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  1. Janet


    • 1.1 Janet

      I wish everyone a good Friday on Good Friday!

      • 1.1.1 Kelvin

        Do ppl say Happy Good Friday or is there another way to say it?

        Anyways if you guys/gals have some free time today and are interested in a KPOP Podcast come check us out!


        iTunes subscription:

        • hawaiianseoul

          Its already Saturday over here where I live but happy good friday to you anyway (:

          anyway, guys guys guys guys! Is it true that Kim Hye Sung will be out of the military soon?? If it’s true, I’m making myself some pina coladas to celebrate!

    • 1.2 alua

      I just checked a second ago and nothing was up. This Friday feels like a Saturday!

      • 1.2.1 am

        This Friday feels like a Saturday to me too. My brother and I were talking about it earlier.

        • KimYoonmi

          It’s Saturday elsewhere…

          • alua

            Jajajaja so true!

      • 1.2.2 alua

        Okay, let me think about what I’ve been watching this week.

        Nine Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty hooked. It has only been getting better. Now that our hero has been messing with the past, we are starting to see consequences and, damn, some of them are just heartbreaking. You can just feel his loneliness when he realises that his girl now has another boyfriend and he pretends it’s alright. Wahhhhhhhh!

        Not watching anything else that’s Korean, hopefully this drought of K-dramas will soon end!

        xxxHolic Still need to watch ep 5. Bound to be good.

        Tonbi finished. Such a lovely dorama, gets you right in the heart. I could have done with a bit more romance and more on Akira’s character (he seemed almost too go to be true at times, bordering on (almost) boring), but then again, the focus was on the father-son relationship, and on the father especially, and the father just rocked! Such a character! Sometimes he’d make you tear your hair out, other times he’d melt your heart. Jejeje.

        Saikou no Rinkon Good good good. I’m mostly interested in Eita’s and Ono Machiko’s characters though. Looking forward to more.

        Filmwise, I enjoyed the two shorts of Leesong Hee-il’s One Night and Two Days trilogy (and belatedly realised that Lee Yi-kyung from School 2013 was one of the leads in White Night – he’s got talent and I’ll be keeping my eye on him for sure!). Also randomly watched a Chinese film called Lacuna, which was a light sort of rom-com, the kind you watch on a tired Friday night, but of better quality than most. Probably won’t review though. Too many other films to review (The Kirishima Thing and Under the Pink Sky are on top of my priority list, and I am debating which Korean anime to cover for April. Either Green Days or Padak).

        I haven’t got any plans for Easter, need to study today & tomorrow and am working on Sunday, because my dongsaeng will be visiting next week! And: I’ll be seeing the Princess Mononoke stage adaptation next Friday. It’s finally premiering, SO excited!

        Happy Friday everyone!

        • JoAnne

          Alua! Loving Nine here too. Very much!

          • Carole McDonnell

            seconding kingyo club. Very sweet. Even with the bullying. A nice little drama.

        • John

          alua ~

          Saikou no Rinkon is my current favorite.

          Shotenin Michiru no Mi no ue Hanashi was good. A twist at the end.

          Nine: I’m enjoying it .

        • joy

          i loved Tonbi too! made me cry then made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night… and as Neechan sort of implied “do not underestimate his stupidity”. 🙂

          • alua

            I feel like no one watched Tonbi… and they are all missing out!

            I cracked up so many times. Even if it’s sometimes predictable what he’ll do (because you know he’s going to be stubborn), it’s just hilarious.

            He’s got the best son in the world, but there is a good reason for that (and that’s him). 😀

          • JoAnne

            I have it in a list, Alua. It will be watched!

          • joy

            Hi Alua, I don’t know if you have watched Bara no nai hanaya. It’s about a father too, albeit a gentler one. This is the drama that I keep watching over and over. Needless to say this made me appreciate this tv program called drama. It used to be that I’d scoff at my mom for being glued to her dramas from the time I leave for work to the time I go to bed. But because Bara got me hooked to jdorama now she’s the one teasing me. 🙂 Times have changed.

          • alua

            I have actually seen Bara no nai hanaya, but like a good while back. I feel like I need to rewatch it because I have little concrete memory of it (I remember I enjoyed it but not much more).

            I’ve watched of lot dramas since I first saw this, and have a different appreciation of a some of the actors in Bara no nai hanaya (Yuko Takeuchi and Matsuda Shota in particular), which is another reason why I would like to see it again.

        • latteholic

          Is Saikou no Rinkon fully subbed yet? I dread starting currently running/recently finished j-dramas these days because I never know when the sub will be out. The plot sounds interesting though, as I’m looking for a more slice-of-life dramas nowadays

          • John

            latteholic ~

            No, it’s not fully subbed yet. I need my fix for this week.

          • alua

            No, not fully subbed.

            You could try Tonbi…..

            What else have you watched? I mostly watch slice-of-life so I might have other recommendations.

          • latteholic

            Thank you John and alua!

            @alua – I haven’t watched a lot of J-dramas in recent years [2011-2013], so I would love to hear[read] your recommendation on any dramas from that year. In the meantime, I will check Tonbi as well 🙂

          • alua

            Recent ones:
            -Osozaki no Himawari (2012). I’m going to watch everything with Ikuta Toma from now on. Yoko Maki from Saikou no Rikon is in it too.
            -Kekkon Shinai (2012) (not perfect but rather liked the three leads)
            -Kazoku no Uta (2012) (wasn’t popular, I think they even shortened it b/c of that, but I thought it was enjoyable & heartwarming as well as pretty funny!
            -Kingyo Club (2011) — that one is a sort of mini-drama about bullying in high school, with episodes only being 20 minutes long. It’s obviously quite minimal and low-budget, but I thought it really packed a punch.

            Just started Don Quixote (2011, with Matsuda Shota), not sure if that’s exactly slice-of-life (since there is a body swap) but it looks interesting – it deals with child abuse. And yakuza, jajaja!

            I’d also say Nagareboshi (2010), Slow Dance (2005), Smile (2009), Love Shuffle (2009), Waterboys (2001?), but they are older and I guess not all of them are strictly slice-of-life. All doramas I really like though. Smile is woefully underwatched (it’s about race in Japan and really showcases Matsujun’s acting range. I mean, I love him in the quirky stuff, but this one’s very powerful).

          • latteholic

            Oh I loved Water Boys! Seriously nothing is funnier than watching a bunch of boys doing synchronized swimming! They’re so into it as well, so cute 😀 And I loved the camaraderies between the boys too!
            I think I started Smile while it was running, but then dropped it in the middle/early episodes because difficulties in finding the subs. But yes, definitely need to pick it up again!
            Thanks again for the recommendation alua! *copies and pastes recommendation to To-Watch-List*

            Btw, I read the synopsis on Tonbi and I like the premise already. After mother-daughter relationship, I think I should watch the father-son relationship drama 🙂 Esp since dad is Sakamoto Ryoma from JIN! 😀

        • Pillowhead

          Hey alua! I’m loving 9 too. I hadn’t been watching too many drama’s lately but cause I’ve been down with the flu I watched a bunch this week. 9 is my current favorite, but I’m also watching TWtWBs, BridalMask, Harvest Villa AND I am finally got back to Coffee Prince. I wasn’t feeling it till episode 10, where it finally got me. The acting and the music is jo ah yo. I also watched Werewolf boy (awww) and tonight I watched GI Joe which was terrible but it was crazy how good Byung-hun Lee looked. I need to see more of him. 😀

          • Pillowhead

            oh! and I finally watched LSG on running man. Omo, I didn’t think I could love LSG any more, but I can. Sweet, Smart, Sexy and funny, LSG. GU Family pali up!

          • alua

            “it was crazy how good Byung-hun Lee looked”

            sometimes that’s what we keep watching for 😀

            Nine isn’t the sort of drama I usually watch or worship (I like slice of life, I often like high school settings, etc.), but somehow this one is working for me so far!

          • Pillowhead

            lol…omg, if byung-hun’s body was any tighter it would just b one big ol’ cramp. :9

          • Korazy Lady

            Hi Pillowhead! It’s funny, cuz I just saw GI Joe while flipping channels and stopped just to see LBH. You are right – he looked amazing! The show seemed really lame, though, so I only watched a few minutes.

            I am loving Nine, too.

        • pogo

          Hey everyone! I won’t be posting much in here today – probably won’t even be able to reply to JoAnne, Carole, alua, Ivoire and all you guys- because something seems to have cursed my computer and my internet has been slower than a tortoise on sleeping pills all week (which also means, no drama *cries*)…..

          But I did manage to watch xxxHolic, and even if I’m repeating myself from every week’s OT – HOW IS IT SO GOOD?!!!! It helps that it’s half an hour instead of 60+ minutes, that keeps the pace tight, but I’ve actually taken to watching it at the crack of dawn instead of at night because it is SCARY. But everything about it is top-notch, it is now my favourite jdrama ever, even ahead of Honey & Clover – I just can’t get over it.

          I intend to catch up to That Winter, even if it’s becoming a chore – though that might be my own bias speaking, I was mainly in it for our second leads and I have no desire to watch the main leads mope around and be sad (had no problems with it in Nice Guy, but here it’s kind of hard to feel it as immediately).

          And does anyone else think Secretary Wang is kind of like the mother version of Nice Guy’s Jae-hee? The whole ‘I only hurt you because I love you’ thing, the hooking-up-with-a-rich-guy and trying to win over his reluctant daughter thing (though JH thankfully didn’t blind Eun-gi!) and even the hair and clothes (Park Shi-yeon was really too young to be styled so ajumma-like, and I am legit sad that her career is going to take a major blow, if not end completely, thanks to the propofol :()

          • alua

            How is xxxHolic so good? Cause Sometani is in it of course. 😀

            More seriously, it’s well written of course and they just nailed the atmosphere and the aesthetics.

            The Sometani factor though is that he pretty much always picks good projects (and has all the acting talent in the world), so I do use him as a ‘quality criterion’…. In this case, the rest of the cast is pretty top-notch too, Anne and Higashide Masahiro (still a relative newbie, but he’s certainly highly promising).

          • Carole McDonnell

            Oh gee…am sorry about your computer. Hope you can get to watching dramas again soon. Maybe some new download affected your video driver.

          • Pillowhead

            Pogo, i probably missed u already, but have you seen any of the GU Family teasers? They remind me of Arang. AGH!!!

          • TS

            Hi Pogo!

            I like Xxxholic too, though lately, I’ve just been reading the manga. Agreed on the 30 min mark. That’s also why I like Vampire Idol, other than you know who.

          • pogo

            @Pillowhead (and hoping this gets posted) – yeah, I’ve seen them! They kind of have a similar feel to Arang, though it is true that the leading lady looks positively ridiculous in the little we do see of her handling a weapon. I hope this isn’t going to be one of those shows where I love one lead and barely tolerate the other, but I want more Sung Joon already!

            @alua – I honestly didn’t think they could adapt the manga this well, and they’ve done it! Obviously, some elements had to go (all the crossovers with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, for one – the Mokonas!) but as a self-contained series, it’s just amazing. It’s my first jdrama in two years, and I’ve never been so glad that I don’t actually need subs all the way for this one.

            @Carole – I don’t know what it is, but it is deeply frustrating 🙁

            @TS – the manga is one of my all-time favourites, the artwork is just amazing. I’m impressed they’ve managed to keep the feel of something that stylised and bring it into live-action, to be honest. (and agreed on VI too!)

        • nakai

          Guys, it’s Saikou no Rikon. 🙂

          • alua


            *feels embarrassed for having started with that typo*

          • nakai

            Dont be. 🙂

        • jomo

          alua –
          Come to my blog and comment there.
          I did an Ep 5 recap, and partial Ep 6.
          I will need a time machine myself, but am planning on starting from 1 this weekend.

          By the way, all you recappers—
          I bow to you. This is hard f^cking work that takes a long long long time.
          Have to run. Am literally in the hall typing this as fast as I can.

          • alua

            Ohhh! I didn’t realise you had a blog. I’ll hop over later (need to get off the OT and do some work!)

            I bow in reverence to all recappers. I’d love to recap some dramas, but I don’t have that type of commitment. I don’t know how you guys do it!

        • nomad

          I’m loving Saikou No Rikon too, unfortunately the sub takes forever…so when the new sub is finally up, I have to think hard what’s happened in the epi before. Regardless, I’m still following it.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Love NINE! Gotta watch the last episodes of Tonbi. If you like Lacuna, I might watch it. Ever see the little film Oresama. I really liked that.

          • alua

            I would pretty much agree with this review of Lacuna:


            Haven’t seen Oresama, but heard of it before – I need to put it on a Trailer Weekly post (which is basically my to-watch list 🙂 )

          • Carole McDonnell

            @Alua, I totally loved Oresama. It’s just a sweet bio…and very apt if you’re watching NINE.

            Wasn’t gonna watch Lacuna because I’m kinda burned out by Hangover-type movies but the review and your assessment…well, i’ll dive in. Thanks again.

            Thanks also for suggesting Smile. I’m a sucker for any movie involving race. Thanks.

        • Newbie

          Totally second Nine! So curious how it will go on.

          Read some actress bashing somewhere, but I like her. 🙂

      • 1.2.3 latteholic

        This Friday still feels like a Friday to me. Still have class (which is weird, since I’m accustomed to treat Good Friday as public holiday)

    • 1.3 TS

      Yay, you are!

    • 1.4 GG

      Sorry to be off topic, but I am in San Francisco in the United States and reading online at 3.40pm: North Korea: ‘outbreak of war hours away’ as Kim Jong-un plans US strike.

      When they put it in terms of “hours away”, I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit scared. That’s all I wanted to say. I have nowhere else to voice my fear.

  2. KimYoonmi

    Annyeong Chingu Deul.

    This Week’s Cultural Highlight: Korean Taxis (AKA scammers)

    I’ll just go over the new(er) dramas this week. I’d do a mini rant about Dinner (Mostly picking on the food facts, though the human side of it is solid, not great, but solid)… but I don’t think anyone is watching it…

    And then cultural notes, because Nine isn’t getting recapped. (I’ll try to censor spoilers.)

    Cruel Palace War of Flowers

    I was pretty excited with the premise until my feminism alarm went off.

    It’s very visually lush, and I can see the budget hopes being poured into it by the cable station it sits on… however…

    They are going to end up painting her as the oversexed femme fatale that destroys an empire. My feminism is knocking me on the head and saying “NO.”

    Queen In Soo is one thing… women help the empire and prop it up, but they are going to blame the downfall of a crappy King, Injo, on one woman. And to that I say no.

    Skipping and moving on.

    Guam Heo Joon
    Episode 3-4 was better than I expected. I’m not thrilled with him becoming a thug, but it wasn’t too bad… I’m not sure how they’ll get to the episode count though.


    Slight cultural guide…

    I’ll disclaim that While I am Korean, wasn’t in Korea in 1992… so I’m doing this from memory and roughly in order. (trying to keep it spoiler free too)

    Episodes 1-2
    1. “Beeper”

    A Pager… Uhhh… you should know what those are. I never owned one, even in the US. If you need to see how it works, you can watch old episodes of ER.

    2. No cellphones, and hard wired…

    Yeah, you know people used to have to hold clunky receivers.

    Episode 3
    3. The band on the screen: Seo Taiji and Boys is my best guess. (Episode 3)

    They were a dance group. You can google them, and it definitely looks like them…. Three boys, dancing on screen.

    4. Cigarettes

    Until recently Korea was behind on cigarettes and smoking was widely accepted, even in public. Nowadays you do it more secretly and away from the eyes of your seniors.

    5. President Kim Young Sam and President Roh Tae Woo

    President Kim was the first civilian to hold the office in over 30 years. He also arrested his two predecessors on an anti-corruption campaign. (I assume the newspaper is talking about meeting his opponent for the upcoming election.)

    6. “First Woman President”

    I announced that here a few months back. Though the news cycle should have shifted by now… but I’m nitpicking. It happened at the end of 2012. She won is a pretty good sweep against her opponent.

    Episode 4

    7. Shows that Kim Young Sam was elected.

    8. The 50,000 won.

    (You can recognize it for it’s brown color) Only a few years back there was no such denomination. (When I was in Korea, the highest denomination was a 10,000 won) It features Dae Jang Geum on the won. Which is a woman. (She see’s Sacajawea’s 1 gold dollar and raises her bay about 48 dollars).

    That’s why he can’t give it to the bar matron.

    Also Korean money has fluxed a lot in the last 20 years. My friend was gone for 6 months and the money had visibly changed by that time, which is why the money he pulls out of his brother’s wallet looks different than the money you typically see in Korean dramas.

    6. Eric Clapton (Tears of Heaven) released in 1992, January.

    Was originally about the death of his 4 year old son, Conor, who fell from a building.

    7. Bodyguard

    release 1992, November, but it would probably take a while to subtitle, so December 1992.

    Episode 5-6 didn’t have much to talk about… (I didn’t spot anything new.)

    Cultural Note: Taxis in Korea

    i.e. Why you should avoid taking one.

    Seeing one in Nine, inspired me.

    – The meter does *not* run on distance traveled. It runs on time. The taxi driver gets lost–you pay more. You know that scene where the person is stuck in trafic and hops out? That’s because it’s not only costing time, but money. Yes, money for idling. Watch that meter.

    – They will lie to you about tipping, especially if you’re a foreigner.
    YOU DO NOT TIP THEM. (I know what the dramas say, it’s not true–the character is in a hurry, that’s not a tip)

    – There are no regulations on taxi drivers or special licenses. Anyone can claim to be a taxi. Which means if you get scammed, you will not get that much help.

    Also, the base fare is not regulated by anyone.

    – The Publics transportation is cheaper and well connected. There are buses to the airport and to the hotel for cheap (less than 2,000 won), and there is the 2 lines that goes around the city, plus buses are cheap. You can tour the whole city (from the last payment) of 2,000 won. Only 2 dollars on the 2 line.

    – It should not cost more than 3,000 won to go anywhere. If it does, argue and threaten with the police. (That’s 3 dollars US)

    In another words, skip the taxi, take the subway or the bus, plus the upside is that you can see real people, rather than the people they see on television.

    If you do take one “accidentally” take a picture of their license (which can be a lie, but at least you’ll get their picture) and of the license plate. (They are less likely to scam Koreans though… they do try.)

    • 2.1 am

      Thank you! This is pretty insightful 🙂

    • 2.2 channah

      I think you are misunderstanding what Jeong Ha Yeon is trying to do with Cruel Palace: War of Flowers. He mostly likely will try to humanize the historical figures that were made out to be villains. (Watch Shin Don to see what he is trying to do)

      That doesn’t really mean that he will portray Lady Jo as an poor little helpless woman that was conned by the evil evil men into doing the things she did. She most likely had her own motivations and reasons for what she did and the politics at court seemingly didn’t do her any favors.

      I would rather see an portrayal of an flawed human being than an innocent lamb or an evil seductress.

      And I personally think that feminism is about seeing women as an human being equal to any men with the same potential for good and evil. Wanting to only see woman as saints doesn’t help the cause any…

      • 2.2.1 KimYoonmi

        The problem is the commercials promised that King Injo was taken down by one woman.

        Injo was one crappy king and voted one of the worst. If they blame his crappiness on her, which they are promising to, I’m out. “The woman that brought down an empire.” NO.

        I’ll repeat it again: INJO WAS CRAPPY. Blame it on the right person. Don’t shuffle history to blame it on one woman. In this case, put the blame on the right person.

        I don’t need the woman to be angelic–if you watched Queen Insoo, you knew that the good characters were not always good. The main female character in that is seriously odd in some ways in her moral justifications. However, she’s not shown explicitly trying to run a crappy empire with a weak king and blamed for everything he does in history. Dudes gotta take blame for their OWN crappy decisions.

        I did watch the first episode… but I’m feeling really wary….

        I don’t even mind the reform story… Prosecutor Princess… or even Get Karl! or the reform story of Fantasy Couple…

        I do, however, mind when they shuffle blame… and they are promising that by making her run an era which was weak to begin with (Look at what you do when you leave a woman in control? –;;). And that, I definitely take issue with. Insoo, is fine. Flawed moral character that’s not boring Jin Yeong (Horse Doctor, whom I complained about being boring… I preferred the Princess.). This piece looks like veiled misogyny.

        *ranty* *rant*

        Excuse me if I don’t have that much faith in a man writing a woman with this sort of plotline. 정하연 (Jeong Ha Yeon)

        • TS

          When Injo bowed his head to Hong Taijii so hard he bled, I pumped my fist in the air, yelling, “Hong. Tai. Jii!”

          My neighbours must’ve wondered who I had with me…

    • 2.3 Pillowhead

      Thanks Kimi, for the taxi advise. Will be avoiding those. 😀

    • 2.4 DayDreamer

      Wow, Kim Yoomni, that was very interesting stuff…especially the one about the taxis.

  3. meanrice

    Hello! Wishing everyone a great Friday and totes awesome Easter.

    Work got in the way and my drama watching has been put on hold, someone please tell me which is worth picking back up out of: Iris2, Ad Genius Lee Tae Bak, The Wedding Scheme, and Ghost.

    I like to have a few I can marathon and a few newer ones in rotation.

    I just thought of a freaking fantastic tshirt idea: “my marathons last at least 16 hours.” So not a runner…

    • 3.1 Lovebug

      Hi meanrice! (Happy Easter)

      I have only seen wedding scheme and Ghost out of those on your list and I recommend both. I actually really liked the Wedding scheme though the female lead is bit unlikable but in the beginning but it made her character believable. I just loved the OTP they are both petty and bicker like crazy and totally perfect for each other. And I was happy to see Lee Kyu Han FINALLY get a lead role. Be forwarned its not the light happy rom com like it may first appear (it may better characterized as a workplace kimchi family drama with a couple cute romances). I say worth it!

      Oh yeah and Ghost is good too! Daniel Choi cameo was awesome!

      • 3.1.1 meanrice

        Thanks team! That is what I was leaning towards. The Wedding Scheme I got in 8 eps then had to go on hiatus. OTP’s bickering is a dynamic b/t me and a friend. We once fought about who could camp better.

        Daniel Choi! He is one of those actors I want to watch e everything he is in, but then I watched almost all of the Musical and thought he was punishing me.

    • 3.2 MEalways

      For me Ghost and Ad Genius Lee Tae Bak.
      Ghost for the noir story (but the end could be much better). Tae Bak for the simplicity and fun – watch out for the mature version of JaeJong (but I think this one/the look alike is cuter… Personal preference).

      If you really like repeat story, almost the same characters, and traveling, you might like Iris 2.

      Hope it helps.

      • 3.2.1 JoAnne

        haha I’m not the only one who noticed – when he first popped up I went oooh, MAN-SIZED JaeJoong! It’s weird, too, they had him as a dumb musclehead int he beginning and then he turned out to be not really dumb at all, just kind of at a loss in front of girls.

  4. am

    I’m gonna get down right to it since this is important.
    Let’s talk about Nine.

    • 4.1 alua

      Yes, let’s! My mind’s a mess trying to figure out the time travelling and how it all works BUT I LIKE IT!

      I hope the writers have pre-planned it thoroughly, because if they have this drama could be awesome beginning to end.

      *sits down, cup of coffee in hand, ready for a conversation*

      • 4.1.1 KimYoonmi

        I favor the idea that the people he tells travel with him through parallel dimensions…

        But I kinda like unexplained magic. And also the fairytale magic. Explanations aren’t important… Magic is magic.

        But as I said, still irked at the making Hinduism “exotic”.

        • alua

          Oh, I like unexplained magic too.

          I agree on the “exotic Hinduism” bit as well.

        • TS

          Urgh, seriously? In a land where people are Buddhist (or were)? Buddhism comes from Hinduism and Siddhartha was a contemporary of the Prophet Abraham.

          Or maybe it was Noah. I forget. Read Karen Armstrong’s book on Buddha for that info.

          • KimYoonmi

            There are still Buddhists in India, just the Southern type.

            There are also Christians, Sikhs, Jainists, Muslims, etc.

            Hinduism is dominant, but it doesn’t come in one united form. The base philosophies though throughout the sects is very much like Buddhism… so I was really confused at the “secret sect” and “Hinduism” bit. When they easily could (especially near the mountains like that) be made by Buddhists.

            But then, *some* Christians are demonizing Muslims in the US, despite the large similarities between the religions (and they haven’t really read the religious books of the Bible and Quran–the whole jihad crap the ignorant are launching is amazing. Have they read the Bible? I’m working on the Quran–because I’m a nerd.). Also, I guess, they hated the whole enlightenment the Muslims brought in from Spain too… things like you know, math… medicine, science, Greek and Roman culture that people worshipped… Courtly love… poetry… (In another words, don’t bad mouth a culture/religion until you understand it and its influence on you)

            Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to being surprised. However, I am disappointed… I may have to warn my friend from India about it…

        • TS

          @KimYoonmi, well said!

          And good for you exploring the Quran and the Bible. At a very basic non-religious level, there’s so much we can learn from both, and then, they also are spiritual books, so they are uplifiting too.

          I recommend Yusuf Ali’s Quran translation, with annotations, because he explains a lot of the history and the knowledge around each sura (chapter).

          • Pillowhead

            I love how everyone here is so progressive. I live on a small island that is 95% Catholic, which is fine but I didn’t really notice how conservative most of my friends were till I got on FB and was bombarded with their post.

          • KimYoonmi

            Though I’m not Christian, I have to admit, I find Psalms the best part of the Bible. It feels more like core philosophies about how to view the world rather than preaching about how one should or should not view God. (I’m that way with most religions though.)

            I find the Old Testament important, yet in the views of most Jews, most of it is dated for a specific time frame (Even for the Orthodox Jews). And the New Testament is interesting as a religious debate in motion, but I find it a bit scattered. Still, I do like debates. So Psalms kinda cuts between the two… it feels more like meditation of religious issues without clear cut answers.

            I haven’t gotten through the Quran far enough to judge the text, but I definitely thank you for the recommendation.

            And for the record, just in case people are going to argue, Jihad is NOT about blowing up stuff. From what I understand (so far), it’s devotion to God, who happens to be called Allah. And I believe that Christians share a similar belief about devotion to God. (Which is done through prayer in both cases… and there are extremists in all religious organizations anyway… *cough* Legitimate rape *gags* *cough* Not even in the Bible… in the Bible, rapists get punished and harshly.)

            Still working through it, though.

            And I’d recommend Robert Alter’s version of the Bible translations for better annotation and explanation of the history, translation, etc. for the academics that want to learn about it.

            I’m currently nerding on Muism (Korean Shamanism) as well. I can see a lot of the ways it subtlety shaped Korea.

        • Carole McDonnell

          ::chuckle:: Yeah, i was like…”uhm, so even South Koreans get all mystical about Nepal?”

        • owl

          Kim Yoomni – I really like Robert Alter’s OT translation and commentary. His newer book, “Pen of Iron: American Prose and the king James Bible” is insightful on the Bible’s influence especially on early American literature. Another theologian I like is John Sailhamer.

        • Carole McDonnell

          IF you read the New Testament, definitely read them in conjunction with the book of Acts. Also check out David Pawson’s teachings on the Bible. His videos are found on youtube and also at davidpawson (DOT) org He’ll help you understand that the epistles/letters really aren’t scattered, just dealing with the issues in each church they were addressed to.

          And true, Christianity got a lot from Islam. The idea of the crusades definitely came from the Moslem idea of Jihad. Jihad doesn’t show up in the first part of the Qu’ran but towards the end…well… it’s pretty harsh on non-believers.

          The typical Christian and the typical Moslem, however, are pretty easygoing good folks.

          • owl

            Carole – my go-to theologian right now is Luke Timothy Johnson for Acts (Sacra Pagina series) and Luke-Acts. His lectures are an insightful walk-through the Bible as well. I love the idea of studying Luke-Acts as the 2 vol. book it is rather than the traditional 4 gospels and Acts on its own.

          • TS

            I would’ve thought crusading would have its origins in the Israelites fighting to enter the promised land after 40 years in the desert.

            Especially since the chronological order is Old Testament, New Testament, Quran.

            Just a thought…

          • KimYoonmi

            Leviticus, Old Testament was also harsh on non-believers as well. The whole gentiles only deserve dried up rotten grapes on your doorstep thing was pretty harsh… (And no, Jews nor Christians do that. At least I know of.)

            The difference and the theorized conflict is that Muslims also convert people, which may be part of the reason for the base conflict. (I mean pre all of the war on terrorism, which I wish people would separate….).

            Christianity also had a problem with the Hare Krishna who also converted followers back in the 1960’s.

            I do get that the letters were debates over various issues, but being into fiction and fiction writing, I tend to dislike the whole, “This is how God is and should be.” Also the various versions of how Jesus came to be and rose…

            Old Testament, it kinda made sense when two were smacked together, but I found it odd the Apostles couldn’t ya know, talk and work it out the new Testament with each other… (I’ve heard stories of heated disagreements and arguing, particularly Paul… who, according to historians and theologians say he had a really huge temper. And had (not my words) “tantrums.”) Peter and John of the lot seem the most level-headed… But I have skewed perceptions.

            Still, Psalms is my favorite of the lot. As I said, it feels a little less like preaching and more like contemplation, which is closer to religions I tend to like.

            Vedanta Hinduism, for example is my favorite out of the sects. And I kinda like the Northern type of Buddhism (save everyone, not just yourself), and I have somewhat of a fondness for shamanism in general… Oh and real life Voudou is awesomeness. (The movie stuff is just not as close to cool as the real thing). I also tend to like early, early Christianity… which didn’t survive into a sect. (The first century stuff). Yes, nerd.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I’ll check him out. Thanks! And if you can, definitely check out David Pawson. Very insightful as well. Thanks so much.

            I just meant to say that the idea of invading an earthly land and creating a kingdom on earth was not in Christianity, which focused on a spiritual heavenly kingdom. When Constantine came, the idea of an earthly kingdom started. But even then, it was more of a defensive mode. The idea of conquering other lands with earthly warriors was not part of New Testament Christianity. If anything, Christians were to conquer the world by healing the sick, raising the dead, preaching…not by fighting with human weapons but with spiritual weapons.

          • owl

            I find the Psalms are centered as they point back to the past, rest in the present, and indicate future hope for a universal appeal.

      • 4.1.2 am

        I guess they’ve got this down til the end because it seems like a pretty solid plot to me. They’re leaving out a lot of things and slowly peeling all those mysterious answers episode by episode. There’s always something to watch out for in each episode.

        Right now, I’m really eager to find out about the rules of time traveling. They seem to have some similarities with QIHM but not quite. Something is always slightly different.

        Like this

        • jomo

          Like it!
          I added one : Only two people, so far can remember the Past v.1, and those are people that know about the fact that SW used the incense.

          • Lisah

            I think there are only two people that WE know are aware of the alternate timelines. I suspect others may also be aware, but are pretending not to (not that they are hiding it from SW, but because they do not know SW is a time traveler).

    • 4.2 KimYoonmi

      Did it already without the spoilers. Coding spoilers.

      I thought episode 5-6 were needed episodes, but still felt like the pace was a bit slow. The twist on the cost of going back wasn’t one I’d really thought of since “cost” with time travel isn’t something that I expect from the East. (Direct cost–the idea that magic needs a direct cost is something out of the 1900’s forward, in the West… and one I both like and dislike… like because you can play with it, dislike, because it’s not really realistic to the place and time settings of most fiction where the magic was created.)

      In this case, for the culture the incense sticks came from, and the people who were said to make it, I really don’t believe the cost would be built that way. But then, I’m kinda a culture nerd. And I know Hinduism fairly well. Hinduism’s concept of time is also different, but not that far from Buddhism. (I’m a bit irked at the idea presented in the drama that Hinduism is SO much different from Buddhism and is a “mysterious” religion… when it isn’t. It’s related to Buddhism fairly closely in its philosophies, except in some small concepts.)

      Despite that the clip isn’t bad. Just wish it wasn’t 2 episodes of angsting when you know what’s going to happen because they’ve been going over it since episode 3-4.

      I’ll probably be happier with 7-8.

    • 4.3 am

      I’m thoroughly wondering whether the writers have conceived Nine before or during QIHM. Because viewer opinions matter so now I’m thinking maybe they’re not gonna do this because they’ve already done it or the viewers don’t like it or it’s predictable. Usually, I don’t even try guessing as I go along but darn, this Nine ship sinks and I sink with it because I’m super hooked right now and I have all these burning questions.

      • 4.3.1 nakai

        Not sure if I got the fact right but I read somewhere they wrote Nine first. But because it’s big budget they decided to delay.

        • am

          They’ve probably done some tweaks here and there but thank you for the info 🙂

          • nakai

            Wont be surprised if they did a few adjustments. 🙂

    • 4.4 nakai

      If it continues to stay good, I would say best drama in 2013 so far. Episode 4 onwards I fell in love with the show all over again.

      And I kinda hate myself now for not realising how awesome Lee Jin Wook is. lol

      Love the whole scene/conversation in ep 6 when she comes to his room twice ….his voice…T.T Heartbreaking. He misses her even though she’s right there in front of him. Good acting on his part. I like how he carries that conversation throughout.

      • 4.4.1 JoAnne

        That was incredible to watch – so much emotion conveyed somehow on his expressionless face, and every sentence carrying double meaning.

        • nakai

          I know right. I cant stop watching it.

      • 4.4.2 am

        I hated his character in Spy Myung Wol but my eyes betrayed me! Boy is fiiiine.

        Named QIHM my fave drama last year and Nice Guy didn’t topple it over despite the DB year-end awards…this is coming in pretty close to fave drama of 2013 🙂

        I loved that scene too T.T but then I kept going back to the scene Min Young calls him ‘Uncle’. Cringing Level: Legendary.

        • nakai

          I only started to like him since I Need Romance 2012. Took me a looong time.

        • Hillary

          You all should watch him in one of his earliest dramas … Someday … He looked like a kid then. Someday was my introduction to kdramas … And marathoning online when 2 hours a week wasn’t enough for me.

      • 4.4.3 jomo

        The start of Ep 6 – That was a stomach clencher for me, I could hardly rewatch it as many times as I did.

        There was sooooo much going on behind his eyes in the silences.
        This is how I described the moment she asks him –

        “So what if you broke up – Why don’t you go back with her?”

        He gives that tiny little smile to the woman he loves hiding behind the girl in front of him. You can feel somehow that he is communicating wordlessly to her heart for a moment and closes his eyes, takes a deep breath before replying.
        “She doesn’t remember me.”


        • nakai

          Sad but so perfect and beautiful.

      • 4.4.4 Jambo

        Wow, I saw I Need Romance 2012. It didn’t even click it’s the same actor!

    • 4.5 Pillowhead

      hey am, i want to get in on this 9 talk but am an epi behind and so avoiding spoilers. But I’m lovin it! Next week I’ll be ready to join y’all.

      • 4.5.1 am

        aww…we’ll try not to spoil too much 🙂 join us spazz next week!

    • 4.6 Raine

      Sounds like I need to get watching this drama…

      • 4.6.1 nakai

        Please do.

      • 4.6.2 JoAnne

        oh you DO. You really, really do.

      • 4.6.3 jomo

        Yes, you are required, actually.
        The notice is on the way in the mail.

    • 4.7 Carole McDonnell

      Right now, I’m thinking the question of whose happiness is more important is very hard for most people, but to a guy who is a decent person who loves other people…..well, to choose his own happiness is hard.

      And, ramifications and un-knowing…even harder.

      So it’s either gotta be A) one person’s happiness or B) family’s or friend’s happiness but not hero’s happiness or C) going back to the original timeline –which may or may not be the original timeline because his brother might have affected hero’s timeline before drama started without hero knowing it. or D) everyone’s life being improved through the incense stick. Or someone being the unknown sacrificed sufferer that all the others can have a good life.

      Hero is good and unselfish. But hero’s brain is going…which makes me wonder. Did young version of hero tell younger version of his brother about the incense and start the muddle going?

      • 4.7.1 nakai

        That’s interesting. Maybe that’s why hero still has the stuff he found in Nepal ? Brother did find the incense first but this time in a different way?

        • Carole McDonnell

          In Queen Inhyun’s Man, our hero’s time-travelling parchment worked as long as he wasn’t selfish. So am thinking that as long as our hero doesn’t do anything blatantly for his own happiness…he’ll be in safe territory. (Notwithstanding brain tumor and all.)

          Who knows what brother did? OR why he developed bi-polar issues? Is it possible Brother created his own mental problems by fooling around with the incense?

          • nakai

            I think Brother’s fight with their father was something more than about the girl. But I’m hoping he wont be guilty of something big.

          • JoAnne

            and there was someone there when the brother died, we saw the shadow. I immediately assumed it was Sun Woo.

          • JoAnne

            although that doesn’t fit with remembering the past, except it hasn’t happened yet in his past, so I guess it still works.

          • nakai

            I need to rewatch that part. I didnt notice the shadow.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Ooh, Nakai…that’s a thought! Yes, maybe Dad and son had other weird family stuff going on. Why does Dr Choi keep asking about older brother? Is it because older brother knows some secret that can clear up hero’s (mis)understanding of the past? Heck, is older brother Dr Choi’s son?

            Joanne: Maybe someone ELSE other than brother and hero know about the incense?

            The mind reels.

  5. ariane

    just love how queen noguk and general choi young are coming back… ahh so excited to see them

    • 5.1 ariane

      i’m gonna flipping tables if they’re gonna cast some idols… and lee yeon hee..

  6. Dix

    The only thing consistent about dramas these days is btw ep 10 and 14 I expect them to go down hill and if it’s a long drama by ep 23 I expect the same. Is it writer-fatigue or do they really think changing a storyline midway really works?

    • 6.1 KimYoonmi

      Remember the live shoot system is hard on writers too. They can plan for contingencies, but that’s about it. If the producer or the network says to change it, they still have to make the changes. Ratings dictates a lot.

      • 6.1.1 Pillowhead

        yup, that must be so fustrating for the writers. I’m sure many a dramas were ruined that way.

        • KimYoonmi

          Not to mention the whole adding and deleting episodes looming over one’s head when the drama either tanks or does better. That would definitely drive me nuts.

  7. KHJ


    OMG the opening scene just flow me away with Lee Duk hwa excellent acting.
    wow a great show, great actings of Kim Hyun Joo, Lee Duk Hwa and Jung Sung Mo which got I hooked.

    The scenarios are so beautiful, this makes me want to see more beautiful landscape of Korea.
    Love the music in everyone scene.
    and the sad love story of Kim Hyun Joo+ jeon Tae soo which makes me giggle like a fangirl .

    • 7.1 TS

      I like this show! It’s got me for now.

    • 7.2 Shiku

      Me too! It left me literally speechless!!!! I don’t know how many times I rewound that first scene watching it with tears running down my face. Lee Duk Hwa and the rest of the cast really did a good job.

      • 7.2.1 Pillowhead

        you r making me what to watch it. is it a new drama?

        • Shiku

          Yes it’s a new drama which started last weekend and its already subbed! Such dramas usually take weeks to sub. Thank you subbers.

          • KHJ

            yeah I was surprised by the fact that the sub came out so fast.
            cant wait to see more
            love the fact that there are so many names and so many seniors actors on the show.

        • Enz

          Yah! Have you finished CP or not?! 🙂

          • Pillowhead

            haha. no. i’m on 11. I’ll b done and ready for that tour. don’t u worry. lol

  8. cv

    Happy ot all! ^_^

    This week had been busy for me n RL. Didn’t get to watch any dramas but did read recaps.
    Been catching up on my reading bks-some ineresting, others-meh.

    Watched kpop star 2, top 3 pretty good. I hope Andrew Choi or akdongmusician wins. ;p
    Watched Voice k2, got some very talented singers.

    Saw Lee hi’s mv “Rose”. I like it alot. Will probably buy second half of her album on itunes.
    Still waiting for GD’s mini album.
    Aziatix and JYJ album need to come out soon too.

    Enjoy ur Friday/weekend!

    • 8.1 acejihyo

      ah, someone else who watches kpopstar2 ^^

      my favorites have actually already been eliminated but rooting for akdong atm (also it’s insane how high they chart digitally).

      rose was lovely just from a visual standpoint, but the song’s a really nice listen as well (hayi’s voice never fails lols).

      • 8.1.1 Belle3005

        I know this may come across as a tad bit mean but I really think that JYP’s biasness towards Bang Yedam is too over already. 2000 won’s performance last week was pretty good,in fact I thought it was one of their best on the show. At this point of time I just want either Andrew Choi or Akdong Musician to win,although I suspect the latter is more likely to do so given their popularity. No,I am not a Bang Yedam hater just in case you’re wondering but I do stongly feel that he’s highly overrated. He’s talented but I have to admit that his recent performances are pretty sub par as of late. Am pretty pissed at JYP right now,think his over-the-top expressions are starting to get on my nerves. I’m starting to lose faith in this show. Voice Korea 2 on the other hand,I feel truly focuses on the contestant’s vocal talent rather than,say,the Kpop Star quality in them.

        • acejihyo

          i have nothing personal against byd, or any of the other contestants (they’re all extremely talented to a certain degree), but yes, there’s such a double standard in terms of judging when it comes to byd. i believe that potential should not outrank current talent.

          as for the system on the whole, the judges/pds have mentioned before that it’s unlike other auditions shows where vocals is the top priority. they’re also looking for the star factor/performance quality etc. that said, however, imo this season’s quality just isn’t the same standard as season 1.

      • 8.1.2 owl

        So excited for kpop star 2 semifinals on Sunday 🙂
        Akdong Musician – cafe trendy folk fresh songs. they are very talented and extremely likeable. i hope they aren’t pushed into cottoncandyfluffnothingness by the sponsors.

      • 8.1.3 owl

        Racoon Boys “Thriller” – amazing hotness! (ep 8, I think)

        • cv

          Love racoon boys. I hope they get signed with an agency. They are good.

          • owl

            Although they could’ve come up with a better name for themselves…all I can think of is rabies/

          • cv

            Haha. ;D

            Well, they do look like raccoons. Lol cute ones tho.

    • 8.2 am

      hi cv!

      I can’t believe GD is already coming out with new material when my 2NE1 bb’s are probably somewhere gathering dust at the YGe basement. No GD hate coz I mostly like his stuff but YG…ugh, get it together.

      • 8.2.1 cv

        I heard 2ne1 is working on their album too. Heheh
        YG family is working hard on quality, not quantity.
        SOL is wrking on his solo album too! Yes!
        Also waiting for Tablo to come out another ablum too. ^^

  9. cherkell

    Happy OT Fellow Beanies! I’ve been AWOL because of work and family issues that I’m still trying to plow through. And sorry for yet another hit-and-run, but I have to be at work really early today since I will be finding out if the law firm I’m under contract at will be closing its doors over the next few weeks. Needless to say, the pit in my stomach grows larger as the minutes tick by, so I’ll be back online later.

    So Happy Good Friday and Easter to those who celebrate — my new favorite Easter Candy find this year? Chocolate Mousse-Flavored Peeps Dipped in Dark Chocolate. If you can find them, stockpile a bunch because they’re only released for 2013. YUM. YUM. YUM.

    Have a good day, minasan! Mata ne!

    • 9.1 cv

      Cher, hi ya!

      Wowser, busy busy! Hope u hear good things. Happy easter! Just another day for me. 😉 get to eat chocolate tho. ^^
      Have a good weekend!

    • 9.2 RockPaperScissors

      There is an entire store in the Mall of America devoted to selling Peeps. Which tells me that all is right in this world. “Make Peeps, not war”.

    • 9.3 alua

      Ugh! Sending good vibes your way, such awful news to receive.

      Ganbare! Hwaiting!

    • 9.4 Raine

      <3 ya cherk!

    • 9.5 Raine

      I don’t know what’s up with me, but I haven’t been watching airing stuff (cept for JJS’s Lee Soon-shin). I’ve been on watching films and older shows. Family’s Honor. Feelings. A bunch of Jung Woo-sung films. Loved Daisy. LOVED it. It was like an impressionistic painting in film in terms of tone and mood and all that business. I’m no film critic, but yeah.

      Shout out to my girl ZGZNOONA who is currently in Japan!

      • 9.5.1 redfox

        I have been surfing around old stuff as well.
        but I mostly watched Monty Python last week
        today, I went for a walk with a friend and her children and on the playground some kids were doing Gangnam Style, and I was like WTF, they´re just 3-4 years old. belting it out together with all the “sexy ladies” and etc

    • 9.6 pogo

      Hey cherkell! I’m doing a hit-and-run myself, but fingers crossed that things turn out ok for you!

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    Happy Friday, Beanies! Let’s see what’s happening in dramaland around the week.

    1. Nine: This drama is too good. Whatever slight boredom I may have felt previously has now vanished. So much interesting stuff going on. Why does Sun Woo and his friend retain memories of their alternative lives and the incense sticks? If the show had them go through this without even acknowledging it, I was going to drop it and never look back. But the show is smart and knows what it’s doing. I am definitely anticipating Mondays and Tuesdays, especially with the latest cliffhanger of young Sun Woo meeting his older self. Also: I wonder if I’m the only one who loves the doctor friend. He’s just so funny in his serious crazy way, haha. Especially the way he hunches in his seat looking morose and deflated.

    2. That Winter, The Wind Blows: What started as a seemingly promising drama ended up boring me to tears. I only watched until episode 14 as of now and I half slept through it. This episode was trying to be all about tears and farewells but I couldn’t bring myself to care an ounce. Young’s dialogues were repetitious, Secretary Wang is a crazy lady wanting to be a mom (seriously, go somewhere else and make your own babies; why cling to Young?), Oh Soo is an idiot (you’re given the goddamn money, take it already and live your life), and everyone else is just whatever. Despite that, I will see this drama to its end for the sake of completion. Personally, I found the movie better. I, at least, felt a myriad of emotions throughout its run.

    3. Incarnation of Money: This drama is a weekend badass. I went crazy this entire week watching the previous two episodes multiple times because it’s that good. Really can’t wait for this weekend’s episodes.

    4. You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin: It’s probably not best to hear from me how good, bad, or okay this drama was since I actually fast-forwarded a lot of scenes. However, now that I think the story has settled down fully, I will be watching this for the Jun Ho-Soon Shin romantic storyline. The birth secrets and the screechy family members are rather uninteresting so I only keep track of them through the recaps.

    And now for an oldie….

    Fugitive Plan B: I’m hooked onto this show even if the first several episodes were mostly about running around locally and globally. I’ve seen Rain in only one other show before (Full House) and I didn’t like him much there. But here, he’s such a badass acting like he’s just some pervy idiot. The only thing that bothered me was the heroine constantly hitting him even when he was not being provocative and leery. *sigh* Also, what on earth happened to Kieko, the Japanese girlfriend? She just, like, disappeared. Anyways, the show is pretty interesting and I’m having fun marathoning it. The music in it is awesome and I really liked the fight scenes (even if some were weird).

    • 10.1 alua

      Re Nine: It’s awesome. I watch and end up with some many questions. The fact that only Sun-woo and his friend are aware of BOTH alternative realities is SO intriguing.

      I love the doctor friend too. He cracks me up (especially when he wants to use one of the incense sticks to exchange his wife, jajajaja!). Plus, his younger version is played by Lee Yi-kyung, whom I have new-found appreciation for!

      You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin I’m just reading the recaps for now. I know I’d be so irritating watching the middle sister and whatever-her-name-is-Jun-ho’s ex and granny and whoever else is behaving like a total idiot. I might it pick it up once we get some romance going between our leads (though possibly watching only those scenes and skipping anything else).

      • 10.1.1 DayDreamer

        Glad to find someone else who is also sticking around only for the romance plot between Soon Shin and Jun Ho. I mean, yeah, family stuff can be heartwarming and all but I just don’t like the screechiness. Reminds me too much of Indian dramas which I loathe with a passion.

        I also wondered why the friend also had his alternative memories. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. So it’s good that there’s plenty of suspense.

    • 10.2 Lovebug

      Yay for Fugitive Plan B, honestly this show made a Rain fan out of me. (It was my first drama with him and then I watched the crazyness (eegods the shirts) that was Full House. He is so hilarious in this drama, and really shows some range in the role (I love it when the character is acting one way when they feel another but you as the viewer are able to see the subtleties.)

      • 10.2.1 DayDreamer

        Seriously, I’m loving Rain a whole lot too. He was okay-ish in Full House and his wardrobe was kinda questionable but I was still okay with him. Here, however, it was instant love. I also like that he did his own fight scenes. It was really cool.

    • 10.3 am

      Nine: Doctor friend is also getting my love. His whole family too. He has the cutest kids ever!

      Why does Sun Woo and his friend retain memories of their alternative lives and the incense sticks? – I asked this too but then I tried to justify Time Travel and then I gave up hahaha Maybe the rules state that whoever is aware of the time traveling also get the privilege of living two universes? /notmakingsense

      • 10.3.1 DayDreamer

        Maybe the retention of memories is a way for the time-traveling magic to inform him that he made the wrong change in his past and that he shouldn’t have done that. That’s the only explanation I could think of.

        • am

          Thank you! You make more sense than me and Kim Jong Un trying to change to world ^^

          Isn’t it fascinating that that major change in the past did not do anything major to Sun Woo and Doctor BFF’s relationship? I mean, in the v.1 reality and the v.2 they’re not living, they still pretty much ended up the same way. He didn’t change anything between them, even with the card, so nothing really happened.

    • 10.4 Carole McDonnell

      I love Doctor Friend. I’m just afraid of the collaterol damage that might come to him. If he ends up NOT marrying nagging wife, what might happen?

      A good time travel story might A) make one feel happy about what one has previously taken for granted or B) make one repair the errors and totally make everything well for EVERYONE concerned. (Back to the future, Frequency)

      This drama has a ton of stuff and a ton of people who are affected at different times in their lives. I’m just wondering how everything is gonna come out somewhat good for them.

      I suspect the writers do what mystery writers do; they write the story backwards from the end and then they can slip whatever is needed at the appropriate time. I’m thinking they are totally geeky about everything that happens and we have to look at everything that happens because every little thing matters in this story.

      • 10.4.1 DayDreamer

        Very interesting thoughts! I would add that it would be interesting if every change that Sun Woo generates through time travel will end up creating a worse future than the one he originally had and that the conclusion would be….you just can’t change your past. It was fated, after all. Just live fully as you can. (It sounds pretty bleak though…and all his efforts would be for naught).

        • Carole McDonnell

          I definitely think it’ll get much much worse before it gets better — if it gets better.

          I’m seriously wondering if our hero was with another woman entirely and the past got messed up somehow. Either by brother changing the past or our hero’s younger self messing around and saying something he shouldn’t say. You can’t unsay a thing and once younger self knows something…well, the ball starts rolling.

    • 10.5 hydrangeabloom

      Ohhhh my goodness, I love Fugitive: Plan B. I think half the time it’s unintentionally hilarious, but that only made me laugh harder. The soundtrack is excellent, probably one of my favorite drama soundtracks, and the villain theme music especially was so over the top and perfect. I think that the sequence with Kieko was meant to be a cameo, albeit an awkwardly cut one (most of the cameos are never explained in the plot, as to why a character appears one episode and then never shows up again).

      The second half of the drama actually gets more into the dramatic territory, which will eliminate some of the slapstick violence you’re seeing right now, though I do think they could have sustained a bit more humor all the way through since it was a major draw for viewers like me. Still, the whole drama is worth watching, I promise.

      • 10.5.1 DayDreamer

        Yes, I definitely agree that some parts were unintentionally funny! I felt the show was a bit satirical of thugs too, lol. I actually didn’t mind the slapstick violence….I read plenty of reviews saying it’s all flash and no substance but I didn’t feel that. It was sure stylish but I didn’t get bored by the constant running for some reason.

        I’ve only managed to watch up to ep 10. Very breezy and fun to watch. I don’t mind if it gets a little dramatic. I didn’t know Keiko was just a cameo since Rain seemed to have genuine feelings for her so I was expecting more out this but I guess not. She was super pretty too…kinda reminded me of the Japanese mob wife from King of Dramas. Not sure if they’re the same person though.

    • 10.6 MEalways

      Glad that you like Fugitive Plan B.
      Maybe I was the one who really didn’t like the drama.
      Although Rain was the first one to introduce me to Kdrama craze in Full House.

      I only like the theme song by Mblaq.

      • 10.6.1 DayDreamer

        Aw well, I guess it’s a matter of taste. I was surprised to know that Mblaq sang that ost….I for sure thought it was Rain’s voice.

    • 10.7 nakai

      Nine: It drives me crazy (in a good way) when Doctor Friend ruffles/messes his hair.

      Incarnation of Money: Cant wait for upcoming episodes too !

      • 10.7.1 Carole McDonnell

        Am developing a geek crush on Dr Han as well.

  11. 11 Hiba

    Hi guys ! Happy Friday ! Well it’s STILL Friday in Korea ! Hhehhe
    Abt drama , I’m really into TWTWB I love the OTPs alooooooooot Omg ! Still I hope the finale will be good and not sad!
    L7CS Omg it finally ended ! Hhh though l loved to see joo won ! Waaa3 “cries” so ! Hhh th story was funny and stupid ! A no spy spies thing ! Hh still it has some good sides !
    Incarnation of money ! It’s a kickass drama I love every thing abt it specially smart ppl and non expected twists
    See ya !

    BUT BUT BUT I just read at drama beans that LEE MIN HO is going to star a new drama which got me crying from happiness I can’t wait !
    I love him ! And lee seung gi. ! Ahh when is April 8 coming !

  12. 12 latteholic

    Happy OT Beanies,

    I haven’t watched any K-dramas lately, oh hang on, I did! I’m still watching (if you can call ffwding-to-Joo-Won’s-scenes-and-going-ooh-and-aaah-at-his-every-motion as watching) Level 7, and now that it’s over I have mixed feelings. On one side, I’m glad that it’s over considering how messy the story has gotten but on the other side, I will definitely missed Joo Won’s cute pouty face… XD

    I was planning on tuning in to Nine after seeing the first 2 episodes but then… forgot to do so… Maybe I’ll do it soon… or sometimes in the future..

    I’m glad that K-varieties continued to be awesome though. I loved Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin’s epic bromance in Running Man, and I always loved it when Family Outing’s members come for a visit. Loved 1N2D as always. And that baby who rode the car that Joo Won drove is the cutest thing ever! <3

    I've also been catching up to a lot of J-dramas that I missed these last 2 years:
    – Priceless – KimuTaku and Naohito Fujiki. LOVE. Nuff' said.
    – Nankyoku Tairiku – The cinematography, soundtrack, and plot are wonderful but it did break my sakhalin-husky-shaped-heart to little pieces. I kinda wish I read the full synopsis before watching this, although that would mean that I'd probably never watch this
    – Mother – intense, moving, and touching. And the child actor is so cute and awesome at the same time. I called my mom immediately after I finished this last night. Just because.

    Anyway… wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • 12.1 alua

      LOVE for Priceless indeed.

      Might have to check out Mother (year? any more details? With just that name it might be hard to track down).

      • 12.1.1 latteholic

        It’s 2010 drama. Here’s the drama wiki page: 🙂

      • 12.1.2 latteholic

        Hi alua,

        I’ve replied to your message with the drama wiki page link, but my response is still waiting for moderation. It’s 2010 drama and as far as I know it doesn’t have any Japanese title. Drama wiki page: wiki.d-addicts[dot]com[slash]Mother
        If you like human drama, then I’d definitely recommend this drama 🙂

        And yes! Loved Priceless, I loved the trio too! 🙂

        • alua

          Found it, thanks (2010 was enough).

          It sounds very good, but it’s going to go in the I-need-to-mentally-prepare-myself-for-this-before-I-watch pile.

          Like Grave of the Fireflies which I still haven’t watched after a year of mentally readying myself for it (I’m almost there though… I think).

          • latteholic

            Yes! I forgot to mention that it would be hard to watch. I needed a break every episode, because it’s so heartwrenching. But it does get better as the stake is getting higher each episode.

            I think I need to check out Grave of the Fireflies as well, to see how it is… (although I normally checked the first episode out but then ended up watching the whole thing.. LOL)

          • latteholic

            Just found out that Grave of the Fireflies is a tanpatsu. I guess once I watch it, I need to finish it in one go…

          • alua

            Yeah, it’s a movie.

            I’m talking about the original animated film though, from Studio Ghibli rather than the later live-action adaptation.

            Apparently it’s the most heartbreaking film ever, animated or not.

          • latteholic

            The animation reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki’s… I read the synopsis on dramawiki and it doesn’t say much but then I checked out the animation version and read the synopsys in IMDB, and yeah – this is another film in which I need to prepare a box of tissue and clutch it like a floatation aid throughout…

          • alua

            The director in this case is Takahata Isao, who is Miyazaki’s partner in crime (they founded Studio Ghibli together) so, yeah, it would remind you of Miyazaki 🙂

            To make it worse, the film is supposed to be semi-autobiographical…

      • 12.1.3 KimYoonmi

        Mother is difficult to watch because it’s so hard-breaking.

        A teacher sees a child being abused by her mother and step-parent. But because the system will not protect the child, and the abuse is escalating. (Things like being tied in trash bags and the child’s life in danger). She decides to take the child herself and kidnaps her.

        While on the run, they develop a close relationship as they meet various people.

        But in the end, it’s kinda heart breaking and hard to watch…


        They get separated at the end and the child prefers her own mother…. the one that abused her and the abused mother claims she cleaned up and dumped her loser BF.

        The teacher goes to jail for kidnapping.

        It’s NOT an easy watch. It questions things about what is and isn’t parenthood. Plus the abuse is really hard… and the ending scene, while realistic, still turned my stomach.

        • KimYoonmi


        • latteholic

          Yes – it’s heartwrenching, eventhough somewhere midway I expected the ending though as it fits the overall mood of the drama. Abuses are tough topics by definition, but what made this drama bearable for me is the fact that most of them are never shown. No over the top crying or screaming or threatening, but just this unrelenting silence in which the worst always happened…
          The kid is awesome though, when she cried, I just cried with her..

          • KimYoonmi

            It was harsher for me to hear the yelling than be cut from the physical abuse. Physical abuse heals, the emotional and mental abuse does not.

            The yelling and the demeaning is much harder in abuse…


            Then the build up cycle… the silence before the person knows it will happen…

        • Dewo

          Wow, based on your synopsis, ‘Mother’ sounds a very interesting drama to wacth.
          I rarely watched Jdrama, becaused I can’t get enough time for my Kdrama addict. So how can I spare sometime to wacth Jdrama.

        • Carole McDonnell

          oh gee. this was on my list. Now am definitely going to avoid it. Stories with abused children….so hard for me to watch

      • 12.1.4 TS

        Is that just straight Mother or Mommy Don’t Cry? I want to see both, but am so afraid of dying inside with Mommy Don’t Cry.

        • latteholic

          Just Mother. It only has one title as far as I know…
          Yes – you need to prepare a box (or two boxes) of tissue when you’re going to watch this. And probably someone’s hand to hold on to.

          • TS

            Thanks! 🙂

        • KimYoonmi

          The drama is called mother.

    • 12.2 latteholic

      This is random – but I kept thinking that one of the older actress in Mother look so familiar, and then I just found out that she was Oshin! [It’s a really old j-drama, but I grew up watching it so no wonder she looked so familiar] 😀

      • 12.2.1 Dewo

        Hey, I wacthed Oshin too. It was like more than twenty years ago. Where can I get the Jdrama Mother with english sub?

        • latteholic

          I watched it on www[dot]gooddrama[dot]net. You can go to the japanese drama section and then look for the title there. I prefer to watch it there because the quality of the video is better than dramacrazy 🙂
          And lol – I’m happy I’m not the only one who knows Oshin. I think it was aired during early nineties or something 😀

    • 12.3 Lalami


      Newbie here on Dramabeans.

      Heh. Quite suprised that there are a few of us who stuck to L7CS up to the bitter end (did it only for the love of Joo Won).

      I hope that his cop/robber movie will be good. Will miss cute Joo Won, but I miss badass Joo Won more. 🙂

      If you’re not watching it already, I suggest you try Incarnation Of Money. Highly recommended (you just need to get past KJH’s hairdo. ;D).

      Happy Weekend.

      • 12.3.1 latteholic

        Hi Lalami,
        Well to be honest, I would still watch any drama with Joo Won on pout patrol just doing nothing. I don’t know what’s going on in L7 after episode 10, except for his pouty face! 😀
        Yes – I hope his movie will do well! Kang To is my fave character of him so far, so I also want him to be badass again.
        I watched the first 3 episodes of IOM, but I haven’t picked it up again. I want to pick it up again since I liked Giant and loved History of a Salaryman but it does take me a great deal of effort for me to pick up any drama these days. I’m used to KJH’s hair now, what with all the Spock-like hair all these dramas’ leads are sporting [L7, Iris, and IOM.. ] 🙂

  13. 13 JoAnne

    Good Morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    I finished Sprout, finally. The end was ‘good’ in the sense that it made sense and reflected her true feelings. It’s not like she wasn’t hitting the jackpot with either guy, honestly. Both cute, both sweet, both nuts about her. Just not the one I wanted her to want.

    I need to watch this week’s episodes of IRISII and QofA. I watched several episodes of RHPlus – oddly sweet vampire boys – and an episode of Nobunaga no Chef. I’ll continue with both, plus Sugarless. I like J-Doramas as a palate cleanser, I guess. And then of course there’s Walking Dead (MERLE) and The Following.

    AD Genius – I enjoyed this series. Jin Gu is a new favorite, for sure. Addie Kang was never as much of an asshole as the VikiCommenters would have wanted us to believe. Boss Ma, Man-Sized JaeJoong! I hope I see you guys again soon.

    Nine. This show is working for me in every possible way.

    Winter. How many episodes are left? No don’t tell me I don’t want to know. I’m not ready. People that I care about are dying already. MooChul, how did that even HAPPEN? This has been a show where it’s not so much what happens to them that makes me sad as it is watching them BE sad. It’s impossible to keep dry-eyed watching Oh Soo’s face crumple in pain – not because HE is hurting – but because his beloved Youngie is. It’s impossible to watch Youngie’s still face, and her eyes slowly filling with tears, and her ice wall of non-feeling cracking under the weight of all these betrayals…and her sad acceptance that she still loves these people who hurt her because living is pain and we’re all going to die anyway, in our beautiful little cancer cluster somewhere near Seoul.

    Music – who did those Shinee Boys PISS OFF? I have to watch them with my eyes closed because seriously. Those CLOTHES. And do you know how irritated I get that I can’t open my eyes and look at Minho and all dem boyz? Ok there’s that one side shot of Minho in the pink plaid suit where his slacks just DO NOT FIT and thank you. Thank you. But when they make appearances wearing the Plaid Suits of Technicolor Distress – cut into SHORTS with KNEESOCKS – how do they get out of bed in the morning? Can they not say NO to a stylist who says ok, the concept of this album will be Crazy Person Eats Crayons and Vomits All Over Everything that You Wear, Stand Near, or See? Then I remember Lucifer. Either they like this stuff or they are the world’s biggest wimps. And GD baby, no. No. Rethink this latest look. All that progress you made looking sexy in the later bits of Still Alive? GONE. But I’m wicked excited to hear your new stuff, sugarbritches, all the same.

    • 13.1 cv

      Agree, don’t like shinee’s clothes either. They sorta blends in together.I want to look at their cute faces, not the ugly clothes.

    • 13.2 korfan

      JoAnne –

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who questions the styling efforts of Shinee. Don’t know who is responsible, but it’s not a good thing I’m sad to say.

      ” ….. Technicolor Distress ….” *laughing* Apt description, for sure.

    • 13.3 TS

      FYI, Key from Shinee is hilarious in BEauty Teacher Taming the Idol (

    • 13.4 shel

      Oh my, I missed the SHINee pics…maybe it’s a good thing.

      I just finished TWTWB 15, and I’m annoyed that I have to wait until next week. If this is a “Hamlet” where everyone dies, I’m gonna be irritated I spent my time on it.

      Nine, I LOVE LOVE LOVE so far.

      QOA, Bleh. It started great, but not a fan much anymore. But, I would slap DaHae silly if I got the chance.

      Just stated Ad Genius, only on ep 2. So far, so good, though.

      I need a HAPPY SHOW. Too many melodramas. Although it does put my problems in a whole new perspective. Life sucks, sometimes, but at least I’m not blind, dying of a brain tumor, raised by a psycho pseudo-mom.

    • 13.5 Lovebug

      OMG did you see Taemin’s overalls getup in the dream girl video. That’s just bonkers!! I always feel like minho looks the least crazy out of all of them but that could just be my fangirl bias.

      • 13.5.1 JoAnne

        Because his face and those long lean legs overpower the crazy of any stylist alive today. He DARES them to make him ridiculous, and they all cave in the face of not-short-not crazy-not a diva-not 12.

        Said with love, because I’m quite fond of all those boys, and find them each to have more than sufficient charm.

    • 13.6 Pillowhead

      waaaahhh I know. GDeeee..? stop it. you stay sexy and don’t go all experimental artsy on us. there r ugly people to do that.

      • 13.6.1 Pillowhead

        just kidding to all the experimental artist. lol. I’m an artist so there.

    • 13.7 Aryast

      Onew turns out to be quite the bad boy isn’t he? Well, I mean compared to the squeaky clean and innocent image he’s been portraying all these while.

      The rest are okay and after Onew I especially like TaeMAN(that’s right, he’s a man in my eyes nao). The rest are okay I guess but I can’t stand JongHyun. He just sets off my douche-o-meter like how Key pings my gaydar.

    • 13.8 Sabah

      “It’s not like she wasn’t hitting the jackpot with either guy, honestly. Both cute, both sweet, both nuts about her. Just not the one I wanted her to want.” hehe. So true, so very true.

    • 13.9 Mar

      Shinee-Those clothes…ah…I’m having flashback to the 80’s and 90’s. Have you been shopping recently? All the runners are gaudy neons and pastels. Shudder. Next thing ya know, someone’s going to rock The Claw.

      I saw some article on Jonghyun the other day, he said he often couldn’t sleep. The first thing that popped in my mind was “Obviously he needs to spend some time with JoAnne.” 😉

      • 13.9.1 JoAnne

        My, my. I have work to do.

    • 13.10 Carole McDonnell

      Yeah, the ending of Sprout didn’t do it for me. I liked Hayato so much. Also I didn’t like the subtle demonizing of the “other girl.” I tend to dislike stories where we’re supposed to be on the side of the good girl who wants to get a guy from the bad girl. They’re often too loaded and unfair.

      And yes, someone else watching Sugarless!

  14. 14 Dewo

    Hello every one..
    Happy friday!

    Here’s my rant:

    1. Quit L7SC since 3 weeks ago
    2. Putting off TWTWB since episode 8
    3. Watching Arang n the Magistrate, way the go!
    4. Watching White chrismast, suprised to see many actors from School 2013
    5. Watching Nice Guy in the speed of a snail
    6. Recently finished King of Dramas, now I know who Anthony is (Kim Bong Dal)
    7. After finishing school 2013, I need to rewacth Baby faced Beauty (for teacher’s romantic scene that was lack in School 2013)

    That’s my kdrama life, how ’bout you?

    • 14.1 latteholic

      I actually refer to White Christmas as Flower Boys White Christmas.. So many flower boys, although the story and the mood of the drama is so different from the Flower Boys series.

      • 14.1.1 owl


      • 14.1.2 Pillowhead

        I freaking Loved White Christmas. Sung Joon and all the other flowers.

    • 14.2 nakai

      I put off TWTWB too. I’m just going to watch the remaing 4 eps all at one go.

  15. 15 Swurbel

    Hello Beanies!

    How are you? Everybody fine?
    This year Easter is quite early. And it’s freezing cold here. Colder than it was on Christmas!!! I think, I have to bury the easter-eggs for my nieces in the snow.:-)
    Looking really forward to spring-kdramas.


    >>>That winter that wind …
    – Beautiful people as always, but I miss something after all. I can not say what it is. But it’s defenitly not those red pants from the last episode. Why always those red pants? Has anyone in the kdrama-universe a red-pants-fetish? Oh Soo should not wear red pants … (ok, thats my personal opinion).

    >>> xxxHolic
    I really like xxxHolic. The manga adaptation is very well done. It is my favorit jdrama so far.
    Yukoo is sooo georgeous (and scary). And her dresses … where can buy them?
    But I have the feeling, that the horror factor increases with each episode. I should watch that drama in broad daylight and not at night.

    >>> Game Rai Game Ruk (Thai drama)
    I re-watched this drama. Because after xxxHolic I needed something sweet.
    Always nice to look at. And it awakens the longing for a sunny-deserted-tropical-island-vacation.

    “Game Rai Game Ruk” was very very sweet. Maybe a bit too sweet. And what can neutralize sugar? A sugarless drama:

    >>> Sugarless:
    Subtitles are gradually available. But do we need this at all? The plot is so much reduced the daily fights. Why do the boys go to school, when do they study, where are the teachers…i wonder ????…but never mind.
    The fights are really, really cool (already a bit glorifying violence, but the genre is so, i think).
    And only in jdramas – after a fight the sexy boys look even sexier and cooler than before with all the blood and bruises …

    And next week starts my Korean language course (complete beginners). I’m very excited … trallalalalla

    If you celebrate: Happy Easter!
    And a nice weekend!

    • 15.1 Enz

      Happy Easter swurbel! I met a German girl yesterday and we talked for hours about travelling and Malaysia and books. She hates the thought of going back to 0 degrees celcius!

      In any case, you need to start watching nine!

      Finally, am excited for you on the Korean language lessons. Are they online or in campus? Good luck with it in any case 🙂

      • 15.1.1 Swurbel

        Hello Enz, thank you,

        The course will be held offline at the Korean Cultural Center. 🙂 The teacher is a native speaker.

        And I startet watching NINE. But only 2 episodes. It’s really good.
        But at the moment it’s too exciting for me (like: oh my god, what will happen, what is changing … too exciting).
        And it is melodramatic too. And I am watching “that winter ..” also. And the sadness-dose should not be too high. I’ll watch it later in one piece.
        Manwhile I am watching xxxHolic. It’s different from all the dramas I’ve seen so far.

    • 15.2 Carole McDonnell

      YAY!!! for the Korean language course. I’m trying to commit but it seems i can’t remember much if i study at home.

      Loved the pun on sugarless. Very appropriate. Maybe that’s why it’s got that title.

      Off to go check on Game Rai Game Ruk. For those days i need sweetness.

  16. 16 TS

    Hello Beanies! Isn’t it funny that I used to get on Gawker Media first thing every day and now it’s Dramabeans and Soompi?

    Sooooo, I thought this week, I’d try reading a book! After all, that’s what I used to do before I started K-Dramas and Recaps, and K-Variety. So, I started Sue Townsend’s “The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year.” It’s about a woman who, after her twin children go off to university, goes to bed and just stays there, without caring what anyone else does.

    I have to say, though, to an extent, I find the concept a little bothersome, being a former chronic fatigue patient, but I get where the MC is coming from.

    And gosh, I love K-Variety! My current crack is Dad Where Are You Going, or Appa Oediga, and I love them all, though Yoon Hoo has my heart. If he could just do a photo shoot with Woobie and G-Dragon (another new crush), my day would be complete.

    Latest funny line from Hoo Baby running in my head, “All awesome people become statues.”

    As for dramas, I’m actually kind of liking Hundred Year Inheritance, though I could happily kill off the simpering main heroine and just focus on the crazy others.

    Cruel Palace was good too. And Incarnation of Money rocks. TWTWB is fine via recap for me. The recaps are great, and maybe later I’ll catch up to them.

    Lee Soon Shin: I’ll get back to it now that we’re past the dad dying hump.

    And other than that, just waiting for non-Kdrama Game of Thrones and Borgias S3.

    Oh yes, and reading xxxholic’s manga. I didn’t like the anime much, but the manga is great! Series is good too, but I tend to forget about it.

    Finally, I saw Maskerade on the plane last week, and I’ve watched I Am The King online. Both are terrific, but I like Maskerade more.

    Will check in later!


    • 16.1 JoAnne

      Hoo! He’s my favorite! I love that baby boy and this time when I say it I mean an ACTUAL baby boy. I forgot to mention that I watched 2-3 episodes of Appa Oediga? last weekend and loooooooooooooved it.

      • 16.1.1 TS

        It’s so good! I did warn you! 😉

        Hoo is such a charmer!

        • JoAnne

          You definitely called it. Between the adorable dads and the even more adorable kids. Ok – the whiny one not so much – but the others? It’s just a hoot. And so sweet.

          • TS

            Min Guk gets better. Plus he’s actually very very very clever, more than his dad. So combine the sensitivity from being so smart and his still being a child, and he becomes a bit more forgivable. Plus, he really does get better. 🙂

          • JoAnne

            I thought he must – and not surprised at the cleverness. Dad’s a bit dim. Means well and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, though.

    • 16.2 owl

      TS ~ G dragon is on Strong Heart 2 (Incarnation) ep 6, to air on Tuesday. Yay!!

      • 16.2.1 Pillowhead

        Jinjja owl? YAY from me too 😀

    • 16.3 korfan

      TS –

      OMG!!! That show with the Dads and the kids!!! My Mom found this program by chance and she convinced me to check it out, so I did. ……. Now I’m asking her or she’s asking me, “When are those kids on?” …… I don’t know how long ago this program started because we kind of just found it a couple of weekends ago but it’s soooo good.

      This program isn’t subtitled, and I don’t yet know everyone’s name on it but we are thoroughly enjoying it. The boy who has that little crush on the girl (I think he calls her “Gi-ah” or “Gi-ya”) is just so cute. Actually, they all are!

      • 16.3.1 JoAnne

        the little boy is Yoon Hoo and the little girl is Ji Su. The boy’s dad is a singer, although he sang terribly on the show, and the little girl’s dad was a big deal soccer player. Two of the other dads are actors (Action School Ahjussi from MGIAG, and Jin Rok from AGD) and the other is an MC of variety shows, I think.

        • TS

          Everyone, most episodes are subtitled between and

          The girls name is JiAh, actually. And she’s quite a straight talker! Hoo Baby calls her JiAh-sshi. 🙂

          Sung Dong Il is now Evil Ahjussi in my mind, because he really is mischievous. But he’s funny, so I forgive him. And I’ve started checking out Lee Jong Hyuk in other programs too, now., though, nothing, and no one, not even Woobie, can make me sit through AGD.

          @owl, I’m so looking forward to that episode!

          • JoAnne

            you’re right, you’re right. I think there’s a boy named Ji Su or Jin Su or something maybe

  17. 17 delicatecloud

    Happy Good Friday everyone! I guess this will be my first post on Open Thread eventhough I have been stalking this thread for sometime. I am watching Incarnation of Money which is freaking AWESOME and Kang Ji Hwan is knocking it out of the park! Highly recommend this drama — check it out you would be disappointed.

    • 17.1 Carole McDonnell

      I so wish more people were watching Incarnation. See you next time on the Incarnation 17 Thread.

  18. 18 enz

    Happy OT everyone! a hit and run coz I am out with real friends :p. just a quotable quote from the drama thank you.

    “choking the rooster won’t stop the morning from coming!”

    • 18.1 enz

      I meant real life friends coz you guys are friends too 🙂

      • 18.1.1 Pillowhead

        lol. have fun in the real world. 😀

    • 18.2 owl

      Hi enz! And here’s a KDQOTD for you: “You can always make more money, you can’t make more time.” (Ad Gen ep 16). have fun 🙂

      • 18.2.1 Enz

        OWL! I was thinking of you when I found a quotable quote and while writing it just now.

    • 18.3 JoAnne

      …but it sure makes the morning start off with a bang.

      I’m guessing ‘choking the rooster’ doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere, but *I* am laughing pretty hard right now, Enz.

      Enjoy your time with flesh and blood friends. We’ll be here when you get back!

      • 18.3.1 Enz

        Trust you, joAnne, to think of another kind of rooster!! Haha.. Now YOU have me laughing my head off!

      • 18.3.2 Pillowhead

        lol JoAnne!!! I think “choking on the rooster’ should become the official expression.

        • JoAnne

          Pillowhead! We said ‘choking the rooster’ – choking ON the rooster is a whooooooooooooooole ‘nother thing.

          But I like both euphemisms equally well 🙂 Cannot stop laughing right now.

          • Pillowhead

            LOL.. oops.. hehe

      • 18.3.3 Aryast

        JoAnne!! Hahahaha that didn’t even cross my mind until you brought it up!!

    • 18.4 Aryast

      Hi enz! Bye enz! I guess it’s your turn to do the hit and run this weekend, aye?

      My quote for you; and it might’ve been some proverb but I heard it first from my husband Bang Yongguk 😛

      “How can discontent not exist when a person meets another?”

  19. 19 korfan

    Hello Everyone! Happy Friday to all!

    So let’s see, here’s the latest:

    Finished watching I Miss You. Last episode was shown here this week. Several questions remained unanswered and I’m going to assume that was on purpose. Enjoyed this drama, especially Yoo Seung-ho’s acting. He was fantastic.

    Halfway through Queen of Ambition. I have to tune in every week just to see what that unlikeable woman is up to next.

    Continuing with That Winter,TWB. Things are getting um, “inappropriate”, um, I mean complicated. This isn’t going to end well, right?

    I know this is sooooooo last year, but I just started watching Moon That Embraces the Sun. It’s re-airing here for the second time. I didn’t catch it the first time. I’m up to episode 8. Now I see what all the buzz was about! ….. and those kid actors! What a great job they did! …… Only 8 episodes so far but it had me hooked 5 episodes ago.

    That’s it for now. Hope everyone is doing well. To those who celebrate it, have a Happy Easter.

    • 19.1 Dewo

      Congratz for finishing I miss you. I agree there were some missing point, but it’s happy ending anyway. Enough with those tears, life must go on.

      For TMTETS, hold on tight ’cause I think the story was sloping downhill from episode 13 (if I wasn’t mistaken)

  20. 20 owl

    Hi hi! I love Saturdays and Sundays for my drama viewing. Monday through Friday, too. Need to hang a “Gone kdrama-ing” sign on my door! Some spoliers ahead:

    Nine: Nine Time Travel – Why didn’t they just call it 81?
    Park Sun Woo is one good lookin’ man going crazy- whether it’s hallucinating, time travel, schizophrenia, inoperable malignant brain tumor or Himalayan hashish in those incense sticks (that’s my theory), he (and we) are all over the place and time. I like that the time travel is limited to his lifetime, shades of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” although I never actually thought of that movie as a time travel story as much as a heavy handed life lesson/moral story with an extra grab-ya Christmas setting. Back to 81 – the daughter-of-his-dead-brother-but-now-she’s-my-girlfriend-I-think twist is twisted indeed.

    Last episode Ad Genius – which I did not realize it until the last 5 minutes. I agree that it was underrated. I was puzzled by Director Go, who was everywhere in everyone’s love life as the unsolicited confidant. But everyone listened to her and no one was suspicious of her motives at all like they should have been, plus she was right anyway, so go figure. Her fuchsia lipstick was so very, huh? Tae Baek grew on me somewhat, although I screamed at the screen a lot cuz he let Ji Yoon go EVERY TIME. I nearly choked screaming when he said to her, “Please be my . . . ad client.” Not my girl, my wife, my lover, but – yeah. I was screaming loudly and a lot, stuff like “Separate your ads from your love life, country boy” and “You don’t get any pity from me, sitting on the other side of the wall from her crying like an idiot. You ARE an idiot.” Eddie Kang was actually pretty classy I thought to end the relationship for the right reasons. (I loved him in 49 Days.) Did you see how lightning fast >>swoosh>> Director Go moved in when she found out they broke up? Ji Yoon was okay-ish, a bit too complacent even though I don’t think her character was supposed to be that way. The Giant team and Boss Ma – good mix. Loved his total beater duh-umb son, are you kidding me? The presentation at the zoo was a lovely touch.

    The Virus – You’ve gotta be a flower boy sucker to stick with this one (and I’m a great big sucker).

    TWTWB – I am major blown away by Young’s “I did it my way” in ep 15. Enough of the plot. I just wanna trace Oh Soo’s beautiful lips and run my finger over that little furrow between those expressive eyes, hot gambler ~ ^sigh^

    IRIS 2 – I cried so hard with Yoo Gun at his mother’s memorial. I fangirl Jang Hyuk big time. I just do. He’s so chiseled. Have you noticed how Deputy Director always interrogates everyone but never gets any information? She looks like she’d be good at what she does, but she never does anything. Rey, diablo, prime evil, I hate your game. Go down.

    So long Level Seven Civil Servant. Say that 5 times fast.

    Other stuff:
    Non Korean couple on life in Korea. I like their kpop reviews.

    Is anyone watching survival kpop star 2 semifinals on Sunday (not subbed)? Rooting for Akdong Musician ~

    G-dragon is on Strong Heart 2 (Incarnation) ep 6 next week (It airs Tuesday). He looks FB adorable in the previews (I wonder if he will be in a kdrama ever though he’s kinda busy with a world tour these days)

    So ready for Lee Min Ho but writers, directors, anybody, see if you can do something about the title He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight: Heirs. Maybe The Heir Beneath My Crown?
    Jdrama time

    ♥Siakou no Rikon – ep 7 was amazing. I really like Yuka. She surprised me. I am an advocate of the lost art of letter writing, and love the one she wrote to Mitsuo because of lines like, “Maybe I was merely the 3rd cat who resided here.” The short note she left on the table was signed, “Your ex-wife” and yet somehow it seemed so endearing under the circumstances. The double meaning in Mitsuo’s line to Ryo, “I have my hands full at the moment” was brilliant. This is my drama crack.

    Sugarless – Candy for my sweet tooth. I’m happy.

    xxxholic – It is dark for a reason; dark things happen in dark places. There is such an inter-dependency in power use.

    Missing Share house

    Wow, this week flew by. I am making homemade biscuit strawberry shortcake, the best!

    • 20.1 alua

      Yuka’s letter was heartbreaking.

      Mitsuo is going to find the pieces of it in the trash can, right?

    • 20.2 John

      owl ~

      I love Yuka. She’s eating toast or whatever and has the jam or jelly on her face. I want to give her a big hug.

    • 20.3 KimYoonmi

      I also want Akdong Musicians to Win…

    • 20.4 Aryast

      I love Simon and Martina. They’re just so goofy and cheesy. I don’t necessarily agree with some of their reviews but for the most part they give great and impartial music reviews and insights on life in Korea in general. I also enjoy watching their K-indie music playlist. I wished they put up reviews on underground K-HipHop though, seeing that the scene is pretty fit.

    • 20.5 TS

      What’s Sugarless about? People keep mentioning it.

      G Dragon in a drama, hmm. Somehow I see him going straight to film. I mean, he’s kind of Michael Jackson level talented, right? [hesitant claim re GD’s talents because a lawyer and knows nothing about entertainment beyond what she loves to watch.]

      The eatyourkimch coup,e rock. And I Wuv Smudgy.

      • 20.5.1 owl

        Film, hmmm, I think you’re right. Although i loved TOP as Vick in IRIS. I can see G dragon as a younger Leonardo Decaprio for the films he chooses to be in. G dragon would be as selective, I think.

        Sugarless is about HS (and outside agitator) gang fights. It is a loose HS setting, as so far there isn’t any ‘school’ in sight but for a setting for fights to take place and gang challenges/dares to go down. And the school infirmiry. What I like about it is the manga feel to it. A simplified (and, admittedly Western) take is that Shiiba, Marumo and Urabe (who is learning) don’t fight just for the status, but fight with soul that represents who they are across the board. (Status is a by product for them). So far we don’t know much about Shiiba’s or Marumo’s past, but surely more will reveal their ‘fight philosophy.’ That explanation kind of muddies the draw of shirtless fighting – lots of it *smiling*U

        Sugarless viewers, help me out here~

        • TS

          Shirtless fighting? Like in Faith? Woohoo!

        • JoAnne

          That’s my take on it too, Owl. I do know Marumo doesn’t WANT to fight because of what happened with his dad. Shiiba comes to the school new and wants to esstablish his place but he SUCKS at fighting so it’s hilarious. The jjang or whatever they call him Japan sits on top of the roof in a comfy chair, or watches over the side. But he sees that Shiiba is stirring things up down there and he’s interested in that and aware that it has implications for him. There’s actually 5 guys downstairs that are what I think of as the ‘main’ characters – Shiiba, Marumo, Urabe (is that it or is it close to that) and then the Lover guy, and that little guy who had never lost a fight, with the military dad.

          Marumo doesn’t WANT to fight. Shiiba is trying to establish himself. Urabe thinks at the beginning that all you need are numbers to beat the other guy, but Marumo teaches him that you have to protect your friends or the numbers won’t matter. The Lover beats everyone BUT the top guy and then instead of trying again, he decides to just wait it out. The little guy has daddy issues. there’s a girl or two, of course. Shiiba serves as a catalyst to bring people together, so far – and his insistance on just never giving up wins the boys down on the ground to his side. Oh and then thatere’s that scary bad guy, and the guy they call Laundry who steals jackets so he can prove how many times he’s won.

          I do joke about the shirtless boys fighting but there’s actually a lot going on. Curious to see where they take it. And in the meantime, I have Marumo.

    • 20.6 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Is there any place where Share House subbed past ep 5? I want to see the end, and I am seriously kicking myself for starting a JDrama without waiting for all the subbing to be done.

      • 20.6.1 owl

        I haven’t found it either anywhere past ep 5. It’s hilarious and kind of doesn’t make sense. Does she know he (the alien) was the naked guy behind the rock she gave her scarf to? I don’t think she knows that.

    • 20.7 korfan

      owl –

      Your “Gone kdrama-ing” sign idea …… love it, hehehe.

      Regarding the title (or possible title) of the new Lee Min-ho drama, I also hope they change it. The thing is, I don’t know if this is a “saying” or something along those lines where, if you change it, its essence or true meaning the writer is trying to convey to the viewing public is completely lost ….. anyone?

      *looking around*

      • 20.7.1 owl

        Korfan, I may be ignorantly dissing the title with my tongue-in-cheek suggestion. I do it all in fun for the play on words that, of course, are probably way off base from the significance of the title. But you gotta admit the way it stands, it is a mouthful that may very well be lost in translation.

        Bottom line, Lee Min Ho \/

        • korfan

          owl –

          Mouthful for sure!

          And yes, Lee Min Ho! *doing a little cheer*

    • 20.8 Carole McDonnell

      ooh, i was jonesing on strawberry shortcake for the past two days. Decided to make banana bread biscuits.

      Even the cutie in Virus couldn’t make me hold on to that drama any longer.

  21. 21 Lixie

    Where can I watch xxxHolic?

    • 21.1 owl ep 1-5 are subbed

    • 21.2 owl


      • 21.2.1 Lixie

        Thank you owl! 🙂 I’ll give it a try because kdramas are boring for now, the only one I’m loving is Incarnation of Money which I thought would be average and has grabbed me since ep 01!

  22. 22 Shiku

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m so excited for my 3 shows: Incarnation of Money (revenge is a dish served cold!), At the end of the World (I think its amazing the writer actually finished all the scripts before they started shooting the show, how rare is that?), and Cruel Palace:War of the Flowers (the production values is blowing my mind, the acting is blowing my mind, everything (apart from some CGI) is top notch.

    I’m also watching Gu Am Hur Joon and so far I like it and love the soundtrack (the music director is the same guy who did the soundtrack for the saguek The Duo).

    I’m also went back to watching Flower Boy Next Door after taking a break (I was shipping Jin Rak-Dokmi so hard but I knew it wasn’t meant to be). SPOILER!!!!!! I find it hard to believe that a mother would try to kill the creator of a game just because her son plays with them. And how exactly did she come between Enrique and the car? When we left ep 10 I clearly saw the car stop and therefore did not hit Enrique who was laying on the road. There also wasn’t anyone that was injured laying next to him. Then in ep 11 we are supposed to believe she got hurt coming between him and the car when momentum from throwing Enrique cause her to go away? And why did the scenes between Enrique and Mother and Dok-mi and her seem like a PSA? I’m so disappointed!

    I stopped watching That Winter at the end of ep 4 (or is it 6?) I was wondering if I should continue even though I hear how boring it is now.

    • 22.1 InSu

      Me too ‘at the end of the world,’
      Besides ATEOTW I’m watching 9:NTTT and Thorn Flower

  23. 23 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Beanies!

    So i have become increasingly more interested (obsessed) with kpop and this week in particular U-kiss (It started a awhile ago with Stop Girl). Seriously they make really good music why are they sooooo underrated!!! So this week i watched U-Kiss Vampire and in process of watching Chef U-kiss not to mention all of their videos countless times. (I curse my obsessive personality!)

    Anyway on the drama front I am still working my way back to Dramas after feeling disappointed/underwhelmed by the currently airing dramas. But I feel like things are getting better finally!

    First I am loving Incarnation of Money. Its finally revenge time and its just so utterly juicy and satisfying. I can’t wait to see how he takes all the baddies down. (It kind of reminds me of the revenge arcs in City hunter only more twisted and diabolical, plus the villains are more fleshed out here so it makes it even more gratifying when they are taken down). Thank you K dramas for helping me discover my unquenchable blood lust! lol

    Just started watching Nine and am hooked, going to try to catch up this weekend!

    Watched the first ep of xxxholic and going to keep watching.

    Just wondering on the Kpop front who are people’s favorite groups and Biases!

    • 23.1 MEalways

      I have soft spot for JYPEnt. So, I love 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, Wonder Girl (I hope they still shine even after Sun married), and Mr. JYP himself. U-Kiss (I also started to really like them after Stop Girl), A-Jax, Nu’Est, B2ST (but they also missing in action this past year…), TVXQ, SHINee (although I love their older songs than the new one), MBLAQ.

      Wow… a lot… Not mention Seo In Guk… He’s good in singing and acting.

      As long as the song is good and the dance is great (I love dancing), and not so much into any fandom.

      • 23.1.1 Lovebug

        I love Nu’est!! I was listening to Hello on repeat last week! This week its Te’Amo by Ukiss. Also getting a bit into F(x) despite initially not really digging them. (I challenge anyone to listen to any of their songs more than once and not be hooked!)

    • 23.2 Russe12

      Haha for me, it’s mainly Big Bang and 2ne1; although originally I was mostly into CNBLUE and FTIsland (Hongki oppa <3). I also love Ukiss and Shinee…and MBLAQ now that I think of it…

      • 23.2.1 Russe12

        OMG and I totally forgot Infinite. I will now go sit in a corner.

  24. 24 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful pre-spring
    Let’s see. Am watching

    End of the World: It’s professional, human, decidedly NOT overwrought, realistic…all of which makes Virus look totally bizarre.

    Gu Am Heo Jeon: Oh my heavens! There was so much weeping in the first six episodes I thought I would be washed away in a tidal wave of tears. But I’m hooked.

    Not hooked on Cruel Palace War of Flowers. But will try to give it a chance.

    xxxHolic is good. I like it a lot.

    Gotta catch up on Shotenin Michiru. So not happy that the writers seem to have decided to make Takei be “the weird one” so I’m afraid to look at episode 10. IT might be that they will stick to showing Michiru as somehow responsible. If they make her a victim, I will be very disappointed.

    Liking Mahoro.

    Love, love, love NINE. Oh my gosh! That is one great actor. The restraint he showed when he saw girlfriend/niece’s boyfriend. The loving looking his eyes when he saw his younger self. Ah gee. A part of me says “Leave well enough alone. Seriously….leave it ALONE.” I love the way when the time change happens the writers create a world which we become somewhat committed to. A kind of Newness, we fall into. So is one of the incense time travel rule that anyone who knows of the incense will have added memories of the alternate lives? What does Older brother know and when did he know it? And poor Doc Han? Am wondering why young Sun Woo broke up with his former girlfriend…and wondering if brother somehow messed that up in the past? Who knew what Hyung changed when he used his incense sticks? Ah, complications, complications.

    Loving Incarnation of Money. So glad my hero avenger didn’t make a mistake with using the scarf to pin the murder of Lawyer Hwang on Angelina. Nothing worse than a hero making a mistake and accidentally wounding the wrong baddie. Major crush on Hyuk.

    Caught up on Queen of Ambition. Ah, what a woman!

    Haven’t watched Biblia in a while. Gotta be in the mood.

    That’s all.

    • 24.1 Carole McDonnell

      PS as for anime: Watching Amnesia. Trying to catch up on Chihahafuru.

      • 24.1.1 KimYoonmi

        Then Chihayafuru is your type of anime? I thought so… if you like it all the way through I have another anime you might not have watched. Same type of genre and heart pull, though the theme and setting are different.

        I also have a drama to explain the poems in a modernesque way that’s entertaining, if you’re curious.

        Natsume Yuujinchou, first, second, and third season. SOOOO good. I gave it to a friend who cried and got angry that he cried, and then quit. (though it’s not melodrama crying. It’s touching crying, if there is crying.) It’s funny in places and charming in that creep-up-on you good way. Perfect for summer watching.

        • KimYoonmi

          *not drama, anime… have to remember the name though.

        • KimYoonmi

          Found it…
          animecrazy [.] net/chouyaku-hyakuninisshu-uta-koi-anime/

          This anime will go over the poems so you can understand them and their significance, though in often silly form…

          • Carole McDonnell

            am adding all four to my watch list

        • Carole McDonnell

          ooh, sounds good.
          YEah, i like sweet romances like Natsu…rendezvous, or horror like Another, or funny stuff like Sket Dance.

      • 24.1.2 Trina

        I just finish Amnesia anime. It was sad. I cried a lot yesterday.

        • Carole McDonnell

          oh gee. I haven’t gotten to the last episode. Steeling myself.

    • 24.2 nakai

      I keep repeating ep 6 because I’m so in love with his acting in that episode. Seriously, when did LJW become such a great actor. Did I not realise it before? I remember watching Powerful Opponents on KBSWorld and I didnt like his acting. Even tried Someday because it’s seems popular didnt like him there either.

      Only in I Need Romance 2012 I thought he’s good. But now I think he’s awesome. ^^ I’m wondering about his exgirlfriend.

      Incarnation of Money: Hyuk is cute.

      • 24.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        dang cute! I could so go for him.

    • 24.3 Carole McDonnell

      PPS: Watching Otomesan as well. And really liking it.

    • 24.4 InSu

      Agree on At The End OTW and Nine:9TTT.

  25. 25 KimYoonmi

    What was your worst drama ever?

    Since Level 7 is done…

    Prince’s First Love

    was my first drama and my first drama hate.

    A Thousand Years of Love, I’ve watched part of, but it’s more like A thousand years of Confusion and pain.

    I’d vote in Dr. Jin, but I couldn’t get past the first few minutes… and I’ve been trying to wipe it from my memory. (Don’t make me go back.)

    Worst for Adoption Community: I’m Sorry I Love You. I didn’t watch Thorn Birds, so that may be worse.

    • 25.1 alua

      A Thousand Kisses.

      Don’t remind me of it.

    • 25.2 Dewo

      For me it’s Level 7 civil servants.

      Caused I’ve been warned about Dr.Jin and Fashion King, I succesfully avoided them.

      After watching L7CS halfway through, I promised myself “neverwatchedkdramauntilitfinishedairing”

    • 25.3 Carole McDonnell

      Suzuki Sensei. Oh my GOSH!!! I still get fueled with hate everytime i think of it. Because it started out so good, because i was so invested, because Suzuki Sensei turned out to be a subtle kind of tyrant and I don’t think the writers think he is at fault. Oh do not get me started on that horrible show.

      The second worst was Oh la la Couple. Aaaargh.

    • 25.4 John

      KimYoonmi ~


      Batchelor Vegetable Store . The crazy mom. The writers should be ashamed.

    • 25.5 MEalways

      Two Japanese dramas remake, such as ‘Mischievous Kiss’ and ‘To the Beautiful You’. Maybe should not have any expectation. Why they cast idols (in regards of these dramas, I don’t care if they have new story – but not in a remake)?

      The sequel but…. I mean Full House take 2. Only watched 2 episodes and dropped the rest. I wish Iris2 wouldn’t be that bad.

    • 25.6 JoAnne

      OMG MiSa. I watched it over the course of two or three weeks last year…and every Friday I would come to OT and honestly wonder why I was NOT SEEING what everyone else was seeing. And then by the end I would turn it on and just sit there laughing in disbelief.

      I am firm in my belief that it was BOTH the drama and So Ji Sub that missed the bus on that one. I’ve come to realize that I like SJS in a couple movies I’ve seen (the one with Kang Ji Hwan, the one with the blind girl…) but in dramas? No. His hair is always great though.

    • 25.7 Lixie

      The worst I finished or the worst I tried?

      I dropped L7CS halfway through, I don’t think it counts unless you stuck all the way to watch the entire trainwreck. 🙂

      Nice Guy was terrible, Love Rain was pretty awful too.

    • 25.8 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Dr Jin … because it was all bad

      Horse Doctor … because it started good and dragged me miles

      Love Rain … re-edit with only the young people and have a better reason to keep them apart

    • 25.9 DayDreamer

      Worst drama I’ve watched? Hmm, personally, I don’t head into any show that didn’t get a lot of positive reviews so I ended up watching all the shows that I know are to my tastes and people with similar tastes would like. So I haven’t had any worst dramas, only best, good, and okay-ish. This is under the assumption that we’re talking about Kdramas only.

  26. 26 John

    Friday !

    Watching K: IOM, TWTWB Bad Guy, Nine, Ad Genius (behind), and You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (behind)

    J: Shotenin Michiru no Mi no ue Hanashi & Saikou no Rikon.

    The wife started watching Bad Guy and I got sucked in to it.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend !

    • 26.1 John

      Almost forgot,

      xxxHOLIC too ! I need a good Wuxia series to watch.

      • 26.1.1 Aryast

        For WuXia drama, I used to be nuts for FengYun. Have you watched it before?

        • John

          Aryast ~

          No, I haven’t seen it.

          • Aryast

            If it helps it’s called Wind and Cloud aka The Storm Riders helmed by Vincent Zhao and Peter Ho(used to have massive crush on him :D). Taiwanese drama, adapted from a Hong Kong manhua, shown in 2002 and sequel in 2004.

            So umm I don’t know how internally logical it is since I watched it when I was like 11 years old or so but it is one of those few series that still withstands the passing of time and remains etched in my memory.

          • JoAnne

            Peter Ho….sigh…would this by any chance be the period drama he was in? I saw brief clip in a fan video on YT once but I never knew what the show was and I wanted to try and find it.

      • 26.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        Am watching Bu Bu Jin Xing, which was recommended to me last week.

      • 26.1.3 latteholic

        Wuxia? I loved all the Condor Heroes series: The Legend of Condor Heroes, The Return of Condor Heroes, and Heaven Sword Dragon Saber. I can’t recommend which year though. I loved all the originals (the 80’s version), since I watched them when I was little. The action, scene and the set might look ‘fake’ by today’s standards though…
        Maybe you can try the 2000’s version?

        • Aryast

          the 2000’s version of condor heroes was my favorite too. along with wang zhu ge ge. actually I grew up on those wuxia series and hongkong dramas. then slowly progressed to taiwanese and japanese dramas and now with korean dramas.

          • latteholic

            Me too! I pretty much grew up watching wuxias [Andy Lau was like my childhood hero], and Taiwanese dramas esp Qiong Yao’s novel adaptation [including Huan Zhu Ge Ge too! *high-fives*], and J-dramas [Oshin was definitely my first, but Tokyo Love Story was the first J-drama I fell in love with — and all while I was still in fourth grade… 😀 ]
            I only started watching K-dramas in early 2000 though, and now I just switch back and forth between all three. But I haven’t watched T-dramas in ages though 🙁

          • Aryast

            There’s this Japanese drama that for the life of me I can’t seem to recall but really liked… It’s about a handsome deaf guy… yeap… i know… very “helpful” hint. LOL Another one is GTO played by Takashi Sorimachi and and and also… Beach Boys. Man did I start young!

            There were a few Hong Kong dramas that I really liked but can’t remember the titles sadly. One was set during the Jap-occupation time and it had two female leads doling it out as war nurses. At first, the female protagonist couldn’t pull off the nursing thing but somehow succeeded later on when she joined another battalion. The second female lead is a head strong woman and succeeds at her nursing job at first try. The second Hong Kong drama was a detective drama… So yeap.

        • John


          Thanks for the recommendations.

          Now, to find the time to watch is another problem.

          • latteholic

            True – esp since those series run for around 40-50 episodes. But there’s always that magic ffwd button you can use 😀

      • 26.1.4 momosa

        What about K-Wuxia – Duelist?

        • John

          momosa ~

          I’ll have to check out the Duelist. Ha Ji-won !

  27. 27 hydrangeabloom

    Happy Friday Beanies!

    Well, the good news is that I finished Queen In Hyun’s Man this week! It was very cute – I would call it a ‘cotton candy’ drama. Because I knew the major twist before reaching the ending, I didn’t form as strong an opinion either way about whether it worked as most viewers have. I would say that overall the drama had a number of elements I really liked, but never quite reached the level of ‘epic’.

    As for other drama watching news, I made it through episode 11 of TWTWB yesterday and decided I needed to drop the drama. I really dislike melodramas usually, but when I began watching That Winter, I thought it read more like a thriller mystery and was willing to come on board. I think the plot lost its edge after episode five, and then proceeded to slow down and wander into more typical melo territory. I thought since I was over halfway through I’d be watching to the end, but after the events in episode 11 I am jumping ship.

    • 27.1 pogo

      I felt much the same way you do about QIHM, it’s cute and awesome and I really like the couple BUT it’s not epic for me (I went in unspoilered). Though the twist was where I really started to get invested in them, so there is that.

      TWTWB……is now officially a chore to watch. The only part of it I actually look forward to now are more of Hee-sun/Jin-sung, and it doesn’t look like we’ll get more of that with what, two episodes to go till the end? It started off so promisingly too.

      • 27.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        I think the fundamental problem with me watching That Winter is that I never actually wanted Soo and Young to end up together, so once the focus shifted away from the con to the romance, there was nothing for me to invest in as a viewer. I don’t really feel that Soo’s guilt absolves him of his emotional manipulation of another human being. That is to say that the way he copes with his guilt is not redemptive in nature. This is maybe the one instance in a kdrama where I wish the hero had a healthy dose of Noble Idiocy.

        If Soo’s ‘love’ for Young was remotely close to healthy, then he would have come clean sooner and walked away. She still would have been hurt, but not perhaps as badly. I didn’t mind the con when Young was still suspicious of Soo, not only because it created effective narrative conflict but because it didn’t make her a meek lamb off to the slaughter. But the more Young put her trust in Soo, and the more he abused that trust, the less I liked him.

      • 27.1.2 DayDreamer

        Yeah, seriously…I could not bring myself to watch this Thursday’s episode. I also like Hee-Sun and Jin Sung scenes more. Hee Sun’s so exceedingly pretty but has quite an interesting personality whereas I’m a bit fed up with Young and Oh Soo. I feel sad since I was so excited and loved the show in the first half but as it continued, I kept loosing interest. I think it’s because halfway through, just about everyone knew Oh Soo was a conman so all the excitement died without any stakes left; Young was too repetitious in her dialogues; and Secretary Wang’s role in the show became anticlimactic since she just turned out to be a misguided woman instead of some interesting, conniving one. So Ra, the creepy ex, also turned out to be unimportant. All in all, almost everyone turned out to be like what Kang Maru was…the nicest people in the world to Young, whatever that niceness meant.

        • hydrangeabloom

          I would argue that they were all absolutely horrible to Young (with the exception of poor, misled Lawyer Jang). Regardless of any so-called maternal feelings Secretary Wang had for Young, this is a woman who purposefully disabled a young girl in order to make her completely and utterly dependent on her. I agree that the stakes became moot early on, but I disagree on the niceness part. Soo was not nice to Young either, regardless of claiming love for her. He clung to her out of selfishness, in a misguided attempt at assuaging his own guilt.

          I agree with you about Hee-sun’s appeal, mostly thanks to Jung Eun-ji’s acting. I was so impressed with her nuanced expression and mature screen presence given that she’s only what? nineteen? that I immediately started watching Answer Me: 1997, which I had been intending to watch, and now that I am almost finished with that drama I can say that she absolutely blew me away. When I found out she was also an idol, my brain went ‘does not compute’, even though I have occasionally seen idols who have transitioned decently into acting. It was that moment where you just want to tell someone, ‘drop what you are doing immediately because this is clearly what you were meant for’. Girl Groups are a dime a dozen, but this young woman has some real potential and acting talent I don’t want to see go to waste.

          • pogo

            I agree about Hee-sun – her character here is in a similar mold to Shi-won of Answer Me 1997, the outspoken young girl, but Jung Eun-ji is such a natural that she pulls it off despite the slightly wobbly accent in the early episodes.

            It’s a shame this drama gives her and Kim Bum so little to do (and even more because they have such good chemistry), though it’s probably a good stepping-stone to other roles, and hopefully to playing different characters. And I have it on the authority of a previous OT that she does have a fantastic singing voice, which makes her one of those rare idols who is actually good at the day job AND at the acting!

          • hydrangeabloom


            I’m also hoping that this drama (and Answer Me: 1997) will lead to Jung Eun-ji getting more lead roles. For me personally, I’m rooting for the non-melodrama variety, but I would just be happy to watch her in more dramas. It’s funny, but I feel like my list of favorite actresses is shorter than my list of favorite actors.

    • 27.2 InSu

      I saw the movie version (Love Me Not) long time ago and found it impossible to go beyond ep2.
      Originality and creativity is what made QIHM a stand out for me, just like their 9:9 TTT.

      • 27.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        I thought I had read it was based on a Japanese movie, but I looked it up and found the Korean movie you’re talking about, as well as a Japanese drama from several years prior with the same plot. So I’m guessing some commenters saw the jdorama and some saw the kmovie. I haven’t seen either, but with what I have seen of TWTWB, I doubt I will any time in the future. I’m only vaguely curious as to whether they all have different endings, but not curious enough to watch.

        I think QIHM could have gone a bit deeper with the conflict, though I am not sure I could articulate well how. However, I really appreciated that Fate wasn’t some kind of brute force either throwing them together or pulling them apart, but that they were allowed to make choices for themselves about what to do after their initial meeting and to see each other again. That was definitely a theme I could get behind.

  28. 28 Trina

    Good morning Beanies.
    Today is first day of my two boys Spring Break vacation and they both are driving me crazy. LOL. I have now finally watch kdrama again. I watch the first two episodes of Cruel Palace/War of Flowers. So, far pretty good and also I have heard great things about it. Therefore, I hope it will be a good kdrama. I am still watching japanese anime and can not wait for Spring anime in few weeks. I finished Amnesia yesterday and it was sad. I am watching Red Data Girl which I think it is interesting. hrm… What else. I would like to say Happy Easter to everyone and hope you have a wonderful Easter. I hope those who to DB Meeting in NYC have fun and do not post a lot of pics for us who can not make it.

  29. 29 MojoJojo

    Happy Friday all! (even though I feel extra late for some reason)

    Haven’t been reading OT for a few weeks so I have so much to catch up on. Life has been extra, my mom is getting surgery on Monday and right now I think i’m in robot mode. It’s not going to hit me until Sunday night. I’m just praying it all goes well.

    As for dramas, slump is still there. I’m not really interested in anything out now. I do want to start Nine though, everyone’s comments on it has made me curious. Also looking forward to Ten II, Gu Family Book, and one other that I can’t remember right now.

    There is one drama I am watching and loving, Gloria. I did not expect to like it. Just picked it up on a whim but I like it soo much. It hasn’t got stale yet, they has better not fudge it up. If I get a craptacular ending imma be pissed.

    I hope everyone is well. 🙂

    • 29.1 Carole McDonnell

      Hoping your Mom will recover quickly from the surgery.

  30. 30 Aryast

    Happy Friday guise!

    Have not been watching any dramas as of late. Like I was too busy to catch up with anything so I might just marathon a few one of these days. This semester is killing. Been sick too this week. Immediately after submitting my report, I came down with fever and cold sores.

    As for last weekend’s 2NE1 appearance during the Twin Towers concert (BSB closed! Oh, Kevin!), they were great. I’ve always doubted CL and Bom’s live performance but they exceeded it, especially CL(Bom sounded just like you would in their studio album minus the autotune). CL actually has amazing vocal control and a likeable singing voice; different from her heavily autotuned voice in their studio album. Dara’s voice, as expected, was bleh but she makes up for it with stage presence. Minzy is Minzy and she’s just awesome, vocal wise and dance wise. It helps too that the crowd was super hyped for them.

    I took tonnes of pics but only uploaded, like, two (both collages) on my instagram. So, I found an online article with the pics though so if anyone is interested here it is.

    My friend and I were the minority in terms of 2NE1 fans as the majority were teen boppers with an age range of 13-18 year old. And since 2NE1 was the second last act, they grew impatient and started booing one of the performing groups who were unknown to them, heck they’re unknown to me! My friend and I were restless as well but I guess age grants you wisdom in patience. To be fair, the said group did have more songs than most of the artists that night. We found the kids rude and uncouth and now I’m kinda put off from going to any concert where the target audience or the majority of the fans are hormonal and over fanatical teenagers. Just no! They’re annoying and will surely ruin the experience for me. >:( That is why when BAP announced their Live On Earth Pacific Tour (Malaysia isn’t listed yet but I’m kinda sure they will), I was ambivalent about going.

    Anyway, rant over. Enjoy your weekend DB-ers. Enjoy and take care! 😀

    • 30.1 Enz

      Hi aryast, for a minute I thought you took those very professional looking pics. They look great.

      Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Get well soon. And get time for some dramas !

  31. 31 snow_white

    hi everyone 🙂

    I started City Hunter this week (better late than never ;))

    In the ongoing shows, I’m watching Incarnation Of Money, which is really interesting..

    and You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, which is cute and has warmth..

    and I need a suggestion from you guys: should I start TWTWB or not??

    • 31.1 nakai

      I wonder if I should say, ‘NO’. ^^”

    • 31.2 MEalways

      I also torn.
      If you like to see the good cinematography and really into mellow, and see where no one is bad looking, then give a go.

      I hate mellow, I only watch it for SHG, JIS and Kim Bum.
      Oh, me… someday I may regret this. But so far, still enjoy it. The scene really beautiful.

    • 31.3 DayDreamer

      TWTWB is not terrible, per say, so I would suggest that you should give it a try. If after about 5-6 episodes, your heart can’t be moved, then it’s probably best if you give it up. I’ve been watching regularly all along as it aired and was excited about it in the beginning. As it went on, I felt more and more not into it. This show is not one that makes me anticipate eagerly for the next episode, like Incarnation does. Also, funny thing is that what interested me in the beginning was also what bothered me as the show went on: the close-ups and the extreme prettiness (seriously, it’s too perfect and the lack of flaws actually became problematic for me).

      • 31.3.1 snow_white

        thanks everyone!!

  32. 32 snow_white

    And yeah…I’m eagerly waiting for Gu Family Book and God of the workplace 🙂

    • 32.1 Enz

      God of workplace for me and gu coz of sung joon only! Miss him

    • 32.2 InSu

      Gu Family because of writer Kang Eun-Kyung and pd Shin Woo-Cheol… but after watching 9:9 Times Time Travel, I’m wondering if they can be match the originality and creativity of QIHM and 9.

  33. 33 Annebelievable

    Can we get an 아빠 어디가? post in dramabeans pls?

    • 33.1 InSu

      Good luck with that, DB doesn’t even recap Nine: 9 TTT or At the End of the World

  34. 34 marteki

    Does anyone watch scandal here? What are your thoughts on Jake Ballard?

    • 34.1 Shiku

      I don’t know, I’m conflicted I like him but he is creeping me out a little bit especially his smile at the end of last week’s episode. I DVR’d yesterday’s episode so I will watch it later today

  35. 35 beggar1015

    For anyone here who is watching and up to date on A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, I want to vent my frustrations. I know I should direct my anger towards the writer(s) but I’m going to take it out on the characters instead.

    I am just so ticked off at Se Yoon for acting like such a jerk (to use a more polite term) towards Chae Won. Doesn’t he remember when he was the one accused of doing something he hadn’t done? I want to smack him upside the head.

    This includes Chae Won as well. I wish she would grab Se Yoon by the cajones and make him listen to her side of the story. Someone please mail her a backbone as she doesn’t appear to possess one.

    I’ve seen where some viewers have said they’d wish a whole new hero would come on the show and replace Se Yoon. Right now I have to agree with them. I’m so done with him.

    More than likely the writers will have Chae Won give in and easily forgive him and it will never be mentioned again. I want him to suffer! I want him to grovel!

    Thank you. Just had to get this off my chest. /vent

    • 35.1 TS

      I wish chae won would go away…

    • 35.2 Carole McDonnell

      My patience with both the hero and heroine of that annoying drama went around the 18th episode. I just cannot stomach that story anymore.

  36. 36 Aryast

    So weird. I just posted something and it says “awaiting moderation”… b-b-b-but I’m a regular here. 🙁

    • 36.1 Aryast

      In any case, I think it’s because of a link. So here’s a repost. *ignores judging eyes*

      Happy Friday guise!

      Have not been watching any dramas as of late. Like I was too busy to catch up with anything so I might just marathon a few one of these days. This semester is killing. Been sick too this week. Immediately after submitting my report, I came down with fever and cold sores.

      As for last weekend’s 2NE1 appearance during the Twin Towers concert (BSB closed! Oh, Kevin!), they were great. I’ve always doubted CL and Bom’s live performance but they exceeded it, especially CL(Bom sounded just like you would in their studio album minus the autotune). CL actually has amazing vocal control and a likeable singing voice; different from her heavily autotuned voice in their studio album. Dara’s voice, as expected, was bleh but she makes up for it with stage presence. Minzy is Minzy and she’s just awesome, vocal wise and dance wise. It helps too that the crowd was super hyped for them.

      I took tonnes of pics but only uploaded, like, two (both collages) on my instagram. So, I found an online article with the pics though so if anyone is interested here it is.
      http :// americankpopfans . com /2013 /03 /27 / a-jillion-photos-of-2ne1-at-twin-towers-alive-in-malaysia / #.UVXD9TfeJfQ

      My friend and I were the minority in terms of 2NE1 fans as the majority were teen boppers with an age range of 13-18 year old. And since 2NE1 was the second last act, they grew impatient and started booing one of the performing groups who were unknown to them, heck they’re unknown to me! My friend and I were restless as well but I guess age grants you wisdom in patience. To be fair, the said group did have more songs than most of the artists that night. We found the kids rude and uncouth and now I’m kinda put off from going to any concert where the target audience or the majority of the fans are hormonal and over fanatical teenagers. Just no! They’re annoying and will surely ruin the experience for me. >:( That is why when BAP announced their Live On Earth Pacific Tour (Malaysia isn’t listed yet but I’m kinda sure they will), I was ambivalent about going.

      Anyway, rant over. Enjoy your weekend DB-ers. Enjoy and take care! 😀

      • 36.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        the “awaiting moderation” thingey pops up automatically when there’s a link or url or some such. That’s how wordpress does stuff, alas.

        • Aryast

          Splendid. -_- Thanks for the info. 🙂

  37. 37 TS

    Question: what’s going on with the Block B lawsuit? I want more from them and they are being held up, damn it!

    Last there was supposed to have been some hearing earlier this month, but all I can see in English language press is that Stardust alleges BB members are puppets for evil anti-stardust haters.

    So, anyone who gets Korean language press, any news?

    • 37.1 Aryast

      I read on the international fansite that the verdict was supposed to be out a few weeks ago but since everything’s hush hush that the court probably needed more time to decide.

      Kyung’s recently put out a single mixtape featuring Crush(the one half of an up and coming rnb duo) called “getting over” which I think talks about block b’s turbulent career.

      p.o. also recently released a flurry of mixtapes on his mini-hompy which at first I was doubtful of the content but the beat/instrumental/music samples were catchy. plus he adopted a more guttural use of his already deep voice making it sound like he was spewing nonsense and low rent stuff. so, when I saw the translations yesterday I was quite surprised because lyrically it was not bad. y’know in terms of poetic connotations. content wise it was typical of most rap songs today even bordering om distasteful but rhyme wise it still did exceed my expectations a bit. I guess zico’s talent rubbed off on him.

      • 37.1.1 TS

        Ooh, thank you for the info! I’m looking forward to the court’s decision, and praying its in their favour.

        • Aryast

          I’m not sure whether you know of this but this is their unofficial international fansite which does a lot of translation and are relatively quick on updates for a dormant group like our boys. http : // bontheblock . tumblr . com/

          I don’t wanna jinx it and say that they will get it but Stardom Ent has been releasing quite a number of ridicul-arse statements and on top of that an EXCEL doc as proof of payment to Block B. -_- Cho PD… What are you doing?

          • TS

            He’s probably getting his own cut.

  38. 38 kmw3

    Happy Friday beanies! I finished Faith and Arang & the Magistrate…I’m really glad I watched them in that order because I might have disliked Faith instead of cut it alot of slack and liking it. I loved the king and queen. And I agree with almost everything javabeans and girlfriday said-better editing and maybe more focus on her travels to get back. I’d watch their version…
    I loved Arang; the cinematography, the actors, the story-I hope that writer does more. In fact all I kept thinking while watching it was ‘Why couldn’t Faith (or other show) be more like Arang?’
    Currently I’m watchng soul, some of the same people that did Arang. Pretty good. I plan to finish it hopefully before Monday.
    I’m also watching xxxholic. I have mixed feelings about this. its one of my favorite animes because of the combination of dark supernatural spookiness and the hilarious human interaction. The live show is lacking the humor and I miss it but I really like the atmosphere and creepiness they have, maybe they thought the humor would dampen that instead of heighten it. Its been a long time since I read the manga so maybe they’re following that more then the anime too.
    The antelope who wanders in everyone’s yards is back. I caught him laying in my driveway trying to eat the neighbors unfenced tree.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

    • 38.1 InSu

      Arang and the Magis is Jung Yoon-Jung’s first screenplay. Amazing. I look foward to her next work and I hope she get’s a good PD and cast.

  39. 39 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Happy Friday Beanies!

    Nine is my new dramacrack.

    When he said that the incense was burning his life away … oh, wow! Anchorman Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) is my love at first sight. Every time he says “Let’s break up” in that drool delivery, I want to melt. The *change* to his new girlfriend … mind blowing and the drama lingered long enough for us to feel his head spinning as he is trying to decide if he even should make any more changes. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    Saw A TALE OF LEGENDARY LIBIDO and now the phrase “What is this stick for?” makes me laugh. If I say it enough, will those hand-towel wearing hunks visit me? Yoon Yeo Jung as a senior citizen seductress was NAUGHTY. LOL

    • 39.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I think they should have had Carpenter’s music for the honeymoon in Tibet

      ” I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation
      And the only explanation I can find
      Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around
      Your love’s put me at the top of the world”

      Bright enough to match her manic goofiness that serious intellectual Park Sun Woo has fallen in love with.

      • 39.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I hear you about a Carpenter’s song but Whitney’s “The Preacher’s Wife” is a fantasy about lost love as well…and that connects to the story of the kinda lost perfect love. Plus the stories echo each other in Christmas settings and with all these spiritual questions about faith and true love. I also got a gut feeling that the writers liked Whitney Houston and were trying to honor her. Just a feeling.

    • 39.2 Lizzy4e

      Oh My Gosh!

      A Tale of Legendary Libido was such fun! Yes, it was a bit raunchy; there are naked breasted and lots of implied sex, but is was FUN!

  40. 40 Russe12

    I totally forgot OT was today T.T Anyhoo, happy Friday everyone!

    I’m currently watching QIHM and Soon Shin. Loving QIHM, even if I don’t have as much time to watch. It’s so romantic that it makes me cry like a little baby and then laugh hysterically. I was totally onboard the QIHM train when it was airing, but I couldn’t watch live at the time; watching it is about 10x better. Seriously, it’s so. Good. Although I’m not looking forward to the last ep with the whole stupid device…though by that time I won’t really care. I’ll be bawling my little eyes out instead xD

    I’m really enjoying Soon Shin. IU is doing a remarkable job – when the family finds out about the father’s death and the unnis immediately start sobbing loudly, IU’s lost, shocked face was what really got me in the heart. Although Yoo-shin is really pissing me off right now, I’m expecting a turn-around in the future (and it can’t come fast enough! Actually…it can, because I’m all for realistic character growth and whatever…details details.). I was happy and sad at the same time when I found Lee Ji-hoon’s (the older one) character would be the 2nd male lead, because you see, You Are My Destiny was my first drama ever. I didn’t make it all the way through because I had second lead syndrome SO BAD for Taepoong and when Yoona’s character officially rejects him, I just lost it. Heh. And now I learn that I’ll have to endure it all over again…Sigh.

    Still following That Winter. It’s lost a lot of its charm for me, but I’m curious as to how they’re going to sort everything out. They are going to sort everything out, right? *puppy-dog eyes*

    After QIHM, I’ll prolly watch an older drama…Delightful Girl, Chunhyang! Have a nice day!

  41. 41 sunshower

    Happy Friday everyone 🙂

    I feel like I have no drama news to share/comment/insight. So I am just happily reading all your comments.

    TWTWB – commented on Heads’ recap. I am just hoping for a satisfying conclusion.

    Nine – I get all your excitement! But I still have to catch up with 5 & 6. I feel like there are so many smart people who are scrutinising the kdramas whereas sometimes I just switch off (probably because I feel so tired).

    You’re the Best, LSS – I am sad that the father died. I can’t get past ep 4 🙁 should I skip 5 and watch 6? I hate the preview when the grandma wants to throw Soon-shin out cos she thinks Soon-shin caused his death. I was crying so much at the family’s treatment of her, I don’t know how much brawling I’ll do if I were to watch ep5.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone 🙂

    I wish I have the energy to start another drama.

    • 41.1 sunshower

      Oh Russe12’s posted reminded me that I finished DGCH last week. I really enjoyed it all the way till the holiday at the ski resort.

      After that I felt like it was really just spinning at the same spot. It also got a bit unbelievable? Maybe I just don’t want to believe that Uhm Tae Woong is evil? haha

      I really want to like it because it has got such rave reviews. In the end I felt it was a bit meh. But it doesn’t take away from it’s brilliant beginning.

  42. 42 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I watched ‘Sweet 18’ and ‘Bad Couple’. Any other dramas that show a traditional Korean household with old fashioned values? I’m not sure how you would describe it … ones with the first born being pressured by the elders or someone uninitiated having to learn how to clean brass bowls and pound laundry and recite Confusian text?

    • 42.1 DayDreamer

      Ohh, I remember watching Sweet 18. It was definitely a sweet, cute drama. The conflicts aren’t too big but it was a fun watch. After that drama, I also was looking for dramas with old fashioned values. I might try Bad Couple. How was it?

      • 42.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Bad couple is about a mismatched pair – the old-fashioned, stodgy biology professor and a trendy fashionista wild girl. I was in love with him, took some time to warm up to her since she is scheming in the beginning to get his sperm. Yet the couple worked for me. I could appreciate the lengths that she goes to just to win her man.

        Warning – in spite being a comedy, it touches on divorce and illness. When you are grabbing the box of tissues, if it all gets a bit much, just jump to the last episode.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Bad Couple is responsible for me finding traditional Korean dress sexy. (hanbok?) The swish of silk. Oh my!

    • 42.2 bbstl

      a great show that fits your request is “1% of Something”. It’s an oldie and a goodie.

  43. 43 Makoto

    Happy OT everyone. Now we’re having long weekend here in Indonesia.
    I’m still crazy in love with Nine and I just learned that the writer actually is the same writer who wrote Coffee House. It makes me more excited you know, because CH is one of my favourite drama ever. Particularly, I love how the lead lady was portrayed. Pretty, well educated, good carrier, tough without the need to carry weapon yet didn’t lose her girly side. And I started to love Park Si Yeon because of CH. It just my personal thinking, that the writer has a special talent to write awesome lead lady’s characters and make actress who are usually trapped in “second lead zone” to steal our attention. I really… really admire her/his? talent.
    And I think I will post the same thing as previous OT because other than Nine I also still catching Iris 2, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek and a quite old drama Baby Faced Beauty. ‘m still struggling to download The King of Dramas at office too.
    By the way I have an old Japanese drama that I want to rewatch but I don’t know where to find it. Does anyone here know? The title is Classmate. It’s about a man and a woman who were classmates. The man once loved the woman. Now they were adult and lived in Tokyo. The man had a co worker, a woman. They love each other, but sometimes the man still thinking about his classmate. I watched the drama long ago in mid 90s when it aired on one of Tv station, dubbed in Indonesian. I don’t quite remember the detail but I remember that I loved this drama back then. Some scenes that touch me were, when the man called his co worker by phone (no cellphone back then) eventhough they were on the same room, separated only by their cubicles. And the scene when the co worker came visited the man’s apartement and brought him porridge because she knew that he was sick. Sadly, he wasn’t there because he was out to meet his classmate. It broke my tender young heart. haha. Now please, if anyone knows, tell me where I can rewatch it. Thank you in advance and have a great long weekend. 🙂

    • 43.1 latteholic

      Hi Makoto!
      I miss having a long weekend during the Easter weekend *in* Indonesia! I still have class today in my school, doesn’t feel like Good Friday at all…
      The japanese drama you mentioned actually reminds me of Tokyo Love Story, since I think there’s that scene where she brought a meal to him but he was out to meet the other woman, and then she saw him with her on her way, but since you have a title in mind, I don’t think it’s Tokyo Love Story.. 😀
      Reading so many praises on Nine makes me want to pick it up right away. Only watched 2 episodes so far.

    • 43.2 owl

      Coffee House was the first kdrama I ever watched last June. I rewatched it several times, not realizing thatother kdramas even existed! So it holds a special place in my heart. I remember how satisfied I was with the ending, even though I shipped the writer and young assistant. In fact, for me, it still remains one of the better kdrama endings. I am approaching drama 100, so as you can see, I’ve done some serious watching since GH.I like Nine so far – lots of past and present tragedy for a slew of dramas, though.

  44. 44 Makoto

    Hi Latteholic,
    Indeed, it’s not Tokyo Love Story. As for TLS I have found many review and video posts on youtube, I also bought the dvd. But for classmates I still found nothing 🙁 I remember it was happy ending for the man and his co worker, because his classmate married to other guy. While in TLS the man ended up marrying his classmate. 🙂

  45. 45 franz

    I am REALLY liking NINE.

    But is it just me or the lead actor can’t freakin’ act? I saw him on I Need Romance 2012 and I can’t even distinguish the characters between the two dramas that he’s in.

    Will NINE win Drama of the Year as long as it doesn’t screw up? Gah…

  46. 46 Nilechoclat

    Allo allo Sweet fans of drama I wish you all happy weekend .
    I wish that park shin hye confirm staring the Sword and Flowers I hope to see her in revenge role
    I want to watch Gu Family book I hope the drama will be funny and interesting .
    Lee min hoo in new drama make me happy and I want the lead actress at the same age and if they will pick idol actress I hope they give sooyoung the leading role she make cry in 3rd hospital .

    • 46.1 InSu

      Gu Family writer can write some funny dialog and the pd directed “Secret Garden”, need I say any more? And the stars… why is April so far away?

  47. 47 umbanana

    Happy Good Friday my lovely Beanies!

    Had to wait till I was at a computer to reply because I always make silly typos on the phone.

    It totally feels like Saturday because I FINALLY finished my run of 8 consecutive shifts yesterday. I thought I was going to die over the weekend (when I realised the shifts were 12 hours instead of 10…). BUT hey – I survived to wish you all a Happy Easter 🙂

    I’ll be finding out which job I get on Monday, which is sliiightly nerve-wracking. I can’t wait to start working in 4 months (given I pass my exams) – there is such satisfaction bonding with people and making them feel better. One of my patients gave me a hug before I left the ward yesterday, which totally made my week!

    Anyway, enough rambling about real life. I really really want to watch Nine. The 2 recapped episodes got me interested but hearing so many raving reviews — gaaah if only I had more time. Might wait till it’s finished and marathon it – saves me waiting eagerly for the next episode I guess?

    I’m also struggling to catch up with TWTWB and am only on episode 12 and trying so hard to avoid the recaps so I get a biiiiit of surprise (hopefully) when I do come to watch it.

    Sad times because this lack of time for my Kdrama fix is just going to get worse. I’m having to listen to OSTs to get my fix. Absolutely love the TWTWB OST, but slightly over-playing it. Does anyone know if there will be an instrumental music OST? I prefer instrumentals, especially when studying, which is what I seem to be doing all the time these days. At the moment, I’ve gone to my period drama music and listening (and re-loving) the Downton Abbey OST.

    Any Kdrama OST recommendations? Some of my favs include the OSTs of Kim Samsoon, Princess’ man & Gaksitaaaaaaaal.

    Oops. Seem to have rambled a fair bit.

    Enjoy the long weekend (for those who get it)!! And since I may not get the chance to come to the OT next Friday (flying half way around the world for my BFF’s wedding!), HAPPY NEXT WEEKEND!!

  48. 48 KDrama Fan


    I am KDrama Fan and this is not my 1st post.

    As usual I am enjoying watching Oh Soo in TWTWB.

    And IU etc in YTBLSS.

    Also caught the final of Rascal Sons. All I can say is ‘Oh Miram!’

    As always enjoying the recaps for YTBLSS, 1N2D, RM and IOM here on DB. Thanks Dramabeans Team.

    Two surprises this week:-

    1) I watched the 16th episode of Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek without realizing it was the final until the last 5 minutes. I did like this drama but it didn’t keep up with a strong storyline till the end which was a shame. SPOILER ALERT! Glad it was the final though ‘coz I’d had pretty much had enough with the repetitions in the theme of JI and TB vs. Kang and Dad for the last 3/4 weeks.

    2) I totally forgot about the OT. Was too busy catching the above drama ep after a busy week and then just crashed.

    Off to see what everyone-else is up to:)

    Happy weekend everybody.

    • 48.1 owl

      Hi KD fan, I said the same thing about Ad Genius (in post 20). The last 5 minutes wrapped it all up and I was “huh?” I didn’t have a strong reaction to the ending, it was fine with me as was the whole kdrama. Anyway, funny!!

      • 48.1.1 KDrama Fan

        Hi Owl.
        I liked this drama too. All the characters seemed real, there were no bowl haircuts aka L7CS. Glad we finished on the episode we did though:)

      • 48.1.2 joyfuls

        I’m sad that our OTP didn’t have a kiss scene. I saw that they filmed it, but I guess they decided not to show it on the broadcast.

        • KDrama Fan

          Hi Joyfuls. You’re observant. I didn’t notice that. However I don’t mind. I think unlike L7CS little in the way of kisses on screen isn’t a problem as I believe it would be a natural progression in the OC’s relationship.

  49. 49 Aly

    Yes! Another rascal sons fan. I am currently on episode 26 🙂 the show has slowly made its way into my heart and i am so fond of it.

    thank god for the weekend! I just finished watching the last episode of zetsuen no tempest and found it to be pretty lame. but then again the series had more low points than high points but had a charm to it that made me give it a chance. I think mahiro made the series for me but wish it had delivered more consistently.

    It’s nearly 1 am here in England so bed time for me. I’m still pretty new here but dramabeans is the only site i go to for my k drama fix so thanks girls. keep up the amazing work.

    have a fantastic weekend everyone!

  50. 50 Joy

    Altho i stalk DB daily but tis my 1st time on Open Thread. Surprised to see so many Jdorama addicts here. I swore by Jdramas until the Sendai Tsunami not many good J’s were made so i switched to K. Been away from J at least 2 years. Thx to this Open Thread i’m gonna try XXXHolic.