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Big: Episode 3
by | June 11, 2012 | 185 Comments

Ah, the story reveals another twist, and this one I like very much, because it counters what seemed like a conventional setup in Episode 2. The Hong sisters are best when they’re flouting convention, so I’m glad that the story turns in a different direction (even though bitchy Other Lady maintains the Hongs’ tradition for distasteful second lead ladies). On the upside, Suzy makes her entrance as a delightfully quirky addition. It’s like Hye-mi Bot turns fangirl, with hints of an interesting (?) backstory. I hope.


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When Other Woman Se-young throws her arms around Dr. Yoon-jae and declares that she loves him, Kyung-joon finds out that his host body was a cheating cheater who cheats. “You son of a bitch,” he mutters to himself, just as the fiancée appears.

Da-ran misses the exchange and Se-young smoothly transitions into friend mode, inviting herself in for a cup of tea. She then gets rid of Da-ran by asking her to buy cookies to go with that tea and Da-ran, pushover that she is, cheerfully goes running.

Kyung-joon tries to shoot her looks that say, “Don’t go! Save me!” She doesn’t pick up the hint so he throws an arm around her, telling Se-young pointedly, “We want to be alone. You go!” Haha. He’s hilariously awkward in this role and his wording is juvenile, but I love him for being so direct.

On the other hand, oblivious Da-ran thinks Kyung-joon is just being rude and mutters for him to be nice to Yoon-jae’s friend. Kyung-joon ignores her and tells Se-young that if she wants cookies so badly, then she can just go and buy them, “And eat them ALL BY YOURSELF.” Oh, I luff him.

Da-ran is determined to be the polite hostess and tries to go to buy the cookies anyway, so Kyung-joon does the only thing he can think of to stop her: He picks her up.

Carrying Da-ran princess-style, he stops to tell Se-young firmly, “We won’t eat cookies. So go.” The ladies are both slack-jawed, so he makes it even clearer: “You’re so dense. I said I want to be alone with my fiancée. So, friend, go away!”

Kyung-joon lets her down once they’re back in the apartment. She darts off to fix his blunder, so he grabs her to prevent her from going. She bites him.

Kyung-joon tells her that Yoon-jae was two-timing with that other woman; Se-young hugged him and said she loved him. He’s all proud of himself, but Da-ran treats him like a little kid—was he worried about Teacher? Aw, isn’t he a sweet little boy. She assures him that her fiancé isn’t what he thinks, dismissing his concerns like he’s conjured them out of thin air. Or rather, like his hormones have conjured them; she informs him that skinship isn’t always an “erotic” occurrence, you know.

Kyung-joon gives it one more try, saying that Mr. Body wasn’t a nice guy. She says he is, and he sighs, giving up. Now she looks at the bite mark on his arm and apologizes for marring his skin, but Kyung-joon grits out, “Are you only worrying about the shell? ‘Cause the one who dealt with the pain was ME.”

Da-ran asks for him to repeat the “I love you” from earlier, wanting to relive the moment of Yoon-jae’s body telling her those words. He takes her face in his hands and says, “I do NOT love Gil Da-ran.” He points out that neither of them knows what Yoon-jae was really going to tell her; there’s no guarantee he was going to vow his love.

He tells her that since he’s such a kid, he’ll stay out of adult affairs from now on, and leaves huffily. The comment is enough of a reality check to make Da-ran wonder what Yoon-jae really did mean to tell her that day of the accident.

Kyung-joon exits, only to find that Se-young has been waiting outside all this time. She says she made her love confession because she could feel that he was hesitating over his marriage because of her: “After all, you didn’t return what I gave you.”

He remembers her referring to “it” but has no clue what it is, so he asks if “that thing” is so special. Se-young clutches her apartment key and says that obviously it is. She tells him she’ll give him a ride to their usual place, and he goes along.

That turns out to be a fancy bar, where Kyung-joon coolly takes a shot of whiskey, then reacts in pain. The bartender refills their shot glasses, and he hilariously gives it an anguished look, mouthing, “No…” Drinking’s not so fun when it burns a hole through your belly, is it?

Da-ran comes home to find her family preparing wedding invitations. She starts to say that she can’t send those invitations out just now…. and gets three sets of alarmed eyes fixated on her. She can’t muster the nerve, and instead makes a lame joke about how it’s nighttime so obviously they can’t mail them out.

Mom wonders why her fiancé was calling her “Gil Teacher” earlier, and asks if it’s a couple endearment—you know, like she’s his teacher in love or something. Da-ran jumps on that and agrees, and Mom sighs that it was so nice seeing them today, all comfortable with each other and finally seeming like a couple ready for marriage.

Da-ran reads between the lines and asks if that means they didn’t seem like a real couple before. Mom admits that they did seem rather stiff and unromantic, lacking that lovers’ chemistry. She assures Da-ran that she’s not worried anymore, which is no consolation to Da-ran.

Meanwhile, Kyung-joon’s totally hammered on whiskey and slurs to the Other Woman, “Seo Yoon-jae is marrying Gil Da-ran!” I love that he’s stating fact, but it comes out sounding like he’s talking about himself in the third person, pretentiously.

Kyung-joon declares that his body is taken by another woman, and gets up to leave. And starts to sway. The room whirls and goes fuzzy… and then he awakens in bed.

Kyung-joon’s topless and groggy, his gaze landing on framed photos of Se-young. Oh crap oh crap. He scrambles for his clothes and sees the note she left, saying she’ll see him at the hospital. In horror, he looks down at himself and recoils.

He makes the walk of shame, berating himself the entire time, and sees Da-ran at his front gate. She says he looks like he’s coming home after spending the night out, and he makes this hilarious conflicted face before lying, acting like he’s just out jogging and taking out the trash and totally unaware of the meaning of the words “spend the night out.”

Da-ran sniffs his clothes and smells liquor. He jumps on that, saying that after the (two drops of) beer he drank at her house last night, he got a headache and felt queasy: “I really shouldn’t drink liquor.” She warns him not to do anything dumb with Yoon-jae’s body, and he winces.

Kyung-joon asks cautiously how angry she’d get if, say, for instance, he were to mar the good doctor’s body. She asks if he’s hurt, and he clarifies, “No, nothing in the category of injury. I mean… like, dirty it, or make it different, or something?” But he chickens out of the explanation—he was just talking about exercise! Yep.

At school, Da-ran overhears Kyung-joon’s aunt and uncle talking with a teacher about possibly putting him on leave of absence, and that reminds her that Kyung-joon will be missing lessons. So she tells little bro Choong-shik to write down all his lessons—”And don’t pack your notes, but get the notes of a kid who studies well!” She sighs to herself in pity, how Kyung-joon’s still just a kid, like Choong-shik.

Kyung-joon busily washes his moral misstep from his body, blaming everything on “that ajusshi” and worrying about keeping this from Da-ran. He decides to go hunting for evidence of Yoon-jae’s infidelity and sneaks into his apartment, searching for clues. Like that “thing” Se-young keeps referencing. What could it be? Damn, if only he could run away.

Then Kyung-joon stumbles across the suitcase, packed with Yoon-jae’s passport and American dollars, and smiles. Magical exit, found!

Off to the airport he goes, and looks over all the cities he could run off to. He gets his old cell phone charged up, and turns it on to find several new messages. Er, make that 79 new messages, all from Jang Mari, although he has her name programmed as “Jang X.” Based on that and his expression, we can deduce that he’s not a fan of Mari.

Cut to: Mari (Suzy) in the States, narrating the content of her text messages. Things start off innocently with a simple, “Kyung-joon, why aren’t you answering my calls?” The messages turn anxious as she sets up a shrine and worries, “Is something wrong?” Then the mood turns dire as she screams, “Answer the phone!”

Kyung-joon shinks back, thinking, “Jang Mari’s angry. When she gets angry, she goes crazy.” And turns green and bounces around the countryside?

Next in the chain of texts is the announcement that Mari is going to Korea to see him. He smirks, since she won’t be able to find him. Next text: “Did you think that just because you didn’t give me your address or school name in Korea, I wouldn’t be able to find you?” Well… yes, I suppose that was the idea.

Kyung-joon starts to get nervous, looking around in paranoia. Then the last message: She’s tracked down his school and is headed there to meet “Gil Teacher.” How did she find this out? She tracked down a photo he uploaded to his kindergarten friend’s Facebook, and found out who the woman in the photo was. Kids, beware of social media: Facebook ruins lives!

Kyung-joon scrambles to leave the airport as Mari’s message reads ominously, “Whether we go together, or live together, let’s BE TOGETHER, Kyung-joon!”

Morning assembly in the schoolyard. A taxi comes tearing in, and everyone murmurs—him, again? But this time it’s Mari who emerges, not the crazed horny doctor asking for money, and Da-ran sighs in relief (VP Kim glares her way, ready to berate).

The boys drool over the pretty girl, while Mari does a scan of the teachers’ faces and target-locks on Da-ran’s. She runs straight for Da-ran and asks for money. HA. Mari grabs Da-ran’s wallet to pay the cabbie, and VP Kim shoots her a dirty look (adorable Teacher Na Hyo-sang tries to block her view, sweetly).

Da-ran puts on her teacher look and voice and starts to scold Mari, but Mari shows her the Facebook photo and demands to know where Kyung-joon is.

Da-ran leads Mari away to talk this out in private, which only makes them look more suspicious since it seems they know each other. And then, another taxi comes pulling into the yard. HAHA. Okay, this is now officially hilarious; it’s like the rake gag where once or twice is mildly funny, but then it just goes on and on and gets funnier from the absurdity.

Kyung-joon emerges, suitcase in tow, and looks around for Da-ran. Helpfully, the entire student body points up to the school.

He finds the two ladies and pulls Da-ran aside, telling her that this he’ll take care of it—this is a matter for kids, so adults butt out. Heh. He sends her on her way.

Mari starts to chase after Da-ran, but Kyung-joon holds her back. They have an old-fashioned staredown, and he growls, “So at last you’ve come, Jang Mari.” He calls himself someone who happens to have had quite a deep acquaintance with Kyung-joon’s mental state, despite being not at all the type of guy Kyung-joon would like.

He acts as his own gatekeeper, telling Mari to tell him what to convey, because Kyung-joon ain’t never gonna see her, ever: “He told you when he left America that he doesn’t want to see you or your father again.”

Mari declares that she’s gonna marry Kyung-joon, and he says that yes, that was the agreement between her father and Kyung-joon’s mother. But his mom died, so nope, that almost-family relationship won’t be happening.

Mari gets sad and asks, “Did Kyung-joon say his mom died because of me? Is that why he still won’t see me?” In a momentary flashback to the funeral, Kyung-joon rejects her comforting hand. Mari says morosely, “But I miss him so much, and I’m so worried.”

He tells her Kyung-joon is fine so she can leave. In consolation, he says Kyung-joon will feel a little thankful and sorry that she traveled all this way for him, and promises to tell him to send her a hello message via text.

Mari asks what his relationship is with Kyung-joon, and he hedges vaguely that it’s something they have to keep secret, but that entails “sharing body and mind.” Um. Did you think those words over?

Mari gasps, “Ajusshi, are you… Kyung-joon’s boyfriend?!” Haha. He recoils and denies it, just as Mari narrows her eyes suspiciously. She leans in and notes, “Ajusshi… you seem like Kyung-joon!” Oh, that’s cute. Though I guess she’d be a terrible love-crazed stalker if she didn’t pick up on that.

And then she warns, “Don’t copy Kyung-joon!” Hee. She has a message for him to convey to Kyung-joon: “I will definitely marry you.”

VP Kim rebukes Da-ran again for the disruption, warning that she’d best pass her teacher certificate exam, because it’s not likely she’ll get renewed for this short-term position.

The Idiot Trio spies the pretty new girl leaving the school, and Choong-shik tears after her, smitten. He takes a side route to put himself in her exit path, doing his best cool James Dean pose at the gate. He calls out, “I saw you earlier. You’re really pretty.” To his credit, he does manage to sound smooth and collected, though we know he’s anything but.

Mari replies, “I know.” He takes his pen to write his phone number… on her Chanel purse. Eeek.

She says, “My bag has become dirty.” He returns glibly, “So call me. I’ll buy you enough pizza to cover that bag’s cost.” What, like a hundred of them? With a wink, he dashes back to school.

Da-ran sits with Kyung-joon and asks what he was doing with Yoon-jae’s suitcase. Was he running away? Kyung-joon fumbles for an explanation: He wasn’t running so much as he was evacuating from the site of a disaster. In such a case, he needs space while finding a way to manage the mess. Otherwise, he could keep causing accidents in her and Yoon-jae’s life.

Da-ran asks shrewdly, “Did you cause trouble?” Kids tend to run away when they’ve made mistakes, so he must’ve done something. Kyung-joon hangs his head and admits that he got drunk and spent the night with that woman. She’s understandably peeved, demanding, “What did you do with Yoon-jae’s body?”

Kyung-joon says he can’t be certain, “But I don’t think anything happened.” Not exactly convincing. He says he was trying to fix things, but Da-ran accuses him of mucking things up with his interference.

Tempers rise and angry words start flying, and the conversation starts to carry the painful ring of truth: He asks if she’s just worried about not becoming a doctor’s wife, and if the wedding is the only thing that matters, ’cause then why doesn’t she just marry this body-shell while she’s at it?

He says he may be young, but he sure is smarter than her. She fires back sarcastically that she’s really looking forward to where those smarts take him, and he retorts, “Yeah, I’ll grow up smart and not turn out like you!”

On that note, he huffs away, leaving her in tears. Kyung-joon goes home in a foul mood, where he finds the lunch Da-ran made him. He shovels food into his mouth and chokes, then sees her note telling him to eat slowly.

Da-ran heads out with the suitcase while her colleague Hyo-sub busily cleans out his car to offer her a ride, wanting to impress her. She finds Kyung-joon hunched over outside, though, running through a practice apology to her—how he spoke too rashly and how she hits too hard and how he’s really sorry. Then he spots her, and she tells him to come along with her to the hospital. Still feeling bad, he jumps to take the suitcase and speaks to her respectfully, worrying that she’ll get into trouble for leaving early.

She says pointedly, “Why worry, when I’m just going to become a doctor’s wife?” Kyung-joon takes the barb, but points out that she’s the teacher, so she should know better than to take his words at his level when he’s just a kid. Heh.

Kyung-joon sure does love falling back on that age excuse when it suits him, and she calls him out on it. He returns, “That’s why I’m a kid. If I were totally consistent, I’d be an adult, not a kid.” Touché. You can’t argue with that.

He adds that when he grows up, he wants to be a nice adult like her, putting on his best little-boy smile, and she can’t hang on to her peevishness in the face of such charm. As if anyone could.

Hyo-sub finishes cleaning his car just as Da-ran sends him a text, thanking him for the offer but opting not to accept this time. Aw, poor guy.

With Da-ran’s coaching, Kyung-joon submits his paperwork for a leave of absence, citing his car accident as the cause. He’s asked about the children’s charity event, and says that he’ll be able to make that, sure.

Da-ran’s no help, because she hadn’t known of an upcoming event. Kyung-joon barks, “Don’t you know anything about him?” She shoots him a look, and he backs off, “There is enjoyment in learning about each other gradually, I suppose.”

Yoon-jae’s teacher friends call out to him, and Se-young shoots him a knowing look. Da-ran steps in and wipes that smile from her face, saying that Se-young should have called her to take drunk Yoon-jae, apologizing for the “trouble” he caused. Se-young gets the message, that it’s not their little secret if the fiancée knows about it.

The two male doctors urge the couple to take them out for a drink, so all five of them end up at a wine bar, trading pleasantries. The wedding where Da-ran and Yoon-jae met belonged to one of the doctor friends, who laughs about how shocked they were when Da-ran fell down the staircase at the ceremony.

Se-young speaks up jealously, saying pointedly that Yoon-jae’s first impression of Da-ran must have been the image of her rolling down the steps and lying unconscious. Smugly, she adds, “Then it definitely couldn’t have been love at first sight.”

Da-ran shifts uncomfortably, and Kyung-joon clocks her unease before answering that actually, it WAS: “Our Da-ran-sshi fainted adorably. She looked so lovable that I fell for her at first sight.”

Then Married Doctor pipes up that that’s not the right story—has he been lying to Da-ran? Se-young perks up and asks for the real answer, and Married Doctor replies that Da-ran’s fall down the stairs wasn’t Yoon-jae’s first time seeing her. Actually, that was earlier in the day, when she’d been hurrying to deliver the bouquet—she’d run into the elevator, heading straight into his chest while carrying flowers.

She hadn’t noticed him in particular, but as she held the bouquet over her head, he’d quietly put out a hand to hold it up for her.

Then, after the ceremony he’d been there when she’d banged her head against the wall, embarrassed at her run-in with her schoolmates, and he’d watched with amusement as she’d put in her wedding gift, noting her name. And then, he’d sat at her table while she’d eaten, mumbling to herself all the while.

Omo, then was it love after all? Interestinger and interestinger… Da-ran is pleasantly surprised as Married Doctor adds that on top of following her around at the wedding, Yoon-jae had even pulled him aside to ask for an introduction with one of the bride’s friends, named Gil Da-ran. Aw, I’m so happy for Da-ran, and that doesn’t even take into account the satisfaction of Se-young’s sour face.

All Kyung-joon can do is stay silent and let everyone assume he’s just awkward about being outed, but he seems to look at Da-ran’s radiant face particularly closely.

That night at the Gil residence, Choong-shik skips dinner, sure that he’ll be getting a call for pizza, any… minute… now…. I’m actually worried about his future health (his, erm, smarts leave much to be desired), but thankfully his phone rings after all. It’s Mari, asking to claim her bag reimbursement, and he puts on his cool voice to agree to buy her pizza as promised. And then he does an adorable happy dance.

It’s at the pizza restaurant that Mari informs him that it’ll take 300 pizzas to pay for her bag, and he drops to his knees in supplication. Like a character in a sageuk begging a queen for mercy, he asks her to to be patient and let him pay her back little by little, as his parents are but humble folk. Mari agrees: “From now on, I’ll judge from your behavior and deduct one pizza at a time.” Oh, this should make for some hilarious shenanigans.

Choong-shik vows to “noona” to do whatever she asks. She asks if he knows Kyung-joon, and when he mentions the transfer student from America, she’s pleased at the proof that he does in fact know him: “One pizza down.”

She figures Choong-shik isn’t the type to be Kyung-joon’s friend since he seems kinda like a dummy, and barks, “Why, does that make you feel bad?!” Choong-shik smiles sunnily and replies no, because he knows it’s true. Mari likes that answer and deducts another pizza. So cute.

She orders Choong-shik to find out who Kyung-joon’s friends are and report back, because she’s got to know everything about him. Choong-shik tells her Kyung-joon can’t be contacted right now, because he’s in the hospital. Mari’s eyes widen.

Da-ran is floating on cloud nine as she and Kyung-joon leave the wine party, having her “I Feel Pretty” moment while singing along to “Beautiful Girl.” Kyung-joon sniffs at her drunken state, then says she’s probably drunk on learning Yoon-jae called her pretty. He grumps that ajusshi was way too shallow, appraising her beauty on looks and not her heart. Are you jealous of your host? That’s adorable.

Da-ran motions him over to join her on a park bench, tipsily slurring instructions to be quiet for just a moment, “So I can meet Yoon-jae-sshi.” She addresses him as Yoon-jae, asking, “Did you really find me that pretty? You should have said so. Then we could have had that cheesy romantic spark.”

She holds his face and says, “I like you so, so much. I found you beautiful from the start, too.”

Kyung-joon shakes her off and warns her not to confuse him for Yoon-jae. She slumps back, dejected again.

Mari and Choong-shik arrive in Kyung-joon’s hospital room, where she looks at him through tear-filled eyes and urges him to wake up, even slapping his cheek. He remains unresponsive, and she cries.

Meanwhile, Se-young contemplates the photos of the doctor friends and muses to Married Doctor that Yoon-jae seems different these days.

Kyung-joon is grumpy about Da-ran’s newfound giddiness and says he bets Yoon-jae just made up that story to score some free liquor off his friend. After all, a man who falls for a woman at first sight surely doesn’t go around withholding his choco abs from her. ‘s what I’M sayin’.

Kyung-joon tells her that this is the same with young men and grown men alike—men’s love grows proportionately with their physical affections, so conversely if a relationship has no physicality, then the emotions have ceased to grow as well. Da-ran says lamely that it’s slowed, but not stopped.

Kyung-joon does that maddening thing of humoring her, and asks, “Ah, I see. And how far did you go?” She pulls out her “Kids don’t need to know” card, but he isn’t fooled. He grabs her hand and holds it up—did they go this far? She sneers, so he figures okay, this is nothing new.

He scoots close and puts his arm around her shoulders. What about this? He gauges her reaction and supposes this is also familiar to her.

Then Kyung-joon lowers his head and leans in close. Her eyes widen, and he crows, “Ah, you’re tensing! This is where it stops?” He taunts that even he’s gone further, and that she must not have experienced anything further. Goaded, she retorts that she has—and he moves in even closer, willing to call her bluff….


Like girlfriday, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole Yoon-jae-is-a-cheater storyline as hinted by the end of Episode 2, because that plot just seems so done. Not that a body-swap comedy couldn’t mine the setup for new material, but I much prefer the idea that there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye when dealing with Yoon-jae.

This accomplishes a few things: Character-wise, it steers us away from several overused archetypes—the perfect boyfriend who turns out to be a cheater, the naive girlfriend who doesn’t see that her boyfriend doesn’t love her, the standard Other Woman ready to swoop in to claim her man. Granted, some of these elements are still in play, but the revelation that Yoon-jae did fall for Da-ran changes the playing field. Yes, Da-ran is still frustratingly naive, but she’s not inventing something out of nothing. And Yoon-jae is curiously sexless around her, as Kyung-joon keeps pointing out, but perhaps there’s a reason for that other than him feeling duty-bound to marry some woman he doesn’t like.

Plus, I like that Yoon-jae fell for Da-ran in her “real” state—the one who makes mistakes, talks to herself, gripes about things, and doesn’t feel pressured to put on a perfect persona. Hm, maybe that has something to do with Yoon-jae’s cold feet… or is that too simple an answer? In any case, it also gives us a mystery to solve, and I welcome rom-coms with a mystery element to keep things interesting.

Mari adds an interesting dimension to the storyline, and I liked that flash of something deeper at mention of Kyung-joon’s mother’s death. Already we can see that that was the beginning of the end for him, the last time he cared about anybody, and how he’s been adrift emotionally ever since. I was enjoying the Mari-as-stalker storyline on its own, just because she seems so silly and harmless, and her quirky princess persona seems like such a hilarious foil to Choong-shik’s thick-headed ways. But it seems like she cares for Kyung-joon as well, and perhaps has a deeper insight into his character than anybody else so far.

In fact, I’m not yet convinced that the Kyung-joon-and-Da-ran loveline is the drama’s ultimate pairing, and I’m willing to see where everything goes without needing to know for sure what the end goal is. Usually I like to know, just because I hate feeling like the drama doesn’t know, but in this case I feel like there’s so much territory to mine that I’m content to enjoy the ride.

It almost feels as though the relationship between Kyung-joon and Teacher will be a catalyst for his emotional maturation and rediscovering his place in the world, which I would LOVE. I saw flashes of that in the previous episode where Dad tries to have an awkward bonding moment with him—it was so reminiscent of Delightful Girl Chun-hyang that I got excited for the possibilities.

In fact, this drama feels the most like Chun-hyang of all the Hong sisters’ projects, which makes me super happy since that remains my favorite of their projects. It may not be their most polished, but to me it was the most earnest, and the least slapstick. It was also the only drama with a heroine who wasn’t over-the-top cutesy or comedic, and while the drama was chock-full of comedy, it was situational more than broad. In any case, it’s probably a factor of sharing the same director, and a number of supporting players.

Anyway. If there is no romantic resolution for Kyung-joon and Da-ran, and Kyung-joon instead ends up becoming a part of the Gil family, I might be completely satisfied. No, I’d probably actually be impressed and bawling from all the acquired-family love, which is a storyline that never fails to reduce me to an emotional wreck. When done well, that is. Maybe it’s my knee-jerk aversion to the whole Korean “blood purity” motif where blood conquers all—it’s rampant in stories of birth secrets, chaebol inheritances, orphaned children, fauxcest—but the fact that you can gain a family through trust and warmth? That’s love.


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    Why? Simply because there is so much heart in the story so far (knock on the wood!) despite all the hilarity and wackiness.

    One thing I have to say is, like girlfriday, I had doubts about Lee Minjung’s acting in the first episode, but now she settles in the character. And we’ve got to know that that’s a character setup and she is not a brainless cutesy. She might be dense but I really don’t think she is as naive as others criticize her to be.

    And Suzy just simply blows me away. ^^ She is so versatile and she keeps improved. And Goo Yoo? Top-notch acting! Most importantly, he acts with sincerity without trying to dominate the screen. And the actors who play KJ and LMJ’s brother are delightful finds.

    Thanks dramabeans for the recap!

    • 10.1 JustJen

      Yeah, obachan, I’m enjoying it for the same reason- that the story seems to have a lot of heart- I’m also knocking on wood they keep it up!

      I haven’t seen Suzy in an acting gig before, but I’m glad I’m getting a chance to- she’s so adorably nuts, spoilt but feisty and loveable. I’ll be glad to see much more of her (her and Choon Shik together has been so much fun… more please).

  11. 11 topper

    Thanks for the recap. This drama is my favorite among all the dramas airing currently.

    • 11.1 Krys

      same! it’s my favorite among the currently airing dramas! it sucks how the ratings are lower though..

  12. 12 stars4u

    Kyung Joon has his “uh-oh!” The Kang To has his “Bingo!”

  13. 13 Krys

    thanks for the recap!! i love this drama and i love it more now that suzy came in!

  14. 14 mandicg

    I just finished watching it!!! AMAZING!!! really excited for this drama, i think it’s gonna be the best rom com drama of the year ^-^

  15. 15 21

    Thankyou for the recap!

  16. 16 Kdrama fan

    I also liked how this series is unfolding. It will be interesting to see how the SJ/DR/KJ relationship unfolds. I still think there is something between SJ and KJ. Maybe they are related somehow.

  17. 17 Joe

    At 25:22 darkness in Ma Ri bedroom and she is sleeping on the floor and the background music comes on as she suddenly wakes up pissed off throws her cellphone and other items on the floor due to Kang Kyung Joon is not replying back to her. She screams and Kyung Joon jumps at the same time. What’s playing is The Phantom of the Opera. . . subliminal message watch Ghost (SBS drama on Wed-Thurs.) comes to mind.

  18. 18 chocolatte

    Suzy!:) She is so pretty.
    I like her character. Quirky, lovable, but not too crazy!

    Thanks for the recap!
    Great episode.

  19. 19 samlun100

    I really love this drama. However, I really hate the scene when Da-ran treats Kyung-joon like a little kid when he tells her that Yoon-jae was two-timing. Da-ran is so unbelievable stupid. It makes me dislike her character a little bit.
    I actually like Mari more. She’ so 4D and cute. I think Suzy and Shin Won Ho would be a perfect couple if they love each other.

    • 19.1 Ilovemandoo

      I really want to like this drama.. It’s hilarious, but there are still moments that irk me (including the scene you’re referring to). I know he’s a kid but he’s 18 for crying out loud. She dismissed his claims way too easily. Hopefully there’s more to her character, otherwise I won’t be able to take it..

      • 19.1.1 JustJen

        Oh, I actually thought that scene was actually very funny. I think it’s because the idiot in that scene is clearly Da Ran, and not Kyung-Joon- the fact she is being so patronising is ironic because she’s the one who is being blind. I also found it believable that would be her reaction- in the sense she may deep down know Kyung Joon could be right, but is steadfastly in denial, infantalising his read on the scene because to take it seriously would be too devastating.

      • 19.1.2 alua

        I agree.

        And it doesn’t help that Da-ran is the one that’s really like a kid. The first five minutes of ep 3 I just kept thinking “How dumb can you be?”

        Even if there was nothing going on between YJ and the female doctor, if your fiancé says ‘I don’t want to spend time with this friend but with you now’, why would you side with the friend (whom DR doesn’t really know and has no investment in) rather than leaving and talking to your fiancé (whom she should know well enough and has investment in) and hearing him out on why he is behaving like that?

        Never mind that DR was constantly longing to spend time with YJ (of course KJ isn’t YJ but that would have been more logical way to ‘act’).

        I really like KJ’s (whether in his real body or in YJ’s body) character. DR… if she doesn’t get some brain cells soon, I don’t know how much I can take of her.

        Suzy’s character: flying across the ocean seems a bit over the top and unrealistic to me (even if her parents are in money), but I like her stalker role. At least that means KJ + DR as OTP is an option!

        • obachan

          I don’t know why people are so harsh to DR…I remember that when I watched episode 1, I was appalled at how Hong sisters create another stereotypical female lead that is clueless and clumsy. And the fact the I am not a fan of LMJ does not help either.

          HOWEVER, I think koala has a great insight. The title of the drama is called “Big” and I don’t think it’s simply meant to imitate the Hollywood film “Big.” The drama really means to describe the maturation process for all the characters. I mean, come on, I don’t believe that anyone here in real life has not encountered am “adult” that acts more childish than a teenager. In a way, KY’s presence is a wake-up call to DR, demanding her to see the world as it is. If you see the interaction between YJ and DR interacted in the first episodes, DR treated YJ like an idol and superstar, which was probably why YJ felt out of love eventually because DR was never her usual self when she was with YJ.

          However, what’s so beautiful about this drama and so atypical of Hong sisters’ dramas is that they really take time and patience to portray the friendship between DR and KY. Yes, DR treated KY like a little kid, but that’s understandable. But DR also listened to KY. They are equals and they communicate openly!!

          I really Love love love this drama. I am never a fan of Hong sisters, but this one might be an exception!

          • alua

            I would be less harsh on her if she wasn’t engaged-to-be-married to him after knowing him for only a few months!

            I get the being blindly in love – I can sympathise with it, rationalise it, and even let her off in terms of probably having zero relationship experience before (and the cultural factors feeding into this). The whole maturation argument is fine as well – but this clueless-at-26 woman has a wedding date set!

            Reading the comments here, people seem to be split on DR – so it might just come down to personal preference. I like my heroines less naive – and if, as others have said, the Hong sisters generally go for this sort of ‘clueless girl’ (I have only seen one other drama of theirs I think), I’m not sure what to think of that message.

            I don’t have to a problem with MJ acting by the way.

          • Enz

            I never gotnthe feeling that he fell out of love.. More that he was conflicted about something. It would be too simple that he fell out of love I think

    • 19.2 jomo

      I can see your point, and will add that this:
      “was he worried about Teacher? Aw, isn’t he a sweet little boy.”

      I believe is a really good set-up for what will follow between them.
      Yes, he is worried.
      Yes, he really does care.
      Yes, he is sweet.
      Yes, she WILL fall for him for all those reasons. And later, when she goes to kiss YJ’s body, she will be seeing KJ’s face and it will freak her out!
      And I will squirm and giggle with discomfort and happiness at the same time!!!!!~

      • 19.2.1 Sylvia

        I hope she will fall for KJ! Whether or not YJ was a cheating bastard, at this point it’s already too late for me to change ships – I’m too invested in KJ now, because he’s the one who’s warm, and caring, and worries about DR even in a situation where he has more than enough worries of his own.

        Sure, he’s a kid and he acts like a kid, but on a deeper level, he is already emotionally mature in a way I don’t think many of the older characters can match.

        Plus, KJ is the one who really needs DR, and who responds to her kindness and caring, and who is beginning to fall for her very badly even now (is in fact probably already deeply head over heels without ewven realizing it himself).

        We just don’t know anything of YJ; he’s not present as anything except a mystery (which I do find intriguing). It’s impossible for me to be invested in him and his relationship with DR with him not ever being a presence in the drama.

        So, there it is. I really hope the drama goes with DR+KJ, because otherwise I won’t be following along…

        BTW, I don’t think Da Ran is horrible at all. Sure, she’s a little naive, and is purposely closing her eyes to some things that she actually, deep down, suspects herself. But she’s a kind and giving person, and she doesn’t seem stupid to me. She needs to do some growing up of her own, but that ‘s what she’s in the drama for. I’m more than willing to follow her on her journey and cheer her on. 🙂

  20. 20 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

    W00t, recap up just as I come back from my run~ Now all my pains can melt away~

    I have to admit, I agree with a lot of what JB said, especially since I saw a lot of hate for Da Ran this episode about her being really naive and “not getting it”. But I honestly think it’s a case of clingy ex-girlfriend and not apparently-perfect-but-cheater boyfriend, and not just because I am Gong Yoo biased. So I have a few points I want to bring up.

    First, about Da Ran’s apparent naivety. First off, she is completely head over heels in love. Second, she already knows that Se Young and Young Jae had history and are close. Third, who would you believe, your fiancé that you love or the 18-year-old who possibly has raging hormones and who didn’t know you nor your situation until two days back? Fourth, as JB pointed out, she’s not making something out of nothing, and it’s not like she had a gun to his head. No one marries another person out of responsibility when the damage was a few fractured bones that healed in a few months. That’s idiotic for even the most makjang k-dramas. So give Da Ran a chance. I’m not saying that she’s the smartest cookie or that she’s right. I’m just saying that I can understand where she is coming from and why she would think and act that way and not go into I-will-kill-everyone mode the moment Kyung Joon told her what he thought. And even if it is the truth, don’t we all try to rationalise the truth or go into denial at least for a little while if the truth is too hurtful?

    The people who criticised Min Jung’s acting: I just wanted to point out that sometimes, that’s just how the character is written, and sometimes that’s how the directors want the actors to act. For example, Park Yoo Hwan can act pretty well, but K-Pop Extreme Survival wasn’t that well received. Not because he couldn’t act, but mostly because that was how his character was written and directed. That said, I really do hope Da Ran becomes better because really, otherwise she is just going into stereotypical heroine-I-want-to-give-a-reality-check-to territory.

    As for Young Jae’s non-displays-of-affection-ness: Err.. this is hard to explain in English for me, so just bear with me if I sound space cadet-ish. You know how when you’re so conscious of the other party, and you don’t know how they will reciprocate that you end up not doing anything? Well… maybe he thinks that Da Ran is a very… “pure” girl, and he doesn’t want to go so far with her until after marriage for fear of offending her/putting her off. And that’s just the simplest explanation I can come up with. I really hope there’s more to it, because the more I find out about Yoon Jae, the more I think, “Aah, so he is sort of a normal person, not a 2D, picture perfect, cut-out character for the sake of the show.”

    • 20.1 DanyDanyBobany

      I agree: I like Min Jung’s acting and her character is written like that and she is doing her job. I like when she cries, she convinces me. Da Ran can be annoying but yeah, im waiting for the development, I dont believe she is going to stay like that for evere (i hope not)

    • 20.2 mtoh

      To summarize your thoughts about DR, I’ll go with Love is blind, or she’s wearing pink sunglasses…
      I can understand that but I can’t go along with it…but maybe it’s just me, someone really can stand a lot.

    • 20.3 Heather

      I totally agree with what you’re saying about the characters and the acting! Based on this episode I think that Yoon-jae was just taking it slow with Da-ran. If he couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to her himself the first time, or third time, he encountered her, it’s not surprising that he’s still shy.

      Also, your username is fantastic 🙂

      I really loved this episode and I think I’m finally in LOVE with this show. Can’t wait for ep. 4!

      Thanks for the recap

    • 20.4 mars

      Thank goodness I can read something other than “she’s so annoying”. Which I guess lets be honest is here is par for the course in terms of how fandom treats actresses and the characters they play. Heaps of praise for GY but for his leading lady? Nothing but scorn.

      Da-ran is in love with an ideal, and she may be blind to all the little faults. Who hasn’t projected an ideal onto to someone only to be crushed when it wasn’t met? Unraveling who Yoon-jae is, is part of what makes this drama so fascinating. I’m sure that Da-ran will also grow and open her eyes to what’s really standing in front of her. I love her because she’s so earnest and determined and hilarious and flawed. So, bah to anyone who calls her “annoying” or an “idiot”.

      • 20.4.1 malta

        Many people are annoyed with Da Ran because they want her to open her eyes to someone who may be hurting her by mistreating her and cheating on her. That’s not scorn. That’s tough love. And Gyun Joon said the exact same thing to her when they were fighting this episode. Fans are rooting for Da Ran to have a happy ending. YJ may not be cheating on her, but something is definitely wrong when everyone is asking why your fiancee STILL hasn’t sent out the wedding invitations.

  21. 21 saranga

    aww. not for a second did i think the series was heading for a da-ran and kyung-joon pairing, and would cast off gong yoo’s character as a cheater. i know a lot of people did, but i very easily assumed that it was the drama trying to mislead us. of course nothing’s certain yet, but i think yoon-jae’s 고민 before the accident had something to do with kyung-joon. we don’t know their relationship yet, but i assume he was headed to LA for something kyung-joon related.

    this drama is so incredibly refreshing for a hong sisters’ drama. i wasn’t very excited because i assumed it would be more or less slapstick than best love/gumiho/you’re beautiful, but it’s much calmer. i can actually hear myself think as i watch.

    the aegyo scene was so cute, probably my favorite in the episode 🙂

    • 21.1 eb

      I know some people here and on koalasplayground think that maybe YJ and KJ are related, which is entirely probable but YJ going to LA for KJ is a possibility I didn’t think about before! He wants his brother there for the wedding. I don’t think YJ is a cheater since that would be too simplistic but I can’t help thinking that DR and KJ are the OTP (ockoala has some pretty convincing arguments). Plus, DR’s parents also had a student-teacher relationship before getting married. If KJ is the brother of YJ, they could also have a time jump with Gongyoo playing KJ’s adult self (since I can’t stomach the idea of a high schooler and teacher dating before the student grows up a little–though I did enjoy the younger KJ’s interactions with his Gil Teacher).

      • 21.1.1 malta

        I know this is kdramaland, but shouldn’t they know they are brothers? Seriously people, keep track of your siblings and offspring. Gah!

  22. 22 mmmaggie

    I really liked the first two eps of Big, but I think it was more me WANTING to really like them. But this ep? I really, REALLY liked it! I loved seeing Yoon Jae secretly fawn over Da Ran. It was my first squee-worthy moment of this show. Gong Yoo just nails the two characters. I’m really looking forward to wear this story goes.

    • 22.1 July

      I was so HAPPY to find out that Yoon Jae was initially smitten with Da Ran. That changes things up a bit and makes me wonder who the OTP truly is. Personally, I’m fine with either of the guys ending up with Da Ran.

      I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. Things are picking up and I really like how there seems to be some mysteries that need to be solved.

    • 22.2 Lovebug

      I agree! I was on the fence with this drama, but after this episode I am completley on board. I think the real draw of the drama is the mystery behind Yoon Jae’s character. I think and Hope we will be getting a lot of flash backs of both the real Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon. Yoon Jae following her around the wedding was so freakin adorable! Also I def enjoyed being reminded of that part of Da Ran’s character. (I really hope we see more interactions from both their point of views like that)

      Regarding everyone’s comments about Da Ran, i think she written to be very naive (and if you look at her Mother it makes sense!) Right now she is in the midst of hero worship and the throughs of first love. I think the drama in addition to unraveling who Yoon Jae is will be Da Ran learning to grow up and falling in love with the real Yoon Jae (who am guessing has a tragic past). I really don’t see the OTP as DA Ran and Kyung Joon. I think it will also be about Kyung Joon finding a new sense of home and family.

      Also loving the Mari character. Really wish that Yoon Jae would wake up in Kyung Joon body and deal with her stalker ways. (Also would like to see more shin!)

  23. 23 lilly

    does da ran has any story besides yoon jae’s swapping spirit, because it seems like her whole story is just her family and gettin marry with the doctor-nothing else. she should have a story like a secret she can’t tell nobody

  24. 24 libra80

    i got more interested watching bcoz of SUZY!!!her acting improves!!!

  25. 25 Redge

    Seeing how Yoon Jae really fell in love with Da Ran was so adorable to watch. I knew there was more to him than meets the eye! And I hope that with every flashback we’ll see of him we’ll understand him better.

    Also, I must also be in the minority because I still ship Yoon Jae/Da Ran. xD

  26. 26 Joe

    I just notice something about Actress Shin Ji Soo (Sin Ji Su).

    In the drama BIG (KBS 2), Actress Shin Ji Soo (Sin Ji Su) plays Lee Ae-kyung is a friend and co-worker to Kil Da Ran.

    I just figured it out. I seen Actress Shin Ji Soo (Sin Ji Su) in Scent of a Woman (SBS / 2011) as Yang Hee-Joo. She was Yeon-Jae’s (Kim Sun Ah) hospital roommate. Who had a crush on Dr. Chae Eun-Suk (Uhm Ki-Joon or Eom Ki-Joon). Sadden for Yang Hee-Joo whose cancer took her life.

    • 26.1 jomo

      And she was adorable in JeJeungWon, too, as a cute little nurse.

    • 26.2 malta

      I love her! She’s so awesome and way cute.

  27. 27 h311ybean

    Yay! Thanks for the recap 🙂 I’m really looking forward to watching this on KBS World.

    Also, Gong Yoo’s cutesy face after Kyung-joon and Da-ran had made up (following the “doctor’s wife” barb) is adorbs!

    • 27.1 Ilovemandoo

      Yeah I melted when I saw that face <3

  28. 28 Yeng

    Love this episode even more..that love at first sight scene is so cute….i love how the plot is constantly twisting and unwinding to make me think otherwise. good to know that he probably didn’t cheat on her..hopefully

  29. 29 Fiercediva

    Thank you for the recap! I’m enjoying the shenanigans much more with your explanations. You have to love how they worked pizza into the script, seeing as Suzy will soon be endorsing Domino’s Pizza in CFs with Jung Il Woo!

  30. 30 annie

    i’m thinking Da Ran stopped acting like herself after she started dating Yoon Jae so maybe that’s why he got cold feet. he fell for her during the wedding where she acted like her real self, not knowing he was watching. now she’s become a pushover, accomodating to him all the time & maybe he doesn’t like that. who knows! the story of him following her at the wedding was adorable though.

    sighhh Gong Yoo just looks so sharp in everything!! love their matching white button down

    • 30.1 topper

      Makes total sense. A girl fawning all over you can be so off putting.

    • 30.2 Arhazivory

      I was thinking that as well. She stopped being herself because she was too ‘love-struck’ so maybe he started to have doubts.

    • 30.3 alua

      Good point.

      But it kind of means that really they are totally stranger to one another and don’t really have a relationship at all – they have never spent time together both being their ‘real’ selves.

      And yet, they are getting married.

  31. 31 Quiet Thought

    Gong Yoo continues to carry the show for me.

    Suzy isn’t as wooden as some Idols-trying-to-act, but she’s still stiff. Thankfully they gave her a strange character so those cartoon walking moves don’t look as fake. I can only wish her better direction in future episodes.

    Not being from California, I could be overreaching, but I find it hard to believe that any American female over the age of ten would show herself in public in that flouncy little girl dress. Not sure at all where the PD got the idea for that.

    That, of course, gets back to the small bit of cultural dissonance between Kdrama and American drama. South Korea is a more conservative society, of course, but, still, we have here an eighteen year-old allegedly American male who seems no more sophisticated, in a relationship sense, than a typical American thirteen year old. And, of course, he’s dealing with a adult Korean woman who is even less sophisticated. The scene where he tests her reaction to physical contact is very smart scripting.

    • 31.1 arielifeoma

      Maybe she is a lolita? In any case, I’ve moved around the US quite a bit and seen several different fashion tastes. Some women like to dress like “little girls.” In fact, while I was teaching I noticed a trend in middle and high school students to wear bows, ribbons and knockers in their hair. A few other fashions from the 80s are coming back as well, such as the varsity jacket. Fashion is cyclical. Back in the day, poodle skirts were all that. In the same way that the 70s briefly rebounded in the 90s with bell bottoms and platforms; gogo boots, hair accessories and flouncy skirts are coming back as well. You can always tell when it creeps into mainstream fashion, like say, a suit from Victoria’s Secret. I would know because I own a bunch of them…both Victoria’s Secret suits and lolita attire. When you can mix and match those items…yea.

      • 31.1.1 viave44

        yeah.. i agree with arielifefeoma,,

        by the way,, I think its good, i love jang mari’s lolita fashion lol,,
        she has unique fashion make me remember to lady gaga,, lol 😀

  32. 32 risa

    The flashback to Yoon Jae crushing on Da Ran while following her around the wedding venue was super cute– but it may have been a fabricated story. In ep.1, we saw her get on and off the elevator, and Yoon Jae wasn’t on the elevator. I rewatched that scene to see if the rest of the elevator crowd was the same as the flashback (perhaps implying that she was just oblivious of YJ), but no, the crowds didn’t match. So, was changing up the elevator scenes done intentionally to serve a narrative purpose, or just a sloppy mistake? I wanna believe the former– in which case, YJ’s real feelings towards DR are still a total mystery.

    I really, really hope this does end up being a KJ-finds-a-family tale.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 32.1 Redge

      I realized that too but I think it’s just a mistake. Even in this episode’s flashback the crowd kept changing.

    • 32.2 Enz

      I think you can put down to that we didnt ‘see’ what she didn’t notice. So the first episode is all her remembering what had happened that day or relating it but not having yj in her brain hardware yet. At least that’s how I see it

      • 32.2.1 Nikki

        I agree with Enz. That’s how I see it too.

      • 32.2.2 jomo

        Unreliable narrator
        My favorite trick that writers pull on the reading and viewing audience.

  33. 33 kokoro-chin

    is it possible that yoon jae and Kyung-joon are related in some way? I remember how Kyung-joon’s father is in korea.

  34. 34 burningjonghyun

    My goodness I am HOOKED on this drama, all I could think about today was “big, big, BIG” I’m getting extremely curious as to what will be revealed in the next episodes, since soo little has been unraveled. Thanks for the recap!

  35. 35 asianromance

    “After all, a man who falls for a woman at first sight surely doesn’t go around withholding his choco abs from her. ‘s what I’M sayin’.”– AGREED!

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans. I haven’t gotten around to watching this episode yet, but it sounds like a delightful one. I also love how this drama is taking something that can turn out to be totally cliche and boring and make it just a little bit different so that what is old can be enjoyed again.

    Mari reminds me of Renge from Ouran High School Host Club. And I’m glad she seems relatively harmless and is providing some comedy. I want a Kyung-joon pillow too!

  36. 36 may-chan

    Thanks for the recap!

    Delightful girl choon hyang is still my fav hong sisters’ drama too! I like that a few of the choon hyang casts are in Big too.

    I like Suzy’s character – she’s like crazy but in an endearing way!

    GAH! Can’t wait to see how Big unfolds!

    • 36.1 jomo

      I really liked JH in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.
      That story just about ripped my heart out of my chest by the time it was over, and I know that is what will happen here.
      But for that to happen, KJ has to come out of the coma in order for DR to actually be in a situation where she has to choose. Is this 20 or 16 eps?

  37. 37 Star

    is it possible for kyung joon & yoon jae to be long lost brothers? & yoon jae was going to the US to find kyung joon? Wild Guess~~

    • 37.1 kdramalovers

      that was what i thought!!!

  38. 38 Kiki

    Anyone catch Gong Yoo doing his very best American accent when Kyung-Joon was practicing his apology and said, “I’m really sorry!” It was so freaking adorable I can barely stand it.

  39. 39 reglest

    It’s LOVE!!
    I know I’m a bit annoyed by overly cutesy (and LMJ’s squeaky voice-why should you do that?)Kyung Joon-Da Ran, mostly bEcause Shin was portraying him as a cool kid, but after soul exchange it becomes…uh…immature? I don’t know who I should blame, Gong Yoo or Hongs? Though I can’t hate the comical timing though ^^ it just a bother

    I, prefer the story that JB said, no cheater! And I’d be so love if the drama just make the two see the other side better *please drama god grant this wish!

    Episode 4! Bring it down!!

    • 39.1 mtoh

      KJ becoming man is his way to become kid again.

  40. 40 missjb

    Suzy!!!! Sorry, i have a soft spot for her. I really ashame to admit I don’t like her before watching her in dream high. But now, I really hope her character will be more endearing than My Hye Mi in dream high.

  41. 41 BIGGER

    “It was also the only drama with a heroine who wasn’t over-the-top cutesy or comedic”-is true but this is the MOST BORING CHARACTER ever introduced by Hong Sisters or the actress.
    LMJ is an OK actress even she has been heavily promoted as talented by many.

    But the story is not that bad after ep 3.

    • 41.1 Saa

      I like Chun Hyang, but I’ve always wondered why she didn’t act as sassy as the title would’ve had me expect. =/
      She was supposedly smart, but for the most part, she just played the noble idiot. xP

  42. 42 Julia

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned…but (excuse the run-on sentence-paragraph that is about to come and super sorry if this obvious observation has already been mentioned!) might it be possible that Kyung-joon and Yong-jae are half-brothers or full brothers (hence why they shared the same angel like card…maybe a gift from their mother that they shared? O.o) and that Yong-jae had been conflicted about marrying Gil-ram because he wanted to go to the U.S. and search for his brother (maybe after learning about his mother’s death and sort of adopt—an “adoption” that might make married life hard)? Though of course…that sort of story line might be a bit too disappointing…since birth secrets in general could be arguably losing their momentum or their sometimes metaphorical/ figurative/ plot excitement tang because of becoming frustrating clichés (but I don’t know… it wouldn’t be fair to necessarily write off all birth secrets as unworthy plot devices—might just depend on how they are portrayed). On the other hand, though, I would find slightly satisfying for the two characters to be long-lost brothers because that would sort of mean that Kyung-joon is really not as lonely or in lack of real family members as he thought—ironically being inside his possible brother (though again…it is not neccesarily that he is lacking family members but lacking familial warmth—though which might be kind of proven if Yong-jae had really been planning on searching for him) . Additionally, even if they did employ such a tactic, I bet the birth-secret would be decked out with plenty of unique touches (again, the hypothesis right now still would not explain Yong-jae’s other behavior toward Gil-ram…so it may be likely that we are in for a cool mystery after all) 😀

    • 42.1 tiger bite

      LOL. Like a 49 days kind of thing. It’s possible since in the clip for the next episode his aunt mentioned him meeting his father?? Hope that was right.

      • 42.1.1 arielifeoma

        Woot! I’m thinking there has to be a connection like that too! I JUST bought the 49 Days necklace too. I didn’t think the drama had really made that much of an impression on me but one day, I got to thinking…how many people truly know and love me outside of my family?

    • 42.2 Ilovemandoo

      Yeah I think that’s what a lot of us are theorizing (for now) until we get more clues. Can’t wait! If they really are long lost brothers, it’ll still be more interesting than a traditional plot because Kyung-joon slowly growing to learn more about Young-jae while he’s in Young-Jae’s body. And because he seems to dislike Young-jae most of the time haha.

    • 42.3 Abbie

      That would be awesome! I didn’t even think of that! Knowing the Hong Sisters, they would make the revelation better than it was in 49 Days. I loved 49 Days, but I felt the long lost sister thing was too fast and too sudden. It didn’t make sense to me how we got to that point. But I would totally buy it in this. Maybe Yoon-jae was acting the way he was because he wanted to share his happiness with his brother! Or something.

    • 42.4 malta

      …why don’t people just talk?

      “Hi fiancee that I love. I need to go search for my long lost half brother before I get married because I’m worried. It’s been causing me a lot of pain and anxiety and want to find my family. Can you wait for me? No. Can you come with me and help? Thank you. Love you.” Body switching antics can still ensue.

  43. 43 Arhazivory

    Each episode makes me love this show more. I really enjoyed this one and it was nice seeing Yoon-Jae crushing on Gil and stalking her. I think that although he may have been wavering, he still loved her and I don’t believe he actually did anything with that other girl.

    For me, this show is solid so far and I’m loving the cast, especially the dim-witted brother. He was really cool chasing her down. That chase was ‘lead-actor’ material. lol

    • 43.1 mtoh

      haha…brother is the best, I’ glad we’ll have one ‘stupid’, funny character when all become harder 😉

  44. 44 DanyDanyBobany

    Im sorry, I know it’s repetitive, but I can’t help it: I love every single thing that Gong Yoo does. Every line he says, every expression he makes, EVERYTHING. Plus, he is so handsome and he has a beautiful smile and eyes (and abs)…sorry, Im dreaming here.

    Im loving this drama so far, all the characters and the twists. Well, Da-ran annoys me a little, but it’s tolerable. I wasnt expecting the love at first sight story, but now Im more intrigued. I love Suzy, I loved her robot character in Dream High and I love her character here, and her story with Choong-shik looks promising.

    ” If there is no romantic resolution for Kyung-joon and Da-ran, and Kyung-joon instead ends up becoming a part of the Gil family, I might be completely satisfied.” Agreed!

    Hyo-sub is so, soooo cute.

    Thank you for the recap!!!!

  45. 45 Kim Yoonmi

    Gong Yoo body goodness–AND a shower scene. I don’t mind though… Gotta work that army magic, ya know.

    His acting is pretty good and is balancing out between the original version and this version for me.

    I like the fact that you don’t know what the pairings are–I’d be fine with the shuffling around or not even having much romance either. (I know–a travesty for a rom com–but the writing can hold that up–I’m more interested in the mystery) I’m entertained enough as it is.

  46. 46 kpopfan

    Oh-oh… I’m loving Gong Yoo.

  47. 47 Enz

    I just think the hong sisters need to be REALLY creative and find ways to give us a half Nekkid gong yoo EVERY EPISODE. ALL sixteen of them! : p

    • 47.1 Enz

      Make some kdrama record 🙂

  48. 48 tiger bite

    this was a very cute episode. I love how they finally opened up to how Yoon-Jae fell for her. It was hard at first to understand their relationship since it was a brief description of them meeting and it sounded like he felt he was responsible for her. I love how you get to see him crushing on her at first and now you feel more invested in the relationship because there was something there to begin with.

    Although everything still points to him being a cheater and planing to run away before the wedding; realistically I would not want them to end up together in the end but dramaland wise yes, it would be totally super cute.

    And OMG, can anyone say Jesus as cute as Gong Yoo says it? I love how they throw in bits of English here and there and he makes it so freaking adorable.

  49. 49 minnie

    can the Ultimate Pairing be Mari and Choong Sik? haha~ love these two :))

    anyway, its getting better and better!
    bring me Episode 4!!

  50. 50 theedie

    I’m really hoping for Da-ran/Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon/Mari end game myself. I think it’d be a lot neater if they went with Da-ran becoming a permanent noona to Kyung-joon and provide him with the family he needs and craves rather than the two of them becoming lovers.

    • 50.1 kyla

      If Daran and Kyung -joon in Yoon-jae’s body shared a passionate kiss, I don’t think it’s possible for them to just maintain a brother-sister relationship in the end.

      I’m all for Kyung-joon and Daran pairing but it should have a time leap of at least two years to make Kyung-joon an adult.

    • 50.2 Yumi

      There is a character correlation chart on Koala’s Playground with practically scream Kyung-Joon and Yoon-Jae are 1/2 brothers.

      This convinces me more than ever that Yoon-Jae was heading to LA to find his recently orphaned brother.

      I alway guess incorrectly where k-dramas are heading so I’ll offer my weird theory anyway.

      I think this is a drama where everyone will learn more about Yoon-Jae and end up loving him more.

      I think Da-Ran will come to understand him better and realize he does love her. (the wine party with Yoon-Jae’s colleague was the beginning of that.)

      and I think his little brother Kyung-Joon will realize that he is not alone in the world but have a brother who is willing to put his own happiness on hold for him.

      Yeah, I’m so wrong!!!

      Love Da-Ran little brother.

      • 50.2.1 theedie

        That’s such a good theory with Yoon-jae being brothers with Kyung-joon. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. And Yoon-jae honestly seems like a good guy, just one with a lot of mysteries and secrets he definitely has to explain to Da-ran, but still a good guy.

    • 50.3 Laeah

      I really don’t think so. Da Ran cannot be her real self around Yoon Jae though she can around Kyung Joon. I don’t think that will change because when Yoon Jae is back in Yoon Jae’s body, she will know the difference.

      I’m shipping KyungJoon DaRan so hard. Screw age. I think it’s fine.

      They are meant to be.

      • 50.3.1 lin

        How was DR never her real self around YJ? We have seen the two truly interact together only a hand full of times, too early to judge imho, also each time we have seen the interact DR has very much been herself.

        YJ first met and fell for her at the wedding where she was very much her self, being a delayed klutz in the elevator, banging her head on the wall talking aloud to herself, at the table. In the first ep flashback she was happily describing there bed in that cut annoying ways kdrama girls like to do with their boys. I took her phone calls and acceptance of his cancellations as her trying to be an understanding fiance knowing a doctor’s life is hectic, but being herself in standing up for herself, and need to know if he loves her and can/will put her first. In there coffee date she was also herself in the naive cute thing she had to say about warm hands.

        In this drama I am just going with whatever ships may come but I think it is a bit unfair/early to judge DR/YJ relationship since we haven’t seen much of it and everything is from others POV. Also I believe DR can be less reserved with KJ because she isn’t in love with him. She doesn’t yet care care how her words can effect him and their lives together or how he views her.

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