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Han Hyo-joo in Vogue Korea
by | August 27, 2012 | 53 Comments

Now here’s how to shoot an interesting photo spread. Han Hyo-joo is in the upcoming issue of Vogue Korea, rocking a look that’s sorta Victorian, sorta avante gard, and sorta hanbok-y, and I love it.

We haven’t really seen much from Han recently, perhaps because her latest projects are all films — she had Only You with So Ji-sub last year, she’s attached to an upcoming melo with Go Soo, and her sageuk dramatic thriller with Lee Byung-heon, The Man Who Became King, releases next month.

In that last one, she’ll play a sad queen, which suits her image — melancholy and delicate, with an undercurrent of resilience. Although, things get turned around (and upside down) when a doppelganger is brought in to masquerade as the king, and brings smiles back into her life. The Man Who Became King looks lush and dark, and I’m loving the Man in the Iron Mask premise; here’s to hoping the movie is solid.

Han’s photo spread will be in Vogue’s September issue.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Piko

    I never had any strong feelings for Han Hyo-joo. Her acting never resonated with me. But in this spread she looks strong. There’s a strength in her eyes I’ve never seen before. it’s wonderful.

    • 1.1 KAI

      loved her

    • 1.2 KAI

      loved her in dong e with ji jin shi

  2. Dix

    She looks very different.

  3. Emy

    She’s so completely gorgeous: very delicate-looking. I’m curious about her latest movie — it sounds like an interesting one.

    • 3.1 bd

      Not so much in those pics, esp. the top one.

      Her face looks sallow and HHJ has a lifeless expression.

      That awful coif isn’t helping either.

  4. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news…

  5. Sho

    HHJ’s always been someone in my heart. Doesn’t matter what kind of expression she portrays, she’s beautiful in almost every way possible, which also links to the images she can play in any drama genre.

  6. Sora

    This girl is just gorgeous

  7. Nutella

    The photoshoot looks good enough to warrant it’s own mini-movie… at least an mv… so gorgeous~

  8. Miss D

    So I have to confess that I am indeed a drama addict but I’ve never really seen any Korean movies.

    Are there any good sites to fid them through? I think I saw that drama fever had them.

    Also, any recommendations??? I love all things chick-flicks and comedy (my favorite kdrama is My GF is a gumiho) but action (CITY HUNTER!!!) is also awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 8.1 Lilly

      1) The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
      2) Chawz

      Those two are very funny and have action in them.
      You should like those.

    • 8.2 news

      Here’s a list of films (that I can think of right now) worth checking out. The films with * are my all time personal favorites.

      * War of the Arrows or Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon
      The Man from Nowhere
      Jeon Woo Chi
      The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Fun and entertaining. Also quite different since it adds a bit of spaghetti western)
      Welcome to Dongmakgol

      Romantic Comedy:
      * My Sassy Girl

      Romantic Drama:
      * The Classic
      * A Moment to Remember
      * Il Mare
      * Temptation of Wolves (except the ending)
      Lover’s Concerto
      Crazy Waiting

      Chick Flick:

      Old Boy
      Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

      Films on my watch list:
      The Thieves
      The Grand Heist
      Bleak Night
      Secret Reunion
      The Chaser
      The King and the Clown

      Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 8.2.1 canxi

        Bleak Night is sooooooo good O___O I watched it and was completely glued to my screen. You really have to pay attention though and be ready to come to your own conclusions.

        • alua

          That one’s on my to-watch list…. really want to see it!

    • 8.3 jyyjc


    • 8.4 Nokcha

      Check out, for comedy rom/com:

      My Sassy Girl (rom/com), Speed Scandal and Kick the Gas Station (comedy), Il Mare and The Classic (chick flick), Arahan and Volcano High for action, Quiet Family and Barking Dogs Never Bite (black comedy) and some of my all time favs just because:
      3 Iron – poetic
      Bittersweet Life
      Presidents Last Bang
      The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

      You can find most if not all on Netflix, but I don’t know any sites like Dramafever that show them.

    • 8.5 alua

      dramacrazy has some. I mostly see Korean films at festivals or get the DVDs from Asia-specialised retailers.

      My Sassy Girl is a favourite romantic comedy of many (I’m probably the only one that can’t stand it)
      Sunny people seem to love, but I haven’t had the chance to see it yet (didn’t get a ticket in time when it screend at the Korean Film Festival last year)
      The Thieves – haven’t seen this yet but keeping my fingers crossed it’ll come to London for this year’s festival. It sold 10 million tickets in Korea!!!

      I have quite a few Korean film reviews on my blog, but most are for dramas and bleak indies…

      The only ones that I found that might fit your criteria are:-Scandal Makers (a comedy) http://alualuna.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/scandal-makers/
      Dasepo Naughty Girls (a quirky comedy) http://alualuna.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/dasepo-sonyeo/


      Duelist (action/mystery/drama) http://alualuna.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/review-hyeongsa/

      You might also like Finding Mr Destiny, Heaven’s Postman, Hello Schoolgirl – they have some romance and, some, a bit of comedy. (see http://alualuna.wordpress.com/archive-index/film-reviews/)

      My own favourites would include 3-Iron, Take Care of My Cat and Late Autumn, but I have a never-ending to-watch list.

      Hope you watch something – so much wonderful Korean cinema out there.

    • 8.6 damianna

      try chilling romance too. its great. lee min ki n sohn ye jin

    • 8.7 bd

      Romcoms –

      While I really like “My Sassy Girl” – some of the humor is hard to get if you aren’t familiar w/ the intricacies of Korean culture, but definitely worth a watch.

      The best all around K-romcom film is “Singles” starring Jang Jin-young who was just perfect for the role.

      “Windstruck” (also starring Jeon Ji-heon) is a very entertaining romcom for the 1st half of the film or so and then turns into a melo (but the 1st half is a lot of fun).

      “My Scary Girl” – a “black comedy” that’s very well done and funny.

      And underappreciated film is “Madeleine” starring Shin Min-ah. There you see Shin Min-ah playing a bubbly /effervescent character and it has some great music sung by Park Jung-ah who plays a singer in a rock band.

      “Too Beautiful to Lie” – a wacky screwball comedy.

      “My Little Bride” and “Innocent Steps” – just good fun w/ a young Moon Geun-young.

      “My Girl and I” – starring Song Hye-Kyo and Cha Tae-Hyun – mix of humor and melo.

      Ensemble film –

      “Sad Movie” – an ensemble film w/ various intertwining story lines that has a blend of humor and touching moments and yes, it’s sad at the end (Shin Min-ah is also in this).

      Love Story –

      “You Are My Sunshine” is a straight-up love story and it is one of the best K-films of all time. Simply superb acting by Jeon Do-yeon and Hwang Jung-min and you will experience emotions like you have never before watching a film – simply a powerful film.

      “ing…” – touching film about a mother and daughter and a “love?” in the girl’s life (wonderful acting), but in a way, more about the love btwn a mother and daughter.

      Sageuk –

      “Forbidden Quest” – the storyline is a bit raunchy, but it is beautifully written and wonderfully acted by Han Suk-kyu and Lee Beom-soo (one of the best K-films ever done)

      “The King and the Clown” -liked it but FQ is better.


      “The Chaser” – gets a bit bloody (about a former cop turned pimp chasing a serial killer), but filled w/ action.

      “Memories of Murder” – chilling police investigation

      “Guns and Talks” – about a group of hitmen

      “Taegukgi” – about brothers who end up fighting on opposite sided during the Korean War. Touching at time and some good battle scenes, but a bit of overacting by the 2 leads.


      Of others already mentioned.

      “Welcome to Dongmakgol” – shows the sillines of war and how people from opposing sides can come together whimsical and fantastical at times (only real downside is the bad white actor who plays a downed American pilot)

      “Take Care of My Cat” – good coming of age story about a group of girlfriends.

      “A Moment to Remember” – good straight-up romance, but gets melo at the end.

      “Arahan” – entertaining “urban” martial arts film

      “The Classic” and “Il Mare” are decent – but a bit slow at times.

      Did not like –

      “The Good, the Bad, and the Weird” – not fun or entertaining and I like spagheti westerns (or just westerns in general)

      Forget that and watch “Musa – The Warrior” instead (sageuk) film starring Joo Jin-Mo and Jung Woo-sung (a lot of old-time sword and bow action); also heard “Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon” was good but haven’t seen it yet.

      “Temptation of Wolves” – just OK, a lot better films out there.

      “Volcano High” – other than a very young Shin Min-ah, kinda bleh.

      • 8.7.1 John


        Thanks for the recommendations.

      • 8.7.2 aafa83

        @bd…funny you should mention “Madeleine” because I just saw that movie yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Shin Min-Ah was very cute. It’s a sweet and relaxing movie.

    • 8.8 rawr89



      2) TAE GUK GI


      trust me, these are the best Korean movies EVER.

    • 8.9 Lord of the Things

      Try ‘Castaway on the Moon’, or ‘Like a Virgin’ by the same director. The first is a quirky rom-com about two people who are socially isolated in different ways that somehow make a connection. Its little bit out there, but it is compelling and funny and has heart. Its one of my fav movies.

      The second is about a young transgender person in a male body who struggles to establish her identity. She is working to raise money for sex-reassignment surgery, and so joins a ssireum (Korean wrestling) tournament with a cash prize. This movie made me laugh and cry, and its also a top fav of mine. The main character is fantastic.

  9. Nokcha

    Very striking! Once of the better Vogue spreads I’ve seen.

  10. 10 The Real CZ

    “Hey, let’s make a hot girl look really ugly and call it a day.”

    • 10.1 kj

      “Brilliant! For the set, let’s just smear some dog crap across the wall.”

  11. 11 Noelle

    Love love the photos. The first dress is gorgeous.

  12. 12 Vecchio

    Vogue shoots are all very concept-y and not really inclined to suit a particular look. Still, it’s impossible to make Han Hyo even on the cusp of ugly.

  13. 13 athena

    The hair is a mess..hated it. I love her because she has this fresh,pure look and they are trying to mess with her inner beauty that shines..

  14. 14 ninsarama

    Gorgeous! A concept done right!

  15. 15 canxi

    Pretty cool! I like the mix of culture & eras here. And I like Han Hyo Joo too. I think she’s in the same category as Moon Geun Young when it comes to roles–she can be both the strong and adorable girl.

  16. 16 aX

    She’s overrated. Sorry.

    • 16.1 aX

      … as an actress I mean.

      • 16.1.1 cleo

        I second that ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 16.1.2 bd

        Well, considering that she often gets criticism for her acting, she’s not exactly “overrated” for her acting.

        Overrated in popularity is probably what you’re going for.

        • aX

          That too.

    • 16.2 AnotherFan

      I second that too. I had to give up DongYi because of her, and I had high expectations because of the award she’d got for the role. To me, the acting was perfunctory and very lacking in terms of, well everything.. And I think these photos are just a mess – I actually she looks quite ugly here and I don’t have any feels for the dress.
      Sorry about being so negative here…

      • 16.2.1 bd

        Not saying that HHJ has blown me away in anything w/ her acting, but I place a good part of the blame on her somewhat annoying performance in “Dong Yi” on the PD.

        HHJ as the adult Dong Yi overused the same annoying mannerisms that Kim Yoo Jung had done as the young Dong Yi.

        So – wasn’t impressed w/ KYJ’s performance in DY even tho I knew she was a well-regarded child-actor, and then saw her in TMTETS where performance was mesmerizing (so I blame the PD for “Dong Yi”; a lot of actors overracted in “Dong Yi”).

        • tariezta

          i like drama” han hyo joo

  17. 17 Gom

    I love this photoshoot! She rocks the perpetually sad, bitter, longing look. The clothes are very Vogue-y. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 rubie

    ‘The Man Who Became King looks lush and dark, and Iโ€™m loving the Man in the Iron Mask premise; hereโ€™s to hoping the movie is solid.’

    Love the article and your positive outlook, javabeans. Thanks for writing & sharing.

    Here’s to hoping the movie is solid, indeed! ^^

  19. 19 @lly

    Loved this gal, especially in Dongyi, but this photoshoot is simply gawd-awful! >:(

    They somehow managed to make it look like her face is simply PS-ed onto the pix, especially in the first one.

  20. 20 Usi

    She looks sickly. What is the point in making someone look like that?

  21. 21 merry

    Clothes are gorgeous. It’s the hair that makes her look different.

  22. 22 John


    The Man Who Became King sounds interesting. I hope to see it some day.

  23. 23 Roxy

    Don’t know didn’t like it… Han Hyo Joo is naturally beautiful so yea… why mess up the hair?

    Hm, not too crazy about this spread… wait, is this like the first time I don’t agree with jb o.o

  24. 24 kayna20

    I will forever love Only You with her in it. I will watch this tomorrow because that is my alltime favorite movie. Her face looks blank to me but she has an intriguing mysterious beauty I love. One of my favorite k-actresses and love the photoshoot.

  25. 25 tinglehoff

    One of those faces and smiles that I was immediately “over the moon” for from the first glimpse. Not a bit trashy or vampy. She’s like watching a deer drinking peacefully from a stillwater brook. A living example of Mother Nature’s work at it’s finest… ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26 Xyz

    She looks very ghostly with flat affect. Not a sad look if that is what she is trying to portray.

  27. 27 Cherry86

    Because of the unruly big frizzy hair, I thought she’s Song Ji Hyo at first glance! Haha… Anyways, love Han Hyo Joo in the first pic.. her expression and pose kinda reminds me of Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth…

  28. 28 Saba

    Han hyo Joo I love you very much!

  29. 29 vahid

    HAN HYO JOO ilave you very much

    i loooooooooooove you

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