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Big: Episode 4
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What does it say when an eighteen-year old does a better job of being you than you? It’s an identity crisis of the highest order when the line starts to blur for everyone involved, as Kyung-joon starts to fulfill his role as Teach’s fiancé… a little TOO well.


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Kyung-joon leans in, thisclose to kissing Da-ran, when he realizes that she’s not pulling away. He backs up like a hot potato, “Why aren’t you backing away?! Were you just going to collide?!” Oh so YOU get to mess with her head and SHE has to take responsibility?

He crosses his arms over his precious body, making it clear to “ajumma” that despite her hunger for this outer shell, a minor is on the inside. And… that’s what we call a mood-killer. Way to bring it back down to earth, kid.

But Da-ran is still floating around on cloud nine, “So that’s what it would have been like…”

HOLD UP. You’ve never kissed your fiancé? Kyung-joon’s eyes go from saucers to platters as he stammers, “Wha-? You mean this- with the- not going—? No way!” She corrects him—they did go that far, but in that crucial moment of moments… she was asleep. Hee.

Flashback to a date with Yoon-jae, when they park by the river (that was your first mistake, buddy) and she falls asleep. Yoon-jae kisses her softly, and it wakes her up…

But she loses her timing to open her eyes un-awkwardly, and has to spend the rest of the date “asleep.” That’s so lame it’s awesome.

She berates herself for not being able to open her eyes, which would’ve facilitated much more physical intimacy from that point on. Kyung-joon (in his now characteristic sour expression whenever Da-ran swoons over Yoon-jae) tells her not to be too disappointed—it could have been her imagination.

She insists it was not an imaginary kiss, but Kyung-joon says that a long-stretched imagination (another gil-da-ran pun, his favorite) is her specialty. She didn’t see, so it could’ve been like this—and he puts the back of his hand to her lips to demonstrate.

She doesn’t think that’s what it was, but it’s enough to confuse her, and she sits there kissing the back of her own hand, “Was it like this? Or like this?” Kyung-joon watches her for a while, and then pulls her hand away.

He kisses her, smack right on the lips, “Was it this?” OH YOU CHEEKY.

Da-ran says yes in a daze, only to realize belatedly that it was Kyung-joon who just kissed her. She tries to shake her head on straight, and then when she comes to, she attacks Kyung-joon.

He defends himself by saying he was just trying to help her because she was so confused, and she’s like, what do you know, little kid? Well so far, he seems to know more about kissing than you do.

Hitting turns to kicking, and Kyung-joon finally gets her to stop by pointing at his face, “If you keep hitting me, I’m going to go colliding this into random things!”

She yells that it’s Yoon-jae’s face, not his, and Kyung-joon runs with that—then it means that he took “precious Yoon-jae’s” lips and collided with hers anyway, so what’s the problem?

He tells her to think of it as a rerun since she missed it the last time. How can you stay mad at a kid so quick on his feet? She argues that Kyung-joon’s the one on the inside, and he counters that if she knows that, she shouldn’t ask him to play Yoon-jae anymore. Touché.

Mari sits by Kyung-joon’s bedside and Choong-shik wonders why his noona didn’t tell her about the accident. He saw that she met his brother-in-law too, and explains the family connection, including the fact that Yoon-jae is a doctor at this hospital.

Mari narrows her eyes, wondering why the doctor lied to her.

Da-ran stops at Kyung-joon’s house to give him something she forgot, and sighs to find him eating another frozen pizza with coke. He snipes, asking what else he has to do for the good doctor, only Da-ran surprises him with class notes.

She tells him to study even if he can’t go to school, and he asks whose notes they are. She says they’re from the first-place student in his class, and he corrects her that they’re from the soon-to-be-second-place student, when he goes back to school.

I love that against type, the smartass is actually… smart. He tells her that he could go to Harvard but he promised Mom he’d go to Seoul University, which is why she bought him this house. Da-ran says it must be nice to have such a supportive mom.

He asks for her help going over the notes, which is a totally bogus ploy to get her to stay longer of course, but Da-ran complies happily, even as her eyes glaze over from the math.

Mari thinks over what Yoon-jae told her at school, and wonders what he meant by “Kyung-joon will text you,” if Kyung-joon is lying here in a coma. She decides to test it out and Kyung-joon texts her back. Her reply: a photo of herself…with the sleeping Kyung-joon. Ruh-roh.

Kyung-joon goes tearing into the hospital with Da-ran in tow, and she wonders what the big ruckus is over one friend. But Kyung-joon explains that now that she’s found him, Mari won’t ever leave his side. EVER.

Da-ran wonders if they shouldn’t tell her the truth then, and Kyung-joon freaks out—if Mari knew that he was in this body, she’d be clinging to said body 24 hours a day. Sufficiently horrified by the vision of Mari literally hanging off of Yoon-jae’s shoulders, Da-ran agrees it’s best to lie to the stalker girl. You think?

Aunt and Uncle light up at the news that Mari intends to take Kyung-joon back to the States, and prepare for his immediate departure. Kyung-joon notes their happy expressions and guesses that Mari’s already got her claws into his body. He figures the only way to get through to her is to blow her mind.

Mari tells Coma Kyung-joon that it looks like he’s just sleeping, and sighs that in the fairytales, sleeping princesses always get woken up with a kiss. Lightbulb. She figures it’s worth a shot (which is adorable) and puckers up…

But she gets kiss-blocked when Awake Kyung-joon comes running in to stop her with a hand to her mouth. She calls the doctor a lying liar and declares that she’s taking Kyung-joon to America. She knows he’d want to go too because he has no one he likes here.

Kyung-joon: “Kyung-joonie would want to be here, because the person Kyung-joonie likes is here.” Mari says he has nothing of the sort. Kyung-joon: “He does,” and points to Da-ran. Eeee!

He declares that Kyung-joon likes Gil Teacher. Da-ran looks over at him with alarm, and he makes a face at her to just play along.

And then he tells Mari that the first time he saw Gil Teacher, he followed her off the bus because he liked her. And then he continued to follow her around, and just pretended to meet her at the furniture store by coincidence.

Aaaaaah. I LOVE this. Is it true? Is it not? Is he confessing his crush or making it up on the spot?

Mari refuses to believe it—Kyung-joon’s not the type to follow someone around like a lovesick puppy. Right, that’s your job. He says that Kyung-joon did follow Da-ran, his fiancée, around, and he, the doctor, caught him red-handed.

He says that Kyung-joon confessed everything, which is why he knows so much about him. Mari whines that the teacher isn’t Kyung-joon’s type either, “So why did he like her?” Kyung-joon: “Because she’s pretty.” D’aw.

He counts down to Mari’s brainsplosion, and walks out believing himself to be a genius. Da-ran asks hesitantly—what he said in there wasn’t true, was it? He laughs at her for falling for it.

Mari looks at the picture of Gil Teacher online, agreeing that Kyung-joon isn’t the type to take pictures of people he doesn’t care about (innnteresting) and runs outside. She catches up to Da-ran to ask how she feels about Kyung-joon.

Da-ran quickly assures her that she’s to be married, and has no interest in her student. Mari argues that Kyung-joon is much better looking than this ajusshi (he beams) while Da-ran counters that Yoon-jae is much better (he frowns).

Da-ran takes the opportunity to say that she’d never be interested in a totally immature, fresh-from-the-cradle little boy, which reassures Mari and makes Kyung-joon scowl. It’s enough to make Mari feel secure for now, and she tells Da-ran to tell Choong-shik he’s ten more pizzas down.

But then Mari notes that the ajusshi is wearing Kyung-joon’s favorite sweatshirt, and she launches into another don’t-copy-Kyung-joon lecture. She’s hilarious.

Not to be outdone, Kyung-joon starts copying her, and then it actually devolves into: Stop copying me! No YOU stop copying me! You’re the boss of copycats! Well then you’re the boss’ boss of copycats! You’re the boss’ boss’ boss! You’re the boss-to-the-infinity-power!


Mari tells Aunt and Uncle that she won’t be taking Kyung-joon away after all. Their faces fall.

Meanwhile Kyung-joon looks over Yoon-jae’s desk and asks after the doctor’s parents (they’re notably in two separate pictures, not one). Da-ran says they’re abroad which Kyung-joon thinks is a relief—playing the son would be a lot harder to pull off.

But that makes Da-ran remember that Yoon-jae called his mother often, and that she’s probably worried. He sighs and picks up the phone, willing to play the good son. He calls and Mom says she’ll see him on “that day” and that his father will also not forget “that day.”

Is everyone in this family cryptic?

They wonder what on earth it means, and he asks if Yoon-jae doesn’t have a diary or something. Da-ran says she has his phone but hasn’t looked in it, because she doesn’t want him to think less of her. Kyung-joon flips out, asking if it’s okay for him to tell all manner of lies to Mari but Teach won’t even get her hands dirty.

She figures he’s right and gives him the passcode to unlock the phone: 0624. He pauses. Is that Yoon-jae’s birthday? She says no. “Oh. ‘Cause… it’s mine.” Oh noes. Drama, don’t you do it! Don’t you go there!

They look at the calendar and whatever family thing is going on is on June 24. As they walk out we linger on the Miracle book on Yoon-jae’s shelf, and then Mom takes out her copy of the same book. And just in case we didn’t get it, we get another close-up of the same cherub picture in Kyung-joon’s wallet.

In the hospital, Kyung-joon’s body starts to show signs of life…

Another flashback to the accident, and the moment when Yoon-jae reached out to save Kyung-joon… And Kyung-joon wakes up from the dream in a cold sweat.

Da-ran resists looking at Yoon-jae’s phone, but then reasons that she’s just going to check urgent messages and finds that Se-young texts Yoon-jae multiple times daily. One in particular piques her curiosity—a mention of “that thing” she gave him along with half the tea and how it means they won’t have to split tea anymore. Meanwhile Se-young comes home to find the key she gave Yoon-jae lying on her floor.

In the morning, Choong-shik asks if noona is sick, and she just sighs that it’s because she opened Pandora’s box. Choong-shik: “Who’s Pandora? Is she from the States too?” Pfft. He asks about Mari’s relationship to Kyung-joon, and Da-ran remembers the message to deduct ten pizzas. (Though she has no idea that they’re pizzas—they use “pan/platter” so it’s conveniently nondescript.)

Kyung-joon’s morning gets interrupted by Aunt and Uncle’s abrupt visit, and he scrambles to hide just in time. Da-ran stares off into space at her desk, telling herself over and over that the lid to Pandora’s box is now closed. Then it wouldn’t be Pandora’s box now, would it?

Na Teacher screws up the nerve to offer her a ride to the hospital, but she doesn’t need to go there today, and he has to pretend that it’s a relief. Poor awkward gym teacher.

Kyung-joon calls (she’s saved his number as “BIG” now) and says he went to the car insurance place like she asked… and got a new car while he was at it. He’s here to pick her up.

She runs out gaping, “Did you drive this here?” Kyung-joon: “Well I didn’t carry it.” She freaks out that he’s not allowed to drive, and he swears he has an American driver’s license.

The vice principal tsk-tsks at them chasing each other around the car, and Kyung-joon apologizes for all the disruptions he’s caused, running to open her car door and offering to buy her dinner. It’s sweet that he’s trying to make Gil Teacher’s life easier.

The VP says she’s too busy filling her brain to fill her belly (hur) and he notes the copy of Turgenev’s First Love in her hand and quotes it, in Russian. He succeeds in getting on the VP’s good side, and Da-ran asks where on earth he learned Russian. He says his mom’s restaurant had Russian workers. And what, the chefs walked around quoting Turgenev?

They go to Yoon-jae’s bank and thankfully his PIN is the same as his phone passcode, and Kyung-joon goes slackjawed at all the money in the account. She takes out enough to cover the deposit on their newlywed house, relieved not to lose it. So reading his text message feels invasive, but clearing cash out of his account seems kosher?

Kyung-joon says he’ll stay at their new house then, since Aunt and Uncle seem intent on stopping by his house unannounced. In fact they’re there now, going through all his belongings. They note some adult clothes and shoes that are clearly not Kyung-joon’s. Has he been seeing his father?

Uncle says that’s impossible, but they wonder if maybe Mom told him about Dad…

Da-ran takes issue with Kyung-joon being the first to stay in the house where she and Yoon-jae will be spending their post-wedding bliss, and he threatens to harm the body if she doesn’t agree. Bodily harm is really the most useful little failsafe for the bugger, isn’t it?

She then drags him along to buy things for her newlywed house, not wanting him to use any of the stuff that’s meant for Yoon-jae. She seems obsessed with the idea of firsts—she’s constantly stopping Kyung-joon from spoiling things for her, as if him wearing the couple pajamas she bought would ruin them.

I get why, (though it’s another fixation with the idea of marriage rather than the man) but it hurts his feelings, which she doesn’t seem to get. He storms off in a huff, declaring that he’ll buy his OWN stuff to use.

He comes home just in time to see Aunt and Uncle throwing out all his stuff, including the only bed he can ever fall asleep in. He overhears them telling an agent to sell the house as soon as possible.

Da-ran waits and waits for Kyung-joon to show up to the real estate broker’s office, to sign the contract for her new house. It starts pouring rain. She waits and waits and calls and calls, and the house goes away, along with her initial deposit.

Kyung-joon runs inside to grab a sheet of plastic to cover the bed, his panic and the futility just increasing in waves. He struggles with all his might to drag the bed back inside the house, trying uselessly to hold back his tears. His desperation is just killing me.

Da-ran comes over, livid for having lost the house, and storms in yelling that it’s all because of him. Kyung-joon just sits on his sopping wet bed, soaked to the bone, with his back to her. He tells her to go.

She comes around to face him, still yelling, and then FINALLY notices that he’s drenched and shaking. He tells her that Aunt and Uncle threw out all his stuff to sell the house. She kneels down puts a hand to his forehead, and goes running out.

She goes to the car, and grabs the blanket and the pajamas she had bought for Yoon-jae. Awwwwwww. Okay, I love you right now. Such a great reversal.

She puts the blanket around him and tells him to change into the pajamas and runs back out to get her newlywed kitchenware from the car, since his house has been cleaned out. She makes him tea, and then while he sleeps, she gets medicine and makes him porridge.

He guesses she must be mad at having to use all her stuff when she was saving it, but she tells him the stuff was meant to be used anyway. She suggests he come over to her house and stay in Choong-shik’s room, but he tells her he’s fine here.

She feels his forehead and worries that he’s still running a fever, and he promises to take good care of Yoon-jae’s body. She sighs, asking if he really thinks she’s worrying about Yoon-jae right now.

He looks up, “I know. Right now you’re thinking of me. When you look at Kang Kyung-joon, there aren’t hearts coming out of your eyes.” Oh, kid.

She comes out to find the couple socks she dropped while fetching the other things, and goes to the hospital to see Yoon-jae/Coma Kyung-joon. She asks him to wake up soon, because there are so many things she wants to do with him.

Flashback to the hospital after her fall. Yoon-jae worries that she missed the teacher certification exam because of him, and she tells him it’s not his responsibility. Yoon-jae: “I think I do have to take responsibility. I have to take responsibility for your life.”

She beams, and he smiles, but it’s not an I’m-over-the-moon smile. I’m so confuzzled. DID YOU LOVE HER OR NOT?

Another flashback, when he ran out to meet her in front of the hospital to cancel yet another date. He notices her skirt hem has come loose, and staples it for her before running off to surgery. This time he seems genuinely sorry to miss the date.

Da-ran walks away from the room with her socks on her hands, and then we see Coma Kyung-joon with the matching pair on his feet. That’s adorable.

The next morning, Kyung-joon puts on his snazzy grown-up suit (rawr) and struts into the bank. I smell mistaaake…

He cleans out the account, which sends a text alert to Yoon-jae’s phone. Da-ran sees the enormous figure and goes running.

But by the time she finds him, he’s already signed the contract for his house—it now belongs to Yoon-jae. Ack! Of course you did.

She storms inside and locks him out, leaving him screaming that he’ll even give her the deposit money on the other house that she lost. But there’s no answer.

He sits on his front stoop, seeming more than ever like a little kid.

Hours later, she finally comes out to tell him to take his medicine, deciding that they can discuss it when he’s feeling better. He gets up and apologizes—he knows it was wrong, and that this isn’t the house she wanted to start her life in. But to him it’s his last remaining possession, and he wanted to protect it.

He admits to using his adult body to that end, and says he’s sorry, even adding an “I was wrong” in jondae. She lets him back inside with a grumbly, “If the value on this house goes down…” and he promises her it won’t, with a skip in his step.

Time to furnish the house. It’s pretty hilarious that she ends up setting up her newlywed house with Kyung-joon anyway, after all that fuss.

They bicker over furniture choices and the like, though of course with Kyung-joon, it always devolves into childish games. I love that he’s found a fun purpose for his presto-change-o opaque-to-translucent walls: shutting her up when she’s yelling at him.

Mari bribes Choong-shik with a fifty-pizza discount for access to Gil Teacher’s room. She inspects it to make sure she’s really getting married to the doctor, whom she declares a Kyung-joon-copycat. She finger-darts his photo-eyeballs for emphasis.

I really luff this character. She’s creepy, and yet not so bright, which makes her hilariously unthreatening.

Da-ran’s parents are due for a visit, so she sends Kyung-joon out to get some snacks. He goes to sneak the car keys and sees Yoon-jae’s phone ringing with a call from Se-young. He goes to meet her.

She returns her house key, asking if he left it at her place on purpose as a message, or just dropped it in his haste. His eyes widen in shock. He thought it was the key to his newlywed house, which he says aloud.

She can’t believe he’d confuse it for that, and spells it out for him—that she gave him the key to her house and believed that because he didn’t return it, he was planning to end his engagement and choose her.

She tells him it’s over and walks out. He picks up the key and sits there reeling from this added twist. Okay, so it’s possible, maybe that he’s not a cheating cheater, but he’s certainly a vague son of a bitch.

Da-ran’s family arrives and helps set up the new house, and Mom asks why a small apartment suddenly turned into a giant house. Da-ran somehow gets away with being vague about it.

Kyung-joon comes back and Da-ran pulls him aside to yell at him for his tardiness. She knows he took the car when he’s not supposed to drive, and fishes his pockets for the key. Whoa, you sure are comfortable digging around in his pants, Teach.

But out with the car key comes the mystery house key, and she picks it up, remembering that it came out of Yoon-jae’s sweater. She knows now that it’s not the key to their new house after all, so what’s it for?

He covers the keys in her hand and starts to say, “Actually… that key…” but stops short, not wanting to crush her. So he says it’s broken and throws it out with the trash.

Da-ran heads home with her family, and Mom and Dad have a conversation about wanting to share their latest batch of kimchi with Yoon-jae and how if he comes by often enough, they won’t have to split it at all.

It triggers her thoughts back to that text message in Pandora’s box about “that thing.” She asks Mom in a daze if one were to facilitate Yoon-jae freely coming by so he can eat kimchi at their house, what would she give him? Mom: “A key.”

She asks Dad to stop the car and goes tearing down the street toward the house. Choong-shik worries like a good little brother and calls his brother-in-law to ask if she’s there.

Kyung-joon goes outside to see if she’s on her way, and then notices the trash bags torn open. Balls. He figures it out right away and runs to catch up with her.

Da-ran takes a cab and calls one of Yoon-jae’s friends for Se-young’s address. Kyung-joon runs and runs and runs.

She arrives at Se-young’s door, and takes out the key. She brings her hand up to the lock, trembling…

Kyung-joon runs into the building and then up the stairs… She hesitates, unable to do it. She takes a breath and then raises her hand again…

The key makes contact. It opens. A tear rolls down her face.

Kyung-joon arrives huffing and puffing, and shakes his head as if to say no, don’t do it. But Se-young hears her door and gets up to see who it is, and the door starts to push open…

Da-ran turns to face the door, but Kyung-joon slams it shut with one arm, and pulls her close with the other. She starts to cry into his shoulder.

She tells him to let go. He shakes his head and holds on.


Man, even when I knew that door would unlock, I still didn’t want it to. But it’s great to watch Kyung-joon go from spilling the beans on the cheater the first chance he got, to hesitating this time, and running to protect her from finding out and getting her heart stomped on. I think no matter how her feelings go, it’s his crush that’s got me in the heart.

I’m more and more intrigued by Flashback Yoon-jae, who seems equally cute and cryptic. But what I really love is the story’s stance on the unreliability of anyone’s version of Yoon-jae. As Kyung-joon keeps pointing out, it could be that she remembers him differently, or just sees what she wants to see. So nothing about Yoon-jae is ever definitive, and we have to puzzle together the bits and pieces, told by different people.

And just when we’re sure of one version of him, another side comes out and flips it back. It’s such a fresh take to make the flashbacks unreliable. Now don’t get me wrong — I don’t think it’s totally Rashomon-esque (in that I do believe that what we see did happen), but the interpretation of events is left up to each character, and ultimately, us. Did Kyung-joon really follow Da-ran off the bus because he liked her from the start? Or is he changing the intent to fit the events? We know he didn’t really follow her around and into the furniture store, but what do we really know?

The reference to Turgenev’s novella seems like a throwaway joke, but is actually quite interesting—that story is told from the perspective of a teenage boy who is in love with an older woman who shows him affection but constantly mocks his youth. Here’s where I hope this drama doesn’t follow suit though—the young boy finds out that the man she really loves is his own father. Just… no. I have hope though, that the Hong sisters are teasing out these comparisons in order to subvert them. Otherwise, where’s the fun, right? RIGHT?

I do think that the Kyung-joon/Da-ran relationship is purposely confusing to mirror that story—at times it’s the affection of a mother to a son, which fills a huge hole in Kyung-joon’s life, and at times it has romantic undertones. But I really hope that her mothering care isn’t going to be taken to the literal extreme, because, well, ew.

My favorite thing in this episode was the set-up of her obsession with having everything be new and unused for her future with Yoon-jae, and then letting that go when it counted, when Kyung-joon mattered more. And even if Kyung-joon is headed for a world of heartbreak, I guess I’m going there with him. What can I say? Act-first-think-later boys with bleeding hearts are just my dramaland kryptonite.


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    Thanks for the recap GF.

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      I have a problem with this show. I came here for GY but I don’t see GY, I see ShinWonHo/Kyung Joon all this time in GY’s body.
      Its crazy.

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      I have a problem with this show. I came here for GY but I don’t see GY, I see ShinWonHo/Kyung Joon all this time in GY’s body. Its crazy. Not to mention the character inconsistency. I tried working it out since the behavior he’s been showing does not really match KJ’s persona, but its not working. Gong Yoo’s acting is just unbelievable. I want them to switch soon so I can enjoy the drama. For now, I’ll just watch BSH and Suji’s parts.

      • 1.2.1 jay-z

        well the person acting out kyung joon right now IS gong yoo so I don’t really see how swtiching back to the yoon jae persona will signal the first time he starts “acting”.

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      Omnomnom I think Yoonjae and Kyungjoon are brothers….they just don’t know yet!

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        Yoon Jae is too young to be Kyung Joon’s father…remember they’re supposed to be 6 years each apart. Kyung Joon is 18, Da Ran in 24, Yoon Jae is 30. so unless Yoon Jae became a dad by 11-12 y/o (ekk) then it’s more possible that they’re brothers (?) from the same father, different moms.

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    Thanks so much!! You da bomb.

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    This episode didn’t have me laughing as much, but it sure touched my heart… especially the bed scene in the rain.

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    How is everyone liking this drama…I love Gong yoo and really want it to be a nice one???

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      I love all three leads but I’m on the verge of giving up. I tried my best to love this drama but its just not working I’m still hoping for the best in the coming episodes.

      If not only for Choongsik and Mari, I would have dropped this after episode 3. I’m watching this for the two, they’re just comic gold.

      • 5.1.1 Wesley

        I think this show has its funny moments, but its definitely building up to a more love centric than a normal rom com.

        I Do I DO with KSA is pure comedy……

        The following things I’m waiting for:
        1. When they will switch their body back.
        2. Does Yoon Jae love Gil Da Ran?
        3. How will Kyung-joon become a doctor if Yoon Jae doesn’t switch back lol?
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        5. If Kyung-joon falls for Gil Da Ran? Will Mari go psycho on Gil Da Ran lol?
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        7. Is there some connection with Yoon Jae and Kyung-joon? Definitely not his dad lol… but what little brother?

        • Amber

          I thought the same thing! I mean, the doc’s parents seem like they’re split, no? SO, what if they split because his dad had an affair with the kid’s mom and the kid is a result but the kid’s mom was all “Hell no” and so the family has no cont— WAIT. NEPHEW. The kid’s mom was the doc’s SISTER! They know his birthday but have never met him beca- Oh wait…never mind. His uncle in the story. Damn. Perfectly good speculations gone to complete waste.
          Also, apparently I should be writing for the soaps because I’ve got a gazillion scenarios flying through my fevered brain 😉

        • dazzle95

          Yup, I am facing the same puzzles too. Why isn’t Kyung Joon not doing his doctor’s duty? Is he on sick leave? I really like GY, he’s acting is superb. I also like the Hong Sisters but there seems to be some gaps here.

          • liliygirl13

            Kyung Joon put in for sick leave in episode 3, that’s why he isn’t doing any doctor duties, however, there is a special event that falls in the middle of his leave that he has to come back for

        • thorned sakura

          yes, i think they are half brothers as well…i mean, since YJ’s parents are divorced and considering the age difference, they probably have the same father. Also, I remember that YJ was planning a secret trip to US, could it possibly be because of KJ? I have this weird hunch that they probably found out about KJ’s mother’s death and knew that KJ has noone to look after him now so YJ, being the old responsible brother (though him being responsible is just an assumption at this moment) was thinking of taking responsibility for him. Their family probably knew about his father’s other son and the vague date might have been a plan to meet and introduce themselves to him.

          right now, these are just hunches though. How about you guys? what do you guys think would be the conflict for the drama involving this plot?

          • Haeri

            The part about YJ going to America to see KJ seems to make a lot of sense.
            There is no way that YJ is KJ’s father…. YJ is 30 and KJ is 18, meaning YJ had him when he was 12!?!?!?!
            If they are brothers then it makes a lot of sense because it wouldn’t just be a coincidence that they both have the same picture/book and then have an accident where they are in the same pose. I honestly think that it was fate for them to switch bodies because the book and picture did foreshadow that something would happen, a “miracle” (that was the title of the book).

    • 5.2 Jessica

      I really enjoy it but I guess it depends on your taste. This is much more comical so perhaps slightly different from recent Gong Yoo stuff, but I love it 🙂

      And I actually like all the characters so far and the story is interesting too!

  6. Shia

    Love the recap of the story and I love Suzy she is rocking it as Mari. Anywho, what I want to know is who is Yoon Jae? I go from hating him to loving him and I just want to know what he is all about. Was he really taking it slow for Gil Teacher or was he all about the other girl and wanted to be with her and couldn’t let his feeling of being responsible to Da-Ran go? I’m going to need answers from the drama soon because I want to know who to root for. I want the body switch/family ties to be the main mystery and whether Yoon Jae was faithful, or was cheating, solved.

    • 6.1 July

      Yeah, Suzy’s character is great. It’s like girlfriday said, you can’t help but like her even if she is a creepy stalker since she’s essentially harmless.

      • 6.1.1 momogi

        yep, she’s like a fluffly squishable pet!

  7. kirst3n

    Off to read! Thanks GF. 🙂

  8. Kdrama Fan

    This episode was great. This episode leads me to believe SYJ is KJ’s father. Also this explains the hesitancy in SYJ’s nuptial’s. With KJ’s Mother’s death, SYJ is trying to get in touch with his son. It also establishes GDR’s mothering instinct/relationship with KJ. I felt so bad for GDR when she figured out where the key led to. TT

    • 8.1 Kgrl

      I agree with GF. I think the Hong sisters are going to avert a blatant reference for their reference. It’s would be too creepy to have GDR be the love interest for both father and son. I tend to believe they are brothers. Perhaps YJ lost his baby brother when they were young – 2 days (June 24th) before KJ’s birthday (June 26th). His “cold feet” might have more to do with DR’s seemingly perfect impression of him. As his to-be-wife, he probably feels he needs to confess his past sins and personality imperfections.

      • 8.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        The Hong Sisters have a record of doing such things to keep people guessing until the very end. I think GF is right.

        Not sure about the whole family secrets thing… I’m hoping it unfolds more than the obvious answer. I’m sure that YJ’s mom knows more…

      • 8.1.2 July

        I also think they may be brothers. I don’t think YJ is old enough to be KJ’s father, besides that would just be too weird. Maybe his suitcase with a plane ticket was him preparing himself to find his brother. He probably wanted to settle things within his own family before forming a new family with DR. Anyways, if they end up being brothers I know I’m going to be ballin’ when she ends up making her decision as who to be with.

        • hanabi

          I really, really hope YJ is not KJ’s father. Just no. Please drama, no.

          Brothers, maybe I’d be okay with. I think birth secrets/mysterious family connections are way overdone in dramaland, though. It’s just not realistic (um, not that dramas are realistic anyway…).

          • lahdeedah

            I think they are brothers, they probably have the same dad but have different moms that’s why YJ’s mom is close w/ him because maybe he found that his dad had a secret son who they finally decided to meet as a family to approach him on that special day…

            Yes it is gross if YJ’s his dad, he must of been really young if he’s in his 30s now and KJ is 18 (i think i forgot) = 30-18 = 12 years old?! 30-16 = 14? crazy… haha I know being analytical

        • houstontwin

          Wow, I just assumed that they were brothers. I actually think that teenage father/son is a great plotline. It would have never occurred to me!

        • aiqcn

          I, too, hope YJ is not KJ’s father. Otherwise, KJ kissing DR in YJ’s body is beyond gross. If YJ and KH have father-son relationship, DR is KJ’s future step-mother. Kissing your step-mother in your father’s body? Ewwwwwww……

          If KJ is YJ’s little brother with different mother, his father must have an affair with KJ’s mother. But, do we have any indication of YJ’s father and mother being together? Even If KJ is his little brother, I don’t see why YJ is too cold feet to marry DR. I know it’s important family affair on his side. He can just explain to DR and they can postpone their wedding if he wants to solve his family affair first. Instead, he seems to me that he wanted to run away from DR and had no interest in wedding. Is he too ashamed of his father’s affair?

          I think there is more to the story. At least, I hope so.

      • 8.1.3 EvaLee

        Agreed. The messy separation of his parents, split of siblings, money/power grubbing girlfriends who want a doctor for a husband, and the lack of communication between the two combined with pride and being unsure of their relationship and her feelings as well … in this case, cold feet seems understandable.

      • 8.1.4 Jessica

        Totally agree. I also hope they’re brothers (or even not) instead of father/son because that really would be strange.

      • 8.1.5 Lizzie

        YJ= 30 years

        KJ= 18 years.

        Unless YJ did KJ when he was onky 12, I see not way he being his father lol

        More like a brother.

    • 8.2 rearwindow

      The timeline doesn’t work on this. YJ is supposed to be 30, right? Which would mean that he was 12 when KJ was conceived. And that’s just a whole ‘nother world of ick to contend with.

      • 8.2.1 Saima

        For argument’s sake if YJ’s the father: he would have been 12 y.o. Korean age (when KJ would’ve been conceived) which makes it 11 y.o. for the rest of us!!

        So, yeah, I’m pretty sure YJ’s not fathered KJ!

        • rearwindow

          Yeah, not so much. Haha. (And ew.)

        • reglest

          Right..if it’s parentship then it’s ‘Auch’ and ‘ewwww’..well..as open minded I am, I still can’t believe a 12 y.o boy..
          Yea..just told so

      • 8.2.2 rain

        but if YJ had a talisman that allows him to travel back and forth through time?

        oh, lol, sorry. had a bit of rooftop prince and QHIM hangover for a moment there.

        • rearwindow

          LOL. Now THAT would be a surprise twist!

      • 8.2.3 houstontwin

        Is he 30? That would be almost impossible for a successful pediatrician. There is military service, college, medical school,
        and residencies. He is at least in his mid 30’s. Did the drama really say that he was 30?

        • topper

          In SK, medical school is done at undergraduate level (not post grad med school) and takes 6 years to complete (including residency of 1 year). Add 2 years of military service (usually as Medical Officer) it is possible, but still at 30 to be successful he has to be a high flyer.

          • topper

            Okay other sources say they have recently transited to 4+4 system like the States, so I guess that depends.

    • 8.3 Kender

      The only problem with that: YJ is 30, KJ is 18. YJ would’ve had to have been 12 when KJ was born.

      My bet’s on long-lost half-siblings. I’m thinking they share a father.

    • 8.4 sarang

      My theory is that they’re actually brothers, father/son is a bit absurd. Remember the picture of the two cherubs?, KJ has a wallet-sized one, YJ has a larger one, and YJ’s mother was also looking at one. The Hong Sisters are notorious for symbolism and metaphors so I doubt they did it just because.

    • 8.5 jbb

      I don’t think YJ is the father… maybe the half brother since the missing father was mentioned by the aunt and uncle. YJ is around 30 and KJ is about 18 meaning YJ would have had to father him at 12.

    • 8.6 enz

      cannot be father la… aiyo that would be tooooo way out with the age difference being so small..

      • 8.6.1 mardie

        out of topic, but can it be you are from Malaysia or Singapore maybe? that la is uniquely there.. =)

        • Enz

          Yes, am from Malaysia . La and aiyo commonly used 🙂

    • 8.7 Yumi

      Episode 3 I thought all ‘clues’ led to YJ and KJ being brothers with the same father and different mothers.

      Today I’m getting a strong vibe that YJ is KJ’s father, even though the math on the ages doesn’t make sense.

      But still–the clues are point, of course next episode they may point elsewhere.

      The mysterious family gathering on KJ’s birthday makes me think that KJ’s mother ran away and KJ became lost to YJ’s family so they get together to mourn the loss annually.

      Okay, here is another theory. YJ and KJ are full brothers and KJ was kidnapped and taken to America

      I admit I’m bad at this, I often fall for the mis-direction.

    • 8.8 Jessica

      OMG… conspiracy theory… but what if KJ’s mom is Gong Hyo Jin from Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy!!!

      Heehee, that would be funny and bit sad I guess 🙂

      • 8.8.1 IBELIS

        First off thanks for the recap.

        KJ has a picture but YJ his mom have a book the title is Miracle. I later saw that KJ also had the book stuck in the side of his bed,

        I think this book is the important one not the Russian one.

        I also get the feeling that YJ and his mom know where KJ is. Remember YJ plane ticket to LA where KJ is from. If KJ had been lost or kidnapped how would they know his birthday was 06/24?

        I also thinking that the connection is on the mother’s side, I found it strange when they called YJ’s mother how her back was to us and when she turned around it was like they were making some big reveal.

        DR is the most confusing for me, before the accident YJ was very hesitant but so was she. When she found the wedding invitations her only thought was he hadn’t open them doesn’t he care what they look like. She knows that the day of the accident he was coming to let her know if he loved her or not.

        She got angry with KJ for spending YJ money to save his house but she had no problem using it for the house she wanted. She’s letting her parents mail the invitations when she has no idea how things stand. I don’t think she thinks about either YJ or KJ given the circumstances. When she took the footies to the hospital that was only the second time she had been, when she knows that’s the real YJ, and when she is with KJ she is really pretending he is YJ.

        Sorry starting to babble, I just don’t get her, I don’t understand how she see’s the situation that they are in.

        • houstontwin

          How observant! It totally makes sense that YJ is planning to find KJ.

        • aiqcn

          YJ’s mother is another puzzle in YJ-KJ relationship to me. I commented previously that YJ & KJ could be brother with different mothers. If KJ is the product of YJ’s father’s affair, I don’t think YJ’s mother could be this calm. Yes, she, too, have that “Miracle” book. All these had better be explained by the end of the drama.

    • 8.9 Serena Van

      Please let that not be the case.

  9. crazedlu

    The only bloggers’ opinions I care to know when it comes to Big.

    I’m still iffy about the drama as a whole, but the sisters seem to be putting a lot more mystery into this one, so we’ll see.

    I like that Kyung Joon and Daran care for each other, but I’m still hoping all isn’t what it seems and the two don’t end up being the couple. Not saying I necessarily want Mari in the picture, I’m just saying I’m open to the couple NOT being Kyung Joon and Daran.

    Sigh. This drama doesn’t make my heart beat 200 bpm either. Maybe soon?

    • 9.1 bunny

      Wow, I feel exactly same as you!

      I love all the cast, but this drama doesn’t make my heart beat yet. Actually I’m getting bit tired to see KJ/DR couple. Maybe because I’m not convinced with the couple, but also I don’t like DR character much?

      So far, I enjoy Mari/CS couple better. I think Suzy’s acting is not as great as GY and LMJ, but she is good at to show her role character with adding her own cuteness.

      • 9.1.1 Pat

        I see KJ making YJ a ” better man” for DR, for when they switch back to the orig and “real ” couple of the drama.
        KJ’s romance will be seen as just a crush and a “growing experience” for an 18 yr old guy. So not to freak out the
        audience with a teacher student relationship.

        • bunny

          If story goes as you say, I will be very happy.

          I want to see more manly Gong Yoo as YJ. By the way, I don’t think YJ is cheating DR…

          It’s not that I don’t like teacher student relationship, but seeing DR acting cute/naive as same level as 18 year kid makes me feel….somehow bit tired.

        • Yumi

          This is what I want to think.

          This is what I’d like to happen.

          I think what KJ will get out of it is a family. I think more than a girlfriend he need to be in the bosom of a family that loves him.

          All the breadcrumbs point to KJ and YJ being related. Half brothers are obvious choice for a relationship, but when YJ mother seem connected to both guys through miracles and angels

          Who knows

          Here’s my bad ideas
          I wonder if they might not be cousins– with both mothers related–which seems kind of yukky

          or a surrogacy with gestational mother regret. In other words KJ mother was meant to give him up but decided she couldn’t. Don’t think that is likely, but

  10. 10 otchosais

    waahh!!! TRULY LOVE BIG! 🙂

    thanks for the recaps 🙂

  11. 11 Rashell

    Oh this drama. It had me all confuseled. I don’t know who I’m rooting for other than Gong Yoo. Whether he’s Yoon Jae or Kyung Joon, I luff him the most.

    Seriously, I just have no idea where the love line is going. I have no idea if Yoon Jae is a rat bastard or a sweetheart. I don’t know if Kyung Joon really is falling for his teacher, or just enjoying having somone there for him. But I do know that I’m along for the ride. But I’m really, really hoping that Kyung Joon is NOT Yoon Jae’s son. Because…ewww.

    I find Suzy’s character to be great comic relief along with the dim little brother. Those two just make me laugh.

    • 11.1 lin

      These are my exact thought as I watch the drama. I simply love Gong Yoo so to me whither DR ends up with KJ or YJ (must admit I love him more and more with each fb) as long as they look like Gong Yoo, it is a win win situation.

  12. 12 Christy

    I’m enjoying this drama! Gong Yoo is adorable beyond words. 🙂

  13. 13 Angelique

    Although I am hoping that KJ and DR will end up together, I still get this feeling that KJ will be left with a broken-heart. I’m preparing myself already for it… I’m not sure I can handle seeing KJ breaking down.

    • 13.1 Meli

      exactly my thoughts! I really want KJ and DR to end up together but I guess we have to wait and see how the story develops…

  14. 14 21

    Thanks for the recap! I have always been a fan of Hong’s sisters because their stories are always so quirky and fun. Big has somewhat lived up to my expectation but I just want a little bit more!

  15. 15 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Okay I am calling that somehow these two are related (Kyung-joon and Yoon-jae)… I smell birth secret (because it wouldn’t be a true Korean drama without one). I am basing this on Kyung-joon birthday in Yoon-jae’s planner. As well as angel book. I also have this weird feeling that Yoon-jae’s mom knows something. I love how mysterious this show is without being campy or predictable. Good job show keep it up.

  16. 16 mmmaggie

    Ahhhhhh! This drama keeps playing mind games with me and I love it. I went from squeeing over Yoon Jae yesterday to wanting Kyung Joon to kick his ass today. I really hope Yoon Jae doesn’t end up being the father. Mari and Choong Shik are total comic relief though. Love them. Pandora lol. Gong Yoo and Suzy are adorable together in their scenes.

  17. 17 Sunmi

    Not sure if I’m on the bandwagon (yet) but I’m definitely eyeing it…a whole lot. Gong Yoo’s saucy/heart-tugging performance as a misplaced teen is definitely sweetening the deal. Not sure about you guys but the mystery behind Seo Yoon Jae is really what’s itching me. I really want to figure this guy out. Is he a playa? A tool? An utter d-bag? Or perhaps a misunderstood work-a-holic who doesn’t know how to say “no?” Or maybe just an idiot aka the average guy? I’m glad it’s not the typical linear storyline where we follow the lead through 20 episodes; instead this wacky show’s forcing me to piece together the weird-ass but ultimately sexy (let’s face it, it’s Gong Yoo we’re talking about) character that is Seo Yoon Jae.

    Total side note, I’m REALLY digging Suzy’s portrayal of Jang Ma Ri. The way this chick runs with her arms all bent at the elbows like an ahjumma that’s just spotted a bargain kills me. I seriously squee whenever she runs. I think Imma start running like that. :3

    • 17.1 Shi Kyung widow

      I think she runs like the terminator, she’s like a cute-scary robot lol http://duncanruns.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/terminator-running.jpg

      • 17.1.1 Sunmi

        LMAO. Maybe Suzy saw this and was inspired? Haha. I’m so serious about how I’m going to start running like this.

    • 17.2 rearwindow

      “like an ahjumma that’s just spotted a bargain”

      LOL. Great description. I too am loving her character & portrayal. Some people are calling it wooden, but I think that’s why it works. You get the sense that there’s a screw loose, but in a totally charming way.

      • 17.2.1 Sunmi

        “You get the sense there’s a screw loose but in a totally charming way.”

        THIS. This is so right on the money! That’s exactly what she comes off as and I’m loving it in every way. It’s just so freakishly cute lol.

    • 17.3 deb

      “Total side note, I’m REALLY digging Suzy’s portrayal of Jang Ma Ri. The way this chick runs with her arms all bent at the elbows like an ahjumma that’s just spotted a bargain kills me. I seriously squee whenever she runs. I think Imma start running like that. :3”

      WOW. are you me?! I completely agree with everything you said here! I was even thinking that I want to start running with intent like her…maybe add crazy eyes as a touch to show people I’m running with INTENT. I’m only really enjoying her character right now. I might be jumping ship soon :/

      • 17.3.1 Sunmi

        Maybe we’re universal twins! ^^

  18. 18 purexorange

    the real yoon jae has to redeem himself somehow in the following episodes!

  19. 19 tiger bite

    NO!! I would hate the story if Kyung-joon is Yoon-jae’s son. Let’s not even imagine it cause Da-ran has this close relationship with Kyung-joon already. She’d be his step mom. And technically he’s kissed her and hugged her already. oh no… But even if they were brothers that still wouldn’t be good. I’m hoping for the best.

    And gosh I love how you put the episode into perspective. I mean you are right, we are only getting bits of who Yoon-Jae is based on different peoples memories so we really don’t know what he’s really like. I mean everything points to him being a cheater but then what if he really never did anything with that girl but share tea and have conversations. But as an adult why would you have the key to someone’s place if something bigger wasn’t happening? Oh gosh. I want answers now!!

    • 19.1 houstontwin

      What if DR waits for KJ to grow up? She might only be 6-8 years older than him. Maybe she will end up with him at the end.

  20. 20 mizweng

    I love this drama so much it’s becoming my new obsession… I like that everything is unpredictable at this point…If this goes on, this might become my most loved Hong sisters’ work to date…. and Gong Yoo is such a wonderful actor….I love all the funny Kyung Jae facial expressions and reactions!!! this role is definitely his!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. 21 Sprout

    Thanks GF for the recap!

    The cherub portrait seems to be repeatedly brought up in interesting places. Wonder if Yoon jae and Kyung Joon could be long lost brothers?

  22. 22 Airtioteclint

    The mini chain of events in the car that lead up to her realizing the meaning behind the key was superb writing.

  23. 23 Jacky

    Erm, isn’t YJ 12 yrs older than KJ? Is that the case, I doubt that they are father and son. Is there is a birth secret in this drama, my bet is that YJ and KJ are siblings (most likely they share the same dad).

    • 23.1 DanyDanyBobany

      “most likely they share the same dad” that’s the most reasonable idea. Yoon-jae parents are separated (I dont know if they are divorced, they just dont live together) and maybe Dad left both the same thing: the “Miracle” book (or in Kyung-joon case, the “Miracle” image). Sounds good to me. Cliche, but good.

  24. 24 Brenda

    After four episodes I still don’t know how I feel about this drama. I’m not a huge Hong Sisters’ fan so I’m kind of only watching this since you guys are recapping it. Not to mention the fact that I adore Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. =D

    I don’t know if I like that the relationships are all so ambiguous or not. I think I like it since it’s keeping me guessing at who I should put my lot in with. But it confuses me greatly since, like girlfriday said, it only gives us bits and pieces of Yoon Jae’ true character through everyone else’s eyes so we can’t hate him, but we can’t necessarily like him either.
    Oh well, I guess anticipation and guessing is only part of the fun right?

  25. 25 -K

    Is anyone that’s watching this also watching I Love Lee Tae Ri and if so which do you like better?

    • 25.1 topper

      That show has horrible writing. No comparisons in my opinion.

    • 25.2 jbb

      Big is way better.

    • 25.3 Shash24

      I love lee tae ri !!! just so funny !! but i think the plot line is a bit weird how can the lead be together when one is 12 and the other 25 or more ….

  26. 26 fafarella

    I wonder if YJ is KJ’s real dad? it wd explain a lot….

  27. 27 Yeng

    love Suzy in this episode…so add so much craziness to the show!Dont know if Suzy is supposed to be a 2nd lead female, since there is already the hateful doctor…but Suzy is so good at her role, that it is not annoying even if she is a stalker.

  28. 28 foraredrose

    Thanks for the recap! I’m pretty sure Yoon Jae is 30 while Kyung Joon is 18, so it might be a brother relationship (or it might not).

  29. 29 Samlun

    I think that YJ will never wake up and die in Kyung Joon’s body in the end, and Kyung Jae will have to live in YJ’s body forever. DR and Kyung Jae fall in love and end up together. Mari will go back to the state as she thinks that Kyung Joon really die.

    • 29.1 jbb

      The recap made me think about Mari’s twarted kiss. Do you think that DR might kiss the real KJ and he wakes up?

  30. 30 burningjonghyun

    I really hope that BIG doesn’t follow Turgenev’s “First Love” storyline, I just can’t really grasp the thought of KJ being YJ’s son. Ugh there are sooo many possibilities and impossibilities about this drama, that it’s driving me completely crazy.

    Anyways on the other hand, I feel like I might be the only one who’s shipping DR and KJ (well KJ in YJ’s body of course!) When I see YJ my mind never really grasps onto the idea that KJ’s soul is in there. It could be the fact that I really like Gong Yoo and therefore I just want him to end up with Min Jung’s character xD

    Blehh, I cannot wait any longer for the next episodes -__- Thanks for the recap GF 🙂

  31. 31 gfish

    If Big reveals a makjang storyline with birth secrets, I’ll kill myself. I’m so loving this drama but if Kyungjoon is somehow related to Yoonjae, I don’t think I could stand the cliche that literally every kdrama has. And if it turns out that KJ is YJ’s son then I’ll just fall off the face of the earth, that’s gross and freaky ickz

    • 31.1 topper

      The story has already set up in advance now that they are related. So makjang or not, it is not jammed down our throats.

  32. 32 hanabi

    This episode has me finally hooked and excited. I wasn’t sure about it before, but now I have to know how it ends.

    Loving Suzy’s character. I’m wondering whether KJ’s body will wake up and how that will be played. I hope he’s not in a coma for the majority of the series. I’m interested in seeing more of the actor.

    Does anyone know the song that’s played when the taxis arrive at the school?

  33. 33 MJ

    Could it be that Kyung-Joon’s mother was mistress to Yoon-Jae’s dad. She left Korea because she became pregnant with Kyung-Joon.

    Kyung-Joon is 18 years of age.

    Yoon-Jae is 30 years of age.

    12 yrs age difference between the 2 males.

    So technically these 2 are half-brothers. Same Father born to different mothers.

  34. 34 rearwindow

    Fabulous recap. You really outdid yourself with the commentary at the end. I also picked up on the exploration of memory and the motif of unreliable memories (or at least, “filtered” memories). This fits so beautifully into the drama’s premise, which essentially about perception and the contrast between exterior and interior. What happens when our perception does not mesh with reality? What hat happens when

    This is by far my favorite Hong sisters drama thus far. It just feels so…substantial. It’s hilarious, and charming, and compelling, but it also has a thoughtful, almost philosophical vibe to it.

    • 34.1 rearwindow

      Aaaah! Computer posted this prematurely. Ignore, please. I’ll finish a (more) coherent comment momentarily.

      Abort! Abort!!

      • 34.1.1 JustJen

        I dunno rearwindow, this was a good comment regardless!

        Haha, sometimes I really wish we could delete or edit our own comments here!

        • rearwindow

          “sometimes I really wish we could delete or edit our own comments here!”

          OMO! Me too!! 🙂

  35. 35 Jacky

    Is the rain in Korea so harsh that you’ll run a fever within minutes of getting wet? The instant fever thing gets on my last nerve.

    • 35.1 DanyDanyBobany

      From my experience, koreans in kdrmas seem to have the weakest immune system. Little rain= fever!

      • 35.1.1 rearwindow

        LOL, so true.

        At least I appreciated that he didn’t pass out from the fever, which is another trope that kdramas are oh-so-fond of. I saw a meme the other day that said something like: You know you’re watching a kdrama when the lead survives a horrific car crash, a fire, and a fall from a two story building yet is rendered incapacitated by thirty seconds in the rain.

  36. 36 Arhazivory

    Loved this episode. <3 I also agree with you GF – the scen that took my heart was how she quickly forgot that she wants everything to be new because at the moment Kyung Joon was more important. I'm sure she's just showing teacher-affection towards him now but he's certainly crushing already. Before he'd have told her right away about the key but now he considered her feelings.

    Loved the way he drew her to him in that last hug. Their facial expressions were excellent.

    Big <3

    • 36.1 enz

      there was a movie with kevin bacon called he said, she said that also explored perceptions and selective memories.

      Dan and Lorie are journalists working in the same office. More often than not they have opposing view of the issue in question. Deciding that this is hot stuff, a television producer gives them their own program (called “He Said, She Said”) where they can give their opposing views on various issues. As they work together and get to know one another, the events that occur in their lives are replayed in the film twice; once from each’s perspective

      i cant remember much of it – but it does make you question whether how you perceive and remember an occurence is really how it was

      • 36.1.1 enz

        oops replied to the wrong reply! :p sorry.

        i love that last scene too btw.. he was so intense N intent on protecting her – swoon

  37. 37 YL

    Yoonjae and Kyungjoon are most probably half-brothers with the same father and different mothers.

    Yoonjae’s password being Kyungjoon’s birthday, June 24th, and also at the same time the family’s gathering… It’s possible that they’re looking for his long-lost brother Kyungjoon. Now the image of the cherubs make perfect sense – how both of them each have a copy.That image must have special significance and I think it’ll pop up again in the later episodes of this drama.

    Mari’s an interesting character. She adds dimension to BIG.
    Choongshik is – and I quote someone off Youtube – ‘delightfully dumb’, but more than that, hilarious. He’s’ reponsible for the fresh burst of humour every now and then and he doesn’t fail to deliver. Hee.

    I thought Kyungjoon was cool in that last scene, sprinting madly all the way to ahjumma’s apartment. He knows Daran won’t be able to take the blow and rushes to comfort her – to ease the pain because now, the Pandora’s Box is fully opened and the demons within unleashed.

    What frustrates me is the preview for episode 5. Apparently Daran still wishes to continue with the wedding. While I’m aware that the story isn’t as simple as it seems (merely ahjumma and Yoonjae having a two-way affair, and cheating on Daran behind her back), in her position I doubt I could forgive this man I’d loved with all my heart. Even if I could – I wouldn’t be able to forget, and let’s not talk about the issue of trust, which is so important for couples.

    • 37.1 oftheshore

      I think she wants to go through with it out of spite. Or maybe, something else will be revealed in the episode that we don’t know about just yet.

    • 37.2 YChase007

      I don’t believe that he is cheating on her… More to the fact that red-headed doctor bee with an itch is making attempts to get back with him but due to this stoic nature (probably product of a broken home… ie. photos of parents but in different frames) he does not openly speak his inner dialogue. We cannot refute that us as viewers saw him driving madly towards Daran to tell her his intimate thoughts that he loved her.

      Now this episode we had a flashback of the beginning of their relationship where she was on crutches – he was playing the cool card but you can tell by his eyes that he was nervous to speak of “taking responsibility” so openly.

      second flashback after she healed and they were going to the movies, you can tell that he was into her – I mean seriously how many times did he look back at her walking away.

      He definitely loves her but is not an extravert by nature to express openly his emotions – WE GOT THE MEMO!

      Now, according to <<>> Relationship Flow chart – it points to Daran and Kyung Joon falling in love. However I love that its not a photo of Shin Won Ho but of Gong Yoo dressed in KJ soul gear.

      I am super interested in this drama, its not exactly BIG -Tom Hanks status like I Love Lee Tae Ri. This is definitely a Freaky Friday however for this to work out that way Yoon Jae needs to wake UP!

  38. 38 DanyDanyBobany

    Oh, the mystery. I like it. I thought that maybe Yoon-jae could be Kyung-joon´s dad. But I read the chart they made and Yoon-jae is supposed to be 30 and Kyung-joon 18. So Yoon-jae is a very very young father or in reality he is 36 and that way it sort of match the age for a young father in a kdrama. Maybe he is his lost half brother or something.

    Besides the mistery behind Yoon-jae, its the mistery of the reason behind the change of souls, but i think one comes after the another. Once we discover his past and his possible relationship with Kyung-joon, we may know the reasons.

    Aw, it broke my heart the bed scene and when Da-ran close his eyes and cried when the key coincides.

    Im not really a fan of the Kyung-joon/Da-ran love line. The noona/dongsaeng relationship its not my favorite, altough I have seen a lot of dramas with that kind of story (Im watching I do,I do and Im rooting for the doctor) but sometimes that stories worked and I end up liking them. But the 18 years old student with the 25 or something theacher is even harder for me. The age gaps are easier for me to ignore if both already have been in college, have a career, work or something. I like Kyung-joon/Da-ra as friends, Da-ran as a figure for him, his one side love for her. If they end up together I dont believe i would hate it (if they develope the feelings right) but I would prefer them end up as friends.

    Thank you for the recap!!

  39. 39 Lexington

    But… but… he can’t be the father, right? The character charts have Yoon Jae down as only being 30 years old, so unless he had a son at 12, it would be impossible.

    Right? Right?!? I can’t deal with creepy/predictable/cheesy birth secrets. Not where Gong Yoo is involved.

    I’m going to go with brothers. Or half brothers. The fact that his mum and dad aren’t together might suggest infidelity on the fathers part.

    • 39.1 NN

      Seems that they are half brothers. Based on the character description here (http://koalasplayground.com/2012/06/11/illuminating-character-chart-and-descriptions-for-big/) of Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae’s parents, it would be likely as Kyung Joon’s mom is described as an unwedded mom and Yoon Jae’s parents were described as separated.

      • 39.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        But that’s the Chinese version. Chinese=/= Korean… so it’s a bit hard to tell who wrote it… I’d trust a Korean translation better. Translated twice is a lousy way to go.

  40. 40 Jmin2614

    Maybe kj and yj are brothers… I hope the body of kj will wake up soon. It would be so cute if da-ran will be sheltering the two boys, and will be acting in like ‘torn between to lovers?, feeling like a fool’ scenes. haha 😀

  41. 41 Nerd

    Omg you did not just make a rashomon reference. You’re like 10x more respectable now. English teacher made me watch the movie and write an essay about it-.-

  42. 42 dls

    Thanks for the recap!!
    I’m liking this drama 🙂

  43. 43 kim

    I really think they are brothers who share the same father. It seems that Kyung joon doesn’t know who his father is so it’s very likely that Yoon-jae’s father is also his. I’m also wondering whether the reason for his mother’s death is related to Yoon-jae’s side of the family. Yoon-jae knows Kyung-joon’s birthday so he must know about his father’s other family. Another possibility is that Yoon-jae is adopted. He may be searching for his brother since his mother already died.

  44. 44 rearwindow

    Fabulous recap. You really outdid yourself with the commentary at the end.

    (Aaaaand now for some lengthy pseudo-philosophical analysis, lol.)

    I also picked up on the exploration of memory and the motif of unreliable memories (or at least, “filtered” memories). This fits so beautifully into the drama’s premise, which is essentially about perception and the contrast between exterior and interior. What happens when our perception does not mesh with reality? When reality is obscured by memory? Or, alternately: what if our perceptions do not mesh with another person’s reality? Does that make them any less true?

    This is by far my favorite Hong sisters drama thus far. It just feels so…substantial. It’s hilarious, and charming, and crackworthy, but it also has a thoughtful, almost philosophical vibe to it. And there is such compelling imagery. We have the obvious visual of the angels reaching for each other’s hands which, TBH, I’m getting a little sick of. But this is carried through in more interesting ways with significant hand imagery throughout. Koala, in her blog (link here: http://koalasplayground.com/2012/06/10/kbs-releases-bts-videos-of-the-wedding-bouquet-scene-in-big/) posted some of the hand imagery, and we had even more of it in this last episode.

    Big is focused on connection (missed connections, fated connections, connections that seem random but could in fact have occurred because one person was following the other person around…or maybe not) and the extent to which our perceptions of how these connections come to be can alter our relationships. Because of this, hands grasping each other, or just missing each other, or arms stretched out in parallel lines never to intersect are a perfect visual metaphor.

    In addition to hand imagery, I’ve noticed an emphasis on reflections and windows, and the alteration of reflections/obscuring of windows (aaaand this is the moment where I wish I could add screencaps in comments). What a way to illustrate the complicated nature of truth and the lenses through which we view each other and the world around us.

    I think, whatever comes of it (though I’m suspecting more and more that they are the OTP), Kyung-jae’s relationship with Da-ran is compelling because it is the only relationship not reliant on memories or complicated interpretations of past (or present) events/behaviors. Even when YJ’s soul was in his body, DR was obsessed with the idea of YJ more than the man himself. She didn’t know him, really, so she was left trying to interpret his cryptic behavior (not much different, in fact, from how she’s having to interpret her memory of him and their relationship now that he’s in KJ’s body).

    It’s a silly moment played for comedic effect, but even KJ’s technique of using the the transparent-to-opaque walls to shut DR up (and shut her out) is meaningful in that it shows the strength of their connection. YJ had constructed emotional walls around himself when he was interacting with DR (and, I guess, vice-versa), both of which were insurmountable to the couple to the point that they escalated into marriage without knowing for certain whether they even truly *liked* one another; but with KJ, DR simply walks around the literal walls that separate them. This parallels when she tries to create boundaries with KJ regarding the “couple” items that she bought for her and YJ, but quickly abandons those when KJ needs help.

    • 44.1 hanabi

      Very interesting observations, rearwindow.

      I’m always impressed when people are able to identify underlying motifs, themes, imagery, etc. in dramas because I almost never catch them. I usually just pick up the straight storyline, although I do find myself thinking about some dramas (like this one) several days after I’ve watched an episode.

      Your commentary (and gf’s and jb’s) gives me more to think about. 🙂

      • 44.1.1 rearwindow

        Thanks, hanabi! 🙂

        It helps that I work in theatre and am a total film analysis junkie. It’s always so exciting to find a drama that I can geek out over (which is an integral part of why I was obsessed, OBSESSED with The King 2 Hearts. Love it or hate it, it was a super rich drama bursting with things to analyze).

    • 44.2 obachan

      Rearwindow, I agree with everything you’ve said here!! Your commentary is also top-notch like girlfriday’s!

      Talk about reflection and windows. Actually the first time when DR really “saw” KJ was through the reflection of the window on the bus, which is quite a revelation now to think of it. In a way, the way DR sees the world is always through barriers and pink glasses. That’s why KJ said to DR when he was eating congee DR cooked for her that DR always viewed YJ with two hearts. And then interestingly, it’s the same as the interaction between KJ and DR at this point. DR sees KJ through the body of YJ. In a sense, this is such a philosophical take on the characterization.

      Thanks for your great insight. I’ve learned a lot from the meaningful discussion here!

      • 44.2.1 rearwindow

        “In a way, the way DR sees the world is always through barriers and pink glasses… And then interestingly, it’s the same as the interaction between KJ and DR at this point. DR sees KJ through the body of YJ.”

        Wonderful points! And that is exactly what is so interesting about the body switch, to me. I think that removing YJ’s soul from his body will force DR to look beyond the trappings of the man (the great body & social status) and confront the extent to which she has a real personal connection with him. The only way for her to see him clearly (his soul, that is, rather than the man she has built YJ up to be) is for YJ to be literally removed from his body. Interestingly, I get the sense that DR would have bonded with Kyung-joon on a personal level regardless of his exterior (given that they’d have a reason to spend enough time with each other to deepen their relationship), though the fact that his soul is mediated by the body of her 30 year-old fiance certainly doesn’t hurt :).

        Who knew a premise based loosely on an early career Tom Hanks movie would be so deep? Lol!

    • 44.3 enz

      wow rearwindow, you sure noticed a lot more than i did. thanks – will look out for more of these now.

    • 44.4 JustJen

      I just wanted to chime in and also say to girlfriday that this recap was awesome. That these flashbacks are related to the audience via memories that are possibly clouded by their own desires/biases etc. is something I really hadn’t properly considered- it certainly makes the mystery that is Yoon Jae all the more compelling, even if it’s not to the Kurosawa degree.

      Rearwindow- I really like what you have to say about connections- missed,fated, etc., but also that Da Ran & Kyung Joon don’t have any preconceptions to overcome. However, that is also sort of why I’m actually coming to think that the otp is going to be Da Ran & Yoon Jae, who have seemingly found each other but keep missing each other, literally and figuratively. If Kyung Joon is literally THE missed relation for Yoon Jae, then it would make sense that he is also a catalyst for bringing Da Ran and Yoon Jae together- mending/bridging the chasm that is currently between them. Perhaps the same could be said for Da Ran for Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon as well. If I’m right that is.

      Since I’m calling for a Yoon Jae – Da Ran endgame, I’m just going to state here that I’m enjoying how much time we’re spending on a non-romantic relationship with Da Ran and Kyung Joon, I like that we’re seeing a lot of heart warming relationships between various characters in general really (with the exception of the aunt & uncle who are dicks clearly).

      • 44.4.1 rearwindow

        It’s interesting, because I could so easily see the loveline going either way and being completely satisfying. Of course right now the only real meaningful relationship we have is the one between Da-ran and Kyung-joon, but that doesn’t necessitate it being a romantic one in the end. If this felt like it was following a regular romcom formula, I would say that all signs point to a DR/KJ matchup in the end (we have the crackling chemistry, the setup where one lead is good on paper but KJ is good in reality, KJ is the underdog & the pairing for whom there’s the most societal pressure against, the fated encounters, the bickery interactions with underlying sexual tension, the true emotional connection beneath all that, etc.). But so far, I don’t have any reason to believe that this will stick to that formula. For once, I truly don’t know where the romance is headed.

        I will say that the drama will have a really hard time getting me to be as emotionally invested in a YJ/DR matchup as I am in the KJ/DR relationship, if that’s the drama’s endgame. Even if it’s not strictly romantic right now, I find the interactions between DR & KJ so compelling that I have trouble imagining YJ & DR being more interesting to watch together, unless YJ has some serious quirk and sass hidden beneath his reserved, ambiguous exterior.

        • JustJen

          “I will say that the drama will have a really hard time getting me to be as emotionally invested in a YJ/DR matchup as I am in the KJ/DR relationship, if that’s the drama’s endgame.”

          Yes, very true. I have to admit, I keep changing my mind about who the OTP is supposed to be, the real, main reason I think DR/YJ will end up together is because DR has to end up with Gong Yoo’s body (I’m assuming this is the most logical conclusion), but really it’s anyone’s game right now.

          Like you say, if YJ/DR is the endgame, Yoon Jae HAS to become an interesting, loveable character. It will be an uphill battle for sure.

    • 44.5 Wen

      I really liked your commentary. And your commentary about KJ and DR really makes me believe even more that they are the main couple. DR didn’t really know YJ; how could she after knowing him for such a short amount of time and he’d been emotionally distant for a good part of it?

      I think in the first episode, when we saw YJ missing DR’s hand as she fell but KJ firmly grasped DR’s hand around the umbrella really reinforces the idea that maybe DR and KJ have more fate than DR and YJ.

      • 44.5.1 rearwindow

        Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. On the other hand, given that the Hong sisters are already complicating the idea of memory and infatuation, who knows? They could end up complicating the idea of fate as well. I certainly wouldn’t bet money on it, but right now I do believe that KJ & DR are the OTP.

  45. 45 topper

    Show has lots of heart and depth.

    And DR is a realistic character in that there are many ladies who are so blinded by infatuation ( love is not a good word ) that they are willing to put up with just about anything.

  46. 46 Heather

    Loving this drama! Just the right balance of laughs and feels for me 🙂 Gong Yoo is really stealing the show, which is fine by me, though I do love the minor characters like Ma-ri and Choong-shik which really helps endear a drama to me.

    Thanks for the speedy recap! Spot-on as always

  47. 47 Mika~

    I’m not sure if I want Yoonjae to be a good guy or a bad guy. I guess he could be both, but kdramas typically make it really obvious that characters are villains or heroes, even if the villain shows signs of goodness. Anyway, I want to like Yoonjae because he saved Kyungjoon but then I’m starting to like the Kyungjoon/Daran couple so I want to hate Yoonjae for possibly cheating on Daran…

  48. 48 chompyx

    Love, love, love this drama so far<3 and I agree with many of you, it's hard to predict what will happen in the end. Either way, this is what I believe. I don't think YJ will end up with GDR in the end, because according to the drama's summary, he is supposed to fall in love with BM … so the GDR/YJ will definitely not happen. I also think that he might not have been in love with GDR from the beginning, because I mean, comeon, if he truly "loved her" why would he fall in love with another woman (BM).
    As for the kj/yj being family theory, I do believe that will happen. Maybe they are half brothers from the same father. That is a high possibility. Last of all, as for the kj/gdr, I think it will lead up to it in the end, because as GDR's mother said, they seem like a real couple now that kj is in yj's body. Most likely, she will end up loving him in the end.

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but for some reason, I think that there is a possibility that they may not switch back … the reason why I say this is that I read on a summary a line that said (or will he be doomed to be stuck to live as an adult? *referring to kj*) I don't know, it makes me think that this will happen.

    • 48.1 redfox

      we are all doomed to live as adults, he is bound to realize even outside YJ´s body he has to grow up and give up sleeping in a kids´ bed.

      • 48.1.1 JustJen

        haha, omg, I can’t tell you how much I love this comment.

    • 48.2 aiqcn

      who is BM?

  49. 49 ilovemandoo

    Sigh Im not hooked on the drama just yet. There are a lot of things that I really like, including the idea of perception being used thoughtfully. It also makes me think that Yoonjae wasn’t in the original elevator scene intentionally (rather than a mistake that some of us were wondering about). Just goes to show that she was oblivious to his presence. It’s an interesting concept to explore in a drama, where you would think that the camera is an objective and reliable narrator. Despite that and other good things (like Mari), I’m not hooked and there are still things that I dislike about the drama. Odd since a Hong sisters’ drama is right up my alley, seeing as they’re my favorite writers.

  50. 50 redfox

    umm I can´t imagine a father son connection with such a small age difference. what he should have been 11 to have him? get real. more like brothers, or that Yoon Jae´s mom left and had another child…

    I do wish for Yoon-Jae-Gil-Da_Ran reunion more than a relationship with an 18-year old. because mostly i think YJ is being judged unfairly and there is some misunderstanding. Maybe he thought since gDR always acts like him missing dates is no big deal, that she did not care much or did not need him, that she was strong enough on her own.

    just dont let it be YJ dad killed KJ mom. lame.

    • 50.1 mtoh

      Or KJ is illegitimate son of YJ dad, who’s btw doctor…
      Maybe this is reason YJ parents are separated…

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