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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 408
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EPISODE 408. Broadcast on October 14, 2012.

javabeans: New trip! The members arrive at a familiar site, the My Sassy Girl tree that they visited earlier this season, not long ago at all. Tae-woong is already balking, “But it hasn’t even been a year!”

girlfriday: Uh, they haven’t even been doing the second season long enough for that.

javabeans: I love the glimpse into Shi-kyung’s eyeglass collection, where he’s literally picking over which of a dozen specs to wear. And here I thought they were all the same pair—they certainly all look the same.

girlfriday: I was just gonna say, just when you think he’s this whatever-I’m-a-dude kind of dude, he’s fretting about which pair of glasses go with his outfit. It seems to make him happy, though he looks exactly like he always does.

javabeans: I remember Tae-hyun teared up after seeing the tree on the last trip, ten years after filming the movie, and it was this nice sweet moment for him. Today, though, he complains, “Stop coming here already!”

girlfriday: And then they’re like, “Are we supposed to cry? Are we getting a new PD or something?”

javabeans: Aw, so Seung-woo is wearing this beanie, right? Like all the cool young kids do? And Su-geun quips that it looks like he’s sick. And he’s just trying to be fashionable here! Tae-hyun dies laughing, saying the choice is a reaction to the comments that he looked extra-old last week in his hanbok.

girlfriday: Poor mat-hyung. They congratulate Tae-hyun on being the third member to carry the KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama (yeah, what’s with that?) after Tae-woong (Equator Man) and Joo-won (Gaksital).

javabeans: Shh, don’t question the mojo! Just do your ratings sacrifice and good luck dance and let the magic do its thing! You can’t ask for a sciencey answer! (Although now that I think about it, the shows are all predicated on revenge. Interesting.)

girlfriday: Hm, I see a Thing vs. Thing in that somewhere.

javabeans: Although to be fair, we see Things vs. Things everywhere. One of these days we should just pick two out of a hat and run with it.

girlfriday: Two unrelated things? Well now you’re just being crazy.

javabeans: Crazy, or brilliant? Workplace romances versus psycho villains, go! … okay, maybe crazy fits.

girlfriday: That one only has one conclusion anyway: Ki Chul and his array of eyebrow-arching derp-faces.

javabeans: …while designing high heels and finding love? Maybe he can have it all, you know. Maybe he doesn’t have to choose being a villain over being a sassy careerwoman!

girlfriday: Well he’s certainly a diva with a penchant for ornate outfits and bubble baths. So yeah, not far off. Anyway, uh… what were we saying?

javabeans: I never know anymore. Let’s just move forward and pretend we know what we’re doing. So Su-geun says he was surprised at the latest realization that Shi-kyung is the most popular with the ladies.

girlfriday: What? He clearly doesn’t read Dramabeans.

javabeans: Or understand ladies? The dude is smart, well-spoken, cooks like a mofo, and sings like a god.

girlfriday: Don’t forget as tall as a tree you want to climb!

javabeans: So when he says that he went to an MT with the boys and the daughter of their vacation villa owner offered to give Shi-kyung the damn place, I’m… mostly just sad I don’t have one to offer. And relieved when Shi-kyung calls Su-geun out for being a really glib onscreen liar, haha.

girlfriday: He tells the real version (it was a son not a daughter, and some charcoal not a pension). Um, that’s a really different story. I just think it’s adorable that all the boys went on a trip together. Though I guess… they’re always going on trips together. But yunno, for funsies.

javabeans: Su-geun should do improv. Anyway, Bird PD explains that they’re taking a page from the movie… er, script?… and opening a time capsule buried here. From six months ago?

girlfriday: Oh weird, I don’t remember them doing this, but maybe it just got cut out.

javabeans: I totally don’t remember either. I’m wondering, why now? Bird PD says the only paid for six months. HAHA.

girlfriday: HAHAHA. How hilariously low-rent of him. They realize now it’s because they didn’t know if they’d be on the air any longer than that.

javabeans: That’s so cute. But also: You couldn’t just pay the renewal?

girlfriday: Right? Oh, even better: the thing they wrote in the time capsule was a ranked list of the members they wanted to get to know best.

javabeans: If two people wrote each other’s name down as number 1, they get on the same team. Huh, I wonder if that means we could end up with seven teams. They open their little vault and pull out the container, which Bird PD reads.

girlfriday: I’m nervous for them. I just love these bromance pairing games. But… what if people get zero votes?

javabeans: Isn’t this a dangerous game? Remember when Ho-dong was so sure Tae-woong was gonna pick him, and he picked Su-geun instead? Joo-won’s the first to get revealed, and I wonder if this includes him already being friends with Tae-woong since the prompt asks which member they’d like to get to know the best.

girlfriday: But knowing Joo-won, I think he’d think about it in very simple terms, and just say, “I like Tae-woong hyung best, so I’m just gonna put him.”

javabeans: Totally! And apparently the reason he gave was: “I don’t know~! I just liked him from the start.”

girlfriday: Oh that’s gotta be Tae-woong.

javabeans: It is! But… I worry he may be disappointed with an unrequited love. His last-place answer, aw, was Jong-min. And Jong-min, awww, picked Seung-woo.

girlfriday: How cute, did he like Seung-woo from the start too?

javabeans: But his reason for picking Seung-woo freaking cracks me up! “I think he’d buy me lots of stuff, and he’s rumored to be rich.” PFFFFT.

girlfriday: LOL. All the boys die laughing, and commend him for thinking up a funny answer to even the simplest of questions.

javabeans: Shi-kyung also picked Seung-woo, and hilariously he looks surprised. I love Seung-woo’s reactions to these. He just barks, joke-crankily, “WHY?”

girlfriday: Tae-hyun wrote down Tae-woong, which means now both Seung-woo and Tae-woong have two votes each. I love that Tae-hyun now seems to regret his choice. Su-geun chose Shi-kyung, which surprises everyone. Even Su-geun, who doesn’t remember why.

javabeans: My favorite thing about this is that everyone seems surprised at their own choices, having totally forgotten who they picked. They all sing a line from a song about how “That was then…

girlfriday: So the first moment of truth (for a possible pairing): Tae-woong’s pick was… Seung-woo.

javabeans: I want Joo-won to CRY.

girlfriday: He’s certainly pouting. Everyone ooooohs at Seung-woo’s popularity, and Shi-kyung quips, “It must be true that you gotta have money in life.” Ha.

javabeans: So who did Seung-woo pick? He has three possible connections, and…. he picked Jong-min! Aww! Jong-min is, like, the happiest little boy on the face of the planet right now.

girlfriday: Yay! I love these two together.

javabeans: The hilarious thing about this setup is, Jong-min and Seung-woo get to be on the same team since they matched…. but the other FIVE who didn’t are on the same team. Not individual teams. So really, this pairing advantage is not really much of one.

girlfriday: Seung-woo and Jong-min complain about that very thing, and ask what advantage they have. Bird PD: “But you have a connection.” Hee. But will bromance feed them?

javabeans: The caption: “The crime of love.” At least the games will either be one-on-one or two-on-two, so they aren’t outnumbered.

girlfriday: The two teams take off in separate cars, and Jong-min asks Seung-woo why he wrote his name. Seung-woo can’t actually remember, but guesses it was because he knew him least. Jong-min admits that he used to be really uncomfortable around Seung-woo back then, and Seung-woo asks who he’s uncomfortable around now. Without a moment’s hesitation: “Shi-kyung.” Ha.

javabeans: Jong-min checks to make sure that Seung-woo didn’t take to heart what Jong-min said in their pillow-fight game. There’s this dramatic moment… and Seung-woo just laughs and says he had forgotten until Jong-min brought it up: “Wanna do [the pillow fight] again at dinner?”

girlfriday: On their way to the first stop, they’re told of the 3-part race: duck boat, duck-walk, and pepero game. Each team gets to choose which players come out from the other team, so really it’s just Seung-woo and Jong-min deciding which guys they want to go up against.

javabeans: They want to pick the two who they feel won’t work well together, and decide on Tae-hyun and Shi-kyung for the first.

girlfriday: I… don’t know if that’s true. Don’t they get along just fine?

javabeans: I think it’s because it’s the duck boat, right? Like, Shi-kyung’s super-strong and Tae-hyun isn’t, so they’ll go around in circles?

girlfriday: Or maybe the height difference for the duck-walk? Then they should’ve gone with Su-geun.

javabeans: Haha. But Tae-hyun’s lazier. Su-geun always surprises me with his athleticism.

girlfriday: True. That gut doesn’t seem to stop him from being the fastest sprinter among them.

javabeans: To the pier they go. The four guys board their boats and get into position.

girlfriday: Omg, how much do I love that the duck boats are named Romance? They take off and it quickly devolves into duck-boat-bumper-cars, and then Shi-kyung actually shoves the other boat away with his hand.

javabeans: The Matched Pair seem to be in greater pain than the Unmatched, who take a slight lead. They’re still close, though, within bumping distance.

girlfriday: I think the problem is steering more than anything, ‘cause neither is headed in a straight line. But in the final stretch, the Unmatched team gets a bigger lead. Oof, I’m tired just watching them.

javabeans: The Unmatcheds actually look like they’re enjoying this, while Seung-woo and Jong-min look like they’re gonna die. I don’t know if that should be funny, but it totally is. The lead maintains, and the Unmatcheds win this leg.

girlfriday: Next up is the pepero game, where they have bite opposite ends of the pepero to leave a 1cm piece of chocolate cookie stick between them to pass. But they’re using those GIANT ones, not the little sticks, which makes it way harder. Oh well, I guess more kisses for us.

javabeans: Ha, I’m thinking they should enjoy the extra chocolate where they can get it. The lead quickly dissipates since Shi-kyung and Tae-hyun keep biting the stick with too-long pieces. So while they’re still going at it, Seung-woo and Jong-min take the lead by getting their pepero on the first try. Haha, I love that Su-geun and Joo-won are trying it out in the background, and Bird PD tells them they can’t actually eat their peperos. What, you want them to spit it out?

girlfriday: Maybe they just wanted kisses! Shi-kyung and Tae-hyun fiiiiinally get a small enough piece, and race to catch up in the duck-walk. After all that paddle-boating, this is just mean. Seung-woo looks like he might die. Shi-kyung and Tae-hyun take a fall, but manage to win in the end. I love that the other three are all holding peperos as mics, pretending to be sportscasters but really just eating.

javabeans: Synchronized noms! So cute. The teams get back in their cars, and name all the food they want to eat. Great, now I’m hungry.

girlfriday: I’m never not hungry when I watch this show.

javabeans: I can’t figure out if it’s better to eat and then watch so I’m not starving. Or, since I’m going to be hungry no matter what, if I should just watch it hungry and eat afterward. In either case I’m just craving everything.

girlfriday: The ideal scenario would be to watch it in the kitchen, have all the ingredients for whatever they’re eating on hand (magically), and then eat that same exact thing when they eat.

javabeans: If we’re talking magically, forget the kitchen! I want food conjured to me personally!

girlfriday: Well I was going for half-plausibility, but who’re we kidding, what ingredients would I have in my kitchen?

javabeans: I think that plausibility died when it involved cooking stuff ourselves. So the boys arrive at the next location (the home of a famous tragic love story), and immediately the groans start. There are two tables: one with a stack of gourds, the other with cups of liquid. Commence suffering.

girlfriday: So it’s a task where they have to do certain actions (drink bitter tea, break a gourd, do a cartwheel) when a trigger word comes up in the lyrics of a song.

javabeans: This is hard! It’s like a timed game, with punishments, in code.

girlfriday: I don’t think I could do it, for the concentration part more than anything.

javabeans: The Unmatcheds basically argue their way out of being chosen and dump it on Joo-won, who can’t complain ‘cause he’s the maknae. Haha.

girlfriday: And then they’re like, “Can you do a cartwheel?” Um… did you not watch Gaksital?

javabeans: The boy can do cartwheels, backwards, with props, on one hand, choreographed to a fight. Although just to remind us, the show cuts in Gaksital footage and for some reason includes his dance scene footage, which cracks me up.

girlfriday: Do they think that’ll help him in this game? ‘Cause Jong-min’s got everyone beat on that score. They should just have a dance-off.

javabeans: Yes, please! Jong-min demonstrates his two varieties of cartwheels… which are identical. HA. Jong-min goes first, and Seung-woo accidentally miscues him, earning him one unnecessary head-bash and an end to the turn.

girlfriday: Joo-won goes, complete with dancing, and manages to get through everything including three cartwheels in a row… but then Bird PD says he broke the last two gourds off beat, so it doesn’t count. Dude.

javabeans: That is just mean. And instead of arguing, the boys suggest in this pleasant voice that the PD demonstrate the gourd-bashing on his own head. You know, for clarification and edification and all. Bird PD actually takes a gourd in hand (reluctantly), and Jong-min comes up to him with a cup of terrible tea for good measure.

girlfriday: I love it when they reel in Bird PD.

javabeans: He has yet to find that perfect balance of pushing just hard enough, but not so much that it backfires on him. Could you see Na PD getting roped in?

girlfriday: He’d be like, “Well now you have to break FIVE gourds, just for asking!”

javabeans: He’d be the hardball negotiator. “Offer’s on the table. You want me to double it? Five… four…. three…”

girlfriday: So in the end, Bird PD drinks the tea and breaks a gourd, just to satisfy them. Ha.

javabeans: He’s all, “SEE? Take that!” but I think he’s secretly thanking god that it worked. So Jong-min has to go again, since Seung-woo can’t do cartwheels, but this time he’s out even sooner. It’s just too much tea, too soon, and he spews it all over the place. HA.

girlfriday: And in Seung-woo’s face no less.

javabeans: We get a dozen replays of that spewing, from all different angles and in slo-mo. So as Joo-won preps for his next attempt, he gets some dance pointers from Jong-min, and I’m particularly enjoying the peanut gallery backup dancers. Thankfully for Joo-won, he gets through it this time and wins the round for his team. Yay for them! Yet, I do feel sorry for our dynamic duo underdogs.

girlfriday: At least they get potatoes, which is a whole lot better than nothing.

javabeans: But much sadder than the three-tier lunch boxes that go to the winners. I’m hungry again. Also, has Tae-woong suddenly gotten scratched up on the face? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t there five minutes ago.

girlfriday: Yeah they said he cut himself in the woods on the walk up. He joked and apologized to Seung-woo for making him mad, acting like he got clawed for insubordination.

javabeans: What was he doing in the woods? That is a pretty angry looking set of scratches.

girlfriday: Hardcore skipping?

javabeans: Making out with reluctant trees? As they eat, Su-geun says he feels a little bad about Seung-woo’s pitiful lunch, and Seung-woo’s pride asserts itself as he barks at them not to worry about him. Tae-hyun: “Well, it’s because you’re also not getting dinner…” Ha, you feel bad, but not enough to lose bokbulbok eh?

girlfriday: Seung-woo worries what they’ll do if they lose dinner too, and in the car Jong-min takes out extra potatoes that he pocketed. Ha. It’s slightly comforting, but mostly sad.

javabeans: Really, really sad. I hope for their sakes they win something. You can’t tout them as the fortunate team, then give them all the disadvantages, and then just crush them! I mean you CAN, but… you know. It wouldn’t be sporting. They comment on all the advantages the other team has, going down and listing the members’ strengths (Shi-kyung’s brain, Joo-won’s athleticism)… and conspicuously leave out Tae-woong.

girlfriday: They get to their next stop and Bird PD says this’ll be a drawing challenge. Two players from each team will sketch a model, and the drawing with the closest resemblance wins it for his team. The Matched Team picks Su-geun and Tae-woong to be their challengers, and then they bring the model out… and it’s the lighting director referee guy. Jong-min: “Is this not a nude model?” Uh…do you really want to see this guy nude?

javabeans: I wonder how they’ll decide whose is better. I mean, if someone’s actually good that might not be an issue. I’m thinking more along the lines of, how do you judge whose Bad is worse?

girlfriday: I’m expecting at least one to be stick-figure bad.

javabeans: I’m thinking it’s going to come down to Seung-woo versus Su-geun. The five minutes of drawing are up, and the drawings collected for judging. Tae-woong’s is first, and it’s much better than expected.

girlfriday: Yeah his could be in a comic or something. Jong-min’s is just crazy, but I expected as much.

javabeans: It’s both terrible and better than I anticipated. HA.

girlfriday: I think it’s funny that the model himself is judging, so he’s swayed by ego, like the fact that Tae-woong’s drawing makes him look too old. Hee.

javabeans: Su-geun’s is next, and Seung-woo derides it: “It looks like a criminal portrait!” It sort of does. Seung-woo’s doesn’t look anything like him either, which makes me take back my earlier concern since there’s a clear winner. Aw, they should do more drawing contests on this show, to give Tae-woong his moment in the spotlight. (Although, if you had to judge the three others against each other… that IS a case of whose bad is worse.)

girlfriday: Yeah Tae-woong’s is the best drawing, but the ref chooses Seung-woo’s in the end. It must just be a personal taste thing, of how he thinks he looks.

javabeans: Or a bribery thing. We don’t know.

girlfriday: HA, and then Seung-woo does a quick sketch of Bird PD as a freebie, which is just awesome.

javabeans: Now THAT actually cracks me up. It’s totally a gag, and yet… well, we’ll let you see for yourselves.

girlfriday: Next up is a treasure hunt, another 2:2 game. They pick Tae-hyun, of course, and then have to choose between Shi-kyung and Joo-won, which isn’t ideal since the grounds are huge and they’re both fast. They pick Joo-won.

javabeans: Joo-won’s fast (heh, Su-geun reminds him to mind his VJ and not go too quickly), but Shi-kyung’s smart and not to shabby in the endurance department. The two teams set out running, and Joo-won’s the first to locate a flag, with a kite and clue next to it.

girlfriday: And then he takes off toward another flag, leaving his poor VJ shooting the ground while he chases after him. Su-geun’s reminder comes back in voiceover.

javabeans: I particularly love the VJ POV we get, of the camera dropping and giving us shaky shots of the ground as he just gives up trying to shoot-and-run. Tae-hyun finds another flag, taking the clue but leaving the flag to mock the other team.

girlfriday: Soon Joo-won and Tae-hyun have four hints between them, and I’m like, where is the other team this whole time?

javabeans: I know! Being one or two flags behind I can see, but to get ZERO? They didn’t split up, it seems, which was a mistake. And they come up to find the other team in the midst of clue-finding and try to piggyback this one to get the hint anyway. How do they get past Tae-hyun? By tickling, of course.

girlfriday: Hee. It totally works. They get him off the observation deck binoculars, and Tae-hyun just leaves that clue behind. Jong-min finally discovers a clue hidden miles away (man that took some serious planning on the PDs’ part).

javabeans: Seung-woo and Jong-min find a clue consisting of a bunch of pictures, and scratch their heads over it. Joo-won found the clue earlier and took a photo and moved on, but these guys sit here for 15 minutes rearranging them until they find a pattern revealing the clue. Interesting. Joo-won got all the clues, but he’s not stopping to interpret them, which does put a damper on the speed aspect.

girlfriday: Yeah so while Joo-won’s running his ass off collecting every single clue but not using any of them, Jong-min and Seung-woo find three clues but spend the time to parse them out… and come up with an answer.

javabeans: Oh interesting! And I think Jong-min’s guess is pretty close, because it fits with a clue he hasn’t yet seen (that Joo-won saw, but didn’t analyze for meaning). Go underdogs go! I’m suddenly all pumped for them to win.

girlfriday: Totally. And impressed at Jong-min’s sleuthing skills.

javabeans: He totally put that clue together! Is it worth explaining here, or is that pointless? It’s mostly wordplay.

girlfriday: It’s basically like building a pun backwards, getting one syllable from each clue.

javabeans: Yes, and the end result is a location. That’s where their final prize awaits and wins them dinner. They actually pass by the other team on their way there, but Tae-hyun and Joo-won haven’t connected the dots — they don’t seem to be connecting hints with their mission, they’re trying to figure them out individually. So Jong-min and Seung-woo try not to act like they’re about to claim victory, though I feel like their good mood totally gives them away.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun stops them in the middle of the stairs to try and ask what the photo clue was about, but Seung-woo and Jong-min manage to send them back down for clues, while they head up to the top. They find the treasure box, and open it up.

javabeans: AND IT WAS A FAKE OUT! Joo-won and Tae-hyun come back to their team to reveal that they have the real treasure!

girlfriday: What?!

javabeans: Joo-won takes out the slip of paper that reads, “Success!” They must have swapped out the note, then pretended they were bumbling along. Okay, editors, I give you this one. This is what happens when you totally misdirect, not showing us that they were figuring things out, and only showing clips of them going, “Durrrr.” You totally had me rooting for the other turnout.

girlfriday: Seriously, I was totally fooled. Aw, and Jong-min was being so clever too!

javabeans: I’m again impressed at Tae-hyun and Joo-won’s acting, because they did that fakeout perfectly.

girlfriday: Pwahaha, what makes it even funnier is that Seung-woo and Jong-min open up the fake treasure, and still don’t understand that they’ve lost.

javabeans: They totally do a cheer and laugh at their success. Aw. Honey. They open the box and go, “We won!” They don’t even think about the possibility of having been hoodwinked till they arrive back at the base of the hill and are about to rejoin the others.

girlfriday: I love that Seung-woo holds onto his pride so stubbornly, acting like he knew they lost the whole time and didn’t really try that hard. Shi-kyung: “Do you want to hear the dinner menu?” Seung-woo hmmphs: “I’m not interested.”

javabeans: Aw man, I’m so sad (and hungry) for them. In the ride to basecamp, they say how the setup was unfair from the start, though Bird PD counters that they could choose their opponents. To which Seung-woo’s all, “HA,” since that just means they got pinch hitters while he and Jong-min had to do everything. The winners tell the Matched team that choosing Joo-won was their mistake; he was dripping in sweat and ran his little butt off today. But it’s not like the alternative was much better, because Shi-kyung says that when food is on the line, he really works.

girlfriday: Ain’t that the truth. Su-geun asks Jong-min to say one nice thing about his partner Seung-woo, and Jong-min jokes that they don’t match so well after all. Seung-woo immediately asks Bird PD to be on a different team for sleepytime games. Heh. All it takes is one lost meal for bromance to hit the rocks.


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      Joo Won said in an interview that after every trip (I assume the ones where they leave together) they all go out to eat and the members take turn buying dinner. He says that they’ve become really close because of that.

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    I picked up the show again last week after dropping it after the premiere and they have improved so much after half a year!

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    Joowon needs to open his mouth more often. I don’t know if its a maknae thing-you don’t want to overstep your bounds with the hyungs around, but I rarely hear him talk like how Taewoong was when he first started the show in Season 1. Taewoong is better now but man, he is terrible at games. He needs a game mentor.
    Isn’t Jongmin and Shikyung born the same year?. Then, shouldn’t they be more comfortable with each other since they have the same age? But seems like these two have the most awkward relationship in all the members.

    • 18.1 Ann

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      • 18.1.1 sweetspring

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        • loan

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      I want to hear Joo-won speak up more too. I would love to see him maybe have a minor quibble with one of the others (aside from that one with Jong-min not being his hyung). Like a fight while playing a game, but he seems too good-natured to go against his hyungs even if it would make for more entertainment.

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    So naturally, most games have to do with math and athletics.

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    • 20.1 pauper

      1 Night 2 Days = Il Bak Ii(ee) Il(eel)

      • 20.1.1 sipoo

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        now, i also can shout “il bak ii il” with confidence, hehehehe…

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    He is the first person that I have actually (at my age) wanted to join the fan club since I was in high school in 80s (I know I just dated myself. sigh.) I listen to his music so much (thank goodness for Youtube playlists!) that my family members think I am crazy. My daughter now just says “Oh, it is ‘that guy’ again.”

    Notice, I left out girlfriday’s part about him being “as tall as a tree you want to climb.” Can’t get my mind out of the gutter when I think of that one.

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    Love this show!

    And honestly 1N2D has the best bromance amongst all the K-variety shows around… although it’s pretty hilarious when they backstab each other sometimes.
    It’s also heartening to know that the newbies are getting along just fine with the old boys.
    I must also mention that Bird PD is also starting to grow on me; his awkward brand of shyness is really quite cute!
    Hope the ratings for the show continue to improve coz this season really rocks too (:

    • 30.1 jeazzz

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