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To the Beautiful You: Episode 8
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You’d have this smile on your face too if you were this close to your idol crush. Our clueless heroine still has no idea that her crush already knows her big secret. And our hero works to make sure that no one else will catch on. Jae-hee sure makes his job difficult considering how accident prone she is. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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So Eun-gyul succumbs to his feelings, pulling Jae-hee in for a backhug. Jae-hee immediately pushes him off and asks what he’s doing. Startled, Eun-gyul blusters that he was trying to surprise her. He hands her the birthday gift before running away.

He stops to catch his breath and wonders aloud – does he really like Jae-hee?

Tae-joon hastily hides the present into his bag when Jae-hee returns. They sit, waiting for the opportune moment and then get up simultaneously, presents in hand. Jae-hee is surprised that Tae-joon’s remembered and he nods to the package on her desk.

As Jae-hee works to open the box, Tae-joon is all, It’s okay if you don’t like it… to which she says that of course she will. Tae-joon opens his and is speechless to find the necklace.

He genuinely whispers thanks and Jae-hee tells him that if there’s anyone to thank, it’s Eun-gyul.

We catch back up to Eun-gyul who is questioning whether he really likes guys. He resolves that he must be crazy and Jae-hee does look like a girl, so he denies it.

But then he starts imagining everyone from the security guard to Coach Baek as Jae-hee. Shaking his head, he firmly declares that Jae-hee is dangerous. Let’s see how far that denial lasts, buddy.

Jae-hee beams over Tae-joon’s gift and opens the mailed package from Daniel. Inside she finds a taser with a note from Daniel to use it to protect herself and she sighs.

But you wouldn’t be dumb enough to try that on yourself, right? Yes, yes you are and she passes out.

Later, Eun-gyul surprises Jae-hee with seaweed soup to commemorate her birthday. He shares that his life’s motto is, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.” and adds cryptically that there’s such an occasion.

Jae-hee is in agreement with this mantra and asks where he got the seaweed soup. He tells her that he pulled some strings in the kitchen. As in, he pulled out his aegyo guns to the kitchen staff to whip up something special. Aw.

Tae-joon fails to clear yet again in practice and Coach Baek records their progress. It’s apparent that both on paper and video, Hyun-jae has the better form and stats.

Coach Baek praises Hyun-jae on his improvement but all Hyun-jae hears is how he’s still being compared to Tae-joon. Noticing that Hyun-jae’s numbers in practice are much higher than the ones on competition day, Coach asks if Hyun-jae suffers from performance anxiety.

Hyun-jae denies it and Coach reminds him that in order to win, one has to throw away that greed to win – they’re still young athletes after all. And then we get this hilarious bit when Coach attempts to take off his shirt but can’t get it past his big head.

Jae-hee buys a small cake to hold an impromptu birthday party but suddenly Tae-joon takes a call, annoyed. It turns out to be Hanna who called him out to celebrate her birthday early.

Hanna gets worked up that Tae-joon meets her empty-handed. She insists that she wants him to present her gift publicly and drags him shopping. It’s just that the store clerk recognizes him and Hanna casts a suspicious eye – whose present did he buy earlier?

Jae-hee decides to call it an early night when the lights suddenly flicker out. She leans over the railing to see Eun-gyul carry in a birthday cake, smiling. Aww.

She’s clearly touched and Eun-gyul mentions that it’s the least a friend could do. Also, it happens to be their last night together as roomies. They blow out the candles and dig in, even chasing each other with frosting. You two are so adorable.

They’re interrupted by a call from Da-hae and Eun-gyul’s hesitation to answer it makes me nervous.

They meet up the next day and Da-hae immediately notices Eun-gyul’s dejected mood. He has something important to tell her but before he can say it, she cuts in that there’s somewhere important they need to go today.

Da-hae bites her nails in a nervous habit before her audition while Eun-gyul reassures her that she’ll do great. Clasping his hand in hers, she confesses that she’s only nervous when Eun-gyul isn’t there. And since he can’t physically be there in her audition, they improvise a good luck charm.

Cut to: Da-hae wearing Eun-gyul’s soccer cleats and him in Da-hae’s heels. Cute. Da-hae hangs her head after the audition and turns her frown upside down, happily telling him she passed.

She’s the one to bring up the subject again at the bus stop. Eun-gyul hesitates before asking her to hit him once before he says it. She obliges with a left hook and says, “You like someone else, right?”

Da-hae plays it cool, saying that it must be nice for whoever he likes. They shake on it and Da-hae keeps up the act until she’s on the bus, using her violin case to hide her tears.

Is this sit-up scene supposed to be another Secret Garden reference? Seung-ri gathers the track and field team together to announce their upcoming training camp.

Jong-min lights up to hear that it’s overseas and Seung-ri immediately brings him back to earth, “Of course not. It’s a lie.” They will, however, be going camping. MT time?

Hanna charges into Jae-hee’s room unannounced (how does she come and go as she pleases?) and starts rifling through Jae-hee’s things. It doesn’t make sense in her head she says, and she discovers the cream Tae-joon bought her.

That’s evidence enough for Hanna to put the pieces together and she asks if it was Jae-hee’s birthday. She scoffs, “Why are you doing this to Tae-joon? Why do you keep sticking by his side?” I’d ask the same question of you, princess.

She continues with the third degree that Jae-hee must be mistaken if she thinks something will happen just because they’re roommates. She burns if she knows anything about Tae-joon at all: his favorite color, food, or season.

Hanna rants about how she knows that he doesn’t eat chicken because of a traumatic incident or why he can’t eat undercooked yolks. Shouting now, she accuses, “What do you know about Tae-joon?!”

Jae-hee stands there speechless and Hanna asks, “Aren’t you a boy?” She tells Jae-hee to cut it out and grabs for the cream. Jae-hee struggles to take it back but it falls out of both of their hands and shatters on the ground.

Hanna storms out and Jae-hee picks up the pieces, fighting tears.

Tae-joon finds Jae-hee just moments after she cleans up the mess, asking if something’s wrong. Jae-hee apologizes when Tae-joon returns but he says that it’s not that big of a deal. He’s more annoyed that Hanna has constantly been texting him which prompts Jae-hee to ask how long they’ve known each other.

He answers that she followed him around ever since she was in diapers and he regards her like a little sister. Jae-hee mentions that Hanna must not like her very much.

He defends that although Hanna is selfish and rough around the edges, she’s still a good kid who doesn’t hold grudges. Er, are we talking about the same girl?

Jae-hee asks if it’s true that Tae-joon can’t eat undercooked yolks. He’s surprised that she knows and further confused when Jae-hee lashes out at him in response.

Eun-gyul contemplates sending a post-punch selca to Da-hae when he notices Hyun-jae packing for the upcoming training camp trip. He finds out that Jae-hee will be attending as well and runs into her in the hallway, her stuff in hand.

He mutters that he won’t see Dough Boy for a few days and then an idea comes to him.

Hyun-jae is on the phone with someone (a girlfriend perhaps?) and abruptly hangs up when Tae-joon walks by. Tae-joon stops him as he turns to leave to ask why Hyun-jae hates him so much.

Hyun-jae: “You’ve never once been thankful for everything you’ve got, right?” Those things that seem so useless to Tae-joon are useful to him. As soon as Hyun-jae says it, he shifts uncomfortably before walking away.

Back at school, Eun-gyul tries to keep himself occupied but the words “mahlang” (meaning “soft, doughy”) keep popping up and he lets out a deep sigh. Unable to deal with the distractions, he decides that he’ll join “Dough Boy” at training camp.

Jae-hee is put on cooking duty and Tae-joon joins her, rolling up his sleeves. She asks if he’s a good cook and he answers, “Better than you.” Turns out he’s pretty good and impressed, Jae-hee playfully calls him, “Chef.” Are we doing Pasta jokes now?

He tells her that he learned cooking when Mom was sick which makes Jae-hee pause at the sad story. Then he pipes, “I’m lying.” Cheeky.

They cook and play together (Jae-hee shows off a smiley Tae-joon squash) and Tae-joon carves out a potato likeness of Jae-hee. When she says that it doesn’t look anything like her, he retorts, “People tend to think they look better than they actually do.” Pffft.

She tells him to hand it over and in the struggle, it falls into the soup. They giggle. It’s cute. Then the boys dig in to the vast array of food and Jong-min laughs when he finds the cooked potato.

After practice, Seung-ri announces a survival game where the losing team will have to run 10 laps in their underwear. Jae-hee speaks up but Seung-ri tells them that they’ll just make sure their team wins then.

Jong-min pouts that Eun-gyul isn’t here (Seung-ri: “Do you like him that much?” Jong-min: “Yeah, he’s cute and nice!”) and Hyun-jae says that it’s better since he makes such a ruckus. And then a voice calls, “Who does?”

I love that Coach Baek leisurely lies in a hammock slamming down all of Eun-gyul’s pleas to letting him stay. He puts his foot down but then has a sudden change of heart when Eun-gyul mentions that he wanted to get Coach and Teacher Lee together…

Tae-joon listens in as Jae-hee welcomes Eun-gyul to the training camp of hell and sighs at their chumminess.

Seung-ri debriefs the teams on the rules (and punishment) of the game: first team to snatch the enemy’s flag wins. I love that it’s a paintball game — it looks so fun!

They break and Tae-joon is put on flag duty. He observes as Eun-gyul and Jae-hee traverse the grounds. They come under enemy fire and Jae-hee slips on the stairs.

Both boys run to her side and Eun-gyul mutters that Jae-hee must not want to suffer the punishment of running laps in their underwear.

That’s news to Tae-joon and Jae-hee now sustains a sprained wrist. His blood boiling, Tae-joon proclaims in a Super Serious tone that he’s going to end this little game.

Tae-joon puts on his mask and cue action music. We’re thrown into First Person Shooter mode as Tae-joon shoots down his targets one by one. He flips and turns to singlehandedly take down his enemies. (and looking cool doing it, natch) Then he grabs the flag, securing his team’s victory.

Meanwhile, an enemy rounds the corner and Eun-gyul throws himself in front of Jae-hee, getting shot instead. He falls on top of her and Jae-hee shoots back.

Eun-gyul gives his famous last words as he “dies” that he risked his life for his friend. His heart goes thump thump and Jae-hee ekes out, “…You’re heavy.” Heh.

Tae-joon rushes into Doc’s tent with a pale Jae-hee. Doc ushers everyone out, giving a reassuring nod to Tae-joon. As he wraps her wrist, he tells her that her bandages binding her chest are too tight.

She’s still developing as a teenager and Doc says that it’s a sign that she won’t be able to keep up the act for much longer. She’s seen Tae-joon jump and now there’s no reason for her to stay at Genie High.

The boys ask her what happened and she blames the incident on low blood sugar. She claims that she’s perfectly fine but the injured hand keeps getting in her way.

It’s adorably sweet and awkward as Tae-joon helps wash her face. Not too far away, Eun-gyul spots the two of them.

Jae-hee and Tae-joon both fidget in the tent, unable to sleep. Jae-hee attempts to get up for some fresh air but then falls on Tae-joon. He rolls her back and now on top of her (rawr), he tells her that he likes her.

Looking into her eyes, Tae-joon continues: “That’s why I’m going to test it out whether I like you or not. Since lips… don’t lie.” AHAHA. Oh I know this has to be a fantasy but this is hilarious.

Imaginary Tae-joon closes in… and Eun-gyul snaps himself out of the fantasy. “Not all guys like men!” Hehe. And then Coach Baek snuggles up to him. It’s like icing on a cake.

Eun-gyul resolves that he’ll have to confirm but he’s unable to climb out of the sleeping bag so he inches along the ground in it like a caterpillar. HA.

It turns out Eun-gyul’s fantasy isn’t so far from the truth as both Jae-hee and Tae-joon find themselves unable to fall asleep. Jae-hee tries to entertain Tae-joon by telling him about s’mores and that she’ll make it for him.

Declining the offer, he retorts that Jae-hee can’t cook (good point) but he amuses her and relents. They turn away from each other to sleep but their eyes remain wide open, both aware that they’re sleeping next to the opposite gender.

Eun-gyul continues to inch along the ground but gets caught by Seung-ri. His aegyo attempts fail and he’s forced to crawl back to his tent.

Bad news back home. Dad pays Director Jang a visit, telling her that he’s heard from Coach Holton and plans to take Tae-joon with him to Canada. Director Jang snaps back if Dad has discussed the matter with Tae-joon at all.

Just outside the door, Hanna overhears the entire conversation and panics.

At breakfast, Jae-hee has trouble eating and before Tae-joon can help her, Eun-gyul takes to feeding her. Seung-ri gripes at this, “Are you two newlyweds or something?!” and Jong-min tries to get Eun-gyul to feed him too.

News of a meteor shower that night gets Eun-gyul talking excitedly. Seung-ri downplays it and Jong-min snaps that his lack of interest in romance is why Seung-ri is still flying solo. Seung-ri: “Who said I can’t get a girlfriend? It’s that I choose not to have one.”

Talk turns to the kind of girl Seung-ri likes and he shares that he’s like an angelic girl with an elegant grace. An innocent girl whose tears can send him over the edge. Meet HeadsNo2, sir.

Jong-min comments that it’s not like they’re in the Joseon era (though I doubt Heads would mind) and Eun-gyul suggests that Seung-ri wish for one tonight anyway.

Tae-joon catches Jae-hee changing and hastily zips the opening back up. When she comes out, he gripes, “If it weren’t for me…” but then stops himself, telling her to be more careful.

She mentions the meteor shower tonight and lights up when he agrees to accompany her.

Later that night, he tells her that he’ll catch up with her after he helps Seung-ri with making plans. Seeing that she didn’t pack a warm jacket, he takes off his and wraps her in it. Swoon.

How funny is that Seung-ri looks up at the meteor shower and casually wishes for a girlfriend and then Hanna appears? Hanna looks like she’s on the verge of tears and demands to know where Tae-joon is.

Seung-ri stutters in response and watches Hanna leave with a deep sigh.

She’s crying by the time she runs into Tae-joon and blurts that Dad is planning to send him overseas to Canada. She tells him that Dad’s already made preparations and declares like a loyal puppy that if he’s leaving, so will she.

He thanks her for her concern and sends her off but Hanna clings, begging that he come back to Seoul. They’ll talk it over with Dad and Tae-joon knows that Dad will listen to her.

Jae-hee’s heart drops when it’s Eun-gyul and not Tae-joon who comes to find her by the fire. Tae-joon calls her before he gets in the car with Hanna. Jae-hee tells him that she understands but has difficulty keeping a poker face in front of Eun-gyul.

Changing the subject, Eun-gyul asks about the s’mores. Jae-hee slaps on a smile and tells him that someone she really liked when she was little taught her how to make them. They eat and Eun-gyul chuckles, brushing a crumb from her lips.

After a minute, Eun-gyul musters up the courage and says, gazing at Jae-hee, “Dough Boy. I have something to say to you.”



What a great cliffhanger – will he or won’t he tell Jae-hee about how he feels about her? I swear, drama – if you undercut this moment by telling us that he broke up with Da-hae, we will have words. Because you can’t give us two awesome Eun-gyul cliffhangers and then short-circuit them twice. It’s not fair and just plain mean, hrmph.

Though his breakup with Da-hae still hit me in the heart, it was a nice touch that they part ways at a bus stop, much like their first meeting. It’s always painful when you realize that you’re not the focus of one’s affections but it both warmed and cut my heart to see them try so hard anyway. Their relationship was a sweet one where they genuinely cared for each other’s best interests and I’m sad to see her go. Especially since she’s smarter than both of our female leads combined. Here’s to hoping she comes back sassier than ever.

I’m relieved that the show has upped the hilarity these past two weeks with some adorable and cute moments. Even when we get some dramatic action moments, it just makes me crack up again. Like how Tae-joon slapped on his game face and singlehandedly defeated an entire army. The awesome school antics are really where the bread and butter is of this series and I feel like I’m pulled out of what works for this series when we start introducing more traditional drama tropes like “studying/training overseas.” Instead of relying on that to introduce conflict, can’t we get more of these moments?


Now that we’re at the halfway mark, I tried to give Jae-hee the benefit of the doubt. But with every episode, she wears down my patience. Not only does she have a horrible sense of judgment, she is incredibly accident prone. Must Oppa come save you countless times of every type of incident under the sun from drowning to almost rape to sprained ankle and now sprained wrist. I’ll admit that the taser accident was reminiscent of You’re Beautiful, but how can you be so careless? If Jae-hee still strikes me as a surface level character, that’s not good news for our heroine and then the fault lands on the writing.

We’ve seen that carelessness in her guy act as of late as well. A few verbal slips here and there but this latest incident is a marked change. Doc brings up some important points that she’s a teenage girl who is still developing. It’ll become increasingly difficult to maintain her disguise and just a matter of time before her current getup will render useless. Furthermore, what is the reason why Jae-hee remains in the school now that she’s seen Tae-joon jump again? Her answer that he helped her come back into the world again is legitimate but seems like only part of the reason. As a viewer, I want to be able to root for you Jae-hee but you’ve got to help us understand why we should continue to cheer for you.

Eun-gyul’s crazy imagination sequences are really a favorite of mine in this series. I almost thought that tent scene was real until Tae-joon rolled on top of her and I busted out laughing. What’s better is that his actions are just as ridiculous and adorable as his fantasies. Isn’t he just the cutest little caterpillar you’ve ever seen?

(credit to: bigpill0w for the Eun-gyul gif)



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  1. Ivoire


  2. fodfran

    Minho’s acting is getting better with every episode. I honestly think he should do an action drama next though.

    • 2.1 biggie

      LOL. Collect your thoughts and think again.

      • 2.1.1 jenniline

        minho is the ultimate dream team ace. he did the stunt mostly by himself so don’t underestimate his action skills.

        • alexandrasi

          Ur spot-on jenniline and fodfran. My sister made the same observation. It’s obvious 2 most that his acting is improving and is naturally athletic. Luved his drive on Dream Team.

    • 2.2 sugarpunch

      hehe i wonder if all the cool moves was done by a body double though…

      • 2.2.1 foxiscully

        Of course it was done by a body double (lol). But it was still cool tho πŸ˜› & seriously, I do feel that Minho can act & will improve with time…he’s definitely one to watch…let’s hope SME will manage his acting career better than his singing one…

        • Joyybrn

          I don’t think there was a double, I have watched the BTS of that scene and Minho did all that stuff by himself, especially jumping from high places. I think he is athletic type.

          • kewbie

            Minho is pretty athletic. His dad was/is? the coach of a professional soccer team, and if his dad didn’t stop him, he would probably become a professional soccer player, too.

          • Rovi

            @kewbie (since I can’t reply to yours)

            Yes, yes, yes, and yes, all true.

            Minho wanted to be a soccer athlete, but Choi Yoon-gyeom (Minho’s the 2nd son, I totally forgot the name of his hyung; saw a pic of the two of them at omonaLJ) told him it’s a difficult road ahead.
            Anyhow, ergo, the typical competitiveness of Choi Min-ho AKA his “Flaming Charisma” attitude.

            Daddy Choi once coached/managed Bucheon SK & Daejeon Citizen (Daejeon being his hometown) way back a few years before SHINee made it big, and now manages V-League’s HoΓ ng Anh Gia Lai since October 10 last year…

        • fodfran

          It probably wasn’t though. There’s BTS footage plus he’s more than capable of all this since he’s done way more on Dream Team.

  3. Betty

    Thank you Gummimochi πŸ™‚ This moving screencap of Eun-gyul is hilarious lol

    • 3.1 Betty

      … and cute! ^^

      • 3.1.1 nova611

        dats it im officially eun-geul shippers…he’s too cute
        cant believe hes the same man in IU mv (You & i)
        totally diff character

  4. biggie

    trying to make another suzy out of sulli using the same formula. Too bad SM realized it late when Sulli could have done better since she was a child actress. The former is enjoying immense popularity right now I just hope this formula works on her.

    • 4.1 Gom

      I hope so too. But whether or not that happens, at least with Sulli, I’m quite convinced that acting is something you’re born with. She’s not mind-blowingly good at it, but you can tell that she’s not craning her neck or forcing her mouth to say her lines. She’s comfortable with it. I don’t worry if she will be able to cry in this scene or will she be awkward; which, as a drama watcher, I always worry about. I just don’t want to feel awkward with them. Lol.

      I hope SM realizes her potential now and work on it. More acting projects please! πŸ™‚

      • 4.1.1 kewbie

        Sulli is a decent cryer, I think. πŸ™‚ She already cried in episode 3 or 4, I think, when TJ told JH to leave after hearing her argue with her brother about why she was in school, and then again in episode 7 when TJ was telling her the story about why he never finished the ending of that particular movie dvd that he watched with his mom.

  5. mary

    “Talk turns to the kind of girl Seung-ri likes and he shares that he’s like an angelic girl with an elegant grace. An innocent girl whose tears can send him over the edge. Meet HeadsNo2, sir.”


    Is that the HeadsNo2 who enjoyed the geekiness and evil-outsmarting-schemes in TWDR? O_O

    • 5.1 gummimochi

      The one and only. Reason being is that she MINE-d him back in Tree with Deep Roots.

      Her jealousy knows no bounds. Then again, neither does my Teukie love. So we’re even.

  6. biggie

    That Eun-gyul gif is epic. First time I’m seeing a gif in a recap.

  7. Q

    Dat last picture! /Megusta. I love how the loser team members try to cover their nakedness. From what, the other guys???

    Completely agree with you about Jae-hee’s intelligence being a bit sub-par. You’d think she would be getting better at covering her girly tracks but unfortunately not. She’s still cute, but I just wish we had a semi-bright female lead for once who impresses a guy with her wide array of knowledge rather than a nice smile.

    Totally looking forward to a romance between SeungRi and Hanna. Also can we see HyunJae’s girlfriend please, writers?? He’s too fine to not have a love interest …

    • 7.1 panshel

      I don’t think Hyun Jae was talking to his girlfriend on the phone. He sounded so sweet; I suspect it was his grandma. Aww~

      I think we’re going to find out why Hyun Jae is working so hard to beat Tae Joon is because he wishes to better his family situation. Cliched, but I’ll go with it since I’m already on Hyun Jae’s side… πŸ˜‰

  8. Kitty

    One of the best scenes was when Jong Min FLIPPED OUT at Eun Gyeol for not feeding him any egg with the spoonful of rice, ahahaha. Kwang Hee has amazing comedic timing.

    You made all great points in your summary, gummimochi! Now, can I just put it out there that… Ooooommffgomfkgglskakabd is Hyun Jae easy on the eyes or what?! I mean, I love me some Minho, but that darned Hyun Jae!!! I too am very curious to know what else is going on with his character. There just haaas to be more to his story than an athletic rivalry with Tae Joon…

    • 8.1 foxiscully

      yup, n because of beautiful physique, do you notice that they get him topless at every chance they get. The poor boy is getting exploited & we r none to complain….lols…oh, ahjummas…

    • 8.2 JoAnne

      That is a pretty, pretty boy, there. He does shirtless quite well.

      • 8.2.1 kewbie

        Yes, and that boy can sing! I saw a buttload of youtube clips on soompi from musical where Hyun-jae (Kang Ha Neul) was singing. Good-looking and multi-talented. Wowie. πŸ™‚

      • 8.2.2 najfin

        That, he does (and sweaty)
        However, I do wonder why we are 8 episodes in and we have yet to see a topless Minho.

        • jomo

          He’s prolly thinking,
          “I’m not taking my shirt off near THAT guy with the Chest of Glory.” (Kang Ha Neul)

          • fodfran

            Minho’s actually pretty well built though. It might have to do with SHINee’s image. Even when they released topless photos for the Sherlock album concept, they actually had to photoshop Jonghyun’s abs out because he was too muscular and they were going for a more innocent look.

          • JoAnne

            Jonghyun has abs that are too muscular for innocence – I cannot breathe now

        • kewbie

          Haha…I saw on that SBS midnight entertainment news segment that Minho said he didn’t really have scenes where he was topless. He said that after they showed a SHINee concert picture where his abs were shown. Lee Hyun Woo chimed in and said something like, “Even though I don’t have abs, I still have to show my body.” haha!

          • Kitty

            LOL Lee Hyun Woo is fricking adorable!

    • 8.3 jomo

      I am so disappointed in you, ladies.

      I am solely intersted in the actor’s skills. He manages to convey a believable intensity as he runs, sweats, crunches, jumps and glares at TJ.

      I imagine his future could include such roles as some sageuk king or another, possibly a lawyer/brain surgeon due to the broad expance of his shoulders and chest…guh..guh..WHO AM I KIDDING!? The guy is gorgeous. If he kept his shirt off in it, I would have watched him Dr. Jin!!!!!!!

      • 8.3.1 shelhass


        You guys are the best.
        But I still think he’s better shirtless AND sweaty.

        You know what would be perfect for him? Mane of glory! Just picture it.

        • jomo

          If the Chest of Glory with the Sweat of Glory upon it, also had the Mane of Glory?

          I think I would explode of glory.

          • JoAnne

            JoAnne loves Jomo

          • jomo


    • 8.4 jomo

      I checked every single one of the posts so far for TTBY.
      Really, I did.

      Based on my research:
      Kang Ha Neul => MINE!!!!

      I feel very accomplished now.

    • 8.5 panshel

      I could not stop replaying Jong Min spitting rice all over the table. KwangHee cracks me up! MinHo and Kang Ha Neul’s disgusted reactions were equally amusing.

      • 8.5.1 Kitty

        LOL yes! I laughed so hard the first time… and the second… and the third… replayed it probably 10 times, no exaggeration. I needed to catch each actor’s face of disgust individually. Kwang Hee made my entire day. πŸ˜€

  9. myweithisway

    I want that caterpillar! MINE MINE MINE!!!

  10. 10 rhia

    THAT gif. Hahaha. If there was a compilation of all cute Eun Gyul scenes I could watch it aaaaaall day.

    • 10.1 Gom

      Omg. I was thinking of a compilation too! But a compilation of all the super cheesy stuff he posts on Genie Social! Hahaha. I laugh so hard every. single. time.

      I love you, Caterpillar! Don’t ever change and remain the adorable caterpillar that you are now. ^.^

  11. 11 austriandramalover

    Oh that gif xD That scene cracked me up! Eun Gyul is definitely my favourite but Tae Joon comes right after. Eun Gyul is just so freaking hilarious that you can’t help but love him.

    Thanks for the recap πŸ™‚

    • 11.1 Ladytron33

      Me too! Eun Gyul is so adorable (and that gif made me lol for at least a minute). The show is cute and fun, but the writing has never really gotten out of the “mediocre” category. He is really the only reason I’m enjoying it as much as I am. Of course, all of the other Genie High cuties don’t hurt either!

      Thanks gummimochi.

  12. 12 ck1Oz

    I was waiting and waiting for this. Thank you. This would be the cutest episode so far.
    I laughed at the paintball scene where the girls at soompi were going nuts over Minho the action heros.

    However Taejoon washing JH’s face was pretty darn cute. Hana on the other hand needs to be told to grow up.

  13. 13 Laurentian

    Dude, Sulli has ALWAYS been popular. You could say she fed her entire group pre-Electric Shock. Her CF ratio compared to other f(x) members is something like 5:1, which on closer inspection is just incredible seeing how f(x) is not even popular. Sulli has her own fanclub, which none of the other members have.
    Suzy just happened to surpass rest of the legendary 94 line with her stint in acting. Give Sulli, Krystal, and Jiyoung the exact same opportunities, they’ll be just as big as Suzy.

    • 13.1 Biggie

      Is that suppose to be a reply to my previous comment?

      i agree she is popular but Suzy, in terms of popularity, can no longer be place on the same level as her contemporaries despite debuting late.

      Don’t get me wrong I like Sulli too its just SM is too slow. From what I see, they have been taking notes from what JYP did that skyrocketed Suzy’s career. She wasn’t even noticeable when Miss A debuted, she was given a leading role not to mention her greenness and viola! look where she is now.

      I hope it works for Sulli too.

    • 13.2 Gabby

      Krystal and Sulli, perhaps, but I have no idea if Jiyoung can act…then again, Suzy wasn’t super convincing when she started out in Dream High either.

      Hm. This is just my opinion, but I think Suzy has a certain likeability quality or x factor, which manifests itself in both acting and variety, that Sulli doesn’t (not to say she doesn’t come off sweet/adorable, though) – a quality I haven’t really seen since another idol-cum-actress, Yoon Eun-hye; YEH isn’t a brilliant thespian either, but both she and Suzy have that girl-next-door mischievousness and charm on top of the requisite pretty/cute/cheerful image that especially endears them to the Korean public and elevates them to nation’s sweetheart status.

    • 13.3 Lemon

      Hm, I thought Krystal was pretty popular in fx too.

      Anyway, I agree with Gabby, that Suzy has a certain charm that makes her especially likeable when compared to her peers. Have you watched her in Introduction to Architecture? She might be green in acting but she sure has loads of charm to make up for it.

      In comparison, Sulli’s acting falls flat. I blame it mostly on the writing though, for making her so dumb. At least Suzy’s character in Dream High was WAY more relatable and didn’t make me question her intelligence.

    • 13.4 youcantbesersious

      lol I agree that Korea love Sulli but saying she was the one that feed f(x) n f(x) isn’t that popular are just stupid
      Sulli and Krystal has the most fans but Victoria is quite well-loved as well, even she is a Chinese. And no all f(x) members have their fansites n fanclubs ( some even before then debutted)

      • 13.4.1 Anna

        Doesn’t Amber have a pretty devoted female following as well?

        • Mic

          Among international fans, Amber is by far the favorite. Victoria is probably the one that is most popular just…everywhere. Sulli’s popular in Korea, but not so much outside it. Krystal, like Victoria, is popular pretty much everywhere, but not as much as Victoria.

          …But I love Luna. ^^

        • hi

          To be honest, Amber might seem to be popular in the fanbase but not in general public… They seem to like and interest in the visual of f(x) more-aka Krystal, Sulli and Victoria… That’s why you see them in more variety shows, CF, dramas, etc…
          That’s why most f(x) fans were so sad when she couldn’t continue IY2… and became “jobless” again

  14. 14 riin

    loving the gif ^^
    our heroine really needs some substance though..

  15. 15 Toys tar

    Eun-Gyul is so cute I loved all his scenes in this ep especially the caterpillar one:)!

  16. 16 Stardust

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gif of Eun-gyul crawling around! THANK YOU gummi for the recap, I find myself coming back to this since its moved off creepy territory and onto the sweet and cute!

  17. 17 Dramalover

    Thanks for the recap <3

    Felt the same way about jaehee being not exactly on the bright side :/ sure, her clumsiness is cute and everything but it's starting to grate on my nerves that she can be so careless ALL the time, needing the guys to save her every time. Yeah the whole damsel in distress thing is a popular drama trope but I was hoping it wouldn't be overused. It'd be nice if she can actually prove her worth/competence.

    Hanna on the other hand is just…awful. Not the kind of necessary awful, like a layered evil character that provides balance and angst, but the one dimensional bordering on psychotic kind of awful. To be honest I really like the actress and it's sad that she has to play such a one dimensional character.

    However, despite my gripes, I'll still be watching this drama till the end for the sake of lee hyun woo. He's just TOO. DARN. CUTE.

    • 17.1 Gabby

      I know. It’s a shame Kim Ji-won is being wasted like this, since she was one of the highlights in HK3.

      And yeah, I’m getting sick to death of rom-com k-drama’s apparent need to ALWAYS have that stock psychotically jealous second female lead? Are they that afraid of having us root or emphasize with anyone but the female lead and the main couple that they feel they have to paint said character in as unflattering a light as possible just so our loyalties don’t wander? Because really, that’s just a symptom of a lack of confidence in the storytelling/writing. Maybe if they put more effort into fleshing out the female lead instead of merely maneuvering her into rom-com tropes, our attachment to the characters would be deep enough that you didn’t have to worry about that and could write a more nuanced secondary female character.

    • 17.2 panshel

      Jae Hee is frustratingly dense. That boy was washing your face, blowing your nose, and giving you his jacket. Do those seem like things a guy would do for another guy? How can she not have an inkling that Tae Joon knows she’s a girl? I’m not even asking for Jae Hee to suspect that he has feelings for her, but c’mon, put two and two together!

  18. 18 Honey

    “how does she come and go as she pleases?”

    don’t you remember? The flips and fancy turns and wall climbing and whatnot.. she’s a ninja!

    anyway.. I absolutely LOOOVEED the action scene! replayed it at least four times. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout but it was seriously cool.

    I agree about Jaehee.. At first I really rally liked her and how she stood up for herself (toilet scene) but it’s like she’s getting weaker and more naive with each episode. Yes, she’s adorable still but her character needs more substance.

    Taejoon on the other hand managed to steal my heart in these past 4 episodes.. he’s adorable!

    Eungyul has been consistently awesome since the first episode.

    I hope we see more of Jongmin and Hyunjae.. I want to know more about them.

    • 18.1 Honey

      oh and thanks for the recap!

    • 18.2 wanderlust

      What I wanna know is why on earth besides the last episode, do they not lock their dorm rooms? The locks there, and its a 5 star hotel like dorm which contains all of your worldly possessions because it is your home. People at genie must be extra rich or extra trusting, if they just used the lock on the door, Hanna would be left outside whining and caught πŸ™‚

      Aree the Taejoon action scene was HILARIOUS, Minho really turned up the intensity when he went into his commando terminator role, but what I LOVED was the afterscene after all the guys were shirtless and covering themselves up from eachother puahaha! Then muttering and complaining about Taejoon, is serz must have been a WTF moment since hes being so uninvolved and stoic about school activities for a while.

      Oh, the things we do to hide the identity of our cross dressing highschool crushes πŸ˜€

  19. 19 Laya

    Thanks for the recap!

    This was the most frustrating episode ever for me. Ugh. Can someone please stuff Hanna down the nearest chimney? It’d save everyone a lot of aggravation. Because, really, what she did to Jae-hee’s gift was just plain mean– it isn’t any of her business who Tae-joon gives gifts to, and if he ever gives gifts at all– he’s not her property. Even if she were a girlfriend. I wanted to rub her face in the spilled cream, shards and all.

    Loved the face-washing scene. So cute.

    LMAO like crazy at Tae-joon’s video game-ish performance. It was so cheesy I kind of liked it. Ditto with Eun-gyul “saving” Jae-hee; it was over-the-top, but well, “dying” in the game is a serious issue for her.

    Also LMAO at Eun-gyul making like an inchworm in his sleeping bag.

    • 19.1 Laya

      Also, I thought that cooking scene (where Tae-joon let everyone think that Jae-hee cooked everything) was sort of a PK reference.

  20. 20 Mommai

    I enjoy watching this series, but definitely agree on how JaeHee is a sucky heroine. The manga heroine is the same way. I think I’d like to see the same set up (because it is fun, even if it’s absurd) but with more of a (Gu) MiHo or Arang type of heroine. And better fleshing out, so it’s less creepy stalker-y

  21. 21 ming

    The guy who acts as Seung Ri is the same guy who acted as Prince Gwangpyeong in TWDR and he was adorable there i cried when he died πŸ™

    I like him LOL I hope he gets a leading role but his role here is great too this show just needs higher ratings!!

    • 21.1 jomo

      THAT’s where I saw him before. Thank you thank you thank you!
      I did see his name in the Dwiki list for that show, but couldn’t remember what role he had.

  22. 22 namemelydia

    Yes, sulli has always been popular but dont unerestimate f(x)’s popularity.
    all of their members have their own fanclubs and fansites dedicated to them. And they are a popular group.. dont spout off nonsesnse.

    i dont get why you are comparing suzy to sulli?

    Anyway preview for episode 9, totally rocked my world. Hyun woo has gone from adorable to hawt.
    Cutest caterpillar ever! I wanna go camping with you too. Haha.

    Also does anyone know the actor who will play jae hees first love? I seem to recall him from somewhere but i cant put my finger on it.

    Taejoon/jaehee ship is actually making me pull for them. Still stuck in the second lead syndrome tho. Its alright, eun gyul can come to me instead muahaha

    • 22.1 Honey

      It’s Kim Woo bin, I believe.

      • 22.1.1 JoAnne

        White Christmas/Vampire Idol/A Gentleman’s Dignity/formerly known as Kim Hyun Joong Kim Woo Bin? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Love that boy.

        • jomo

          When did they show Jae Hee’s first love?
          How did I miss a scene with Kim Woo Bin?

          • Honey

            He’s in the preview of episode nine ^^

        • JoAnne

          MITTS OFF! go play with the Chest of Glory! Imma either dye his hair pink again and he can spy on me for a while OR we are gonna play naughty student and I will be Strict Teacher

          • jomo

            @JoAnne = Yes, yes, no problem! Hands are firmly on COG.

        • shelhass


          You guys just ruined my night/day!
          Now I’m totally obsessed about episode 9.
          Is it already Wednesday, right? RIGHT?

          What I did to you, you mean old fogey?! *shouts at Drama Gods* #ArangFeelings

      • 22.1.2 Namemelydia

        Tthank you!
        lol and also Joanne, I realize now I saw him in AGD.

        The best part about TTBY is the eye candy.

        • Honey

          you’re welcome ^^

          haha true. eye candy and the cute.

    • 22.2 Biggie

      I can’t help but compare because Sulli could have been much popular had SM gave her acting projects long before Suzy came and JYP did what he did.

      No big deal, though, I love both girls.

      • 22.2.1 Namemelydia

        ah, I see. lol
        I do agree with you there, if SM had focused more on people she’d be further along.
        But SM has a huge roster of people. Oh well.

        Me too, both are infinitely amazing.

  23. 23 missy

    omg! gil? did they just foreshadow your coming??? <3

    • 23.1 Laya

      I think they just did!

      And that reminds me that the original inspiration for him in the manga was Leonardo diCaprio :))

      • 23.1.1 missy

        Now if only they can get Leo diCaprio to guest in this show. haha!

  24. 24 crazedlu

    Yeah. What is up with Jae Hee’s damseling? It’s getting a little annoying. Come on, writer of the high kick series! A little depth… Revealed sooner better than later… Would be great.

  25. 25 Jibbs

    i hope minho does more dramas after this…he is seriously SUPER HOT!!! swoon…. plus he’s doing a really good job in this role. cant wait for the next episode…looks like they’ll be more “jealous tae joon”. can’t wait!!

  26. 26 Mystisith

    I must say I watched that episode randomly and by pure curiosity since I dropped drama at episode 4. Still don’t connect to Show but that caterpillar is so precious… stolen!

  27. 27 dramaqueen

    Is this drama good??
    I don’t know if I should watch it or not…..

    • 27.1 Honey

      well, it’s not the best drama ever, but I find it very cute and enjoyable πŸ™‚

      • 27.1.1 dramaqueen

        thanks……will watch it then πŸ™‚

  28. 28 kdramapedia

    That Eun-Guyl inchworm gif is absolutely hilarious! I keep scrolling back to watch it, lol. Lee Hyun-Woo does the best aegyo ever!

    I am absolutely shocked Jae-Hee hasn’t been caught by now with all her carelessness and damsel-in-distress syndrome. Please remedy this lest we have another Jan-Di. I’m just waiting for “Almost Paradise” to start playing…

  29. 29 Yue

    I think I can die from laughing too much from this drama alone. Eun-gyul is fast becoming a lovable character but, I dunno, Ikuta Toma is still better in my heart – yeah yeah, sue me for all I care. Still, I do enjoy Eun-gyul’s over-active imagination, those usually makes me laugh so hard. I even fell out of a chair during the caterpillar scene. It was just LOVE!

    And I think Minho’s acting is getting better slowly. He wasn’t as stiff as he was in Salamander and that is good. Gonna keep watching this to see his progress as well as the whole Tae-joon/Jae-hee/Eun-gyul triangle even when I already know how it ends — read the Manga…

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    Wait.Headsno2 likes Seung Ri?Why?
    Besides the body,face,abs and the fact that he can act πŸ™‚

    • 30.1 HeadsNo2

      What’s this ‘besides’? Body, face, abs, adorable factor, AND he was great in Tree With Deep Roots. Whatever the case: Mine. πŸ˜‰

  31. 31 Jules

    My major problem with this drama (well. I have a few, but this is perhaps the biggest issue) is that I don’t connect with Jae-hee at all. I don’t know why she’s so obsessed with Tae-joon and, as each episode goes by and she becomes increasingly vapid and surface-level, I find I don’t care, either.

    Hanna… yeesh. Okay, I like Kim Ji-won and I want to like Hanna, or at least to sympathise with her – and to a very small extent I do, because although Tae-joon has told Jae-hee that he thinks of Hanna as a little sister, I don’t think he’s told Hanna. therefore Hanna sees his affection (tolerance?) as more than it is, particularly as she’s probably never really had any proper competition before – but… argh, I sort of don’t. I want to know why she likes Tae-joon, why she’s willing to follow him to the end of the world and beyond. Is it because he’s always been there? Because it was expected of them? Because she promised Tae-joon’s mother she’d always be there for him and thought that meant their relationship had to be romantic?

    So, yeah, some motivation for the two female leads would be awesome, thanks. (and I’m still shipping Hanna/Eun-kyul, though the chances of that happening seem slimmer by the day. ah well.)

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  32. 32 jomo

    Thanks for the recap and making me LOL at work!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I look forward to it more than some of the more serious ones. (OK, not RMPW)
    Yes, you have to check your brain at the door, but my ear to ear grin watching this is worth a lot to me in my stressful week.

    Best line and most telling fact about uri heroine:
    But you wouldn’t be dumb enough to try that on yourself, right? Yes, yes you are and she passes out.
    Seriously, JH?
    I guess if you are going to make her trajectory believable, that the ONLY way to help her idol was to cross-dress and move in with him, well, she has to be pretty dim. Cute, but not the best role model for our daughters.

    WHO IS ON THE PHONE with HJ? Who does he miss, but won’t tell TJ?
    At first, I was hoping his boyfriend, but people smarter than me said SK is NOT ready for that…Girlfriend? Someone that both TJ and he knew from the past? An old coach? I need to know!

  33. 33 kewbie

    Thanks for recapping!

    Lots of Eun Gyeol love here, and I expect more seeing that he got a new haircut for episode 9. Loved his worm impression!

    I do hope HeadsNo2 meets Seung-ri Sunbae someday, or the other way around…whichever. πŸ™‚

    I think the problem with Jae-hee is that she is getting way too comfortable in her school with her friends, despite that they’re all guys, and she’s letting her guard down a lot more. She’s incredibly lucky considering she believes everything that Jong-min tells her even though he’s sabotaged her so many times. Seriously, though, sending her into a building that’s about to be demolished? That’s just messed up on his part, and totally not smart on her part. Minus the lack of common sense, I do find her likeable, as she is very sweet, and seems to be a good friend — although I would find her more likeable if she were more clever.

    BTW in the imaginary tent scene where Tae-joon flipped Jae-hee on her back, I yelled out WHOA!!!! so loud (just like Aziz Ansari would), and then I watched it a second time and yelled WHATTT?? (just like Aziz would again). Then I heard the lines and bust out laughing and smiling like an idiot. Is it me or did Minho seem extra nervous in that scene? His ears were pretty red. hee hee πŸ™‚

    • 33.1 jomo

      I thought the same thing about Minho looking nervous in that scene.
      You imagine these idols would be immune to such things, since they are filmed doing everything during their careers, Filiming intimate scenes like that, even though you have to fake it, must make you feel vulnerable.

      I think one of the reasons watching Minho is a treat is that he seems to be having so much fun.
      Whether he gets to be the super ACTION star, or hug Sulli, or run and jump over bars, or hug Sulli, or break windows, or hug Sulli. His adorable smile feels authentic. It makes him look 6, but that makes it even sweeter.

      • 33.1.1 Honey

        Min ho has a very innocent looking smile.. I’ve always thought so, even before the drama, but it seems a lot of people noticed that now ^^

        I’m not surprised by his nervousness! Honestly, Min Ho is pretty awkward with females in general in real life, except some noonas. He is known as a “Hyung whore” because he’s very affectionate with them. Hyungs, but not females!

        I’m actually surprised by how much chemistry he has with Sulli… it makes me have a lot more faith in his acting.

        • kewbie

          I agree with you about his chemistry with Sulli. I think it’s partly to do with the fact that they’ve known each other since elementary/middle school. I also think he kinda has a little crush on her. They asked him in a radio show who’s his favorite f(x) member, and he said that he liked Sulli because she was cute and he wanted to make her his dongsaeng (or something to that effect). Then, at the TTBY press conference, they asked Sulli who her ideal guy was, and when she answered Kwanghee, Minho said something like, “I was secretly hoping it was me, but now I’m relieved.”

          From reading other entertainment news about TTBY, Minho seems determined to do well and make his acting better. I think he’s doing fairly decently. I think he did one other thing before this, right? Salamander Guru?

          • Honey

            Yeah they knew each other for a while.. Minho said that he wanted to get close to her before but it seemed that she wasn’t interested lol The drama definitely brought them closer.

            He did do Salamander Guru before, but I haven’t watched it so I don’t know much πŸ™‚

  34. 34 Brian

    I can see why you guys like Seung Ri — he plays a very likeable character. In episode 1 he saves Jae Hee from “Pants down” guy, in episode 6 he earnestly begs Jae Hee to “Be a man”, LOL. In episode 7 he seems to actually be enjoying the bowling match and seems happy for both teams, whereas his teammates seem annoyed or not as happy about Tae Joon’s success at bowling. He also doesn’t seem too bitter at losing to Tae Joon in capture the flag.

    As far as Jae Hee’s secret being kept, I guess it’s all about perspective — they expect her to be a guy, the fact that she could possibly be a girl doesn’t seem to enter their mindset. Only Hanna and Eun Kyul and of course the good doctor have their suspicions. I’m sure Da Hae would be suspicious as well.

    Seung Ri almost had it, after all, he must have been the one to get Jae Hee’s costume for the Miss Genie contest. Let’s see, Jae Hee has a cute face, slender shoulders, prominent collar bones, almost non-existent Adam’s Apple, somewhat wider hips, soft hairless legs, and small feet that seem to be used to wearing high heels, and very big eyes. He obviously found out her dress size and shoe size, which are very feminine.

    Oh but wait, she doesn’t have large breasts, so of course she must be a guy, LOL. Sooo close, but foiled by his own perceptions. I suppose since Genie High is a Boys school, only boys must be there.

    Back to episode 8 — yeah Jae Hee does seem to need rescuing a lot. I wonder too, about the Doctor’s question — why are you still here? The writers need to come out with a good answer or otherwise we’re just going to assume she’s a stalker now and wants to be with Tae joon in the same manner as Hanna.

    Incidentally, what would have really made Hanna mad in episode 7, would have been if Tae Joon came up to Jae Hee while she was singing to Lettuce and started singing the duet with her. That would have made me laugh a lot!

    • 34.1 Honey

      that’s an interesting point of view.. in a school for boys, a new student is introduced. Honestly, no matter how suspicious the new student actually is, most people around her won’t actually notice the signs, because they have no reason to look out for them in the first place.

  35. 35 Laurentian

    Nonsense? It’s the truth. F(x) only became relevant (still not popular) after Electric Shock. I’m assuming you’re a Vic or Manber fan? Sorry they don’t have actual fanclubs, but online “cheering” brigades that just turn out to be annoying (having a tumblr fansite so doesn’t count). Sulli on the other hand is actually accompanied by her personal fanclub, “The Truth is Sulli” (a cult-like movement with quasi-religious membership structure) in every event in the history of ever. Like it or not, Sulli is face of f(x) and at one time, its sole moneymaker. Similar thing with Suzy; arguably the prettiest in Miss A and currently overshadows the entire group. Now I relent that as of now Suzy is untouchable compared to the rest of 94 line. She’s being called “The Nation’s first love”, which getting to be called the nation’s anything is a sign of success and public endearment.

    As for Jiyoung’s acting chops, seek out Urakara, a Japanese dorama. She’s a natural, if a bit stiff at times but hey it was her first big part ever.

    • 35.1 namemelydia

      lol, if that’s what you think.. so be it.

      And nope, I’m not. I’m a Sulli fan.
      I did not deny that she was the face?
      I was just telling you, quite simply, that it was not only her who was popular.

      That’s great about Suzy, she deserves it.

      To sum it up. All I was disputing was your saying that Sulli basically keeps the group afloat which is incredible, because that group is not popular (apparently).

    • 35.2 youcantbesersious

      You can’t be serious lol f(x) has been popular since Nu Abo, Pinochio has established it. And say it like you know it all -_-;; I’m talking ab all the fan support and public’s interests… Krystal did well on her drama and her variety show and Vic was the one that bring f(x) many new fans in the 1st year hiatus ( when Amber disappeared) f(x) is the one of the only rare group that all members shine all their own. In fact 4 of them have their own drama and the 3 Krystal, Sulli and Victoria are all consider the visuals in the group. You don’t sound like a fan so please stop

    • 35.3 javabeans

      Far be it from me to wade into an idol war… Oh wait, it’s totally my place to do so. Here I go!

      Folks, I have no horse in this race, since I can barely keep idol names straight as it is. But how about we keep this drama’s commentary mostly on the drama? I love me a good tangent, but arguments are starting to skid off the rails of relevancy and I’d say we’re about two steps from yanking hair, shredding fan club rain slickers and screaming “Well YOUR oppa lipsynchs!” and “The Daesang belongs to H.O.T!” And we all saw how well that ended in Answer Me. (As in, it didn’t.)


      • 35.3.1 Biggie


      • 35.3.2 hi

        Sorry JB,
        I can’t help it as a fan of the whole group…. it’s hard to heard someone put them down for certain member… Even I love and support them all

      • 35.3.3 Carolina

        I love that since you guys have been watching Answer Me, you quote it whenever it’s possible… just like the post about the upcoming drama featuring the Moon/Sun child actors…
        love Answer Me…
        ah, sorry for the spam

  36. 36 Laurentian

    Krystal is popular too. It’s just that she doesn’t have Sulli’s mania induced cult-like following.

    • 36.1 youcantbesersious

      And you know that cult-like folowing hate other f(x) member right? I think you might be one of them πŸ™‚

  37. 37 Waca

    Thanks for the recap!!! <3

    This drama is so cute!

    I agree with you guys that Jae-hee lacks of character development; it's a bit sad that she always has to be saved by Tae-joon. But she's still nice enough that I don't get annoyed by this…whereas Hanna…

    Gosh, Hanna! I can't stand that character! She's just plain annoying, so I really don't get it; what's the point of having her here? I hate that kind of female character that is glued to the main character like he's her property, and then shows up everywhere and when…augh, Hanna, you're not supposed to be there, just GO AWAY!
    And now, she's Tae-Joon's childhood friend??? AUGH!

    Tae-joon is really getting cuter and cuter in each episode. I loved when he was jealous and I love how he's trying to acting tough. His chemistry with Jae-hee is great too!

    I LOLed so hard at Eun-gyul-caterpillar!!! This guy is just plain adorable! As I have watched Hana Kimi, I thought I would be hard on him because to me, Ikuta Toma's performance as Nakatsu was the BEST (and I still think it is), but actually, Eun-gyul is becoming one of my favorite characters! To me, he's very different from Nakatsu, so I don't even compare them to each other. This is really nice!

    I remember being very upset while watching Hana Kimi because of the main leads. I liked Mizuki, I loved Nakatsu, and I was bored to death by Sano; so, when Mizuki chose Sano other Nakatsu, she not only broke Nakatsu's heart, but mine as well. Because Nakatsu was so lovable, I couldn't understand why she would choose Sano over him.
    In TTBY, I am not upset at Jae-hee ending up with Tae-joon, because they have chemistry, and also because the feel of Eun-gyul is different; he's adorable, but in a baby-like way. He's the type of guy you love having as a friend but cannot see as a man. As sad as it is for Eun-gyul, he's still young and bubbly so I'm confident he will overcome being rejected.

    So yeah…waiting for more cuteness!!!

    • 37.1 Honey

      I absolutely agree.. while the Hana Kimi definitely wins in terms of comedy and showcasing inter-dorm interactions, TTBY wins in term of the love line… as in, you can actually ROOT for the OTP.. which is something that I found very very hard in hana kimi (oh Nakatsu <3).

    • 37.2 Mel

      I agree, loved Ikuta Toma’s over the top Nakatsu and cried that he didn’t get Mizuki… but understood why it was Sano.. Here I’m liking all the leads… cept Hana… Love Minho’s Tae Joon, Sulli, well–the damsel umm boy in distress, and Eun Gyul, yup he’ll get over “damsel.”

      Thanks for the recap…

  38. 38 becca_boo

    Terminator Tae-joon cracks me up. : )

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  39. 39 Laurentian

    See I don’t get Vic’s fans like you. Sure, she’s popular… in China. Heard she was a lead in a drama there and guess what: NOBODY gave a shit. And no, unless f(x) headlines a concert or even gets an official fanclub, they are not popular. Heck, as of now Sulli + Krystal has a bigger fanbase than f(x) itself. And yes Sulli singlehandedly fed and clothed f(x) during the Chu/Lachata era. An uncomfortable fact, but fact nontheless. She was the only member that signed personal CF contracts pre-NUABO, appeared on an interview show, which is the funniest thing ever cause f(x) had zero popularity back then. Face it, without Sulli there would be no f(x).

    • 39.1 namemelydia

      Oh really?
      Then what was Vic doing that, oh what do you call it- personal CF contracts- before their debut even, with Lee Jun Ki and Rain?

      lol, you seriously are trying to tell me that they had zero popularity?
      I just can’t with you.

      I’m telling you this nicely, please stop with your “facts”.
      We are getting so off topic, so I’m not going to respond to you here anymore.

      If you want to argue more, go to the f(x) thread on hallyu8, where you’ll find me. (same username)

      And so sorry gummimochi for getting off topic!

    • 39.2 whatever

      lol ok even with all you said were true (with I doubt it) Sulli or Krystal weren’t feeding the whole group themselves… Beacause f(x) is no 2PM. They get what they work for aka CF,dramas… And it’s sad that SM don’t give a sh*t an f(x) so everyone has the fanclub’s name but them… but doesn’t that say they aren’t as popular as the newbies which had the fanclubs name a week after their debuts? No not really
      Besides, f(x) has a lot CF as a group and Krystal/Sulli/Victoria have many personal cf deals for themselves.
      I’m done with you btw
      Have a good day

  40. 40 Laurentian

    Umm those were predebut, Vic was a nobody when she shot with established celebrities. A stand-in extra at best. Might as well say Yuri had fans predebut JUST because she shot happened to be in a CF with Jang Dong-gun.

    And invitation declined. Sorry. Had my fill of deluded Vic fanism for today.

  41. 41 aimei

    omg. that gif was awesome!

  42. 42 happychu

    I started watching this drama without real conviction, just curious and didn’t expected a lot about it. Truth is, it was almost boring in a really weird way at the beginning, I mean, the colors, the photography, the actors, were all beautiful (to stick with the title?), but it lacked something (I mean, other than logic :D), and I was like “ok, if I have time I’ll continue on this one, it’s light”. And now I’m waiting for wednesday to come faster πŸ™‚

    I just feel that most of us has fallen for these young actors because they’re convincing, or may I say they’re perfectly cast in their respective role? They made me smile and it’s distressful, the fun is finally here, and, well, my brain and I are wainting for wednesday and thursday to take a rest in a beautiful way πŸ™‚

    And as for the “she’s more popular than yours and blablabla” discussion I’ve seen passing by, by the way, I think I can safely say that most of us just don’t care. I didn’t know about sulli or Minho before this drama, I don’t see them as idols, just actors, and they’re pretty good as actors. The end.

    • 42.1 Mic

      *slow clap*

  43. 43 Laurentian

    Well ‘lol’ it is true, just accept it. Sulli has done the most CFsΒ out of f(x), which is just irrefutable proof of her dominance (as if you needed anymore). And yeah, f(x) has done some as a group, which we all know the reason why.

    Now people watching from the sidelines might think this bickering is just weird/and or sad but intra-fan war is fairly common in f(x). It’s mostly between Sulli vs Vic or Sulli vs f(x). f(x) isn’ t what you’d call a very cohesive unit. Each member have their own thing going on and Sulli happens to have the bigger and most popular fandom πŸ˜€

  44. 44 Mic

    How I feel right now about all the characters:

    Jae-hee: Liked her at first, but she’s getting more and more annoying as the show progresses. I want her to be more interesting and less naive. :/

    Tae-joon: He was a little flat at first, but I really enjoy the direction he’s been heading the past few episodes as we start to get to know him. I think Minho’s also getting more comfortable, so yay. πŸ™‚

    Eun-gyul: Do I have to say anything? What a cutie! ^^

    Hyun-jae: Needs more screentime. His character is very interesting and I love rivalries. They bring out the best and the worst in characters. Tae-joon/Hyun-jae scenes are some of my faves.

    Jong-min: I don’t know if it’s Kwanghee or the character I can’t stand… >.<

    Hanna: So, um…yeah, she's a little psychotic. I do find the dynamic between her and Tae-joon a bit interesting, though. He seems to find her ridiculous but indulges her all the same. πŸ˜›

    Da-hae: …NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't leave! *cries*

    • 44.1 Gom

      I have to add to Da Hae.

      Out of all the female characters of this show, she’s probably the one I am so drawn to. She’s smart, she’s sassy, she knows her place, she’s nice, she’s assertive, she’s not overbearing. She’s just about everything I’d like my heroine to be. I wish she comes back. T.T

      • 44.1.1 Mic

        I wish she was the heroine. πŸ˜›

        But if she was, clearly there would be no cross-dressing shenanigans in the first place. πŸ˜›

  45. 45 Cecilia Gray

    Major squee-mage aside and much love for the catepillar scene IS THERE REALLY NO SUCH THING AS S’MORES IN SOUTH KOREA THAT IT HAS TO BE SO EXPLAINED???????? And omg of course they would find out how to make s’mores even MORE awesome by using flower shaped graham crackers.

  46. 46 Mikunda

    I read somewhere that Minho’s portrayal of KTJ is very close to the original manga’s character. I really find him to be very thin though – although he does look good. I am not sure if he didn’t do some plastic surgery – his nose looks quite different from before. He does seem more comfortable in his role too.
    I like Sully – she is so beautiful, and she can act.
    Overall – a really entertaining drama.

  47. 47 FeKimi

    Yay, the spark is back!!
    After getting so bored of episode 7, this episode gave a bunch of cute and funny moment!!
    Love Tae Joon game face mode!! Love Eun-gyeol and his sleeping bag!!
    But, I still don’t get it why they put that Hana on this show… It’s annoying!! Throw her out and the drama will still shine! And, I do hope Seung-ri doesn’t end up with her!!

  48. 48 umalily

    I enjoyed your recap. It was a very cute episode and I was very offended with Hannah, but I loved that Jae Hee yelled at Tae Joon out of nowhere, “Well who doesn’t like runny eggs!”

  49. 49 Jeannette

    One thing worries me about this drama: where will I get my weekly Minho fix from?


    • 49.1 panshel

      You could watch Shinee stuff… :p

      • 49.1.1 Jeannette

        Very very true! I just re-watched the show where they dressed up like girls. They are so stinkin’ PRETTY.

        I think I’m starting to worry my friends over all the drama love I have now, lol.

      • 49.1.2 Jibbs

        but its still not as satisfying…maybe because he looks SO GOOD in the drama…they really dress him well.

        when he’s training -he in athletic gear=swoon.
        school uniform=swoon
        casual wear=swoon

        sigh. i love minho!

        • Jeannette

          God, you’re my soulmate, haha! I don’t know why but I really loved the green striped shirt he was wearing in the tent. Like, I wish he would wear it at least one scene per episode. lol

          I’m such a bad noona. πŸ™

  50. 50 panshel

    Who knew paintball could be so mother effing sexy!? MinHo~ *dies*

    I felt my blood boil when Hanna stormed into their room and stole Jae Hee’s cream from her drawer. Where does this girl get off touching other people’s stuff!? >_< I got teary-eyed when Jae Hee scooped up the broken bottle and wistfully caressed the floor. I wish she were crying when Tae Joon found her, so he would freak out a little.

    I so ship our OTP, but then Eun Gyulie does things like surprise Jae Hee with a birthday cake, and I'm shrieking, "OMG, please go out with Eun Gyul!!" This puppy is too sweet to pass up.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 50.1 Jibbs

      Paintball=its only that sexy when minho does it!

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