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Full House Take 2: Episode 16 (Final)
by | December 16, 2012 | 77 Comments

And so we must bid farewell to the cast who has slowly made a home into our hearts. We still get a bit of the angst but the show quickly wraps up those loose ends and delivers much of the long-awaited Cute late in the game. Better late than never, I say. It almost makes you want to forget that the middle half ever existed given how adorable it is now.


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Everyone waits with bated breath as the MC announces the winner as… Take Two. The crowd erupts in cries of joy and tears as the boys celebrate.

The spotlight cuts away from Kang-hwi who sways back and forth and collapses onto the ground. When the camera focuses back on Only one again, Kang-hwi is gone.

Lee Joon fumes and he immediately shifts into damage control. He’s still boiling mad when Bum-soo reminds him of their earlier deal about Full House. It’s no surprise that Lee Joon turns on a dime at this and shouts that there’s no evidence to such a verbal agreement. Ugh, as if we needed more proof to know what a jerk you are.

Tae-ik runs in but he’s got another bone to pick with Lee Joon, grabbing him by the shirtfront. He roars that if Lee Joon was aware of the extent of Kang-hwi’s condition, then how could he have stood by until he collapsed on stage?

Lee Joon raises an eye at Tae-ik’s uncharacteristic concern. Since when did Tae-ik take such an interest in his ex-teammate? He shoves Tae-ik out of the way – he has bigger things to take care of than checking in on Kang-hwi in the hospital.

Unfortunately, it’s only bad news that awaits them at the hospital. Given Kang-hwi’s prognosis, the only treatment option available to them now is an eye transplant surgery.

Hwa-ming immediately calls Lee Joon once she hears the news, infuriated. Lee Joon assures her that Kang-hwi is receiving the best medical treatment from the top doctors in the country and they’ll be going ahead with the album preparations as planned.

But Hwa-ming retorts that her company will no way invest in an industry that works their employees ragged – she’ll be retracting her investment to UEnter. Which is when Lee Joon pulls out his hidden card: Would she like to see front page headlines of Kang-hwi’s real lineage?

Hwa-ming tells him, “How dare you threaten me and my family.” She warns that Lee Joon will regret this and hangs up.

The others stand vigil around Kang-hwi’s bedside, dispirited. But they’ve got a bigger issue on their hands as Go-dong rushes in, announcing that Lee Joon plans to hold a press conference about Kang-hwi’s family.

Just then, Kang-hwi stirs awake and tells them that he’s fine. He jokes that he made another broadcast error and figures that everyone must know about his failing eyesight by now.

Lee Joon doesn’t let anything or anyone deter him from holding his Important Press Conference and has the Take 2 boys dragged away. He walks in to find the hall empty of reporters and yells in frustration.

It’s the UEnter chairman who answers him, saying that he called off the press conference. He scolds Lee Joon for trying to start a war with Kang-hwi’s family and ignores his protests that he’ll handle the situation. He ousts Lee Joon from the job.

Lee Joon argues that he can’t do that – the chairman knows better than anyone else how hard he worked to get to his position. “You can’t do this to me!” but the chairman remains firm on his decision. Well, now we know where you learned to be all shouty.

Lee Joon pleads with the chairman, desperate now, only to be turned away. He falls to his knees, shaking in shock.

The chairman listens to the voice recording of Lee Joon’s agreement to turn over Full House to Tae-ik. The name triggers a memory of when he introduced Lee Joon to Tae-ik’s parents.

He mulls over the situation, listening as Bum-soo explains how much profit Tae-ik has earned for the company. And to their surprise, he agrees to honor the arrangement. On one condition: that Bum-soo take over Lee Joon’s position at UEnter.

Back in his office, Lee Joon recalls when he was first established as president, a glint of idealistic hope in his eyes. He runs a hand across his now useless nameplate before swiping the contents of his desk in a rage, and breaks down.

Se-ryung visits Kang-hwi in the hospital bearing flowers. She informs him that Lee Joon has resigned, but more than that, she’s here for his advice about Tae-ik before she leaves for China.

Telling her that she shines brightest when she acts like the international star Jin Se-ryung, Kang-hwi advises her to shake Tae-ik’s hand and let him go. He lends a sympathetic smile as Se-ryung admits that she sometimes thinks that Tae-ik may still have feelings for her (really?).

He tells her that it’s because her feelings were genuine; isn’t that why she came back to Korea in the first place? But Se-ryung says that she’s just angry that she can’t have Tae-ik and vows that she’ll do as Kang-hwi advises.

She runs into Tae-ik on her way out and they relocate to the rooftop to chat. He congratulates her on her upcoming movie and she swallows hard before asking him for the last time if he won’t come with her to China.

When he doesn’t answer, her voice breaks β€” he may come to regret it if he doesn’t take this last chance. Tae-ik asks if Se-ryung regretted leaving him. He adds, “The most important thing to me is to protect the ones I love. That way, I don’t regret it.”

Taking that as her answer, she says goodbye. A little later, she sends him a text to clarify the misunderstanding. Explaining that she was jealous of the Take One boys’ strong friendship, she deliberately kissed Kang-hwi for Tae-ik to see.

Aw, it breaks my heart watching Kang-hwi blindly hobble out of the bathroom. Tae-ik tells him that he should have asked for the nurse’s help but Kang-hwi dismisses this. It would be embarrassing for him as a Hallyu star. Plus, the nurse is a huge fan of his.

After a long minute, he congratulates Tae-ik for getting Full House back and declares that he’ll be moving out so he can avoid that “jerk house owner.” Moreover, he’s headed to China to get eye surgery and spend time with his mother. Though surprised, Tae-ik gives an adorable, understanding nod.

Kang-hwi explains that he initially rejected the idea to get surgery but realized he should pursue every avenue of treatment to stop living a life of discomfort.

Tae-ik tells him that it’s for the better and confesses, “I’m sorry, Kang-hwi.” Aww. Kang-hwi answers with a Dost my ears deceive me? and finds Tae-ik’s sincere apology uncharacteristic of him. “They say that people die if they suddenly change.”

Tae-ik airs out the dirty laundry and Kang-hwi laughs that he would never steal his buddy’s girl. He adds that girls like Se-ryung aren’t his type and clarifies, “I like girls who are cute like puppies, not like foxes.”

They resume their adorable bickering and then Kang-hwi agrees to accept his apology if Tae-ik grants him a favor only he can fulfill.

Kang-hwi returns to Full House the next day to be welcomed by a delicious spread made by Man-ok. Over a cup of tea, Kang-hwi comments that it feels nice to be home.

He presents her with a pin and asks if it looks similar to the one they saw when they were in Japan. He reminds her of her earlier words about greed and that a person can’t have everything. He admits that he might have unknowingly caught on to how Man-ok already felt for him by then.

He instructs her to open the attached envelope. In it is a voucher to attend a designer academy, and he mentions that Hwa-ming was impressed by Man-ok’s talents.

She’s touched by the gesture and Kang-hwi promises, “When you become a famous designer, I’ll be your model.” Man-ok thanks him and he says the same, though his sounds more like a goodbye.

“You have to become a great designer, Man-ok.” He tells her. “You’ve worked hard staying by my side.” He sends her off to live her own life now and Man-ok looks at him as the truth slowly sinks in.

With a sad smile and voice cracking, he tells her, “Jang Coordi, you’re fired.”



Kang-hwi is carefully led to the car by Hwa-ming. He can barely make out the blurry outline of Man-ok in the distance and slaps on a brave smile. Man-ok waves goodbye, lingering for a long moment after the car drives off.

Man-ok surveys the empty house and lets out a sigh. She hears the door open and calls out a hopeful, “Kang-hwi nim?” But no, it’s “Tae-ik nim” who reminds her that this is his house.

His official move-in date is tomorrow but he’s here now to bring her back to the gym to beg for Grandpa’s forgiveness. I love that he’s all, Shouldn’t you go back home now? and when she hesitates, he assures her that he’ll be there next to her.

It’s hilarious that it’s Tae-ik’s who’s the more assertive one now as he practically drags her back to the gym. She cries that Grandpa’s super scary when he’s angry but Tae-ik’s like, We have to go inside first!

Grandpa steps out upon hearing the commotion and he tsk-tsks when Man-ok addresses him as “Grandpa.” To his knowledge, he doesn’t have such a mannerless granddaughter. Ouch.

So Man-ok falls to her knees to beg for forgiveness. She follows him inside, proclaiming that she was following his words to stay true to her friends during their rough patches. Grandpa softens at those words and says they’ll go for mudfish soup. Yay!

Man-ok falls into her bed, utterly happy, and Tae-ik does the same. She immediately sits up when he does and Tae-ik makes a lame excuse about how cushy it is until he puts his hand over hers. I see what you did there, smooth operator.

They both blink their eyes wider, surprised and then Tae-ik leans in close… but they hear Grandpa cough outside their door and she pushes him off the bed. HA – I forgot how strong you were, Man-ok.

Bum-soo and the Take 2 boys bid farewell to Grandpa who tells them to visit anytime. Tae-ik takes in the surroundings, recalling the sweet memories spent in the gym: when he complained about the tent, Man-ok’s confession, and the kiss.

Grandpa has a special word for Tae-ik, instructing him to take care of his health (he’s not the only one who thinks this way, mind you). Tae-ik cries, “Yes, sir!” which gets Man-ok to laugh and he cracks a smile.

Tae-ik drives back to Full House, now his since Bum-soo handed the house deed back over to him. He looks around at the now-empty basement and we finally learn what Kang-hwi’s favor was.

“Don’t ever leave her side. Always stay by her side and say, ‘I like you,’ ‘You’re pretty.’ Tell her a lot of those cheesy things. No matter what, make sure she never cries, so that she’s always smiling. Even though it’s something I can’t do no matter how hard I try, you can make Man-ok happy.” Gah, don’t make me cry!

He goes to pick up Man-ok early in the morning in front of the gym. Waiiit a minute, are those supposed to be C’mere girl eyes? Pfft. Tae-ik: “Let’s go.” Man-ok: “Where?” Tae-ik: “Somewhere fun.” So cute.

That someplace fun is back at Full House and he tells her to change out of her gym clothes. She blinks that she took all of her things with her but he tells her, “Then what’s that you left in the bedroom?” Oh you… you didn’t…

…Yes you did. Man-ok is left breathless at the array of balloons and flowers. She opens the box and smiles at the dress inside.

Back downstairs, Tae-ik is at the piano with an impressive spread of food. She steps towards him and smiles sheepishly.

OMG, Tae-ik you’re singing a song about your complaints and demands to “Jjang Man.” That’s so weird and adorable at the same time. He ends his little serenade to her to her applause.

It’s sweet that he simply stares at her across the table and when Man-ok blushes, he tells her, “You’re so pretty.” She turns a fiercer red. And of course he turns that on its head and said he had no idea things would turn out like this when she first spooked him in that niqab.

She says the same about his severe lack of manners. He smiles and asks that she stays by his side… as his coordi. Er, that’s not really romantic there, stud.

Man-ok turns down his offer because she’ll be attending designer academy soon thanks to Kang-hwi. Tae-ik mutters curses under his breath and Man-ok takes offense that he’d think she’d stay as stylist over pursuing her future.

Then Tae-ik throws a temper tantrum: She was Kang-hwi’s coordi so why can’t she do the same for him? Huh? She calls him out on his childlike behavior and he bellows, “What? Kid?!”

He crosses his arms, pouting that Man-ok refers to Kang-hwi as “Kang-hwi nim” and now he wants the same treatment. Aw, are you still hung up on that?

It’s kind of hilarious that he has to spell it out for her (“Tae-ik nim”) and she has to stifle her laughter at the ridiculous request. He even shows her how she always does it and she can’t bring herself to, citing that such a lofty nickname doesn’t suit him.

But she gathers herself to comply anyway. So she folds her hands together… and then sticks her tongue out before running off and he chases after her. So. Adorable.

Six months later. Looks like it finally worked as Tae-ik wakes in bed, hearing Man-ok’s voice call out, “Tae-ik nim.” He puts an arm around Man-ok… and then opens his eyes to see Go-dong instead. AHAHAHA.

The best part is that Go-dong covers himself and says that his body is “pure without a single scandal.” Pfft, then what were YOU doing in bed with him?

He rolls out of bed and stops at a photo of him and Man-ok in the picture frame. He gives it a little kiss and then looks sideways to see if anyone caught him in the most adorable moment ever.

Man-ok receives a package from Kang-hwi. Inside is a voice recorder and Kang-hwi updates her that he’s doing well. Part of me thinks is pretty brilliant. The other part reminds me that he could have used a phone.

Man-ok records her response, telling him that everyone’s doing fine. The Take 2 boys are successful (and Go-dong is a Kang-hwi Lite) and Bum-soo is busy as the CEO. She still continues to teach the kids hapkido and attend the academy.

She adds that everyone misses him and asks when he’ll be back in Korea.

Kang-hwi, who’s in China, turns off the recorder and is told that he has a visitor. He turns around to see (hold on, you can see?!) Tae-ik and the two exchange smiles. Again… you can SEE?!

We get a little glimpse of Lee Joon who looks like he’s started his own company: LJEnter.

Backstage, Man-ok gives Tae-ik an annoyed look when he asks for another stage jacket, telling him that she can’t see any tears in the one he’s wearing. Suspicious, indeed…

The Take 2 boys take the stage with “Hello Hello” and then Tae-ik sits at the piano for a special arrangement of an old song for a “special friend.” Ooh yay, we get to hear “Touch” as a ballad! *squeal*

As he finishes, another song starts. It’s the original “Touch” and the lights flicker on… to reveal Kang-hwi on stage. Eeee!!

The Take One boys start singing their old hit and I think I’m going to cry. As a fangirl, I know that feeling all too well when you see ex-idol groups come back for a reunion. I love that Kang-hwi’s smiling again as they sing and dance together on stage.

The crowd erupts in cheers as they revel in their chance to see Oppa again. Once they wrap, Man-ok says that his sudden appearance surprised her. Then Go-dong hug-attacks him. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Go-dong asks if he can see him fine (which then makes me wonder why that wasn’t Man-ok’s first question) and Kang-hwi assures him he can before making fun of his still high-pitched voice.

Kang-hwi goes to hug Man-ok but is quickly pulled off by jealous boyfriend Tae-ik who tells him that they can exchange hellos by saying it. HA. Kang-hwi turns to Man-ok and tells her that it isn’t too late – isn’t he better than Tae-ik anyway?

He hides behind Man-ok as Tae-ik chases him around. You two… you’re killing me with the Cute.

Back at Full House, a party’s in full swing. Tae-ik slips outside with Man-ok, who worries that they might be scolded. Tae-ik takes her hand in his and tells her that he’s going on a walk with his girlfriend. Nothin’ wrong with that.

He brings her out to the grounds and asks if she recalls anything and gives her a hint, “Chaton.” When she doesn’t get it, a second hint, “Idiot.” That triggers her memory to their first encounter as children and their childhood versions of each other flash in the present.

He instructs her to find Chaton and Man-ok reaches in to grab a basket. Inside, is the Chaton doll with a ring on its collar. Tae-ik places the ring on her finger before showing off his.

He asks her to call him “Tae-ik nim.” Aw, you’re still on that? Man-ok’s expression pretty much says what I’m thinking and she lets out a little laugh. She does it and he smiles.

Tae-ik recites that Man-ok’s name in hanja means “Full” and “House” and she nods. Icwutudidthurr, Show. Looking into her eyes, he says, “Let’s live here together forever. Here, at Full House.”

Another nod and he kisses her. They walk back towards Full House, hand-in-hand.



It’s over! A much stronger second half than the beginning of the episode. We still had a few loose ends to tie up, especially with Lee Joon and his much needed comeuppance. I wasn’t sad to see him go, though we still see he’s running around doing the same thing from the bottom up.

Though I’m sure it wasn’t that much of a stretch to expect a happy ending for everyone, I’m so glad that we did. I know that it concernedΒ kaedejunΒ and myself when this drama suddenly swerved toward classic, conventional melo in the middle of the drama’s run. Honestly, it feels like a missed opportunity because it could have served the drama so better if it stayed on the cute trajectory.

It still boggles my mind how an eye injury in one eye would end up affecting both eyes, but the blindness served its dramatic purpose in the plot. I’m sure it might upset some fans that his eye transplant surgery while he was in China seemed rather convenient, but I was willing to turn a blind eye (hur) to it. Rather, his absence felt necessary not only for our main couple but for his own character growth. Plus, if he didn’t leave, his epic comeback stage wouldn’t have felt as… epic.

Whether you fully enjoyed this drama from start to finish or not, you can’t help but notice the satirical perspective into the entertainment industry. From the rigorous schedules, to the unreasonable CEOs like Lee Joon, to seeing songwriters and managers nearly sign their life away to become a singer, these felt like little peeks into the truth disguised by the outrageous perms and fashion. We’ll never be sure if these references were intentional or not, but I’d like to think these were speckles of brilliance buried under a parody.

For myself, I felt fully satisfied with our happy, open-ended ending though kaedejun shares a different perspective (Because of the rushed arrival of the explosive Cute, she wants more episodes. Heh.). I love that our childhood encounter came full circle for adult Tae-ik and Man-ok and that both of them are still pursuing their own dreams.

And as cute as their romance was, it was the bromance that really took the cake. Watching Tae-ik and Kang-hwi bicker like 4 year-olds was a delightful treat that still has me in a fit of giggles. I love that the drama hung a lantern on their strong friendship and showed us glimpses to how damned cute these two are.

I worried what taking on this role of Kang-hwi would do for Park Ki-woong‘s image, given it was just weeks after Gaksital had wrapped when Full House Take 2 was given the green light to air. And to that end, I think it might have been for the better and reminds us of his incredible range as an actor. He took us through both the laughs and tears as Kang-hwi and now, I just love him even more. Maybe in Take 3?


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  1. rainbow

    thanks for the recap…. πŸ˜€

    • 1.1 rainbow

      I haven’t watched the show, only read your recaps, which were so good πŸ™‚

      • 1.1.1 JoAnne

        Do make time for the show, it’s even better than the recaps. The Cute must be seen in motion to be fully appreciated.

        Especially the eyebrow wiggle that is represented by the first still, above.

  2. Betsy Hp

    Thank you Gummimochi and Kaedejun for such fun recaps!

    I agree with both of you that the swerve into melo was a little sad-making. If they’d done things my way the boys would’ve teamed up a lot faster and worked together to bring LJ down. (With tons of cute bickering while Man-ok played referee.) But! I’ll take what I can get and they at least they got it right at the end.

    I agree Park Ki-woong did a great job here, not hurting his image at all and showing off his range. But I was especially impressed with No Min-woo. I didn’t realize the man had those comedic chops in him!

    All in all, this was a fun, escapist watch. And I’m glad I looked past the hair and gave it a try. πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 erinlibrarian

      I know! The actors were actually pretty good! And I totally was rooting for them teaming up, by at least ep. 12. Ah well, I take what I can get too πŸ˜‰

    • 2.2 Minea

      “But I was especially impressed with No Min-woo.”

      Me, too! I was unimpressed with his acting in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and didn’t think much of him after that. He’s quite a revelation here in FHT2! and am thinking of watching Rock Rock Rock next (as I’ve heard he’s also good there).

      I’ve always been a fan of Park Ki Woong since I watched him in When It’s at Night (where he played the younger brother of Kim Sun Ah). His acting range is really broad (his eyes alone can win several acting awards – so expressive!)

      I really liked this show (despite the numerous flaws). Just the right fluff that I need after the cry-until-I’m-dry drama that was Gaksital. Park Ki Woong, you just made this noona bipolar with your 2 dramas. Way to go.

    • 2.3 jomo

      Me avec.
      Before this, NMW was just another really really really pretty face.
      Now to me, he is a sexy guy who with Joanne’s regular hambugers, could be the most devasting actors out there.

      Waiting for his next role no matter what it is!

  3. pkwftw

    holy crap i completely forgot that kanghwi and shunji were actually the same person until you brought it up! park ki-woong’s acting range is seriously amazing.

  4. Tippi

    That kiss at the end….She looked like it was painful or something. When will we get a sweet drama kiss?!

    I loved it! Something I needed after my Gaksital withdrawals. I’ve started many a drama since, but this has been the first one I’ve been able to finish.

    Ki Woong and Min Woo were so adorable and are so talented.


    • 4.1 Laica

      The kiss between Kang-hwi and Tae-ik was better, lol.

      • 4.1.1 Nespelem

        πŸ™‚ definitely. This was a refreshing series, kind of like a sherbet course in a long dinner. Wish the middle was shorter and the beginning and ending portions were longer. I’ll miss this one. At least king of dramas is still going

      • 4.1.2 jomo

        Totally agree with you there, which makes it even more of a head scratcher.

        Why does Show know how to do a niiiiiice kiss with a possibly censored kiss, but not do one with the censor acceptable couple?

      • 4.1.3 JLemonade

        This really make me laugh…. Agreed.


    • 4.2 ReneeFrost

      Really, why are these kisses so cringe worthy? The boys kiss WAS so much better. Anyone else notice that Kang-hwi’s mixed color hair was all blond once he was a patient? Do nurses perform dye jobs in their spare time?

  5. Arishia

    Sympathetic ophthalmia (SO) is a granulomatous uveitis (a kind of inflammation) of both eyes following trauma to one eye. It can leave the patient completely blind. Symptoms may develop from days to several years after a penetrating eye injury. See also the reviews by Damico et al. (2005), Chu and Foster (2002), and Friedlaender et al. (2001).

    • 5.1 DJ

      Thank you very much for enlightening us. Now I understand. It really bothered me. I wish the drama could have somehow, you know, explain it to the viewers.

    • 5.2 Fangy

      Thanks, Arishia for the info.

      Hahaha… it definite clear the mystery of Kang Hwi’s eyes.

  6. a_diva

    i so did not expect to enjoy full house take 2, but i’m happy to say i thoroughly enjoyed it–even when it slowed down in the middle of it (a problem with just about every drama out there).

    i have a theory about the bad hair and clothes–could it have been an homage to the original? b/c as much as i totally and absolutely love RAIN, his clothes were way too pimptastic to actually like. and even song hye kyo had some crazy hair in full house at times–like that crazy side ponytail that i thought all reasonable “girls” stopped wearing after elementary school.

    the original still holds the top spot in my heart, but this drama definitely earns a spot on my favorite dramas of the year list!

    • 6.1 Mari

      This! I was thinking the same thing!!! Some of the clothes he wore was horrific. Ok the tops, I never had any issues with his pants πŸ™‚ but yep I agree with you.

    • 6.2 PollyRose

      Seriously! I was still somewhat new to K-dramas when I watched Full House and between his hair and nearly every outfit he wore I kept thinking to myself, “Did the 70’s come late to Korea?” similar to how the 80’s came late to Canada in How I Met Your Mother πŸ™‚

  7. cv

    Thanks for recap!

    Umm, am i the only one…but when she said bye to kangwhi, pic before and after is different—-> the hair? The one where she waved… hair not up…. the next shot, hair up. Is this two different time they said bye? I have not watched it yet…. just read the recaps. Anyone? LOL

  8. Daniel

    The whole drama was incredible excluding the first few episodes, and afterward it just got better and better! Park Ki-Woong is on my list of one of my favorite actors out there, he is outstanding!!!!

  9. bd

    Not watching this; only checked to see if the person in the 1st photo was a guy or girl (sigh – Asian stylists sometimes).

  10. 10 kirara

    gosh I was doing the same.. fan girling and squealing when Kang Hwi came back on stage.. it was SUPER DUPER HOT!!! The last episode was great.. but everything ended so quickly and fast.. in a BANG!

    I really did like the second half versus the earlier half and the show did a pretty good job tieing up loose ends and putting this to a close..and now its over!

    I’m really going to miss this.. Now I will have to watch something else Mon-Thurs since no more Full House Take 2! Bromance over Hair and women~! πŸ˜€

  11. 11 Ennayra

    Yeah, I also love Park Ki-woong more now.

    And I really need to finish Rock, Rock, Rock. Noh Min-woo was good in that.

    So glad we got to see the cute!!! πŸ™‚

  12. 12 Laica

    THANK YOU gummi and kaedejun for your awesome recaps! <3

    What an ADORABLE ending. I loved it. Though the two-part format meant part one was all angst and part two was all cute – and I had to wait a day in between. ARGH. Totally worth it though.

    Agree, the bromance trumped the romance, cute as it was. This has really been the year of epic bromances. Here's hoping for more in 2013 (because you can never have too much bromance, yunno). πŸ˜€

  13. 13 Mari

    πŸ™ it’s over. So sad! This was just such a light & fluffy drama. I went in to it with such low expectations and was surprise by it. I like the original Full house ( probably because oppa Rain is in it and I plan to marry him once he gets out of the army) but other then Rain & the OST, I hate it the plot. In Take 2, I found that I love both guys and Man-Ok. The stylist with no style, I’m never going to forget the teddy bear necklace. Thank you so much to ladies that do the recaps. I also wrote this on Viki, but many many thanks to the English subbers.

  14. 14 dbfan

    Thank uuuu sooo much for the recap πŸ™‚

  15. 15 Noelle

    so what’s gonna premiere?

  16. 16 Fangy

    Thank you gummi and kaedejun for the weekly recaps!!

    A special thanks to kaedejun for making the first introduction. I had initially decidedly to give this drama a miss. After Gaksital and Arang, my energy seemed to have zapped, and had thought to hypernate from Kdrama for a while. Secondly, at first glance, Tae-ik’s androgynous look is too much for me to bear for 8 weeks. And of course, the hair. But after reading kaedejun’s 1st episode of recap, I was convinced to give it a try. I need a drama that I could laugh at its cuteness (and silliness). And boy, I have no regrets watching this drama. I loved it.

    Surprisingly, after watching the 1st episode, the androynous look and bad hair didn’t bother me as much as I thought . The storyline was fun, hence an easy drama to watch. And because of it’s light-heartedness, I’m willing to not nitpick at some of the glaring glitches.

    I have to confess that I’ve not watched any of NMW’s previous works. And my stereotypical impression was a pretty actor with limited expressions (to prevent uglify himself). I’m glad that he had proven me otherwise. There were some scenes (esp the later half of the show) where I thought he was like the typical male character from a japanese manga (tall – check. pretty face – check. blond wavy hair – check. charming smile – check.) And there were moments where I just wanted to laugh at him. So, my revised impression – he can act.

    PKW…. what can I say about him except…. he delivers. πŸ™‚

    All in all, I’m glad that DB picked up this drama, and I had an enjoyable 8 weeks watching the drama and reading the recaps and comments about the show. Oh well, thanks to this show, I’m back in kdrama watching. I shall brace myself for what come next in School 2013….

  17. 17 sol

    i love Park Ki Woong!

    • 17.1 Peridot

      Me too!

      • 17.1.1 Kim

        Won Kang Hwi!!!!

    • 17.2 VINNYBLUE

      Love PKW, too! His next project is a spy movie with another hot talented boys, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo…COVERTNESS!

  18. 18 Viki

    Thanks for the recap! This drama now officially joins the Top Drama of 2012 list for me! πŸ™‚ Everything is tied up nicely. The ending is nice and all (not like Big).

  19. 19 dany

    Thank you for recapping this series, which, by the way, wasn’t at all as bad as I first thought it would be.

  20. 20 Suzi Q

    Going to miss this cute drama/comedy.

    I didn’t expect much since I enjoyed the original Full House, but I was fun and breezy. Loved the music.

    I especially liked the bromance between Park Ki Woong and No Min Woo more than with Man Ok. I knew Park Ki Woong was a wonderful actor, but No MIn Woo totally surprised me that he could do comedy so well.

    Man Ok’s questionable fashion sense made me roll my eyes especially the weird teddy bear necklace.Her final outfit of the drama was ugly. Tt was slow in the beginning, but the last episodes were so much better. Thank goodness, they had an ending which made sense.

  21. 21 LUCILLE

    Thanks for the recap. I loved the daily 30 min format of this show. I watched it every morning before leaving for work. It was such a cute way to start the day.
    My only complaint with this drama was we never really got Man Oks back story. We got glimpses. Her parents died in a fire I think and she’s from France. I wanted to know more.

  22. 22 bigwink

    my first reaction regarding this post was.. ALREADY???
    wowsaaahh so fast didn’t even noticed that it reached teens episodes!

    thank you for the pleasant tour around Full House gummi and kaedejun!

  23. 23 miley

    love this drama.as to your comment that it boggles your mind as how can an eye injury on an eye can affect another;it is possible because the eyes have sympathetic nerves where it is possible that the normal eye will mimick the injured eye.

  24. 24 Jilly

    Maybe the one damaged eye caused the other to overcompensate, damaging both eyes in the process. Or maybe the blindness was entirely unrelated to the childhood injury. But that’s enough Pseudo drama medicine. This drama was my rom-com heaven with all the bells, whistles, bow ties and kittens just the way I like them. I’m genuinely sad that today is a monday without fullhouse2.

  25. 25 Peridot

    When I watched the final episode, I had a sense of completion and thought that it was well-paced. But as I read some viewer comments on Facebook and as I thought some more myself, I realized that there were a few loose ends. What was, for example, Kang-hwi’s family situation by the end of the show? Had he reconciled with them? He said that he would live with his mom in China, but I am not sure if they were living in a separate place or not. The show alluded to Man-ok having a phobia of fires because of the death of her parents, but this part just seemed to be thrown into the story in order to create a scandal between Tae-ik and his sytlist (and started the whole engagement fiasco). What about the fact that the hapkido studio had been closed for a while and the fact that Man-ok was not teaching any students? Did her grandfather not notice the strange silence in the studio?

    On the whole I liked the show and enjoyed the bromance. I am such a fan of Park Gi Woong (he was amazing in both “The Slingshot” and “Gaksital”), and enjoyed his fluffier performance on this show. I think that No Min Woo is also a good actor (he shows more of his range in the mini- drama, “Rock, Rock, Rock.”).

    Regarding Kang-hwi’s eyes, I am glad that some people on this site explained the possibility of becoming blind in both eyes when only injured in one. I still, however, have a problem with the fact that the surgery cured everything. I was led to believe that his condition would deteriorate and that nothing could be done to stop it; he would either become legally blind or totally blind. The last few episodes began to mention surgery in the background, and I immediately thought to myself, “how convenient; his blindness will simply be a temporary thing to create more angst but by the end, everything will be all right”.

    With these questions and criticisms aside, I can say that this was an entertaining show. (But why does Man-ok look like she is about to die whenever Tae-ik tries to kiss her?)

    • 25.1 ladysarahii

      I agree. I felt like there were so many interesting story lines brought up, dabbled into only on the surface, and ignored. Kang-hwi’s family situation was interesting. Man-ok’s background was interesting. Tae-ik’s fight to get his house back was interesting. But none of them were really explored in- depth.

  26. 26 whimsicalnet

    loved the show, loved the cute. so glad that i watched this.

  27. 27 Lovebug

    I mentioned this in last weeks open thread, but they never addressed how Tae Ik really lost Full House, nor how Man Ok’s parents died (which I guess was less relevant to the plot). But overall I really liked this drama. I loved Tae Ik’s character and really liked No Min Woo’s acting. I hope he gets more opportunity to be more than just a pretty face he really has charisma when given a chance to exhibit (like pretty much the whole last episode). The cute was off the charts on many levels.

    Does anyone know what the reception for this drama was in Korea?

  28. 28 owl

    The 1/2 hr episodes 4 times a week made me a bit impatient, but it grew on me as I looked forward to the shorter but well paced clips of FHT2 each week.

    The whole bad hair all around fiasco only added to the endearing quality of the kdrama, especially in that MO was cuteness and TI and and KH ended up red hot candy! My only “too bad” was that the last kiss could have landed it harder, uh huh!

  29. 29 hana

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  30. 30 Kim

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  31. 31 Minea

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  32. 32 jomo

    Thanks for faithfully and funnily recapping this show, ladies!

    It was a very good watch overall, although I did drag the ball through some, ok, ALL of SR’s scenes.
    Most of the plotting was pretty cool, not too cliche. SR evil second lead female was the only weakness for me.

    I even liked the hair!

    • 32.1 Peridot

      Yes, she was a one-dimensional second female. The show could have done without her character and created a more interesting conflict/misunderstanding between Tae-ik and Kang-hwi.

  33. 33 aim

    watched the show for NMW, but ended up luving the relationships between the leads… the fun stuff outweighs the plot-holes, it’s such a light kdrama that makes me smile. Thanks for the recaps:)

  34. 34 Toystar

    Thanks for the recaps ladies. I enjoyed this drama. PKW was the reason I gave previously but now I am so happy I watched all 16 eps.

  35. 35 C

    Did the series explain who the mystery investor was, after Tae Ik left LJ and gave up FH? The mystery investor who funded the Take 2 come back?

    I have always guessed it was Kang Hwi’s sister, at Kang Hwi’s request to secretly help Tae Ik.

    And where was Tae Ik’s mom at the FH party in the final scenes?

    • 35.1 PollyRose

      I was wondering some of the same things too!

  36. 36 fafa

    Thanks for the recap!
    Loved this drama! everyone was great. NMW and HJE were adorable and PKW was as expected good in his job.

    Regarding the eye problem I think it is possible. I have seen neglected one eye problems becoming both eye problems before. So if KW had neglected his eye problem by using contact instead of glasses for example which is fatal to an injured eye, the problem of one eye could have affected the healthy eye as well.

  37. 37 sietorito

    No se pero comparto lo del beso…
    El se ve motivado y ella solo se frunce. en fin la actriz arruino la escena.. Lastima

  38. 38 VINNYBLUE

    well, I knew that we should’ve not taken this show seriously from beginning, so I enjoyed spending monday-thursday watching it. and now I’m missing the cast already…though I dislike
    No Min Woo and Hwang Jeung Eum did very good job as leads. Both shared good chemistry and their character are adorable.
    I watched this show just to see Park Ki Woong dance, cause he’s a real stiff and can’t dance in real life. Plus, his character is so bubbly and cute. I can’t imagine this after watching Gaksital & Arrow. He can be both in creepy and cute character so well. He’s indeed versatile.
    Thanks Gummimochi and Kaedejun for sharing recaps every week.

    • 38.1 VINNYBLUE

      *though I dislike the melo and misunderstanding plot in the middle.

  39. 39 Lilly

    Yes, Ki-woong proved he can do great at different characters.

    On story end – Kang-hwi really regained eye sight by making pact with the evil hair stylist that always remained hidden.

  40. 40 IBELIS

    Thanks for the recap

    KH came back with the curls that MO and TI had gotten rid of. I really enjoyed this show and had no resemblance to the first one. The 1/2 an hour episode made the wait in between bearable.

    I will miss them.

  41. 41 george

    Gee!Thanks for the recaps.It’s farewell indeed to the ridiculous hair(i think it was bigger than the story line),the bickering that we find strangely cute,and for me,to NMW oppa because i don’t know when i will ever see him again.I had fun and my share of giggles with this show so yeah,maybe Take Three??

  42. 42 Kdramarama

    I’m such a big fan of Park Ki Woong now!! Albit this is the first drama I’ve seen him in. Even so I thought he’s acting was so good, all his gestures and facial expressions were amazing. He has such an expressive face! And what a smile! He has one of those smiles that you can’t help but smile along with when you see it. Loved the ending and him!

    I’ll miss this <3

    (note) Y U CHANGE YOUR HAIR?? It was way better straight haha but even then i couldn't fault him for every long.

  43. 43 antonia

    “For myself, I felt fully satisfied with our happy, open-ended ending though kaedejun shares a different perspective (Because of the rushed arrival of the explosive Cute, she wants more episodes. Heh.)”

    lol. i want more epis too!!!!

    but first i must have thanked you and kaedejun for the recaps. i know i read this late because i’m so busy with the holydays… but i love your recaps, thanks to you again and again

    when i think of the time i decided to skip this drama i shiver… so happy i changed my mid (thanks to NMW and readind the first recap here in dramabeans) because with Ghost it turns out to be my favorite drama of 2012, and Tae Ik Nim my all time favorite character…

    plus i discovered the awesomeness that is No Min Woo as a musician (i canΒ΄t decide wich i like the best, acting, singing, playing drums, guitar or piano, plus he can compose music!!!!) yes i’m all fangirly over him… and thanks to him i discovered The Trax wich i’m loving

    back to the drama, it was so funny and cute, i love the romance, the bromance, the friendship between the characters… the handholding from the secret date must be my favorite scene ever!!! just thinking of it makes my heart beat faster… and the final concert with KH and TI singing together must be my most interactive experience in kdramas… i still want to clap and sing and dance and shout!!! omg that was pretty perfect and exciting!!!!

    i must add that i really love the crazy hairstyles and fashion. actually i missed it a lot!!! so if anyone decided not to wacth because of it, let me tell you at first i didn’t like but i learned to LOVE IT TO PIECES

    i just can’t let go of this drama, that’s why i’m still going to soompi…. and going to start rewatching this weekend yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  44. 44 Abbie

    Well, I finally got around to finishing this, and I’m so glad I did. The melo parts of this show put me off for a bit, but I’m so glad it returned to its cute origins with this finale.

    I wasn’t really expecting much from this show, having never seen the original Full House, but it sure did surprise me. I’ve not seen Park Ki-woong in much (I didn’t watch Gaksital) but what I have seen him in I’ve always liked his characters. It doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty to look at either. But he can play such a wide range of characters that I’m really surprised by his skill.

    The last thing I saw Noh Min-woo in was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and he was just terrible. He has improved A LOT, and I’m so glad for that.

    The other actors I’m not all that familiar with except Lee Seung-ho (Go-dong). I loved his character Alcheon on Great Queen Seondeok. He really is my favorite character on that (I’m currently watching it), and he was just adorable in this. I want to see him in more.

    I did like this show, but I didn’t love it. I probably would have if it had stayed cute and light, but whatever. It was still good.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  45. 45 garcia_marina

    full house take 2 seems a little bit of what happened to DBSK, where 2 groups were formed later on (dbsk and jyj)…the slave contract issue, lip synching, etc….i hope dbsk with 5 members come together in the near future…at first i ignored watching this since i’m a bit disappointed with the original full house, thinking that fh2 is a continuation of the fh…i’m glad it’s another story and much better than fh, better actors too…thank you for the recaps

  46. 46 JLemonade

    I really love this drama and all the 3 main characters especially Lee Tae Ik. No Min Woo’s character has great bearings for this drama that without his appearance maybe, will be half as interesting. I love their friendship, bickering, sulkiness and jealousy acts, and of course the music and dance. Will miss this drama for a long time……

    Thank you to Gummimochi for the recaps that has enable us fans to enjoy and share our opinion on this lovely drama.

  47. 47 mysin

    I see Park Ki Woong in The Musical, one of the great drama I’ve ever seen, reminds me of Black Swan which gladly not being delivered as dark as black swan although it got my nerve up over my head too, but still there are of those perfection, greed, selfishness, arrogance being twisted around which can actually make a man mentally breakdown… This industry is Freaking Scary and terrifying, hopefully it’s not commonly happen in real warld otherwise there’ll be no next generation with real talent and passion in the future

  48. 48 LEE HB

    AHH I LOVED THAT EPISODE IT WAS GOOD i loved that the blind guy didnt end up being blind
    thanks 4 da recap

  49. 49 Hazellisean

    First of all, thanks so much for recapping!! πŸ˜€

    I gotta say this. I was such a fan for Full House and kinda disappointed when I heard the upcoming Full House drama’s cast would be different. So, when Full House Take 2’s cast and production was announced, I was kinda sad. However, recently FHT2 is being broadcasted on tv(kinda late in my country as compared to Korea’s SBS). So, I watched one episode of it. And DANG! I got hooked up. I think it was the 3rd episode. And then I dug up the internet and watched it from the first to the last episode xP. To my surprise, there’s a really beautiful-porcelain skin-looking guy[kinda looks like a drag queen too] who has such a cold/cool yet funny character! So, I dug up some info about this drama and BAM! I found out he’s No Min Woo! (Omggg!! The hot doctor from my gf is gumiho/former Trax member, Rose!!!) I watched My gf is gumiho and I absolutely loved him! He had the cool/cold/nice guy/evil guy- kind of look in that drama. He’s such an eye candy!! Seeing him in this drama really blows me off! Sooooo different from Doctor Dongjoo! XD

    Enough of Tae-Ik, and oh, dreamy boy Kwang Hwi. Park Ki Woong is really adorable in this drama. I didn’t know who he is until I watched My Tutor Friend 2. And I was quite surprised to see him in this drama playing a bubbly/cute/pity guy. Ooh, he’s adorable. 😍😍

    And Hwang Jung Eum did a pretty good job. She’s so bubbly and cute! I like it how she’s not-so-over react in some scenes. Man Ok jjang!!

    So, overall, this drama is really good and funny and is definitely worth watching!! Daebak!! I may not be a person who frequently watches dramas(can’t stand myself in front of the computer/tab 24/7) I did it for this drama.. And yes! Definitely one of my favorite drama. Full House Take 2 jjang!
    P/s: sorry for the long-essay-like comment. Cus this is the last episode recap ey? πŸ™‚

  50. 50 Jat

    It was an enjoyable ride. I didn’t really watch it from the beginning but it just get better and cute. It just so cute like chaton I have to watch it.

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