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More stills from All About My Romance
by | March 9, 2013 | 47 Comments

We’ve got a few more stills than last time, as SBS’s political romantic-comedy series All About My Romance picks up steam with filming. It would be nice if some of them actually showed our leads together, but for now we’ll have to make do with solo stills of Shin Ha-kyun and Lee Min-jung, playing politicians on opposite sides of the party aisle.

In one of the scenes recently filmed, Lee Min-jung goes on a radio show where she lambastes Shin Ha-kyun’s character for his recent actions in an on-air interview. Her rapid-fire litany of complaints has Shin seething at home, where he listens to the show. Heh. That takes meet-cute and bickering to new levels right off the bat, considering you’ve got the public playing witness/bystander/battleground.

I wonder if her unflattering tirade is the thing that sends Shin to the hospital bed, pictured at bottom, where he is attended to by his loyal secretary (Jin Tae-hyun). Note that this show is terrible about giving out any plot-related info — in that it refuses to give us the merest scrap — so I’m just guessing here. All I know is, the idea that the upstart rookie assemblywoman rankles his pride so thoroughly does tickle my fancy. There’s just something about his demeanor — that swaggering posture, the swoopy hair — that makes me look forward to seeing her take him down a peg or two. And sure, he can take her down a peg as well. Equal opportunity peg-lowering!

All About My Romance replaces That Winter, The Wind Blows and premieres next month.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    I just want it to be better than DaeMul (that bored me to death with all my love for the leads)

  2. denise

    i like SHK’s hairstyle looks nice and young on him.

    • 2.1 canxi

      It does.

    • 2.2 Kiara

      Me too, like like like.

    • 2.3 SH

      It makes him look very suave and sophisticated.

    • 2.4 Pipit

      I love him to death since Brain. And I love what has been described about this drama so far. Looking forward to see this one.

      • 2.4.1 Huong

        I could also say I love him to death since Brain. Still now it is one of my most favorite performances in Brain. I just don’t like the female lead. She has appeared in many low-rating dramas. Just hope this won’t be the same.

  3. canxi

    Everyone looks so fancy, wow.

  4. Laurita

    For a minute I thought that was a young Anthony next to that doctor.

  5. Mystisith

    I’m ready to do anything in order for that drama to be good. Please be good, PLEASE BE GOOD! I don’t mind if the script is Secret Defense, I just want it to be fun.

    The first pic: Nice. *Pervert alert*.
    The last pic: He has an attack of stage fright before a speech or he is on strike. Or maybe he is blackmailing his assistant in order to get that annoying rookie fired.

    • 5.1 jomo

      It’ll be good. SHK can electrify the screen all by himself.
      God, I can’t WAIT!!

      • 5.1.1 Mmaymay

        Yeah, SHK can elettrify the screen all by himself. Seriously imo he carried Brain all by himself…. I watched that entire drama because I was that mesmerized by him…even though it was the first time I’ve seen him in anything.

        • thil28

          me too, Mmaymay! he was so great, even my sis got hooked after watching a random episode with me! totally spurred my crush on him with that one show, even thought i’d never heard/seen him in anything before!

        • Pipit

          Agreed. Brain was where I saw him first but the feelings he evoked from me were those I felt when I saw Kim Myung Min in Bethoveen Virus. So much love that turned me into an instant fan.

    • 5.2 Compass Wise

      The original novel says he is hit by a hydrane by LBH’s girlfriend.

  6. cmrprindle

    I’m totally in for this one, gosh darnit!

  7. Annie

    Shin Ha Kyun is such a genius – dramas are just so much more enjoyable with good actors in the mix. I hope this one does really well.

  8. anvesha

    what’s up with his hair? Sometimes it looks ok, and sometimes I think he is channeling an ahjusshi..

    I kind of want to watch it though. I just wonder when nobody is ‘wrong’ (unless one is criminal) in their political view, how are we going to see a romance..

    • 8.1 niKai

      yeah, not feeling the hair. I’d rather see him going sleek, if you know what i mean.

      • 8.1.1 houstontwin

        He is playing a conservative politician so the hair is surprising. Maybe it is a symbol of his vanity. I wouldn’t be surprised if his hair is shorter by the end of the drama!

        • Pipit


    • 8.2 LangitBiru

      he is ajushi. kkk.

      • 8.2.1 anvesha

        I know he is not 20-something lol but he is younger than Cha Seung Won, and still has that hair of an old guy

  9. Kiara

    Shin Ka-kyun <3. I'm so watching the hell out of this show.

    • 9.1 jomo

      LOL, me with.

    • 9.2 skelly

      I’m on the fence. If they make it into some simplistic conservative=bad liberal=good cliche, like American TV does (if there is an axe murderer, it’s a given he voted Republican) I’m not watching because that’s been crammed into my head often enough already. If they try and convince us that Lee Min-Jung is smarter than Shin Ha-Kyun, I’m also out of here, because that just breaks all the bounds of verisimilitude.

  10. 10 AJ

    I like both these actors but have yet to see something that Lee Min Jung is good in. Hope this is the one

  11. 11 Nina

    Lee Min Jung! Enough reason to watch this drama ♥

  12. 12 snow_white

    yay for Lee Min Jung’s normal hairstyle 🙂

    I’m surely gonna give this a try!!

  13. 13 thil28

    ah, so agree with that, at least not a dumbed down hairstyle for the heroine, she looks like a normal pretty woman. really looking forward to this!

  14. 14 wtf

    Lee Min Jung is really unbelievable in this role. Cannot picture her in politics.

    • 14.1 Annie

      … not all female politicians have to be dowdy and matronly. Take a look at Italy’s parliament.

      • 14.1.1 ht

        I know right.

      • 14.1.2 Mystisith

        You bet! If we can kill 1 stereotype or 2 with that drama, it will be the cherry on the cake.

  15. 15 hpn88

    omg LMJ’s character looks competent and politician like and puts this drama back on the list of shows to watch

  16. 16 Jasmin Rice

    SHK is brilliant. He stole the show when he was up in the beginning and the end of the Thief movie.

    • 16.1 Compass Wise

      You should watch Brain, if you haven’t.

      • 16.1.1 Pipit

        Highly recommended!

  17. 17 mary

    That doctor saved Dokko Jin’s life. 😀

    • 17.1 jomo

      Is it really the same actor? How observant of you and how funny!

    • 17.2 Pipit

      That’s Dokkon Jin’s doctor alright. He might get a new side job as a matchmaker for his famous patients ^_^

  18. 18 Compass Wise

    The first scene SHK will be hit by hydrane. The person who hit him is LBH’s girlfriend.

    • 18.1 jomo

      What’sa hydrane?

    • 18.2 skelly

      Totally confused. hydrane? and LBH’s girlfriend – the Canadian gymnast?

  19. 19 adriana

    I love Shin Ha-kyun sice the drama Brain and i adore Lee Min-jung!!!
    I am so cheering for this OTP!!!!
    Cant wait for this drama!!!!!

  20. 20 hit_me_you_die

    nice! Finally i drama that looks promising. Love that actor 🙂

  21. 21 hit_me_you_die

    yay!! looking forward to this. looks promising… recent kdrama is not my cup of tea. soo.. Hope this one i will love because i need to find a new obssesion hah

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