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I Do, I Do: Episode 6
by | June 17, 2012 | 103 Comments

If last episode was dedicated to how Ji-an takes the news of her pregnancy, this is the men’s time to shine. Each take their own stance on the matter in their own way and struggle to cope with the news that now their own lives might change forever.


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We backtrack to see Tae-kang running after he’s figured out that Ji-an’s pregnant. Now the clues that flash in his mind makes sense – the ultrasound picture, her remark that it can be “taken out”, the words that it’s his fault.

He arrives at Ji-an’s door and his hands tremble over the doorbell.

The first words that come out of Eun-sung’s mouth are, “8 weeks? Then right before you met me?” Ji-an apologizes and he retorts, hurt and angry, “What are you sorry about? That you’re pregnant or that you told me that you are?” Well I’m going to breathe a sigh of relief here that Ji-an’s still pregnant.

Ji-an admits that she’s made a huge mistake and that she’s beating herself up for it as it is. She’s not sure what she’ll do know and comes clean that she was in front of the hospital (Eun-sung stares in horror) but then she suddenly thought ‘Why me?’ She felt wronged for the growing fetus within her to be killed.

Eun-sung asks if she’s seeking him for a consultation or for comfort and Ji-an acknowledges that she has no right to either since they’re just two people who’ve met on an arranged date.

This time it’s Eun-sung who looks back at her, holding back his tears as those last few words sting. He gives her the box containing the shoe necklace, assures her that he’ll speak to the parents, and storms off.

Ji-an walks back completely dazed and meets Tae-kang who greets her in jondae. Unable to face her that he knows about the pregnancy, he tells her about his efforts to recover the bag. Ji-an cuts him off, “Get lost.”

Tae-kang consults his sorrows with Choong-baek – he’s 95% no 99% sure that it’s his. No one would dare come close to her Medusa character. Best friend’s brilliant plan? Leave the country. HAHAHA! I love how they subvert this cliché as our hero balks that that’s not a plan.

Then Choong-baek asks a pointed question – is he going to marry Ji-an over one drunken mistake? With his good looks and steady income, the girls will be lining up down the block for him so he can’t get locked down with Ji-an.

Dad pops in to drag Tae-kang out to retrieve someone else’s thrown out furniture. Tae-kang tells him that he’ll follow but not before giving a stern warning for Choong-baek to keep his mouth shut. Yeah, you might wanna say that before you tell the blabbermouth.

Tae-kang doesn’t have an appetite at dinner but Dad orders him to dig in anyway since they’ll be able to afford it from now on. They’ll have to save up towards his wedding and marriage life so Tae-kang asks what if he gets married before then.

Dad has no issue with it; it’d be nice to have a housewife in the home and paints a picture of coming home to a hot meal and relaxing with his son. So Tae-kang smiles as he fantasizes Ji-an as the perfect housewife… but he shakes that from his mind, “As if a boiled chicken can lay an egg.”

His next fantasy is far more realistic and entertaining: Dad taking care of the baby while Tae-kang cooks and cleans and Ji-an works, doing her best to ignore the noise. When he declares himself as the head of the household, fantasy Ji-an barely blinks an eye and raises a heel at him as he cowers in terror. HA.

After he sees Ji-an nod off during a morning meeting and chooses milk over espresso, Tae-kang sends a text to Bong-soo for a secret meeting. What follows is a hilarious lecture by Professor Bong-soo about pregnancy symptoms.

Tae-kang listens intently as he learns about morning sickness and constipation (he circles and stars “poop”). Lastly, they’ll crave food they’ve never eaten before.

Tae-kang falls back onto his chair and Professor Bong-soo rushes to his side – so who’s pregnant? Don’t tell the tattletale!

Uh-oh, bad news bears for Dad. Turns out that their “house” was never put up for sale and the real estate office is filled with those who were also conned out of their money. Oof, knew the offer was too good to be true.

Choong-baek says that they’ll have to tell Tae-kang but Dad instructs him to keep his mouth shut. Well, now you’ve both got secrets. And the unreliable best friend is your Secret Keeper.

The staff excitedly blab about the possibility of their design being introduced to a global level and Team Leader Ma looks on. Taking out a drawing of their family her child drew, all it contains is a sketch of him, Aunt, and their pet. Aww.

Ji-an refuses to accept Team Leader’s Ma reason to be excused from the collaboration on account of her children. Others would die for this kind of opportunity – isn’t she greedy enough to grasp it?

But Team Leader Ma explains that as a designer she wants her shoes to become brand name but this opportunity could come again. She doesn’t have those same odds as a mother. Here and her husband were missing from her child’s drawing, a sad but obvious realization of their absence in their child’s life.

Eun-sung lingers around the newborn wing and smiles at the infants. His mind flashes memories of when he brought Ji-an here and he shakes it from his head.

Madame Jang brings Ji-an to a boutique, intent on shaping her image from head to to. Everything she eats, wears, and meets must match the the status of someone to lead the company.

Uh, I’d argue that Ji-an would be able to dress herself just fine thankyouverymuch.

Na-ri enters the same shop just as Ji-an steps away. Bracing herself she pleasantly greets Madame Jang who coldly asks, “You come here too?”

Just when she’s about to ask her to help choose her own clothes… when Ji-an walks out of the dressing room. It’s awkwardly tense between the ladies and when Madame Jang shows the teensiest ounce of kindness towards Ji-an, Na-ri sends her a jealous stare.

At dinner, Madame Jang starts to list the preparations before the official announcement when Ji-an asks for more time to consider the offer. If Ji-an’s worried that she’s bypassing the Vice President (Na-ri) to preside over the company, she needn’t. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Ji-an escorts a tipsy Madame Jang to her car. She looks back and Ji-an, calling her “President Hwang”. With a hug, Madame Jung assures Ji-an that she’ll be the best because, “I chose you.”

Someone drives up as soon as she leaves – it’s Na-ri who reminds Ji-an that it was her to play fair – that it wasn’t her style to backstab others. Ji-an’s too tired to hear Na-ri’s whining but Na-ri seethes, “You dirty hypocrite! You pretend that you’re so virtuous and righteous in front of others but play dirty tricks from behind.”

Ji-an itches the scratch, asking if this is coming from the fact that Madame Jang bought her clothes today. But Na-ri’s evil plan isn’t over: “The first thing I do once I become CEO is to fire you.”

She’ll blacklist Ji-an to make sure that she never gets to work in the industry again. So she tells Ji-an to bring it because she’ll do the same. Is proclaiming your intent right off the bat all part of your Big Plan hon? ‘Cause that ain’t so evil.

Ji-an arrives home and stares at her shoe closet. Madame Jang’s earlier words that this is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity rings in her ears.

And then… she starts pulling shoes off the shelves, one pair at a time. Woah, what a powerful scene just watching her let the heels fall to the ground. Another thing, are you going to turn it into a nursery? ‘Cause that would be all kinds of awesome.

Tae-kang contemplates whether Ji-an went through with the abortion or not and Choong-baek remarks that if she hasn’t contacted him, she probably did. Tae-kang balks at that – he might have been conceived by accident but Dad never regretted that he was born.

Then he can be married to the Medusa ball and chain if that makes him happy. The phone suddenly rings and both men freak out – it’s Medusa calling. After a hilarious You pick it up! No you! exchange, Tae-kang picks up, muttering a series of “Yes”-es.

When he hangs up, Choong-baek asks after what Ji-an said and Tae-kang replies. “She told me to bring jokbal.” Omg, are you making him your lackey and letting him sweat? ‘Cause that’d be inadvertently evil and funny.

She invites Tae-kang inside, with jokbal in hand. I love that she subtly tries to clean up a bit so he can sit down (or sit at attention). Ji-an digs in and after a panic-filled minute she casually asks, “Aren’t you eating?”

Tae-kang hints that there’s another reason why he’s here and there is – the design. Now the sides have switched where he’s thinking about the pregnancy and she talks about the design as a cover. She says, “You said you were going to take responsibility. Until you find it, you’re my slave.” Oh he is gonna be her lackey!

He’ll do everything as he’s told, especially the jokbal. Tae-kang’s like just give it to me straight! So she admits to having to tell him but he might regret hearing it. He won’t so she can come out with it.

Hearts beat fast and you can see her mull over whether or not to… and she says, “Forget it.”

Tae-kang whines that there IS something but she maintains her cool. Oh honey, you’re not gonna make HIM say it himself are you? Fed up, she asks, “Are you talking as if you already know something?” Tae-kang: “K-now?!… I’m just curious that’s all.”

But she insists that there’s nothing to say and marches in her shoe closet. Tae-kang yells if she won’t regret it because he won’t ever hear it again. Two seconds later, he changes his mind and opens the door to this:

Ji-an’s pastime is to polish her shoes whenever she’s upset and Tae-kang rolls up his sleeves to join her. She sits back, impressed that there’s something he’s actually good at and he comments that it pales in comparison to his father. Ji-an: “Father?”

He quickly changes the subject to a pair of child’s sneakers he previously spotted here. Ji-an holds them up and calls it her very first product. She saw this pair in a shop when she was in grade school and they looked so pale and pitiful to her.

So she dressed them up, thinking how much prettier they’d look afterwards. “That was the beginning. These are the shoes that gave me my dream. I wouldn’t dare put a price on them.” The nursery jingle in the back is such an appropriate and lovely touch to it all.

What was it about shoes then? Tae-kang asks. They’re not necessarily noticeable and they aren’t particularly comfortable. Ji-an answers:

“Don’t you know the saying, ‘Good shoes will take you to good places?’ At first I thought that meant that pretty shoes will bring you luck but that wasn’t true. Shoes cast a spell on me. So that I can become brave. So that I can feel like the best. So it takes me to place where my heart leads. Where my heart leads. That’s the best place.”

Tae-kang looks at her as she says all this with a warm smile and they stay silent for a moment… when Ji-an farts. PFFFFFFFFFFT. PUAHAHAHAHA. And it’s a stinker? Oh man, I’m dying.

We see Dad sitting in a bus station, determined to never return until he hunts down the jerk who conned them of their money.

After some time, Tae-kang finishes polishing the very last pair, stretching his arms wide. He looks around, “Where did she go?” Ji-an is fast asleep in the living room and he carries her to bed.

He watches her sleep and says, “You’re pretty.” He carefully puts his hand to her cheek and nearly wakes her.

He spots the sketchbook and looks at it curiously. NOOOO!! Don’t look at it! Taking a look at the messy apartment again, he rolls up his sleeves and then cleans up the place to be spotless. Now outside, he wonders how Ji-an will raise a child but then smiles.

Ji-an wakes the next morning to find the place spotless, her shoes put back in their rightful places and breakfast ready on the table. D’aw.

She reels after a bite of the kimchi stew and spoons out a HUGE pepper. “Did you put this in here because I like them?” He did and it’s sweet.

She drops by to visit Jun-hee and they both speak simultaneously. It’s Ji-an who admits that she didn’t go through the surgery and tells Jun-hee to not ask the “What are you going to do now?” question – there’s no one on her side at it is.

Which is when she gifts her friend the heels she’s been eyeing and Jun-hee lets bygones be bygones. How funny and adorable is it that Jun-hee and her daughter not only dress alike but have the same tastes and mannerisms? I retract my earlier assumption that Jun-hee was irresponsible; she clearly loves her daughter to pieces.

As she watches Jun-hee play with her child, Ji-an looks on with a bit of longing. She imagines sketching and chasing after her own daughter – a thought she smiles at and then shakes from her head.

Jun-hee asks if she’s decided to keep the baby after all. Ji-an tells her that there must be a reason why having an abortion bothered her so much so she’ll wait until she finds it. Her path formerly seemed to be predetermined but another path she never imagined could exists popped up.

Ji-an: “Can you imagine it? Me having a kid and raising it?” Jun-hee tosses back, “Then who’s a mom because it suits her?” When she was fighting for custody for her daughter she was able to read scores of legal documents without blinking an eye.

Being a mother is being able to make sense to something that doesn’t. Moreover, “It’ll be a billion times worse than whatever you imagine. But it’ll be a billion times happier.”

As she fills the space in her pros list, she thinks in voiceover: “What would make Jun-hee read law books and Team Leader Ma to pass up an opportunity as a designer? What would be on that path? Unless I go there, I’ll probably never know. It’s still complicated, scary and undecided. But I’ve become a bit… just a bit curious.”

She jots down, “I’m curious.” in the pro list.

Tae-kang rushes to relieve Ji-an of her burdens so she doesn’t carry anything heavy. He smugly asks if she had a good weekend, adding that there’s not an inch where he’s not sore. She tells him to drop the act and then adds about how the stew was too spicy.

Hilariously, Tae-kang glances at her belly, “Is it not good [for it]?” and breaks into a smile when she tells him it wasn’t half bad.

He asks her to dinner but she’ll be out with the folks. If he comes by after 9… and Tae-kang agrees.

Ji-an redistributes the projects among the staff which surprises everyone (especially Team Leader Ma) and she adds that a team should help each other out.

Tae-kang shoots his hand up in the air, asking what he should do. Ji-an: “You… can clean.” The staff snigger and he wonders aloud, “Where should I start cleaning?”

How ironic that Eun-sung and his cohorts are at an abortion debate. They’re on the pro-life front and Eun-sung is in a daze as the others argue back and forth. He finally butts in, “I can’t do it.”

“I can’t tell her to erase it or have it because we don’t have the right to choose. The same goes for the baby in the womb. If it wants to live, it can’t say so. If it’s in pain, it can’t say so. The babies who can’t blame anyone and die because of your irresponsible mistakes… what would you do if you were in that baby’s position? Would you say, ‘Yes! I’ll die for my mother’s happiness!'”

His opponent asks if he’s being too personal about it but Eun-sung asserts that he would do that because he wouldn’t want to beg for his life if his parents said their lives would be happier if he was aborted.

He storms out mid-debate and thinks back to Ji-an’s earlier words about her thoughts when she was outside of the abortion clinic. His phone suddenly rings – it’s his mother. Ruh-oh – does the family dinner include both families?

Choong-baek clucks at his friend for going through so much trouble dressing up just to ask if the baby is his or not. What if it is? Tae-kang answers, “Then I have to take responsibility for it.” He means by marrying her and it’s good if the child grows up in a stable environment.

Choong-baek stammers – does he actually like Ji-an? It’s a slippery slope from mere curiosity to falling in love.

Ji-an and Eun-sung serendipitously meet outside the restaurant. The air is tense and Ji-an cuts the silence, asking after where she can return the necklace. If she doesn’t want it she can throw it away, he replies.

She tells him to do it himself and he counters, “You don’t want to throw it away yourself? I think you’d do a good job.” Ooh are you talking about the necklace or the baby now?

They both step inside and it’s exactly what I feared – both parents sit at the dinner table. Oh crap.

The parents exchange compliments about each other’s children as the two sit silently. Ji-an interrupts to get their attention and Eun-sung cuts her off and excuses themselves for a moment.

Now alone, she accuses him for not informing his parents and that someone has to tell them. Eun-sung stops her – why is she doing whatever she wants? What did she do so well? Why is she so arrogant?

Eun-sung tells her, “Do you know how I’ve been living after that day? Why did you confide in me? You should have gotten the surgery in secret if you wanted to do it. You know that I’m a gynecologist. If you tell me that, how am I supposed to face you then?”

Then he delivers, “How am I supposed to like you anymore? You really are the worst.” Eeeeepp!!



I am so relieved that we reached this point where the men found out about Ji-an’s pregnancy sooner rather than later. As expected, their reactions are like night and day and both men have good reason to react the way they did. I love that Tae-kang is so honest and earnest, giving her the opportunity without offending her to tell him herself because you can see that he was itching to tell her that he’s okay with it and he’s willing to do what it takes to assume responsibility even if he doesn’t have a clear picture of what that will entail just yet.

He’s attracted to her and curious about her but has yet to admit that he’s falling in love with her. That loving look while Ji-an shared about what started her road to shoe design warmed me to my inner core.

On the flipside, I sympathize with Eun-sung as well. For a while I considered his behavior as disingenuous because like most of you, I felt he was overplaying the perfect son-in-law act because he and Ji-an agreed to do so for the time being. But the more earnest he was and particularly when he was hurt to hear that Ji-an regarded him as just a potential mate not as an actual one made me realize that he was genuine.

It’s not easy hearing from someone you like that they’re pregnant with someone else’s child. Did anyone else feel like he almost wanted it to be his? And even when he was so upset with her, he still stepped in to save face in front of her family. Ji-an doesn’t necessarily need anyone to stand up for her but it’s nice that there are men in her life willing to step up and take care of her because she’s a lonely soul who depends on herself to get through her woes. Right now the men aren’t necessarily intruding on her space but provides her that safety net so she doesn’t come crashing.

On a different note, I love the tidbits of motherhood that Ji-an is learning from the mothers around her. This allows some light to shine upon some side characters like Team Leader Ma and Jun-hee, characters who in other dramas can be commonly cast aside. These are the times that I wish that her own mother was written better than just a meek standby character but then again, we’re still a long ways off. Perhaps Mom will give her word of advice much later when she finds out about Ji-an’s pregnancy herself.

That glimpse of the future was so sweet. It inserted some more heart into Ji-an’s character and painted us a picture of what motherhood could look like for her. Jun-hee’s words about mother particularly resonated with me so I’ll repeat them here: “It’ll be a billion times worse than whatever you imagine. But it’ll be a billion times happier.”


103 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. DarknessEyes

    first! yay 🙂
    thanks so much!

  2. Jbaboon

    Okay, I should REALLY stop refreshing on DB. T__T ugh, what am I doing…

    But anyways, WOOP! Thanks gummi for recapping! This is one of the current dramas i’m watching, and I really like it. (:

    • 2.1 Atiras

      ladies….. cut the fella some slack pretty pleaseeeee??

      look at it from his viewpoint –

      first of all it is a cultural thing that most of you did not mention – pregnancies before marriage is a big social taboo there. he is quite shocked that Ji Ah is pregnant.

      its also a patriarchal, conservative society where males are raised to be narcissistic right from the womb. the doctor is a prize bridegroom material where potential brides and their parents are throwing themselves at him. he has fallen in love (and hard at that given how shamelessly he is using anything he can to his advantage to get Ji Ah to go out with him).

      on top of that he is involved in a highly emotional (and political) debate of pro-life or pro-choice at work.

      to me it seems he is not only upset with Ji Ah’s pregnancy (and in this i agree with Gummi that he perhaps wishes it was his) as he is with himself for his weakness (chak-sarangh). the speech seems to reflect that. no one is perfect so it is actually nice to see this flawed aspect in the character. i still think he is going to take Ji Ah’s side down the road.

      as an aside, i remember this actor in Innocent Steps, Mr. Wacky and Bar Legend. in the last one, he is all hot and dirty as a gangster….

      so enjoying this drama and GD. actors like wine get better with age 😀

      • 2.1.1 Atiras

        oops…. wrong reply.

        this was meant for the posts complaining about the doc.

        another thing i wanted to mention is recent news articles about how single women make up 1/8th of the population in Seoul. It’s galling from a western perspective, but that implies lots of ‘playing’ room for prospective bridegrooms like the Doc. Given his ‘mommy’ act in blind dates, it appears he is not a player as such.

        from another perspective, Ji Ah knows of his feelings for her and yet is brutal in the way she breaks the news to him. I think he was justified in asking her if she is using him as a consultant (in a scenario where she clearly knows his intentions towards her).

        several others mentioned Tae-Kang’s immaturity and how it does not match Ji An’s sophistication. but opposites attract right? and the little one (TK) seems to be growing leaps and bounds rather fast in the responsibility department. i thought that is somewhat inconsistent with his initial over the top actions in the first episode.

        have a good week everyone!

      • 2.1.2 kaidanmono

        Oh I think most of us understand where he came from and what kind of a society he grew up in. What we’re saying is: this is no excuse for his behaviour, not in 2012. I understand it’s hard to overcome prejudices and the values you’ve been raised on, but I don’t think it’s unfair – especially as a woman – to want a man who can rise above values that are obviously unfair to women. I’m not saying he’s the worst guy alive or anything, but I sure couldn’t be with a man with antiquated beliefs about gender roles, and Ji-an doesn’t seem like the kind of women who would like that either.

        • Atiras

          wonder why the writers are not making Ji An express the same opinion? second last para of my second post sort of explains it perhaps….

          • ravens_nest

            “I’m not saying he’s the worst guy alive or anything, but I sure couldn’t be with a man with antiquated beliefs about gender roles, and Ji-an doesn’t seem like the kind of women who would like that either.” – kaidanmono

            “wonder why the writers are not making Ji An express the same opinion?” – Atiras

            I think that’s where Tae Kang comes to the fore and the inevitable KDrama ending in which Ji An and Tae Kang end up together. I feel like the story is setting up Eun Sung to represent the older, albeit more laid back, Korean Patriarchy while Tae Kang represents the antithesis to it. Eun Sung is that perfect Korean son-in-law: doctor, mid-30s, well off, (generally) dutiful. Tae Kang is the complete opposite: low-level intern, mid-20s, poor, (generally) rebellious.

            Though sometimes Tae Kang’s immaturity annoyed me, this episode was the deciding factor that made me firmly choose Tae Kang in this love triangle. Tae Kang does not display an adherence to obsolete gender roles. (I cannot repeat that enough.) From the beginning he’s never been that way and learning of her pregnancy hasn’t suddenly changed that. While his insistence to “take responsibility” seems antiquated, he has not yet shown that he’d mind not marrying Ji An. In fact his responsibility spiel seems more a longing to be a good and responsible father which makes sense considering his mother abandoning him. But at times he also seems unsure of whether that necessarily entails marriage which also makes sense because he’s seen his father raise him without ever marrying.

            Also I love that he’s not just thinking about his position but also her position. Even though he knows Ji An is pregnant, he’s not overly pressuring her into telling him. He is respecting her decision for when she wants to. I loved that he DID NOT write in reasons to have the child; that should 100% be her own self discovery. While he doesn’t want her to get an abortion, he didn’t fly off the handle when he wondered if she already got it. These are all reasons I like his reaction more than the doctor’s.

            Let’s be for real. HBIC Ji An, pregnant or not, is not the kind of woman who could comfortably be with someone stuck in antiquated gender roles. The fantasy sequence showed us that Tae Kang understands that too. While in reality I think Ji An will fall somewhere in between those two extreme scenarios, she will never truly be the kind of filial daughter that fits with prefect son Eun Sung. Tae Kang is the perfect foil for her because those gender rules do not really apply to him either.

            I think in the journey of self discovery Ji An makes over this series and her pregnancy, she will start to wonder if she really can fit into that old school way of thinking and whether she should even try in the first place. In doing so she will begin to open up to Tae Kang as well.

  3. Jaylee

    My heart was not as warmed as yours, gummi, by Eun-sung. His speech at the end was a complete facepalm. Who gives a crap about how tough it was for you to process Ji-an’s pregnancy? As much as he likes her, they are NOT dating or really romantically connected. She has a lot to on her plate with a huge decision to make, and the last thing she should have to care about is how it affects Eun-sung. Nothing less cool than acting as the aggrieved when someone you hardly know struggles with an unexpected pregnancy that occurred before you met her.

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      Hi Jaylee,

      I am with you on how you feel about Eun-sung’s reaction and his speech. I liked him, quite a bit actually, but he lost me with what I felt was a self righteous speech. I felt that he made it all about him when it was never about him when it comes to the pregnancy. I was so not impressed with his speech…
      I personally feel that Ji-an has bigger things to worry about than worry about how Eun-Sung feels. I felt that Eun-sung reacted and behaved like a child, not like an adult.

      • 3.1.1 daniela

        I agree! I was :WTF with his reaction to her confession about her pregnancy and their relationship. He does act like a child that started to like a game and now he can not have it or can have it but with some strange condition. He is not smart / mature enough to think about her and they. Even their first meeting was a game for him: mummy here, mummy there and not even thinking of giving a chance to the other part, in contrast with JA that told him about her medical condition very sincerely.

        What surprises me is TK reaction: even younger than the doctor he is willing to take responsibility for his actions / mistakes (any kind of mistake!). I started to fall for him.

        “It’ll be a billion times worse than whatever you imagine. But it’ll be a billion times happier.” – so true!!!! I am a mother and I agree a billion time. It what I always say to my future-mothers friends.

        This drama started to make sens again (ep.3-4 were boring, with the MoH “flavor”. ).

        • JoAnne

          Except she only told him about her medical condition because it was the piece of info she had that she could use to discourage any potential interest he might have in her.

          They did the same thing – it’s just that she used the truth and he used something fake.

      • 3.1.2 Lang

        Totally agree with you guys about Eun Song. He really needs to relax and take a chill pill. Why is he becoming so emotional.


        I would understand if they were, and she cheated on him, but Eung Song, lost when he got mad at Ji An for telling him she was pregnant.

        What kind of dumb reaction was that ? “oh, why are you telling me this ? You want me to sympathize with you ? “.

        And they Ji An reacts saying what any normal person would say : ” You’re right, we just met at a blind date”.

        Which is true!!

        Eun Song seem is the nice guy that women hate! Needy, all about me me me, and emotional!

    • 3.2 Jay

      Yeah, I agree. Eun Sung is verging on Nice Guy ™ territory for me. He’s so pushy about his feelings when they don’t actually have a relationship.

    • 3.3 true2u

      Jaylee, he pissed me off to no end, as seen in the previous episode when he did not realize how hurt she was and kept rambling on, on hurt he was that she didn’t make it to dinner, then this episode when he had the nerve to say “How am I supposed to like you anymore? You really are the worst.”

      1. she did not tell him to fall in love with her, he did that on his own and he now needs to handle his feelings like a man and not try to throw them down her throat.

      2. What gives him the right to decide if she is worst, he has yet to set down and think what she might be going through and how much of a change this is to her..

      3. Every time he talks it about me, me, me, me, me,me,ME ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME

      4. Where does he get the idea that they’re DATING (-.-)

      I agree with the commentator that said, the ending scene was when ES went from being the main lead to being 2nd lead and I’m ECSTATIC about that.

    • 3.4 kaidanmono

      Exactly! They weren’t even dating so she would have all the right in the world to have a one night stand, but it happened BEFORE they met! Who is Eun-sung to be pissed off about that? He has absolutely no right.

      One thing I will say: since he has to follow the law and a code of conduct as a doctor, you could make a case for him being genuinely upset about the knowledge that Ji-an could be aborting her baby at any moment. No matter how much I personally may disagree with them, a pro-lifer has his reasons, and if it’s against the law, even more so.

    • 3.5 DarknessEyes

      yep, i agree exactly with what u guys are saying. Eun-sung was pretty stupid at the end. For all the awesomeness he was up till now.. it was just disappointing.

    • 3.6 rearwindow

      Totally agree with you. I liked Eun-sung so much but he totally lost me with his reaction to Ji-an’s pregnancy and even more so with his reaction to her potential abortion. Contrast that to Tae-kang’s knee-jerk reaction, which is to be 100% supportive of Ji-an, regardless of what she decides (and it is his baby, so he has more right than anybody to get upset over Ji-an’s decision.

    • 3.7 jen

      I totally agree. She has to make a pretty huge life decision that and his feelings on her decision do not matter at all.

    • 3.8 Nana

      Yeah, seriously, EunSung needs to take a chill pill and look beyond his own feelings.

      When reacting to the news, he never considers what Ji-an’s going through. His words outside the restaurant about how she’d be good at throwing away the necklace/baby was an incredibly douche move, too. T_T

      I hope Ji-an just ignores him from now on! She doesn’t need to deal with his shit!

    • 3.9 alua

      Agree with you Jaylee.

      He is acting like a teen! He is an adult! It makes sense that he is shock (yes, it’s big news) but he has no right to be angry at her.

      Except for her standing up on him for that one dinner at his house, but, again that’s the sort of thing where he should be like “Hmm. She stood me up. Again. Maybe… she’s just not that into me?”

    • 3.10 TKadia

      Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this reaction to Eun-sung in this episode. If I were Ji-an I would run as far from him as possible. Now that the stakes have been raised he’s shown his true colors as a self-centered little boy.

      I was also disappointed in Jun-hee in the same way. I think her pushing Ji-an to have the abortion without once asking if it was what she wanted to do was not what a supportive friend should do. And then Ji-an apologized to her? ARGH!

      Think I’m just really frustrated with the ham-fisted writing of the supporting characters in general. (Ji-an’s dad makes me want to punch him in the face!) I appreciate the attempt to show both sides of the abortion debate, but I think a more nuanced approach would have resonated a bit more emotionally with me.

    • 3.11 Kim Yoonmi

      Exactly. Eun Sung earned a middle finger at the screen from me. He lost all points that he had to turn him around. I’ve never hated a second lead male this much before…

      While the kitchen scene and the cleaning up/caring about Ji-an in even bumbling ways earned my respect from Tae-Kang. I loved how he backed off too and let her take her decision, and though he listened to his friend about fatherhood, at the same time it showed him also asking the same questions as Ji-an.

      But what really won me over in this episode was the cute scenes, and Ji-an really thinking hard about what it would be like to have a child like her. (That scene was perfect). And the way she gradually is adding things to the *other* side of the list.

  4. Ivoire

    Thank you so much for the recap, I had been waiting for this!

  5. MJ

    The little girl is a Mini-Hwang Ji An. Too Cute! Hoping Hwang Ji An will not abort Mini-Hwang Ji An.

  6. Mary

    This ep really put the nail in the coffin for me. For some reason the pace of this story is really driving me insane and I can’t stand little miss rich girls whole attitude towards the company she didn’t earn that position and she ‘s getting all bent out of shape because she’s not front runner that story is just ugh

    • 6.1 sally_b

      First, Thanks gummimochi for the recap ~❤

      then, @Mary, I get where you’re coming from — my Spidey-sense is tingling that the writer may go the way of *A Thousand Kisses*…which is to say…in CIRLCES.

      …with the insipid, annoying *mean* characters getting more airplay than the plot and development/arc of it’s most appealing characters. Fastest way to kill a drama is to place the unlikable characters in the fore-front.

      Plus there’s the awful, overbearing father and his cringing-like-a-beaten-puppy wife. The writer really needs to cut the raw edges and get back to the main pairing/s.

      • 6.1.1 daniela

        Or” Man of honor” witch is worst.

      • 6.1.2 alua

        Don’t mention “A Thousand Kisses”! That only brings up nightmares!

  7. SoyJade

    No comprendo! Is he mad because she is pregnant or mad that he thinks she might have had or had an abortion? OR both.
    Good episode. This is solidifying my like for this drama. I like how Ji-Ahn spoke the truth right away and the plot is moving forward swiftly. This gives me hope that the writers might know what they are doing and where they are taking this drama. KSA is awesome as always. The Dr. I’m iffy about. I guess being told that the first woman you’ve ever wanted to marry is having another man’s child is not easy. I guess he is not seeing how it must have been a big deal for her to expose herself and tell him everything right at that moment when she was so vulnerable. That maybe for the first time she allowed herself to both cry and let go of the pain and confusion she was feeling inside.She looked so relieved to see him and just let go. What does he do?? Shove it in her face! Self absorbed much, Doc?
    I’m wondering if there is going to be a running and threat from those loan sharks for the Tae Kang?
    Dad gone with no explanation. Does he not think his son will worry? I’ll keep watching to find out. Thanks so much for the recap!

  8. nini

    I still prefer ji an telling the baby father that she was pregnant first….Thnx for the recap.

  9. JustJen

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi!

    I know this drama has a completely different feel, but has anyone else been getting ‘Tomato’ flashbacks?

    Or am I the only person who remembers that drama? [spoilers- at the end of the drama they have a pretty in pink moment- aka – let’s all pretend these shoes aren’t hideous].

    • 9.1 sally_b

      @JustJen – “let’s all pretend these shoes aren’t hideous.”

      HAHAHAAHHA!! Thank you for that. In the episode where he chooses them…I was thinking, “Wtf? Those are Barbie magenta shoes. Is she 12 years old, playing dress-up?”

      …heehee….maybe that’s his fantasy. side-eyes ಠ_ಠ ◄—-

  10. 10 Roxy

    First thing that came to my mind: “Is that an advertisement of blackberry?”
    Sneaky, show. 😛

    • 10.1 Maya

      Haha! I’m surprised they’re still using blackberry when most dramas are “advertising” galaxy note… 😁

  11. 11 Ennayra

    Thanks for the recap! As always, I was impressed by and jealous of the shoe closet. Superficial impressions aside, I really enjoy the musings about motherhood and hope this drama explores that theme without hitting us over the head with it.
    And it’ll be entertaining to watch Tae-kang learn about fatherhood. Hopefully he doesn’t ask Professor Bong-soo first, lol.

    • 11.1 Karoline

      Ennayra that aint superficial, thats part of being a woman.
      For me it’s what the drama lacks, that shoe closet have!!!
      Like the drama, lovethe shoes!!!

  12. 12 becca_boo

    Thanks so much for the recap, gummimochi!

    One of the things I like about this show is the realistic way the characters – especially the OTP – are written. They’re far from perfect, but they’re each trying in their own way. I finally warmed up to Ji-an in these past two episodes, and I love that she has so many layers. Still, I find that it’s Tae-kang who’s rocking my world.

    I enjoy that he can be stupid and reckless at times, but I love that underneath that, he’s also mature and unselfish, and he’s not a complete idiot. He may be young and inexperienced, but he’s firm in his beliefs and feels very deeply.

    At first I thought the writer would take the typical route and have him try to avoid responsibility, but I’m pleasantly surprised (and delighted) by the fact that he’s not running away. I especially appreciate the layers (such as the circumstances of his own birth and upbringing) that were written into his character to make this reaction to the pregnancy organic and believable.

    I understand Eun-sung’s reaction (btw, I think at this point he’s more disappointed in her for considering abortion than anything else), and a little part of me was glad that he called Ji-an out for her selfishness. On the other hand, I like Tae-kang’s way even better. If she told him she was going to get an abortion, I’m sure he’d fight for the baby, but right now he’s waiting for her to make the first move. I think he understands better than Eun-sung that she’s going through a tough time, too, and the way he’s quietly supporting her and giving her space to think solidifies my belief in them as the OTP.

    Okay, sorry for going on forever. Shutting up now. : )

    … But just one last thing: I officially love any scene with Tae-kang and Bong-soo. That lecture about the signs of pregnancy? Cracked me up to no end.

  13. 13 DEE

    Thank you for recaping, I wait this recap….

  14. 14 coolrepublica

    If KSA doesn’t end up with the doctor I am going to be beyond mad.

    Some here are saying they stop liking him because his speech was righteous. His speech was from a man who delivers babies for a living and loves them, looking at a woman he has feeling for and might not feel the same about them. He was hurt and told her so.

    He is processing the information as they are coming at him and doing the best he can. he is still the best match for her no matter what.

    If she ends up with Mr. dufus it would be the stretch of a lifetime. I don’t care how well he cleans.

    • 14.1 cilla

      i agreee. ppl keep saying that because of the speech he did at the end they dont like him and that he went overboard but if you see it from his point of view, its quite a bit to handle also. i think most ppl are a bit biased towards ji an and taekang, but imho you dont have to get married if youre having a baby. its not your last option, and if you really want to you can make it work.

      but anyways the doctor started liking her and they were “arranged to be married” although it wasnt all set in stone. and about being pushy, ji an isnt defenseless person who says yes to whatever she could of easily told him to leave her alone and not agreed to keep talking with him. regardless of how her parents feel.

      and i like her better w/ the doctor, their just go together. their personalities and all. although i like taekang but… mmz idk lol

      • 14.1.1 KDrama Fan

        Wasn’t the doc the one who ‘arranged’ the marriage behind her back? And not come clean when she asked him to?

        • true2u

          The Doc did everything behind her back, which i hated, no once did he try to understand her feelings, thats why TK is a better choice for now, he ALWAYS try to understand her and put her feeling ahead of his own, and is waiting for her to tell him about the pregnancy.

        • Melissa

          Did he really? I thought both their parents set up the blind date. It was both of them who agreed to lying to their parents that things were going well so that made the parents assume that marriage isn’t too far away from happening. He was as surprised as Ji-An at dinner, too, so I am sure he did not set all these meetings and marriage up. Yes, he has talked about it and he may have thought of marrying her but giving a necklace as a gift to a lady doesn’t mean marriage at all.

          • ravens_nest

            No. After the first date she asked him to reject her and he decided on his own to not reject her in order to keep dating her anyway. It was played for laughs and to keep their contact happening but it definitely wasn’t what she wanted and she expressed as much. She was mad as hell when her mom called her and he hadn’t followed through on his promise. He basically locked her into fake dating him and then got douchey when she wanted to fake break up because of the pregnancy.

            Don’t get me wrong, I still generally like the doctor. If/Once he fixes up his attitude I’ll be back on board with him.

    • 14.2 kaidanmono

      It’s not his baby. The fact that he loves her is completely irrelevant. They are not related, they weren’t even dating. He has no right to get angry with her and take that anger out on her just because she was considering abortion. What if she had aborted the baby, would that have made her a bad person?
      Point is, it’s not about him, and he’s pushing his morals on to her. If I were in Ji-an’s position and I got a speech like that thrown at me I would probably hit the bastard.
      And “he’s still processing the info”. What, am I supposed to feel more bad for him than for Ji-an? Obviously she’s still going through the process as well, and it’s her body, her life!

      • 14.2.1 sally_b

        @kaidanmono – I’m feeling what you’re saying. (thanks)

        While I like the doctor…I’ve never quite appreciated his expectation that he could just manipulate Ji-An towards marriage in that smirky patriarchal way.

        Like …”Oh this silly girl, I will just take care of all the plans, because I’m the man and know what best for her/us. She’ll be grateful for my wisdom in the future.”

        I find it no wonder that Ji-An’s dad has such a liking for the Doctor….their way of acting is very similar.

        Oddly enough however…the Tae-kang pairing doesn’t (yet) seem like a better option. To be honest, at this point, the pregnancy has the prospect to dismantle both of them —- and that’s not neccessarily a good thing.

        Guessing that since the basis of the drama is about her having a baby in mid-career….we WILL get one or the other guy to represent as *BABY DADDY*. cheers~

    • 14.3 Mystisith

      A soulsister? LOL. I’m in your camp. It’s not that I dislike the kid: He is a “nice” guy: You know, what you say when someone has a good heart. But his intellectual limitations are too much for me: It’s a complete turn off!

    • 14.4 alua

      The doctor has a lot on board, but when I compare his problem with what Ji-Ah is facing, sorry, he just loses out.

      Ji-Ah has an issue that has only two (well, maybe three) resolutions: abort the baby or keep the baby (raise it or give it away for adoption). It’s a major decision she has to make and if she keeps the baby her life as she knows it now is going to change completely.

      The doctor, meanwhile, is angry because someone isn’t returning his feelings. Yes, he can be upset but it’s not an either/or situation where he marries Ji-Ah or not and where things are life-changing. There are other people he could marry!

      He has no right over Ji-Ah’s love/sex life before she met him or even now. He has no right to her because they aren’t in a mutually agreed relationship! They’ve met a handful of times. They barely know each other.

      You can even take Tae-kang entirely out of the matter (say, if he was a one-night stand that Ji-Ah never met again). It doesn’t matter if Ji-Ah ends up marrying him or not (although I personally like him because he cares about other people), the doctor is still being a jerk. He needs to shut up, go find his best friend and get his anger/sadness (etc.) out of his system over several bottles of soju (or whatever). But NOT start a debate with Ji-Ah about “poor him”.

    • 14.5 Melissa

      As much as I disagree with half of his speech, I understand where he is coming from considering his career and love for babies. His speech was strongly influenced by his personal feelings and the situation so who knows if this was how he really thought about the issue of abortion. I also understand how difficult it was for him to handle the truth about her pregnancy when he has grew a huge liking towards her. Realistically, most guys would’ve stopped seeing her or stopped showing interests in her after finding out the woman they like is pregnant. It looks to me like he seem to have accepted her being pregnant but was just upset that she even thought about aborting the child. ES represents a side of this controversial topic. We have Ji-An’s friend, who initally pressured her to get an abortion, and then we have the doctor, who doesn’t support her abortion.

      I’m sure he already knows that Ji-An doesn’t share the same feelings as he does but we’ve all seen enough dramas to know that the supporting actor will fight and protect the woman he likes or loves even if she doesn’t like him back. I can’t think of any character in dramas who easily gives up hope or in trying. So wait… are all these supporting actors & actresses selfish and childish? When it comes to love, many of us do become selfish and childish… even myself.

      At this moment, I still like ES more than TK even though I do still like TK very much. TK is just getting on my nerves with his innocence and lack of common sense. I don’t think he’s very funny or cute either but I love his cheerful and positive attitude.

    • 14.6 omo

      I’m on your bandwagon too.

      My perspective of the ending scene when he said, “What about me?” I think he really meant what he represented in his profession. No gynaecologist can be too happy about the subject of abortion. They’ll be out of a job in no time.

      I would really like it if they explore raising a kid who is not your biological child in Korea….knowingly that is.

  15. 15 lilly

    i want to give this drama a try but the lead actress is too old for the hero. i won’t tolerate old woman to young man. she’s just to old for the cutie boy. i feel so bad for him that he has to cast together with old woman

    • 15.1 noanao

      Well too bad, the lead is Kim Sun Ah and majority of the actors in South Korea, young or old would like to be cast with her ^^

    • 15.2 sa

      don’t watch this drama, please…there are enough fans already…so go to young people land and be blissful…

      • 15.2.1 meanrice

        @sa ha ha ha.

        “Fashion King” has loads of young people…

        • sa

          yeah…and good luck with that one ;-))

    • 15.3 Aisu

      How many times do we have to tell to people who don’t understand the drama’s essential here, this drama production team demand very large age gap for between both the lead, in order to make it real, everything should be real…I don’t want to insist you to watch the drama, if you want young people around you then just seeing them, no one asking you to waste your effort commenting here.

      • 15.3.1 Aisu

        well my father younger than my mother, everything’s great with our family. About you said you won’t tolerate older woman with younger guy… as if you won’t tolerate me, my sis and my bro???? OMG lilly are from 10000 BC.

    • 15.4 kaidanmono

      Wooow, that’s some wonderful gender bias you have there. So a young man deserves better than an old (!! isn’t she only in her 30s?) woman, no matter how we’ll they are matched in personality and temperament?
      You do know he’s not a baby, right? He’s like 27 or something. A big boy who can make his own decisions, surely.

    • 15.5 KDrama Fan

      Lilly, I can see where you’re coming from.

      It looks like it’s your first time watching Kim Sun-ah.

      If it was mine I think I’d be questioning her too.

      To tell the truth I don’t think her hair or wardrobe is doing her any favors and her character isn’t very lovable but I have seen her in her epic role in My Name is Kim Sam-Soon and ever since I have been a fan of her if not all the characters she has played.

      Because of her previous roles I’m giving KSA the benefit of the doubt.

      The drama I have trouble with sometimes but I can see why Park Tae Kang, the cute young guy, likes Hwang Ji An and I like that he likes her.

      It’s good to give a drama a try and whether you do or don’t like it voice your comments. Healthy debate is good. That’s what ‘rave or rant’ means.

    • 15.6 Kappy

      Wow, all young’uns should hope to look that good when they’re “old.” If cutie boy was a more mature character and Ji-an was less sophisticated, perhaps you wouldn’t notice such a disparity in age, ’cause right now it’s sounding like Ji-an is graying with a cane and TK is still a toddler.

    • 15.7 jastinel

      Lilly, don`t bother to watch…please!

    • 15.8 sulyn

      Did you read the synopsis of this drama? And, LJW must be smiling happily to be casted with KSA. He’s so lucky. Did you read his comments about KSA? He’s full of admiration for her.

      Thanks for the lovely recap.

    • 15.9 zsa

      Gosh…I really hope you’re still underage to be spouting something as unreasonably biased as this…and that you’re a Man, coz if you’re female, this comment would be like self-demeaning, under valueing, whatever…

      It’s always ok for guys but not girls…hummmph…crazy!

  16. 16 zsa

    I can feel the innocence of affection TK has towards JA from his secret glances to her….it’s so freaking adorable!!! I like it that JA is totally unaware coz she just never imagiines herself with him…that’s why love is so unexpected and beautiful…looking forward to their love in coming eps!!

    • 16.1 Kappy

      I know, right? TK is so earnest and sweet, wanting so much for her to “spill the beans” and not forcing her to, treating her so kindly despite her Medusa attitude. Though it does seem now that the doc is a more likely match, TK’s TLC kind of love can chip away at her hardened exterior and voila! Let the love unfold…

  17. 17 Aisu

    Beautiful… , I’m bit lost with this episode actually tough I think this is best episode over before, and your comments made it clear 🙂 Thank you. My favorite scene are when TaeKang running on the street to Jian’s (I’m squealed watching it), then when Jian nod off on the meeting (Kim Sun Ah was so real, love her ^^) and many others. I do too like what Jun Hee said It’ll be a billion times worse than whatever you imagine. But it’ll be a billion times happier.” so very true ^_^. Actually how close Jian with Madam Jang?? does she isn’t that trust-able?? just..try tell her what bother her from president election. I want Jian to keep the baby but I don’t want her to lose the position either. As you said the men reaction about Jian pregnancy made us can’t hate them both, but how you describe Taekang’s way to face the fact, I think how mature he is, but the script made it bias here, I got what cheong baek said, that he should make sure that the baby is his or not through DNA test, I hope there’s no such thing in Taekang’s mind, I hope it’s more about the mother not the child, it’s good that the writer made Jian told Taekang the truth yet, that there’s something bloom between them first.

  18. 18 Shia

    I don’t know if Eun Sung was speaking out against abortion or if he was using the baby element to feed into his own feeling of rejection (i.e. projection). Of course, he can have his values and everything but she isn’t looking for his politics or his opinion and if he can’t like her afterwards then fine. He didn’t have to say she was the worst on top of that because I felt as though he was linking his rejection and politics together. Just like the woman said in the debate that Eun Sung was giving an emotional response instead of intellectual one against abortion.

    I don’t think that Ji-An is scot free but she has more to deal with than a grown man’s feelings. He will pull through. This actually has me wondering if Eun Sung actually didn’t think of getting married before not because he wanted to play the field but because he has done this too-fast routine with other women. Ji-An did not want to be sped into a relationship and/or marriage.

    I LOVE LOVE and yet I’m a little disappointed that Tae-kang has said nothing. The fangirl part of me wants him to declare himself and say: “YES, I KNOW I’M THE DADDY!” And yet, Ji-An is a grown woman, she doesn’t owe anyone anything but has tried to handle the situation as best as she could. She found out she was pregnant told the guy who wanted to date her. And since she doesn’t know what to do with the baby yet, she hasn’t told the dad. No matter what anyone else feels about that, I love the fact that Tae-kung didn’t say it first. Ji-An will say it when she is decided and if she accepts his help then better for them. Tae-kung showed his patience and manliness in that moment for me. But we will have to see what happens later episodes to a clearer judgement of his understanding of what it means to raise a child.

    • 18.1 Kappy

      At first I was thinking it was totally the OB-understandably-against-abortion speaking, because I forgot whether or not he knows she didn’t get one. However, it was way overboard for him to say she was the worst, even if she’d gotten one. It was definitely rejection speaking..no, yelling.

  19. 19 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GM for the recap.

    One thing I’m not happy with the writer is that Father Park has to disappear because of the house swindle. I don’t see why they had to be swindled anyway. It just seems over the top. Makes me think did the Father Park actor want a vacation or something?

  20. 20 Jannie

    I found the doctor’s over-reaction at the end of the episode a bit puzzling. Is he under the misconception that she has already aborted the baby, and that’s why he’s so upset? After all, he adores babies, as shown in an earlier episode.

  21. 21 Jannie

    Does anyone know where Tae-Kang is staying at the moment? I seem to have missed this.

    I’m just wondering whether the house swindle, and Father Park’s leaving to go after the swindler a set-up for TK to move in with JA? I can always hope…Haha!

    • 21.1 Aisu

      yeah, I wonder if he is looking for his father, since they were like always together.

      no good if he and father were moving to Jian’s, if they want to be together in the future, I want it even it’s small but a new house/apartment, without loosing the massive shoes closet ^^

    • 21.2 Atiras

      it seems he is still sleeping at the Sauna?

  22. 22 Laica

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! I second your sentiments about Ji-an’s discovery of motherhood through the people around her. Really wonderfully done. Ji-an’s fantasy was adorable without being overly sappy.

    I really loved this episode. Tae-kang especially warmed my heart with his instant willingness to take responsibility and take care of Ji-an. Heck, he’s already doing Daddy duty, buying her what she craves at all hours and putting her in her bed when she falls asleep anywhere. It’s unexpected for someone of his age to be so mature about it, but at the same time it makes complete sense for his character. He has that naive and sentimental side to him – she’s his first, and he holds her in a special place because of that. Despite her hard outer shell, he’s seen sides of her that others haven’t, and he’s also young enough to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe in her. On the other hand, he knows the very harsh reality of being abandoned by a mother who had more important things to do than raise him, and he doesn’t want his own child to experience that. I love Tae-kang’s mixture of maturity and innocence.

    Eun-sung’s speech at the end threw me off a little. I can understand that he’s stunned and upset at finding out something he’s rather not have known, but he’s acting a little too offended considering his (lack of) relationship with Ji-an. More than that, I’m getting vibes of a “I’ll marry you anyway, who cares if it’s someone else’s baby” declaration coming on. And I REALLY hope I’m wrong, or that Ji-an has the sense to shut him down cold. I am not a fan of the basing-a-marriage-on-lies trope. I have faith (for now) that the writer won’t take us down such a lame and cliched path. Please don’t fail me, writer-nim!

  23. 23 zsa

    I don’t see TK as too young to marry at all…with whomever…my husband was 24 when we got married, and we never had issues of age to marry…so TK is 27, right? He’s old enough and mature enough when he needs to be, the growing up, he can do it together with JA and the baby…

  24. 24 Kappy

    I’m a little fed up about how rotten TK is treated at work. I’ve seen so many dramas where the poor new employee is treated like a dog (no, worse). I don’t expect them to welcome him with open arms, but must we all be backstabbing, slandering beasts ready for the kill? There is that one friend who I am grateful for who also seems an outcast of sorts, so birds of a feather, I guess. TK did slide in on false pretenses, though, and I suppose they can tell, but with this happening so much in kdramas, I’m thinking this is how it really is?? Hopefully, it’s just an overdone cliche that’s meant to evoke our empathy and sense of justice.

    • 24.1 Atiras

      that is a weird stereotype in most KDramas. in this case, the bad behavior is being justified because of rumors of romance with the boss and lack of qualifications. they also dont like Na Ri because of her family connections in the firm.

      the Chaebol culture is prevalent everywhere actually even here in the U.S. Family always get first dibs in most cultures 🙂

  25. 25 oftheshore

    Loved the scene with cute little Ji-an clone. I hope Ji-an has a daughter, and then we could that little girl again! Also, love how they’re developing Ji-an as a character: she’s strong, mature and serious, but she also seems to have an adventurous streak and a sense of humor, so she’s not your typical Ice Queen. Loved TK in this episode too – you can see that he is not a complete idiot. Overall, this drama has been surprisingly refreshing so far, I just hope it doesn’t get boring or makjang’y. Is that too much to ask?:)

  26. 26 Carole McDonnell

    Finally! Am really liking this. I hate being in the throes of “he would be good…no, the other guy would be good.” From what I see on Maury and Jerry Springer, the typical out-of-wedlock woman doesn’t have such good luck with guys.

    I do like Tae-kyung’s family though. Dad is all love and kindness and there is a relaxed feel there.. I think he would mess with Ji-an’s family really well. But…that’s me. Plus I like the whole noona-is-my-lover vibe. Will see how this works out.

    • 26.1 sa

      yeay to noona-is-my-lover…and I just adore, adore, and adore the look he has that says ‘This woman is carrying my child…she IS so precious and special to me’…he nails that expression…I see it often when husbands look at their pregnant wives…that baby,,,,is LOVE!!!

  27. 27 jastinel

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap!
    This drama is driving crazy, I just love viewing pleasure it gives me.

  28. 28 Jules

    Thanks for the recap, just finished the episode and reading. Am I the only one who realized that she took a sip of red wine while having dinner with the president? O.O Maybe the only think the scripswriter didn’t pay attention to ^^;

    • 28.1 Fiercediva

      Current medical thought is that moderate amounts of alcohol (a glass or two a week) pose no risk for a fetus’ development.

  29. 29 Eve

    Alright, officially off the Doctor worshipping for the rest of this series. Telling a woman who you’re casually dating / starting to explore feelings for that “You’re the worst…” is one of the dickish moves you can make when she’s already in turmoil. Ji-an is a grown ass woman, if she wants your advice then she’ll ask for it Doc, until then, you pushing your beliefs and morals on her are just pissing me off and making me want to give you a beat-down. Aint nobody likes it when other people, WHO ARE NOT IN YOUR SHOES, (heh, pun), give you unasked for ‘advice’. You want to help her out? Be supportive, give her advice when she asks for it and listen to her. I felt that Tae-Kang really shone this episode In comparison and that as a viewer, you start to get a feel for the good man he’s going to become.

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on the “Let’s make excuses for these poor patriarchal males who don’t know better, live this way all their lives, etc.” bullshit. I’ve got grandparents who are set in their ways, believe in the superiority of males, etc. but guess what? Enough time, patience and positive reinforcement are eroding those misogynist beliefs bit by bit. Anyone can learn how to change unless they’re ENABLED and ALLOWED to cling onto those beliefs. One of the biggest issues that I have with the Confucian system is the belief that the elderly have to be respected and obeyed. Guess what you learn as you get older? Yeah, most older people really aren’t that much wiser/smarter/worthy of respect – they’re just older. I believe in being polite but you’ve got to earn my respect not just demand it. Likewise, I don’t go around telling younger people to respect my authority just because I was born a couple of years older.

  30. 30 namcha

    Yeah I’m off the doc’s ship too. He’s such a whiner, me, me guy. I knew he was “too perfect”. JiAn probably told him about the pregnancy just so he could buzz off. It also irks me when the elders push and force grown children to get married. I hope she tells Taekang this week about the baby, otherwise I’ll put this drama on the shelf until whenever…

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    I’ve only seen the actor who plays Eun-Sung once, in Syndrome, where he played a very repressed type. I so hope he isn’t going to be stereotyped like that. He’s such a good actor but being eternally Mr Repressed is not gonna float with me. I think he’s hot and I’d like him to really have passionate daydreams about him. Has he been in anything else? And does he always play the emotionally unavailable because he is mentally-wounded type?

    • 31.1 Atiras

      google him…. he has done a few films (not so great ones). i like him too. just saw Bar Legend because of him. though its the typical korean gangster movie, he is HOT in it! also liked him in Innocent Steps. He has a lot of potential but it seems he is not getting the right kind of breaks in Chungmuru.

    • 31.2 Kappy

      This is the first time I’ve seen this actor and I am liking what I’m seeing, too. His acting is nuanced, and he seems natural in his portrayal of the doc. I shall have to check him out in the movies and dramas you and Atiras have suggested. Hope he gets his breakthrough soon, ’cause it’s true that’s he’s got potential, that one.

      • 31.2.1 Mystisith

        I keep watching this drama for him: His acting is balanced here: Not too emotional and not too far with the comedy. A guy well in his shoes^^.

        • Kappy

          Balanced…that’s a good word. Yes, not OTT (over the top) either direction.

          @zsa – And “real” is a good word for him, too.

      • 31.2.2 zsa

        He is very talented…and right up there with KSA…with experience. He just puts so much in his character that he seems so real. Love PGH!!!

  32. 32 정남

    I’m going to have to call it quits on this drama, I’m not really enjoying either of the love interests. From a storytelling standpoint the doctor loses but in terms of endearment neither have done anything for me.

  33. 33 Kim Yoonmi

    I kinda got that the Doc was bad–if you’ve seen my previous comments. His list of bone-headed moves and the excuses that were made for him just because he looks good–that’s not enough for me. If he’s going to be that forceful, he’s going to make some stupid move like he did in this episode.

    BUT this episode, I thought Tae-Kang went from wishy-washy to really being caring in the right ways. He backed off of Ji-an so she could make her own decision, cleaned up for her and cooked, respected her need for a career, showed admiration for what she did, and so on. He’s showing up as a man. A man that isn’t totally whipped, but still steps up when needed. He isn’t 100% there yet–he isn’t someone that Ji-an can put her shoulder on, per se, but at the same time, he’s still supporting her in those small K-drama ways. (Buying her pig trotters just because she asked.) AND he gave the thought of fatherhood a real thought.

    I think the lesson here is if you go purely by looks you can end up with someone calling you a terrible person, pulling you into cars, ignoring you for their own feelings when they cry and when you’re pregnant and in a casual relationship, doing things like showing up to your door unannounced (even to the point of calling yourself a stalker????!!), calling and hanging up on you because he thinks it’s “cute” (Oh pllleeeeaaaasseeee.) to get revenge because she’s busy, and thinks that the way to win a lady is to convince her parents before he convinces HER FIRST. It’s one-sided. You win the woman through patience, giving her room, and small gestures, not forcing your opinions down her throat. Eun-Sung needs a listening stick. Where Ji-An holds it for most of the time.

    While I’m not particularly routing for either man, I can see Tae Kang slowly stepping up to treat her right and with equality and respect. I’d love it if he *didn’t* end up being the “whipped” one, but that the relationship comes together to bloom into an equal relationship.

  34. 34 Noelle

    I know it probably won’t happen but I really want her mom to just blow up. Yell and just get pissed! I mean that old man is a first class ass. How can she just stay quiet? I would go bonkers!

    So glad the men know. Tae Kang is taking it remarkably well for being the “immature” one. Can’t wait till he can show Ji An he can be a someone to lean on and a partner for her. Sorry Doc. I already know where your story is heading. Maybe you can hook up with Na Ri or Jun Hee. They both have their qualities.

  35. 35 TamTam

    I thought I would enjoy this drama, but at last it’s starting to drag a bit. I’m glad to see Tae Kang finally pulling his weight as a reliable man. He might be intellectually and emotionally immature, but he’s got some responsible and reliable qualities about him that JiAn can depend on. Esp since he’s the baby daddy, this puts him in a better light.

    The Doc’s reaction, while over the top, seemed fitting in that situation. The woman who he’s pinned all his “marriage” hopes on is carrying another man’s child, and is considering an abortion which also conflicts with his professional side. That’s pretty heavy since he’s already emotionally invested in JiAn. JiAn doesn’t deserve to be lectured and shouted at like that, but I can’t really blame him for being an ass atm.

    I’m also not as drawn to their budding relationship as I was once I realized it’s heavily one-sided on the doctor’s part. JiAn doesn’t want to get married and settled down at all. Clearly, her head is still in her career while the Doc’s ready to settle down and have a family life. I had hopes that he would be a good balance to her, but TK is clearly stepping in as the one who knows and understands the “real” her. I don’t mind at all, but it’s pretty predictable from here on out. So meh. I’ll check out for now.

  36. 36 mtoenlob

    While the previous episode showed us Jian’s reaction to the situation on hand, this episode showed how the men in her life are coping with the situation.

    Tae Kang, in spite of his age, has shown more depth in terms of handling the knowledge of Jian’s pregnancy. Even before Jian has to verbally confirm that the baby in her womb is his, Tae Kang convincingly had in mind that the baby is his “99%”. Cue word, responsibility. He has no qualms into saying that he will take responsibility though he still has, at this point, a very vague picture of what it entails and even if his best friend, Choong-beak, admonished him not to say anything until he is DNA-sure that the baby is his. Tae Kang has the sensitivity to silently allow Jian to choose to reveal her condition or not to him even though he was restlessly longing for her to tell him. With the brashness of youth, he could easily confront Jian about it. But no, he allowed her the dignity and freedom to tell it to him. And so he waits. Without consciously knowing it, it seems that Tae Kang understand Jian more than the doctor, or even Jian herself. Hadn’t he correctly pointed out to Jian upfront that she is more of a loser compared to him because she has no one on her side but her beloved shoes to which Jian dejectedly acknowledged to herself in that scene where she was to eat her dinner of ramen…”how am I to eat this without kimchi”? alluding to the idea that man do not live alone, in its very simplest and most prosaic sense it means we all depend on one another. Contrary to Jian’s existence, she who has preferred to live alone, whether by choice or by circumstance. At this point, we still haven’t seen a clear cut idea if Tae Kang is already falling for Jian, although there are moments when he would shoot caring glances at her. In the future, I would like to see him validate those moments beyond his eagerness to clean up her place and cook her food or carry her things.

    On the other hand, I feel Eun-sung right off the bat would fall for Jian in spite of his declaration of no interest in marriage. May be it’s true that for the past 30 or so years of his life, no one has stirred his world and it would take a missile to do so. But, when the time did come he willingly relented and eagerly pursued ways and means. He was in control and unwittingly, Jian’s parents further fueled his pursuit. Understandably, when Jian dropped the bomb he burst into anger. I think Eun-sung’s ire was not so much directed on Jian’s pregnancy but the thought that Jian contemplated on having her pregnancy aborted. Take into consideration that Eun-sung is a doctor and an OB-Gyne at that who has made a Hippocratic oath to preserve life. I would even consider the idea that Eun-sung would have wished that the baby was his. Or would even accept Jian in spite of her pregnant condition. That moment at the nursery reflects Eun-sung’s tender side and gave us a glimpse of his paternal tendency. Base from his outbursts during the medical forum and when they met at the restaurant, it is more of the issue of having a life aborted. When we experience anger towards another person it is because our own expectations have not been satisfied or we have failed to gain control over a situation. In this instance Eun-sung felt he is not in control of the situation, thus, the anger. It is not about Jian at all…it is all about himself.

    I am excitedly anticipating where the story-teller will lead us…and so I wait for the next episode.

  37. 37 Superfangirl

    I love how many different opinions can come from just one episode. What I love about this drama is that the subject matter is not shoved under table or treated like some easily navigated bump on the road to dramaville.
    The key difference between Tae Kang and Eun Sung is that one knows that you can’t force a woman like Ji-an to do or not do anything! Eun Sung is a fool of a man and I thougt he would act a fool when push came to shove. He has no knowledge or understanding of what Ji an needs but atleast Tae Kang is willing to find out. A better man is not someone who appears to be perfect but someone who has the potential to Be perfect just for you.

  38. 38 Chachi90

    Oh crap I thought of it. What if her family disowns her like they kept talking about on the first episode. Like take her off the family link thingy. I dont remember. XD

  39. 39 Literati

    I thought that the main reason that the Dr was upset was because he thinks she got/is getting an abortion. Possibly asking him to help her with one (are you asking for a consultation right now). We saw how much he loves children coupled with the whole debate he had to do for work. the idea of abortion was heavily on his mind for who knows how long, and sometimes when preparing for a debate you see things and get more emotionally invested in something than the average person. IA part of his anger is because he can’t step in and say this is great we’re having a baby we can make this work.. I’m here for you. He has no idea how she feels about the father and he can’t just step in and take over without knowing the whole story. It’s a lot of frustration that he has and he’s venting it all out.

    I totally see his anger. If it’s not even my kid and you want nothing to do with my relationship anymore why on Earth are you telling me you might have an abortion when you don’t even consider us friends. That kind of thing isn’t something you should just mention casually to somebody who you want no further connection with.

    Her friend was a little aggressive but I see what she was trying to do. Ji said she never wanted kids and that her uterus would be better off dried up and gone, she makes no effort to try and be accommodating and is career driven not having kids seems like the obvious choice she would make. I appreciate that her friend didn’t judge and was willing to help her get to the doctors, but she could’ve been a little less pushy about it.

    As far as TK goes he is making some pretty good moves in my eyes. Being timid and kind of letting her set the pace, but I think if he decides yeah I can marry her and make this work, he needs to speak up. We see that she thinks he doesn’t belong in their future via her dream sequence, he should make it clear if it’s my kid and willing and able to do the best I can by him/her.

    I think Ji is being unfair to everyone (matewise) with her decision to tell Dr. and not TK. WTH why tell some irrelevant (in your eyes) ahjusshi and not the father of your kid. She needs to stop being chicken and call off the wedding if she really wants to, stop letting the Dr and the prospect of her happy parents keep everyone in limbo. They are gonna be pissed but what can you do it’s the situation. make a decision it seems like she is so lost when it comes to her family situation.

    • 39.1 asparagusoup....

      I agree with on this, the Dr. was feeling dejected and angry with her revelation because he was thinking that she was asking for a professional opinion from him….coupled with the possibility that in his mind there might be no chance of a future for them, which is the otherside of what is in his mind right now, cause in his mind he see a future for them together…..im still all for the Jian and Dr. pairing…

  40. 40 Buffeebeans

    Tae Kang all the way!!! I never found the doctor that attractive anyways… and KSA doesn’t even like him like that. And wouldn’t it be best for the baby and their families if KSA and LJW to get together?? That’s how I see it. And Tae Kang/LJW is soooo cute!! I wonder why so many dislike him??? And those viewers who are rooting for the doctor and Jian you might as well stop watching because there’s .000001 chance of the doctor winning the girl

  41. 41 malta

    Finally got around to watching this episode.

    …Sadly, Eun Sung is now on my sh*t list.

  42. 42 Fatemeh

    If I were US I would have wanted the baby to be mine!

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