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Faith: Episode 10
by | September 11, 2012 | 254 Comments

Some major revelations, a new set of questions, and some nice character moments… though they don’t quite add up to the most exciting episode on the block. Eun-soo finally begins to realize that there are some unexpected and massive consequences to her being in this time and place, and finds that she’s connected to more than she imagined. But… what does it all mean?


Eun-soo opens up Hwata’s diary, said to be a thousand years old. She reels as she flips through the pages scrawled with numbers. She gets to the last page, and there in the corner is her name: Eun-soo.

Ki Chul asks what it says, what it means. But Eun-soo just stammers, “Tell me this is a dream. How can this be? Please tell me this is just a really complicated… long… dream.”

She starts to cry, and Ki Chul runs over to faux-comfort her so he can ask what it says. She tells him that it’s her name, and doesn’t know what the numbers mean. She thinks they might be coordinates, and then wonders if they might tell her the location of the door to her world in her time.

That makes Ki Chul yank it out of her grasp in no time, not wanting to have his heavenly doctor running back home quite yet. She kicks and screams and starts throwing pottery, and Ki Chul just dodges like it’s a fun little game.

Jang Bin runs in to hold Eun-soo back and try to calm her down. She cries frantically that she’s the only one who can read the book, but Ki Chul’s too smart to just give her access to what is clearly something important. He says he’ll return with it another time when she’s calmer.

She wails for Jang Bin to stop them, but he doesn’t have the strength to overpower Ki Chul. She finally crumples in defeat and her mind wanders back to the contents of the diary: “It was hangul. And… it looked like my handwriting. I write my name that way.”

Ooooooooh. Things just got weird. I like. She doesn’t recognize the diary itself, but knows the handwriting. Did future Eun-soo go back to the past a thousand years? Is Hwata from future Seoul? Or is it something even stranger?

Ki Chul stops on his way out to fume at Choi Young – how could he have wasted his opportunity in heaven? All he brought back was the doctor, per the king’s orders? His entire face twitches as he laments this country’s terrible luck, in having that precious door to heaven open for such a brainless thug.

Young just scoffs that it’s probably part of heaven’s design, considering if it had opened in front of Ki Chul, he might’ve cleaned heaven out of all its riches. Ha. Did you call him a thief to his face?

The woodalchi watch nervously as Young paces back and forth in the courtyard, and finally Deok-man screws up the nerve to speak up, but then loses it as soon as Young turns around. Heh. I love this group’s dynamic.

So second-in-command Choong-seok speaks up and asks if he’s not going to go check on the doctor. He paces some more.

He looks back and forth between the men, and chooses Deok-man to go protect the doctor. Sidekick Dae-man stutters that he wants to go, but Young complains that he lost her once before.

Deok-man pushes him aside to say way too eagerly that he’ll guard her with his life. Young knocks him upside the head, “I told you not to go around risking your life on anything! Do you walk around with extra lives in your pocket? Don’t! Don’t do it!”

Pffffft. This coming from YOU? It’s like equal parts self-flagellation and I’m-the-only-one-who-gets-to-do-that. Then another of his men treads carefully and asks their leader, “Aren’t you going to go?” Deok-man adds that the doctor will be waiting for Young… and then ducks thinking he’s going to get hit again. Hahaha.

Young just tells him that if anything happens, not to be stupid and fight, but to take the doctor and run for safety. Deok-man grins like a goof, “Can I piggyback her?” Young kicks him. Hard. Hee.

Just then, a patient gets piggybacked into the hospital for Jang Bin to treat. Eun-soo sits in her room in a daze, and then notices Deok-man lurking outside her window, failing at being inconspicuous. Eun-soo greets him in a resigned tone.

She comes to see the new patient, and we’re told that it’s Yi Seong-gye. Wait. THE Yi Seong-gye? As in grows up to be the general who later kills Choi Young and overthrows Goryeo to become the first king of Joseon?

He’s just a teenager now, and writhing in pain. Eun-soo says he needs surgery, but realizes that her surgical tools were taken. She heads out and Deok-man trails after her, stammering that it’s dangerous.

She gets right in Deok-man’s face to say that she’s not good with directions and mostly she’s been moved back and forth against her will, so could he show her the way to Ki Chul’s house? He protests, and she says someone will die if she doesn’t go get her tools. Deok-man: “But I’ll die!” I love that Young’s wrath is scarier to him than anything else.

She waits for Ki Chul to come meet her, practicing her smile so as to appear pleasant and calm. She’s awesomely terrible at it. But when she asks Deok-man for his opinion, he just blushes, “You’re pretty.” D’aw. You’re adorable. That’ll probably cost you another kick though.

Ki Chul comes in with his entourage thinking she couldn’t wait any longer to read the diary again, but she says she’s just here for her tools today. He uses her wording and asks if she’s not going to make a deal for it, obviously not about to give anything for free.

She asks if he’s already given up on winning her heart. She suggests that if he wins her over, they could decipher the diary together, and then he can go to heaven with her. Well, she certainly knows how to bait him. “Don’t you want to go to heaven?”

She betrays her nerves when she puts out her hand to demand her tools, but he assures her that she needn’t fear him—right now she is his highest concern. Why is that not comforting?

Gongmin goes over the list of people that Young asked of Suribang—those that the king will want to win over to his side. He asks if he can’t have Suribang too, and Young kind of chortles nervously, “They call me… the king’s dog.”

Flashback to that conversation, where ajumma and ajusshi do this hilarious tandem speech as Young eats. Ajusshi: “Have you forgotten how your teacher died? A master will boil water to eat the dog that pledged his loyalty, beating him to a pulp. Why?” Ajumma: “Because then the meat is tender.”

Ajusshi: “But then the leash breaks and the dog escapes. Why?” Ajumma: “Because it hurts.” Ajusshi: “And then the master calls the dog, and the dog comes running back, wagging his tail. Why?” Ajumma: “Because he’s a dog!” Pwaha. I love them.

Young says it’s a different king, and they scoff like he’s drunk the kool-aid, and ajumma actually takes back the food he’s eating, like he doesn’t deserve it. Gongmin laughs to hear the story.

He marks the people on the list for Young to start with, and says that he’s going to try winning some hearts too. Young smiles, and Gongmin adorably checks to make sure it’s not a mocking smile.

Eun-soo operates and saves Yi Seong-gye’s life, and her flashlight glasses finally run out of battery power. So… did she just mess with history or right it when it was veering the wrong way?

Young hands the scroll to Dae-man with instructions, and Dae-man nervously stutters that the doctor went to the House of Ki and returned. Ruh-roh…

He storms in, thwacks Deok-man in the chest, and beelines for Eun-soo. He starts to nag but she cuts him off, countering that she said she was doing fine in that house, and he didn’t have to turn her into a traitor and a pawn.

He scoffs bitterly, “Is that so?” and turns to go. But she stops him with an apology about king Chungjeong—not being able to do anything to save him, making it so that Young had to do that…

He looks up at her in surprise, probably having resigned himself to the idea that she’d never understand. But she apologizes for that, and for stabbing him. She thanks him for living, and says she knows he’s protected her all this time. “Thank you.”

He senses something wrong—she’s being too nice and her words sound so final. He asks what she’s doing. She says she’ll take care of herself from now on, and knows how to deal with Ki Chul now, having tested the waters this afternoon.

She plans to make a deal with him, because she has something he wants. Panicked, Young asks what she has that Ki Chul wants. He shouts until she answers that it’s history. Well, history to her, future for him.

Young asks with alarm if she promised to tell him such things, and she says she’s going to make it up as she goes, giving him the answers he wants to hear—how would he know whether or not they’re true? I would say it’s a good plan if you were a better liar.

Young protests that she doesn’t seem to know what Ki Chul is really like, but she cuts him off: “What I’m saying is, stop concerning yourself with me. I’m going to find my own way back to my world. On my own. I’m saying all this because I don’t know if I’ll see you again. So thank you. I’m sorry. And try not to fight, or get hurt. And eat sometimes.”

She bows her goodbye. He can’t say anything to argue and walks away before she lifts her head. He stops at the door to grab Deok-man by the nape of his neck like an errant puppy, warning him not to let her go out again. She watches him go with a heavy sigh.

But as soon as he steps away, he senses a disturbance overhead. Sure enough, there’s Chun Eum-ja, sneaking onto the roof. They both freeze.

Dae-man gives Choong-seok the scroll with the names, repeating the instructions from Young that he memorized so painstakingly. But as soon as it’s in his possession, Ki Chul’s mole passes by and pretends to trip and fall right into his arms… snatching the scroll while he blushes.

Aw crud, just when the good guys were doing so well. Ki Chul gets handed the scroll along with what Eum-ja overheard—that Eun-soo is planning to feed him lies about the future of this country because he’ll never know the difference. Double crud. Could we maybe get some tighter security around the palace?

Ki Chul fumes and orders the people on the list killed and Eun-soo watched for the time being.

Young confides in Aunt and she wonders if Eun-soo’s a fortuneteller or something, but Young says no—in heaven they have like a record or something. I just love that the idea of heaven is more logical than the future.

Aunt calls Ki Chul a little child with a new plaything. He reasons that maybe Ki Chul really won’t harm her, but Aunt implies that he’s an idiot: “Do you not know what a toy is? A toy is something that when you grow tired of playing with, you throw, you rip up, you break.”

Young: “Do you know you have a habit of exaggerating when you talk?” Heh. She tells him the story of an artist who was so talented that they say butterflies would alight on his paintings of flowers. Ki Chul had to have him, and showered him with the finest wealth.

And then one day he asked the painter to draw him, and didn’t like the result (the artist drew a snake, which HA), so he cut off his hands, scooped out his eyeballs, and threw him out into the street, where people were too afraid to even help him.

Young asks how a toy can extend its shelf life and Aunt says it needs to work to be pleasing, to be loved for as long as possible. Young squashes that idea–the doc isn’t exactly the type to bend her will to please others, and Aunt agrees.

He wonders if maybe he should’ve made her run. Aunt asks if he means that he would run with her, “But haven’t you started too many things here for that? Can you handle it?” He lets out a long sigh.

The warriors connected to Suribang get chased down by the Woodalchi, though they only manage to capture the medicine peddlers (Suribang’s front business).

Young drinks with Dae-man at his side. I love that he literally sits at Young’s feet like his puppy dog. He asks if Dae-man still can’t have a drink, and he says no—if he has a drink, the person next to him dies. Now I wanna see.

The Suribang warriors surround them and start attacking, and Young just calmly continues to drink while holding a panicked Dae-man back.

Ajumma and ajusshi sit down at his table and ask if his master told him to run around capturing their men. They throw insults and demand an explanation, and Young just answers, “Ask him yourself.” Whoa.

Someone walks up in a black hooded cloak. He lifts the hood… and there’s the king, smiling at them all casually.

Haha, by the time we cut back to their reaction, ajumma is already on the ground on her knees. Ajusshi hurriedly follows suit. What was that about the dog and his master you said?

Gongmin just picks up the bottle and asks if they won’t accept a drink from him.

Meanwhile, Eum-ja uses super-hearing to eavesdrop on Eun-soo telling Jang Bin about the future of Goryeo. Eeep! Stop talking! She says that Goryeo eventually becomes Korea (where the name comes from, of course) and wonders what would be interesting enough to tell Ki Chul, but not too harmful.

Jang Bin says he’s on Choi Young’s side—he thinks Ki Chul is too dangerous for her to deal with, and even if she gets that diary, there’s no guarantee it’ll help her return to heaven. She says she’s from Kangnam and there are way scarier people who live there, just with smiles plastered on their faces to hide it.

He wonders how that could be true in heaven, and she admits that she’s not from heaven at all. She told Young this, “but he ignores everything I say.” Eum-ja listens carefully, as she says, “I think I came from the future.” Aaaauuugh.

Deok-man finds him sitting outside and claps at him, thinking he’s sleeping. That gives Eum-ja a sharp pain since he’s using his super-hearing, though sadly he recovers quickly.

Deok-man draws his sword and taunts him, calling him White Hair. I’m worried he might die, but Eum-ja just sighs and walks away, not caring to fight him. Deok-man actually trails after him, a little disappointed, “Are you really going? Don’t you wanna fight?”

Meanwhile, ajumma and ajusshi are busy trying to get out of this situation as best they can, and give a half-assed excuse why all this doesn’t concern them. But Young speaks up to tell the king that with subjects so dangerous, he really only has two choices here: make them his people, or kill them.

Ajusshi forgets he’s in front of the king for a moment, and swears at Young. Hee. Gongmin turns to him (ajusshi’s name is Man-bo) and asks his opinion.

Gongmin: “Look here, Man-bo. What should I do? I’m going to choose one of two things right here. My path as king: Do I take the easy road, shedding some blood on the way? Or do I take the path of virtue, even if it’s a little slower, like a person? I’m going to choose today, right here, based on you. So what should I do?”

Man-bo looks up at him, and then at Young, wondering how to answer.

And from the distance, Hwasuin spies on the meeting and smiles to herself. Seriously, the good guys’ lack of security is starting to irk me.

The next day, Eun-soo tends to Princess Noguk’s wound, as the king watches nervously. And the palace mole turns assassin, as she sneaks Eum-ja into the palace grounds…

Choong-seok and Dae-man argue about who had the scroll of names last, because, uh, neither of them has it anymore. Young asks what the hell they’re doing, only to be interrupted by one of his men, reporting on some news from Suribang. (Oh, so Man-bo must’ve said yes?)

The information: be careful of Chun Eum-ja, because he’s watching the doctor, and he has super-hearing. Thank you! Also, if Suribang is like proto-NTS/CIA, then Young was damn smart about getting them on the good guy roster. People who know everything about everyone are key.

Eum-ja sits on the roof and listens in on Eun-soo talking to the king and queen. She says the scar is healing nicely and pats herself on the back. Noguk says she heard about Eun-soo saving someone else’s life yesterday, and Lady Choi says the child’s name: Yi Seong-gye.

Eun-soo gapes—it’s the first time she’s hearing the patient’s name. “Yi… Seong-gye? No, it can’t be. Not THAT Yi Seong-gye, right? In the history books?” Omg stop talking!

She stumbles over to Jang Bin to ask what would’ve happened to the boy if she hadn’t operated. Jang Bin says he would’ve died. Then it starts to dawn on her… if she hadn’t gone to treat Chungjeong, he wouldn’t have been poisoned… How can it be?

I like this turn—it’s far more chilling to realize that you’re the one making history follow its course.

Gongmin asks if that child Yi Seong-gye is someone she knows. Omg don’t tell him! She answers in a daze, “That child… later… later… House of Yi… Joseon…” but then she finally catches herself and clamps her mouth.

Dude, you did not just say those things out loud! At least out of context, they’re meaningless to someone who doesn’t know what she’s referencing, but still… that’s a very dangerous set of words you just spilled.

Thankfully Young storms in and asks to take the doctor away for a moment. He drags her out, kicking and screaming. He pleads with her to just shut her trap, but she won’t stop yelling. Right now would be a good time to kiss her!

She asks if he knows what he did by bringing her here. She says she may not have paid much attention to history and politics, but she does know one thing: you do not mess with history.

She says she was trying to be careful, but today she operated on someone. And not because she’s some great doctor, but because she wanted an excuse to ruffle Ki Chul’s feathers and see if he’d react to her deal.

“So I operated today. But do you know who that patient is?” He tells her to shut her mouth. She just keeps going, “He grows up to…” Aaaaack! Stop!

He tells her to stop because all that talk about the future and what she knows is just putting her in more danger. But she ignores him and barrels through: “Today, I saved the person who will kill you.”


Oh. My. God. Seriously? After that speech you just gave about not fucking with history, you’re gonna tell him who kills him? And then she has the gall to whine that she has no one else to talk to about this stuff. And you couldn’t have say, shared your feelings in abstract terms? Bah.

But Young doesn’t have time to dwell, because he senses Eum-ja’s presence. I love that he just calls out, “Woodalchi,” and his men just appear, out of the shadows. So cool. He leaves Eun-soo in their care and chases Eum-ja down, but loses him in the end.

Ki Chul lights up with greedy anticipation of all the things he has yet to learn about heaven and the future, gleeful that it’s true. His brother asks if they should kidnap the doc, but the minion shrewdly says that guarantees nothing if she plans to lie. Ki Chul agrees that they need a way around that, and forces himself to calm down.

Hwasuin tends to Eum-ja, whose ear is bleeding from using his powers. She warns that he could lose it completely if he keeps doing that, but he just says that Ki Chul wanted to know, like a faithful puppy.

Hwasuin’s only interested in Choi Young, which puts Eum-ja in a bad mood. She says that Ki Chul is interested in collecting hearts, while she’s interested in collecting men. She wonders what Eum-ja is after. Hm, so do I.

Eun-soo goes to check on her young patient, who thanks her very politely for saving his life. She hesitantly asks his name, and he confirms it: “Yi Seong-gye.” He starts to describe his family and his father, and she answers for him: “House of Yi.”

Young sends Dae-man to check on the doc, but it’s a step too late. Eun-soo goes to her room to find Deoki held captive by Hwasuin. Who wants to be the one to tell her gagging a mute girl is kinda unnecessary?

She takes off her glove and puts a fiery hand on Deoki’s shoulder and asks the doctor to go on a walk with her. With no other choice, Eun-soo throws Deok-man off her trail, and heads out.

At the same time, Ki Chul goes to see the king, and Young gets called to the stateroom. He and Choong-seok flank the throne, and Ki Chul makes a point of asking if everyone on the king’s side has gathered.

He says he heard that Gongmin was collecting people and thinks it’s a smart idea, but he can’t just let it happen either. And then he takes out the scroll with a smile. Oh crap. And poor Choong-seok, who looks at it wide-eyed, knowing it was somehow his mistake. He gets a glare from his general.

Ki Chul asks why the king is bothering with these others, “when I am your person.” He admits one of his irreproachable faults is jealousy. Gong-min: “So?”

Ki Chul’s voice hardens, “So I don’t like those people on that list. I don’t want to let them live.” Yikes. Young draws his sword and puts it to Ki Chul’s throat, asking for the king’s word whether to let him live or die.

The king asks what he’s planning, since clearly he couldn’t have come here with so little regard for his life. Ki Chul just returns to his smiley self and says he’s got the doctor. Young looks behind him, and Deok-man and Dae-man stand there, heads hanging.

Eun-soo walks out of the palace with Hwasuin, and Eum-ja comes up with horses. She starts to protest, but then Hwasuin points ahead to a cage being wheeled by… and inside is Yi Seong-gye. Oh crap.

He screams for help and Eun-soo panics, asking what they’re doing with him. I start to panic that they’re far smarter than I had anticipated, but they didn’t capture him because of who he is—just that he was her patient and she’d want him to live.

So he’s their weapon: do as they say, or the boy dies.

Young says he could kill Ki Chul now, but the king tells him to put down his sword. Gongmin asks what it is that Ki Chul seeks. “Nothing. For you to do nothing.” Gongmin fumes, “You want me to be a puppet king?”

Ki Chul just says he wants Gongmin to be a king loved by his people. “Those on that list—they’re your people too, aren’t they? Give them up, and they get to live.”

And then we watch as one by one, Eum-ja assassinates the people on the king’s list. He leaves a note stuffed in their mouths. It’s curious that they bring Eun-soo along, but it must be to scare her into talking—to show her that Ki Chul’s threats aren’t idle.

Back at the palace, Ki Chul actually delights in telling them that it’s already begun, and the first three on the list should already be dead by now. Gongmin screeeeeams in a rage, but he’s backed into a corner, and Ki Chul knows it.

Young tells the king to buy more time and send him out to deal with it. He asks, “Can you do that?” Gongmin nods and braces himself, and Young marches out.

His men race ahead of him and find dead bodies in Eum-ja’s path. They dig the note out that he left: a phrase meaning, “If you know your mistakes, fix them.”

Eun-soo vomits and quakes in fear, and the baddies agree that she’s seen enough to know that they aren’t nice people. Hwasuin says it’s time for phase two, where Eun-soo chooses their next target.

He eyes widen. Hwasuin gives her the choice between: Princess Noguk, Jang Bin, and Choi Young.

“Of the three, who is the one you hold dearest? That person is our next phase. Who might it be?”


I hope she’s smart enough to target Young, because at least if she sends them after the warrior, he has a chance of fighting them off. It does up the stakes for Eun-soo to know exactly how crazy Ki Chul is, since she clearly thought he was small beans enough for her to just wheel and deal her way around him. I’m already tired of the back-and-forth game of keep-away with Eun-soo though. I really thought we were in one place for a while, but apparently we’re just going to shuffle her back and forth which is senseless and starting to lose its punch.

The thing about this show is, it’s interesting—I’m always interested and I find the maneuvers clever and the characters witty—but it’s not exciting. And obviously every show can’t be heart-stopping, but it’s the kind of plot (conspiracy, intrigue) that you want to be a suspense-thriller. I desperately wish it were more exciting. But it takes great components and just… lets them lie there. Like a lump. It makes me sad.

I certainly enjoy the characters (the moments with Young and his aunt are always fantastic, as are any Woodalchi moments) and I feel like the time travel has finally gotten to an interesting place. It’s opening up all the right questions and making me really curious… but I’m not clawing at the screen for answers or feeling that thud in my heart when the revelations happen… even though I really really want to.

I thought it was very clever to bring Yi Seong-gye into the story, because he’s such a crucial figure in history, and we know at the mention of his name that he’s the one who brings about the downfall of pretty much our entire cast of characters. Normally what we’d expect is for Eun-soo to screw with history by traveling back in a time where she doesn’t belong, and that’s what she expects as well. But it starts to dawn on her that she’s unknowingly doing things that keep history on the correct course, which is even spookier. Because Yi Seong-gye can’t die. Who would found the nation of Joseon?

It opens up the world in a big way and I like where we’re going on a story level. But I still can’t believe she told Young that about the boy who would grow up to kill him. That was the dumbest thing she’s ever done. So far he hasn’t seen his face or learned his name, so that’s something, I guess. I just think that chance encounter was handled wrong—it would’ve been enough and plenty of dramatic weight for her to know and keep it to herself. And it would’ve been far more suspenseful for us to have him cross paths with the boy, neither of them knowing the fate to befall them. So epic, right? Sigh.

But so far the overarching mystery is taking a backseat to Ki Chul and Gongmin’s War of Hearts, and though I find that interesting on a cerebral level, it’s not gripping me entirely. I do think it’s much better in action—Gongmin leaving the palace to earn Suribang’s hearts, or Eum-ja slicing everyone on Gongmin’s list. I just feel like the story suffers any time we’re not with Young as the center, and I feel like he spent most of this episode in the sidelines or reacting to stuff, but not doing much about it. I sort of miss the days when they were on the run, because everything gets simpler when it’s life or death. He seems more contemplative and less Action Man, and well, I hate to say it, but I liked it better when he was flinging himself headlong into death. Not the death wish part, certainly, but the danger part. Less broody! More fighty!


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      I have a question (and maybe more later): when CY and DM were waiting for the Suribang (on behalf of the king), they talked and DM said that he couldn’t drink. Then, he (DM) said, “about that…” (I think that’s how it was translated on viki) and CY said “I know…” (again, viki’s translation). Does anyone know what they were talking about or referring to? I was curious about it. Were they still talking about DM not being able to handle liquor or something else?

      And, if when DM drinks, the person dies, does that mean he bites them to death? I just want to make sure I understood right. Thanks!

      • 1.1.1 swui

        DM was referring to the hidden presence of the suribang people. And CY answers that he knows – meaning he’s already aware of their presence and was just waiting for them to show themselves. That was why he wasn’t too worried or concerned, he was expecting them.

        When DM drinks, someone else dies. I think it means he loses control over his power when he’s drunk and may accidentally harm the person standing close to him.

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello Swui,

        and thanks for explaining this to me, that makes sense. Now I am curious about DM ‘s powers. I thought his power was his agility and how fast he can run and climb buildings, because that is what I have seen him do, mostly. So, because he is fast, if he drinks he can hurt people? Would that be a consequence of alcohol on his power? Does my question make sense? (Because it does to me, but I don’t know if it makes sense in how I phrased it).

        • Heidi

          Well, your question does make sense. If you have seen one of Jackie Chan’s movie it’s about that when he drinks alcohol he becomes a super karate master and beats everyone down while being drunk. So maybe, it can be Dae-man has a power like Jackie Chan that if he drinks alcohol he becomes so good at figthing that he can kill anyone or just simply he becomes aggressive if he is drunk.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Kappy,

            Your explanation also makes sense, and I can totally see why DM would say that and mean it the way you explained. Within the context of this conversation, it makes sense, b/c CY is drinking and asking him if he still can’t drink, acting as if he (CY) was thinking of offering him a cup of wine, so they could both drink while they are waiting for the Suribang. And DM declines, b/c of all people, they are protecting the king this time around. Very serious matter, DM feels that he cannot afford to get drunk. The king could get killed, b/c of him (DM) being weak and having impaired judgment and not reacting quickly, etc…

        • Ivoire

          Hello Heidi,

          Thank you for your response and I am glad you understood my question. I didn’t know how to say it, but I was looking for the correlation between being drunk and his power. You explained it very well, and that helped, especially considering the fact that I haven’t seen a Jackie Chan movie where that happens (I only saw Rush Hour with Chris Tucker, a looooong time ago, and I don’t know if that happens there). So thanks as well for the Jackie Chan reference.

          • Florance

            The Jackie Chan Movie is called Drunken Master. It´s awesome. Definitely worth a watch!!!

        • kappy

          Heidi’s take on it was good, but different from mine. I thought he meant that when he drinks he’s not good to anybody. Since he has to protect and be alert as a Wooldachi, his being rendered helpless from drinking could result in hurting others, others he should be protecting.

          • Ivoire

            Hey Kappy, sorry, I left you a message here: Ivoire September 12th, 2012 at 5:09 pm

          • dulcedeleche

            i think he might have hidden powers like CY as well but can’t control them well at this point so he doesn’t use them. And drinking i guess would mean they’d be out of his control completely.

          • Ivoire

            Hi dulcedeleche,

            Hum…, interesting view of his powers, thanks :-)!

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Although I am glad to see the stakes being raised in this episode, I have the same gripes that other commenters have mentioned: the lax in security at the palace, the lack of consistency in the story (the body of the 2 female guards, what happened to that), the easiness with which KC’s siblings can come and go to the palace, etc…

      My biggest gripe however was with ES. I know that yesterday, we saw her vent her frustrations at CY and I understand where she is coming from. At the same time, today she irritated me to no end. Like GF and many others, I really wanted her to shut the heck up and for once (one of the few times) listen to CY, and just listen to him, period. She did the same thing when she gave him a hard time about him saying that he loved her, in the forest, and that was cute at the time. To be honest however, she didn’t let him place a word. I hope this doesn’t become a habit for her.

      I felt so bad for CY who was trying to protect her, and has been doing so throughout the drama so far. I was also irritated at her arrogance (what I chalked up to a certain level of arrogance) about being able to play KC, when CY and JB had been trying to warn her that KC is dangerous and that he should not be trifled with. And she doesn’t listen sometimes, it is so frustrating!!!! Especially since all those pieces of advice have to do with her own safety. Part of me felt that she had it coming, what happened to her at the end of episode 10. Maybe now will she understand who she is dealing with and what she is up against. That might sound a little harsh, but that is much she irritated me in this episode.

      And that of course affected the queen and JB (the consequences of her actions) and by extension the king, who has been struggling to become a king. I felt so bad for the king, who was on a good course to gain his subjects’ hearts, and who had been struggling to feel comfortable in his own skin as a king and believe that he could be a good king, worthy of being followed and obeyed.

      I was moved to see how sad CY looked when ES was essentially saying “Goodbye” to him in her room. He actually looked hurt, his eyes were red. I think he would miss her if she left. He is definitely falling for her, and it shows.

      Like many, I am also enjoying the relationship between CY and Lady Choi, and I enjoy watching DM, still. He is so loyal. (I love the actor who plays him). I was surprised at how easily the new patient (the one that would kill CY later) was abducted. They really should do something about the security in that palace. And I love any time the King and queen are near each other *swoons*

      • 1.2.1 kakashi

        the goodbye-scene was very sad. CY seemed suprised, then shocked and then hurt; and LMH did so well portraying that. Organic acting! yay!

        Question: why did they show us the handbag tumbling to the floor in epi9 (in slo-mo, if I’m not mistaken) when she just has her handbag again in epi10? I was really expecting that handbag to have a role/significance. but, alas, not.

        • WonderGirl

          I know, me too! When she was reading the diary and freaking out, I started trying guess if the bag would have anything to do with it, like, “I wonder if she has the same diary in her purse?” or something.

        • M.D.

          I had the exact same question in mind. Why do they show her purse on the floor, left there, would it be a good pretext for a CY who mustn’t get too close to her to see her? And stuff like that.
          Then when seeing the 10th episode I had my share of laughter when she hang that purse on her shoulder, like any contemporary woman does, when leaving the palace to go to ask KC for her instruments. That was such a normal gesture to a nowadays person, as if she went to buy some groceries or something or going to work. I felt it so out of place related to 14th century, that I couldn’t help laughing.

      • 1.2.2 Ivoire

        Hi Kakashi,

        I like how you described the goodbye scene, CY did have all those emotions and yes, LMH did well in portraying those. I guess you must have read my (loooong) last post in recap for episode 9 (since you mentioned the word “organic”? If not, I left a long post there for you 🙂 (I don’t think anyone else would take the time to read through it :-)).

        The handbag thing surprised me as well. Someone even suggested that it would have a role, but as you said, alas, not… That would be Kdramas for you, a lot of things don’t always make sense, as you well know.

        Man, you pay attention to everything, don’t you? (love that, btw :-)).

        • kakashi

          of course I read your post 🙂 I tried to hard to explain to LoveIt what I found lacking, I appreciated you coming in

          • Ivoire

            Hey Kakashi,

            It was easy for me to come to your rescue (kind of) and to add to what you were saying b/c we understand each other when we communicate, I have noticed. Even our conversations on OT are the same way, and I think that sometimes, people don’t understand or are just focused on their point. I guess, that is to be expected on a blog or any kind or public forum.

            I always appreciate how you notice things and how many details you pick up on and your perspective. You are so good at reading characters, I love that. Did you read this: 2.1.3 M.D. September 12th, 2012 at 8:55 pm, it’s below. I thought the perspective was interesting as well.

            Also, I asked about the imja couple and you can read the answers here, under my screeen name: http://joonni.com/2012/09/11/recap-faith-episode-10/#comment-4957
            Feel free to visit that site as well for comments and recaps, you will just get a different perspective…

          • Ivoire

            I also wanted to say that I just rewatched the goodbye scene (sad indeed but so good :-), well acted. I love LMH(ot) when he gets it right :-)) and the scene after that is when that roster is snatched by the spy. That scene doesn’t make sense, if you look at how it was shot and what is being shown to us. There is NO WAY any of those 3 woodalchi men should have missed that she was holding something in her hand, because it is something big, not small that you can just put in a pocket.

            As the spy left, DM turned around and looked at her and he at least should have seen it. The assistant general who had it on him should have felt that something was missing on his body b/c again, it is kind long and heavy (some). So if you are carrying something like that on your person, if it is not on you any more, you should feel it, I think. If you rewatch that scene, you will see what I mean. I kind of feel like that scene is insulting our intelligence, tbh. I don’t think it was very well conceived or executed, I am not sure where the fault lies. I understand that the scene had a point, but it doesn’t make sense. You have to leave your brain at the door to accept it. Then again, many things didn’t make sense in this episode and in this drama so far. So yeah, dramaland for you, I guess.

          • kakashi

            wow, Ivoire, thanks so much for asking and finding out!! So helpful. *hugs*

          • Ivoire

            You are welcome, Kakashi! I try to be a woman of my word. By the way *I hug you back :-)*

            As I said, feel free to look around on that blog. I do hope however that you will continue to ask your questions here, or at least share with us what you learned else where so we can benefit from it as well. I personally constantly learn from our conversations/discussions, so please continue to share with us what you learn/notice/have questions about :-). It is good food for thought and we enjoy the dramas more and experience them in a deeper/more thoughtful way. I know I do.

  2. Maymay

    Thank you!

    • 2.1 Dominique

      Mid-life crisis? In Episode 10, two episodes away from the half-point of its 24-episode run, the drama begins to show some cracks. Girlfriday makes an excellent point about the drama shuffling Hee Seon between two places. We’ve seen the same thing elsewhere this summer – in the middle of Gaksital, we saw the drama revolve around Mokdan getting arrested in one episode, released in the next, then arrested again in the one after, etc.

      On the other hand, Faith in Episode 9 was in its top form and simply spell-binding.

      Another oddity. Sometime ago, we saw Choi Young advise the young King about removing spies and eavesdroppers from the palace. Then we watch Choi Young carelessly entrust a royal scroll to the mutt sidekick who thrusts it upon the second-in-command Udalchi, only to have a spy steal the scroll from him instantly. The rest of the episode revolves around the white-haired assasin eavesdroping Hee Seon’s dialogues and Gi Chul acting upon the information thus received as well as the stolen scroll. What gives? It is as if the drama is moving backwards.

      • 2.1.1 jvip

        I wonder that too…I mean, shouldn’t they be more careful, if they stil haven’t eliminated all spies???
        It makes me frustrated!!

        • Awe

          my sentiments, exactly.

          i felt frustrated with show during this entire episode.

          by any chance, does show think we’re dumb and therefore have to recycle the same scenes: ES back and forth, Flute Boy on a roof, etc.

          no. we are not dumb, show. i’d agree to one episode a week if you need more time to film and edit a great storyline.

          maybe, that’s what kdramas need to do—slow down to one episode a week. sigh. with “x” amount of episodes, it seems like we lost an episode with this episode. wah. i’ll stop whining, now. sry.

        • Tinkerbelle04

          i agree …… it’s really frustrating how the bad guys can just come and go in the palace as they please and they also know when someone from the good guys even sneeze! it also annoys the hell out of me that even almost half way through the story now (10 episodes already) ES hasn’t yet fully accepted that she is well and stuck in the Goryeo era. i wanted to wallop her head at the start of this episode while she kept saying to KC to please tell her that it is just all a dream. grow up ES and start doing and thinking how to improve and make the best of your situation.

      • 2.1.2 kakashi

        I have to agree, this episode was … lame. A bit. I am growing tired of how they’re dragging our doc here and there. It’s like we’re at a standstill, plotwise and in terms of character development. Doc and CY definitely took several steps back in their relationship, which I found frustrating. They’ve been dancing around the same issues for too long. Nonetheless, I was touched by the “farewell” scene. In fact, that was one of the highlights of epi10 for me and it almost made me cry. I hate goodbyes … 🙁

        I also agree on what you call “oddity”, Dominque. When they’re so smart and Lady Choi knows everything, why hasn’t she caught on to the evil guard lady? And if it’s so easy for the bad guys to walk in and out of the palace, why haven’t they simply killed King, Queen and everybody else ages ago? And why are the Woodalchi guys all a bit … dumb? I would assume they are the super elite among all warriors, no?

        Another oddity that I noticed: some of the footage of the episode 9 preview wasn’t shown – or rather, it was shown differently in episode 10. LMH wears different clothes and a different hairstyle in the preview than in the scenes that were aired in episode 10 (hitting the guy for suggesting to piggyback the doctor and the scene between him and his aunt). I thought that was really weird. Have they shot the same scenes several times with different clothing? Does anybody know how they are fairing in terms of their shooting schedule?! I just hope there’s no problem there … Because at the end of episode 10, there seemed to be odd lighting (ES and microwave lady were too strongly illuminated) and I noticed that the camera had problems with focus (several instances) in the last 5 minutes or so.

        • CM

          microwave lady!!!! bwahaha

          • kakashi

            can’t claim that for myself, somebody else gave her that name in an earlier episode thread 🙂

        • kakashi

          the weird light/out of focus bits are around min54, only the scenes with ES, Hwasuin and Eum. Particularly Hwasuin is out of focus. not that I mind … I seriously dislike that over-the-top and clichéd character.

      • 2.1.3 M.D.

        Even if in terms of plot, the drama lacks, in terms of subtle hints to the personality that the characters have, the show made my day. I mean the handbag that obviously doesn’t fit in – you know, it looked like pretty uncomfortable to ride a horse with it hanging on ES arm, but well, what would a modern woman do without one? Plus that comment of the pledged aunt that CY wouldn’t know what to do with the money, even if he had it – and history tells us that CY, the real person lead a frugal living in terms of lifestyle. It’s not much, tery are details here and there, but I like that.
        Plus the novelty of the way in which the overused “time leap changing history” concept is used. The doctor that makes the history as we know it by fixing things that couldn’t be fixed at he time.
        Add LMH(ot)’s looks – no, not his acting which didn’t get my heart so far – and ES’ personality – cumsy, big mouthed, but also very good profesionally and smart in a way I would only associate with a hood gang gal wannabe – well, she said it herself this episode – she likes amongst smiling faced scarry people- and “White Hair” ..uhm…hair (don’t ask my why a sane people would find a special interest in some character’s hairdo, but well, world IS a funny place with funny people living in it) – all those give me enough reasons to go on.
        As the show goes, I don’t think it will change the history as we know it, but I am really curious how it develps in the parameters given. So, if I were to place my bet on ES’ s choice I’d say JB, unfortunately – as she couldn’t kill the queen – could she, or CY, as they have to live you know…until queen dies giving birth later, much later on and CY gets beheaded as ordered by Yi Seonggye – the kid she’s just saved. (She said that history is nothing one should mess with, so to do otherwise I think would be OOC and unconsistent with the show way of dealing with the aactual truth as we know it today)

        • Dominique

          More from history:

          The young king (Gongminwang) puts Gi Chul, a.k.a. Deokseong-booweon-goon, to death in his fifth year of reign.

          After he loses his beloved queen, the bereft, incosolable king practices sex with men (not necessarily love affairs) in his final years.

  3. myweithisway

    YAY the recap is here!

  4. Ojou_Belle

    I’ve fallen in love with Lee Min Ho all over again! Thanks for the recap!

  5. Ace

    thank you for the wonderful recaps…off to watch and read…

    • 5.1 Ace

      Who the heck is this drama’s director? Can we get a change even if we’re almost halfway through already? I’m hoping the second half picks up in pace and suspense. I love where this is going and I just wish it feels more exciting and engaging as GF said.

      • 5.1.1 Kiara

        Can you believe he directed Sandglass and The Legend?. What the fetch happen to Jong-hak Kim?.

        • Ace

          Maybe he was operated on by Dr. Jin? Hahahaha. Or maybe he watched Dr. Jin and thought, wth, let’s not spare any more effort on Faith coz it’s still gonna be 10times better than Dr. Jin. *sigh*

          • byebyebye

            This is the end of Faith for me. The recaps are way better than the show. I feel like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. An uninteresting snail that makes me yawn and check the time.

  6. Rovi

    Thanks, now off to read~!!! The great mystery on who this Hwata is~…!

    • 6.1 Rovi

      Oh fuck, it’s Yi Seong-gye~! When he wasn’t the general yet and was doing all the usurping thing.
      Well, at least we’ll get to see Yi Ja-chun (Daddy Yi, posthumously granted the posthumous title “Hwanjo) and Lady Choi (Mommy Yi; “Queen Uihye” was granted posthumously, and it’s awkward calling her Queen Uihye all the way, so Lady Choi would have to suffice for now).
      But you know, I’m having an inkling here. That Auntie Choe might be related to Yi Seong-gye’s mother Lady Choi. That is, if Auntie Choe’s bongwan is Yeongheung Choi.

      Yes, he’s gonna kill (or at least, order the beheading of) Yeong when he’s old and Yi Seong-gye was nearly down with all the usurping and opposing.

      “If [Dae-man] has a drink, the person next to him dies.” PFFFT~! XD

  7. Aquila

    Eun Soo is having a dr jin moment?!!

    • 7.1 Rovi

      At least, Scenes with Eun-soo are not cringe-worthy. But she needs to shut her trap edfinitely.

  8. Sunmi

    I wasn’t digging this episode. Everything felt so contrived and exaggerated and inconsistent. For example, I get the king is short on manpower but how did FluteBoy and Hwasuin the Red Hot Chili Pepper just waltz into the palace without so much as one guard being tipped off? Why did Deokman just let FluteBoy leave without so much as a 20/20 investigation into why he was there in the first place? How is that TWO female body guards were killed and no one found the BODIES? Or is this how fusion saeguks work? Bodies just go poof? And how did this chick pull a fast one on TWO wooldachi guys without them realizing until (what I’m guessing) the next day? I don’t know but the passage of time in this show is wonky. It doesn’t feel natural at all. I’m thinking things are happening over the course of a few days but no, they’re happening in a few hours? What…? I is confuzzled.

    This show is breaking me heart; right down the middle. Eun Oh’s losing her spark. You keep saying you don’t want to change the past (and thereby screw the future over) but you won’t shut up about the stuff you know. You just keep blabbering on about how you suck at history. For someone who sucks at history you sure do know a lot…and you sure are giving a lot away. Dude, STFU. PLEASE. ONEGAI! STFU.

    ‘Kay. Rant over. Sorry peeps.

    • 8.1 diorama

      Haha, will join in rant for the time being. It seems like there are a bunch of plot holes, especially in the scenes concerning Eun Soo.

      I LOVE her sassiness with Ki Chul and all the baddies, but she’s astoundingly slow in certain situations. It doesn’t help that the story is coming out in fits and starts…I don’t know. Somehow the execution of this all irks me.

      At least, I love the scenes with Eun Soo and Ki Chul. So much hilarity; and conversely the scenes with Choi Young and his aunt have a lot of heart. Love that she can just wallop him when she feels like it.

      • 8.1.1 LoveIt

        I also love the scenes with Choi Young and Lady Choi. It says so much that she is the ONLY one that he goes to for advice. Because tbh, they are the only 2 sensible, level headed people in the palace. I love them together. They are my fav pairing and then its CY and GM.

        • WonderGirl

          I love how she just throws him to the stairs like a little boy, and he just lets her. This is the guy who dodges arrows, like they’re just annoying little flies, and yet his Auntie can push him around, knock some sense into him. I love their relationship. I’m glad he has someone he can go to, who’s wise, and has a level head on his shoulders.

          Major annoyance, why can’t either of them figure out about the spy among the Queens ladies in waiting? How is it that no one found those bodies? And, how could she just slip the scroll away without anyone noticing?!? Irksome…

          • Kdramas

            I am waiting to see how episode 11 goes. If they don’t notice that the missing ladies and or that their is a spy among the women, I will have issues. Episode 11 is going to have to impress if it wants to hang on to it’s current audience and gain. I am expecting them to bring it and that includes fixing most of the potholes in episode 10.

    • 8.2 stephaniek

      this^1947519375151. STFU was echoing in my head the whole time.

      • 8.2.1 Sunmi

        The whole entire episode I wanted to stuff my socks into Eun Soo’s mouth. And my socks are something nasty. But she would totally deserve it because her overly emotional irrationality is driving me absolutely mad.

        Just when I think the show is on its feet and running, it trips on a frigging rock and not only breaks both legs but also takes out its own kneecaps so it can’t even crawl. We’re going to need some serious heavenly intervention for the plot and directing ala Hwata…then again if Eun Soo the surgery-happy doctor is Hwata, she’d probably just make things worse. So angry with this episode. So, so angry.

        • stephaniek

          Let’s stuff our socks together. I wish I could see more Choi Young and less Eun Soo at this point. I was just thinking, wow it’s already episode 10 and yet I don’t see her adjusting to this any better…

          • Sunmi

            ROFL. Yes, lets! >:3 Then she’ll never spill another potentially-time-altering secret again. I also agree about CY: I miss him and his sexy devil may care fighting scenes. *Sigh*

          • diorama

            Yeah, it kind of bugs me that I can’t like the heroine of a show that’s nearly halfway done. There are some scenes when she’s amusing, but mostly I have no emotional connection with her at all. Maybe it’s the way KHS is playing her, because when she protests or tries to argue, she just comes off as whiny.

          • amylia

            Put me in too. I was like ‘Shut up! Shut up!’ the whole time. Heck, right now shut your mouth is probably the korean language that I know lol. I mean, you have the advantage as the so called Hwata disciple and all you can do is whine? I mean for a doctor, are you that stupid??? Okay enough with that rant or I’m seriously not gonna stop til next week *sigh*

        • sa


    • 8.3 Betty

      Exactly my thought about the baddies coming and going as pleases in the Palace (or wherever this is). I mean it’s almost as if they are living with the woodalchis. Nobody seems to mind them being there more than that. It has always been like that but in this episode it was really blatant.

      Plus this spy girl how long is she going to stay unoticed or even unsuspected?!! I am still amazed that nobody notices the dead bodyguards girls and that 2 woodalchi, one being the second in command didn’t even notice that they have been played by her *facepalm*

      I also agree with the time thing. It’s just not really well rhythmed and often it’s not beleivable…

    • 8.4 kappy

      Your rant is pretty much my rant. Especially buggy is the time passage, as you said. Eun Soo is reported to have gone to the enemy’s house and come back before Choi Young even catches wind of it? And how long did it take for someone to discover the bodies of the female body guards? Deokman, bless his heart, is a rookie Woodalchi? Otherwise, why else would he have let Fluteboy go so easily? Sigh.. Hoping some of these holes get filled and restitution is made. Too many questions and too few answers.

  9. jollyroger

    Thanks for the speedy recaps! Oh Dramabeans. What would my life be without you?

  10. 10 maslo

    yay recap! i was refreshing over and over again. now to read!

  11. 11 Village Mrembo

    That ending traumatized me! I know theres no way either of the 3 characters would be written off the script this early on but still, the conflict ES was put in just about killed me. And that fire killer woman, man i hate her so much! i just realized even with the few lines shes given shes slowly beginning to upstage even the likes of her evil brother…good job baddies! And CY and company: back to the drawing board chap chap cuz u lot had gotten a wee bit overconfident after a few minor victories!

    Ps: Dr Jin de ja vu moment when ES saved the very guy thats gonna kill CY (he who should not be saved; as the time travel experts would say!)

    • 11.1 Maru

      Yes, but the weird thing here is he MUST be safe so the course of history keeps the right path as Eun-soo knows it in the future… she’s the one making the story unfold like she remembers.

      Like GF, I actually like this twist in the whole, past-future shenaningans!

      • 11.1.1 Kiara

        Right he has to live for Joseon to exist.

    • 11.2 Farina Lee

      As I watched this episode, there’s this sound keep talking in my head “This drama is become more and more jinnier as it progress”… *sigh*

    • 11.3 emmy

      Hwasuin is such an annoying villain. I literally cringe every time she comes on screen. Her speech pattern is incredibly strange and she just appears so contrived. Urgh. And whenever I look at her outfit/make-up, it always looks like something you’d see in a 1990s period drama.

      • 11.3.1 jomo

        I agree with you on Lady Microwave Hand.
        When she talks feels like one of those temptresses from a 1950’s B movie. All of her parts are moving the same time, trying way to hard to sound and look seductive.
        Problem is nobody’s buying. She just looks crazy.

      • 11.3.2 kakashi

        Yeah, she’s super annoying and one-dimensional, clichéd. A collector of men?! I so don’t buy that. Her character is sorta superfluous, too – we could do with just one baddie. I did like that we have glimpsed a different side of Eum in this episode and there’s potential there, but I don’t trust this drama to make something really interesting out of this.

      • 11.3.3 kappy

        Yup, I’m not digging her either. Cheesy firebombs, and (excuse me for being superficial) but those boots don’t go well with that slit skirt.

  12. 12 Maru

    I think I was like GF in this episode… Always screaming to Eun Soo, “Stop talking woman!!!!! STOOOOP” Oh my God. Also, todays’ ending was a good one… Hope they improve more… baby steps, I guess!

    • 12.1 jj

      Totally agree with you. In my head I was shouting, KISS HER YOU FOOL (like what GF said) but then realized that would be highly inappropriate.

      A forced hug would suffice? *sigh

  13. 13 Rashell

    I said this in the last recap and it’s still true with this one. When I read about the episodes, they seem much less interesting then when I watch them. It’s not that the recaps are bad(They’re EXCELLENT!), but that the story itself isn’t progressing in the most exciting way. I’m totally invested while watching, but afte I feel sort of let down. Like I didn’t get as much as I wanted to or could have out of the episode.

    I know we’re still setting things up. And I love the twist that somehow the Dr from the future is keeping history on the right path. That’s a great mystery. But I need some more interaction between our main pair. And I need to see some intensity in those scenes.

    It seems obvious that Eun Soo has to choose Young. He’s got the best chance to survive whaterver the baddies have in store. And he would definitely tell her to choose him as well. Maybe in the next episodes we’ll finally have the time between the two leads that I’m dying to see.

    • 13.1 Maru

      I was thinking kind of the same. I enjoy watching the show… but I don’t really find much to talk about after it. Some shows you just need to try and guess what’s gonna happen next or why they did this or that, etc. Faith is not one of those shows. I watch and then keep going with my life without the need to analyse anything.

      Quite a shame, if you ask me. I was expecting something else.

      • 13.1.1 Arhazivory

        Ditto. Last week, I kept forgetting about it and finally watched 7 and 8 last night. I loved episode 8 when the king stepped up the game so I headed right into 9 and 10 and…..I just don’t care very much.

        Its not a drama you think about when its not before you.

  14. 14 LoveIt

    This episode made me so MAD. Everybody is this darn palace is an idiot, except for Lady Choi, and Choi Young. If Choi Young is not running things and telling the King what to do, everything falls apart. ES was a damn fool in this epi. The King was damn fool in this epi, I mean why did he not let Choi Young kill him?

    I just can’t.

    • 14.1 lin

      about the king not killing ki. did you miss the part where ki made it clear (and confirmed by woodalichi) that he had es and his people were in place to take out the queen should anything happen to him. the king is stuck. kill ki, and lose his queen whom is one of the few of his people that are loyal to him, he is starting to develop feelings for, plus the shit yuan would give him; and es the high doctor who is imperative to his plans; or lose those he is trying to recruit and potential recruitees.

      • 14.1.1 LoveIt

        I don’t see how keeping him alive is going to stop him from killing all those people you listed, if that is his intent. We already know he wants to kill them anyway, so what’s the point of letting him live. He should have let CY kill him, and then come up wit some cover story to cover their butts.

  15. 15 Lemon


    • 15.1 Lemon

      Thanks for the recap, girlfriday.

      I was totally feeling the same! The plot is interesting, and there are lots of power shifts between the good and bad people, but for some reason I don’t FEEL the tension, suspense, and it’s not exciting.

      I think the fault lies with the directing though. There’s SO MUCH going on, with the romance between the leads, the power play, the whole Hwata mystery, Yi Seong Gye, yet the scenes are draggy and doesn’t feel fast-paced enough to be exciting. And I really really want it to be more exciting!

      That’s why sometimes I feel that reading the recaps is far more interesting than watching the show.

      And Eunsoo…Sigh… Why did she tell Choi Young that. WHYYYYY. I think I can assume that she and Choi Young’s romance is doomed, since he becomes such a famous and powerful general in history. Unless she stays in the past with him and finds a way not to mess with history. But I doubt that. I really hated it that she didn’t keep more things to herself, and kept talking out loud. I was like, GIRL, you don’t always have to verbalize your thoughts!

  16. 16 stephaniek

    I spent much of the episode feeling irritated. srsly? are our good guys _that_ lame? I get that Ki Chul is really powerful but this is getting silly. Also, I was so annoyed with Eun Soo this episode. I know, I get it — it’s really stressful, stunning, horrifying, to be where she is and to have her actions have that much impact, but I wanted to echo Young and ask her to shut her mouth. Just just just for once shuttup. Gosh.

    • 16.1 Sunmi

      I think they really are that lame…at least in this episode. It’s so infuriating. I’m all: WTF dudes? You’re supposed to be the WOODALCHI. The leaders of badassery and sexy walking. How can you be getting played by a guy who squints, his circus-show minions and one blatantly obvious female spy?? I think the show is so caught up in making Ki Cheol be this huge bad guy that it doesn’t realize it’s doing it in the wrong way because it’s just making its good guys look really useless, careless and pathetic.

  17. 17 Jilly

    This is the week I got really interested is Faith. So Eun Soo is Whata? I hope they play that one out to it’s fullest. The heroes are being a bit frustrating though. They should kill their enemies as soon as they get the chance. Did we not learn anything from Gaksital?
    I feel like the messenger of death, but Deok-man is too cute to make it to the end.

    • 17.1 Betty

      Yeah I thought the same about Deok-man ^^ To be even more shallow, I was wondering how tall he is because each time I see him next to LMH he is really taller than him, and LMH is already 1m88… Yeah I know, really shallow but what can I say other than “guilty”lol

      • 17.1.1 Dominique

        To the contrary, you girls have a really good taste in men.

      • 17.1.2 Jilly

        lol that’s always the first question I ask when I like an actor: “how tall is he?”. google says he’s 1.87m *hearteyes*

  18. 18 Anne

    I need more scenes with deokman and the princess. Current fave characters.

  19. 19 Aden01

    how many episodes this drama will be ?
    i read somewhere it will b 24? rite ? then we will see many dragging and slow pace storyline. i guess… typical K-drama.

  20. 20 Mia

    Thank you for the recaps! Yeah this drama might not be one of the best, though I think it could have been more, but it’s interesting enough for me. Character interactions are my favourite 🙂
    What I can’t wait, aside from the Hwata angle, is how Eun-soo will react when she remembers what the fortune teller told her. I think it would bring more interesting stuff between her and Young.

  21. 21 toystar

    Wow Ki Chul is shrewd and calculating. Thanks for the recap.

  22. 22 myl

    This is starting to sound like the Chinese drama Startling by Each Step, where the heroine travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty and becomes involved in the intrigues of the competing princes for the throne. Along the way, while wanting to prevent tragedy she actually sets into motion the series of events that eventually becomes history. She has a moment similar to Eun-soo here where she is deeply horrified to learn that she is the one who set the course of tragedies that occur later on to her loved ones.

    • 22.1 dulcedeleche

      Love love love bu bu jing xin!

      • 22.1.1 Kiara

        Bu Bu Jing Xin and Queen In Hyun’s Man are my 2 favorite time-travel dramas of the year.

    • 22.2 Tinkerbelle04

      yes the stories are both similar except that in Startling by Each Step, the heroine is less annoying. she got adjusted to the past where she was trapped and didn’t whine so much like Eun Soo here.

      • 22.2.1 Jo

        I was thinking the exact same thing. The female lead of that drama however, kept to herself too much & died a pretty depressing death T.T Eunsoo on the other hand, talks too much. *sigh*

  23. 23 xtooline

    I’m hoping this is the turning point for Eun Soo, and that she will really believe that she can’t deal with the baddies on her own. Then maybe she’ll stop allowing herself to be used as a ping pong ball. Too tiring to watch her bounce back and forth. And it’s time for her to align herself with the good guys and get the heck on with it IMHO.

    If there are 24 episodes, there is the potential for the super bad guys to make it through a gate into the future. that would be interesting and up the dramatic ante somewhat. I assume Ki Chul will finally get around to figuring out that he could totally rule with the things he could bring back. Somehow he doesn’t strike me as likely to care about the preserving the integrity of the timeline.

    But what I really want to know is: is Eun Soo somehow Wha Ta? It seems to me the writers just ratcheted up the potential for complexity with the journal. I hope they won’t just let that plot line lie there unattended for very much longer. A waste of plotline!! Couldn’t we do more on that instead of watching the baddies waltz around town killing people on that list? /suppresses yawn poorly/

    • 23.1 jomo

      I think the back and forth problem is the issue for most sageuk dramas, especially, as you noted if there are 24 episodes of 60+ minutes of story to fill.

      I see two main typical things that add to the fatigue.
      The bad guys are not outside the gates planning a strategy to win a final and decisive victory. They are almost chummy with the good guys. Watching them have regular tete a tetes peppered with threats to kill gets old fast.

      Baddie: I am going to kill you.
      Hero: You dare tell that to my face? No, you won’t.
      Baddie: Yes, I will, just not now. Later.
      Hero: Not if I kill you first.
      Baddie: Oh yeah, that’s what you think.
      Hero: Your face thinks.
      Baddie: Oh yeah, well your face stinks.
      Hero: Oh yeah, well…

      Secondly, our heroes cannot win this early. or the dramatic tension disappears. It works a lot better when the Baddies change week to week – like in crime dramas. (or like Batman and Superman- HA!)

      Thus, we have to watch a game of inches, and the viewers are supposed to believe that THIS Week, the Baddies really are going to kill he heroes. Really.

      Like GF said, we need the heart thudding. The director has to put the characters in life and death situations that make us forget it’s only episode 10 of 24. City Hunter did that very well. Or, show us conflicted good guys and surprise us with betrayal on both sides. WBDS did that very well.

      I am not going to stop watching. I am good at suspending disbelief,

      Plus I love the Doc and Her Hand Bag sooo much.
      Yes, she isn’t smart enough to know better, but why would she be? Accidental Time Tourists don’t have the benefit of all that does in to planning to be there, and, the only adviser she has is herself. She doesn’t have a Yoda filling her with wisdom, or a jar baby stabbing her in the brain.
      I like that she is figuring it out as she goes.

      • 23.1.1 daniela

        Yes, she isn’t smart enough to know better, but why would she be? Accidental Time Tourists don’t have the benefit of all that does in to planning to be there, and, the only adviser she has is herself. She doesn’t have a Yoda filling her with wisdom, or a jar baby stabbing her in the brain.
        I like that she is figuring it out as she goes.
        this is good! I do think that she is smart, but she is a WOMAN, and a woman need to talk, a woman feels first and rationalises after. She is in shock thinking about how her action could have ”make” history, doesn’t understand how came she knows this history (she save the guy that will kill later, much later CY) . This would be strange even for Boog-do, right!? at least she is trying not to interfere in history.

      • 23.1.2 kakashi

        haha, jomo, awesome baddie-hero dialogue !!!

  24. 24 xtooline

    Pressed submit too quickly. THANK YOU for the speedy recaps.

  25. 25 Giano

    Considering how disappointing this episode was for me, I wish you had recapped Reply 1997 instead. *Sigh*, god I wish I could understand korean…

    • 25.1 Rashell

      Ha! Oh, me too! I love love love that drama with all my heart. I can hardly wait for the subs to come this weekend.

    • 25.2 jomo

      They are recapping Reply 1997.

  26. 26 Q

    It feels like the director and writer have collected a huge array of expensive fireworks but haven’t set them off. Young’s tragic backstory, his rapport with the King, colouful characters like pretty flute boy (is he in love wi Ki Cheul?? lol)… All this time I’ve been watching this crapload of gunpowder stew inside of a box but there just hasn’t been a catalyst or a spark to really catch my interest. On the other hand, Eun Oh’s idiocy has sort of ignited my fury. She keeps trying to establish herself as an independent, influential character but then retreats at the first sign of trouble and starts wining about going home. And ruining things for everybody else. Really hope the writer lets her develop a bit more in the coming episodes. Thanks for the speedy ‘cap!

  27. 27 Q

    It feels like the director and writer have collected a huge array of expensive fireworks but haven’t set them off. Young’s tragic backstory, his rapport with the King, colourful characters like pretty flute boy (is he in love wi Ki Cheul?? lol)… All this time I’ve been watching this crapload of gunpowder stew inside of a box but there just hasn’t been a catalyst or a spark to really catch my interest. On the other hand, Eun Oh’s idiocy has sort of ignited my fury. She keeps trying to establish herself as an independent, influential character but then retreats at the first sign of trouble and starts wining about going home. And ruining things for everybody else. Really hope the writer lets her develop a bit more in the coming episodes. Thanks for the speedy ‘cap!

    • 27.1 Q

      So sorry for the double ~_~

    • 27.2 Amberscube

      Eun Oh? He is the Magistrate in Arang. How did he get here in Faith?

      You mean Eun Soo, right?

      • 27.2.1 Q

        Oh derp LOL

      • 27.2.2 Kiara

        Lol would have fun if Choi Young went to the future Joseon instead and got Eun-oh and Arang to help Gongmin.

        • Kiara

          err been

  28. 28 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    Time to read!!!!!
    Thanks GF for the recaps 🙂

  29. 29 Dara

    Sorry Faith, this episode is your last chance, will check your ending though it’s a long way ( 14 eps more?). Why? I’m tired of ES being pushed back and forth, lazy writing – how could EJ be on the roof that often when even traditional Sageuk can do better? ES spilled it all out like an idiot for whose benefits? Why can’t the king order KC killed? And Young, why can’t he do something worthwhile? He can’t even manage his men to keep the doc in one place! All these plot loop-holes irked me, not to mention lazy directing.

    Remember Legend? The king didn’t tell her his feeling until it’s too late, and just one hug all series long. I felt Faith’s loveline

  30. 30 yin3002

    Eun Soo seems to be the new Mok Dan with the whole back and forth crazy

  31. 31 swui

    I actually liked the episode on the storytelling part on the whole. I get everyone is angry with ES for talking so much. But I think it’s pretty traumatizing for her as well…and the fact that she can’t tell ANYONE is probably to much to her confiding/talkative nature. She only told CY that YSG was going to be the one who killed him because he was concerned about him and his fate. And because she cared, she minded even more that SHE has inadvertently made it happen by saving his life. In a roundabout way, she is going to get him killed.

    Actually, I think Eun-ja heard that part as well. They told her that YSG was kept prisoner because he was her patient. But I think they are also keeping him because of what he is going to do – kill CY. They are using that excuse merely to threaten her into submission and to hide the fact that they’ve learned the big reveal.

    I’m also going to defend their poor security (well, to a certain extent anyway). How are you supposed to stop someone from eavesdropping from FAR away? And it was an ability they were not even aware of prior to the tip from Suribang. As for hwasuin, the guys were not exactly in the palace so I guess they weren’t expecting that much trouble. I suppose the fault lies in them being too overconfident after their last victory. Perhaps after this, they’ll learn not to make mistakes like this.

    I’m also curious about what Eun-ja wants. He looks a tad miffed when Hwasuin is talking about CY…Is that jealousy I see? Does he have a noona crush? If so, poor thing.

    The hwata story is the one mystery I can’t solve yet so I’m quite curious what this all means. I hope it brings a different theory to the table. I’ve watched enough time-travelling dramas to be quite well-versed in them.

    All in all, I actually found this a pretty exciting episode. At least they don’t include all those unnecessary memory fillers like in the previous episode. I do wonder about this tussle over ES, how about we give the woman some stability. Of course, I’d prefer her with CY like ANYWHERE, as long as they can get some more quality time together.

    I am still VERY interested and enjoying the drama, which is the only one I wait in anticipation for each week. Although it’s a little too late, I do hope the director improve more as the episodes roll by.

    • 31.1 wosuifeng

      The hwata ‘s is probably Jang Bin? to see clues :
      1. hwata’s materials owner is man, this person need to be familiar with history
      2. this person need to professional in doc
      3. to be with fondness/attractiveness to eun soo
      4. need to have close relationships with eun soo when the hundred or thousand long history period
      5. the diary is eun soo’s left when her time travel to modern. jangbin keeps
      6. jangbin know the converse history by eunsoo mentioned ,time travel to modern may to remind eunsoo to change back the history to right
      7. …

      • 31.1.1 Yoyo

        Agree that Hwata is a man. He used accupuncture to heal someone before so it can’t be a modern doctor! Eun-Soo must have travelled back to her modern time and somehow got that notebook. I hope she travelled back to CY and stayed with him for the rest of her life!

        • mia

          Perish that hope…..in history record, the General stayed put in his period, no time travel for him ! and in the end, was beheaded and on the day of the execution, he proclaimed that not a single blade of grass will grow on his grave, which was proven true up til the 1970s.

          • Awe

            greets Mia–
            wow—did not know this. thanks for posting this.

          • Kiara

            Its possible for the writers to make it happen. They could end it after Gongmin’s death and that Choi Young and the doc disappeared after that. An OPEN ENDING as long as they end up together.

    • 31.2 daniela

      Nice comment, thank you!

      I also like this show and its speed, I need to digest all the information, all the details. Maybe it does not have the quality of TWDR (my favorite sageuk) but it is a good drama. the characters may not be perfect but they all have their own story.
      For this episode I needed the subs or recap, they talk to much for my understanding (details are very important here) so THANK YOU for the quick recap!

      About Hwata: I think that ES is that mysterious doctor from Heaven: this may be her first time travel experience, but at some point she wanted to came back to her hero and couldn’t fine the same time-destination. This way she just kept trying and traveled.

      The super powers of the villeins intrigues me.

      Let’s enjoy this drama till the end!

      • 31.2.1 mia

        Try to watch 3 Kingdoms….here Hwata is portrayed as an old man who was put to death by General Cao Cao. Quite a leap for Eun Soo to be turned into a male doctor and travelled to China too and speaks perfect mandarin, hehe.

  32. 32 Dara

    Sorry Faith, this episode is your last chance, will check your ending though it’s a long way ( 14 eps more?). Why? I’m tired of ES being pushed back and forth, lazy writing – how could EJ be on the roof that often when even traditional Sageuk can do better? ES spilled it all out like an idiot for whose benefits? Why can’t the king order KC killed? And Young, why can’t he do something worthwhile? He can’t even manage his men to keep the doc in one place! All these plot loop-holes irked me, not to mention lazy directing.

    Remember Legend?

    The king didn’t decide on his feeling until it’s almost too late, and just one longing hug all series long. I feel Faith’s loveline might be somewhat similar which I hope not.

    I feel the writer is trying to make it a 24ep (or more?) when actually the story could be written tighter. As of now, farewell Faith, it’s not because of you, my beloved LMH (tho I will brace myself if he ever attempts Sageuk Again), it’s everything except you. HA!

    Thanks GF ^^

    • 32.1 wosuifeng

      why remind last chance repeatedly.if going to give up,then give up. no spoiler.

    • 32.2 wosuifeng

      why reminding last chance repeatedly.if going to give up,then give up. no spoiler.

  33. 33 HK

    As much as I want to love this I really don’t. I find it strange how all the shows that I really wanted to watch ended up being pretty boring but all the ones that I didn’t know about ended up being the best shows I have ever seen! I feel “Faith” just not exciting anymore and I dont really care about what will happen next. Anyway thanks for the recap!

  34. 34 lin

    dear drama i like ya well enough an will keep watching for my king and queen (who needs more scenes) but i swear i will drop your ass like it’s hot if you don’t stop letting any old body waltz in and out of the palace like they own the joint. i swear the king needs to build a moat and get better guards than he currently has cause how the fuck do they keep allowing the baddies to sneak into the palace spying, threatening, planting moles, and stepping up to the king!? every time the badies waltz in and around the palace like it’s their play field, i rage. come the fuck on writers. also woodalichi is pretty damn incompetent to allow such an important document be stolen, not find out the mole in the queens quarters with the killings and staged accidents she’s pulled, people coming in night and day snatching whatever they choose, and or allowing any and everybody in and out of the palace at their whim. i was willing to overlook it at first, but it’s gone on for far too long and gets worse as the show goes. CUT THAT SHIT OUT. also please give me more king and queen and king/queen scenes please and thank you.


    • 34.1 Lovedrama

      Well said!!

    • 34.2 Ivoire

      Hello Lin,

      I loved your rant, but it also made me lOL. Please tell us how you really feel (I am just kidding) :-). I agree with all that you have said and I thought that it was funny that at the end of your rant, you still had manners. You made your demands (more scenes with the king and queen) and then you said “please” and “thank you.” That was funny!!! I hope/wish the show would listen to you :-). I guess we will find out in the following weeks, right?

    • 34.3 Awe

      i concur

  35. 35 Arishia

    I thought we were past this with you. Yah! High Doctor. Yeah you. Danger. Stop, look, and listen. Don’t cause such a ruckus that everything around you is disturbed. Measure twice, cut once. Use your ears and your head. Sheesh. Why couldn’t the doctor character in this one have been of normal emotional intelligence? Modern times aren’t that overly “safe” that a person can act like that and succeed. There is so much to enjoy with this drama otherwise. Why can’t she be a kick-ass sharp good girl, like Ha Jiwon in K2Hs or Kim Sunah in City Hall? I like to feel simpatico with, and admiration for, the leading ladies. Can’t they bring in some better leading lady writers? It would be such a shame if that one facet of this otherwise dynamic drama brings it down to the level of tolerable entertainment.
    The Woodalchi warriors were a disappointment today, too. They were built up as ‘the’ superior group of fighters, not as the bumbling incompetents we saw in ep.10. I was ready for Gi Cheol to up his game, but not for Gongmin’s men to shoot themselves in the foot at the same time. He finally gathered his courage, put his faith in Choi, and took a stand, but everyone around him is tripping over their shoelaces. Can’t a king get a break around here?
    End of Rant.

    • 35.1 Drea


    • 35.2 Awe

      greets Arishia–
      add to your list—NO. TOP your list with STICKS CHICK from Gaksital. ya know…the one on the dong shin death squad. i love her and her badass-ery…and imma chick!

  36. 36 Sudi

    Its got to be CY she chooses next as Ib history as she describe he is killed by the patient she just treated or if tgere’s better way then its of course threatening them to take own life —game over.
    And Now comes tge mystery slowly unveiling…
    Thanks for recap

  37. 37 shadow

    did anyone feel that something is missing? dont get me wrong i like this drama,i like the story and the deep of every person there but from this week eps i start to feel that there something missing something change it not borning but there a huge feeling missing .
    maybe its the lots of wrong on the director working , there a lot of mistake that make me go out from the drama mood , he keep moiving fast and make it like its not important how the things could ever happen that easy and what important is the evening itself, like we don’t have mind to think how this can be?
    and the worse thing its look like every main person on the drama has change and all of them together on the same time without any warning( and i dont talk about just the look), and that a huge mistake that make you go out aftar being love and understand the main role i dont know i just feel lost something has lost on one week and i really hope they get its back cause dont mass with my drama aftar i llike its so back off whatever you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 37.1 Dominique

      I thought that, in the editing room, the director might have sequenced scenes in incorrrect order.

      • 37.1.1 shadow

        i think you right ,i really hope he learn from his mistake cause no matter what a great story and a good actors there if he can not make his work right he can totally ruin the drama

  38. 38 Yoyo

    Thanks for the recap. It’s so good to read the recap even I have watched the episode.

    Feel disappointed about this episode. Too little CY and his interation with ES. Can’t they share their feelings somehow?? And it’s frustrated to watch ES spilling out so many secrets. CY should have kissed her to shut her up…haha! The Woodalchi seemed so “useless”! Is CY the only qualified warrior here? There was a small climax back in episode 8 and the writer just killed it in this episode.

    I hope the storyline will get better and please give us some more Lee Min Ho’s actions!

  39. 39 cinna

    omg please can javabeans and girlfriday write a drama together? then we can call them the drama beans sisters 😀

  40. 40 Laura

    Oh how I want the doctor to be smarter. She has her own head and can think of something, right? Or just use the old method and make a threat of YOUR life (something like: I will kill myself if…). Just do something and escape on your own strength for once, like an interesting independent heroine, please?

  41. 41 Lovedrama

    I just have to say I am not happy with this episode…I feel like the doctor does not know when to shut up for once and just listen…I hate how she tell’s CY she’s greatful for him but at the same time she pushes him away when she knows he’s the only one that can really help her. I just hate how she blabbers her mouth soooo much because she puts everybody in danger not just herself…I feel she is so selfish..yes of course because she is not from that time period…but does she ever stop to think she can ruin the future…which she will go back to….Seriously she really just needs to stop running her mouth…I bet the reason CY is “suppose to die” is because of telling the future…its like she’s dumb but at the same time smart…like dumb about her surroundings not knowing there are spys and what not but smart in the way of how she can save lifes…..I just have to say I’m really mad at her character…but still like the drama…I hope the drama picks up more next week and I really hope she’s not soooo dumb in some of her situations and thinks before she decides to open her mouth…

  42. 42 sujeans

    Seriously what is with the security in the palace!!! UGH pisses me off that Choi Young is the only one doing ALL the work around there. Aren’t they supposed to be the best of the best warriors?!

    UGH this episode was just a disappointment in general. Hopefully next week will be better.

  43. 43 Susy

    Dramabeans, totally agree on the lack of excitement on the episode. I definitely expected more spazz, some sort of romantic gesture, martial arts, anything!! I feel like we’re going back and forth in these past episodes where the Lord tries to win the favor of Eun Soo. Need to stop beating around the bush and get to the real action please!

    I agree, Eun Soo is definitely having a Dr Jin moment! Stop being so dumb!! I seriously got angry at her ignorance at least 10 times in this episode. Why must she blabber and spill all of the secrets to the enemy right above her rooftop.. sigh.

  44. 44 shadow

    really eun soo have to live in this era ,at first that was ok but she really have to start to understand the world she in and stop be dumb making everyone useing her .
    i think that take a long time more then what it should , and i even was thinking that in ep 7 and 8 she was doing a great jop ,but why did they make her back 10 step from there . she can still hope for finding a way to back to her time but she should start to realize that she need to servive here first, its not like a day or two till then as she still act right now ,. she still act like she don’t need it and its all will end soon and she don’t accept the fact that she need to get a long with this life maybe she really fear to accept that and fear that she will lose what make her bear all horrible and that the the thinking ” that i am not belong her i will back soon, and i don’t have anything with all the bad thing that happen around me , its not my fault”
    i meen she has doing this from the first day saying that its not her responsibility, she really fear its she fear to get Serious and face responsibility especially when the life is something that easy to take on that time and i don’ blame her, but its take more time from what its should take.and i like her so much but someone need to hits her to wake up from that stage cause i see her breaking down more and on every moment on this ep and she need someone to hold her hand and strongly wake her up just like she did to CY .

  45. 45 starfield

    Thanks for the recap GF <3 !

    I know I'm one of the very few that aren't angry with ES. Not because she's my fav. character, but because in this episode she was being used sloppily as a plot device to the extent that she's completely out-of-character. She was very cautious in terms of what to reveal/not to reveal about history in front of KC in ep.9, fearing she would interfere with history, but all of a sudden she was blabbing freely about everything in ep. 10? That's just so unlike her (OOC), and therefore, just the writer being too lazy to think of a more believable/clever method for KC & co to gain vital information from her.

    Another proof of lazy writing is the fact that CY just stood there passively and let ES blab on. Why didn't he just put his hand over her mouth? If he had time to say, "Do you know how much risk you are putting yourself in by talking about the history(future)…", why couldn't he just say, "Shush someone is listening on us right now?". Didn't he help confirm ES's "fortune telling" abilities by saying her words about the future puts her at danger?

    And how convenient is it for EJ to be on the roof whenever important information is being revealed! I could go on, but the point is the writer obviously thinks it's more important to advance the plots to where we are at by the end of ep.10, than making sure that there aren't loopholes in character consistency/logic.

    Regardless, I really enjoyed this episode because I frigging *adore* the Woodalchi man puppies xD xD xD!!! Esp. Deok-man and Dae-man (lol at the similarity between their names, I'll call them DMx2 from now on) <3 Love CY's Ajusshi and Ajumma too, they seriously crack me up xD !!! Though at the same time I am a bit worried about liking the supporting cast too much- cos, um, it's safe to assume that one or more of them will die a tragic death right =( ? Noooo…….. *hugs my woodalchi puppies*

    Looking forward to the next episode with much anticipation <3 !!!

  46. 46 Sabah

    I hate to say it BUT episode ten is where I am leaving Faith. I really wanted to like this show, I mean there’s Lee Min-Ho being all broody for goodness sake BUT I just can’t find any enthusiasm for it. After every episode I just feel like watching City Hunter or Return to Iljimae again…Everything just seems watered down to a less palatable version that isn’t strong enough to be a mild diversion.

    Another factor is that there are so many other shows at the moment that I am more interested in/loving and with Nice guy around the corner, it is unfortunate but I must say good-bye.

    I really wish the show well, and I am glad there are people still tuning in but being that we are at episode 10 and there is not scene that I wish to revisit, no scene I look forward to and no scene that has made me feel I should stay. At 24 episodes long I just can’t garner enough interest for the long haul.

  47. 47 dani305

    I guess I’m the lone party that wanted to hear what Eun Soo had to say about that patient. There’s 14 more episodes so they have to drag it out. In that moment though, I just wanted her to spill it and get it over with. If they had just kept me hanging with guesses, I would have been even more disappointed with the episode. I’ll def be back for eps 11 &12.

    • 47.1 starfield

      That’s an interesting perspective =) ! I guess for me, I too would have rather she let the secret out right away than to keep it all to herself, suffering pointlessly and being at a complete loss at what she can do. Now that CY knows, at least he gets to decide what *he* wants to do in relation to his would-be-killer, and that is so much more fun to watch!

  48. 48 smiles

    sigh… why no more Choi Young in this ep? He seemed to simultaneously do everything and very little. The thing is, I don’t know what I was expecting when he made his SIGNIFICANT CHANGE, but it wasn’t exactly for him to be backseat driver to the king… Maybe a little going forth and conquering? IDK. But I guess now that’s not happening *stews in annoyance*
    but deokman was cute^^

    • 48.1 smiles

      scratch that, why no meaningful Choi Young moments?

  49. 49 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    I miss bridal mask :'(

    • 49.1 SH

      I don’t 🙁

  50. 50 petitepirates

    I. don’t. like. this. episode.

    I, for one would like to enjoy seeing the good guys have the chance to gather some people on their side BEFORE seeing Ki-Chul crumbled them into pieces! It’s just too soon for Ki-Chul to come back!!! Damn it, show!

    The diary is definitely a mystery which I don’t mind however I am just worried it is just something the show thinks of bringing up and is not going to give us answers…I guess I will only know later.

    This episode is really dense. I don’t really like seeing Eun Soo like this. She is no longer the bubbly person when she first arrived in Goryeo. It pains me to see the strain between her & Young is still there. I kinda understand why she told Young that Yi Seong-gye will kill him. It’s because she cares about him. It is so transparent to everyone else that they have feelings for each other. Therefore, if you care and have feelings for the other person, wouldn’t you want to help them? Wouldn’t you worry? I would. I think she is torn between knowing Young will die in the hands of Yi Seong-gye but also without him, there is no Joseon or future Korea. She obviously doesn’t want to meddle in the history but she has unintentionally meddle with it and yet she can’t even confide it to anyone without getting eavesdropped on, that’s just harsh…

    As for Young…no action from this boy for this episode. No improvement either with Eun Soo. Sighhhhsss…at least he’s more willing to smile now! LOL!

    Deok-man is doing a far more horrible job than Daek-man in keeping watch on Eun Soo. Seriously General Young…can you put a more reliable man with Eun Soo???

    And show, honestly…you are insulting the Woodalchi. How is it that no one, like absolutely NO ONE sense that there is an intruder in the palace? Jesus, that’s just poor security times infinity! If Chun Eum-ja can come in & go as he pleases, why not just kill the king and be done with it for Ki-Chul? =.=”

    Yeah like girlfriday, I think Eun Soo will choose and MUST choose Young. The show’s name is Faith so Eun Soo must have Faith on Young that he will be able to fight off the villian. Well, at least he has more chances than the queen and Jang Bin. Plus, she knows the history (i.e. his future) therefore she knows approximately when Young’s death will be, and I think that is why they kidnapped young Yi Seong-gye because Eum-ja heard her said he’ll be the one who killed Young. So maybe and just maybe that’s what they were planning to do, make Yi Seong-gye fight Young only they doesn’t know that Young is not destined to die at THIS time yet!

    Ha! I feel like I’ve got the next episode figured out :p
    Now I just have to see if that is what it’ll play out. I am interested to know how will the king recovered from his lost. What his next step to eliminate Ki-Chul? According to history, he should remove his trustee advisor first though…and it would be REALLY nice to see him clean out the rats running around in the palace’s street before he starts comtemplating to fight against Ki-Chul again! Sighhhhh~

    • 50.1 Kiara

      Its a no brainer, who she needs to pick. She knows the history so I’m hoping she is smart enough to pick Princess Noguk or Choi Young. There is no way these two will die this early.

    • 50.2 MargaretB

      I totally agree with you the point that Eun Soo told Choi Young the boy would grow up to kill him because she CARES. And I think he understood her then because he actually paused a second before rushing to chase Eum Ja. I was angry when she revealed too much, but I was satisfy as well.

      In my opinion, poor security is logical because there’s just Woodalchi team is loyal to the King, the others are Ki Chul’s people. That’s why the King needs money and win more people’s hearts.

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