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Yawang’s eye-catching promo posters
by | January 7, 2013 | 45 Comments

Yawang has released its posters, and well, I guess you can’t say it’s just like Daemul anymore. Perhaps that was the point?

They are definitely eye-catching, although there’s no explanation as to why they’re lying there all bloody. Or why there are guns in this political drama. And don’t you suppose Su Ae and Kwon Sang-woo look entirely too content for people who have just been shot? I presume she’s the one bleeding, though it could be him; his character is described as a man who would do anything and everything for her, so taking a bullet for the potential future first lady seems to fall in line with that. Is he Secret Service? So many questions, so few answers, drama website. *pointed stare* Get to it, time’s a-tickin’. Chop chop.

On the other hand, he’s also described as going on a revenge mission when she betrays him. So… should we really be calling this Nice King of Ambition instead? (Seriously, it’s got all the key components of Nice Guy: they grew up poor together at an orphanage, he was hopelessly devoted to her, they’re separated until adulthood, his love is rekindled at their reunion, she lets her ambition to climb up the socio-political ranks overpower her love as she tosses him aside, he vows revenge… All we need is an amnesiac and a really bad car accident to finish the job.)

The poster below is a bit more standard in terms of thriller-melo fare, and features the supporting cast. They are: Jang Min, Jung Yunho, Kim Sung-ryung, and Go Jun-hee. And Kwon Sang-woo’s teary eyes; they’re practically a character in and of themselves, aren’t they?

Yawang premieres on January 14.



45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Byul

    well. doesn’t that look dramatic. i can’t say i’ll be watching this, but the posters are fun to look at…

  2. trotwood

    “And Kwon Sang-woo’s teary eyes; they’re practically a character in and of themselves, aren’t they?”

    My thoughts exactly.

    • 2.1 ravens_nest

      haha His teary eyes are like a work of art. He has this ability to look absolutely miserable with just his eyes. And then his face always gets red and I feel awkwardly unable to do anything. lol

      Sometimes it’s a little extra tho. He was working hard on those tears in Bad Love. lol

    • 2.2 linda

      My thought too. His teary eyes are the most attractive thing in Stairway to Heaven.

      • 2.2.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        Oh Stairway to Heaven still my go to melo… even after all these years…. No other melo has gotten me to cry as much as that one even when I practically know every dialogue… and know exactly what’s going to happen next.

        • eny

          todays melodrama really can’t make me feel sad and cry like old melodrama.Kwon sang Woo has many good melodrama Bad Love, Sad Love Song and Stairway to Heaven.Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Seung Soo never fail to make me cry.

        • mjfan

          me too, my favourite melo ….

      • 2.2.2 mjfan

        I loved KSW so much in stairway to heaven and sad love story , only those …. old melos are the best …

      • 2.2.3 YY

        Best tearjerker ever: Stairway….I cried so hard I had to pause and blow my nose every 10 minutes the last few episodes. Lovely lovely show and he was so incredibly goodlooking and charming and sad though I must admit the piano on the beach kind of distracted me at the end.

  3. UJ

    Looks too heavy for my taste.. Gonna skip it (sorry yunnie)
    Or maybe watch it only and only if it gets a good rating..

  4. Soo Won

    well i liked kwon sang woo in sad love story YEARS ago!! yeah… so old fashioned now, but i cried a great lot with him back then…:)
    will give this a try for the teary eyes only,… maybe?!

  5. Hanna

    This certainly screams melo and dramatic from a mile away… hopefully it’ll have lighter moments too, because then I might be able to watch it.

  6. Kstylick

    I guess this would really be so dramatic. I am so excited for this one.

  7. Yoori

    KSW’s teary eyes are so different from Nice Guy! His eyes are filled with sorrow, anger and bucket of pain! OHHHH I CANNOT WAIT!

    • 7.1 eny

      I don’t feel the sadness and pain in Nice Guy too even I thought the story is good.I stop watching it after ep 13

  8. kopytko

    If you look carefully, it is a picture of a bloody picture and not bleeding characters. Hmmm… Somebody looking at past happiness and regretting?

    Still, I am not sure I will check this out myself. I eventually tuned in around ep.4-5 to Nice Guy, but this drama… Dunno.

  9. Luna

    This actually looks like it is going to be awesome!

  10. 10 shara

    I am still wondering what U-know who is doing in this drama…

    • 10.1 Shiku

      Me too!

    • 10.2 sheils

      I’m not…he looks good and will help the drama sell overseas…which is where the real moola is.

  11. 11 Mystisith

    This looks so much like the kind of stuff I could like… *Running away*.

  12. 12 toritorisan

    I’m really excited for this – I love the casting and really hope it doesn’t disappoint. I kept up with Nice Guy, but as much as I wanted to love it, I felt the “revenge” storyline wasn’t as intense as Equator Man. I’m hoping in this drama, there will be both an equally intense revenge and romance storyline.

  13. 13 pipit

    Although the chemistry between the OTP is close too zero but I like Daemul . It’s not a tear fest. I think the best part of Daemul is in making us wishing if only we could get a president like that in real life.

    This one I still don’t know. I don’t think I like the synopsis that has been described. And I agree that Kwon Sang Woo excels in crying scenes. However, a drama that strives to collect as many buckets from the audience as possible is not on my must see list. I don’t mind crying an ocean for a character, but I hate it when they make a character cry an ocean while I feel nothing about them.

    • 13.1 Annie

      Daemul would have been good if they had cut out the ‘romance’ entirely. Kwon Sang Woo and Go Hyun Jung were a big NO together.

  14. 14 Jackie

    I’m LOVING the first poster! Can’t wait

    the second one looks nice too. sang woo’s eyes are srsly teary tho

  15. 15 Daisy

    This looks sooo good!

  16. 16 sufi

    I’m thinking something like jdrama..byakuyaku..

  17. 17 Hipployta

    But…Yunho can’t act…

    • 17.1 djes

      but it’s the trend! You have to at least have an idol in your drama, so the fanbase will watch it.

      ( except TBTY, you got 2 fanbases, a whole company backing at it, but still failed. too bad. )

      who cares Yunho can’t act! Oppa will look good there! 😉

      actually KSW is the one who stops me from watching this drama. I just can’t like him.
      And a heavy melo like this, I already got my dose, so I don’t need some more.

    • 17.2 sheils

      oh well…he can look good and propel the drama overseas/earn big bucks…which is the point….goal achieved.

  18. 18 Sajen

    I liked Daemul, I love Su Ae and Go Jun-hee so I might give it a chance.

  19. 19 Taniwsa

    I like the poster. I heard this drama will has little twist and turn for viewer to predict the outcome. I like KSW and Suae’s pairing. The 2nd new teaser look very intense. KSW is awesome in acting any type of role. Yawang fighting!!!

  20. 20 rainbow

    this looks so, so dramatic 😉

  21. 21 flibbet

    that is some poorly photoshopped blood

  22. 22 Farpavilions

    I just caught a trailer that had a close-up shot of abs (presumably KSW’s) … I guess the PDs know where the fandom is going? 🙂

  23. 23 YY

    The final scene:

    Hero (crying): I came here to kill you.

    Lady: So kill me.


    Hero (crying): I killed you.

    Lady (sitting up): Wrong.

    Hero (stops crying): Huh?

    Lady: I am wearing a bullet-proof vest.

    Hero: What??

    Lady: Yup. It’s fake cleavage. See? (strips off bullet-proof cleavage) Guards! Take my ex-lover away!

    Hero (crying):Nooooo!

    Lady: Just stop with the crying already. Geez. That’s why I dumped you in the first place.


    • 23.1 pipit

      OMG YY! ROTF!

    • 23.2 jomo

      YYou’re back and still crazYY.
      I like it.

    • 23.3 annnsow

      amazing! haha ^^

  24. 24 oftheshore

    That’s some weirdly positioned…blod. Looks like it’s bloody stickers.

    • 24.1 oftheshore

      Apologies, weirdly positioned blood*

  25. 25 jomo

    When I see a set-up like this, I think, “OK…maybe…”
    But then the show starts and instead of fast action, fast delivery, quick retort dialog driving the plot boat, we get
    fast delivery, s……..l………o……..w replies.
    Equator Man drove me crazy with that.
    Him: You’lldoanythingtoproveyourlove, thenwalkawaynowI’mbadnewsbaby.
    [Looks soulfully at him. Sips tea. Looks down. Puts down tea cup. Looks at him. Smiles ambiguously/sadly.] No.

    What are all the pregnant pauses for anyway?

    PS: Posters and teasers should come with a warning:
    This scene will not necessarily show up in the drama.

  26. 26 addylovesbwood

    I don’t really have any expectations for yawang…

    we’re getting 2 new monday/tuesday dramas!!

    so far my mon-tue’s are looking grand!!!

  27. 27 annnsow

    I need to watch this!
    Loved Daemul and I like Kwon Sang Woo.
    2013 is looking good! I’m ready for Yawang,Level 7 Civil Servant, Nine & Flower Boy Next Door!!

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