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Big: Episode 2
by | June 5, 2012 | 269 Comments

Well that’s better. It’s like it took an episode to rev up (which makes sense given the premise, but it did feel surprisingly subdued). To make up for a less joke-filled premiere, Episode 2 brings the body swap comedy, the sex comedy, and some zippy plot to boot. We knew the premise going in, but the plot ended up a surprise: it’s the great mystery of Seo Yoon-jae. Is he an ass, or isn’t he? It turns out to be a more important question than you’d think.


Da-ran peers over at Kyung-joon-in-Yoon-jae’s body with her last ounce of hope: “Yoon-jae-sshi?” But no, it’s Kyung-joon of course. She drags him out by the wrist to insist that they go back to the hospital and get the doctors to switch them back. Oh sure, that body-swap-ectomy. What?

He tells her that’s ridiculous, since all three of them would get locked up and studied like lab rats. Besides, he hates hospitals (understandably so, if his mom’s death was so recent) so he tells her to go by herself if she wants.

She yells at him to stop acting like a kid. Kyung-joon: “I AM a kid! I’m eighteen!” But then when she tries to drag him out again, it’s “Don’t treat me like a kid. This face isn’t a kid’s.” Haha, I love that the droll delivery is the same, but now the sassiness has an extra kick with the deeper voice and well, the face of a man.

He tells her to get it together so they can calmly try to suss things out, clearly more level-headed than her even at his age. But then his explanation kills me. He sits down to explain his theory of the events with two toy figures. So like a little boy. His faces are killing me.

His theory: they had the accident, and both fell into the water. And then seeing that his body was dying, Yoon-jae jumped bodies into his, thus leaving him to wake up in dead Yoon-jae’s body.

Da-ran watches this all, taking it in, but stops to complain that Yoon-jae isn’t the type of person to go taking over other people’s bodies all willy-nilly. Kyung-joon rolls his eyes, since clearly from his perspective, the other guy’s gonna be the bad guy.

She just keeps going on and on that Yoon-jae-sshi is so very careful and thoughtful and he wouldn’t make mistakes, and Kyung-joon grits his teeth, “Whatever.” His point is, the other guy in his body has to wake up before they can fix whatever cosmic disaster landed them in the wrong shells.

She pulls the toy Yoon-jae close and voice wavering, asks how he ended up in a place like that. Kyung-joon takes offense, since “a place like that” is his body, and pounds and pulls on his host body, yelling, “I don’t like a place like this either!”

He grabs for a soda in the fridge, and Da-ran takes it away, reminding him that this is Yoon-jae’s body, not his. Yoon-jae doesn’t drink soda, or do anything harmful to his body, ever. I’m beginning to think that maybe Yoon-jae is a cylon.

She asks him to take care of this body until they can fix things, since it belongs to someone very important to her. She starts fussing over a cut on his hand, and Kyung-joon pulls away, reminding her that he can’t exactly detach his brain from this body, no matter how much he’d like to.

They call Uncle to check on Kyung-joon’s condition, and find that he’s been moved to another hospital, but he hasn’t woken up.

She’s amazed that Kyung-joon really lives here alone, and then asks with genuine concern whether he’ll be okay all by himself, since it was a traumatic day. You can see his eyes flicker for a moment, lighting up at the concern, but he breezes that he’ll be fine and goes to bed.

She lingers for a moment and peers into the fridge, stocked with nothing but soda and frozen pizzas. She sighs.

Kyung-joon wakes up the next morning pretty much busting out of his tiny bed, which was already too small for him to begin with. “Big enough” has turned into “Too big,” but then he smiles to realize this also means he doesn’t have to go to school. Heh.

He ignores the rice porridge that Da-ran left on the table and sneers when he opens the fridge to find everything replaced with water and juice and fresh fruit. He mocks her plea to take care of his precious body and snipes that he won’t eat any of it. Haha, his petty revenge is so perfectly teenaged and nonsensical.

Meanwhile, Da-ran goes to the hospital to visit Yoon-jae-in-Kyung-joon’s body. She takes his hand and asks, trembling, “You’re in here, right?” Aw. She flashes back to a winter date where Yoon-jae had held her hand for the first time.

She swooned at its warmth, saying that a person’s temperature is as warm as their soul. It comforts her now, feeling that his hand is warm.

She sneaks inside her family’s dumpling restaurant (their house is in the back) and Mom giggles that Da-ran must’ve spent the night with Yoon-jae. Dad clucks that it’s not something to laugh about, but does help her think of sneaky ways to feed Yoon-jae things that will help his virility. Ha. (His idea—stuff them into dumplings. Of course.)

Da-ran runs into school late that morning, and Vice Principal Kim glares. I love that Da-ran has this silent secret admirer in Teacher Na Hyo-sang, the guy who is totally gruff but silently puts a towel on her chair when she’s wet or now, blocking the VP’s gaze so she can’t glare anymore. So sweet.

Kyung-joon takes his time that morning, staring into the mirror. He wonders if he ought to try growing a beard or something. But then he notices a weird feeling on his back. He looks, and some kind allergic rash is starting to break out.

He comes careening onto the school field in the middle of an assembly, hanging out of a taxi like a crazy person. He runs up to Da-ran like his pants are on fire, screaming for money (because he lost his wallet in the accident). He pays the cabbie and then runs back, jumping and writhing.

“I’m going crazy. My body is on fire!” HAHAHAHAHA. (A common euphemism for being horny.) Everyone gasps. He just keeps going, “Look at me! My body is hot!” And then he lifts his shirt at her, bopping up and down, flailing about.

She just stands there in shock so he finally just grabs her and they take off running, as if he cannot possibly wait another second. All the teachers and students stand there stunned, and Choong-shik gapes.

They run inside a classroom and he starts showing her the rashes all over his body, here, there, and everywhere. The VP and her friend Ae-kyung happen to peer into the room right when she’s got her head placed precariously low, and he’s making orgasm sounds from the crazy itchy pain. Hahahaha.

It turns out to be a mushroom allergy and the school nurse treats him. Da-ran gets ripped a new one, and hangs her head in apology to the whole teaching staff. She walks Kyung-joon out, and he asks if Gil Teacher got in a lot of trouble. He sees her welling up with tears and worries, but she says it’s because Yoon-jae is such a respectable person, but now everyone thinks of him differently, and she feels bad.

She tells him to go home and not cause any more trouble, and says that she’ll buy him whatever he needs. That wording (the same used by his uncle) turns him off and he stalks off angrily, saying that he can take care of himself.

The idea of having to look respectable as an adult is clearly a new idea to him, and he pauses at a bus stop ad for men’s suits, figuring he can clothe this body like that once he gets his wallet back.

He saunters into the hospital where his body is staying, which of course is the same hospital where Yoon-jae works. His face is plastered all over the walls in promotional posters. At the same time, Da-ran’s dad comes by with food for Yoon-jae.

They both reach the elevators at the same time, and Dad notices him. He calls out to him (calling him Seo-suh-bang, like a son-in-law), but gets no response. Kyung-joon gets in the elevator, and Dad looks him straight in the eye and calls out to him again.

This his time Kyung-joon looks, and then looks away, like he’s purposely ignoring him. Dad’s jaw drops as dramatic music plays, like his world is crashing down. Ha. He calls Da-ran to say that he’s leaving dumplings at the front desk, since Yoon-jae seems busy.

She freaks out, wondering how Kyung-joon even found out which hospital Yoon-jae works at, and fidgets nervously. She doesn’t have the guts to ask the VP to leave early, but Teacher Na totally steps in to give her the perfect excuse. Poor guy. Also, is the PE teacher in love with her another High Kick reference?

Meanwhile Kyung-joon walks down the hall and every person stops to greet him, which starts to weird him out. He wonders why, when suddenly he comes face to face with… his face, as Yoon-jae, on a hospital poster.

He freaks out, covering Yoon-jae’s poster face as if that does anything. Pfft. He pulls his shirt over his face and creeps down the hall, swerving into the bathroom. He’s met by the same poster again, and this time he tries to imitate the smile.

It’s one of my favorite sequences in the episode. It actually seems like it’s impossible for Kyung-joon to make that same face, even though we know that it’s the same body that does both. Nicely played.

He creeps down the hall and manages to avoid detection… until his colleagues step right out of the elevator and into his path. They ask what’s wrong with him, because skipping work is so out of character.

Thinking quickly, he says that he ate mushrooms by accident, and that he’s resting. Se-young uses that as an excuse to get handsy, which Kyung-joon notes. She asks if he still has “that thing” that she gave him and tells him to use it at times like this. And then she runs her hand down his arm and into his hand. Oh NOES.

Kyung-joon wriggles off her weird vibes, wondering why the ajumma is being so touchy-feely, and then Da-ran comes running up. She calls him Yoon-jae but silently growls at Kyung-joon, dragging him away.

She asks what on earth he’s doing here, but he says he’s here to see his own body—isn’t it natural that he’d want to check on himself? Besides, he has to retrieve some belongings.

She realizes her mistake, and takes him inside to Yoon-jae’s office, giving him the doctor’s coat to wear. That’s when he asks about one of Yoon-jae’s friends, saying that there’s something weird about her, and the way she touches people.

Da-ran chastises him, assuming it’s his teenage boy hormones reinterpreting everything sexually, when it’s not. He rolls his eyes at her, wondering if she knows anything about men. I’m beginning to think she knows nothing about people.

He plops down on Yoon-jae’s bed, and Da-ran notes how much he just seems like Yoon-jae right now. She sits down next to him and asks to hold his hand, sighing that it’s not as warm as Yoon-jae’s, since his soul isn’t as warm. He scoffs that he’d rather be cool anyway.

She gets up and reaches out her hand to help him up, but that triggers a memory. He flashes back to that moment in the water, when he opened his eyes and saw Yoon-jae swimming toward him with his hand outstretched.

He says he remembers seeing Yoon-jae’s hand then, and thinking that if he wanted to live, he should take that hand. So he did. He wonders now if that’s why they ended up this way. Well I’m glad he at least remembered that Yoon-jae saved his life.

She takes him to see his own body, and suggests that maybe if they got swapped when they held hands, doing so now will switch them back. He hesitates, wondering what happens if he doesn’t wake up, but she doesn’t so much care and insists it’ll be fine.

She puts their hands together. A mystical breeze comes through the room. Kyung-joon opens his eyes… as Yoon-jae? He calls her Da-ran-sshi, and tells her he’s sorry.

She starts to cry, happy and relieved, saying that she was so worried it was all her fault. He tells her he’ll say it now…

“Puing. Puing.” HA. You ass. By now, she’s totally bought that they’ve switched back and crying, so his stunt is mean. He expects her to stop, but she just cries more, asking if this is all a child’s game to him. She storms out.

He looks around for his stuff, when Aunt and Uncle come in asking after Kyung-joon. He quickly grabs the chart to look like he’s doctoring, and Aunt asks if there’s a chance he won’t wake up for years.

Kyung-joon can’t help but ask what they’d do if that happened, and she says that they’re not THAT close a relation that they’d take that kind of responsibility for him. Ooof. That hurts.

He just steps back and watches with this heartbreaking look on his face, as she asks Uncle if there’s a way they can send him to America or something. The nurse asks if they want his belongings, and she coldly goes through them, throwing everything away but taking the cash and cards from his wallet. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

He finally stumbles out of the room shell-shocked, where Da-ran is waiting for him in the hall. He just walks past her silently, kicking a trashcan in anger.

She chases him outside, asking if he’s okay, but he gets angry at her too, knowing that she’s only concerned about what he’ll do to his body. She’s actually concerned because she overheard what Aunt and Uncle said, but he screams that she’s the same anyway—she finds him burdensome and is only worried that he might stay in this body forever.

She tries to stop him, hanging onto his arms to get him to listen, and he pushes her off. But that’s when Little Bro Choong-shik comes running up, appalled. He steps up to defend his noona, (So. Cute.) asking why brother-in-law is acting this way.

Kyung-joon just yells, “I am NOT your brother-in-law!” Oh no. But the hilariously dim Choong-shik just goes, is it not mae-hyung? thinking he got the WORD wrong. Hahahaha. I luff this character.

He starts calling him sister-in-law (to his credit, family words are confusingly specific in Korean, but sister-in-law isn’t one you’d mistake for brother-in-law). Kyung-joon gapes, calling him stupid before walking away.

He storms off and purposely drinks a soda and then goes to see his body again. The trash has already been emptied of his stuff, and he assures his comatose self, “It’s okay, you have Mom’s inheritance, so for now they won’t throw you away.” Awwww. Just kick my heart why don’t you.

He comes home to find a bag of stuff hanging on his door. It’s his clothes and wallet (with the cherub picture still inside, which must’ve actually been from Mom, the way he cherishes it) and a box of dumplings from Gil-ka Mandoo (Streetside Dumplings). He looks at the name and realizes it’s from Gil Teacher.

Gil Teacher is currently being given the third degree from Dad and Little Bro, who ask if her engagement is off. (Choong-shik has finally figured out the other meaning of “I am not your brother-in-law.”)

Dad swears that Yoon-jae blew him off on purpose, and Da-ran has no excuse up her sleeve. They sigh that it must be over.

Just then, Kyung-joon comes by the restaurant looking for Teach, when Mom finds him outside. She reels him into a round of guess-what’s-in-the-dumpling using Gil-Da-ran puns until he finally gives her the right answer. I love that he doesn’t know why he’s playing this game.

She yanks him inside and announces him to the family. Da-ran gasps. Kyung-joon pauses the action for a moment to figure out the family connections – so this is Da-ran’s mom, which means he needs to call her mother-in-law, etc.

He smiles and bows to father-in-law, and waves at brother-at-law, calling them by their proper titles this time. Well phew for being faster on the uptake this time around. They ask what brings him by so suddenly, and he just stands there awkwardly and bursts, “Surprise!” Hahahaha.

She drags him out to ask what he’s doing here, and he says he just came by looking for her, but the ajumma made him play a guessing game and then dragged him inside. He thinks she should be grateful he was quick enough to call them by the right titles.

He turns to go, but she holds him back—well if he started as Yoon-jae he has to see it through. Inside, the family breathes a sigh of relief that the relationship seems fine after all, and the parents send Choong-shik out to get beer and soju so Dad can clear the air properly.

He comes outside to find the couple arguing over having to “hide the truth” and Choong-shik asks what they’re talking about so suspiciously. Hide what? Da-ran just drags Kyung-joon inside and tells him that it’s adult business and kids needn’t know.

Kyung-joon loooooooves this, and makes a point of saying it over and over to Choong-shik: “Kids don’t need to know!”

He has to spend some awkward alone time with Dad as they wait for dinner, and his behavior is so puzzling to Dad. He’s not outright rude, but he lacks the over-polite that a well-behaved son-in-law would be dripping with, in a normal situation.

Dad gets excited when he shows in interest in his rock collection, so he points out the ones that represent his family. Kyung-joon: “Oh so it’s a rock family! Rock Dad, Rock Mom, and the idols!” Pffft. (Ah-ee-dols = child rocks, but also how you pronounce idol in Korean.)

Dad says that since he’s joining the family, they’ll have to make a place for his rock too. He says no thanks, thinking it silly, but remembers that he’s supposed to care, and takes it back.

He asks what the criteria are though—is it by size? Because then… the big rock should be Choong-shik and the little rock Dad. Or by beauty? Then the big rock should be Mom and the little rock Dad. Ha. I love that he’s insulting him the entire time, and then adds a… “father-in-law?” at the end.

Dad gets angry (but in a cute petty way) and says that they’ll just have to find a rock that suits him. That leaves Kyung-joon wondering what that means. He figures it’s not his rock/place anyway, since it’s Yoon-jae’s to worry about.

They manage to get through dinner okay, though Da-ran and Kyung-joon bicker quietly throughout. Dad offers “Yoon-jae” a beer, and he lights up. Da-ran stops him—he has to drive! He reminds her of the accident, so it’s fine.

Dad goes to pour and Choong-shik tries to join in, and noona tells him no—she will not watch minors drink! She gives Kyung-joon a pointed look and he closes his eyes, to say, then don’t watch!

The silent bickering is so cute. He finally sticks his tongue out at her and accepts the beer from Dad…

…which Da-ran snatches out of his hand and guzzles down. HA. He watches in horror and then grabs it back to get the few remaining drops out of the glass, as the family watches in confusion.

She walks him home (worried because he drank some beer) and he sighs that it was a drop and not even his first anyway. She says it doesn’t matter—she feels responsible for him because he’s her student, and he groooooooans. But you know he’s gotta love it.

She adds that she’s sorry that she made him act like her fiancé, and thanks him for playing along. He says they’re even since she retrieved his wallet, and adds that if she’s really sorry she could help fill it, since this body costs more to take the bus (heh) and needs bigger clothes.

He points at his butt, “This guy keeps eating my pants!” Hee. She agrees that they can’t let him dress this way, and he lights up—are they going to buy new clothes? No, they’re going to Yoon-jae’s apartment to get his clothes. Oh right. I forgot about that solution.

Mom and Dad wash dishes and wonder about the change in Yoon-jae’s behavior. Mom swoons, thinking it means that he’s really comfortable around them now, like real family. Dad’s not quite convinced, but agrees that if that’s the case, it’s a good thing.

Da-ran and Kyung-joon head to Yoon-jae’s apartment (good thing the lock’s a fingerprint one) and she tells him to go pick out some clothes. She walks in on him changing and turns away, and he wonders what the big deal is. She must’ve seen him undressed all the time.

But she admits she hasn’t. Kyung-joon gapes, “Oh. My. God. You mean you and this ajusshi aren’t… with the seeing… in THAT kind of relationship? You’re getting married in a month! How can you not have?” Words out of my own mouth, kid.

She stammers that that’s not something a kid should be saying. He gets an idea and moves in close. “Want me to show you?” Rawr.

He lifts up his shirt, “This ajusshi’s body is awesome. Look, chocolate!” Hahahaha. She turns away again and tells him to stop.

He wonders why this ajusshi worked on his body so much if it wasn’t to show Gil Teacher. He figured that since it was so sculpted, it was to look good for her, but if that’s not the case… Hm, this is going to a bad place for Yoon-jae.

He then adds that this is the kind of body that takes hours daily to maintain. So then why did he spend all that time on it, when he could’ve taken her out on more dates? Aw, kid, you’re breaking her bubble! Stop it!

He comes to the conclusion that this ajusshi though more of his abs than his girlfriend. Da-ran’s face falls. She wonders if all those times Yoon-jae had told her he was too busy were just excuses because he didn’t want to spend time with her.

Kyung-joon realizes his mistake, and quickly adds that Yoon-jae was on his way to see her that day, to tell her something important. She wonders if it really was to say that he loved her. “What if it wasn’t?”

He takes a step closer. “Gil Da-ran-sshi, I love you.” Awwww. Now I’M confused! Swoon.

They smile at each other, lost in the moment even though they know it isn’t real. She lights up as soon as he says the words.

He takes a step back. “…is what he would’ve said.”

She smiles, calling herself dumb for thinking otherwise. He agrees that she’s dumb.

He flips through the clothes in the closet, grumbling, “Does she like Seo Yoon-jae that much?” Aw, are you getting jealous? He snipes that he doesn’t like any of the clothes, and finally lands on a sweater.

Only, when he yanks on it, a little electronic house key falls out. Oh crap. All the signs, they point to Cheaty Cheaterson! Argh.

He asks if this is a key to his house, but Da-ran says no. She thinks maybe it’s to their newlywed house? Er, that’s a leap, given he didn’t even care to be present when you went looking.

The phone rings and she tells Kyung-joon to answer, so he does. It’s Se-young, who only belatedly found out about the accident and is on her way with his stuff.

As they wait for her, Kyung-joon wonders what to do about the ajusshi’s job—does he have to go to work at the hospital? Dude, and kill innocent people with your non-medical-school-graduating self? WUT?

She suggests they put in a vacation request since the accident is a good excuse. He wonders what else he’ll have to do in the ajusshi’s place—like the wedding? She says no, since Yoon-jae will be back by then. Kyung-joon says he wouldn’t do it anyway.

She reminds him to be polite to Se-young and not to look at her lustfully (ha) and he swears to look at her purely, but winks at Da-ran. Hee.

He heads down to meet Se-young, looking curiously at the key again. Se-young arrives, and we get a conspicuous close-up of her keys, with an identical electronic key.

Meanwhile, Da-ran looks for the vacuum to do some cleaning, and finds a suitcase in the closet, packed and ready to go somewhere with a fresh passport inside. Not something one normally keeps in the closet at the ready.

She wonders to herself where Yoon-jae was going without telling her…

Downstairs, Kyung-joon sees Se-young arrive and waves at her awkwardly. But she surprises him by running up for a big hug. She asks why he didn’t tell her about the accident, saying she should’ve been the first to know.

And then she turns her face towards his for a kiss. He yanks her away before anything happens. She just says, “Yoon-jae-ya, I love you.” His jaw drops.

And then Da-ran shows up behind him. He looks back and forth and back and forth, as it starts to sink in…

Kyung-joon: “Seo Yoon-jae, you son of a bitch.”



Yay for Kyung-joon being quick on the uptake! I’m sad that Yoon-jae turned out to be a cheater, though really, it’s still circumstantial evidence at this point. It’s still possible that Se-young is one-sidedly clingy while he’s just cold feet guy, and not a very expressive boyfriend. I don’t think so, but it’s possible.

I feel like either way, there’s something interestingly mysterious about him, and even if he does turn out to be a straight-up two-timing dirtbag, it’s a great mystery to solve. That sort of makes Kyung-joon the detective, in uncovering the truth about this guy, which is a fun way to twist the body swap. Because you need more narrative motivation other than just having to bumble your way through posing as the other guy until your body wakes up. Now he’s invested Gil Teacher’s future—he can’t have Teach marrying a scumbag now, can he?

I didn’t expect this drama to be Biscuit Teachery, since I assumed the student-teacher pairing wouldn’t be the main one. But it’s looking more and more like it is, if they’re painting Yoon-jae as the guy who was wrong for her, in every way. (And also because Yoon-jae-in-Kyung-joon’s-body is lying in a coma, whereas I had expected more of a Freaky Friday situation.) Already we can see that Kyung-joon would’ve done things differently, had he been this body’s owner, which makes me think this is the pair we’re going to end up rooting for. You know I already am. But it’s also the unlikeliest pair, given the student-teacher problem. And it’s a pair whose ending is less of a foregone conclusion, which I really like.

Thankfully, Da-ran is much more palatable when she’s talking to Kyung-joon because she loses the put-on aegyo and talks like a teacher, so I liked her much better in this episode than I did in the first. She was worrying me before, but when she’s with Kyung-joon she’s much more assertive and interesting. She’s still amaaaaazingly naïve for her age, but at least now she seems less like a total dimwit. She’s a pushover when it comes to Yoon-jae, but not with Kyung-joon, which makes sense and is a huge relief—it means the source of the problem is Yoon-jae and her fear that she’s somehow not good enough for him. I already love how much sense Kyung-joon makes, all Well if I were this guy, I would’ve made these chocolate abs to show YOU.

Episode 2 feels much more like the usual Hong Sisters pace and tone, now that we have the body swap in place and can let Gong Yoo play Kyung-joon, which is what we’re all here for. I love how physically different Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon are. One is uptight and perfectly perfect in an OCD way… and yet probably fake because no one can actually be that perfect. That put-on smile that Kyung-joon couldn’t replicate is the best. And I love that Gong Yoo has the kind of face you can maneuver like a lump of play-doh. So comical.

My favorite thing about Kyung-joon is how much he wants to be treated like an adult without having to do any of the work, and this is his free pass to do just that. His journey will likely be in figuring out that there’s no such thing, but it’s really fun to see him enjoy things like having a beer or telling Choong-shik that kids don’t need to know certain things. You guys know I love me some high school coming-of-age shenanigans. And Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher Redux? I don’t even care if that’s redundant. It’s like Christmas came early this year.


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    I love it!!! Gong Yoo!!! He’s my ultimate bias! Welcome back love!!! :D:D:D

  6. Yeng

    I actually have both love and hate feeling for this episode. I love that things are getting more interesting, and actually make me want to find out the whole big mystery, cuz now it kind of reminds me of 49 days, though hope this is not like a cheater story, maybe it actually has some twist… what I dislike in this episode is that the new kyung jong is acting more childish than he is when he was in his original body. I feel that the teen body kyung jong is actually trying to act mature and cool that actually makes him look cute, but there is a difference here when he goes into the new body, and somehow it doesnt feel like they are the same person. Though I still love Gong Yoo cuz he is just too hilariously lovable.

    • 6.1 ninsarama

      I agree with the differences in character. I wish Kyungjoon had been a bit more childish before the accident. Maybe we can just blame the sudden change on the accident. lol.

      • 6.1.1 Autumn

        Kyung Joon was like two different people before the accident and after.

        He seemed more reserved instead of annoyingly childish, and that’s the only problem I have with the switch. His character wasn’t consistent.

        • songjoongkilove

          you took the words right out of my mouth.
          kyung joon was cool. charasmatic in a way. definitely not childish as kyung joon in yong jae was acting..
          you’re right , the character wasn’t consistent.

          i know it was for the fun, but it just wasn’t right…
          they either should have made kyung joon a fun, light, childish boy before the accident. it would then make sense that he acts childish in yongjae’s body.

          besides the english words, i didn’t see any consistency in his character after the switch.

          and i feel so slow.. i totally didn’t see the ending coming. i just didn’t expect AT ALL that yongjae was a cheater (maybe). i just thought he is having second thoughts about marriage and didn’t know he actually had an ongoing affair with his ex.

          • Enz

            Ya, that cheater bit was unexpected. I thought he just didn’t match da ran and had serious doubts bout the marriage

          • Enz

            Ya, that cheater bit was unexpected. I thought he just didn’t match da ran and had serious doubts bout the marriage. But could be red herring 🙂

          • mtoh

            We have more than enough to souls never switch back..
            Who will have YJ after his affair…

        • oi

          yes, so true about Kyung Joon before and after being 2 different people. That is my problem with this drama too. ok, 95 % different I would say. When rewatching, there are some moments, when I think: yeah that is what Kyung Joon would do/say or look like.

          All those funny scenes are funny, but feel so unrelated to me

          • Sabah

            I agree about the inconsistency. It isn’t that Kyung Joon couldn’t have been funny and weirded out by the body swap but in his own way WHICH isn’t the way he is behaving. It is kind of throwing me off a bit.

            I love Kyung Joon’s character but not so much Yoon Jae because I don’t really know him and this combination is another ‘unknown entity’ which I need to comprehend but I can’t really understand why…

      • 6.1.2 Laeah

        He was though. He was constantly playing pranks on her. He wasn’t cool or mature, he was just cocky.

        I think it’s really simple: Kyung Joon as a kid didn’t seem too childish because the actor was young so it fit well. Gong Yoo is much older so it looks exaggerated when he doesn’t act his age. Even if they do the same thing, it comes off differently just due to their appearance.

        • Bets

          That makes a lot of sense because if he was in his normal body and acting this way it would have been normal teenage boy behavior. A lot of guys I’ve gotten to know did put on this cool sarcastic front when I first met them but as time went I found that they were crazy, rebellious, and downright hilarious. I also think that his behavior can also be attributed to the fact that this is a strange situation where acting cool, calm, and collected is completely unreasonable. This kid is not Bong-do (QIM) and nor should we expect him to be (it’s funny that I say kid when I’m 16). Anyways, it’s funny and I would be bored if he was all chill about the situation especially since he’s not romantically interested in Gil Teacher (yet). This kind of story is not one that would fun without some crazy behavior on “Yoon Jae’s” part.

        • Ilovemandoo

          Great point. Though I still think he was acting a little too childish that it threw most of us off guard. However, I trust the Hong sisters and I also know that we saw his character for only an episode. I’ll just try to roll with the punches.

        • steadystrike

          yeah maybe it’s because of Gong Yoo’s acting, but the inconsistency of Kyung Joon’s personality before and after the body swap doesn’t seem so awkward. I think in the course of time Kyung Joon became lot more closer to Daran because she’s the only one he could trust and rely on. Without all the body swapping mumbo jumbo, kids at that age usually behave warmly to their benefactors no matter how they may appear cool and confident.

    • 6.2 Amberscube

      Oh yes, really reminds me of 49 Days… You dont know what’s gonna happen next.

      Im excited.. Bring it on!

    • 6.3 INFINITElySHINee

      I totally agree on the part about teen Kyung-joon and Yoon-jae-Kyung-joon being different people. There are times when adult Kyung-joon does things that the teen version would never do. Well, they do need Gong-yoo acting hilariously childish, so I guess I understand why he’s acting so much more childish…but it still kinda ruins the character consistency for me.

    • 6.4 hanie

      agree on the personality makeover. I notice that too but I think is he just having a field day being a grown up and just to mess with Daran. Hopefully he revert back to his high school self just to make a consistent character. or maybe that just he is and all what we see in ep 1 just a pretense? so many possibilities.

      • 6.4.1 kaidanmono

        I agree with you guys that the change in personality is strange. Teenage KJ was so aloof and “cool”, I really can’t imagine him screaming and flailing abotu an allergy. I mean, he’s not an idiot, he should’ve known it was probably an allergy and that it wouldn’t kill him.

        However a probably explanantion could be that, now that he’s actually an adult and treated as such, he doesn’t have to try to act like one. They’ll treat him like an adult anyway, so he can let his more immature side out without big consequences (so far). If he did that in his normal body, people probably would have scoffed and dismissed him as a child. GY’s body gives him more freedom.

        That’s my take on it.

        • Laeah

          I don’t think it’s that different. He’s still pretty serious and also, even before he was making fun of her and doing childish pranks like with his bike.

    • 6.5 July

      I agree with there being a character disparity, but then I thought–and I may be giving the writers too much credit–that maybe this is Kyung-joong’s way to finally be able to express himself. As Yoon-jae he is able to let go of some of his reserved character. He essentially is a kid, but has gone through a traumatic experience due to his mother’s death, so that may explain why he didn’t act so childish (and is an ass). Or, I may be wrong. As kyung-joon would say *whatever* 🙂

      By the way, Gong Yoo is gorgeous!!! I love, love, love him! He is hilarious and so adorable at the same time.

      (Loved the Battlestar Galactica reference, girlfriday 🙂 )

      • 6.5.1 Enz

        I thought the same too.. That he finally can be his true self given the situation he found himself in.. That in his real body, he felt the need to act cool etc

        • mtoh

          For me he hasn’t be cool as he was cold…but life did it to him..I’m happy to see how’s he gonna act with family bonding…

      • 6.5.2 anon

        I hope you’re right because the disparity in Kyungjoon’s character in ep 1 & ep 2 was perplexing. Don’t understand why the writers wrote the character so differently in ep 1 vs ep 2.

      • 6.5.3 Yumi

        I don’t see a character disparity in Kyung-Joon, I see different facet of a character as they function under very different circumstances.

        The short amount of time we spent with him before the crash was not enough time to get a deep understanding of his personality.

        Even before the crash there was a lack of middle to the character. He was preternaturally adult–living on his own and taking care of himself. And weirdly childish, sleeping is a bed mean for someone a little older than a toddler.

        Before the crash, he was not is crisis. He could spend his time as a vaguely removed observer of life.

        The accident forced him in the game.

        I think the scene in the hospital confirming his status as unwanted to true to both characterization of Kyung Joon.

        • AnitaLotti

          I think so, too.

          The change in behaviour is

          a) a perception problem from the side of the audience: A teenager appearing “cool, collected and mature” might be a different cup of tea to us than the same behaviour displayed by a grown-up who may strike us – simply because of the age difference – as much more infantile.

          b) due to a difference in circumstance. Somebody being calm and unruffeled in their usual circumstances. But being tossed into another body and another life might account for a momentary fall-back in personal development/growth.

          • Yumi

            You point a) is well taken One behavior in a particular body can be endearing, the same in another body disturbing.

            To verify that point, check out the movie WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE.

            SECRET GARDEN played the early soul shifts for laughs and sacrifice character continuity to get them. When Kim Joo Won was in Ra-Im’s body all of a sudden we got a drooling lecher. We had spent enough with Kim Joo Won to know that lechery wasn’t a character trait, so unless the Ra-Im’s female hormones were making him horny the character shift made no sense.

        • Jessica

          Totally agree!

          It’s all about context. As a teen, he was purposely trying to act cool and mature, but now that he’s really in a position to be an adult, he’s back to his “teenage” self.

        • rearwindow

          “Even before the crash there was a lack of middle to the character. He was preternaturally adult–living on his own and taking care of himself. And weirdly childish, sleeping is a bed meant for someone a little older than a toddler.”


          “Before the crash, he was not in crisis. He could spend his time as a vaguely removed observer of life.

          The accident forced him in the game.”

          (Or I could just quote your entire comment, haha.)

          AMEN. Beautifully put.

          I don’t really get all the comments about Kyung-jae’s supposed character shift. Let’s be honest: we saw very little of him in episode 1, and what we did see is very consistent with his behavior in episode 2. He was a smartass from the beginning–not taking Da-ran’s umbrella off the bus; splashing her when he drove by her on his motorcycle; bailing out on her when she’s supposed to be showing him around the school; almost getting in a fight with Da-ran’s brother. He’s always been a smartass but ultimately kind, which carries through to episode 2.

          Sure, he was shown to be a bit of an old soul, and I would argue that he still is. But even so, he’s an 18 year-old dealing with some really heavy stuff. He is completely alone in the world, and everyone who gets close to him either disappears or uses him. He’s tried keeping the world at a distance to protect himself and to pretend that he doesn’t care. But because of the soul switch-up–and more specifically: because of his relationship with Da-ran, who starts out caring for him as a surrogate Yoon-jae, but who finds herself genuinely caring for Kyung-jae himself–he is unable to keep holed up in his palatial home, removed from anything and anyone who might hurt him. Or help him.

        • July

          That’s sort of what I was trying to get at, but you did it SO MUCH BETTER.

          “I don’t see a character disparity in Kyung-Joon, I see different facet of a character as they function under very different circumstances”- very well put.

      • 6.5.4 lin

        I thought/think the same.

    • 6.6 Enz

      I have the same problem.. I keep thinking the real kj would have acted ‘cooler’ in some of the situations. But in others, I could see ‘him’ reacting in the same way. But maybe the situation is so bizarre that he regressed a few yea!! Lol

    • 6.7 alua

      Also agree with the character inconsistency. I know it’s for the fun but than they should have made the original teen KJ be a silly kid.

      But KJ wasn’t that childish and, generally, I just thought that sometimes they were making his age less than 18. 18 year olds aren’t totally silly – they aren’t little kids.

      Is an 18 year old drinking such a big deal in Korea by the way? I wasn’t sure what to make of that scene.

      Not surprised about the doctor-cheater turn (although from the way it was staged – the female doctor’s declaration seemed to be the first time she explicitly confessed -, it might be one-sided and YJ might simply be running from both women).

      Not sure really looking forward to Suzy’s character because the preview seems to suggest that KJ falls for her, and I’m shipping KJ + DR.

      Not liking DR’s total naiveness either. How old she is meant to be again?

      • 6.7.1 JoAnne

        I kinda think she saw the fiancee coming through lobby and made her declaration to force the issue out into the open. she just had that ‘oops, did I goof’ fake innocent look on her face.

      • 6.7.2 wannstar

        you’re legal to drink when you’re 20 in korean (about 18/19 international age)
        he’s 18 in krn age in the drama

    • 6.8 Jessica

      I think it’s all about context. As a teen, he was tried to act cool and mature, but now that he’s in a different position and so he’s reverted back to his “teenage” self.

    • 6.9 SprinkledPink

      The inconsistent characterization bothers me as well. If the writers planned on using the body swap for jokes, they should have established Kyung Jong as an immature character.

    • 6.10 younhafan

      I total agree with you on that

  7. Amberscube

    Now this is interesting…

    I love episode 2 better.

  8. Arhazivory

    “And I love that Gong Yoo has the kind of face you can maneuver like a lump of play-do. So comical.”

    LOL. So right GF! ANd that last screenshot is precious.

  9. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  10. 10 coolrepublica

    I want to watch it. I started but had to bail. the bad English everywhere was getting on my nerve. I hope they stop at some point so I can try again. I would hate to miss out on the drama because of unnecessary English talk.

    • 10.1 July

      Idk, I actually found it really funny this episode around, especially in the scene where she is inspecting his body for the allergic reaction and he is making orgasm sounds. Loved that scene!

      • 10.1.1 MJ

        I second that notion.

        Cracked up laughing when Kil Da Ran co-workers (VP Kim Young Ok & Teacher Lee Ae Kyung) are spying on Da Ran and Yoon-Jae’s body+Gyung-Joon’s spirit checking out the hanky-panky they think is going on in the classroom.

      • 10.1.2 Ilovemandoo

        Yeah that scene was hilarious. I cringed at the English in the first episode (or rather, Engrish) because it was supposed to sound impressive. However, it’s used comically this time around so I didn’t mind it at all and found it funny.

        @coolrepublica: Engrish is just one of those common things that can get annoying, but I think it’s best to try to find it funny and not take it seriously. Especially when it’s used for comedic purpose like in this ep. Hope you give Big another shot! ^^

    • 10.2 kyary

      The English talk isn’t really “unnecessary” because Kyung Joo lived in America before so he would understandably use English often.

      I’m already used to engrish so it’s all good 😀 Just ignore it lol

  11. 11 jomo

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    I never thought of this:
    “I already love how much sense Kyung-joon makes, all Well if I were this guy, I would’ve made these chocolate abs to show YOU.”

    It is cool how you are seeing how KJ would treat her if she were HIS girlfriend. Like that a lot. Hopefully, he will actually say that at one point and make us all swoon!

    I love them as a pair, not necessarily as a couple, yet.
    I don’t think it is a foregone conclusion either.

    Of course, as we learn more about Dr. Dbag, DR will be less in love with him, right, and therefore open to this young man’s attention?
    But KJ seems very stand-offish from her, as a woman. Is this just an act on his part, do you think?

    • 11.1 trixicopper

      I just watched a mv for this drama that shows scenes of YJ and DR that we haven’t seen yet in the drama.(sorry I don’t have a link) It’s on you tube. After watching, I’m not quite ready to throw YJ completely under the bus. Maybe only part way. 🙂

      • 11.1.1 jomo

        Let’s keep those back muscles, and maybe an ab or two safe…for now…

  12. 12 AuntieMame

    I’ll share part of my post on another site:

    I wonder if we have another murder mystery to solved, just like in RTP. The reason I think this may be a possibility is because of the scene of his mother’s death.

    First, her body was very bloody for an ordinary fall from somewhere. And, secondly, there were two shadows walking away from the body and KJ. ????

    And, there has to be a reason/purpose for this ‘miracle’.

    Of course, I don’t really think that is the case in this drama since we just had one murder mystery solved and the premise is also too much like the one in “Who Are You?”.

    But, it’ll be interesting to see what the Hong Sisters have up their sleeves.

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Predicting the Hong Sisters is nearly impossible… you always get a 180 with them–or you think you have it figured out and then they pull out the sheet and you smack your own face… so I wouldn’t even attempt it.

    • 12.2 KdramaFan

      I agree with you and think there is a mystery to solve in regards to his mother. But also I see a foreshadowing of a cougar relationship because of the reference in ep. 1 of the other teacher/student relationship.

      It’s going to be interesting to see…

  13. 13 21

    Hehehe episode 2 is already looking alot better than episode 1!! So excited to watch this when I go home!! Thanks for the recap!!

  14. 14 Noelle

    Wow you guys are on top of this! Off to read!

    • 14.1 Noelle

      I don’t think Da Ran and Kyung Joon are impossible because I don’t think them mentioning her parents teacher/student relationship was coincidental. I would prefer her with Young Jae, though. I don’t know when he’ll wake up from the coma but I know he’ll have to or else what the hell is Suzy’s purpose? I think this will be a show where both male leads will grow with help from one another. Maybe that’s the only way they can switch back. Who knows maybe Young Jae just needs a different perspective to truly fall in love with Da Ran. That’s what I’m hoping for anyways.

      • 14.1.1 Noelle

        Oops I meant Yoon Jae. But you know what I mean.

      • 14.1.2 Ilovemandoo

        Yeah, that’s where I’m thinking the drama will end up. Both are possibilities though and I’m not sure yet. (which gets me excited since the Hong sisters’ dramas usually have a super obvious though undeniably lovable OTP.) I definitely don’t think the Mom-Dad thing is a coincidence either which is why I started to entertain the idea of a teacher-student relationship. Hopefully, Yoon Jae’s character can also be redeemed.

  15. 15 Biscuit

    This pairing is crazy. I love Kyung Joon, but I love him best in Yoon-jae’s body. Already in episode two, but I want him to stay in that body forever! Mostly because, drama aside, I enjoy seeing Gong Yoo being childish and funny. What will happen if he goes back to his body? Soul = Kyung Joon. Visuals = Yoon Jae.

    But high-school x teacher will be alright. Look at Da-ran’s father 😉

    Or open ending?

    • 15.1 JustJen

      Yeah, I wonder how the writers are going to deal with that dilemma, because I imagine a big part of the audience is going to feel the same way- wanting Da Ran to end up with Kyung Joon- but in Yoon Jae’s body.

      I love that it’s not completely obvious who is going to end up with who, and how. There were times during the first episode where I wondered if Kyung Joon and Da Ran were going to become more of a brother-sister type relationship, and then of course two seconds later I was back to thinking of them as a romantic couple. It will be interesting to see where it all goes.

      • 15.1.1 ilikemangos

        For once, in k-drama land, i am questioning the OTP. ha.

        • mtoh

          I don’t question, I like them as they are,…cute and weird…

        • rearwindow

          “For once, in k-drama land, i am questioning the OTP.”

          Yes! I love that it’s ambiguous. I don’t remember the last kdrama I saw where I didn’t know by the end of the first episode who would end up with who. I love that I have no idea where this show is going.

    • 15.2 Laeah

      I like Kyung Joon before. He was perfect. I’m not into the whole younger man thing either, but I wish that actor would come back. haha

      • 15.2.1 Evette

        I agree. I liked Kyung Joon before as well. I fell in love with the actor. Lol.

  16. 16 hanie

    thanks for the recap.
    this episode is more interesting.
    and we got lots of GY’s abs. can I say I like choong sik or maybe i just like the actor. hehehehe. so what is left is suzy to make an appearance and complicated matters.

  17. 17 cv

    Thanks for the recap. I like Big. I like the mystery and comical moments. I still can’t see the ending of this drama. I like that. LOL

  18. 18 sarang

    Gong Yoo. Chocolate abs. That is all. ♥

    In all seriousness, this episode was definitely a peg up from the previous. Not only did it deliver in laughs it also set up the narrative quite well, YJ as a lying cheating bastard? :O I don’t know why but I feel like giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    And also remember that I called this first: I bet YJ and KJ are long lost brothers, I mean they both have pictures of the same exact cherubs (does not sound suspicious at all). I have a feeling YJ was either going to LA to find his “brother” and or to visit his parents. Of course this could just be my imagination but my intuition tells me there’s something there.

    • 18.1 sarang

      And also Baek Sung Hyun STUPID!? (aka Da Rin’s younger brother), I love him in this.

      • 18.1.1 mmmaggie

        I love the brother so much. I spit out my water when he kept calling Gong Yoo “cheojae.” LMAOOOOO!

        • oi

          yes, the brother is the real funny one in this drama

    • 18.2 Biscuit

      So true! But than Kyung Joon will have a brother in his family and not alone! But Daran will go for Yoon Jae’s brother?


    • 18.3 Yumi

      Can we say we called the long lost brother simultaneously, but you wrote it first.

      I too was getting the misplaced brother vibe

      and thought there was some crisis in his family that requires him to go to the US and the issue was too complicated (shameful maybe) that is why he didn’t immediately share it with Da Ran.

      also, as of now Yoon Jae is suspiciously without family.

      If they are brothers, I feel that they are only 1/2 brothers, which is why the Uncle and Aunt didn’t recognize/know him.

    • 18.4 iDK

      I am also feeling “lost brother” vibes. It would explain a lot.

      I’m already eating up the “Kyung-joon finds a family with the Gils” in this episode, more of those with a big brother Yoon-jae would be awesome!

    • 18.5 rearwindow

      “I bet YJ and KJ are long lost brothers.”

      Yeah, Big has “birth secret” written all over it. But for once, I don’t mind, because I feel that it’s woven into the fabric of the narrative, rather than just being thrown in as an episode-16 angsty wrench in the OTP’s plans. Also, I am dying for some bromance b/t Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon.

    • 18.6 Ilovemandoo

      Yep that’s something I’ve been thinking about as well.. The Hong sisters are good at subverting cliches though so we shall see how it works out.

  19. 19 hanabi

    I think Gong Yoo is doing a fantastic job playing a teen. It really seems like a teen has inhabited his body.

    As for the pairing, from the first episode a little part of me wanted it to be Kyung Joon and Da Ran. But part of me has a hard time with that because I’m a teacher (though not high school) and it’s illegal and more than a little icky. I don’t have problems with age gaps as long as both are adults. But! I loved FBRS and Biscuit Teacher, so I guess in fiction I’m fine with it because it’s so adorable.

    I do like that the OTP is not obvious from the outset. It makes it more fun because you get to watch who gets together and not just how.

    Surely Kyung Joon’s body will wake up? If not then how is Suzy’s character going to fit into the story?

  20. 20 Alex

    Goong yoo has showed lotsa skin lately. Lol

  21. 21 Jenni

    Love it. Über confused with what our OTP is. Any ideas, fellow Dramabean-ers?

    I can’t imagine a different OTP at the end if our main character is an 18 year old guy. I’m all aboard the teacher student relationship, though.

    • 21.1 Nanuki

      I’ve reached a point where I find the Perfect Man (faux or not) character kind of boring (also, Birth Secret on the horizon! Argh!), so I’m kind of on board the teacher/student relationship… but what worries me is the Hong sisters have a history of ineffectual second leads, so I hope the kid (Shin? He was good) and Suzy get a chance to be proper, moving parts of the story. I’m still not quite over the waste-of- space-plot-device that was the spirit-hunter dude from Gumiho.

  22. 22 Kris

    I’m still not yet fully invested but I don’t want this drama to fail. I love all three actors. *crosses fingers

  23. 23 Kris

    Suzy’s character reminds me of Jeon Ji Hyun sooo much I cant wait for her appearance already.

    Its gonna be a Sassy girl and Go Hye Mi rolled into one.

  24. 24 canxi

    Oh hoooo! I knew other guy Kyung Joon would end up in a coma. I wonder if he’ll wake up though, in the middle of the series, maybe? Or a little before. That would be nice otherwise poor Shin would be getting the short end of the acting stick.

    Also, the cheating bit is interesting, but at the same time I feel like it’s not exactly the situation. But, I actually haven’t watched the episodes yet and won’t until the show is finished, so I dunno. I like the mystery of “is he or isn’t he a jerk??” That’s pretty cool. I also like Gil Da Ran who’s understandably foolish over guy she’s in love with and assertive with everyone else. Looks like fun 🙂

  25. 25 Frances

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  26. 26 mchall

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  29. 29 pumpkinattack

    This is my bedtime story! Thanks, gf! 🙂

    • 29.1 pumpkinattack

      I really was most surprised that all signs point to her fiance being Rat McBastardson. There might be more than what meets the eye, but his behavior has been quite suspicious…and it’s a great catalyst for her new relationship with the soul trapped inside his body. It’s the most time she’s spent with that body in a really long time. 😉 But… it doesn’t seem like he could be a total creep.
      I hope this drama keeps clear of the illness drama tropes and all things Secret Garden. Oh, body swapping.

  30. 30 lori

    even though i know its really gong yoo acting out the character, therefore his prowess, but i can’t help but feel and see kyung joon superimposed on yoon jae. when they do eventually switch back, i hope, i’m gonna look at kyung joon all starry eyed, and giving yoon jae the slant one. its gonna do wonders to shin the actor, even though most of the time he’s lying down comatose …

  31. 31 Cham

    Thanks for the quick recap!

    Between Ghost and Big and their business of body swapping (well sort-of for Ghost), I have a feeling that the writers are having a field day splitting the viewers between the good and bad body residents!!

    Excited to see how the relationships will develop. I agree, it would be so awkward to have teacher-student love/physical relationship. But then, the adult cheating doctor fiancé better have a good excuse for all his suspicious behaviors.

  32. 32 DanyDanyBobany

    And I thought i couldn’t love Gong Yoo more…
    He was amazing in this episode.
    I don’t think that the way Kyung-joon is acting in Seo Yoon-jae´s body is a change of characer:
    1) He is 18 years old
    2) The “mature” and “cool” that we saw last episode is just one part of Kyung-joo. Plus, I saw sad and quiet more than mature, and I saw again his sad part when he listened his uncle and aunt. So where is the change?
    3) As someone said on Viki, he was kind of childish when he was touring the school (jumping out of a window?)
    4) He acted the same around Choong-shik.
    5) Its a ” traumatic expierience” if you want to give the swap a name, he had to adapt to the fast change of the circumstances, which lead him to be funny.

    I love that along the plot and the reason behind the swap, when can discover who was Seo Yoon-jae. In the first episode I was expecting to see Gong Yoo, but the only show his face like 5 minutes and the character usually was taken from behind. This can be a reason.
    OMG, I love the abs scene. Thank you, Hong Sisters for write it.
    Thank you for the recap!

    • 32.1 Yumi


      Not character inconsistency

      just hormone fluctuation


  33. 33 lori

    anyway … its SONG JU OPPA!!! from stairway to heaven … T.T imagine park shin hye and baek sung hyun acting out the real real life adult versions of their roles … i can only dream … mega sigh.

  34. 34 JC

    Javabeans, I always wondered what “heh” means. Does that mean you think its funny, or like slightly funny….if I’m making sense.

    • 34.1 JC

      oops..Girlfriday this time.

    • 34.2 ilikemangos

      based on how GF uses it in the context, i’d say it’s her reaction to something she finds cute-funny.

      • 34.2.1 ilikemangos

        maybe even silly

    • 34.3 Rashell

      I always assumed it was something that made you kind of snicker, but not full out laugh. If that makes sense.

  35. 35 BattleAngel

    I am so in love with this show! Gong Yoo’s body is really getting a lot of show! =P

    I think Kyung-joon acts mature and serious when he’s trying to protect himself from being hurt and doesn’t want to show that he has feelings. I think when he’s silly and kid-like it’s when he’s feeling safe and comfortable being himself and he beginning to feel safe hiding in Yoon Jae’s body and with Gil Da Ran. I think that’s why there’s such a jarring difference in Kyung-joon in ep 1 and ep 2. Even in Yoon Jae’s body when the uncle and aunt are being mean to him or when he’s angry or hurt he becomes very serious and mature as if nothing can hurt him.

  36. 36 1061-kun

    I had been looking forward to this program for awhile and was a bit underwhelmed with the first episode. But, this episode rocked. There were so many funny moments. Got my crack drama of the summer.

  37. 37 Rashell

    This episode was HILARIOUS! I was laughing out loud the whole time. I’m so confused about who we’re supposed to be rooting for as the OTP. Maybe I’m being naive, but I’m leaning toward the Dr. being a cheating, cheater, who cheats as a mis-direct. But that could also be because I’m in this for Gong Yoo. I love him as the hilarious teenager and I agree that it’s adorable how he already thinks of her. But if the teacher/student is the OTP then my Gong Yoo isn’t the H. Aish! This body swapping business is CRAZY!

    But I’m so entertained and I can’t wait to find out what the deal is with the Dr.

  38. 38 RibyBooWhoo

    gong yoo *drools*

  39. 39 Anvesha

    I also don’t think they’ll show Yoon Jae as a cheater.. I mean, Se Young seems like those clingy second leads especially with the random “I love you” but then Yoong Jae seems shifty sometimes..

  40. 40 annieee

    somehow, when i was watching this, the scenes weren’t nearly as funny as when girlfriday describes them in her recaps XDD gong yoo is such a hoot, but i couldn’t help feeling that kyung-joon-in-yoon-jae’s body seemed much more childish than kyung-joon in episode 1. kyung-joon seemed like such a smart alleck and acted more mature than most kids his age. but when he wakes up in yoon jae’s body, it’s like he switched up the teenager immaturity dial. of course, that’s what makes the whole premise incredibly funny (immature kid stuck in an adult body), but it seems like the characters weren’t consistent in their personalities. also, i wonder if they’ll ever try to wake up yoon jae in kyung joon’s body? because sitting around waiting for him to eventually awake from his coma seems like a poor solution to the problem.
    i’m not completely sold on the way the drama is dealing with the body-swapping, but i’ll be watching this drama to see how things pan out, its hilarious hijinks, and of course, gong yoo : )) i was re-watching the movie “she’s on duty” the other day to relive the gong yoo-kim sun ah amazingness, and that was when i realized gong yoo has played a high school student in quite a few roles! he was a spy pretending to be a student in the movie, but his supposed young age totally gave kim sun ah’s character a lot of anxiety! then there’s biscuit candy, and now this! i definitely think it’s gong yoo’s boyish charm that makes him totally appropriate for playing such characters. goshh he is SO dreamy!! <3333

  41. 41 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

    I like that the mystery is low-key in one aspect, that is, the fate of the world or the future etc. don’t depends on what happens, but it’s equally important in another… it’s about people and the lives that stretch forward before them and their loves.

    Yoon Jae seems off to me in one aspect: his family (parents, siblings etc). Does he have a family abroad, since otherwise *someone* would have come to meet him after the accident, or is his situation similar to that of Kyung Joon’s, thereby being a factor in their body swap?

    I’m treading lightly with this drama, because I’m already rooting for Kyung-Joon-in-Yoon-Jae’s-body and Da Ran, and common sense tells me that that’s not what the endgame is going to be. I really don’t want my already shattered heart fed to rabid vultures, thank you very much.

    • 41.1 ilikemangos

      Nutella<3 one of my many silly K2H companions.

      i'm also keeping an open mind & the hong sisters the benefit of the doubt. I'm gonna try and not get too attached to Kyung Joon and Da Ran because i don't know if they are the real OTP. i don't want my heart being crushed in the end either.
      Big is shaping up to be a light rom-com that's easy to watch, so i'll be keeping up with this show amongst all the other shows i'm currently watching

    • 41.2 mtoh

      Nutella…mixed with Dunkin Ds…

      I’m going with this OTP.., because it’s seams so right for DR…she need someone to take her from the shell…when you need to ask guy; do you love me, it’s means you sense something off. I hope to see her happy days.
      As KJ, he needs to see what’s family all about.., and he’ll have that with DR and her home.

    • 41.3 Arhazivory

      Hey Nutella~

      They better be the OTP. They had chemistry from he was in his teenage body.

      • 41.3.1 Laeah


    • 41.4 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      Babies *huggles* I missed all of you.. and yes, I want Kyung Jae (soul first, body second, a la SeGa) to be the OTP with Da Ran as well, since he brings out the best in her instead of pushing her back in her shell.. I personally think that if you have to act cute for a guy instead of being your normal self, it ain’t worth it >.<;;

      Thankies for all of you for ignoring my gaffe about Yoon Jae's family.. this is why I need to pay attention when watching dramas instead of rolling in bed laughing… As a distraction from my stupidity, here's the official MV from Davichi for one of the songs from the OST called Because It's You *I'm labelling it spoilers because it has scenes we haven't seen before, but I don't think they actually count as spoilers cos they're sorta common sense, but still… ~~****–S.P.O.I.L.E.R.S–****~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ED_NxkoylIg

      • 41.4.1 mtoh

        Cute MV, we see YJ at his beginnings, but when everything went off… ;(

  42. 42 Emily

    who knows docter yoon jae could be gay. the way he hesitates to tell daran something, and ticket to LA, and the abs. i have a feeling that he works hard to have the abs is to cover from people knowing that he’s gay. sorry, i saw lots of comments about how the story is going, so i wan to write my own opinion too. damn i laugh so hard when i saw the picture kyun yoo in yoon jae’s body post as docter yoon jae.

  43. 43 Tika

    I definately don’t think yj was/is cheating. Yj has cold feet which Bitchy doctor girl is just taking advantage of. There’s something going on his life that is making him waver I.E long lost brother. He wants to go find them and isn’t too concerned with marriage. Bitchy doctor lady senses this and uses it to get closer, you know the usual clingyness, slipping a key into his sweater, visiting unnecessarily. If they were having full out affair Se Young’s reaction to DR would have been different during their hospital meeting. SY wouldn’t have thrown the picture out hasitly if that was the case. I predicted a smirk and was surprised when I didn’t see one. DR’s and YJ’s earlier love scenes are warm and feelings are reciprocated, up until the discussion of what type of bed they should have once married. Something happened after that. Is that why his character seemed somber during the first episode?

    I went into this drama thinking its be a YJ would be paired with DR but as soon as KJ and DR met I knew it was going to change. They had sizzlingly cute chemistry. My doubts about this drama were cleared. I was worried about the all the jealousy hi-jinks that wouldn’t ensue. Dramas that start with leads already in a relationship or love (unrequited or not) are rarely done right. I don’t think this will be anything like 49 days since Suzy needs a purpose? If it does turn out to be like 49 days it’ll be done right unlike 49 days where i was bored more often than not.

    Kyung joon doesn’t seem too out of character. I attribute his behavior in ep 1 To first day jitters. He in an unfamiliar country with no one to rely on. He had to seem cool and aloof so that noone took advantage of him. At the end of ep1 it was determined the only one he could trust was DR hence the character change. Plus we’ve already established he loves getting a rise out DR.

    My first dramabeans comment! I do apologize for the length, spelling errors etc… I’m on my iPhone and it’s 1:50 am.

    • 43.1 alua

      Yup, I don’t think YJ is a straight-out cheater or having an affair yet – he’s definitely not that into DR and definitely got cold feet about marrying her, but the relationship with the other doctor wasn’t a full-fledged passionate affair.

      Possibly a one-sided pursuit (from the female doctor), with YJ not yet having given in but seemingly also not having pushed her away either.

    • 43.2 daniela

      I was thinking the same after the flash backs of DR. YJ was so sweet on his dates with DR, he even notice her first at the wedding. The female doctor just wants back what she lost before he meet DR.

      KJ in YJ body doesn’t seem out of the character, KJ was different when DR was with him, playful and funny, and he remains that way in his new body.

      “This ajusshi’s body is awesome. Look, chocolate!” – so funny and so true! <3 (GY was in the army, right? I love Korean Army!)

  44. 44 ilikemangos

    I know everyone’s been talking about the character inconsistencies — kyung joon in his own body and a different kyung joon in Yoon Jae’s body.
    I’m just gonna go with the reasoning that he might feel uncomfortable in another body, so this change might definitely have him a bit crazy. I mean, if i were in his situation i wouldn’t act my usual aloofness or cool composure. Plus, reading above i think someone mentioned that he felt the need to act more mature in his younger body, whereas in this older body, he feels no need to act mature, because everyone expects him to be an adult, or at least act like one.
    It could also just be for visual/atmospheric purposes. Perhaps they’re just trying to really stress the idea that there’s an 18 year old in a 30 something year old body. Probably just for us to see that Yoon Jae is not Yoon Jae and that a teenager is inhabiting his body.
    I was a bit thrown off too because i noticed the switch somewhat showed a different Kyung joon, but i’m just gonna go with it because i thought about it.. and it’s SO much funnier to see a grown man (originally boring) act childish and pulling all sorts of shenanigans. <3

    • 44.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      Not only that, but when we saw Kyung Joon in the first episode, he was mostly in public/ in the company of people, which made him put on his tough front. But now, we’re seeing a lot of him alone, and as he said “not on his home ground”, plus with a body switch, which means that he won’t be acting exactly as care-free and “cool” as he was in the past.

  45. 45 songjoongkilove

    baek sung hyun is a cutie 🙂 i wonder why he hasn’t played any main roles…
    i mean he’s good here! really good!
    same with gong yoo!

    unfortunately, i don’t have a lot of heart for the actresses.

  46. 46 anna

    Hahahaha, episode 2 is so much better! I’m really liking Lil Bro, he’s hilariously dim. And I like that he has such a good relationship with his noona. The way he called after her when she was running to the hospital was so adorable.

    AND Teacher Na Hyo-sang!!! Ugh, can this drama have a twist and let him end up with Da-ran? His one-sided love is just so cute. Poor guy though. Having to act as though he hates her, but actually so in love.

  47. 47 Stardust

    Thanks Girlfriday for the amazingly fast recap for ep2!! Yes this drama seems to be shaping out well…maybe I will watch after my dear QIHM finishes tomorrow night…. tomorrow night!! aaaAAArrrgh less than 48hrs later….

  48. 48 ilikemangos

    There’s so many potential romantic pairings so far and it’s only episode 2. lol

    we’ve got ourselves a future web of love complications!
    How the Hong sisters will be able to pair everyone up and satisfy their viewers, beats me.
    I’m usually left satisfied with all their other dramas so hopefully all the different shippers (why do i feel like it’ll be a 50/50 split between YoonJae/Da Ran and Kyung Joon/Da Ran) will be somehow satisfied..

    • 48.1 rearwindow

      Part of me wants Da-ran to end up with the gym teacher, because that would fly in the face of just about every kdrama norm out there.

      (But really, I am totally shipping her with Kyung-joon.)

  49. 49 JD

    You know what would be awesome? If Yoon Jae revives and they’re able to swap back halfway through the series. It’d be like a reversal in leads, with Kyung Joon (Shin) playing the main character!!!

    But of course, that probably won’t happen given that its GONG YOO here, and no way he’d be pushed to second lead haha.

    • 49.1 oi

      ooh nooo….that means we won’t be seeing much of Shin as Kyung Joon? 🙁
      but you are right Gong Yoo is not going to be in the background

  50. 50 Abbie

    A much better episode, by far! I loved Gong Yoo in this! So adorable. I’m glad he’s back, because he is just soooo AWESOME! I almost busted a gut laughing during that whole scene when he came to the school because he was “on fire”. It was so funny. The Hong Sisters are great. This definitely felt more like their dramas. The first episode was just too subdued for them.

    I HATE Se-young even more now. I hope she’s just clingy and knows Yoon-jae from childhood or from medical school. I would hate for Yoon-jae to turn into a cheater. Whoa. I just thought of something. What if they never switch back? Or something. Doubt it though.

    I am loving this show. Can’t wait for more.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

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