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Big: Episode 5
by | June 18, 2012 | 206 Comments

Whoa, THAT’s a twist I didn’t see coming. Episode 5 brings a game-changer, and after the initial surprise at the story turn, I’m finding myself liking it a lot. I was ready to say, before watching this episode, that I was finding myself curiously detached from Big; I enjoy it and find it funny and the story interesting, but for whatever reason, the drama hadn’t gotten its hooks into me.

Usually a Hong sisters drama is well in crack-addiction mode by this point of the show, so I wondered whether Big would be an experiment for them in more ways than one. Exploring a less frantic type of storytelling is something I welcome, but it would be a shame if the writing lost the heart that always comes with the crazy. This episode brought back that familiar feeling of excitement, though, and makes me anticipate what the next bend in the road will bring our characters.


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Da-ran confirms that her fiancé’s spare key belongs to bitchy Se-young, but just as the apartment door opens to reveal that truth face to face, Kyung-joon steps in. He slams the door shut and refuses to step aside, even as she cries for him to move out of her way.

He wrenches the key out of her hand and throws it down the hall. She runs after it and he kicks it back, then picks her up and carries her outside.

Kyung-joon lets Da-ran down outside, grabbing her when she starts to march back inside. She bites his arm to free herself and says, “If you know it hurts, don’t stop me.” He fires back, “If you know it hurts, don’t go.”

She tells him not to interfere, and he tells her to handle it properly then, handing her a large rock—toss it through the window, then speak her mind and warn Se-young she’ll beat her up next time she comes knocking on Yoon-jae’s door using tea as an excuse. Yay for tough love telling her to find her spine, which Da-ran desperately needs—both the tough love and the spine.

They see Se-young emerge from her building, looking around curiously. Kyung-joon watches intently as Da-ran considers the rock in her hand… then lets it fall with a sigh.

She trudges back to the hospital, head hanging, and Kyung-joon follows at a distance and leaves her sitting at his desk.

He finds his teenage self lying exactly as he has been, only his bedside is now decorated—enshrined might be a better word. There are photos of Mari plastered above the headboard, and a pillow with Mari’s face lying next to Kyung-joon’s face. I think I love this girl. So strange, so benignly persistent.

Big Kyung-joon removes the pillow from Little Kyung-joon’s side, only to get an indignant Mari storming in to complain. He pulls the doctor card, saying it’s unacceptable. Mari grudgingly complies and sets the pillow at Little Kyung-joon’s feet, noticing the fuzzy blue socks he wears and asking where she can buy a matching pair.

Big Kyung-joon recalls that those were part of a couple set bought by Da-ran for her honeymoon and tells her not to, which of course gets Mari growling, “I will. I’ll buy a hundred pairs and wear them every day.”

He argues with another made-up health concern (pointing to his jacket: “I’m a doctor!”) and Mari decides to remove them from Little Kyung-joon if they’re so bad. Big Kyung-joon backtracks immediately and offers to reinstate the pillow if she’ll leave Da-ran’s socks alone.

Mari complains that he’s a pain in the ass, and Kyung-joon agrees and says yes, Yoon-jae is.

Da-ran notices that the photo she’d stapled to Yoon-jae’s bulletin board—the one of them together—is missing, and starts looking around for it, not knowing that Se-young removed it. She stops at the Miracle book with the familiar (to us) cherub painting on the cover, and pulls out the paper sticking out of the top. It’s Yoon-jae’s plane ticket to LA. Oh crap.

Da-ran sees that he meant to take a solo trip before their wedding: “Yoon-jae-sshi had already split from me, but blindly, I didn’t know.” She cries.

Mari says goodnight to Little Kyung-joon, taking his arm affectionately and telling him to seek her out in his dreams. Just as Big Kyung-joon gets a text from Da-ran telling him she’s going home, Mari says, “Kyung-joon-ah, don’t go to Gil Da-ran.” That stops him in his tracks, even though she’s not talking to him, exactly.

Mari’s words sink in, though, as she reminds her Kyung-joon that the teacher likes another man, not him. Kyung-joon runs out anyway in search of Da-ran, while Mari keeps talking: “Even if you go after her, she won’t look at you. She won’t see you, so if your feelings keep going to her, you’ll end up hurt. Kyung-joon-ah, if you wake up, forget everything about the teacher.” Um… that’s not foreshadowing, right?

Kyung-joon tracks Da-ran down to her family’s mandoo restaurant, where she’s crying over soju. He urges her to come to her senses and stop crying, but she’s well and drunk and pleads for him—Yoon-jae—not to go away.

Kyung-joon sits there and pats her back for a while, and when she’s done crying and lies sleeping on the restaurant floor, he lies down to watch her sleep.

In the morning, Kyung-joon contemplates the newlyweds’ bedroom in his/Yoon-jae’s house, remembering Da-ran’s excitement about the bed. He passive-aggressively breaks the canopy, accidentally-on-purpose, over Yoon-jae’s side.

Kyung-joon irritatedly answers a call from Mari (whom he’s entered into his phone as “Jang X,” where the X is a stand-in for a swear word, heh), who asks him to bring Kyung-joon’s wallet to the hospital—it contains something very important. Kyung-joon does have the wallet, but he dismisses her with an “I dunno”

Mari takes that to mean the doctor has it, and calls Choong-shik for the newlyweds’ address. Then she calls Kyung-joon back to exclaim, “Kyung-joon has woken up! Ajusshi, come to the hospital right away!”

Kyung-joon runs out of his house in a hurry, and Mari darts inside. HA. Way to outsmart him. She asks for the wallet, while Kyung-joon’s more concerned about the evidence that he (his real self) lives here, like his racecar bed. He distracts her with questions about how well she thinks she knows Kyung-joon, and in a mad ploy to keep her from seeing that room, he bursts out, “Amy!”

That’s a name the doctor shouldn’t know, but he identifies Amy as Kyung-joon’s first kiss. Mari: “That was true? Amy wasn’t lying?” Poor girl, I actually feel sorry for her, even if she is a crazed stalker with the persistence of super glue.

Kyung-joon manages his way to the remote control and turns the bedroom glass opaque. Mari concedes that doctor ajusshi does in fact seem to know a lot about Kyung-joon, and adds that he must therefore know how important that drawing inside the wallet is—our miracle cherubs. She says seriously, “If the wallet’s lost, I have to find it, even if that means searching the whole hospital.”

At that, Kyung-joon takes out the wallet and shows her the picture. She’s relieved that it’s not lost, but he pulls the wallet out of her reach. So she summons a new tactic, offering to us one of her secrets that “only Kyung-joon doesn’t know.”

And she shoots her high heel into Kyung-joon’s groin. He falls in pain, and Mari grabs the wallet and runs out to the waiting taxi.

At school, lovestruck Teacher Hyo-sang sneaks a peek at Da-ran from a distance, and is caught by fellow teacher Ae-kyung. She crows over this discovery, having thought all this time that he avoided Da-ran out of dislike.

Hyo-sang frantically tries to shut her up, pinning Ae-kyung against a wall and whispering furiously into her ear, only to get a disapproving VP Kim clucking in dismay.

It’s a good thing she’s not wearing any pearls, or they’d have the lifeblood clutched out of them; she warns them to be careful because school is for educating youth. Ha, yes, VP Kim is uptight and pretentious, but is it her fault for wanting her teachers to act like grown-ups instead of horny teenagers?

Se-young calls Da-ran out to confront her about coming to her apartment last night. Da-ran retorts that Se-young is acting mighty righteous for someone in her position, and Se-young cautions Da-ran against coming on so fiercely: “Playing the weakling is how you got Yoon-jae.”

Se-young says Yoon-jae has always felt compassion for the saddest, most pathetic kids; he couldn’t stand to watch people being hurt. Ouch—that stings because it gnaws at Da-ran’s own insecurities. Se-young adds that at the wedding, Yoon-jae was leaving in a rush because she’d just told him she’d broken up with her boyfriend. She insinuates that Da-ran’s accident is the only reason Yoon-jae ended up with her instead of Se-young.

Se-young clocks Da-ran’s reaction and says, “You must feel uneasy about the wedding. If that’s the case, keep holding tight onto Yoon-jae—he’s so nice he’ll let himself keep being held.” Grrr. Can I slap her now?

Da-ran finds her spark, though, and drops to banmal to warn Se-young to watch her front windows. Using Kyung-joon’s words, she threatens to beat her up “till that black tea turns into green tea.” Yay!

Still, Da-ran intends to go through with her wedding photo shoot tomorrow, and asks Kyung-joon to show up. He calls her crazy, but she asks him to consider it a favor for his pitiful teacher.

Se-young asks her doctor friend for Yoon-jae’s parents’ number, because she has something important to tell them. Urg. Butt out, lady! She tells Mom about the accident, saying that she felt Mom should know even though Yoon-jae doesn’t seem concerned. Mom thanks her, then makes immediate preparations to fly to Korea.

Da-ran tells her mother that she has something to announce after tomorrow’s photo shoot. Mom worries that Da-ran isn’t looking healthy, and little bro offers that he thinks the couple is hiding something; he heard them arguing over whether to go to the hospital without raising suspicions. Oh… you’re not thinking…? HA.

Yes, indeed: Mom finds Da-ran’s extra-warm couple socks, so unnecessary in this weather, and puts two and two together. She gets five. Ha, wrong end of the skinship meter, Mom.

On to the photo shoot, kicked off by Kyung-joon’s requisite moment of slack-jawed admiration of the bride. As they proceed, Kyung-joon forces a Yoon-jae-like smile and half-heartedly goes through the motions; he doesn’t approve of her going forward with the wedding, and it shows on his face. Off to the side, Choong-shik complies with Mom’s instructions and grabs shots on his own camera.

Mari heads to a clothing shop to Da-ran-ify her look, noting that Da-ran dressed a lot in this brand (ha, way to go for smooth product placement—or at least as smooth as you can get in a drama context). She asks the sales clerk if she’d look like a teacher in this blazer, and the clerk praises, “You look like an adorable kindergarten teacher!” Mari frowns: “I have to look like a high school teacher.”

She gets a text from Choong-shik, who forwards wedding photos that make Mari huff, “I’m going to wear a prettier dress for my wedding.” So petty, so adorable.

And then she notices… the groom’s pose. Arms out, right leg up, looking to the side. It’s hardly like Kyung-joon’s got a trademark on one body pose, but Mari’s suspicions fire and she finds more photos of groom Yoon-jae standing and posing in exact replicas of Kyung-joon’s posture.

After the shoot wraps, Da-ran looks over sample photos from the photographer and thanks Kyung-joon for his help. She tells him this is as far as she’s going; there’ll be no wedding. Yoon-jae is too nice to dump her, so she’ll let him go. She releases Kyung-joon from any further Yoon-jae impersonation and hands over the plane ticket. It’s his get out of jail free card; staying here after she calls it off will just be a headache for him.

Kyung-joon is confused, asking why she’d bother with the shoot. Da-ran answers, “Because I can’t marry Yoon-jae. If I have these, at least I’ll have my memories.”

Kyung-joon says, “Looking at them, you only see Seo Yoon-jae, don’t you? Even though it was Kang Kyung-joon who spent all day holding you and running around, the memories you’ll be cherishing are all Seo Yoon-jae.” Da-ran promises not to use him that way again.

The photographer returns to grab one last photo, and as they pose, Kyung-joon asks, “Will such a weak memory suffice?”

He swoops in and kisses her, then asks defiantly, “But what can we do? This isn’t Seo Yoon-jae’s memory, but Kang Kyung-joon’s. Gil Teacher, treasure it. It’s Kang Kyung-joon’s first kiss.” So he WAS lying to Mari! Also, the boy sure is a quick study if he’s kissing like that on the first try.

Da-ran glares indignantly, but Kyung-joon says those hearts in her eyes have receded: “Now you see Kang Kyung-joon, don’t you?”

She moves to hit him, and he grabs one wrist, then the other. He shoots her a seriously sexy smolder, then runs away like a little boy. Such a mind-confuzzling mix of grown man and child.

At the photography studio, Da-ran requests the kiss photo deleted and pointedly tells Kyung-joon that it’s been erased from her memory as well. Choong-shik comes upon them with the plane ticket—found by a staffer in the groom’s clothing—just as Kyung-joon says it was a goodbye kiss before he leaves.

Choong-shik’s fury mounts as the groom tells noona that he’s gonna leave for good since the wedding is off so she’d better not beg him to stay, and he launches himself at the “bastard” and punches him. Oh, I love him. So dim, but devoted to his sister.

It takes the whole staff to pull Choong-shik off, and Kyung-joon escapes. He’s got a bloody lip and wounded feelings; he complains to Da-ran that this ajusshi was the one to do all these bad things and yet he’s got to suffer for them. Da-ran hands him the plane ticket and sighs that she’ll have to tell her parents earlier than expected.

It doesn’t sit well with Kyung-joon that she’s going to handle everything alone, and he urges her to tell them that the doctor cheated. She says she’s going to take the “I don’t want to get married anymore” line—not to protect the fiancé, but because it would hurt her parents to know her own failings led to her relationship falling apart. Her reasoning is a bit self-defeating, but I can understand the desire to spare her parents; it’ll hurt them less if she argues that she doesn’t want the marriage.

Choong-shik bursts into the house ready to drop the bomb, but stops short because relatives have dropped by. He figures he’ll have to wait before revealing his information, though Mom sing-songs that she already knows, already having jumped to the baby conclusion.

When Da-ran arrives home, Mom invites her to share the big news she’d alluded to yesterday. Da-ran says she’ll do it after the guests leave, but Choong-shik bursts in holding a cake, wild-eyed: “Noona! You’re PREGNANT?” (The cake reads, “Congratulations on the arrival of your baby.”) He’s near-tears in horror (love him), “Noona, you’re pregnant and brother-in-law still did that?!”

Dad slits his eyes suspiciously while flustered Da-ran insists to everybody that it’s not true. Mom just gives her the wink and says they already know, so she can just admit it. Choong-shik rages, “Noona, say it clearly. I’m gonna KILL THAT JERK!”

Da-ran can’t help it; the truth has to come out now. She says she won’t be marrying Yoon-jae.

She sits down with her family and assures them that she already called it off, that she changed her mind. They can’t understand, so she makes up the story that Yoon-jae plans to quit being a doctor, ignoring her demands to remain thusly employed: “I won’t marry Yoon-jae if he’s not a doctor.”

It’s a huge shock to everyone, and Mom staggers to her feet while holding her head. Dad starts in on a wise father lecture, but Choong-shik suddenly cries out to noona to RUN! In comes Mom, wielding a mop with deadly intent and a Kill Bill wind-in-her-hair slo-mo entrance. She declares, “Today, I take my daughter down. Nobody stop me!”

Mom swings wildly, breaking trinkets, growling that she married at 19 after her father practically tore out her hair in fury. That’s what she went through to win her love: “And you dare toy with love?!”

It’s the hair Mom goes for when she finally gets her hands on Da-ran, and Dad and Bro barely manage to pull her away.

Kyung-joon creeps into the front yard in time to hear the screams, and decides to creep right back out. Da-ran comes flying out the front door, and Kyung-joon explains coming because he was worried: “You’re managing well. I should go.” Haha.

Mom appears in the doorway and chucks her shoe at Da-ran’s head. Kyung-joon jumps in front of her to shield her, getting flip-flopped in the back instead. But this is an unexpected twist in the narrative, and the family wonders at it. With no other ideas, Kyung-joon cups his face in his hands and declares, “Surprise!” Okay, that got me. First time was silly, but at this moment? Hilarious.

The couple gets called to the carpet (literally) to explain. Dad tries to get the story straight: “So you visited a place you shouldn’t have, and got caught by Da-ran. Where is that place?” Da-ran shakes her head at Kyung-joon, the gesture for No explainy the cheaty, and Kyung-joon reaches into his pockets to take out… strip club cards?

What’s funnier, the fact that this is his excuse, or the image of Kyung-joon actually skipping off to strip clubs using his borrowed body? (I suppose he could have prepared the cards in advance, but I ignore that explanation; don’t kill my jokebuzz.)

But it’s an explanation that makes sense, and Mom commiserates with her poor daughter. Dad says they’re both adults, however, so the family won’t interfere. It’s up to them to decide whether to marry or not. Both parents leave heaving sighs, and Kyung-joon just bows his head and repeats, “I’m sorry.”

(Da-ran asks where he got the cards, and he says he picked them up from the street. A likely story.)

One hurdle has been jumped, and Da-ran tells Kyung-joon to go ahead and leave for a while. He wonders if his body will wake up by the time things settle down and he returns, and now he gives voice to that unspoken question they’ve ignored: “What if I don’t wake up for good, then what happens to me? Then do I have to keep living in Seo Yoon-jae’s shell?”

Yoon-jae’s mother calls at that moment, newly arrived in Seoul. Off they go to meet her, and she envelops Yoon-jae a hug immediately, seeming to clock his stiff response. Mom asks about the accident and Yoon-jae’s health in warm tones, then her voice gets icy as she all but accuses Da-ran of concealing this from her because she was obsessed with her wedding plans. Da-ran says they’ll be postponing the wedding, and Mom approves: “Yoon-jae, come back with me to the States.”

Okay, so bitchy Mom clearly doesn’t take the wedding seriously if she thinks the groom would rather spend the prep time with Mom in another country than the future wife. She should meet Se-young; I wonder if they’d get along like two peas in a pod, or tear each other’s hair out for dominance.

The encounter is enough to convince Kyung-joon that he can’t fake the Yoon-jae act in front of his mother. They worry over what to do next, and I LOVE Kyung-joon’s very 18-year-old response: “Gil Teacher, can you just marry me? Then I don’t have to go back with Mom.” Facepalm is right.

Da-ran argues that the only thing to do is wait, which is a frustrating answer to Kyung-joon. But barring staging another brink-of-death encounter—since one near-death caused the first soul-swap—there’s nothing they can do, and even then the likelihood of crashing back into their rightful bodies seems slim.

That night, Kyung-joon dreams of the accident—both Kyung-joons apparently, because the camera intercuts the scenes with Little Kyung-joon in the hospital, and Big Kyung-joon in his racecar bed. The latter jerks awake with An Idea. Uh-oh, I don’t have a good feeling about this…

Kyung-joon dons a doctor’s gown and takes his body from its bed, wheeling it out to his car. Mari gets there shortly afterward and asks where Kyung-joon went, eyes narrowing suspiciously to hear that the nice-looking doctor took him out in a wheelchair.

Mari calls Da-ran to demand the doctor’s whereabouts, and the news makes Da-ran recall Kyung-joon’s words last night about near-deaths.

Meanwhile, Kyung-joon drives along the same highway… swerves the car across his lane… straight for the guardrail… and screeches to a stop. He can’t do it. Oh phew.

At the hospital, Da-ran and Mari wait with Kyung-joon’s aunt and uncle, all of whom are growing upset with the doctor who took the boy without a word. Thankfully, Kyung-joon appears wheeling his body in and says, “I went out looking for a way to return [him/me].”

Without a better way to explain his behavior, Kyung-joon tells Yoon-jae’s mother that he lost his memory. He tells Da-ran that it was better to seem a little crazy with amnesia than to reveal the soul-swap and seem entirely crazy. He figures he has to go with Mom, who can look after him, but Da-ran tells him not to go, offering to look after him herself.

He asks how she’d do that. What, will she marry him in this state? Da-ran says firmly, “Let’s do it.” He points out that he can’t live as an 18-year-old adolescent, and neither can he live as a thirtysomething doctor: “I have to skip—the gap between Kang Kyung-joon and Seo Yoon-jae. I have to skip 12 years’ time.”

Thinking it over, it doesn’t seem terrible. He reasons that Yoon-jae’s already taken care of the troublesome bits: college entrance exams, army duty, finding employment. All he has to do is fill his brain, and that should be easy enough since he’s smart. Da-ran states the obvious truth: “Just filling your brain doesn’t make you an adult.”

But he disagrees, saying he’ll just skip the useless parts and come back. I suppose he means leave with Mom to fill in the blank bits of Yoon-jae’s past, so that when he comes back he’ll be up to speed with the body.

He says frankly, “When I get back, I’ll marry you. I think I like you. I’ll come back upgraded and marry you.” Oh, you’re adorable.

Stunned, Da-ran climbs up on the couch (which puts her just about even with his height) and smacks his head for being ridiculous. He points out that she just offered to marry him, and she says that was to give them an excuse for her to take care of him (as an adult, without suspicion), whereas he was considering the marriage as real.

She laughs at the absurdity of being proposed to by a high schooler, and it’s both enough to make you laugh along with her and feel a little pang when Kyung-joon asks, wide-eyed, “Is it so funny?” She says it is, calling him a baby (literally a blood clot).

Kyung-joon says, “I’m very sorry such a baby dared to confound you so much. Teacher. Goodbye.” Da-ran finally registers his seriousness as he fixes her with a fierce stare.

Kyung-joon packs his things and drops by the hospital for one last visit to his body. His uncle asks about moving Kyung-joon to a different facility, but Kyung-joon understands the motivation underlying such a question and asks Uncle, “You’re looking after Kyung-joon because of his mother’s inheritance, aren’t you? I understand that aside from his current assets, there’s a sizable trust fund Kyung-joon will receive when he turns 18.”

Uncle is stunned that the doctor would know this, and Kyung-joon adds that he’s the one who knows the password to access those funds. He requests Uncle take good care of the boy until Kyung-joon returns.

Kyung-joon finds Mari outside and demands the return of the wallet. He holds her still (with a firm hand to the head) and swipes it from her purse, saying, “I’ll take good care of this, so you take good care of this place. I’m trusting in you.”

With that he taps her head in a friendly gesture—another curious similarity that immediately reminds Mari of the time Kyung-joon tapped her head in a similar way. Mari hold her cheeks in disbelief: “Did I just blush? I must be crazy.”

Da-ran arrives at Kyung-joon’s house to find everything packed up and put away. She thinks back to an earlier conversation when Kyung-joon had asked whether the soul-swap would be okay despite a physical distance between the bodies—and would she be able to know if/when the bodies switched souls?

Da-ran finds a photo left out on a table, and flips it over to see the kiss from the photo shoot. “This is really Kang Kyung-joon,” she smiles.

Kyung-joon walks through the airport with Yoon-jae’s mother, looking around as though expecting, and hoping, for a visitor. But Da-ran is at home, explaining the decision to her family to call off the wedding.

And then, we come back a year later. (A year later?! Okay, just go with it. It’s early in the drama. We can handle this. Also, Kyung-joon is now almost legal, by Korean reckoning.)

Da-ran runs into a wedding hall, but today she’s a welcomed part of the bridal party and joins friends in photos. While teacher Ae-kyung gossips about the hotties in the groom’s family, Da-ran urges her to join her for lunch since she’s starving.

Da-ran heads to the elevator, and a tall figure joins her in waiting. It’s Kyung-joon (in Yoon-jae’s body), and she recognizes him right away, calling his name. “Kang Kyung-joon!” But he makes no move, and she furrows her brow: “Y-yoon-jae-sshi?” And at that, he turns to face her.


Annnnnnd that’s how the drama took a mindfuck and twisted it into an even mindier-fuck. Booyah. I’m all for it, and was in fact worried the show would pull back on the whole identity-conflict—can a heroine fall for the minor? Is there even a viable romantic pairing in sight?—and end up steering back toward safer, more conventional waters. That it pushes us farther adrift into underexplored territory is something I can respect, and welcome.

So the ending’s a fakeout, right? It’s totally a fakeout. But a pretty great one, in that the first five episodes have been building to the point that boiled over in this episode, when Kyung-joon sincerely proposed and Da-ran laughed in his face, calling him a baby. She didn’t mean it maliciously, but that’s exactly the problem; she doesn’t view him as a grown-up and therefore there was no way his proposal was going to be seen as anything but a big joke. That crushed look in his eyes was a wonderful (heartbreaking) moment; it wasn’t an angry look or even injured, exactly—it was disillusioned, like he was seeing reality clearly.

I love how this time-skip sets us up for future episodes, because it blurs the already-muddy line between adult and minor, Kyung-joon and Yoon-jae, and therefore fantasy and reality. I do expect to get Yoon-jae’s real backstory at some point, but it’s not the point right now, and what matters is that Da-ran has been viewing her engagement through colored glasses. And just as her rosy memories turned out to be tainted by less-rosy secrets, I fully expect that her disillusionment of Yoon-jae also presents an incomplete picture. We’ve been seeing glimpses of Yoon-jae through unreliable narrators, because everyone sees different aspects of a person and some of those people see what they want to see. But whatever the reason, the end result was that she wasn’t ready to marry Yoon-jae, a man she barely knew.

Kyung-joon is the reality, in that he’s the guy who forces her to see things for what they are, who sees who she is because she’s not trying to impress him. And while 18-year-old boyish Kyung-joon was never a possibility in Da-ran’s mind, what about the newer, “upgraded” Kyung-joon who is only a year older in true age but has “filled the gap,” so to speak, to catch his body up to mind? It presents another interesting question of how old he “really” is, because part of age is life experience, and that you can’t force, but another part of age comes part and parcel with physical maturation. But can you say he’s a bona fide adult because now he’s matured into his body (rawr) and learned a few things?

So maybe he’s not just a kid who’s stuck in an adult body anymore; maybe he’s… somewhere in between. That’s what I find fascination, the quandary of the in-between.

The question is: Is that in-between good enough for Da-ran? And if the question he left her pondering is “Will you be able to immediately tell the difference between us?” and the answer is no, where does that take them?

I’ll miss the cheeky bantering and bickering of the old Kyung-joon, but that mild disappointment is more than made up for with the resetting of our game and the leveling of the playing field. Heck, from here on out we’re playing a different game entirely.


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          Suzy was stiff, to say the least, in “Dream High”, but she is fine playing the nutty stalker (it’s difficult to play an over-the-top character well – like what Cha Seung won did in “The Greatest Love”).

          However, I think Suzy is miscast playing the snobby “princess”-type (even if she plays a more than slightly nutty one here, as opposed to the one in DH).

          She’s more suited to the down to earth, maybe slightly ditzy (not same as being stupid) role, something along the lines of what Kim Tae hee played in “My Princess.”

      • 4.1.2 Rae

        I think it’s the character, too. I can’t stand how she shoves herself into KKJ’s life as if she owns him… in that regard, Suzy is doing a good job of playing a stalker.

    • 4.2 Biggie

      No, you’re not a guy.
      You’re a hater and you’re making me laugh.

      • 4.2.1 The Real CZ

        Lol, you sound like such a fangirl just because I find Suzy terrible. I’m one of the few guys on Dramabeans.

        • la dee dah

          I think Biggie thinks you’re a hater because of your comments about Suzy. I understand if you feel that her acting is not good and leave it at that, but to say that her acting makes you want to “throw up” and to dismiss people who say she was good in that architecture 101 movie (critics are even saying she was good in that movie), it really does make you seem like you have some irrational hate for her. You just have to read your own comments about her. Just from watching her in Dream High and 3 episodes of Big (where she doesn’t even have a big part), your reaction is pretty extreme. And no, I’m not a fangirl (only know her from Dream High, where she was serviceable for that type of character, and I think she’s doing a good job with the comic role she has in Big).

          • lee dee dah's fans

            yess totally agree.. im with u lee dee dah..

        • DB

          I think Suzy’s character is hilarious. yes she is a stalker, but this is a drama and she is playin it well. makes me laugh haha. oh well. lets see what happens next!

    • 4.3 orenji

      lol okay~ i thought she did a great job as Mari. I prefer her style rather than the over board cutesy some real actress portraying.

    • 4.4 peanut butter

      Yeah I am sure that they awarded her the best rookie actress awards in both drama and film because she was cute. I am sure.

      • 4.4.1 The Real CZ

        No, they gave it to her because she’s popular, not because she’s good.

        • aeoro-san

          i m not agree with u,, u must be not watch her movie yet,,
          then watch it.. and dont say silly thing right that…

    • 4.5 asianromance

      If you’re referring to her nuttiness, her character is supposed to be comically nutty and delusional. I’ve found that she’s doing a better job here than in Dream High. She was stiff in Dream High, but here she is capable of making funny expressions and has more charisma. Voice delivery is pretty good. She actually sounds like she’s part of the the word of Big instead of an actress acting out a role in it (which I find is a failing with a lot of newbies).

      There is nothing emotional or deep about her character that requires nuanced acting. (and I heard she was wonderful in Intro to Architecture in a role that requires more of her).

      • 4.5.1 mita

        Both her acting in Dream High and in this drama are stiff. She is speaking like a robot lacking emotions.

        I want to give her a chance so I’ll be watching intro to architecture coz others say she is good in there.

    • 4.6 daniela

      Me too! I tried to like her in DH, but she is to stiffed. I don’t know why, but I dislike here more.

    • 4.7 bunny

      Wow, ” throw up” is strong word. Even her filming time in the show is merely 10 mins I think….

      • 4.7.1 bunny

        I mean…I don’t understand why some people are bothered by her acting so much. Of corse she is not great actor yet, but she is not disturbing the show neither.
        Actually her facial expressions are quite funny to me, and I don’t think she is emotionless at all.

    • 4.8 JoAnne

      I think Suzy’s doing a fantastic job with the weird girl. She’s hilarious and completely holds her own in scenes with much more experienced actors.

      I didn’t mind her in DH – in fact, I quite liked her by the end of it. I’m not saying she’s ever going to be a Kim Sun Ah or a Ha Ji Won, but she’s more than serviceable and I’m guessing we’ll see more of her acting after this role.

      • 4.8.1 kyary

        I think Suzy improved a lot. I just watched Introduction to Architecture and she was pretty good.

        • viave44

          well she have been work harder.. then she will be succsess..lol..:d

          bt the way,, im apreciacate her acting over here,, make this drama fresh and my me laugh,, lol

      • 4.8.2 schnitz

        Where’s the ‘love’ button?

        Whether we like it or not, we are going to have more of Suzy after Big.

    • 4.9 huama

      same. this is the first time i’ve seen her acting and i’ve heard about how she ‘improved’ and all the ‘awards’ she got, but honestly, her delivery of ‘mari’ is a bit awkward and unnatural at times. I think she’s still got a long way to go, but because she’s an idol, she moved up the ranks faster.

      • 4.9.1 rocksteady

        correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t her character supposed to be super exaggerated?… which is why it may seem awkward and unnatural… i find all Hong Sister dramas have characters like that..

        i do think she still has some improving to do as well, but she’s not terrible as some ppl are making her out to be..

        • bd

          But a good actor can make it seem natural – like Cha Seung won in “The Greatest Love” (a Hong sisters drama).

          Suzy isn’t polished in that respect, but she isn’t entirely horrible either.

          • rocksteady

            i can agree with that

          • Carina

            I thought Cha Seung Won was horrible in Greatest Love, personally, lol.

    • 4.10 wongsterrrr

      I think Suzy does a great job being Mari, because Mari is supposed to be obsessed and awkward and stiff because shes driven hard by her liking towards kyung joon… please dont say things like you wanna throw up because shes being cute, well, her character isnt doing anything in particular to make her cute, she just looks that way 🙂

    • 4.11 UJ

      i really have no idea why ppl have such dislike for Suzy’s acting! i think she was really good in dream high and she is fun to watch in BIG! i haven’t seen architecture so i don’t know how her performance was in it…plus her character was not cutesy in dream high nor is it in BIG! so i really don’t get you!
      she is one of the better idol actress that we get to see on screen! the best in my opinion is UEE!

  5. marie*

    I haven’t quite decided whether I’m into this drama or not, but am still staying with it because of Gong Yoo and that last part in Episode 5 – totally did not expect that. Something is this drama is missing; the cast are great, but is it the chemistry? The pace? Regardless, hopefully that last part in Episode 5 will lead to a more intriguing plot 🙂

    • 5.1 kirst3n

      LOL. Ditto. Not totally hooked yet but staying since it is a Hong drama after all and my love for Gong Yoo.

    • 5.2 Meester

      i’d say chemistry.
      I love GY and LMJ but in my eyes they’re like good friends. Especially after seeing them interact during the press con. They’re cute though.

  6. Meester

    Oh show.It has completely messed up my theories.

    • 6.1 Apple a day

      I’m curious. what were your theories?

    • 6.2 Kim Yoonmi

      I told you. I told you that Hong Sisters do a Mind F***.

  7. otchosais

    Thanks for the recaps.. 🙂

    the time jump came out too EARLY than I expected..

  8. hanabi

    See, this is why I love reading your recaps, javabeans. I had no idea what to make of the twist at the end. I’m sure my roommate was wondering what was wrong with me as I kept saying “What in the– what? No! What?!” I just couldn’t process what the time skip would do to the rest of the story. But thanks to you, I’m not as freaked out by it.

    I’m a little worried that Kyung Joon will have lost some of his adorable personality, but I’m also curious to see how he’s still him. hmmm. I’m glad we only have to wait a day for the next episode.

    There is still so much to explore in this drama. I’m finding it a lot different than the Hong Sisters’ previous work and it’s kind of fun to find the similarities and differences.

  9. Iranian Espresso

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    I’v waited for this. What a cliff hanger! Wowww!
    Thanks a lot.

  10. 10 crazedlu

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    • 10.1 Biggie

      you’re not alone. I find it strange when its the Hong Sisters with a winning cast and a good PD.

    • 10.2 lenrasoon

      me too 🙁 i want to love this drama so much since i love the past Hong sisters drama but i’m still not there.

    • 10.3 urbanique

      definitely in the same boat, I think chemistry’s lacking and while I usually don’t have issues with older-woman-younger-guy romance, this one I just can’t root for for some reason.

      and even though many people seem to loathe Suzy’s acting, at this point I’m mostly watching this for Mari and Choong-shik, they’re hilarious.

  11. 11 clover

    “And then, we come back a year later. (A year later?! Okay, just go with it. It’s early in the drama. We can handle this. Also, Kyung-joon is now almost legal, by Korean reckoning.)”

    All I keep thinking is there must be a reason why Dan-Ra’s mom being very young when she married a much older man comes into play…hmmmm…..

  12. 12 Ma

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  13. 13 mihinikki

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  16. 16 diorama

    Absolutely the same here. I was coasting along until now, not believing that this was a Hong sisters drama. Usually I’m a rabid follower by episode 2, but this is the first episode where I felt a real emotional hook and where I don’t despair of Da Ran. Finally, some spine.

    I kinda think that my favorite character is Mari – she’s just so off-the-wall and her interactions with Kyung Joon the Ahjusshi are hilarious.

    • 16.1 Kris

      And I can’t wait for the time when she falls in love with the ahjusshi. That’s just going to be epic. Craziness overload.
      She will probably go all the more insane. hahahaha.

      • 16.1.1 diorama

        Ok, kill me now, but I think Gong Yoo and Suzy have some real chemistry. (More than Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae and Da Ran, anyway)

        • Kris

          I hate to say this since LMJ and GY are good actors but YES, suzy and gong yoo do have some real chemistry onscreen, according to me…us (don’t hate.)

          • Wen

            I don’t think so at all. She’s cute with Kyung Joon (in his body), though. I think it’s because Gong Yoo is a grown man and Suzy looks very, very young. It’s kind of squicky.

        • Shi Kyung widow

          I totally agree with you! Their bantering is hilarious and they really look cute together!

        • Kiki

          Unfortunately, I think you’re right, and I feel weird about it!

        • urbanique

          haha, I definitely share the same sentiment.

      • 16.1.2 mary

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        I wanna see that too!

        (Or maybe she’ll use Choongsik to forget the ahjusshi. haha)

        • meanrice

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  17. 17 comradeS

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  18. 18 mzpakipot

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  19. 19 JustJen

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    Oh that scene, this is why I love Gong Yoo, he brings so much warmth and humanity to this character. Him as Kyung Joon is far and away my favourite person in this drama.

    Thanks for the recap javabeans- I spent so much time scratching my head last night trying to work out what the hell the ‘black tea into green tea’ comment meant. ‘I know that’s what they’re saying… but it makes no sense…’ These recaps always help give me context.

    • 19.1 1amLinK

      I still don’t get the green tea, black tea thing. Care to explain?

      • 19.1.1 j6

        I kinda defined it as “I’ll never stop hitting you” because black tea will never change into green tea…?

      • 19.1.2 diorama

        Maybe a variation of “I’ll beat you black and blue” ?

    • 19.2 wongsterrrr

      i think it means the black tea that she shared with yoon jae, and technically black tea will never become green tea, so i think it means “i’ll beat you up forever”


  20. 20 Rashell

    I..just…don’t know. I mean I love the idea that now Kyung Joon is more mature. But is he going to pretend to be Yoon Jae? Or is he just going to show that he’s more grown up? And if she does fall for the new improved Kyung Joon in the hot Yoon Jae body, what about when they switch back? He’s going to be that little 19 year-old again. And real Yoon Jae may not be the ass she thinks he is right now.

    This drama has me soooo confused. But I really do enjoy it. I’m not super invested in the love line because I really have no idea where it’s going. But I kind of like that too. It’s definitely keeping my attention.

    And I couldn’t love a character more than I love the brother. He’s just so sweetly dim, and so charmingly protective of his noona. LOVE!

  21. 21 April

    Ahh, I just hope Kyung Joon hasn’t completely lost himself as he’s pretended to be Yoon Jae for over a year. I love that kid to death.

    • 21.1 CupCake

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      • 21.1.1 kumi

        That can crop up back.

  22. 22 asianromance

    Thank you so much for the recap! I really like how the Hong sisters have veered away from cracktastic writing to just fantastic. I love the slower pace of Big. While it took some time for me to warm up to the drama, episode 5 totally won me over – from Daran’s crying scenes to KyungJoon stealing his body to try to fix the bodyswap and then resigning himself to the fact that the body swap is something that is going to stay for a long time. I think what’s so sad and frustrating about the Daran-engaged-to-mysterious-cheating(??)-fiance-situation is that she is unable to confront him about it. She is seeing his face almost every day, but yet, she can’t ask him to explain himself. She can’t ask for any sort of closure because his soul’s floating around somewhere. Poor Kyung-joon. Just think, he spent an entire year without anyone calling out his real name. So sad. =(

    Loved the surprise time-jump and how that time-jump has brought us a Kyung-joon-Yoon-jae that is a mix of 18 and 40. It does make more sense to have KJ grow up a little bit before he tries to embark on a happily ever after with Daran. Typical drama meet-cute-to-happy-ending tend to last only a few months, which isn’t enough time for a teenage boy to mature.

    So glad that the time-jump ended on episode 5 and not episode 6 or it would have driven me crazy!

    • 22.1 momosa

      On the other hand, that makes me sad as well as we won’t get to see Shin’s act. I really hope he’s not lying down throughout the show. His good performance in that limited screen time had me wanting to see more of him.

  23. 23 Shia

    I was so happy when Da-Ran told Se-young off especially seeing the fiereness of her mom in one of the scenes but when it comes to Yoon Jae did he not want to marry Da-Ran yet also because of his mom’s disapproval? Ah, I am willing to go into the inbetween as long as Gong Yoo is leading me there but I need my Yoon Jae answers QUICK! I am also not addicted to this drama yet but here for the Yoo-express.~~

  24. 24 Bigspacestar

    maybe this drama isn’t a crack drama (yet), but I find it absolutely refreshing that the main lead isn’t an arrogant ass. I definitely think that Big has potential to be my no.2 Hong sister drama!

    and choong shik is adorable.

  25. 25 JC

    I think you have a typo when you said 22 years. Isn’t it 12 years.

  26. 26 jomo

    Thanks for recapping this!

    She moves to hit him, and he grabs one wrist, then the other. He shoots her a seriously sexy smolder, then runs away like a little boy. Such a mind-confuzzling mix of grown man and child.
    Rawr and rawr again!

    I loved when they are talking about going to tell DR’s family the wedding is off, and Big KJ says, “That house has a lot of rocks. Won’t I get hit by rocks?”
    But later, he goes to help her anyway…Awwwww!

    Love this show. Watched it twice in a row. GY is a-may-zing.

    So sad when she broke his little cocky heart!
    So interested in how Big KJ thinks he can fool DR.
    She knows him better than anyone (in YJ’s body.)

    • 26.1 RWJQ

      I’ve watched all the episodes more than twice, and ep 5 twice in a row too. :p

      Got onboard this show solely because of Gong Yoo. He’s got me since Coffee Prince. It was point of no return. <3

      Not a huge rabid fan of Hong Sisters but they made my 2011, and now 2012 by casting 2 of my favourite K-actors, Cha Seung Won and Gong Yoo as leading men in their shows, back to back.

      Just as CSW was awesome as Dokko Jin in BL, Gong Yoo totally rocks his role(s) here. He’s such a delight to watch. Love his many faces and all the nuanced acting.

  27. 27 momogi

    ehm, javabeans, you must tag Suzy in these Big posts.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap. I read the recaps though I skip some parts ’cause I want to watch it when it airs on KBSW next week, still I’m a little surprised with this episode.

  28. 28 kopi_adik

    i am just falling more and more in love with Gong Yoo (since S Diary i think lol)… brilliant actor! the facial expressions switch in a split second from man-kid-man is just… gaaaaaaaaahhhh!! he is the perfect actor to play Yoonjae/Kyungjoon!

  29. 29 DanyDanyBobany

    I’m speechless. I wasn’t ready for this. It never crossed my mind,but its awesome. Now I will be surprised and not just waiting for moments to arrived. Some will continue to exist, but I cant predict how the story is going to continue.
    Now that Kyung-joon has “filled the gap”, im more willing to go with this pair. I hope we can see some development in Da-ran as well.

    I love Mari. Suzy is not the best actress but she has natural charm and strangely this character suit her (for me at least). Sometimes I feel her stiff, but her chracter make me laugh. She is so confident.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 29.1 Kris

      Hmmm natural charm? thanks for mentioning. I can’t quite figure out what is with suzy. She’s not that pretty with mediocre acting.
      Maybe its the charm or that x-factor they’re talkin ’bout.

      • 29.1.1 Apple a day

        I think her acting is better here in Big , than it was in Dream High. She was such a newbie in DH and it really showed. BUT she’s still not so good even though she has improved. I think she should stick with Miss A for now.

      • 29.1.2 bd

        While Suzy was pretty, I didn’t think she stood out in any particular way in DH (well, at least the eps I ended up watching).

        Part of it – due to her stiff character/acting and part due to her hairstyle.

        But if you watch her in variety shows – she has a lot of charm and her beauty really shines (esp. when she smiles).

        She’s just not the type who can play the b!tchy “Princess”-type character (much like Yoon Eun hye).

  30. 30 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! That was some major mind-screwing at the end of episode 5. I wonder how well Kyung Joon has filled his mind with Yoon Jae’s memories, etc., after the year has passed, and I wonder if his feelings for Daran have changed much, if anything. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Also, am I the only one who dislikes Suzy’s character? I think her acting is fine, really, but the stalker thing / mental instability kinda bothers me. It’s like she could lose a screw at anytime. I know it’s supposed to be funny, and I can see how that is possible, but I think the way she plays the character is just a bit too nerve-wrecking for me.

  31. 31 MinnieB

    Any predictions guys?

    I think KJ will pretend to be YJ for a while and then DR will fall for his manliness for a while. Then, later KJ and YJ will switch back and DR will confront her feelings and go for KJ instead. But by then KJ will forget everything and YJ will only remember about marrying DR. And DR will go to KJ, and YJ will feel jealous and wonder why DR no longer likes him and then pursue DR.

    Then DR will fall in love with YJ again, and by then, KJ would have remembered and end up brokenhearted and realize that YJ is actually his brother The end

    AHAHA, I doubt that would really happen, but I like to amuse myself by guessng.

    Can I hear some of your guesses guys? 😀

    • 31.1 jomo

      Agree with loss of memory for KJ in YJ’s body.

      Open type ending where DR meets up with KJ later on after a bunch of years – KJ will be dressed as a doctor somehow, and hopefully wearing glasses to make him look older.

      • 31.1.1 YY

        DR will fall for KJ who’s still stuck in YJ’s body. In the second last episode, YJ will wake up, they will switch back to their respective bodies, YJ will tell DR he has always loved her and will ask her to marry him. She will say yes, but on the way to the wedding, she will realise that the one she truly loves is KJ, who’s about to leave for the States. She runs all the way to the airport in her finery and crashes into Mari at the airport. The impact switches their souls and DR becomes Mari and Mari becomes DR. “Mari” walks up to KJ who spurns her and turns away until she says “Puing! Puing”….he turns around, stares at her and then envelops her in a bear hug. Freeze frame. The end.

        • kaka

          Hey!!! You should type spoiler alert in there!!

          • kaka

            *should have typed

          • Supernoona

            You gotta be kidding, right? Spoiler alert for guessing?!

        • jomo

          Neat! I like.

        • MinnieB

          AHAHA, that’s great!! xD

        • kumi


  32. 32 dramalove

    IDK I love this drama but I’m a little disappointed. For a while I was excited because I thought maybe this drama would be fresh and instead of the girl falling for the younger guy, it would be about Da Ran finding out more about Yoon Jae through different eyes and their love therefore becoming stronger and Kyung Joon would have someone there as a mother figure to help him find himself and he would use this experience to grow as his own person.

    I guess I might be trying to make this drama deeper than it is. But I’m kind of sick of the cliche noona falling for the younger guy and so forth.

    I hope I don’t sound like too much of a snob, but I hope this drama surprises me again and I can continue to watch it. =/ Because I absolutely LOVE Suzy’s character. Her scenes always have me cracking up. Maybe I’ll continue to watch just for that? lol

  33. 33 Joe

    I really dislike Dr. Lee Se-Young immensely.

    Wish Da-Ran would just tell Se-Young “Yoon-Jae, he’s just not into you, Se-Young if he’s marrying me, Da-Ran.” Then, Da-Ran bitch-slaps Se-Young.

    I got laugh when towards the end of episode 5 when the lettering pop on the screen stating its 1 year later. You only see 1 yer later towards the end of a drama series.

    • 33.1 alua

      When Se-Young was telling Da-Ran that Yoon-Jae only liked DR because he cares for people that are weak, hurt and that no one likes, I thought ‘So that means he’ll never like you!’ because she obviously sees herself as strong, invincible and popular!

      I’m not looking forward to what the preview of ep 6 is suggesting though… YJ’s mom declaring that she wants Se-Young by her son’s side… reminds me too much of A Thousand Kisses! I am going to trust that the Hong sisters will do better than that, but still *shudder*. Thankfully KJ knows that Se-Young is beyond awful and won’t let himself be manipulated. Just worried that if he is channelling YJ that he won’t be able to straight-out kick her to the curb.

  34. 34 T.Lo

    I tried to come up with as many possibilities for the outcome of this episode all week.. LOL I don’t even know why I bother. 😛

    I love being unable to figure out the next step though! I prefer dramas of this caliber to that of dramas with more predictable storylines.. ahhhh I can’t wait for Episode 6! 🙂 And thank goodness I have work all day.. that way, I won’t need to sit around in agony waiting for it to come out.

    I’m diggin’ GY <3 🙂 , LMJ, Suzy.. everyone's doing a phenomenal job! Big FIGHTING! May the rest of the drama continue to bring us epicly amazing and surprising twists and turns. So many unanswered questions.. This is easily one of my favorite dramas! Unpredictability all the way 😀

  35. 35 infiniti512

    One thing that’s bothered me and my friend also agreed, is that Gong Yoo’s Kyung Joon is less mature than the child Kyung Joon. Before he went comatose, he was very mature and straight forward, and definitely wouldnt have cried after being attacked by her brother. Yes, he was a child, but he was brooding and dark and cunning. I saw nothing cute about him when I want to constantly want to pinch Gong Yoo’s cheeks. (Or many GY’s cheeks are just that pinchable.)

    But this twist has me curious. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I tend to skip episodes or fast forward parts of Hong Sisters dramas. Lets see if this is the first I watch completely.

    • 35.1 urbanique

      you have a point.

      I was also thinking that something is off with GY’s portrayal as KJ. I mean he’s doing a wonderful job at it, but from what we see from KJ before the body switch was that he seems to be really mature for his age and that’s what threw me off when the body switch happens. in some parts I think the childishness is too over the top so I had some issues with the character portrayal. although after I think about it I think it’s more of an issue in the writing as compared to the acting though.

  36. 36 Jolie

    “I have to skip—the gap between Kang Kyung-joon and Seo Yoon-jae. I have to skip 22 years’ time.”

    I’m confused….exactly how old is Yoon Jae? According to the character biography, he’s suppose to be 30, Da Ran is 26, and Kyung Joon is 18. So, shouldn’t Kyung Joon soul suppose to skip 12 years instead of 22?

    Viki subs say 15 years, Koala’s Playground say 12, and now DB is saying 22?

    Please clarified this for me!

    • 36.1 mita

      Their age gap is 12 years, it’s just typographical error.

      • 36.1.1 mary

        Or math error! JB and GF won’t notice.

        Numbers schmumbers 😛

  37. 37 Aquila

    I have only five words to say to this…


  38. 38 DMKO

    Oh man, what a ride, buckle up! Thank you JB for the recap.

  39. 39 kookicookie

    so for episode 6 and on…can we have livecaps? I really liked hearing your recaps. :3

  40. 40 Ivoire

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    Big is such a cool drama in that its so unpredictable! I never saw the 1 year jump coming and this really changes alot of things. Thanks for the recap!

  42. 42 Nheony

    Thank goodness for the twist. I agree with you JB. I am starting to feel somewhat detached to the show which is very surprising because I’ve always gotten hooked with Hong sisters dramas. But with this new twist man it.is.game.on!

  43. 43 mjfan

    I love this drama more and more with every new episode ,
    Gong yoo is doing an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing job , seriously , he is AWESOME , also , the chemistry is great >>>
    Iam all for this show whatever future episodes bring out …

  44. 44 crazykel

    So…a time-skip this early??? I’m not sure if I like it yet. I will understand if it sets up something really substantial, but I’m not completely sold.

    Yet the drama still has me hooked into it, so I won’t stop watching. I’m really enjoying some of the humor, and especially Suzy’s Mari. I think she’s playing obsessed teenager well–the character annoys me on the “oh my god, are you serious” level, but it’s being played to the letter.

    And of course, I’ve really fallen for Choong Shik. He may be dim-witted, but he’s awfully cute and fiercely loyal to his sister.

    • 44.1 Llamaesque

      I’m not sure about the time jump either. It’s like somebody hit the restart button and we have to begin from scratch with all these characters, when I already love them as they are. (Weird that most people seem kind of meh about this show, but I’m caught hook, line, and sinker.)

  45. 45 Wooyoung

    If only I could give your posts a “like” button. These recaps are amazing. I’ve been following for.. years(?) and I still come back to them. After I even watched the episode. You guys make me see aspects in a drama I would never pay attention to. Much love <3

  46. 46 Sandra

    Reasons why BIG is a mess…

    KJ was initially introduced as being aloof and cold pre-accident. What happened after the switch? My brain cells are complaining.

    Da Ran is a character difficult to root for. She’s cutesy and naïve and a freakin’ teacher for cyrin’ out loud.

    KJ fell in love with the teacher simply because she’s pretty. Oh well… fine. But I don’t buy that.

    • 46.1 mtoh

      KJ had a year to figure out why Teacher Gil, we’ll see that in upcoming eps. 😉

    • 46.2 urbanique

      I agree with the first 2 reasons you point out. I’m also having issues rooting for Da Ran.

  47. 47 dls

    thanks for the recap!
    Big= mature?
    It feels like this drama is telling a story of how someone grows to be more mature.
    The ending time jump 1 year really makes a loop hole in my mind.
    But after thinking it, this is a fast forward button to see how Kyung Joon can be more mature to reduce the 22 or 12 years gap (coz if i’m not mistaken Kyung Joon is 18 and Yoon Jae is 30).
    So, looking forward for ep 6 bcoz though you fill your brain to be a doctor in 1 year, the life experience is not something you can just fill into your brain in 1 year.

  48. 48 Pepper

    Thank you! Love this show. I’m huge GONG YOO fan. This drama is so entertaining. Suzy is so pretty and min Jung too.
    Is the young kyung joong still alive after one year.? That’s a long time to be on a coma.

  49. 49 Pepper

    I think Mari’s character is hilarious , she’s a psycho ha ha ha.

  50. 50 lilly

    yoon jae better not see the kissing picture of kyung joon and daran when his spirit swapped back. the twist is unpredictable at all, i didn’t expect it. i love this episode of all, and i can really feel the pain when daran said she looked at kyung joon as a teenager, not yoon jae

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