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Kim Soo-hyun gets army physical, not going to army (yet)
by | November 19, 2012 | 67 Comments

javabeans: So Kim Soo-hyun went in for a physical at the military admin office, apparently, and set off a wave of panicked speculation: Is he going to army already?!?!

girlfriday: Well when you see the words “Kim Soo-hyun” and “army” in a headline, your heart tends to lurch into your throat. But! It’s not time yet!

javabeans: According to his management company, he has made no plans or decisions to fulfill his service yet. He just got the physical. You can all resume breathing.

girlfriday: Are you sure? But what if his manager is a prankster?

javabeans: Uh, I’m pretty sure if that’s a prank somebody’s gonna be calling for his head on a stick.

girlfriday: And then some. I wonder why it was a headline in the first place then.

javabeans: Well, did YOU click it?

girlfriday: Touche.

javabeans: ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I clicked them all.

girlfriday: Not that giving Kim Soo-hyun a physical isn’t on many people’s bucket lists around here, but we don’t usually get a wave of celebrity army physical reports. Soon it’ll be: “Joo-won has a fever!” and “Lee Min-ho grew two inches!”

javabeans: First of all, I would totally still click those articles. And if Lee Min-ho grew two inches, I would totally want to know that. Even though it would just make me want to yell at him even more to stand up straight.

girlfriday: Now that would be a headline: “Lee Min-ho stops slouching. Mothers everywhere applaud.”

javabeans: I do think army-related stuff tends to get a stronger reaction when the guy is so young, though. Especially when his career is so on fire. He’s only a 1988-er so it’s years before his final deadline is up. (It is worth noting, though, that his age now is just about right for the average citizen, who might go right after high school or sometime during his university years. It’s just the celeb angle that skews the picture.) Lastly, maybe this just gives fans a nice long while to ease into the idea—who knows, it might take a whole six years to let go of him.

girlfriday: Great. Now I have six years to worry about it.

javabeans: You’re welcome.

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67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ani

    Hmmm. But some would say that him going off now while he’s on fire might be a good thing? Since, you know, leave a star, come back and there will still be enough of a demand. It has worked for others. Or who knows, maybe the Kang Dong Won (Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa) way is best too. XD

  2. kopytko

    Well, te way I see it – the sooner they go, the sooner they return. And they all have to go anyway. If Kim Soo Hyun went to the army now, we could see a rare phenomenon – a 28 year old guy at large in the showbiz after his release!

    • 2.1 mav

      He will be the got to leading man for his release, to any story where the characters have the same age…. yes please!

  3. mav

    I just love you gals, thankfully non of you are enlisting…

    “Soon it’ll be: “Joo-won has a fever!” and “Lee Min-ho grew two inches!”,” laughed so hard at those.

    • 3.1 mary

      You know you’ve read too many comments at dramabeans when you interpret:

      “Lee Min-ho grew two inches!”

      as something totally not-height-related.


      • 3.1.1 kdj

        Hahaha… I see where you’re going here… *blush*

      • 3.1.2 Steamy Bun

        LOL! I was kind of thinking the same thing. 😀 Like how would an already grown man grow 2 inches of height anyway?

        • pillowhead


      • 3.1.3 SoyJade

        Thanks. Now I know I’m not the only one with a mind that went “there”…lol…;)

      • 3.1.4 Jasmin Rice

        You mean, his hair for Saguk role.?:-)

  4. Fab

    Why would he go for a physical at the military if he is not going in years?
    *erases the thought*

    • 4.1 jomo

      Maybe hoping he would fail…

    • 4.2 topper

      You get informed to go for physical checks to grade if you are fit for combat service or public service etc. Maybe even no service but that means your health is pretty much screwed.

      Then you will get an enlistment date, which you can defer if you have valid reasons, and for these celebrities they use work as a reason. And in Korea most defer until the max age of about 30.

      • 4.2.1 Fab

        Aight, that makes sense. Also given that most of Korean men go to AS around KSH’s age. Well who would mind a free physical. :p

      • 4.2.2 Carinne

        Ahhh~ now I am more aware of how this proceeds. Thanks for the info.

        Well, the boy did fess up he has had an abnormal heart condition (he said it on one of his gazillion interviews) when he was a wee lad so maybe there will be an official excuse down the line.

        Kkk~ maybe KSH knows he has the world in the palm of his hands so might as well get this out of the way ASAP. =)

        Happy Thanksgiving (Eve) Peeps!

  5. pogo

    Just when I was starting to feel old because all the actors my age are now packing off to MS, you guys had to drop this….

    Look on the upside though, the army seems to let the prettiest of the lot out hotter than ever (hello, Lee Jun Ki, I’ll take Post-Army Really Hot Man over Pre-Army Fairy Prince) and if he goes now and gets it over with he’ll be one of the few late-20s leading men left around when all the others are doing their time.

    • 5.1 ~Feather~

      lmao “fairy prince”!
      I had actually read that as fairy princess since everyone says his prettiness (before army) could be compared to women.

  6. jc

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to go after such big hits.. Look at Hyun bin coming back already, and everyone’s like Secret Garden was two years ago?!!

    • 6.1 gg

      exactly my thoughts!!

    • 6.2 Chen

      Wait, Secret Garden was 2 years ago?! WOW the way time passes…

  7. sPark*

    I am all for getting his military service over and done with when he’s popular. However, he only just recently reached this crazy popularity of his, so I don’t know. He should go after a couple more hits :D:D I can’t let go of too many at once. Lee Je Hoon was hard enough. I already sense Song Joong Ki’s time is coming. Not Kim Soo Hyun too! aldkfjaldkfjk All my biases will be gone!

    • 7.1 Naz

      My heart seriously dropped when you mentioned Song Joong Ki.

      • 7.1.1 pogo

        Mine too T_T

        but then, I made it through Lee Jun Ki and Gong Yoo’s time away, I can make it through this too!

    • 7.2 shel

      Me too, :0(

    • 7.3 Grace

      Oh wow, I remember when he went in. Time flies! Which is awesome in this case.

  8. Annie

    I actually think this would be a good time to go to the army – let’s face it, there aren’t many parts for actors his age and he could get his military service over and done with before he enters his prime years as an actor. It would also win him a lot admiration and build up anticipation for his return.

    • 8.1 JoAnne

      This is how I feel – go now, young man! Go now, come back and be SEVENTH LEVEL OF HELL hot, and pick up that career right where you left off but with true leading man roles.

    • 8.2 girlatsea

      I feel the same way. He’s young, he should just get it out of the way. Why wait six more years when he can just go now?

      Maybe it’ll help get rid of that baby face of his.

    • 8.3 malta

      I agree. Then he could be closer in age to the leading ladies out there instead of getting noona romance parts and having people complain.

  9. Jinny

    Hmmm if he does ONE more drama or maybe a drama and a movie and then goes I will be satisfied enough to await his return haha!

  10. 10 Mari

    Ladies you almost gave me a heart attack! I’m new to this whole going to army thing. So it still makes me sad. He is such a talented kid that being away from tv/movies would really make me miss him. I’m extremely glad I wasn’t into dramas when Hyun Bin & Rain when in because my depression would had been bever ending. This way I got to fall in love with them watch everything they ever film, and patiently wait for them to return. Two more weeks for Hyun Bin 🙂
    Now I just have to let myself get ready for when Lee Min-Ho announces he is going in…

  11. 11 jomo

    Har har har
    “Lee Min-ho stops slouching. Mothers everywhere applaud.”

    As a (very very very very)(very) young mother, I agree.
    but I also think the slouch is sexy.
    Don’t know why.

    • 11.1 Ennayra


    • 11.2 JoAnne

      Yeah he breaks all my sexy rules, and I can resist him pretty easily in print ads. But in dramas (other than BOF, boo hiss I hate you JunPyo) he has some undefinable, undeniable THING that makes him appealing. I wonder what that’s like in person.

      Because it goes both ways, you know. Lackluster in person can shine on the screen, and vice versa.

      • 11.2.1 jomo

        The voice and the giggle are irresisitble.
        Nobody talkes like him.

      • 11.2.2 Mar

        THING. Good call JoAnne. LMH definitely has THING. Lots and lots of it. I don’t get what it is either. I look at him and go ok, cute guy, kinda skinny, I want to feed him, and then he throws out that THING, and I’m like, I stop breathing and time slows down, and what a what whating what’s my name again?

        • JoAnne

          I think Jomo has it right – his voice is velvet and the smile that goes with it and then the chuckle which is pitched so just YOU can hear it because he slouches down by your ear*fans self*

          • Mar

            Yes, Jomo, the voice and giggle, hahaha! I think it’s also that he does serious and stern so much, that when he turns on the smile, or glee, it’s just stunning, the youth and beauty and charm.

          • SH

            Speaking of LMH’s voice, I really like his voice in this song.


      • 11.2.3 jaz

        hihihi! Everything about LMH is perfect, even the slouching habit. Now since we’re talking about him already, just wanna share that LMH recently visited our country for 4 days and mind you guys…he really is tall and sexy! His voice is baritone sexy…his smile and giggles…uhmmmm…how can i describe it…it’s unexplainably charming and highly contagious that when you see him smile and laugh, it just makes you wanna smile back!!! He also has this habit of pursing his lips and playing with his tongue. XD

        He definitely is the sweetest, polite and the most down-to-earth celebrity ever! Even though I wasn’t able to see him in person but I still felt his strong presence onscreen (fancams). I still have this LMH withdrawal syndrome and it’s already been 2 days since he went back to Korea. *sighs*

      • 11.2.4 Ryoko

        I always found myself staring at his throat in BOF. I know, I know, that sounds weird, but it was so attractive and…manly. XD

        • jaz

          i agree! he’s got this gorgeous adam’s apple! keke!

    • 11.3 Naz

      Alot of tall people try to bring them selves down a bit by slouching or adjusting their hips. As a tall person myself I didn’t realize I did it till someone mentioned it to me. I still don’t like people under five foot five being too close to me when I’m standing lol.

  12. 12 foolmoon

    I don’t know, if he has to go now, I think there will be more benefit for him, besides it’s only two years.
    It will be interesting if we see Jang Geun Suk go to the army, right? …

    • 12.1 Ennayra

      JGS in the army is so hilarious. He has such a fun, wacky image these days. When I try to imagine it, I flash back to him in Itaewon Murder Case. That’s the only way I can see it.

      • 12.1.1 Hannah

        OMG HAH.

        I just imagined him back when he was in the Itaewon Murder Case and it’s so surreal to realize just how much his image has changed.

    • 12.2 yukisama69

      Oh the image in my head now. Thanks, I so needed a good laugh. Excuse me while I roll away laughing like the lunatic that people say I am.


    • 12.3 pogo

      I still have vivid memories of JGS with a buzz cut…..and him without the perfect swooshy mane is just SO odd.

  13. 13 Ennayra

    I love that Lee Min-ho popped up on this tag. Love him right now!

    Is is really only 2 weeks until Hyun Bin gets out? Secret Garden seems like just last winter. Oh, it’s ridiculous how fast time passes in drama world. I love that he’s a marine. If you’re going to do it, then do it big. He respect from me for that.

    Does anyone know when Rain’s getting out? His music was the soundtrack for my life back in 2009. 🙂

    • 13.1 JoAnne

      late summer early fall 2013 I believe

  14. 14 mcbtax

    He should go. He will be a huge star when he comes back.

  15. 15 ck1Oz

    You’re mean JB. And not even to us. Poor Girlfriday 🙂
    LOL. What a prank.

    But still, even I had a heart attack when I saw the headlines.

  16. 16 yukisama69

    JB, this noona had a minor episode of lung function arrest, but all is well now. I have full lung capacity again.

  17. 17 dewaanifordrama

    LOL at this whole post! You ladies are so funny and witty.

  18. 18 SoulsEntwined

    I agree with those who say he should just go and get it over with instead of delaying to the last possible moment. Or maybe go after one my tv series. He is already gorgeous, can you imagine how hot he will be post army duty?

  19. 19 risa

    If Lee Min Ho grew two inches taller, it would make me want to do all sorts of things to him even more, but yelling isn’t one of them. ;D

  20. 20 Sue

    I remember reading that Kim Soo Hyun had surgery in 2010 due to arrhythmia and supraventricular tachycardia. It was said at the time that with the surgery he was healthy again, and with medication he was not expected to have any more problems. I am not so sure this would qualify him for combat duty, maybe public service.

  21. 21 Noelle

    HOLD THE PHONE! Binnie is coming back in TWO weeks???? GAAAHHH! Doing a happy dance people.

  22. 22 jubilantia


    OK, freakout over. For now. Maybe it would be good to start seeing shirtless muscle scenes before he’s 30…? I mean, that never happens with actors, right?

  23. 23 lovedramas

    Frankly, I think the sooner you go, the sooner you’re out too. If you’re out and you’re still 26, how hot would that be?! There are actually 28 year olds in the industry. 🙂 I do totally understand the traditional concept. Maybe do what they do in TW (although their time is much shorter now)… release a bunch of stuff while serving and then you’re still in the limelight even though you can’t promote.

    Besides, he’s so talented and good actor, korea would be missing something if they did not fully embrace him when he returns. But I wonder if the mgmt companies have a lot of say in it. They like to make the most money now when it’s more of a sure thing I guess. I don’t really know how the industry works, but just guessing since, money talks.

  24. 24 malta

    I think it would be good if he just got it out of the way…

  25. 25 SH

    Yeah, I think it might be a smart move for KSH to do it now. He’ll be more marketable when other ’87-88ers go to do their service later.

    Personally, I would like my faves to go one at a time, so that way I can still watch some of them on screen.

    The order should be like this KSH—>Jung Il-woo–>LMH (weep).

    • 25.1 kdramapedia

      This was my exact thought (after I had a minor heart attack, of course). He would be coming out when all of our 87 loves are in, which leaves a big gap for him to fill. He would be even more of a star than he is now!

    • 25.2 Hannah

      Then, there’s Lee Seung-gi (girlfriday would die) and Song Joong-ki too.

  26. 26 May

    Oh, all the heartaches, if Seung Gi is to go to the army. Withdrawal syndrome.

  27. 27 justcommenting

    It’s good for an actor’s image to go to the army but kinda bad for his career because you just disappear from the public’s eyes. But there’s no way that KSH enlists now because he’s at the height of his career (some may argue otherwise but I don’t think he will star in a drama as outrageously successful as Moon/Sun) so he should just cash in while he can.

  28. 28 Olivia Wang

    Hate to say this….but if there is no great project for Kdrama, should he focus on movie career? Thus he can cooperate with those best directors and actors in zhong-wu road! Even have chance to win awards globalwide! I imagine Soo Hyun another talent as Kang Dong-won and Bin Won: low-key but classy!! As awesome it would be to see Soo Hyun on big screens 30 yrs from now…like those industry icons Song Kang-ho, Ahn Seong-gi,Choi Min-sik…I know it’s still a long way to go, but….I really think Kim Soo Hyun deserves such bright future for so many surprises he has brought to the industry!!! Hope Keyeast could help him to become what he meant to be~~ Sometimes this career path ask an actor to have less entertainment exposure, sometimes may need to give up fame or money..Best of Luck Soo Hyun xi!!!!

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