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Incarnation of Money: Episode 15
by | March 25, 2013 | 94 Comments

This show is just getting better and better, isn’t it? It’s refreshing to watch a hero and villain use their brains to try and outsmart each other in this revenge tug-of-war. Sometimes having piles of money is a crude way to get what you want, but gaining the upper hand requires a certain finesse and delicacy that no amount of money can buy.

Another thing money can’t buy is ratings as Incarnation ticked upward for another series high of 16.4%.


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Cha-don leans back with a smile, drinking in the revelation of Angelina as the culprit. He’s against the idea to forward the evidence to Ji-hoo just yet – their first priority is to draw out the enemies one by one. Divide and conquer it is, then.

He receives a call from Angelina, who invites him to a congratulatory dinner with the rest of the Traitagon.

Things are still tense between Ji-hoo and Prosecutor Kwon back at the prosecutor’s office. Noticing the red scarf in the team’s hand, he asks for updates on the case, replying with a seemingly nonchalant comment that things seem to be taking longer than expected.

When she leaves, his assistant wonders who framed Prosecutor Kwon for the lawyer’s murder. Prosecutor Kwon tells him to shush at the mention of Se-kwang – dividing the alliance between the two prosecutors is exactly what Kang-seok wants.

The Traitagon are about to toast to Angelina’s acquisition of the savings bank when she stops them, saying that one more will join them. Just as Se-kwang asks about their mystery guest, Cha-don walks in.

Collective looks of astonishment save for Angelina greet him. Cha-don doesn’t betray his former acquaintance with Se-kwang, who doesn’t return the courteous sentiment. The cold rebuff hardly ruffles Cha-don’s feathers; he’s here to bear good news for his former superior: a possible seat in the National Assembly.

The nomination by a certain Congressman Oh makes Prosecutor Kwon shift uncomfortably (the two had previously spoken of the same position) and Cha-don notes the man’s bristled reaction.

It’s enough to plant a seed of doubt in Prosecutor Kwon’s mind and he takes off early. Realizing that he’ll need to protect himself in case Se-kwang did truly betray him, he resolves to approach Boss Bok for help.

The others grow restless waiting for Prosecutor Kwon and decide to go their separate ways. As usual, Angelina pouts when Se-kwang plans to leave without her, which is when Cha-don casually mentions that Se-kwang must be the lover she previously mentioned.

Se-kwang casts her a dark look before clarifying that they’re simply “business partners.” That answer triggers a distinctly insulted reaction in Angelina and she silently expresses her disappointment by consuming her wine glass when Se-kwang leaves anyway.

That creates a perfect opportunity for the two to relocate back to the bar as Angelina pours herself a generous glass. She reminds Cha-don of what he told her last time: If you can’t depend on someone, it’s not love but obsession.

Angelina admits that those words are true – a vicious cycle where the more Se-kwang pushes her away, the more obsessed she becomes. She huffs at the suggestion that she should understand Se-kwang’s ambition for success.

Her resentment towards her long-time lover builds, thinking about all the things she’s done for him. She grabs the bottle but this time, Cha-don deliberately places his hand above hers to say, “Drinking alone is like drinking poison.”

He pours her another glass and plays the sympathetic card, telling her that at present, she needs a friend more than a lover. The words affect her and he continues with another philosophical moment: “Love fades over time whereas friendship shines brighter with age.”

“Then can you be my friend?” Angelina asks, her eyes brimming with tears. She starts to stumble over her words to hide her embarrassment when he doesn’t answer right away, but Cha-don feeds her the words she wants to hear: “If you’d like me to.”

He plays the chivalrous friend to a T, lending a shoulder for her to lean on in the car ride home. Angelina smiles at the gesture.

Hyuk shows his father the surveillance tape that captures someone taking off with the car, though it’s virtually impossible to discern who it is at this point. He’s taken aback when his father instructs him to get close to Jae-in in order to tap into Boss Bok’s power network.

But it doesn’t end there – Prosecutor Kwon even tells his son to steel himself for the possibility of marriage if that’s what it takes. Just the idea of this setup cracks me up – can you imagine this baby-faced prosecutor trying to flirt with our heroine?

Naturally, Hyuk is against the idea to stake his life for the sake of his father’s plan. He raises his voice in defiance and refuses to be ordered around like a puppet. His rebelliousness earns him a slap and Prosecutor Kwon barks that this is all for his son’s future. Riiiight.

So Hyuk follows his father to the Bok estate and the parents sit down down for a chat. Boss Bok cuts to the chase, asking if the reason for the prosecutor’s visit concerns the assembly seat nomination and laughs that she doesn’t hold as much power as people say.

Prosecutor Kwon offers a proposition: He’ll hand over his 10 percent stake in the savings bank for her influence in the political circles. Boss Bok sharply notes his current allegiance to Angelina, but plays along for now.

She wonders if they should draw up something in writing but Prosecutor Kwon laughs that he had something more traditional in mind: A marriage between their children.

Assistant Kim is sent to get Cha-don’s advice on Prosecutor Kwon’s visit and the team is pleased to hear that the two senior prosecutors’ alliance has began to break apart at the seams.

He casually tosses out that Hyuk is interested in marrying Jae-in, which elicits a charged reaction in Cha-don. He starts to rattle on that the prosecutor isn’t at all Jae-in’s type and Assistant Kim is like, Why do you care so much? My thoughts exactly – Cha-don, why do you care so much?

The news that Jae-in plans to go on a date with Hyuk clearly bothers him and his jealousy is apparent to everyone even if he doesn’t acknowledge it himself. Cha-don huffs that he’ll have to stake out the date to figure out why the baddie wants to infiltrate the Bok family. Uh-huh, not about Jae-in at all.

That takes the team to Jae-in’s restaurant as they (okay, just Cha-don) keep a sharp eye out on the two budding lovebirds. Though Cha-don denies that he has even the slightest interest in Jae-in, the daggers he shoots in their direction says otherwise.

Little does he know that poor Hyuk is as awkwardly unromantic as it comes. But Jae-in would never waste an opportunity to trigger Cha-don’s jealousy, so she instigates a love-shot and feeds a bite to a surprised Hyuk.

It works like a charm and Cha-don leaves in a huff. Aww – and Hyuk is in the line of fire when she screams her annoyance that he actually left. Did you really think that he was going to stay?

Turns out that Prosecutor Kwon is a man of his word and places Jae-in in a high-ranking position at the Yellow Seas Savings Bank. Her appearance at the following executive meeting surprises both Angelina and Cha-don, though the latter seems more impressed than anything else.

Afterward, Jae-in and Cha-don bicker back and forth in the lobby. She warns him that she holds the authority to fire him at any time as the Audit Chair. The threat goes in one ear and out the other, so she tells him that he’s just leeching off of others now that he’s not a prosecutor anymore.

Cha-don doesn’t skip a beat and tells her, “At least I’m not leeching off of your mother my entire life like you are.” But before they can go for another round, Hyuk comes to collect her for a dinner date.

Cha-don implements the next step in his plan and this time, Se-kwang listens to the recorded conversation between Prosecutor Kwon and Mom at the hospital where Prosecutor Kwon named him as the late chairman’s murderer.

A chatroom from Kang-seok pops onscreen and Se-kwang furiously types a response, accusing Kang-seok to be Lawyer Hwang’s killer. He gets in reply:

Kang-seok: “I don’t kill [others]. Because I won’t stoop to the same level as the likes of you.”
Se-kwang: “Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can shake me.”
Kang-seok: “I didn’t sharpen my blade for fifteen years just to shake you up.”
Se-kwang: “Quit playing around with words and how about you show yourself?”
Kang-seok:“The day you see my face will be the day your life is done for.”

Se-kwang shakes his fist at the screen and reads one final warning from Kang-seok to be careful of Prosecutor Kwon. He recalls an earlier conversation with Ji-hoo about her suspicions and how Prosecutor Kwon’s alibi don’t align with the evidence at hand.

Though furious, Se-kwang refuses to believe that his respected sunbae would betray their alliance. Then he realizes Kang-seok’s divide and conquer strategy when he overhears Prosecutor Kwon worry about saving his own skin.

Se-kwang stews in his office later that night. Rolling a pair of shriveled walnuts in his hand, he recalls when he once visited his sickly father in prison, who said he’d like to eat the walnuts from his hometown. And unfortunately, he passed away before Se-kwang could give it to him.

At his father’s grave, he made a solemn vow. “Watching you, I learned that the world is an unfair place. All the injustice in this world, I’ll change them all. Even if I have to destroy all of them, I’ll change them all, Father.”

In the present, Se-kwang recalls the red scarf and calls to ask if any of the real Lee Kang-seok’s blood sample remains on file. When Reporter Go confirms it, Se-kwang hangs up and chuckles.

Back at the Bok estate, Boss Bok is pleasantly surprised and impressed to see her daughter sleeping amid of pile of accounting books rather than food. She chuckles, attributing her daughter’s sudden change to the power of love.

We know that Jae-in is nothing if not driven and she even works during breakfast, calling for a company-wide audit check. Unfortunately no one in the audit committee shows up for the meeting and after waiting several hours, she resolves to go though the company books herself.

It should come as no surprise that Angelina has taken the entire audit committee out to lunch. She disagrees with Cha-don that it might be safer to have someone so clueless on staff and tells him that as Boss Bok’s daughter, Jae-in is no dummy. In other words, the apple can’t have fallen too far from the tree.

She enlists the committee to help her get rid of Jae-in and they drink.

Cha-don casts a look at Angelina and recalls how his assistant (let’s give her a name now: Assistant Hong) discovered a recording device small enough to place in someone’s shoe.

At the opportune moment, he calls Chief Yang to plant the device and later watches as Angelina leaves, none the wiser.

I have to admit – even I’m impressed by Jae-in when she sniffs out her committee members for drinking on the clock. In a clear, authoritative voice, she instructs Assistant Kim to record her employees’ irresponsible behavior.

The auditors shift uncomfortably and without a bit of hesitation in her voice, she offers to forget today’s mishap if they start working. So they scramble to get to work immediately. HA.

Se-kwang is not pleased to arrive to another Traitagon outing and see Cha-don present. As Cha-don courteously rises, Se-kwang reminds him to take his briefcase with him. Though Cha-don plays it off, Se-kwang’s suspicion radar pings and he forcibly wrings the bag from his hand to inspect it.

It turns up nothing and in a tense voice, Cha-don asks his former superior if he thinks that he’s carried a recording device into the room. He then orders Se-kwang to place the contents back into the bag and Se-kwang stares.

The rest of the Traitagon is affronted, Angelina in particular, and she apologizes on Se-kwang’s behalf.

After Cha-don takes his leave, Se-kwang admits that he’s heard from Kang-seok. He pointedly asks Prosecutor Kwon if he knew that the late lawyer’s scarf was found in his car. Angelina drops her drink in horror.

Angelina starts to sweat as the two prosecutors go through a round of So you don’t trust me?, Seems like you don’t trust ME! Se-kwang diffuses the situation, saying that it isn’t important who the killer is but that they should stick together.

Prosecutor Kwon isn’t so sure, but Se-kwang replies that all of their problems will be solved should Kang-seok be Lawyer Hwang’s killer. Ooh, are you planning to frame him?

The men send Angelina away, basically telling her that the big boys will handle the situation from here on out. Angelina is positively insulted by the unanimous dismissal and gives a thinly-veiled threat before she storms out.

She calls Cha-don and breaks her heel on the stairs. Cha-don rushes to her aid and removes the recording device before showing her the damaged shoe. Then he offers to piggyback her to his car and lifts her up before she can protest.

Team Shudal listens to the recorded conversation back at headquarters, unable to figure out what the Traitagon plans to do with the red scarf. Then we learn that the men plan to contaminate the evidence with Kang-seok’s blood and they toast to Se-kwang’s brilliance.

Meanwhile, Cha-don breaks into Se-kwang’s office and mulls over how his enemies plan to frame him for the murder. He rolls the same walnuts in his hand and flashes back to the blood test to prove that he was the real Lee Kang-seok.

At that revelation, Cha-don smiles, impressed by Se-kwang’s deduction skills.

Cha-don returns to his car to find a whole slew of missed calls from Angelina. He picks her up and as she sleeps, he’s informed that the next plan is in place.

He drops Angelina off, who drunkenly walks alone across the parking garage. However, she can’t shake off an eerie feeling that she’s being followed. She quickens her step as she hears footsteps behind her, and rushes into the elevator, terrified.

But what awaits her there is a threatening message scrawled in lipstick, naming her as Lawyer Hwang’s killer. She desperately tries to rub it off with her hands and has a full-on panic attack by the time she runs into her apartment… and finds it completely ransacked.

She calls Se-kwang in a desperately panicked voice, telling him that Kang-seok has broken into her home. But Se-kwang gets distracted by another chat instigated by Kang-seok and simply tells her to report the crime.

He doesn’t know that he’s actually chatting with Assistant Hong because Cha-don rushes back to Angelina when he gets her call. She runs into his arms the second he runs in, and at his prompting, she checks to see if anything is missing.

But something strange catches her eye and Cha-don watches her enter the bathroom. Angelina gapes at the mirror where a pearl necklace hangs and the words, “Remember this necklace?” written on the glass. Karma’s a bitch, innit?

She recalls young Kang-seok warn her that he would put her through a thousand times more pain than she put his mother through. Overwhelmed by fear, Angelina screams and passes out.

She comes to at the hospital and sees Cha-don’s face come into view. He reassures her that she can rest and she dozes off. Which is when Cha-don takes out a syringe and extracts a blood sample from Angelina.

Holding it into the air, he says, “Ji Se-kwang, you’ll catch Lawyer Hwang’s murderer by your own hands.”



Aside from the creepiness of Cha-don holding a syringe with Angelina’s blood, I was impressed with how he and Team Shudal orchestrated Angelina’s downfall over these past few episodes. By tapping into her loneliness, Cha-don was able to use her vulnerability to gain the upper hand. Angelina may not be the brightest tool in the shed but she is an interesting character study since she remains as one of the more consistent characters in this series. She may be as evil, shrill, and greedy as it comes, but if we shave those layers, we still find a woman hungry for love – something that no amount of money can buy.

Sure, pining over the same man who broke your heart over the course of 15+ years isn’t exactly healthy nor does it justify any of her actions thus far in the series. But I do have to credit her for her awareness that she justified her evil actions for one reason: To be acknowledged by the man she loves. Do I agree with that sentiment? No, but it provides a greater insight for our hero to bring about her ruin. All he had to do was shake her heart and remind her of her underlying fear. Is it too much to ask to see Angelina get her own revenge against Se-kwang like she vowed earlier in the series?

What a pleasant surprise from Hyuk, Prosecutor Kwon’s son, who folds into this story quite nicely. I was wondering if he would ever be integrated in the storyline or stick to the shadows of the other evil prosecutors. Though his role in this episode was minor, I loved that he stood up against his father and refused to blindly obey his father’s orders any longer. If his character remains in the main storyline, he could either become the carbon copy of his father or could be the means to bring about his own father’s downfall.

Conversely, it was just freakin’ adorable to see him so awkward with Jae-in and though he doesn’t show nor have any feelings of affection towards Jae-in, I would personally love to see more of their interactions together. Because what’s more cute than a stiff prosecutor trying to be all romantic? And I love seeing Cha-don pouting in a corner, steaming with jealousy. Serves you right for being mean to her for the first half of the series. Hrmph.

Like I said above, I love that our hero and villain both use their noggins to try and outsmart each other. It bothers them both that neither of them can read each other’s minds and always ask themselves the question, What would XYZ do? It’s how the baddies think for themselves and arrive at a conclusion faster than you would expect them to makes this show such a tantalizing watch. And whenever they reach a revelation, you know that they’re going to give the other side a run for their money.


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  1. Dongsaeng killer

    Thank you!

  2. Carmensitta

    Thanks for the recap! Oh, how much I liked this episode!

  3. Gaeina Lee

    Every time I see either Angelina or Jae In mopping/longing/raging over the men of their life, I sigh.. Ohh, the price of love, a 1 sided love.. ~_~

  4. Carole McDonnell

    Am totally loving Team Cha Don. Or Team Revenge. Or Team Vengeance. Because of them, I know Kang Seok won’t fall into the pit of evil obsession that most avengers do. Unlike Kang Maru, Kang Seok isn’t alone in his pain or vengeance. So I know things will end up well because he still has connection to humans. Am so glad for that episode where they said they didn’t want the reward money. Their love for him keeps him on the righteous path.

    I looooooooove Hyuk. He seems very delicate and fragile but I think he really is falling for Jae In because she has that raw “bad girl” thing. Ah, the delicate frail classy guys often go for shady girls.

    I do wonder though why we haven’t been given a glimpse of Angelina’s childhood. We know Se Kwan’s sorrow and why he is evil. We understand Hyuk’s dad and how badly he was treated in the Prosecutor’s office (because he was so dang noble and nobility didn’t pay) and why he would turn to the dark side. We figure Reporter was just greedy. And Lawyer Shik was just plain wussy and easily tempted (but couldn’t deal with becoming evil) But DANG!!! Why don’t we see why Angelina is so hungry for love? And where did she get the ability to be so ruthless for money? Did they show her past in one of the episodes I didn’t watch, I wonder?

    • 4.1 DayDreamer

      I wouldn’t say Angelina is hungry for love itself but she is just deeply in love with Se Kwang and keeps being spurned by him. I can accept that…I don’t think we need deep underlying psychological issues for it. Just for that love, she is willing to kill and amass a lot of money because she thinks it’s what Se Kwang would want. I’ve seen plenty of drama characters act similarly and they didn’t need a certain past for it.

      • 4.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Angelina fell in love with Se Kwang after she was messing around with Kang Seok’s dad. So although she’s in love with Se Kwang…from the beginning she was a gold-digger. From the beginning she cared more about wanting a powerful man at her side and was insensitive to another woman’s pain. From the beginning she was pretty insensitive to her older sugar daddy dying.

        So, for me…writer that I am… the fact that she is in love with Se Kwang is kinda beside the fact right now. Something in her was wounded or poor (kinda like Jae hee in Innocent/Nice Guy) and made her insensitive.

        It doesn’t really matter if other characters have done this or if this is a typical drama trope — the selfish woman, the woman who loves her guy no matter what. For me, I want some kind of backstory so I can understand how she got that way. Especially since we see Se Kwang’s back story.

        I am trusting the writers understand this need and will somehow –later, rather than sooner– let us know about Angelina’s life. Right now, she has neither mother nor father nor brother nor sister. I feel sorry for her present situation. But yeah, what made her that way?

        • Carole McDonnell

          ooh darn! just re-read this and it sounds a bit belligerent and nasty. Sorry, that’s just …font/written communication stuff. Didn’t mean to sound rude…more like… vaguely obsessed with backstory.

          • DayDreamer

            Hey, don’t worry. I didn’t take any offense. I was just reading along and noting all your points. They are very valid and now that I see what you meant, I actually agree. She was the dad’s mistress first so she was definitely a gold digger in that she was using the dad as a leverage for power and acceptance into the acting community. After that, I’d say she met Se Kwang, fell in love with him, and followed his footsteps. There might be an interesting background and probably worth going into but I guess the writers didn’t want to go into it.

    • 4.2 Delicatecloud

      That’s a thought – Hyuk falling for Jae In and maybe putting a spanner in his father’s plan. Although he has been subdued by his father’s wrath, I hope that he will show more backbone in standing up to his father in future episodes.

      • 4.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yeah, he’s a dark horse. And I so wish he’d get a good woman. Maybe secretary Hong. Will see. All these kids in training… Dad Lee, Boss Bok, Prosecutor Dad…..we parents never know what our kids will become.

    • 4.3 asianromance

      “Ah, the delicate frail classy guys often go for shady girls.”— LOL!! Jae In is definitely shady – what with her being the daughter of a loan shark, having gone through full-body surgery, having been involved in a murder case, and owning a restaurant where there used to be drug transactions, etc!

      Hyuk sort of reminds me of Jaejoong from DBSK and Protect the Boss, but a little less affected in his acting. It’s weird to think, though, of him being Cha Don’s senior, given how he was already a prosecutor while Cha Don was doing his prosecutor-in-training.

      • 4.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        He reminds me of Jaejoong as well. Ah Jaejoong, my emo plastic prince!

    • 4.4 hagu

      I totally laughed when I read your comment. So true…. especially Hyuk and Jae in part.

      though for some reason I keep picturing him as the uke of SE relationship. probably never going to happen in a Kdrama (barely happening in Jdrama). It would be soo hot though.

  5. snow_white

    thanks a lot!!

    I’m on ep 13 and the show is simply great 🙂

  6. MsB

    Yang shuddering when Cha Don told Angelina to lay her head on his shoulder was my highlight of the show! What a great episode! Please, writer-nims! Keep it coming!!

    • 6.1 Delicatecloud

      I was laughing at how he blinked his eyes, kinda of having to “un-see” what he has just seen and couldn’t believe what he has seen. love this ligh-hearted moment.

      • 6.1.1 DayDreamer

        LOL yeah….that actor does a good job of adding very light comedy to the show with his facial expressions and waddling. When he was scaring Angelina and then took off his mask and made a face, I had to stop for a moment to laugh at that expression.

  7. Conny

    Thanks for the recap!

  8. sue

    This show does keep getting better. I like it because it keeps rolling smoothly without making me groan and complain (you hear me A Hundred Years Inheritance? I’m over you). The character development is fantastic. I’m sure at some point the sh*t will hit the fan for our hero, but I have a feeling our heroine growing and maturing in the background will probably help save him. Who knows, just my guess. Otherwise it would be a waste to have Jae-in growing and maturing up all this time.

    • 8.1 Fun-lugha

      Oh my Good Lord! dont get me started on Inheritance, just who the hell is writing that show?! My bet’s on a 12 year old! I hope their ratings have started plummeting by now, maybe that’ll wake them up!

      • 8.1.1 sue

        Actually, I think my 12 year old daughter would do a better job. I’ve seen her stories for creative English class. She would give these guys a run for their money!

    • 8.2 Carole McDonnell

      I, too, have given up on that bit of weirdness called 100 years inheritance. It should be retitled 100 years owed to the viewer for wasting our time.

      • 8.2.1 Toystar

        Oh god yes that drama is crazy and all of its female characters are also crazy.

        • Carole McDonnell

          especially the heroine. I guess she was supposed to be the perfect victim. Note to self: avoid perfect victims; they are totally boring.

          • TS

            Her eye movements and poor little me body language is so bloody irritating! I liked Eugene in this random movie about about a Goryean princess’s weight loss – similar idea where she wanted to impress the guy she liked by losing weight only she did it with exercise and diet – but here, someone needs to tell her to stop looking so damn shifty.

            Otherwise, I am kind of into this drama now. It’s very old-fashioned and I doubt Korea is like that anymore, but it’s kind of charming me. Maybe because it reminds me of Pakistani or Turkish dramas in the way that the people think and act in it.

        • asianromance

          I’ve been only watching it for Hong-joo , who is the only tolerable character in the entire drama full of shrill females and spineless, dumb-as-dirt males. I love how she just waltzes through with her cute little puppy, not give a damn about anyone’s feelings, and crap all over the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law hierarchy. And I love seeing the evil mother-in-law get karma-ed by her.

          • TS


          • TS

            Love the Puppy, but everytime the actress playing Hong Joo yells with him in her arms, I really feel for the poor dog-actor. In this last scene I just watched, his poor little nose was buried in her arm.

      • 8.2.2 Kevin

        I’m on the same boat! I’m a fan of Eugene but this drama is driving me nuts on how “stupid” it is. It seems like there aren’t that many people following it as well since the subs are going pretty slow

        I really can’t imagine how there’s still 30 more episodes…sigh…

  9. Hiba

    Oh smartypants !! Yo Yo Yo ! Hahah it’s woo bin style ! I love the jealousy touch of this episode
    This episode ! I LOOOOVE.

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    Okay, this is probably the only drama where I can enjoy the hero being like the villain in his pursuit for revenge. I agree with you, gummimochi, it’s amazing how Cha Don is craftily using Angelina’s underlying fears to bring her down. Not gonna lie, I was scared of Cha Don for her.

    In the scene when Angelina was having the flashback of little Kang Seok taunting her under the table, I was very happy to see that the Cha Don now and the Kang Seok before are finally the same person. Glad the childhood personality has returned; I was very unhappy when Cha Don’s personality went off tangent before during his amnesia days.

    I hope Hyuk turns out to be much more righteous than his father. Today, for once, he was brought into the foreground, and even though I didn’t care much for him before, it was nice to see his scene was at least interesting. It was funny how he was trying hard to romantic but ended up so bumbling. Now that’s cute. He and Jae In make a more interesting pair than do her and Cha Don.

    Overall, thanks for the recap. I enjoyed it.

    • 10.1 Carole McDonnell

      I totally think he’s fallen for Jae In. Let’s hope he isn’t too crushed or mean if/when she goes back to Cha Don. I think he’ll be upright, though.

      • 10.1.1 DayDreamer

        I don’t think he’s fallen for Jae In…more like befuddled by her. But, if they had more interactions, I can see love blossoming. 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          :big grin: if we’re dealing with screenwriters who wish to reward good characters (and if Hyuk is good) then they might pair him off with Jeon or with Cha Don’s secretary. So everything will be tied up in a neat sweet little romantic bow.

          One can wish, no?

      • 10.1.2 asianromance

        I want to see him, at the end of the series, pursue something artsy-fartsy – like his buttoned-up prosecutor personality was due to years of being crushed by his father’s ambitions. But secretly, he just wants to dance, preferably in a flash mob to PSY’s music (http://youtu.be/H6f-8I1pb8k?t=3m14s)

        • DayDreamer

          LOL!!! Naaah, let the boy keep his matter-of-fact coolness as stiff prosecutor. 😉

        • Gaeina Lee

          No, I don’t want him changed. As @DayDreamer said, let him keep his matter-of-fact coolness intact. He already is endearing with that persona.. ^^

  11. 11 Fun-lugha

    Totally random point but that Director’s asst. is mad gorgeous! And the fact that he doesn’t say much…be still my pounding lil heart! 😉

  12. 12 observantzani

    This episode was the best! I agree with your first line for this post. It just keeps getting better and better! Waiting for episode 16 was hard. I wanted to watch it so bad after I finished this one. The preview was just too awesome.

    • 12.1 Carole McDonnell

      Am off to watch it now. Can’t wait. Looks like it’s subbed. It’s sad that not a lot of folks are watching this. It’s so good now, and although I never thought Cha Don was cute….now I’m totally falling in love with him and the actor who plays him.

      • 12.1.1 DayDreamer

        You guys HAVE to watch episode 16 right away. I just finished watching and I have to say it’s the episode where the shit hits the fan, muahaha. Team Shudal is so damn freaking awesome. My heart’s still pounding…I think I’m going to rewatch it now. 😀

        • Delicatecloud

          I also watched episode 16 and The shit hit the fence and I am freaking out shouting – revenge is so sweet! And how the tables have turned right? but am also waiting for the ball that is surely coming from the left field!!!! Team Schudal needs to watch out.

          • DayDreamer

            Oh, the tables have definitely turned!! Haha, this is so much fun, having someone to share my glee with this show. 😀

            Yes, I’ve always had the feeling of nervousness that Team Shudal needs to be careful and I attribute that to the writer’s thoughtfulness because for once the avenger is so on top of things that it makes it more scarier when he’s this cool, confident and even creepy!!! LOL. Honestly, my heart feels like it’s going to fall out from anxiety hoping that Team Shudal will always be one step ahead of the Triatagon because even this is suspenseful. Plus, more than half the episodes have been spent with the Triatagon having a good old time…it’s high time that Cha Don is the one to give them severe heart attacks for at least 5 episodes, haha.

            I just can’t wait any longer for next Saturday. I need my IoM fix NOW.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I just watched it and wow!!!!! Angelina has got it sooo bad. I’m just glad Team Avengers are always one step ahead of baddies.

          And isn’t Jae In wonderful!!!! Dang! That woman is stepping up!!!!!!

          Loved that bonding moment on the bed with her mom. Her mom’s face just beamed with pride! And Ahjussi is utterly pleased as well.

          • DayDreamer

            Yeah, seriously…very happy with Jae In’s progression. I just can’t wait for the next recap to come out so we can squee together over the goodness that was the next episode. 😀

          • Delicatecloud

            Me three on Jae In’s character progression!! And our Cha Don is impressed! Love is in the air!

        • Carole McDonnell

          Is it me? Or did it look as if perhaps maybe kinda sorta Se Kwang had some feelings for Angelina? Pity…maybe with a bit of perhaps love?

          Or am i seeing things? Ge looked as if he was gonna tear up for her…not for himself, but for her.

          It’s very hard not to cry for someone who’s suffering and I’m so glad they give us some flashback from time to time so we don’t feel too sorry for the baddies. We need to always keep the suffering of Mom in our sights…or else we start pitying Angelina and company.

          • Delicatecloud

            I think it is pity…. his blood is cold. I guess it turned into ice when his fare died in prison and he embarked on his self appointed role righteous avenger. He is only concerned about himself and his own ambitions. He wanted to make sure that Angelina doesn’t spew out their secrets during the interrogations and the trial. This will reopen the trial of LCD’s father’s death and the wrongful indictment of his mother. To me he is e ultimate selfish, hypocrite and self righteous prick!!

          • DayDreamer

            I’m with Delicatecloud on this. He knew that Kang Seok leeched onto the weakness of his group and is going into damage control so that’s why he seems to be softer.

  13. 13 nakai

    I love this show so much now I’m giving it a 9/10. And I’m not usually that generous. 🙂

  14. 14 Delicatecloud

    Thank you for the recaps gummimochi – love your insight and humour. I feaking love this episode. The revenge is galloping along and it is turning into a psychological thriller and at times I am biting my nails as to who will out-think and outsmart the other. Lee Cha Don is doing to Angelina what JSK did to his mother – playing the good and bad guy and still coming out smelling roses and trusted by the person that you have just shafted! LCD has learnt from the master and now the student is getting the upper hand!

    The smile and quiet laughter when LCD figured out what SJK’S was planning to do to frame him was so priceless – he is such a great actor.

    And his jealousy, he was indeed protesting too much!! That scene was an eyeopener to see his jealousy. Poor awkward and stiff Hyuk – he is no match to Jae In. It was a light hearted and cute scene which is a short reprieve from the tension of the episode. You’re so right Assistant Hong!

    This drama keeps me engrossed and i am predicting outcomes as the episode progressed. What a drama – do watch if not you’re missing something!

    • 14.1 DayDreamer

      “The revenge is galloping along and it is turning into a psychological thriller and at times I am biting my nails as to who will out-think and outsmart the other. Lee Cha Don is doing to Angelina what JSK did to his mother – playing the good and bad guy and still coming out smelling roses and trusted by the person that you have just shafted! LCD has learnt from the master and now the student is getting the upper hand!”

      –Excellently worded and wholeheartedly agree with you!! 😀

      I just love it when things come full circle like that. To me, that’s justice.

    • 14.2 asianromance

      Having Cha Don do the same thing to Angelina that JSK did to his mother makes the revenge all the more delicious! Not so awesome when you’re at the other end of it, right, Angelina?

      And the actress playing Angelina is killing it! There were many moments where I feel really sorry for her and then have to mentally pinch myself and say “she did this to Lee Kang Seok’s family”.

      • 14.2.1 DayDreamer

        Yes, I really think the actress playing Angelina really nailed this role. Even at times I felt sorry for her because she was rather heartbreakingly lonely. But when you think back to the past, she was very much deserving of it.

        This show is very interesting when it fleshes its characters to blur the lines between good and bad. What Cha Don is doing now…even though I root for him, his behavior is very much villainous. Particularly when, like Se Kwang, he is being psychologically manipulative, preying on Angelina’s fears and Prosecutor Kwon’s greed.

        • Carole McDonnell

          So true about Cha Don’s the treading the line/threading the needle fine line of villainy. I think he won’t become totally bad though. Having friends he can trust in a world ruled by money, he won’t go over to the dark side. I did get nervous when he approached Angelina with the syringe. I thought, “Dang, is he gonna make her go batty with drugs…in revenge for his mother?”

          And yes, he planted the scarf –which is totally villainous–and the look on his face when Angelina pleaded her innocence. It was as if for a moment there…he wasn’t sure if she was guilty or not. I thought…oh my God!!!! Did he get confused along the way? What if Angelina isn’t guilty after all? Has he just accidentally crossed the line into true evil?

  15. 15 Lilian

    Too bad the drama took so long to reach this kind of excitement. The divide and conquer idea is awesome because their alliance was never strong in the first place! Oh well, looks like some of the viewers who gave up earlier on are coming back! Hurray for Kang Ji Hwan…

    PS> just realised the actor playing Hyuk is so young. No wonder I kept feeling the pairing was a little off. But he IS good looking though =D

    • 15.1 DayDreamer

      It may have taken the drama a while to find its footing but I’m glad that it at least did find it. Of all the drama I’m watching, it’s the most exciting one so at least it’s good news, hehe.

      • 15.1.1 Delicatecloud

        This is the only kdrama that I am following full heartedly and cannot wait for the weekend to come!! Although I am enjoying Iris 2.

        • DayDreamer

          Is IRIS 2 good? And do I have to watch the first season of it to keep up with it now?

          • Delicatecloud

            You don’t have to watch season 1 becos there’s a short recap in the beginning. The premise of the story, to me is simple, the divided Korean peninsula and the continuous tug of war between the north and South. In between is IRIS – the villain international (terrorist) organisation. I like the show so far although I have read many comments that it is too similar to Iris, to me, I guess there’s only so much, as a writer, you can do with the premise. I enjoy watching this, in between, IOM, with an action drama, which is fun! I like it. Try it.

  16. 16 Delicatecloud

    Oh yes, the women side of the story line. Just like gummimochi said in an earlier recap – it is all about the boy (in Jae In’s case) and about a man ( in Angelina’s case). JI is about learning her self worth and impressing him that she has matured and him appreciating and acknowledging the change and seeing her as a woman. The other, Angelina, is on a downward spiral – he never loved her and have used her and continues to;she’s acknowledging the fact to herself now no matter how painful it has been and is this going to set her on the revenge path? Can’t wait to see how these two threads develop in future episodes.

    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      Am gonna miss seeing the waning of the most powerful woman of all: The BOSS

      • 16.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        aargh, my brain today! Am gonna hate seeing the waning of Boss Gok, and will miss seeing her in full power. It’s possible though that her decline will be one of the great wonders of this drama. Since Cha Don sees her as a bit like his mom, we might get a wonderful touching scene later between him and Boss Gok.

        • Delicatecloud

          Yes – those scenes where she was missing parts of her memory were pretty heart- breaking. But she is in control – she found a way to ensure she remembers by recording important conversations and decisions! That was so cool – she is not wallowing in self pity but taken action to counter the advent of Mr. Alzheimer. Love her character and Jae In is showing more of her spunk and toughness.

          • DayDreamer

            I also liked that she was taking control of her own life by keeping track of her memories. I know I will definitely get very teary the moment she can no longer remember anything. I really hope by that point that Cha Don and Jae In (whether they get romantically together or not) will take really good care of her.

  17. 17 browncoat_78

    Ever since the mental hospital, this show has just gotten better and better. I understand the slow build up but I think that had they gotten to the revenge part sooner, this show would have been truly great! But I have to mark it down a little for the plodding first half. It’s funny because so many shows are actually better at the beginning and then devolve into a hot mess towards the end, so I definitely give this one props for getting better as it goes.

    • 17.1 DayDreamer

      You’re right. A lot of shows often devolve rather than get better. But at least this one started out great, became a train wreck, and then became a gem again. For me, that’s a whole lot better because then my expectations were set down so low that it always feels good to have a very pleasant surprise.

  18. 18 Toystar

    Thanks for the recap. I’m loving this drama but what makes it even more fun is reading what everybody else thinks about the eps.

  19. 19 V

    Cha Don is always one step ahead. That is so rewarding to watch. I hope it stays that way!

  20. 20 picklemonster

    I LOVED this week’s episodes so much I want to cry! For some reason, this show makes me super happy and lighthearted, which is weird considering that it’s a revenge drama. Jae-In’s turn around is so awesomely cool, and her feisty attitude can come in handy in a room full of stuck up, lazy businessmen.

    Hyuk is so frickin’ adorable, and I’m actually crossing my fingers that Jae-In won’t break his heart even though I’m shipping her with Cha-Dong all the way. This show just got a lot better as soon as Cha-Dong regained his memories, Jae-In matured, and the good guys started to get one step ahead of the bad guys. Loving it!

  21. 21 Suzi Q

    I’m liking this drama more and more as the revenge plot is starting to progressively unravel the traitagon conspirators one by one.

    I was watching 100 Years Inheritance and losing interest too.The hero is denser than wood that it seems like a 100 years before he’ll figure out his coworker and her mom are sneaky liars. At least, Incarnation of Money, the people seem more intelligent and conniving. It’s not predictable how they will try to entrap each other. The story is getting really engrossing and exciting!

    I love the actress who plays the ditsy and egotistical, Angelina, although her character is despicable. Oh Yoon Ah is great as Angelina! You know she has done awful things because of her obsessive love for Se Kwang, but I feel sorry for her nevertheless because Se Kwang has never loved her in return. Kang Ji Kwan is doing a wonderful job playing at her weakness. I just have so much fun watching both actors. Shit hitting the fan is coming up soon!

    • 21.1 Delicatecloud

      I don’t feel sorry for Angelina at all. She deserves all that she’s getting when the shit hits the fence ( and more ) because she willingly conspired with JSK to cheat Cha Don’s father and went along with the murder and the wrongful indictment of his mother. Even the wrongful institutionalization! And they all went their merry way and had a great life living off the money of a dead person and destroying the lives of another two. Now she felt wronged? And JSK never loved her? She knew that when they disbanded and carved up the $$$. Hey sista welcome to the world! Remember what you did?

    • 21.2 asianromance

      Yeah the actress is pretty awesome. I think if she was played by someone else, she would not have come off as pitiful. She manages to evoke both disdain and pity in me. Bitch deserves to rot in prison for at least 15 years, but I also pity her when Ji Se Kwang rejects her.

      A lot of the time, the bad females in other dramas who have sinned much less than Angelina only evoke the feeling of wanting to punch them hard in the face (like the sister-in-law/coworker in 100 Years Inheritance)

      • 21.2.1 TS

        I kind of like the sis-in-law/coworker in HYI. She was a bore at first, but now her plotting and two-facing to get the guy she likes makes her interesting.

  22. 22 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi, and for the update on the ratings. I’m really glad that the ratings are picking up as the story is getting better. That last scene of Cha Don telling Angelina to check for missing items and of her approaching the bathroom- beautifully shot!

    I hope Team Cha-Don remains having the upper hand! I’ve rewatched episode 15 and 16 twice already and replaying multiple times all the moments when Cha Don was screwing with their heads. It’s an obsession!!

    And I love how Jae-In is finally showing us that she really is Boss Bok’s daughter and that she’s got a handle on those audit committee members. I know she started becoming responsible Jae-In after Cha-Don “betrayed” her mom and that her career at the Yellow Credit Union started as a “let me show you, Lee Cha Don” move, but I think she’s really starting to feel invested in her work. There is a drive that reminds me of Ji-Hoo. I hope to get another scene of them drunk together.

    • 22.1 DayDreamer

      Hahaha, I thought I was the only one replaying episodes 15 and 16 as well, especially, like you, the parts with Cha Don messing with them. And them coming here to read the recap and comments. Whoo, we’re definitely a bunch of obsessed crazies, lol. But with the drama slump going on, I’d rather be crazy than have nothing to feel for (ugh, TWTWB).

    • 22.2 delicatecloud

      Ha Ha Ha – this is seriously so funny… i have done exactly the same as you. It is also the first drama that i am providing my views/opinions after reading the recaps (in fact stalking this website for the recaps!) and enjoying the exchange of views/opinions. I guess this is the first signs of obsession!!

    • 22.3 Carole McDonnell

      I keep wanting to replay the date scene with Hyuk. A little hint of romance in a revenge thriller. My heart must’ve been longing for that.

  23. 23 Kevin

    Loving the money song…goes really well with the drama.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 23.1 Kevin

      Random comment… have you guys also noticed how Cha-don and Ji-hoo have a mole at similar locations on their noses? I keep staring at their nose thinking how well they suit each other. haha…just my thoughts.

      • 23.1.1 DayDreamer

        Is that a mole? I thought it was a blackhead. But seriously, yeah, I sometimes get too distracted by that mole/whatever it is when Ji Hwan’s close-up face is shown. Ji Hoo has been having less scenes lately so I kinda forgot about her mole, lol.

        • gummimochi

          Oppa has a flaw? *gasp*

          • Gaeina Lee

            Ah, no, dear Gummimochi, I wouldn’t say it is a flaw..
            I personally find mole in nose or neck (SSK have it in his neck) are… ummm, what’s the polite word for public forum, ummm… inviting? Tantalizing? Alluring? You know… *blush*

          • DayDreamer

            Yep…Oppa better get out that blackhead remover, lol.

            I seriously think it’s a blackhead because I don’t remember it being there before when I saw him in his other dramas. Moles don’t just suddenly grow, do they? But then if it’s a blackhead, why is it there for such a long time? lol

          • Kevin

            It might just be a mole! (I googled it and came across a few past dramabeans posts where he was modelling for fashion spreads and people were complimenting his mole. haha)

            Anyways, if you think about it, if it WAS a blackhead, it must’ve huge and I don’t think I would’ve been the only one that would’ve squeeze it out or got rid of it immediately haha…

          • DayDreamer

            @ Kevin: Hahaha, okay I guess his makeup artist didn’t bother to cover it much this time. And yeah, seriously, if it was a blackhead, it’s pretty darn big…I would’ve fiddled with it for days to get it out, lol.

          • asianromance

   DayDreamer I’ve had 2 moles that suddenly appeared on my right hand late last year. I don’t look closely at my hand all the time, but then again, it was my hand – I use it all the time and definitely look at it more closely than other parts of my body. Yet, one day, I noticed the two moles.

            Googling previous pictures, you can sort of see the mole. I think it just got darker or maybe we’re just getting a lot more close-ups of him in this drama.

            Given that KJH is an actor and probably has make-up artists messing with his skin, if it was a blackhead, I’m sure it would have been removed. It’s not that hard to remove a blackhead if you have a loop extractor tool [probably about $5]

          • DayDreamer

            @ asianromance: Ahhh, I see. I just thought they had to have been there during childhood or something. And yeah, just because of all this talk, I was googling Ji Hwan’s face and did see something small that vaguely resembled it…maybe it just got bigger recently or it’s not as covered well by the makeup artists, haha. Either way, I don’t mind. It’s cute. And you’re right, it would have been removed had it been a blackhead.

      • 23.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        Ah that wonderful mole! Sometimes I realize I’m surprised to see a flaw on an actor’s/actress’s face. It’s as if I’ve been trained by commercials to think everyone is flawless. When i see a mole –when i am jolted back to reality by a mole or a scar or whatever bodily “imperfection”– I remember these actors are humans after all. Am glad they succeed in spite of mole/warts and all.

        • delicatecloud

          i was so curious reading this thread and re-watched the parts and paid attention to the “mole/blackhead” – and first thought it was a blackhead and thought that it is time for him to get a facial!! Hahaha…

      • 23.1.3 nakai

        I just realized she has a mole on her nose too. I think it’s pretty cute. 🙂

  24. 24 TS

    How many episodes for this show? 16?

    • 24.1 Delicatecloud

      24 episodes. Highly recommended…. Do watch it.

  25. 25 Ivy

    SOOOOO awesome! 😀

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