lot, they were pretty strong guests. Gwangsoo, which I normally like annoyed me so much when he took out Jung Myung. I was basically like “but he could actually take out Jong Kook, what were you thinking Gwangsoo”

    Thankfully JYP was able to save the day, I thought the 1 on 1 with Haha and Gwangsoo was a pretty good idea, I wonder if JYP had planed it out that if Gwangsoo would win, then Jong Kook would attack him and then he could attack Jong Kook.

  12. 12 DAEBAK

    Is it weird..i was extremely happy and screaming of happiness when kwangsoo won hehee ^^,no matter how he got his victory,the fact that he won this episode made me so glad.Basically,seeing him looking happy and not pitiful for once was great.
    But i gotta say kwangsoo gets easily manipulated,if he didnt listen to Haha,he wouldnt have ripped jung-myung’s nametag off. Oh well,great episode. Next episode is featuring Suzy 9and for 2 episodes),i know 1 guy who’s gonna be extremely happy ^_- —>> Hararo —-<<

  13. 13 DAEBAK

    Is it weird..i was extremely happy and screaming of happiness when kwangsoo won hehee ^^,no matter how he got his victory,the fact that he won this episode made me so glad.Basically,seeing him looking happy and not pitiful for once was great.
    But i gotta say kwangsoo gets easily manipulated,if he didnt listen to Haha,he wouldnt have ripped jung-myung’s nametag off. Oh well,great episode. Next episode is featuring Suzy *and for 2 episodes),i know 1 guy who’s gonna be extremely happy ^_- —>> Hararo —-<<

  14. 14 Lilian

    This would have been considered a good episode if not for the previous episode which was just plain daebak! But all in all, my fav guest was definitely JYP as he gave us some pretty good moments with the Easy brothers song and the advice to Kwang soo.

  15. 15 swui

    I couldn’t believe Kwangsoo tore Jung-myung’s tag off…issshhh. That was a lousy decision. They could’ve outed spartakooks. I wanted to see Jung-myung vs spartakooks…

    Btw, Haha is officially the weakest in RM now? LOL

    • 15.1 keke

      i agree, i so wanted to see a one on one match between cjm and spartakooks at the end.

      i think it is a foolish thing haha did.

      a cjm and spartkooks match off would increase the rating 10 folds

      i am surprised cjm is nearly or is as strong as spartkooks though.

  16. 16 LK

    I thought Jung-myung’s laugh was quite scary lol.

  17. 17 Lise

    Does JM ever age?!! And he is such a cutie, totally impossible to wipe that constant grin off his face!

  18. 18 Noelle

    LOL@ almond comment.

    JYP should do 1N2D!

    • 18.1 Cynthia

      I doubt that his compulsive OCD habits could tolerate 1N2D.

  19. 19 Jackie

    I was so looking forward to the Jong Kook/Jung Myung match at the end…alas, Gwang Soo…I love him, but he really made me mad at what he did!

    overall, solid episode. Lots of funny moments, but the one that stuck out the most to me was Suk Jin as the ‘guardian angel’ hahaha. Love the angel wings and cloud effects they added in!

  20. 20 bd

    Didn’t think the Jjajangmyun Race concept was a success.

    The best (and funniest) parts were the intro and the “epic battle” btwn Kwangvatar and Haroro for the title of “the weakest.”

    As for the guests, JYP brought a lot of earnestness and enthusiasm and Jung-myung brought his smirk, along w/ the knowledge that cheating is the norm in RM (based on delaying putting his face into the water basin until the very last moment); too bad the games were a bit subpar and not exactly conducive towards funny bits.

    And Gary really does have some unusual talents.

    The boys are going to their wish when Suzy, Gyuri and other female idols show up for the next ep.

  21. 21 Bosskow

    Settle down peeps Kwangsoo is just playing his part I really really enjoy this episode it so funny especially when Jaesuk and Gary keep on falling in the sand coz the cute actor cant hol his breath these ep is Daebak! if Kwangsoo didnt tear off the actors tag its a disadvantage to them coz hus not on his theme. The way I See it the writer of the show twist the story to betrayal bec it wud be more fun and exciting! If not Haha and Kwangsoo would not do the weird but super goofy twirl hehehe these episode makes me laugh rolling all over the floor Awesome wish they wud do these kind of stuff more its more funny when big celebrities guysss do the RM sorry but most of the girl idol episodes is just boring maybe if they get 1 boy and 1 girl idol not too many like partners it really makes the show lame wish they wud do a split two themes like they did before and run like there is no tomorrow and I missed the punishment put it back pls

  22. 22 mingtsai

    i enjoyed thi episode.. some of my favorites were:

    when Gary answers the real phone call back at the restaurant and it was CJM who saw the mobile phone… ROFL!

    when Sukjin and JYP were holding Gwangsoo’s arms so he can lean a bit more during their chopsticks detour.. and then the support gave and Gwangsoo found his face supplanted on the ground.. ^^

    when Sukjin was the first one eliminated and he just took it astride and called that the race has now started.. which was i think a call back to (was it) the previous episode… (i love that sukjin slowly but surely grows on you as time passes)

    when Gary and Jaesuk literally collapsed on the sand because CJM wasn’t able to hold his breath any longer.. they were so close!!!

    i think that Gwangsoo is just trying to play his role as the betrayer to the letter so although i wanted to hit him when he took CJM out, my next thought was ‘what did you expect from the icon of betrayal?’ hehe…

    love RM so much!!! ^^

  23. 23 Kim Yoonmi

    Funny that people like Gwangsoo better when he is losing, but I kinda feel relieved that he’s finally catching up… also earning a new title “Betrayer” Gwangsoo.

    I do want that MP3 song though… the Easy Brothers song. I found it entertaining.

    • 23.1 Ani

      I know right? I mean, Yoo Jaesuk did the same thing to Choi Minsoo when they were teaming up to take out Kim Jongkook. No one complained then, so why now? I think people should NOT be surprised. This is RUnning Man for goodness sake, betrayal runs amok. No allegiance lasts. I say it’s about time Kwangsoo stepped up and just did what he thought he needed to do to win. Was it smart? I don’t know, but he still won, so it’s quite a moot question.

      People need to layoff the poor guy. He’s earned his win. Let him bask in his glory.

  24. 24 Gerald

    I agree completely Kwangsoo is just playing his role I dont want to see him always out its nice to see him betray someone bec Jihyo always do that but nobody complain even Jaesuk I want the easy brothers to be sneaky tricky brothers I definitely think that Haha shd have tear off Kwangsoo tag but he didnt so JYp could win they always makes the guests win its fine as long as the guests is fun I like guests like these its much more funny than a boring girl idols dont you think? I dunno whats the hype on Suzy yeah shes pretty she looks exactly like Eun Hye I cannot believe how they look they look like cloones yah did she gets a plastic surgery? Bec I think alot of new actress looks so like Eun Hye its scary and I feel that it is so unfair to copy someones face almost exactly even twins doesnt look exactly the same.

  25. 25 Bunso

    I love love these episode sooooo freakin hilarious I watched it 3x KwAnGsoo Fighting yeah its time for him to be a traitor and Juksin too I agree I want to see the punishment for the team who losts just like before and the team who win I want them to put it to charity dang they have lots of money give them to the poor its much more better or make the viewers happy

  26. 26 noi

    i really really… like REALLY love the episodes. i haven’t laughed that much until this episode. this one is hilarious, and i felt the sense of familiarity from old episodes where the guests aren’t shoved to viewers like crazy. this episode’s theme isn’t that great but both guests are good and they blended well with the members~ and chun jun myung. omg i really like him~~~ he’s really hilarious and really cuuuu~~te >/////////<

  27. 27 noi

    /continued. the previous one got cut.
    and yeah. seriously. this is what i longed from running man. GOOD GUEST!!! LEGIT GAME!!!! FAIR SHARE OF AIRTIME!!! i loved the fact that CJM and JYP weren’t shoved on our face like crazy, getting easy win (something that recently happened too often in running man, esp with female guests). instead, they left deeper impression by blended with the casts well and doing their best despite the result. omg i’m gonna follow chun jungmyung more now~~~ >////<

  28. 28 yoosa

    so happy for Kwangsoo! JYP was a pretty cool guest, i definitely liked him more after wathing this ep.
    although i’m not pleased at all with silly betrayer Kwangsoo ripping off Jung Myung’s tag but hey, others have won using even dirtier tricks so i’ll just let that slide and enjoy his rare victory anyway 🙂

  29. 29 Phenomenon Predictor

    You all just too obsessed with running man..that makes you all want what it want to be..just let this show running spontaneously which is that will make us laugh until our mouth stop functioning for a while.hahaha

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